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Walkthrough by Sigfriedsfriend

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 01/11/2010

   J     U   U R   R   A A  S       S          II    C          ()
   J     U   U R   R  AAAAA  SSSSS   SSSSS     II    C
   J     U   U R  R   A   A       S       S    II    C          ()
   J     U   U R   R  A   A       S       S    II    C

   T    H   H E        H   H U   U NN   N    T    E     D  D
   T    HHHHH EEE      HHHHH U   U N N  N    T    EEE   D   D
   T    H   H E        H   H U   U N  N N    T    E     D   D
   T    H   H E        H   H U   U N   NN    T    E     D  D
   T    H   H EEEEE    H   H UUUUU N    N    T    EEEEE DDD

Jurassic: The Hunted Walkthrough

Written By: Darin Dye     <gamemaster53539@yahoo.com>

Version 1.05
  - Added info regarding the minigames in the Gameplay section
  - Added info about the turrets in the Gameplay section

                           LEGAL STUFF
This game was created by Activision and the other affiliated parties. All 
rights to the game go through them.

This guide was created by me. As such, all rights to guide are mine. Further
usage of this guide is easy, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you if you
can use this guide or not (e-mail is above). 

I) Controls
II) Gameplay
III) Enemies
IV) Walkthrough
   1.0) Code: Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot
   2.0) Far From Shore, Far From Home
   3.0) Sinking Feeling
   4.0) Vortex Zero
   5.0) Out of the Frying Pan
   6.0) The Lost Castaways
   7.0) Rise Above
   8.0) The Tyrant King
   9.0) U-1226
   10.0) Special Delivery
   11.0) Enter: "Spike"
   12.0) Escaping Extinction
   13.0) The Final Piece
   14.0) No Time Like the Present
V) Survivor Mode
VI) Achievements
VII) Contact Information

I) Controls
The controls to this game are very, very simple...

    R1 = Throw grenade
    R2 = Shoot
    R3 = Melee

    L1 = "Adrenaline Burst"
    L2 = Aim down the sights
    L3 = Sprint

    Sqr = Reload
    Tri = Cycle Weapons
    Cir = Toggle Crouch
    X = Jump

    Down (D-pad) = action (open, grab, examine, etc)
    Select = View Objectives

Several of these controls you'll never use, L2 and Select to be specific. Your
objectives are clearly lined out, but that never matters because the game 
is extremely linear. You'll almost never use L2 either, because aiming down
the sights doesn't increase your weapon's accuracy. Unlike the Call of Duty
games, where you have to be aiming down the sights or else your bullets will
hit the people darn near behind you, this game gets realistic... bullets 
go where you aim without having to iron-sight!

The only other command that one may or may not use is the Adrenaline Burst 
(L1). This is because it's nothing more than slowing time down. Your bullets
come out slower, your reloads take forever... but you can turn super quick and
see your foe's weakpoints (internal organs). This action is really only useful
when you're being attacked from behind and you wanna quickly find out what's
killing you. To affectively use Adrenaline Bursts, let a dino come in 
RELATIVELY close (not point-blank) and activate adrenaline to get an easy
kill. I've noticed that you deal more damage during adrenaline bursts,
speaking generally of course. An example of what I mean is this: I've shot a
green raptor at point blank in the chest with the shotgun and needed two-three
shots to kill it, but if I am in Adrenaline for the exact same shot it's dead
in one shot.

II) Gameplay
Jurassic: The Hunted is a first-person shooter, so it's essentially point
your weapon at the enemy and make them go away. Though it doesn't bring any
progress to the genre like Resistance did, this is still a fun game to play.

Like any good first person shooter, the player may carry more than one weapon
at any time... but this character can carry a grand total of 4 weapons at any
one time. Unfortunately the creators weren't bright enough to implement
backward cycling of weapons, so if you want your previous weapon you need to
cycle another three times to get it (if you have a full inventory). 

The guns look fantastic, but don't bring anything new to the table. You have
your standard pistol, magnum, machine pistol, assault rifle, shotgun, rocket
launcher, etc. Each weapon has a realistic melee attack, which does minor 
damage and shouldn't be used unless you're out of ammo, and equally realistic
reload schemes and times. Grenades, on the other hand, go back to WWII era
because they are Stiel Handgrenades. Thankfully they deal a ton of damage and
will explode on contact with enemies, making them generally useful.

As for a health system, there isn't one. The player is allowed to take a
generally realistic amount of damage, on hard mode, and like all of us can 
heal gashes and wounds seconds after being untouched. The enemies, however, 
are interesting: every living creature has brains, lungs, and a heart, which,
if shot, deals extra damage. The creatures have a generally realistic amount
of health, which isn't much. A few well-placed shots will get you about to the
first boss using nothing but the pistol.

TURRETS - At certain points in the story one is required to fend off a legion
of dinosaurs using one of three kinds of turrets: An explosive tipped turret,
a mounted .50 calibur turret, and a mounted minigun. The first turret (both
mentioned here and seen in the game) is the only turret that requires you to
reload it regularly. It has an infinite supply of ammo, you just have to 
reload it at your discretion since it has a 200 round clip. The other two 
turrets also have infinite ammo, never have to reload, but can overheat if
too many bullets are fired in too soon of time. For those of you who have this
as their first shooting game, the gun is heating up as displayed by a gauge
you see filling up as you expire ammo. This gauge will slowly deplete once
you have stopped firing. IF the gauge maxes out the turret will be unable to
fire until a certain amount of the gauge has recovered. To use these two 
turrets effectively fire in short, controlled bursts, keeping the heat from
building up. For your information, the mounted .50 turret is the "strongest"
turret (it heats up much slower than the minigun and does the most damage
per bullet). 

TURRET NOTE: There's no extra aiming (L2 does nothing on a turret).

NOTE: During story mode, you are automatically placed on the turret and are
fixed onto that turret until you've defeated the legion of raptors before you
(or the boss in one case). After achieving victory, you can dismount by 
pressing down on the D-pad. Outside of these storyline events, you must mount
the turret yourself by pressing down as usual, but you will be automatically
removed from the turret upon taking any physical damage (i.e. a dilopho 
spitting won't pry you off, but a raptor bite will).

BALANCING ACTS - Frequently placed throughout the game are minigames that I
refer to as "tight walking." These minigames are really easy to spot: if you
see a downed tree or bridge-like structure that would require you to balance
yourself in real life, you're gonna have to do it here. For those of you new
to videogames (or these kind of videogames), move your character forward 
using the left analogue stick to get across the gap and maintain your balance
using the right analogue stick. Your character will automatically lose his
balance and start leaning to one side or the other and it is up to you to keep
him from tipping over too much, which will prompt you to fall off if you fail
to keep balance. Falling off will result in an immediate game over regardless
of whether you're falling into spikes, an infinite abyss, or a mound of
packing peanuts (not in the game, but you get the idea). 

DINOSAUR STRUGGLES - At the very beginning of the game, and intermittently
throughout the game if the raptors attack you a certain way, a raptor will
tackle you to the ground and kill you unless you can fend it off. This brings
up a very simple mini-game where one must press a specified button repeatedly
until one has "won" the decision and the dinosaur is punched off. The
button the game wants you to press will be displayed on the screen, out in
the open... ish, and is fairly easy (meaning you have time to figure out what
the button is and mash it enough times to win). 

DEFENDING FORTS - Throughout the game the player must defending himself within
the confines of a fort. Fans of the Nazi Zombies mini-game from Call of Duty:
World at War and dinosaurs will love this game. Basically one must defend a
series of boarded windows using the weapons at your disposal while a pack of
ravenous raptors try to tear their way in and kill you. Holding down on the
D-Pad will repair damaged windows while the player is still allowed to aim and
fire. This makes it fun because you can be repairing a window with your back
hairs while killing raptors attacking another window across the fort! Don't 
fret though, because if a few raptors get in you're still okay. If you can 
kill them and get to the window and start repairing it soon enough you can
still survive. 

An interesting idea the creators had was the idea of an ammo resupply crate.
These crates are placed in every fort and allow you to instantly max out all
ammo for all weapons and grenades without any animation cycle! Press down and
you have everything full. This takes ammo conservation and throws it screaming
from a helicopter. I've personally sat at an ammo crate and did nothing but
lob dozens of grenades at the windows until the waves stopped. Remember to
stock before leaving a crate though, because these crates aren't everywhere
and you should never become too overconfident.

UPGRADING WEAPONS - Placed throughout the game are odd-looking weapon
magazine things that increase the ammo capacity of your currently equipped
weapon by 50%. These must be used on-the-spot, but remain permanently fixed
to the weapon you used it on. The tell-tale sign a weapon has been upgraded
is that its current ammo is colored blue. Note than no weapon comes upgraded.

TURRET PIECES - Hidden throughout the game are strange looking pieces of 
metal. A hint from the game says that if you find all of them, a turret will
be unlocked in Survivor mode...

III) Enemies
Like any good idea that's titled with "jurassic," the vast majority of the 
creatures contained within it aren't from the jurassic period. That's besides
the point though, because we can take the error if the content is interesting.

All of the enemies are meat eaters, and most of them are from the raptor
family. Below are all the enemies you'll find in the game (omitting the 
bosses of course).

A small, white colored raptor about half the height of a normal man, 
velociraptors travel in large packs and attack almost at the same time. I
enjoyed finding out that these were velociraptors, because I expected them to
use the Jurassic Park version of a velociraptor (which is wrong to all you
dinosaur nuts like me). Velociraptors are NOT 6-7 feet tall, they're about
half that. 

Health: Very Low
Threat: high if stuck on something

--Red Raptor--
I almost cared to find out what raptors these are, but this naming scheme
will make it easier for you to gauge how tough things are going to get. If
you have a problem with this, keep it to yourself. I doubt you're playing this
game for the accuracy. Anyway, the red raptors are red-colored raptors that
are about your height. They travel is small packs no larger than four at a 
time. They attack by leaping or by charging and biting you. Either way, on
hard you can only take 2 hits before dying.

Health: Low
Threat: Mild

--Green Raptor--
Essentially the green raptor is the exact same as the red raptor, but with
more health. A LOT more health. These guys can take roughly 2-4 point blank
shotgun blasts to kill them. Get to know the difference between a downed 
raptor and a dead one, because if you get too excited and move past it too
early you're in for a rude awakening. 

Health: Medium
Threat: Mild individually, High in groups

A towering, grey-colored raptor, Utahraptors (and no it's not a made-up
dinosaur) pose a serious threat no matter what weapons you're bearing. They
have a lot of health and are impossible to get away from, thankfully they
deal little damage (for some wierd reason). The best method I've found to 
kill them is to unload a shotgun on their heads and try to keep them
flinching. It takes 7 point blank shotgun blasts to the head to kill one...
Unfortunately using your adrenaline power does little good for you unless
you're having trouble getting an initial bead on him. He's really quick and
likes to kick you when your down. To put it simply, UNLOAD and hope you

These creatures are the reason why I conserve ammo in the game. 

Health: Very High
Threat: Very High alone, Extreme in pairs

An easy to spot creature, due to the twin crests it bears on its head and 
the frill it dawns just before spitting a toxic goo at its foe, the
dilophasaurus has a sensative fighting style. At long range it stays in a
single general location and spits at you, but if you come anywhere near them
they have no problem charging and biting you.

Health: Medium-Low
Threat: Minimal

Another famous creature from the dinosaur times, pterodactyls are giant 
flying reptiles that travel in huge flocks. Although they're generally
harmless in Normal mode, on Hard they can kill in three hits and they like to
hit you rapidly. On hard, take no chances with them because they are
DANGEROUS! Otherwise they're fodder.

Health: Virtually Zero
Threat: High if you're not careful

--Giant Scorpion--
An increasing fad in prehistoric shooters, Giant Scorpions look like
scorpions... but they're now our size. Generally speaking they are little to
no threat, even in large numbers, because they are slow, large, and weak.
Hits from them deal small damage and a single shotgun blast will kill them.
Crouds may try to form, but I've never held them to having any serious

Health: Medium-Low
Threat: Mild

IV) Walkthrough
As you could probably guess, this is the walkthrough segment. If you're 
wondering if there's going to be spoilers, you haven't been paying attention
to the game that well because the story sucks. There may be spoilers, but you
are not going to be disappointed. This story took about 5 minutes to come up
with and is very easy to see what's going to happen next.

Whatever the case, here's what you need to do...

NOTE: Hard mode is the exact same, but creatures deal X2 damage.

                     1.0) Code: Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot
[1 Turret Piece]

As your character comes to, you see some Velociraptors sneaking up on you. If
you are thinking to yourself, "but I thought velociraptors were supposed to
be 6-7 feet tall like in Jurassic Park..." you never read a book on dinos.
The velociraptors are accurate in this game, at least conserning how big they
were. With that initial thought out of the way, it's time to find some
survivors as indicated by your objectives.

Starting is simple. Run forward, jump over the log that tutorials you in how
to jump, and crouch underneath the rock as prompted and jump into the swampy
area. Just ahead you find a skeleton of a friend and find it unusual that he
has already been stripped to the bone, despite having seen him minutes ago. 

NOTE: IF YOU ARE ON HARD MODE you'll find the Plasma Rifle next to the body.
This is a great weapon to get your hands on, but it's NOT a cure all. The
Plasma Rifle contains 5 rounds that restore steadily over time. This weapon
is great at small scale warfare, but for defending forts and boss battles it
is worthless.

Continuing forward prompts you to find your first firearm: the pistol. 
Grabbing the pistol prompts a velociraptor ambush, where you must fend one
off through a quick mini-game. To win this mini-game, press the button that
appears on screen and press it repeatedly until you've punched the raptor
off. This is the only time in the game where this mini-game is forced upon
you, HOWEVER, enemy raptors may occasionally put you into this minigame
after hitting you. Luckily this is an easy minigame to win and you can pretty
much never worry about it (outside of this forced event I've only ever
had to do this twice throughout four playthroughs).

After fending it off, chase after it into the next area. Here you'll need to
kill several of the velociraptors. They are really weak, so don't feel too

Off to the right, into the swamp, you'll find some extra pistol ammo on the
bank in an open crate and the first ammo upgrader. This ammo upgrader is the
silver piece of metal located on the bench next to the downed plane. Grab it
to give your pistol an extra 50% ammo in its magazines.

Proceed down the path the dead Pachy is in front of and jump into the next
area. Directly in front of you should be another open crate, this one 
containing a 30-06 Assault Rifle. Grab it and put it away, you'll want it
for later. With your pistol drawn, proceed to the wreckage. 

Doing so prompts the spawning of a pack of velociraptors from a temporal
vortex. Kill the small pack and grab the second 30-06 assault rifle behind the
lone rock to top off your ammo for it.

Follow the objective marker up the hill to encounter your first turret piece.
A hint says that if you collect enough of them you will unlock the .50
Mounted Gun in Survivor!

1/1 Gun Parts Found

Continuing down the path leads you to a raptor nesting site. A hint telling
you how Adrenaline Mode works pops up, and just after you close it you will
be attacked by a small pack of Red Raptors. Killing them with a pistol is no
hard task, so conserve ammo if you want.

Grab the ammo to the left of the nest and continue to the next objective
marker. Level 1 complete.

                     2.0) Far From Shore, Far From Home
[2 Turret Pieces]

Proceed forward and grab the Model 1855 Rifle from the box under the giant
tangle of roots. Doing so prompts an ambush of a red raptor. This weapon is
a certified piece of junk, but it'll work for a few circumstances. By no means
should you use this as your standard gun, because it's not very powerful and
it takes forever to reload. After you've killed the raptor, continue on.

As you reach the objective, stop. Soon a red raptor will round the corner up
ahead. Pull out the pistol or the new rifle and pop it in the head for an
easy instant kill. Eventually you'll be prompted, and teleported, behind the
wheel of a turret. Kill all the raptors that try to attack you, but take a
slight caution: your turret has a 200 round magazine. There is infinite ammo
on the turret, but if you're stuck reloading at a bad time you lose.

After the creatures have been dealt with, dismount the turret and back track.
The little cinematic tried weaseling you past a box containing more ammo for
your new rifle. To continue, jump over the barracade and hug the left wall.
Right around the corner on the left is a turret piece.

1/2 Gun Parts Found

At your back is an open crate with more sniper ammo in it. Grab it and climb
up the rocks behind it to access the ship. After the cinematic, make your
way to the other side of the ship, snipe the dilophosaurus, and jump down
via the crack in the rail of the ship.

Continue down the path, tight walk the downed tree, and kill the dilopho on
the other side of the tree. From here on out, throughout the entire game,
if you read "tight walk" or its variations know that I'm referring to the
balancing minigame you experienced on that downed tree. If you don't know
what to do, you keep moving your character forward while trying to maintain
balance using both analogue sticks. If you need more help, look in the
GAMEPLAY section of this guide for a full rundown of balancing...

BALANCING MINIGAME NOTE: If you fall off you die, regardless of what's below.

Continue on, sniper in hand, and jump down into the next area. A huge portal
looms directly ahead, but no worries its just more dilophos. Using the sniper,
head shot them one by one and make your way onward. Be aware that some of them
are on the other side of the canyon.

Continue past the downed log spanning the chasm and grab the ammo booster
in the crate. I'd advise using it on the 30-06 assault rifle, because it is
far better than the sniper. NOW cross the log to the other side.

Continuing towards the objective spawns more dilophos, but they are easily
dispatched. At the end of the path, jump down to the checkpoint and continue

Grab the temporary adrenaline booster, pistol in hand, and kill the dilopho 
that spawns just ahead. Kill the pterodactyl if you want, but I don't think
it's attacking yet.

BEFORE YOU PROCEED into the next area from the drop-off, be sure to equip
your 30-06 assault rifle.

In this final area you're greeted by a viscious Utahraptor. Unload your
assault rifle into its brains, or secondly its upper torso. Aim for its lungs
if you can't aim for its brain. Just around the corner in this area is another
infinite adrenaline booster in case you need it. With the Utahraptor dead,
follow the right wall and you'll find the other turret piece snuggled next to
a set of eggs.

2/2 Gun Parts Found

Examine the extinguished camp-fire to end the level.

                     3.0) Sinking Feeling
[1 Turret Piece]

You start off in front of an eating red raptor. Extinguish his light with a
quick headshot and deal with the nearby reds that heard you. In the box behind
the first raptor is an automatic 9mm handgun, so grab it and have fun with it.

Following the path, on the left there's a box containing more 30-06 rifle
ammo. Grab it and continue on by killing the next set of raptors munching on
a heap of bones on the right wall of the path. Notice that the closest one is
a green one. Be extra careful of these because they have what feels like three
times the health of the red ones. Take the time, after killing them, to kill
the lone green raptor around the corner on the left before doing anything 

With three raptors dead in this wide open area, head over to the heap of
rubble. It says you need grenades to open it up. Head over to the marker and
grab the grenades. You should notice this crate has an unlimited supply of
grenades, but you should notice even quicker that a pack of more raptors are
approaching from the rubble.

Toss a grenade into the pack to kill the first wave of three before killing
the stragglers. After the massacre is over, destroy the wall with a grenade.
BEFORE YOU PASS THROUGH THE OPEN WALL examine the moss covered log to the
left of the open wall and you'll find a turret piece.

1/1 Gun Parts Found.

Proceed through the next area and jump down into the following area. You will
know where I'm talking about now when you're jumped by a large pack of about
8 velociraptors. A single well-placed can take out most of them, but careful
not to catch yourself in the blast.

With the velociraptor pack destroyed, continue onward down either path you
choose and kill the raptors as they attack you. If you choose to take the
path on the right you can grab an ammo upgrader, but its not very useful
because the machine pistol and crappy sniper are soon to be outdated. After
pressing on so far you'll come across an abandoned fort. Hooray, your first
fort battle! These are fun.

After the cinematic, swap either your crappy sniper or machine pistol for the
shotgun located in the crates. Notice the huge steel cube in the fort? If you
tap down next to it all of your ammo is fully restored! Load up the shotgun
and defend your fort by blasting away your worries and boarding up any
weakened windows. Soon enough all the raptors are dead and you're prompted
to leave... BUT, BEFORE OPENING THE FORT, remember to board up all your
windows and restore all your ammo. You'll see why when you open the fort up.

                     4.0) Vortex Zero
[2 Turret Pieces]

This level knows what you like, so it starts you off facing some green
raptors just up ahead. Feel free to unload grenade hell on them, because
there's a grenade crate up ahead. After killing the two feasting greens, kill
the other three coming down from the hill further ahead. 

You see the path going downward? Well, on its right-hand side there's a path
tight to the side of the cliff that leads you to some dynamite. Grab it and
continue down the path, dispatching the raptors that assault you on the way
down. Place the dynamite on the rocks blocking the path at the bottom, kill
the two raptors that attack you from behind, and stay clear of the explosion.

Up ahead is another fort defense, but this time it's a barrier. Grab the new
assault rifle, replacing it with so you have the 30-06 assault, this new 
assault rifle, and the shotgun at least. Defend the fort as usual, and after
the waves stop, open it up and head into the field.

Hop down into the next area and hug the left wall. You'll soon come across a
box containing ammo and against the wall behind it is a turret piece.

1/2 Gun Parts Found

Further wall hugging, just a few feet away, is another ammo upgrader. Give
this to your 5.56 assault rifle or your shotgun.

Jump down the big ridge and decimate the two raptor packs below. There's some
extra 30-06 rifle ammo down there, so feel free to use it as needed. At the
end of the path down here there is a cave, but before you go into it hug the
left wall. Just around the giant rock the second turret piece awaits you.

2/2 Gun Parts Found

Inside the cave you are attacked by a lone raptor. Kill it and keep going to
the next area. Here you're graced with another turret challenge as you're
attacked head-on by a mass of hungry raptors (both green and red). The 
challenge here is to keep the raptors off of you without overheating your
minigun, but is not hard at all. Basically this is a fun exercise.

Just next to your turret is a case containing a .44 magnum. Grab it at your
disgression, just know that it's not worth it. It's not that strong, and it
takes a fair deal of time to reload. I'll leave it at that. Do note that you
will need it if you're going for the trophy where you kill at least one
creature with each weapon.

Up ahead the level ends.

                     5.0) Out of the Frying Pan
[1 Turret Piece]

Start off by going into the area and killing the few raptors in the area. 
When you're finished, go into the cave at the end of the area. Kill the 
raptor pack in the next area (a couple come in from the far side, up on the
rocks). Follow the objective by crouching through the small cave and you'll
come out into the active part of the volcano.

Be very careful of the flowing lava from here out, because if you fall in 
you are almost gauranteed to die. Do it once though, because it's a trophy
for some dumb reason (or don't if you haven't died yet, there's another
challenge requiring you to go through the whole game without dying). With
that said, kill the two raptors and continue following the objective marker.

Quickly you'll find yourself in a massive area. Pull out whatever your 
crummiest gun is (pistol preferrably), because you've got dilophos up next.
I say this also for another reason, and because I don't want to explicitly
spoil it, I will say you are going to want some firepower just after this

Anyway, kill the first dilopho that spawns on your left flank. A second one
spawns on your right. With two out of the way, tight walk over to the next
platform and kill the one on your right and then three on your left. With 
them done, continue on the rightward path and tightwalk across. Directly 
behind the largest rock in front of you is an ammo upgrade and an assault
rifle. Upgrade whatever you need, remembering you got a tough road ahead of
you that you're prepping for.

Tightwalk back to the last segment and use the ledge to your current right 
to jump across to another platform. After landing you should notice a wooden
crate nearby containing a black-powder rifle. Grab it if only to kill one
dino for the trophy and trade it back for whatever you swapped it for. On
the other side of the rock from this crate is the turret piece.

1/1 Gun Parts Found

Use the tightwalk nearby to get to the next area and combat your way to the
destined point. At the very end of this path you'll be required to tightwalk
a downed tree. Be sure to equip whatever your best weapon is, because this
next encounter will hurt...

As you drop down you're suddenly prompted to kill two, count 'em two, 
Utahraptors. The upgraded assault rifle (the scoped one) can take one down
in just under a full magazine, and if you do it quick enough you can take
them down one at a time.

With the two Yewt's (My Cousin Vinny ref) out of the way, max out your ammo
and end the level.

                     6.0) The Lost Castaways
[1 Turret Piece]

The level starts you out against two individually spawning red raptors. Kill
them and jump down twice to get to the next area. 

Here you're attacked from the left and the right. Kill them both and head
left to find the levels turret piece.

1/1 Gun Parts Found

Against the wall on the right, another pack of three raptors attack. Dispose
of them and locate the crossbow just ahead. This can be a fun weapon to use,
but it only carries a max load of 6 arrows. Woo. Grab it for 1 kill and put it
back, you're getting a rocket launcher soon anyways.

Punch your way through the green raptors to the giant fort at the end of the
area. Level complete already.

                     7.0) Rise Above
[1 Turret Piece]

As you may have guessed, this is going to be a pterodactyl heavy mission. 
Head up the path and grab the Light Machine Gun from the left crate. At this
point you should have these as your four weapons:

the 30-06 assault rifle
the 5.56 assault rifle
the Light Machine gun
and the shotgun

What a heavy arsenal, right? Okay then, start off by unloading whatever gun
you're getting rid of for the light machine gun into the flock of 'dactyls
up ahead. Aim for the perched ones, because they're going to be the ones that
attack you in the next segment. 

Once you're ready, grab the Light Machine Gun and tightwalk to the bridge by
using the tree. Now on the bridge, defend yourself from the wretched flying
reptiles as you make your way across. Kill 50 pteros and you get an trophy.

To get off the bridge, tightwalk across to the other side of the cliff at the
end. Now you gotta run through another gambit of dilophosaurus's. Not a hard
task, but annoying just the same. Battle your way to the end of your path and
jump down into the next area.

Not too far up ahead you'll see a fort, but this time it's your job to enter
it. Go inside and grab the dynamite... and the doors close. Defend your fort
using your new Light Machine Gun (you don't have to, but its fun). Once the
fort opens again, examine the upper right corner of the fort from the 
outside. You should see the turret piece on the ground.

1/1 Gun Parts Found

Run up ahead and blow out the rubble to clear the level.

                     8.0) The Tyrant King
[0 Turret Pieces]

This level is nothing more than a boss fight, but it can be rough anyway.
Unfortunately this isn't because of the T-Rex, but because of the damnable
pterodactyls that swoop you in large masses while the Rex is away. The 
strategy to this fight is very, very simple: UNLOAD on the Rex until it
flees (doesn't take a lot), kill the pteros as they swoop down, Rex comes
back, unload on rex, rinse, repeat. 

Be careful not to overheat, especially when you're on Hard difficulty. The
things that contribute to you overheating are: missed shots on the pteros, and
making Rex flee.

There's nothing else I can say. Shoot rex in the body or eyes, then gun down
the pteros. Rinse and repeat until mission cleared.

                     9.0) U-1226
[1 Turret Piece]

Woot, a gross icky cave. Great, and the only thing that could make it worse
were scorpions. What? There are? Dang it. WHAT!? They're huge too!? Ah 
c'mon give me a break... how about they are super easy to kill and this is
a super easy mission? Okay, that's cool.

Pull up your shotgun and head down the tunnel, killing the giant scorpions
as they come out to be slaughtered. Careful of the fungal growths, they deal
a load of damage if you touch them. Several trophies are gathered easily in
this mission: break 50 exploding mushrooms (the fungal growths), and kill an
enemy with an exploding mushroom, so keep those in mind as you traverse the

After a couple areas you'll come to a foggy area. Just take your time, shotty
in hand, and make your way to the next areas. Eventually you'll come to a
stop near a giant cob-web. Worry not, for a nearby scorpion will open it
trying to get you. Kill it and proceed onward.

After two more waves you'll come across some gas vents spewing forth some
flame-looking things that deal a lot of damage. Carefully time the first
two vents and cross the third by hugging the right wall AND timing it or
prepare to die (on hard mode). Almost immediately after crossing this third
vent you're teleported into an alcove filling with velociraptors. Notice the
grenade box nearby? start lobbing grenades at the little bastards while you
backstep around the perimeter of the arena. While you're doing this, dail up
your light machine gun and use the ammo upgrade near the grenades on it. Once
enough of the raptors are killed you will be teleported back to the cave.

Continue down the path and you'll find the submarine. Thankfully or not, a
marker shows you where the item you seek is. Grab it and begin the next 
turret challenge. This is a directional challenge, as scorpions filter in
from four different paths. Lay down a spray of fire until the waves stop.

With the scorpions demolished, go up the newly opened path and you'll be
teleported to a second arena battle. This time its scorpions coming out of a
dozen holes, but they are a very small threat when you have a shotgun. As you
lay fire and waste to their rebellion, look for the turret piece located on
the upper right corner of the map on top of the rise.

1/1 Gun Parts Found

After being teleported back, head to the end of the level.

                     10.0) Special Delivery
[1 Turret Piece]

This mission starts off a little raw, since you need to kill the raptor 
eating right in front of you plus the three green ones off on your right
flank. After disposing of them, head up the path and keep your eyes on the
floor. Jump down into the next area and pop the raptor who thinks he's going
to ambush you from the front.

After dealing with him, jump down into the area ahead. Note the three green
raptors to your right. A really well planned grenade can take them all out.
If all else fails, use your 30-06 assault rifle on them. Just behind the
first large rock in the area is a turret piece too.

1/1 Gun Parts Found

Continue onward, killing the raptor that'll surprise you as you plan to round
the corner at the top of the hill, and enter the cave. As you exit the cave
a herd of Pachy's trample by. If you follow them you will find an rocket
launcher and an ammo upgrader. You can grab the rocket launcher if you want,
but its a pretty lame weapon (does little damage to bosses. It should be an
instant kill or tons of damage... but its not). If nothing else grab it to
complete two challenges: get a kill with every weapon, and kill 5 scorpions
with an RPG.

With whatever you got in hand, travel against the stampede and end the level.

                     11.0) Enter: "Spike"
[1 Turret Piece]

As this level begins, dail up your Light Machine Gun in preparation and head
forward. As the mission begins, run back to the "base" where your dumbass 
character ran out of to start this insane fight to grab the turret piece.

1/1 Gun Parts Found

From here on its a cake-walk boss fight. Using your LMG, shoot the Spinosaurus
in the chest (because his brain is so tiny and his heart/lungs are so large)
to make him reel back and become stunned. From here you keep gunning his lungs
and heart and he'll back away a couple steps. Rinse and repeat near an ammo
box to keep your ammo maxed.

Dumb fight. I was so disappointed. I thought this was going to be a tough

OOOOHHHH! Cool thing to note! If he nips you enough he'll eventually bite you!
And when this happens you're being held upside down IN HIS MOUTH. For how
cool that is, if you fail to deal enough damage to make him whip you to the
other end of the stage he'll eat you whole for an instant kill! Friggin 

If you find yourself in this debacle, go into adrenaline mode and put a few
bullets into its heart. That shuts him up quick.

                     12.0) Escaping Extinction
[1 Turret Piece]

My favorite level (NOT), you start off fighting two Utahraptors at once! AND,
as a treat for killing those two, you get to fight another two not more than
10 yards up ahead! The light machine gun is your bestest best friend here.
Rocket launcher is a big no no, because you'll end up killing yourself.

With the four Yewts dead, grab the turret piece on the other side of the rock
from the crossbow.

1/1 Gun Parts Found

                     13.0) The Final Piece
[2 Turret Pieces]

By far the best level so far, you start off being introduced to my favorite
weapon in the game... the ESD-P206 shotgun! Its essentially the shotgun, plus
more damage, plus double size magazine, plus bulk reloads! Ahhhhh, the 
ultimate weapon... and this weapon is wide out in the open next to the 

Anyway, grab the atomic battery from the craft and proceed onward to the
final fort battle. Time to break in the new shotty. Don't even bother with
window duty on this ride, because two of the four windows start wide open
with raptors already pouring in. Just stick by the ammo crate and lob 
grenades to take out distant raptors while you obliterate the close ones
with your new-found friend. Sooner or later the carnage is over and you can
open the gates. If you didn't repair a single window here, you'll get a 

As you leave the gates, blast the ptero coming down on your forward left
and then grab the turret piece resting head-height on the large rock on your

1/2 Gun Parts Found

There are 4 paths here, all but 1 are useless and that's the objective
marked path. The far left takes you to an RPG (1 dilopho spawns if you pick
it up), the far right path leads to a 5.56 assault rifle and a raptor, and
the near right path is a total dead end.

With that out of the way, head into the cave and fend off the giant scorpions
as you come out of it. Work your way around the chasm on your left to find
an ammo upgrade for your new shotgun and then backtrack and take the right

Whip out a machine gun for this cave, because you're gonna find a large pack
of velociraptors that haven't eaten in minutes. After they're all gone two
scorpions will present you with the honors of having fought a good fight.
Deal with them and tightwalk the tree to the next cave.

Kill the red raptor eating the bones, then kill the legion of velociraptors,
then kill the twin scorpions. Continue on into the next area, which has a
bunch of civil war cannons and tents. In the back of this area, behind some
exploding barrels, is the second turret piece.

2/2 Gun Parts Found

Once you're done making the pretty explosions, continue into the next area
and proceed to kill everything as usual (its just scorpions). After all of
them are gone, the mission is complete.

                     14.0) No Time Like the Present
[1 Turret Piece]

Start off the mission by running to your upper left. The final turret piece
is located near the barrels at the base of the waterfall.

1/1 Gun Parts Found

Now there's nothing left to do but kill the Spinosaurus. If you don't have a
rocket launcher for some reason, there's one at the base of the in a box on
the dirt. 

Rocket launcher in hand, run up the ramp on the right and max out your ammo
and begin to unload your rockets on Spike. Placement of the rockets is not
necessary, hitting him in the face is the same as hitting him in the toe.
From here you just launch rocket after rocket at him, going back to stock
up on more rockets at the ammo crate, and resume firing rockets at him. Take
a slight caution though, because Spike will sometimes stick his head through
the scaffolding near you in an attempt to retaliate at your bothersome

Once you defeat him, you win the game. Now you can play Hard mode, which is
almost easier than Normal because you start off with the Plasma Rifle. Also,
if you collected all of the turret pieces you've now unlocked the .50 calibur
turret in survivor mode. Remember the turret you used for the T-Rex fight?
Well you get THAT turret on the left side of your base instead of the 200
round magazine one. You replace reload times with potential overheats, but
when you get good overheating is not a problem... early on.

V) Survivor Mode
Essentially one big fort defense you'll never win, this is the pinnacle of
the game right here. This is where you test your defensive survival skills.
How it works is: you're stationed on one side of the field, and the dinosaurs
are on the other side. They spawn in waves and attack in increasing numbers as
the rounds tick higher. But, to your advantage, as the levels tick higher you
gain access to stronger weapons and defenses.

In the beginning all you have is a pistol at full ammo and the explosive
tipped turret on the right wing of your fort. Use this turret to defend your
windows for the first two rounds. After you've completed round 2, the turret
on the other wing of the fort becomes available. 

NOTE: If you collected 15/16 turret pieces from story mode, the left gunner
changes from the normal gunner to the .50 Mounted Machine gun. Once you have
this unlocked, you can cruise all the way to round 10, no trouble. And at 
level 10 you unlock the minigun in the back of your base.

As the rounds get higher and higher, more and more bigger and bigger creatures
start trying to crash their way into your base. It starts off all nice with 
nothing but red raptors at your doorstep, but even before round 5 you're 
already seeing Utahraptors attack. And to make things even worse, the higher
you get the more common Utahraptors get!

Basic Strategy:
Round 1 - Mount the gunner seat and annihilate everything

Transition - Reinforce any damaged windows. Leave the 9mm automatic alone.

Round 2 - Re-mount the turret and kill everything again

Transition - Reinforce the windows and make your way to the .50 Mounted gun
   on the other side (if you didn't collect the parts, its just another
   normal turret). 

Round 3 to 10 - Use the left turret and right turret to keep the dinosaurs
   at bay. If they get in, hope you're above round 8 and can defend yourself
   near the ammo crate by lobbing mass amounts of grenades and bullets. 

Round 10+ - Retreat to the mounted minigun and await your impending death some
   time in the next 5 rounds.

Personally, I never got past round 15 but have seen one individual get to 
round 31 on the scoreboard. When I find out how in the world he did that, I'll
let you know. If you're that person and you're reading this, please post a 
video on youtube or something 'cause THAT's an achievement!

VI) Achievements
This section contains what all the trophies are for the game. Some of the 
tricky one's I've supplied a strategy to get for your sake.

NOTE: These are in the order as they appear in the "Trophy Collection"
menu on the PS3.

Platinum Trophy - Get all trophies

Welcome to the Jungle - Kill 50 Deinonychus (raptors)

Raptor Extinction - Kill 100 Deinonychus (raptors)

Woah - Kill 1 dino during an Adrenaline Burst

Not So Fast - Kill 3 raptors in a single Adrenaline Burst
   Easy strategy = use a grenade on a velociraptor pack

Adrenaline Junkie - Kill 25 total dinos using Adrenaline Bursts

These are not the Hammer - Kill 20 dinos using melees

Gunman - Kill a dino using each weapon (except Plasma Rifle)

Firepower - Kill 50 total dinos using mounted turrets

Die in a Fire - Commit suicide by fire/lava

Clever Girl - Die in a raptor struggle (the minigame thing)

Allergic Reaction - Killed by the red-leafed plants

Dinomite! - One shot kill 50 raptors
   Easy Strategy = play story mode enough

Six Foot Turkey - Kill a Utahraptor (mandatory)

What a Prick - Defeat the Spinosaurus (mandatory)

I'm the King - Kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex (mandatory)

Outta Nails - Defend a fort without repairing any windows
   Easy Strategy = The level 13 fort defense places you defending a wall.
      What I did was stand next to the ammo crate and lobbed dozens of 
      grenades at the base of all the windows. I think I only had to shoot
      two or three raptors, and they fell quickly under the super shotgun.

Handyman - Defend a fort without a single dino getting in
   Easy strategy = The first fort defense you do is by far the easiest. Grab
      the shotgun and blast away. 

Preparing for the Future - Fully repair all windows on a fort before opening
   it back up

Pack Hunting - Kill 3 raptors with one grenade
   Easy Strategy = Velociraptor packs...

Who Needs a Bug Zapper? - Kill 50 Pterodactyls in level 7

Death from Below - Kill a Pterodactyl with a grenade
   Easy strategy = On level 7, you should notice that some pteros come off
      a perch and attack once you come within a certain range. Toss a grenade
      near your feet and have it blow as they fly in to attack you. Hitting
      one directly with a grenade can be very difficult, so kill them with
      splash damage.

Blast in the Past - Kill a total of 20 dinos with grenades

Plumber Stomachache - Destroy 50 exploding mushrooms
   Easy Strategy = Tons are found in level 9

1-Up - Kill 1 enemy with an exploding mushroom (scorpions included)

Mari-Ouch - Kill yourself with an exploding mushroom

Crispy Critters - Kill 5 scorpions with the RPG

Scorpion King - Kill 50 scorpions

Chicken Chaser - Kill 50 velociraptors (the tiny dinos that attack in swarms)

Nuck Chorris Rex - Complete the game without dying

Life Finds a Way - Complete the game

Hard as Nails - Complete the game on Hard mode

VII) Contact Information
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Below is my contact info.

Name: Darin
Email: gamemaster53539@yahoo.com

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