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    Broken Steel Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

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     .'                                       .,.                               `.
     |  MMMMMM    MM     MMM     MMM      .;tX, ,   MMM   MMM MMMMMMMM    .MM.    |
     |  MMMMMM   MMMM    MMM     MMM     YMMM,  A   MMM   MMM MMMMMMMM   6MMMMM:  |
     |  MMM      MMMM    MMM     MMM    SMMM,  AM1  MMM   MMM   MMMM    XMM  MMM  |
     |  MMM     $MMMMb   MMM     MMM    MMM,   AMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    @0  0MM.  |
     |  MMMMM   MM  MM   MMM     MMM    MM,   AMMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       ;ZMM   |
     |  MMMMM  SMM  MMt  MMM     MMM    M,     `;M  MMM   MMM   MMMM      .MMM;   |
     |  MMM    MMM  MMM  MMM     MMM    MMMMM; ,MM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       .iMMM  |
     |  MMM   iMMMMMMMM. MMM     MMM    MMMM, ,MMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    Yc.  WMM  |
     |  MMM   MMM    MMM MMMMMM  MMMMMM   , ,MMB:    MMMMMMM    MMMM    .MMMMM.   |
     `.                                   .,                                     .'
                           | The Wasteland Survival Guide |
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                                         || | `.
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    | |_| || |¯| /| |  | | |/ / | |___ |  \| |' | (___ `.¯| |¯¯| |___ | |___ | |
    |  _  /|  ¯ \ | |  | |   /  |  ___|| . ` |`. \___ \  `| |  |  ___||  ___|| |
    | |_| || |\  \| |__| |   \  | |___`| |\  | `.____) | .| |  | |___ | |___ | |___ 
    |____/ |_| \__\\____/|_|\__\|     ||_||\_| ,|_____/ ,'| |  |     ||     ||     |
                              `. ¯¯¯¯¯   || |`'      . '   ¯    ¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯ 
                              '....      || |       ..'
                                   `.  (¯    ¯)  ..'
                                   `... ¯|  |¯ ...'
                                       `.|  |.'
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    Welcome to Broken Steel, the third, hotly anticipated	    | © Absolute Steve |
    DLC for Fallout 3.  You will finally be able to continue    |   Version: 1.01  |
    where Fallout 3 left off, and the Level Cap has been 	    |     X360 / PC    |
    increase from 20 to 30.  Fourteen Perks have been added,    |faq@shillatime.org|
    so this Guide details further character customization 	    |www.shillatime.org|
    for your convenience.					     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Let's kick some Enclave ass!
    - Absolute Steve
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                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
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     Sometimes, search the same [TAG] twice due to it appearing in the Walkthrough.
       [DLC-1.0] Broken Steel
       [DLC-1.1] Death From Above
       [DLC-1.2] Shock Value
       [DLC-1.3] Who Dares Wins
       [DLC-1.4] Broken Steel Unmarked Quests
       [DLC-1.5] Broken Steel Miscellaneous Quests
       [DLC-1.5.1] Holy Water
       [DLC-1.5.2] Protecting the Water Way
       [DLC-1.5.3] The Amazing Aqua Cura
                           DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT QUESTS [DLC]
        |[DLC-1.0] Broken Steel                                               |
    Broken Steel continues where Fallout 3 ended.  First of all it is important to
    note that the Level Cap has been raised to Level 30.  To refresh your memory,
    here is a chart with the required EXP for each level up to LVL 30:
    |  1 |    0|Vault Dweller         |Vault Delinquent     |Vault Guardian       |
    |  2 |  200|Vault Renegade        |Vault Outlaw         |Vault Martyr         |
    |  3 |  550|Seeker                |Opportunist          |Sentinel             |
    |  4 | 1050|Wanderer              |Plunderer            |Defender             |
    |  5 | 1700|Citizen               |Fat Cat              |Dignitary            |
    |  6 | 2500|Adventurer            |Marauder             |Peacekeeper          |
    |  7 | 3450|Vagabond of the Wastes|Pirate of the Wastes |Ranger of the Wastes |
    |  8 | 4550|Mercenary             |Reaver               |Protector            |
    |  9 | 5800|Urban Ranger          |Urban Invader        |Urban Avenger        |
    | 10 | 7200|Observer              |Ne'er-do-well        |Exemplar             |
    | 11 | 8750|Capital Councilor     |Capital Crimelord    |Capital Crusader     |
    | 12 |10450|Keeper                |Defiler              |Paladin              |
    | 13 |12300|Vault Descendant      |Vault Boogeyman      |Vault Legend         |
    | 14 |14300|Pinnacle of Survival  |Harbinger of War     |Ambassador of Peace  |
    | 15 |16450|Urban Myth            |Urban Superstition   |Urban Legend         |
    | 16 |18750|Strider of the Wastes |Villain of the Wastes|Hero of the Wastes   |
    | 17 |21200|Beholder              |Fiend                |Paragon              |
    | 18 |23800|Wasteland Watcher     |Wasteland Destroyer  |Wasteland Savior     |
    | 19 |26550|Super-Human           |Evil Incarnate       |Saint                |
    | 20 |29450|Paradigm of Humanity  |Scourge of Humanity  |Last, Best Hope of   |
    |    |     |                      |                     |Humanity             |
    | 21 |32500|Soldier of Fortune    |Architect of Doom    |Restorer of Faith    |
    | 22 |35700|Profiteer             |Bringer of Sorrow    |Model of Selflessness|
    | 23 |39050|Egocentric            |Deceiver             |Shepherd             |
    | 24 |42550|Loner                 |Consort of Discord   |Friend of the People |
    | 25 |46200|Hero for Hire         |Stuff of Nightmares  |Champion of Justice  |
    | 26 |50000|Model of Apathy       |Agent of Chaos       |Symbol of Order      |
    | 27 |53950|Person of Refinement  |Instrument of Ruin   |Herald of Tranquility|
    | 28 |58050|Moneygrubber          |Soultaker            |Lightbringer         |
    | 29 |62300|Gray Stranger         |Demon's Spawn        |Earthly Angel        |
    | 30 |66700|True Mortal           |Devil                |Messiah              |
    The required EXP can be calculated with this formula (L = Level):
    25(3L + 2)(L - 1) = Required EXP
    Example: Level 26:
    25 * (3*26 + 2) * (26 - 1)
    25 * 80 * 25 = 50000 EXP 
        |[DLC-1.1] Death From Above                                           |
    |ITEMS: [] Aqua Pura Crate, [] Ammo Box x5, [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Grenade Box|
    |       [] Gun Case, [] First Aid Box, [] Tesla Cannon, [] Ammo Box x3,        |
    |       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x3, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box,       |
    |       [] First Aid Box.                                                      |
    |                                                                              |
    |ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier                                                    |
    |                                                                              |
    |QUEST REWARD: 1300 EXP.                                                       |
    |                                                                              |
    Well, tell one of your followers to step inside the purifier, or do it yourself.
    Fawkes or Charon are good choices since they're immune to radiation.
    When you wake up you'll get a quick debriefing on what happened.  Make your way
    to the courtyard, loot the [AQUA PURA CRATE] on your right for 12 Aqua Pura, and
    meet with Scribe Rothchild in the Laboratory.  After the full debriefing, set
    foot on The Wasteland and make your way to the Rockland Car Tunnel, which is
    located on the very southwest of the map.
    When you've found it, go on and head inside as there is no loot of interest
    Rockland Car Tunnel:
    Turn around the corner and head inside the storage room.  You can find [5x AMMO
    BOXES] on the shelves here.  Continue down the corridors until you reach a large
    cave with several Brotherhood of Steel Knights.  Talk to Tristan and you're
    ready to go.
    Before following Tristan, check the western wall for two [ENCLAVE CRATES], as
    well as the NW corner for a [GRENADE BOX], a [GUN CASE] that looks like a metal
    box, and a pile of Enclave Soldiers you may want to loot.  Snatch the medical
    supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] on top of the crates to the east before
    following the crowd down the NE tunnel.
    Sattelite Relay Station:
    This zone is separated from The Wasteland, similar to O:A and The Pitt.  Simply
    wait for Liberty Prime to take out the blue shield to your right and follow the
    straight road.  Let Prime and the Brotherhood destroy the Enclave Troops while
    you assist in looting their corpses, and watch the big event.  
    |!|There's a hidden weapon to be found in the area of the Sattelite Relay
    |!|Station.  After Liberty Prime has smashed a hole in the building, walk past
    |!|this hole without entering the actual hole, and walk past a few pipes.  Check
    |!|the rocky ledges to your right, just around the corner.  Well, we're going to
    |!|have to climb that in order to reach the hidden weapon - which was probably
    |!|used by the developers to test the new Tesla Cannon in Broken Steel.
    |!|To climb this ledge, jump on the ledges and press forward as much as you can.
    |!|Save your game and reload this savegame.  While the game is loading, rapidly
    |!|tap jump and press forward. If done correctly, the game allows you to jump
    |!|while you're standing on the ledge, and you'll climb a bit higher everytime
    |!|you do this.  It won't work everytime, and you might want to change direction
    |!|every now and then, but you'll eventually reach the top.
    |!|Simply head past the sattelite towers, ignore the glitchy terrains and move
    |!|back to the beginning of the area while staying on the higher ground.  The
    |!|[TESLA CANNON] can be found on a table with three [AMMO BOXES] next to it.  
    |!|While it's pretty much the same device as the Tesla Cannon, it looks like a 
    |!|Missile Launcher and expenses Missiles as ammunition.
    After this, head through the hole that Prime punched in the building to enter 
    the Sattelite Facility.
    Sattelite Facility:
    It gets messy in the room as you enter, but plenty of Brotherhood assistance
    makes this a fight you can't lose.  Move in the southern tunnel and defeat two
    more Enclave Soldiers in the locker room - which houses no more than a [FIRST
    AID BOX].
    Head through the double doors at the end of the tunnel and swipe this area clean
    from the Enclave.  This will - yet again - be a breeze with the help of the
    Brotherhood.  Continue through the western door at the top of the stairwell when
    you've done so.
    Watch out for more enemies as you head through the tunnel and down the stairwell
    on the south.  At the very bottom, proceed down another big tunnel and wipe it
    clean.  You'll come across an [AMMUNITION BOX x3], and one more [AMMUNITION BOX]
    can be found in the room at the end of the tunnel.  Head upstairs, proceed down
    the hall and prepare for an encounter with another Enclave Squad.  After this
    fight, unlock the (Easy) door on the east to reveal a restroom housing a [FIRST
    AID BOX] (and a sink, if you're into those).
    Head down the tunnel and you'll get to a room with mainframes. Activate the
    Sattelite Uplink Terminal and retrieve the Telemetry Data before continuing.
    Loot the [FIRST AID BOX] and press forward through the corridor, which the
    Enclave secured with two Mark V Turrets.  When you're back in the Wasteland,
    fast travel to the Citadel and report to Scribe Rothchild and Elder Lyons
        |[DLC-1.2] Shock Value                                                |
    |ITEMS: [] Deathclaw Control Scrambler, [] Aqua Pura Crate x4, [] Energy Cell  |
    |          (x20) x3, [] Plasma Mine, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Enclave Crate x6,      |
    |       [] Jet, [] Dunbar's Note, [] Flamer Fuel x2, [] Frag Grenade,          |
    |       [] Electron Charge Pack x2, [] Psycho, [] First Aid Box x2,            |
    |       [] Bloodpack, [] Power Fist, [] Frag Mine x3, [] Mine Box x2,          |
    |       [] Buffout x2, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Flamer Fuel,     |
    |       [] Frag Grenade, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Darts (x20) x3,|
    |       [] First Aid Box, [] Grenade Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Nuka-Cole Quantum,   |
    |       [] 5.56mm Rounds (x24) x3, [] Buffout x2, [] 10mm Rounds x2, [] Frag   |
    |          Mine, [] Ammo Box, [] .308 Caliber Rounds, [] Shotgun Shells,       |
    |       [] First Aid Box, [] Bottlecap Mine, [] Safe, [] Darts, [] 2x Darts x20|
    |       [] Jet, [] Wall Safe, [] Psycho, [] Ammo Box, [] Darts (x20) x2,       |
    |       [] First Aid Box, [] Railway Spikes x3, [] Mentats, [] Railway Spikes, |
    |       [] Police Hat, [] .32 Caliber Rounds, [] Wall Safe, [] First Aid Box,  |
    |       [] Jet, [] RadAway, [] Darts, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box,      |
    |       [] Rad-X, [] .44 Rounds x13, [] Alien Power Cell x18, [] Jet, [] First |
    |          Aid Box x2, [] Pulse Mine, [] RadAway, [] Jet, [] Jet, [] First Aid |
    |          Box, [] Alien Power Cell (x12) x3, [] Mentats, [] Buffout,          |
    |       [] Tesla Coil.                                                         |
    |                                                                              |
    |ENEMIES: o Deathclaw       o Enclave Soldier     o Enclave Hellfire Trooper   |
    |         o Mark IV Turret                                                     |
    |                                                                              |
    |QUEST REWARD: 1400 EXP.                                                       |
    |                                                                              |
    Talk to Paladin Tristan, who resides in the Great Hall of the building.  Follow
    your marker to easily locate him.  He explains that a deviced called a Tesla
    Coil might turn things around still, but you're needed to retrieve it from Old
    Olney first.
    Drop by the lab first and converse with Scribe Vallincourt to receive the
    [DEATHCLAW CONTROL SCRAMBLER].  This device interferes with the Enclave signal
    that controls Deathclaws, so that'll certainly help!
    Note: There are four more [AQUA PURA CRATES] in the courtyard: One near the
          radio and three near the double doors that lead to The Wasteland.
    Small Enclave Outpost:
    Your next location(s) are best fast travelled to.  I suggest you head for the
    southernmost location first. This is a very small Enclave camp with a controlled
    Deathclaw that becomes .. YOUR follower when you approach it. Watch it slaughter
    the remaining Enclave and start searching for the following loot: [ENERGY CELL
    (x20) x3] and [PLASMA MINE] on a low table with a terminal, [2x AMMO BOXES]
    under the nearby sattelite dish, and [6x ENCLAVE CRATE] in total nearby lookout
    Note: Unfortunately, the controlled Deathclaw will automatically die when you
          move about 100 meters away from the Enclave camp.
    Head inside Old Olney (which is usually roaming with Deathclaws, unless you
    wiped those out not too long ago), and locate the sewer entrance with the help
    of your marker.  Make your way through the tunnels until you reach a ladder
    leading to Old Olney Underground.
    Old Olney Underground:
    You're greeted by two Ghouls, who immediately rush off afterwards.  Explore the
    toilet on the left in the large hall to find a [JET], and look for a small
    wooden crate with Pre-War Money in the NW corner of the area.  As you wander
    through the rest of the area you get the feeling there has been some recent
    activity.  Very recent..
    Go down the hall to the south and head upstairs.  As you traverse the tunnels
    and notice more and more dead Ghouls, keep an eye out for one named Dunbar, who
    holds [DUNBAR'S NOTE].  Looks like the poor bastards were trying to set up a
    second home besides Underworld .. and failed miserably.
    Continue downstairs and through the hole up ahead where you'll encounter a
    Deathclaw.  Turn around and move along the ledge to discover a hidden area with
    lots of toys, including two Teddy Bears.  If you check the NE shelves by hopping
    on top of the filing cabinets you can just barely snatch two [FLAMER FUEL] from
    the small wooden crate, and a [FRAG GRENADE] and [ELECTRON CHARGE PACK x2] on
    this shelf.
    Check the room on your left for a [PSYCHO] and head down one floor.  Here, peek
    in a small storage room to the south in order to find two [FIRST AID BOXES], a
    [BLOODPACK] and a [POWER FIST].  The main room itself contains three loose [FRAG
    MINES] and two [MINE BOXES] between the operating tables.  There's a Nuka-Cola
    vending machine near the stairs which lead back to where you were.  
    Proceed through the doorway on the southwest and tread with caution to an
    adjacent room with a Deathclaw.  When you've secured this area, look for
    [BUFFOUT x2] on the shelves behind the counter, and check the NE corner for two
    [AMMO BOXES] and the NW corner for two [FRAG GRENADES] and Pre-War Money in a
    Drop down one floor and slowly approach the door in the NE corner.  As soon as
    you hear a baby cry it's from the nearby placed baby carriage trap, so step
    back as it goes BOOM!  Head down the stairs behind the door and make a U-turn to
    your right (west) in the hall up ahead.
    Be sure to check the bathtub!  It contains [FLAMER FUEL], a [FRAG GRENADE], a
    [FIRST AID BOX], a Chinese Assault Rifle and some food.  Carefully venture into
    the next room that houses two rigged Frag Mines.  Go through the hole, check the
    bookcase to your left for a [FIRST AID BOX] and [DARTS (x20) x3] (Hint! Grab out
    that Dart Gun of yours!) and take noteof the Workbench to your right.
    The (Average) cell door in the middle of the room leads to a cell which contains
    ham radio), and [5.56MM ROUNDS (x24) x3] (also nearby the radio).
    When you decide to check out the wester region of what appears to be the home of
    Deathclaws (instead of friendly Ghouls!), come very, very well prepared as you
    can expect to fight off up to three Deathclaws at once.  When dealt with these
    menaces, check the southwest room in which you can rest and find [BUFFOUT x2],
    SHELLS] (all from the shelves).
    As you continue north, check the shelves to your right for a [FIRST AID BOX],
    and explore the area behind the fence on your left to collect a [BOTTLECAP MINE]
    from another Workbench, and more loot from an (Average) [SAFE].
    Turn around the corner and prepare for another Deathclaw battle.  Check the
    shelves for some [DARTS] and move upstairs to enter the Old Olney S. Wilney
    Old Olney S. Wilson Building:
    The chopper sound gives you the impression that the Enclave are nearby.. and
    your senses haven't betrayed you.  This large area has several Enclave Soldiers
    and even the new Enclave Hellfire Trooper walking around.
    First, check the office area on your (upper) left/west to find [DARTS (x20) x2]
    in a bucket, a [JET] next to the skeleton, and a [WALL SAFE] that just might
    contain two Stealth Boys.  Drop down two levels to find a Teddy Bear near a
    baby carriage and a [PSYCHO] in a bucket.
    Head over to the eastern side of the building to find an [AMMO BOX] behind a
    counter, along with [DARTS (x20) x2] a [FIRST AID BOX] and [RAILWAY SPIKES x3]
    in the shelves.
    Go upstairs and check the desk to your left as you reach the 2nd floor to find
    [MENTATS].  A bucket slightly SW from here contains [RAILWAY SPIKES].  Move into
    the room up north to find a [POLICE HAT], [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS], and a [WALL
    SAFE].  The Cash Registers contain Pre-War Money.
    Head over the radio commercial billboard and deal with the Enclave Hellfire
    Trooper to the north if you hadn't already done so.  They're tough, so use your
    most powerful weapons - such as a Plasma Rifle against them.  Be sure to loot
    him from his armor (and Heavy Incinerator, although it might be broken already).
    Head down the hall and stairs to enter Olney Powerworks.
    Olney Powerworks:
    The shelves and restroom don't house any useful loot in particular, so go
    upstairs.  You'll find a (Very Hard) locked door that can be operated by the
    terminal, but this is in fact nothing but a shortcut to a location we'll soon
    arrive either way.  Head east and you'll get to a large area, guarded by a
    Sentry Bot and Mister Gutsy.
    After taking out these two security bots, head inside the office to your left
    and loot the [FIRST AID BOX].  Look for a hidden [JET] in a trashcan next to one
    of the desks.
    Head downstairs and stand in awe (or not) at the new black smoke effect.  Glance
    over the shelves near the stairs to find a well hidden [RADAWAY] in a small
    wooden crate.  Exit the area by the SE corner and proceed to another large room.
    The shelves to your right contain [DARTS].  Spot a Workbench to your left, along
    with a [FIRST AID BOX] in the shelves near it.
    The upper section of the area is guarded by a Sentry Bot, and you can find a 
    [FIRST AID BOX] in the storage room at the SW corner.  A bunch of metro ticket
    are lying on the office floor - along with a [RAD-X] that you might want to use.
    When you continue around the corner, the green glow should already ring your
    bells that a heavily irradiated corridor is up ahead.  Pop the Rad-X (or try to
    deactivate the Emitter by the Hard Terminal) and rush through the short corridor
    only to encounter more trouble in the form of two Sentry Bots.
    The restroom to the east contains [.44 ROUNDS x13] on top of the toilet.  Note
    that the people who crashed this place were using beer and milk to play checkers
    on the chessboard!
    Step inside the western chamber and proceed with caution, walk backwards, facing
    south.  Two Mark IV turrets are revealed, so quickly dispatch them.  Check the
    area they were stored - and to be more precisely, check the shelf on the upper
    wall of each side to find two ammo boxes that contain [18x ALIEN POWER CELLS] in
    total.  Pretty neat, huh?
    Note: It has been reported that if you have the Scavenger Perk, you'll get
          around 50 Alien Power Cells from each Ammo Box.  That's quite a lot, if
          you ask me!
    Flip the emergency electrical switch to the north and head inside the chamber
    with the Tesla Coil.  You can find a well hidden [JET] inside a trashcan in the
    room to the south, as well as two [FIRST AID BOXES] on the shelves and a [PULSE
    MINE] in the wooden crate.
    From the main room, head into a recreation hall on the NE.  If you search the
    place thoroughly you can find a [RADAWAY] in a small wooden crate under the
    table with the broken TV.  The hall leads to the aforementioned shortcut, so
    there's nothing of particular interest on the other side of the door.
    In the main room with the Tesla Coil, the shelves to the north contain a [JET]
    in a wooden crate, and the shelves near the door in the NW corner holds another
    [JET]. Head through the door and go downstairs (but take note of the ladder to
    your right that leads to Old Olney).  This room contains a [FIRST AID BOX], a
    [PULSE MINE] (in the cooking pan on the furnace), [ALIEN POWER CELL (x12) x3]
    (the small blue fuses), [MENTATS] and a [BUFFOUT] in a trashcan.
    Head towards the Tesla Coil to your east, but DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GRAB IT YET.  
    First, flip the emergency switches on the wall (the electricity can't harm you),
    and *then* grab the Tesla Coil.  You'll get a shock that'll hurt you a little,
    so don't have very little health left when you attempt this, but you'll be more
    than fine otherwise.  Climb up the ladder to Old Olney and fast travel back to
    the Citadel, where you can hand over the Tesla Coil to Paladin Tristan.
        |[DLC-1.3] Who Dares Wins                                             |
    |ITEMS: [] First Aid Box, [] .32 Caliber Rounds (x12), [] RadAway, [] Mentats, |
    |       [] First Aid Box, [] RadAway x2, [] Pulse Grenade x2, [] Laser Rifle,  |
    |       [] Frag Grenade x3, [] First Aid Box, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] Jet,    |
    |       [] I'm Sorry My Darling (Note), [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Ammo  |
    |          Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate, [] Microfusion Cell x4,    |
    |       [] Pulse Grenade x2.                                                   |
    |                                                                              |
    |ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier       o Enclave Hellfire Trooper    o Turrets      |
    |         o Enclave Squad Sigma   o Enclave Squad Sigma Leader  o Armory Master|
    |                                                                              |
    |QUEST REWARD: 1500 EXP.                                                       |
    |                                                                              |
    Note: You may want to glance over the Unmarked Quests at this point, because
          some of them might no longer be available after you finish this Quest.
    You'll need to get to the White House Plaza.  One way to travel here is by
    following the route as outlined below.  Simply follow your quest marker to make
    your way through the areas (which you might have visited before), or even fast
    travel to one of these locations.  When you reach Pennsylvania Avenue you'll
    come across some Brotherhood of Steel Knights fighting off Mutants.  This is
    close to the White House Plaza entrance.
    Tepid Sewers -> Georgetown -> Foggy Bottom Station -> Pennsylvania Avenue
    Enter through the Manhole that leads to Utility, then follow the Presidential 
    Sub Level tunnels.  When you finally reach the end of the tracks, talk to the
    A.I. M.A.R.G.o.T and use your Science or Speech skill to gain user privileges.
    The acronym stands for Metro Authority Rapid Governmental Transit System. btw.
    Note: I presume that when you turn Margot hostile, all following robotic
          security in the tunnels up ahead will also become agressive.  If someone
          can confirm this, I would appreciate it.
    Presidential Metro:
    Note: If you are high leveled (18+ at least), then you'll also encounter Feral
          Ghoul Reavers in the upcoming tubes.  These are tough, quick, deal a lot
          of damage and have tons of health.  I suggest you bring out the best you
          got when you're up against one.
    Loot the contents of the [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall and turn left around the
    corner to find the remains of what presumably was a security officer.  Grab the
    (newly added to the game) Police Hat if you feel like completing your collection
    or otherwise leave it alone, since it doesn't provide good stats.  Look near the
    body for [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS (x12)] and a Police Hat.  Turn around and traverse
    down the tube until you get to an intersection.  While the left (north) tube
    leads to a dead end, it can net you a [RADAWAY] and [MENTATS] from nearby a
    skeleton, as well as the contents of a [FIRST AID BOX] upstairs.
    Continue down the southern tube and immediately as the tube splits, glance over
    the skeleton(s) to find [RADAWAY x2].  As you travel through the tunnel, when
    you hear a few Ghoul moans, swiftly look over your right through the fence and
    watch a metro ride them over.  Ouch!  So it is working at the other side...
    Take note of the door on your left, denoted by 'Equipment Room', but explore the
    end of this tunnel first to find two [PULSE GRENADES] and an Iron Fist near a
    skeleton at the very end.  This area is slightly irradiated, but on the bright
    side, the sentry bots have cleared the area of Glowing Ones for you, so there's
    no reason to complain.
    The Equipment Room doesn't hold that much equipment, although it arguably does
    for a metro station office (then again we're talking about the White House's
    private metro, but it doesn't matter).  There's a [LASER RIFLE] and three [FRAG
    GRENADES] to be found next to the desk, a [FIRST AID BOX] in the corridor, and a
    [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] in the room on the other side.
    Ignore your left as you step into the next tube, and proceed southwards.  A 
    Robobrain and Mister Gutsy are likely to be involved in a Ghoul conflict.  
    Resolve the matter and continue down the tunnel to the point where you reach an
    emergency exit to the Capitol.
    Head upstairs and search the bench for a [JET] and a note called [I'M SORRY MY
    DARLING], which is a rather depressing recording of a woman who'll never see her
    lover again.  You can't go any further, and the tunnel's dead end does not have
    any loot lying around either, so head inside the eastern area.  This metro is
    still functioning, but it needs to be powered up.
    The cabin houses a [FIRST AID BOX] and [MENTATS], as well as the Power Box to
    activate the metro.  It requires 2 Main Fuses, however, which can only be 
    acquired by destroying the Presidential Metro Sentry Bot that patrols in this
    area.  Explorers will want to check out the eastern office to find an [AMMO BOX]
    and a [FIRST AID BOX] there.
    Before placing the Main Fuses in the Power Box, take the time to lay a Pulse
    Mine in front of each locked double door to your north.  Two Sentry Bots will
    assault you once the Power Box has been fixed, but the Pulse Mines will deal a
    fair amount of initial damage.
    With the power back on, the double doors leading to the Capitol Building are now
    unlocked.  Furthermore, you can now finally use the metro.  Hop in the front
    cabin and activate the Metro Console for a little ride.
    Hop off, go upstairs and pick the (Average) door to your immediate left first.
    This corridor contains an [ENCLAVE CRATE], [4x MICROFUSION CELLS], [PULSE
    GRENADE x2], and an (Average) Turret Control System.  It helps to fiddle with
    the settings and turn off the Mark VII Turret that you're otherwise up against
    around the corner, since the Enclave tweaked it to aid them instead.
    Sneak through the corridor and assault the Enclave Troops from the be-hind, then
    go upstairs and head through the double doors to access Adams Air Force Base.
    Adams Air Force Base:
    |ITEMS: [] Tesla Cannon, [] Microfusion Cell (x50), Electron Charge Pack (x50),|
    |       [] Orders, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Stimpak x2, [] First |
    |          Aid Box, [] First Aid Box x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Mini Nuke,       |
    |       [] Microfusion Cell (x80), [] Ammo Box x2, [] Enclave Crate, [] First  |
    |          Aid Box, [] .308 Caliber Rounds (x24) x2,[] Sector 1 Artillery Note,|
    |       [] Enclave Crate x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate, [] First Aid  |
    |          Box x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Plasma Grenade x4, [] Mini Nuke,       |
    |       [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Sector 2 Artillery Note, [] Enclave Soldier    |
    |          Log #1, [] Psycho x2, [] First Aid Box x3, [] Ammo Box, [] Flamer   |
    |          Fuel Stash Holotape, [] Fuel Stash Conatiner Key, [] Enclave        |
    |          Footlocker x2, [] Enclave Footlocker, [] Bloodpack,[] Enclave Crate,|
    |       [] Enclave Footlocker x2, [] Bloodpack x5, [] Enclave Crate x2,        |
    |       [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Flamer     |
    |          Stash.                                                              |
    |                                                                              |
    This is another separate area from The Wasteland.  Go upstairs and check the
    Resupply Crate on your left, which was dropped by parachute and contains your
    (x50)] and your [ORDERS].  Loot the [FIRST AID BOX] that looks like an Enclave
    Crate up the steps and listen to the Orders Holotape.
    A [FIRST AID BOX] can be found inside the cabin, and two more [STIMPAKS] are
    lying on the shelves.  Head NE, and take out any Mark VI Turrets you spot ASAP,
    as they're real life drainers.  The Tesla Cannon can take them out from a mile
    though, so that shouldn't be any problem.  Waste the Hellfire Trooper and check
    the cabin to your right (east) which houses a [FIRST AID BOX] and obsolete 
    Turret Control Terminal.  
    Head upstairs and destroy the turrets on the other side of the roof.  Check the
    view to the NE and go crazy with your Tesla Cannon on all Enclave Vertibirds and
    turrets.  With most of them destroyed continue your regular scavenging by 
    entering the cabin on this roof still and loot the contents of two [FIRST AID 
    Now, when facing east on the roof, check the ledge to your right (southeast) and
    hop over to a [FIRST AID BOX], [MINI NUKE] and [MICOFUSION CELL (x80)].  Hop
    down to ground level and backtrack slightly.  The barracks to the west are
    inaccessible, but you can find two [AMMO BOXES] and a whole lot of destroyed
    Protectrons and Sentry Bots behind the truck at the NW end of the fence - which
    does your Tesla Cannon ammunition supply well!
    Continue by making your way to the roof of the eastern building.  You'll find an
    ARTILLERY NOTE] and the Artillery Switch.  Flip it and any Enclave survivors in
    the open area straight ahead will now be toast.
    Get back on the ground level and explore the enclave stands for a set of two
    Enter the first hangar.  There will be a few Enclave Soldiers here, among
    Scientists and a caged Deathclaw.  Check the NW corridor to find two [FIRST AID
    BOXES] at the very end of it, and waste and Enclave Scientists (meat) you come
    across.  Note that the three caged Deathclaws are not controlled by devices, so
    you won't be thanked upon releasing them. Instead consider killing them for
    experience while they're locked away.
    When you've made it out of the hangar, check the small alley on the northeast
    and head to the end of it to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and four [PLASMA GRENADES]
    in a bucket.  If you wanna grab a [MINI NUKE], head inside the hangar to your
    east and check the eastern corridor.  The nuke is at the south end.
    Back in the alley, go upstairs and make your way to the northern roof.  Loot the
    two [ENCLAVE CRATES] here, grab the [SECTOR 2 ARTILLERY NOTE] and press the
    button to wipe the area clean below.
    Head downstairs and check the alley to your left (west).  Turn left once again
    in the alley and it'll lead to the dead body of an Enclave Soldier with the
    [ENCLAVE SOLDIER LOG #1] on him, as well as a neat stock of items:  [PSYCHO x2],
    [FIRST AID BOX x3], [AMMO BOX] and a Ripper.
    Note: Only Log #1 exists, despite it being called the first of a series.
    Optionally there is another hangar that we haven't explored yet.  Return to the
    exit of the first hangar and head all the way east from here.  The hangar will
    be to your right.  It is worthwhile to note that two Enclave Scientists are
    located somewhere in this hangar, always fleeing from you.  One of them holds
    typo in the game right there).  
    The western hall houses two [ENCLAVE FOOTLOCKERS], and one more [ENCLAVE
    FOOTLOCKER] can be found next to this hall's entrance.  That's pretty much what
    this hangar holds for us, so we'll move on to the next one - up north.
    In this northern hangar, check your right (NE) and look around for a [BLOODPACK]
    on the floor, along with an [ENCLAVE CRATE] and two [ENCLAVE FOOTLOCKERS], plus
    a bed to heal up.  The empty prison houses [5x BLOODPACKS] on the floor, and
    two more [ENCLAVE CRATES] can be found on the western side of the hangar.  One
    last [FIRST AID BOX] is placed in the western hall.  Take note that the caged
    Deathclaw becomes frenzied when you release it (read: it stays friendly and will
    fight along with you).
    That concludes this hangar.  Continue north to find a [FIRST AID BOX] on a truck
    and two [ENCLAVE CRATES] at the stand.  Proceed to the NW area and make your way
    through the ruins of the hangar.  Expect heavy resistance in the form of turrets
    and Hellfire Troops, so let your Tesla Cannon be the salvation.  
    Before you continue, listen to the Flamer Fuel Stash Holotape that you found
    earlier on one of the Enclave Scientists.  Well, travel to the NW building and
    find the [FLAMER STASH] behind several barrels and wheels, which contains 400
    Flamer Fuel.  Now head upstairs at the Air Traffic Control Tower just east of
    here and deal with any remaining turrets - then go inside.
    Air Control Tower:
    |ITEMS: [] First Aid Box, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid |
    |          Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate, [] First Aid Box,          |
    |       [] Enclave Crate x3, [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Grenade   |
    |          Box, [] First Aid Box x3, [] Ammo Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Buffout,     |
    |       [] Ammo Box, [] Rapid-Torch Flamer, [] .308 Caliber Rounds (x24) x2,   |
    |       [] Missile x7, [] Flamer Fuel (x12) x4, [] Mini Nuke x2, [] Nuka-Cola  |
    |          Quantum.                                                            |
    |                                                                              |
    I can be quite brief about this floor.  There's a Robobrain hanging around the
    offices, and you can find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the NW section in a bookcase,
    and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] under a desk, as well as another [FIRST AID BOX] in
    this office space.  Don't forget to loot the third [FIRST AID BOX] at the base
    of the stairs as you go up.
    When you've made your way upstairs you'll reach the control room, and a few
    Vertibirds will fly over the building.  Your first thought might be to grab out
    your Tesla Cannon and blow them to smithereens - and that's all fine - but you
    should be informed that if one of them survives your attack they'll fire
    missiles at your location, causing HEAVY damage.  So your tactics should either
    be: 1. Leave them alone (kind of lame, huh?).  2. Shoot down all three of them
    really effin' fast.  3. Shoot down 1 or 2 and quickly dive down the stairs to
    avoid any damage.
    Either way, you can find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the control room, and the Research
    Terminal contains what you came for: The controls to the Mobile Platform Loading
    Ramp, which you should lower.  Having done this, head out of the building
    entirely and make your way over to the Mobile Platform to the east.
    You can find an [ENCLAVE CRATE] and [FIRST AID BOX] at the Enclave stand nearby
    the stairs of the Air Control Tower.  As you get within fairly close proximity
    of the Mobile Platform you'll encounter many Enclave Troops.  Fortunately, a few
    brave Brotherhood of Steel Paladins serve as fine meat distractions so you can
    knock yourself out with the Tesla Cannon .. Err, rather, knock the Enclave out,
    that is.
    There's also a Hellfire Trooper on top of the Platform.  He seems to keep
    spitting out his fire all over the place, even when there's no one in sight
    anymore. Before you go like: "WTF is this dude doing?" like I did, save yourself
    the trouble and knock him out with a few Tesla Rounds.
    Three [ENCLAVE CRATES] can be found near the small sattelite dish, and two more
    [ENCLAVE CRATES] are placed in the Enclave stand to the south.  Two [AMMO BOXES]
    and a [GRENADE BOX] can be found inside the nearby truck.  You can now enter the
    Moving Platform, or you can optionally visit the Adams Storage Facility to the
    far southeast.  If you want to continue with the main quest, simply skip that
    Adams Storage Facility:
    It looks like you've hit jackpot the second you entered already!  Check the
    bookcase on your left for [3x FIRST AID BOXES] and an [AMMO BOX], then loot the
    other [AMMO BOX] on the shelves in the middle of the room and lastly, search
    the SE corner for a [BUFFOUT] in the wooden crate.
    An (Average) [AMMO BOX] can be looted from the bookcase on the NE wall, but you
    might want to take out the Mark V Turret on the west first.  That area houses a
    counter with a whopping of supplies, including a new, unique REGULAR flame-
    thrower: The [RAPID-TORCH FLAMER]. Also look for [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS (x24) x2],
    [MISSILE x7], [FLAMER FUEL (x12) x4], [MINI NUKE x2] and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM].
    Who needs a Quantum Chemist Perk when you get enough Nuka-Cola Quantums anyway?
    (Well, alright, alright.  Nuka Grenades can be made with them and the AP Bonus
    is alright, but there really are many, many Quantums in the game already... and
    you still need TEN regular Nuka-Cola's to create just *one* Quantum...)
    Upstairs leads to the roof outside with no items, and a Hellfire Trooper will
    likely attack you from below.  As you head back to the Mobile Platform Crawler,
    expect a squad of three Sentry Bots to attack you - a rather dangerous
    occurence in an open field like this.  I suggest you quickly dispatch them with
    the Tesla Cannon and hide behind already-blown up trucks.  With those out of the
    way, finally enter the Crawler.
    Mobile Platform Crawler:
    |ITEMS: [] Ammo Box x3, [] Enclave Crate, [] Enclave Crate, [] First Aid Box,  |
    |       [] First Aid Box x2, [] Buffout, [] Stimpak, [] Rad-X x2, [] Med-X x2, |
    |       [] Bloodpack, [] Med-X x2, [] Psycho x2, [] Purified Water x3,         |
    |       [] Mentats x2, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Jet, [] Radaway x2,             |
    |       [] Bloodpack x2, [] Armor Case, [] Ammo Box x7, [] Gatling Laser,      |
    |       [] Plasma Grenade x5, [] Pulse Grenade x5, [] Buffout x5, [] Psycho x5,|
    |       [] Mentats, [] First Aid Box.                                          |
    |                                                                              |
    Note: This is a ONE-TIME-ONLY AREA, so do not miss out or leave any unique items
          in this location.
    The Repulsion Field can be deactivated, or you can smash the panel to pieces,
    but this will always result in a weakened repulsion field that harms you when
    passing through, so that isn't recommended. 
    Note: - Deactivating these panels requires 80 Science Skill.
          - Placing a timed charger requires 50 Explosives Skill.
          - Smashing the panel can always be done.
    Make your way to the southeast area to find three [AMMO BOXES] and an [ENCLAVE
    CRATE], and a guy named Stigg who repairs robots.  You can ask him for info,
    after which he'll leave the crawler.  Another [ENCLAVE CRATE] and a [FIRST AID
    BOX] are lying next to a mainframe.
    Deactivate the repulsion field to the west in order to find two [FIRST AID 
    BOXES],[BUFFOUT], a loose [STIMPAK], [RAD-X x2] and [MED-X x2] from the shelves.
    There's also a [BLOODPACK], [MED-X x2], [PSYCHO x2], and [PURIFIED WATER x3] on
    the other side, and [MENTATS x2] can be found on the desk and in a small wooden
    crate under the shelves.  The last shelves contain two more [FIRST AID BOXES],
    a [JET], plus [RADAWAY x2] and [BLOODPACK x2] in the buckets.  What a stock!
    Ignore the southern ladder exit for now and turn of the other repulsion field
    to the east instead.  While it doesn't hold any medical supplies or ammunition,
    it does contain pretty much all the custom weapon parts in the game, along with
    a Work Bench, allowing you to create any custom weapon you want!  If you have
    the schematics, that is..
    Proceed north and you'll encounter a strong Enclave Sigma Squad, consisting of
    5 members including their leader.  Aim your Tesla Cannon in northwestern
    direction and fire as soon as the squad comes around the corner to deal the
    initial damage.  Quickly dispatch of them one by one and keep your health up.
    Deactivate the repulsion field to the NE of the armory, which yields yet another
    HUGE amount of supplies: [ARMOR CASE], [AMMO BOX x7], Sniper Rifle, Combat
    [PSYCHO x5], [MENTATS], [FIRST AID BOX] and several tool items.
    Make your way to the Dormitory by heading up the stairs the Enclave Squad came
    down off and head through the door.
    Launch Platform Base:
    |ITEMS: [] Enclave Crate x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Composite Recon Helmet,      |
    |       [] Precision Gatling Laser, [] Armor Case, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo   |
    |          Box x13, [] Heavy Incinerator, [] Minigun, [] Gatling Laser,        |
    |       [] Gun Case, [] Med-X, [] Slow-Burn Flamer, [] Flamer Fuel (x50) x3,   |
    |       [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate, [] Enclave       |
    |          Crate x3, [] Ammo Box x3, [] Enclave Crate, [] Gun Case.            |
    |                                                                              |
    Head east and enter the dormitory to your left (north) which contains two
    [ENCLAVE CRATES] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  The room to your south only houses a
    .44 Scoped Magnum.
    From the hallway, turn around the corner and head south into the Armory.  You'll
    come across the Armory Master somewhere around this area, as well as several
    turrets.  The Armory Master comes equipped with the [COMPOSITE RECON HELMET]
    (a unique and more durable Recon Armor Helmet), and the unique [PRECISION
    GATLING LASER], so be sure to loot his sorry ass.  Watch out for a Sentry Bot
    that you may also encounter in this room.
    Either way, proceed through the repulsion field in the room and unlock the
    (Hard) door to the armory for another sickly supply of whatever you'd like:
    [GATLING LASER], and a [GUN CASE].  One of the lockers may contain Stealth Boys.
    Note: The three averagely locked Ammo Boxes contain Alien Power Cells.  Without
          Scavenger Perk I found 7, 7 and 10 respectively in these Ammo Boxes.  The
          Gun Case with the Hard lock always contains an Alien Blaster and ammo for
          it.  I personally found 13 Cells in the Gun Case.
          If you find different amounts (especially with the Scavenger Perk), let
          me know so I can add it.
    Unlock the (Easy) door and make your way into the Robotic Defensive Control
    Center.  Go upstairs, kill the Enclave Officers, Scientists and Sentry Bots,
    then make your way to the blue mainframe in the center and hack it (Hard).
    If you have Robotics Expert then you can turn all robots against the Enclave.
    Otherwise, just shut them down.  The other terminal allows you to release
    several locks, some of which you've already unlocked.
    Head for the western hall (grab a [MED-X] from the desk with the terminal) and
    proceed into the Medical Bay to your right (north).  The Medical Bay, Dorms and
    Restroom don't contain any items, although the restroom does provide us with
    clean water.
    Backtrack to either the area with the mainframe terminal and go through the door
    that says 'Warning Live Deathclaws', or proceed from the adjacent room to the
    armory.  Either way, make your way over to the southern area from here.
    In this large hall you can in fact encounter a Deathclaw, but it frenzies and
    turns to your side, so that's a plus!  The most important item to currently
    retrieve from this area is the [SLOW-BURN FLAMER], which is located upstairs
    in the center area surrounded by force fields.  [3x FLAMER FUEL (x50)] are
    lying right next to it.
    You can grab a [FIRST AID BOX] from the kitchen past the dining room north, and
    if you return to where you were - the storage room also contains another [FIRST
    AID BOX] and an [ENCLAVE CRATE].  Besides those, I'd say you've pretty much
    explored every last corner of this large and complex area.  Make your way over
    to the Launch Pad by heading for the marker to the *north* (for walkthrough
    Head upstairs.  Depending on whether or not your forced the bots and turrets to
    be on your side (or deactivated them), the upcoming battle varies significantly
    in difficulty.  At any rate, pull out your .. *surprise!* Tesla Cannon and start
    wasting any Enclave agressors around the area.  Head south over the pipes and
    loot the three [ENCLAVE CRATES], then check the cabin for three [AMMO BOXES].
    Continue west, then south, and face off against several more Enclave Soldiers
    and a Hellfire Trooper.  I pray to the gods that the Sentry Bots are at least
    not against you, or it'll be another tough fight .. without the Tesla Cannon,
    that is. ;)  Try and destroy the Vertibirds before they lift off to prevent them
    from attacking.
    Step inside the cabin and loot the [ENCLAVE CRATE] and [GUN CASE], then enter
    the final area.
    Sattelite Control Tower:
    |ITEMS: [] Missile x2, [] Micorfusion Cell x2, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box,  |
    |       [] Buffout x2, [] Ammo Box, [] .308 Caliber Rounds (x6), [] Railway    |
    |          Spikes x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x3, [] Flamer Fuel x3,     |
    |       [] First Aid Box x2, [] Radaway x3, [] Psycho, [] Pulse Mine x2,       |
    |       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x5, [] Rad-X, [] Buffout, [] Ammo Box x2,|
    |                                                                              |
    |       [Citadel Armory Only]:                                                 |
    |       ----------------------                                                 |
    |       [] Tesla Cannon x2, [] Ammo Box x6, [] Alien Power Call (x12) x6,      |
    |       [] Microfusion Cell (x20) x5, [] Flamer Fuel (x12) x5, [] Laser        |
    |          Rifle x3, [] 10mm Rounds (x12) x3, [] 5.56mm Rounds (x24) x4,       |
    |       [] Plasma Grenade x4, [] .308 Caliber Rounds (x24) x3, [] Mini Nuke x3,|
    |       [] 5mm Rounds (x100) x2, [] Missile x10, [] Laser Pistol x2,           |
    |       [] Energy Cell (x20) x5, [] First Aid Box x4, [] Sniper Rifle,         |
    |       [] Nuka Grenade x3, Callahan's Magnum.                                 |
    |                                                                              |
    There's a lot of Enclave in the staircase area up ahead.  As you walk by some
    shelves, look for [2x MISSILES] and [2x MICROFUSION CELLS] in the small wooden
    crate, and an [AMMO BOX], [FIRST AID BOX] and [FRAG MINE x4].
    Look for another [FIRST AID BOX] on the shelves near the stairwell, along with
    two [BUFFOUTS] in a crate.  The averagely locked door leads to a different path,
    but instead, head up the regular stairwell and check the southern shelves on
    the 1st floor to find an [AMMO BOX], [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS (x6)] and [RAILWAY
    SPIKES x2].
    Head upstairs and you'll be in the room with the Sattelite Uplink Terminal.  The
    doors here are all locked (averagely), but you can unlock them with the Security
    Terminal in the NW corner.  There's a [FIRST AID BOX] next to this door.
    At any rate, login to the Sattelite Uplink Terminal and select your target with
    'Fire Payload'. Although it appears you can select up to five targets (including
    Megaton, Project Purity and Rivet City), only two can actually be selected,
    which are #1 The Citadel (of the Brotherhood), and #5 Adams AFB Platform.
    Depending on which you choose, your rewards will vary.  I personally don't like
    to see The Citadel in ashes, but scroll down for the rewards and make the tough
    Optionally explore the area behind the northern door and head downstairs to find
    three [AMMO BOXES], [3x FLAMER FUEL], [FIRST AID BOX x2], [RADAWAY x3], and a
    [PSYCHO] in some shelves.  There are more supplies around the corner: [PULSE
    MINE x2], [FIRST AID BOX], [AMMO BOX x5], [RAD-X] and [BUFFOUT].
    Head upstairs again and explore the last corridor for two [AMMO BOXES] and a
    [FIRST AID BOX] (which all look like Enclave Crates), and head outside through
    the southern door.  Hop onto the Vertibird and you'll get to see the ending of
    Broken Steel.  Depending on your choice it is one of these two:
    1. The Vertibird makes a quick stop at a landing platform to give everyone a
       chance to look at the fireworks raining down on the Mobile Crawler of the
       Enclave.  You're transported to The Citadel afterwards, and you're given 
       great honor by Elder Lyons.
    2. The Vertibird heads for The Citadel.  Upon finding a large smoking crater
       there, all Brotherhood of Steel members turn against you, and you're never
       able to do any more quests for them.  The only bright side is that you now
       have access to the armory.  Head down the crater of The Citadel to enter it.
    The Citadel Armory contains the following supplies:  [TESLA CANNON x2], [AMMO
    (x12) x5], [LASER RIFLE x3], 10MM ROUND (x12) x3], [5.56MM ROUNDS (x24) x4],
    [PLASMA GRENADE x4], [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS (x24) x3], [5MM ROUNDS (x100) x2],
    [MINI NUKE x3], [MISSILE x10], [LASER PISTOL x2], [ENERGY CELL (x20) x5], and
    in the other, smaller adjacent armory (loot the key from the initiate): [FIRST
    Note: The unique [CALLAHAN'S MAGNUM] is found in a safe in one of the destroyed
          offices.  Search the rooms and open the safe to find it.
        |[DLC-1.4] Broken Steel Unmarked Quests                               |
    1. Fixing Liberty Prime:
    Ask Scribe Rothchild what you can do to help the Brotherhood, and he'll request
    that you search for Sensor Modules and Camera's (Yeah, I know.. WTF?) to help
    fixing Liberty Prime.  You'll get the following rewards for each:
                           |Item Name:   |Reward:          |
                           |Sensor Module| 75 Caps + 10 EXP|
                           |Camera       |100 Caps + 25 EXP|
    2. Mutant Blood Samples:
    This quest is given by Paladin Tristan, and he requires Super Mutant Blood 
    Samples.  For every one you retrieve you'll get 50 Caps and 10 EXP.
    3. Sorry, My Darling:
    You'll find a holotape with this name at the end of the presidential tubes.
    Take a listen to it and make your way La Maison Beauregard, a building located
    in Georgetown East.  You'll encounter Lag-Bolt, who comes equipped with
    Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor, Lag-Bolt's Shades, and the key to a nearby suitcase in
    which you can find All-Nighter Nightwear.
        |[DLC-1.5] Broken Steel Miscellaneous Quests                          |
    Head over to Jefferson Memorial (the purifier) and enter the gift shop to talk
    with Scribe Bigsley.  He'll give you two different quests, both involving Aqua
    Pura.  While you're at Jefferson Memorial, check the shelves on the left of the
    first intersection to find three [AMMO BOXES] and a [FIRST AID BOX].
        |[DLC-1.5.1] Holy Water                                               |
    |ITEMS: [] Monastery Key.                                                      |
    |                                                                              |
    |ENEMIES: o Atom's Champion    o Sun of Atom    o Brother Gerard               |
    |         o Mother Curie III                                                   |
    |                                                                              |
    |QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP + 300 Bottle Caps.                                      |
    |                                                                              |
    This Quest is not available if you blew up Megaton during The Power of the Atom.
    Fast travel to Megaton and watch the dialog between a woman named Rosa, and the
    Water Beggar.  She'll hand him some Holy Water and upon drinking it, the man
    instantly dies.  Inquire about the situation and head for the location as given
    by your quest marker.
    You'll encounter a dubious character named Brother Gerard.  Drink the Holy Water
    that he gives you and speak with him.  In order to get past Gerard you can do
    three things:
    1. Pass the Speech Challenge.
    2. Become irradiated.
    3. Kill him and loot the key.
    I suggest #1 or #2.  If you're opting for #2, head inside the building and flip
    the switch for the Radiation Generator.  Stand next to it for a bit until you
    get radiation poisoning and speak to Gerard again who'll give you the [MONASTERY
    KEY].  Enter by opening the wooden floor hatch in the corner (check your marker)
    that leads to the Eternal Light Monastery.
    Inside, talk to Mother Curie III.  It once again comes down to three options:
    1. Pass the Speech Challenge or Charisma Check.
    2. Get irradiated to very high levels and convince her that you are the Prohet
       of Atom.
    3. Kill everyone.
    Note that a powerful Feral Ghoul Reaver called Atom's Champion, and a Glowing
    One named Sun of Atom reside in the basement.  Both will turn hostile when you
    start killing people.  It doesn't cost you any karma should you decide this.
    Regardless of what you do, report back to Scribe Bigsley after dealing with the
    cult and he'll hand you the quest reward.
        |[DLC-1.5.2] Protecting the Water Way                                 |
    |ITEMS: ---                                                                    |
    |                                                                              |
    |ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier     o Bandit      o Split Jack                     |
    |                                                                              |
    |QUEST REWARD: 300 XP + Gatling Laser, Electron Charge Pack x32, Plasma Pistol,|
    |              Energy Cell x16, Enclave Power Armor, Enclave Power Helmet.     |
    |                                                                              |
    Speak to Scribe Bigsley again and inquire about Rivet City's caravans.  Head 
    over to Rivet City and speak to Officer Lepelletier (outside) to get your quest
    Looks like caravans keep getting robbed by bandits and she wants you to do
    something about it.  Fast travel to Dukov's Place (kill any nearby Enclave and
    Bandits) and make your way to the quest marker.  The caravan here will be 
    assaulted by Bandits (or you may just stumble upon a few bandits).  Waste them
    and loot the holotape from their bodies.
    Head for Wilhelm's Wharf afterwards (where your quest marker points at now),
    kill Split Jack and his Bandit buddies (or play along - the password is Mirelurk
    Stew) and report back to Officer Lepellier and Scribe Bigsley respectively to
    fetch your (lame) reward.
    Note: Alternatively, if you join the bandits (after saying the password and
          equipping the Metal Armor and Helmet), head back to Lepelletier to talk
          about a protection contract.  Blackmail her for 500 caps by succeeding a
          Speech Challenge.  You can, by the way, fight Split Jack one on one by
          talking to him about this after joining the gang.  The others will not
          interfere with the battle when you stick to the chosen weapon.  If one of
          your followers interferes with the battle they will all become hostile,
        |[DLC-1.5.3] The Amazing Aqua Cura                                    |
    |ITEMS: [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] First Aid Box, [] Aqua Cura Bottles.          |
    |                                                                              |
    |ENEMIES: o Ghoul Guard                                                        |
    |                                                                              |
    |QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP + Caps.                                                 |
    |                                                                              |
    The following ways are available for starting this quest:
    1. Speech Challenge Scribe Bigsley.
    2. Hack Scribe Bigsley's terminal and look through all entries.
    3. Talk to a character named Griffon in the Museum of History.
    Either way, Griffon can be found at the entrance of Underworld, located inside
    the Museum of History (which in turn can be found at The Mall).  Talking to him
    doesn't reveal all that much, but his water seems to be irradiated and it's
    certainly not curing anything.  After talking to Bigsley again, fast travel to
    The Mall and locate the Museum Authority Building southwest of the Washington
    Museum Authority Building:
    Search the restroom to the east to find a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] on one of the
    toilets.  As you tread through the office area you'll encounter a Ghoul Guard,
    hired by Griffon.  They are always hostile, so kill them - there should be three
    of them.
    The area doesn't house many useful items, but you can find a [FIRST AID BOX] in
    the NE restroom on this floor.  Head down the stairs to the NW and go all the
    way down.  You'll find Griffon's Bottling Instuctions beween the bathtubs,
    although you've probably also found the note on one of the guards.  Check the
    cabinet to find several pre-war outfits and a few rare Wigs (try equipping one
    and speak to Griffon!).  Head back to Griffon at Underworld.
    When confronting him with the truth, you'll be give three options:
    1. Blackmail him for either a one-time-only 300 Caps, or a weekly profit from
       the caps he makes by selling the Aqua Cura.  If you go for 20/80, you'll only
       get 80 Caps every time you drop by.  Logically, this means that passing the
       Speech Challenge for 50/50 makes him give 200 Caps a week, so that might be
       worth your trouble.
    2. Have him confess to the crowd that the water is irradiated.
    3. Have him sell the real Aqua Pura from now on, and you won't tell anyone about
       his dirty little secrets.
    This concludes the quest.  If you want to make money fairly quickly (legally),
    just use the wait function to keep getting money from Griffon.
                             II) EXCLUSIVE EQUIPMENT [EQP]
                        U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N ! !
                                  Exclusive Weapons:
    |Name:               | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF| SPR|CRIT|CDMG|Weapon Type|
    |Heavy Incinerator   |    | 15| 24| 50|112| YES| ?? | ?? | YES|  60|Big Guns   |
    |Tesla Cannon        |    |  8|  1| 37|120|  NO| ?? | ?? | YES| 240|Energy     |
    |Tri-Beam Laser Rifle|    |  9| 24| 23| 75|  NO| ?? | ?? | YES| 112|Energy     |
    |Precision Gatling L.|3000| 18|240| 30|127| YES| ?? | ?? | YES| 508|Big Guns   |
    |Callahan's Magnum   |    |  4|  6| 25| 65|  NO| ?? | ?? | YES| 110|Magnum     |
    |Rapid-Torch Flamer  |    | 15| 60| 50|   | YES| ?? | ?? | YES|  x4|Big Guns   |
    |Slo-Burn Flamer     |    | 15| 60| 50|175| YES| ?? | ?? | YES| 700|Big Guns   |
    o Heavy Incinerator uses Flamer Fuel and fires them as projectiles, unlike
      regular Flamethrowers.  You can acquire a Heavy Incinerator by nagging it from
      one of the many Hellfire Enclave Troopers.  There are especially many Troopers
      at Adams Air Force Base.
    o The Tesla Cannon can be found in the Resupply Crate upon your entrance at
      Adams Air Force Base.
                                 Exclusive Equipment:
    |Name:                        | VAL|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:              |
    |Hellfire Power Armor         |1000| 40|  2000| 50|STR +1, Fire Resistance +30,|
    |                             |    |   |      |   |Radiation Resistance +15    |
    |Composite Recon Helmet       |  40|  3|    70|  4|+1 PER                      |
    |Lag-Bolt's Shades            |   8|  0|   150|  1|+3 Lockpick, +3 Sneak       |
    |Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor      | 400| 30|   500| 38|+10 AP, +10 Big Guns        |
    |All-Nighter Nightwear        | 200|  1|   100|  1|+1 CHR, +1 END              |
    |Police Hat                   |   8|  1|   150|  1|                            |
    |Wig                          |  20|  1|   100|  1|                            |
    o The Hellfire Power Armor is arguably one of the best armors in the game due to
      its high DR and Fire Resistance.  Besides, stat boosts have become useless
      because of the 'Almost Perfect' Perk.  
    o The Composite Recon Helmet is a unique Recon Armor Helmet that worn by the
      Armory Master in the Launch Platform Base area, nearby the armory.
    o Lag-Bolt's Shades and Combat Armor are equipped by Lag-Bolt, who you'll 
      encounter during the unmarked quest, given by the Sorry, My Darling Holotape.
      Lag-Bolt resides in La Maison Beauregard, which is in turn located at
      Georgetown East.
    o All-Nighter Nightwear can be found in a suitcase while pursuing the info on 
      the Sorry, My Darling Holotape.
    o The Police Hat can be found near a skeleton in the Presidential Metro tubes.
    o Wigs can be found in a cabinet in the Museum Authority Building's basement.
      They are more or less part of the miscellaneous quest 'The Amazing Aqua Cura'.
                                Other Exclusive Items:
    |Name:                      | VAL|WGT|ADDICTION|Added Effects:                 |
    |Aqua Cura                  |  10|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +6             |
    |Aqua Pura                  |   0|  1|    NO   |Health +20                     |
    |Aqua Pura (Modified FEV)   |   0|  1|    NO   |-2 STR, -1 INT                 |
    |Holy Water                 |   0|  1|    NO   |Health +20, Rads +20           |
    |Holy Water (Modified FEV)  |   0|  1|    NO   |-2 STR, -2 INT, Rads +20       |
                                Exclusive Quest Items:
    |Name:                      | VAL|WGT|ADDICTION|Added Effects:                 |
    |Deathclaw Control Scrambler|   0|  0|   ---   |Befriends Controlled Deathclaws|
    |Main Fuse                  |   0|  0|   ---   |                               |
    |Senate Employee ID         |   0|  0|   ---   |                               |
    |Super Mutant Blood Sample  |   1|  0|   ---   |                               |
    |Tesla Coil                 |   0|  3|   ---   |                               |
                              III) EXCLUSIVE PERKS [EPK]
                                   |Level 22 Perks:|
    Deep Sleep: 1 Rank
    Requirements: ---
    Useful: NO
    'This Perk will get you the "Well Rested" bonus in any bed you sleep, instead of
    just your own bed in your house.  The Well Rested bonus grants +10% Exp, so it's
    hardly worth getting this Perk for.
    Puppies!: 1 Rank
    Requirements: ---
    Useful: MAYBE
    With this perk, Dogmeat will reincarnate as a puppy whenever he dies and you'll
    be able to get him back at certain places, such as Vault 101's entrance.  If you
    are a big fan of Dogmeat and at the same time very reckless (which is an odd
    combination to say the least), then this Perk might be something for you.
    Quantum Chemist: 1 Rank
    Requirements: Science 70+
    Useful: MAYBE
    When you have this Perk, for every 10 Nuka Cola's you acquire, they will 
    automatically be converted into a Nuka Cola Quantum.  Cute, but if you've 
    already done this quest then it is nothing to write home about.
                                   |Level 24 Perks:|
    Devil's Highway: 1 Rank
    Requirements: [Karma not Very Evil]
    Useful: NO
    This Perk automatically sets your karma to Very Evil.  It's not worth it to 
    spend a precious Level on this Perk, as there are other ways of attaining this.
    Escalator to Heaven: 1 Rank
    Requirements: [Karma not Very Good]
    Useful: NO
    This Perk automatically sets your karma to Very Good.  It's not worth it to 
    spend a precious Level on this Perk, as there are other ways of attaining this.
    Karmic Rebalance: 1 Rank
    Requirements: [Karma not neutral]
    Useful: NO
    This Perk automatically sets your karma to Neutral.  It's not worth it to 
    spend a precious Level on this Perk, as there are other ways of attaining this.
    No Weaknesses: 1 Rank
    Requirements: ---
    Useful: NO
    This Perk puts all SPECIAL stats that were below 5 points, now to 5.  Higher
    stats remain the same.  It's completely blown away by a Level 30 Perk called
    'Almost Perfect', which makes this Perk useless altogether.
                                   |Level 26 Perks:|
    Nerves of Steel: 1 Rank
    Requirements: AGL = 7+
    Useful: YES
    This Perk increases your AP regeneration rate. If you already have Grim Reaper's
    Sprint then the usefulness of this Perk can be questioned.  On the other hand,
    it makes for a killer combination should it happen that you didn't immediately
    managed to kill a powerful enemy.
    Rad Tolerance: 1 Rank
    Requirements: END = 7+
    Useful: NO
    You will no longer suffer from minor radiation poisoning.  This is one of the
    worst Perks ever, to be quite honest.
    Warmonger: 1 Rank
    Requirements: INT = 7+
    Useful: NO
    All custom weapon schematics are added to your inventory. While it *is* actually
    pretty nifty to get all the schematics for free at once ... You most likely 
    already have all of them, making this Perk completely useless at this point.
    Even if you're missing some schematics, it's hardly worth it to sacrifice a Perk
    on this.
                                   |Level 28 Perks:|
    Party Boy/Girl: 1 Rank
    Requirements: ---
    Useful: MAYBE
    With this Perk you never have any alcohol withdrawal. This allows you to
    infinitely benefit from the effects of alcoholic beverages.  These always lower
    your INT by -1 and increase your STR +1 and CHR +1.  You'll have to decide for
    yourself whether or not you like this shift in stats, although the Charisma 
    increase isn't all that useful.
    Rad Absorption: 1 Rank
    Requirements: END = 7+
    Useful: NO
    While it sounds really awesome, by the time you reach Level 28 you'll have TONS
    of RadAway in your inventory, rendering this Perk completely useless.
                                   |Level 30 Perks:|
    Almost Perfect: 1 Rank
    Requirements: ---
    Useful: YES
    All SPECIAL stats are set to 9.  If you have bobbleheads then these will not 
    make the stat totals 10.  Instead, collect the 7 SPECIAL bobbleheads after 
    getting this Perk to get a perfect character concerning stats.  This Perk does
    not lower any stats that already are at 10, BUT if you have the Lucky 8 Ball on
    you while selecting this perk, and unequip the Lucky 8 Ball, then your base stat
    will only be at 8.  Solve this by unequipping the 8 Ball before choosing this
    Nuclear Anomaly: 1 Rank
    Requirements: ---
    Useful: YES
    When your HP gets below 20 you'll explode, doing tremendous damage to everything
    around you.  This means that you can only die if something kills you by doing
    20+ damage, as the blast does not kill your character - in fact it heals you.
    The more irradiated you are, the more you get healed. 
                                   | Perks Paths:  |
    This section is about making a very powerful balanced character, keeping in mind
    that the Broken Steel adds ten new levels and fourteen new Perks.  Because both
    Level 30 Perks are useful, there are two possible lists.  Read on.
    This list will not require any Intense Training, and if you pick up the SPECIAL
    Bobbleheads only AFTER making it to Level 30, you can have a truly perfect
    character as far as SPECIAL stats go.  Also, this list assumes you're a female
    and take the Black Widow perk, since it is REALLY good (+10% damage against ALL
    male NPC's?  Including Enclave?  Yes!  That's *wicked*.)
    Important Note: Furthermore, Comprehension is no longer necessary, although you
                    *MUST* to start with Intelligence at 9 to get those skills
                    jacked up.  There's not a lot of room for error, so you can't
                    "overboost" many skills (only Lockpick, I'd say).  With "over-
                    boosting" I mean that you can't go above around 45 points or so,
                    because you'll need to get 25 Skill Points from the Skill Books,
                    you'll want to figure in the other bonuses you get from stats,
                    and the same goes for the boosts you get from Bobbleheads.
    SPECIAL Stats:
    Assuming you take Almost Perfect (and leave the bobbleheads alone until you have
    taken this perk), your stats will all end up being 10's.  Start out with 9 INT
    to ensure the maximum amount of skill points.  Here's a short breakdown of how
    many points you need to get, and how many points you're going to find.
    Regardless of the fact that your stats will be perfect in the end, you MUST
    start out with the following stats if you want to be able to fulful all the 
    stat-requirements that come with the following list:
        Starting Stats:  STR: 6, PER: 6, END: 6, CHR: 1, INT: 9, AGL: 7, LCK: 5
    I repeat, you MUST start with these stats or you might not be able to take some
    of the perks mentioned in the list below due to not having reached the stats
    requirements of the perk.
    Note: While your base LCK is at 5, you *are* allowed to boost this to 6 with
          the Luck Bobblehead in order to get the requirement for the Better
          Criticals Perk at Level 16.  After reaching level 30 and selecting the
          Almost Perfect Perk you can place the Lucky 8 Ball in your inventory to
          boost your Luck one last point, up to 10.
    Other Important Requirements:
    Be sure to have the following skills at the following levels in order to pass
    the requirements for the perk list below.  Please do NOT just boost them
    regularly or you will NOT be able to max out all skills.  Instead, start hunting
    skill books for these skills very early on to ensure that you can reach these
    levels in time.  Remember, this is not about convenience, it's about maxing 
    everything.  Nobody said it was easy, and no one ever said it would be so hard,
    so that's why I'm telling you now.
    Note: It may be helpful to tag Science at the GOAT test.
    - Science at 40 points    [Do this at or before Level  4]
    - Explosives at 50 points [Do this at or before Level 10]
    - Sneak at 60 points      [Do this at or before Level 12]
    - Science at 60 points    [Do this at or before Level 13]
    - Medicine at 60 points   [Do this at or before Level 13]
    - Explosives at 60 points [Do this at or before Level 14]
    - Unarmed at 70 points    [Do this at or before Level 17]
    - Sneak at 80 points      [Do this at or before Level 20]
    - Melee at 80 points      [Do this at or before Level 20]
    Skill Points:
    TOTAL AMOUNT REQUIRED: 13 Skills * 100 Points p/Skill = 1300 POINTS.
    Levelling up 29 times with 9 INT will net you 551 points.
    You get 25 * 13 = 325 points from skill books (without comprehension).
    You get 13 * 10 = 130 points from skill bobbleheads.
    You get 26 points from SPECIA bobbleheads.
    You get 65 points from Luck at value 10.
    You get 45 points from tagging three skills at the GOAT test.
    You get 20 points from Cyborg/Silent Running perks.
    You get 9 points from Covert Ops perk (Operation Anchorage only).
    You get 216 points in total from your SPECIA stats at value 9 (as we have 
    already calculated the Bobbleheads value).
    Note: You can also grab the Daddy's Boy/Girl perk at Level 3 if you don't care 
          much about the +10% EXP you get from Swift Learner.  This nets you 10 
          Skill Points.  The +5 Science Boost will help you get Entomologist at
          Level 5, as it requires 40 Science.
    This already puts our total at 1397 possible skill points. You could furthermore
    abuse tricks such as the Big Guns skill book respawn trick (and thus no need to
    ever boost that skill manually, saving another 30 points or so).
    So let's play it safe and say that you have about 80 points to spare.  This will
    allow you to boost Lockpick to 75 (just for convenience purposes), and it also
    allows for a slight boost towards high skill requirements such as Unarmed at 70
    on Level 17, and Sneak/Melee at 80 on Level 20.  Don't boost everything, mainly
    fill the gap with skill points from Skill Books, and only use your "spare"
    points when you're running out of options.
    The Perks List:
    Level 2:  Black Widow
    Level 3:  Daddy's Boy/Girl [Nothing better available!]
    Level 4:  Iron Fist (1)
    Level 5:  Entomologist
    Level 6:  Toughness
    Level 7:  Bloody Mess
    Level 8:  Strong Back
    Level 9:  Commando
    Level 10: Finesse
    Level 11: Demolition Expert (1)
    Level 12: Sniper
    Level 13: Silent Running
    Level 14: Cyborg
    Level 15: Pyromaniac
    Level 16: Action Boy
    Level 17: Better Criticals
    Level 18: Paralyzing Palm
    Level 19: Robotics Expert
    Level 20: Grim Reaper's Sprint
    Level 21: Ninja
    Level 22: Iron Fist (2)
    Level 23: Iron Fist (3)
    Level 24: Life Giver
    Level 25: Demolition Expert (2)
    Level 26: Nerves of Steel
    Level 27: Gunslinger
    Level 28: Demolition Expert (3)
    Level 29: [Choice: Puppies!/Quantum Chemist]
    Level 30: Almost Perfect
    Closing words: This is one of the most powerful builds in the game, hands down.
    There is no longer a need to do Intense Trainings or Comprehension, which saves
    several slots, and with the addition of 10 levels there is room to expand on
    melee and explosives abilities, along with other great perks you had to leave
    behind otherwise, such as Life Giver.
    Perks Left Behind Analysis:
    Let's take a look at what we left behind, and whether we should feel bad about
    it or not:
    o At Level 2 we leave [Intense Training], [Gun Nut], [Little Leager] and [Thief]
      behind.  Since Almost Perfect at Level 30 makes Intense Training obsolete.
      While you could choose [Swift Learner] at this point, it's probably better to
      choose Daddy's Boy/Girl since it gives you 10 free skill points which you
      might just need, while Swift Learner is mainly convenience since it nets you
      +10% extra EXP for everything you gain EXP with.
    o At Level 4 we leave [Child at Heart], [Comprehension], [Educated] and
      [Scoundrel] behind.  Comprehension is no longer necessary for a maximum
      investment in skill points and Educated never was.  Scoundrel only boosts
      skill points, so there's no harm done there either by leaving it.  Child at
      Heart is actually the only perk at this level that has a few decent benefits
      we won't get by leaving it behind.  On the other hand, most of the speech
      challenges can be won through other means, and there aren't many children in
      the game, let alone unique options through Child at Heart.
    o At Level 6 we leave [Fortune Finder] and [Lead Belly] behind.  We certainly
      postpone most other perks such as Demolition 2 & 3 and Gunslinger, but those
      are nailed eventually.  Since Lead Belly only decreases the radiation
      poisoning you get from using sinks, toilets and the like it isn't useful.
      Fortune Finder sounds good but you won't need all that much Bottle Caps when
      you're all-powerful at level 30.  Selling ammo nets you plenty enough caps.
    o At Level 8 we leave [Impartial Mediation] alone since all it does is increase
      your Speech Challenge chances by +30%.  We also ignore [Rad Resistance] since
      it has no added value at all.  We also leave [Scrounger] alone, which is fine
      as well - it only increases the amounts of ammo you find in boxes.  Handy, but
      not more than that and there's plenty of ammo around in Fallout 3.  We also
      ignore [Size Matters] since it only boosts skill points.
    o At Level 10 we actually leave a useful perk behind for a change: [Animal 
      Friend] will cause Dogs, Brahmins, Mole Rats *and* Yao Guai to not attack you
      at Rank 1 of the perk, and at the 2nd rank they'll even assist you in battle
      (just not against their own kind).  Admittedly this is a handy feat, but only
      Yao Guai are noteworthy allies, and spending two ranks on this perk just for
      that is too much.  If we were talking about Albino Radscorpions on the other
      hand .. :p .. But that's not the case!
      Naturally, we also skip [Here and Now], which only instantly grants a LevelUp.
      Then there's [Mister Sandman] that we'll ignore.  While the concept is pretty
      cool, there's no real reason you'd need to kill *humans* in their *sleep*.
      We also leave [Mysterious Stranger] alone, another decent perk - since it
      kills enemies that you target in VATS when they have 150 HP or less, but only
      with a 10% chance.  Grim Reaper's Sprint makes this perk a bit obsolete when
      you think about it, because that instantly replenishes your AP when you kill
      an enemy - and if the enemy survives (90% chance if Mysterious Stranger does
      not show up) there's no party pie for you, only an angry Overlord!
      [Nerd Rage] is totally worthless.  You'll reach 10 Strength permanently on 
      your own, and you'll get so close to the maximum amount of DR (85) that this
      perk only increases your DR around 5 points or so.  And of course, only when
      your HP is lower than 20%.
      Then there's [Night Person] that increases your INT and PER +2 points whenever
      the sun is down (18:00 - 06:00).  You'll reach max stats in the end anyway,
      making this perk obsolete.
    o At Level 12 we leave [Cannibal] and [Fast Metabolism].  While Cannibal is
      nothing to mourn about (25 Health and -1 Karma when you feast on corpses..?),
      Fast Metabolism is not completely useless: It does increase the effectiveness
      of Stimpaks by +20%.  Then again you'll find plenty of Stimpaks and they'll
      start healing enough when you get stronger.
    o Level 14 has [Adamantium Skeleton] that we ignore.  Limbs take 50% less damage
      but there's not much point when you get stabbed and shot in the chest.  Then
      there's [Chemist] which prolonges the effects of chems by 2x.  Yes, that's
      actually another useful perk that we'll have to leave behind.  Most chems are
      not worth using, but others (such as Psycho and Yao Guai Meat that boost your
      damage) can be nice to have - 20% additional damage is a lot on powerful
      [Contract Killer] and [Lawbringer] aren't even remotely useful other than
      giving a unique peek at some new dialog.  Their rewards are poor: 5 caps for
      killing either a good or evil characters.
      We also ignore [Light Step] - which doesn't really matter - and [Master
      Trader], which is nothing more than a fun addition.  The 25% lower prices at
      shops doesn't compare to ther other useful perks however.
    o At Level 16 we don't leave much behind: Only [Chem Resistant], which decreases
      the chance to get addicted to chems by 50%, and [Tag!], another worthless perk
      that boosts 15 skill points - a useless effort at this point (or any point
      when you're maxing power) of the game.
    o At Level 18 we leave [Computer Whiz] and [Infiltrator], both worthless perks
      that assume you suck ass at lockpicking and/or hacking.  They also assume you
      never reload anyway when you get locked out of something.  [Concentrated Fire]
      isn't good either, as it has a very low increase in accuracy when targetting
      enemy limbs.  Yup, it's lame.
    o At Level 20 we leave [Explorer] behind.  It's not useless at all, but simply
      because you can explore all locations yourself (and we're attempting a max
      character here) it's not helping our goal.  We also skip Grim Re.. Oh, Heh.
      We also skip [Solar Powered], of which the +2 STR increase has no uses when
      you reach 10 STR, and the +1 HP increase every 10 seconds in sunlight is ..
      little to say the least (get it?).
    o Level 22 has [Deep Sleep] which we'll skip (I mean, the "Well Rested" status
      isn't even that great, and you'll reach level 30 anyway).  You'll have to 
      choose later between [Puppies!] and [Quantum Chemist]. 
      I personally find [Puppies!] a bit of a paradox, unless you're aiming to make
      things easier on yourself.  See, if you're a careful gamer and save a lot then
      you can simply reload should Dogmeat die (or just not bring him along all the
      time), and this the perk is useless.  And if you're a reckless gamer that
      doesn't care about these things, then you probably have little interest in
      maxing everything out.  [Quantum Chemist] allows you to create Nuka Cola
      Quantums out of every 10 regular Nuka Cola's (which is still a pretty big
      amount).  Since you can use Quantums in Nuka-Grenades (powerful suckers), and
      Quantums are normally limited, it could be a useful perk to have.  Then again,
      regular Nuka-Cola's *are* also limited, there's just more of them.  It does
      cost 10 to create just one Quantum, so decide for yourself..
    o Level 24 has no useful perks when we pick Almost Perfect at Level 30.  The 3
      karmic perks [Devil's Highway], [Escalator to Heaven] and [Karmic Rebalance]
      aren't useless (feel free to get the achievements/trophy's with these by 
      picking them at level 30 (save beforehand!).  [No Weakness] doesn't compare to
      Almost Perfect.
    o Level 26 has [Rad Tolerance] and [Warmonger] that we'll skip.  Rad Tolerance
      is probably one of the worst perks ever, especially this high up, and
      Warmonger just isn't a good perk either since you can collect all custom
      weapon schematics yourself.
    o Level 28 has two more useless perks: There's no reason to take [Party Boy]
      (or to consume alcohol for that matter) when you have max stats. 
      [Rad Absorption] is just crap as well, no need to detail it - you'll have tons
      of RadAway at this point.  If you don't then you just suck at Fallout 3. :p
    o And Level 30 forces us to choose between Almost Perfect and [Nuclear Anomaly].
      I'd personally go with Almost Perfect (hence this in-depth list) simply
      because Nuclear Anomaly doesn't work well on higher difficulties.  Besides,
      read the following example to illustrate its relative uselessness:
      Example: You're Level 30 (and thus very powerful), you have tough armor, good
      weapons and plenty of life.  You chose for Nuclear Anomaly - and remember that
      it blows everything up around you when under 20 HP, and heals you with your
      You suddenly run into two Albino Radschorpions and Fawkes isn't nearby, he
      just happened to glitch behind some cliffs and still needs to respawn.  Crap!
      The Albinos stab you like crazy, wankers that they are, and they instantly
      kill you because they inflict more than 20 damage per hit.  You die.
      Assuming you don't die from regular Raiders anymore (or any other weak enemies
      for that matter), this perk would only be useful against the stronger foes,
      but it is especially those stronger enemies against which it's the *least*
      likely to be effective against.
      Furthermore, only when you're playing on lower difficulties (Very Easy) and
      thus need the perk the least, it will work the most.  And the higher the
      difficulty (the more you need it), the less it'll work.  Shame, ain't it?
      So I choose Almost Perfect. And then make a Perfect Stats Character. ;)
      There are a few perks that have their remote uses which we have to ignore, and
      a ton of perks that are useless altogether.  Here's a short summary on those
      that are *completely* worthless (in THIS build!) and those that have *some* 
      value to some people:
      [Intense Training], [Gun Nut], [Little Leager], [Thief], [Comprehension],
      [Educated], [Lead Belly], [Impartial Mediation], [Rad Resistance], [Here and
      Now], [Mister Sandman], [Nerd Rage], [Night Person], [Cannibal], [Lawbringer],
      [Contract Killer], [Tag!], [Computer Whiz], [Infiltrator], [Explorer], [Deep
      Sleep], [Devil's Highway], [Escalator to Heaven], [Karmic Rebalance], [No
      Weakness], [Rad Tolerance], [Warmonger], [Party Boy], [Rad Absorption].
      Some Usefulness:
      [Child at Heart], [Scoundrel], [Fortune Finder], [Impartial Mediation], [Rad
      Resistance], [Scrounger], [Animal Friend], [Mysterious Stranger], [Fast 
      Metabolism], [Adamantium Skeleton], [Chemist], [Light Step], [Chem Resistance]
      [Concentrated Fire], [Explorer], [Solar Powered], [Nuclear Anomaly.
      And lastly, a choice between [Puppies!] and [Quantum Chemist].  That's it!
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This list has NOT been field tested yet and is purely theory
                    right now.  Therefore, ERRORS MAY STILL EXIST.  I would NOT
                    recommend this list to anyone except those who just like to
                    tweak their character for fun.  This is not meant for any
                    "ultimate" character builds.  Not yet, at least.
    Well, the list changes due to your SPECIAL stats not being maxed out.  It's
    certainly more of a hassle doing things this way, and I wouldn't recommend it to
    anyone to be quite honest if it weren't for Nuclear Anomaly.  Keep in mind that
    Nuclear Anomaly is not very useful when you're playing on harder difficulties,
    simply because enemies are more likely to inflict 20 damage and thus kill you
    before the perk gets a chance to blow everything to smithereens.
    What we're going to do is take the No Weakness Perk at Level 24 while we start
    with the following stats:
        STR: 8, PER: 1, END: 8, CHR: 1, INT: 7, AGL: 8, LCK: 7.
    Don't get any boosts for Perception (don't do the quest 'Those!'), or for
    Charisma for that matter.  After that level, pump in 4x Intense Training into
    STR, AGL, END, and PER.
    Ending Stats (with Ranger Armor and Lucky 8 Ball):
        STR: 10, PER: 7, END: 10, CHR: 6, INT: 8, AGL: 10, LCK: 10.
    The List:
    Level 2:  Black Widow
    Level 3:  Swift Learner (Nothing better available!)
    Level 4:  Iron Fist (1)
    Level 5:  Entomologist
    Level 6:  Toughness
    Level 7:  Bloody Mess
    Level 8:  Strong Back
    Level 9:  Commando
    Level 10: Finesse
    Level 11: Demolition Expert (1)
    Level 12: Sniper
    Level 13: Silent Running
    Level 14: Cyborg
    Level 15: Pyromaniac
    Level 16: Action Boy
    Level 17: Better Criticals
    Level 18: Paralyzing Palm
    Level 19: Robotics Expert
    Level 20: Grim Reaper's Sprint
    Level 21: Ninja
    Level 22: [Choice: Life Giver or Iron Fist]
    Level 23: Iron Fist (2)
    Level 24: No Weakness
    Level 25: Intense Training
    Level 26: Nerves of Steel
    Level 27: Intense Training
    Level 28: Intense Training
    Level 29: Intense Training
    Level 30: Nuclear Anomaly
    Please note that this list may be subject to change when someone finds a better
    rearrangement.  There is no such thing as a perfect character, although there
    are better and worse builds.  It is a process of tweaking, so keep multiple
    save files and tweak like crazy to find your own personalized god-like
    character, while using the above lists as guidance.
                                  IV) VERSION HISTORY
    • 0.80 [06 May 2009]
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    o First release.  Still on time to a fair extent. :)
    • 1.00 [07 May 2009]
    ====== =============
    o Finished the Main Quests and Unmarked Quests.
    o Added Perk Advice Section for Broken Steel.  Subject to change!
    • 1.01 [11 May 2009]
    ====== =============
    o More equipment and weapons added.
    o Miscellaneous quests added.
    • 1.05 [01 June 2009]
    ====== ==============
    o Added heavy analysis sections regarding perk selection.
    o Added a section on the hidden prototype Tesla Cannon.
                                      V) CREDITS
    Main Credits:
    o Dennis/Richard: For maintaining Supercheats.
    o Absolute Steve: For writing this FAQ, all rights reserved.
    o My Readers:     For any feedback, donations, and for reading this!
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