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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 2.8 | Updated: 02/02/2013
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2011 | Highest Rated Guide

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                                                 Blitz Knight Stunt Presents...

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     |   _____  `.   |   ______|        /    _`.   |   _____  `.
     |  |_    `.  |  |  |____          /  ,  \     |  |     `.  |
     |  ,-'    |  |  |   ____|        /  /_\  \    |  |      |  |
     |  |_____,'  |  |  |_____,--.  _/  _____  \   |  |_____,'  |
     |__________,'   |__________,' |__,'     \__\  |__________,'

     ________    __________      ,-.___     _______     .-.______
   ,'  ______|  |  .--.__  |    /    .-'   |   ___ `-.  |   _____`.
   |  |_____    |  |____,' |   /  ,  \__   |  |   |_,'  |  |____
   '._____  `.  |   _____,-'  /  /_\  .-'  |  |         |   __,-'     
  .-._____|  |  |  |_        /   ____  \   |  |___,-.   |  |_____     ______
  |_________,'  |___/       /_,-'    \__\  |_______,'   |________}  ,'_____ `.
                                                                      _____| |
                                                                    ,' _____,'
                                                                    | |______

- ASCII art by my friend DomZ -
(Check out his site at http://www.freewebs.com/domz_ninja/asciiart.htm )



Authored by: Bkstunt ( Gregorio31 @ gmail . com )

\/                                                                          \/
 \/                               INTRODUCTIONS                            \/
  \/                                                                      \/


Horror in space? Of course!

Hello everyone, Bkstunt here with a walkthrough of Dead Space 2. The first
Dead Space, released in late 2008, was a resounding hit, virtually
guaranteeing the production of a sequel. And here we are! Being a huge fan of
the first game, I jumped at the chance to write for Dead Space 2!


Want to talk about some games!? Maybe throw out some ideas for what YOU want
to see me write about next? I made a facebook account for just that reason!

You can 'Like' me at:



First of all, let me say that my primary motivation for writing guides is,
and always will be, for the gamer. However, as I've learned by writing just
a few guides on new games, it can hit your pocket book! I wish they'd give me
these games so I could crank out great guides, but they don't! Ah, maybe one

Until then, if you've found this guide helpful please consider donating to
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Please be sure to send me an email so I can thank you personally as well! Or
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~ Bk

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 \/                            Table Of Contents                           \/
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Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.



Version Updates:......................................................(DS 1.0)

Walkthrough:..........................................................(DS 2.0)

     General Tips.

     Chapter I:    Welcome to the Sprawl .............(DS 2.01)
     Chapter II:   Fun with trains ...................(DS 2.02)
     Chapter III:  Crazy Unitologists ................(DS 2.03)
     Chapter IV:   The Church ........................(DS 2.04)
     Chapter V:    All lies... .......................(DS 2.05)
     Chapter VI:   New Friends. ......................(DS 2.06)
     Chapter VII:  The Solar Array ...................(DS 2.07)
     Chapter VIII: One death trap after another...  ..(DS 2.08)
     Chapter IX:   Playing with fire .................(DS 2.09)
     Chapter X:    Welcome Back... ...................(DS 2.10)
     Chapter XI:   An eye for an eye... ..............(DS 2.11)
     Chapter XII:  The Drill .........................(DS 2.12)
     Chapter XIII: Cross your heart... ...............(DS 2.13)
     Chapter XIV:  Demons Without ....................(DS 2.14)
     Chapter XV:   Demons Within .....................(DS 2.15)

Schematics:   ........................................................(DS 3.0)

Text Logs:   .........................................................(DS 4.0)

Audio Logs:   ........................................................(DS 5.0)

Trophies:   ..........................................................(DS 6.0)

FAQ's:   .............................................................(DS 7.0)

Credits and other ramblings:   .......................................(DS 8.0)

\/                                                                 (DS 1.0) \/
 \/                         Version History                                \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Version 1.0: Jan. 25th 2011

Main walkthrough well underway. Currently covering chapters 1-4. 

Version 1.5: Jan. 31th 2011

Added chapters 5-11. Unfortunately some things came up that made this take
longer than expected, but here it is. Chapters 12-15 will be added shortly.

Version 2.0: Feb. 2-3rd 2011

Main guide is done. Still need to work on lists and get to the emails I've
been sent. I promise I'll get to them! Especially since the guide is done!

Version 2.2: Feb. 6th 2011

Added in the rest of the lists and took out the Power Node section. I was
originally planning to list the power nodes, but it seemed unneccesary as I
mulled it over. Got in a lot of online play time. Not really much to it, so
I'm not going to cover multiplayer. You just basically follow the objectives
or kill humans anyway.

Also got to some emails, which were long overdue, and did some reformatting.
For longevity's sake, I'd also like to note that this guide became one of
Gamefaq.coms recommended guides somewhere between Version 2.0 and Version 2.2.
Exciting! Thank You!

Version 2.4: Mar. 1st 2011

Added in a lot of missing items that I've been emailed. Personally verified
each one. Thanks a lot guys! The guide now has several more power nodes, a few
new audio logs, a new schematic, and several more semi-conductors. Also added
in the donation tab (to several of my guides, actually). Amount recieved so
far? $1. :)

Version 2.5: Nov 2011

Added in two missing semi-conductors. Couldn't verify them, as my save files
are gone with my dead PS3. Oh well, it happens. Added in a FotM banner, which
is pretty snazzy.

Version 2.6 April 17th, 2012

Added in the Contact Beam Energy schematic. Nowadays I REALLY hate version
histories at the top of guides, and don't do it this way anymore, but I
like seeing how my guides evolve so it stays on top.

Version 2.7 August 28th, 2012

Added in a trick from a reader to get re-spawning power nodes!

Version 2.8 February 2nd, 2013

Added in two more tips.




Here are the controls for playing Dead Space 2:

                _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
               |  _____ |                            | _____  |
               |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
             ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
            /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
           !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
           |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
           !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
           |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
           | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
           |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
           |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
           |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
           \         /                                  \         /
            \       /                                    \       /
             `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'

Left Analog Stick: Move / Zero-G Launch (press).

Right Analog Stick: Look / Aim. Locator (press).

Start Button: Pause Menu.

Select Button: View your RIG.

Directional Buttons: Switch Weapons.

Square: Reload

Triangle: Stasis (while aiming)/Recharge Stasis.

Circle: Kinesis (while aiming)/Quick Heal.

X Button: Action Button.

L1: Aim (press and hold).

R1: Fire (while aiming)/Melee Attack.

L2: Run.

R2: Alt. Fire (while aiming)/Stomp.

Ok, continuing on...


                             MENUS EXPLAINED


Popping in the disk... loading up.... and...

Welcome to Dead Space 2! I'm here to guide you through your stay!

Don't touch anything at the start menu if you want to see the opening
cut scenes, which are pretty cool.

Upon starting the game, you'll be greated with EA's ToS (Terms of Service) and
Privacy Policy. *Yawn.... Do they actually expect anyone to read this? We get
it EA, you don't want to be sued and you want to sell us a bunch of stuff.
Moving on...

Past that is the online pass menu, where you will need to enter in your online
code which can be found in your manual (it's staring you in the face as soon
as you open your case). EA does this to make more money by having anyone who
buys Dead Space 2 used be forced to pay $9.99 to play the multiplayer on their
servers. I have a lot to say about this subject, but I'll let you make your
own mind up on EA's... practices...

Note that you can also enter in any pre-order bonuses (such as the Rivet Gun)
here as well, which will download from the PSN store.

You will also get any unlocks at this time, such as the Hacker Suit from
Dead Space Ignition.

I also got the "refurbished plasma cutter" at this time. Not exactly sure why.
It's probably because I have a Dead Space 1 file on my hard drive.

(-NOTE-) Several readers have confirmed that yes, the "refurbished plasma
         cutter" is obtained by having a save file of Dead Space 1.

After you're done entering in codes, you'll be taken to the main menu.
Here are your options:

Single Player - (Self explanitory)

Multiplayer - (Self explanitory)

Extras - (Shows you the controls, lets you enter in redeem codes, and lets
          you look at credits)

Store - (View the PSN Store for DLC)

Online Pass - (Enter in your online code or purchase a pass)

Select "Single Player" to be taken to another menu:

Continue - (Continues your game)

New Game - (Self explanitory)

Load Game - (Loads a saved game)

New Game + - (Play through the game again with all the items you've acquired)

Previously on Dead Space - (Plays a nice cut scene that tells you the story of
                            Dead Space up to now. A very nice inclusion. We 
                            recommend you watch it)

There are five difficulty levels in Dead Space 2, four of which are available
right off the bat.

Casual - Enemies are weak. With some effort, you can survive.

Normal - Ammo and health conservation are the keys to survival. A skillful
         trigger finger is needed to survive.

Survivalist - For veteran Dead Space players. Ammo and health are less
              plentiful, and enemies are more deadly.

Zealot - Ammo and health are very scarce and enemies will brutalize you.

Hardcore - (You must beat the game to unlock this mode)


                           GENERAL TIPS/HINTS/INFO


First of all, be fairly warned: This guide contains:


Being as its a sequel, I am already assuming you've played the first Dead
Space as well. I like to talk about the game as I write and maybe throw
around a joke or two, but I'll go in-depth at times, so if you're looking
for a spoiler-free experience don't use this guide. 

Other things I'll do:

I often say "TK", which is short for Telekenesis.

I often say "necros", which is short of course for necromorphs. I *USUALLY*
mean slashers when I say this, as they are the most common and I often tell
you if you can expect something else.

Related to that previous paragraph, I also pretty much give away EVERY NECRO
POSITION, which takes some of the challenge out of the game as well.

Like most survival games, its critical to CONSERVE AMMO! Seriously, use TK
when you can and take smart, steady shots. It'll help a ton.

You also want to CONSERVE HEALTH as much as you can. In fact, if I just
saved or something and I just had a particularly bad fight where I took way
too much damage (and I know I can do better), I'll just let the necro kill
me. Save that health pack for when I kick his ass next time we meet.

WATCH YOUR BACK. They LOVE to put necros in front of you, just so they can
put one behind you.

If there's a stasis recharge station nearby, go crazy with stasis! You can
always fill it up after the fight!

Speaking of stasis, you can stasis lurkers and then just go right up to
them and stomp them to finish them off instead of wasting on them.

When you get the VINTAGE SUIT, use it BEFORE buying things at the store for
the credit discount. Every credit saved helps.

The golden rule (re-inforced in the guide):


Ammo will usually drop for the guns you are CARRYING WITH YOU AT THE TIME.
Remember that.

Need cash? Carry around the CONTACT BEAM. This gun is a cash cow, as each
piece of ammo you pick up is worth 1,000 credits at the store. 

Save often. Make a back up save even. Better to be safe than sorry.

Keep a POWER NODE on you at all times so you can enter the various security
doors around Titan Station. They are ALL worth the price of entry.

Remember that some necros will "play dead". If you can't TK the corpse, it is
still alive.

There are MANY things in this game that require codes or saves to unlock,
for example I mention the "Conduit Rooms" in the guide. Well, you gotta have
a Dead Space Ignition save to get in those. There's also certain guns, like
the Rivet Gun and Refurbished Plasma Cutter that require you to have reserved
the game at GameStop and have a Dead Space save respectively. 

The game came out (on the PS3 at least) as a "Limited Edition" (which is
acutally the regular edition). There's also a Collector's Edition that gives
you some goodies in game (a suit and gun) as well as some artwork, the OST,
and a mini plasma cutter.

Jose Duran also wrote me to let me know that the Collector's Edition has the
Zealot Armor available as well as the Zealot Force Gun. The armor is pretty
cool looking with the unitology script all over it. You can buy it for 0
credits at the first store. Like I said, there are many things in the game
that are optional.

Also note that I played through the game without using any of those optional
items or weapons, (with the exception of the conduit rooms, as I have to
report what's in them) so if you have optional stuff, use it!

Also many items in the game are randomized. That's why I say "goodies" alot.
If I do mention something by name and you just plain can't find it, it *MAY*
be randomized too!

See that crazy jibberish on the menu's? Yeah, that's unitology script. The
developers even have an alphabet for it so you can translate it and find
hidden messages. You'll see a lot of it as you play through the game. Some
examples from the main menu (courtesy of Peebsius):

"In the end, it all comes down to just one little thing..."

"Unity after death, unity forever."

Note: This guide was written while playing the 'Normal' difficulty.

\/                                                                 (DS 2.0) \/
 \/                            Walkthrough                                 \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Now adjust your brightness and watch the opening cut scenes.

***Opening Cut Scenes***

After the scene with the doctor, you'll be awoken by Franco (from Dead Space
Ignition). Watch as the Infector changes Franco before he can get you out of
your straight-jacket. Well damn... without our arms, all we can really do at
this point is run (L2). Get out of your cell, as Franco will stand up soon,
and run to your left (as there is a necro to your right). Another necro will
jump through a window on your left as you run, but don't steer too far right
as there's a necro on the table and he can lash out at you. Steer for the
middle. Keep running past the Infector through the doorway as a necro runs in
on your right.

Turn left past the door as another necro emerges behind you and two more pop
in to your right and in front of you. Go throught the next door and take a
quick right. Take the next right as well through the ultra-bloody hallway and
make a break for the open door. Here, the closest necromorph will jump you, so
jamn on your X button to kick him off of you and back into the closing door,
decapitating it.

Well, quite a rush! You'll be VERY low on health now (no matter what).

Welcome to Chapter I. 

Chapter I: Welcome to the Sprawl                                   [DS 2.01]

Walk forward and you'll see your first save station. Open the door nearby and
you'll see two soldiers. Somebody to help us out? Not quite, walk towards them
and see why. You'll than here an intercom message about having the "key
subject" terminated from a Dr. Tiedemann. Walk forward past the offices and up
the stairs and enter the door to the observation room.

Here you can watch a video on one of the patients, Nolan Strauss, as a doctor
asks him questions. Head down the stairs on either side to continue. Here you
can look down into the patients rooms, where you just came out of. Continue
forward and go into the room on the left, as the right door is locked.

Continue on and you'll reach a room with an escaped patient. After a rather
tense moment, he'll cut your arms free and point out a locker which has a
flashlight and a health pack. Turn around to thank your new frien.. OH MY
GOD!!! Poor guy...

Move into the next room where you'll recieve a transmison from Daina, who
tells you that she's the one who rescued you. She also claims to be able to
cure your dementia, if you can reach her that is. Head down the elevator to
the patient rec room. Here you will learn how to use your locator (R3), which
is very handy indeed if you're ever not sure where to go. Oh, we can also now
punch things with R1 and stomp on things with R2. Go ahead and try it out on
the corpse ahead of you. Ah, satisfying...

Move through the rec room, where some tv's will turn on trying to freak you
out. In the hallway to the right is a locked door and your first audio log,
"Popsicle Sticks". You can listen to audio logs as you play by pressing
[Select] once you pick them up. Move down the hallway to the save station and
enter the doors on your right. This leads to the showers, where Issac will
have a headache. Foreshadowing the dementia? Continue on and jump into the
maintenance duct.

Here a necromorph will scuttle out of your way as you crawl along, which is
good as we're pretty defenseless at the moment. You'll soon fall down into a
room below you, where you'll have a quick conversation with Daina. Go to the
panel by the glowing patient and interact with it as Issac pulls out a device
that gives you the Kinesis Grab ability. Try it out by breaking out the right
glass window. This will make a necromorph pop out into the hallway. Well, we
may not have any guns, but we do have our grab! Grab a bar and have it ready
to throw at the necro when he gets into our room. This will impale him onto
the wall! Repeat that for another necro that comes by, impaling him to the
wall as well. This lead to the golden rule (which I pointed out above):


The doors on either side of this hallway are locked, so take the elevator to
the surgery observation room. Pick up the health here as well.

Once you enter this room, some necromorphs will burst out of hiding and start
ascending the slope in front of you. Move to your right where you will find
two poles laying on the ground that you can use to impale them. However, there
will be three necromorphs, so use you Kinesis to grab a spike off of one of
the dead necro's and impale the last living one (FYI, this will give you the
"Taste of your own Medicine" trophy). Be sure to stomp/punch the necro's to
search for any items or credits they may have on them.

Go down to the lower deck and check the yellow boxes on the left and the
right for items. Go up the right side and through the door to continue. Here
they'll teach you about stomping on boxes/corpses to search for items, so get
the items for the nearby box and corpse. Handy. Continue on and they'll teach
you how to melee. Punch the necro in the wheelchair for another item. Head
into the intensive care room where you'll hear cries for help. Move forward
but be sure to grab the item from the box in the room on your right. You can
tell when these boxes will give you something, but sometimes they are locked.
For example, the room on your right has one box that's locked (glowing yellow)
and one box that will give you an item (glowing green).

You'll notice the man needing help is tied down in the center area. The room
across from him has some plasma energy in it (ammo) that you should be sure to
grab. Now go into the room and try to help the man by interacting with the
computer at the top. A necro will break in while you are trying to help and
will unfortunately kill the man, but you will gain the plasma cutter.

Now that we have a weapon, we can use it to revenge the man.


As you may or may not know, killing necro's in Dead Space is all about
cutting off their limbs, which the plasma cutter is VERY efficient at.
Remember: Aim for the limbs!


Weapons have alternate modes of fire, accomplished by pressing R2 while you
are aiming/using them.

Now that you're armed, use the plasma cutter's main fire and alternate fire to
de-member the two necro's that show up. Loot them and head out to the hallway.
Loot the third room and kill the tied-up necro, then enter the door behind
him. Here Daina will tell you to dismember the creatures, but you already knew
that. Continue through the next door. Use the save station here if you wish
and then continue into the intensive care waiting area.

The left path is cut off, so continue to the right. Soon the fire
extinguishers will go off, followed by three nerco's jumping out. If you are
fast, you can go back to the first area and wait for them to come out. Try and
shoot off their legs, and than stomping on them to conserve ammo! You'll
probably get the "Shoot the Limbs!" trophy about now as well.

Loot the corpses and continue on. In front of you is an inaccessible area with
a bunch of debri in the way. But you can actually use your kenesis to drag
over a green box as well as an audio log entitled "Shit the Bed".

Before entering the door, check the nearby rooms for some items and a yellow
box with more items. Continue through the door where the game will tell you
how to reload (Square) and give you some more ammo. Go through the next door
to find a dead soldier whose comm. unit reminds you to shoot the limbs (think
they want you to shoot the limbs?). Grab the item and break the nearby box for
another item.

The next door leads back to the hallways. Head to your right and take a left
at the intersection to find a room on your left with a text log ("Orderly TPS
Report: 1411"). Interesting stuff. Check out the waiting room on your left
for some ammo, health, and another yellow box on the wall. You should have
quite the cache of ammo and health by now. Continue down the wall and enter
the "Upper Lobby" door.

Here another patient will tell you to follow him as "they are after us", but
he won't say who "they" are. Grab the item to your left and take the left door
down the ramp as there's some ammo by the gourney. Go down the ramp and grab
the health out of the monkey vending machine and the ammo by the dead guy.
You'll see "Patient 5" telling you to remember him as the door seperates you.
You'll then talk to Daina telling her you don't need her help as she get's mad
and says "Fine, let's see how long you last then". Cue the necromorphs.

You're in a pretty good spot though, as nothing will come in behind you thanks
to the security door. Four necromorphs will come down the walkways, so be
ready to cut off their legs and stomp them. After you kill them, the siren
will shut off and Issac will apologize to Daina. We'll then learn that
we are on Titan station, orbiting Saturn, but Tiedemann will jam the signal
before we find out how the necromorphs are here.

Loot the corpses and go through either of the center doors. Be SURE to check
the middle station for some ammo, a text log ("Anxiety Spike"), and your first
power node. Head through the double doors in front of you. Check to your left
for some ammo, than take the hallway to the right. Use the save node nearby
and head into the Triage Room.

There's a text log on your right ("Heisenberg"), so grab it and interact with
the red box to your left. Here you'll do your first hack attempt, so as the
game says, slowly rotate the left stick to find the blue weak points, then
press "X". These hacking attempts are also random, so I can't tell you how 
to do them, but just rotate the left stick around until you find the blue
area (the circle will highlight blue) and press X. Do this three times.

Doing this will grant you the Stasis Power (Triangle), which will be aptly
demonstrated as a necromorph breaks into the room and gets hit by it. As you
can see, it greatly slows the creature down, so dispatch it already. You'll
also learn that the stasis meter slowly recharges over time. Feel free to use
stasis at any time (it's especially usefull when you are outnumbered). There
are also statis recharge stations scattered throughout the game, as you'll see
one on your right and left.

Open the nearby security gate using the console, and then aim at it and use
your stasis. As you walk toward the gate, a camera will see you and try to
slam the gate closed, but since you slowed it you can make it through.

Check to your left for some ammo and head to your right to see a man's last
moments. You'll run into two necromorphs in here that will try and puke on you
so kill them off and loot their bodies. One will drop a stasis module, and
you'll learn how to recharge your stasis (triangle). Explore the room, as you
can find a power node near the back by some yellow boxes on the wall. Continue
on and enter the elevator.

You'll see a freaky cut scene and then you'll get control again. Head out
of the elevator and grab the text log ("Secrecy") directly in front of you.
Check the cubicles nearby for a yellow box and another power node.

Now, the game wants you to go through the east wing, but head west instead
to the "Conduit Room". Here you'll find yet another power node, a hefty amount
of credits, and an audio log ("Final Report"), which is probably one of
Franco's last logs ever. Now head down the east wing and take note of the
caution sign that reads oxygen is in use. Grab the ammo and enter the critical
needs room.


In case you were wondering, these "Conduit Rooms" are only able to be unlocked
if you have a "Dead Space Ignition" save on your hard drive!

Here, the room will decompress, sucking out everything in the room. Issac will
hold on, so quickly shoot the flashing red triangle (the lockdown switch) to
shut the door. Head through the door on the left and search in front of you
for some ammo. Shoot the corpse in front of you by the save station, as it's a
necromorph in waiting. Gather the loot and open the box flashing in front of
you to find another power node. Save if you wish then examine the nearby

Stores are a great help in Dead Space as you can buy items, sell items, and
store items.

Store Location #1


Engineering Suit: 1000 Credits


You can find the Rivet Gun and Refurbished Plasma Cutter here, if you have
them. They will sell for 0 credits.

Take what you can, but be sure to grab the engineering suit for 1,000 credits.
It has 10 inventory slots, and will actually give you some armor (5%). Much
better looking than that straight jacket! (You'll get the "Patient on the
Loose" trophy as well).


You get the "refurbished" plasma cutter ONLY if you have a Dead Space cleared
game saved on your hard-drive. I won't be using it, just FYI. I also WON'T be
using the rivet gun, as I realize not everyone has it. I'll be storing both of
them in the safe.

Once you're done in the shop, head out the door to the emergency arrival area.
This actually leads to a vacuum (space), and you'll start using your supply of
oxygen, which lasts 120 seconds. There's also a Power Node out here to grab
that I totally missed! Several gamers emailed me about it though! How nice of
them! We gotta stick together, after all! Move through the short area and
you'll exit space and be in a big wide open room. You just KNOW something
about to happen.

Head towards your objective and soon you'll see a rather large creature jump
out. This thing is a Tripod, as it stands on three legs. First off, hit it
with a shot of stasis and aim for one of it's two front "legs". See the
slightly yellow portion? That's its weak spot. Shoot that spot 2-3 times and
you'll blow its leg clean off. Otherwise, it'll just jump around the area and
try to jump on top of you.

There's a statis module behind you, by the door if you want to refill. Do the
same thing to the other leg and it'll fall flat on it's face, dropping some
items. DON'T LET IT FOOL YOU!!! It's still alive. See it's tongue that dropped
out? Its got a yellowish weak spot too, so blast it in half to kill it for

You'll know it's dead when Issac has a conversation with Daina. You'll learn
alot about Issac in this conversation, including why it's so importent to
reach Daina. Search the corpse for loot (a gold semiconductor) and be sure to
loot the surrounding area as well as there are a lot of boxes scattered about.

Once the looting is done, go into the vehicle bay. Go down the ramps and enter
the next door. Keep your eyes peeled, as there will be some random items in
the bay itself, on the floor. The door to your right is locked, so like the
game says, use Kinesis to break off the panel in front of you (marked with the
blue marker) and enter another shaft. Crawl to the exit to reach Chapter II.

Chapter II: Fun with trains                                        [DS 2.02]

Right away you'll find an audio log ("Cut off their limbs") by a dead soldier
(another limbs message... great). Here you'll find a store as well as a work
bench. Let's examine the store first.

Store Location #2


Line Gun:                9,000 Credits
Javelin Gun:             11,000 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 Pack):  750 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits

*: Only if you have the Rivet Gun. 

You can also sell that gold semiconductor for 3,000 credits. While you may be
rich by now, I doubt you can buy both guns, so you'll have to choose. I'm 
personally going for the Javelin Gun (I like impaling, what can I say?).


With multiple weapons, you can assign them to one of the directional buttons.
Very handy as you can switch out weapons on the fly.

Also, store some ammo if you have too much of it. You'll want the inventory

Now let's inspect our first work bench.

Bench Location #1

The work bench will let you upgrade your equipment by placing power nodes into
a diagram. What you want to upgrade is entirely your preference, but take note
that the diagrams often have blank spaces between upgrades, so plan ahead
accordingly. I personally took my plasma cutter and upgraded the DMG, CAP,
and REL using four power nodes (be sure to save one).

Once you're done, go out the nearby door. You'll be able to see out into space
from here. Get ready to fight, as once you get close to the escalator it will
start up on it's own, sending a necro down your way. Kill him off and pick up
the loot along with a health pack. Move up the left side of the area (ignore
the escalator) and you'll see Tiedemann on some TVs up ahead. So THAT's what
he looks like. There's also some boxes with loot in them that you can break.

Check to the left up ahead for a stasis module and then check out the save
station if you wish. Up ahead to your left is a power lock. Basically, you
can find rooms that are locked throughout the game that can be unlocked with
a power node. They usually contain all sorts of goodies, so it's wise to keep
a power node on hand to unlock them.

Unlock this room and you'll find a text log ("Quarterly Report"), as well as
a Ruby Semiconductor (10,000 Credits) and a [Power Node Schematic]. You'll
also find various ammo and health as well. Quite a good haul, really.


About schematic's, once you find them you can access the item/weapon that
they provide at a store. For example, you can go to the last store and it
will make Power Nodes available for purchase because you have the schematic.

You can go back to the last store and sell the Ruby Semiconductor and buy
another Power Node if you wish (I would buy one at least). Whenever you're
ready, head through the "Titan Heights" door to continue.

Pandimonium ensues, as nercomorphs are attacking the residnets. Kill the one
in front of you and grab the power node chilling to your left. No need to
rush, you really can't help those people in the background right now. If you
hang out in this area, some necromorphs will pop out as well (if you want the
credits). Enter the elevator to continue.

As you know, elevator rides aren't exactly our friend. Watch the scene and
continue. Once you leave the elevator, Patient 5 will yell at you from across
the room, telling you about the drugs that make you forget things. Soon a
new necromorph will RUDELY interrupt the conversation though. This thing is
a crawler (aptly named), so shoot it once to stun it and stomp it to death.
Patient 5 will leave, so continue down the hallway to the right and stomp the
box for some goodies.

Past the door, you'll see some people fleeing, but once you try and go near
them a necro will break out of the door on the left. Take him out. Check out
the apartement on the left for some credits but be ready for the crawler that
comes out of the bathroom. Once you kill it a nercomorph will pop out outside,
so take it out too. Continue on into the laundry area and gather the loot (I
have NO idea what's going on with that machine...).

Once you head to the exit, the lights will go out, stating that you need to
wait for the power to come back on. Get ready, because you'll have to defend
against a necromorph ambush. To start, one necromorph will fall down VERY
close to the locked door. He's alone, though so take out a leg and stomp him.
You'll than get a spitter where the machines are, but he's also alone so kill
him fast, because in about four seconds a crawler and necro will drop down by
the door. It's easy enough to stomp the crawler, so do so and take out the
necro's legs and stomp him as well. Easier typed than done, given the close
quarters, but you should be able to get off a good shot. Reload and get ready
for another necro to drop in. After fending off the onslaught, the power will

Enter the Terrace now and enjoy the view. Enter the left door to find more
apartements with a guy shouting for you to stay away. Break the box here for
some goodies (I got the "Romper Stomper" trophy here). Go down the hallway to
find some health on your right and a text log ("Titan Part I") in the back
explaining planet-cracking a bit. Head into the elevator where Issac will
talk with Daina some more, and you'll learn more about Tiedemann and the

Save at the save station if you wish and you'll hear a baby crying. Aww..
being a rather new dad, that actually made me sad a bit. Check out the
apartement on the left for an item and continue on. You'll see a woman die
past the bars on the right. Further on a necro will jump out of a door on the
left, so take him down and stomp the nearby box for some goodies. Enter the
transit station.

Outside you'll see a creature scuttle up the window, and than a ship will
explode. Ahead, one of the corpses on the ground will rise up, so shoot it
back down. A crawler will also appear as well. Gather up the nearby items and
continue on. There's a Gold Semiconductor on the left hand side of this area
as well (use telekenises to get it).

Up ahead on the left is another Conduit room. Here you can find an audio log
("Hampered") as well as a [Hacker Suit Schematic] along with various other
goodies. The gods won't like you coming in here though, as the power will once
again shut off and you'll have to defend yourself to get it back on.

It's nowhere near as hard as last time though. Exit the Conduit room and
you'll meet the exploder necromorphs. These guys have a VERY obvious weak
spot on one of their arms. They are basically time bombs. Just shoot the big
yellow spot and they'll explode. Three of them will come at you from the
escalator area, while the last one will break through the vent near the door
you need to go through. After killing the first three, run past the escalator
to kill the last one (he's too close to you at the conduit room).

Once they are dead, the power will restore. Gather up the loot and head
through the doors. As you go on, Issac will freak out, leading to some weird
graphics. Continue on until you see Nicole to make things go back to normal.

Explore the station for various goodies. You can also find the [Stasis Pack
Schematic] by investigating the open railway section. You'll have to use your
TK to get it though.

Once you get near the train, an infector will grab a corpse and turn it. Kill
off the necro and the infector when the doors open. Another necro will come at
you from behind. Be sure to kill the infector though, as it can make more
necro's in this area.

Once that's done, get on the tram. Grab the goodies to the right and then go
left. Grab more goodies if you can and break into the box ahead of you. This
will start the tram moving and make a necro charge at you, so be ready to take
him down. Two more will break in through the windows on the right. Notice that
there's some poles near you, so you can save ammo and impale them if you wish.
Head forwards once you kill them. There'll be a spitter past the first door.
Kill it.

Through the next door you'll have to hurrel yourself towards the next tram
car. Stay on the right as the left door will blast off, then get over to the
other side. Once you're near the car you'll have to mash "X" to get in. You'll
be greated by a necro and an exploder, so blow them up. As you walk into the
car, a necro will pop in behind you as well. Enter the next car to start a
scene where the tram will crash, sliding you down the next few cars only to
be strung up upside down.

This is NOT a good position to be in, but you'll have to defend yourself while
in this state. Take note that there's some ammo near you that you can grab as
well as some poles ready for impaling. Get ready. Kill the crawler with a pole
as it shows up in front of you (a bit to the left) and explode the exploder
that follows. QUICKLY grab another pole and impale the necro that comes from
the left, than blast away a second one that comes out on the left.

A necro should be closing in from the right right about now, getting too close
for comfort. If you're not super fast, you'll probably get hit between those
last three necro's. Once you kill the last one, Issac will flip around so he
can look up at the tram. A bigger necro (a tripod, I think) will pop out, so
quickly shoot its weak spot. After that, Issac will finally fall down to the
ground. You're not clear yet though, as Issac will quickly move out of the way
of the falling train.

Chapter III: Crazy Unitologists                                    [DS 2.03]

What a close call! Issac will message Daina to get a new route. Explore the
surrounding area to loot all the necro's you killed. Be sure to check out the
nook to the right of the train to find a Power Node hidden behind some crates.
There is also a [Pulse Rifle Schematic] behind the left side of the train, so
be sure to grab that as well. Once you're done looting the area, follow the
objective to a room full of lockers. Grab the item off the desk and open the
single locker that they let you get into.

Head up the ramp and use the save station if you wish. You'll see a necro's
shadow as you continue onwards. To your left, do you see the "dead" necro?
Yeah, go ahead and shoot him. Also be sure to grab the Power Node to your
left out of the box. Grab the item out of the yellow box near the ramp.

Head up the blood-stained ramp to continue. Go through the door to find the
commercial section of the city. Inspect your right side to find some credits
on the ground. Now this next part sucks. As you head forwards, a new creature
that looks like a small kid has been infected will come out to play. These
things are collectively known as "The Pack", and will try and take you down
with numbers. Kill the couple that come out on your left, and move forwards.
A bunch (5-6) will come out near where you got the credits, with maybe two
more coming out where you killed the first two. Turn around and kill a few,
but move back to the escalator and sprint all the way down to the other end
(near where you got those credits) as 3-4 more will pop out behind where you
where. The trick here is to not let them sneak up behind you, which calls
for our sprinting tactics.

You'll know you've killed them all when Patient 5 radio's you and talks to you
some more about seeing things. Gather up your well-deserved loot. Head onwards
and use the save station if you wish. There's also a shop here where you can
finally download those two schematics.

Store Location #3


Pulse Rifle:             7,000 Credits
Hacker Suit:             20,000 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Line Gun:                9,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits
Stasis Pack:             2,500 Credits

Here, I recommend picking up the Hacker Suit and the Pulse Rifle. The suit
gives you an impressive 15 inventory slots and 15% armor (a major upgrade)
while the rifle is very handy to have for taking out the pack and makes a
good back-up weapon. I had to sell some spare line gun ammo I had to be able
to buy both of them, but if you can swing it, it's worth it.


You can get the "Lightspeed De Milo" trophy here by shooting apart the giant
blue kid that's rotating in the open.

Once you're done wheeling and dealing, head out to the mezzanine. Here you'll
learn more about Patient 5 courtesy of Daine. Note that you can also find some
credits and a Gold Semiconductor on the lower floor, although you may need to
break the glass panes to TK them up to you! Head to your left to find a text
log ("Tital Part 2"). You can find credits at both ends of this place, so
explore it a bit and then follow the objective. You'll find another text log
as you go on ("Altman's Footsteps"). You haven't forgotten about Unitology,
have you? The door to the elivator is locked, so hack the console near it to
open it.

Once down into the unitology place, you'll get another text log ("Recruiting")
as well as some other goodies. You'll notice that the vent on the left is
locked. Whip out your rifle and advance forward a bit. Soon you'll have two
pack, an exploder, and a necro in front of you. Explode the exploder and kill
off the pack. Retreat back to the elevator though, as 3-4 more pack will pop
out near where you were standing. Pick them off easily with your rifle. Much
easier with the rifle, isn't it?

Alternatively you can also shoot out the glass behind ALL the creaturs and
watch them get sucked out to space. Just be sure to shoot the red triangle so
YOU don't get sucked out as well.

Gather the goodies (you can carry more with your new suit) and explore the
area for more goodies. Crawl through the vent and check out the video that
the nearby dead man made. How nice of him! Gather up all of the green boxes
and go up the ramp (the trash compactor is a dead end for now). Up through
the door past the ramp you'll see why. Save here if you wish and feel free
to use the bench.

Bench Location #2

Again, upgrade as you wish. Personally I used 3 nodes to up the plasma cutters
DMG and CAP. Be sure to keep one node as room insurance.

Once you're done, shutdown the trash compactor. Remember to loot the locker
as well. As you go down the ramp, a spitter, two necro's and an exploder will
pop out, but you have the high ground. Take them out and head into the trash

Here you will be in your first "Zero Gravity" area. Note that you can press
"L3" to launch yourself and to land. Controls in zero gravity mode are pretty
easy; its kind of like you are floating in water.

Grab the few floating goodies in this area and instead of going straight
ahead, pay a visit to the room on your left. Here you can find several open
lockers as well as a Power Node. Now go into the other door, where you will
find some controls that open up the hatch you need to go down.

Oh, this is going to be fun! Go ahead and start heading down the hatch you
just opened up. Needless to say, do your best to avoid any large debris that
heads your way. You'll have some help though, as you can boost by pressing
"L2" and orient yourself to the ground (make yourself "right-side up") by
pressing "R2". Travel the short distance down the tunnel to a door on the
right. You'll also get the "One Small Step" trophy.

It's not all fun and games though, as the lights will soon shut off. Grab the
two green boxes in front of you and head up the ramp. You'll pass a wide area
and head towards a door. I know you're thinking an ambush is up ahead, and
you're right, as a necro will burst out of the vent on the left. It's just
one though, so put him down. The door in front of you will require a power
node to open, so give it one. Inside is a bunch of random items with a Bronze
Semiconductor and your first Med. Health pack.

To your right is a power pack that's fallen out of it's home. You have to use
TK to put it back in, which will light up the area and power up the elevator.
Take the elevator to continue. Grab the power node on your left when you exit
the elevator and go through the door. Up here you'll see lots of candles.
Pretty spooky. The "dead" necro on your left could use a shot or two, so give
it to him. It's also "pregnant" by the way, which means several very small
crawlers will emerge from it and try to hurt you. The rifle is a good choice
when dealing with this type of enemy.

There's also some crawlers in the apartement that's open straight in front of
you when you enter, as well as some goodies and a text log ("Sally3"). Head
down the hallway into the room your supposed to go into. Grab the item from
the bathroom and enter the kids room for another lovely "Nicole moment". Grab
the item from the desk and move through the door to another hallway.

Here you can move up the hallway for a stasis pack and a good view of the
unitologists area. Move through the door and you'll see a giant gun-ship
checking you out. Keep going through the next door and get ready for a necro
who will jump out of the left door at you. Kill him off and move into the
elevator nearby. Use the save station on the left if you want.

As you enter this big open area, the door behind you will shut down trapping
you. The dead corpse in front of you will have an infector show up near it and
start to turn it, so blast it out of the sky. You'll also see an exploder come
out of the left vent behind it, so hit its yellow spot for an easy kill. We're
not done yet, though. Your best bet is to go up the stairs on your left and
wait for the next monsters. There will be two spitters and an exploder come
after you at least. There's also another infector on the loose, turning
corpses into necro's, so take care of the spitter's and exploder, then hunt
it down. Once you've killed it, the gates will open.

Gather up all your loot. Take note that you can find a [Javelin Spears
Schematic] in the elevated area that you took a stand in. Once you're done
looting the area, head further into crazy land. This next area is full of
boards where you can listen to the history of unitology if you wish. Head
through the next set of doors when you're done listening to crazy.

Out here the gunship will start to fire on you, putting you into space and
forcing you to hurry up through this area. Run to the right and head for the
door in front of you to get out of space, escape the gunship, and proceed to
Chapter IV.

Chapter IV: The Church                                             [DS 2.04]

After escaping the gunship, you'll enter the church itself. Issac will talk
to Daina a bit and then you'll be shown how to locate save stations, stores,
etc with your locator. As you can see, your objective wants you to go right,
while the store and bench are off to the left. To the left we go!

Enter the left door and than the door to your right to get into that small
little cubby area, which has a text log ("Tour Staff"). Head up the stairs
past the gift room and up to the reading room. You'll get a video message from
Patient 5/Strauss as well. Enter the reading room. In here you can find
another text log ("Two Tines") as well as some goodies and a Power Node. As
you leave though, a necro will jump down, so be ready.

Head back down and enter the gift shop. It's a small little area, but it has
just about everything you could want including a save station, bench, and a

Store Location #4


Javelin Spears (2 pack): 400 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Line Gun:                9,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits
Stasis Pack:             2,500 Credits

Here I FINALLY bought the Line Gun as well as a power node. Onto the work

Bench Location #3

Here I continued my quest to max out the plasma cutter, adding on DMG, SPD,
and REL using three nodes (I still have one in reserve). 8 more nodes to go
to max it out!

Save if you wish and start treking back towards our main objective. This area
is similar to the gift shop area. Stomp on the corpses down here and pick up
the loot, then enter the nearby door to find an audio log ("Harsh Pressure").
Now ascend the stairs and press onwards through the door. In this upper
walkway you'll find an infector trying to turn a corpse, so shoot it down to
stop it. Down below you'll hear a crash as a necro pops out. There's also an
infector down here as well.

Once you take care of the first wave and head down there, a second wave will
appear. A necro will pop out along with another infector, who will start to
turn a corpse. Kill the first necro fast and freeze the infector/necro so you
can deal with them. Retreating up the stairs isn't a good idea, as a spitter
will pop out up there and you'll be stuck between baddies.

Once they are dead, collect the loot and head for the center cargo lift. Take
it up a level and go through the next door. Here you can go through the door
in front of you or you can go to your right and break the fuse to open that
door. That door just leads back to the starting area, making it easy to go
save/shop if you wish. Go into indoctrination to continue.

Here you can watch the indoctrination video if you wish. Creepy. Go into the
door on your right. Here you can find some goodies in the green boxes as well
as a text log ("Recruit Test Results"). Now see the panel near the door? Pull
it off. Behind it you'll see a diagram of the doors in this area, with the
one you just entered green and the one up ahead red. You need to power the red
door. See the seat with the dead lady? By it is a power source. Pull the cover
off and pull out the power. Move it to the door power recepticle and the door
up ahead will be powered on.

Exit this room, but be ready as three unitology necro's will drop down. Shoot
the glass behind them to suck them out into space or alternatively use a
stasis shot to deal with the easily. Once you're done, use a stasis shot on
the crazy door to give yourself enough time to get past it. Be careful here,
as bad timing WILL kill you.

Once your inside, Issac will have another "Nicole moment". Pick up the ammo
and save if you wish. In the next room is the [Security Suit Schematic] as
well as various goodies and another vent. Exit the vent for the best "Nicole
moment" yet. Once you're done being insane, check out the office for a Power
node and some credits. Exit through the door. There's another fuse to your
left should you wish to head back to the store/save. Head towards the Basilica
once you are ready.

This area is rather cool looking as well as a little bit foggy/hazy. Gather up
all the ammo they give you and take the lift down. Very foreboding. There's
plenty of spooky sound effects here as you make your way to the left. As you
near the door, it will break down. Issac will then ask Daina to find him a
route and she'll work on it.

Now, this section is... interesting. Walk out into the middle of the area and
then run back to the ruined door. In a bit, all of the grates that were
blocking off the area will go down. These monsters are called Stalkers. They
are quite unlike anything you've fought up to now, as they try to catch you
unaware and then RAM into you, knocking you down and inflicting damage, then
they'll run away again (it's a great death scene, by the way).

What you want to do is run back to the ruined door and wait for them. They'll
grow impatient and one by one will charge at you. Take out their legs to put
them down. DON'T let them hit you.

After you've killed four of them Daina will find you a route and the dramatic
music will cease. You'll also get the "Clever Girls" trophy (Know what that is
a reference to? Yep, Jurassic Park!). Gather up your loot and go hack the box
by the lift to make it work. Go grab the Power Node to your left (behind the
corpse) and head right, gathering up the goodies you see.

In this hallway there should be a Med. health pack by the door to yet another
conduit room. Head into the room to find an audio log ("Suspicion") as well
as a Power Node and various goodies. Head back to the hallway and go past the
door on your right so you can break the fuse up ahead. This door is directly
above the gift shop, so it's a good time to save/shop if you wish. (I went and
put some more nodes into my plasma cutter).

Once you're ready, go back and enter the chapel. Have your rifle ready as a
bunch of those little creatures come out. Take out as many as you can while
a necro crawls up from the pit. Take him out with the rifle too, then
immediately focus on the necro to the left. Once it is dead, focus on getting
rid of all the rest of the little creatures. Collect your loot and grab the
credits by the podium. Go behind the pillar and kill the "dead" necro in the

Ride the elevator down into the last place you'd want to be during a
Necromorph invasion: The Crypt.

Chapter V: All lies...                                            [DS 2.05]

Well, I guess we have no choice but to push forwards. After you descend the
stairs you can save at the save point if you wish, then open the door to
continue. If you played the Dead Space 2 demo at all, you'll recognize this
place right way as the next couple of rooms are straight from the demo.

If you know unitology at all, you know that when their dead die, the don't
bury or cremate the bodies, preferring to keep them in tact. Perfect for
Necromorphs, less so for you. This first room has nothing in it, so punch the
green box on the right for an item and go on.

Issac will have another freaky episode as you enter the next room. Stay cool!
Despite there being several broken "tombs" in here, this room is completely
safe. Go on to the next room. On the right you'll find a text log ("Thawed
Bodies") that you can read. This room too is safe, so grab the item on the
wall and move on.

Is it possible to have four safe rooms in a row? Not on your life, buddy. As
you walk down the right-hand side in this room, a spitter will jump out. Tear
his limbs off and proceed. Be sure to claim the two items on the wall. In the
next room, you'll notice the first room is pretty darn big, making it perfect
for some necros to jump you. You gotta lure them out though. Go into the right
walkway and a necro will jump out. He's alone though, so use this time to
finish him. This corner is a safe place to wait for the necros to come out.
Pull a limb off of him and you'll hear another necro jump out to your left.
This ones a spitter, so impale him and shoot off additional limbs if need be
to kill him.

To get the other necros to come out, you gotta visit the left walkway. One
will jump out very close to you, so take him down quick as another one is
coming from the right. There's some spears/stakes on the ground here you can
use to impale him. Grab one, because as you barely head down the left walkway,
a spitter will show up. You can then use the other one, go down the walkway,
and impale the "dead" necro down there as well (the middle corpse). Gather up
your loot (don't forget the green box) and continue. 

This next room has some crazy machines with a text log ("Stuck Coffins") right
next to you. <ThABahamut points out: If you turn around instead of using the
lift, you'll see a semiconductor (gold) lying between those machines in front
of you.> Go around the room and take the cargo lift down. You'll hear a couple
of Daina/Issac conversations along the way. Down here, check around the room
to find the [Ripper Schematic], a Power Node, and several stasis stations
nearby. What you need to do is first hack the nearby terminal. Once that's
done, two arms will descend from the ceiling above the crazy rings.

What you need to do is use you kineses to pull down the arms. Go ahead and try
it on these first two arms. As you'll notice, it freezes one of the rings in
place. You'll also notice that there was some beeping in between getting them
both pulled down (they are timing you). The first one was easy though, and
finishing it will let you do a second. Go ahead and do the second one as well.

Now the third one you'll have to do quicker, but that's what we got stasis for
(anytime you see a ton of stasis refills nearby, you can bet you'll need it).
Throw some stasis at the last crazy ring, then quickly pull down the last two
arms. Once you're done, you'll notice the gravity is now offline. Time to go
upwards. Refill at the stasis station and go zero-g. You'll have to use a shot
of stasis to slow down the fan blades and get past them. Head upwards where
you'll see a hole occasionally move and open up. This is to let the coffins
shoot downwards from above. You need to wait for the coffin to get shot out,
then go through the hole above.

Up here you can find a [Medium Med Pack Schematic] floating around, so be sure
to grab it. Turn off the gravity when you're ready and talk to Daina. Enter
the next door to find a store nearby.

Store Location #5


Javelin Spears (2 pack): 400 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Ripper:                  8,000 Credits
Security Suit:           20,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:         5,000 Credits
Stasis Pack:             2,500 Credits

Here I bought the Ripper, as I love it to death. Dead Space fans will remember
the gun from the first game. Basically, it launches a rotating saw blade and
HOLDS IT in front of you. I'm sure you see how handy that is... I put away my
javelin gun at this point, just FYI.

Head on and the power will cut out, but we're cool like the fonze so we're
okay. Grab the item on the right and check out your left. You'll see theres
a workbench here for you if you wish.

Bench Location #4

Behind the bench, you have to move the three hanging things out of the way.
Save here if you wish and crawl into the tunnel. This tunnel is crap though,
and will break, dropping you down below. There's no threat though, so take
your time and explore this area. It looks like we're in a unitologist storage
center. You should find TONS of goodies in this area, including a nice 10,000
credit chip. Exit the door and check to your right for a [Line Racks
Schematic]. Further on in the room you'll find some more goodies as well. Exit
the door into the hallway.

Here you'll encounter lurkers, small creatures that can climb on the walls and
ceilings. They'll raise three tentacles and try to kill you from range. Take
out a couple tentacles to kill them off. As you go up the ramp, a necro will
rush down at you as well. Gather your goodies, including two green boxes at
the top of the ramp, and continue.

This next area is a BIG open area featuring some very artful structures
celebrating unitology. As you enter it, you'll get to have some fun with the
Tormentor. WHEE! Remember: Shoot for the yellowish tongue area!

After you hit the "tongue" a few times, the creature will retreat, climbing
up the nearby wall. However, one of the pack will jump up and see you, calling
to its brothers. The hunt is on. Since you were dragged forward, I recommend
running back the way you came from and pulling out your rifle. Turn around to
pick off the pack that are following you. This area will force them to funnel
in towards you, which is ideal. The ramps aren't a bad place either, but you
can get hit from behind.

With the initial pack wave over, head up the ramp and survey the room from up
on the first slope. I like the right ramp. A necro should come in from the
right. After that, head up the ramp acting like you're going to the higher
area to draw them out. An exploder will be right in front of you, down the
hall, so blow him up. Go back to the first ramp and watch a spitter and a
necro try to get you.

Now gather up all your items from the pack. Go up the ramp now and explore
the upper area. Be on your guard though, because as you advance a necro will
try and jump out at you. In fact, up here you'll see another exploder on the
left hand side, along with two more necros and a spitter. Oh, and in the
middle area (where the Medium Med kit is), if you walk down there another
necro will climb up.

With that knowledge, take them out, gather up all your loot, and continue.
Kill the crawler in the next room and enter the room after it. Nicole will
taunt you some more here. Continue on into the elevator. Issac will talk to
Daina for a bit, but be ready, as a necro is about to join our elevator ride.
Punch it, then step back for the easy kill.

Exit the elevator and check out the view of the Sprawl to the left. Gather up
the goodies in the lobby, then check out the office on the right for a save
point, a Power Node, and a [Detonator Schematic]. Exit out the only door for
a scene. Jam "X" when needed.

As you fall down the shaft, courtesy of EarthGov (who got you out of a jam,
ironically), you'll meet an old friend. It seems some weak-point shooting is
in order. Shoot at it's weak arm, to the right of the screen. After a couple
shots, shoot it twice more in the same spot to the left. It'll throw you
around like a rag doll the whole time, but you'll take it's arm off at
least. After that last shot, it'll throw you down the corridor, where you'll
regain control.

DON'T try and be brave or play the hero here, RUN! Run your ass off. You'll
have to TK the door open (aim and circle, throw the door to the left), but
KEEP ON RUNNING. The gunship will soon find you though, starting one of the
best cut scenes in the game. Out in space, the creature will knock loose some
red canisters off the ship. Stay cool and take a shot at one of them to blow
the damn thing to pieces, propelling yourself to safety (and getting the
"Torment Me No More" trophy")

Chapter VI: New Friends.                                          [DS 2.06]

With any chance of getting your dementia to stop blown to pieces by a gunship,
you'll feel hope slip away, but Stross will radio you and tell you that the
marker is in the government sector, and he wants to destroy it with you. Well,
that's good news! Check out the room you came in for some goodies and a Power
Node. The other apartment has some stuff as well. Go through the next door.

The next room has a lot of crazy writing with a save point nearby and looks
exactly like that one room you got ambushed in back in chapter II. Head out
the door on the right where you can find some goodies and the [Seeker Rifle
Schematic]. Go through the door they want you to take into the next hallway.

On the left you'll see an apartment you can search for some stuff with a short
family video going on. Up ahead is doors to the left and right that also ahve
some stuff for you to grab. Head through the door now (did the alarm scare

Stross will talk to you a bit more about the sessions they made you take,
then go off after his son. How sad. Grab the item out of the box and take the
elevator down. You'll see some dead soldiers down here with Tiedemann on the
comm. lines giving the fall back order. Too late for these guys. There's a
save station too. Yeah, I recommend saving right about now.

The next area is wide open, and you can count on a fight. To start with, lets
take out some BIG threats. As you move forwards, a pregnant necro will waddle
out from further on ahead. Be sure to take the limbs off only to avoid the
swarm of small crawlers inside it. Once you take that one down, turn around
and walk back the way you came. ANOTHER pregnant one will come out, so take it
down without popping the babies.

With those two big threats out of the way, this place is about to become
crawler central. Crawlers will fall down, two at a time, trying to get at you.
Remember that they can cling to walls too! I like to stand where I killed the
last pregnant thing and shoot their legs out as the run at me. All in all you
should kill about six of them before they stop. Gather up your loot and search
the big area for stuff. As you continue past where the first pregnant necro
showed up at, another pregnant necro will come from behing. Take it out to end
the assault on you.

This hallway has a store to the right, so visit it to stock up!

Store Location #6


Javelin Spears (2 pack): 400 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Seeker Rifle:            11,000 Credits
Detonator:               8,000 Credits
Security Suit:           20,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):     2,000 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:         5,000 Credits
Stasis Pack:             2,500 Credits

Here I found myself a bit on the rich side, so I bought the Detonator (which
is a NICE gun to have and place traps with), the Suit, and a Power Node. Go
through the next door when you're ready.

Here you'll see a blob of flesh (I call them pods), and a falling broom will
show you what they do: they have an explosive inside. (Note: You can get the
"Bouncing Betty" trophy here by catching the mine and using it to destory the
pod with).

Make your way down the hall, putting a few rounds into each pod to kill it (I
recommend the rifle or TK). A crawler will also come out, but he'll die via
pod if you let him. At the end there's a save station and a workbench.

Bench Location #5

There's also a security room nearby, so save at least one power node! Enter it
to find goodies as well as some semiconductors. Head onwards to enter a Zero-G
zone. Grab the item at the end of the hallway and head out into the open. Here
you'll see fire blocking your path onwards, so we need to kill the oxygen to
put it out. Which translates into pulling out batteries. The first one is
directly to your left. The second is down the small set of stairs on your
right and behind a TK-pullable door.

The next one is above you on the roof, but explore this area first for goodies
(some in boxes) and a sad audio log ("Happy Hope"). There's also a hallway
right above the door you entered from which has one of those blue boxes with
a Power Node in it, so be sure to grab it!

Once you explore the area, take out the last power node and the oxygen will
vanish, clearing the way for you. Up ahead is two more lurkers though, so be
ready. When you kill them, turn around and grab one of those power nodes you
took out and take it with you through the next door. In here you'll find a
broken power node that you can now replace to brind the elevator back online.

Grab any items and call the elevator. Be ready, as a spitter is in the
elevator waiting for you! Kill it and head down. Stross will tell you about
the machine and the steps while you're at it. There's a save station in the
following room. Save if you want then grab the Power Node from the box on the
right. Punch the fuse on the door to the left to continue. You'll hear the
familiar cry of the stalker as you see a large open room with several crates.

Head down the ramp and grab the detonator mines surrounding the man. Heh, he
has the right idea. What we're going to do is advance on the left hand side
until we draw the stalkers out, than go back a bit to a corner (the corner by
the lockers is good). Now with a long stretch ahead of us, stalkers can poke
their heads out and jump out at us. We can lay down detonator mines as traps
for them to run into. There's also a stasis refill station nearby, if you
just want to stasis them. You can also get the "Peek-a-Boo" trophy by
shooting them with the Seeker Rifle zoomed. Either way, you know what they
are going to do, so take them out. There's about five of them here.

Grab all the items in the room/lockers/boxes and refill your stasis, then
continue on to hack a door at the end of the room. Go through the next hallway
while talking to Stross a bit until you come to a wide open area. Here you'll
see a girl taking out necro's from behind a barrier. Ooo, another survivor!
Go forwards and take out the crawler that comes up at you. Gather any items
(there's a cubby to the left) and head forwards until she takes a shot at you.
After the brief talk, head towards her to talk some more.

She'll introduce herself (Ellie) and tell you not to follow her. Explore the
area to the right to find the [Pulse Rounds Schematic] and then follow her.
Naturally. Outside the elevator is a couple of pods. Move forward a bit and a
necro with a pregnant necro will pop out. Keep going and another necro with a
spitter will pop out. Kill all the pods you see as well, as they have creepy
sound effects. They are all over, on the ceiling and walls too! As you reach
the end of this section, a necro and another spitter will pop out behind you.

With all those things cleared, explore this room for goodies and a Power Node
by a broken shop door. You can also find a save station and a shop here!

Store Location #7


Javelin Spears (2 pack): 400 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Seeker Rifle:            11,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):     2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):  1,250 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:         5,000 Credits
Stasis Pack:             2,500 Credits

I bought the other rifle here as well as a power node. Don't forget to sell
your conductors! With that out of the way, head into the elementry school.

Ok, I don't know about you, but I HATE it when they combine little kids and
horror. It freaks me out. Grab the item on the left, than go check out the
scene of the right to see what I mean. Man, that's sad.

You'll see those things up close and personal in the next two rooms. First,
TK the cribs out of the way so you break them, because as you step forward
half a dozen of those things (I'm going to call them babies, since that's what
they are) come at you. The rifle is handy here. Once that wave is gone, peek
your head in the next room where you'll see another half dozen. Run back and
let them come towards you. Once wave number 2 is done, continue on. One more
will fall out of the ceiling, so be careful (note that you can TK their
bodies as well, like you can TK an exploders sack).

Keep going forward until you enter a room after a hallway. This is the nurses
office. You can find a text log ("School Nurse Report 8022") here as well as
some health and a save station. Out in the hallway Issac will have a mini
dementia attack. Grab the item and take the left door into the gym.

Here about three pack will attack, but they are far away so pick them off.
Move around to the left. As you go on a spitter will attack your front. Take
him out. Gather your loot and go up on stage. Now, pepper the wide open area
behind you with traps if you with, as a lot of pack and babies will be
attacking soon. Continue on past that damned sun and hack the hack point.

This will start bringing down the scenery and will start to open up the
curtain on the right. The pack mixed with babies will not assault you. Use
your rifle and traps to take them out. You'll get the "The Graduate" trophy
for you child-killing. Gather up your loot and check the lockers, then

Head out into the hallway as a bell rings. There's a room to your right we
can explore. It has a text log ("Kids Gone Crazy") in it as well as the
[Flamethrower Schematic] in it. Head out and get the item from your right
and go through the next door. In here Nicole will taunt you some more while
Issac is defiant. You can find a Power Node in one of the rockets here. You
can also shoot the hatches on either side of the door. Use TK directly after
shooting them to grab an item behind each one. Head into the door. Ellie will
contact you with Stross in tow, taking him to the hub for you.

Head out the elevator and grab all the boxes/items and save if you wish. Head
into the next room to meet up with Ellie and Stross again. Your conversation
will be cut short as the power goes off and Tiedemann chimes in. After that,
some necros will attack Ellie (and die) while a giant one jumps down to you.

This thing is a brute, and will try to charge at you, so you'll want to get
out of it's way. Use a reliable weapon (plasma cutter/rifle) and aim for its
joints (which have that "weak spot" yellow behind them). You can also use
stasis on him as well as lay down traps for him to run over if you wish. 
Stasis works quite well. There's some javelins and a stasis bomb for you to
TK around this place as well. He'll take quite a few hits to drop, but he'll
at least give you a ruby semiconductor.

After you drop him, Issac will come clean to Ellie, gaining her help. She'll
set a new path for you. Explore the room to gather all the items. Follow the
path and gather all the green boxes here too (you can use TK to smash the ones
behind the barricades!). Continue down the ramp and you'll meet a guardian
necro. This thing will stay stuck to the wall, but will put out tentacles.
Shoot the tentacles off of him until he dies! He can also spawn small sacks
that try to attack you like a lurker, so kill any he throws out as well.
You'll know he's dead when he drops a gold semiconductor. Continue on into
the elevator and the next chapter.

Chapter VII: The Solar Array                                      [DS 2.07]

Move forward, ignoring the store for now, as you'll see two crawlers come up
at you. Let them have it. There's also some of those tiny crawlers by the
body down at the ramp. With them all dead, take advantage of the rooms

Store Location #8


Javelin Spears (2 pack): 400 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Flamethrower:            11,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):     2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):  1,250 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:         5,000 Credits
Stasis Pack:             2,500 Credits

I just bought power nodes here.

Bench Location #6


You unlock the "RESPEC" ability here, allowing you to pay 5000 credits and
take all the nodes out of any weapon you set them in for re-use.

Save up and continue on. The docking pod is unavailable, so head outside to
fix it. Grab the box while they tell you that shooting red nozzles makes
things thrust forward. Shoot the nearby one to see. There's a lot of items
floating around here. Down near the ground are two important ones though: a
Power Node (underneath the giant elevator) and the [Ripper Blades Schematic]
nearby. Now go underneath the elevator and shoot the thrusters to put it in

With that done, go back to the hallway. Kill the crawler that tries to jump
you. This next part involves us getting in the elevator and being attacked by
a lot of tripods, so go back and make a save if you care about the "Elevator
Action" trophy at all (where you kill all the tripods), since you'll want an
easy way to retry if you fail.

The ride goes smoothly for quite awhile until the tripods show up. They'll pop
through one of the elevators many windows, making you have situational
awareness at all times. They can't reach you if you're too far away, which is
good. Aim for the weak arm segments to blow them off and make them fall down.
If you kill them, items will drop into the elevator for you. How nice. If you
have a decent stock of detonator shots, just launch those at them for some
EASY kills.

At the end of the ride, head out to the left. You'll see some pods you can
kill, but be sure to check the lockers for a [Force Gun Schematic]. Get the
items out of the far lockers as well and continue on. Now you'll be in the
living quarters of the solar array's maintance man, Howard Phillips. The AI
will be here to greet you. Check out the space on the right to find a text
log ("Personal Log: Howard Phillips") to learn more about the bird man.
Further on is some more goodies, a store, and a Power Node hanging out by the
store. Theres also a save station nearby.

Store Location #9


Javelin Spears (2 pack): 400 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Flamethrower:            11,000 Credits
Force Gun:               11,000 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):  1,350 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):     2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):  1,250 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:         5,000 Credits
Stasis Pack:             2,500 Credits

Again, I just bought power nodes. Try out the new guns if you wish.

You'll find upon trying to continue that the door won't open for you, since
you're not Howard. Remember that body on the bed? Go grab it and hold it in
front of you to make the door open. Morbid! You're a monster!

As you move forward, the AI will realize you're an intruder, and will attempt
to trap you in. Shoot off the trap and continue. Check the other short
hallway to find some items and a Power Node behind another trap. In the next
room a crawler will try to inch towards you. Kill it and gather up the nearby
items. As you move forwards,  you'll be trapped in again and some various
necros will come out to play. If they touch the beams (or you shoot the space
window), they'll be sucked out to space. Shoot the red triangle like always to
save yourself. You'll be left with a few babies to mop up afterwards.

Enter the small room now to find some items and a text log ("Personal Log:
Howard Phillips"). Hack the nearby point to give the small cargo lift power.
As you head back out a crawler will greet you, followed by two necros that
pop out ahead of you and to your right. Use stasis liberally since you can
refill back in that room. Ride the elevator up and you'll see a necro miss
you. As you go towards the work bench at the top though, he'll find his way
up, so be careful!

Bench Location #7

Teidemann will taunt you as you go past the TK bridge (move the obstacle to
the left), and you'll have to make your way past a trap. Go towards the
lockers on the left, but take down the trap first. There's a Power Node in
one of them, and a necro will jump out at you as you head back. Save at the
point up ahead if you wish and continue.

In this hallway, the AI will take away the oxygen, giving you a time limit.
A stalker will storm down in front of you and a crawler will come from the
left. If you move back and shoot you'll have no problem. Move down the left
walkway so you can gather goodies and go hack the box in front of you to turn
the oxygen back on and unlock the door.

Now we're in the mainframe. Teidemann will lock it down though, the bastard.
Grab the few items lying around and go check out the central area. Put some
traps behind you covering both paths and pull the cover off the vent. See the
"Reroute?" diagram by you? It basically says your heading right. Jump in and
head right! In here the AI will tell you to back away and some small crawlers
will jump out. Take all the TK panels off the wall. See the four red glowing
blocks with different patterns? We need to put all four of them in the
recepticle on the right. There's a pattern on the ground near the far
window that acts as a key.

Basically, you want it to look like this:
(As if you're looking at the right recepticle.)

[ ] [ ] [ ]         [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ]     [ ]         [ ]     [ ]
    [ ]             [ ] [ ] [ ]

    [ ] [ ]             [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ]         [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]                 [ ]

Line up the pieces just like that and the floor panel will rise. Activate it
and jump back into the vent. On the other side, reroute the vent so you head
left now. Jump into it again and go left.

Now THIS side is DIFFERENT. There's !!TWO!! ways to put in the blocks here,
one that makes them light green, and one that makes them light up blue. The
green way continues the story, the blue way leads to a secret room. So.. lets
do blue first. Oh, also go ahead and take all the panels down and approach the
vent, as a green necro will attack us. Kill it and then work on making the
pattern blue.

Here's the blue symbols:

    [ ]                  [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ]          [ ] [ ] [ ]
    [ ]              [ ] [ ]

[ ] [ ] [ ]          [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ]     [ ]          [ ]     [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ]              [ ]

After you put this in, a switch will open up, letting you move the vent to a
room on the left. Go ahead and do it. In this room you can find some very
nice items including 2 Power Nodes and the PENG treasure (which in turn
unlocks the "Collect Peng" trophy).

Head back to the previous room and get all the symbols green.

Here's the green symbols:

[ ] [ ] [ ]          [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ]     [ ]          [ ]     [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ]              [ ]

    [ ] [ ]              [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ]          [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]                  [ ]

The floor panel will come up like last time, so use it. This will pop out a
few necros outside, so you'll probably hear your traps go off. Go back to the
main area and finish off anything alive.

Go forwards a bit and the mainframe will pop up. It's basically just five
fuses you have to destroy. Set up some more traps, go back to the vent and
shoot two of the fuses. A necro will pop out from the left. Shoot the last
three and a necro will pop out from the right. Once your traps have them
killed, the computer will shut down for good (giving you the "Shut Down"
trophy). Now continue on with the mission and head to the left.

Past the door a body will freak you out and then you'll check in on Ellie and
Stross. Yeah, not crazy at all... Anyway, we gotta align the arrays by hand
now. This room has three pods along with several small wriggling tentacles to
take out (the rifle shines here). Past the door is a small walkway that has
a necro that comes up at you, followed by a crawler and three lurkers. Fun.
It also has a save point at the end and a security door.

Spend a node to open the door. When you're over there, another crawler will
try and rush you, so take it down so you can explore the door in peace. Inside
is goodies, as usual, but more importantly a text log ("Personal Log: Howard
Phillips") and a [Contact Beam Schematic]. Nice! Head back out and hack the
terminal to continue onwards.

You'll meet Nicole again as you attempt to head outside. You'll see that
array's one and three need aligned, so hit the blue panel to get outside.

Out here you'll be in a HUGE secion of space. You'll also learn about oxygen
panels where you can refill your supply of oxygen (there's usually one around
in these large space sections). First things first though, look around until
you find a blob of necro material. Apporach it and one of those tri-arm things
will come out, chucking it's homing tentacles at you. Avoid them and use any
handy weapon to take out its huge weak arms for a semiconductor.

With it out of our way, this whole area is same. There's a TON of green boxes
out here for you to gather, which I recommend. You can stock up very nicely
out here. Once your done stocking up, head to one of the two arrays. On the
right hand side you'll find a TK point. Use it and drag the beam so the
reflected light hits the panel in the distance. Go do this for the other one
as well while listening to Ellie and Stoss. After the second one, you'll get a
visual updae from Ellie. Seems like our transport is being overrun. Head back
to the control chamber and head back inside.

Once you're in there, hit the blue display and shoot yourself out. You'll have
to dodge a bunch of debri on the way, but you have some good space to move in.
Dodge the first piece to the right, and the next to stay on the left. Head
right for the next piece and go through the middle of the following one.

Go through the middle of the next piece and stay to the right for the
following one. Now just aim for the light!

Once you land (what a landing...) gather up all the goodies and use the
store and save point nearby if you wish. 

Store Location #10


Javelin Spears (2 pack): 400 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Flamethrower:            11,000 Credits
Force Gun:               11,000 Credits
Contact Beam:            9,000 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):  1,350 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):     2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):  1,250 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:         5,000 Credits
Stasis Pack:             2,500 Credits

With all those items and conductors (and PENG!), I ended up buying every gun
up to this point (and I STILL had money).

Head down to the hub when you're ready. You'll meet Ellie again but things
will go horribly wrong quickly. Quickly spread out some traps around the area
(around five) where you can plan to fall back to and whip out your rifle. Soon
the whole area will lose oxygen and a swarm of necros will attack while Ellie
attempt to open the nearby door for you.

The ambush will start off with the pack, so take them out with your rifle
while protecting your traps. Soon it will turn into a mass conflagaration
of crawlers, spitters, necros, and the occasional pack. Stick to a corner
(behind traps, if possible) and watch for them to come. It's harder to tell
since theres little noise. Take down those spitters asap and use stasis on the
crawlers to make your life easy. Also, don't get cornered! Run if you feel too
much pressure. The traps you layed down will help cover you and thin the

After about a minute of constant attacks or so, Ellie will tell you the door
is open. Do a QUICK run around to gather items and run for the door. Theres no
point in taking them all on as you'll be safe once you enter the door. Hit the
nearby blue panel to start the giant elevator. Unlike most giant elevators,
this one is safe and you can talk to Ellie to plan your next move...

Chapter VIII: One death trap after another...                     [DS 2.08]

Wow, that last fight was crazy! Our goal now is to meet up with Ellie and
Stross. Exit the elevator and grab the item from the green box on your left.
Head down the ramp and open the next door. Issac will have an episode here,
but it'll be over soon. You can find an audio log in this room ("Ellie's Story
1") as well as some goodies on the ground. There's also a store her for your

Store Location #11


Javelin Spears (2 pack): 400 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:         5,000 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):     2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):  1,250 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):  1,350 Credits
Stasis Pack:             2,500 Credits

There's also a save point here that you can use. Once your done, head through
the only open door. This place is a mess! Grab the Power Node to your right
as well as the goodies nearby. Continue into the next room. Here you'll notice
a secure door to your right, but pay attention to the infectors ahead of you
in the next room, who are already busy turning corpses. These necro's will
soon burst in on you. Get by the glass and lay a devastor trap near the door
you just entered and in the corner to your left. This will take out two necros
who burst in. After you set the traps and are waiting for them, see the dark
necro playing "dead" to the right? Go ahead and kill him. While you do so the
necro's will burst in. Switch to your cutter and let your traps do their work.
One last necro will burst in near the door you entered from.

Once that is done, gather up your goodies (don't forget the yellow box on the
wall) and use a node to enter the security room. In here you can find a random
assortment of goodies as well as a [Vintage Suit Schematic], a Ruby
Semiconductor, and TWO (yes, two) Power Nodes. Totally worth it! With the
store so close, go get rid of the schematic and any excess stuff.

Come back and proceed into the next area. Grab the item behind you. Here we'll
get another ambush chance. If you go forwards, one of those pregnant necros
will round the corner and come at you, and shortly after a regular necro will
drop down behind you. Not good! So instead set a trap by the corner and get
your rifle ready. Move forward a bit to trigger the large necro, than go back.
You'll see the normal necro drop in front of you, so take him out and watch
your trap do it's work. You'll probably have to clean up the small crawlers
now, hence the rifle.

Gather your loot and go forward to find an audio log ("Ellie's Story 2") and
go into the door on the right. You'll have another episode here. Examine the
area to your left thouroughly for a Power Node in a box and head through the
next door. Continue past the bloody area to the door on your left. When you
exit this door, turn around and grab the Ruby Semiconductor to the left of the
door. Continue on to the fuel area and you'll see Ellie in a room nearby. The
door to their area is busted (of course), so you'll have to take a detour.
After the conversation gather the items nearby, save if you wish, and continue

Enter the pressurization room and grab the [Detonator Mines Schematic] by the
body on the left. As you move forwards on the right, the machinary will start
up. Did you jump? No monsters... yet. There will be though. As you go down the
small ramp, a green necro will jump out of the vent in front of you. Rush him
while chopping his legs down with your cutter, then turn around and kill the
necro that jumped out of the vent behind you. There will also be a spitter
down by the work bench and another necro popping out, so be careful. Collect
your loot and use the workbench if you wish, then continue onwards.

You'll enter into a zero gravity room. Issac will talk to Ellie who will tell
him to force open the hatch. Also note the canister dispenser to your right.
What you need to do here is grab one of those canisters (there are a couple
already floating around) and attack it to the lower section of the hatch in
front of you. Now, just shoot it and the hatch will open. Head past it and
free the items from the floating green boxes. Further on the machinary will
turn on and you'll get a nice little message from Tiedemann. Jerk.

Well, we still have to go forwards. This first part isn't too hard. Orient
yourself to ground (R2) and head for the obvious gap on the left. The
horizontal spinners will have a man-sized gap near the top, so slip through
them. Now get through the next gap between the second set of vertical spinners
(between the 1st and 2nd spinners). Up ahead is a wide open space with a
lurker, so put it out of its misery.

Up ahead to your right you'll see several electricity beams with a device
going up and down them. After you get more items from the green boxes, turn
and face the electricity. The device that blocks it is going much too fast,
so get near it at the top and hit it with some stasis. As it slows down and
blocks the top bar of electricity, jet past it (remember to use L2 to go

Past the lightning is two more lurkers, so be ready. You'll also get to chat
with Ellie some more as she gets attacked. Grab the green box items and get
ready for another trap. Here, blades will be spinning around columns. Refill
your stasis and pick a column with blades swinging TOWARDS the area you want
to go. Now as the blades pass you (just barely pass you), use stasis on the
column and follow the blades to the area behind them.

As you probably guessed, more lurkers will great you. You know the drill: take
them out and loot the green boxes. Now grab one of the thruster canisters
below you and use it to open the nearby hatch. Look, no lurkers! Instead we
get to go through a flame-filled death trap. Watch the flames and you'll see
when you can go and when you can't. Use your mad timing skills to get past the
first set of flames. Now you should note that up above you is another one of
those hive creatures that you fought back in chapter seven out in space. It
will throw it's homing missles at you in spurts. Get past the next flame
section and jet left and right while avoiding his missles while you hit his
weak arms. After a few hits on each weak spot, the beast will die, leaving you
with a nice ruby semiconductor. Use a thruster to open the nearby hatch.

Here you'll get a video where you can check up on Ellie. Grab the various
items floating about and go through the door. Go through the corridor and open
the next door. Kill the distracted crawler to your right and grab the Power
Node from the box on the left. Note that this is the room you saw Ellie in, so
follow her through the fuel tower door.

Here you'll meet up with Stross and Ellie. You'll also make new travel plans,
giving us a new objective to prepare transport. Loot the room you're in and
you'll find various goodies as well as a [Large Medpack Schematic]. There's a
save station nearby as well. TK the tables out of the way and head through the
door to start Chapter IX.

Chapter IX: Playing with fire.                                    [DS 2.09]

Head down the walkway but be ready for a fight. As you approach the lift, a
crawler will pop out of the nearby vent. Shoot him off the wall and be ready
for another one to follow him. You will also see a necro climb up near the
door you entered from, and another crawler will follow after the second.
Either play defense, or rush the necro to buy time to kill the crawlers (man
I hate crawlers).

Ride up the lift and head down the only path. A necro will jump out of this
vent, so pop him in the leg and stomp him. Next to him is a welcome conduit
room. Grab the various goodies as well as an audio log ("Activation"), a Power
Node, and the [Hacker Contact Beam Schematic]. Pretty good haul! Move forwards
and take out the baby creatures. Make sure to loot the green boxes as well.

Head into the next room and take out the spitter. It will be followed by a
couple of lurkers, so be ready. After that loot the room and pick up the audio
log ("Ellie's Story 3"). This room also has a store. Yea!

Store Location #12


Javelin Spears (2 pack):  400 Credits
Rivet Bolts (10 pack):    750 Credits
Power Node:               10,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):   1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:           2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:          5,000 Credits
Large Med Pack:           10,000 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):      2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):   1,250 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):   1,350 Credits
Detonator Mines (3 Pack): 1,200 Credits
Contact Energy (2 Pack):  4,000 Credits
Stasis Pack:              2,500 Credits
Vintage Suit:             40,000 Credits
*Hacker Contact Beam:     0 Credits

*You will need to have Dead Space Ignition save data to get this weapon.


Note that the Vintage Suit give you a 10% discount on all shop purchases.

Here I bought the Vintage Suit completing my suit. Alternatively you could
probably buy a lot of power nodes and level up some weapons. Do as you see
fit. I recommend the suit for the store discount.

Once you are done, head through the nearby door to continue. Here you'll
encounter the divider enemy. As you can see, it's super thin. Cut it down as
normal, but beware, because once you do it'll split into four smaller skinny
enemies that can grab you (leading to some button mashing). Frankly, this
thing sucks. Use your rifle once it splits up to make things easier. Past the
divider, enter the nearby elevator to continue.

Up here, notice the space window to your left. As you get halfway through the
room, an enhanced necro will pop out to the right and an exploder will pop out
near the other door. What I like to do is run to the door in front of me and
take that last right, then turn around and shoot out the window. This will
suck out the necro and exploder, but be sure to shoot the red triangle at the
top so you don't die too! After that, grab the Power Node from the blue box in
the room and look down the pit in the room for a ruby semiconductor. Grab
your loot and continue.

Further on, you can shoot the traps to your right to find some ammo. There's
also some boxes to your right that you can move out of the way to find a
couple of unfortunate souls with an audio log ("Ellie's Story 4") and the
[Flame Fuel Schematic].

Up ahead is a wall necro, so start shooting off his "vines". You can TK a fire
canister (which you can find in the cubby area on the left) at him too to save
some bullets. He'll drop a semiconductor, of course (like they all do). Ride
the lift next to him.

You'll hear more voices and the lift will stop short of the top. You'll see a
necro approach, so take a couple of pot shots at him. Once the lift finishes
going up, run past the necro into the open area behind him, as an exploder is
right by the door next to the lift. From the open area, you can explode the
monster and probably kill off the necro and some small crawlers as well. A
large crawler is also nearby, so be ready for him.

After the fight, explore the room for goodies. You can find a save station
here as well as a work bench.

Bench Location #8

I happened to have enough nodes to fully upgrade my Rig at this point.
Hopefully, you're making good progress with whatever you're leveling up as

Now we'll have to do some work. See those three columns in the middle of the
room? Well, he have to fix the middle one. Take the blue piece out of the left
column (after you raise the door) and place it in the same spot in the middle.
Now, raise the door on the right device and blast it with some stasis so you
have enough time to grab the blue piece. Place it in the middle one. The last
big piece is over to the right, so go grab it. Grab it from a distance though,
as a head tentacle will be under it. Use the gear to smash the tentacle and
then put it in the middle.

This will make it possible to call over the tram. Before you do, set up a
couple of traps on each door with your Detonator, because when you call the
tram, a couple of necros will try and get to you. They'll never make it
though, so collect the loot and traps and head into the tram.

Issac will have another episode and then you'll pick up your friends. Ride the
tram downwards and watch the scene. Bet you never thought you'd see the
Ishimura here, huh? Something will rock the tram and Issac will head out to
investigate. Gather up all the green box items and save if you wish, then head
through the door.

Here kill the two pods that you can see and grab the Power Node to your left.
There's another pod here you can kill. Now, as you can probably tell, there's
some stalkers in this room. Go forward a bit to draw them out, then use some
traps/fast reflexes to take them down. You're nowhere near done though, as
there are more further in. Grab the audio log on the left ("Ellie's Story 5")
and continue on.

Sneak up the left side of the room and throw out some traps. In the left
corner, a single exploder will pop out, so take him down and continue hunting
the stalkers. Once you've killed the couple that pop out, head towards the
right corner (throwing out traps) and you'll see a single exploder pop out of
the vent here too. Take him out and kill off the last stalkers (those traps
can be a lifesaver!). Round up your goodies and follow your objective. You'll
come across a wall necro by the door, so take out his tentacles and grab your
semiconductor. There's a flame canister to your left as well. Head behind the
crates that the wall necro is on to find some health, credits, and the [Seeker
Shells Schematics]. Good deal. Enter the elevator when you're done.

Continue down the hall killing the pods. There will be a single necro further
up to the left. In the hallway you'll find a store as well as a save point, so
make use of them!

Store Location #13


Javelin Spears (2 pack):  400 Credits
Rivet Bolts (10 pack):    750 Credits
Power Node:               10,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):   1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:           2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:          5,000 Credits
Large Med Pack:           10,000 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):      2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):   1,250 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):   1,350 Credits
Detonator Mines (3 Pack): 1,200 Credits
Contact Energy (2 Pack):  4,000 Credits
Seeker Shells (5 Pack):   1000 Credits
Stasis Pack:              2,500 Credits

After saving, exit  through the door where you will find a giant tentacle
wrapped around a tank. Listen to Ellie then start chucking canisters at the
tank. You'll notice the tanks "life bar" go down when you do. After four hits
the tentacle will retreat. Ride the lift downwards.

Loot the green boxes and prepare to blow up another tank. Now, as you can
probably feel in your bones this isn't going to be anywhere near as easy. Set
up some traps around the big circular area and set the two fire canisters near
you. Get out your weapon and get ready.

Launch both of the canisters at the tank. Soon a huge necromorph will drop
down. The canisters to your left and right will also have new tanks.

The key here is to dodge/avoid the big guy while chucking canisters at the
tank. Seriously, you can kill the big guys but they don't drop ANYTHING
worthwhile. So use the traps to stune the big guy and throw some more
canisters. He likes to leap across large gaps at you, so stay on the move.
After he leaps, slow him down with a shot of stasis and throw some more
canisters asap. Use your other shot of stasis if you have to. Between your
traps and the stasis, you'll have plenty of time to blow up the tank.

Once you do, the screen will flash white as the tentacles retreat. As Ellie
warned you, the entire area will start to explode. Quickly run to the other
elevator nearby (the one the tentacle was guarding) and go up. At the top,
quickly run into the tram on the left. You CAN die here if you dilly-dally.

Once in the tram, watch the ensuing scenes. Since Tiedemann is a @%$!, you'll
instruct Ellie to head backwards with the tram a bit. Exit the tram and enter
the door. Follow the path as you ride a cargo tram down the corridor. Head
through the work area and board the lift, leading you right up to the U.S.G.

Chapter X: Welcome Back...                                         [DS 2.10]

To get to the government sector, we have no choice but to use the Ishimura's
Gravity Tethers to pull it back to us. Head onboard the Ishimura. Walk down
the dock as you talk to Ellie, then go inside. Looks like the old girl is
being refurbished or something. Grab the item in the locker and go further in.
There's a save station to your left as well as some items scattered about.

Check where you have to go but inspect the room first. See the doorway blocked
off by the boxes on the left? Move the boxes and enter. Here you can find a
text log ("The Clogger"). Enter the rooms ahead (the bathrooms). You can find
a Power Node on the right as well as some credits by the stalls. The other
side has an item as well as an audio log ("Cursed Ship"). Head back to the
previous room now and take the way you're supposed to take.

Follow the single path and check the ships diagnostic report. Looks like we're
headed to engineering. Great. As you head down the hallway, some spooky voice
will remind you what happened on this ship. There's also a room on the right
with a green box in it. Head down the corridor and through the doors until you
get to the elevator. I'm surprised we haven't been jumped by now.

Head down the elevator and use the workbench if you wish.

Bench Location #9

Once you're done head through the next corridor. In the next hallway, theres
an item down the ramp to your left. Continue on into the big room. Here theres
a save station as well as some random items. Continue on to the next hallway,
where you're supposed to go right. Head left instead so you can grab some
items and an audio log ("No Transfer"). Go back and go the right way now. Head
down the ramp and through the next door.

Head down the well-lit corridor picking up items along the way and go into the
darker corridor. Here we will FINALLY have to fight something. Break the green
box and get ready. Set up some traps down the beginning part of the corridor
and advance a bit to trigger a brute. As you know, these things charge at you,
and this corridor is a BAD place for such a fight. Get up and plug a couple
of hits into his weak shoulders, then run behind one of your traps. Stay on
one side of the corridor and throw a stasis at the beast as he charges towards
your trap and you. Quickly run around him as he runs through your trap and peg
him some more. Use your other stasis and any traps to finish him off.

Use a stasis module if you have one, as there's another brute down the path.
Personally, I made a line of five detonator traps and let the brute run
through them all, which killed him. Use stasis and aim for the shoulders.
The method I used is a good way to get the "Brute Jerk" trophy, by the way.

Once you kill the second brute, regular and enhanced necromorphs will start
to appear. Run forward so you don't get surrounded and take them out however
you wish. Up ahead is a lift that you need to repair, but beyond that is a box
with a Power Nod. Grab it and repair the lift.

Head up the lift and talk to Ellie some more while you gather the items in
the nearby boxes. Head through the door and go into the ship. Here you will
find a save station as well as a store.

Store Location #14


Javelin Spears (2 pack):  400 Credits
Rivet Bolts (10 pack):    750 Credits
Power Node:               10,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):   1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:           2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:          5,000 Credits
Large Med Pack:           10,000 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):      2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):   1,250 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):   1,350 Credits
Detonator Mines (3 Pack): 1,200 Credits
Contact Energy (2 Pack):  4,000 Credits
Seeker Shells (5 Pack):   1000 Credits
Flame Fuel (25 Pack):     1000 Credits
Stasis Pack:              2,500 Credits

Stock up on whatever you need to. I know that I personally was hurting for
health a bit after those brutes. I had to refill ammo too. Actually, this area
was a godsend!

Head into the elevator nearby and check out the audio log ("Re-Animate") for
some GOOD backstory. So that's what that sludge is! Exit the elevator and open
the ONE locker they give you (how cheap!). Enter the door and loot another
locker. There's also a bench here you can use if you want (I'm working on
maxing my rifle next).

Bench Location #10

Once you're ready, head into the room. Once you're in there, everything will
shut down while the room gets decontaminated. Just hang out until its done.
Once its done, everything will open up and they'll let you continue. Head into
the next room and examine all the lockers for items. Once you open up the next
door, you can see a lurker down the hall to your left. Snipe at him, and a
spitter will start to come at you. Retreat a bit and kill it as it enters the
first room. Ah, way to divide and conquer!

Peak out the door to locate the lurker and finish it off. There's also a
crawler to your right that is probably roaming around/going crazy. Kill it
off as well. Now, they want you to go to the right, but head to the left. As
you go down the corridor you'll see an enhanced necro, so take him out. You'll
also see one of those pregnant necro's behind him, so shoot off his limbs to
do him in (mop up the kids with the rifle if it pops). Continue on and you'll
see why we came this way as a Power Node box is up ahead.

Before you can reach the box, a crawler and a necro will come up behind you.
Take them out and grab the node. Another necro will come at you as you head
back. Sheesh, NOW they bombard us with enemies. Think they're making up for
earlier? Keep heading back and another crawler will come at you. There's also
another lurker down the hall. Be careful here, as a necro will pop in behind
you. In fact, as you move forward, just throw down some traps to cover your
6 as another pregnant necro will appear as well.

Keep moving forward and defeat a crawler and another necro (make sure your
back is covered). You'll finally get to the end of this hallway and enter a
much shorter hallway with a save point.

Enter the next area, which has zero gravity, and loot the green box. You can
also find a [Force Energy Schematic] on the ground below. Now, what you need
to do in here is rebuild the centrifuge. See those blinking red tiles floating
around everywhere. Float around and carry them to the center object. Each tile
will have a pipe on it which you need to align with the centrifuge. You'll
know you put the tile in the right area when it turns green. Do this to all
four missing tiles and than go hit the blue switch to activate the thing.

Once you do, you'll restore gravity to the area. Head back the way you came
and save if you wish. Issac will have a mini-episode past the door (remember
that?). Head all the way back to the decontamination room.

Remember how we had it easy the first time? Yeah, not so much this time.
Instead, we're going to be ambushed BAD. This will probably cost you a health
pack when it's all said and done. Anyways, set up some traps around the room.
Be liberal with the traps here, than chill out on the left hand side. As the
decon takes place, you'll notice the window bars go up. Look to the right and
you'll see some of the pack banging on the windows. Get out your rifle. As
soon as they break the windows, kill them. Pack will come from the left and
the right, but your traps will take care of the left hand side for a bit.

After 5-7 of the pack die, some enhanced necros will drop down in the corners,
followed by a spitter. Hopefully your trap will kill off at least one of the
necro's. Switch to your cutter for this part (or your most enhanced weapon)
and be brutal. Necro's will come from the left and the right. To help, throw a
statis at one side while you deal with the other (your traps are probably all
gone by now). This whole ordeal is brutal, but you can do it with practice.
Its not TOO bad, especially on normal.

After you kill the last one, the decon shower will be complete. Good timing
comes naturally, I guess. Gather up the loot and head out the door. Listen to
Stross break down mentally some more. Poor guy. Head out the next door. You'll
see an enhanced necro playing "dead" in the doorway, so kill him for real.
Head back down the elevator to the store area and restock/save as needed.

Head out to the docking station and you'll see an enhanced necro right in
front of you. Punk. You can use the door here to hide behind if you wish, but
just kill the thing. Another will drop down behind it, so kill it as well. As
you walk towards the conveinent tram car, some small crawlers will pour out
and a necro will climb up the left hand side. Kill them all and get in the
tram. Hit the blue panel to ride it.

Talk to Ellie for a bit and then the ship will tell you that it can't go any
further due to an obstruction, dropping you off at the medical deck. Crap. Oh
well. Exit the tram and listen to Nicole taunt you for a bit. Gather the
nearby items and enter the door. You'll see a TON of that blue gunk here.
You'll see a lurker climb the ceiling as you advance, but it's just a
distraction, as the real threat is the enhanced necro that will soon charge
at you. There's also a spitter and a crawler behind him! This is a GOOD place
for a stasis shot, which lets you kill with ease. Its pretty narrow here, so
you'll probably kill multiple enemies with a few shots.

Collect your loot and head into the next room. Here you can find an item
along with a Power Node. Head into the big room and throw a trap in the middle
area. Advance into the room and a necro will drop down onto the trap and die,
followed by an exploder (which you can kill easy enough). Another duo of a
necro and an exploder will follow, so be ready for them and be sure to kill
the exploder from range.

Throw another trap down in the middle area and to the right hand side and go
hack the nearby door. Once you finish the hack, a spitter will come out,
followed by a necro. The traps will probably kill off the necro, since hes
faster, so take care of the spitter yourself. Watch out for another necro and
an exploder that come out soon afterwards.

Go through the door you hacked and rob the lockers on the right. Save at the
nearby save station if you wish. Your supposed to go into the door here, but
check around the corner for items first. In this room watch Nicole's suicide
video if you wish and gather the items scattered around (including a Power
Node). Exit through the left-hand door and follow the path to the cargo life.

Go through the messy corridor and walk toward the gap in the floor. Here you
have to TK over the platform to proceed. Continue on and you'll spook a
lurker to your left. Take care of it and use the platform to keep progressing.
A crawler will appear behind you as you go forwards, so be ready. As you reach
the cargo lift, a necro will show up down below, but will get fried by the
lightning. Dumb thing. Head down the lift. As you reach the bottom two
crawlers, one after the other, will appear to your left. Once you've finished
them, check out the room on the right for some items and a Power Node.

Go back out into the big area and take out the battery on your left so you
can get past the electricity. Be warned, as soon as you try to cross this area
you'll be ambushed by necro's from in front of you and behind (they'll also
throw in a crawler for good measure), so set up traps and slaughter anything
that comes out. Also, be sure to grab the ruby semiconductor from the hole
where the lightning was. Cross over to the other side and gather your loot.
There's also a bench here if you need it.

Bench Location #11

There's also a locked security room by the bench that you can spend a power
node on. It had a LOT of health in it for me, but didn't really have anything

Continue on through the door your supposed to go through. Use the stasis
recharge if you need it and continue on. Nicole will taunt you some more as
you trudge forward. Ignore here and keep moving forward, and soon you'll be in
a wide open area with a store and a save point. Gather all the items here and
use the store/save point if you need to.

Store Location #15


Javelin Spears (2 pack):  400 Credits
Rivet Bolts (10 pack):    750 Credits
Power Node:               10,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):   1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:           2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:          5,000 Credits
Large Med Pack:           10,000 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):      2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):   1,250 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):   1,350 Credits
Detonator Mines (3 Pack): 1,200 Credits
Contact Energy (2 Pack):  4,000 Credits
Seeker Shells (5 Pack):   1000 Credits
Flame Fuel (25 Pack):     1000 Credits
Stasis Pack:              2,500 Credits

Once your ready, head through the door and down the hallway. The next door
will lead to a zero gravity zone. Gather any items you see. Nicole will taunt
us some more. Jump into space and start heading down the tram way. You'll run
into some lurkers up ahead though (about 4-5 of them). Battle it out with the
little guys and land on the platform at the end of the tracks. Gather the
locker items and head inside.

[Note: Be sure to check the zone for a POWER NODE behind some debri near the
       ceiling. Thanks to MATTHEW, who pointed this out to me.]

Here Issac will have another mini-episode while he remembers the past. Go down
the hallway and open the big door. Here you'll see some little crawlers, so
pick them off with your rifle. A big crawler will come by, so take him out too
(you can use the door here as a shield). You can even kill a stalker from this
relatively safe zone. Head out into this area (head right) and you'll see two
spitters and a stalker come out from the left hand side. You should have
plenty of room to kill the spitters. Stasis the stalker if you have to. Gather
up all the loot.

Note that there is a small room to the left of the door you came in. It has
assorted goodies as well as an audio log ("Framing Cho") and a workbench.

Bench Location #12

As you go forward, think about laying some traps behind you, as another
stalker and a spitter will try to hit you from behind.

Keep going and you'll go down some stairs and find a save point. Go further
down and take the cargo lift into the heart of the ship. Issac will inform
Ellie of his progress. Head into the captains room, loot the one locker on
the right that they give you, and activate the gravity tethers. The Ishimura
will lock onto the government sector and hold it in place. Issac will tell
Ellie to go on without him as he'll use an escape pod to meet her there. Head
out of the captains room and have a nice little talk with Nicole before
jumping into the pod.

Stross will become even more unhinged as Issac crash lands into the government
sector (what did he expect to happen?) You'll then see a video showcasing
Issac's guilt, followed by another video with Ellie and Stross.
H-o-l-y Shit!

Chapter XI: An eye for an eye...                                  [DS 2.11]

Time to go save Ellie! Before you do anything, turn around and check out the
body floating in space. It's got some ammo and an audio log ("Personal Log,
RIG 438642, #5") for you. Walk down the platform where you can gather up items
and save. There's also a work bench here if you need it.

Bench Location #13

Head through the center door. Grab the item in front of you and use TK to grab
the items from your left. Through the next door is a slope downwards. Here you
can kill off a couple stalkers. As you go forward though, two more stalkers
will be waiting. On top of that, two of those infant crawlers will come out
near the right and another stalker will show up behind you. I'd advance only
far enough to draw the enemies out, then run back to the high ground where you
can pick them off. Gather the items and go through the next middle door.

In this room Stross will talk to you about step three. Go forward and hack
the door open. In here a creature will scuttle by on your right. Be sure to
check out that right path though, as you can shoot a wall-mounted green box
over there and use your TK to grab a Power Node from it.

Follow the hallway taking out the various pod creatures and collecting items
(including a Power Node near the end). This next room has a single pod along
with a store and a save station.

Store Location #16


Javelin Spears (2 pack):  400 Credits
Rivet Bolts (10 pack):    750 Credits
Power Node:               10,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):   1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:           2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:          5,000 Credits
Large Med Pack:           10,000 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):      2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):   1,250 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):   1,350 Credits
Detonator Mines (3 Pack): 1,200 Credits
Contact Energy (2 Pack):  4,000 Credits
Seeker Shells (5 Pack):   1000 Credits
Flame Fuel (25 Pack):     1000 Credits
Stasis Pack:              2,500 Credits

Enter the next room and snipe the necro on the far walkway. Let him come to
you and kill him. As you enter, another necro will drop down, so be ready.
They want you to go across the far walkway, but as you go a spitter will
appear behind you. If you go down the slope before the walkway, another
spitter will come in from the right down below, along with an exploder to the
left down below and a necro will come at you from behind. So many enemies!
I'd put a trap behind you for the necro and take care of the exploder and

Explore down below to find a lot of green boxes, but take note that this
place is absolutely PACKED with lurkers. You'll more than likely kill off
half a dozen of them as you walk around. Use the stasis canisters nearby
and/or your own stasis to help out (as theres a stasis station nearby).
Down here you'll also find a blown out battery. Take out the dead battery and
go to the middle area to find a blue container that has a fresh battery in it.
Use the fresh battery to put where the dead battery was. Doing this will spawn
a spitter and an exploder down here, as well as a few (3-4) of those infant
crawlers. As you head back up the ramp, a necro will also jump down in front
of you. Take care of him fast as another spitter will come in behind you.

After all that, go back and store any excess items at the store and gear up
again if you want (since the store is SO close), then take the far walkay. A
couple of necros will try to jump you from behind. You can find more green
boxes to your left here as well. As you get near the door, a spitter will come
at you. Sheesh! Check the end of the path for items (and note the cargo lift
here) and go through the door.

<Zohaib wrote in about a missing diamond semiconductor:

In chapter 11 after the "Store Location #16" you have to go through a mess of
enemies to put the battery in and open the door to next area, in this next
area there is a save point little bit ahead as you enter, before going to that
save point, turn around and there will be a blue shinning dot in top of second
metal pole (on the right side), have to use TK to get that item. Thought this
is worth mentioning it since it worth 25,000. >

Here there's some boxes and a save station. Move forward to meet up with Ellie
and Stross again (cool cut scene). Keep going. In this room you'll be dragged
out into space by a giant tentacle. Gather any items you can grab. Theres one
of those tripod monsters out here that flings homing tentacles at you, so find
him and kill him to get a ruby semiconductor.

[NOTE: I've had several people email me and tell me that I missed the
       [CONTACT BEAM ENERGY SCHEMATIC], which they all found floating around
       in space out here. Look around carefully and find it! Don't make the
       same mistake I did!

With the only threat neutralized, take a moment to examine your surroundings.
You'll notice plenty of oxygen stations scattered around. The path you need to
take is currently being blocked by a couple of red beams. You need to clear
it. Follow the beams to their source. Fly to the right beam emitter and find
the thruster attached to it. Shoot it to make the beam move. The left beam
emitter doesn't have an attached thruster, but with a little exploration
you will find thruster canisters in a nearby building. Attach it to the object
and soon you'll have a clear path.

Follow the path back inside the station, killing pods along the way. Talk to
Ellie and gather up all the items. Save at the station and ride the lift up.
Walk down the path a little ways and you'll see a necro burst down in the
distance. Two lurkers will also show up on a lower platform. Take them all
out. A spitter will join the party late as you continue on. Lay a trap behind
you and keep heading forward. Two necros will drop down in front of you and
one behind you. Take out the ones in front of you and let your trap do its
work. Also be sure to grab a Power Node from the netting to your left (use

Place another trap behind you and continue. A spitter and a necro will pop
down in front of you and another necro behind. Make sure to get all the green
boxes as well. Go through the next door to see the left path trapped. Take
out the traps. Behind you is a power locked door, so feed it a node and go
claim your goodies! You'll find several standard items as well as an [Advanced
Suit Schematic], a stais recharger, a Power Node, and a gold semiconductor. I
also found a large med pack. Good haul. Too bad the lockers are all locked.

Head down the next corridor picking up items and killing pods. At the end of
the slope, start to hack the door. Mid-way through the hack, Stross will burst
in and try to impale us with a screwdriver. Jam on the "X" button and Issac
will overpower Stross, ending his poor life. Note that you can stomp on him
afterwards for an audio log ("I Could Never Hurt You").

This door leads to the area by the first store. I HIGHLY recommend visiting
the store and purchasing the suit you just got the schematics for. Plus you
can store unwanted items and sell those semiconductors (which in turn helps
pay for the suit). It's only 36,000 credits anyway. Note that you can equip
your vintage suit at any time to get the store discount (useful when say,
buying Power Nodes in bulk).

Once your done, head back to the big room and take the door down below (you'll
probably run into a lurker on the way). Follow this path and Nicole will taunt
you about Stross a bit. Enter the next door and a necro will greet you. Use
the nearby button to call the lift down, but don't ride it yet. Straight ahead
there's plenty of goodies you can TK towards yourself including a Power Node 
and an audio log ("Personal Log, Rig 438642, #1").

Once you have those items, hit the button on the lift. Seeing as how this lift
is VERY spacious, I'm sure you realize your in for a fight. Pick a corner and
get ready.

Necromorphs will drop down two at a time in waves. The first three waves will
feature necros in clothing. These guys are VERY weak and will all easily to a
couple cutter shots. The next four waves however will throw in some enhanced
necros along with the easy ones. Kill off the easy necros and stasis the
harder ones and move around to survive. This will minimize the number of cheap
shots they land on you. After about seven waves you'll reach your destination.

Gather up all the goodies and enter the nearby door. Here you'll have a run-in
with Nicole. Jam on the "X" button and Nicole will let you go as Issac admits
the truth to himself. Step 4. Good job.

Save and shop in this new area. Theres also a bench nearby for you to use.

Store Location #17


Javelin Spears (2 pack):  400 Credits
Rivet Bolts (10 pack):    750 Credits
Power Node:               10,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):   1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:           2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:          5,000 Credits
Large Med Pack:           10,000 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):      2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):   1,250 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):   1,350 Credits
Detonator Mines (3 Pack): 1,200 Credits
Contact Energy (2 Pack):  4,000 Credits
Seeker Shells (5 Pack):   1000 Credits
Flame Fuel (25 Pack):     1000 Credits
Stasis Pack:              2,500 Credits

Bench Location #14

Once your done, continue on to the mine and Chapter 12.

Chapter XII: The Drill                                            [DS 2.12]

Ah, welcome to the mines. Grab the goodies they give you as you walk down the
ramp. Check the cavern to the left to find a green box down there to that you
can get with TK. Move a bit further on and you'll meet up with Ellie and chat
about what to do next (Give her a health pack Issac, geez!). Ellie will head
up into the cab while your job is to fix the drill.

First, lets check the surrounding area for loot. Gotta get our loot! On this
bottom section you can find an assortment of ammo as well as a Power Node
behind the drill. You'll also notice quite a few pod creatures as well, but
they are hardly a threat. The first piece to the drill puzzle is here too, as
you can find a power node charging by the pods.

With that in place, head up the nearby ramp. Take the time to explore to your
left, as you can find a box and a Diamond Semiconductor in the distance,
which is worth a hefty 25,000 Credits! Grab the other box on the path and get
into the cargo lift. Hang back in the lift as two enhanced necros climb up.
Gather your spoils and the box, then go grab the circuit board near the lift,
as you need it for the drill.

Head back across the lift. You'll have a single spitter ready to greet you,
but he's alone. Go back down the ramp. Slide the card in and hack the console
it produces. Once your done the drill will be ready, so give Ellie all the
credit and get ready to party.

For this ambush, go stand to the left near the rock behind the boxes (as Ellie
is swinging the drill around, and it WILL kill you). A few necros will crawl
up near the ramp you entered the area in, so be ready for them. Ellie will be
swining the drill around while some pack charge at you from the front, but the
drill will actually kill them. Once the drill is in place, all you're left
with is the pack. Stick around and kill these guys as they drop in a few rifle
round and can drop some good stuff.

Once you're done step onto the drill. Here you'll be on the platform while
Ellie starts to drill forwards. Like most moving platforms, you'll be forced
to fight (and with no traps either). A spitter will come in from your left.
Take care of him quickly, as two necros will crawl up from the right. Next,
the tunnel will open up, so check out the area to your right and TK items so
you can grab them. There's actually a decent stash over here, but there's also
lurkers (about four of them) that take pot shots at you. Grab the items and
use the flame canisters to shut up a lurker or two. A single necro will come
up during this time as well.

After the open area, Ellie will talk some more. Get in the left corner and get
ready for some action. Two spitters will crawl up the right side, followed by
three necros appearing shortly afterwards. Work fast and throw in a stasis if
you need to. The ripper also works wonders here if you can avoid the back
shots. In this next section the left side will open up, letting you grab a
few items. The necros aren't quite as patient this time though, as lurkers
will bombard you while multiple (around four) armored necros crawl up (one at
a time) to play. Honestly, don't worry about killing the lurkers, just fire a
shot to take down an arm and make them pause their attack while you focus on
the armored necros that come up. You're almost guaranteed to take a few hits,
so pop a health pack and focus on the close up threats. After you kill them,
you'll still have a few seconds left to grab goodies from the left.

The area will widen up once more as Issac has Ellie slow down. Now your near
the GOV sector. Now how to get in? How about the giant drill!?

Chapter XIII: Cross your heart...                                 [DS 2.13]

Hey, you have nothing to complain about, your eyes are still intact!

Well, here we are. Save if you wish then head down the hallway gathering
goodies. Ignore the door on the left and keep gathering goodies as you can
find a Power Node in the opposite hallway. Also be sure to punch any machines
in the area. The ATM looking thing gives out 10,000 credits! Ellie will also
let you know she's found a gunship.  Yea!

Head through the next couple of doors and you can see Ellie in the gunship
yourself. Watch the next couple of scenes as Issac plays the hero and has a
nice chat with Nicole (what a good scene!). After the scene, you'll also get
a message from Teidemann. Head onwards to the save point and store.

Store Location #18


Javelin Spears (2 pack):  400 Credits
Rivet Bolts (10 pack):    750 Credits
Power Node:               10,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):   1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:           2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:          5,000 Credits
Large Med Pack:           10,000 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):      2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):   1,250 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):   1,350 Credits
Detonator Mines (3 Pack): 1,200 Credits
Contact Energy (2 Pack):  4,000 Credits
Seeker Shells (5 Pack):   1000 Credits
Flame Fuel (25 Pack):     1000 Credits
Stasis Pack:              2,500 Credits

Head down into the elevator. It will take you down to where the drill crashed.
Be wary, as the necromorphs followed the drill! An exploder will immediatly
show up to your right (pop it fast) and a spitter will appear in the distance.

With the first threat gone, shoot some traps in that arch near you and move up
to the end of the hall. You can shoot additional traps in the courtyard as
well if you wish, but you're about to face a wave of necro's, which includes
exploders, regular and enhanced necros, spitters, and lurkers. Your traps
should take out the exploder as it pops out where the other one did. Focus on
threats coming at you in the courtyard but keep an eye to watch for enemies to
your right. Once you take them out the upright enemies (it won't take long),
go hunt down the lurkers. Now feel free to explore the far walkway and grab up
all your items and the Power Node over there. Now head up the stairs and hack
the console to open the door.

Head down the ramp (either way). As you go down, see the door to your right?
Take note of it and continue. Soon you'll be at gunpoint. SPRINT FOR THE DOOR!
Go inside and take the Power Node. Grab the lockers in the next room and crawl
through the vent. Grab this locker and take the stairs on the right up to
another one and a door. This is some sort of command center. Well, time for
revenge. Take out the nearby battery and watch what you did down below. Holy
crap that's a lot of necro's!

Save if you wish and head back down. From this point on you'll have to watch
out for necros again. Head down to the ground floor and head back up the ramp
a bit, as an infector and a necro will pop out to greet you. With them dead,
you'll have to take the door leading out to the foyer. You can see through the
glass what necros await you, though (some SMALL crawlers and a necro). No
escaping this fight. You can bait them to the door and use it as cover though.
A couple of spitters will join the fight as well as an exploder (give yourself
some room!). Once that's done, head down the blood soaked hallway you created.

This next room is a bloody mess as well. Have a nice chat with Nicole and then
gather up all the items. You'll now have an objective (and a blue line) thanks
to Nicole, so follow it. In the next room, pick up the nearby body to get past
the blue wall in front of you (kinda like you "borrowed" Howard Phillips body)
and take the right door. Check out the audio log nearby ("Patient Four") and
grab the item, then head down the ramp. You'll see a necro run off here. Go
check out the goodies on the right and that necro will try and charge you.
Stupid necro, you can't win in a hallway! Teach him some manners and follow
that up with killing the spitter by the vats we passed. Save here if you wish
and go through the door.

This next room is a bit tricky, as its jam-packed with necros. When you enter
you'll see an infector scuttle off to the left (you can grenade him with the
rifle's alt-fire, but you have to be fast). Now there's a few ways to do this,
but honestly you should approach the room with a defender mentality, so hold
out in the left hand corner of the area. You have a bit of time too, so put
down a trap to your right and in front. Now you'll see any necro that comes
at you from across the room (2-3 necros). This spot requires fast relexes
though, as a spitter and two necros will pop down where you put that trap
(just have a clip of plasma cutter ready for them).

If that's giving you a hard time, you could also use the door to lure and
kill necros, but be careful doing this as I've had a necro sneak up behind me
and punish me for trying to be sneaky myself (yes, I played this room about
four times trying to find the "best" way).

Gather up your considerable stock of loot and search the room for an audio log
("Shield Questions"). Head down into the next room and search all the lockers.
Now go stand by the work bench and look out into the room. See the corner to
your right (in the big area)? Put a trap there. Go back to the bench and put
another trap in the arch way as well. Now open the security door near the work
bench with a Power Node. You'll find a good amount of ammo and a ruby semi
conductor. While your in there you'll hear a crash outside. Go see what it is

Ah! One of those skinny body part necros! He may come at you if the first trap
didn't get him, but the second trap should for sure, saving you a headache!
Through the next corridor is a large room with several crates, which, as you
can see, has stalkers. Oh joy! Before proceeding you can gather some items and
a Power Node to the right. You can actually fight from this corner, so set up
traps to your right and left and soon the stalkers will come. You don't have
much room ro the left, but the right should be safe with a trap in place, so
watch your left more and use stasis if you feel too rushed. Also be careful as
two spitters will fall down, one near you and one on the other side of the

With them dead, gather up your loot and explore. There's some lockers here as
well as an audio log ("Same Signal"). Also, grab the intact power source from
above you and use it to power the door that leads out of here to continue.
Kill the pod in the next room and grab the item. Use the save station here if
you wish as well. Head down the ramp and you'll get another "headache".

Upon entering the next room, you'll see a giant swirling set of lasers. Fun.
Obviously we'll have to run through the middle of the area. Head in the room
and check out the laser area, as there'll be a few crawling necros you need to
take down (TK the items they drop). Now run counterclockwise to the next door
on your right (you don't need stasis here). Be sure to have your cutter out
and ready, as a necro decide to say hi. Run past him to safety, THEN kill him.
Be sure to kill the crawlers that follow. Gather up your items and be sure to
acquire the Power Node in this section.

Time to run again. Get to the next section and check the far rack for some
ammo. You'll have to kill a couple of babies in the middle again. One last
section to run through. Have your cutter ready again, as a necro will stand
up as you run into the room. Cut him down as another will run at you from in
front. Move forward as you kill this one, as a crawler is coming at you from
behind. Knowing where the enemies are helps, huh?

Ride the lift up, gather the items, and stop the lasers. Use your TK to bring
the bridge above you down. Do it to the next one as well. Be ready for an
ambush as you gather the items to your left. A necro will break down in front
of you followed by a necro climbing up and charging at you. Take the door here
to continue. For all the noise in this area, there really isn't a threat.
Gather items in the circular room, including an audio log ("Marker Success!").
Unfortunately, the necros broke the store here, so you'll have to settle with
saving and moving on. 

Now, like so many sections before it, this next section will be FULL of necros
who will attempt to ambush you. I assume you are adept at killing them by now?
*Insert evil smile*. Well I hope so. The main idea behind surviving these
attacks is setting up traps, quick take downs/kills, and smart use of your
rifle to kill small/easy threats like exploders and babies.

This first room has some babies lying around. You can actually kill them from
the doorway if you wish, although one of them crawls in from your right. Go in
and set up camp in the left corner, putting traps in front of you, in the
middle area, and to your right. You'll see why soon, as the necros (a
combination of necros and spitters) will come charging in. One or two traps do
a good job of holding your right flank in check while you focus on the ones in
front of you. They'll quickly destory your traps, so do some good shooting.
Use the stasis canister as well. Another wave will follow the first, accented
by an exploder. Use a stasis shot if you must and remember that a detonator
shot acts like a grenade in a pinch! After the wave, there will be a spitter
and a necro who come up alone, which should be a cinch after THAT.

Move down the ramp as an enhanced spitter and necro drop down. Take them out
from the high ground and gather up the loot. This door leads to another room
like the first, with yet another swarm of necros to take out. Go in and shoot
a few traps on the far walkway, then on the near walkway. You may be
interrupted in your trap laying by a necro, but just blast him with a trap
shot and continue laying at least two traps down the near walkway. Now, focus
all your fire on the near walkway, as almost ALL the necros seem to come out
over here. There'll be at least 5-6 necros and spitters, but less than the
floor above. Once your done, gather your goodies and take the door out to
the next hallway.

Grab the lockers and head down the ramp. Ah, the bottom floor! Surely there's
no trap here?! Well.. grab the audio log in front of you ("Tiny Marker") and
gather up all the goodies. As you near the door, an enhanced brute will drop
down. Honestly, if you have the detonator shots, just have him run into traps
over and over to kill him. Otherwise you're stuck with the "dodge him and
shoot his joints" routine. There's a stasis canister in here too.

Once it's dead, grab your reward and hack the nearby panel. Now head through
the next few corridors taking in the scenery until you reach a safe room.
There's an audio log ("It's Making Us Make It!") and a text log here ("Dire"),
as well as a store, a save station, and a bench! Perfect time to reload and
refresh yourself. Call the elevator when you're ready.

Be sure to bring along a couple of stasis packs as well. You'll need them
in the next chapter. Bring along some extra health as well (STOCK UP).

Store Location #19


Javelin Spears (2 pack):  400 Credits
Rivet Bolts (10 pack):    750 Credits
Power Node:               10,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):   1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:           2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:          5,000 Credits
Large Med Pack:           10,000 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):      2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):   1,250 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):   1,350 Credits
Detonator Mines (3 Pack): 1,200 Credits
Contact Energy (2 Pack):  4,000 Credits
Seeker Shells (5 Pack):   1000 Credits
Flame Fuel (25 Pack):     1000 Credits
Stasis Pack:              2,500 Credits

Bench Location #15

Continue onwards to see what you've built... and the massive amount of necros
surrounding it. Crazy! Teidemann will than talk to you a bit. "Under Control".
Yeah right. Continue on to the room on your right and gather up all the items.
With nothing else to do, hit the blue light on the machine. Hit it again after
the scene while you hear the steps again.

Now... well I think you know what to do. That's right... line up the laser
with your eye (it'll turn blue when its lined up) and press "X" to bring the
needle down. You don't really have to worry about a blue line until the
needle is closer to the eye. Keep it lined up as it goes in though...
the consequences can be dire...

Watch the scenes that follow...

Chapter XIV: Demons Without                                       [DS 2.14]

At the start of the chapter, you're going to have to wait around in the room
for awhile, so while your waiting and want to learn about the perils ahead,
read on (pause the game!).

You're about to meet Dead Space's version of the Resident Evil Nemesis:


This thing is relentless in its pursuit of you. The general idea in this
chapter is just like the intro: SPEED. Fighting the ubermorph is a waste of
time and ammo, and its better to just avoid him. Easier typed than done, as
you'll have obsticles and other necros in your way. The thing to do when you
want the ubermorph out of the picture for awhile is to hack him to pieces (I
recommend the ripper) and STASIS him in place while he regenerates. That gives
you time.

I won't be describing the UBERMORPH as we go through these next rooms. Instead
I'll focus on what additional enemies pop out, items of interest, and how to
get through them! Knowledge is most certainly power, especially when you have
a giant indestructable necro chasing you. SADDLE UP!

When the UBERMORPH appears first, you have no choice but to kill him and
stasis him. Then quickly hack the door open. By the time you have the door
open, I recommend hacking him apart and using another shot of stasis, as there
is a stasis recharge center here.

With the UBER down, move through the door. Grab the Power Node from the box
on your right. You haven't yet "learned" that the UBER follows you yet, so
there's no rush yet. Grab all the items and the audio log ("Illegal
Evacuation"). Head down the ramp and through the next door. Go down the next
ramp as well.

Here hang back and let the spitter come to you so you can kill it. See that
body on the table over there? We need it to get through the door to the next
area. TK the audio log over to yourself as well ("Evacuation Snafu"). One less
thing to rush and grab. Head up and check out the right for some locker items,
then head to the back for a Power Node box.

Now head to the body, face the room, and trap the walkway to the left. Pick up
the body and you'll learn the UBER is now following you. Shoot the body over
to the door and focus on the spitter to your left. An enhanced necro will come
from the right as well. This is pretty easy to handle with the stakes and
flame canisters scattered about. Scan the body with the door to proceed.

Oddly enough, there's a save station here. Use it if you wish. Head down the
ramp as you hear the UBER follow. Run down the next ramp too, killing the
spitter fast. In the next room, you need to go to the right, but go to the
end of the area first as you can nab a Power Node. You may as well wait here
and use the spikes to stop your stalker. Stasis him and rush the corridor.
Use a detonator grenade on the first necro as there are some SMALL crawlers
nearby that you don't have time for, than chop up the following two necros
quickly and call the elevator. You may have to deal with the UBER again, but
you have a nice elevator at least!

This next area sucks. Throw some traps down behind you in the narrow walkway
as you enter the room, and throw a couple of traps in front on you near the
vent on the far wall. Now TK the cover off the wall. The UBER will come in
from behind you while a couple infectors and two necros come in from in front.
Let the traps do their initial work, then stasis the uber and take out the
front necros fast. Gather your goodies and wait for the UBER to reform, then
take him down again with a stasis. Punch the exposed fuse and continue into
the next room. Note that the traps in that previous area make a WORLD of

In this room take the time to grab the items as a diamond semi conductor is
in here. MONEY! Take the huge door here once you grab the items. You may have
to stop the UBER again.

Out here is a welcome reprieve, as it's a ZERO G zone and lacks oxygen. The
UBER won't follow you here. Continue on in this area avoiding the slamming
doors until you get to the booster area. The boosters here flash before they
go off. There's three sets of them, and at the end is one of those tripod
things that fires homing tentacles at you. Fight it between the second and
third boosters, moving left and right to avoid its shots. Gather up your
semiconductor when your done and land on the nearby walkway. Hit the button
to turn the gravity back on.

Time to continue! Continue on and you'll have another mini-episode. Go
through the next door and you'll see a security room on your right. Pay your
one power node toll to get in. In here you'll find TWO Power Nodes, a ruby
semi conductor, and some other goodies. Head back out and go through the next
door. To the left is a Power Node box. Keep going into the safe room and
you'll get another message from Nicole.

(-NOTE-) Reader David Beecroft writes in:

 In the powernode lock room, just after the anti grav section in chap14,
 the one where you get 2nodes and a ruby SC, if you continue to the next
 save point, save your game, then quit out to main menu and re-load the game,
 you can go back to the node room and the 2 nodes and ruby SC will be there
 again. You can repeat this as many times as you can stand watching the
 loading screen ! ( sometimes there is only one node, sometimes no node and
 just a 3K credit where the ruby was, but follow the process anyway and the
 nodes appear again eventually )
 (-NOTE-) Reader Stephen Franks has an important note about that previous
          note that, if you're going to use, you should check out:
 With the power node room glitch in ch 14 you don't have to back all the way
 out and deal with stupid load screen every time. If you just save your game
 and then select check point restart its alot quicker, less annoying, the
 restart puts you right where you just saved and the glitch still works.

Time to stock up again and prepare for end game.

Now I want you to bring along 5-6 MED packs (Medium), your rifle and rounds,
your strongest weapon for firing at a still target (I'll be using my cutter,
but if you have something stronger, take it. Contact beam, Line Gun, etc...).
Take a couple stasis packs as well. Also, I know it's hard, but leave the
trust Detonator behind. He's done his job. Be proud.

Store Location #20


Javelin Spears (2 pack):  400 Credits
Rivet Bolts (10 pack):    750 Credits
Power Node:               10,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):   1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:           2,000 Credits
Medium Med Pack:          5,000 Credits
Large Med Pack:           10,000 Credits
Line Racks (2 Pack):      2,000 Credits
Pulse Rounds (25 Pack):   1,250 Credits
Ripper Blades (3 Pack):   1,350 Credits
Detonator Mines (3 Pack): 1,200 Credits
Contact Energy (2 Pack):  4,000 Credits
Seeker Shells (5 Pack):   1000 Credits
Flame Fuel (25 Pack):     1000 Credits
Stasis Pack:              2,500 Credits

Bench Location #16

Save at the save station and continue on to the next chapter.

Chapter XV: Demons Within                                         [DS 2.15]

We're getting close to the end, can you feel it!?

These next couple of hallways are going to be jam packed with necros, and its
honestly a good idea to just blaze through them, especially if you're already
well-stocked in the items department.

With that in mind, there's a crawler out the door and to the right you should
take care of, given how fast it is. There's some lockers to the right you can
take or leave. Head to the left and you'll meet up with the UBER once agian.
Take him down and stasis him, then continue down the walkway through the next
door, ignoring the other necros.

In this room, two enhanced necros will pop out in front of you, so take them
down. As you enter the room, the UBER will pop out behind you. There's a fair
amount of stuff here as well. Continue through the next door when you have the
UBER tied up.

A crawler and a spitter will greet you in this hallway. Take them out and
ignore the lurkers. The UBER will pop out of a vent as you run by, so tie him
up again and go through the next door.

In this room you'll have to kill a spitter and some necros who are to your
right. The UBER will undoubtedly also make an appearence. I recommend killing
everything here and raiding the lockers. Once you have all the normal enemies
dead, tie up the UBER and move the stuff blocking the door. Past the door is a
crawler you should kill, then run and ignore the lurker to enter the next

Here you can pick up some items and a text log ("Tiedemann's Last Hope"). Take
the cargo lift up and save here if you wish. Enter the next room and the UBER
will fall down. Take care of him and melee the fuse box on the door going to
the right.

Head to your right and into the next door. Melee the nearby fuse, which shuts
the door and opens up a door in front of you and a door to your left. As far
as I know, the door in front of you has nothing out there, so take the door to
your left.

This is it! The marker is in the distance. Walk towards it for some scenes...

Note that you'll have to jam on the "X" button at times and you can even aim
a weapon in one scene.

"Time to die!"

                     |                                |
                     | BOSS: Nicole and the Marker    |
                     | (Also known as Your Own Mind!) |
                     |                                |

This fight, as illustrated by the scenes showing Nicole entering Issac's
brain, takes place in your mind. I suppose this is a battle Issac faces with
himself, as he struggles to regain control over the markers influence.

Anyway, you're basically facing off against Nicole and a never-ending flood
of the pack. DON'T go near Nicole, as she can one-hit KO you.

The general idea behind the fight is to shoot Nicole a bunch at which point
the "Marker" will manifest itself in the distance. Now you can shoot the
marker to actually damage the boss.

Of course, you'll have the pack bothering you the entire time.

The whole fight is pretty much explained in the first "round", as Nicole will
be alone in front of you can each time you shoot her, the marker will flash in
the background. She'll dissapper soon enough and you can see the marker's
"heart" pump, begging you to shoot it. Further rounds will add in the pack
like I mentioned.

What *I* did (and should work for you) is to pull out the old rifle and run
for a bit around a corner or through a narrowish area, then turn around and
take out the pack that are following you. Not only do they drop items, but
while I said they were never-ending, they do thin out considerably when you
apply this mass-genocide method. Now find Nicole and destory here (try and
fit in a reload BEFORE you destory Nicole and make the marker pop up).

With her gone, you can focus on the marker's heart. Use that badass weapon I
told you to bring. Personally I've done this fight almost half a dozen times
and I've used all sorts of weapons; you really can't go wrong as long as you
are inflicting fast, good damage.

Now simply repeat this process about three times. Note that if you DON'T do
enough damage to the marker when the window is open, you'll have to go through
more "rounds" of Nicole, but it's not too hard. Definitely easier than being
chased by the Ubermorph in my opinion.

After the scene, Issac will sit down reflecting on events while the credits
role. Game over? Not quite, as Ellie will pilot the gun ship down through
the roof. You'll now be in your helmet again as your flying towards the ship.
You can move around too, so don't go and get hit by anything. Jam on the "X"
button one last time to get Ellie to drag you aboard.

Enjoy the last scene of the game (an obvious, and AWESOME tribute to the
original Dead Space's last scene).

Congrats on defeating Dead Space 2!!!

\/                                                                 (DS 3.0) \/
 \/                            Schematics                                  \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Here's a list of all the Schematics in the game and what chapter you can
find them in:

(Note that this list is mainly used for completions sake and lists items
based on the order you receive them in.)

Power Node Schematic.

Found in: Chapter II

Hacker Suit Schematic

Found in: Chapter II
*Requires Dead Space Ignition save on your hard drive.

Stasis Pack Schematic

Found in: Chapter II

Pulse Rifle Schematic

Found in: Chapter III

Javelin Spears Schematic

Found in: Chapter III

Security Suit Schematic

Found in: Chapter IV

Ripper Schematic

Found in: Chapter V

Medium Medpack Schematic

Found in: Chapter V

Line Racks Schematic

Found in: Chapter V

Detonator Schematic

Found in: Chapter V

Seeker Rifle Schematic

Found in: Chapter VI

Pulse Rounds Schematic

Found in: Chapter VI

Flamethrower Schematic

Found in: Chapter VI

Ripper Blades Schematic

Found in: Chapter VII

Force Gun Schematic

Found in: Chapter VII

Contact Beam Schematic

Found in: Chapter VII

Vintage Suit Schematic

Found in: Chapter VIII

Detonator Mines Schematic

Found in: Chapter VIII

Large Medpack Schematic

Found in: Chapter VIII

Hacker Contact Beam Schematic

Found in: Chapter IX
*Requires a Dead Space Ignition save on your hard drive.

Flamer Fuel Schematic

Found in: Chapter IX

Seeker Shells Schematic

Found in: Chapter IX

Force Energy Schematic

Found in: Chapter X

Contact Energy Schematic

Found in: Chapter XI

Advanced Suit Schematic

Found in: Chapter XI

\/                                                                 (DS 4.0) \/
 \/                            Text Logs                                   \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Below is a list of all the game's text logs, ordered by when you acquire them.

Chapter I:

"Orderly TPS Report: 1411"

"Anxiety Spike"



Chapter II:

"Quarterly Report"

"Titan Part I"

Chapter III:

"Titan Part II"

"Altman's Footsteps"



Chapter IV:

"Tour Staff"

"Two Tines"

"Recruit Test Results"

Chapter V:

"Thawed Bodies"

"Stuck Coffins"

Chapter VI:

"School Nurse Report 8022"

"Kids Gone Crazy"

Chapter VII:

"Personal Log: Howard Phillips"

"Personal Log: Howard Phillips"

"Personal Log: Howard Phillips"

Chapter VIII:


Chapter IX:


Chapter X:

"The Clogger"

Chapter XI:


Chapter XII:


Chapter XIII:


Chapter XIV:


Chapter XV:

"Tiedemann's Last Hope"

\/                                                                 (DS 5.0) \/
 \/                            Audio Logs                                  \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Below is a list of all the game's audio logs, ordered by when you acquire

Chapter I:

"Popsicle Sticks"

"Shit the Bed"

"Final Report"
*Only obtainable with a Dead Space Ignition save.

Chapter II:

"Cut off their limbs"


Chapter III:


Chapter IV:

"Harsh Pressure"


Chapter V:


Chapter VI:

"Happy Hope"

Chapter VII:


Chapter VIII:

"Ellie's Story 1"

"Ellie's Story 2"

Chapter IX:

*Only obtainable with a Dead Space Ignition save.

"Ellie's Story 3"

"Ellie's Story 4"

"Ellie's Story 5"

Chapter X:

"Cursed Ship"

"No Transfer"


"Framing Cho"

Chapter XI:

"Personal Log, RIG 438642, #5"

"I Could Never Hurt You"

"Personal Log, Rig 438642, #1"

Chapter XII:


Chapter XIII:

"Patient Four"

"Shield Questions"

"Same Signal"

"Marker Success!"

"Tiny Marker"

"It's Making Us Make It!"

Chapter XIV:

"Illegal Evacuation"

"Evacuation Snafu"

Chapter XV:


\/                                                                 (DS 6.0) \/
 \/                            Trophies                                    \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Trophies in the order they appear on the PSN with brief descriptions on how
to get them and what value (bronze, silver, etc...) they are..

The Final Frontier (Platinum) - Receive all other trophies.
The ultimate trophy, which you're bound to get last. Received when you have
acquired every other trophy.

Patient on the Loose (Bronze) - Get your first Suit.
Just buy the first suit in the game. Easy.

Derailed (Bronze) - Survive the Train Sequence.
Another story-based trophy. Just keep playing!

One Small Step (Bronze) - Get through the first Zero-G area.
Another story-based trophy. Just keep playing and get past the first Zero-G

Clever Girls (Bronze) - Survive your first encounter with Stalkers.
Another story-based trophy. Just keep playing and get past the first Stalker

Torment Me No More (Bronze) - Kill the Tormenter.
Another story-based trophy. Kill off the Tormenter.

The Graduate (Bronze) - Win the fight at the School.
Another story-based trophy. Survive the school section.

Elevator Action (Bronze) - Knock off every Tripod during the Elevator
Difficulty doesn't matter here. Use stasis and powerful weapons generously.
I personally did this with the detonator, treating it like a grenade launcher.

Shut Down (Bronze) - Defeat the AI.
Another story-based trophy. Survive the solar power area.

Powered Up (Bronze) - Complete the Solar Array Puzzle.
Another story-based trophy. Complete the Solar Puzzle.

Hornet's Nest (Bronze) - Destroy the Tripod Nest.
Aim for the yellow weak points! You're bound to get this one.

Operation! (Bronze) - Snare the Shard with the Ishimura.
Another story-based trophy. Keep playing and you'll get it.

Knock Knock (Bronze) - Complete the Drill Ride.
Another story-based trophy. Survive the drill ride.

The Final Sacrifice (Bronze) - Destroy the Marker.
Another story-based trophy. Beat the game to get this.

The Fugitive (Gold) - Escape the facility.
Another story-based trophy. Beat the game to get this.

Cross your Heart, Hope to Die (Bronze) - Survive the Eye Poke Machine.
Another story-based trophy. Gotten near the end of the game.

Made Us Whole (Bronze) - Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
Another story-based trophy. Beat the game (on any difficulty) to get this.

Mission Impossible (Gold) - Complete the game on Zealot setting.
Beat the game on the Zealot difficulty to get this.

Romper Stomper (Bronze) - Stomp 10 Containers.
Make friends with the R2 button. Easy to get.

Vacuum Cleaner (Bronze) - Decompress 20 Necromorphs without getting sucked
                          out yourself.
Use the space windows throughout the game to do your killing for you. BE SURE
TO NOT DIE (Shoot the red triangles!).

... And Stay Down (Bronze) - Kill 25 crawling enemies with Stomp (single
                             player only).
Much like Romper Stomper, make friends with the R2 button.

Think Fast (Bronze) - Kill 30 Necromorphs with Kinesis objects.
Fairly easy to get if you use TK at all. Focus on TK to get this one.

The Nanny (Bronze) - Kill 30 Crawlers with out detonating them.
I doubt there's even 30 of those things in a single playthrough. Focus on NOT
exploding the pregnant necros and possibly play through a New Game +.

Frozen in Time (Bronze) - Kill 50 Necromorphs while they are in Stasis (single
			  player only).
Much like the "Think Fast" trophy, focus on Stasis. Pretty easy to get.

First Aid (Bronze) - Use Quick Heal ten times (single player only).
EXTREMELY easy to get. Almost guaranteed.

Epic Dismemberment (Silver) - Dismember 2,500 Necromorph Limbs (single player 
I got this on my New Game + run. Hack enough limbs and you too can own this!

Looking Good (Bronze) - Purchase the Advanced Suit.
Find and purchase the Advanced Suit in Chapter XI. Check the guide if you
need more specifics.

Fully Outfitted (Bronze) - Upgrade your RIG and Stasis completely.
Use those hard-earned Power Nodes to upgrade your Rig and Stasis all the way.
Or spend the 5K to pull nodes from the weapons to do it. Hey, you can reload!

Picking Favorites (Bronze) - Upgrade 1 weapon completely.
Pretty easy to get, you'll get this one fast if you focus on one weapon at a

Fully Loaded (Bronze) - Simultaneously have four completely upgraded weapons.
I needed to wait until my New Game + to get this. It requires a lot of power
nodes. Either use the contact beam to acquire ammo drops for cash or run a
New Game + to do it.

The Sampler Platter (Bronze) - Kill a Necromorph with every weapon in the game
			       (single player only).
Pretty easy to do once you get every weapon in the game. Keep track of what
you've used, and take a look at the schematics to make sure you actually GOT
every weapon in the game.

Lightspeed de Milo (Bronze) - Dismember the Lightspeed Boy statue.
This statue can be found in Chapter III. Just blast it to pieces. Follow the
guide if you need more help.

Collect Peng (Silver) - Find the Peng treasure.
Collected in Chapter VII. Follow the guide for specific details!

The Librarian (Bronze) - Collect 100 Logs.
Pretty easy to do, since they are everywhere. You'll get this in a first
play-through, especially if you follow the guide. I'm pretty sure this is
"overall" logs.

The Electrician (Silver) - Collect 10 Semiconductors.
Almost impossible not to get if you visit security rooms and pick up any items
at all.

The Engineer (Silver) - Collect 10 Schematics.
Again, almost impossible not to get. Follow the guide if you're REALLY bad
at finding schematics.

My Boom Stick (Bronze) - Kill 6 enemies at once with Line Gun's Alt-Fire.
			 (Single player only)
Having the pack around helps, and upgrading the alt fire's DUR time helps as
well (which makes the mine go off faster). Save before attempting this and
find an area with some good pack. Don't forget to stasis them!

Shock Therapy (Bronze) - Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use its 
			 Alt-Fire to shock 3 others (single player only).
Again, the pack are your friends here. Don't forget the stasis!

Lawnmower Man (Bronze) - Kill 4 enemies with the same Ripper blade.
It's like this trophy was MADE for the pack. Pretty easy to get.

It's a Trap! (Bronze) - Kill 20 enemies with Detonator Mines in a deployed 
If you love setting traps as much as me, you'll get this easy. Plus, 20
enemies isn't a lot.

Necro Flambe (Bronze) - Kill 50 enemies using the Flamethrower.
Focus on the flamethrower for awhile for this one. 

Peek a Boo! (Bronze) - Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while in Zoom
This is a cute trophy. Shoot the stalker as he's peeking out at you while
you're zoomed. Poor stalker!

C-Section (Bronze) - Knock down an enemy with Contact Beam Alt-Fire then kill
		     it with Primary Fire before it stands up.
I recommend doing this while the weapon isn't powered up (visit a bench if
you must) because you want them to survive the initial damage.

Going for Distance (Bronze) - Impale an enemy and make him fly through the air
			      for 17 meters - it must stick to the surface.
The javelin gun will help you here. This one is pretty easy to get.

Taste of your own Medicine (Bronze) - TK Impale a live Slasher to a surface
				      using a Slasher's arm - it must stick
				      to the surface.
Pretty easy to do, just use TK to pull off a necro's arm and use it as a
weapon. The trophy is well-named!

Skewred in Space (Bronze) - Impale an enemy into a Decompression Window to
			    cause it to blow out.
Do this with the javelin gun. Be sure to save before you try, just in case.

Hard to the Core (Gold) - Complete the game on Hard Core setting.
Yeah, you have fun with this. I don't even have this yet. If you're playing
hardcore, you really don't need my help.

Clean Cut (Bronze) - Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun
		     Primary Fire shot (single player only).
I found that some stasis helped me line up a good shot on a lurker. This took
me 5-6 tries to do.

Jiri emailed me another strategy for this:

Hi, I saw your FAQ on gamefaqs.com and have this very useful info for the
Clean Cut trophy. Simply equip the Line gun, stasis the monster and kill him
with meelee. It took me 3 hits, one tentacle at a time, without shooting.
Someone suggested it in the forums as well, and it looks like the easiest way
to get the trophy.

Hope this helps.

Brute Juke (Bronze) - Kill a Brute without taking damage.
Fairly easy to do, especially with traps. Or on casual. Or both!

Shoot the Limbs! (Bronze) - Dismember 25 Necromorph Limbs (single player
I defy you to NOT get this trophy!

Bouncing Betty (Bronze) - Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it
I call the cyst's "pods" in the guide. It's pretty easy to get this one, just
approach them slowly and grab it out of the air.

\/                                                                 (DS 7.0) \/
 \/                               FAQ                                      \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Q: How do you get into those "Conduit Rooms"

A: You must have a completed Dead Space Ignition game on your hard drive.

Q: What is Dead Space Ignition?

A: A downloadable game that came out for the PSN and XBox Live for $5. It was
   also a reserve gift at a few stores.

Q: What is "New Game +"?

A: Basically, you get to start a new game in any difficulty except Hardcore
   with ALL the items from your last game carried over.

Q: Hardcore? What is Hardcore Mode?

A: The "challenge" of Dead Space 2. You start the game with no items (like a
   New Game) and can only save 3 times throughout the entire game. NO CHECK

Q: Where should I save at in Hardcore?

A: Don't ask me! I haven't played it! The general consensus seems to be at
   at Chapter 7 for your first save and before the final boss though.

Q: How many levels can you gain in multiplayer?

A: 60

Q: Where do you find the PENG trophy/item?

A: Chapter 7. Read the guide for an exact location.

Q: Can I play with you on PSN?

A: Um, I suppose. I don't play online a lot. My PSN is Bkstunt. Send me a
   message first, though.

Q: How do you kill the Ubermorph?

A: Simply: You don't. I think some people have found ways to glitch him out

\/                                                                 (DS 8.0) \/
 \/                 Credits and other ramblings                            \/
  \/                                                                      \/

"Refurbished" Plasma Cutter info:

Markje7, Emily Wargo (I will keep writing, you keep on reading! ;)  ), Cloud,
Craig Cox, Derbiss, Chris Atkins, RianovRV1, Shcktoa, Mike Csigi, Matthew
Ellis, Cary Lapalme, Ian Fraser, dkmacko, formerlySOS, Jahmal Burton, Manie

Contact Energy Beam info:

Bernardo Mendonca, John Wethington, Jed B.

"Shit the Bed" help:

Rhiome, LO596, Mike Policastro.

Power Node hints:

Felipe Pipe, Ock62, Steve, Slone McGowan, Mark Dockery.

Jackal5 for the Chapter IX semiconductor.

Jose Duran for the CE info.

Auguste Argoud for the Ellie's Story 4 and Flamer Fuel schematic info.

Weaponrad for the stasis schematic info.

Peebsius for the script info.

Christopher Holden for the Chapter III Semiconductor and Chapter X audio log.

b0bbe for the lightspeed de milo info.

Stephen Franks for the CH XIV power node tip.

ThABahamut for a gold semiconductor.

Zohaib for a diamond semiconductor.

Jiri for the Clean Cut idea.

Kurtis Simpson for the lurker stasis tip.

Manie Preez for the plasma gun info.

David Beecroft for the regenerating power nodes tip.

Daniel Simpson for the Chapter XI audio log and Chapter VIII semiconductor.

Times I've died so far making this guide: 42

I'll also thank my wife Lisa (She wrote down the trophy section for me while
I was at work!). Thank you honey! (Eww... He said honey!).

Also love to my daughter Sadie, the whirlwind of destruction. Life would be
far too shallow without you!

Until we meet next time, fellow gamers!


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