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Trophy Guide by Acantophis3rD

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 01/11/2010

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	#	TROPHY GUIDE FOR          	#
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	#	VERSION 1.6 Date: 01/11/2010	#
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Copy the line of letters and numbers and push CTRL+F together
and a search-window will pop up. Insert the line of letters and
numbers into the text field and hit the ENTER-key to jump directly
to its destination inside this FAQ.


GOW-1.0) God of War Trophies
GOW-1.1) Bronze Trophies
GOW-1.1.1) 1.21 Gigawatts
GOW-1.1.2) Rocking Out
GOW-1.1.3) Bolt Action
GOW-1.1.4) Sword Man
GOW-1.1.5) Soul Search
GOW-1.1.6) Matador
GOW-1.1.7) Scape Goat
GOW-1.1.8) Roll Over & and Die
GOW-1.1.9) Don't They Ever Shut Up!
GOW-1.1.10) Beat a Dead Horse
GOW-1.1.11) Kickboxer
GOW-1.1.12) Rockin' the Boat
GOW-1.1.13) Don't Leave Her Hanging
GOW-1.1.14) Get the Ball Rolling
GOW-1.1.15) Totally Baked
GOW-1.1.16) Splash
GOW-1.1.17) Get Me a Beer Kid
GOW-1.1.18) Zero Health = Bronze Trophy
GOW-1.1.19) Hitman
GOW-1.1.20) Getting My Ass Kicked
GOW-1.2) Silver Trophies
GOW-1.2.1) Kratos' Marble Collection
GOW-1.2.2) Stick it in Your Cap!
GOW-1.2.3) It's the HUGE One
GOW-1.2.4) Take the Bull by the Horns
GOW-1.2.5) God Killer
GOW-1.2.6) Head Hunter
GOW-1.2.7) The Power to Kill a God
GOW-1.2.8) Hitman 2
GOW-1.2.9) Legend of the Twins
GOW-1.2.10) Seeing Red
GOW-1.3) Gold Trophies
GOW-1.3.1) Prepare to be a God
GOW-1.3.2) You Got the Touch!
GOW-1.3.3) I'll Take the Physical Challenge
GOW-1.3.4) Speed of Jason McDonald
GOW-1.3.5) Key to Success
GOW-1.4) Platinum Trophy
GOW-1.4.1) Trophy of Zeus

GOW-2.0) God of War II Trophies
GOW-2.1) Bronze Trophies
GOW-2.1.1) Breaking Wind
GOW-2.1.2) Big, Tuff, Buff and Rough
GOW-2.1.3) Blue Balls
GOW-2.1.4) Shiner
GOW-2.1.5) Rock their World
GOW-2.1.6) Learning to Fly
GOW-2.1.7) Shaky Ground
GOW-2.1.8) Death from Above 2009
GOW-2.1.9) Resurrection
GOW-2.1.10) Rock Hard
GOW-2.1.11) Pick'n on the Little Guy
GOW-2.1.12) Watcha Got on the Hot Plate?
GOW-2.1.13) Whip it Good
GOW-2.1.14) Lift with Your Knees
GOW-2.1.15) Swinger
GOW-2.1.16) Stoner
GOW-2.1.17) Super Sized
GOW-2.1.18) Hitting Your Stride
GOW-2.2) Silver Trophies
GOW-2.2.1) Eye Can't Believe it
GOW-2.2.2) Go Make a Pillow!
GOW-2.2.3) Eye Sore
GOW-2.2.4) Boss Batch 1
GOW-2.2.5) Boss Batch 2
GOW-2.2.6) Boss Batch 3
GOW-2.2.7) Daddy Issues
GOW-2.2.8) Rise and SHINE
GOW-2.2.9) Spread 'Em
GOW-2.2.10) Shine King
GOW-2.2.11) Blowin' Your Wad
GOW-2.3) Gold Trophies
GOW-2.3.1) The End Begins
GOW-2.3.2) Feel the Urn
GOW-2.3.3) Bleeding Thumbs
GOW-2.3.4) 15 Min Fight Scene
GOW-2.3.5) You Know the Germans Make Good Stuff...
GOW-2.4) Platinum Trophy
GOW-2.4.1) Trophy of Gaia


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I allow you to make a printed copy for yourself and one of your
friends. Send me an e-mail if you want to use this guide or
parts of it on your website. You find a list with possible
ways to get in contact with me, at the end of this document.

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The in this guide listed trophies can only be found in the God of War 
Collection for Playstation 3 and cannot be found in the original releases of 
God of War & God of War II on Playstation 2.
Well, this is my first FAQ that I write. I tell you how and where I have 
unlocked some of the harder to get trophies during my run-throughs of these 
games. Please note that I played in the hardest available difficulty.
This means, Spartan-Mode (Hard) for God of War and God-Mode (Hard) for God of 
War II.
I did a second run-through on the easiest difficulty, to earn all the remaining 
trophies that I forgot to unlock during my first run.
You may notice that english is not my native language. I am trying to write as 
error-free as possible. If you find any extreme errors, please e-mail me. If 
you have any tips to earn certain trophies on an easier way, please e-mail me, 

How to use this FAQ
This is a Trophy Guide and NO Walkthrough!
Make sure you completed the games once by yourself before reading this FAQ. You 
may spoil yourself a lot. If you have problems to unlock a specific trophy, 
then this guide can help you. All God of War and God of War II Trophies added 
to this FAQ.

If you send me an e-mail with alternative strategies or other tips, please
insert your name that you want me to use in my FAQ to the mail.

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===GOW-1.0) God of War Trophies===
There are three types of trophies to earn in God of War:
20 bronze, 10 silver and 5 gold trophies.
You need to unlock 35 trophies in total to get the last 
one with the number 36: the platinum trophy!

===GOW-1.1) Bronze Trophies===
There are 20 bronze trophies to earn in God of War. Most of them only require 
playing the game, while the others need some more specific things to do.

===GOW-1.1.1) 1.21 Gigawatts===
Requirement: Acquire Poseidon's Rage
Get this magic from the God Poseidon. You need to find his shrine in one of the 
ships in the first chapter "Aegean Sea" to earn the trophy.

===GOW-1.1.2) Rocking Out===
===Requirement: Acquire Medusa's Gaze
The Goddess Aphrodite offers you the ability to freeze your enemies with this 
magic in the chapter "The Gates of Athens". However, you need to defeat Medusa 
first and rip off her head to earn the magic and the trophy.

===GOW-1.1.3) Bolt Action===
===Requirement: Acquire Zeus' Fury
Get this magic from the God of Gods Zeus in the chapter "Rooftops of Athens".

You find a ramp that shoots in the wrong direction. Kick it down the corridor. 
Push it on the gear wheel in the room with the sealed door. Open the door 
nearby. Use the switch. Remove the ramp from the wheel. Use the switch again. 
Push the ramp back on the wheel. Push the switch for the third time. Now fire 
the ramp, destroy the door, activate Zeus shrine and get the magic and the 

You encounter many monsters inside the room with the switch. This is the best 
place to unlock the "Hitman" trophies: (GoW 1.1.19) and (GoW 1.2.8).

===GOW-1.1.4) Sword Man===
===Requirement: Acquire Blade of Artemis
Get this blade from the Goddess Artemis.
Turn Pandora's Ring to the second hole in the wall and find her shrine before 
you enter the entrance to "Challenge of Atlas".

===GOW-1.1.5) Soul Search===
===Requirement: Acquire Army of Hades
Get this magic from the God of the Underworld Hades.
Defeat Pandora's Guardian at the end of the "Challenge of Hades". Move up the 
stairs and grab the head of the architect's second son.  Move down again.
Hades will block the only door out and offers you the magic and the trophy.

===GOW-1.1.6) Matador===
===Requirement: Win the first Minotaur fight
You encounter the three Minotaur's short after the beginning of the chapter 
"The Gates of Athens". Defeat them all to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-1.1.7) Scape Goat===
===Requirement: Win the first Satyr fight
You encounter the first Satyr's at the beginning of the chapter "The Cliffs of 
Madness". Defeat them all and unlock the trophy.

===GOW-1.1.8) Roll Over & and Die===
===Requirement: Win the first Cerberus fight
You encounter the first Cerberus at the beginning of the chapter "Challenge of 
Poseidon". Kill the sweet little Cerberus to regain health during the fight. 
Defeat all of them to earn this trophy.

===GOW-1.1.9) Don't They Ever Shut Up!===
===Requirement: Defeat the Desert Sirens
Search and destroy the three Sirens in the chapter "Desert of Lost Souls" first 
and make your way through the dungeon.
All three Sirens appear again and the horn, to call for Cronos, disappears.
Now kill all three Sirens again to unlock this trophy.

===GOW-1.1.10) Beat a Dead Horse===
===Requirement: Complete the Centaur sacrifice to Hades
To continue the "Challenge of Hades" in "Rings of Pandora", you need to defeat 
at least six Centaurs. Kill three in each of the magic rings during the battle, 
to unlock this trophy.

===GOW-1.1.11) Kickboxer===
===Requirement: Complete the Spike Room Box Puzzle
You need to survive the Spiked Room Box Puzzle before you can reach one of the 
two necklaces in the chapter "The Cliffs of Madness.
Enter the room and use the switch to close the gate. Pull the block out of its 
place. Kick it three times as fast as possible. Jump on it and jump on the edge 
above Kratos head. Get the necklace to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-1.1.12) Rockin' the Boat===
===Requirement: Complete the Sex Mini-Game
You start in your cap with two beautiful naked women.
Kratos starts a quick chat with them by pushing the R2-Button.
However, to complete the Sex Mini-Game, you need to jump on the bed and to push 
the Circle-Button. Follow the buttons that appear on the screen, followed by 
directions with the left analog-stick. You get a bunch of red orbs and you 
unlock the trophy.

===GOW-1.1.13) Don't Leave Her Hanging===
===Requirement: Rescue the Oracle with 10 seconds to spare
This is an easy one. Just finish the race to rescue the Oracle with 10 seconds 
left on the timer. Be in time to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-1.1.14) Get the Ball Rolling===
===Requirement: Complete the Challenge of Atlas
Enter the room with the Atlas statue in "The Challenge of Atlas". It is the 
statue with the big ball on it's shoulders.
Climb up to the second floor and pull the switch. The statue throws the stone 
and crashes the door. This unlocks the trophy.

===GOW-1.1.15) Totally Baked===
===Requirement: Complete the Human sacrifice
Push the person inside the cage to the room at the far end of a corridor, 
activate the switch to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-1.1.16) Splash===
===Requirement: Kiss the Nyad
There are 4 Nyads, that can be found during the "Test of Poseidon" in 
"Pandora's Temple". You need to kiss only one Nyad to get this trophy.
Push the R2-Button to read Kratos thoughts.
You need to push the Circle-Button near a Nyad to kiss her. Maybe the Nyad 
rewards you with a Phoenix Feather or a Gorgon Eye, but the trophy drops for 

===GOW-1.1.17) Get Me a Beer Kid===
===Requirement: Free yourself from the depths of Hades
Climb up the rope at the end of the chapter "The Path of Hades" to unlock this 

===GOW-1.1.18) Zero Health = Bronze Trophy===
You may ask yourself, if this trophy really needs a description. Oh, it does 
for sure, because who could ever have the idea to open a health-giving chest 
with a full health-meter? You gain no health, but a trophy for sure!

===GOW-1.1.19) Hitman===
===Requirement: Get a 100 Hits Combo
Make sure that your magic "Poseidon's Rage" is at least on Level 2 and your 
mana-meter is full.
I suggest you to to play in Hard Mode, because the monsters have more hit
points and do not die that fast. Check the alternative strategies to know
the places to unlock this trophy on lower difficulties.

My Strategy for Hard Mode:
There is one place to get the trophy very fast. It is the little room with the 
switch to rotate the gear wheel, short before you destroy the door that leads 
to the magic of Zeus Fury. Open the center door on the left wall, near the gear 
wheel in the ground.
Many monsters spawn around the switch. Wait until they are surrounding Kratos.

Now cast Poseidon's Rage and button-smash the Circle-Button. I hit the monsters 
with a combo of 102. Cast it once more to unlock the "Hitman 2" trophy, too.
I earned both trophies with a maximum combo of 206.

Sometimes, your combo-counter restarts from zero if you wait to long for the 
second wave of monsters to surround Kratos. If this happens, open the pause-
menu with the SELECT-Button, use "Restart from the last Checkpoint" and try it 
Just hit the monsters between the two magic attacks with normal attacks, to 
avoid the combo-counter to reset itself.
Alternative Strategies:
Kevin K. wrote:
In the Challenge of Poseidon, after you get Poseidon's Trident and swim through 
the tunnel where you learn to dash, you come up in the room full of mini-
Cerberus dogs -- there are enough of them and the waves spawn fast enough that 
I was able to get over a 300 hit combo using Poseidon's Rage on easy 

Assad A. wrote:
Well, I played it on Spartan (Normal) and managed to get both trophies in the 
Challenge of Atlas. After you lower the rock and climb down and all the way to 
Hades' shield after using the rope... I used Poseidon's Rage, which was at 
level 1 after gathering the enemies around me, and I got 350 hits... and if you 
are wondering, yeah I tried again and got over 170 and on the second 260... In 
other words, you can do it easily...

Mohammad A. wrote:
There is very easy way to get this trophy with 200+ combo hits. The place is
in the Temple of Panadora, before getting the blue shield. There is a wall
with spikes going to kill you, while you are attacked by many monsters.
Use Poseidons Rage and tab rapidly the Circle-Button.

Send me an e-mail if you have discover another place to earn this trophy.
I really want to know!

GOW-1.1.20) Getting My Ass Kicked===
===Requirement: Die enough times to get offered Easy Mode
You need to play the game at least on Normal Mode or higher. Just die five 
times inside the same battle to get the offer. You do not need to accept it, 
but you unlock the trophy for sure.

===GOW-1.2) Silver Trophies===
There are 10 silver trophies to earn in God of War. You have various tasks to 
accomplish to earn these trophies. Some of them only require defeating boss-
monsters. Others want you to collect a specific amount of various things or 
story-based items.

===GOW-1.2.1) Kratos' Marble Collection===
===Requirement: Collect all the Gorgon Eyes
You need to find 18 Gorgon Eyes to earn this trophy. You can find the Gorgon 
Eyes in specific chests during the game. You can also kiss two of the four 
Nyad's to get one.

===GOW-1.2.2) Stick it in Your Cap!===
===Requirement: Collect all the Phoenix Feathers
You need to find 18 Phoenix Feathers to earn this trophy. You can find the 
Phoenix Feathers in specific chests during the game. You can also kiss two of 
the four Nyad's to get one.

===GOW-1.2.3) It's the HUGE One===
===Requirement: Retrieve the Captain's Key
You need to win the Hydra boss fight at the end of the first chapter "Aegean 
Sea". After the Hydras death, walk into its open mouth and find the captain 
inside. Take his key to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-1.2.4) Take the Bull by the Horns===
===Requirement: Defeat Pandora's Guardian
Win the boss battle against the heavy guardian at the end of the "Challenge of 
Hades" to unlock this trophy.

===GOW-1.2.5) God Killer===
===Requirement: Kill Ares
Defeat and kill the God of War Ares at the end of the game to unlock this 

===GOW-1.2.6) Head Hunter===
===Requirement: Obtain the head of the Architect's wife
You find the remains of the architect's wife inside the chapter "The 
Architect's Tomb". Get it to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-1.2.7) The Power to Kill a God===
===Requirement: Retrieve Pandora's Box
All you need to do is to reach the end of the chapter "The Architect's Tomb". 
There you find the Box and you get the trophy as reward.

===GOW-1.2.8) Hitman 2===
===Requirement: Get a 200 Hits Combo
Read the description for the trophy "Hitman".

===GOW-1.2.9) Legend of the Twins===
===Requirement: Watch the 'Birth of the Beast' Treasure
Complete the game once on any difficulty to unlock this treasure. Select the 
Treasure option on the main-screen and move down to "Birth of the Beast". Play 
the video by pushing the X-Button to unlock this trophy.

===GOW-1.2.10) Seeing Red===
===Requirement: Max out all Weapons and Magic
It is near impossible to max out all weapons and magic on Normal-Mode or 
higher, because you get less red orbs by defeating enemies. Play the game at 
least on Easy Mode and try to follow these simple rules:

- Kill your opponents very brutal to get more red orbs
- Try to find every chest that includes red orbs during the game
- Use the experience gift of the Gods at the secret room in Rings of Pandora
- Chests and Monsters in Hades give you many red orbs
- Fail the Mini-Game above Ares head after the second sequence to get many red 
orbs (repeat this as much as you want)
- Max out your weapons in the throne room at the end of the game

===GOW-1.3) Gold Trophies===
There are 5 gold trophies in God of War. They all require very special tasks to 

===GOW-1.3.1) Prepare to be a God===
===Requirement: Beat the Game on any Difficulty
All you have to do is to complete the game on a difficulty of your choice and 
the trophy is yours.

===GOW-1.3.2) You Got the Touch!===
===Requirement: Climb the Spiked Column in Hades without taking damage

Johnis80 wrote and told me that he got the trophy by getting hit and trying
again without to restart from the last check point.

Mohammad A. wrote:
"I did not know that there was a trophy by climing. I felt down many
times but when I reached the top, the trophy was unlocked. There is no
need to restart from last check point."

A comment on my blog from Jesse confirms it again:
source: http://acantophis3rd.wordpress.com/2009/11/27/gow-trophies/
"The only way to get up the Spiked Column is to not get hit so you get
that trophy if you make it up. No need to reset."

Thanks to their comments and e-mails, we know now that you dont need to
reset from the last check point or to load your game again after you got
hit. Just make it up to the top and the trophy is yours!

Here are some tips on how to solve this torture:

- Don't hesitate
- Wait for the blades to move away
- Use the walls to your left and right to take a break

===GOW-1.3.3) I'll Take the Physical Challenge===
===Requirement: Complete the Challenge of the Gods
This is the hardest trophy to earn in God of War. It needs a lot of time to 
figure out how to solve each of the 10 challenges. I needed 4 hours for all 
stages. Take your time for this trophy.

===GOW-1.3.4) Speed of Jason McDonald===
===Requirement: Beat the game in under 5 hours on any Difficulty
The best difficulty to accomplish this task is the Easy Mode and you need to 
follow these simple rules:

- Don't kill every enemy on your way
- Only kill all enemies if you are forced to (to lift a magical barrier)
- It helps a lot if you know how to solve every puzzle on your way
- The timer does not run while you are in the save-, upgrade- and pause-screens
- The timer does not run while pre-rendered and animated cut scenes are running

===GOW-1.3.5) Key to Success===
===Requirement: Collect all of the Muse Keys
There are four possible chests, hidden during the Challenges in "Pandora's 
Temple", that include a Muse Key, but you can only pick up two. I found my Muse 
Keys at the following locations:

- You can find one Key inside a chest behind the Atlas statue in the "Challenge 
of Atlas".
- Do you remember the rotating knifes at the roof of the "Challenge of Hades"?
At the end, there is a rope to your left and a tiny walkway to your right side.
Take the right walkway and find a chest with a key on its end.

===GOW-1.4) Platinum Trophy===
There is 1 platinum trophy to unlock in God of War.

===GOW-1.4.1) Trophy of Zeus===
===Requirement: Unlock all God of War Trophies
Unlock the 20 bronze, the 10 silver and the 5 gold trophies to earn it. 

		#                                       #
		#                                       #

===GOW-2.0) God of War II Trophies===
There are three types of trophies to earn in God of War II: 18 bronze, 11 
silver and 5 gold trophies. You need to unlock 34 trophies in total to get the 
last one with the number 35: the platinum trophy!

===GOW-2.1) Bronze Trophies===
There are 18 bronze trophies to unlock in God of War II. Almost every trophy
can be unlocked by just playing through the game.

===GOW-2.1.1) Breaking Wind===
===Requirement: Acquire Typhon's Bane
It is the replacement for Zeus Fury from the first game.
Get this awesome bow during the chapter "The Lair of the Titan".
Make your way to the platform before Typhon's head. Take care of his cold blows 
and do not fall down. Push the R1-Button while on the platform. Kratos jumps at 
Typhon's head and cuts the bow and this trophy out of his eye.

===GOW-2.1.2) Big, Tuff, Buff and Rough===
===Requirement: Acquire Rage of the Titans
It is the replacement for the Rage of the Gods from the first game.
Find Prometheus hanging outside of "The Lair of the Titan" and throw him down 
by attacking his body. Make your way to the cave, get Typhon's and return to 
Prometheus. Shoot at him with the bow and see him falling down into the eternal 
fire. You earn the Rage of the Titans and this trophy.

===GOW-2.1.3) Blue Balls===
===Requirement: Acquire Cronos' Rage
It is the replacement magic for Poseidon's Rage from the first game.
Defeat Theseus on "The Island of Creation" and grab his key. Return to the 
first platform and open the sealed door with the key. Use the key once more 
inside the room and earn Cronos' Rage and the trophy as a reward.

===GOW-2.1.4) Shiner===
===Requirement: Acquire the Golden Fleece
You find a dying soldier at "The Bog of the Forgotten" near the room with the 
Cerberus eating his friend.
Take him to the wheel and drop him to destroy it. Now you can enter the room 
with the Cerberus. The creature is chewing the remains of the soldiers's dead 
friend that has the Golden Fleece.
Defeat the Cerberus and take the Fleece and this trophy. 

===GOW-2.1.5) Rock their World===
===Requirement: Acquire the Head of Euryale
It is the replacement for Medusa's Gaze from the first game.
Survive "The Temple of Euryale" and face her in battle. Finish her and cut her 
head off to get it and the trophy.

===GOW-2.1.6) Learning to Fly===
===Requirement: Acquire the Icarus Wings
Kratos meets this strange man with wings called Icarus, after reaching "The 
Great Chasm". Both start to fight and fall into the great hole. One body hits 
the ground and the other slides down with Icarus Wings and this trophy.
It is Kratos!

===GOW-2.1.7) Shaky Ground===
===Requirement: Acquire Atlas Quake
"Atlas" - the Titan that holds the world on his shoulders tries to crush 
Krato's. Win the mini-game and acquire the Titan's gift and this trophy.

===GOW-2.1.8) Death from Above 2009===
===Requirement: Defeat the Dark Rider for the first time
Beat the Dark Rider near the end of your "Flight to the Island of Creation" to 
unlock this trophy.

===GOW-2.1.9) Resurrection===
===Requirement: Climb from the pit of Hades
Kratos dies after the boss-fight inside the Colossus and the Titan Gaia 
resurrects his dead body. However, you need to escape from the pit of Hades by 
yourself. Destroy the arms that want to grab you and climb all the way up. 
Kratos lives again and earns this trophy.

===GOW-2.1.10) Rock Hard===
===Requirement: Defeat the Titan Minotaur inside Atlas
The big and mighty stone-monsters are Titan Minotaur's.
You need to battle one inside Atlas. Take care of the lava, defeat the Minotaur 
and earn this trophy.

===GOW-2.1.11) Pick'n on the Little Guy===
===Requirement: Win the battle outside of the Palace of the Fates
Fly on the back of the Phoenix to the Palace of the Fates and push the switch 
to lower the platform. Defeat all Cyclops and Beastmaster's to unlock this 

===GOW-2.1.12) Watcha Got on the Hot Plate?===
===Requirement: Solve the riddle of the Fire Phoenix Statue
Find a way to the Urn with the remains of the Phoenix and use the switch nearby 
to throw it into the lava. Awake the Phoenix and unlock this trophy.

===GOW-2.1.13) Whip it Good===
===Requirement: Whip the Steeds of Time
You just need to solve the mini-game to wake up the four big horses. If you 
made it and they move, then you get this trophy.

===GOW-2.1.14) Lift with Your Knees===
===Requirement: Topple the Temple in the Bog of the Forgotten
Do you remember the loosely temple in "The Bog of the Forgotten"? Push the two 
stones to the far edge of the temple and topple the temple into the swamp. Now 
you can continue your way and to unlock this trophy.

===GOW-2.1.15) Swinger===
===Requirement: Cross the collapsing Grapple Bridge
I love this part: The collapsing Grapple Bridge! Swing over to the other side 
and earn this trophy! Do not give up if you can't survive this tension part 
after many first attempts.

===GOW-2.1.16) Stoner===
===Requirement: Stone and Shatter 30 Enemies
Use the "Head of Euryale" to stone and shatter 30 enemies during the same run 
through the game. 

===GOW-2.1.17) Super Sized===
===Requirement: Get a 500 Hits Combo
This trophy is laughable compared to the "Hitman" and "Hitman 2" trophies from 
the previous game. Just start a new game on the hardest difficulty and use the 
first fighting scene. Defeat the first wave of soldiers and wait for the second 
to come. Now abuse Poseidon's Rage and fill the breaks, until enough new 
enemies surround you, with Light Attacks (Square-Button). I made a 634 HIT
combo during this scene.
You can earn this trophy almost everywhere in the game.

Alternative Strategies:
Erdvilla wrote:
I found really easy (almost unintended) way to make it in Normal.
Right after you get "Chrono's rage" in "The steeds of time" you have unlimited
magic during the fight. Tap the L2-Button all the time and the lightning
will make all the work since it chains all enemies in the small room and they
keep coming from the ground. I raised a 856 HIT combo just by pressing L2.

Andrea Scattolin (PSN: woodman_76) wrote:
A good spot to obtain it is in the hand of Atlas, just after obtaining Atlas
Quake. There are a lot of soldier coming, and I used a level 2 Cronos Rage.

Please send me an e-mail and tell me your favorite place to break the 
500 Hits Combo and I add it to this FAQ.

===GOW-2.1.18) Hitting Your Stride===
Just power up any item or magic to unlock this trophy.

===GOW-2.2) Silver Trophies===
There are 11 silver trophies to unlock in God of War II. Many of them require 
playing the game. Others have more challenging tasks to solve.

===GOW-2.2.1) Eye Can't Believe it===
===Requirement: Collect all the Gorgon Eyes
You need to find 18 Gorgon Eyes to earn this trophy. You can find the Gorgon 
Eyes in specific chests during the game.

===GOW-2.2.2) Go Make a Pillow!===
===Requirement: Collect all the Phoenix Feathers
You need to find 18 Phoenix Feathers to earn this trophy. You can find the 
Phoenix Feathers in specific chests during the game.

===GOW-2.2.3) Eye Sore===
===Requirement: Collect 20 Cyclops Eyes
Kill 20 Cyclops and rip out their eyes. It may be possible to get all 20 eyes 
during the same game, but it is difficult (read the readers tips below).
If you could not collect all 20 eyes during the same run, start a new game
and continue. Please note, collecting the remaining eyes in a Bonus Play on
a different difficulty does not work! Start a Bonus Play at the same
difficulty to complete your collection.

Eye Score in Titan Challenge Stage 1:
Another way to continue to complete your collection of Cyclops Eyes is to play 
the first stage of the Challenge of the Titans, right after you finished the
main-game. Enter the Challenge of the Titans directly from the Treasure menu
and begin with this stage. Play it until you have all 20 eyes and the trophy
will be unlocked, but take care of a bug:
I found out that it's not possible to keep the eye after you succeeded the 
challenge and just selected to Restart the current Challenge. Avoid this by 
just selecting to Return to the Challenge main-menu and to start the challenge 
from there again.

readers tips:
ynot4tony wrote:
Regarding the "Eye Sore" trophy, you claimed, "It is not possible to get all
20 eyes during the same game."  I just did.

Granted, I was playing on Easy difficulty, but I'm not sure that makes a
difference.  Outside the Palace of the Fates (shortly after obtaining the
Atlas Quake ability), there is a battle where creatures will blow a horn and
summon a cyclops one after another.  The idea is to kill off the creatures
before they summon too many.  I decided to let them summon several cyclopses
and would simply pull the rider off the cyclops, damage it, and hope for the
circle prompt to initiate the mini-game (otherwise I'd yank the rider off
after he climbed back on and beat the cyclops down some more).  I kept
defeating cyclopses while trying to keep the summoners alive long enough to
get my twenty eyes.

I'm guessing this might be harder to do on a higher difficulty, but isn't
that hard on Easy.  Each cyclops gives you back some health, so it's easy to
stay alive long enough to complete your collection.  On a harder difficulty,
it's probably a good strategy to kill off the summoners as soon as possible,
but I don't see why a skilled player couldn't do what I did on a harder level.

David M. wrote:
I'm writing you to tell you it is possible.
Right outside of The Palace of the Fates. You have a lot of enemies coming at
you. You have a Beast Lord Summoner that summon cyclops. Keep ripping out their
eyes to get your 20 eyes. As long as u dont kill the summoner you can keep
killing the cyclops to get your trophy.

A final note:
I remember that I did it the same way in my first run of the game back in 2006
but I only could collect 14 eyes. I tried it again in the remastered version
on the hardest difficulty and the beastmasters did not call for more cyclops
after I have defeated the others. So I was thinking that it is impossible to
collect all 20 in the same run. I suggest you, my dear reader, to try out
ynot4tony's and David's way and to call yourself a true god of war. Good luck!

===GOW-2.2.4) Boss Batch 1===
===Requirement: Kill the Colossus of Rhodes, the Dark Rider, and Theseus
Win this three boss battles during the main-game to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-2.2.5) Boss Batch 2===
===Requirement: Kill the Barbarian King, Euryale, and Perseus
Win this three boss battles during the main-game to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-2.2.6) Boss Batch 3===
===Requirement: Kill the Kraken and all three Sisters of Fate
Win all these boss battles during the game to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-2.2.7) Daddy Issues===
===Requirement: Defeat Zeus
Win the mini-game at the end of the battle with Zeus to get this trophy.

===GOW-2.2.8) Rise and SHINE===
===Requirement: Awaken the Phoenix
Make your way out of the chamber were you resurrected the Phoenix and blow 
Poseidon's horn to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-2.2.9) Spread 'Em===
===Requirement: Open the wings of the Temple of the Fates
Kill the two translators in "The Temple of the Fates" and sacrifice their blood 
to the Sisters of Fate. This opens the wings of the Temple of the Fates and 
unlocks this trophy.

===GOW-2.2.10) Shine King===
===Requirement: Open the door to the Temple of Euryale
Get the Golden Fleece at "The Bog of the Forgotten" and return to the entrance 
of the temple. Walk into the stone-beams and push the L1-Button, followed by 
bashing the Circle-Button until the door breaks. This unlocks the trophy.

===GOW-2.2.11) Blowin' Your Wad===
===Requirement: Max out all Weapons and Magic
Complete the game and start a Bonus Play on the same difficulty.
Play and continue to upgrade your weapons with red orbs. Don't forget the Blade 
of Olympus. The trophy drops when every weapon and magic is at max level.

===GOW-2.3) Gold Trophies===
There are 5 gold trophies to unlock in God of War II. They require to find 
Urns, Uber chests and to solve very challenging tasks.

===GOW-2.3.1) The End Begins===
===Requirement: Beat the Game on any Difficulty
Just complete the game on any difficulty of your choice to unlock this trophy.

===GOW-2.3.2) Feel the Urn===
===Requirement: Collect and use at least 2 Urns of Power
Four Urns are hidden inside the main-game and two needs to be unlocked by 
completing the Bonus Game "Challenge of the Titans".

Here are the locations of the four Urns inside the main-game:

Urn of Gaia:
Remember the riddle in "The City of Rhodos" with the golden bird statue on a 
block. You need it to weight two ground plates.
Push the block on the first plate and kick it through the door, followed by a 
dodge role. Don't weight the second, just kick the block inside the right and 
down the corridor to the three chests on a higher platform.
Destroy the golden bird statue and jump on the block to reach the chests. The 
chest in the center includes the first urn.

Urn of Gorgons:
Remember the big wheel in "The Bog of the Forgotten" and the corridor with the 
stone-beams behind.
After you got the Golden Fleece from the Cerberus, return to this place and 
push the L1-Button while standing in front of the beams. You reverse the beam 
and the wall breaks. Do this with all the three stone-beams to enter the chests 
behind. One of these includes the second urn.

Urn of Olympus:
Remember the place with the Spear of Destiny sticking inside a dead bird.
Pull it out of the bird and destroy the enemies. Now take the Statue of Fate 
and rotate it with the platform, so it is looking in the direction were you 
came from.
Kick it down and push it in front of the first pool with water. Jump over the 
pool and freeze time by pushing the L1+R1 Buttons. Now run. >Use the grapple 
point to jump over the second pool. Run around the corner and cross the ground 
plate that closes the gate in front of it. You find three chests inside the 
room. One of it includes the third urn.

Urn of Prometheus:
Remember the area inside "Atlas" with the endless spawning insects.
Destroy all nests first. Make your way to the exit of the cave and start 
climbing on the wall. You find a hole at the first half of the way that leads 
into a room with two chests. One chest includes the fourth urn.

How to unlock the two remaining Urns at the Challenge of the Titans:

Urn of Fates & Urn of Poseidon:
You need to complete all the 7 stages of the Challenge of the Titans with a 
Titan Ranking to get these two urns.

How to activate the Urns:
Now start a Bonus Play on any difficulty and enter the Status-Menu by pushing 
the L1-Button. It is the menu with the stats about how long the game runs and 
how many monsters you have killed. There you can enable and disable the power 
of the urns in your possession. Enable two powers to unlock the trophy.

===GOW-2.3.3) Bleeding Thumbs===
===Requirement: Beat the Challenge of the Titans
Complete the seven Challenges of the Titans to unlock this trophy. It does not 
matter what Ranking you get at the end of each Challenge.

===GOW-2.3.4) 15 Min Fight Scene===
===Requirement: Battle your way to the Loom Chamber in under 10 minutes
Remember the downward spiral to the Loom Chamber with the third, fat Sister of 
Fate inside.
Battle your way to the end of this spiral and defeat wave after wave of 
enemies. Reach the door at its end in less than 10 minutes. This unlocks the 
trophy. I made it on the easiest difficulty.

===GOW-2.3.5) You Know the Germans Make Good Stuff...===
===Requirement: Collect all Uber Chests
There are three Uber Chests inside the game. Find all three in the same run 
through the main-game to unlock this trophy.

Here are the locations of the chests:

Uber Chest 1 Location:
Remember the place with the ride on the back of the Undead Berserkers horse.
After you returned from "The Bog of the Forgotten", make your way to the place 
were the ride has started. There you find the first Uber Chest.

Uber Chest 2 Location:
Remember the place at "The Temple of Fates" with the translator that jumps 
into death.
You need to push a Statue of Fate near the door to see the translator killing 
himself. Open the door with the switch. Go through the mirror and spawn outside 
of the door. Freeze time and run back to the place were the statue originally 
was, before you hear the translators screaming. There you find the second Uber 

Uber Chest 3 Location:
Remember the Underground Passage after the sacrifice of the second 
translator. There you find a rope that tears up at the half way. You will fall 
down. Kill the Gorgons and the Bowmen nearby and continue climbing on the wall. 
On the other side, defeat all enemies and wait before the vent.
Now use Typhon's Bane and shoot at the wall on the other side of the vent. The 
wall will break and discovers a niche with the third Uber chest.

After you found all three chests inside the same run through the game, the 
trophy unlocks itself.

===GOW-2.4) Platinum Trophy===
There is 1 platinum trophy to unlock in God of War II.

===GOW-2.4.1) Trophy of Gaia===
===Requirement: Unlock all God of War II Trophies
Unlock the 18 bronze, the 11 silver and the 5 gold trophies to earn it. 

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1.1 Date: 12/18/2009
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- Hitman Trophy updated

1.2 Date: 01/02/2010 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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- Super Sized Trophy updated

1.3 Date: 01/07/2010
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