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Trophy Guide by barticle

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/07/11

Yakuza 4 Trophies Guide - Ver. 1.01 - 7 April 2011 - by Barticle at hotmail.com
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       888     "88b 888 .88P 888  888    d88P      "88b     d8P   888
       888 .d888888 888888K  888  888   d88P   .d888888    d8888888888888
       888 888  888 888 "88b Y88b 888  d88P    888  888           888
       888 "Y888888 888  888  "Y88888 88888888 "Y888888           888
       888                                                        888

  8888888888888                      888      d8b                   
       888                           888      Y8P                   
       888                           888                            
       888  888d888 .d88b.  88888b.  88888b.  888  .d88b.  .d8888b  
       888  888P"  d88""88b 888 "88b 888 "88b 888 d8P  Y8b 88K      
       888  888    888  888 888  888 888  888 888 88888888 "Y8888b.
       888  888    Y88..88P 888 d88P 888  888 888 Y8b.          X88 
       888  888     "Y88P"  88888P"  888  888 888  "Y8888   88888P' 
       888                  888                                     
         C O N T E N T S    888
         ===============    888      .d8888b.           d8b      888
                                    d88P  Y88b          Y8P      888
   Section 01 - INTRODUCTION        888    888                   888
   Section 02 - GAME STRUCTURE      888        888  888 888  .d88888  .d88b.
   Section 03 - THE TROPHIES        888        888  888 888 d88" 888 d8P  Y8b
   Section 04 - MAKING MONEY        888  88888 888  888 888 888  888 88888888
   Section 05 - SHOGI COMPLETION    888    888 Y88b 888 888 Y88b 888 Y8b. 
   Section 06 - CONTACT             Y88b  d88P  "Y88888 888  "Y88888  "Y8888
   Section 07 - THANKS               "Y8888P 8

------< INTRODUCTION >-------------------------------------------- [Section 01]

This is a guide to the PSN trophies in the 2011 PS3 video-game Yakuza 4.

In comparison to Yakuza 3, the Platinum's somewhat easier because there is no
trophy requiring completion of all the minigames, also several other trophies
have been made less difficult. It'll still take some time though!

I've previously written several other guides for Yakuza games which are also
hosted here on GameFAQs (and therefore on Gamespot). My Yakuza 4 Mahjong Guide
will tell you everything you need to know (and more besides!) about the Mahjong
minigame. My Yakuza 3 Trophies Guide includes advice on all the minigames (most
of which are identical in Yakuza 4) and my Yakuza 3 Hanafuda Guide explains the
traditional Japanese card games of Koi-Koi and Oicho-Kabu.

To get the Platinum you will need to complete the story three times - once on
Normal difficulty (without any Easy retries), once on Hard to unlock Extra Hard
and once on Extra Hard. I would suggest that you do the Normal run first and try
to complete as many of the trophies as possible during it. If necessary use the
Premium Adventure mode (see next section) to pick up things you missed. Then you
should complete the Ultimate Skill challenge mode (see trophy #8 in Section 03)
to unlock the War God Talisman. Finally beat the game on Hard, then Ex-Hard.

There are no significant SPOILERS in this guide. I do discuss much of the game's
content and structure, but I don't mention the story's plot.

I welcome contributions of information and strategies to add to this guide. Your
submissions may be edited or reworded but will always be properly credited so be
sure to include the name you wish to be credited under - if I deem your efforts
worthy of inclusion! You can find my email address at the top of this page.

This guide is designed to be viewed using a monospaced (non-proportional or
fixed-width) font, preferably Courier New. Some sections of the document will
display incorrectly if you are using a proportional font like Times New Roman.

Update: If you haven't got it yet be sure to get the "Yakuza 4 Upgrade Pack" DLC
which can be downloaded for free from the PSN Store. This bonus content includes
sixteen item packs featuring a wide range of nice armour and weapons, some rare
items and additional copies of some of the gambling cheat items plus a load of
decent health-ups too. These can be collected from Bob B at Naomi's Palace on
the east side of Tenkaichi Street near the south-west corner of the map.)

------< GAME STRUCTURE >------------------------------------------ [Section 02]

Yakuza 4 is the English version of the Japanese game 'Ryuu ga Gotoku 4'. It's an
action role-player with real-time combat and tons of content. Like the previous
main games in the series, the action is set in present-day Japan and a fictional
part of Tokyo called Kamurochou (based heavily on Kabukichou in Shinjuku*).

As usual the storyline is divided into a sequence of chapters but, in a radical 
departure for the series, these chapters are grouped into four "parts" and you
control a different playable character in each of these.

You play as Shun Akiyama in Part 1,** Taiga Saejima in Part 2, Masayoshi "Masa"
Tanimura in Part 3 and finally the usual protagonist Kazuma Kiryuu in Part 4.
Each part has four chapters so there are sixteen normal chapters in total.

Some completion data is shared across the four characters, for example minigame
scores, HEAT actions, food & drink and coin-lockers. However everything else is
separate so each character has his own money, items inventory, combat skills,
hideout, experience points, side-missions, etc. Also some of them can access
parts of the map which the others cannot.

This does complicate things somewhat but fortunately there's a final section of
the story after the conclusion of Part 4. The game calls this "Finale: Requiem"
(pretentious? moi?) but I'm referring to it here as the "end-game" phase.

In the end-game the four characters unite and share a hideout (the New Serena,
as you might've guessed) along with their items inventories*** and cash. They
also pool their casino points and Coliseum credit. Additionally all areas of the
map can be accessed by any of the four characters.

You can now switch between characters (tag!) by returning to the New Serena and
speaking to the one you want to use. You can also select the blankets item there
if you want to have a "rest" (i.e. to change the time of day if it's required
for a substory). Kiryuu's last three substories become available in the end-game
and there's one final side-mission for Saejima too.

This is your opportunity to finish any substories you missed previously and to
complete any other parts of the game you didn't do before. As Akiyama says, "If
you've got anything left to do, now's the time"!

You can continue to do this until you speak to Date at the New Serena and tell
him that you want to proceed - to the final boss battle showdown extravaganza!

After beating the boss/story you'll be prompted to create a "Clear" save file.

You'll now have the following three new options added to the main menu:

o Premium New Game

  You can use this option to play the game/story again from the beginning. You
  load your Clear save so you keep all your abilities, items, money and level
  but all other progress will be LOST. (You can still play from an old pre-Clear
  save file if you kept one but it won't update your new game.)

  The Challenges section off the pause menu will indicate which ones you have
  completed on your previous play-through/s but progress on all challenges (even
  ones you finished before) will be reset to zero. 

  You will need to use this mode at least once in order to get the trophy 'Heir
  to the Legend' (#7). The requirement for this trophy is that you finish the
  game on Extra Hard difficulty but you must first complete the game on Hard to
  unlock that setting and then play a Premium New Game on Ex-Hard. I'd recommend
  that you complete your first play-through on Normal though (for trophy #11).

o Premium Adventure

  This mode allows you to play outside the constraints of the story.
  Again you load from your Clear save but this time all progress is retained so
  you can catch up on any substories you missed and work on completing all the
  revelations, HEAT actions, minigames, etc. You continue to gain XP too so you
  can level-up your characters.

  This plays a lot like the end-game phase of the story. You can switch between
  characters at the New Serena, use the blankets item there to change the time
  of day and your items/money are pooled. There are a few differences though:

  - Premium Adventure mode is always played with a Normal difficulty setting.

  - You can speak to Date at the New Serena to create a new Clear save file.

    This is essential if you want to carry over into a Premium New Game any new
    abilities or items (or money!) you've gained in Premium Adventure.

  - When playing as Kiryuu you can collect Haruka from inside the New Serena and
    she will accompany you. She'll stop outside certain shops and minigame spots
    and demand that you buy her something or achieve some target in the game.
    This contributes to "Haruka's Mood" (a.k.a. Haruka's Trust).

    Providing you have the proverbial patience of a saint, you can advance her
    "mood" through ranks F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS and finally EX! At each
    stage you unlock a special item.

    (...and installing the free DLC pack adds yet another rank - EX-SSS!)

  - When you visit Naomi's Palace on Tenkaichi Street you can now speak to Bob A
    to access any extra content you have available, for example the "Underground
    Coliseum SP Battle King Championship" survival challenge.

o Ultimate Skill

  This is basically a combat (and chase-battle) challenge mode. You'll need to
  beat all 35 challenges here to earn the trophy 'Heir to the Ultimate' (#8).

*To explore the real streets and buildings on which the game map was based take
a virtual tour on Google Maps: http://preview.tinyurl.com/explore-yak4

**All minigames are available from Part 1 Chapter 2 except for UFO Catcher and
Boxcelios 2 at Club SEGA on Theatre Square, Pachinko at Volcano and Darts at the
Irish pub Bantam which can all be played in Chapter 1 after the mini-boss fight.

***A box is added to the bottom-right corner of the items screen which indicates
which of the four characters is able to equip the selected item. Random example:
only Saejima and Kiryuu can equip (or buy) handguns.

------< THE TROPHIES >-------------------------------------------- [Section 03]

Without further ado let's take a look at the trophies in the game. In contrast
to Yakuza 3 where the significant cuts in the English translated version led to
changes being made to the trophies, in Yakuza 4 I think the trophy lists are
pretty much identical in the Japanese and English versions of the game.

The trophies are listed in the table below in the order in which they appear in
the Trophy Collection menu of your PS3's XMB interface.

Some trophies can be completed by any character, some will need input from all
four and others are specific to one or more of them. I've indicated this in the
final column on the table. Any character-specific achievements will need to be
done either in that character's phase of the story or in the end-game.

        | Name                     |   Type   | Hidden | Character/s
      1 | Platinum Trophy          | Platinum | Hidden | All
      2 | Part 1 Cleared           |  Bronze  | Hidden | Akiyama
      3 | Part 2 Cleared           |  Bronze  | Hidden | Saejima
      4 | Part 3 Cleared           |  Bronze  | Hidden | Tanimura
      5 | Part 4 Cleared           |  Bronze  | Hidden | Kiryuu
      6 | Thank You                |   Gold   | Hidden | All
      7 | Heir to the Legend       |   Gold   | Hidden | All
      8 | Heir to the Ultimate     |  Silver  | Hidden | All
      9 | History Buff             |  Bronze  |   --   | N/A
     10 | Heir to the Powerful     |  Silver  |   --   | All
     11 | Indomitable              |  Silver  |   --   | All
     12 | 4 Substories             |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     13 | 20 Substories            |  Bronze  |   --   | At least two
     14 | 40 Substories            |  Bronze  |   --   | At least three
     15 | Amon Defeated            |   Gold   | Hidden | All
     16 | Gourmet of Kamurochou    |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     17 | Way of the Key Master    |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     18 | The Joy of Giving        |  Bronze  |   --   | Any except Saejima
     19 | After-Work Hookup        |  Bronze  |   --   | Any except Saejima
     20 | Fashionista              |  Bronze  |   --   | Akiyama
     21 | Business Card Hunter     |  Bronze  |   --   | All except Saejima
     22 | Emblem Collector         |  Bronze  |   --   | Kiryuu
     23 | Star of the Coliseum     |  Bronze  |   --   | Saejima
     24 | Master in Training       |  Bronze  |   --   | Saejima
     25 | Weapon Master            |  Bronze  |   --   | All
     26 | Revelation Seeker        |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     27 | VIP Member               |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     28 | Table Tennis Pro         |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     29 | The Human Jukebox        |  Bronze  |   --   | Requires Kiryuu
     30 | Hat Trick                |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     31 | First Carom              |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     32 | Boiled Turkey            |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     33 | Novice Gambler           |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     34 | Casino Rookie            |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     35 | Welcome to SEGA          |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     36 | Way of the Pachinko King |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     37 | Shogi Promotion          |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     38 | Seven Pairs              |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     39 | Captain Two-fer          |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     40 | Mr. Outdoors             |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     41 | Walking Bank             |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     42 | Kamurochou Iron Man      |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     43 | Kamurochou Stampede King |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     44 | Akiyama Award            |  Silver  |   --   | Akiyama
     45 | Saejima Award            |  Silver  |   --   | Saejima
     46 | Tanimura Award           |  Silver  |   --   | Tanimura
     47 | Kiryu Award              |  Silver  |   --   | Kiryuu
     48 | Kamurochou Tree Hugger   |  Bronze  |   --   | Any
     49 | Memo Master              |  Bronze  |   --   | All

The trophy types are distributed as follows...

            Type: | Platinum |   Gold   |  Silver  |  Bronze  | Total
          Number: |     1    |     3    |     7    |    38    |  49

I'll now cover each of the forty-nine trophies in more detail.

 1 Platinum Trophy [Platinum hidden]

   As always the final trophy you receive will be the Platinum.

   You get this automatically after meeting the requirements of all forty-eight
   other trophies in the game.

 2 Part 1 Cleared [Bronze hidden]

   This trophy is awarded for completing the first phase of the story, with the
   character Shun Akiyama.

   (You do not need to complete all (or even any) of Akiyama's substories to get
   this trophy. You can leave them until the end-game if you want but see trophy
   #14 below for an important note about this; alternatively you can complete
   them in Premium Adventure mode - see Section 02).

 3 Part 2 Cleared [Bronze hidden]

   This trophy is awarded for completing the second phase of the story, with the
   character Taiga Saejima.

 4 Part 3 Cleared [Bronze hidden]

   This trophy is awarded for completing the third phase of the story, with the
   character Masayoshi Tanimura.

 5 Part 4 Cleared [Bronze hidden]

   This trophy is awarded for completing the fourth phase of the story, with the
   character Kazuma Kiryuu.

 6 Thank You [Gold hidden]

   You'll receive this trophy after finishing the story for the first time (on
   any difficulty setting).

   After Part 4 you'll enter what I call the "end-game" phase where all four
   characters work together. This will be as short or long as you like. The only
   required storyline event is the final boss battle and you can initiate this
   by speaking to Date at the New Serena. Alternatively you could spend several
   dozen hours completing substories, levelling-up, seeking revelations, dating
   the girls, sampling the cuisine, etc - it's entirely up to you. I like to do
   as much as possible on my first play-through but you also have the option of
   finishing things off in the Premium Adventure mode (see Section 02).

   If you already beat Amon (see trophy #15) then you'll probably already have
   your characters configured for optimum ass-kicking. If not you should take a
   little time to prepare. Without giving too much away, Tanimura gets it worst*
   so give him more/better health items and the Sacred Tree set if you have it
   (or your best Guns armour/accessories if you don't). See trophy #7 for a list
   of powerful equipment you might want to use here.

   After the battle you'll have to wait until after the final cut-scene, the end
   credits and the inevitable final cut-scene for the ding.

   *On the plus side, he was the one character I hadn't got to Level 20 by this
   stage so he needed the extra XP!

 7 Heir to the Legend* [Gold hidden]

   This trophy is awarded for completing the game on the Extra Hard difficulty.

   When you first play the story only the Easy, Normal and Hard options will be
   available. Beating the game on Hard will unlock Extra Hard. You can either
   start from scratch using the New Game option or begin a Premium New Game (see
   Section 02) carrying over all your abilities, items and money.

   When you play on Extra Hard difficulty you are not allowed to use any retries
   (continues) so be sure to save often, just in case.

   There are several powerful items that you might think about obtaining and
   using to help things along when playing at the higher difficulties. (The
   numbers indicate the armour points versus unarmed/blades/guns.)

   o Antique Chain Mail (12/15/5) - found in Taihei Blvd locker E5
                                    (key in tree by toilets in Children's Park)

   o SWAT Body Armour (10/5/15) - found in Underground Mall locker C5
                                  (take Volcano elevator to roof, exit fountain
                                  garden via stairs, look under stairs)

   o Dragon Flak Vest (14/5/25) - purchase from Eco-Taro in Central Sewers
                                - purchase from Underground Coliseum store

     Gives great protection versus firearms but expensive from either source.

   (You can also get several good armour items from the item packs included in
   the Yakuza 4 DLC set which can be downloaded for free from the PSN Store.)

   o Rage Armour (10/10/10) - reward for completing 22 events on Police Scanner
   o Rage Talisman (3/0/3) - reward for finding all twelve friends for Akiyama
   o Rage Bracelet (3/0/3) - reward for defeating all Gang Encounters bosses

     Equipping all three items makes you "incredibly powerful in HEAT mode".

   o Sacred Tree Armour (5/5/10) - reward for completing Saigou's training
   o Sacred Tree Arm Guards (3/3/3) - reward for completing Master's Helper
   o Sacred Tree Shin Guards (1/1/3) - reward for completing Nair's training

     Equipping all three Sacred Tree items greatly reduces damage from gunfire.

     That training will obviously enhance your combat abilities/techniques too.

   o Kokurenkai Undergarment - reward for completing Saejima's substories
   o Kokurenkai Headband - reward for completing all Tanimura's substories
   o Kokurenkai Belt - reward for completing all Akiyama's substories

     These can reduce damage. The effect is boosted when all three are equipped.
     Kiryuu barely took a scratch in the final boss battle with these babies.

   o Dragon Shirt (12/0/0) - reward for completing Hostess Maker side-quest

     Gives good unarmed protection and +1 heart with hostess girls too!

   o Amon's Sunglasses (7/7/7) - reward for defeating Amon (see trophy #15)

     This item "greatly increases the power of all weapons" although Gjang
     tested it and reports that it boosts all attacks, not just weapons. It also
     gives some pretty good armour points. Not bad for a pair of sunglasses!

   o Substitute Stone (0/5/10) - reward for completing all twelve revelations

     When equipped it functions as a one-use "continue" when you die but will
     also supplement armour effectively.

   o Beads of Good Fortune - reward for opening all 100 coin-lockers

     When equipped it reduces the incidence of random battles on the streets.

   o War God Talisman (1/0/10) - reward for beating Ultimate Skill mode (see #8)

     When equipped it causes your HEAT gauge to refill instantly after use so
     you can use HEAT actions all the time. Not only does this cause good damage
     (and look cool!) but it also effectively freezes time so if you're fighting
     multiple opponents you can attack one without taking hits from the others.
     Just remember that repeating the same HEAT action reduces its effect.

     The talisman is obviously a very powerful item so I would strongly advise
     you to complete the Ultimate Skill challenges to unlock it before you start
     your Hard and Extra Hard play-throughs if you want to save time.

     I find it particularly handy when combined with a weapon like a knife - you
     can do a lot of damage very quickly. Just remember that you often cannot
     perform a HEAT action until your chosen victim has completed their current 
     animation, so wait for the triangle prompt in the corner of the screen.

   o Dragon's Binding (15/15/15) - reward for "completing" the Elise hostesses

     To get this you would need to complete the three girls in Akiyama's Hostess
     Maker challenge (see trophy #20) and then visit them as Tanimura and Kiryuu
     to complete their side-quests. The final required step is reading an email
     they send you with a picture. [thanks to BanSan for this info]

   Of course there are various weapons that can be earned and created too. You
   get the Divine Dragon Short Sword for beating Amon, the Sakura Storm katana
   for completing the Master side-quests with Saejima and the infinite Golden
   Gun for completing all twenty-three minigames. I don't really use any weapons
   myself (hate having to repair them all the time!) so don't expect a complete
   list here any time soon. ;)

   If you start your Premium New Game using the Clear file you created after you
   finished your previous play-through then all four characters will start with
   whatever items you equipped for the final boss battle. With the exception of
   Saejima at the start of Part 2, you can use the save points and hideouts as
   usual to retrieve any other items you carried over (except for any that were
   equipped on one of the other three characters).

   If you want to use the same item with more than one character then you will
   need to deposit it in the items stash before the end of the first character's
   phase of the story so that it will be available for another. Alternatively,
   if the item is one of the rewards that you collect from Bob B, then you can
   simply discard the item just before the end of one part and then pick up a 
   replacement from Naomi's Palace with the next character.

   [thanks to TheZenNinja for this great trick]

   (Don't forget to drop the Bob item/s before the conclusion of the boss fights
   at the end of Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and during the final showdown at the end
   of the story - this note is mainly for my own benefit! As I write this I'm
   on my second play-through and I'm leaving armour equipped on each character
   but passing along the War God Talisman and Beads of Good Fortune this way.)

   To speed things along on your second (and probably third) playthrough be sure
   to set the config option that lets you skip cutscenes by pressing the Start
   button. There will still be a few key scenes that you can't skip though.

   Also you can hold R1 to cancel the teleprinter effect on conversation text-
   boxes so you'll be able to skip each one with a single button press rather
   than two. For maximum speed hold down both R1 and X.

   The fights are obviously a bit tougher by the time you reach the Extra Hard
   difficulty but you should have beaucoup money by then so if your supplies of
   health-ups are running low just head over to the pharmacy and stock up on as
   many Staminan Royales as you can carry.

   If you avoid all distractions, use the Beads of Good Fortune to remove random
   battles and skip through the storytelling, you can complete the first three
   phases of the story in around one and a half hours each, then Kiryuu's part
   only takes about an hour, so with the final showdown at the end you can beat
   the whole game in six hours (I timed my Extra Hard playthrough). You'll spend
   most of that time fighting, watching HEAT action animations (especially if
   you use the War God Talisman!), skipping cut-scenes, skipping conversations,
   skipping telephone calls and running around the city.

   *"Heir to the legend" is an English translation of "Densetsu o Tsugumono" -
   the subtitle of the original Japanese version of Yakuza 4.

 8 Heir to the Ultimate [Silver hidden]

   This trophy is earned by completing all thirty-five stages of the Ultimate
   Skill challenge mode which will be available from the main menu after you've
   completed the main story (on any difficulty, I think).

   The format is similar to Yakuza 3: the challenges are divided into categories
   and you must beat the first in a category to unlock the second. Completing
   all challenges in one category will unlock one of the Ultimate Challenges.
   Once you've completed all four Ultimate Challenges the epic fifth and final
   one will become unlocked. Beat that for this trophy.

   A full guide to the challenges is beyond the scope of this document and
   anyways xRicexCakex has already produced a comprehensive and detailed guide
   to this mode so I suggest you consult that. It's available here on GameFAQs
   (and Gamespot) in the same place where you found this guide.

   Your progress on the Ultimate Skill mode is saved to your System Data file so
   it's not tied to any particular game or Clear save. If you like to back-up
   your saves don't forget to include that one!

   Your reward for completing this mode (in addition to the trophy) is the War
   God Talisman which automatically keeps your HEAT gauge full so you no longer
   need to charge it before using a HEAT action. It won't be available in any of
   your current games but if you start a Premium New Game you'll be able to pick
   it up from Bob B at Naomi's Palace. You do not need to use Premium Adventure
   mode to update your Clear save - as soon as you gain control of Akiyama in
   Part 1 Chapter 1 of your Premium New Game you'll get an email from the Bob.

 9 History Buff [Bronze]

   You have the option of viewing recaps of key events in Yakuza, Yakuza 2 and
   Yakuza 3. These can be accessed via the Reminisce option on the main menu.

   Ignore the confusing Yakuza 4 watermark in the background - the three rows
   shown relate to Yakuza, Yakuza 2 and Yakuza 3 respectively. Pick one and then
   view each of its four videos, then repeat for the other two games.

   The requirement for this trophy is that you watch all twelve videos. You are
   not required to watch them in full however - you only need to start each one
   and then you can quit out by pressing Start or Circle. Then when you return
   to the main menu the game will auto-save and you'll receive this trophy.

   If you didn't play the previous games though, or if it's been a while, then
   watching the "Previously on Yakuza..." videos is probably a good idea.

10 Heir to the Powerful [Silver]

   As you play the game your characters will earn experience points (XP) and
   advance through a system of levels from 1 to 20. On each promotion you will
   receive three "Soul Point" spheres which you can use to buy new techniques
   for combat (see under Abilities off the pause menu).

   Each of the four playable characters levels-up separately and the requirement
   for this trophy is that you get all four to the maximum Level 20.

   The two main ways to earn XP are to complete substories (you receive 5000 XP
   each for most of them but sometimes it's less/more) and from fighting. I seem
   to recall that you get XP for breaking weapons* too so make good use of any
   improvised weapons you find - like cones, shop signs, bicycles, etc.

   There are various other things that yield XP, like finding memos, completing
   side-quests and even eating and drinking give a little, but if you're going
   for the Platinum trophy you shouldn't worry too much about this one. By the
   end of your first play-through most of your characters should be either at
   Level 20 or at least in the high teens in which case they'll easily reach the
   top level on your next play-through (you'll need to do three in total!). Just
   make sure that you create a Clear save and use the Premium New Game option.

   (If you do roll-over this achievement into a PNG then you will receive the
   trophy as soon as the fourth character hits Level 20, for example I got it
   with Masa at the end of Part 3 Chapter 1.)

   *One time I actually levelled-up during a chase-battle after I threw a bottle
   at the guy I was chasing. I'm pretty sure I missed so it must've been the
   "weapon" breaking that gave me the XP.

11 Indomitable [Silver]

   If you fail a fight or chase-battle and use continues a couple of times the
   game will give you the option to drop the difficulty to an easier setting.

   The requirement for this trophy is that you complete the game's story on the
   Normal difficulty without dropping down to Easy diff. You can use plenty of
   continues where necessary (Amon) just as long as you don't drop the diff.

   The received wisdom is that you cannot earn this trophy by beating the game
   on Hard, it must be on Normal. Therefore you need to complete the story three
   times to get all the trophies - once on Normal for this one, once on Hard to
   unlock Ex-Hard and once on Ex-Hard to receive 'Heir to the Legend' (#7).

12 4 Substories [Bronze]

13 20 Substories [Bronze]

14 40 Substories [Bronze]

   Each of the characters has a selection of around fifteen fun/interesting/odd
   quests to complete. These side-missions are known as "substories".

   The requirements for these three trophies are that you reach a conclusion in
   four, twenty and forty substories in total. As made clear in the descriptions
   of the trophies, you can either pass ("complete") or fail ("finish") these.
   You just need to reach the end of each mission.

   For full details and walkthroughs for all the substories I refer you to the
   most excellent Yakuza 4 guide by ThePatrick on this site.

   If you don't want to use a guide then keep checking-in with Aoki in Shellac
   who can tell you which parts of town to check for side-mission locations.

   For reference here's a complete list of substories in the game. The names on
   the right side are from the English version of the game, the ones on the left
   are ThePatrick's translations of the original Japanese titles as used in his
   guide (so you can use this index in conjunction with his walkthroughs).

| AKIYAMA                                                     Part 1 Chapter 2 |
|                  The Cost of Restructuring | Layoff Already                  |
|            Request to Become an Apprentice | The Apprentice                  |
|                           Gourmet Reporter | Gourmet Reporter                |
|                        A Recruiter's Guide | Art of Scouting                 |
|                      Project Geek Makeover | Pimp my Otaku                   |
|                       The Way to Use Money | How to Spend Money              |
|  Cabaret Club Walkthrough, Akiyama Edition | Akiyama vs. Hostess Clubs       |
|                                                             Part 1 Chapter 3 |
|         The Whereabouts of 300 Billion Yen | The Fate of the 300 Million Yen |
|                     Hana-chan's Depression | Lonely Hana                     |
|                            The Fake Ticket | Counterfeit Bills               |
|                  Defiance of an Apprentice | The Apprentice: Part 2          |
|                          A Wife's Feelings | A Wife's Concern                |
|                         Make Money With FX | Make it Big With FX             |
|                                                             Part 1 Chapter 4 |
|                                      Retry | Tricks of the Trade             |
|                       Beware of Imitations | Beware of Imposters             |
|                      Cabaret Club Training | Hostess Training                |
| SAEJIMA                                                     Part 2 Chapter 3 |
|            Older Sister, Younger Brother 1 | Brother and Sister 1            |
|              The Thing Caught When Fishing | Nice Catch                      |
|              The Cats and the Homeless Men | The Homeless Men and the Cats   |
|               The Woman With Men After Her | Running Woman                   |
|                        Remains of Chivalry | Old Yakuza, New Tricks          |
|                          Ryûgûjô Bodyguard | Ryugujo Bouncer                 |
|                              The Bodyguard | Bodyguard                       |
|            Older Sister, Younger Brother 2 | Brother and Sister 2            |
|                      Cause for Retribution | Reason for Revenge              |
|                           Parent and Child | Mother and Child                |
|                 Disturbance at the Address | Speechless                      |
|                                                             Part 2 Chapter 4 |
|              Everyone Had His Own 25 Years | 25 Years                        |
|            Older Sister, Younger Brother 3 | Brother and Sister 3            |
|            Older Sister, Younger Brother 4 | Brother and Sister 4            |
|                                                              Finale: Requiem |
|                       Green-Colored Shadow | Green Shadow                    |
| TANIMURA                                                    Part 3 Chapter 1 |
|                   Gambling Addiction Blues | Gambler's Blues                 |
|                    Be My Boyfriend, Please | Be My Boyfriend?                |
| Cabaret Club Walkthrough, Tanimura Edition | Tanimura vs. Hostess Clubs      |
|                   Let's Go on a Group Date | The Mixer                       |
|                                                             Part 3 Chapter 2 |
|                               Another Case | Another Case                    |
|                                   The Clue | Clues                           |
|                                    Witness | The Witness                     |
|                          A View From Above | Looking Down                    |
|                                 L'Étranger | Kamurochou Culture              |
|                              Auto Break-In | Car Thieves                     |
|                           The Stolen Bribe | Stolen Funds                    |
|                        The Silent Majority | Voiceless Cries                 |
|                                                             Part 3 Chapter 4 |
|                             Dangerous Play | A Dangerous Game                |
|            The True Identity of the Bridge | Burning Bridges                 |
|                    That Which Is Inherited | Successor                       |
|                           Mei-Hua's Letter | Letter to Mei Hua               |
| KIRYUU                                                      Part 4 Chapter 2 |
|                                 Yûya's Way | Yuya's Way                      |
|                      That Incorrigible Guy | Return of Fake Kiryu            |
|                                Color Gangs | Color Gangs                     |
|                       Return of a Wily Man | The Twist is Back in Style      |
|                    Kôtarô Goes Job Hunting | Kotaro Gets a Job               |
|    Cabaret Club Walkthrough, Kiryû Edition | Kiryu vs. Hostess Clubs         |
|                                Curry Chase | Curry Adventure                 |
|                                  Town Hero | Urban Hero                      |
|         Duel Between Master and Apprentice | Master vs. Apprentice           |
|                              The White Lie | White Lie                       |
|                                                             Part 4 Chapter 4 |
|                    The Condition of Family | Becoming Family                 |
|                            A Doctor's Soul | A Doctor's Pledge               |
|                                                              Finale: Requiem |
|                             Kiryû Day Care | Kiryu the Babysitter            |
|                    The Language of Flowers | Floriography                    |
|                            The Hills Rumor | The Hills Have Noise            |

   To check your progress use the Substories option on the pause menu. This will
   list all the substories that you've found so far. For active substories it
   will describe the current situation and for ones that have ended it will show
   whether you "completed" (yellow) or merely "finished" (white) them.

   If you don't do all of the substories for a character during their part of
   the story then you can catch up with them in the end-game phase. Due to the
   storyline events of Part 1 it's a little different for some of Akiyama's
   substories - you'll need to go to the Sky Finance office first and select his
   chair to enter a reminiscence mode (and then again after to continue).

   Personally though (after playing previous games in the series) I always like
   to undertake all substories as soon as they become available.* If you lack my
   OCD, then you also have the option of doing any or all of them in Premium
   Adventure mode after completing the main story (see Section 02).

   *If you do that you'll get the trophy for four substories in Part 1 Chapter 2
   with Akiyama, twenty substories in Part 2 Chapter 3 with Saejima** and forty
   in Part 3 Chapter 2 with Tanimura.

   **Note: even though he's the second playable character of the four, Saejima's
   final substory doesn't become available until after Part 4 in the end-game so
   don't be concerned when you don't get the little gold crown on the substory
   completion lists for him during Part 2.

15 Amon Defeated [Gold hidden]

   The requirement for this trophy is that you complete all available substories
   for all four characters* and then, predictably, defeat mega-boss Amon.

   This is somewhat simpler compared to Yakuza 3 because there are far fewer
   substories, you are not required to complete the IF7 (or IF7-R as it is now)
   and there are no hitman contracts to do this time around either.

   There are 62 side-missions in total. The final four (three for Kiryuu and one
   for Saejima) become available in the end-game. After completing the last of
   these you automatically trigger the Amon substory by entering the New Serena.

   As usual in Yakuza, this will be the super special secret insane boss fight!
   You can choose when to initiate the fight though - it needs to be night-time
   (you can change the time of day at New Serena) and then you go to meet the
   driver just east of the taxi in the Underground Parking Lot.

   The whole gang's invited so make sure that all four playable characters are
   fully prepared. You can heal for free in the cupboard at the hideout and load
   up all your best gear - armour (I'm trying to avoid major spoilers but you'll
   want to favour Guns protection for Tanimura and Kiryuu!), accessories and any
   weapons if you use them. Check the section on trophy #7 for details on some
   of the special gear you could have available. Maybe hit the shops and see
   what's on offer at the Coliseum store, the rooftop weapons van and from the
   Kamiyama brothers (either buying off-the-shelf or modding something new).

   You should be prepared for a long haul so clear out your items inventories
   (you won't need that Locker Key Radar or Popularity Bracelet where you're
   going!) and pack all those Toughness Infinity and Staminan Spark health-ups
   you've been saving for a special occasion. Today's the day! If your strategy
   and load-out are sound though, hopefully you shouldn't need *too* many.

   (A quick note about using the items inventory in the hideout cupboards during
   the end-game. You can press R2 to switch between your items stash and the
   three other characters, then L1/R1 to cycle through them, then R2 to switch
   back to the stash. This makes it a lot easier to transfer items between them
   and fairly easy to configure all four characters at once.)

   You might want to catch up with all the revelations and training available to
   the characters and certainly make sure you've spent your Soul Points spheres
   on upgrades and new techs. Maybe review and practice your existing repertoire
   of combat moves for all four characters too.

   I'm no expert on beat-'em-up games and I hate boss battles in pretty much any
   game but I managed to scrape through. Use your quickstep to evade. Spam cheap
   shots and throws if the game lets you. Use Spirit techs or Tauriner/Staminan
   to charge your HEAT. Take melee weapons or even guns if necessary. Be patient
   and wait for an opportunity to strike after your opponent has attacked - you
   may have to "nibble" away at their health slowly. Saejima's "Charging Throw"
   unlockable technique was pretty handy. If you want more detailed support then
   search for discussion or videos online.

   Your four characters fight in turn and one piece of good news is that if your
   current character dies you can restart from that same person rather than from
   the very beginning. (Just remember not to drop the difficulty to Easy if you
   are given the option when you're doing a Normal play-through for trophy #11.)

   After winning the fight you receive the Divine Dragon Short Sword (120/60),
   then when you get back to town the trophy will pop and you can collect Amon's
   Sunglasses (greatly increased weapon damage) from the Bobs at Naomi's Palace.

   *Completing all substories for Akiyama, Saejima and Tanimura unlocks the
   Kokurenkai Belt, Undergarment and Headband respectively. These give excellent
   protection when equipped together.

16 Gourmet of Kamurochou [Bronze]

   They've made this one a little simpler compared to Yakuza 3. Previously you
   were required to buy the most expensive item of food or drink from each of
   the restaurants and bars in the game (and this had several complications) but
   now you just have to consume *any* one item from each outlet.

   All of these are available from Part 1 Chapter 2 with the exception of the
   "Underground Gourmet" stall which is situated in the sewers and can therefore
   only be accessed by Saejima in Part 2 (or the end-game phase). You will be
   introduced to the sewers automatically when you meet the Master, immediately
   after unlocking Saejima's hideout in Part 2 Chapter 3. You'll also need to
   have collected one or two items of garbage and traded them with Eco-Taro
   since the Rations Vendor only accepts Ecopoints (see trophy #48 for info).

   As in the last game, the Pronto coffeeshop on Nakamichi Street has two menus
   which are available at different times of day. I think you'll need to get one
   item from each menu so you'll need to visit during different chapters when
   the story progresses from daytime to evening/night for example, or you can
   just leave it until the end-game when you can control the time of day.

   For Smile Burger and Matsuya you should choose to eat "Here" (eat in) rather
   than "To go" (take out).

   Remember, you eat to heal so you can't eat if you're not injured. You might
   need to find a thug to launch a random battle and let them knock a few hit-
   points off your character before you can eat something. You'll get XP and a
   little reward for the fight too of course.

   Update: BanSan reminds me of the old trick from Yakuza 3 where you can eat a
   bait item from the Fishing minigame (yum!) in order to reduce your health
   enough to be able to eat. Clearly a connoisseur of such culinary delights, BS
   says that the Manila Clam gives the greatest health loss for only 30 Yen!

17 Way of the Key Master [Bronze]

   Well, what a surprise - it's happened again! ;) Those careless folk have lost
   *all* the keys to the public coin-lockers in the city!

   As in Yakuza 2 and 3, there are two sets of fifty coin-lockers but, since we
   only get one map in Yakuza 4, they are both located in Kamurochou this time.
   The first set is in its usual location on Taihei Boulevard and the second is
   in the new Underground Mall on the south edge of the map accessed from the
   stairs on Showa Street. These are marked with a key symbol on your map.

   The fifty keys for each location are numbered A1 to A5, B1 to B5, etc, up to
   J1 to J5. These are scattered across the city, but all keys for Taihei Blvd
   are on the "classic" Kamurochou map from previous games while the Underground
   Mall ones are in the new locations - below ground level and on the rooftops.

   The keys first become available from the start of Part 1 Chapter 2 and will
   appear as little twinkly stars so watch out for them, both indoors and out.
   Some are on the ground but some are higher and you will need to stand near
   them and focus on them in the first-person view mode (press R3) in order to
   collect them. Also some will be in places that don't become accessible until
   later in the story.

   There's some extra help available this time too. Speak to the guy marked with
   a blue triangle next to the Taihei Boulevard lockers and he'll give you a
   magic key-detecting radar device. If you equip this you'll hear a repeated
   chiming sound whenever a key is nearby. If the chiming gets faster that means
   you're very close, but if it gets quieter then you're farther away. I also
   got one of these as a reward during Kiryuu's "Gang Encounters" (see #22) and
   you can buy one from the pawnshop for 70,000 Yen too.

   Simply take your collected key/s to the lockers to open them. Each locker
   contains an item and some are pretty useful. It might be armour, or a weapon,
   or a cheat item for a gambling minigame, or a rare ingredient for a recipe to
   modify a weapon. It's definitely worth collecting as many keys as possible.

   The requirement for the trophy is that you open any five lockers.* Yes, only
   five! It hardly justifies the title of "Master", does it? The name of the
   trophy does bring back fond memories of the first Ghostbusters movie though!

   You should be able to find five keys without too much difficulty but just in
   case here are five locations. These are all available in Part 1 Chapter 2 and
   they give good rewards (listed in square brackets).

   o Underground Mall C5 - go to Volcano pachinko parlour and take the elevator
     to Rooftops West, take the stairs south out of the fountain garden and then
     look under those steps (use first-person view) [SWAT Body Armour]

   o Taihei Boulevard C5 - on the display shelves inside the Kotobuki pharmacy
     [Zero Jewel (cheat item for Roulette)]

   o Taihei Boulevard C3 - on a hi-fi speaker inside the Irish pub Bantam to the
     east of the Millennium Tower [Blackjack Amulet]

   o Taihei Boulevard D1 - on top of blue Boss vending machine south of M Store
     (use first-person view) [1-1-1 Card (cheat item for Cee-Lo minigame)]

   o Underground Mall C2 - at the bottom of the middle of the three staircases
     off Showa Street into to the Underground Mall [Steel Shin Guards]

   Incidentally the reward for opening all one hundred lockers is the "Beads of
   Good Fortune" item which will prevent random battles from occuring on the
   streets and will save you a lot of time on future play-throughs.

   *This is another trophy that's been "dumbed-down" since Yakuza 3. There you
   had to open twenty lockers and specifically the first ten at both locations.

18 The Joy of Giving [Bronze]

   The dating aspect of the English version of Yakuza 3 was heavily cut but in
   Yakuza 4 you get the full experience! This involves visiting the girls at the
   hostess clubs (Jewel, Shine and later Elise*) and, essentially, paying lots
   of money while trying to make them happy! (for more info see next trophy)

   The requirement for this trophy is that you give one of the girls a gift and
   they wear it. Obviously it will need to be an item of clothing! You can buy
   this from either Don Quijote** at the bottom of Nakamichi or the boutique in
   the Underground Mall off Showa Street. Don't bother with Le Marche.

   I think the girl will only wear the item if it's something she likes. You'll
   know this is the case if she says "I've wanted something like this forever!"
   after receiving the gift.

   I got really lucky with this. Since philipsvega had posted a guide to Rio's
   dialogue options (see #19) I chose her and I picked my favourite dress from
   the Underground Mall, the Off-Shoulder Dress (Sunflower). I gave the dress to
   her on my first visit, she liked it and wore it on my second visit. Ding!

   Update: The Heart Ring is described as being a good gift for a girl. You can
   find one in S-Item Pack 01 in the free DLC set.

   *See also trophies #20 and #21 below for more information about which girls
   are available to each character and how to unlock the three girls for Elise.

   **Like many of the locations in the game, the "Donki" store is based on an
   actual building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Here's the real thing. :)

   --> http://www.donki.com/search/shop_detail_en.php?st_store_id=29

19 After-Work Hookup [Bronze]

   This is another trophy that's earned from visiting the hostess clubs. You're
   required to build a girl's affection to a level where she'll invite you on a
   date outside of the club.

   Each girl has a "heart meter" which indicates how much they like you. This
   has ten hearts to fill at first and you can gain (or lose!) hearts through
   several different factors:

   o Food and Drink

     A good or bad choice here can win or lose you some affection. You can learn
     her preferences through listening to what she says, researching at the MEB
     or through simple trial and error. You can always pick the Kyogetsu Green*
     (the free drink) with no loss of hearts.

     Some of those drinks are pretty darn expensive but even if you pick one
     favoured by the girl you might not get much of a bonus, for example Rio
     likes the Rose Champagne (100,000 Yen!) but it only gives half a heart.

     She also likes Chocolate (1,000 Yen) and that gives a whole one!

   o Dialogue

     On each visit you'll be given dialogue options during the conversation. If
     you pick a "good" response you get a heart bonus but a "bad" one could cost
     some affection.

     You'll also have an opportunity to propose a new topic to discuss from a
     list. You can add to this list by eavesdropping on pedestrians beforehand
     (press X next to certain pairs of people marked with a triangle).

   o Items

     There are several items that should aid your efforts when equipped:

     - Popularity Bracelet

       Reward for Kiryuu's substory 'Return of Fake Kiryu' in Part 4 Chapter 2.

       Can be bought from the pawnshop for 29,800 Yen too.

       Alternatively, if you have the free Yakuza 4 DLC set, you'll also find
       one in S-Item Pack 01. You can collect this from Bob B at Naomi's Palace.

     - Charisma Ring

       Found in Taihei Boulevard locker D5 (the key is in parking space #3 in
       the little parking lot at the east end of Taihei).

     - Dragon Shirt

       Reward for completing all three girls in the Hostess Maker. Seems to give
       +1 heart per visit and also acts as a fairly decent armour item! (12/0/0)

     There are also some items to avoid!

     - Tattered Scarf

       It's great at making enemies keep their distance in a fight but you don't
       want it to have that effect in a club!

     - Weapons and Armour

       I must admit I've never spent much time on the dating aspect of this or
       previous Yakuza games but I'm sure I remember someone saying once that
       the girls don't like combat equipment.

   o Gifts

     If you're carrying any suitable items in your inventory you'll be given the
     option to give her a present. In addition to clothing (which obviously is
     required for the previous trophy) you can give her perfume, handbags, food,
     drinks, jewellery, watches and probably more besides.

     As I discovered with the previous trophy, Rio likes the "Off-Shoulder Dress
     (Sunflower)" from the Milestone boutique in the Underground Mall.

   I used all of the above in conjunction with philipsvega's guide to dialogue
   options for Rio (at Shine). I got to ten hearts on my first proper visit and
   got the after-hours date immediately afterwards! (I took her to the Watami
   restaurant which was another lucky choice - she liked that too.)

   Sadly the forum topic with the Rio walkthrough has been locked already and is
   destined for deletion so I've copied the info. Full credit to philipsvega for
   collating all this (and arc_syaoran for amending one answer). You're always
   given a choice of three responses - these are marked as A, B or C here.

   - "Before that through, I'd always been intrigued by the idea." [A]

   - "I doubt anyone else will buy him. And he's all alone now..." [B]

   - "Now let me think..." [C]

   - "Hmm, seven, eight, nine... I think around ten, maybe just under that." [C]

   - "Yes, I haven't had the time to practice as much as I should [...]" [C]

   - Yep! [A]

   - (a question about what is different about her) [look at hands and hold X]

   - "Heh, I suppose you right." [C]

   - "Interesting stories? Well..." [C]

   - "Sometimes he bounces both legs! One leg is bad enough, but two?" [C]

   - "It does." [A]

   - "Maybe I just get bored too easily. I'm a jack of all trades [...]" [C]

   - "I see..." [C]

   - "And, well... the photographer asked if I wanted to try it." [C]

   - (a question about her buying clothes in a shop) [look at chest and hold X]

   - "Yes!" [A]

   - "She said she saw me in the magazine and apologized for [...]" [A]

   - "I wouldn't mind trying it, but..." [C]

   - "The first thing I do when I get home is clean up after him." [B]

   - "But that seems to be a rare trait." [A]

   - "Not at all." [C]

   - "She's so cute when she laughs. She's a really nice girl." [C]

   Visiting the hostess clubs is always an expensive business but you can save
   yourself a small amount of money each time by picking up the Naimaga magazine
   at the MEB. If you have this in your inventory when you enter the club you
   will get a discount of 1,000 Yen off the cover charge.

   *This is a type of "Shouchuu" - Japanese vodka.

20 Fashionista [Bronze]

   Towards the end of Part 1 Chapter 4 (while playing as Akiyama) you will be 
   introduced to the Hostess Maker side-quest in which you scout for new hostess
   girls for Akiyama's club, Elise, and train them to become the No. 1 Hostess!

   You'll be given a budget by the club (this is separate from your own money
   total) which you can spend on buying new clothes and accessories - you can
   then use these with the girls you train.

   Only a small selection of clothing is available to buy when you begin but new
   items will be unlocked as you continue to play the minigame. You'll notice
   there are numerous garments and each is available in a range of colours - to
   get the trophy you need to buy one of each *style* (not every colour).

   Once everything has unlocked there will be 23 garments available. To qualify
   for the trophy you need to have at least one each of the following items. You
   will probably need to visit about 25 times before they're all available. If
   the trophy doesn't pop, start a new turn and re-enter the Dress Up option.

   - One-Shoulder Dress
   - Charming Off-Shoulder Dress
   - Belted Off-Shoulder Dress
   - Off-Shoulder Dress
   - Halter Dress
   - Long Halter Dress
   - Gathered Dress
   - Sexy Dress
   - Mermaid Dress
   - Two-Piece Dress
   - Short Halter Dress
   - Long Two-Piece
   - Mini-Skirt Dress
   - Layered Dress
   - Bubble Dress
   - Lovely Dress
   - Camisole Dress
   - Crossover-Top Dress
   - Ladies Suit
   - Juniors Suit
   - Chinese Dress*
   - Maid Outfit*
   - Schoolgirl Uniform*   

   I don't know if you need to actually make any progress with the girl/s to get
   these unlocked, but I'll add a mini-walkthrough here anyways since you will
   need to get them all to No. 1 rank for the next trophy and you might as well
   make productive use of your time on all those visits to the club!

   There are three girls to be trained but you can only train one at a time and
   you need to scout each first. Here's where they can be found:

   - Hiyori outside Millennium Tower (then runs west to the corner of the block)

   - Kyoko inside Irish pub Bantam east of Millennium Tower
   - Nanami inside Cuez Bar in the Underground Mall off Showa Street

   Each girl has the same five key stats: Appearance, Wit and Conversation (all
   graded on the scale D < C < B < A < S), Motivation and Stress. You'll need
   to train them to raise the first three while maintaining high Motivation and
   keeping Stress down.

   You can also change their clothing and you have very detailed control over
   their make-up, hair and accessories. These combine to form their "outfit" and
   this'll be graded on four criteria: Cute, Flashy, Gorgeous and Conservative.
   You can use the Save/Load function to save up to seven custom combos - use
   the d-pad to cycle between Save Outfit (save) and Change Outfit (load).

   Here's a summary of settings that will give you cheap/effective costumes for
   Cute, Conservative and Flashy/Gorgeous (combined) - thanks and respect to
   Minamo for translating this from the Japanese wiki and posting on the forum
   (I've also incorporated a couple of refinements posted by Deisama). You can
   set these up once and then save them to named slots for future use.

              |        CUTE         |     CONSERVATIVE     | FLASHY / GORGEOUS
     Clothing |   Mini-Skirt Dress  | Charming Off/S Dress |   Mermaid Dress
    Hairstyle | Short Shag black or |      Default or      | Twist Updo red or
              |  Bouncy Bob# black  | Medium Length# black | Huge Princess Updo#
     Eyebrows |     Type 1 black    |     Type 1 black     |    Type 3 brown
    Eyelashes |     Type 2 black    |           -          |    Type 2 black
     Eyeliner | Type 1 orange/brown |           -          |    Type 4 black
    Eyeshadow |        Brown        |           -          |        Blue
    Shimmer E |         Yes         |           -          |        Yes
     Contacts |    Velvet Purple    |           -          |        Blue
        Blush |         Any         |          Any         |        Any
    Shimmer B |         Yes         |           -          |        Yes
     Lipstick |     Type 2 pink     |   Type 1 dark pink   |  Type 2 dark pink
    Hair Acc. |   Double Hairband   |       Hairband       |   Double Hairband
     Earrings |    Heart Earrings   |    Petite Earrings   | Bold Hoop or Cross
     Necklace |          -          |   Elegant Necklace   |   Chain Necklace
        Nails |     Cute Nails      |           -          |   Gorgeous Nails
         Ring |          -          |           -          |         -
        Watch |    Simple Watch     |     Simple Watch     |    Simple Watch
     Bracelet |  Jewelled Bracelet  |    Pearl Bracelet    |   Gold Bracelet

          (items marked with a hash (#) will become unlocked as you play)

   Each visit to the club consists of three sessions, as indicated on the clock
   display in the corner of the screen. Before each of the sessions Akiyama must
   walk the club floor ("once around the block" is more than sufficient) so that
   he can gauge the whims of the clientele.** Deisama notes that the fastest way
   to do this after a session is to walk to the barman until the first comments
   appear and then turn to the girl and press X to look at her.

   The tastes of the current punters should be very clear from their comments.
   Anything about "cute" or "adorable" means they want a Cute outfit, anything
   about "grooming" means they want a good Appearance stat, etc. Sometimes they
   will want two different looks in which case you have to choose.

   You'll have the following options available under the Training menu, you can
   use one per session. The game warns you that training causes Stress and also
   that repeating the same option too frequently is a Bad Thing.

   o Appearance Tips - improves Appearance but adds Stress

   o Trivia Tips - improves Wit but adds Stress

   o Conversation Tips - improves Conversation but adds Stress

   o Free Time - reduces Stress but can reduce Motivation

   After a few turns you'll have some additional options added:

   o Scold - increases stats generally but adds Stress

   o Relaxation - greatly reduces Stress but also reduces Motivation

   o Pep Talk - improves Motivation but adds Stress

   Forum poster dotKite recommends that, once available, you ignore the other
   training options and simply alternate between Scold and Relaxation. On the
   other hand, jackstar_rock suggests that you maintain a balanced regime by
   cycling through Appearance, Trivia, Conversation and Scold (even after one or
   two of her stats have hit S level) and ignore her Stress; she might skip work
   or act-up a few times but you save time by not using Relaxation/Free Time.
   Once her Appearance, Wit and Conversation stats reach S rank they cannot drop
   and then you can focus on keeping her and the customers happy.

   In order to get each girl to number 1 rank you must train her three stats up
   to max (S), complete the challenge (e.g. get five "special services" - when a
   hostess provides excellent customer service***) and get her to earn at least
   150,000 Yen in a single session. 

   When a girl hits the top spot you'll have one final opportunity to adjust her
   appearance - this is the one she'll retain in future so choose well! A little
   while after that (a few minutes) you'll get a call from the club manager to
   ask for your help again, visit him and then go scout for your next girl.

   Once a girl gains No. 1 rank she'll also become available for visits from one
   of the other playable characters - this is crucial for the Business Card
   Hunter trophy (see #21 below).

   After completing the third and final girl you will no longer have access to
   the Hostess Maker game and therefore this trophy is *MISSABLE*! If you're
   close to completing the third one but still haven't got the trophy you should
   stop training (and scolding) and tread water until you have them all.

   If you've already completed your third then you'd need to either revert to an
   old save or start a new game (at least you'd reach this in Part 1)!

   *The three cosplay options won't unlock while you're on your first girl. The
   final set of three "normal" items to be unlocked is Long Two-Piece, Camisole
   and Crossover-Top Dress.

   **This works a lot like the Marietta club management game in Yakuza 2 except
   this time you don't need to wait ages for a phone call before your next turn!

   ***No, that's not a euphemism!

21 Business Card Hunter [Bronze]

   With the exception of Saejima (who "ain't interested"), each of the playable
   characters has access to different girls at the hostess clubs.

   The first time you visit the hostess clubs Jewel and Shine you'll meet all
   the girls there but you'll only receive a business card from the girl/s at
   that club who your current character can request on future visits.

   Visiting both Jewel and Shine as Akiyama, Tanimura and Kiryuu will give you
   the first seven cards you need. You'll need to do this for three hostess club
   substories anyways.

   Tanimura and Kiryuu can also visit the girls that Akiyama trains at Elise in
   the "Hostess Maker" challenge but they don't become available until they've
   been trained up to the number 1 rank. You can visit Elise before then but you
   won't find any girls you like and you won't get any business cards so don't
   bother! Save your money until Akiyama has completed his training. He can do
   that in Part 1 or you can postpone it until the end-game (after Part 4).

   Here's a little summary of who can see who and where!

                     |     Jewel     |     Shine     |      Elise
             Akiyama |  Noa & Erena  |      Rio      |        -
             Saejima |       -       |       -       |        -
            Tanimura |    Chihiro    |     Himeka    |      Nanami*
              Kiryuu |     Maya      |    Shizuka    | Hiyori* & Kyoko*

   At first this looks like another "dating" trophy but in fact it's effectively
   a reward for completing all three girls in Akiyama's Hostess Maker (see #20).
   Once all three are trained to No. 1 just send Kiryuu and Tanimura on quick
   missions to Elise to meet their girls and get their cards.

   The requirement for the trophy is that you collect one business card each
   from all ten girls in the game. After visiting a girl several times and
   increasing her "heart meter" you will receive a second card from her. You do
   not need those for this trophy.

   (If you complete Hostess Maker in Part 1 and manage to collect all ten cards
   over the course of Parts 1, 3 and 4 then you might have to wait until the
   item inventories are combined in the end-game for the trophy to pop?)

   Some players have reported a glitch with this trophy where it doesn't ding
   (even after collecting *both* cards from all ten girls). If this happens you
   can visit any hostess club with Akiyama, Tanimura or Kiryuu and select the
   "no preference" option when you enter. This should force the trophy to pop.

   *Available after Akiyama's training is complete. You have the option to give
   them a new name when you begin their training but these are the defaults.

22 Emblem Collector [Bronze]

   This one relates to Kiryuu's "Gang Encounters" side-quest which triggers soon
   after his return to Kamurochou in Part 4 Chapter 2 (I got it after winning a
   fight in Theatre Square). You'll be introduced to Akaishi of the Kamurochou
   Guard who'll explain the recent increase of gang activity in the district.

   During your travels and in random battles you'll start encountering members
   of specific gangs, readily identified by their gang colours. After you've won
   several fights against any given gang they'll reveal the location of their
   boss. Find him and you'll have a fight against him and some henchmen. After
   defeating a boss, Akaishi will give you a reward and send you an email giving
   details of the next gang.

   If you encounter any members of a gang whose boss you've beaten ("survivors")
   then you can fight them and win their Gang Emblem. You need to collect ten
   such emblems to qualify for the trophy.

   Here's a summary of the gangs I encountered and the rewards. YMMV!

      Gang Name |    Colour/s    |      Boss Location      | Reward/s
     Kamurochou |    blue and    |       Underground       | SSS Gunpowder
    Aqua Devils |      cyan      |       Parking Lot       |
         Kamuro |  mostly black  |           West          | 100,000 Yen
        Phoenix |   or purple    |           Park          |
          Kanto |  white, grey   |     Rooftops East       | 100,000 Yen and
      Gangsters |    or gold     |    (opposite Shine)     | Locker Key Radar
       Slumdogs |  grey/brown,   |      alley behind       | Eye of the Dragon
                |  blue or red   |     Poppo Nakamichi     |
      The Black |     black      |   vacant lot south of   | 100,000 Yen
      Nightmare |   obviously!   |    Champion District    |
         Purple |     purple     |     inside Mach Bowl    | Seal of the Dragon
        Killers |   obviously!   |      bowling alley      |
                |      Noir      |        Underground      |
                |                |        Parking Lot      |
                |      Blue      |   vacant lot south of   |
                |                |    Champion District    |
     Dark Clan* |----------------+-------------------------|
                |      Blanc     |      south end of       |
                |                |      Rooftops West      |
                |      Rouge     |   Theatre Underground   | 200,000 Yen
                |                |  lowest basement floor  |

   You can track your progress on the Gang Encounters section of the Completion
   screens off the pause menu. For each gang this shows if you've met them or
   beaten their boss. After collecting your first gang emblem you'll also have
   a new item in your inventory's valuables section which shows how many emblems
   you've won so far.

   NB: there are seven gangs but you can collect more than one emblem from each
   and obviously you'll need to do this to get the ten required. I got most of
   mine from Aqua Devils and Black Nightmare survivors. Keep watching for any
   "random battle" people lurking on the streets wearing gang colours/uniforms.

   Once you have five emblems you can trade them for a bonus gift from Akaishi
   in Theatre Square *BUT* I think they will then not count towards the trophy!
   So hang onto them until you have ten of them and hear the ding, then you can
   exchange them. You can trade five gang emblems for your choice of High-Grade
   Platinum, Eye of the Dragon or Super High-Voltage Battery.

   After defeating the bosses of all seven gangs you can collect an additional
   reward from Bob B at Naomi's Palace - the Rage Bracelet.

   *The four members of the "Dark Clan of Yakuza Extermination" are named after
   the Four Gods (in Japanese "Shijin") from Chinese astrology. Noir = Black
   Tortoise (Genbu), Blue = Azure Dragon (Seiryou), Blanc = White Tiger (Byakko)
   and Rouge = Vermillion Bird (Suzaku).

23 Star of the Coliseum [Bronze]

   When you meet Kage at the end of Part 2 Chapter 3 he'll introduce you to the
   Underground Coliseum where you can compete in illegal fight tournaments. You
   will be free to enter contests there from the start of Chapter 4.*

   To earn the trophy you need to achieve the title "Star of the Coliseum" from
   your tournament performance. Although Kiryuu is also able to enter events at
   the Coliseum, you need to do this with *Saejima* (because only he can earn
   that title).

   Saejima starts with "The Legendary Hitman" title but earns new ones as he
   gains points from winning fights. His second title is "The Entertainer of the
   Coliseum" and his third is the trophy requirement "Star of the Coliseum".

   The Coliseum bouts are a little more serious than the usual brawls with thugs
   in the streets so you'll need to make good use of blocks, dodges and other
   techniques you've acquired. You are not permitted to use any healing items
   in the tournaments but you do recover 30% health between matches and full
   health after you win a tournament. You can't use weapons or gear either.

   Don't worry if you don't like Saejima's fighting style, it doesn't take very
   long to get the third title - I got it after winning my fifth tournament and
   I wasn't even going for the hardest ones. If you wanted you could probably
   even just keep repeating the easiest tournament (the Exhibition one).

   If you still have trouble then exit and gain XP from easy streetfights to
   level-up and unlock some more abilities.

   *Only Kiryuu and Saejima can enter events at the Underground Coliseum. Even
   in the end-game when Akiyama and Tanimura have access to Purgatory they
   cannot use the facilities at the coliseum.

24 Master in Training [Bronze]

   After your first visit to Purgatory with Saejima in Part 2 Chapter 4 you'll
   exit through the sewers to the Children's Park. There you'll be accosted by
   martial-arts sensei Sodachi who will take you to his dojo and ask you to help
   with training his apprentices - welcome to the "Fighter Maker" minigame!

   This is basically a more manly version of the hostess training. :) Your task
   is to create an on-going training programme for the current apprentice. The
   training schedule consists of four normal slots (gold) and one special slot
   (red) - that all constitutes one "turn".

   Your objective is to train your apprentice until they are good enough to win
   the Rookie Tournament at the Coliseum. You have 50 turns in which to achieve
   this goal but if you do it in fewer you'll win more money for the dojo.

   Getting one apprentice to win the tourny is also the trophy requirement.

   You need to train them to improve their Power, Speed, Technique and Maximum
   Health (red bar) stats while at the same time maintaining suitable levels of
   Condition, Trust and Health (gold bar). They will also learn skills (they can
   equip three of these simultaneously in the red slots) and you can teach them
   finishing moves (can equip one in the blue box).

   The four normal training slots can be used for the following activities:- 

   o Punching training - improves Power (and Technique)

   o Kicking training - improves Speed (and Power)

   o Groundwork - improves Technique (and Speed)

   o Strength training - improves Power greatly (but reduces Speed)

   o Roadwork (double slot) - increases Maximum Health

   o Sprints - improves Speed greatly (but reduces Technique)

   o Lecture - improves Technique greatly (but reduces Power and Speed)

   o Stretching - improves Condition and restores a little Health   

   o Rest - restores a lot of Health

   At first the special slot is programmed for you, but when you gain access (on
   turn 6) you can assign any of the following options:-

   o Sparring - improves all three combat stats and Trust

   o Solo Training - can improve all stats if Condition and Trust are high

   o Master Finishing Moves - teaches a new technique (may take two tries)

   o Meeting - can improve Condition and Trust with correct dialogue choice

   o Rest - same as normal rest slot, restores Health

   o Exhibition Match (various) - improves stats and gives prize money for a win

   o Tournament Entry - when the time is right, go for the tournament win!

   (The effects listed apply specifically to Sugiyama, the first apprentice.)

   Once you've set the Training Schedule you can click the Execute button and
   your apprentice will work through the schedule - this counts as one turn.

   With Hideo Sugiyama I used a balanced programme of punch, kick, groundwork
   and rest with either sparring or solo training to increase his stats, and on
   some turns I used double roadwork with rest to improve Health. Once the three
   combat stats reached their ceiling (stopped going up) I dropped the fighting
   training and used the roadwork exclusively until Health maxed out.

   Money earned from winning exhibition matches can be spent on improving the
   dojo's facilities (and training effectiveness) but if you're only planning to
   go through all this once to get the trophy they're perhaps less important,
   although they are a good way to gauge your fighter's current ability level.

   When the fighter's Health hits its ceiling too you know that he's as good as
   he's gonna get and you can enter him in the tournament. Alternatively, if you
   do want to upgrade the dojo, you can continue to milk the exhibition matches
   which can pay out big money for wins (shame it goes to the dojo!).

   Like the usual Underground Coliseum events, the Rookie Tournament consists of
   three matches. If your fighter's stats are all maxed-out then he should chew
   through the first two with no trouble (and you can look on with pride from
   the sideline). The third and final bout will be a little tougher so you'll
   find it helpful to drop the finishing move a few times - just make sure you
   make the rapid QTE otherwise your guy will get pwned. ;)

   I wasn't too concerned about the whole "win on turn 15 for maximum money"
   thing - I took my time and beat the tourny on my first attempt on turn 30.

   After some dialogue and a summary of your apprentice's stats, the trophy will
   pop and you'll receive 5000 XP. Also he'll be available as a partner if you
   want to enter the tag matches at the Underground Coliseum.

25 Weapon Master [Bronze]

   This trophy is based around the "modding" feature in the game. You'll be
   introduced to this right at the start of Part 1 with Akiyama when you bump
   into Kamiyama after the first phase of your combat training. He explains that
   you can find his workshop on the little L-shaped side-alley off Park Alley in
   the north-east corner of the map, immediately north of the Champion District.

   Modding (modifying) involves taking an existing weapon (or equipment item)
   and combining it with other components to create a new item with special
   properties. To do this you require a "recipe" item that gives a blueprint for
   the design (and explains what items you need), a base item to modify, usually
   two further "ingredient" items and a little money to pay for the work. Take
   all of these to Kamiyama* and he can do the modification.

   The weapons are sorted into the following ten categories and to earn this
   trophy you need to create one mod item in each section. (This is one trophy
   that's actually harder than in Yakuza 3 - you only had to do one mod there!)

     Bats/Clubs       Polearms         Blades          Hammers       Knuckles

       Tonfas         Nunchaku       Kali Sticks        Guns          Other

   I left this trophy until the end-game and would suggest you do the same. By
   then you should have accumulated an inventory full of random items that are
   potential ingredients (if in doubt, don't sell it!) and have plenty of money.

   So you'll need some recipes. Without them you can't do anything and you won't
   know what items you require. You can buy these from Beam** - the little video
   store on the west side of Pink Street North. Different recipes are available
   there to each of the four playable characters so make sure that you go there
   with all four! You can also get recipes from substories and you get one free
   each time you meet the Kamiyama boys (with each character) too.

   You can view recipes by going to your items inventory from the pause menu and
   pressing R1 to view the valuables. They'll be grouped together and will look
   like books, magazines or DVD's (in a plain brown sleeve). Press X to select
   one and again to read it.

   You can buy most base weapons from Kamiyama and from the rooftop weapons van
   (see trophy #45). Again there will be certain items (weapon classes) that can
   only be bought by one of your four guys.

   Ingredients can be acquired from a range of sources. Here's a few to try!

   - Poppo Mart shops (NB: different selection in each branch)
   - M Store
   - Ebisu pawnshop
   - Kotobuki pharmacy
   - Don Quijote shop
   - Le Marche shop
   - Coin lockers
   - Coliseum store (trade points for prizes)
   - Rooftop weapons van
   - Ryugujo casino (trade points for prizes)
   - Purgatory casino (trade points for prizes)
   - Eco-Taro in Central Sewer (trade garbage for Ecopoints, points for prizes)
   - Akaishi in Theatre Square (trade Gang Emblems for rewards)***
   - Substory rewards
   - Fishing minigame (really!)
   - Gifts after random streetfights
   - Item packs from Naomi's Palace after installing the free DLC pack

   I think the best thing to do is to acquire as many recipes as possible. You
   should hopefully have several by the end-game (I had ten) and then buy all
   available from Beam (another twelve). Then head over to Kamiyama's shop and
   pick the "Mod weapons" option. This lets you browse all the designs you own
   (press left/right to pick a category and up/down to pick weapons within it).

   The end product will be displayed on the right and under that the base weapon
   and ingredients required - these will be shown in white if you own them (they
   do not need to be in your character's inventory) or greyed-out if not. If you
   own the base weapon and both ingredients (i.e. you have everything you need)
   then the mod weapon's name will be shown in white too.

   So, check through all the designs and see which ones you can make currently
   and which ones could be made after acquiring an ingredient that's not rare.

   (You will find this less disheartening if you have already sought out all the
   locker keys and bought all the cheap/random stuff from the convenience stores
   and from Eco-Taro in the sewers!)

   Here are the mod weapons I recommend for each of the ten categories. Where
   possible I've given ones that don't need substory or side-quest completion.

   (To save space here the LOCKER KEY LOCATIONS for the items mentioned are
   given at the end of this section, before the next trophy.)

   o Bats/Clubs

     I had five choices here and I already had the ingredients for three.

          Weapon: Patriarch's Driver [Power 140 / Durability 10]

          Recipe: Beatdown Basics (purchase from Beam playing as Tanimura)

            Base: Wooden Driver (purchase from Kamiyama or rooftop weapons van)

     Ingredients: Super Resin (purchase from Eco-Taro, find in Underground Mall
                              lockers A2 and J3 or Taihei Blvd locker I2)

                  Pearl (purchase from pawnshop, purchase at Purgatory casino,
                        find in Taihei Blvd lockers B3 and F3 or Underground
                        Mall locker D5)
   o Polearms

     I had a two sets of spear recipes and this one was definitely easier. The
     other recipe was a substory reward and both weapons had one ingredient that
     you had to catch in the Fishing minigame!

          Weapon: Steel Laundry Pole [40/60]

          Recipe: Spear of the Moment (received when Tanimura meets Kamiyama)

            Base: Extendable Staff (purchase from Kamiyama or rooftop weapons
                                   van as Tanimura)

     Ingredients: Super Glue (purchase from Don Quijote)

                  Block of Brass (purchase from pawnshop)
   o Blades

     I had a choice of four knives/swords here.

          Weapon: Sonic Knife [60/30]

          Recipe: Kamiyama Weapon Catalogue (unmissable in Part 1 Chapter 1)

            Base: Nameless Short Sword (purchase from pawnshop)

     Ingredients: Block of Brass (purchase from pawnshop)

                  Small Motor (find in Taihei Blvd locker E3 or in Underground
                              Mall lockers G3 and I4)
   o Hammers

     I had a choice of three. This one has the easiest ingredients I think.

          Weapon: Toy Hammer [20/30]

          Recipe: Nationwide Dumpling-Making Expose 2000 (received by Saejima
                                                         when he meets Kamiyama)

            Base: Sledgehammer (buy from Kamiyama or rooftop weapons van while
                               playing as Saejima)

     Ingredients: Large Blow-Up Doll (purchase from Eco-Taro or find in Taihei
                                     Blvd locker J2)

                  Super Resilient Resin (purchase from Eco-Taro or find in
                                        Underground Mall locker H4)
   o Knuckles

     I had a choice of three again. This one was easiest and sounded fun!

          Weapon: Pepper Knuckles [40/30]

          Recipe: "Lucky 8: Fist of Glory" (purchase from Beam as Saejima)

            Base: Brass Knuckles (purchase from Kamiyama or rooftop weapons van
                                 while playing as Saejima)

     Ingredients: Chili Pepper (purchase from Poppo Nakamichi/Showa)

                  Adhesive Bandages (purchase from Kotobuki Pharmacy)
   o Tonfa

     I had five options here and two good candidates. You might also like to
     consider the Pepper Spray Tonfa which requires the Dropper from Eco-Taro.

     (You don't need to play the casino games to get the item from there - just
     buy chips from the cashier and exchange them at the prize counter.)

          Weapon: Slash Tonfa [110/50]

          Recipe: Dragon's Last Wind (purchase from Beam as Tanimura)

            Base: Iron Tonfa (purchase from either Kamiyama or rooftop weapons
                             van as Tanimura)

     Ingredients: Super Resin (purchase from Eco-Taro, find in Underground Mall
                              lockers A2 and J3 or Taihei Blvd locker I2)

                  Kamaitachi Utility Knife (purchase from Ryugujo casino)
   o Nunchaku

     I had five options here. This one became the clear favourite when brunoafh
     ended my desperate quest for an easy source for the ADW - thanks mate! :D

          Weapon: Electromagnetic Nunchaku [40/50]

          Recipe: Fun Science with Denzaburo (purchase from Beam as Akiyama)

            Base: Wooden Nunchaku (purchase from Kamiyama or rooftop weapons van
                                  as Akiyama)

     Ingredients: Battery (purchase from Poppo Tenkaichi/Nakamichi or M Store)

                  Asian Digital Watch (purchase from Le Marche)

   o Kali Sticks

     I had five options here too and but this one's a clear winner.

          Weapon: Spiked Taiko Sticks [60/25]

          Recipe: The Secret to Promotion: Kissing Ass (received when Akiyama
                                                        first visits Kamiyama)

            Base: Double Slats (purchase from rooftop weapons van as Akiyama)

     Ingredients: Super Resin (purchase from Eco-Taro, find in Underground Mall
                              lockers A2 and J3 or Taihei Blvd locker I2)

                  Iron Nail (purchase from M Store)
   o Guns

     Five options again here, requiring firearms with prices ranging from 120k
     up to 500k Yen. This uses one of the cheaper guns and a readily available
     recipe but you will need to take a little trip to the casino.

          Weapon: Mr. Random [700/infinite durability as melee weapon]

          Recipe: Lady Prisoner Number 38 (purchase from Beam as Kiryuu)

            Base: Double-Action Revolver (purchase from Kamiyama or from the
                                         rooftop weapons van as Saejima/Kiryuu)

     Ingredients: Kamaitachi Utility Knife (purchase from Ryugujo casino)

                  Flour (purchase from M Store)
   o Other

     Six choices in the final category and I already had the ingredients needed
     for five of them so hopefully you should find this section quite easy.

          Weapon: Modified Stun Lighter [40/10]

          Recipe: Cheap and Easy Self-Defence (purchase from Beam as Akiyama)

            Base: Modified Lighter (purchase from Kamiyama or rooftop weapons
                                   van or find in Taihei Blvd locker I3)

     Ingredients: Battery (purchase from Poppo Tenkaichi/Nakamichi or M Store)

                  Lighter Oil (purchase from Poppo Tenkaichi/Showa or M Store)

   Before I skip happily onto the next trophy, here are the locations I promised
   for the keys to all the coin lockers listed above. Some will not be available
   in all chapters, but all will be accessible in the end-game.

   Underground Mall A2 - on top of air-con unit, near round water-tank, on east
                         branch of Rooftops East, at the top of the stairs up
                         from behind the Karaokekan (requires first-person view)

   Underground Mall A4 - on a raised section near the main south T-junction on
                         Rooftops East (requires first-person view)

   Underground Mall D5 - in front of the DMM billboard near the top of the Poppo
                         Nakamichi stairs on Rooftops East (requires FPV)

   Underground Mall G3 - on the main thoroughfare between the casino and the
                         Underground Coliseum in Purgatory

   Underground Mall H4 - above a wall light in the first alcove on the right in
                         the North Sewer (requires FPV)

   Underground Mall I4 - under the red Vanquish billboard in the south area of
                         Rooftops West (requires first-person view)

   Underground Mall J3 - in yellow crate halfway along Theatre Underground B2

   Taihei Boulevard B3 - behind centre display in the pawnshop

   Taihei Boulevard C2 - inside the M Store at the back of the shop

   Taihei Boulevard E3 - on lamp at the back of New Serena (requires FPV)

   Taihei Boulevard F3 - in the middle of the floor at the mahjong parlour

   Taihei Boulevard I2 - below vending machine outside Volcano pachinko parlour

   Taihei Boulevard I3 - east of Club SEGA (Theatre Square), on top of a red
                         thing at the bottom of the stairs leading down into the
                         Theatre Underground area (requires first-person view)

   Taihei Boulevard J2 - at far end of gambling-hall floor at the Ryugujo

   Taihei Boulevard J3 - in a wall vent above the arcade games right at the back
                         inside the batting centre (requires first-person view)

   *Saejima meets Kamiyama's big brother on Rooftops West and he sets up shop on
   the roof of the building south of Volcano offering similar services to his
   little (heh) brother except he specialises in modifying gear and accessories,
   not weapons. He also gives you a free recipe - Works K Catalogue 1 - but it
   doesn't include any weapon designs.

   **Coincidentally there's also a hair salon called Beam opposite Kamiyama's
   alley. Don't go there! ;) Although Saejima does need a trim. Heh!

   ***Don't start exchanging your Gang Emblems until you have the trophy! (#22)

26 Revelation Seeker [Bronze]

   Each of the four playable characters has several revelations* in Kamurochou.
   These are interesting events that inspire them to come up with a new fighting
   move. When you find a revelation location you use R3 to enter first-person
   perspective and press X, then during the sequence that follows you must hit
   three QTE button presses and finally you're required to select the correct
   conclusion (this is pretty easy to choose because it will always be the one
   that has the most obvious application to a combat scenario).

   The first three characters are introduced to the concept of revelations in an
   unmissable event during the course of the story. Akiyama meets Mack (ohh!),
   Saejima meets the "Master" down in the Central Sewer and Tanimura meets Nair
   in Little Asia. I guess Kiryuu knows about them already but he does get a
   reminder if he visits his old sensei, Komaki, in his dojo at the Ryugujo.

   The requirement for the Revelation Seeker trophy is that you locate and
   complete any three of the revelations in the game. If you want to get this
   trophy out of the way as soon as possible then you'll need to do Akiyama's.

   1. You meet Mack (ohh!) in Part 1 Chapter 4 after returning to the office and
      this leads directly to the first revelation on the rooftops. For this one
      you need to pick the top option from the three conclusions. Mack will then
      email his "Perfect Shot" newsletter with clues for the next two.

   2. Go to the alley with the pawnshop and Mahjong parlour, and take the stairs
      on the south side up to the rooftops. Then head down the ramp, over the
      gangplank and look for people to the east. [bottom option]

   3. This one's a little hard to spot. Go to Pink Street and look down the tiny
      alley that's opposite Beam (it's immediately to the left of the "Phobos"
      internet place) where you should see a couple of people. [top option]

   You should definitely track down all the revelations for the other characters
   though because a) the revelations themselves are always funny :D and b) they
   unlock some awesome HEAT actions! There are twelve in total: Tanimura and
   Akiyama have three each, Saejima has four and Kiryuu has two.

   The reward for finding all twelve is a Substitute Stone. This is effectively
   a "continue" item but it also gives good protection against guns (0/5/10).

   *In Japanese the revelations are called Tenkei which means something like
   "heavenly disclosure" if you read the kanji literally.

27 VIP Member [Bronze]

   This is the first of the minigame trophies and it relates to the odd massage
   game at the "Love in Heart" Esute salon on Senryou Avenue in the south-east
   part of the map, just up the street from the Karaoke place.

   When you first visit the salon only two (ahem) services will be available:
   Standard Massage Course (5,000 Yen) and Deluxe Massage Course (8,000 Yen).

   The requirement for the trophy is to become a VIP member at the parlour. This
   is accomplished through a coffeeshop-style customer reward card where you get
   a stamp with every purchase.

   You need to collect five stamps to qualify for VIP status so - assuming you
   pick the cheaper Standard option each time - this will cost you 25,000 Yen
   (so you might want to leave it until later in the game).

   The game itself involves a marker moving up and down a thermometer and you
   need to keep it on the scale (by tapping O to go up and X to go down), with a
   higher score available if you can keep it near the top of the scale. There is
   no target score requirement for the trophy though - you can fail the game
   each time you play. Just keep tapping X if you want to end it quickly.

   The trophy will ding as soon as you select your fifth treatment at the salon;
   this will also unlock the VIP Oil Massage course which costs 10,000 Yen and
   will be available on future visits.

28 Table Tennis Pro [Bronze]

   You can play the new Table Tennis game at the new Yunosono Hot Springs venue
   on Park Boulevard at the top of the map (marked in purple).   

   A trip to the baths costs you 1,000 Yen and you can choose to either have a
   soak in the bath (and gain health) followed by a Table Tennis match against a
   female customer or you can go straight to the game (skipping the bath).

   You play the game by holding X to charge your shot and then releasing it when
   the ball flashes to get the optimum timing. However you can also fill a HEAT
   meter (like in combat) and use this to perform an unblockable HEAT action by
   pressing the Triangle button. (unblockable on the easy setting at least!)

   The HEAT gauge fills quite slowly during play unless you, erm, hold the L2
   trigger button to stare at your opponent's jiggling body in slow-motion. This
   will fill your HEAT meter a lot faster.

   The requirement for the trophy is that you perform three HEAT actions in a
   single match. This is pretty simple once you get into the flow of the game -
   hold X, release it when the ball flashes, then immediately start holding down
   L2 to stare and earn HEAT, release it when you see your opponent is about to
   hit the ball, then repeat. As soon as the HEAT gauge is full you can press
   Triangle to deliver a HEAT action - you don't need to worry about timing.

29 The Human Jukebox [Bronze]

   For this trophy you need to sing all the Karaoke songs at the Karaokekan.

   There's no requirement to achieve a target score, you just have to sing each
   song at least once. This would be trivial except for the fact that not all
   the songs are available at first.

   I think you can access more if you take the girls on dates there but I didn't
   do that. This table shows which ones were available in Parts 1, 3 and 4 so in
   other words you might as well wait until you play as Kiryuu in Part 4!

                                    |  Akiyama  |  Tanimura  |   Kiryuu
               Maiden-Coloured Life |           |            |      O
                   Machine Gun Kiss |           |            |      O
            Pure Love in Kamurochou |     O     |            |      O
                          Raindrops |     O     |      O     |      O
                    GET to the Top! |     O     |      O     |      O
              I Wanna Change Myself |           |            |      O
                 Kamurochou Lullaby |           |            |      O
                    Summer Memories |           |            |      O
         Where Has Your Touch Gone? |           |            |      O
               Saturday Night*Lover |           |            |      O
                      Shooting Star |           |            |      O

   Saejima doesn't do the whole Karaoke thang. He says "Singin' ain't my style."

   It's easy to keep track of which songs you've done because your highest
   scores (from all characters) are given on the song selection screen. You can
   also use the Requests Top 10 display to see which ones you haven't done yet.

   It doesn't matter which difficulty you choose - you can go with either Simple
   or Intense (if you're given the choice).

   A connoisseur will save the enka 'Kamurochou Lullaby' until last. BD

30 Hat-Trick [Bronze]

   In a straight copy from Yakuza 3, the requirement here is to get a hat-trick
   on the Darts minigame at the Irish pub Bantam. In the context of this game, a
   hat-trick* is when all three of your darts hit the bullseye (the centre of
   the dartboard) in a single turn.

   The game plays exactly as it did in Yakuza 3 - you use the left stick to aim
   and then pull back and release the right stick to throw. The timing on the
   throw is crucial - if you do it quite quickly your dart should hit the target
   but if you do it slightly more slowly then it'll fall short, but it will do
   this by the same fixed amount each time.

   So, play a game or two and see whether you favour the fast or slow throw. If
   you prefer the faster throw then aim for the bull and hit it three times, but
   if you tend to get the slow throw then aim for the treble 20 (the smaller red
   section in the middle of the 20 segment) and you should find that your darts
   fall short and drop straight into the bullseye! It's not too hard to get this
   one as long as you're consistent with your throwing technique.

   Personally I use the slower throw. This has the advantage that if you're too
   slow then the throw doesn't happen and you can try again.

   All that practice in Yakuza 3 must've paid off - I got the trophy on my first
   three darts in Yakuza 4!

   *Although use of the term has extended across many other sports (for example
   for three goals scored in soccer or ice hockey), the term "hat-trick" has its
   origins in the slow stupid boring British sport of cricket. (can you tell I'm
   not a fan?!) In cricket a hat-trick is when a bowler takes three wickets on
   three consecutive bowls; historically this entitled them to a prize: either
   an actual hat or a cash collection taken in a hat. Fascinating, eh?

31 First Carom [Bronze]

   You can play Pool at the Cuez Bar in the Underground Mall on the south edge
   of the map. Since Yakuza 3 they've added a new Pool game called Four-Ball and
   this is the one you need to play for the trophy.

   Four-Ball is played with only four balls (hence the name!) and on a table
   with no pockets! :o There's a white cue-ball, a yellow cue-ball and two red
   balls. The aim of the game is to hit your cue-ball so that it hits at least
   two of the other three balls* - this is called a "carom", it gives you one
   point and you get another go. If you fail to hit two balls then it becomes
   your opponent's turn.

   The requirement for the trophy is that you get the first carom in a game.

   There are two parts to this. The first is the "banking" which determines who
   goes first; you can't rely on the other player missing so it's best to win
   this. Both players hit their cue-ball from the bottom end of the table such
   that it rebounds off the top cushion - then the one that ends closest to the
   bottom cushion wins the banking and takes the first shot in the game (and
   uses the white cue-ball).

   (Before the banking the game will ask if you want it to display trajectories.
   Answer 'Display' because it'll make the game/trophy a lot easier.)

   For the banking I like to pull back the right stick until the gap between the
   tip of the cue and the ball's shadow is about the same size as the shadow
   next to the ball. This gives fairly good results but needs practice.

   Next you have to take your shot. Press Square for a top-down view and move
   the left stick up or down slowly to aim your shot. You should be able to see
   your cue-ball's point of impact on the left red (flashing white circle) and
   the route it will follow (dotted white line). Fine-tune your aim until this
   is pointing exactly at the mid-point of the long side of the table. If you
   get this right it should ensure that your cue-ball hits both reds.

   Then you just need to press X to confirm your aim, then pull back and release
   the right stick to take the shot. I actually got it on my first attempt.

   I really like the Four-Ball game, mainly because it's pretty darn easy with
   that trajectory display on! ;)

   Update: Forum user TheTechnomancer reported a case of receiving this trophy
   even though the computer-controlled opponent scored the first carom in the
   game. Maybe going first isn't so important after all, but it's probably best
   to still do this per the trophy description (so try to win the banking).

   *You need to hit two different balls. You can't hit the same one twice.

32 Boiled Turkey [Bronze]

   No, it's not another "gourmet" challenge! This one involves the Bowling game
   at Mach Bowl on the west side of Theatre Square (enter from the south).

   The requirement for the trophy is that you achieve a "turkey" while playing,
   this is when you get three consecutive strikes (when you knock over all ten
   pins on a single bowl).

   Aerith's trick for Yakuza 3 (full left, double-tap, 90%) doesn't seem to work
   quite so well in Yakuza 4 so instead I've been using a strategy posted on the
   Yakuza 3 forum by erniefoss. It's a little harder to use because you have to
   aim manually but it's fairly effective. Might take a few attempts though.

   1. Move the bowling line to the extreme left
   2. Aim to the extreme right
   3. Try to get 95-100% power
   4. Apply about 2.5 to 3 divisions of left spin (tap d-pad left)

   I seemed to have more success when I tried to aim for the middle of the right
   side of the pin triangle but it's hard to repeat it reliably.

   I asked for strike strategies on the Yakuza 4 forum and got several responses
   (thanks guys!). Of these, ViietNam1's was the most popular with other users.

   This method was posted by ohaithere101:

   1. Move two points left
   2. Aim for the gutter on the left
   3. Try to get max power
   4. Apply full right spin (5 divisions, or 4 if aim came out too far right)

   This method was posted by SickMinder:

   1. Move to the far left
   2. Aim to far right
   3. (power?)
   4. Apply full left spin

   This method was posted by ShindoKokoro:

   1. Move to the far left then double-tap X rapidly
   2. Try to get max power
   3. Use spin to compensate for your aim

   This method was posted by ViietNam1:

   1. Move five points left
   2. Aim for the centre pin or very slightly to the left
   3. Try to get 93-100% power
   4. No spin

   This method was posted by kupomogli:

   1. No movement
   2. Aim slightly left or right of centre
   3. (power?)
   4. Use subtle spin to compensate aim (so if you aimed left, spin right)

   This method was posted by ThePatrick:

   1. Move two points right
   2. Aim for the lead pin and the one behind it
   3. Set power around 80%
   4. Use subtle spin to curl into the pins

   Of course you should play a full ten-frame game to give yourself more chances
   to get the strikes you need. Also playing alone will save time.

   For each score over 150 pts you'll receive a shiny golden bowling-ball called
   "Master Ball" as a prize. You can equip this to a weapon slot and you'll use
   it when you play. I'm not sure if it helps but it looks nice. 8) You can sell
   these to the weapons dealer and make a small profit if you want.

   If you score 200 pts or more you'll get completion on the Bowling minigame.

33 Novice Gambler [Bronze]

   The requirement for this trophy is that you play all the "non-casino gambling
   games" available in Yakuza 4, i.e. the traditional Japanese games. There are
   four in total: Cee-Lo (Chinchirorin) and Chou-Han both played with dice and
   Koi-Koi and Oicho-Kabu both played with Hanafuda (flower cards). You don't
   need to win a certain number of points or anything - just play the games.

   All four games can be found on the "gambling-hall floor" at the Ryugujo*
   which becomes available to each character in a different way:

   For Akiyama you need to befriend one of two homeless men by buying them a
   drink. There's one on Theatre Square in front of the billboard and another
   sitting by a blue tent** at the east end of Park Boulevard. I don't think it
   has to be alcoholic but I'm sure that's what they'd prefer! You can pick up a
   really cheap Kinmugi beer from the M Store.

   For Saejima you need to complete the substory 'Ryugujo Bouncer' which is part
   of the sequence of Tadokoro missions. You'll get 300 free casino chips too.

   For Tanimura you also complete a substory. It's called 'Gambler's Blues' and
   it'd be hard to miss. It's triggered by speaking to the couple in the west
   end of the alleys in north Little Asia after unlocking your hideout.

   For Kiryuu you'll receive a text message from his old master, Komaki, shortly
   after arriving in Kamurochou inviting you to his dojo there.

   You'll need to buy wooden tags (Kifuda***) before you can play any of the
   games - these work just like casino/poker chips and you can buy them from the
   cashier near the entrance. You need at least 10 pts for Cee-Lo, 100 pts for
   Oicho-Kabu, 200 pts for Koi-Koi and an unspecified amount for Chou-Han.

   It seems like you need to play each game long enough to register a score on
   the completion lists so keep playing Cee-Lo, Chou-Han and Oicho-Kabu until
   you're given the option to quit. For Koi-Koi you'll need to play a whole game
   but the default setting is three rounds which will only take 2-3 minutes.

   (If you want to learn more about playing these fascinating traditional games
   then check out the guides I wrote for Yakuza 3. My trophies guide covers all
   the minigames and my Hanafuda guide explains Koi-Koi and Oicho-Kabu.)

   *The Ryugujo won't be marked on your map at first but it's the large building
   near the west end of Park Boulevard immediately behind the MEB. As Saejima
   notes during a side-mission, the Ryuuguujou (literally "dragon palace") was
   the name of an underwater palace "in that old fairy-tale". In Japanese myth
   it was home to the dragon god of the sea, Ryuujin.

   **"It's a tarp!" :D

   ***Such wooden tags can be seen clearly in the 2003 samurai movie Zatoichi.

34 Casino Rookie [Bronze]

   There are four casino games in Yakuza 4 - Blackjack, Poker (Texas Hold 'Em),
   Baccarat and Roulette.  Much like the previous trophy, the requirement for
   this one is that you simply play all four of them at least once.

   All four games are available on the casino floor at the Ryugujo (see #33).
   They can also be found at the Fukuma Casino in Purgatory which will become
   available to both Saejima and Kiryuu during their phases of the story; the
   entrance is immediately opposite the gangway to the Underground Coliseum.

   (The casino in Purgatory has separate tables for low-stakes and high-stakes
   Blackjack but you do not need to play both of these.)

   Of course you will need to buy casino chips in order to play these games. You
   need at least 1 chip for Roulette, 10 chips for low-stakes Blackjack, 100 for
   high-stakes Blackjack and low-ante Poker, and 1000 for high-ante Poker and
   Baccarat. Chips cost 100 Yen each but can only be bought in fixed quantities.

35 Welcome to SEGA* [Bronze]

   For this trophy you need to play all the games available in the Club SEGA
   arcades. I think this could be the only trophy that differs significantly
   between the Japanese and English versions of Yakuza 4 because the "An x An"
   quiz machines were cut from the western game.

   So, have a play on the UFO Catcher (the one where you use a crane to capture
   prizes) and the Boxcelios 2 shoot-'em-up. No trophy? Nope, there's a third
   game to unlock. Once you've played Boxcelios 2 three times the neighbouring
   Boxcelios (1) machines will become available.

   I think you need to do this specifically at the Club SEGA on Theatre Square
   while playing as Akiyama. Talking to the manager will cause him to become one
   of Akiyama's "friends" who will provide assistance at the start of a fight if
   you fall into a random battle near his arcade.

   After playing the UFO Catcher, Boxcelios 2 and Boxcelios you'll be rewarded
   with this trophy.

   *Geek trivia: SEGA is an abbreviation of "SErvice GAmes".

36 Way of the Pachinko King [Bronze]

   You can play Pachinko at Volcano, immediately south of Theatre Square.

   I'm on record as saying in the past that I'd like to see Pachinko included as
   a playable minigame in the Yakuza series. Well, I changed my mind! ;)

   Pachinko kinda resembles a vertical Japanese version of Bagatelle. You buy a
   container of small metal balls (which function sorta like poker chips - they
   have value and you need a certain amount to buy prizes) and load them into
   the top of a Pachinko machine. These will be fired into the machine and you
   can control the speed (and therefore direction) in which they travel.

   Use the d-pad left/right to set the speed on the dial at the bottom-right of
   the screen. You'll want to set it to around 25% and leave it there. If you
   want to pause the flow of balls you can do this with the Circle button. Your
   aim is to get balls into the red aperture in the middle under the screen.
   Each time this happens you get a "spin" just like on a slot-machine and you
   want to get a jackpot here by matching three symbols in a row.

   You'll also be prompted occasionally on the video-screen in the centre to tap
   the Square button. You can use the R1 button to cycle through zoom options.
   The little red lights at the bottom count your accumulated spins.

   If you score a jackpot on the machine then you win... more balls! So you can
   play more Pachinko if you like, but also you can exchange them for prizes at
   the counter at the back of Volcano.

   The requirement for the trophy is that you buy the Pachinko trophy within the
   game which costs 3,000 balls. Okay, so I'll just buy 3,000 balls and... oh,
   if only it was that simple! When you play your first game you get 250 balls.
   Quit out and start a new game and you'll use your existing balls total - you
   won't be given the option to buy again (unless you run out). So I'm afraid
   you're going to have to win those extra 2,750 balls by playing!

   There are several Pachinko cheat items (see below) which should help. You'll
   be prompted to use one of these each time you start a game. You can only use
   one item per session and each item can only be used once so you'll probably
   want to save first so you can reload to try again if necessary.

   - Gambler's Amulet from Underground Mall locker A5
     (the key's hard to spot, but it's under a tripod lamp in the Central Sewer
     close to where Eco-Taro does business)

     "Increase[s] the number of revolutions of the machine's reels to its max."

   - Get-Rich-Quick Card from Underground Mall locker F4
     (on the north-east branch of Rooftops East, between potted plants)

     Gives an automatic jackpot on your first spin.

   - Chance Stone from Saejima's substory 'Brother and Sister 1' in Chapter 3
   - Chance Stone from Underground Mall locker I5
     (the key is in the south section of Rooftops West and can be discovered by
     descending a hidden ramp to one side and the staircase that follows and
     then looking under those stairs in first-person view)

     Increases your chances of winning by x1.5 for the next 1000 spins.

   Odino notes that there are additional cheat items in one of the free DLC item
   packs. Specifically S-Item Pack 02 contains one Gambler's Amulet, one Chance
   Stone and one Get-Rich-Quick Card.

   You should also equip the Lucky Bracelet if you have one (I got this when I
   reached 15th place in the Mahjong tournament ladder but you can also buy one
   from the pawnshop).

   BanSan recommends that you play the Virtua Fighter-branded machines because
   they're simpler so that's what I went with.

   I used a Chance Stone on my first game, set the power to around 25% and just
   let it run. Mostly you're a passenger and just sit there watching the thing!

   When you hit a jackpot the music will change and you'll start winning balls
   until the jackpot phase ends. If you watch your balls counter you'll see that
   you gain about 10 balls every couple of seconds, although of course you'll
   still be playing the game so you'll be depleting your total at the same time.
   After a while the win rate drops and you reach a break-even position where
   you gain roughly as many balls as you use.

   I quit out at this point and started a new game on the same machine this time
   using the Get-Rich-Quick Card. You'll need to get yourself at least a couple
   of jackpots to get enough balls for the trophy. I'm not entirely sure what
   was going on... but once I had a couple of jackpots I seemed to keep winning
   so I just let it run!

   Every so often you'll take part in a fight (it is a Virtua Fighter machine
   after all!) in which you need to press the "Push" (Square) button. First you
   press it once, then five times, then mash it as many times as possible. There
   is a time-limit but it's very easy. After winning a match you advance a rank
   and receive another jackpot with a "HYPER Big Bonus"!

   It seems to be self-perpetuating after that so it'd become a test of patience
   and you could keep playing/winning for as long as you want, I guess. (NB you
   get completion at 5,000 balls and can buy Platinum Plates for 37,500!)

   I left it running while I caught up with some emails! I just had to watch out
   for the fight scenes that required my input. I got bored once I hit 12,000+
   balls and (judging by the display) I'd only defeated eight out of a total
   twenty opponents...

   If you're just playing for the trophy then remember to quit out (Select) as
   soon as you have the 3,000 balls required. Otherwise if you appear to be on a
   streak you might as well keep playing and let the total keep climbing but be
   sure to bail before it drops below 3,000.

37 Shogi Promotion [Bronze]

   Shogi is the Japanese form of Chess. In Yakuza 2 you could play it at the
   Ryugujo in Kamuro and in Yakuza 3 there was a Shogi club near the monorail
   station in Okinawa but they've added a new location for Yakuza 4 so now you
   play it in a basement Shogi club named Shoten* on south Senryou Avenue.

   Aside from the size of the board** and the types of pieces, there are two key
   differences between Shogi and western Chess.

   1. When you capture an opponent's piece it is transferred to the small board
      (Komadai) to your right and you can redeploy that piece later as your own.

   2. Most pieces can be promoted - in a similar way to creating a king in the
      game of Checkers/Drafts. If you move a rook, bishop, silver general, pawn,
      knight or lance into the three rows on the far side of the board then you
      will be given the option to promote it.

   The requirement for this trophy is that you promote one piece. You shouldn't
   be daunted by the unusual rules and pieces of the game, you could probably
   get this trophy by moving pieces around at random!

   There is a much quicker and simpler way though. Speak to the receptionist at
   Shoten, ask to play Challenge mode, select Trial 1 and pick OK to confirm the
   config options. In Trial 1 you're given a major head-start - six of your
   opponent's pieces have been captured and that means you can use them!
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
   9|#|#|_|_|#|_|A|#|#| There are probably lots of ways to do this but here's
   8|_|_|_|_|_|P|_|_|_| one that always works. There should be four different
   7|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#| types of piece on the little board in the bottom-right
   6|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| corner of your screen - select one from the top-left
   5|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| (marked S here - it's a silver general) and place it on
   4|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|  _____  square g9 (marked A for attack). It'll be safe 
   3|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#| |S # #| there, the neighbouring pieces can't capture it.
   2|_|#|_|_|_|_|_|#|_| |#    | Then on your next turn move the same piece to f8
   1|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#| |_____| and take the option to promote. That's it! :)
     a b c d e f g h i          That's all it takes to get the minigame trophy.

   The trophy should ding immediately after you promote the piece so you can use
   the Select button to quit out if you want.

   *The name Shoten is spelt in Japanese with two kanji. The first character is
   the first half of "Shogi" and the second means "sky" or "heaven" so the name
   Shoten basically means "Shogi Heaven".

   **The standard game of Shogi is played on a 9x9 board, each player starting
   with twenty pieces, but there are several variants - both larger and smaller.
   The biggest is Taikyoku Shogi which is played on a 36x36 board! Each player
   starts with 402 pieces and the game has 209 different types of piece! :o

38 Seven Pairs [Bronze]

   You can play Mahjong at the Orchid Palace Mahjong parlour on the Nakamichi
   alleys at the bottom of the map, just east of the Ebisu pawnshop.

   The description for the trophy is awful and unhelpful but the title makes it
   pretty clear. In Mahjong a complete hand usually consists of four sets of
   three tiles (either sequences or triplets) and one matched pair:
      ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___     ___ ___
     |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
     | 2 | 3 | 4 |   | 6 | 6 | 6 |   | 3 | 4 | 5 |   | 7 | 8 | 9 |   | 1 | 1 |
     |___|___|___|   |___|___|___|   |___|___|___|   |___|___|___|   |___|___|

   However it is also permitted to declare a valid win with a hand composed of
   any seven (different) pairs of tiles:
     ___ ___    ___ ___    ___ ___    ___ ___    ___ ___    ___ ___    ___ ___
    |   |   |  |   |   |  |   |   |  |   |   |  |   |   |  |   |   |  |   |   |
    | 3 | 3 |  | 6 | 6 |  | 4 | 4 |  | 8 | 8 |  | 1 | 1 |  | N | N |  | R | R |
    |___|___|  |___|___|  |___|___|  |___|___|  |___|___|  |___|___|  |___|___|
   This Scoring Element (Yaku) is called Seven Pairs (Chii Toitsu) and you'll
   get the trophy for completing this hand once during any Mahjong game.

   I've already written a complete guide to Mahjong in Yakuza 4 so check that
   for more information. I've included a dedicated section with trophy tips.

   Don't be daunted by the complexity of the game (or length of my guide!), you
   can get this trophy with essentially zero knowledge of Mahjong. It just takes
   a little time/luck, but it'll be a little quicker if you follow my tips.

39 Captain Two-fer [Bronze]

   This trophy comes from the baseball Batting minigame at the Yoshida Batting
   Centre up past the M Store near the top of the map.

   Baseballs are pitched at you by a machine and to score you have to hit them
   against a set of big electronic panels on the far wall. You aim with the left
   stick and press X to swing your bat.

   The requirement for the trophy is that you hit two panels simultaneously with
   a single ball so you'll be able to achieve this in any game mode which has
   adjoining panels, e.g. Easy (second door from left), Normal (third door) or
   Hard (fourth door).

   Aiming is pretty easy although it takes a steady hand to hold your aim on the
   narrow border between two panels. You may find that you want to support your
   arm/hand and gamepad against your lap/table/floor or something.

   The timing is a little more tricky, especially since the speed varies from
   one pitch to the next. Fortunately there's a cunning trick you can use (with
   credit to Gjang for posting this) - just watch your character and press the
   button as soon as he stops jiggling!

   If you want to unlock the prizes for the Batting minigame then this is a good
   skill to learn because hitting two panels at once is key to racking up the
   big scores on some of the game modes.

40 Mr. Outdoors [Bronze]

   For this one you need to play the Golf and Fishing minigames five times each.

   You can access the Fishing game at the docks which can be reached by taxi.
   Make sure you have at least one empty inventory slot! You can speak to the
   guy by the quayside to buy bait and then use the nearby rod to go fishing.

   You need to catch three fish for one of Saejima's substories so you might
   want to leave this until then.

   You can play Golf at the golf course (duh!) - this can also be accessed by
   taxi but it's closed at night.

   You don't need to play five full games, you can just start it then quit out.
   If you don't want to blow the money then do the fishing, save first, do the
   golf, get the trophy and then reload so your money is restored.

   Alternatively Odino reports that the golf training mode counts for the trophy
   and it's free to play so you could just use that instead.

   That's the last of the minigame-based trophies. Just nine more to go...

41 Walking Bank [Bronze]

   The requirement for this trophy is that you have 10 million Yen or more in
   cash. You will probably need to liquidate your assets (i.e. sell all your
   stuff at the pawnshop) so you should *SAVE* your game, then sell everything
   to get the money (and the trophy) and finally reload from that save to
   restore your inventory.

   If you're enjoying the gambling games or making good use of the gambling
   cheat items then you'll need to convert your chips/tags into prizes first
   (and then sell them too). Make sure you always select the metal plate items
   when you do this because most other items sell for half their true value!

   Unless you clear out the casinos early in the game you'll probably want to
   leave this one until the end-game when the four characters' inventories are
   combined because I suspect you need to have the 10 million specifically with
   your current character rather than spread across the four of them.

   You might want to avoid any expensive purchases until you've got this one.
   The upper end of the drinks menu at the hostess clubs spring to mind!

   If you're intending to do the characters' side-quests anyway (e.g. Hostess
   Maker, Police Scanner, etc) then do those first as you get some good rewards
   (either cash or items you can sell). That'll put you nearer the target before
   you start thinking about boosting in the casinos.

   See Section 04 for tips on making money.

   By the end-game phase (after completing several side-quests like Tanimura's
   crime incidents and Kiryuu's Gang Encounters) I had just under 5 million Yen.
   I saved, sold all my items* at the pawnshop and then had over 9 million so I
   only needed one more. I made that off Baccarat (see Section 04), exchanged my
   chips for a few Platinum Plates and then sold them at the pawnshop. After the
   trophy popped I reloaded to get all my stuff back.

   *Don't sell your gambling cheat items if you want to use them to make up the
   remainder of the money required! Also take care to create another, separate,
   save if you intend to (ab)use that at the casino (reloading if you lose).

42 Kamurochou Iron-Man [Bronze]

   This is one which will come to you during the course of play - you just need
   to cover a distance of 100 kilometres* during the course of your adventures
   using any or all of the playable characters.

   You don't need to make any special effort to get this trophy, but maybe avoid
   using the taxis - and save yourself a few Yen at the same time! To give you
   a rough idea, I got it in Part 2 Chapter 4 (although I had spent a lot of
   time exploring, hunting for locker keys and compulsively collecting garbage).

   You can check your progress on the stats screen accessible from your hideout.

   *This requirement has been scaled-up since Yakuza 3 where you needed to walk
   only 42.195 km (i.e. the length of a marathon race).

43 Kamurochou Stampede King [Bronze]

   This is a repeat of a Yakuza 3 trophy except last time it was hidden.

   To get this one you need to knock over one hundred people. Flooring someone
   in a fight doesn't count though, it has to be pedestrians that you knock over
   while you're walking about in the city. You have to bump into them fairly
   solidly and they need to fall to the floor in order for it to count.

   This is something which you could work on over a long period of time - making
   an effort to barge into folks as you go about your business - but if you want
   to get the trophy out of the way then look for a busy place like Tenkaichi
   Street in the south-west corner of Kamurochou. Focus your attention on the
   men since it seems that either women are too agile to be knocked down or all
   your characters are too polite!

   If you run at someone from the front they'll usually take a side-step so the
   best advice is to charge at men from behind. Bump into them squarely and keep
   pushing. Some won't go down but a few will.

   Maybe it's my imagination but with his extra bulk Saejima seems to be pretty
   good at doing this. Odino agrees that he's the best character to use.

   You can check your progress on the stats screen accessible from your hideout.

   I have a strange obsession with doing this so I got this trophy really early
   and, despite having the trophy already, I'm still doing it! :D

44 Akiyama Award [Silver]

   As you might've guessed from the titles, this trophy and the following three
   are only accessible to one each of the four playable characters.

   For this trophy the requirement is that you "earn 1,000,000 Yen [one million]
   playing as Akiyama". The exact wording here is significant - you're required
   to *earn* the money as Akiyama but, in contrast to the Walking Bank trophy
   (#41), you are not required to have the full one million in cash at one time,
   so you could earn 500k, spend 500k then earn another 500k and get the trophy.

   One of the first things I did in the game (as Akiyama) was to complete the
   tournament at the Mahjong parlour and that gave me prizes worth 844,400 Yen
   so combining those with a few locker items I made the million easily. I saved
   my game, sold all the items at the pawnshop, got the trophy and reloaded.

   See Section 04 for general tips on making money.

45 Saejima Award [Silver]

   As you'll know from watching Saejima's flashback cut-scenes, you can never
   have too many handguns! The requirement for his trophy is that you buy five.

   You can buy these from the weapons van which has relocated to the rooftops.
   Specifically it's on the north-west branch of Rooftops East - the easiest
   way to get there is to take the stairs east of Poppo Nakamichi and then just
   head south over the walkway.

   If it's not there then you need to visit its old location first - on a small
   parking lot on the east side of Pink Street North - and you'll see it hanging
   off a big crane ready to be hoisted up to its new home.

   The weapons dealer there sells two different guns: a Double-Action Revolver
   (which costs 230,000 Yen) and a 9mm Automatic Pistol (for 120,000 Yen).

   Essentially this is just another money test - you'll need 600,000 Yen to be
   able to afford five of the cheaper handgun. When you have sufficient assets,
   save your game, sell everything, buy the guns and then reload after the ding.

   If you leave this until after Part 4 (when the money from the four characters
   is combined) then you should easily have enough cash. If you don't want all
   those guns just save, buy, reload... reload the save I mean, not the guns. ;)

   Make sure you have enough empty inventory slots for all those handguns! If
   you're going to reload though it doesn't matter if you discard stuff I guess.

46 Tanimura Award [Silver]

   Naturally the trophy for the compulsive gambler Tanimura will involve games
   of chance! To get his trophy you need to win 10,000 casino points as him. You
   must actually *win* the points, you can't just buy the chips!

   The trophy description specifies casino (rather than "gambling-hall") so I
   suspect that only the western games apply - Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and
   Poker. You can play all these in the casino at the Ryugujo (see trophy #33).

   Once you have over 500,000 Yen (you can get *three* million from Tanimura's
   substory 'A Dangerous Game' in Part 3 Chapter 4*) you can buy 5,000 chips and
   bet all of these on a single round of Baccarat. If you bet on "Player"** and
   win then you'll win 5,000 chips. Your stake is included in the pay-out so you
   will get 10,000 chips back - and the trophy.

   (Alternatively you could do it with 10,000 chips (1,000,000 Yen), the pay-out
   would be 20,000 chips and you'd get the trophy and minigame completion too.)

   Make sure you *SAVE* before you do this! That way if you lose you can reload
   and try it again. The nearest save point is outside the Batting Centre. You
   could also wait until Purgatory becomes accessible to Tanimura because there
   are a couple of handy save points there near the other casino.

   If you want to actually play the gambling games a little then you might want
   to use some of the cheat items (see Section 04). You can either leave certain
   locker keys for Tanimura to collect or you can wait until the end-game so he
   has access to items you found with the other characters.

   There are also cheat items available as rewards from a couple of Tanimura's
   substories in Part 3 Chapter 2. You get a Red Jewel (for Roulette) from 'Car
   Thieves' and a Blackjack Amulet (for Blackjack!) from 'The Witness'.

   The trophy should pop once your cumulative winnings as Tanimura summed across
   all four games reach 10,000 chips. 

   *Make sure you pick the "fearless" and "blank" options when prompted.

   **Winning on the "Player" hand pays 1.00 times your stake. If you bet on
   "Banker" you get 0.95 times instead. You have a 45.8% chance of winning on
   Banker and 44.6% on Player. [source: http://wizardofodds.com/baccarat]

47 Kiryu Award [Silver]

   The silver trophy for Kiryuu is a repeat of a bronze from Yakuza 3 where it
   was called "Compulsive Vandal".

   It's another one which you will eventually receive without having to make any
   particular effort - you get it for breaking a total of one hundred weapons
   during fights (when playing as Kiryuu).

   If you want to get it sooner rather than later though be sure to use every
   available weapon you find lying around - shop signs, chairs, tables, katana,
   bicycles, golf clubs, umbrellas, buckets, sofas... it's all good! You can use
   anything that has a little red triangle over it when you stand near it. Get
   into lots of street fights and use all available weapons before you start
   using your fists/feet. :) If you want to do a little boosting then the Street
   Fight GP at the Underground Coliseum would be a great place to do it.

   Breaking any smashable objects in a fight location will count towards this
   too, so you don't have to only use objects as weapons - you can throw or
   knock your opponents into them as well.

   (You can track your total number of "Weapons broken" on the stats screen at
   your hideouts *but* unfortunately they show your collective total across all
   four characters so you can't see Kiryuu's individual count.)

   Odino notes that the end of Kiryuu's chapter 4 has loads of items around.

48 Kamurouchou Tree Hugger [Bronze]

   Yakuza 3 had a positive environmental message, with two trophies available
   for collecting trash off the beautiful beach outside the orphanage. It was a
   slooow and painful grind though!

   This new trophy shares the same ecological sentiment but it's a lot easier.

   Scattered around the map are various locations, usually near bins and garbage
   bags, where you can collect a piece of garbage. This will be indicated by a
   small round glowing green rotating recycling symbol (about the size of a CD).

   The requirement for the trophy is that you collect twenty pieces of garbage.

   There are numerous locations where you can find garbage and they replenish*
   pretty quickly too so just make a mental note of where they are and then make
   a point of visiting (and revisiting) them when you happen to be passing.

   Here's a list of places where you can find garbage items:-

   o on blue bins at back of Children's Park

   o by blue bins in street outside Children's Park

   o by bins in side-alley opposite Public Park 3

   o at end of short L-shaped side-alley north-east of Mahjong parlour

   o by blue bins at junction south of the most northern taxi

   o by cones at T-junction north of Kanrai restaurant

   o on garbage bags east of pharmacy

   o by one of the blue bins east of Shellac bar in Champion District

   o in corner of Park Boulevard, north-east of the Ryugujo

   o by blue bins behind Tower Battle billboard in Theatre Square

   o by pile of garbage bags near north-east exit from underground parking lot

   o on a white sack right next to Eco-Taro in the Central Sewer**

   o immediately north-east of food vendor in the Central Sewer**

   o at end of curved south branch of the Central Sewer**

   o at far end of the south passage in the North Sewer**

   o in a horizontal pipe section in North Sewer room**

   o under metal stairs at north end of North Sewer**

   o in blue bin at south-east end of northern Little Asia alley***

   o by blue bins in southern Little Asia courtyard***
   o upstairs in north-east room of southern Little Asia***

   If you want to farm the garbage items then pick up the one near the pharmacy
   ("farm-acy" geddit?!), go in the shop, then immediately exit and a new piece
   will be available. Rinse and repeat. Once Sodachi's dojo becomes available to
   Saejima (see trophy #24 above) you can do the same there, collecting both
   pieces of garbage at the neighbouring Children's Park.

   The garbage items can be used by Saejima since he gains access to the Central
   Sewer under Kamurochou. There you'll find a guy on a gantry just outside the
   Master's area who calls himself Eco-Taro. He'll assess individually all the
   garbage items you've gathered and convert them into "Ecopoints" which you can
   then spend on items in his "Ecostore". He sells three strengths of Staminan,
   some bad-ass Dragon Flak armour and several random weapon mod ingredients.

   (Regardless of its type, each piece of garbage will be valued as either Bad
   for 25 pts, Fair for 125 pts or Good for 250 pts. If you want the Dragon Flak
   Vest (14/5/25) that'll cost you 48,000 pts! I had enough Ecopoints to buy it
   in the end-game but I had spent a *lot* of time collecting garbage!)

   The Ecopoints are also accepted by the "Rations Vendor" immediately to the
   north-east of Eco-Taro. You'll need to eat at least one of the dubious dishes
   from his "Underground Gourmet" outlet to meet the requirement of the 'Gourmet
   of Kamurochou' trophy (#16).

   You can still collect garbage items with the other three playable characters
   but you won't be able to use those until the end-game when they gain access
   to the sewer areas.

   *This somewhat dulls the environmental message - when it keeps reappearing
   it's like you're fighting a losing battle against the trash. :6 It does make
   it a lot easier to get the trophy though!

   You can "refresh" a garbage location by leaving the area and returning, or by
   entering a fight, chase-battle or building.

   **The sewers are initially only available to Saejima but will be accessible
   to all four playable characters in the end-game phase after Part 4.

   ***Little Asia is initially only available to Tanimura in Part 3 but it can
   also be accessed by Kiryuu in Part 4 and by anyone in the end-game.

49 Memo Master [Bronze]

   Yakuza 4 provides lots of useful "memos" which explain various aspects of how
   things work in the game, like how to save, how to heal, what controls to use
   during a chase battle, etc. These can be reviewed under the Memos section off
   the pause menu.

   You will automatically receive some memos at certain stages in the game (for
   example chase battle instructions before your first chase battle) but others
   are received by speaking to people marked with a blue triangle so make sure
   you explore the map thoroughly - including the new rooftop areas - and talk
   to them all (you get 500 XP each time too).

   You can also get several pieces of memo-worthy advice from Naomi so be sure
   to speak to her a few times. You can find her chillaxing with the Bobs in
   Naomi's Palace on the east side of Tenkaichi Street. Keep talking to her
   until she starts repeating herself.

   To earn this trophy you need to collect all memos in the game.

   If you've already found every NPC with a memo and received all of the advice
   Naomi has to offer then you will get the final two memos from speaking to
   Akiyama and Date* at the New Serena at the beginning of the end-game phase
   after Part 4 finishes. You should review each memo from the pause menu too.
   If you try that and the trophy still hasn't popped then you missed something.

   There are 58 memos to collect in total.

   Update: If you're in the end-game and stuck on this achievement then check
   out yewjhin86 and BreadSkin's excellent Yakuza 4 guide on ps3trophies.org as
   they give a list of all the memo locations in the game.

   --> http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/yakuza-4/   

   *When Date has the blue triangle over him you can safely speak to him without
   triggering the final boss battle (and ending the end-game).

------< MAKING MONEY >-------------------------------------------- [Section 04]

Since it'll help a number of trophies, here's a collection of strategies for
money-making in Yakuza 4.

I've included details of how to make the most of the gambling cheat items (and
where to find them). During a game you press Triangle when prompted to use them.

Due to the gambling laws in Japan, you cannot convert tokens (i.e. casino chips,
gambling-hall tags and Mahjong scoring-sticks) directly back into cash, instead
you must exchange them for prizes and then sell these at the pawnshop. You must
always use the metal plate items when doing this since they sell for their true
value. The most expensive is the Platinum Plate which is worth 150,000 Yen but
even then you can only carry up to 3 million Yen in your 20 item slots.

o Substories

  If you're going for the Platinum you'll need to complete all the side-missions
  anyway and they often give a reward of cash or valuable items. Exceptionally,
  Tanimura's substory 'A Dangerous Game' which can be (heh) triggered in Part 3
  Chapter 4 on the casino floor of the Ryugujo has a pay-out of 3 million Yen!*

  *As I noted previously, you need to pick the "fearless" and "blank" options.

o Baccarat

  Yakuza 4 sees the return to the series of James Bond's favourite casino game,
  Baccarat. You can play it at both the casinos.*

  With its high stakes (you can bet up to 1 million Yen on a single round) and
  basic format (it's pretty close to being a simple coin toss!) it's very easy
  to make some big money very quickly.

  The minimum bet is 1,000 chips so you'll need at least 100,000 Yen to play but
  it's best to wait until you have 1 million Yen which will probably be after
  Tanimura's substory launched at the Ryugujo or possibly in the end-game when
  the four characters pool their resources.

  Save your game outside the Batting Centre then head over to the casino floor
  at the Ryugujo and bet 10,000 chips on Player. If you win you'll get another
  10,000 chips - that's worth one million Yen - then go off and save and do it
  again. If you lose then press Select to quit out and reload. Rinse and repeat.

  There are also a couple of cheat items for Baccarat:

  - Player's Piece from Saejima's substory 'Running Woman' in Part 2 Chapter 3

    This item usually causes the Player hand to win on the current round, but it
    does sometimes give a tie in which case you lose your stake. :6

  - Banker's Piece from Saejima's substory 'Reason for Revenge' (ibid.)

    This works the same way, but for a Banker win.

  Update: BanSan says you can sometimes find Player's Piece items inside Attache
  Cases during the Fishing minigame too, although they're pretty rare.

  *In the Purgatory casino you'll notice that the rules of Blackjack, Poker and
  Roulette are dispayed behind the cashier but Baccarat is absent. This is due
  to the fact that the location art (like so much of the game) is recycled from
  Yakuza 3 and Baccarat didn't appear in that title.

o Roulette

  Like Baccarat, this is a game of luck but there are three different cheat
  items available:

  - Zero Jewel from Kiryuu's substory 'Kiryu the Babysitter'* in end-game

  - Zero Jewel from Taihei Boulevard locker C5
    (the key is on a display shelf in the Kotobuki pharmacy)

    This is a hugely powerful item. Since you play on American tables** there's
    a 0 (zero) and 00 (double zero) on the Roulette wheel. Any bet placed on
    either of these counts as a "straight up" bet with a return of 1:36.

    The effect of this item is to cause the next spin of the wheel to come out
    on either 0 or 00 so you have a 50:50 chance of picking the right one.

    To make the best use of this item, save the game and place the maximum bet
    (1,000 chips) on either 0 or 00; you'll need 100,000 Yen to "invest". If it
    comes up then you win 36,000 chips (that translates to 3.6 million Yen) but
    if it doesn't just reload from the save and try again.

    Alternatively you can place a "split" bet on the border between 0 and 00 for
    a guaranteed win but half the pay-out (1:18).

  - Red Jewel from Tanimura's substory 'Car Thieves' in Part 3 Chapter 2

  - Red Jewel from Taihei Boulevard locker G4
    (key just inside the door at the Cafe Alps)

  - Red Jewel from Underground Mall locker E3
    (above the black Nico Nico billboard near a T-junction on Rooftops West)

  - Black Jewel from Underground Mall locker I1
    (on Rooftops East, next to second air-con unit at top of the stairs near
    Poppo Mart Nakamichi)

    As you might guess from the names, these force the wheel to come out on red
    or black as appropriate. The pay-out on a colour bet is only 1:2 though so
    even if you bet the maximum 1,000 chips you'll only make another thousand.

  Also S-Item Pack 06 in the free Yakuza 4 DLC set contains one Red Jewel, one
  Black Jewel and one Zero Jewel.

  *The Japanese version of the word "babysitter" is pronounced "bebii-shittaa"!

  **Here in Europe we just have single zero, no double zero. Also, had you ever
  noticed that the numbers on a Roulette wheel (1-36) add up to 666...? I'll let
  you draw your own conclusions!

o Blackjack

  Although of course luck is involved, there is always an optimum strategy to
  use in Blackjack depending on which cards you've been dealt and which card the
  dealer is showing. Just do an internet image search for "blackjack strategy"
  or check my Yakuza 3 Trophies Guide for a beautiful ASCII-art version! :)

  There are two different cheat items for Blackjack:

  - Blackjack Amulet from Tanimura's substory 'The Witness' in Part 3 Chapter 2

  - Blackjack Amulet from Underground Mall locker F3
    (key on coffee machine at south end of Theatre Underground B1)

  - Blackjack Amulet from Taihei Boulevard locker C3
    (on hi-fi speaker inside Irish pub Bantam)

    Just like in Yakuza 3, this guarantees you a streak of five Blackjacks (21)
    in a row. This pays 2.5 times your stake.

    For best effect, save these until you have access to the casino inside the
    Purgatory area (opposite the Underground Coliseum). There's a High-Stakes
    Blackjack table there where the stakes are ten times higher. If you bet the
    maximum of 1000 chips (100k Yen) you'll win 2500 chips per hand (250k Yen).

    Don't forget the effect lasts for five hands too so in total you can make a
    profit of 3.75 million Yen using all three items over fifteen hands.

  - Bust Amulet from Underground Mall locker E1
    (next to the door north-west of the IF7R machine in Theatre Underground B1)

    This item forces the dealer to go bust so you can "stand" on any number and
    still win. The effect seems to last for a few hands.

o Poker

  Predictably it's the ubiquitous Texas Hold 'Em style of Poker that features.

  There is one type of cheat item for the Poker minigame:

  - Royal Joker Card from Taihei Boulevard locker G1
    (key on floor inside Club SEGA on Nakamichi)

  - Royal Joker Card from Underground Mall locker B2
    (in bay #208 near the south-east corner of the Underground Parking Lot)

    This always gives you a high-ranking combination, like Three/Four of a Kind
    or sometimes a Full House or Straight Flush.

    If you choose to play high-ante (and at least one of your opponents doesn't
    fold) you could pick up a pot of maybe 2000-3000 chips.

o Cee-Lo

  You can play Cee-Lo ("Chinchirorin" in Japanese) on the gambling-hall floor at
  the Ryugujo (see trophy #33). It's one of two traditional dice games that are
  playable in Yakuza 4.

  It's a game of pure luck. In each turn one player is the designated banker and
  the others bet against him. Each player gets three attempts to throw three
  dice, trying to get a matching pair. If you get a pair then the number on the
  third dice becomes your score or "point". A player wins if his score beats the
  banker's, otherwise the banker wins. A roll of 1-2-3 is an automatic loss (and
  you pay double your stake), a 4-5-6 win pays double your stake, a 1-1-1 triple
  pays five times your stake and any other triple pays triple. If the banker
  rolls 6 as their point that's also an automatic win (at standard rate).

  There are four types of cheat items for Cee-Lo, three copied from Yakuza 3 and
  one new one. To make the best use of these you will need one million Yen! It's
  a lot of money but it's a sound investment with a huge pay-off. The reason you
  need a million is because your three opponents' points totals will always
  match yours, up to a limit of 10,000 pts. When they have more points, they'll
  make bigger bets and you'll win more points. :) So wait until you have enough
  cash and buy yourself 10,000 pts. Save the game "just in case".

  The cheat items will be most effective when you are the banker (indicated by
  the red "Bk" marker) so either "tread water" by betting the minimum each turn
  until you're banker or, preferably, start the game and quit out immediately
  if you're not the banker on your first turn (you won't lose points for this).

  After your cheating win, quit out and repeat the process so that you use each
  cheat item as banker. For the 1-2-3 Gum and Piss Mountain Stone it's best to
  save before each use in case you can't make a pair. The closest place to save
  is outside the batting centre to the west.

  - 1-1-1 Card from Taihei Boulevard locker D1
    (on blue Boss vending machine south of M Store)

    This is the big one. It guarantees you a 1-1-1 win so you'll score quintuple
    points! You can easily win 10,000+ points off this (that's 1 million Yen).

    NB: You can also use this item in the Chou-Han minigame (see below).

    You can pick up a second 1-1-1 Card from S-Item Pack 05 in the free Yakuza 4
    DLC set which is available for free download from the PSN Store.

  - Trips Yokan* from Taihei Boulevard locker J5
    (on telegraph pole at T-junction south of taxi in Hotel District)

    In Yakuza 3 there were two 1-1-1 Cards, now one has been replaced by this.
    It's not quite as good, but still pretty good - it guarantees you a win on a
    triple so you win triple points.

  - 1-2-3 Gum from Underground Mall locker E4
    (on cable trunking north of Eco-Taro's location in Central Sewer)

  - 1-2-3 Gum from Taihei Boulevard locker J1
    (in alley behind Karaokekan)

    When playing as banker this forces all three opponents to roll 1-2-3 so they
    lose automatically and pay double their stakes. You still need to roll a
    pair though so it's best to save your game before using this item.

  - Piss Mountain Stone from Underground Mall locker D4
    (behind pool table in Cuez Bar in mall)

  - Piss Mountain Stone from Taihei Boulevard locker E1
    (in tree near west entrance at front of Millennium Tower)

    When playing as banker this forces all three opponents to "piss" one of the
    dice - they miss the pot, it counts as a foul and they automatically lose.
    Again you'll still need to make a pair so save first so you can retry.

  I haven't made a serious attempt at using all these but you should be able to
  clear 2 or 3 million Yen from Cee-Lo if these six items are used correctly. If
  you play without them you can only expect to break-even in the long-term.

  *"Youkan" (with long "o") is a sweet jelly made from red bean paste and sugar.

o Chou-Han*

  This is the other dice game. A large group of shady characters bet on whether
  the total of two dice will be even (Chou) or odd (Han). So it's another game
  of luck and the best you can do is to bet against the majority so when you do
  win you'll get more points.

  I haven't put any time into this, but I suspect it plays like Yakuza 3 so the
  cap on your betting stake will be raised after you've played it a little.

  There are three types of cheat items for this game.

  - Even Goro's Beads from Taihei Boulevard locker G2
    (high on south wall of "bike alley" opposite Karaokekan)

    This forces the dice roll to come out even.

  - Lopsider Cigarette from Underground Mall locker E2
    (on red box in ceiling duct near "E" exit in Underground Parking Lot)

  - Lopsider Cigarette from Taihei Boulevard locker G3
    (in bin behind Club SEGA in Nakamichi)

    This causes a significant bias in the betting so that most people will bet
    on either even or odd. You can bet against them to win their money but you
    still need the dice roll to come out in your favour.

  - 1-1-1 Card from Taihei Boulevard locker D1
    (on blue Boss vending machine south of M Store)

    This item's meant for Cee-Lo really (and certainly that's the best place to
    use it) but it also works in Chou-Han. It forces the dice roll to come out
    on "snake eyes" (double 1) so the outcome will be even.

  Also S-Item Pack 05 in the free Yakuza 4 DLC set contains additional items -
  one 1-1-1 Card, one of Even Goro's Beads and one Lopsider Cigarette.

  *The game is also known as Chou-Han Bakuchi (literally "even/odd gambling").

  Anime fans might like to know that the main character in the animated series
  based on the mahjong manga Akagi (as featured on the new poster inside the
  mahjong parlour in Yakuza 4!) has a rather bloody encounter over a game of
  Chou-Han at a gambling den with some dodgy gangster types in Episode 14.

  Afro Samurai bets his 'fro on the outcome of a quick game of Chou-Han in the
  movie Afro Samurai: Resurrection. The game's also featured in Episode 3 of the
  anime Samurai Champloo, and again in Episode 4 where Fuu demonstrates her
  remarkable dice-rolling technique!

  The game has also appeared in numerous live-action yakuza and samurai films
  over the years. Two recent examples are Takeshi Kitano's 2003 reboot of the
  Zatoichi franchise (which features several scenes of Chou-Han gambling) and
  Takashi Miike's 2010 remake of the 1963 samurai movie Juusan-Nin No Shikaku
  ("Thirteen Assassins" in English).

o Bowling

  If you can refine your bowling technique (see trophy #32) so that you can bowl
  a "perfect" game (i.e. one where you score 300 by getting a strike with every
  bowl) then you'll receive a Perfect Game Cup worth a cool 3 million Yen!

  You get another cup for each subsequent perfect game too.

  [thanks to ViietNam1 for this info]

o Story Completion

  You get a substantial cash bonus each time you complete the story and this
  will carry over into a Premium New Game (see Section 02). The amount depends
  on the difficulty you selected.

        Easy: 1,000,000 Yen
      Normal: 2,000,000 Yen
        Hard: 3,000,000 Yen (also unlocks Extra Hard)
  Extra Hard: 5,000,000 Yen

  In other words, simply completing the game on the Normal, Hard and Extra Hard
  settings (which is required for the Platinum anyway) will give you the ten
  million you need for the Walking Bank trophy!

o Gang Encounters

  Kiryuu's mission to eliminate various gangs from the streets of Kamurochou
  (see trophy #22) pays quite well. I don't know if the rewards are random but
  I got 500,000 Yen cash in total for taking-out the seven bosses.

o Random Battles

  That scourge of the JRPG! You can actually get some substantial "gifts" after
  a random brawl with street thugs. You can get cash payouts of 20,000 or 30,000
  Yen sometimes and if you're very lucky you might get a Gold Plate or Platinum
  Plate which you can (safely) sell for big money at the pawnshop.

o Golden Manjiro

  This is a quick and easy way to make some money at any stage of the story. Go
  into the Volcano pachinko parlour and speak to the guy standing just inside
  the door. He'll ask you for the 777 Town password. Say you don't know it, then
  check the magazine rack immediately to the right of him. The rack just happens
  to contain the 777 Town magazine and you can read it to learn the password
  (it's "Golden Manjiro"). Go back to the guy and tell him the password - you'll
  be required to spell it in s-e-c-ti-on-s.* As a reward he'll give you a Pure
  Gold Manjiro statue which sells at the pawnshop for a handy 120,000 Yen!

  [thanks to XFRod for this info]

  *I'm guessing this would've been a combination of kana and kanji characters in
  the original Japanese game,

o Lucky Binding

  The Lucky Binding (7/7/7) is a reward for restaurant/bar completion after you
  have consumed every available meal and drink at least once. In addition to
  providing good armour ratings when equipped, it also improves the rewards from
  winning random battles, for example you might get 7,777 Yen instead of 5,000.

  [thanks to BanSan and BreadSkin for this info]

o Coin Lockers

  Opening the lockers (see trophy #17) will often yield some valuable rewards.
  You'll probably want to keep the weapons, gear and modding items rather than
  sell them but you can still use the "save, sell, reload" trick if you need to
  achieve a specified cash total (and then restore your inventory).

  The coin lockers are also where you'll find most of the cheat items for the
  gambling games which can earn you several million Yen if used correctly. Also,
  since all your "challenges" are reset when you start a Premium New Game, you
  can collect duplicate items from the lockers each time you play the story!

o Mahjong

  If you enjoy playing Mahjong (or if you want to dedicate some time to learning
  how to play) then you can make a nice profit.

  Entering the tournament costs 50,000 Yen and then you can play for free. You
  can't lose anything (other than tournament standing) and if you collect all
  the prizes available you can sell them for a 794,400 Yen profit. You can do
  this separately with each of the four playable characters too!

  You can also do well off the gambling tables. The AI isn't too sharp and each
  1st place result attracts the "Uma" bonus of 25,000 pts.

  Since the tournament outcome and Uma are unaffected by game length, you can
  play the "quarter game" option to progress twice as fast. The shorter matches
  are a little more unpredictable though, and luck is more of a factor (if your
  bot opponents get lucky you have less time in which to stage a comeback).

  For tips and comprehensive coverage of the modern Japanese rules of Mahjong
  take a look at my Yakuza 4 Mahjong Guide on this site.

o Police Scanner

  Although they don't contribute to any trophies, Tanimura's crime-busting jobs
  pay quite well. The scene of the crime is always conveniently nearby and you
  only need to win an easy fight or complete a chase-battle (which is much less
  of a chore now they've added the new features since Yakuza 3).

  You can trigger these by speaking to Akaishi, the Kamurochou Guard (street
  patrol) guy in Theatre Square dressed in red.* He will also give you a little
  reward after every fifth "case" you solve (I got several Staminan Sparks but
  then he switched to dishing out "Piece of Wood (Sacred)" items instead.)

  You'll get completion after 22 incidents and at the resolution of each you'll
  receive a reward/payment/bribe of 5, 10, 15 or 20 thousand Yen. Overall I made
  a little under 300,000 Yen from doing these.

  You'll also get a bonus mini-mission halfway through and another at the end.
  After that you'll get 10,000 XP, a block of High-Grade Platinum from Akaishi
  and you can collect the Rage Armour (10/10/10) from Bob B at Naomi's Palace.

  You will continue to receive dispatch calls on the police radio after getting
  completion so you can keep answering them to earn yourself yet more ca$h!

  Also, when prompted by her, you'll need to respond to radio dispatch calls to
  advance Tanimura's sparring/training/side-quest with the lovely Nair.

  *I'm not sure what spelling was used in the original Japanese game, but one
  version of the surname Akaishi means "red stone".

o Hostess Maker

  You'll need to get all three hostesses in Akiyama's side-quest to No. 1 rank
  for the Business Card Collector trophy (#21) anyhow and you receive a special
  coin for each one you complete - these have a combined value of 560,000 Yen.

o Fishing

  I must admit I've only done the bare minimum required for the trophy (and that
  Saejima substory) but in Yakuza 3 you could catch tuna in the Fishing minigame
  and then sell them for 100,000 Yen apiece.

  You'll need bait that reaches to the maximum range and plenty of patience
  as it takes a long time to land one. You'd probably only consider this option
  for money-making if you happen to particularly enjoy the Fishing game!

  Update: BanSan informs me that the best fish in the game is now the coelacanth
  which sells for 150,000 Yen and is easier to land than the majestic tuna. You
  can find it at 145-150 metre range, preferably using lobster bait at night.

o Golf

  I haven't played a full game of Golf yet either but that was another game that
  paid quite well in Yakuza 3: 100,000 Yen for first place in the tournament and
  50,000 for second. It's hard work though!

  I previously included full details of how to play the Golf minigame in my
  Yakuza 3 Trophies Guide so take a look at that if you're in need of guidance.

  In an addition since Yakuza 3, you can now choose to use a different set of
  clubs or ball - in combination these will affect the Power, Control and Impact
  of your shots. I found two clubs and one ball in the coin lockers.

  I think the controls have changed too - you now use R1/L1 to select a club and
  left stick to aim. Also the power required to reach the hole is now indicated
  on the shot power gauge, although it doesn't allow for factors like gradient.

o Underground Coliseum

  When you're playing as Saejima or Kiryuu you can make yourself a little money
  from fighting in the tournaments at the Coliseum and at the same time you'll
  be earning experience points and credit for the Coliseum shop too.

  Even on the medium-difficulty tournaments (like the Bomber GP for example) you
  could win 6,000 Yen from beating three opponents.  

o Sunshine Belly Warmer & Gion Bell

  Although the game only mentions the "belly warmer", if you have a Yakuza 3
  save file on your PS3 (specifically on the active user's account I guess) then
  you receive two free gifts at the start of Part 1: the Sunshine Belly Warmer*
  and the Gion Bell.**

  The belly warmer is an average armour item (5/5/5) but if equipped with the
  bell it also gives the character the power to heal slowly during combat by
  remaining stationary.

  That's all very nice you say, but what does this have to do with making Yen?!
  Well, I reply, with the bell equipped you also receive money just for walking
  around the city! It's not a huge amount though - for example if you traverse
  the entire length of Shichifuku Street you'll get about 200 Yen. It's not
  gonna win you the Walking (ha!) Bank trophy any time soon, but it's kinda fun.

  (If you don't have a Yakuza 3 save then you can complete all the levels of the
  IF7-R machine on the top floor of the Theatre Underground to receive the Ebisu
  Socks which have a similar monetary effect.)

  *The belly warmer is a Haramaki - a traditional fabric band worn around the
  lower torso to conserve your body heat. In contrast a Sarashi is a long cloth
  binding that wraps tightly around the torso as a basic form of body armour.

  **With the original Japanese version of Yakuza 4, the Gion Bell was a reward
  for having a save file from Kenzan (the samurai-era off-shoot from the Yakuza
  series) but since that wasn't released in the West you automatically get it
  from having the Yakuza 3 save too.

  (Gion is the name of the geisha district of Kyoto city where Kenzan was set.)

------< SHOGI COMPLETION >---------------------------------------- [Section 05]

Luckily in Yakuza 4 you are not required to complete the minigames for a trophy
as you were in Yakuza 3.

However some of you will want to get full completion on all the minigames to
unlock the Golden Gun so, although it's nothing to do with trophies, I've added
this section so I have somewhere permanent to publish the trick I devised to
beat the Shogi (Japanese Chess) game.

The requirement for Shogi completion is that you win five games but fortunately
you can exploit the Challenge mode we used for the Shogi trophy (#37). You can
win a game in only two moves and you can get five wins in under three minutes!

So head on down to Shoten again, pick the Challenge mode and choose Trial 1
(after winning your first match you'll unlock Trial 2 but you need to use Trial
1 each time). Click OK to confirm the config and the match begins.
 | S G B |  You'll recall that Trial 1 applies a significant handicap to your
 | R     |  opponent. In total six of his pieces have been captured and are
 |       |  available for redeployment from the little board on the right: 2 x
 |_______|  Silver General (S), 2 x Gold General (G), Bishop (B) and Rook (R)
   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
 9|#|#|_|_|K|_|_|#|#|  You'll be using two of those pieces to win the game...
 7|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|  After your opponent moves his pawn, take the Rook (R) and
 6|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|  place it deep in enemy territory on square g8. This traps
 5|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|  your opponent's King (K) in the top row.
 3|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|  He'll then move his King one square to the left so take
 2|_|#|_|_|_|_|_|#|_|  one of your captured Gold Generals and place it directly
 1|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|  under the King in square d8. The Gold General blocks the
   a b c d e f g h i   King's escape and is protected by the Rook.

This is Checkmate and you win the game. :D Not only that but you also receive a
delicious Bean-Paste Bun as a prize. Bonus!

Do this another four times and you'll have Shogi completion and you'll be one
step closer to unlocking that Golden Gun with infinite ammo. Enjoy your buns. :)

------< CONTACT >------------------------------------------------- [Section 06]

I welcome feedback, corrections and contributions on this guide. I'm also happy
to receive questions about the Mahjong and Hanafuda minigames in Yakuza 4 (and
in Yakuza 3 and Kenzan too).

You can email me at barticle at hotmail.com - obviously changing the "at" to an
@ and removing the spaces. It would be helpful if you include the word "Yakuza"
somewhere in the subject line.

------< THANKS >-------------------------------------------------- [Section 07]

I would like to thank the following:-

o ThePatrick, always, for his invaluable and essential Yakuza guides

o xRicexCakex for the great Ultimate Skill (a.k.a. Ultimate Challenge) guide

o BanSan for fishing, bait, socks, Lucky Binding and Dragon's Binding info

o Minamo for translating the Japanese wiki's No. 1 Hostess Maker outfit help

o dotKite, jackstar_rock and Deisama for Hostess Maker tips

o philipsvega for the Rio walkthrough

o DingoEnderZOE2 and BanSan for the Akiymama end-game substory catch-up info

o Gjang for the batting trick (again) and for the sunglasses info

o erniefoss, ohaithere101 and SickMinder for Bowling methods

o ShindoKokoro, ViietNam1, kupomogli and TP for yet more Bowling methods

o BanSan and Bustah_Woolf for Pachinko advice

o BreadSkin and yewjhin's guide on ps3trophies.org for more Pachinko guidance

o brunoafh for the ADW location!

o XFRod for the Golden Manjiro info

o TheZenNinja for the "discard a Bob reward and collect a replacement" trick

o the Japanese wiki at ryu4.gkwiki2.com for a couple of bits of handy info

o quinntendopower (jimmyqballs) for the Youtube vids

o BreadSkin for confirming the food & drink completion reward

o Emoney244, Hayatoichimonji, truezandan, shin_mikhal, TypeSera, GreenTreeClub,
  MikeTheDragon81, ohaithere101, philipsvega, Raihazan, Everiez, Climhazard99,
  dark_hollow, ShortyBoo429, GLAMPIRE, jfissel, xylophone220, Reverend_Hatman,
  arc_syaoran, dargondarkfire, Dansu, GunSlinger092, ShaymusGiven, The Mighty
  Guan Yu and TheTechnomancer for helpful posts on the forum

o Odino for several contributions (better late than never!)

o Sega for keeping the English version pretty much intact this time!

o zavvi.com for getting the game to me one day early

o Deadbeat for the Rothko mix

o Steve Roach for his dreamy circle

I will be happy to give credit and thanks to anyone who makes a contribution.
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