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Walkthrough by chaosOrder999

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 08/12/2010

Clash of the Titans

First FAQ, so bear with me.

Table of Contents
I)  Controls
II)  Walkthrough
  A)  Chapter 1
   1)  The Siren's Song
   2)  Finding Tekla
   3)  The Undead Swarm
   4)  A Few Good Men
   5)  On The Home Front
  B)  Chapter 2
   1)  The Curse of Hades
   2)  Monsters in the Streets
   3)  Guiding Light
   4)  Pacifism
   5)  Rivalry 1
   6)  Colosseum 1
   7)  Night Watch
   8)  Rivalry II
   9)  Coloseum II
  10)  Swords Speak Louder
  11)  Departures
  C)  Chapter 3
   1)  Taming Pegasus
   2)  God or Man?
   3)  Fisherman's Son
   4)  Herb Hunt
   5)  Pathfinder
   6)  Caibos!
   7)  Tracking Caibos
  D)  Chapter 4
   1)  Fall In!
   2)  The Spoken Word
   3)  Night Raid
   4)  Divide & Conquer
   5)  Infiltration
   6)  Out of the Frying Pan...
   7)  Into the Fire
  E)  Chapter 5
   1)  Eye For An Eye
   2)  Something To See
   3)  Gift Horse
   4)  Higher Learning
   5)  The Beast Within
   6)  The Gods Are Watching
   7)  Face Your Destiny
  F)  Chapter 6
   1)  Daughter of Fate
   2)  Above the Underworld
   3)  Scales
  G)  Chapter 7
   4)  The Three Keys - The Evil Lizard
   5)  The Three Keys - The Watchdog
   6)  The Three Keys - The Giant
   7)  The Gate Opens
  G)  Chapter 8
   1) A Human's Strength
  H)  Chapter 9
   1) Disillusionment
  I)  Chapter 10
   1) Protect Pegasus
   2) Rise, My King
   3) Taking Out The Trash
   4) The Reunion
   5) To The Lighthouse!
III)  Challenge Quests
   A) Explore Missions
    1) Mount of Idols
    2) Streets of Argos
    3) Miasmic Swamp
    4) Desert of the Djinn
    5) The Underworld
    6) Medusa's Temple
    7) Argos Castle Area
   B) Specialist Quests
    1) Rivalry III
    2) Mating Season
    3) Glutton of the Swamp
    4) Enemy Remnants
    5) Revenge of the Satyros
    6) Looming Skeleton
    7) Sand Wormania
    8) Giant Gaze
    9) Poison Wildlife Territory
   10) Stand Your Ground I
   11) Stand Your Ground II
   12) Stand Your Ground III
   13) Gladiator I
   14) Gladiator II
   15) Gladiator III
  C) Boss Rush
    1) The Stubborn Squad Commander
    2) The Cursed King
    3) Blood Born Demons
    4) The Blue One-Eyed Giant
    5) The Beast Man and the Giant
    6) Chthonic Terror
    7) Twin Blades in the Mist
    8) Death-Eating Snake
    9) Evil Lizard of the Underworld
   10) Two-Headed Watchdog
   11) Son of Poseidon
   12) Skeleton King
   13) Celestial Beauty
   14) The One-Armed King
   15) Twin Bladed Calvary

I) Controls
 A) Basic Controls
  L stick - Movement
  R Stick - Camera Control
  A       - Jump
  B       - Sub-weapon
  X       - Fast Attack
  Y       - Heavy Attack
  LB      - Sub-Weapon Steal
  LT      - Lock-on 
  RB      - Soul Seize
  RT      - Dodge
  D Pad   - Sub-Weapon Ring

B) Combos

WARNING! This is a FAQ! You obviously picked this up because you got lost or 
want someone to hold your hand as you play. Therefore, it has SPOILERS! I don't
want my email clogged up with messages saying “Dude! You flippin spoiled the 
whole flippin story! What the flip is wrong with you!?” In case you really 
don't have a clue, ITS A MOVIE TIE-IN! So if you saw the movie, watched the 
trailer for the movie, saw an advertisement for the movie, or saw the original 
80's version, there is NOTHING to spoil! You travel through ancient Greece, 
killing myths and takin names! (and heads, and tails, and wings, and vital 
organs....you get the idea) Thank you for smoking, and enjoy this FAQ.

Speaking of e-mail, if you wish to contact me with updates, or if you have 
information worthy of foisting off on this FAQ, contact me at 
sweeneysaint@live.com. Put in the subject line Clash of the Titans and as your 
first line of email, the type of info. if you wish to complain about the FAQ, 
be respectful, and I'll listen, be a jackanape, and I will flush your email 
down the toilet, and put your email address on the block list. THIS IS MY ONLY

Also, at the End of each Chapter, I will put the Achievements I unlocked at 
that point of the game. It is not meant to be taken as "only these can be done
here" or "these are the only ones you can unlock". This is simply a way for you
to track your completetion of achievements along with me. This guide is also a 
C level guide, meaning that your end results will average out to a C, or 
average, playthrough. As I complete the S level requirements, I will post them
with the appropriate Quest. 

Also, to get all the legal crap out of the way, I, Jonathan Stilwell 
(chaosOrdered999), own this little freak of nature. The game, and other 
trademarks and copyrighted material used in this guide are owned by their 
respective owners. I wrote this bad boy for fun, not profit, so don't get 
uptight. Anyone wishing to post this on another site, or rip info from this 
guide, refer to the above mentioned e-mail address. If I am asked, I will let 
it be spread like an STD at a swingers party, but ONLY if asked, and properly 

For those of you who really need hand-holding, or want a FAQ for the FAQ, it 
will be provided when you people e-mail some questions. Navigation is done 
through a complicated mess, you must hold down the w, f, and 2 key, while 
typing "Zeus was a swinger" and tapping the ESC key for thirty minutes. Or you
could hit Ctrl+F, type in either the quest name, or the designation C#Q#, where
C=chapter, and q=quest. So, to find the First quest of the Third Chapter, 
Taming Pegasus, either Ctrl+F "Taming Pegasus" or "C3Q1". 

Now, on to the FAQ!

II) Walkthrough

The story opens with Io giving a voice-over history of the world. She details 
how Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades fought their father, and took over the world. We 
learn that Zeus tricked Hades into ruling the Underworld, and now, Man has 
rebelled against the Gods. And with that, we open on the First Chapter. 

 Chapter 1
Perseus stands on the oceanfront property that his family owns, and his mother 
beckons him to come talk with her. She gives him the main weapon, a sword named
 Xipos, as well as the first task. Simply head south-east until the cut scene 
plays. Apparently, the docks have been taken over by a Siren, and nobody can 
fish today. Spyros, Perseus' father, tells you not to go out to the docks. 
Promptly ignore him to get on with the first mission.

  C1Q1 The Siren's Song
Area: Isle of Paxos, Docks
Enemies: Bones, Siren
Sub-Weapons: None

This is the dreaded tutorial mission that all games have these days. However, 
this one simply has little text boxes appear on screen detailing certain moves
and abilities. For this one we only need three: Dodging, Heavy Attacks, and 
Light Attacks. Two waves of three Bones play with you while the tutorial 
flashes by, so play with them using your sword. Once the tutorial finishes, 
head forwards to the actual docks that the Siren has taken over. Once there, 
take note of the enemies that appear. First, you have the boss (Siren), next, 
you have the Mooks. In this case, the mooks are Bones. Pay no attention to 
the Bones, unless they surround you. Instead, just focus on the Siren. It has 
one attack, and a defensive move. The attack consists of a water bubble 
appearing in front of the Siren and then exploding into 4-5 arrows. Dodge this 
attack. When you hit the Siren, it will shrink into a bubble and teleport. 
Swing the camera around to find, lock-on, and repeat until dead. Three or four 
rounds should do her in.

  C1Q2 Finding Tekla
Area: Isle of Paxos, Mount of Idols
Enemies: Bone Warrior, Bones
Sub-Weapons: Skull Hammer

This mission is given to you by Perseus' mother, who has noticed Tekla and a 
wreath have disappeared. Go hunt down the little brat. Before you do, though; 
Bubo, the mechanical owl of Athena, appears to save your game. This little 
throwback to the 80's will save your game, provide Challenge Quests, and access
DLC. Save and Continue.

The actual mission is rather straight forward, simply head East until you run 
out of real estate. The area you teleport into is the lobby for Mount of Idols,
and has two exits. The West exit is a simple arena with a rocky terrain. The 
east exit leads to an area with a fork. The north fork allows access to the top
of the mountain, and the east fork leads to the idol area. This is where Tekla 
disappeared to, trying to pray to Zeus for help with the fishing. After talking
to her, Bone Warriors appear. This little buggers have your first sub-weapon, 
the Skull Hammer. After collecting, it is automatically set to D ^, and is set 
as active. This shiny toy will allow you to break armor, as well as stun some 
enemies. Kill the three that appear, and go up to the rock slide that has 
blocked the exit. Hm...what to do, what to do. Do like Cool Hand Luke 
and make big rocks into little rocks. Quest Complete!

  C1Q3 The Undead Swarm
Area: Isle of Paxos, Mount of Idols
Enemies: Bones, Bone Soldier, Lost Spirit, Fallen
Sub-Weapons: Rusty Blade, Caduceusian Core

Before you can accept this quest, talk with all of Perseus' family and go to 
bed. The next day, soldiers from Argos have arrived to tear down the Idols on 
the mountain. They offer a month's worth of rations to anyone who helps them. 
As you leave the village, a villager named Plato will come up to you and tell 
you about the gifts and reinforcement system.  What he tells you is some lame 
story about how his father had a fishing tool and some gift items lying about,
and in the morning, the tool was refurbished. Yay. For the action that counts, 
you can now select reinforce from the sub-weapon screen to increase the Attack 
power, the Finesse level,  the Skills available, and the Abilities available. 
Skills are weapon-specific, and gives you new methods of pounding out bonemeal.
Abilities are either Plus or Minus, and affect what Perseus can do. These 
usually affect the soul steal, the sub-weapon steal, or your general 
well-being. After playing with this screen, exit the village. 

This is why we bought the game. Run all around the Mount of Idols, kicking ass
and taking names (and weapons, and vital organs...). Important note, this quest
has the second to last nuance we need to beat the game. This nuance is the 
shielded enemy. These enemies have some sort of shield protecting them, which 
can be broken with a Hammer or other heavy weapon. You could use the Ground 
Pounder attack, but the Hammer option will atomatically put the Bone Soldiers 
into Sub-Weapon Steal mode. Use LB to rip the Rusty Blade from its hand and 
stab it in the neck. Yum! The area we need to get to is the area to the 
northwest of the lobby. Enter here to find Bones and the Lost Spirit. This 
monster will give us the Caduceusian Core sub-weapon, which is the first 
Healing item. This will have a permanent home in your sub-weapon ring. However,
you have to ask them with the Dual Blade skills to give it up. This is the 
final detail we need to worry about, the special condition enemies. They either
cannot be defeated or forced to give up thier weapon unless you use a certain
sub-weapon. Some of the popular ones are the Hammer, the Flame Core, and the 
Dual Blades. Three Lost Spirits will appear, surrounded bby many Fallen, so 
grab the Cores amd put the dead to rest to unseal the exit. Return to the lobby
to get a Quest Cleared screen.

  C1Q4 A Few Good Men
Area: Isle of Paxos, Mount of Idols
Enemies: Bones, Bone Soldier, Bone Warrior, Skeleton Soldier, Fallen Warrior, 
 Lost Spirit
Sub-Weapons: Rusty Blade, Skull Hammer, Ceremonial Blade, Minoan Hammer,
 Caduceusian Core

This mission is available from the group of soldiers stationed on the island.
The game warns you that you cannot return to Paxos after this mission, which is
a lie. However, it is the last time you can use the village of Paxos as a base.
For this mission, you will have to head to the top of the Mount of Idols to 
find the soldiers. The entire Island can be explored, but what we need is the
North Fork path. The west area has Fallen Warriors and Lost Spirits, so collect
as wanted. the South Fork has Bones and Bone Soldiers. The North Fork leads to
some Bones and Bone Warriors. Kill and continue. You will see some stepping 
stones across the river, and if you look at the mini-map, it shows a couple of 
circles floating in a sea of nothing. DO NOT FALL. As you continue on, the game
tells you how to climb rock walls, so follow the wall upwards to get to a 
plateau. Here some Bones and Bone Warriors will appear, and try to crowd you.
You could try to be S-S-Stylish! and try to soul and sub-weapon steal, but
it's faster to just use the Sky Blow attack with the Hammer. Jump across the 
rocks to meet the Skeleton Soldiers. These are the next Tier of enemies, and 
can be identified by the Greco-Roman armor they wear. Smack them around to get
the Ceremonial Blade weapon. Climb up the wall to find the summit, and the 
missing soldiers! Let's get them back to camp! ....crap, they're all dead. Talk
to the mostly dead soldier at the tree trunk to learn why its a bad idea to 
challenge the gods. Oh yeah, Quest Cleared! This Quest leads directly to the 
next Quest, entitled...

  C1Q5 On The Home Front
Area: Isle of Paxos, Village and Docks
Enemies: Fallen, Bones, Harpy, Python
Sub-Weapons: Leathery Wings

This mission will introduce the most evil creation of Hades, the Necropol. This
dastardly floating pillar has two modes, smash and special smash. the Smashable
ones can be destroyed with any blow, and the special smash need a certain 
weapon to break. Flame Cores, Hammers, Martial Arts, Bows, and Dual Blades are 
the most used version, but technically, any sub-weapon could be required to 
break them. Gather as much Soul Power as you can, heal if needed, and when 
ready, break the Necropol to continue to the Docks. On the Docks, you will find
three Bones, two Harpies, and a Python. No partridge in the pear tree, though. 
Have to wait unitl Christianity is created to have that one. Chain Seize mode 
is now active. Chain Seize will allow you to kill all enemies, and refill your 
Soul Power. All enemies are permanent spawns, so you need to activate the Chain 
Seize to kill them all in one blow. Smack the Harpies down to activate the
sub-weapon steal and gain the Leathery Wings. When you get bored, activate the 
Chain Seize. Quest Complete!

<Achievements Unlocked: Survivor, Offer Gifts, Bull's Eye, The Blacksmith>

 Leave Paxos

  C2Q1  The Curse of Hades
Area: Banquet Hall
Enemies: Stone Sentinels, Talos
Sub-Weapons: Stone Spartha, Spirit of Argos

Watch the cut scene to see the Queen declare a blasphemy, meet and greet Hades,
and tell him to go home. Play resumes with an empty banquet hall, holding 
several interesting pieces of statuary. Statues, by the way, are impervious to 
all but one weapon, the Hammer. Two Hammer blows will activate the sub-weapon 
steal, so do so to gain a new weapon. Two of these Stone Seninels will appear 
at first, but the next wave contains four. The last wave contains Two Stone
Sentinels and two Talos. Make each blow count, because it is a hard and painful
process to get more Soul Power here. Two Sky Blows will knock the Talos' head 
off, which starts you on a new achievement, <Draw out the Ichor>, and lets you 
steal the Spirit of Argos. Defeat them to get Quest Cleared.

During the cutscene that follows, Perseus is given make-work tasks from Draco 
and other guards. Complete each Quest to get on with your life.

  C2Q2  Monsters in the Streets
Area: Argos, Gate
Enemies: Killer Frog, Bone Mauler, King Frog
Sub-Weapons: Crude Axe

This Quest has you trying to secure the gate. Several waves of enemies appear,
starting with the Killer Frog, which is a human-sized yellow frog. The best 
action to take is to spam the X attack. After a few waves, Bone Maulers will 
appear. These Bones hold Axes to steal, so treat them like any other special 
Bones. After a while, King Frogs (larger, red Frogs) will join the fight. Make 
like a Pokemon junkie, and Gotta Kill'em All!

  C2Q3  Guiding Light
Area: Argos, Lighthouse
Enemies: Bone Mauler, Bone Archer, Harpy
Sub-Weapons: Crude Axe, Wooden Bow, Leathery Wing

Same idea, but now on the Lighthouse! This location is where the Kraken is 
fought, but right now it's home to Bone Maulers, Archers, and Harpies. For fun,
use your Skull Hammer to spike a Harpy while it has no shadow. It will plummet 
straight into the ocean. Poor hellish birdie... also, doing so will keep you 
from gaining their weapon, so do at your own risk. Steal from the archers, and
open a can of demi-godness on these dead creatures.

  C2Q4  Pacifism
Area: Argos, Bazaar
Enemies: Argothian (Male), Argothian (Female)
Sub-Weapons: None

No matter what you do, you can't kill the people. After all, they're just 
ignorant twerps that would rather kill the princess than try to kill the 
Kraken. As the name suggests, you can't kill anyone, which is a shame as 
Prokopion could use a free Rusty Blade lobotomy... Oh well, people will start 
bum rushing you. The first wave just has one guy, but if you haven't learnt the 
intricacies of dodging, you WILL die. After three attempts, the man will be 
overexerted, and try to catch his breath. This is the signal you are waiting 
for. Once he straightens up, he will glow like an enemy you can steal from. 
Do the button mash, and...judo throw him to the ground. Rinse and Repeat until 
done. The difficulty arises in the increasing number of bum rushers per wave. 
The second wave has two idiots, third has three. Toss the tossers to the ground
to get a quest cleared screen.

  C2Q5  Rivalry I

Area: Argos, Gate
Enemies: Killer Frogs, King Frogs
Sub-weapons: None

The First Rivalry mission is brought about by a guard claiming that his sword 
is better than yours. Don't take that adianoeta lying down! Show you're a man, 
and kill more Frogs than the guard. This is a very easy quest, as you only need
to kill the Killer Frogs, and leave the King Frogs alone. 2:30 minutes of 
psycho frog stomping goodness, though King Frogs show up at the 30 second mark.

  C2Q6  Colosseum I

Area: Argos, Colosseum
Enemies: Argothian Sentry
Sub-weapons: None

After smokin' the competition in Rivalry I, he wants a rematch in the Coliseum.
As these are your supposed allies, you can't simply wail on them with your 
sub-weapons. In fact, sub-weapons are disabled for this one. Two waves of 
soldiers will appear, two in the first and five in the second. Remember, they 
have shields, so spam the AY attack. Punish them for their idiocy by breaking 
their elbows through the family-safe fun of the steal attack. Complete it and 
move on.

  C2Q7  Night Watch

Area: Argos, Courtyard, Bazaar, Gate
Enemies: Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Mauler, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Warrior,
Sub-Weapons: Ceremonial Blade, War Axe, Horn Bow, Spiked Club

The Courtyard is clear of enemies when you first run through it. The Bazaar is 
populated with Skeleton Soldiers, Maulers, and Archers. Pick up a Horn Bow and 
a War Ax. Take on two waves, and move to the Gate. The Skeletons all show up, 
from regular Soldiers, Archers, and Maulers, to the new Warriors. Pretty simple
stuff, smash with hammer, pick up pieces... you get the drill. At the half way 
point, a Cockatrice will appear out of nowhere and start spraying you with 
poison if you're too close, and will launch tornadoes if you try to snipe it 
with the bows. 

  C2Q8  Rivalry II

Area: Argos, Lighthouse
Enemies: Ornis, Killer Frog
Sub-Weapons: Harpy Feather

2:30 minutes of pure slaughter. The only thing to note is that you need to pad
your count if you want to get the Harpy Feather weapon. Other than that, same 
as before.

  C2Q9  Colosseum II

Area: Argos, Colosseum
Enemies: Argothian Royal Guard
Sub-weapons: None

As before, the guards are not happy that you are a better monster slayer, so 
they want to take it out of your hide with...padded sticks. The same rules from
the earlier colosseum battle apply, so you merely beat them up to make them 
flash, jump them with your steal button, and slam them neck first to the 
colosseum floor. Two waves again in this mission, consisting of a  wave of 
three and five. Be careful, because two of the second wave come from directly 
behind you.  Once complete, you will go to the last “real” mission of the area,
a little number called...

 C2Q10  Swords Speak Louder

Area: Argos, Colosseum
Enemies: Draco
Sub-weapons: None

Draco, captain of the guards, finally believes that you know which end is 
pointy on a sword, so he duels you one on one in the Colosseum. He has a 
shield, and since he is not maggot food yet, he actually has some fight in him.
Colosseum rules still apply, so no healing or other sub-weapons. Make sure that
you dodge almost constantly, as he will hurt when he connects. Dodge to the 
side as he swings, then Y attack to send him sprawling. The rules of 
gentlemanly dueling have not been invented yet, so go ahead and stomp him flat 
while he's down. After a few smack downs, he will flash, so be ready to do the 
sub-weapon steal on him. Like other humans, he doesn't give you his sword, but 
after a few flashy moves, hit the button to smack his wrist. He will drop his 
sword, ask you who your teacher was, and shout “Again!”. Second verse, same as
the first. The third verse of this little ditty has a faster tempo, so dodge 
like crazy, and only hit him when his sword is extended. Quest Complete! 

 C2Q11  Departures

Area: Argos, Bazaar
Enemies: Argothian (Male), Argothian (Female)
Sub-Weapons: None

This quest is, for all intents and purposes, Pacifism II. Feed the idiots 
another helping of dirt casserole to learn that Co-Op mode is unleashed! What
a drag. However, Support Characters join you here, so take the good with the 

Chapter Complete!

<Achievements unlocked: Adamantine Axe, Bound Souls, Battering Ram, The Fate of 

Kucuk and Ozak have missions for you, as well as Draco. 

 Q3C1  Taming Pegasus
Area: Miasmic Swamp
Enemies: Hellhound
Sub-Weapons: Flame Core

The first area has a Flame Core necropol, destroy it to get to the 
bridge. Jump off the bridge and head back to your fishing spot and head east 
from it to wind up in the Pegasus hunting grounds.

The Pegasus stands in the corner of the map, spinning around in a circle. When 
he flashes orange, you can slowly walk towards him, but remember to hide if he 
turns towards you. Its basically red light/green light. Hide behind rocks when 
necessary, and accept the fact that failure is definitely an option. When you 
finally get close enough, hit the button, and play a long sub-weapon steal 
game. Complete it to learn that the Horse Whisperer, Perseus ain't.    

 Q3C2  God or Man?

The first area is infested with Hellhounds and Fallen Warriors, so clear them 
out to unblock the path. Head east to the area that had the Lost Spirit and two
 Hellhounds. The Lost Spirit has been replaced by a necropols, but the 
Hellhounds are still there. Same as the last time we saw a necropols, the 
enemies permanently respawn, so either go psycho on the poor beasts or hit the 
necropols with your new Flame Core. Head back to the statue in the middle of 
the area to receive the Blade of Olympus. Quest Cleared! You receive a baton.
 Q3C3  Fisherman's Son

Kucuk complains about the quality of food, and asks you to make good on your 
training as a fishermen. He accompanies you on this mission, so lets get some 
grub from the swamp!

The opening area contains Killer Frogs by the truckload, so kill them and 
proceed over the bridge to enter the next area. This area brings back our old 
friend, the Lost Spirit, and his neighbor, the Hellhound brothers. Remember, 
Lost Spirits only submit to the dual blade attacks, and the Hellhound will give
you the Flame Core sub-weapon. Make sure to collect at least one, and equip it 
to the spot of your choice. Cockatrices, Sirens, and Succubi will only let you 
steal from them if you smack them around with the Flame Core family. Return to 
the previous area, and jump off the bridge. Play dentist on the Hellhound, and 
continue onwards on your quest for fresh fish! 

After the load screen, you will be cut off from moving forwards by a wall of 
red fire. Simply kill the frogs that appear to put out the flames. When the 
flames are out, you can go either north or east. Head north to be attacked by 
stronger frogs and two Lost Spirits. Defeat this group of enemies to find a 
fishing spot, signified by a glowing dot on the ground. Approach it for a Quest

 Q3C4  Herb Hunt

Once back at base,  it seems as though the fish you caught had some mercury in 
it, as Ozal is quite sick. Talk to him to enter the next quest, Herb Hunt. 
Jump off the bridge to head north, and meet a few new faces. Namely, the Soul 
Eater, who gives you the first Barrier Core. Head towards the Pegasus hunting 
grounds to complete the quest. As you enter the hunting grounds, there will be
an area to the left that goes upward. Follow it to find the glowing healing 
herb. Quest complete, right? Not quite yet. A swarm of Killer Frogs and King 
Frogs will appear. Focus on the King Frogs, and if you wish, use your Spiked 
Club (you did steal it from a Skeleton Warrior, right?) to perform a two sweep
crowd control move. Once you corner the market on frog legs, the Quest is 
finally Complete!

Q3C5  Pathfinder

Talk to good old Draco to start this mission. Apparently, the only 
way out of the swamp are pillars set up by the merchants who travel through 
here. Find these pillars, and return to base. Jump off the bridge to meet a 
Soul Eater and his Death Frog friends. Accept the Soul Eater's candy and 
continue north. At the next screen, approach the glowing green pillar. After 
announcing it to the world, continue north. Our eventual destination is the 
area to the north of the fishing hole you found in the Fisherman's Son quest. 
The second pillar you see is guarded by a Hellhound and two Soul Eaters. Rob 
them blind and continue. At the fishing hole, turn north to see a bridge and 
the third pillar. Cross the bridge and kill the two Soul Eaters to complete the

 Q3C6  Caibos!

As you enter the camp, you hear screams of pain from your companions. Caibos, 
the Cursed King, has attacked your camp! Perseus and Draco tag team the 
creature, so let's rumble.

At this point, all you want to do is knock a quarter of his health off to 
activate the sub-weapon steal. He is strong, there are no Bones or Killer Frogs
to join the fun, and dodging is your bestest friend in the whole wide world. 
All of his attacks will knock you down, so use Draco as cannon fodder and 
attack Caibos from behind and the flanks. Again, knock a quarter of his health
off, initiate sub-weapon steal, and watch as the Cursed King bites Perseus' 
arm. Draco comes in with a flying Dynamic Entry, and cuts off Caibos' arm. 
Quest Complete!

Q3C7  Tracking Caibos

The next quest is to follow the little turd so you can fully show your 
displeasure at his attack. Follow the purplish blue bloodstains. Be careful of 
the large puddles, as they spawn scorpions to attack you. Hit them with a Y 
attack to flip them and open them up for a sub-weapon steal. Also, that bite is
 poisonous, so don't dilly-dally. You're on the Death Clock here. If you fall 
too low in health, use that Cadeceusian Core to heal yourself, and continue on.
Finally, you will find the desert, as well as a save game prompt. 

You are still poisoned, so don't take too much time killing scorpions. Hit the 
necropol with your hammer to... activate another necropol. Hit this one with 
your dual blades, and the one after it with the Spirit of Argos. Enter the 
cave, and meet Scorpiok.

The Young Scorpioks serve as Bones, so suck them dry to heal and power your 
hammer. Use your hammer as a big ol' nutcracker and open his shell. After 
enough punishment, the sub-weapon steal icon appears, so use it and bring him 
down! Quest Complete!

You are still poisoned, so don't take too much time killing scorpions. Hit the 
necropols with your hammer to... activate another necropols. Hit this one with 
your dual blades, and the one after it with the Spirit of Argos. Enter the 
cave, and meet Scorpiok.

The Young Scorpioks serve as Bones, so suck them dry to heal and power your 
hammer. Use your hammer as a big ol' nutcracker and open his shell. After 
enough punishment, the sub-weapon steal icon appears, so use it and bring him 
down! Quest Complete!

After a cut scene where Io heals you, talk to Draco to find that the Djinn have
been attacked by a herd of Satyros. Io asks that you negotiate with them, so 
accept the quest. After finding out that Hades has put a bounty on your head, 
its time to switch negotiating styles. Defeat all the Satyros to add to your 
weapon collection, and receive a Quest Complete!

The next Quest is a simple defense mission. Keep the herds of Satyros away from
your camp, mainly by slaughtering them. After about four waves of enemies, 
consisting of Soldier, Warrior, and Archer class enemies, you will receive a 
Quest Complete!

You now have a choice, Divide and Conquer, or Infiltrate. Draco tells you that 
the Satyros are going to receive a one-two punch, first from the brothers as 
they provide chaos in the valley you were just in, and then by Draco 
infiltrating the main camp and killing the chieftain.

 First things first, you need to open the door. Do so by ringing the doorbell, 
or in this case, smashing the eyeballs stuck on sticks in the area.  When the 
door opens, kill the two butlers just inside and crash the party! The second 
area has another two eyeballs to kill, so first head west, to the very edge to
find the first eyeball, and the second is found by looking at the mini-map, 
and finding the southern pointing arrow area. It can only be accessed by a 
climbing wall. Open the door to find the boss.

The Boss for this section is a two on two team match. Perseus and Draco versus
Cyclops and the Saytros Chieftain. Focus your attention on the Chieftain, as he 
is far quicker and more annoying. The Chieftain is really just a souped-up 
soldier, complete with shield, so put your best hammer on an slam him into the 
ground. After the Cheiftain is dead, kill the Cyclops. The Cyclops can be 
blinded for a moment by hitting his one eye with an arrow, so equip 
accordingly. As far as attack patterns go, the Cyclops will slam the ground 
repeatedly with his hammers, so dodge that, and every once in a while, he'll 
fall backwards. Get some cheap, charged hammer shots here. For an easier time 
of this battle, once the Chieftain is gone, stay right up behind the Cyclops' 
leg. Doing so will protect you from his hammer blows, so you can deliver the 
pain. Also, if you get knocked out of the sub-weapon steal, the Cyclops does 
not gain new hammers. If you knock both of the hammers away, he will try to 
grab you. Capture means he will feed, so try to dodge, ne?  After felling both
beasts, Quest Complete!

When you appear back at camp, Draco tells you that you need the seven seeds of
the rafflesia plant to defeat the Sand Worm and continue to the mountain. Pick 
the partner you want and accept the quest.

Head to the Pegasus hunting grounds to find the flower. This little bugger is 
ornery, and gives you its seeds as a high velocity mortar attack. Kill it to 
harvest a seed. Collect the three here, and go back to the fishing hole. Head 
as far north as possible to find two more flowers, guarded by Hellhounds. Go to
 the area west-ish of the bridge to find the last two flowers. Kill them all 
for their seeds, and Quest Complete!

Head back to the arena where you fought Scorpiok. Now you will fight a giant 
sand worm. It has three main attacks. The first is a body slam, the second is 
the mucus shot, and the third attack consists of it retreating into a sand 
whirlpool, then launching out to hit you. At the three quarter mark, it will 
spawn sidewinders. Kill them to return to the fight. At the halftime show, 
Satyros cheerleaders show up. After that, its a simple brawl-fest to activate 
sub-weapon steals. Three of those will kill this thing. This ain't the end 
folks. Head northward to find the true boss. If you thought that first one was 
huge, this one tops it easily. You fight on a long ledge, where it can slam 
down or belch huge rings of phlegm at you. There are Bones and Sidewinders here
 as well, but a body slam from the boss kills them off. Once it gets to half 
health, a sub-weapon steal occurs. Press the button to tour its digestive 
tract, placing the seeds as you go. Keep it up, and the explosion at the end 
will kill the boss. Quest Complete!

Now you meet the witches. After talking with them, they instigate a game of 
monkey in the middle. You're the monkey. Catch the flying eyeball with the 
sub-weapon steal, and they will relent. No, they won't tell you how to kill 
the Kraken, but they will in exchange for certain ...favors. You also receive 
the Spirit of Ambition sub-weapon. Talk with each one to access the missions 
they have. 

The first witch decides to tempt you with Succubi, so go to the mountain and 
prove her wrong. There is nothing special about the mountain, so I will merely
mention the enemies that appear. Sirens, Death Soldiers and Archers appear here
on all three missions, as well as Sightless. For this quest, Succubi appear. 
They, like the Sirens, will give up a sub-weapon if hit with fire. Kill all 
Succubi (around ten) to finish this quest. 

Next up, some Centaurs are squatting on the mountain, so clear them out. Same 
mountain, same enemies, except that Centaurs replace Succubi, and we get to 
meet the Behold...er... Eye of Death. The Centaurs give you a new dual-wield 
blade, so collect it as they charge past you. Again, about ten Centaurs will 
spawn, so have fun and keep the bloodstains to a minimum.

The third mission is to pluck out the Centaur Leader's eyeballs, for eyeball 
soup. Simply follow the map until you find a sunken arena. Along the way, you 
will be accosted by all the enemies you faced before on the mountain, so keep 
yourself healed up. Enter the arena to face off against a giant Centaur Slayer.
Steal his weapon and gut him to Complete the Quest. 

Once the three are satisfied, they tell you to kill the Chimera. You are sent 
back to the desert for this one. Simply follow the Chimera's flight path, or 
head to the arena where you met the slightly gigantic sand worm. The Chimera, 
like the myth states, has a lion's head, with a goat's head above it, and a 
snake for a tail. This one also has wings, so watch out for any aerial moves it
makes. The lion breathes fire, the goat calls down lightening, and the snake 
spews poison. Claw swipe and body slam round out the attack roster. Hammers, 
Dual Blades, and the Y button are all good choices, and if you upgraded the 
Cyclops' hammer, you can get two free hay maker swings at the boss. Initiate 
the sub-weapon steal to first stab the lion, then the goat, and finally, the 
snake through the brain pans. Quest Cleared!

Its now time to leave the witches. Fight your way through the mountain until 
you get to the sunken arena, where four necropols wait, along with Centaurs and
Death Soldiers. Smash the two necropols on the ground with your hammer, and hit
the last two with your bow and arrow. Like other necropols barriers, the 
enemies disappear after the barrier is gone. After a cut scene showing how to 
summon the ferryman plays, you are aboard Charon. At the front of the boat is 
good ol' Bubo, so save and do some challenge quests. After doing any challenge
quests, talk to the soldier with the quest icon above him. H tells you to go 
into the bowels of Charon where Io has hidden herself. Go down there and run 
around till Io attacks you. She then gives you instructions in how to fight 
Medusa, and UST occurs. A call comes from above decks that Harpies are 
congregating. Go up there to find that its not just Harpies, but Ornisi 
and Bones aboard as well. Kill them all, but try to save your soul power. 
You have a nasty boss fight coming up, and only two Skeleton Archers to help 
you. This boss is a serpent, made up of writhing, naked souls. <shudder> He 
stays at a far distance, so use your bow, or if you don't like it, (ie, me) 
use your Crude Axe to hit the hideous abomination. After about a half-inch of 
life is gone, he will circle around the boat and fire souls at you. DO NOT AIM
AT HIS FACE. Turn completely around, target the glowy part of his tail, and 
release all the pent up rage at having to look at this monster on his tail. 
After a few rounds of this, (about a quarter of his life taken) he will go
off into the distance. No, he's not running, hes setting up his “Timber!” 
attack. He will shoot straight up, snarl at you, then come at you like a 
possessed roller coaster (not unlike those at Dismal World). Lock on and DO NOT
DODGE. When you see the icon, grab him with the LB, and complete the Quick Time
Action. You will rip a fang out and jab it into his eye socket. He backs off 
and charges you again. Rinse and Repeat. Congratulations! Charon is Complete!

You are now in the Underworld proper, and Io has three quests for you. These 
must be completed before you can access the Temple of Medusa. You and Draco 
must kill the Basilisk, the Two-Headed Dog, and the Prometheus.

Killing the Basilisk
All of these missions are simple to complete, as you are merely doing a boss 
rush attack. The Basilisk is guarded by two Skeletons, an Archer and a Warrior.
The Basilisk itself is a gargantuan, eight or ten legged lizard with a  helmet.
Harry can't stop this bad boy, but Perseus can, mainly by subtle application of
the Domination Hammer. Stock up on souls, then slam away. He will do a bum 
rush, as well as spew poison from all the pores of his body. After the halftime
show, he will stand up and slam the ground, so time for some cheap hits. Once 
he flashes, its all over.

Killing the Two-Headed Dog.
Highly annoying boss fight. First you have to kill a bunch of scorpions, then 
two Hounds of Tartarus appear. Finally, after getting nearly killed, the boss 
appears. Treat him like the dog he is. After a long and painful fight (which 
will make you reach for a shotgun whenever you hear Fido growl), it's time to 
move on.

Killing the Prometheus
This one is painful because you have a long wind up to the boss arena. All 
barriers are controlled by necropols, and continue on. Bows, Axes, Hammers, 
and Flame Cores will break them. After breaking them, the giant will appear. 
This is simply a Cyclops battle, with the ever annoying sand worms EVERYWHERE! 
If you can make the shot, hit the Prometheus with your bow in the eye, run up, 
and take some free hits. Unlike the Cyclops, the strategy of hiding behind the 
leg will not work. His attack patterns are similar to the Cyclops, but on 

After you kill the three and gain the keys they bear, time to open the gate. 
Approach it and meet the new butler!

Skeleton King
This guy is bad  news, though you can get an achievement off him. Hammer of 
the Forge should be used, rather than Domination Hammer, as it can crack his 
armor in one hit. He shoots a laser out of his mouth, will swing his body 
around, slinging rocks, and will try to sweep you up like some King Kong 
wannabe. If you get too close, he will start charging a sphere burst shield. 
Two Haymakers will stop that nonsense, but keep your souls charged on the 
never-ending line of Bones. Kill him and enter the Temple of Medusa.

The Temple of Medusa is a confusing place, so type “Medusa's Temple map” to 
get an idea of where to go. Basically, if there's a Talos with a door facing 
it, take it. At the bottom, you will find Medusa. Four on one battle, and she 
still wipes the floor with you. If her eyes glow, let go of the lock-on and 
run like crap. If it hits, you die. She also does a break dance move, stay 
far away. After each sub-weapon steal, you will lose a party member. After the 
Djinn dies, she will gain a new attack. Each snake will shoot a petrification 
beam at you, so start dodging and smacking her with the Domination Hammer. 
Draco's death will destroy her tail, so you can get up close. Kill her to get 
the Medusa's Gaze and one of her serpent-hair things. If you have been 
religiously stealing sub-weapons, you should have the Power of “12” and the 
Weapons Collector. If you don't have the Offer Gifts or the Blacksmith 
achievement yet, what is your problem? There are no cookies for taking the 
painful route, unless you do that so you can make a FAQ.

Once she's dead, leave the temple. Thankfully, the wrong ways are sealed, so 
just keep going up. Eventually, you will exit, and talk with Io. However, 
Caibos cuts the reunion short rather quickly. This battle is nowhere near 
Medusa's difficulty, just go hacking away with your Y attacks. When he flashes,
sub-weapon steal and he reveals that he was married to your biological mother. 
Don't you just love the Greeks and their habit of making crappy family trees?

Fly Pegasus Air back to Argos and find that the Queen is dead. Tell the King 
that you don't have time for useless jackanapes like him, and go outside to 
Pegasus. Unfortunately, the flock of Harpies will stop you. Defend Pegasus as 
best you can, but you will be overwhelmed. The King tells you to take a short 
cut through his palace, and he will fight with you. Kill the Death Maulers and 
Warriors that appear, and go around the L shaped map. At the cut scene, the 
king has a fatal encounter with some masonry, and you are back in the 

The hunter brothers have returned, and this is the last base camp of the game. 
Talk to Bubo, save, and complete any challenge quests you want. When done, talk
to Ozal. Select which brother you want to partner with, and carry on. Our goal
is to clear the courtyard and the bazaar. All the flavors of Death skeletons 
show up, as well as two Cockatrices. Say it with me kids: “KILL! MAIM! RIP! 

Once done, its time to introduce one ugly son of a god to another ugly 
experiment of a god. Harpies appear during the battle with the Kraken, but they
 simply are a distraction. Wait for the flash, and do the Quick-Time Event. 
Congratulations, you ticked it off. Run up to the balcony, and wait for a harpy
to get in range. This QTE will result in you swinging from the harpies to the 
Kraken, stabbing him a few times, and finally shoving Medusa's head into its 
face. The Kraken has a few arena-wide moves to be leery of,  mainly the 
tentacle sweep. The left tentacle will come at you from the side, then the 
right one, and then a ground pounding blow from his fist.  Remember, you can't 
hurt him, but QTE can kill him.

The game ain't over yet, sweetheart, you gotta talk to your father. Confront 
Zeus on Olympus, and perform the QTE. Other endings may be possible, but this 
one is a rather lackluster ending. Again, it may be because I completed this 
game with a 69% completion rate, so let me know if the ending changes based on
that rate. If you play your saved file after the credits, you will appear on 
Mount Olympus with Bubo.  More Challenge Quests appear, and now you can unlock 
Days Gone Past, also known as replay main quest. More on that in the Challenge 

Congratulations! You were able to complete Clash of the Titans with an amazing
amount of hand-holding!

Challenge Quests

Mount of Idols
Streets of Argos
Miasmic Swamp
Desert of the Djinn
Norn Mountain
The Underworld
Medusa's Temple
Argos Castle Area
Rivalry III
Mating Season
Glutton of the Swamp
Enemy Remnants
Revenge of the Satyros
Looming Skeleton
Sand Wormania
Giant Gaze
Poison Wildlife Territory
Stand Your Ground I
Stand Your Ground II
Stand Your Ground III
Stand Your Ground IV
Stand Your Ground V
Gladiator I
Gladiator II
Gladiator III
Gladiator IV
Gladiator V

The Stubborn Squad Commander
The Cursed King
Blood Born Demons
The Blue One-Eyed Giant
The Beast Man and the Giant
Chthonic Terror
Twin Blades in the Mist
Death-Eating Snake
Evil Lizard of the Underworld
Two-Headed Watchdog
Son of Posideon
Skeleton King
Celestial Beauty
The One-Armed King
Twin Bladed Calvary


III) List Of Sub-Weapons
 Each weapon has a set amount of upgrades that it can hold. In further updates
the upgrade and upgrade cost will be displayed. 

 A) Dual Swords

Rusty Blade
Ceremonial Blade
Stone Spartha
Butcher's Blade
Savage Blade
Serrated Kopis 
Warrior’s Might 
Sentry's Sword
Flesh Ripper 
Cursed Blade 
Hoplite Sword 
Fang of Tartarus 
Blade of Darkness 

 B) Hammer

Skull Hammer
Attack I                       SE I
Hammer Seize Points 30         Hammer Seize Points 30
Copper Starfire      2         Copper Starfire      2
Attack II                      SE II
Hammer Seize Points 30         Hammer Seize Points  30
Copper Starfire      2         
Warrior's Bones      3
Minoan Hammer
Spiked Club
Iron Hammer
Centaurian Satyros Idol
Mallet of the Forge
Domination Hammer 
Hammer of Hephaestus
Cyclopean Maul 
Fowl Play
Hand of Tartarus 

C) Axe

Crude Axe
War Axe
Headsman's Axe
Bronze Edge
Metal Hatchet
Goat Edge
Flat Axe 
The Maw of Tartarus 
Axe of Themis 

 D) Bow

Wooden Bow
Horn Bow
Appolyon Bow
Hunter Bow
Finger of Thanatos
Bow of the Monoceros
Bone Bow
Gorgon’s Gaze 
Bow of Eros 
The Talon of Tartarus 
Bow of Artemis 

 E) Martial Arts Core

Spirit of Argos
Hydra Soul 
The Brothers 
Demeter's Touch

 F) Flame Core

Flame Core
Cereberusian Flame 

 G) Underworld Core

Cursed Orb
Orb of the Nameless 
Spirit of Ambition
Will of Tartarus 
Chaotic Bane
Essence of Hatred

 H) Feather

Leathery Wing
Harpy Feather
Succubus Wing
Chimera Wing
Erinyes Feather 
Wing of Icarus

 I) Tail

Poison Stinger
Serpent of Medusa 

 J) Healing Core

Caduceusian Core
Essence of Vitality  
Essence of Quartz

 K) Barrier Core

Barrier Core
Veil of the Protector  
Absolute Wall 

 L) Harp

Lyre of Apollo 
Call of Tartarus 

IV) List of Enemies

This is the Bestiary. Each Entry will eventually have the weapon and gifts 
dropped, as well as area found.

 Cursed Orb
Living Dead
 Orb of the Nameless
Fallen Warrior
 Minoan Hammer
Bone Soldier
 Rusty Blade
Bone Warrior
 Skull Hammer
Bone Mauler
 Crude Axe
Bone Archer
 Wooden Bow
Skeleton Soldier
 Ceremonial Blade
Skeleton Warrior
 Spiked Club
Skeleton Mauler
 War Axe
Skeleton Archer
 Horn Bow
Death Soldier
Death Warrior
 Fowl Play
Death Mauler
 Flat Axe
Death Archer
 Bone Bow
Dark Soldier
 Hoplite Sword 

Satyros Soldier
 Butcher's Blade
Satyros Warrior
 Iron Hammer
Satyros Mauler
 Bronze Edge
Satyros Archer
 Apollyon Bow
Savage Soldier
 Butcher's Blade
Savage Warrior
Savage Mauler
 Metal Hatchet
Savage Archer
 Hunter's Bow
Dark Savage
 Serrated Kopis
Tribal General
 Savage Blade
Tribal Destroyer
 Centaurian Satyros Idol
Tribal Beserker
 Goat Edge
Tribal Assassin
 Finger of Thanatos
Horn General
Horn Destroyer
 Domination Hammer
Horn Beserker
 Headman's Axe
Horn Assassin
 Bow of the Monoceros

Satyros Chieftain

Lost Spirit

Soul Eater
 The Brothers
Dark Soul

 Spirit of Argos 
Stone Sentinel
 Stone Spatha
Golden Talos
Dark Talos
 Demeter's Touch
Killer Frog
Death Frog
King Frog
 Flame Core

Hound of Tartarus
Eye of Death
Eye of Decay
Young Scorpioch
 Poison Stinger
Desert Crawler

Dark Sidewinder

Lava Dweller

Dark Siren
 Lyre of Apollo
Fire Maiden
 Succubus Wing
 Leathery Wing
 Harpy Feather
 Erinyes Feather
 Sentry's Sword
Sable Centaur
 Sentry's Sword
Dark Centaur
 Flesh Ripper
Argothian (Male)
Argothian (Female)
Argothian Sentry
Argothian Royal Guard
 Mallet of the Forge
 Cyclopean Maul
Sand Worm
Sand Serpent
 Spirit of Ambition
Centaur Slayer
Pride of Ixion
Fang of Tartarus (Twin Bladed Glory)
 Chimera Wing
 Maw of Tartarus (the Desert Rowdy)
Soul Serpent


Skeleton King



 The Call of Tartarus (The Stubborn Squad Commander)





 Cursed Blade (second fight)


V) Gifts
  These gifts are important, yet time consuming part of the game. As you 
complete quests, you will find that your inventory is getting full. Under the 
Sub-Weapon sub-menu, select the weapon and highlight the Reinforce option to 
upgrade a weapon. They all fall under seven categories, and are of 3 different
levels. Higher levels of Gifts are given for performing Perfect Sub-Weapon 
Steals and B, A, and S completion scores.
Shining Zodiac
Solar Progenitor
Lunar Secret



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