How do you get the bad, Tyria's normal, and Tyria's true ending?

  1. In regards to the bad ending I failed to beat M.Y.U. before the song ended and I still got the normal ending. What did I do wrong? For the other two how do you get them?

    User Info: prinnyfan

    prinnyfan - 8 years ago

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  1. When you are fighting the boss at Rinkernator, called MYU, you have 7 minutes to win. This is known as the 'Battle of Destiny." If you don't win in 7 minutes, the battle will end prematurely.
    Regardless of what happens, the game will continue. Eventually You will go to Moocherial. You will have to make a choice. "Watch Saki Sing" will always give you the normal ending. (Note this is not instant, you will go to the normal ending final dungeon and fight the normal ending last boss after making the choice.) If you choose to "Stop Saki" singing... if you failed the "Battle of Destiny" you will get the Bad ending. If you won the "battle of Destiny" The game will continue and move on to phase 4. Beat Phase for for the true ending.

    After beating the game with any ending you can start the game over form either the beginning, Phase 2, or the battle of destiny. You will keep money and levels, but nto items. So if you are having trouble with the Battle of Destiny, keep this in mind.

    User Info: Xerain

    Xerain - 8 years ago 2   0

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