How do I beat Brimmflame - at the end of Balandor Past?

  1. ok, on my first take to defeat th balandor past I was pretty much underleveled, so I loaded my last file from the palace before and done some - long! - LevelUp break. They characters I was forced to do all the Balandor Past were so not my favourite,... but okay, I now have a usable healer and some fighters. If I werent so annoyed about needing to do the boss fights in balandor past again and again, it would be probably funny because I seem to be the only one who has a problem with the brimmflame AFTER Leonard rejoined this specific battle! When everyone else says that is the easiest part of balandor past fights. The stupid brimmflame just throws a sort of curse when I - nearly - got him down and the White Knight is knocked out (and the whole fights start again.....) please help!!!

    User Info: natascha_16

    natascha_16 - 5 years ago

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