How do I beat Balandor Past?

  1. i've been playing the game as my avatar, leonard and yulie, me and leonard are attackers while yulie is the healer, when leonard got sick i then used Scarggine which didn't really matter much because i also had him set up with the same sword skills and with healing

    now yulie has the moon maiden and i'm stuck to have eldore in the party, i've never used him and only tough him skills so i could see which skills i should learn first for my avatar, i'm on level 47, he's on 44 and Scarggine's on i think 46, my avatar is equipped with the full set of best armour from the Balandor shop and best sword, Scarggine's equiped with the best sword from there (has the shield from faria) and Eldore has the best armour from Faria equipped (cause i wanted to save some money for when Yulie an leonard come back to outfit them with the best armour)

    i need help getting though the battles in Balandor Past, i can beat the 5 Magi and now and again i can beat the 2 Gigas but i can't seem to beat Pyrodemos, does anyone have any hints for me like places to level up Eldore Quickly or equipment

    User Info: Troy_Memor

    Troy_Memor - 8 years ago


  1. I had trouble with the third battle too. I'm not sure if you are supposed to survive a certain amount of time or do a break on his legs to win the battle, but I definately didn't kill him. My first piece of advice for the Pyrodemos fight is that when it gets enraged move away from the party, provoke him, then defend so most of the time only you get hit by that blast and you should survive. Make sure your combat command is on 'focus on the same target' and just have scardigne with thrust attacks to help break a leg (and some healing magic as well.) Also, slowing him down with Slow does help.

    User Info: Nanik328

    Nanik328 - 8 years ago 0   0

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