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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

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                             Captain America: Super Soldier
                                      Version 1.0
                                   Created 7-27-2011 
                   Version History...............................[2.0]
                        Chapter 1................................[4.1]
                        Chapter 2................................[4.2]
                        Chapter 3................................[4.3]
                        Chapter 4................................[4.4]
                        Chapter 5................................[4.5]
                        Chapter 6................................[4.6]
                        Chapter 7................................[4.7]
                        Chapter 8................................[4.8]
                        Chapter 9................................[4.9]
                        Chapter 10...............................[4.10]
                        Chapter 11...............................[4.11]
                        Chapter 12...............................[4.12]
                        Chapter 13...............................[4.13]
                        Chapter 14...............................[4.14]
                        Chapter 15...............................[4.15]
                        Chapter 16...............................[4.16]
                        Chapter 17...............................[4.17]
                        Chapter 18...............................[4.18]
                        Zemo Diaries.............................[6.1]
                        Film Reels...............................[6.2]
                        Ceramic Eggs.............................[6.4]
                                I N T R O D U C T I O N                     [1.0]
    Captain America is Marvel's Super Soldier. He is arguably the inspirational, if
    not actual, leader of this universe. Fortunately for gamers, though this was
    released during the movie's release week, it does not attempt to follow the
    plot of the movie. This is good because usually it does not work and there is
    a smaller chance for movie spoilers.
    This guide is written based on playing the PS3 version on "Normal" difficulty.
    The information should also be applicable to the Xbox 360 version. The enemies
    are somewhat repetitive, so I do not describe how to defeat each group. Tips 
    are placed throughout the guide with a brief description of how to generally
    approach a battle in the basics section. The fun part is moving into a group
    of enemies and approaching the battle in your own way flowing from enemy to
    enemy. I've also outlined the location of the collectibles. This excludes 
    each location for intel since it is prominent. There will be a general mention
    that intel is nearby but not its specific location. I don't claim to be an
    expert, but can say the methods and strategies described below work
                             V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                  [2.0]
    Version 0.90
      -Submitted 7-27-2011
      -Story Walkthrough complete
      -Trophies listed
      -Schematics complete
      -Zemo artifacts listed
      -Upgrades section
      -Eggs list (but rough, mostly notes)
      -Film reels listed but needs formating
      -Still needs proofreading, Basics Section, Trophy Tips
    Version 1.0
      -CNTRL F designations added
      -Challenges added
      -Basics section added (questions, controls, enemies, costumes)
      -More questions will be added as needed
      -Updates will be minor (better format/error fix)
                                      B A S I C S                            [3.0]
    Questions                                                                [3.1]
    Q: Once the new costumes are unlocked can you wear them during a new play 
    A: At this time there is no way to start a new game with unlocked costumes.
    Q: Can I start a new game on a higher difficulty with my upgrades?
    A: No, a new game starts a new save file or will overwrite a previous save.
    Q: I missed a collectible. Can I go back and get it?
    A: Yes, find the sewers and Cap can go back to locate intel, heirlooms, eggs,
       schematics, or AA guns.
    Q: How do I find the collectibles?
    A: The obvious answer is to use this guide. Also press select to bring up the
       map. A lot of the collectibles will show up on the map.
    Controls                                                                 [3.2]
    | BUTTONS                         | ACTION                                    |
    |Select                           | Map                                       |
    |Start                            | Pause                                     |
    |Right Analog Stick               | Camera                                    |
    |Left Analog Stick                | Movement                                  |
    |X                                | Evade/Dodge                               |
    |Circle                           | Counter or Use an item (door, lever, etc) |
    |Square                           | Attack (melee)                            |
    |Triangle                         | Grapple                                   |
    |L2                               | Aim Shield                                |
    |R2                               | Throw Shield                              |
    |R1                               | Focus Attacks with X, Square, Triangle    |
    |L1                               | Block or Deflect                          |
    |Directional Pad                  | Up - Tactical Vision                      |
    |                                 | Down - Show Objective                     |
    Enemies                                                                  [3.3]
    Grunts are among the easier enemies to defeat. Their defenses are minimal and
    the primary offense are their tasers. They are very susceptible to Cap's fists
    and shield.
    Spartans are tougher than Grunts in the sense that they carry a shield. Cap's
    punches do not connect as well against this group because of the shield. The
    best strategy for take down Spartans is grapple moves. Especially, early in the
    game before some of the upgrades are obtained. 
    A Warden is one of the first large enemies in the game. They carry a larger
    shield than Spartans, making them difficult to fight head on. They also
    possess a large claw in their other hand that will be used for striking and
    grappling moves. Cap would be wise to defeat this enemy with a quick Critical
    Strike Focus Move to eliminate them with haste. If a Critical Strike is not
    available, they can be harmed by counters or evading to their back for an
    Scorchers are large like the Warden but instead of having primary melee 
    maneuvers, they possess a dangerous gun. This weapon will fire a beam of
    deflectable extreme heat. But just because Cap gets close to a Scorcher does
    not mean he is safe. The weapon can also be used for a devastating radial 
    attack that can not be deflected (and barely blocked) when Cap attempts close
    quarters combat. Similar to the Warden, it would be best to take a Scorcher out
    with a quick Critical Strike. Alternatively, Cap can deflect its ranged attacks
    for victory.
    Powerful push and a protective orb are two of the Screamer's powers. Do not
    approach the enemy while the protective orb is up. Doing so will cause Cap to
    be trapped in the Screamer's grasp and thrown away. Also do not try to toss
    the shield at a protected Screamer. It will simply be caught and tossed away
    leaving Cap vulnerable to more attacks. Instead block or deflect the push
    attacks until the protective orb disappears. Take this opportunity to quickly
    move to the Screamer and attack. A couple punches and he will go down for good.
    Iron Cross
    Iron Cross will start his fight with ranged attacks. Deflect this ranged
    offense. This stuns the big metal one and builds Cap's focus meter. When close
    to Iron Cross attack relentlessly but watch for the dreaded red ring. This 
    ring will indicate an incoming attack. Upon the rings appearance evade the 
    attack and be ready to deflect more ranged attacks. As the Focus Meter builds 
    use Crippling Strikes or build up to a Super Soldier ability to deplete Iron
    Cross' health.
    Baron von Strucker
    This fight is another exercise in avoiding an enemies attack and countering
    with your own. When Strucker is about to attack a colored ring will appear
    around him. If the ring is yellow try to counter. A red ring, however, will
    require a block. In either instance an evasion maneuver (X button) will 
    suffice. Use of Crippling Strikes will greatly benefit Cap during the fight.
    When possible evade to Strucker's back and attack from behind. As his health
    diminishes more HYDRA will enter the fight. Use these enemies to build the 
    Focus meter for more uses of Crippling Strikes. The fight will end with a 
    button pressing sequence. Just as you think Strucker is defeated he reappears
    at an upper level. The fight requires the same strategy but there will be a 
    timer and a larger number of extas involved in the fight.
    Madame Hydra
    In order to properly defeat Madame Hydra, Cap's deflection timing must be 
    precise. During the fight, she will mostly stay above Cap in a nearby balcony.
    The goal is to deflect the bullets she fires back at her. This sounds simple
    enough but Madame Hydra also calls in more soldiers to occupy Cap's attention.
    Defeat the members of HYDRA quickly but never lose focus on deflecting the 
    boss' shots. Madame Hydra will eventually move into a different room. The fight
    remains primarily the same with two exceptions. One exception is there will be
    more and bigger enemies. The second has Madame Hydra exiting the balcony to 
    attack. While she is at ground level be sure to watch for her full auto attack.
    When she is rapidly firing all Cap can do is block. The rest of the fight will
    be deflecting her shots and attacking her when possible while she is on the
    same level.
    Armin Zola
    When fighting Zola it is important to remember three things: Counter, Counter,
    Counter. Upon initially approaching Zola, be ready to deflect any ranged
    attacks. Move in closer and counter any attacks that occur with a yellow ring
    around Zola. Follow the counter up with a Crippling Strike as they are
    available. Alternatively, Cap can continue to counter until enough Focus is 
    built up for a Super Soldier ability. The trick with this fight is to evade
    when the attack ring around Zola is red. Watch to make sure Cap counters when
    the ring is yellow and evades when red. There is no use to block the red
    attacks. They are strong enough Cap still may be off balance when the attack is
    blocked. The fight will end with a rapid tap of a single button, then Cap
    crushes the screen showing Zola's face.
    Costumes                                                                 [3.4]
    -Captain America's Film Appearance
      -This costume is the primary one used throughout the game
    -Classic Cap Costume
      -Wear the Classic Cap costume seen in Captain America Comics of the 1940's 
       and 1950s. 
      -Cap gains more focus when wearing this costume
      -Unlocked by obtaining 25000 intel points
    -Ultimates Cap Costume
      -In the alternate Ultimates reality, Captain America wore this suit during
       World War II
      -Cap will take less damage while wearing this costume
      -Unlocked by... 
                                 W A L K T H R O U G H                       [4.0]
    Prologue: Come and See                                                   [4.P]
    It is Europe in 1944 and some of the American soldiers have their doubts about 
    the validity of the newly formed Super Soldier: Captain America.
    First thing turn around and move to the end of the trench. Destroy the box for
    the first collectible a Ceramic Egg. Move by the enemies that fell during the
    cinematic. Ahead Cap finds two HYDRA soldiers that will involuntarily allow us
    to practice our melee attacks. Tap Square to defeat the two enemies. The next
    set of enemies provide an opportunity to learn evasion and block. Tap X to 
    maneuver around the battlefield and avoid attacks. Then L1 will bring up the
    shield to divert in coming attacks. Attempt to avoid damage while defeating the
    group of soldiers.
    The path will become blocked so take the only right. Cap meets up with Bucky.
    Bucky informs us that there are men ahead that need assistance. The next
    ability is the grapple attack. Tap Triangle to grab an enemy then perform
    attacks using Square. Practice on the next group then press forward. Run to
    the ramp designated by the orange arrow and tap X to launch Cap into battle.
    Now we learn the coolest move in the game the Shield Throw. Tap R2 to send
    Cap's shield into the direction of the enemy. Each enemy that the shield
    strikes is stunned allowing for easy combos.
    A short cinematic shows American soldiers fleeing a large enemy that can take
    on a tank. Rush into battle and avoid the large soldier by tapping X. Cap has
    a Crippling Strike ability that will come in very handy. Once one blue bar is
    full Cap can use the ability if R1 is held then Square is tapped. This will
    knock this enemy off balance allow for more attacks. 
    Chapter 1: Stand Alone Together                                          [4.1]
    Move toward the front of the plane and tap Circle to use the radio to talk to
    Peggy Carter. Next pick up the enemy dossier to gain intel and the film reel.
    The dossier is on the nearby table while the film reel sits in a room at the
    back of the plane. The plane is under attack before it can reach a safe drop 
    zone. Move to the door and tap Circle to leap out minus a parachute
    Upon landing there are three enemies on the ground. Move to them and press R1 
    and Circle to knock them out. Grab the intel at the back of the room and on a 
    table near the exit. Cross the bridge and enter the next building. There is 
    some intel at the end of the hall. Take the first right to find that Select 
    brings up the map. Take out two enemies near the next objective. Lead with a 
    shield toss and they should give you no trouble. Grab the stack of dossiers 
    then use the antiquated key pad to open the next door. The key is to align the 
    common symbol in each group. Move the left and right sticks to converge the 
    patterns overlapping the D's.
    Move through the door to find Cap on a balcony overlooking some enemies. When
    prompted hold L2 to aim the shield then R2 to release. Target each enemy and
    the first anti-aircraft (AA) gun will be destroyed. Exit through the window
    and time taps of the X button to move around the side of the building. The 
    platforming sequence requires button presses at the appropriate times. Inside
    the next building Cap sees four HYDRA soldiers below. We also get the message
    that Tactical Sense will flash when a ranged attack is imminent. When this 
    happens press L1 to block and avoid damage. Take out the guards then walk to
    the hall they left from to find some intel and and Egg. A second egg is nearby.
    It can be found to the left of the key pad.
    Use the key pad to open the gate. At the top of the stairs, Cap encounters
    a room with several enemies. Toss a shield to destroy some of the consoles they
    are working at. This will create an explosion doing a lot of your work. Defeat
    the remaining enemies then use the ladder to reach the next level after 
    grabbing several pieces of intel in the room. 
    At the top grab the intel and more importantly a Zemo family heirloom on the
    table. Next find the radio to contact headquarters. 
    Chapter 2: The Flemish Farm                                              [4.2]
    This is the largest fight Cap has had thus far. Numerous enemies will flood the
    room. This is the first (though) minor test of skill. Use all of Cap's
    abilities to clear out the HYDRA forces. Watch for proper times to block and
    evade. The idea is to flow through the battle attacking and evading to build
    up combos. Move up the stairs and defeat the two guards outside the library.
    Enter the next room.
    Take a left. Walk up to the grunt for a surprise attack and interact with the
    bookshelf. In the corridor we will find a Zemo heirloom. The secret passage
    leads to the other room and a cinematic showing two enemies entering wielding 
    shields. Initiate a shield toss of your own to stagger one then grapple to 
    attack. Once the guards are defeated find two pieces of intel and a film reel 
    near the entrance. Use the key pad to open the next gate.
    There is a egg to the right before moving down the stairs. This large room
    houses one of the devices powering the AA guns. Move to it and interact. Slowly
    move the left and right analog sticks closer to create an arc between the two
    wires. Move them too close and Cap receives a large electric jolt. With the
    generator deactivated HYDRA enters the room. These guys are carrying shields 
    and tasers. Start the fight off with a shield toss then run and grapple 
    someone. Watch for the Tactical Sense to indicate a block is necessary. Move
    from enemy to enemy blocking when necessary knocking each one out. With the
    initial forces eliminated two sniper enter on the balcony above. Be ready to
    block their shot then use the shield aim (Hold L2 and tap R2) to take out both
    snipers. When the coast is clear find a Zemo heirloom in a small room near
    the AA Generator.
    With all the collectibles found move back out to the main room. Look for two
    shield symbols and target them with a shield toss (Hold L2 tap R2). One target
    is at the sight of the sniper balcony while the other is to the left of the
    balcony. Hitting the targets will release ladders. Climb to the sniper balcony
    for some intel and a briefcase in the small hall. Then use the other ladder 
    for a platforming sequence. While on the second level be sure to move to the 
    disabled AA generator, so Cap can use a pole to leap across it and find a Zemo
    heirloom. Continue the platforming to the third floor and find an Egg. Now 
    Cap can keep going until he reaches the second AA generator. Disable it and
    exit through the newly formed doorway. Perform another platforming sequence
    to find and reach the final component of the AA gun. Once it is disable the
    weapon is destroyed.
    Chapter 3: The Wooden Horse                                             [4.3]
    Grab the Egg behind Cap then vault ahead to reach the ground. Follow the path
    and Cap will find the next group of enemies. Vault to their location and begin
    eliminating them. The trick here is that there is a sniper in the distance that
    takes shots at Cap while he is fighting the ground forces. Be ready to block
    then when all of the soldiers are downed toss a shield at the sniper. Search
    the area for several pieces of intel and an Egg. When finished enter the 
    The next room is full of enemies. For the cost of 1 focus bar per enemy Cap can
    target up to four enemies for a shield toss. Hold L2 and mark each enemy that
    is to be hit then tap R2 to toss. The remaining guards will move to attack.
    Defeat them then enter the room to eliminate the snipers. If timed right a 
    shield block will deflect the bullet back at the shooter. If not then toss the
    shield at them to eliminate. At the ground level look for a three Zemo 
    heirlooms (2 Steins and a helmet) as well as some intel. Move up stairs to find
    a door requiring a pass code. Now we must look for a intercom to listen in for
    the passcode. The intercom is on the wall in the room opposite the door. Now 
    head back to the door and use the passcode to open the gate. Before exiting
    be sure to grab the Heirloom (Stein) in this very room.
    Go up the stairs and defeat the enemies. Destroying the console will create an
    explosion that will make things quicker. When everyone is eliminated look for
    an Heirloom (Falcon) and Film Reel. Use the radio to contact headquarters.
    HYDRA attacks but first they throw in some smoke bombs to reduce visibility. 
    This should have no effect on a Super Soldier. Eliminate the enemy forces and
    continue down the stairs. Exit the bunkhouse.
    To Cap's left a group of HYDRA will be approaching. Eliminate them. Look to the
    right and follow the path to an Egg. Now move to the left of the truck. This
    path leads to a barn with a sniper's nest. Not only are there a couple of
    snipers but a grenade turret will also fire. Stay behind a silo while fighting
    off some ground enemies. Circle around to the barn's entrance and climb the
    ladder eliminate the HYDRA forces. Now take control of the grenade turret and
    fire on the enemies below. Now that its safe explore for an Egg, lots of intel,
    and a Heirloom. Use the terminal on the top floor of the barn near the grenade
    turret to open the next gate.
    The path leads to a schematic and will diverge. Follow the option to the right.
    Defeat the three guards (lead with a shield throw) then move up the winding
    stair case. Defeat the yellow suit enemies and use the explosives near the 
    AA Gun. Once it explodes return to the ground floor and follow the long path
    that was guarded by the three enemies. It leads to the Motorpool. 
    Take out the sniper with a targeted shield toss then defeat the two guys in
    yellow suits. Grab the Egg on the table between the trucks. Head to the left of
    the trucks and use the turret under the tower to take out the enemies. Once all
    six explode be sure to grab the intel, Heirloom, and Schematics. Move to the
    area behind the truck shed where we entered the Motorpool. Look for a large 
    crate that Cap can climb on to to get an Enemy film canister. Behind this crate 
    Head to the far right and up the stairs but only after grabbing the nearby Egg, 
    Schematics and Heirloom. Go through the nearby door.
    Once inside defeat the enemies in yellow suits that are near the door. The
    next room houses more of these guys as well as two snipers perched over head.
    Head to the back of the building only to have a huge enemy (the same kind that
    was the "boss" of the Prologue) exit through a locked gate. Toss the shield to
    stun him then attack and evade/block. Continue the pattern until he is on the
    ground. Now attempt a finishing move. It doesn't work the same as the normal
    enemies because X will need to be repeated tapped to finish the fight.
    Move through the door and around the corner. Pick up the Film Reel and exit.
    Here we find another large enemy. If you have a Crippling Strike available it
    would be a good time to use it. Take out the giant soldier and go up the 
    stairs. Cap must make it across the room while snipers are taking shots. This
    platforming sequence requires perfect timing to prevent being hit by a bullet.
    Once across (after several X taps) take out the two snipers and grab the 
    Schematics, Heirloom, and Egg. Decode the terminal and move to the now open 
    gate. Grab some intel and two Eggs and leave.
    Go up the stairs to find the need for another platforming sequence. Time your
    press at a sniper. Eliminate him then continue forward. At the door to the
    Armory, Cap will face a few soldiers defeat them and look around for some 
    intel. Enter when ready. Take out the guards inside then turn the corner and
    move down the stairs. Defeat the soldiers then interact with the weapons cache
    to destroy the armory. Once the explosive are set a 30 second timer appears
    on screen. Race to the far end of the room where Cap will have to maneuver
    through three enemies (one of which is of the larger variety). They do not 
    actually have to be defeated, Cap just needs to make it to the stairs to
    trigger the short cinematic.
    Follow the path to the top and look for an Egg near the parked truck. Decode
    the key pad beside the elevator and take it to the roof to arrive at...
    If you are interested in collectibles feel free to look for a path to the left
    near the top of the hill just before getting to the truck near the elevator.
    Here you can find several pieces of intel
    Chapter 4: The Secret Journey                                            [4.4]
    As soon as Cap exits the lift a group of soldiers attack. Watch for an enemy on
    the right to fire his gun from atop the metal crates. Block his bullet back
    or stay close to the crates near the elevator to avoid his shots. Once the 
    enemies are defeated move by the crates and up the stairs along the wall. Here
    Cap should find an anchor point for a cable. Toss the shield at the glowing 
    clamp holding the cable. It is released opening the path ahead. Just throw the
    narrow crease we find the second anchor point well guarded. Destroy the clamp
    holding the cable in place, then take out the soldiers.
    Move through the opening created by the cable to find a large soldier. Here we
    get a message to weaponize an enemy. Go through the open gate and hold R1 and
    tap Triangle when near the large guard. Just as the description says Cap will
    use the grab the enemy and use his weapon to clear the room of attackers. Hit
    the last clamp with the shield and watch as the gate at the top of the stairs 
    opens. Three enemies race out. Move up the stairs and defeat them. Now enter
    the Radar Dome.
    Chapter 5: The Big Red One                                               [4.5]
    Use the wire to slide to the observed weapon. Once the cinematic showing Cap
    crashing through the window ends. Unleash some of the Super Soldier's training
    on the bad guys inside. Go up the stairs and find the load bearing column. 
    Interact with it to place the explosives. Move up the stairs to a platforming
    sequence. At the top, Cap will find the next explosive site. Once the charge
    is set Baron von Strucker makes and appearance in a cinematic.
    Now its fight time. This battle against Strucker is difficult only in the sense
    that the camera does not cooperate very well. Strucker packs quite a punch. The
    key is to avoid or counter his attacks. When a yellow ring appears around
    Strucker, evade his attack with X or counter with Circle. If the ring is red
    be sure to block. When a counter or block is missed Strucker can deplete a lot
    of Cap's health. If you have a Crippling Strike utilize it at the beginning of
    the battle. Then use evade to move to Strucker's back and attack. When he turns
    and tries and attack counter to initiate a cinematic or push button sequence.
    If the push button sequence appears rapidly tap the on screen button (usually
    circle). As Strucker's health depletes, he will call in some grunts to 
    complicate the battle. Take them out quickly with counters and grapple attacks.
    With the adds removed refocus on Strucker. The battle stays the same until 
    Strucker's health is fully gone. At this point the next attack/counter will
    begin a combination of cinematics and button smashing. In my case (it may be
    the same for all) rapid tap of Square was first followed by a short scene after
    which Triangle needed pressing.
    Move to the elevator Strucker exited from and go right. Platform up to the
    dish. A timer begins to countdown. Defeat the guards most of which are one hit
    knockouts. Then move to opposite sides of the dish to find two control panels.
    Interact with the panel to hot wire a door so that it opens. Once the door
    opens move to it to place the last charge on the radar dish's base. 
    Unfortunately, the previous battle against Baron von Strucker was a little to
    quick, he, "cannot be defeated so easily". The ideas behind this fight are the
    same as before. The difference is there are more "extras" that enter the fight,
    one of the "extras" will have a rifle, and the timer is still running. The
    timer is not the main concern. Be quick and efficient against Strucker and
    there is nothing to worry about. If you have any Crippling Strikes available
    use them first against Strucker. I had two and it depletes his health a lot
    quickly. Plus I was able to build up at least one more during the fight. Once
    the adds appear be sure to locate and eliminate the gun man first. The armed
    soldier will disrupt Cap's effectiveness in fighting and evading during the
    battle. Again the goal is to evade behind Strucker then attack in combination 
    with countering anytime the yellow ring appears. Upon the depletion of
    Strucker's health, another button smashing scene occurs (tap Circle). The last 
    step will be to place the charge on the Radar Dish.
    Chapter 6: Camus and the Fly                                            [4.6]
    During the opening cinematic of this chapter we are formally introduced to 
    Armin Zola and Madame Hydra. When the scene is complete rapidly tap Circle to 
    remove the restraints. Move to the right of the electric gate and interact
    with the covering. Perform the "hot wire" to disable the electricity. Press
    X and grab the edge of the roof of Cap's cell. If you can't find the proper
    ledge then push up on the d-pad to use tactical vision. The yellow outlined
    portion of the cell is where Cap can reach the top. When on the roof use the 
    chain to slide into the next room.
    Tactical Vision will reveal a destroyable wall nearby. Press Circle at the wall
    and Cap will bust through. Move by the ladder in the next rooms (for now) and
    grab the ledge at the broken wall. Drop below and platform to the other side.
    There is a breakable wall directly at the position Cap ends up. Ignore it for
    now. Instead turn around and find a breakable wall on the other side of the
    room. Move through it and second wall to find a ladder that leads to a 
    Heirloom. Now return to the initial wall.
    Platform up a level then turn the corner to break another wall. Use the poles
    to reach a ledge. Cap will need to move to the left while hanging on the ledge.
    Be sure to avoid the steam as it exits the open pipes. Bust through the wall
    to the left and climb the ladder around the corner. There is some intel under
    the crates and behind the wall to the right. Now proceed forward and at the
    opening platform to the next open cell.  Another platforming sequence leads Cap
    to another ladder to climb. At the top, HYDRA now realizes Cap has escaped his
    confinement. A breakable wall is to the left but only leads to intel (an enemy
    film canister).
    Use the chain to slide down to the next area and a checkpoint. Move to through
    the back and grab the ledge. Shimmy to the left avoiding the steam. Platform
    to the next chain and slide to the central area with guards. Defeat them and
    grab the egg. Move across the ramp and engage in more combat. Once they are
    defeat a film reel can be found to the left, a Heirloom behind a wall on the
    right, and a radio in the central area. Use the radio to proceed. Move by the
    radio and enter the Cellblock.
    Go up a couple flights of stairs and interact with the key code console next to
    the door. Once decoded enter. A new giant enemy with a claw requests that Cap
    surrender. Apparently, he is not aware of just who Captain America is. If
    a Crippling Strike focus based ability is available now would be a strategic 
    time to use it. Two Crippling Strikes and the beast should be eliminated. This
    will likely fill the focus meter and reveal a new ability: Super Soldier. This 
    ability will spend four full focus meter bars and allows Cap to basically
    one shot all the enemies in the area. Try it out. After the HYDRA enemies are
    Super Soldiered move forward evading the gun fire ahead (since we don't have
    our shield to block). Waiting at the door will likely cause the gun wielding 
    enemy to enter the room after Cap. This makes it much easier to avoid being 
    shot and take out the guard. Proceed forward and defeat some more guards for
    a Checkpoint.
    Grab the Heirloom to the left and look for a couple pieces of intel before 
    exiting through the room on the right. Crack the code and begin the search for
    your shield by entering the Laboratory. Take out some guards (including at
    least one with a gun) then grab the Schematics before moving down the stairs.
    Defeat the enemies protecting the shield then move to the back of the device
    holding it. Remove the panel and disable the device. Grab the shield and fight
    of the next attack. This time Cap is able to block/deflect the incoming 
    The next room contains Cap's belt being examined by HYDRA researchers. Defeat
    the guys in white then look to the hall just to the left of the room housing
    Cap's belt. Here we find intel, a Schematic, and a Film Reel. Grab the belt and
    move up the subsequent ramp. To the left we find a terminal that can be hacked.
    This one has a great deal more possibilities than previous hacks. Look for the
    6 in the upper portion of the code on the left and lower portion of the code on
    the right. Once aligned the door opens revealing a Ceramic Rooster.
    Return to the Cellblock and be ready for a large fight. Take out the giant 
    enemy first with a couple of Crippling Strikes if you have them. If crippling
    strikes are not available you can avoid the big guy and build them up by 
    defeating the other soldiers. Once the ground floor is clear move up the stairs 
    and take out everyone you find. Grab the Heirloom and a couple pieces of intel.
    An intercom is on the back wall. Listen in then use each of the two terminals
    to open doors below. Once the decryption is complete head down the stairs.
    Move down the ramp and fight off the enemies in the next room. Use the lever
    to the left of the gate and proceed. Move around the corner and Cap should
    talk about Bucky's cell being nearby. Now look for a room to the right that
    appears empty. It is except for the fact that you can find a ledge to jump to
    and reach a higher balcony with an Heirloom. Use Tactical Vision to help you
    find it. Now return to the gate and interact with the lever next to it.
    A electric wall blocks the path ahead. Toss the shield at the transformers on
    each side of the gate. This cause a metal door to close. Place some explosives
    on the door to enter.
    Chapter 7: Icarus and Daedalus                                          [4.7]
    Defeat the group of Grunts. There will be more enemies to defeat as you explore
    this level of the containment facility. Many of the open cells will have intel
    in them. Also you will find some closed cells that have destroyable devices
    above them. Toss the shield at the equipment above the cell to open it. Search
    the area for lots of intel, an Heirloom, and a couple eggs. On the second level
    you should be able to activate a cinematic where you find Bucky. Cross the ramp
    and defeat the snipers. Climb the ladder. Now clear the area of the remaining
    HYDRA soldiers. Grab the Schematic and some intel then pull the lever. Quickly
    move down the ladder and follow the yellow objective stars to the door leading
    to the West Rail Line.
    Move off the edge and follow the corridor to a short scene that shows the 
    P.O.W.s entering a train. Move to the left and platform to the other side. Pull
    the lever and the door leading out opens. Step outside to view the enemy 
    forces. Move to the left and platform to the top. As your near the top look
    for a large "box" that seems out of place there is a Heirloom on the other
    side of it. The train begins to move out when Cap reaches the top. Race to the
    missile turret on the right and politely ask to use it. Fire on the enemies 
    below to protect the escaping allies. After the train safely escapes head to
    the other side of the roof. Use the range finder to highlight the train bridge.
    This will call in an air strike to prevent HYDRA from pursuing the train.
    Move to the door and decrypt the code to enter.
    Chapter 8: To Have and Have Not                                         [4.8]
    Move down the corridor and climb the ladder on the right to destroy an AA gun.
    Go back to the ground level and continue down the hall to the entrance to the
    Laboratory. Cap finds numerous downed members of HYDRA. As we proceed we find
    out how and why. Do not throw the shield at this new enemy. It will not work.
    He will simply grab the shield and toss it away. Cap will be without it until
    it is retrieved lying on the ground somewhere. Instead block/divert its attacks
    until the shielding disappears. Once the shield like sphere disappears move
    in for some melee combat. If Cap gets too close to the Screamer while the 
    orb is up, Cap will be tossed aside. Once the first one is down move up the 
    stairs to find the next Screamer fighting a large enemy. Stand back and allow
    the Screamer to finish of the larger enemy then move in to block/deflect the
    attacks until the orb is gone and the Screamer is down. Grab the schematics on
    the table to the right and continue forward.
    The path divides into three. Use the platforming sequence on the right to reach
    a Film Reel. Now lets try the center path. At the end decrypt the code to open
    the gate. Move forward and Cap leaps to Dugan's location. The fight is between
    a couple Screamers and a Warden. Defeat everyone and release Dugan. After the 
    scene, Cap is attacked by multiple Screamers. This fight can be tough but the
    same strategy applies. Block/deflect their attacks until the protective sphere
    dissipates. The trick is to quickly get to them, using evade so Cap can do his
    two punch then rapid tap Circle combo and eliminate the Screamer. Head across
    the bridge to reunite with Dugan. More enemies move in including several one
    hit defeated white wearing HYDRA members, a large Scorcher, and a Warden. Use
    crippling strikes when available against the larger guys. Then when out of 
    Focus Based attacks use an evade and attack approach. When clear use the lift
    that Dugan sent back down to reach the Courtyard.
    Chapter 9 The Longest Yard                                              [4.9]
    Head to the right and go by the lift to find a Schematic. Defeat the Grunts and
    Spartans that appear. After Dugan leaves go down the stairs and look on each
    side of the Courtyard for a couple of Heirlooms and an Egg. There are also 
    numerous statues to destroy in the Courtyard and maze on the sides of the 
    entrance to the Estate. When ready climb the stairs leading to the site where
    Madam Hydra was last seen. Defeat the Warden and enter the Estate. 
    Chapter 10 Keep Your Powder Dry                                         [4.10]
    Move up the stairs and at the trio of statues take the side path on the right.
    This leads to an Egg and the Sewers. Do not take the sewers, instead return to
    main path. The cinematic shows a discussion between Cap and Madame Hydra. She
    will stay on the balcony during this fight. When she fires the goal is to 
    deflect the bullet back at her. When the yellow indicator appears watch the
    two vertical white lines. The moment they become one tap L1 to deflect the
    bullet. If you block too soon or too late the bullet is not deflected and Cap
    may receive damage (depending on the circumstance). Tossing the shield at 
    Madame Hydra will not result in a hit but will induce her to fire back giving
    an additional opportunity to deflect a bullet. As Madame Hydra's attacks are 
    deflected she will call in some Grunts to attack. Defeat them then refocus on
    Madame Hydra. After she receives enough damage she flees. Be sure to grab the
    Eggs, intel, and statue smashes before pursuing.
    Bust through the door and head up the stairs at the first intersection for some
    intel, an Heirloom, an Egg, and a Schematic. Return to the primary path in
    pursuit of Madame Hydra. Bust through the door on the right (the left side is 
    bathrooms with intel )and a cinematic has her escaping behind a locked gate. 
    Grab the egg near the gate and look for an alternate path. There are three
    doors in this hall that Cap can bust through. The one closest to the entrance
    has three Eggs. The next door heading towards Madame Hydra's escape would be
    on the left and a has a Schematic. The final door which is closest to Madame
    Hydra's escape point has two Eggs and the alternate path. Move to the book
    shelf on the far wall for a secret passage to the trophy room.
    Madam Hydra is back on a balcony waiting to fire upon Captain America. As you
    enter the room notice the four Grunts and the single Warden. Use a couple 
    Critical Strikes on the big guy then eliminate the smaller enemies. Madame
    Hydra will fire during the fight so be sure to watch for good times to deflect.
    Once she has received a couple hits she will, at Cap's request, come down from
    the balcony. She has a devastating automatic fire attack that can only be 
    blocked. Evade toward her and use any Critical Strikes you have. She returns to
    the balcony. Move to her location and defeat the enemies that appear at ground
    level while keeping an eye toward the ceiling for opportunities to block or
    deflect. Defeating the enemies can provide important Focus that can be used
    against Madame Hydra. She will again return to the ground. Block her auto-fire
    shot and deflect the others as you approach. Use any and all Crippling Strikes
    to get her to return to a balcony for the final time. This time after a couple
    of deflects a short cinematic ends the fight. After the scene, grab the
    Heirloom just below where Madame Hydra ended up and exit. Look to the right as
    you proceed down the hall for an Egg. Pick up a couple more collectibles on the
    way to the exit from the estate.
    Chapter 11: They Were Expendable                                        [4.11]
    Enter the trench and take out the soldiers surrounding the AA gun. There are 
    at least four. Once the area is clear move to the gun and place a charge. Move
    away from the blast. Before continuing look to the left of the gun for a couple
    of steps leading to a Schematic. Continue down the trench path. Deflect the 
    sniper bullet and move toward the next AA gun. Defeat the three guards around
    the weapon then set the explosives and run.
    Give the shield a good toss into the room ahead and it will likely take out
    the majority of the occupants. Defeat any strays and grab the Heirloom on the
    ground. Exit the room to the trench on the other side. Be prepared to deflect 
    a missile from the distant turret. If successful it is destroyed and Cap can
    focus on the charging guards. Move by the turret and out of the trench. This
    fight is against several larger enemies and a few Grunts. Be ready with the 
    deflect as needed. Use Crippling Strikes to eliminate the big guys quickly then
    clean up the other guards as you please. There is some intel nearby (including
    a film canister obtained by a platform jump on the bricks to the left of the 
    door). Enter the East Bastion.
    Turn the corner and look to the right to find a Schematic. Use the door across
    from the Schematic (its the first left) then look for the Sewer entrance and
    an Egg. Move to the end of the original hall and platform up. Enter the next 
    room and use the radio. Before pulling the lever platform in the room where
    the radio is found to the top of the tall column to grab an heirloom. Use the
    cable at this location to slide down to a platform that leads to a pipe Cap
    can use to reach a second Heirloom. Return to the radio and pull the lever.
    Move to the lift and enter the Rail Line
    Chapter 12: Red Ball Express                                            [4.12]
    Exit the lift and take a left to view Dugan's work. After the cinematic sneak
    behind the distracted soldiers. Lead with a double tap of R2 to Ricochet the
    shield off as many enemies as possible. Defeat the rest to see the Red Skull
    land. Once all the visuals are taken in reenter the train station. Stay to the
    left side and decrypt the terminal.  Move through the hall and take the first
    left to find the Sewers and an Egg. Head back to the other side and decrypt the
    next keypad after punching the member of HYDRA. Clear the room of enemies and
    grab the Schematics. Interact with another pass code and exit.
    Climb the ladder on the left and pull the lever twice. Cap will verify that the
    tracks are appropriately aligned. Go to track level and look for the train that
    is in alignment with the tracks. At the back of this train there will be a
    lever to pull. This lever moves the train out. The train will stop at two 
    electrical boxes. Cap can remove the panels and hot wire the boxes to get the 
    train moving really fast. Watch the ensuing cinematic.
    Chapter 13: The Small Back Room                                         [4.13]
    The fight begins immediately. Enemies will attack from the ground and from the
    top of the stairs. Focus on blocking when necessary and attacking the ground
    troops first. A Super Soldier Focus Ability may not be a bad idea here (if 
    available). Once the ground forces are eliminated move up the stairs and take
    out all the gunmen. Cap notices a large tank that is ready for destruction. 
    Platform to the top and hot wire the control box to destroy it. Notice the 
    new pipe that extends. This will allow Cap to platform to the upper ledge 
    entering the next room.
    Look to the right for a ledge to leap to. This ledge leads to a platforming 
    sequence that results in Cap placing a charge on another tank. After setting
    the charge avoid the blast by moving behind the tank with a platform jump. Look
    in the room to the left for an Egg. Go up the stairs to the right of the next 
    explosive site to find two bathrooms each with an Egg. Return to the explosion
    site and hot wire the control panel. Follow the star icons to the next site.
    Using the shield knock out the three pipes indicated ahead. A short cinematic
    shows another pipe falling into place. Platform to the next explosion site but
    do not interact with the control panel. Instead slide down the cable that leads
    to the platform near the destroyable fan. Behind the fan is an enemy film
    canister and on the platform below the fan find an Egg. Return to the top
    of the final tanks to be destroyed and interact with the control panel. Once
    the timer starts use the other cable to slide to safety. That is until the 
    HYDRA soldiers appear. Take them out then follow the icons to the next
    Chapter 14: Hell is for Heroes                                         [4.14]
    Open the gate by decrypting the password on the terminal beside the door. 
    Inside Cap will find the Red Skull. Defeat the one punch and gone crew then
    look for the ramp to the right. Climb the ladder and "Launch" Cap to the higher
    platform using the small ramp created by the nearby debris. Leap to the pole
    to reach the other side. The room at this level only has some intel (folder 
    and film canister). Launch Cap up to a ledge of the column. Climb the column
    and move around it, avoiding the steam. Use the pole to leap to the next
    platform and a cinematic.
    Iron Cross is Cap's next fight. This behemoth has dangerous close quarters 
    attacks. Stay at a distance and deflect its ranged attempts. If you do get too
    close be prepared to block when the red circle appears around Iron Cross. While
    at a distance, each deflection stuns the boss and builds Caps Focus Meter. Once
    the meter is full move closer to Iron Cross and unleash Critical Strikes.
    Repeat the process for an easy victory. After the fight watch the cinematic
    then launch Cap to the Red Skull's platform for more viewing.
    Chapter 15: When Trumpets Fade                                         [4.15]
    Move to the chalkboard and find the blue prints that will lead Cap to 
    Falsworth's location. Exit and platform over the fire. Take the first right
    for some intel and a Schematic. Move down the other side of the corridor and
    defeat the Screamer. Slide down the cable. Look for a small opening in the 
    mountain. Move through it to find an Egg. Return to the cliff's edge and leap
    to the pole. Once hanging on the pipe lining the mountain Cap can go right for
    some intel or left to continue. Avoid the steam and platform to the top.
    This area has three levels the ground level has an Egg, the middle has two 
    Heirlooms, and the top has an Egg. Levels 2 and 3 also have a turret. Once all
    the collectibles are located move to the top level and turn the corner to find
    that we just missed the Red Skull. Go to the second level and find the small
    room where we located a film reel. Instead of heading left to the reel go right
    to the outside. Swing over to the AA cannon, grab the Egg, and set the charge.
    Use the cable to slide to safety. Now move to the ground level and find the
    gate that can be opened after a decryption.
    Cap will likely notice the decryption effort fails largely due to the enemy
    helicopter behind him. Block the incoming bullets and head up either set of
    stairs to one of the missile turrets. Once there defeat any soldiers but make
    sure to block the automatic fire coming from the air craft. When safe man the
    turret and fire at will. After several hits the helicopter goes down and we
    can try to move through the door again. Grab the Film Reel and intel then
    move through the gate into East Bastion. Locate the Sewer entrance and head
    for the Tank Path. The sewers are not without enemies so proceed with caution. 
    Press Select to access the map to find the objective.
    Once out of the Sewers, turn around and find an Egg at the end of the path near
    a truck. Use the nearby platforming sequence to reach two AA guns and a
    schematic. Activate Tactical Vision if you can not find the beginning of the 
    platforming part. The second AA cannon is accessed by using a lock on weapon
    found by platforming behind the first AA cannon. Return to the ground and move
    across from the door to the Courtyard for an Egg then up the path defeating the 
    soldiers that are encountered. A Super Soldier Focus Attack will make short
    work of every one. Find the entrance to the Chapel Path to the left of the
    dead end.
    Chapter 16: Church On Time                                              [4.16]
    Move forward to defeat the Warden, Grunts, and Screamer. Press forward and Cap
    will encounter more soldiers that flee. These guys are destroyed by an 
    unexpected explosion. At the ledge turn around and look up on the wall of the
    building. Use Cap's Platforming abilities to cross to the other side. Once 
    inside the next building reach the 2nd floor and destroy the AA Cannon. Return
    to the primary path and defeat the Warden that exits. Decrypt the console at
    the next door and move up the stairs. At the top defeat the Sniper. Use the
    range finder to target one of the tanks for an air strike. Bust through the
    door and take out the guards. Move across the hall to find the last range
    finder. Once the second tank is destroyed leap off the balcony. Take out the 
    Scorcher and Sniper then move into the Chapel.
    Chapter 17: The First of the Few                                        [4.17]
    The chapter begins with a fight against a transformed Zola. The battle begins
    with Zola firing at range. Deflect these shots back at the enemy. If one 
    connects rapidly tap the on screen button (X) to recover. Zola will then move
    in for close quarters combat. Be sure to counter when the yellow ring appears
    and evade or block when red. Evading when possible is best. Otherwise, Cap will
    regularly be off balance. With each deflection or counter Cap builds Focus to
    unleash Crippling Strikes. When Zola's health is depleted be prepared to 
    rapidly tap Triangle. This opens his chest compartment for the final blow.
    Move to Falsworth to open the control panel and hot wire the contraption. This
    frees Cap's ally and sabotages the device. View the cinematic.
    Chapter 18: Went the Day Well?                                          [4.18]
    Head back to the Tank Path and then the Courtyard. Zola is back and stands it
    the way. Defeat him just as we did in chapter 17. Counter when the yellow ring
    appears and evade when red. Use Crippling Strikes to deplete his health. Once
    Zola's bot is about destroyed rapidly tap Triangle (when prompted) to finish
    him off. Find the Range Finder to the right and target the Sleeper's head.
    The air strike brings all if the enemies attention to Cap. Use the platforming
    sequence to the left to reach a higher balcony.
    Through the next door is another fight against Zola. This time some additional
    soldiers are added to more quickly build up the Focus Meter. Once Zola's second
    bot is scrap metal, use the turret to fire on the Sleeper. Once Cap has its 
    attention be prepared to deflect then rapidly tap the onscreen button 
    (Triangle) to damage the large metal beast. Exit through the previously smokey
    door. Platform to the next Zola fight.
    Zola has more soldiers fighting with him this time. Eliminate them then attack
    the bot. At the end of the fight Cap notices the Sleeper's weakness. Once Dugan
    exposes the next highlight each of the cables and tap R1. With all three
    targeted release the shield with a tap of R2 and watch the result.
                                  U P G R A D E S                           [5.0]
    Upgrade Costs
    Upgrade currency is obtained by finding collectibles (there is a lot of intel
    just lying around) and defeating enemies.
         Upgrade 1: 350
         Upgrade 2: 1492
         Upgrade 3: 3500
         Upgrade 4: 6000
         Upgrade 5: 9000
         Upgrade 6: 13500
         Upgrade 7: 16500
         Upgrade 8: 18500
         Upgrade 9: 21000
    Wave 1
         UPGR: Counter Grab
         DESC: Stops incoming attack and stuns the enemy for a short time
         BTTN: Press Circle with incoming attack
         UPGR: Ricochet Shield
         DESC: Bounces shield on up to 3 targets
         BTTN: Double tap R2
         UPGR: Shield Shockwave
         DESC: Unleash a stunning shockwave by driving the shield into the ground
         BTTN: L1 + Triangle (Hold)
    Wave 2
         UPGR: Counter Attack
         DESC: A powerful follow up strike after a successful counter
         UPGR: Ricochet Level 2
         DESC: Bounces shield on up to 4 targets
         BTTN: Double tap R2
         UPGR: Shield Charge 
         DESC: Charge forward shield first, knocking enemies off their feet
         BTTN: L1 + X (Hold)
    Wave 3
         UPGR: Improved Counter
         DESC: Successful follow up strikes will deal greatly increased damage
         UPGR: Ricochet Level 3
         DESC: Bounces shield on up to 5 targets
         UPGR: Shield Smash
         DESC: Break through defenses with this powerful shield smash
         BTTN: L1 + Square
                              C O L L E C T I B L E S                        [6.0]
    Zemo Diaries                                                             [6.1]
    Falcon Cowl and Gloves
     -Chapter 1: On a table at the radio after climbing first ladder
     -Chapter 2: Small room near first Anti-Aircraft Generator in library 
     -Chapter 6: After escaping and platforming to enemies, its behind a breakable
                 wall on the right side of the room with the radio. Once the wall
                 is destroyed drop down and break a 2nd wall to find the Heirloom.
     -Chapter 9: Bottom of stairs at beginning on the right hand side
     -Chapter 10: After the Madame Hydra fight in the Trophy Room of the Estate a
                  door opens. Climb the stairs and at the top look to the left for
                  the heirloom.
    Cameo Ornament
     -Chapter 2: Corridor behind bookcase at library 
     -Chapter 3: At the Motorpool near the grenade turret
     -Chapter 6: Cellblock top floor after retrieving shield and belt from Lab
     -Chapter 10: Madame Hydra boss fight on back wall (the one furthest from
                  the boss)
     -Chapter 11: Use platforming skills to reach tall column in room where Radio
                  is found in East Bastion
    Virginal Statue
     -Chapter 2: Room with first AA generator. Its on the 2nd floor. Use the ladder
                 to jump to beam then move to generator. Use pole to swing over it
                 The goal is at end of book case.
     -Chapter 3: Use shield to knock open door next to grenade turret in barn then
                 platform to statue on a nearby silo
     -Chapter 7: After opening the door for the train platform up and look for an
                 out of place box on the side of the mountain. Jump onto the box
                 and find the statue on the other side.
     -Chapter 9: Courtyard Maze
     -Chapter 10: After initial phase of Madame Hydra fight bust through the door
                  and head up the stairs at the first intersection. This should get
                  Cap to the balcony where she was firing from.
     -Chapter 3: Near entrance to Bunkhouse on a bar on the left side of the room
     -Chapter 3: The Bunkhouse kitchen opposite the stove
     -Chapter 11: After destroying the 2nd AA gun in the trench path Cap enters an
                  under ground room, the Stein is on the ground across from 
     -Chapter 11: Upon finding the Radio in the East Bastion, Cap can platform to
                  a tall central column (this has a Heirloom as well). From this
                  column use the cable to slide down to a platform that provides
                  access to ledges leading to the Stein.
     -Chapter 15: Climb shorter set of stairs once completing outside platforming
    Prussian helmet
     -Chapter 3: Upon entering the Bunkhouse look in the room on right after entry  
                 Its on the desk near the bed
     -Chapter 3: Bunkhouse top of stairs
     -Chapter 3: In the Motor Pool on a rafter platform 
     -Chapter 6: Cellblock, after learning the Super Soldier ability defeat the
                 next two groups of enemies and look on a table to the left (its in
                 the room where we get a checkpoint).
    -Chapter 6: When looking for Bucky's cell (Cap mentions its nearby) look for a
                 room to the right that appears empty. Activate Tactical Vision and
                 locate the ledge that Cap can use to reach the higher balcony
                 holding the Heirloom. This all occurs after retrieving the shield
                 and belt.
     -Chapter 7: After defeating the first group of Grunts take the path to the
                 left continue until reaching a key code device. Now move to the
                 open area to the front and destroy the devices above the cells.
                 Inside you will find the last Prussian Helmet.
    Gold Falcon Statue
     -Chapter 3: Bunkhouse top floor with radio on table near entrance
     -Chapter 3: Motorpool on a large crate in center of motorpool near a 
                 destroyable generator
     -Chapter 6: After first platforming sequence do not break the wall where Cap 
                 finishes instead look for a 2nd breakable wall across the room 
                 that leads to another wall, behind here we find a ladder leading 
                 to the Statue
     -Chapter 9: Bottom of stairs on the left at the beginning
     -Chapter 10: Beside a bookshelf on the ground below where the Madame Hydra
                  fight ends inside the Estate (Trophy Room)
    Dueling Pistols and Saber in Ornate Leather Case
     -Chapter 10: During the Madame Hydra fight in the Trophy Room its on a small
                  table next to the fire place.
    Film Reels                                                             [6.2]
    Chapter 1 plane it is needed to progress (Project Master Man)
    Chapter 2 Library room with shielded enemies (Baron von Strucker)
    Chapter 2 Room with first aa generator ground level opposite gen (Grunt/
    Ch 3 top floor of bunkhouse near chalk board (Ballistic Soldiers)
    Ch 3 Motorpool after defeating large enemy on a table in a room through the
       door the beast exited
    Ch 6 After escaping and platforming to enemies the reel is on the left side of
         the room with the radio.
    Ch 6 Laboratory hall to left of room with Cap's belt
    Ch 8 after defeating two screamers path divides into 3 take right side and
         platform (Screamers)
    ch 15 after outside platforming sequence climb short set of stairs to stein
           the reel is in a room through an open nearby door. (where red skull
           escapes in plane just missed them) Iron Cross
    ch 15 room after helicopter fight Sleeper
    Sewers Drone weapons reel west of west rail line entrance and south west of
    Sewers Complex Reel north of tank pass and west of libarary
    Chapter 17 Zola Bot Reel after zola fight look at book shelf near door.
    Schematics                                                              [6.3]
         Found: Motor pool near grenade turret
         Bonus: Sweepers and Snipers will remain stunned for a longer duration
         Found: At the beginning of Chapter 9 look for some crates on the right
                side behind the lift
         Bonus: Sweepers and Snipers will remain on the ground for a longer
         Found: After the initial phase of the Madame Hydra fight bust through the
                door and head up the stairs at the first intersection. This should
                get Cap to the balcony where she was firing from.
         Bonus: All attacks will do more damage to Sweepers and Snipers
         Found: Chapter 2 in the room with the first AA gun. Its to the right of
                where the Snipers appear
         Bonus: Grunts and Spartans will remain stunned for a longer duration
         Found: Chapter 3 Under the sniper's nest in the barn
         Bonus: Grunts and Spartans will reamin on the ground for a longer duration
         Found: Chapter 3 on a large crate in the Motor Pool near two destroyable
                generators in the center of the area (a small wooden plank connects
                two of the crates)
         Bonus: All attacks will do more damage to Grunts and Spartans
         Found: In chapter 6 its in the first room of the laboratory on a desk to
                the right
         Bonus: Wardens will remain stunned for a longer duration
         Found: The hall to the left of the room with Cap's belt in Chapter 6
         Bonus: Wardens will remain on the ground for a longer duration
         Found: Chapter 10 Through the door on the left in the hall where Madame
                Hydra escapes
         Bonus: All attacks will do more damage to Wardens
         Found: Chapter 11 near the AA cannon in the trench at the beginning
         Bonus: A Crippling Strike will cause the Warden's equipment to explode
         Found: In the Motor Pool room with snipers where Cap must platform in the
                rafters (Chapter 3)
         Bonus: Scorchers will remain stunned for a longer duration
         Found: Chapter 7 at the top of the sniper tower after rescuing Bucky
         Bonus: Scorchers will remain on the ground for a longer duration
         Found: At the missile turret in Chapter 7 where Cap protects the train
                (its near the back wall)
         Bonus: All attacks will do more damage to Scorchers
         Found: At the beginning of chapter 15, platform over the fire and take 
                the first right to find the schematic on a table.
         Bonus: A Crippling Strike will cause the Scorcher's equipment to explode
         Found: To the right after the second Screamer fight in Chapter 8
         Bonus: Screamers will remain stunned for a longer duration
         Found: After entering East Bastion turn the corner and look on the table
                to the right (Chapter 11)
         Bonus: All attacks will do more damage to Screamers
         Found: Chapter 12 in the room leading to train direction puzzle
         Bonus: Screamers will deflect the shield closer to Cap's position
         Found: Chapter 15 after using the Sewers to reach the Tank Path, turn 
                around and look for a platforming sequence that leads to an AA
                Cannon. While looking at the cannon platform to the left. Cap will
                be able to pick up some intel along the way. You should see the 
                schematic in the distance but if you try to platform to it Cap will
                fall unless the shield is tossed to release a pole.
         Bonus: A Crippling Strike will cause the Screamer's equipment to explode
    Ceramic Eggs                                                            [6.4]
    1. At the beginning of 1st level turn around and destroy crate
    2. Chapter 2 hall enemies exited from after platforming sequence
    3. Chapter 2 room after platforming sequence where fight occurs left of key pad
    4. Ch 2 Library room accessed after using keypad after defeating shielded
        guards look to the right near over turned table at top of short stairs
    5. ch 2 library 3rd floor of room with aa generator
    6. Turn around at beginning of ch 3
    7. Ch. 3 after first fight right side of battlefield at top of stairs
    8. Ch 3 after leaving the bunkhouse defeat a group of enemies then a second
       group of two look for a small path to the right of truck
    9. Ch 3 right of barn entrance
    10. Ch 3 Motorpool table between two truck below sniper
    11. Ch 3 Motorpool top of stairs at back of area
    12. Ch 3 motorpool rafter platforming
    13. Ch 3 Motorpool after platforming in rafters head to open door and do it
         again this time when above the area where the egg is turn around at the
         second bar and you can jump to the egg.
    14. Ch 3 motorpool top floor after platforming and decoding on table 
    15. same as above except on floor and near file cabinet at exit
    16. Ch 3 beside a truck just outside lift to estate roof top (ch 4)
    17. Heading up path to estate roof top look for a alternate path to left 
    18. Chapter 6 at first fight after escaping and platforming
    19. Chapter 7 an empty cell found by taking the right path at beginning of 
               the chapter
    20. Ch 7 empty cell 2nd floor 
    21. ch 9 bottom of stairs on left
    22. Ch 10 head to the right side of the path at top of stairs to find egg on
        table and sewers entrance
    23. ch 10 Madam hydra boss fight on right side
    24. See above
    25. After initial phase of Madame Hydra fight bust through the door
                  and head up the stairs at the first intersection. This should get
                  Cap to the balcony where she was firing from.
    27. Near the door where Madam Hydra escapes to after fleeing initial encounter
    28, 29, 30. First door in hall where Hydra escapes
    31, 32 door closest to gate where hydra escapes (also has alternate path)
    33. Trophy room of ch 10 madame Hydra fight
    34. Look to the right after exiting Trophy Room
    35. can't miss it on the floor after the tropy room hydra fight
    36. Look to the left after m. hydra fight and climbing stairs
    37. First left up on enter East Bastion in ch 11 near sewers entrance
    38. Pass through door next to train after seeing Red Skull, take first left in
        subsequent hall egg a sewer entrance
    39. ch 12 sewer entrance when heading toward the train puzzle
    40. Small table to left of 2nd charge site
    41. Bathroom in ch 13 near 2nd charge site
    42. other bathroom in ch 13 near 2nd charge site
    43. Ch 13 at 3rd explosion site slide down cable to area below destroyable fan
        egg is on platform below fan
    44. Cha 15 after defeating screamer slide down cable and look for opening in
        mountain side.
    45. Ch 15 after platforming sequence out side at base of stairs
    46. Ch 15 climb stairs near 45
    47. ch 15 beside AA gun at point where just missed red skull
    48. Sewers near Joliet entrance
    49. Use the sewers in ch 15 to reach the tank path turn around and find the
        egg on the ground near a truck
    50. After retrieving the Egg on the tank path described above and getting
        any other collectibles it will be time to proceed with the story. On the
        right there should be a door that will allow Cap to reach the Courtyard.
        Opposite that door is a stairwell leading to the Sewers. Next to the door
        is an Egg.
                                  C H A L L E N G E                          [7.0]
    Overdue Penalties
    Gold: 2:00 to shush the crowd within for a special place in Special Collections
    Silver: 4:00 to cancel their cards for a footnote in the Periodicals
    Bronze: 10:00 to enjoy some milk and cookies in the Children's Collection
    oldschool's Best: 1:08 
    There are four waves of enemies. Each wave will have more and more difficult
    combatants. To begin the first two waves are simply grunts with tasers. The
    last two waves will also include Snipers and Spartans. Simply move from enemy
    to enemy attacking, countering, and evading when necessary. This is an easy
    Hedge Maze
    Gold: 4:00 to recover the ceramic eggs
    Silver: 6:00 to put the poultry in the party coop
    Bronze: 10:00 to enjoy the afternoon and have this for a parting gift
    Captain America does not have any offensive skills during the majority of this
    challenge. He must move through the maze picking up a total of 27 ceramic eggs.
    When encountering one of the enemies be sure to evade and run. The only time
    Cap's attacks will work is if a ceramic hen is found. Then we can turn the
    table on all the chasers.
    Up and Up
    Gold: 1:30 to reach the top of the missile and stop the madness
    Silver: 2:00 to reach the summit and shush the naysayers
    Bronze: 10:00 to whistle while you wistfully wander through your work
    This challenges tests Caps acrobatic/platforming skills. The goal is to
    reach the top of the missile and destroy it. Cap will be using poles and beams
    to swing up to the top. Sounds easy enough, right? Well the trick is there are
    Snipers that are shooting at Cap at regular intervals. Get hit too much and the
    challenge is over. To start move straight ahead and grab the beam to the left.
    Go to the end of the beam and jump to the pole. From this point to the top 
    precise taps of X are needed to avoid being hit by bullets. When arriving at
    poles on the ends of the column be ready to change swing directions. By this
    I mean if you arrived on the pole from the right Cap will need to change
    directions and go back the way he came but on a higher set of poles. Reach the
    top and knock out the two Snipers. Now we can successfully place the charge
    and prevent this weapon from causing harm.
    Prisoners of War
    Gold: 4:30 to swiftly put all shooters out of commission
    Silver: 6:00 to more cautiously get the job done
    Bronze: 10:00 to take your time and enjoy the scenery.
    oldschool's best: 4:10
    Prisoners of War measures your ability to deflect bullets. The entire challenge
    requires appropriate taps of L1 to send bullets back to the place they started.
    Once a group of enemies is downed by their own fire swing to the next platform
    where more Snipers sit. I shouldn't say Snipers because Cap will also need to
    deflect fire from some Scorchers and Madame Hydra along the way. The Scorchers
    will require two deflections per enemy and may require an evade if the attack
    icon is red. The numbers in each set of enemies are:
         Wave 1: 3 Snipers
         Wave 2: 6 Snipers
         Wave 3: 6 Snipers
         Wave 4: 1 Scorcher
         Wave 5: 1 Scorcher
         Wave 6: 2 Snipers and Madame Hydra (2 deflections)
         Wave 7: 2 Snipers and Madame Hydra (2 deflections)
    Ballroom Blitz
    Gold: 5:00 of staying alive
    Silver: 4:00 of swinging survival
    Bronze: 1:00 to 4:00 worth of fancy footwork
    Oldschool's best 5 minutes
    If you want to be a real Super Soldier try this one without using the missile
    launcher. Otherwise if you want a quick and easy gold, evade the first couple
    of shots by the two initial Scorchers and move to the missile turret. Use it
    to destroy anything that walks through any of the three doors. This is also a
    good place to get the remaining needed to acquire the trophy for defeating 101 
    specialized enemies.
    Gold: 3:00 to find all of Zemo's artifacts
    Silver: 4:00 collecting all Zemo's neglected knickknacks
    Bronze: 10:00 to really bully about the place finding Zemo's elusive 
    Oldschool's best 2:17
    There are five artifacts to find located on  levels. The bottom level
    has one. Defeat the enemies at this level then move to the shiny shield marker
    to open gate revealing the artifact. Go up the stairs to open the second gate.
    Inside will be two Spartans Cap should defeat before picking up artifact number
    two. Platform up to level three and take out the enemies. Watch for the Sniper
    on the back left. When the gate opens for the third artifact, Cap will find a
    Screamer. Take him out and grab the heirloom. Platform up to the fourth gate.
    Open it and perform a Critical Strike on the Warden. Grab this piece and
    continue up. Fight off the Foreign Interns and Snipers quickly without using
    any Focus Powers. Open the gate and take out the two Scorchers with quick 
    Critical Strikes and grab the last artifact.
    Bunkhouse Blitz
    Gold: 4:00 to defeat all enemies for a pitcher of watering hole fame
    Silver: 5:00 to clear the juice joint for a pint's worth of Bronx cheer
    Bronze: 10:00 to speak easy, sweeping those sinkers off their feet and clamping
            some closure on their capricious caper
    oldschool's best 2:58
    Cap will just face four waves of enemies. Each wave will have a variety of
    Snipers, Grunts, Spartans, and Scorchers. The key is to watch for times to
    deflect and use the Focus Powers wisely.
    Gold: 4:00 to shut down 3 burly 'bots
    Silver: 6:00 to stretch a bit before beating up some 'bots
    Bronze: 10:00 to toy with your prey for fun and parlance
    oldschool's best 3:54
    By far this was the most difficult challenge for me. The rate limiting step is
    defeating Zola. Unless there is a more effective way to eliminate Zola, you
    will have to be nearly flawless to achieve the gold time. My approach was to
    eliminate the guards as I could, especially the very annoying Snipers. A quick
    double tap of R2 at the beginning will help with this. Next approach Zola and
    instigate an attack. Once the attack is started press Circle to counter if
    yellow (followed by another counter because Zola always throws two punches when
    yellow) or X to evade if red. This will build Cap's Focus Meter. Once the meter
    is full initiate a Super Soldier power and punch non stop. Once the Focus Power
    is about depleted back away then move in to attempt to build up the meter 
    again. So the pattern is move to Zola punch, dodge/evade, then back to Zola for
    a punch. This should be repeated until the Focus Meter allows for a power. Once
    Zola's health is depleted rapidly tap Triangle to finish him. The main issue I 
    had with time is that the animation for defeating Zola also takes a couple of
    seconds. So Zola is without health but hasn't fallen. I beat this challenge
    with a silver several time with times of 4:01 to 4:05 mostly because during
    each fight a couple seconds tick away during the winning animation. The goal
    is to take no more than 1:20 on each wave. If any one wave runs too much over
    that time the other waves will have to be perfectly fought.
    The St. Vitus Dance
    Gold: 3:00 to decimate all waves without being defeated
    Silver: 4:00 to humiliate all enemies without dropping
    Bronze: 10:00 to sit back and enjoy that wacky waltz of war
    oldschool's best 2:01
    This challenge is another one where we try to defeat enemies quickly. There 
    are three waves. Each wave has at least one Screamer. The later waves will have
    more and will contain a couple of Wardens. The rate limiting step during this
    challenge will be defeating the Screamers in a timely manner.
    Gold: 4:00 to recalibrate their sprockets for sockets
    Silver: 6:00 to tune them up and still have something to write home about
    Bronze: 10:00 to really show them just how a Langstrom 7 inch wrench will work
            on a Findlay sprinkler head
    oldschool's best 3:32
    Cap will face three waves of enemies during this challenge. The first will have
    several easily defeated enemies and a single Warden. To build the Focus Meter
    try to counter as many attacks as possible. The next wave will include Armin
    Zola and a bunch of nobodies. In fact, Zola may take out most of the nobodies
    with one of his ground smashes. The last wave pits Cap against the nobodies and
    Iron Cross. Again the quicker you can build the Focus Meter the quicker the
    robots are defeated. If you can make it to a Super Soldier ability it will
    work well to put a dent in the opponents. This is why it is so critical that
    during the Iron Cross fight you deflect as many of his initial ranged blasts
    as possible. Then move in for constant melee attacks. This puts Cap at risk
    for Iron Cross' nasty counters so be constantly prepared to evade. When enough
    damage is done, Iron Cross drops to a need unleash constant punches and kicks.
    Then when he gets up use a Super Soldier Focus Attack if available. The key is
    to attack constantly mixed with timely evades/deflections.
                                  T R O P H I E S                           [8.0]
    The First Avenger
         -Complete all Trophies
    Grace Under Pressure
         -Achieved perfect timing x 5 while platforming
    Back to the Basics
         -101 Grunts defeated
    Snipe Hunt
         -25 Snipers Defeated
    Who's the Bully Now?
         -101 advanced enemies defeated
    And They All Fall Down
         -4 Enemies KO'd with a single Focused Shield Throw
    Unfriendly Fire
         -10 Enemies defeated with a weaponized enemy
    There Goes The Neighborhood
         -All AA cannons destroyed
    Snap Together Soldiers
         -1st Enemy Schematic collected
         -All enemy Schematics collected
    Sewer Rat
         -All 12 Sewer entrances found
    Need a Hand?
         -50 Statues destroyed
    Hello God? It's Me, Zemo
         -1st Zemo Diary collected
    Two Hands and a Sword
         -All Zemo Diaries collected
    24 Frames a Second
         -Found Zola Reel
    Slide Show Symphony
         -All Zola Reels collected
    He Hates These Cans!
         -Caused 500 objects to explode
    Beautiful Mind
         -13 Enigma Keypads decrypted
    Peaches 'n Cream
         -5 Successful C3 placements
    Put a Ring On It
         -3 mortar strikes successfully directed
    Calling the Folks
         -5 HQ Radios located and used
         -50 Ceramic Eggs collected
    Four Score and Seven
         -1776 Intel Points collected
    Star Spangled Superhero
         -25000 Intel Points collected
    Trench Foot
         -Completed Prologue: Come and See
    Just Stood There
         -Completed Chapter 1: Stand Alone Together
    Overdue Notice
         -Completed Chapter 2: The Flemish Farm
    Trojan Splinters
         -Completed Chapter 3: The Wooden Horse
    Send a Post Card
         -Completed Chapter 4: The Secret Journey
    Fully Operational
         -Completed Chapter 5: The Big Red One
    Existential Dilema
         -Completed Chapter 6: Camus and the Fly
    Real Men Read Ulysses
         -Completed Chapter 7: Icarus and Daedalus
    Down in the Lab
         -Completed Chapter 8: To Have and Have Not
         -Completed Chapter 9: The Longest Yard
    Taming of the Shrew
         -Completed Chapter 10: Keep Your Powder Dry
    Pleasant Stroll
         -Completed Chapter 11: They Were Expendable
    Train to Catch
         -Completed Chapter 12: Red Ball Express
    Unnatural Resources
         -Completed Chapter 13: The Small Back Room
    High and Low
         -Completed Chapter 14: Hell is for Heroes
    Holding the High Note
         -Completed Chapter 15: When Trumpets Fade
    Tank Me Later
         -Completed Chapter 16: Church on Time
    Science and Spirit
         -Completed Chapter 17: The First of the Few
    The Big Sleepover
         -Completed the 18th Chapter: Went the Day Well
    To Your Credit
         -Viewed the Credits to completion
    Testing Waters
         -1 Challenge Mode Completed
         -All Challenge Modes Completed
    Window Shopper
         -All Challenge Modes unlocked
    Begin a Trend
         -1st Gold awarded in a Challenge Mode
    Freedom on a Roll
         -50% Golds awarded in Challenge Mode
    Can't Stand Any Higher
         -100% Golds awarded in Challenge Mode
    Pow, Right in the Kisser!
         -Performed 50 Crippling Strikes
                                  L E G A L I T I E S                       [9.0]
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    E-mail: oldschoolwv312 at yahoo dot com
    Copyright 2011 Jason Fryer a.k.a oldschool312 

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