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by Krystal109

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 09/21/12

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Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 1.6 - Sep 2, 2012


My purpose for this guide is to make sure that you are able to get a 100% game experience. This means finding all items, exploring all of areas, and seeing all events. I do my best to make these walkthroughs with as few spoilers as possible. For this guide, I will write it as a step-by-step guide, leading you to all the locations.

If you think it there is something missing or the guide can be improved upon, you can email me at the above address.

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Thanks again for your time. I in no way want you to feel obligated to donate, your support via emails is always appreciated though.


This game's controls are fairly similar to most other JRPG's, but with a strange exception of Purge. Please review these if you want, but for purging you will get a tutorial in game anyways.

CommandIn TownIn Battle
Left AnalogCharacter MovementCharacter Movement
Right Analog-Camera Movement
TriangleMenuBattle Menu
Use Item
Unleash Special Supermove
Switch Leader
OJumpBlow (Defend Reyvateil)
XInteractUse Song Magic
R2, R2, L1, L2-Purge

Singing Song Magic

As soon as a battle starts the singer will start to sing a song. As she sings, the Burst gauge will increase in percent. In general, the higher the percent the more damage your reyvateil will do. Also note that the Burst Gauge will always increase, but it goes up faster each time you Purge a level of clothing. This means that if you sit for 5 mins without Purging, you will have a lot less Burst percent than if you Purged once.

Using Song Magic

At any time, you can hit X to use the song magic your reyvateil has been singing. Note that every persona has their own Song Magic and area of effect. For example, one persona's Song Magic may affect every enemy in its straight path while another may target an enemy with a circular area of effect around that target. As you purge, the area of effect will increase to be larger.


Purging, stripping, will make your reyvateil stronger. In order to purge, you need to watch the spinning heart in the bottom right corner of the screen. When it says "purge ready" hold down L1, L2, R1, or R2 and shake the controller. In order to get the "purge ready" you need to attack on the red notes during the song. Other ways to increase this are using supermove, cancelling enemy spells, or taking a large amount of damage at once. At first, your reyvateil will only be able to purge one level at a time. Eventually you will be able to purge four times and use your flipsphere. As you unlock their other purge levels, you will also be able to purge multiple times at once by getting enough beat ups and then holding 2 shoulder buttons at once.

Also if you wish to see the strip video, and you will if you want all the videos or like boobs, simply make sure you purge on a red note.


The flipsphere will occur on your fourth purge and each persona has its own flipsphere. Think of the flipsphere as a button pressing event; simply hit the X button when the peaks appear for a success. The more successes, the more damage you unleash.

Attaching Hyuma

Later, once you start to dive into the girls' cosmospheres, you will have access to Hyuma. These cute little girls can be added to the purge spots, through Song Synthesis to give benefits to the party when used. They can also change the battle music so there are more beat ups available.
In order to attach a Hyuma, simply go to an inn or save spot and use Song Synthesis. You can then attach a Hyuma to any spot you wish. Sometimes, you will get a Hyuma that is too high for your reyvateil (you gain higher levels or song synthesis based on how much she will strip for you). You can give her key items that you buy or use her in battle more to increase this.

Reyvateil Field

The reyvateils are unique and vulnerable when they are singing a song. The field around them acts as a barrier for their personal space. If an enemy invades that space, they will take damage and be unable to use their Song Magic. In order to prevent this, you need to hit CIRCLE to use the BLOW feature and knock the enemy out of the area. Be warned, BLOW takes time to refill once it is used. On the flip side, standing in the reyvateils field will also increase your recovery rate.


There are two kinds of supermoves, the normal and the ultra supermove. In order to use the normal ones, hold any directional button and hit SQUARE. This burns your HP, but will get purges faster as well. The ultra supermove can only be used when you have 30,000 % on the burst gauge. These are very powerful and have their own animation.

Ending Requirements

This section is designed to summarize all the endings you need to get and the suggested order to get them in. Once you play through once to get either of the girls true ending, refer back to here.

New Game + This is what you need to know about NG +

  • You can start at 3 different points in the game
  • The only thing that carries over is your level, DP and money. All events and chests you got up to the point will be saved, but you will need to do events that have not happened after the start point (this includes any cosmosphere events you did not do before each point).

Getting Endings

If you followed my guide you should have these saves already and all you need to do is reload from these locations. They are listed with numbers based on what the save slot will likely be if you ONLY made alternate saves in these locations. Of course, they could easily be something else. I hope you know.

Here is how to read this section:

  • The Main Save 1 is what you will have by following my guide.
  • Alt Saves are places in the walkthrough I told you to make an alternate Save. All you should need to do is load up the Alt Saves and then follow the bulletpoints to the game end for that.
  • Main Save 3 is a NG+ load from your True Ending clear data.


  • Whenever you are given the chance to choose between either girl, always choose the same one.
  • Defeat MYU in the given time at Phase 3: Tower Block A.
  • Stop Saki from singing at Phase 3: Moocheriel.


  • Fail to defeat MYU in the given time at Phase 3: Tower Block A.
  • Stop Saki from singing at Phase 3: Moocheriel.


  • Just Watch Saki sing at Phase 3: Moocheriel.


  • New Game + from Phase 2
  • Give the first two hearts to the other girl, the one you didn't side with on your first playthrough. The last heart should go to the same girl from the first playthrough. In other words, you should have a 2:1 ratio with a different girl.
  • Defeat MYU in the given time at Phase 3: Tower Block A.
  • Do NOT enter either of the girls Cosmosphere level 8 or Tyria's level 3.
  • Stop Saki from Singing at Phase 3: Moocheriel.
  • After making Alt Save #07, finish the Cosmosphere of the girl with the 2 hearts and accept her confession.


  • Backup save in case you mess something up later.


  • Just watch Saki sing at Phase 3: Moocheriel.



  • Complete Tyria's Cosmosphere level 3.
  • Rest at the Inn and accept her confession.
  • Make the Glasteria Plate and choose "I want to save Tyria".


  • Complete Tyria's Cosmosphere level 3.
  • Rest at the Inn and accept her confession.
  • Make the Glasteria Plate and choose "I'll save the world".


  • Continue to NOT touch any girls Cosmosphere level 8 or Tyria's level 3.


Firstly, I suggest you do NOT play on hard for your first playthrough. This is designed for NG + players. This guide is designed to get you through the game with 100% completion. I do not plan to give you battle strategies or in depth detail for most events. This is a spoiler free guide.

Do yourself a favor, print out the above endings sections and ONLY make the saves that I list, so you don't get confused.

Phase 1

Blue Canyon Hamlet

Before doing anything else, check your System settings and make sure you are on either Easy or Normal mode. Hard mode is designed for NG+ players.

Head outside and beat up Mute and meet Saki.

When you have control, leave the screen to the right to get to the bus station and meet Tatsumi. View the tutorial on Using Song Magic and fight another battle.

Blue Heaven Trail

ItemsTalk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Kiai Belt[_] Saki: What Happened?-
[_] Rescue Injection[_] Saki: Is This Really GoodHave a Rescue Injection in your inventory
[_] Crab Claw Sword[_] Saki: Stripping Is RiskyAfter your first Purge
[_] Bronze Material[_] Saki: About Filly-
[_] Bronze Material[_] Finnel: What Are You Doing?-
[_] Weakness Detector[_] Finnel: It's...Unique.Have the Pile Striker in your inventory
[_] Tsurugi 07[_] Finnel: TabooHave a Big Ribbon in your inventory
[_] Big Ribbon[_] Finnel: Aren't You Scared?Fight with Finnel in battle enough
[_] Bitter Capsule
[_] Bronze Material

Rest at the save point for a scene with Saki about what happened.

Rest again to be introduced to talk topics. While you do not need to see them all for Platinum, it is fun to do and I'm sure you completion freaks out there want to. I will list the first opportunity to get talk topics at the top of every section... meeting the requirements and resting to see them is up to you.

Like the Atelier Iris series, random encounters are limited by the gauge in the bottom right corner. I suggest you let the bar empty out before leaving an area to maximize your experience and ultimately help you with later hard battles.

Head left and follow the linear path up a ladder and down another. Head up the next ladder to see a scene and up again. From the upper area here you can run off the cliff to the right of the ladder nearby to reach the Kiai Belt. Fall down to the right again and you will be back at the bottom. This time take the ladder leading down to a Rescue Injection.

Go back up to where you fell and cross the bridge for Crab Claw Sword. Head back and then up the ladder nearby where you fell the first time. Cross the bridge here and go up a ladder to find a Bronze Material. Head back to the main path and up the steps to a save point. Up the ladder for another scene.

You will automatically get into a fight. This enemy is immune to physical attacks, so it's time to use Purge. You want to hold down only 1 shoulder button at a time when you purge, until you unlock multi-purging through story events.

Continue for another scene and then up the ladder near the save point. Finnel will join your party and you can now switch to her as your songstress. I suggest you do this for a talk topic by going into the Menu and then Formation.

Make sure to use the save point to rest and get access to Finnel's talk topics and then rest again. Head south down some stairs and then right to another Bronze Material. Drop down to the south for Weakness Detector and Tsurugi 07. Continue south down a ladder for a Big Ribbon and then back up and west down a set of stairs, hugging the right wall, to a Bitter Capsule and Bronze Material.

Go back up the stairs to the split and head down the left set to reach Eternus Shaft.

If you want all the talk topics, you may need to leave to the Northeast to respawn the encounter bar and get more battles with Finnel in your party.

Also, anytime I say in inventory, this means it can NOT be equipped.

Eternus Shaft

Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: First Visit To EternusFound in Waterforest Square in Eternus Shaft
[_] Finnel: First Dive-
[_] Finnel: Mascot Girl?Found in Yokkora Bistro in Eternus Shaft
[_] Finnel: Cosmosphere Level 1Complete Cosmosphere Level 1
[_] Finnel: Let Me Get Some Rest!Fight with Finnel in battle enough
[_] Finnel: Please Make It For MeBuy a Yokkora Set at the Yokkora Bistro in Eternus Shaft
[_] Party: About Diving-

Head to Reverse Lamp Bazaar for a scene and then to the Waterforest Square. After the scene, pick up the talk topic First Visit to Eternus shining and head to the Bistro (building on lower level) to meet Gojo. He will teach you how to use Image Synthesis.

You can get up to 4 names for each item, depending on which girl you synth with and which name you choose to have the item called. I will always refer to the item by the name given by Aoto. This does not mean you shouldn't synth each item with every girl to get all the cute conversations during the synthesis process. You can select any name at any time if you already unlocked it by going into the synthesis menu and hitting Square.

Head into Image Synthesis via the Inn and synth the ?Mega Heal Drink? or Spunky V. Once you have synthesized all 3 you will automatically turn them in.

Meet Luphan and then head back to the Bistro. Finnel will join again and you can head to the inn for a scene. Talk to the innkeeper for another scene.

After the scene at the Bistro, head back inside and the talk topic Mascot Girl? should be on the floor. You should also buy a Yokkora Set. Now head to the Dive Shop.

Please refer to the Cosmospheres section of this guide for where you need to go to get 100% of each girls cosmosphere unlocked.

While you are in the cosmosphere, hit Select 100 times for a trophy.

Dive into Finnel and complete her Level 1 Cosmosphere. Afterwards, you will get your first Party talk topic. Take a moment to rest at the inn and see all the talk topics you have unlocked before heading to Stairway to Fallen Heaven.

Stairway to Fallen Heaven

ItemsTalk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Rare Metal[_] Saki: First Dive-
[_] ?Fan?[_] Saki: Synthesis Complete!-
[_] ?Dice?[_] Saki: I Hate HospitalsFound in Gojo's Clinic in Eternus Shaft
[_] B-Good B[_] Saki: Cosmosphere Level 1Complete Cosmosphere Level 1
[_] ?Shiny Heavy Armor?[_] Saki: I'm FineFight with Saki in battle enough
[_] ?Whistle Missile?[_] Finnel: Told You So-
[_] Finnel: About Diving Into Saki-
[_] Finnel: Sleeping At Your HomeAutomatically after In My Hometown (Party Topic)
[_] Party: About SomaFound in the Monk's House in Blue Heaven Trail
[_] Party: Weapon Shop GrampsTalk to Weapon Shop owner in Eternus Shaft
[_] Party: In My HometownTalk to the old man in the Eternus Shaft Inn

Right off the bat you will have another boss fight. If you haven't you should probably put Saki back in the party for talk topics.

Once you have control, head back to west from where you start and take the lower path next to the save point to reach a Rare Metal. Now continue from where you started and go up the ladder for ?Fan?.

Cross the bridge for a scene and then head down all the ladders for ?Dice?. Now climb back up and head up the nearby ladder for a B-Good B.

Now continue east and head right down the stairs and ladders to ?Shiny Heavy Armor? and up the nearby ladder for the ?Whistle Missile?. Continue up for a scene.


Head to the right of the stairs in Stairway to Fallen Heaven and head back to Blue Heaven Trail, to the building where you ran into Soma. You should find the Party Topic About Soma.

Next head for Etenus Shaft and go to Gojo's for the I Hate Hospitals talk topic and talk to the Weapon Shop Owner for Weapon Shop Gramps. Now head to the inn and talk to the old man for In My Hometown.

You should now take some time to Dive into Saki, you may need to rest to get the scene that allows you to do this.

Once you have all those talk topics ready, watch all of Finnel's and then Saki's. The reason for this is we want a long chain of Saki events before we get any more Finnel events.

Stairway to Fallen Heaven

[_] Snake Eyes Plate[_] Rare Metal
[_] ?Semi-Pro V-Board?[_] ?Fancy Scarf?

Head all the way back to the save that you were near when we left Stairway to Fallen Heaven the first time and head up the steps. Take the first ladder down and grab the Snake Eyes Plate. Up the stairs again and down the next ladder will net you the ?Semi-Pro V-Board?. Up two sets of stairs and down another ladder will get you the Rare Metal. Continue up and grab the ?Fancy Scarf? at the very top and continue onward.

Fallen Heaven Peak

ItemsTalk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] V-Style: Spring Issue[_] Saki: Are You Okay?Let Saki get hit in battle
[_] Saki: It's Saki's Fault...Found below the save point in Fallen Heaven Peak

As soon as you enter, you will be in another fight. This one is tougher, so don't be afraid to use items.

Walk deeper into the cave to come across another scene that will last a bit. When you have control, go ahead and rest at the save point and watch the hilarious scenes with Tatsumi and Gengai and then with Finnel. You will also get V-Style: Spring Issue which let's you synthesis Tatsumi's skill ?V-Board Trick 1?.

When you have control again, head north past Luphan to the camp and down the ladder south of the save to grab It's Saki's Fault... talk topic.

Now head down all the stairs and back to the save for a scene and east to get to the world map again.

Eternus Shaft

Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: Let's Call Her Out-
[_] Finnel: I Want To Talk More 1Talk to Saki 3 times in a row
[_] Finnel: Work Of A Servant-
[_] Party: True Names-

After the initial scene, head to the Clinic for a fun scene and a sexy new companion sneak peek.

Head to the inn and rest for another Saki talk topic before checking all the areas around Waterforest Square. After you check each area, a scene will occur and Finnel will rejoin the group. You will also automatically get the Party talk topic True Names.

Go ahead and rest and you should easily have Finnel's I Want To Talk More 1, if you took my advice and watched her events BEFORE Saki's to allow a large chain of Saki events.

Blue Heaven Trail

Head to the world map and select Blue Heaven Trail for a scene. Poor Aoto. When you have control, make your way to Blue Canyon Hamlet.

Blue Canyon Hamlet

Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: About KirahaFound in Paper Scissors in Blue Canyon Hamlet

When you have control, you will need to go to the Hamlet Outskirts next for a scene. After the scene, head to Paper Scissors and grab the talk topic About Kiraha. Now leave to the northwest to be in Aoto's place. After the long scene you will need to head back to the Hamlet Outskirts for a hilarious outcome to all the events.

Old Eternus Gallery

[_] Replica Horn[_] Emergency Patch
[_] Hot Video[_] B-Good B
[_] Duel Bobble[_] Optic Shield
[_] Protection Suit[_] Rare Metal
[_] Human Anatomy[_] B-Good B

After meeting another companion, and saving Tatsumi, you will start in a room with a save and a chest with the Replica Horn. Save and then head up the ladder and grab the Hot Video. Head north and take the ladder when you see it to reach the Duel Bobble. Now go down the next ladder for the Protection Suit. Go back up the ladder until you reach the steps you passed earlier.

Grab the Human Anatomy and then go up the ladder. DO NOT FALL DOWN YET. Make sure to grab the Emergency Patch. Once you do that, you can drop down the cliff.

Once you fall, follow the path to a ladder and take it. Now head south to grab the B-Good B before heading north. Ignore the ladder and continue until you get the Optic Shield. Now take the ladder down and head to the cross section for a scene. Afterwards, head south for a Rare Metal and west to a B-Good B. Now head north for another scene.

Now head north and out of the Old Eternus Gallery.

Eternus Shaft & Talk Topics

ItemsTalk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Spunky V x5[_] Finnel: About Tatsumi-
[_] Iron Ore x10[_] Finnel: It Pains MeFound in the Monk's House in Blue Heaven Trail
[_] Mandragora x10[_] Finnel: Folks From Blue CanyonFound in Aoto's House in Blue Canyon Hamlet
[_] Cool Video

Go to the inn and rest for a talk topic. Now we have to go back to where we first met Soma again.

Head to Blue Heaven Trail and make your way back to the monk's house to grab It Pains Me.

Next you should head to Blue Canyon Hamlet for a scene and a bunch of items. You can also go to Aoto's for the talk topic Folks From Blue Canyon.

We can now go back to Eternus Shaft and look for Gojo by checking the Clinic and then the Bistro before heading back to the Gallery.

Old Eternus Gallery

ItemsTalk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Quick Loader[_] Finnel: Be Alright!Let Finnel get hit in battle
[_] ?Medical Bag?[_] Finnel: You Shouldn't Say That-
[_] ?Worker Armor?[_] Finnel: Cosmosphere Level 2?Complete Cosmosphere illusionary Level 2
[_] Proliferation Diode[_] Finnel: Cosmosphere Level 3?Complete Cosmosphere illusionary Level 3

Head east when you can for a scene and a fight and then head through the doors.

Head south for a scene and another fight.

After the rescue, head back through the doors to the east and then go all the way south to a ladder. Take it to get to a Quick Loader. Now go northwest and down a ladder to get the ?Medical Bag?. From here, head north and down the set of stairs nearby and then south to get the ?Worker Armor?. Head back the way you came but when you get to the big cliff to the south, drop down and take the ladder to get to a room with the Proliferation Diode. You can now leave the Gallery. From Eternus Shaft's menu, you can now head to Ciela Pathway.

Now is as good of time as any to complete Finnel's illusionary Cosmosphere levels 2-4. The fifth we can't complete yet.

Ciela Patheway

[_] ?Electric Ball?
[_] ?Industrial Tool?

Follow the map until you get a scene and then head down the ladder. Take the left ladder first for ?Electric Ball?. Now you can go back up and down the right ladder for ?Industrial Tool?. Head to the cave next to the save for a scene.

Ciela Gate Reservoir

[_] V-Style: Summer Issue[_] ?Tablet?
[_] Beast Anatomy[_] Rad Video
[_] Guardian Suit[_] ?Hip Clothes?

Follow the path until you hit a scene. Instead of hitting the switch, head down the ladder to the right and up the other side for V-Style: Summer Issue. Now head back and turn the switch. You can now go down the left ladder.

Follow the path until you reach a split and then head north down a ladder. Follow this path until you reach the Beast Anatomy and then a save point.

Hop onto the southern ladder near the switch and follow it to a Guardian Suit and further to a ?Tablet?. Now make your way back to the switch and save.

Instead of turning the valve next to the save, head east and turn the valve here. Now walk back to the save and take the northern ladder. Follow the path but make sure to take the east ladder to grab the Rad Video and ?Hip Clothes? before leaving.

Ciela Gate

Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Finnel: Energetic Childhood-
[_] Finnel: It's Glaring!Found on Clockwork St. in front of the Migrating Birds Shop in Ciela Gate
[_] Finnel: This Is So Cheap!Buy Thick Flavor Udon from the Medicine Emperor Shop in Ciela Gate

When you are ready, head to the town map and select Moebius Factory.

Moebius Factory

ItemsTalk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Anatomy of the Heart[_] R1 Solvent[_] Saki: How's My Other Persona?-
[_] ?High-Tech Medkit?[_] Criticoil[_] Saki: I'm Relieved-
[_] ?Dragon Mouth?[_] Iron Material[_] Saki: That Complicated FaceHave a Flying Tablet in your inventory
[_] ?Pro V-Board?[_] ?Frozen Can?[_] Saki: Do You Understand?Found in front of the DFP disc in the Moebius Factory
[_] ?Hyper Work Tool?[_] ?Industrial Armor?
[_] ?Magic Stick?[_] Insane Video
[_] ?Rotary Fan?[_] ?Fishy Oil?
[_] Speed Needle[_] V-Style: Fall Issue

As soon as you gain control head south outside and grab the Anatomy of the Heart. Head up the ladder nearby and grab the ?High-Tech Medkit? before entering the nearby door. When you reach the split inside, take the east path that leads outside and grab the ?Dragon Mouth?. Now, head back inside and take the west path to the ?Pro V-Board?. Afterwards, head south to reach outside and up the ladder to ?Hyper Work Tool? to the west. Now head east until you reach the first ladder and climb down to reach a ?Magic Stick? and inside for a?Rotary Fan?. Now head all the way back up to the top and continue east and down the final ladder to get back inside the complex.

Back inside, take the elevator to a save point. Head north and continue along for a scene and fight. When you have control again, enter the door right next to you and grab the Speed Needle. Exit and go east to the next door to grab the R1 Solvent and east to another door for a Criticoil. Now, head west and then north. When Katene says to go right, follow his instructions and enter the first door for an Iron Material and the last door on the right for the ?Frozen Can?. Now advance to the door with the red paint on it for a fight and some scenes.

You will automatically make your way out after the scene and come to room with a huge spinning disc. Grab the talk topic Do You Understand? and take a moment to rest. When you're ready, head up the stairs and take the lift to the east to reach a new area.

Follow the path west and grab the ?Industrial Armor? before continuing. Take the new lift and follow the stairs, grabbing the Insane Video before taking the right lift here to?Fishy Oil?. Take the lift back now and take the left lift to the V-Style: Fall Issue, a save point, and the final lift.

You will have a hilarious scene on your hand and another fight with our favorite villain.

Ciela Gate

Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: About DFP-
[_] Saki: I Didn't Know...Found inside the Gearison Inn in Ciela Gate
[_] Saki: Aoto's HometownFound on Clockwork St. in Ciela Gate
[_] Saki: Cosmosphere Level 2Complete Cosmosphere Level 2
[_] Saki: I Was SavedAutomatically after completing Cosmosphere Level 2
[_] Saki: My Recent Topic 1View 3 Saki talk topics in a row
[_] Saki: About SarapatraUnlock Sarapatra for use in battle
[_] Saki: Cosmosphere Level 3Complete Cosmosphere Level 3
[_] Saki: I want To Talk MoreTalk to Finnel 3 times in a row
[_] Finnel: Cosmosphere Level 2Complete Cosmosphere Level 2
[_] Finnel: About YurisicaUnlock Yurisica for use in battle
[_] Finnel: Cosmosphere Level 3Complete Cosmosphere Level 3
[_] Finnel: Nightly Conversations 1Talk to Finnel 3 times in a row
[_] Party: About AkaneTalk to the soldier on Clockwork St. in Ciela Gate

Firstly, grab the talk topic I Didn't Know directly next to you when you gain control. Outside, grab the talk topic Aoto's Hometown and then talk to the soldier to the west for the Party talk topic About Akane. Go to the inn and rest to view all of Saki's talk topics.

Now that we have Saki, we can clear Finnel's illusionary level 5.

Now, take a moment to clear all of Saki and Finnel's Cosmospheres to the end of level 3. You should then have a ton of talk topics. Start with viewing all of Saki's and then Finnels. This should unlock 2 more topics. Make sure you view Finnel's topic Nightly Conversations 1 for talking to her so much, BEFORE you view Saki's I Want To Talk More.


ItemsTalk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Justine Ruin[_] Party: A Boy's Room 1Found in Aoto's Room in Blue Canyon Hamlet

Take a moment to head back to Blue Canyon Hamlet and grab the Party topic A Boy's Room 1 from Aoto's Home.

If you didn't have enough DP to finish off Saki's Cosmosphere, you should put her in the formation and head to Moebius Factory. If you make your way back to where Saki was imprisoned, you will find a treasure with a Justine Ruin inside. You can then head through the east door for a quick way out.

When you are ready, head to Morocacca Port and say "Yes".

Phase 2


ItemsTalk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Chart of God[_] Finnel: I Never Imagined This...Have a Rock Grinder in your inventory
[_] Finnel: Who The Heck Is She!?Found in Nya Nya Ya in Archia
[_] Finnel: Extremely UnsettlingFound next to the Dive Shop in Archia
[_] Finnel: This Is Super Tasty!Buy a Dokkoi Set from Nya Nya Ya in Archia
[_] Party: About Taking Baths 1Talk to soldier in the Eurlark Inn in Archia
[_] Party: Nya Nya YaTalk to Sasha in Nya Nya Ya in Archia
[_] Party: It Pisses Me OffTalk to the Archia Think Tank guard after being kicked out

From here on out the decisions you make may change the ending you get. For this reason, you should choose either Saki or Finnel and commit to them. You can still view the events of the other girl, but some will not be accessible due to committing your affection to the other girl.

Firstly, head to Filon Cross Bridge Town and check out the shops. You will want to buy some Thin Flavor Udon and a Rock Grinder for one of Finnel's talk topics. Now we can head to the Parie Central Station for a scene. Finally, head to the Pre-School for a fight and a tutorial on the Flipsphere.

After the events, head to Eurlark Inn. Now you can visit Nya Nya Ya to meet a familiar face from the previous games and learn of the mysterious J&K. During the events you will receive the Chart of God. When you finally have control again, head back to Nya Nya Ya and buy a Dokkoi Set. Now, head back to the Inn.

After all the scenes, talk to the solider in the Inn to get the Party talk topic About Taking Baths 1. Talk topics have also popped up in Nya Nya Ya and next to the Dive Shop. You should also be able to talk to Sasha for the Party topic Nya Nya Ya.

When you're ready, head to the Archia Think Tank, via the Cross Bridge Town, and you will be rejected. Instead of continuing, head back to the Think Tank to get booted out again. You can talk to the guards in this area to get the Party topic It Pisses Me Off!.

Make sure you have watched all the scenes in the Inn and then head to the Pre-school.

Archia Think Tank

[_] Gold Material[_] Headgear
[_] ?Humidifier?[_] MSPU
[_] ?Drink In A Bucket?[_] Heart Apron
[_] ?Prism Accessory?[_] ?Something Button?
[_] Platinum Material[_] Spark Stick
[_] Burning Launcher[_] ?Magic Frill?
[_] Gold Material

If you haven't equipped Yurisica as Finnel's persona, do it now.

Follow the path until you reach a fork and then head west and then north as soon as you can to get a Gold Material. Continue west again and north when you can up a ladder to a room. From here, leave the room head north up the hall and enter the first room you come across for the ?Humidifier?. Now head all the way back to the first fork you came across.

This time, we want to go north and follow the path until we reach a four-way split. Head east to grab the ?Drink In A Bucket? and then head up the ladder. Go through the east door, here, and grab the ?Prism Accessory? before going west and grabbing the Platinum Material. Go back down the ladder now.

From the ladder, head west and take the first ladder you see to reach a room with the Burning Launcher, Gold Material, Headgear, and MSPU. The room next to this will have a scene. Afterward, head east through a door and into the first room for a Heart Apron. Continue east to another room and grab the three chest full of ?Something Button?, Spark Stick, and ?Magic Frill?. Now head back to where you entered to leave via the Pre-school.


Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: So Thin!Buy Thin Flavor Udon from Interfilon in Archia
[_] Saki: Do You Like Archia?-
[_] Saki: I'm So Sorry-
[_] Saki: About That Shop...Found in Nya Nya Ya in Archia
[_] Party: Similar StuffTalk to the Man in Filon Cross Bridge Town in Archia

Head to the Cross Bridge Town and talk to the man next to the woman in the first area to get the Party topic Similar Stuff. Now head to Nya Nya Ya and grab the talk topic About That Shop.... Finally, head to the Inn to view all of Saki's events and when you are ready go to the World Map.

Garvelt Bridge

ItemsTalk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Supermove Notebook[_] Finnel: That's Not Cool!Have Raw Meat in your inventory
[_] Soul Charger[_] Finnel: You Can WaitHave 1 heart point with Finnel
[_] R2 Solvent[_] Finnel: Defective Device?Found near the save point in Garvelt Bridge after the camp
[_] ?Drill Blade?[_] Party: Abundance of FriendsFound in the Great Fang camp in Garvelt Bridge
[_] Burning Launcher
[_] ?Purifier?
[_] ?Leaf Box?

The Thunderbirds here drop the rare, Raw Meat. If you plan to get all of Finnel's talk topics, be sure to get one before moving on.

As soon as you enter you should see a chest with the Supermove Notebook in it. Follow the path until you reach a lift and take it to get to the Soul Charger. Now head back down and then east along the path and up a ladder. Hop on the box here to reach the R2 Solvent before using the lift. At the top, grab the ?Drill Blade? and use the save point. Take the stairs and you will eventually come to a scene.

This is the first of three hearts you will need to assign to one of the girls. This one single game mechanic is the primary determination for the games multiple endings. Remember when I said you need to choose a girl and commit, this is what I was referring to. Read this quick overview so you know a little more about how they work, but don't worry about it much. Just focus on getting all three hearts in one single girl for now.

3 Hearts

This will lock you into Saki or Finnel's True Ending where some exclusive talk topics and trophies are.

2:1 Heart ratio

You can still get Saki and Finnel's endings, but the primary purpose of this is to get the other character endings. Because you will not have the three hearts to get True Ending, you will be diving into the girls and getting a confession from them if you want their ending. You won't need to worry about this until you are going back to get the multiple endings for each trophy.

When you have control again, head east and grab the Party topic Abundance of Friends. Now continue on and hop up the box to get the Burning Launcher before taking the stairs. You will eventually get a scene near a save. When you have control again, hop up the box and get the ?Purifier?. In the large open area just up the steps from the save, grab the talk topic Defective Device? before ascending more. When you eventually come to a split, head west and follow it the ?Leaf Box?. Now ascend again and take the first lift you come across.

Kniehar Signal Station

ItemsTalk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Platinum Material[_] Finnel: Stripping CuriosityPurge in the Yurisica persona twice
[_] V-Style: Winter Issue[_] Finnel: You're Way Too RoughFound in the Kniehar Signal Station
[_] ?Rich Sack?
[_] Big Book of Soma
[_] ?For Fiesta?

We want to head east from the save point to enter the Signal Station and start a fight. When you finally have control, head down the steps and up the left set to climb some ladders to a switch. Press it and then continue up the last ladder to grab the Platinum Material. Now climb back down a few levels to the previously force field room where the V-Style: Winter Issue awaits before climbing all the way down and heading to the east side.

This is almost a mirror of the other side, so hit the button and grab the ?Rich Sack? and Big Book of Soma before climbing back down to the middle area that was previously blocked.

After all the scenes, watching the impressive Katene and learning who J&K are, head down the steps for a fight. You will automatically have taken the elevator, but we want to go back to grab the talk topic You're Way Too Rough.

Now head back the way you came in originally, as if you were leaving the whole complex. You will eventually get a scene and then you can continue out of the tower. After another scene, you will be forced to head back into the tower.... gee do I feel like a yo-yo. When you reach the no-encounter area at the top of the lift, head left and climb the boxes and ladder to grab the ?For Fiesta? before taking the elevator and following it to the Lymph Vessel.

Lymph Vessel

[_] Battle Tape[_] Rainbow Coat
[_] ?Revival Flute?[_] Platinum Material
[_] Mandragora[_] ?Popular Hat?
[_] ?Blind Mask?[_] Ice Pop Can
[_] Spark Stick[_] ?Make Believe Set?
[_] ?Spray?

Finnel will automatically leave your party and you will have to play with Filament. Go all the way left and grab the Battle Tape before stepping on the small platform with the screen. Take this up and then interact with the blue cylinder twice to move the needle and walk across it to the east. Here you can grab the ?Revival Flute? and Mandragora. Head back to the blue cylinder and interact with it twice again so you can go west and down a trumpet-like object to a lower level. From here, interact with the first blue cylinder to move a circular platform into place and then head east to interact with another blue cylinder to walk across and grab the ?Blind Mask?. Now use the blue cylinder again to get outside.

Head northwest at the split and keep going until you see the blocks. Jump up the first one and head east to another that leads to a Spark Stick. Now take the multiple block pile west and follow the path until you reach more blocks. Climb up each block and make sure to grab the ?Spray?.

Now, we can continue on, or go get some passed treasure. I am going to assume you are going to go back and get the treasure... since your encounter bar is probably almost empty. Head back the way you came, down all the boxes. Eventually you will come to the point where you ignored a south branch, it's past all the blocks you jumped up. Take this southern route and you will come to a CD with a lift. Hop up and it will take you to a new level.

Follow this path back into the Lymph Vessel and you should come across a talk topic Security Issues. Follow the path back outside and head west to a Rainbow Coat. Now drop down all the blocks to the east and you should see a chest with a Platinum Material. Now head west and follow the path past more lifts and up a block to get the ?Popular Hat?. Head back to the block and go east immediately behind the large pillar to find the Ice Pop Can. Now go back and take those lifts.

As soon as you get off the lift you should be next to the ?Make Believe Set?. Follow the path inside for a scene.


Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: I Think I'm ParanoidHave an Ego Bag in your inventory
[_] Saki: Hot Springs!-
[_] Saki: Peeping Tom?-
[_] Saki: That's Inconvenient-
[_] Saki: The Kids'll Love It!Have a Solo Orchestra in your inventory
[_] Saki: Drills Are Manly?Have the Steel Grinder in your inventory

Go ahead and rest at the Eurlark Inn for a scene.

When you're ready, head to Nya Nya Ya for a scene and then head to Cross Bridge Town to find Gojo and some very long scenes and one confusing one.

Lymph Vessel

[_] Soul Charger
[_] ?Injector?

With Saki back, I suggest you equip the Sarapatra persona and fight with her.

Before we advance the plot, let's go back and get some treasure we couldn't before.

When you enter the Lymph Vessel, you want to take the platform up and use the blue cylinder to allow you to walk across the needle to the west. Fall down the trumpet-like object and then move the needle so you can get outside. Follow the path northwest and jump up all the blocks until you can go back inside.

Grab the Soul Charger and then take the lift up to get the ?Injector?. Now make your way out.


Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: What Is Shame?Fight with Sarapatra in battle enough
[_] Saki: Security IssuesFound in Lymph Vessel, requires Filament persona
[_] Saki: Cosmosphere Level 4Complete Cosmosphere Level 4
[_] Saki: About FilamentUnlock Filament for use in battle
[_] Saki: Cosmosphere Level 5Complete Cosmosphere Level 5
[_] Saki: Saki's A Crossdresser!-
[_] Saki: Tranquility?Have a Tranquility in your inventory
[_] Finnel: Naming Is...Have a Doctor's Bag in your inventory
[_] Finnel: I Didn't Want You To SeeAfter Cocona join, requires 1 heart point
[_] Finnel: Cosmosphere Level 4Complete Cosmosphere Level 4
[_] Party: About Taking Baths 2Talk to soldier in the Eurlark Inn in Archia (w/ Cocona)

Now is a good time to complete Saki's level 4 and 5 cosmosphere, if you have enough DP. If not, at least try to clear level 4.

When you're ready, head to the V-Board Racetrack via the town menu for some funny and innuendo scenes that includes one of the few anime sequences in the game.

After everything, head to the Eurlark Inn and talk to the solider for a new Party topic About Taking Baths 2. Take a moment to do some image synthesis and then you should go ahead and work on Finnel's Cosmosphere Level 4.

Lymph Vessel

Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Finnel: About Saki's Nyamo-

Do yourself a favor and do NOT view any of Saki's talk topics if you decide to rest.

It's time to head for Clustania. In order to get to the Slave District, we need to head to where we ran into Tyria. The quickest was there is to take the lift right next to where you start and head outside. Now head northwest and follow the linear path. When you come to the lifts, take them.

Slave District

ItemsItems Cont.Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Gold Material[_] Platinum Material[_] Saki: Bad EnvironmentFound outside room #23 in the Slave District once Mute moves
[_] Gold Material[_] ?Sowing Machine?[_] Saki: Nyamo Is Great!-
[_] ?Mode Clothes?[_] ?Roller Skates?[_] Saki: Ms. Saki, Huh...?-
[_] Stress Doll[_] Heart Apron[_] Saki: I'm Scared If It RainsFound in room #1 in the Slave District
[_] Anti-Grav Gloves[_] Soul Charger[_] Finnel: This Sort Of Thing Is...Have a Heart Apron in your inventory, requires 2 heart points
[_] Shockback Band[_] V-Style: Extra Issue
[_] Soul Charger[_] Spark Stick
[_] Inverse Chip[_] ?Freaky V-Board?
[_] Platinum Material

You will be asked a question again that makes you choose between Saki and Finnel. You want to choose the same girl you choose the first time.

When you have control, check the machine, the door, and then the machine again. After some scenes you will be able to explore the slave district.

This place in confusing. Please refer to the map to understand better where you will be going.

Slave District Map

You start in room #17. Head to room #16 and grab the Gold Material. Now head to room #23 and grab the other Gold Material. The way to travel around her is through the vents, so hop in the vent here and follow the linear path out to a room with ?Mode Clothes?.

This is room #14. Now walk toward #21 and get a scene. When it's over, backtrack and head to room #21 to grab the Stress Doll. Head back down the steps west and enter room #9, #8, #7, and #6 to grab the Anti-Grav Gloves, Shockback Band, Soul Charger, and Inverse Chip.

Head to room #11 next for a scene and a trophy. Room #4 has the Yesterday's Joe Shop and room #3 has some Platinum Material. Head north to room #2 and grab the other Platinum Material before you hop in the manhole across from room #4 to get the ?Sowing Machine?.

Now, we want to take the vent in room #11 and head all the way north to reach the ?Roller Skates? and the talk topic I'm Scared If It Rains. Climb back down and take the other branch to come out of another vent. Check rooms #12 and #15 for a Heart Apron and a scene.

Now Mute has moved, but first let's get the talk topic Bad Environment by heading back to room #14, taking the vent and walking south outside.

Head back into room #23 to reach room #14 and you can now check inside room #22 to get the Soul Charger. Not head into the shiny vent that Mute was standing over and you will be underground again. Take the right and left branches to grab the V-Style: Extra Issue and Spark Stick before climbing up the farthest north ladder to the ?Freaky V-Board?. Head back into the pipes and take the ladder south of you to reach a new area with a save point.

Enter room #13 to grab your other members.

Now is when you want to use those talk topics.

Inside room # 18 is a guy selling Nyo? Guts. You should buy some so you won't need to come back here later... 10 probably is enough. Now head for the exit to the west for a fight.

Phase 3

Clustania District

Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: About Mute-
[_] Finnel: Brainwashing-
[_] Finnel: I Want To Talk More 2Talk to Saki 3 times in a row

Follow the path out of and you will end up in Clustania.


Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: Who'll Stay?Found inside the Lira Cats Hotel in Clustania
[_] Finnel: Bogus!Buy a Funboon from the Menius Gear Shop in Clustania
[_] Finnel: Mysterious ClustaniaFound inside the Weapon Shop in Clustania
[_] Finnel: Finnel's HomeFound on on Paseo St. in Clustania
[_] Finnel: Cosmosphere Level 5Complete Cosmosphere Level 5
[_] Party: View of ClustaniaFound outside the Weapon Shop in Clustania

Depending on where you came out, you will need to head to the Promenade, where you can find the Party topic View of Clustania on the ground. If you head directly east of thing into the Weapon Shop you can pick up Mysterious Clustania. Heading south you should eventually come to a white building with a cat over the entrance that is the Inn where the talk topic Who'll Stay? shines in the west corner. Now leave to the south to enter Paseo St. The building with the stripped elephant-looking animal is the item shop where you should buy a Funboon. To the west, past Akane's house, you will find the talk topic Finnel's Home on the ground.

Now is a good time to complete Finnel's Cosmosphere Level 5. When you're ready, head to the Clustania District from the town map.

Equip the Soma persona if you haven't already.

Clustania District

ItemsTalk Topics / Conditions
[_] Raw Meat[_] Burning Launcher[_] Finnel: You Protected Me
[_] ?Incense?[_] Soul Charger-
[_] ?Sparkling Water?[_] Ice Pop Can[_] Finnel: Reliable
[_] ?Fishy Powder?[_] MandragoraFight with the Soma persona in battle enough
[_] ?Precious Metal Suit?[_] Spark Stick
[_] Synchro Evo Sap[_] Twister Machine
[_] Yuteria Material[_] Heart Apron
[_] Headgear[_] Shockback Band
[_] ?Pistol?[_] Stress Doll
[_] Gold Material[_] Battle Tape
[_] Platinum Material[_] Rainbow Coat
[_] R2 Solvent

The Clustania District is probably the weirdest in town map because it has enemies.

From your starting position, head east and then north to grab some Raw Meat. Head back to the split now and go east for the ?Incense?. Now head all the way west and when you can go north, go north and grab the ?Sparkling Water?. Take the elevator here and follow the path south to reach the ?Fishy Powder?. Now take the elevator back down.

Head east and take the first elevator you come to. When you reach the new floor, head north and then east along the wall to get the ?Precious Metal Suit? from a room. Now head back to the elevator. This time, head east to a room with a Synchro Evo Sap and Yuteria Material. Head back to the elevator again and go south. Instead of going east to floor 4, like Finnel tells you, head west and take the elevator up to floor 5.

Head north and at the decorative object go west. Head north at the first opportunity to grab some Headgear and then go south to an elevator that leads to the 6th floor and the ?Pistol?.

Ride the elevator back to the 5th floor and then go north, east, south to get to the third floor. Now, head east to an elevator to the 4th floor.

Go east into the nearby room and claim the Gold Material before heading back to the elevator and going west. Follow the path around to the north where a room, Platinum Material, and R2 Solvent await. Make your way back to the elevator now and head north to another elevator.

Head south and then east to a room that contains the Burning Launcher. Now follow the path west and at the split take the northwest path to another elevator and ride it to the 7th floor.

Head south and grab the Soul Charger and then go west at the split. At the next split, go north and south to grab the Ice Pop Can and Mandragora. Head back to the elevator and take it down. From here you want to go east back to the 4th floor elevator. Back on the 4th floor, we want to head all the way south, ignoring the first elevator and taking the second one.

Head north and at the split go east to a room and three treasures with a Spark Stick, Twister Machine, and Heart Apron. Now go back and follow the path west. When you get the chance to go north, head north to a room with two more treasures containing a Shockback Band and Stress Doll. Now continue west to another elevator.

Head south, and at the split, go west for some Battle Tape. Follow the path east and then go south at the second split for a Rainbow Coat. You can now go north to the save.

Time to work our way out of here. Head south, west, north to the elevator. After the scenes, head south and then east at your first chance for another scene.


Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: Cosmosphere Level 6Complete Cosmosphere Level 6
[_] Saki: Akane's HobbiesFound in Akane's Room in Clustania
[_] Saki: Actually...After first meeting Harvestasia, requires 2 heart points
[_] Finnel: Place Of OriginHave a BBQ Soda in your inventory
[_] Finnel: That's Pretty SlyAfter first meeting Harvestasia, requires 2 heart points
[_] Finnel: Cosmosphere Level 6Complete Cosmosphere Level 6
[_] Finnel: Nightly Conversation 2Talk to Finnel 3 times in a row after clearing her Level 6 Cosmosphere
[_] Party: I Want to HelpExamine the downed reyvateil outside Clustania's Dive Shop

Depending on who you have the heart points with, you will have a private conversation with them. When you have control, head back upstairs to Akane's room and grab the talk topic Akane's Hobbies. Now, head to the Promenade and examine the reyvateil just south of the Dive Shop for I Want to Help.

You can't do anything in Clustania because of all the downed reyvateil's, so head to another town and make sure to clear Saki and Finnel's Level 6 Cosmosphere.

When you're ready, head back to Clustania District.

Clustania District

Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Finnel: Did You Break Out?Found by the broken pod in the Clustania District

We already got all the items, so here's the quick way to where we are going.

  • North to elevator
  • South, and west to elevator
  • North through door

Watch the scene and when you have control, use the elevator. Approach the broken pod here for a scene and then head up the steps for another scene. When you have control again, head back the way you came to the broken pod and grab the talk topic Did You Break Out?, which has magically spawned. Now head back into the tower.

Tower Block A

Follow the linear path to a lift and take it. Now head right through the trumpet-like exit to get outside and take the first lift you come to that will lead you inside. Follow the linear path to get back outside and follow the path east to a save.


On your first playthrough this will be your Alt Save #02 for Bad Ending and Saki/Finnel Normal Ending, depending on who you have committed to giving the three hearts.

On your second playthrough, this is your ''Alt Save #05 and it is the break for the 2:1 ratio. This is an important place to make a back-up save in case you make any mistakes somewhere (like accidently entering one of the girls level 8 cosmosphere).

Head up the warp and you will have a long scene. If this is your first playthrough, give the heart point to the same girl for 3 total. If this is you're second playthrough (NG+ from Phase 2), choose to give this to the opposite girl you're working on for a 2:1 ratio.

When you're ready, talk to Akane and then Katene.

Boss: MYU

Unless this is an alternate load we want to lead MYU.

The way to do this to use your supermoves to increase how quickly you can purge. Yes it decreases your HP, but you can use items to heal it. When you see the burst at 30,000% you can use ultra supermoves on MYU to do massive damage. You can do this for all three of your characters. After that, you can still use your Flipsphere if he isn't dead.

Win or lose, you will now have to leave the tower, so head back the way you came.

If this is you first playthrough, read through the guide and get all the treasures and talk topics like normal. If this is your second playthrough, you can get the treasure and talk topics if you want to, but it is not required. If this is a load to get alternate endings, you can ignore all the treasures and talk topics.

After the scenes, head east to get on a lift. You can't exit east, stupid soldiers, so head west to head back to the Clustania District (the way we came originally).

Clustania District

Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Saki: Good For YouAfter MYU fight, requires Filament
[_] Saki: That's Not Cooking...-
[_] Saki: I Can't TalkHave a Soothing Aroma in your inventory, requires 3 heart points
[_] Finnel: Legendary Reyvateil?-

After the scene, head for Harvestasia by following this short key.

  • Down the elevator
  • Out the door and south to another elevator
  • East to the 4th floor elevator
  • South to the 6th floor elevator
  • West until the 8th floor elevator
  • South, East, North to Harvestasia's room

View the scene, and then follow Ayatane out of the Clustania District:

  • South, West, North to the elevator
  • South, East, South to the 4th floor elevator
  • North to the 3rd floor elevator
  • West for a scene and then north to the elevator
  • East and South to the 1st floor elevator
  • South to the town map


Talk TopicsTopic Conditions
[_] Finnel: Cosmosphere Leve 7Complete Cosmosphere Level 7

If this is a True Ending/2:1 ratio file, take a moment to save (NOT OVER YOUR ALT SAVE #02) and work on the girls Level 7 Cosmosphere. If not, skip ahead.

You will not be able to complete Saki's Level 7 Cosmosphere, but we want to get the missable location and Hyuma NOW so we can get 100% of her Cosmosphere later. If you miss it, you miss the trophy and the Hyuma.

If you are doing the 2:1 ratio file, do NOT touch the Level 8 Cosmosphere for Saki and Finnel or Tyria's Level 3 Cosmosphere.

When you're ready, head down the spiral staircase in the Promenade to reach the lower levels of the Clustania District.

Clustania District

Follow the path west and south when available to reach the Slave District.

Slave District

After the scene, we need to get back to the other side of this area, so follow these bulletpoints:

  • Follow the linear path and jump in the open manhole
  • Head south to a ladder
  • Head west down the steps and follow the path

After the awesome Cocona scene, head north to the elevator for another scene.

Depending your heart points and who has more, you will have a split in the gameplay here which each lead to their own trophy:


Head to Eternus Shaft and to the Old Eternus Gallery. Go deep into the complex, following the obvious path, for a scene. You can now go to the Archia Think Tank.


You'll automatically be taken to Archia. Head to the Think Tank. Head west through the big doors and then enter the second doorway. Hop into the vent and head east until you are forced north. Run along the outside and when you are inside, take the west ladder (second ladder). Back inside the complex, head west for a scene. After the scene, head back the way you came. After the long scene, head to the Parie Central Station.


[_] Spunky Monkey V[_] Angel Recoverael
[_] ?BBQ?[_] Synchro Evo Sap
[_] Yuteria Material[_] ?Wonder Tool?
[_] ?Big Bottled Drink?[_] ?Cutting Edge Kit?
[_] Platinum Material[_] Spunky Monkey V
[_] ?Dreamy Crayon?[_] ?Premium Board?

Enjoy the beautiful music and the funny scene with J&K.

When you finally have control, head west and grab the Spunky Monkey V, ?BBQ?, and Yuteria Material. Head back to the fork now and go north to grab the ?Big Bottled Drink? and follow the path. At the fork, head north to claim a Platinum Material. Now, head south for the ?Dreamy Crayon?. At the next split, head north to get the Angel Recoverael and Synchro Evo Sap before following the path south and grabbing all the treasure along the way: ?Wonder Tool?, ?Cutting Edge Kit?, Spunky Monkey V, and ?Premium Board?.

This is where the big break in endings come. I am going to cover the order in which you should do this now.

If this is your first playthrough, MAKE AN ALTERNATE SAVE #03 NOW so we can get the first Saki/Finnel Normal Ending:

When you are given the option to stop Saki from singing, just watch. After all the scene, head to the Archia Think Tank. Because this is NOT a True Ending save, we do not need to worry about treasures at all. When you have control at Tower Block A, head north and follow the path. You want to take the second disc with a warp on it. Inside, head west to another warp. Follow the path and take the lift and continue on. When you finally come to a save and a lift, take it to reach the final area. Climb the ladder, watch the scenes, and beat the boss.

Load up your Alt Save #03 and this time stop Saki from singing and continue through the walkthrough. If you save, you should still save over your main save #01, that way you don't mess up any of the save numbers.

If this is your New Game + save, #04 from Phase 2 with the 2:1 ratio, MAKE AN ALTERNATE SAVE #05 NOW so we can get the other Saki/Finnel Normal Ending:

Follow the above steps for the first Normal Ending you got.

Load up your Alt Save #05 and this time stop Saki from singing and continue through the walkthrough. If you save, you should still save over your main save #04, that way you don't mess up any of the save numbers.