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Hakan Guide by DisturbedPeace

Version: 3 | Updated: 08/28/2010

Super Street Figher IV Hakan Character Guide
Nathan Mordecai, namordecai@yahoo.com

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Basic Control Notation

3. Special Moves

4. EX Specials

5. Super and Ultras

6. Special Oily Techniques and Tips

7. Advanced Wake-Ups
a. defending against attacks upon waking up
b. attacking a waking opponent

8. Stun an opponent.

9. Dealing with jumping opponents.

10. Dealing with turtles.

11. How to deal with Rufuses dive kicks. 

12. Opponent Techniques

a. Bison
b. Ken/Ryu
c. Vega
d. Guy
e. Guile
f. Blanka
g. Abel
h. Adon
i. Dhalsim
j. Chun Li
k. Honda
l. Zangief
m. Balrog
n. Sagat
o. C. Viper
p. Rufus
q. Fuerte
r. Seth
s. akuma
t. Gouken
u. Fei Long
v. Sakura
w. Rose
x. Dan
y. T. Hawk
z. Deejay
A. Cody
B. Ibuke
C. Makoto
D. Dudley
E. Juri
1. Introduction to Hakan:

The idea behind Hakan was to have a novel new fighting style added to Street
Fighter IV, and in this, they really succeeded. Turkish oil wrestling is real
in fact! Not how Hakan does it, of course. Real oil wrestlers don't launch
their opponents fifty feet or spin around on top of them at a 100 miles an
hour. He's more of a clown than a fighter. Good, I say. More fun.

Hakan is widely considered to be low tier (perhaps very low), and I am in no
position to argue. While I have played top players (top players being
10000+BP), frankly, I've gotten destroyed about half of the time, with only
a few victories. All of that said, I have had success overall with Hakan. I
can beat the average player pretty handily. I'm one of the best Hakan players
on Xbox network, I think, so if you're trying to get
better, I may be able to help. That said, I have a huge amount of room for
improvement, as there are advanced techniques I will be discussing in here
that I haven't yet mastered.
2. Basic Control Notation:

p=any punch
k=any kick
lp=light punch
mp=medium punch
hp=hard punch
lk=light kick
mk=medium kick
hk=hard kick
s.=standing, as in “s.hp,” or standing hp. (Use this a lot. Good priority.)
c.=crouching, as in “c.mk,” or crouching medium kick.
j.=jumping, as in “j. mp,” or jumping medium punch.
toward=toward your opponent, as in “toward+mp,” or press toward your opponent
and press medium punch simultaneously.
qcf=quarter circle forward, or press down, down-toward, toward.
dpm=dragon punch motion. If you can't do a dragon punch, you probably shouldn't
even try Hakan.
360p=move the d-pad or joystick 360 degrees followed by a punch.
360k=move the d-pad or joystick 360 degrees followed by a kick.
3. Special Moves
*Oil slide: qcf+p (Hakan slides forward on his oil belly, with fists in front).
Oil slide is Hakan's most useful special move. It can be used to dodge, counter
a jumping attack, set up for a throw or can take out your opponent's legs. It's
dangerous for Hakan if not used properly, as the recovery time is not good
after it's blocked. From just the right distance, a blocked oil
slide is relatively safe if followed by a throw, back dash or a block. Interrupt
it with an EX-focus attack on occasion to keep your opponents off guard. If you
are hit by a projectile at the same time as you hit your opponent, oil up.
They'll be down longer than you. Use oil slides to slide under jumping
opponents as needed.This slide makes Hakan one of the more mobile characters,
due to it's speed and how low he gets. Pressing punch a 2nd time after the oil
slide will result in a second attack, known as a body press. Tacking on a body
press makes the oil slide pretty painful for opponents and puts you in good

*Oil Rocket: 360p. (A short to long range throw; Hakan squeezes his opponent,
launching them into the air). This move does good damage, but it has very poor
range by default. Get yourself oiled up as soon as safely and rationally
possible to make Hakan into a formidable grappler.

*Oil Shower: dpm, k, or toward, down, down-toward and kick. (Hakan oils up).
lk oil shower is the safest, but hk oil shower is worth taking damage over (just
not too much). This move changes the game completely. If Hakan were oiled up
all the time, he'd be truly powerful and so much less frustrating. Many moves
get longer range and Hakan does greater damage. Perhaps most importantly,
the oil rocket gets some real range. Once you have range on this, you can start
using "tick throws," (i.e. lp, lp, oil rocket). Perhaps just as importantly,
his oiled dashes (toward-toward) can be interrupted by his own normal punches
and kicks.No other character has this ability, and it opens up interesting
possibilities, particularly with the focus attack.

*Oil Dive: 360k (Hakan lunges toward a standing or jumping opponent). This move
is damaging and is quite useful once you know how to use it. It's good for
punishing some failed moves, and for countering throws. If timed right, it can,
for example, throw Bison (emperor) out of his Psycho Crusher and jump kicking
opponents. You can also do this move in a way that allows you to tech out of 
your opponents' normal throws upon the would-be start up of oil dive. More on 
that later.

The best way to get this in:
You can take advantage of a milisecond stand-to-crouch animation common to all
characters [Thanks to Ultra Dave here], e.g. hit a standing opponent with
toward+mp and buffer into medium oil dive. Better yet, get someone after
they're knocked down, as they have to stand for a split second (except Cammy,
Honda, Dhalsim and Blanka). We'll get into that later.
4. EX specials (specials where two punch buttons or two kick buttons are used
instead of the usual single button, using up part of your super adding more
power and ability to the move).

*EX Oil Slide goes through any projectile, even kikoshu, and is incredibly fast
when it's oiled. Good against Ryu and Sakura. Not as good against Guile or

*EX Oil Rocket has a split second of invincibility. Good against a jabbing
opponent. Don't use this sparingly. Use it often. Seriously. 

*EX Oil Shower gives invulnerability against certain moves, e.g. fireballs and
psycho crusher. However, it's incredibly slow and uses up super gauge.

*EX Oil Dive has long range and is the same speed as HK oil dive. That means
you can do extra damage when needed when you, for example, knock someone down
with an oiled-up toward+hk, immediately dash backward and immediately do your
hk or EX oil dive. (This is a nice timing technique to get extra oil dives in
on your opponents; I explain in more detail later). If you're oiled up and do
an EX oil dive, it's invulnerable to throws, even super throws. 
5. Super and Ultras, respectively:

*Flying Oil Spin: qcf->qcf+punch (Hakan dives far forward at jumping or
standing opponents and slides them along the ground, ramming them into the
wall, spinning all the while for no legitimate reason). The flying oil spin is
better than it seems at first glance. LK flying oil spin is invulnerable to 
normal attacks, which means that a neutral jumping foe or perhaps Adon's jaguar
tooth could have a problem. Hakan's mk super is invulnerable to throws. Use this
against Zangief's ultra, for example. HK flying oil spin goes through 
projectiles, even Chun's Kikoshu. Also, Hakan's oiled-up, sliding focus attack
is good for setting this super up. Just dash backward after an attempt, and you
have time to confirm the hit and immediately super them.

*Oil Coaster: 360x2 and 3-punch-buttons (Ultra 1: Hakan might use this on his
daughters, hugging them tight, launching them in the air, spinning them around
his body and launching them off to school at a 100 miles an hour. WEEEEEEE!)
This uber oily throw does solid damage and has pretty good range. Try it
following a jumping lk, a blocked toward+mp or after defending a jumping
attack. If you think someone is trying to tic throw you, just spam the move
and hope they don't jump instead. It'll take some practice, but it is great in
many circumstances.

*Oil Combination Hold: down->down->down+3-kick-buttons. (Ultra 2: Hilarity
ensues when Hakan oils up, lies on his back and waits for his unwitting jumping
opponent. His helpless attacker slips, gets flipped over and using Hakan's
crotch as a fulcrum, Hakan spins mighty fast, then holds his now oil-soaked
new bosom friend tight and yells, “Here I come!” and squirts them along the
ground and into the wall. Awesomely disgusting!) While this move lacks damage,
it's easy to get in and is helpful against jump attacks and some special moves,
e.g. hurricane kicks and cannon drills. Surprisingly, an attempted dragon punch
on top of Hakan's oil combination hold will result in an immediate slip into
Hakan's waiting arms and some oily man-on-man action. Great fun and pretty
effective. Keep in mind that after Hakan's successful focus attack, an opponent
can disastrously fall face first into Hakan's buff, oily body. Try it! After
Hakan's juggling j.mp, while Hakan can oil slide it, it may be better to finish
them off with the oil combination hold instead. This is a great move, if you 
can do it fast enough. You might try it with a crouching move, to hide the fact
that you're tapping down, e.g. down+c.mp, down, down, 3 kick buttons.
6. Special Oily Techniques and Tips:

Oily Hakan is much more dangerous than dried Hakan. Weird. His toward+hk, for
example, has much longer range and will automatically result in
teching out of throws. More exciting than that, oily Hakan has more and better
combos, e.g.:

lp, lp, lp, mp (Dry Hakan can only do two lp's and a mp.)

c.lk, c.lk, c.lk

mp, lp, mp

mp, c.lp

But that's not the really good new combos you get:

instantaneous focus attack (mk+mp held for a split second, as opposed to one
where the buttons are held down), dash, c.mk, oil slide, body press. Again, we
see Hakan interrupting his dash while oiled. A powerful technique that can
really spoil you.

toward+mp, EX focus attack, dash interrupt, toward+mp, mk-oil-slide, body

*Oiled-up EX oil slide goes all the way across the screen. This is a must have
against some opponents. Against Ryu, for example, it's butter to your bread. It
goes through projectiles, by the way. Seriously.

*Oily toward+mp goes much further and with the increased oily range of the oil
rocket, Hakan can throw jumping opponents from behind by dashing (either
inadvertantly missing an attack or purposefully). Extremely useful. This is one
of his best anti-air techniques. As an anti-air technique, it's rarely used
by the average Hakan player.

*toward+mp buffered into a hk oil dive can do major damage to a neutral jumping,
standing or even an opponent trying to crouch and is a bit slow. Do this, if
they start to avoid your oil rocket follow-ups.

*A j.hk, if landed deep enough on a standing opponent, whether they block or
not, can result in an almost guaranteed hit by the lk oil dive. It's tough to
defend against. Of course, as always, the c.lp or c.lk can protect them as can
shoryukens and the like. That's why we use "mix ups."
7. Advanced Wake-up Techniques (Thanks to UltraDave's Youtube video for this):

a. After getting knocked down, if Hakan is not oiled up, he's very vulnerable.
If he is oiled up, however, he's got some nice weapons at his disposal:

*Upon Hakan waking up, Zangief, for example, might use a c.hk. Respond with an
instantaneous-focus-attack, dash and a combo, e.g. toward+mp, oil slide.

*Upon Hakan waking up, an opponent like Ryu might try a series of crouching
jabs. A backward dash might be impotent but oily Hakan, for a split second, can
interrupt his backward dash (only in the first 10th of the move; the rest of
the backward dash can't be interrupted, unlike the forward dash). Use a c.lk
combo, for example, to make Ryu pay for trying to lightly punch you in the

b. After knocking down an opponent, Hakan has some mean techniques he can use:

*After an oil slide/body press, try using lk oil up and then an oil rocket. The
timing works out great. Yessssss! Sadly, not so much against Adon, though; that
guy gets up fast!

*Use a deep j.hk (requires very good timing) on a standing opponent followed by
a lk oil dive.

*If you're already oiled or feel like gambling a bit, try this technique, which
takes advantage of a split second animation in almost every character:
as an opponent recovers from a fall after a body press (how long an opponent
stays down depends on what you used to knock them down... thus, this technique
works for a particular knockdown!), get ready to oil dive them upon wake up.
This will probably be the most oft used method of landing the oil dive. The
timing is difficult, but Capcom was friendly to the timing impaired player.
Try, for example, a c.hp as you stand up and use a lk oil dive. More
advanced players will use a c.lk to duck more quickly so try using an EX oil
rocket or perhaps a s.hp. 

*Similarly, knocking an opponent down with a c.hk sets you up for an oil dive.
As you stand, do a dash and a hk-oil-dive. Easy to time, but a bit risky. One
might also try a s.hp, lk-oil-dive or a c.lk, mk-oil-dive.

*There are many things you can try on your opponent waking up. Be creative.
Also, keep in mind that various opponents vary in their wake up, so some of
these techniques become rather useless against some opponents.
8. Stunning an Opponent.

I have been getting frustrated with never stunning opponents, but Hakan is
damaging. If you actually have stunned an opponent, chances are, they're
nearly KO'd. After some experimentation, I found that stunning an opponent is a
bit feasible, albeit unlikely. 

Hit an opponent out of the air with a j.hp. If that connects, try connecting
again with a c.hk upon them waking up. If successful, immediately dash forward
then hk oil dive (won't work well on Cammy, Dhalsim, Honda or Blanka, sadly). 
f they forgot to do a c.lp or dragon punch, and you got your hk oil dive in
(which happens often enough in this circumstance), you've got them in a bad
position. Immediately do a mp oil shower and immediately hp oil rocket your
opponent. They're in serious trouble now, as they are in the corner and Hakan's
j.hk will now cross them up. Move in closer and jump kick as they wake up; 
with some practice, you can jump kick an opponent in the same standing position
you use to get wake-up oil dives. It's tough to time, but it pays off. In the 
corner, with a cross-over jump kick, it's even better. 

A superior near-combo for stunning I discovered is as follows: j.hk, s.mp, s.lp
c.lp xx lk oil dive. If all of this lands, you're almost half way to a stun! 
9. Dealing With Jumping Opponents

Hakan is unusual, when it comes to deterring jumping opponents. What to do?

S.hp works fairly well, when an opponent is overhead. Not very damaging, but
it's good against some opponents.

s.lp can knock opponents out of the air, but it takes little damage.

A simple way to deal with it is to use his powerful Hakan spear (toward+hp).
While you often get hit, your opponent gets hit worse. It's a bit slow, but if
you have time and the inclination, it's useful. It's slightly less risky than
oil sliding your opponent and hits them higher in the air. As your opponent
lands, consider your next move quickly.

Better still is landing a lp oil slide. LP oil slide is nice, because it stays
in the vicinity of the landing opponent better than a hp oil slide.
Furthermore, if they don't attack and land instead, they might block your
attack. HP oil slide is a bit more dangerous. A lp oil slide is much more
likely to recover in time for you to punish them, even if they block. If your 
opponent figures out that he or she can simply jump in and not swing, block and
punish, this one becomes dangerous. But from my experience, that doesn't happen.
Advanced opponents will do this, though so this can get mighty dangerous.

Perhaps his best (unoiled) anti-air technique is the j.hp. This has range,
priority and power. A neutral jumping Bison can be hit by this technique, if you
back up a bit and time it correctly.

Also very obnoxious to opponents is the j.mp. Hit them out of the air and
follow up with an oil-slide body press or perhaps your Ultra 2. Great damage
and excellent priority. It lacks the range and versitility of the j.hp,

Often, you can land an oil dive on a jumping opponent. Try using a recorded
dummy in practice mode to test the timing for this. With practice, you can
really punish your opponents, but it can be unreliable. Rarely very useful.

His j.lk or j.lp come in handy as well. J.lk can counter even Adon's Jaguar
Tooth. They're far safer than your other anti-air techniques and can be used
in a pickle.

His absolute best anti-air technique is done with oily Hakan's focus attack, 
dash, normal attack interrupt techniques. I recommend a lk or lp to interrupt
the focus attack. Do what you will after that to inflict maximum damage, e.g.
s.lp, s.lp, c.lp xx lk oil dive or just c.lk EX oil rocket. 
10. Dealing With Turtles.

A defending opponent can be tricky to deal with for those new to Hakan (and
against some opponents, tricky for experts).

Oil up and do a toward-mp or toward hk and whiff on purpose. Immediately do an
oil rocket.

Get completely across the screen. If they don't move, do a hp oil slide, which 
is safe at that distance. You might also try, across the screen, toward+mp, 
mp oil slide. 

Get in closer and try to hit them with the end of your standing hp. You're
now at the right distance to do a pretty safe lp oil slide and throw them
or just block their attack. Either way, you're right on top of them. Eventually
you may be able to decide when the oil slide is safe on sight, without measuring
in the meantime, this is an okay rule of thumb.

Oil up and do a sliding focus attack. Interrupt it and throw or interrupt it and
attack. Or don't interrupt it at all. Up to you.

Oil up and just dash toward them and throw. 

Do a j.hp as low to the ground as possible. If they blocked, you can lk oil
dive, and it's a near combo. They can defend with a c.lp, but who does that
after blocking a jump attack? Alternately, jump toward them and land without
swinging. They might bite.

Toward-mk has high priority and is pretty quick. Try poking them out of their

Some opponents will repeatedly jump backward. Just inch forward and consider
a j.hp, or perhaps an oil dive on a neutral jumping opponent.
11. Rufus's diving kick (aka falcon kick) can be done repeatedly on Hakan and
Hakan can't seem to do anything about it, other than sit there and perhaps tech
out of Rufus's throws... or is there something? Yup! I am just the man to 
let the world know that Rufus v. Hakan is not a "7 to 3" advantage in Rufus's
favor. Hakan is better than that. After studying shoryuken's Hakan forum, 
I put a few pieces together and came up with the following. I'll quote myself
(I am DisturbedPeace on shoryuken.com): 

Against a Rufus rush-down dummy, I figured I'd try 360 during recover from block
stun, ending in down back (e.g. 6, 9, 8, 7, 4, crouching defense hold) and
finish with, instead of just lk, lk+lp. Well, if you finish the ddt attempt with
lk+lp, you can tech out of throws. (This makes perfect sense against a rush
down, because you're pressing lk+lp at the exact moment your block stun is
finished to attempt your ddt, which is when they try to throw also). I continued
to mess around against the Rufus dummy, and he ended up behind me with his dive
kick, crossing me up. My lk oil dive came out anyway, as Hakan auto-corrected.
If he doesn't throw and does dive kick, you do your lk oil dive anyway. I think
that's kind of huge against Rufus, isn't it? If people aren't already using
this, they absolutely should give this a try. 

In summary, against a Rufus rush down, you can do a lk ddt without opening up
your crouching defense even for a split second, which if done the moment Rufus
leaves the ground for a dive kick, throws Rufus out of it; if Rufus ends up
behind you, crossing you up, you can ddt him anyway as Hakan auto-corrects, and
you can tech out of throws if you do your ddt with lk+lp instead of just lk.
Lastly, if Rufus forward jumps without dive kicking, you dive under him and
slide across the screen. There are obviously still some options for Rufus to try
to throw you off, but this makes Drykan much, much stronger against Rufus's rush
down. As a side note, keep in mind that part of the key to this is the crouching
into the lk oil dive. If you're not going directly from crouch into the ddt
against the looming dive kick, you won't have any room to move, and the oil dive
simply will not come out anymore, as you'll do a throw instead. Crouching is an
absolute must here.

[For those that don't know, "rush down" means someone is going berzerk all over
you; "6,9,8,7,4" represents the directions you press (look at the number pad
on the right side of your keyboard), "tech-throw" means that someone tries to 
throw you, and it's a tie.] 

12. Opponent-Specific Techniques (or just some general tips in cases where I
don't have great character-specific techniques).

a. Bison: Bison is especially difficult with Hakan, but
I've figured a few things out against him. J.mk, for example, will beat his
psycho crusher and scissor kicks. His toward+lp will do a little damage against
a blocked l. scissor kick. The EX oil shower will allow a psycho crusher to
pass through you. Hakan's toward+hp will beat a psycho-crusher, if done in
time. Use the lk oil dive to counter a blocked psycho crusher.
Furthermore, use fade-away j.mk. Also, dash or use toward-mp to get under his
headstomp and throw him. Toward-hp is good against his air attacks. You'll
need j.hp a lot against him. Don't bother with j.mp, as he jumps too high.
If he does neutral jumps, back up and come in with a j.hp. It'll help. The 
technique discussed in the Rufus dive kick section may come in handy against
Bison to a degree, too, if you understand the principle behind it. Defense is 
key here. 

b. Ken/Ryu: Hakan's toward+hp is good against fireballs from the right range.
Get oiled up, so you can focus attack through a fireball, dash and hit with
whatever works, depending on what their reaction is. A hk oil-up that is
interrupted won't last as long as one that's uninterrupted, but if you're goin
to take a hit for an oil-up, make it a hk oil-up. Even better, from mid-range,
tie a fireball with an oil slide. Ryu will stay down long enough for Hakan to
oil shower. I tend to choose Ultra 2 against Ken and Ryu, as they like
to jump and use hurricanes. If nothing else, this will keep them from rushing
you down so much. His j.hp is good against fireballs and can be followed by
c.mk, oil slide. Again, be patient. Don't oil slide all the time and always be
prepared to do an oiled-up EX oil slide against a fireball. Mix your oil slides
up against a retreating opponent and perhaps even focus attack, dash, lk to
simulate a parry from SFIII. It may come in handy. C.hp beats hurrican kicks.
Even better, blocked hurricane kicks can turn into oil rockets, giving you
a chance to oil up.

c. Fighting Vega can be fun, once you have the timing down for
down+3-punch-buttons. When oiled, you can easily duck under Vega's specials
and oil slide him or worse. Be prepared to use Hakan's focus attacks against
Vega's standing normals and remember to neutral jump over his s. normals
occasionally. Remember that Vega doesn't take hits well, so you may come back
if behind. Try to tie his hits, especially when Hakan is oiled and more
damaging. Most importantly against more advanced opponents, get oiled up and use
your focus attack as a parry by interrupting it with normal attacks. 

d. Guy's elbow drop can be obnoxious. Just slide underneath it with toward+mp
and throw him. Don't be too aggressive with jump attacks, especially when he
has S.C.. Against a more skilled opponent, using a toward-lp against his
jumping specials may be warranted. Also, against Guy's effective focus attack,
try toward-mp and buffer into his oil rocket. Against a focus attack, this is
essentially a combo.

e. Guile is tough, but if you've got some advanced techniques down, you can
mitigate Guile's advantages. As with Ryu and Ken, get oiled up, use the focus
attack and dash past projectiles or try to tie them, allowing for an oil
shower. Against Guile, toward+hp will beat his c. hk, for example. Also try,
once past the projectile, toward+mp and an oil rocket. If he does a c.hk on
you, on the 2nd hit, instantaneous focus attack, dash, interrupt the dash
with a damaging combo. Try to get Guile to miss flash kicks and punish him
with your oil slides or combos. Make use of Hakan's sliding focus attack,
while oiled. It helps. Use your j.hp, as it has great range and sometimes,
jump from that same ideal distance and don't swing. Use the EX oil slide
wisely, as it's really the key to victory here. That and great defense.

f. Blanka: You can't use your oil dive on a knocked down Blanka as well as
others, as he has a different animation. Choose Ultra 2. Use your hp oil slide
after a blocked "blanka ball." Hakan is rather good against Blanka.

g. Abel likes to throw after his rolls, so feel free to lk-oil-dive as he comes
out of it on occasion. J.mk counters his annoying kick special as does toward-
mp. Get oiled up early, so you can counter his kick special with an oil rocket
after a successful block.

h. Adon: With good timing, you can oil dive against jaguar tooth. Air throw
his other specials, when you can. Don't be afraid to back-dash. It helps. Best
of all, you can counter the jaguar tooth with a j.lk.

i. Dhalsim: j.mk again comes in handy. Oil slide works against Dhalsim's j.hp
but not against s.hp. Counter a successfully blocked s.hp with oil slide, when
you're about half the screen away or closer. Try to anticipate his fireballs.
Always use Ultra 2 against him, as it negates his barely-off-the-ground
teleport. Just keep tapping down to be instantly ready.

j. Chun Li: Spinning oil rocket works against kikoshu. Use focus attack against
her cross up kick, dash backward and interrupt a combo, when oiled. Remember
to block against her, and if she keeps block-string/throwing you, you might
sneak in a lk oil dive to deter that.

k. Honda: counter a blocked head ram with hp oil slide. Fade-away j.mk is
good against head rams as well. Try to lure head rams with interrupted focus
attacks. Do not try to counter a blocked EX head ram. Fail. Use dash or toward-
mp to get behind him on his jumping attacks, including his specials. Do a lot
of defense and inch forward unpredictably.

l. Zangief: Use jumping attacks to avoid his throws and j.hk to damage. Use
your wake up game after knocking him down with your oil slide and use your
oil dive more generously on wake-up. That'll avoid his throws. Beware his
wake-up game and remember to use focus attack or dash backward. Use your oil
dive at the end of his spinning lariat, as the reward is great, i.e. a mk
oil shower.

m. Balrog: Be quick with your oil rockets, and you can catch him as he dashes
toward you. Choose Ultra 1 against him. You'll need it. LP oil rocket has the
best range, so it's not a bad idea to use that in some circumstances. Oil slide
will punish most of his attacks, but don't always use the hp oil slide. From
the right distance, lp or mp are safer.

n. Sagat: Your oil slide will easily deter high tigers. Use your jump hp from
maximum hitting distance, but don't always swing. Hakan does enough damage that
a safe jump can pay off, allowing you to avoid the tiger uppercuts and combo
or throw him. Once in close, you can block tiger knees and throw him, use mp
and couner his misses with oil slides. Once you've gotten some counters in,
then it may be time to get in an oil rocket or something to that effect. You
can also use Hakan's toward-hk knock down pretty effectively against him.

o. C. Viper: Use sliding focus attacks and c. defense. Don't play too
defensively. Use your offense creatively. Master the lp, lp, mp combo. It's
very necessary.

p. Rufus: He'd be no problem, if it weren't for him spamming that falcon kick.
Choose Ultra 2 to help deter his spamming as well as toward lp. Use focus
attack fakes to lure him as well. Practice against his moves against the dummy.
He's a real punk, isn't he? I have a whole separate section to help you deal 
with his dive kick/throw spamming. You can deal with this pretty well, actually.

q. El Fuerte: the oil dive is more effective against a running El Fuerte. Also,
use your toward-mp and j.mp combos. While difficult to hit, he can't take hits
well, so take what you can get. Don't play too much defense against him and
don't hesitate to back dash, focus attack or do a standing block against his
wake up game. I suck against Fuerte, to behonest.

r. Seth: again, as with El Fuerte, your hits count. As with Dhalsim, punish
a blocked mid-range s.hp with Hakan's hp-oil-slide. Punish his missed
ultras/supers with your super. Your j.hp may be useful against his unusually
high jumps.

s. Akuma: Use your focus attack technique, but not when he's got a raging demon
waiting for you and don't be afraid to slide under his air fireballs. Just
don't always slide the same distance. Don't do an oil dive on opponent wake up
when he has super or ultra.

t. Gouken: his projectiles are fast; try to tie them and knock him down with
oil slide or find another way to get oiled up. Be prepared to block and counter
with EX oil rocket. When jumping in, purposely miss him with a jump strong and
throw him upon landing. If he does jump, the strong will set up for an oil
slide. This will avoid his counter. Use lp oil slide under his jump specials to
avoid them but not necessarily hit him, simply as an irritating deterrent.

u. Fei Long: Punish his missed dragon kicks with oil slides. Jump away and
attack on occasion. Remember that Fei has a special throw, with which he'd
like to punish you, particularly if he has an ultra or super. After a blocked
cross up jump attack, particularly when he has an ultra or super, try an EX oil

v. Sakura: Her j.hk is tough against the oil slide. Use his priority, e.g.
his s.hp, j.mp/oil-slide-combo and c.hk. Use focus attack and interrupt with a
backward dash to set her up.

w. Rose: Don't jump at her recklessly, when she has her ultra... either ultra.
She recovers more slowly from her thrown fireballs, so take advantage.

x. Dan: Don't lose. It's humiliating. Punish him with oil rocket after
blocking his special.

y. T. Hawk: Slide backward away from his throws. Let him condor dive, block
it and counter with oil slide. This guy is tall, isn't he? It's tempting to hit
him at the height of your jump, isn't it? Don't do that. Hit him lower in your
jump, or he'll destroy you. Use EX oil dive against him on occasion. He's
guaranteed to try to throw and EX oil dive is guaranteed to make him miss. It
also takes huge damage.

z. Deejay: Don't jump in recklessly, when he has super gauge. Keep track of
when he has charge-down and use that to determine when to jump at him, e.g.
he just missed with his projectile or he is walking forward. Keep luring and
avoiding his ultras and super as the highest priorities. Oil up and focus
attack through projectiles, dashing and interrupting the dash with normals.
Use your toward-mp to get in closer and get oiled up to take more damage.
You'll need it. Use your dash and lp oil rocket for great throw range.

A. Cody: Counter his criminal upper with your quicker moves and don't jump too
much. Lure him into using his charge move knuckle and punish
him with an oil rocket. Get oiled up before that, as always, as the oil rocket
range is terrible otherwise.

B. Ibuke: A tough matchup. Advance patiently, and use the right oil slide
and not just the hp oil slide all the time. She has little life. Be patient and
just get hits when you can. Beware her speedy neck breaker, as it beats oil
slide. Jump a lot and try to irritate her when she retreats by being patient.
You can slap her knives away, by the way.

C. Makoto: Tough inside. She has a special throw. Use your quick moves inside.
Use your jumping backward m. punch to counter her jump attacks and oil up. Use
focus attacks against her at mid range and fake your focus attack as well. Your
s.hp will come in handy. Standing defense is important against her and less
than it is against other opponents.

D. Dudley: Oil up and counter his machine gun with oil rocket or just block and
let him miss his uppercut attempt. Use s.lp, toward+lp and s.hp. Use your wake
up game, once he's knocked down. Be careful of his EX uppercut follow up to
machine gun punch. Block after the machine gun punch, if he's got super or
his ultra ready for you. Occasionally dash in and use an oil dive or a lp oil
rocket. Counter his jump attacks with oil rocket on occasion.

E. Juri: Don't dash forward too much. Walk toward her and be very ready to
block and counter. Lure her into her ultra 2, when she has that and make her
miss. Her projectiles aren't very good against Hakan, so if she uses them,
oil slide her well, particularly the oiled-up EX oil slide. Be patient and get
hits when you can. Be careful when she has EX, as she may spam her specials

A bit about me:

I've been playing SF a long time, since SFII in the arcades. I've had a bit of
bad luck picking my characters, though. My main was T. Hawk in the old Super
SFII Turbo. Low tier. Now Hakan. I also liked Q in SFIII. I decided to write
this FAQ, because so many people are so terrible with Hakan. I never owned
"vanilla" SFIV, but after Super SFIV came out, I bought an Xbox 360. That may
be why it's taken a while for me to get to 6300 BP. I'm sure it would have gone
much faster had I been playing SFIV and getting used to focus attacks and such.
If you think I suck, that's my excuse :). Otherwise, I figure I'm doing very
well for a relative newb. That suggests my Hakan strategies are pretty good, if
you ask me.

For this FAQ, I did some research on Hakan and read up on a few techniques with
him and made up a couple of my own, e.g. oiled up toward-hk connect, immediate
back-dash and immediate EX oil dive. I hope people get some use out of this,
particularly the toward-mp-under-jump-attack, oil-rocket-from-behind after
avoiding a jump attack, advanced wake ups and focus attack techniques and
combos. These are way underutilized. Feel free to improve on these, and I'll be
watching you in replay perhaps. I'll get some better ideas to win with this
clown. Good luck with your Turkish man-on-man action!

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