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by oscurodrago

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Synthesis Item List by oscurodrago

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 08/15/11


That list will contains all Syntesis of White Knight Cronicles 2

Is under Costruction is a very LOONG list


LvGRNameMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
Heal PorionGhost WalnutLittle White Flower
Heal Porion IIHeal PorionSalonberry
Heal Porion IIIHeal Porion IISafflowe
Heal Porion IVHeal Porion IIIDesert Rose
Goddess TearDigestive JuiceScarab Beetle
Goddess Tear IISticky Sap BallStink Bug
Goddess Tear IIIDew DropHoneydew Bug
Goddess Tear IVDew Drop+Thamus beetle
Heal DropHeal PorionDeath Cap
Heal Drop IIHeal Porion IISopor Fungus
Heal Drop IIIHeal Porion IIIHexcap
Heal Drop IVHeal Porion IVMandragora
Mana PotionMagecrystal BitBeast Blooddrop
Mana Potion IIMagecrystalGiant Blooddrop
Mana Potion IIIMagecrystal LumpBeast Biledrop
Mana Potion IVMagecrystal LumpAged Dragon Heart
ElixirInsect LiverCordyceps
Hight ElixirAged Dragon Heart+Netherwyrm Heart+Divine Mushroom x3
Revival PowderMist CrystalGlomwell Flower
Revival HerbDew DropLuneflower
Revival SalveMist Crystal+Solflower
Life StoneHard Dragon EggMonster Fossil
PanaceaBig SeedGanoderma
Charge DrinkYellow Pollen GrainCactus Flower
Charge Drink IIHoneycombFluffycap
Charge Drink IIIWhite Pollen GrainAromatic Herb


LvGRNameMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
Wizel (Unus)Wizel CodeMagestone Turret+Phibianacci's Elixir
Wizel (Duo)Wizel CodeIce-dragon CrystalPhibianacci's Elixir
Wizel (Tres)Wizel CodeAged Dragon CrystalPhibianacci's Elixir
Wizel (Quattuor)Wizel CodeGlacial StonePhibianacci's Elixir
Dinivas (Unus)Dinivas CodeYshrenian Oil DropPhibianacci's Elixir
Dinivas (Duo)Dinivas CodeNetherwyrm CrystalPhibianacci's Elixir
Dinivas (Tres)Dinivas CodeBlack Wyvern Crystal+Phibianacci's Elixir
Dinivas (Quattuor)Dinivas CodeWind-dragon CrystalPhibianacci's Elixir
Larvayne (Unus)Larvayne CodeWindolt 543Phibianacci's Elixir
Larvayne (Duo)Larvayne CodeBeast-lord EyePhibianacci's Elixir
Larvayne (Tres)Larvayne CodeFirespider GlandPhibianacci's Elixir
Larvayne (Quattuor)Larvayne CodeIgnis Wyvern Eye+Phibianacci's Elixir
Adolomea (Unus)Adolomea CodeBrimstonePhibianacci's Elixir
Adolomea (Duo)Adolomea CodeGold Troll-king CrownPhibianacci's Elixir
Adolomea (Tres)Adolomea CodeFlmeron 308Phibianacci's Elixir
Adolomea (Quattuor)Adolomea CodeAsmium 999Phibianacci's Elixir
Luthia (Unus)Luthia CodeShiny Clay Silver LumpPhibianacci's Elixir
Luthia (Duo)Luthia CodeWhite Wyvern Crystal+Phibianacci's Elixir
Luthia (Tres)Luthia CodeMagnetic Crystal+Phibianacci's Elixir
Luthia (Quattuor)Luthia CodeWoltarine 666Phibianacci's Elixir


LvGRNameMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
8BroadswordShort Sword +1Copper Ore x2
8Broadsword (B)Short SwordKnight's Sword
8EstocBroadsword +1Poison Spider Fang x2
8Estoc (B)Short SwordRapier
12KatzbalgerIron Ore x2Copper Ore x3
12Katzbalger (B)Broadsword +1Estoc
12CutlassRipper +1Lizard Fang x3
12Cutlass (B)EstocKatzbalger
17Nordian BladeKatzbalger +1Flourite Shard x2
17Nordian Blade (B)Cursed Palque x2Flourite Shard x5
17Nordian Blade (C)KatzbalgerCutlass
17XiphosCutlass +2Iron Ore x3
17Xiphos (B)Cutlass +1Nordian Blade
22ScramasaxNordian Blade +2Beetle Fossil x3
22Scramasax (B)Nordian Blade +1Xiphos
22Castleguard BladeNordian Blade +2Silver Ore x2
22Castleguard Blade (B)Xiphos +1Scramasax
22Trusty EstocScramasax +1Castleguard Blade
26SabretoothCastleguard Blade +2Mini Scorpion Tail x2
26Sabretooth (B)Castleguard Blade +1Trusty Estoc
26Crucible SwordHeavy Machete +2Fuelstone x2
26Crucible Sword (B)Steel Ore x2Fuelstone x3
26Crucible Sword (C)Trusty Estoc +1Sabretooth
26TalwarTrusty Estoc +2Basilisk Pelt
26Talwar (B)Sabretooth +1Crucible Sword
30GrandswordCrucible Sword +2Crystal x2
30Grandsword (B)Talwar +2Crystal x3
30Grandsword (B)Crucible Sword +1Talwar
30Silver SabretoothSai +2Wind-dragon Beard
30Silver Sabretooth (B)Talwar +1Grandsword
30Silver RapierTalwar +2Silver Ore x4
30Silver Rapier (B)Grandsword +1Silver Sabretooth
30Master BladeCrucible Sword +2Gold Puppet Part x2
30Master Blade (B)Silver Rapier +2Gold Puppet Lump
30Master Blade (C)Silver Sabretooth +1Silver Rapier +1
35Rogue's ShamshirWind-dragon Tail x2Direspider Fang x2
35Crimson BladeSilver Sabretooth +3Levinstone
35Crimson Blade (B)Mini Fire Orb x3Steel Thread x2
35Valiant SwordMaster Blade +3Mist Crystal x2
35Grandsword IIGrandsword +3Wind-dragon Horn
38Liberty BladeValiant Sword +3Gold Ore x4
38Paladin SwordMaster Blade +3Purple Ore x2
38Spirit SwordFarian Estoc +3Cracked Bust x3
38Serpent's KissRogue's Shamshir +3Earth-dragon Heart x2
38Serpent's Kiss (B)Wind-dragon SkullGold Panel x2
44Lightning SwordLiberty Blade +2Levinstone
44Dark BaronLightning Sword +3Knave Panel x2
44Dark Baron (B)Farian Estoc +3Fire-beast Claw x2
44Blood SaberSerpent's Kiss +3Toxic Greaver Horn
44Demon SwordCrimson Blade +5Demon Eye
47Knightlord SwordPaladin Sword +5Pure Heart
47Frost SaberCrystal Edge +5Water Stone
47Flame SaberCrystal Edge +5Fire Stone
50Brutish EdgeBood Saber +5Glacies Wyvern Patagium x2
60Hellion BladeBood Saber +5Ice-giant Heart x2
60Holy SaberKnightlord Sword +5Shiny Iron Lump x2
63LeoregiaDark baron +5Shiny Gold Lump
65Gallant EdgeBrutish Edge +5Ice-beast Tail+ x2
70GraceLightning Sword +4Frost Saber +4Flame Saber +4
70DarkBlazeHoly Saber +5Shiny Metal Lump
70RadianceHellion Blade +5Coronastone
73Archdemon SwordDemon Sword +8Demon Evil Eye x2
75Dark GrimalkinLeoregia +5Twin-demon Tail+
75MistbladeNetherwyrm Horn+ x3Snowbound Stone
8022Leo ImperialisDark Grimalkin +5Asmium 999
8022Angelic SaberRadiance +8Magnetic Crystal+
8022Gale SaberDarkblaze +8Ventus Wyvern Patagium+ x3
8023Zero GraceGrace +8Orichalcum Ore x5
8023Demon RiseDarkblaze +8Beast-lord Heart x2
8024Cascade RapierLeoimperialis +5Manjusaka Petal x3Steel Wind-Dragon Fang x3
8024GustblazerGrace +5Windspider GlandSteel Wind-Dragon Fang x2
8025Corona FleuretLeoimperialis +8BrimstoneSpirit Crystal x5
8025CaliburnAngelic Saber +8Aged Demon-god Hex x3Iron Puppet Core x2
8025CyclosGale Saber +8Stell Greaver HornSteel Wind-Dragon Fang x4
8025Glacial SaberMistblade +8Stell Ice-dragon Wing x2Glacial Stone
8026Echidna RapierCascade Rapier +5Twin-demon Body x3Spirit Crystal x10
8026SommerswerdCorona Fleuret +5Steel Fire-dragon Fang x6Spirit Crystal x10
8026GundarionGustblazer +5Wind-dragon Crystal x2Spirit Crystal x10
8026ExcaliburCaliburn +5Zero Grace +8Sun God Tear x4
8026Dimension RipperCaliburn +5Demonrise +8Sun God Tear x4
8026Demon King's SwordArchdemon Sword +8Glacial Saber +5Sun God Tear x4
3DaggerCopper Ore x2Sharp Fang x2
8Battle KnifeDagger +1Mini Scorpion Claw
8Battle Knife (B)KnifeDagger
12KrisEstoc +1Saltpeter Shard
12Kris (8)DaggerBattle knife
17RipperKris +1Lizard Fang x2
17Ripper (B)Iron Ore x3Lizard Fang x7
17Ripper (C)Battle KnifeKris
17GladiusCutlass +2Silver Ore x2
17Gladius (B)Kris +1Ripper
22Bandit's KnifeRipper +2Vespid Stinger x2
22Bandit's Knife (B)Gladius +2Vespid Singer x1
22Bandit's Knife (C)Ripper +1Gladius
26SaiBandit's Knife +2Obsidian Shard x3
26Sai (B)Steel Ore x3Mini Scorpion Tail x2
26Sai (C)Gladius +1Bandit's Knife
30BaselardSai +2Gold Puppet Lump
30Baselard (B)Bandit's Knife +1Sai +1
35Wind EdgeSilver Rapier +3White Heart
38Silver DaggerBaselard +3Troll-king Mask
38Silver Dagger (B)Cracked Bust x3Waterspider Egg
38Ancient ClawSilver Dagger +3Ice-giant Eye
38Ancient Claw (B)Wind Edge +3Fire-giant Eye
44Crystal EdgeSilver Dagger +3Luminous Stone x4
44ManeaterWind Edge +3Fire-beast Fang x2
47MisericordeCrystal Edge +5Tough Thread x2
47Sylphid EdgeManeater +5Mist Crystal x2
50Guillotine DaggerCrystal Edge +5Twin-demon Heart+ x2
60ScarbladeMisericorde +5Fire-giant Spirit
60Scarblade (B)Ancient Claw +5Wyvern Heart x2
63SouleaterSylphid Edge +5Wind-dragon Heart+ x2
65Assassin's DaggerGuillotine Dagger +5Windspider Fang+ x3
70DragonclawScarblade +5Fire-dragon Heart+ x2
73Oeichalcum DaggerSouleater +5Magic Core+ x2
80Geist EdgeOrichalcum Dagger +5Demon-god Claw x6
80ScarclawScarblade +8Silver Troll Claw x5
8022Pirate King's BodkinOrichalcum Dagger +8Copper Alloy x5
8023Gehenna BladeGeist Edge +5Beast-lord Claw x4
8023Deimos' ClawDragonclaw +8Silver Clay lump
8024Sealing BladePirate King's Bodkin +5Gold puppet HandWardflower
8024ScarfangScarclaw +8Ice-giant ParietalBlue Moss Ball
8025Haltus EdgeGehenna Blade +5Mage Beast-lord Claw x4Steel Black Wyver Jaw x2
8026Hihiirokane DaggerSealing Blade +5Orichalcum Ore x10Divine Beast Fossil x10
8026Assassin's ClawDeimos' Claw +8Steel Netherwyrm Fang x2Divine Beast Fossil x10
8026Arahabaki's DaggerScarfang +5Ice-dragon CrystalMoonlight God's Tear x4
1Stone CleaverSturdy Branch x3Rock x3
12MacheteStone Cleaver +1Treant Branch
12Machete (B)Stone CleaverHand Cleaver
12MaceMachete +1Mini Scorpion Claw x2
12Mace (B)Iron Ore x2Copper Ore x4
12Mace (C)Hand CleaverMachete
22TomahawkMace +2Vespid Exoskeleton x2
22TomahawkMachete +1Mace
22Heavy MacheteMace +2Crystal x3
22Heavy MacheteMace +1Tomahawk
26FranciscaHeavy Machete +2Mini Scorpion Tail x2
26FranciscaTomahawk +1Heavy Machete
30TabarTomahawk +2Iron Puppet Part
30TabarGrandsword +2Fuelstone x4
30TabarHeavy Machete +1Francisca
30Silver MaceFrancisca +2Iron Puppet Part
30Silver MaceSilver Ore x8Gold Puppet Part x2
30Silver MaceFrancisca +1Tabar +1
35Silver CleaverTabar +3Direspider Egg
35Silver CleaverTroll MaskFrigidstone
35Sainted MaceSilver Mace +3Massive Jaw x2
35Sainted MaceTroll Cudgel x2Demon Heart x2
38SkullsplitterSilver Cleaver +3Fire-giant Skull Bit
38Holy TabarizinSilver Cleaver +3Gold heart
38Indomitable AxeSilver Cleaver +3Iron Heart
44Hell's CleaverSkullsplitter +3Pyrestone
44Master MaceHoly Tabarizin +3Aged Dragon Heart
47Nereid's CleaverIndomitable Axe +5Troll Cudgel+
47Brillant CleaverHell's Cleaver +5Fulgorstone
50Brillant TabarBrillant Cleaver +5Twin-demon Eye+
60ManticoreMaster Mace +5Fierce Stone Heart x2
60ManticoreBrillant Tabar +5Waterspider Fang+ x2
60Scorpion MaceMaster Mace +5Earth-dragon Heart+ x2
65Drake HatchetNereid's Cleaver +5Black Wyvern Crystal
70Roc's CleaverManticore +5Ice-dragon Wing+ x5
73Ancient TabarizinScorpion Mace +5Lethal Gallestone
75Cadaver HackerScorpion Mace +5Crab-demon Tail+ x3
80Simurgh's CleaverRoc's Cleaver +5Gold Troll Mask
8022Nazca AxeAncient Tabarizin +8Ventus Wyvern Eye+
8022Vivre HatchetDrake hatchet +8Steel Wyvern Jaw x4
8023Adept's MaceCadaver Hacker +8Waterspider Gland
8023Hellbird CarverSimurgh's Cleaver +5Fire-giant Parietal x2
8024Sultan's TabarizinNazca Axe +5Yshrenian Ore x3Iron Puppet Head x2
8024Crystal BroadaxeVivre Hatchet +5White Wyvern Patagium+ x2Black Wyvern Patagium+ x2
8025Shah's TabarizinSultan's Tabarizin +5Bound beast-lord Body x3Iron Puppet Core x2
8026Mirage MaceAdept's Mace +8Knave Hand x3World Tree Plank x10
8026HraesvelgrHellbird Carver +8Twin-demon-god Tail x2World Tree Plank x10
8026Lucent BroadaxeCrystal Broadaxe +5Reaper's BoneSun God Tear x4


LvGRNameMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
15Steel LongswordBastard Sword +1Dragon Bone x3
15Steel LongswordBastard SwordClaymore
17Barbaroi BladeClaymore +1Puppet Core x2
17Barbaroi BladeClaymoreSteel Longsword
17GreatswordSteel Longsword +2Earth-dragon Flake x2
17GreatswordSilver Ore x3Earth-dragon Flake x5
17GreatswordSteel longsword +1Barbaroi Blade
22ZweihänderBarbaroi Blade +2Fire-dragon Claw x2
22ZweihänderWodao +2Steel Ore x3
22ZweihänderBarbaroi Blade +1Greatsword
26SeiryutoGreatsword +2Magical Seal
26SeiryutoEnto Tachi +2Magical Seal
26SeiryutoGreatsword +1Zweihänder
30Giant ThresherSeiryuto +2Stone Puppet Bit x2
30Giant ThresherStone Puppet Bit x4Broken Mossy Face
30Giant ThresherZweihänder +1Seiryuto +1
35Ornate GreatswordSeiryuto +3Earth-beast Claw x2
35Spectral BladeGiant Trasher +3Toxic Spider Fang x5
35Spectral BladeZanbato +3Garuda Plank x3
35SteelheartZweihänder +3Steel Ore x5
35SteelheartAged Dragon Flake x5Ice-Beast Claw x2
38Opulent GreatswordOrnate Greatsword +3Blue Ore x2
38Evil's baneOrnate Greatsword +3Dull Iron Lump
38Evil's baneWind-dragon horn x2Earth-dragon Horn x2
44LionheartOpulent GreatswordFire-dragon Skull
44LionheartSteelheart +3Black Iron Ore x4
44AronditeSainted Claymore +3Ice-dragon Horn x2
44AronditeEvil's bane +3Old Turret
44Demon BladeSpectral Blade +5Old Magic Turret
47DevilbringerLionheart +5Wind-beast Tail+
47DragonslayerArondite +5Aged Dragon Skull x2
50Lionheart IILionheart +5Tabnesium 332 x2
60Sacred ThresherAsmium 899Solum Wyvern Eye
63GramDragonslayer +5Ice-dragon Spirit x2
65DeathbringerDevilbringer +5Black Wyvern Jaw+ x4
70Claimh SolaisGram +5Ice-dragon Heart+ x3
70Dark CloudSacred Thresher +5Lethal Greaver Horn x4
73Archdemon BladeDemon Blade +8Magestone Turret x2
75CloudthresherDark Cloud +5Blue Twin-demon Eye x2
75Golden MadaraSacred Thresher +5Netherwyrm Skull+
80BalmungGram +8Demon-god Eye x2
80CrosscutterMithril Ore x10Refined Mist Crystal x3
8022AirgetlamClaimh Solais +8Evil Heart x2
8022Golden Madara KaiGolden Madara +5Tabnesium 333 x8
8023DoombringerDeathbringer +8Aged Dragon Fossil x8
8023Halo ClaymoreCrosscutter +5Gold Troll-king Claw x4
8024DiabloCloudthesher +8Rainbow Steel x2Beast-lord Eye
8024Seraph BladeBalmung +8White Wyvern Crystal+ x2Divine Beast Fossil x5
8024GravekeeperGolden Madara Kai +5Iron Puppet Core x3Ice-giant Parietal x3
8025Sol BladeAirgetlam +5Steel Fire-beast Claw x4Steel Firespider Jaw x4
8025Roland's GreatswordHalo Claymore +5Sky Demon Ore x8Steel Ice-dragon Fang x6
8025Epitaph CarverGravekeeper +5Divine Beast Fossil x8Magestone Turret+
8026LaevateinnSol Blade+5Fire-dragon Crystal x2Sky Demon Ore x15
8026EgrigoriSeraph Blade +5Steel Aged Dragon Wing x6Sun God Tear x6
8026DurendalRoland's Greatsword +5Netherwyrm Crystal x2Sky Demon Ore x15
8026Demon King's BladeArchdemon Blade +8Blue Twin-demon God Eye x2Sun God Tear x6
12KatanaBastard Sword +1Copper Ore x3
12KatanaBastard SwordClymore
17UchigatanaKatana +1Fluorite Shard x2
22WodaoUchigatana +2Beetle Fossil x2
22WodaoSilver Ore x3Beetle Fossil x3
22WodaoKatana +1Uchigatana
26Ento TachiWodao +2Crystal x2
26Ento TachiGreatsword +2Crystal x3
26Ento TachiUchigatana +1Wodao
26Iron TigerSeryuto +2Steel Ore x3
26Iron TigerWodao +1Ento Tachi
30Little RavenEnto Tachi +2Fuelstone x3
30Little RavenEnto Tachi +1Iron Tiger
30ZanbatoIron Tiger +2Crystal x2
30ZanbatoSteel Ore x4Crystal x4
30ZanbatoIron Tiger +1Little Raven +1
35Rose's ThornZanbato +3Plinthstone
35KenesadaLittle Raven +3Demon Tail
38Blue WolfLittle Raven +3Ice-giant Heart Bit
38Wraith's BladeRose's Thorn +3Troll-king Claw x2
38Motoki KenesadaKenesada +3Devil Eye+
44SwallowtailWraith's Blade +3Wyvern Jaw x2
44SwallowtailBlack Iron Ore x5Ice-dragon Tail x2
44Red WolfBlue Wolf +3Fire-dragon Tail x2
44Red WolfLionheart +3Fire-dragon Heart
47AgitoSwallowtail +5Hard Scorpion Head x5
47Black FangRed Wolf +5Dew Drop+
50AsuraMotoki Kanesada +5Ignis Wyvern Eye
60Death's GazeDragonslayer +5Ice-giant Sprit x2
63Scarlet SkyAgito +5Red Ore+ x2
63Garrison BladeBlack Fang +5Black Ore+ x2
65Agito KaiAgito +5White Wyvern Jaw x4
65FlameweaverGarrison Blade +5Firespider Egg+ x2
70KingslayerAsura +5Fire-dragon Skull+ x2
73Ethereal BladeFlameweaver +5Aged Dragon Horn+ x3
73WitchbladeScarlet Sky +5Bloody Cloth x4
75RakshasaDeath's Gaze +5Crab-demon Eye+
80SnowfallKingslayer +5Tree-king Plank x2
8022NecrobladeWitchblade +8Twin-demon-god Eye x2
8022Ethereal SplitterEthereal Blade +8Ignis Wyvern Eye+ x2
8023OboromaruAgito Kai +8Rakshasa +5Gold Fire-giant Beard x3
8023BloodfallSnowfall +5Waterspider Gland
8024Ethereal DividerNecroblade +5Sky Demon Ore x5White Wyvern Crystal+ x2
8024Golden WolfEthereal Splitter +5Steel Ice-beast Claw x4Steel Earth-beast Claw x4
8025Autumn RainBloodfall +5Spirit Crystal x10Aged Demon-god Eye x2
8026GodslayerOboromaru +8Reaper's Scythe x6Sky Demon Ore x15
8026Ethereal DestroyerEthereal DividerSteel Aged Dragon Wing x4Sky Demon Ore x15
8026Zen BladeAutumn Rain +5Crab-demon-god Eye x2Earth Mother's Tear x6
8026Golden Wolf IIGolden Wolf +5Steel Fire-beast Claw x8Earth Mother's Tear x6


LvGRNameMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
12BroadaxeWarrior's Axe +1White Beast Skin
12BroadaxeBattle-axeWarrior's Axe
17BardicheWarrior's AxeBroadaxe
22GreataxeBraodaxe +2Direspider Shell
22GreataxeSilver Ore x3Direspider Shell x2
22GreataxeBroadaxe +1Bardiche
26Heavy AxeBardiche +2Magical Seal x2
26Heavy AxeBardiche +1Greataxe
30Hero's AxeGreataxe +2Wind-beast Mane x2
30Hero's AxeGreataxe +1Heavy Axe
30BullovaGiant Trasher +2Steel Ore x4
30BullovaHeavy Axe +1Hero's Axe +1
35Forest KeeperZanbato +3Direspider Body x2
35Forest KeeperIce-beast Tail x2Healty Sapling
35ThrasherBullova +3Earth-beast Tail x2
38Djinn's GreataxeBullova +3Iron Face x2
38Castleguard AxeForest Keeper +3Wind-dragon Heart x2
44Ice CarverThrasher +3Ice-dragon Skull
44Ice CarverLionheart +3Ice-dragon Scale x2
44Demon AxeDjinn's Greataxe +5Fiend Mark
47Sacred AxeGaia's Maul +5Bloodsteel Ore x5
47Sacred AxeIce Carver +5Dew Drop+ x2
50Crimson AxeCastleguard Axe +5Magnetic Crystal
60Dark StalkerSacred Axe +5Silver Troll Mal x2
63Guardian AxeForest Keeper +5Earth-drago Skull+ x2
65Earth-dragon AxeGaia's Maul +5Earth-drago Skull+ x3
70Gorgon AxeGuardian Axe +5Fire-dragon Horn+ x4
70Gorgon AxeEarth-dragon Axe +5Magic Core+ x3
70Satan's BullovaSacred Axe +5Fire-beast Claw+ x6
70Harpy's AxeGuardian Axe +5Ice-dragon Horn+ x4
70Harpy's AxeDark Stalker +5Fire-dragon Wing+ x4
73Archdemon AxeDemon Axe +8Fiend Mark+ x2
75Troll's GreataxeGiant's Greataxe +5Shiny Metal Lump x2
80Siren's AxeHarpy's Axe +5Demon-god Body x8
8022GoldkeeperGorgon Axe +8Solum Wyvern Eye+ x2
8022Icicle BullovaSatan's Bullova +8Woltarine 666
8023Black DogGorgon Axe +8Stone Puppet Core x3
8023Loki's BardicheSatan's Bullova +8Fire-giant Inner-eye x2
8024JatayaSiren's Axe +8Athwani Holy Plank x5Steel Wind-dragon Wing x2
8024Thaumus' GreataxeTroll's Greataxe +8Ice-giant Inner-eye x2Iron Puppet Head x3
8025Eldoran AxeGoldkeeper +8Orichalcum Ore x15Steel Fire-beast Fang x8
8025FenrirIcicle Bullova +8Steel Ice-dragon Wing x2Steel Ice-beast Claw x8
8026Shade BanisherBlack Dog +8Steel Netherwyrm Bone x10World Tree Branch x15
8026Garuda AxeJatayu +5Twin-demon-god Tail x6World Tree Branch x15
8026Hellfire GreataxeLoki's Bardiche +8Brimstone x2World Tree Branch x15
8026SusanohThamus' Greataxe +5Steel Greaver Horn x4Earth Mother's Tear x6
8026Demon King's AxeArchdemon Axe +8Aged Demon-god Eye x2Earth Mother's Tear x6
60Ogre's BludgeonHematite Cudgel +5Fire-giant Spirit x1
65Cross HammerBronze Hammer +5White Wyvern Crystal
75Mystic GreathammerCross Hammer +5Netherwyrm Heart+ x3
80Adamant GreathammerMonster Fossil x15Solid Troll Cudgel x3
8022PunisherMystic Greathammer +5Orbital Ring x6
8023Vajara GreathammerAdamant Greathammer +5Orichalcum Ore x10
8023LiberatorMystic Greathammer +8Gold Troll Mace x2
8024Pazuzu's CudgelVajara Greathammer +5Wind-dragon Crystal x2Steel Windspider Jaw x4
8025AnnihilatorPunisher +8Steel Fire-beast Fang x8Scorpion Exoskeleton x30
8025Brillant HammerLiberator +5Rainbow CannonGold Puppet Head x2
8026Jawelled HammerVajara Greathammer +8Spirit Crystal x20Dragonseye Shard x20
8026Gigas SlayerPazuzu's Cudgel +5Twin-demon-god Claw x16Crab-demon-god Eye x2
8026Phonix HammerAnnihilator +5Brimstone x2Sun God Tear x6


LvGRNameMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
3SpearCopper Ore x2Sharp Fang x2
8HarpoonCopper Ore x4Sturdy Chain
12PikeSpear +1Mini Scorpion Claw x2
17GlaiveHarpoon +1Ammonite Fossil x3
22Praying MantisPike +2Vespid Stinger x2
22Praying MantisSilver Ore x3Vespid Stinger x3
22Praying MantisPick +1Glaive
26HalberdTomahawk +2Mini Scoprion Tail x5
26HalberdGlaive +1Praying Mantis
26PartisanHeavy Machete +2Fuelstone x2
26PartisanSteel Ore x4Fuelstone x4
26PartisanPraying Mantis +1Helbard
30Castleguard SpearHelbard +2Steel Ore x3
30Castleguard SpearPraying mantis +2Steel Ore x3
30Castleguard SpearHelbard +1Partisan +1
35DragonflyPartisan +3Soldier Jaw x4
35DragonflySilver Rapier +3Scorpion Head x3
35Metal PikeCastleguard Spear +3Gold Ore x3
38Warrior's SpearDragonfly +3Earth-dragon Skull
44Geist PikeDragonfly +3Fire-dragon Horn
44Demon LanceCastleguard Spear +5Devil Eye+
47Emerald SpearSilver Lance +5Rough Sapphire x5
50Dragonfly IIDragonfly +5Wyvern Jaw+ x2
60Flame SpearGeist Pike +5Purple Ore+ x2
60Guardian SpearIron Ji +5Fierce Iron Heart x2
63Ox TongueGeist Pike +5Blue Ore+ x2
63Ox TongueEmerald Spear +5Green Ore+ x2
65Sainted LanceEmerald Spear +5Ice-beast Claw x4
70Ice-dragon LanceFlame Spear +5Ice-dragon Skull+
70Hero's LanceWarrior's Spear +5Gallestone+
70Hellion GlaiveGuardian Spear +5Greaver Horn+ x4
70Hellion GlaiveOx Toungue +5Fire-beast Tail+ x3
70TsukuyomiOx Toungue +5Aged Dragon Skull+
73Archdemon LanceDemon Lance +8Devil Evil Eye+
75Lizard SlayerSainted Lance +5Netherwyrm Tail x3
75Legendary LanceHero's Lance +5Twin-demon Heart+ x2
80Mighty LanceDirespider GlandElite Exoskeleton x12
80Moonlight SpearTsukuyomi +5Demon-god Eye
8022Phantom SpearIce-dragon Lance +8Twin-demon-god Heart x3
8022Brillant SpearOrichalcum Ore x3Steel Wind-beast Claw x3
8023Mighty Lance IIMighty Lance +5Earth-dragon Crystal
8023War HalberdSharp Basilisk Claw x30Clay Puppet Core x2
8024Haltuus GlaiveHellion Glaive +8Yshrenian Ore x3Black Wyvern Heart+ x2
8024Izami's NaginataMoonlight Spear +8Athwani Holy Plank x3Steel Firespider Claw x4
8024Mythic LanceLegendary Lance +8Athwani Holy Plank x3Lizard Molar x20
8025Spectre's SpearPhantom Spear +8Aged Demon-god Heart x2Large Soul x10
8025Dragon TongueHaltus Glaive +5Steel Ice-dragon Bone x6Steel White Wyvern Jaw x2
8025War halberd IIWar Helberd +5Sky Demon Ore x5Iron Puppet Head x1
8025Orichalcum SpearBrillant Spear +8Orichalcum Ore x10Bound Beast-lord Claw x4
8026Demon King's SpearArchdemon Lance +8Spectre's Spear +5Moonlight God's Tear x4
8026Gae BolgDragon Tongue +5Mighty Lance II +5Spirit Crystal x10
8026Amaterasu's NaginataIzami's Naginata +5War Halberd II +5Sun God Tear x4
8026Athwani LanceMythic Lance +5Orichalcum Spear +5Spirit Crystal x10


LvGRNameMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
3Bone BowSharp FangStrudy Branch x2
8Hunting BowThread Ball x2Treant Mistletoe
8Hunting BowHickoroy Bow +1Bone Bow
12Wooden BowHunting Bow +1Fire-giant Anklet
12Wooden BowBone BowHunting Bow
12Composite BowIron Ore x3Oak Plank x2
12Composite BowHunting BowWooden Bow
17Dragonbone BowComposite Bow +2Dragon Bone
17Dragonbone BowWooden Bow +1Composite Bow
22Gilded BowSilver Ore x3Palmwood Plank
22Gilded BowComposite Bow +1Dragonbone Bow
26Silver BowGilded Bow +2Steel Ore x3
26Silver BowDragonbone Bow +1Gilded Bow
30Elegant BowWind-dragon BeardTreant Face x2
30Elegant BowGilded Bow +1Silver Bow +1
35Dark MarksmanDemon EyeWind-beast Fang x2
38Sylvian StrongbowWind-dragon Tail x3Balmwood Plank x4
38Sylvian StrongbowElegant Bow +3Lizard Talon x4
38Heavy BowWaterspider Leg x4Iron Heart x2
38Sainted ArcSilver Bow +3Dull Rock Lump
44Shigeto BowFire-dragon Wing x2Toxic Greaver Fang x2
44Shigeto BowFarian Bow +3White-oak Plank x5
44Eternity BowAged Dragon Tail x2Greaver Fang x2
44Demon BowSilver Bow +5Devil Eye+
47Greed Steel BowTough Thread Ball x5Adderpalm Plank x5
47Greed Steel BowHeavy Bow +5Direspider Egg+
47Faerie BowSnow-cotton Boll x5Faerie Mask x8
60Sacred BowShiny Clay LumpWaterspider Leg+ x3
60Sacred BowDark Marksman +5Clay Face+ x2
60Dominion BowFierce Gold Heart x2Wind-dragon Horn+ x2
60Dominion BowFaerie Bow +5Rusted Panel+ x2
65Martyr's BowEternity Bow +5Firespider Body+ x3
70Apollo's BowCoronastoneDeviltail x5
70Artemis' BowAged Dragon Wing+ x4Mithril Ore x5
73Archdemon BowDemon Bow +8Devil Evil Eye+
75Heretic's BowNetherwyrm Horn+ x2Red Dark Cloth x10
75Massive BowMagic Core+ x2Crab-demon Body+ x4
80Demonic ArcDemon-god Tail x3Stand Of Platinum Silk x8
80Archduchy LongbowTree-king PlankDirespider Sac x3
8022Corona BlasterIgnis Wyvern Patagium+ x3Flemron 308
8022Yggdra's ArkGlacies Wyvern Patagium+ x3Paintful Walnut x30
8023Holy MarksmanAged Dragon Fossil x5Steel Waterspider Jaw x4
8023Wizard's BowDark marksman +8Beast-lord Body x3
8023Gold Troll-king CrownSteel Earth-dragon Bone x8
8024Eldoran BowApollo's Bow +5Heretic's Bow +5Rosegold Lump
8024Hell BowMassive Bow +8Steel Black Wyvern Jaw x2Steel Earth-beast Fang x6
8025Valkyrie's BowAtermis' Bow +8Demonic Arc +5Aged Demon-god Claw x6
8025Hachiman's BowShigeto Bow +8Archduchy Longbow +5Steel Fire-beast Pelt x4
8026Salamander's BowCorona Blaster +8Eldoran Bow +5Moonlight God's Tear x4
8026Undine's bowHoly Marksman +8Valkyrie's Bow +5Moonlight God's Tear x4
8026Sylpheed BowYggdra's Ark +8Hachiman's Bow +5Moonlight God's Tear x4
8026Gnome BowArchdemon Bow +8Hell Bow +5Wizard's Bow +5


LvGRNameMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
8Bone RodGhost Walnut x3Bone Fragment x2
8Bone RodOaken StaffEldertree Staff
12MaulBone Rod +1Copper Ore x3
12MaulEldertree StafBone Rod
12Copper CrosierCopper Ore x5Oak Plank x2
12Copper CrosierBone RodMaul
17Conjurer's StaffCopper Crosier +2Cedar Plank x2
17Conjurer's StaffMaul +1Copper Crosier
22Silver CrosierCopper Crosier +2Silver Ore x2
22Silver CrosierCopper Crosier +1Conjurer's Staff
26Sorcerer's WandSilver Ore x3Crystal x3
26Sorcerer's WandConjurer's StaffSilver Crosier
30Buster MaulSorcerer's Wand +2Gold Puppet Part
30Buster MaulSilver Croiser +2Sorcerer's Wand +1
35Crystal RodFrigidstoneCrystal x3
35Force WandSorcerer's Wand +3Earth-beast Tail x2
38Earth StaffDull Clay LumpAmber Bit x4
38Sage RodFire-giant Heart BitGaruda Branch x4
38Kukulkan StaffGrey OreRainbow Butterflay x4
38Buster Maul IIBuster Maul +3Green Ore
44Ice RodIce-dragon SkullWhite-oak Plank x4
44Ice RodCrystal Rod +3Ice-dragon Heart x2
44Demon StaffCrystal Rod +5Demon Eye
47Flame WandMysterious Sapling x5Fire-eater x5
47Flame WandForce Wand +5Fire-dragon Heart x2
47Devil RodEvil Basilisk Head x2Direspider Egg+
50Staff Of AnubisSage Rod +5Spirit Lord Pot x2
50Yggdra's RodEarth Staff +5Asmium 899
60Storm RodWind-dragon Skull+Yggdra-bark Scarp x5
60Storm RodBuster Maul II +5Ventus Wyvern Eye
65Archmage's StaffIce Rod +5Snowbound Stone
70Staff Of RaHexwood Palnk x5Metal panel+ x5
70Staff Of RaStaff Of Anubis +5Earthstone
70Staff Of CamaxtliMonster Fossil x5Aged Dragon Tail+ x3
70Staff Of CamaxtliKukulkan Staff +5Black Wyvern Patagium x4
70Wind-dragon StaffWind-dragon Skull+ x2Ice-dragon Tail x3
70Wind-dragon StaffDevil Rod +5White Wyvern Crystal
73Archdemon StaffDemon Staff +8Demon Evil Eye x2
75Salamander's RodUndead Bone+Flameron 208
75World-tree RodYggdra's Rod +5Twin-demon Tail+ x2
80Remora RodWhite Sapwood plank x4Woltarine 566
80Sylpheed RodWhite Sapwood plank x4Windolt 443
8022Dragon RodDragonseye Shard x3Wyvern Heart+ x4
8022Roc's StaffVentus Wyvern Eye+Twin-demon-god Tail x3
8023Staff Of AnantaGhostwood Plank x5Nymphtail x5
8023Gnome's RodClay Puppet Hand x3Steel Earth-dragon Fang x3
8024Staff Of HorusManjusaka Petal x3Rainbow SteelSteel Wind-dragon Bone x3
8024StarrmakerAthwani Holy Plank x3Gold Pupper CoreSteel windspider Claw x5
8025Arcanum WandWorld Tree Plank x5Ambrosia Petal x5Aged Demon-god Hex x3
8025KerykeionDivine Beast Fossil x5Steel greaver Fang x3White Wyvern Patagium+ x2
8026Loki's RodDrago Rod +5Salamander's Rod +8Arcanum Wand +5
8026Kraken RodStaff Of Ananta +5Remora Rod +8Staff Of Horus
8026Staff Of RudraRoc's Staff +5Sylpheed Rod +8Starmaker +5
8026Behemoth RodArchdemon Staff +8Gnome's Rod +8Kerykeinos +5


LvGRNameMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
10Mage RobeEarth Beast ManeVespid Exoskeleton x2
25Sorceress RobeTreant FaceBig Thread Ball
30Wizard GarbLustrous Pelt x3Magecrystal
35Windwalker CoatWhite Pelt x2Gold-Cotton Boll x4
38Magical RobeTan White Beast Skin x2Fire-Giant Whisker x2
44Aeros KirtleGreaver Pelt x2Fire Beast Tail x2
47Elemental RobePure White Pelt x2Luneflower x3
47Mystical RobeWind beast Pelt+ x2Tough Old Pelt x5
47Ancient RobeOpal Velvet x2Aged Dragon Heart
50Geist RobeIgnis Wyvern Patagium x2Transparant Husk x2
60Fire-Dragon RobeEarth Dragon Scale+ x3Wind Dragon Scale+ x3
60Warlock RaimentOrder of BalandorTroll-King Crown
65Aqua JacketIce-Beast Pelt+ x4Windspider Egg+
70Aristos DalmaticaLethal Greaver Pelt x5Ice Dragon Scale+ x10
70Demon RobeFire Beast Pelt+ x5Fire-Dragon Wing+ x6
73Bloody CoatDestroyer Outfil+ x2Destroyer Outfil x3
73Kukulkan RobeSwallowtail CocoonLethal Gallstone
75Camaxtli RobeRed Chaos Coin x4Magebeast Heart+
75Baliquan RobeTwin-Demon Heart+ x2Desert Rose x5
75Druid RobeUndead Bone+Netherwyrm Skull+
80Arcanum RobeRed Arcane Coin x4
80Orias' DalmaticaSteel Direspider Jaw x3Refined Mist Crystal x3
8022Corona CloakIgnis Wyvern Eye+Steely White Pelt x3
8022Monorian CoatSolum Wyvern Patagium+ x3Lightning Stone
8023Crowley's GarbNightglow-Cotton Boll x5Giant beast leather x3
8023Adept's RobePhantom Butterfly x5Beast-lord Heart x2
8024Lunatea's CoatManjusaka Petal x2Steel Earth-Beast Pelt x3Beast-Lord Hex x2
8024White-dragon RobeManjusaka Petal x2Steel White Wyvern Scale x5Steel Ice-Beast Pelt x3
8025Ballista CoatGoddess Cotton Spore x5Steel Fire-Beast Pelt x3Demon-Wolf Pelt x10
8025Vellgander CloakWorld Tree Branch x5Steel Greaver Pelt x3Steel Earth-Beast Pelt x4
8025Hirst's CloakAmbrosia Petal x5Aged Demon-God Body x3Dark Red Belt x15
8026Astrologer's VestmentGoddess Cotton Spore x5Steel Netherwyrm Bone x4Steel Ice-Dragon Scale x6
8026Merlin's RobeWorld Tree Plank x5Squirming Husk x4Twin-Demon-God Claw x6
8026Ouroboros RobeDivine Mushroom x5Reaper's BoneWindspider Sac x4
8026Yggdra RaimentEarth Mother's Tear x2Steel Aged Dragon Scale x6Steel Toxic Greaver Pelt+ x6
8026Hervok's CloakEarth Mother's Tear x2Twin-Demon-God Heart x2Ice-Dragon Crystal
8026Gondul's CloakMoonlight God's Tear x5Fire-Dragon CrystalCrab-Demon-God Body x5
8026Hachiman's JacketWorld Tree Plank x10Steel Wind-Dragon Wing x3Steel Toxic Greaver Pelt+ x5
8026Archmage's RobeGoddess Cotton Spore x10Crab-Demon-God EyeAged Dragon-God Hex x3
8026Alucard's CoatSky Demon Ore x10Squirming Husk x3Steel Fire-beast pelt x5
8026Tactician's CoatEarth Mother's Tear x5Steel Toxic Greaver Horn+Steel Netherwyrm Fang x3
10Soldier's ArmourCooper Ore x3Cursed Plaque
20Grappler MailSpider Thread x2Spider Corpse x2
30Silver ChainmailGold Puppet LumpIron Puppet Lump
35Breaker MailMassive Hoof x2Gold ore x4
38Earth MailDull Gold LumpIron-Sand Grain x5
44Queen's MailAged Dragon SkullIgnis Wyvern Wing
44Spectral MailIce Dragon Wing x2Glacies Wyvern Wing
47Master LoricaDirespider Body+ x4Featherlight Ore x5
50Crusader MailTwin-demon Body+ x2Rosenium 776 x2
60Metal HauberkIron Face+ x3Waterspider Body+ x2
60Titania's MailFaerie Wing x2Wind-Dragon skull+
65Commander's MailFirespider Egg+Black Wyvern Heart x3
70Admiral PlateKnave Face+ x5Aged Dragon Scale+ x10
70Warrior's LoricaGreaver Pelt+ x5Fire Dragon Scale+ x10
70Hellion MailDull TurretDestroyer Mask+ x5
73Sentinel MailUnion Merc Badge x2Fire-Dragon Skull+
73Valkyrie MailUnion Merc Badge x2Aged Dragon Wing+ x5
75Dragonscale PlateRed Inferno Coin x4Fire-Dragon Skull+
75Slayer's ArmourTwin-demon Body+ x4Crab-Demon Heart+ x3
75Ares's LoricaCrab-Demon Eye+Netherwyrm Heart+ x2
75Freya's DressRough Diamond x6Twin-Demon Tail+ x2
80Blue Ogre ArmourDirespider GlandGold Troll Mask
8022Templar PlateSteely White Pelt x4Steel Wind-Beast Pelt x5
8022Bravo MailIgnis Wyvern Eye+Wyvern Heart+ x3
8023Gaia's MailDragonseye Shard x5Earth-Dragon Crystal
8023Goetic LoricaAged Dragon Fossil x5Beast-Lord Eye
8024Wyrm MailAthwani Holy Plank x3Steel White Wyvern Jaw x3Windspider Gland
8024Eldoran MailAthwani Holy Plank x3Gold Puppet Head x3Steel Firespider Jaw x3
8025Albion LoricaDivine Beast Fossil x5Steel Ice-Dragon Bone x4White Wyvern Heart+ x2
8025Nergal's MailSky Demon Ore x5Mage Beast-lord Heart x2Steel Black Wyvern Scale x6
8025Vivian's DressWorld Tree Plank x5Aged Demon-God EyeThick Lizard Hide x20
8026Boggart MailDark Emperor x5Reaper's BoneCrab-Demon-God Heart x3
8026Rose MailDivine Beast Fossil x5Rosegold LumpTwin-Demon-God Body x3
8026Netherwyrm ArmourSky Demon Ore x5Steel Netherwyrm Scale x8Blue Twin-Demon God Eye
8026Dragonlord ArmorMoonlight God's Tear x2Steel Aged Dragon Scale x8Fire-Dragon Crystal
8026Athena's MailMoonlight God's Tear x2Steel Fire-Dragon Wing x3Steel Fire-Beast Claw x3
8026Faerie King MailEarth Mother's Tear x5Reaper's BoneSteel Toxic Greaver Fang+ x5
8026Duelist MailDivine Beast Fossil x10Twin-Demon God Heart x3Gold Puppet Core x3
8026Zeus' MailEarth Mother's Tear x5Steel Aged Dragon Fang x5Steel Fire-Dragon Wing x2
8026Elven MailDivine Beast Fossil x10Toxic Greaver Fluid+ x5Large Soul x10
8026Spriggan MailEarth Mother's Tear x5Ice-Dragon CrystalLarge Soul x10
10Stylish ArmourFire Giant AnkletPlume x2
25Lamellar ArmourSteel Ore x2Vespid Jaw
35Forest ArmourDirespider Body x2Steel Thread Ball x3
38Doom PlateDull Rock LumpRusted Panel x2
38Blue CuirassBlue Ore x2Waterspider Body x2
44Heavy ArmourKnave Face x2Demon Fossil x5
44Animus ArmourFire Dragon Scale x3Fire beast Pelt x2
47Centurion ArmourBloodsteel Ore x5Troll Armour Suit x2
47General's CuirassFeatherlight Ore x5Sticky Web Fluid x2
47Hero's PlateTroll Treasure x2Fulgurstone
47Paladin ArmourHoly Knight Medal x2Pure Heart
50Obsidian PlateFuelstone Lump x5Twin-Demon Tail+ x2
60Valiant ArmourTroll-king Greave x3Rusted Panel+ x3
60Wyvern PlateEarth Dragon Wing+ x3Gold Panel+ x3
60Sacred PlateAmethyst Geode x2Shiny Iron Lump
65Ogre ArmourBlack Wyvern CrystalEarthstone
70Mirage ArmourAged Dragon Wing+ x5Opulent Lizard Scale x20
70Ice-Dragon ArmourIce Dragon Skull+Ice-Dragon Scale+ x10
70Shadow ArmourDestroyer Outfil+ x2Old Turret
73Drakkhen ArmourDragon Gem x2Aged Dragon Skull+
75Mithril CuirassMithril Ore x10Netherwyrm Skull+
78Abigor's ArmourMonster Fossil x10Blue Twin-Demon Eye
80Warlord's CuirassRed War-hero Coin x4Magebeast Helm+ x2
80Platinum ArmourSilver Troll Helm x6Demon-God Eye
8022Archaeolith ArmourAged Dragon Fossil x3Twin-Demon-God Tail x4
8022Zore ArmourMagnetic Crystal+Woltarine 666
8023Hydra ArmourSteel Earth-Dragon Wing x4Glacies Wyvern Eye+ x2
8023Greede PlateGold Troll-King Helm x6Stone Puppet Hand x6
8024Fafnir PlateYshrenian Ore x3White Wyvern Crystal+Steel Firespider Jaw x4
8024Fenrir ArmourYshrenian Ore x3Glacial StoneWhite Wyvern Patagium+ x3
8025Spectre ArmourDark Emperor x8Magestone Turret+Bound beast-lord heart x3
8025Grand ArmourSpirit Crystal x8Steel Fire-Beast Claw x4Steel Black Wyvern Jaw x3
8026Valhalla CuirassSpirit Crystal x15Netherwyrm CrystalSteel Fire-Dragon Fang x4
8026Heracles' ArmourSun God Tear x4Crab-Demon-God EyeSteel Fire-Beast Claw x4
8026Athwani ArmourSun God Tear x4Aged Dragon CrystalCrab-Demon-God Body x6
8026Cielodaemon CuirassSky Demon Ore x15Steel Netherwyrm Wing x4Mage beast-Lord Body x6
8026Aragami ArmourSun God Tear x6Aged Dragon CrystalBlack Wyvern Crystal+ x2
8026Weirwood ArmourEarth Mother's Tear x6Wind-Dragon CrystalSteel Greaver Fang x6
8026Lucent ArmourMoonlight God's Tear x6Magestone Turret+Twin-Demon God Claw x10
8026Golutus ArmourSun God Tear x6BrimstoneRosegold Lump
8026Yshrenian ArmourYshrenian Ore x10Yshrenian Oil DropReaper Scythe x5
70Quester's Coat IIQuester's CoatRed Seeker Coin x4
70Honey Cross IIHoney CrossRed Seeker Coin x4
70Mine Apron IIMine ApronRed Miner Coin x4
70Noble Cotardie IINoble CotardieRed Noble Coin x4
70Sylpheed Dress IISylpheed DressRed Noble Coin x4
70Hunter's Jacket IIHunter's JacketRed Hunter Coin x4
70Misty Dress IIMisty DressRed Hunter Coin x4
70Ruler's Coat IIRuler's CoatRed Governor Coin x4
70Lily Cross IILily CrossRed Governor Coin x4
70Cook's Apron IICook's ApronRed Chef Coin x4