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Key/Unlockable Guide by Slateman

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/05/2010

Document:   SX2:FP Key Location & Unlockables Guide
Game:       Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype
Platform:   Sony Playstation 3
Developer:  SideQuest Studios
Publisher:  EastAsiaSoft

Author:     Slateman (slateman@godflesh.com)
Version:    1.1
Date:       5th June, 2010

Intro / Overview

I had a real hard time with the first Söldner-X game, even as a seasoned
shmup veteran.  Part 2 makes it a *lot* easier, but with the bonuses and 
unlockables, I still find it a very fun game.

This guide will discuss all the unlockable items.  Keys, stages, weapons,
challenges, leveling up, credits & trophies.  I hope you find it useful and
please see the credits at the bottom.  This guide wouldn't have been 
possible without the help of many!

Table Of Contents

Section A:     Key Location List 
Section B:     Unlockables
Section C:     Challenges
Section D:     Leveling Up 
Section E:     Trophies
Section F:     Credits
Section G:     Legal Stuff

Revision Notes

1.1      Several new Challenges & Level-Up info
         General clean-up and corrections
         ++ Need final key locations
         ++ What are the names and requirements for remaining weapons?
         ++ Need final challenge unlock requirements & bonuses
         ++ Extra Hard Mode - Can continues be used?
1.0      First document


A:   Key Location List 

You may check the Awards menu to see a list of the keys you've discovered
and which you've missed.  

You will receive the word Complete over your key list to indicate you've 
received 4 of the 5 keys.  By collecting all 5, it will read Ultimate.

You can merely collect the main 4 to complete the game, though, the last
ones are optional.

Finally, when returning to collect missed keys, once you collect one on any
level, you may quit immediately and still gain credit for the key.

Note About Appearances

Some of these keys have specific requirements to have them appear.  These
are noted below.  For any that require you to have a ranking of B, you may
attempt to collect these while playing the Action Fan challenge, as it 
locks you into a B ranking.  This mode will ensure these keys will appear.

Other keys are simply random.  I sought the fifth key on level 5 many 
times.  However, with a B ranking, it only appeared after several 
attempts.  A bit frustrating, and time consuming, but still possible.


Stage 1

Key #1:  
     There is a group of mid-sized ships that fly on the bottom of the screen

Key #2:  
     Just a bit farther, after defeating some larger ships, one craft is 
     flying at the top portion of the screen.

Key #3:  
     Once you hit the asteroid section, fly to the top.  Just blast everything!

Key #4:  
     Then fly towards the bottom, you have time if you're trying to protect 
     your ship (if not, just crash on through!).  Near the end of the asteroid 
     field you'll find this one.

Key #5:  [Random Appearance Only!!!]
     Right after the mid-boss (who is right before the main boss), a rank of
     B is required to have this enemy appear.  Defeat him!


Stage 2

Key #1:
     You'll hear about avoiding the guys when their shields are up and 
     attacking when they're down.  One of these ships will flash yellow.  He
     is the one you're after.

Key #2:

     When you start dropping down rather than going horizontally, you'll face
     a bunch of enemies.  Before a big block of ships, a group of 3 will 
     descend from the top-right of the screen.  

Key #3:
     Only a bit farther along, you'll encounter 3 large ships on the right.  
     The key can be found in the middle of these ships.  Mind you, the top
     also flashes.  Kill 'em all!

Key #4:  
     Right as you fight the mid-boss, an enemy will come from the bottom of 
     the screen.  Not sure which type, again, destroy everything!

Key #5:
     The second vertical portion, you'll be told to watch out for obstacles
     while descending.  Halfway through you'll see a large X and the enemy
     lies in a corner on the left.  Using the Mexxus II's spread attack
     makes it easy.


Stage 3

Key #1:  
     The second set of 4 enemies, this one is at the bottom of the screen.

Key #2:
     JUST before the path changes to a vertical descent, several triangular
     ships will fly at you, rather quickly.  I believe this is the last of
     them.  Once you start heading down, you're too late.  These guys go 
     Is this a random/rank-based appearance?

Key #3:
     At the end of the vertical section JUST before it transitions to the 
     tunnel, an enemy will fly in fast from the right before leaving.  Just
     keep on shooting everything in hopes of getting it.  

     If you enter the tunnel area, you've missed this.  

Key #4:
     Just after the tunnel, these enemies come on a diagonal.  

Key #5:  [Requires a B ranking to appear]
     Just before boss...


Stage 4

Key #1:  
     A bit after the terrain slows down and you're in front of a mountain.  
     You'll find two mid-sized ships, the bottom of which glows.  As you battle 
     them, a round enemy shoots forth in the middle of the screen, he's one 
     that has the claw attached to the front.

Key #2:  
     Only a bit after #1, you'll hear the lady tell you to watch out for the
     mines from the drop ships.  A lone round enemy will fly from the top of 
     the screen.  Look out for him.

Key #3:  
     Again, just a bit forward as you fly over a sand-and-grass terrain.  
     You'll find a drop ship and a round enemy, a la key #1.

Key #4:  
     During the floating islands portion, try to stay in the middle and keep
     shooting.  Towards the end of this section, you'll destroy a ship with 
     the fourth key.

Key #5:  [Requires a B ranking to appear?]
     After the section where the enemies shoot out green blobs.  


Stage 5

Key #1:  
     Keep fighting the waves of round enemies.  Before they approach vertically,
    one will be yellow.

Key #2:  
     After the second wave of squids, you'll see a yellow orb-ish enemy at 
    the bottom of the screen.  

Key #3:  [Needs at least C ranking] (B on Normal or higher?)
     At the section where the space invader-type guys appear (who drop laser/
     bombs), stay at the bottom of the screen.  I think this is a squid enemy.

Key #4    [Requires at least B ranking][Random Appearance!!!]
     As you enter the submarine section, stay towards the bottom.  After 
     a small break, a purple orb will emerge moving from the left to the 
     right.  I don't think he even glows yellow.  Good luck, as you need to
     get here with a B ranking and he only randomly carries the key.  

Key #5    [Requires a set number of chains?]


Stage 6
Keys are located in rocks and stalactites/stalagmites on this stage.

Key #1:  
     Just into the level, pay attention to the stalagmites (growing from 
     the floor).  Shoot these, one will break, revealing the first key.  

Key #2:  
     After the ambush part, you'll find a large number of mines.  Just 
     beyond this section, break a stalactite (growing from the ceiling) 
     from the ceiling for the first key.  

Key #3: 
     Not much past #2, things will get a bit hectic.  You'll find a 
     stalagmite covered with 5 mines.  Just beyond, look to the bottom 
     of the screen for a rock that you can destroy.  Do it, get the key!

Key #4:
     After the mid-boss section where the screen slows, fly forward about
     20 seconds and look to the top of the screen.  A key is hidden up 
     there.  Did I defeat someone or blast a rock?  (Unsure)

Key #5:

Stage 7
Keys are located in boxes on this stage.

Key #1:
     This is at the top portion of the stage, look for a curved structure.
     You'll hear the voice saying, "...this place is unnatural."  Just beyond
     the curved structure, destroy the box

Key #2:
     A short while into the stage, the level will stop scrolling to allow you 
     to defeat your enemies.  After this, stay at the top of the screen.  This
     is not the first box you find but rather the second.  Blast it!

Key #3:     [Rank Based - B?]

Key #4:     [Rank Based - B?]

Key #5:


B:     Unlockables

For a shooter, this game gives a good amount of replay value.  You can't 
complete the game fully on your first run...well, not unless you ace it 
all and get all the keys!  

Unlock                       Method
------                       ------
Stage 5                    Collect at least 4 keys from any stage
Stage 6                    Collect at least 4 keys from any 3 stages
Stage 7                    Collect at least 4 keys from stages 1-6

Hard Mode                  Complete level 7 on Normal difficulty
Extra Hard Mode            Complete game on Hard in one run
Ship: Söldner-X            Complete Assassin Challenge

Weapon: Fog Blaster        Complete Rating Master Challenge
Weapon: Catching Beam      Complete Little Gunner Challenge
Weapon: Rocket Gun         Complete Power Gunner Challenge
Weapon: Flame Thrower      Complete Bow Knowledge Challenge

You can unlock Hard Mode by merely starting level 7 on normal difficulty.
However, this won't work for Extra Hard Mode.  For that, you've got to beat
the whole game in one continuous run.


C:     Challenges

Completing challenges offers trophies and credits towards arcade gameplay.

Listed below are numbers followed by the letter c (i.e. +5c).  This means
you gain five credits for completing this challenge.

As of this writing, I'm unsure what Treasure Hunter does for you.

Challenge Name             How to Unlock                Bonus
--------------             -------------                -----

Survivor                   Available at start           Bronze/+1c
Evasion Master             Character to Level 4         +5c
The Invincible             Complete Survivor?           +2c
Action Fan                 4 keys on 6 stages           Bronze/+1c
Action Master              Complete Action Fan?         ???
Chain Expert               Complete Any Challenge?      Bronze/+1c
Collector                  Available at start           Bronze/+2c
Assassin                   Character to Level 7         Ship #3/+1c
Profiler                   Complete Little Gunner       Bronze/+1c
Key Guide                  4 keys on any 3 stages       Treasure Hunter/+3c
Little Gunner              Complete 2 Challenges?       Catching Beam/+1c
Power Gunner               Complete Little Gunner?      Rocket Gun/+1c
Rating Expert              Character to Level 5         Bronze/+1c
Rating Master              Complete Rating Expert       Weapon/+1c
Cooperative Expert         4 keys on 6 stages           +10c (co-op)/+4c other
Bow Knowledge              Complete Assassin            Flame Thrower/+1c
Ultimate Space Rogue       Character to Level 15        ???


D:     Leveling Up

Level #        Title                    # Enemies Killed      Bonus
-------        -----                    ----------------      -----
Level 1        ???
Level 2        Rookie                       2,000            +1 Credit
Level 3        Casual Pilot                 4,250            +1 Credit
Level 4        Amateur                      6,781     
Level 5        Junior Pilot                 9,628            +1 Credit
Level 6        Freelancer                   12,831
Level 7        Regular Pilot                16,434           +1 Credit/Assassin
Level 8        Advanced Pilot               20,488
Level 9        Pro Pilot                    25,049
Level 10       Senior Pilot                 30,180
Level 11       Experienced Pilot            35,952
Level 12       Very Experienced Pilot       42,446
Level 13       Widely Known Hero            49,751
Level 14       Galaxy Idol                  57,969
Level 15       Galaxy Superstar             67,215

Reaching level 7 will unlock the challenge Assassin.


E:     Trophies
B stands for Bronze, S for Silver, G for Gold!

B    Piece Of Rock                             Beat level 3 (any difficulty)
B    System Liberated                          Beat level 5 (any difficulty)
B    Not That Difficult After All (Hidden)     Beat level 7 (any difficulty)
B    Survivor                                  Clear "Survivor" challenge
B    Collector                                 Clear "Collector" challenge
B    Action Fan                                Clear "Action Fan" challenge
B    Chain Expert                              Clear "Chain Expert" challenge
B    Profiler                                  Clear "Profiler" challenge
B    Rating Expert                             Clear "Rating Expert" challenge. 
B    Lucky Number 7                            Get a total of 77777 chain rings
S    Key Explorer                              Collect all 35 secret keys
S    Can't Hide From Me (Hidden)               Shoot down a rare enemy
G    Challenge Master                          Complete 12 or more challenges

Lucky Number 7
   For this trophy, you must accumulate 77,777 rings.  This will take some
   time, however, if you're shooting for all the trophies, it will likely
   come through your incessant playing.

Can't Hide From Me
   Keep playing and doing well.  Every so often, which means rarely (I've only
   seen one with 7+ hrs of gameplay), an enemy will come flying with the word
   RARE on it.  Kill it however you must.  

F:   Credits

This game has a lot to unlock and I certainly didn't get all this myself.  

Special thanks to:

    His trophy road map on ps3trophies.org was much appreciated.  Thanks
    to him and all who helped him


    I managed to write a FAQ *just* before him.  He offered some helpful
    info on challenges and key locations.  

GameFAQs Message Board Members
    Another group of people who helped make this happen.  Many people's
    hard work was retrieved from the msg board.



G:   Legal Stuff

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2010, Trevor Esposito (slateman@godflesh.com)
Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype is copyright (c) 2009-2010, EastAsiaSoft
Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype is a trademark of EastAsiaSoft.

You may not distribute this for profit.  
You may not edit or alter the contents herein without the permission 
of the author.

The most current version of this FAQ can always be found at the
following address:


Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.

Good luck and have fun!


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