Does anyone know the Special Score Stars & The Points You Get for Them in Lost in Nightmares?

  1. Why can't I find a list of Points for all Score Stars on Amateur, Normal, Veteran & Professional on the internet? I have worked out that with the normal Score Stars, only Professional points are different. They're double but what Special Score Stars have I missed & what are the different points in Professional. The ones I know are killing 3 Guardians of Insanity under Spiked Ceiling at once, in Water Maze area (6,000 Normal, 8,000 Professional) & Completing a Combo on Wesker to make him end the battle sooner 3,000 Normal, 6,000 Professional). I know that the 2 extra Guardians (yes there really are 2) in Cells area have the same points as the others. If I've missed some, would you please tell me?

    User Info: jarragum

    jarragum - 3 months ago

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