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by pprincess

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Walkthrough by pprincess

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/10/12


Copyrights: Shirokishi Monogatari: Hikari to Yami no Kakusei Created by Level 5, Inc. 2010 Sony Computer Entertainment. White Knight Chronicles II created by Level 5 Inc. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 2011 Havok.com . Walkthrough by pprincess No part of this guide can be used without permission of this author. carielln@yahoo.com . Sources: Japanese wiki site http://masterwiki.net/shirokishi2nd/?%BA%CE%BD%B8


The goal of this walkthrough is to provide the player with easy methods to successfully complete White Knight II. It is "spoiler-free"in that the story elements are not discussed in advance. Boss names are listed only when encountered for the purposes of gameplay. There are many different jobs you can play, and many opinions on which are best. My walkthrough reflects my personal preferences, but also some solid experience in WKC 2 having played both the Japanese and English games to the highest guild ranks. There is no "one way" to play, but some jobs are more difficult than others.

This walkthrough covers ONLY White Knight 2. If you plan to play White Knight 1 on the disk, you'll want to check out the walkthroughs and guides for White Knight Chronicles International on GameFAQS.

Outside Battle
X perform action such as talking to NPCs, opening chests.
O Back button
Triangle opens menu
R1 Map
R2 Character Emotes
D Pad Down Selects yourself and opens shortcut menu.
In Battle
X perform action such as start battle or select a command
X+R1 Defend to take less damage.
Triangle: transform to Incorruptus.
R1+Square/Circle cues characters
R2 and L2 Switch to target a different enemy.
Select Button: Switches characters. Learn this button!
Command Bar

In battle, you have slots on your Command Bar for Items, changing Equipment (same as R2/L2).

X Select action
Triangle: Turn Break. This is a one shot special move used when boss powers up, will instantly stagger the boss.
R1+X Defend, or when equipped with Shield and Sword will initiate Guardian Aura, a healing circle which will protect all within it from damage.

Short Sword

Pros: Fun to play, can use Magic Spells augmented by Daggers. Has MP replacement skill.
Cons: poor DPS, offers nothing to an online party for MP replacement or Support that Bows and Mages offer. Popular job class, but frustrating to play in story mode and early online because of low DPS.


Pros: Fun to play, good Slash damage, increase in speed at lower HP. Has Magic Breaker to lower enemy magic damage.
Cons: weak Defense, poor Strike and Thrust moves, very challenging end game. Not recommended for story mode.

Elemental/Staff Mage

Pros: High damage output, easiest class to play for story mode. Offers MP and HP replacement to full party, heal status effects, fast cast for buffs.
Cons: weak Defense, draws significant aggro. Requires Elemental, Staff and Divine trees to fully play mage, so that means you can't really add another job class to this build until well after GR 20.


Pros: Dark Shot/Conceal and high Agility help this build to dodge enemy attacks. Best Thrust skills in the game. Offers MP and HP support skills, so a good job to play online later on. Has a Haste+ skill via Resident Errand. Has Potion Lores which makes potions heal for more, a valuable skill set.
Cons: has lower DPS, especially during story mode, very poor Slash skill.


Pros: Fun to play. Offers MP/DEF up skill and shields to party to take half damage. High Vitality allows spear to have best Defense.
Cons: low DPS, especially in story mode. Does better if buffed with Axe skill +Rallying Cry, but frustrating to play early on in story mode due to
low DPS. No decent Strike skills.


Pros: Fun to play. Best DPS in the game. Excellent Slash and Strike moves. Has breaker skills to lower enemy DPS and Defense. Great party Attack up buff +Rallying Cry. Does even more damage with low HP.
Cons: weak Defense if you use War Cry, poor Thrust skills.

Divine Magic

This skill tree is not a job, but healing spells that everybody should have. A mage will heal the most health of all the job classes. A support mage build can be done with Staff and Divine skills if you don't want to take magic, but you'll need at least Fire spells to get through the story.

  • Recommended Builds:
Avatar: Mage or Bow/Axe
Leonard: Axe
Caesar: Axe
Yulie: Bow or Bow/Mage
Eldore: Mage/Longsword as a secondary skill.
Scardigne: Mage or Bow
  • Important Tip

Either Yulie or Eldore should be a mage, unless you plan to play mage yourself. The game story can get very frustrating unless you, or at least one other character, uses Fire magic.

  • Another Important Tip

Use all the characters, keep upgrading their equipment and skills to higher levels. Don't just upgrade a couple of characters, make sure everybody has potions and the best equipment you can get. You may experience limitations on who you can use at various points in the game, so everybody should be :ready to go in the latest gear.


After the opening cutscenes, you'll gain control of a mysterious story character. BEFORE DOING ANYTHING, press Triangle and open the game menu and choose Learn Skills. You will have 56 skill points to spend on Scardigne. He already has a specialty started in short sword. You can't change his weapon right now, but later you might want to. Looking at the job classes available to him, he can play short sword, mage, spear and bow. You don't have to decide how to spend these points right now, you can continue and decide later. However, it will be awhile before you get another opportunity to change his skills and, more importantly, his healing Commands.

  • Tip

Because this character is locked out of DPS Longsword and Axe, you can't go wrong with another mage or bow character.

I'm going to spend the points on mage. First I will spend 26 points in the Divine Tree by taking: Fortify+, Mana Barrier+, Fatigue+, Mollify+ and Healing Breeze. These will unlock Heal II+, MP Up and SPR Up which I also take. Heal II+ will go a long way to helping heal an entire group. After this I have 30 points left. Next, I will spend 8 points in Elemental Magic, taking the first two spells that open up in Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Spells. Wow! for only 8 points I've now opened up another MP Up and a whole bunch of other spells. I will grab the MP and INT Ups. I'm also going to take Flame Lance and +Loki's Curse. These fire spells will help a lot. I have 5 points left which I will keep for now.

Next, go back to the Game Menu (Triangle) and select Combat Set Up. Change Tactics to Heal First. Then try Edit Commands. I will add my new spells Heal II+, Fortify+ and Mana Barrier+ and the best Fire spells for later. Scardigne has a sword for now so I won't change his sword commands. You can also create Sword combos in the same menu, use R1 button to scroll through the skill sets to Combo. Scardigne has out with full AC so might as well take advantage. I also put Arm Breaker and Shield Breaker on my command bars as well. Press Select to Save in Slot A when you're done with your Command Bars..

Now we're ready to roll. His the Down arrow on the D pad and press X. You now have a list of spells that can be used outside battle. Try casting Fortify on Miu and move forward. Check your map for the Star which is your goal, but you can also run around the other parts of the map to kill soldiers and gain some cash, Mana II and III potions and extra EXP. The soldiers respawn so you can play around and get some extra items. Go the star when you're ready and watch the cutscenes.

I. Airship

Finally your team assembles. Assign jobs and skill points to your avatar and the other team members. Check out my Skill guide on GameFAQs and YucheeEl's "stickied" guides on the WKC 2 forum if you want help or other ideas. If you mess up, you can reset using the Training Dummy on board to start over. Don't move forward until you're happy with everybody because you can't change anything once you move on.

You can buy equipment from the Crewman. Apart from changing weapons, the only real items worth buying are Innocent's Gloves or Castleguard Fists for Leonard and Yulie. These are the least expensive options to add a little more Defense and RES.

  • My team:
  • Starting Command Set Up
Leonard: Axe
Tactics: Heal First.
  1. Full Swing, Assault, Shatter, Crush, Pulverise, Blind Swing, Earth Jolt.
  2. Heal II, +Heal, Cure, Raise, Unbind, Awaken
  3. Battle Cry, Arm Buster, Armour Break, Slash combo, Strike Combo, Thrust Combo.
Yulie: Bow
Tactics: Heal First
  1. Dark Shot, Conceal, Double Nock, Triple Nock, Spirit's Hymn, Angel's Hymn,Healer's Hymn.
  2. Heal II, Heal III, +Heal II, Unbind, Cure, Raise, Awaken.
  3. Stun Tip, Slow, Fatigue, Mollify, Holy Light, +Fortify, +Mana Barrier.

She won't do most of these skills on her command bars when playing automatically, but I'll use them when I play as her. I don't want Yulie doing any damage moves, so I just have a couple of Nock moves on her bar. Her AI for DPS is stupid and she will perform any random DPS move regardless of the monster weakness. She is mainly set up as a support player. I may change that later on.

Eldore: Mage
Tactics: Heal First
  1. Magic Boost, Nature Meld, Mana Parasite, +Liberating Prayer, Staff Strike, Mana ::Slash, Mana Thrust.
  2. Heal II, +Heal, Unbind, Raise, Cure, Awaken
  3. Fireball, Flame Lance, +Bonfire, +Loki's Curse, Arctic Lance,Windlash, Rockslide.

Eldore comes with some magic and Longsword skills. He doesn't get many points to use right now toward a new mage build. I want to fill up his Elemental Tree to get Eclipse Gate and you can do that now, or wait because it's an expensive spell to cast until late game.


You can save additional full sets of Command Bars in Slots B, C and D. In the Edit Combat menu, you can select one of these sets as your Subcommands. When in battle, you can select Command Set on your bar to switch back and forth from your main set to your subcommands. This allowsyou to have more commands, OR to switch job classes if you want to use a different weapon set. BE CAREFUL. Never edit your subcommand set in a town unless you de-select it as your subcommands. Only edit your main command set in town, or de-select your subcommand bar (remove the red check mark) before you do your edits. Otherwise, you run the risk of overwriting your subcommands in battle with your main command bar. An unfortunate error in the game writing. If you are in a quest or outside of town in the story, you can edit your bars and the game will keep them. It's just in town that editing your subcommands will cause you a problem unless you de-select that bar first.

Online Power Leveling: Optional

There is no need to go online at this point, and I recommend completing the entire story, and all the subquests in the game. When you do so, you will be guild rank 15 or 16. If you do go online, many players will tell you to go complete the story, so expect to hear that a lot.

But, the game can easily be power-leveled at this point for your avatar. You will have to coerce a high GR player into running one of the Free Monster Hunt quests, killing the highest level mobs for you.

  • Etiquette: there are a lot of high GR players online. If you ask any higher GR players to run a quest with you, ASK POLITELY. Keep in mind they have run all the quests to death and to the point of boredom. There is no incentive for them to help you. Don't be greedy and ask people to grind levels with you, just ask help running ONE quest.Most players are willing to run a quest once. Afterwards, thank the players, leave and find another group to run your quest ONCE. In this way, you're asking politely for a single quest and not being a greedy noob.

If you choose to play online before finishing the story, having a Bow build with the Spirit Hymn skill is much easier. There are many new players with swords running around, and high GR players are more reluctant to help a sword player who doesn't have an MP skill.

III. Online Power Harvesting: Optional

Any of the free monster quests can be harvested by creating the quest or joining if somebody else starts it. If you want Tier I and Tier II harvest items, don't actually start the quest. You can run around the entire map before starting it, with no monsters, and just harvest thespots in the quest. Then start the quest, and talk to the soldier 2x. Ask to quit the quest, and you will get a D rank for the quest which will allow you to harvest in an online town. I recommend doing this in a lumber/timber town with Warriors, because you can get items needed later for Resident Errands. You can also sell the materials to buy potions or gear.

IV. Online Guild Membership:Optional

If you apply to join an online guild, you'll have access to high level potions and gear right away in the guild shop. On the airship, you cannot buy accessories nor potions and the game only gives you 10 Heal potions and no Mana potions to start out. If you imported a WKC 1 file, this isn't an issue, but if you're starting from GR 1 level 35, you won't have anything. In an online guild, you can dump your starting accessories and buy better ones. You can also ask guild members to duplicate for you Mana and Heal potions. Goddess Tear IIIs and IVs are also very handy. The player giving you some can reload their save and get their potions back so go ahead and ask people in your guild for potions.

  • Overall Online: at the very least, you should buy 10 Mana II potions, 10 Mana III potions, and as many Heal IIIs as you can afford. If you do a couple free monster hunts online you'll have great mats to sell to buy potions. You can also buy better gear at the guild armor shop later on when you level up.

I'll continue though without doing any power leveling.

When you've done everything to get your characters ready, switch to Leonard and control him. Talk to Rocco.

2 Gigas.
Weakness: Thrust

The first fight is pretty easy, the only way to get a game over is if Miu or Scardigne die. Just keep an eye on Miu. Hit TRIANGLE button with Leonard to turn into his knight. The two gigases are easily dispatched with Leonard's knight sword Thrust move. Just line 'em up. If one powers up, quickly hit the Triangle button to Turn Break. If Leonard's MP bar goes to zero, he'll revert from his knight form to his regular human form, so watch his MP bar.

The Thrust move uses only 1 MP so you shouldn't need to use any Mana Potions to refill his MP. When you are done, save at the Logic stone. You can also go online here and pick up anything you might need at your guild or an online town. Repair your gear before starting out, and get in the habit of doing this wherever possible.

Head left to B-6 and pick up a treasure chest with a Mana II. You can't go any further in this direction, so head back to the right side of the map. The mobs should be pretty easy. As a mage with Magic Boost, I'm one-shotting the small mobs. You must watch Miu's health, however, so she doesn't die. A treasure chest at G-6 holds a Gold Nugget which you can sell. Unfortunately you can't explore this entire map for now, but later you will return. The mobs are all Tier II and will remain so. If you power leveled you can probably run past everything to the star at E-5 on the map.

Practice using the Select button to switch characters during a battle. The ability to switch characters will be important later on.

VI. Farian Camp

In the camp, there is a mushroom harvest spot and a chest with a Heal II. The shop has nothing new but you can buy potions if you need any. You can also buy pearls if you want to level up any of your characters' starting gear. We will get better gear soon so you don't have to bother leveling anything.

  • Character changes: I have enough points now to pick up Slow on my bar. I get Knockout Blow for Leonard and put that on his. It costs only 8 MP to use and Knockout Blow is better than Tackle for Thrust-weak mobs like lizards or fish, with a chance to knock out the mob. In knock-out status, an axe can follow up with Blind Swing which will hit 100% when the mob is knocked out and usually be a killing blow.

Part of the forest has opened up now. On the map you will see several stars. Our job is to destroy the Zore Crystals.

Exiting east of the camp now allows you to go past the barrier to the north. A chest at F-4 holds a Heal II.

Zore Crystal
Weakness: Strike and random element

These bosses are magic focused, and Strike Weak. Have Yulie cast Mana Barrier on everyone and keep an eye on Scardigne. Do a bit of damage and the crystal will expose an elemental weakness so watch for the "down" next to the Zore Crystal name, or use Inspectacles to find out the weakness so you can target that. You shouldn't need to knight Leonard to defeat these. Look at your map for the next star. When you finish, you'll be taken back to the camp.

The larger mobs along the path are much easier if you have Yulie cast Mana Barrier and Fortify before starting, and Slow on the mob. Leonard can do Arm Break and Armor Break if you switch to him. Buffs and Debuffs are very useful and can make the difference in a boss battle between winning and Game Over. My mage now has Stealth Magic which adds Agility. Along with Yulie's Dark Shot, my mage will often dodge a physical hit. If you are struggling, play as Yulie and use Dark Shot/Conceal and keep at a distance and just focus on healing Leonard.

Back at Camp.

Repair your gear and buy anything you need at the shop. Check the map, our next goal is the star at B-4. Guess what, Miu is back with us and we can't go west from the camp, so it's the LONG way around. There are two ways to go, but we must go north through winter again. I'm going to explore the upper path on the map, in the north winter area, and take the outside path in autumn to get there. If you take the inner autumn path, back the way we went to get the Zor Crystals, there is a hidden path at F-4 you can explore.

A chest at G-4 holds a Mana II. What I really want though is the chest in the pocket at G-3. I have to kill a big mob to get to it, but it holds a Forest Keeper axe. Leonard now has an axe with ATK 77, a good increase from ATK 55 on his starting weapon.

Continuing up the top winter path, there is a chest at F-2 with a Farian Bow, a small improvement for Yulie. You can find a secret path at D-2, a little hook on the map. It will take you under the main path, and you can find a chest with Steel Sollerets DEF 30. At C-3 is a chest with another Gold Nugget. I'm doing 400-600 damage now with Tier III spells and Magic Boost, far more than what the other job classes can do, and just with the first available staff in the game. The larger mobs are no trouble at all and I'm killing the little mobs before my party draws their weapons. My Heal First tactics on Yulie and Leonard are keeping me healed and Yulie uses Spirit Hymn to refresh my MP when it goes below 25.

Save at the Logic Stone at C-3, and then if you want curve back up to the inner north path, there is a chest with a Mana II in the cubby at C/D-4. Heading south now toward the star, a chest at B-4 holds a Heal II. My Dragonfire spell is just overkill on these soldiers, but luckily they drop level 5 pearls and Mana IIIs. There is a chest at C-5 with Steel Armor if you continue south past the star on the map. I pick up the Force Wand in a chest at B-6. There is a Farian Estoc ATK 58 short sword at D-5.

Before going to the star, be sure you've done everything you need to do as there is no save point just past the star. BE SURE Leonard has at least 5 Mana II potions or 10 Mana I's in his pack. Save a a Logic Stone, and then go to the star, which will put you in the city of Faria.

Pull up your map and see a new star point. Fight your way through the soldiers in Faria. Approach the Star on the map, but before you get close to it, have Yulie cast +Mana Barrier and +Fortify on everyone.

Duke Gigas,
Weakness: Slash.
2 Zore Crystals

This battle can be really challenging because if Miu or Scardigne dies, it's Game Over. The boss has some cheap moves. Miu getting hit sometimes can't be helped as she stupidly runs too close into the battle. You can use Retry, but that will set you back further on the map and minus the items you used in the battle, so starting over the last save is probably a better move if you get a Game Over.

Leonard is in his knight form. Hit R2 or L2 to target one of the Zore Crystals. Use Leonard's Shield Bash to take out the Zore Crystals quickly. WATCH HIS MP and use a potion from his Items if it gets to 15 or 20. Now for the Duke...

Try and turn Leonard so the Duke Gigas is facing him and AWAY from Miu and the rest of the party. Scardigne will be more at risk here because he still has his sword and gets too close. The Duke Gigas has an area Paralyze move which won't affect Leonard but will affect other party members. Having Unbind on everybody's bar or Antiplegia Roots will help a lot.

Use Leonard's Strong Slash. When the Duke turns red and powers up, quickly press the TRIANGLE button with Leonard to stagger the Duke. Hit his knees again with Strong Slash to knock him down. When he gets up, he might activate his Rejuvenation Organ which puts Regen on him and he will start rapidly healing. Target the organ with Strong Slash, watching Leonard's MP. You can also switch to your avatar or Yulie and cast Slow and Fatigue on the Duke, along with Heal spells on everybody. Have Yulie use Dark Shot which will cause the Duke to miss here and there. Slow especially will help manage the battle. Goddess Tears are great because they give everyone in range some healing. Leonard can also use his knight's Heal spell but it's slow. Better to keep him hitting.

VII. Archduchy of Faria

Lots to do here in town. Visit Elias at his storefront to open up the story mode guild. You can look at the bounty quests and accept one if you want. They are all in areas we can't access yet. If you started with White Knight I, you might have some of these done already and can access Lost Woods bounties. I suggest leaving any of these until later in the game.

Treasure Chests
D-3 over the bridge Mana II
C-2 up the hill via stairs, behind house Bag of Gold Dust (sell)
D-3 on the dock Lump of Gold (sell for 5000g)
C-2 behind guild Mana III

You can check out the west side of town via the west exit and talk to the NPCs there, but that part of town doesn't have any treasure chests.

Visit the Armory, buy armor upgrades for everybody. If you got everything from the Lost Woods, you'll have a couple of Steel pieces already. Mix and match heavy gear with RES gear if you want. You can also buy jewelry at the shop but very likely an online guild will have better accessories. The weapons won't be anything new if you got all the chests in the Lost Woods, unless you need the Dragonfly spear. Don't buy the Spectral Blade Longsword, you can get a better one shortly. Restock potions.

At the Logic Stone, save. You can go online for more shopping or power leveling. You can also return to the Lost Woods if you want to level up or pick up any chests you missed. When you are ready to leave, talk to Miu at the star on your map.

VIII. Balandor

Pull up your map and you'll see some red dots moving around. These are Resident Errands. If you started with WKC 1 on your game disk, you may have finished some errands already. I have a guide on errands on GameFAQs so check it out. Before you can visit these NPCs, we need to get out of the Plaza.

Talk to the following NPCs in the plaza to move on: Gaston, 2 Royal Soldiers at the gate. Next we need to find Lucius.

If you haven't been here before, grab the chest on the balcony at F-8 for a bag of gold dust to sell. There are other chests around Balandor, if you picked them up in White Knight 1 there won't be anything new. You will have to visit Rapacci's Winery though at G-10 to get the Crystal Camera. If you didn't import a WKC 1 character, you will also have to talk to Ramah at E-12 and pay him for a property deed.

Visit the Armory. The only new items are the Zambato katana, a better longsword, and two new shields.

At the guild, talk to Harvey and level up Leonard's knight Core Unit if you have the money. The pearls can be bought in the General Store.

Once you have done everything, talk to the Royal Soldier at F-10 to find out where Lucius is.

IX. Balastor Plain

Proceed south to Parma. If you played WKC 1, the treasure chests in this area are nothing new, and the items are for WKC 1 level. There are NO New Game Plus chests. I wouldn't bother looking for chests as the gear in them is inferior at this point. The east part of the map is blocked so you'll have to go south to Parma.

X. Parma

Nothing new in the shops. Complete some Resident errands if you want. Talk to Lloyd near the bridge, and then proceed to leave town via the east gate.

XI. Balastor Plain Again

Pull up the map and check out the star. Lucius asks for help, and you have no choice but to accept yet another NPC into the party. Your goal is the area at F-7. You'll see some shiny spots on the ground along the way, click on them. Use +Fortify on everyone as you reach F-7 area.

Magi Soldiers
2 Gigas. Weakness: Thrust

Save the officers until last, you can avoid spawning the gigases. Unfortunately, you may end up with 2 gigases on your hands at once, and they like to pound on your NPCs. Keep them healed. I had no problem with my mage, but without a mage you might need Leonard to knight up and use sword Thrust.

Following the battle, talk to Lucius and then it's back to Balandor. You can walk back through Balastor Plain if you want, or use the Logic Stone to teleport there.

XII. Balandor

Pull up the map and check out the star at H-7. Before we head there, we need some preparation.

Are you a mage, or do you have one in the party? If so, you will need to play as a mage for the next segment of the game. If you aren't a mage and don't have one in the party, you're in for a long slog. All is not lost, however, if you don't have a mage. You will need to get 50+ Holy Water items. They are expensive at 500g apiece. You can either buy these at General Store OR go online. Ask a higher GR player for Holy Waters. Most high level players have probably maxed 255 Holy Waters and will be glad to get rid of them. Take 100 if you can get them. You may also want to buy at least 10 Hierbombs (these are area effect Holy items). Anybody who has the Holy spell should have it on their bar. Adjust Command Bars to include Fire spells.

  • Tip: Before you go to the star area, save in a new Save slot in case you need to start again from this point, because you won't be able to leave once you enter the starred area.

XIII. Balandor Underground Passage

Luckily there is a shopkeeper with Items at the start in case you need anything early on.

Pull up the map and notice the star in the upper left of the map. We have a long ways to go. There are treasure chests along the way, and some optional areas.

The first thing you will notice is the new skeleton enemy. He has a shield that must be knocked off first before you can damage him with a weapon. If you have Fire spells, no worries because you can kill him without removing his shield. Otherwise, you're going to have to hit him until he falls down and his shield comes off. At this point, you can use a Holy Water or the Holy Spell to instantly kill him. If you choose to hit him, he will eventually put his shield back on. Skeletons can hit you with poison and HP drain, so they are a serious pain. A mage makes quick work of them, however. If you get hit with HP Drain, use the spell Healing Breeze to counter the drain effect, or a Heal Drop item.

If you wanna have fun with skeletons, use a Fire Hammer and try Knock Out Blow. This move only costs 8 MP and will often not only knock off the shield, but knock the skeleton out. You can then follow up with Blind Swing which is 100% connect when the skeleton is knocked out. The skeleton will die in one critical hit and its bones will clatter and scatter across the floor. It's funny to watch. You just have to hope that one of your characters doesn't hit the skeleton first when it's KO'd or it will lose the effect and your Blind Swing will miss.

Chest at D-5 holds a Silver Dagger, and one just opposite a Silver Lance.

None of the levers can be moved right now to drain the water for the square areas, so that helps with where to go.

Chest at B-4 holds a Brass Hammer ATT 94, a nice upgrade for the Axe wielder. Chest in the little nook at upper D-3 holds a Master Shield, which is inferior to the ones sold in Balandor. Chest at C-2 holds Sainted Chainmail DEF 31 RES 4.

The small rooms may contain either Dire Waterspider or Wraith. The Waterspider is a straightforward slash-weak, and weak to Fire. The Wraith is another matter.

Having more than one mage is helpful here and you have to watch out for Miu. The Wraith has a shield which must be removed with Holy spell or a Holy water. When it enrages, it will add a magic spell which renders it immune to both physical and magical attacks. You'll just have to cast Fatigue/Arm Break and Slow until the rage passes and you can Holy off the regular shield. A mage with Fire spells can cast through the regular shield, but not the green magic shield.

The Wraith also spawns a crowd of Succubus. These are a serious pain and must be dealt with immediately. A mage with Eruption or higher area Fire spell can take them out in one hit. Or use a Hierbomb to remove their shields and kill them one at a time. The wraith is slash weak and slash combos with a fire-enhanced weapon will wear them down. But a mage is the best way to go. You can knight up Leonard and he can use his Turn Break on the rage power up, but it won't help to use the knight without someone else with Holy Waters or the Holy spell to remove the regular barrier so Leonard can use his Slash moves. If you're stuck, you'll have to go back and buy more Holy Waters or Hierbombs.

Once you reach the star, you can heal/Save at the logic stone. There is no boss fight here, so just go ahead.

Now you have another NPC with you! And you have to go all the way back to the beginning of the Underground passage. Take a shortcut through the jail. The 4th cell on the RIGHT has a carved out tunnel in the back. Take this and it will drop you in the large room closest to the exit. Fight your way through the enemies to the starred exit.

Visit the shopkeeper and top up everybody's Heal and Mana potions. You won't be going back into town so this is your one chance to buy what you need. Heal/Repair at the Logic Stone and save.

XIV. Greydall Plain

Bring up your map and view the star in the upper right hand side of the map. Feel free to explore, but the treasure chests are all White Knight 1 items, so not worth getting if you don't have them already. Go straight ahead to the bridge, and go right to avoid the troll if you don't want to fight him. Stay to the right to reach the Logic stone in the middle of the map. Fight or go around the mobs to the starred area. Save at the Logic Stone close by. Before you cross the bridge to the star area, have Yulie cast +Mana Barrier and +Fortify on everyone.

Gigas, weakness Thrust.
Weakness None

Leonard doesn't automatically knight up, but you can choose to do so and use his Thrust moves to take out the soldiers and work on the gigas. This is a good battle for a bow-wielder like Yulie to shine. I used my mage to nuke out the soldiers with Eruption, then I switched over to Yulie and had her tank the Gigas by herself. Move her far away from the others and use Dark Shot on the gigas and Belcitane, and then Slow and Fatigue. Have her use Conceal on herself. Then try her Stun Tip and see if she can stun the gigas. If not, don't worry about it, just keep up Dark Shot and Conceal and Triple Nock on the Gigas. Yulie's Bow Potion Lores give her potions more power so have her toss Goddess Tears or Heal Potions and Mana potions to everyone and these will do a lot more than anyone else's. Belcitane uses an area spells that inflict Paralysis and Sleep, but if everybody has Unbind and Awaken on their bar, this isn't a problem. Just watch out for the NPCs health or it's Game Over.

If you have a longsword user in the party, switch to them for Magic Breaker on Belcitane.

XV. Archduchy of Faria

You can now start Part II Errands here, so do so if you wish. Unfortunately you can't get back to Balandar via the World Map, or anywhere else except online. The shops have nothing new, so stock up on potions. On the World Map, select Lost Woods to move on.

XVI. Lost Woods

Thank god no more NPCs. It's a short jaunt to the south exit. Unless you want to farm materials, there is no reason to linger here. You can go back to Faria to restock items if you decide to farm awhile.

XVII. Dogma Rift

When you jump down the cliff, you have the choice of entering the ruins or going south along the paths. Both areas have treasure chests from White Knight 1. If you picked them up already, there is nothing new. Your goal is the star to the south at D-8. Take note of the Tier II dragons along the way, they are useful if you need items for Errands later on. The small mobs are giving a bit more EXP than what we've been seeing, and your mage should be mowing them down without even a boost. It's almost boring. Leonard is more fun with his earth hammer doing Knock Out Blow on everything, especially when he says "how's this?" and misses. His +Heavy Cannon is doing 346 damage at level 41 and taking out slash-weak mobs in a hit, unboosted. 346 may not seem like a lot, but it beats 140 damage from a short sword. When boosted with +Rallying Cry, Leonard can be critical hitting over 500 damage by now, rivaling your mage.

Why +Rallying Cry, and not War Cry, you ask? I play Axe in probably the most unconventional way online. But it bugs the crap outta me to see Axe users just using War Cry. For one thing, it's depriving the bow and spear users of a great ATT UP buff + Rallying Cry that vastly improves their DPS. For another, +Rallying Cry doesn't have the DEF down debuff on you that War Cry does. For the most part, I see Axe users online doing a few hundred more damage with War Cry which stacks with +Rallying Cry, but more often than not, that axe user is dead on the floor while I, not using War Cry, am still hitting. There is a time and place for War Cry: for one, when you are taking all magic damage. Use War Cry to your heart's content in that situation, because the DEF down won't matter when you're only being hit by magic. Otherwise, it's just ego. If you have a good mage casting Fate's Favor on you and picking you up when you die, sure go ahead and use War Cry. Otherwise, in a tough quest, the prudent thing to do is use +Rallying Cry on the party and fight with that buff alone. It can save a quest if you just let your ego forgo a few points of damage in order to stay alive and hitting. You can make up that DPS by continuing to hit rather than dying and needing a Raise.

XVIII. Frass Chasm

Unfortunately we can't get into the town of Baccea, so we have to trek north. You can see the star on the map. Again, the treasure chests are all from White Knight 1.

XIX. Greede

Something's going on in Greede, and you must speak to the Steward at the mansion in the Central Station area. You can go ahead and do this now or wait a bit. We really need to do some shopping. We have some armor upgrades in the Merchant Quarter. Take the elevator and the train to get there or use the Logic Stone if you've been here before. The train goes to the Merchant Quarter and there is the Downtown area to visit too. The Logic Stone on the World map will show these areas in Greede and you can teleport that way too.

At the Armory, you can find the Heavy Bow, Earth Staff and Sainted Claymore and a couple of new shields. The Sainted Chainmail is available too so equip everybody with that set, and maybe a piece or two of the heavier Liberty set. The Herba has great RES but the DEF is pretty low. You may not be able to afford to upgrade everybody right now, but we can come back here later too. Your DPS people should be around 200 DEF at least by now. If you played White Knight 1, you probably have better gear than this.

There are Errands to do in Greede, some are parts of errands from Balandor or other towns. You can start these or move on. The treasure chests in Greede are all from White Knight 1, so again nothing new unless this is your first visit. Most items are useless elemental parts.

When you're ready to leave, go via the Turnstile in Central Station or the Logic Stone to Flandar Trail.

XX. Flandar Trail

Looking at the map, we need to get to the star at B-5. The way there isn't clear, but we get there via a trail at B-4 that seems to go off into nowhere. We can either take the first trail or go up and around. I will take the first trail down because I want to fight the dragons there in the cave. This is a good place to remember for Tier 2 dragon parts for Resident Quests. Everyone on the forums will tell you to run quests for these, and I will tell you this here cave is much easier because you can reload the game at the Logic Stone nearby. You can spawn Earth and Ice Dragons in here.

The mobs here are slightly more difficult than we've seen, and even with the armor upgrades, boy they hit you hard you haven't been power leveling. Thankfully your mage is probably doing well over 600 damage with spells and your axe character can take out the slash weak boars easily enough. Use Slow and Fatigue/Arm Break if you're struggling.

When you find the trail that veers off at B-4, you will see a drop off point at the bottom. Talk to the rabbit there and look at the map. Now we need to go to D-5 and the area is marked with a star. When you reach the area, be careful not to drop down the hole. Walk around the hole and read the the monument there.

We're done with Flandar Trail and we need to get out of here. We can either trek back up to the nearest Logic Stone, or drop down the hole and exit via the Logic Stone to the south. If you need Items, go first to Greede or Faria to buy what you need.

XXI. Frass Chasm

The map initially gives no clues where you are to go. Your ultimate goal is B-1. Yes. White Knight Chronicles is a game of petty tortures, you either get addicted to it or quit early. By the time you finish this section, you'll know which kind of player you are. First we need to trek back to the papitaur camp which is around the G-5 area. You'll have to fly on the dandelion to get there. When you arrive, talk to the papitaurs to find out what's going on. There is no shop here. You can leave the area to return to a town, but be warned that you will have to start the area over if you do this. Take the dandelion south from the camp to continue forward.

From here all the dandelions you need to take must be heading North eventually to B-1. Veterans of White Knight Chronicles I are true windwalkers who need only glance at the direction of the wind to know which way the dandelion will go. Are you a windwalker? If not, then you'll have to check each dandelion carefully for the direction it's heading, and be sure the wind doesn't change in the process of checking.

The mobs now are a bit more difficult, and you should be getting a little more EXP unless you power leveled. Pick up the Fire Bulwark in the chest at the top of the B-4 area. You can equip this to Leonard's knight at the next Logic Stone. Also, this cave-like area has greavers, and can spawn poison greavers with Tier II drops. Remember this area because you can come back here and save at the Logic Stone at D-4 and reload the game to get poison greavers. Don't forget to put the Fire Bulwark on Leonard's Knight in the Combat menu. Continue on northward.

When you reach the B-1 area, save at the Logic Stone first. Put some Mana potions in Leonard's pack. If he doesn't have full AC, use Charge Drinks on him until he does. Then Save.

Before heading up the steps to the B-1 platform, stop and have Yulie cast +Fortify and +Mana Barrier on everybody.

Wyvern Rex.
Weakness: Slash

Wyverns are weak to Slash moves. The Rex has no elemental weaknesses. Have Leonard knight up unless you want to try using his Axe slash combos. Be warned: wyverns cast a DEX down debuff, so after the combos, Leonard will start missing with his axe hits making not knighting up a risky strategy. Use Slash or Strong Slash with Leonard's knight and watch his MP, using potions when it gets low. When the Rex powers up, hit Triangle to Turn Break and stagger the Rex, followed by a Slash to knock him down. Switch to Yulie or another bow character to keep Dark Shot on the Rex so it misses from time to time. Slow works well too. Your mage can cast Conflagration and this will add a Fire weakness to the wyvern if you want to use Fire spells, otherwise use your mage and bow characters with their MP support skills to keep MP high on everybody. The Turn Break move will turn the battle in your favor.

Weakness: Slash

Okay, this is the ONLY slash-weak dragon in the White Knight Chronicles universe! All dragons are strike-weak otherwise, because Caesar's spear knight doesn't have a strike move, the dragon made some accommodations. Suspension of disbelief.

Caesar will have no Mana or Heal potions in his inventory. His Heal spell takes 10 MP to cast, so you can only afford to use this 2-3 times. Use the Slash move on the Netherwyrm. Don't use any other moves except Slash, because you can't afford the MP loss. Caesar will actually gain an MP point at a time throughout the battle, so you can essentially use Slash without penalty. Slash the head for the most damage, but you can also try and target the tail for a break. The drop is only a Tier I, so it's not really worth it.

When the Netherwyrm powers up, quickly hit Triangle for Caesar's Turn Break move, followed by a Slash. This will drop the Netherwyrm to the ground. Depending upon its health level after this, and how much MP Ceasar has, you may have to use R1+X to Defend against any other power rage moves by the dragon to save you needing to use the Heal spell again. This battle, like many others with the knight forms, really depends upon using the Turn Break move at the correct time when the boss is powering up. Learn to do this well, for it is a technique you can use in online boss battles, taking turns knighting up and Turn Breaking bosses to avoid getting hit by their nasty moves.

XXI. Greede

You deserve a break. But ignore the game here and talk to Caesar right away for another cutscene. He joins the party after this, and comes with 255 Skill Points to spend. He doesn't have many pre-assigned points, so you can essentially choose his job class and much of the Divine Tree for him too, making him a powerful character in your party from the start. I'm going to make Caesar an axe user so I will have at least one axe in my party at all times. With the points allotted, I can get all but the elemental axe moves, and the Divine Tree up through Heal III+. I set up his Tactics to Heal First, and his Command Bars are set like this:

  1. Arm Shatter, Armor Shatter, Assault, Slash Combo, Cannonball, Mighty Chop, Strike Combo.
  2. +Rallying Cry, +Heavy Cannon, Deathdriver, Knockout Blow,Blind Swing, Tackle, Thunder Jolt.
  3. +Heal II, +Heal III, Cure, Unbind, Awaken, Raise, +Fortify.

My blank slot will be Crowd Control when I complete the Resident Errand later on to get this best Axe skill. The Combos I have are 7 AC using the basic Strike and Slash moves, with the strongest skill last in the combo, and will give a Combo Complete for extra damage. Leonard has Earth Jolt which is really the best Thrust move that Axe has, an Aerial move, but great on Trolls and even works quite nicely on Gigases. I will get Earth Jolt for Caesar when I get a few more points. Most players prefer Nightmare on Thrust weak mobs and that works fine too. I like Knockout Blow for small thrust mobs like lizards and baselisk, and even on strike-weak skeletons, followed by Blind Swing, as you know.

The Armory doesn't have anything new to buy, so just get Caesar a full set of gear, weapon and jewelry if you plan to use him right away. You can find better accessories online in your guild. The tiger striped papitaur ears are swell for Caesar and give HP+10 and MP+10, or the Farian horns, if you prefer.

  • Party Considerations.

At this point we have a total of 5 party members, and you may be wondering how much to use Caesar. He's probably a couple of levels behind the rest of your party, but he also has more skills because of the huge chunk of skill points he had to start out. Characters in reserve continue to gain, but at a slightly slower rate than they do in the active party.

  • Recommendations.

Leonard is the hero in the story, and the rest of the game will be a lot easier if he stays in the party for now and gains as many levels as possible. Yulie is a strong part of the story as well, and probably plays a support role, so keeping her in the party is a good idea. Eldore can be left in reserve for now, but make SURE you keep up his equipment and assign skill points when he levels up, paying attention to his build. He will be needed at some point, so don't ignore him completely. Caesar has a great build already, and other than equipment, you can afford to keep him in reserve right now. Your avatar is probably a level or two ahead of everybody else. If you want, you can put your avatar in reserve and spend some time leveling your other characters, but it's not necessary. Keep Leonard and Yulie strong, but don't completely ignore Eldore and Caesar: at minimum keep them in the best gear possible.

Go to Downtown Greede and visit the Adventurer's Guild. Level up Caesar's knight as far as you can. You should be able to buy the level 5 pearls, but unless you have a WKC 1 import file at GR 9 or higher, you can't get the level 7s until the last areas of the game in WKC 2.

When you're done, use the Logic Stone to enter Bunker Lode Caverns. I suggest saving before you leave and make a NEW save file just in case you need it.

XXII. Bunker Lode Caverns

The map doesn't show a star or any indication of where to go. There is an elevator marked with a green box at C-3. Check this elevator and discover it isn't working. Find the engines at B-4, C-4, C-2 and move the levers. A message will pop up that the elevator is working. Take it down to the lower level.

You can now see a star on the map. Grab the chest at B-3. This contains a Heroic Barrier which you can equip to a knight. It gives Fate's Favor on anyone nearby when you knight up, which is a shield giving everyone damage protection from one hit. At the Logic Stone, you can equip it to either Leonard's knight or Caesar's. You can always change it later whatever you decide. I recommend equipping it to Leonard's knight.

A boss fight is next, decide who you want in your party and save just outside the star area. Leonard's knight will be useful here, rather than Caesar's. I'm going to use Leonard, Yulie and Caesar. Make sure everybody has at least 5 Mana Potions in their pack, and preferably a couple of Mana IIs in Leonard's. Have Yulie cast Mana Barrier and Fortify on everybody.

Dragon Matriarch.
Weakness: Strike.

The Matriarch isn't terribly difficult, but you have an NPC in the party. He's more sturdy than Miu but you still have to watch him. I've done this battle with and without knighting up, but the easiest way is to have Leonard knight up. If he has the Heroic Barrier on his knight, then everybody will get Fate's Favor shield on, including the NPC. The Matriarch is weak to Strike, which is why Caesar's spear knight isn't so useful.

Switch to Yulie and have her use Dark Shot on the Matriarch and Conceal on herself. Slow and Fatigue are nice too. Then have Leonard knight up. He should use Shield Bash on the Dragon, which should be hitting well over 600 damage if his knight is at level 5. Use Leonard's Heal spell on his knight or have him use potions, or switch to somebody else to do healing. The important part is when the Matriarch powers up, use Leonard's Turn Break quick by hitting Triangle. Follow up with another Shield Bash and this will drop the dragon. If the Dragon powers up again, hit R1+X to Defend to take less damage. Keep Shield Bash going and keep Leonard's MP high.

If you're having any problems with this battle, just load your save before the battle and spend more time killing monsters to level your characters.

The cutscenes will take you back to Greede The shops hold nothing new, so just restock on potions and get your mage ready. If you don't have a mage in the party, you'll need to stock up on Holy Waters again. Head to the Merchant Quarter. A star on the map shows the entrance to the Greede Underbelly.

XXIII. Greede Underbelly

The map doesn't show where you need to go. We need to find the elevator. The skeletons are back so you'll want at least one mage in the party to cast Fire spells, it's easiest to control the mage character for this. A Dragonfire spell will usually take out the skeletons in one hit, use Magic Boost if needed from the Staff skill tree. Talk to the NPC at B-3 to get a clue about where to go. Looks like we need to go to Level 3. We can take the elevator there, but the NPC says the area is sealed off.

Take a Right and head down the stairs. Pull up the map and you can now see two stars, at B-1 and B-3. In these rooms are two switches we will need to use to get the lower level opened up. Luckily the B-3 area is close by. Stop first at the little room on the map at C-3 and use the lever in there. The side rooms hold nothing of interest. The door to B-3 is locked, there are switches in the back of the room. Move levers 1 and 3 to the RIGHT. You can now enter the room.

Defeat the enemies and pick up the Garrison Slops Level 44 DEF 29 RES 10 Water+3 from the chest. Flip the level in the back of the room. Now we need to get B-1, so let's go back up the stairway. You can take the elevator too but that will mean needing to defeat a room or two of enemies to get back to the same stairway.

Pull up the map when you reach the NPC you spoke to earlier. You can see 4 small square rooms at B-2. Go to the UPPER LEFT room. Defeat the enemies or just drop down the hole and defeat the ones below. Pull up the map and you can see you are right near the star. Defeat the enemies in the starred room and pick up the Mana II potion in the chest. Flip the lever in the back of the room. The game will give you a message saying the Restricted Area is now open. Let's head to the elevator at C-3. Take the elevator to Level 3.

At the star area, there is a main switch. Choose to restore the Main lever. You should see a new star at C-5. Defeat the enemies in the next large room. Afterward, pull up the map and see the squares on either side of the large room. Each side has 4 levers for a total of 8 that will need to be moved to unlock the large room with the star. Once you do this, you will see a message the Main reservoir gate is now open. Enter the large room for a cutscene. Caesar gets the Wyrmbuke but you can't equip from the menu right now.

Back in Greede, there is no new gear in the shops. However, you can probably bind some better gear. At the binding shop, donate materials to the frog until you reach a binding rank of 10 or better. See what armors you can bind with the mats you have left. One good set is the General's Cuirass and Pants. These have Fire RES on them, good DEF and STR. They are very easy to make, and you can level your characters at the same time. Find an online mining town and from there do the Free Monster Hunt quest in Frass Chasm. Select Unstable Rift in the quest and kill the small spiders to get the Sticky Web Fluids. Talk to the NPC when you want to quit, and you'll get a D rank on the quest but you can harvest the spots in the mining town for the ores.

I suggest making both the General's Cuirass and Pants for Leonard, and put these in his pack now, even though he may not be able to wear them right away. Make a set for yourself too and any other characters you wish, such as Yulie. I completed 4 General's chest/pants sets, and two level 47 Flame Wands in under 2 hours. The Flame Wands are easy, just find an online town with Timber and Insect harvests and with a couple of harvests of the town, you're done.