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by Mookiethebold

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Chest Guide by Mookiethebold

Version: Athena | Updated: 01/03/2010


Greetings, Spartans! Do you desire great strength? Do you wish to raise your health to its peak as quickly as possible? Do you need a boost of magic power? Then you've come to the right place! This guide was designed to lead you to each and every chest in the conflict known as God of War II. Follow these simple instructions and you'll be as powerful as a titan in no time!

This guide gives detailed locations of all the chests that contain red orbs, Gorgon Eyes, Phoenix Feathers, the three "gift" chests, and four of the six Urns (the other two Urns are not found within the main game, hence their exclusion). Regular green/health, blue/magic, and yellow/Rage of the Titans chests are not covered because, quite frankly, they're all so obvious you'd have to be playing with your eyes closed to miss any of 'em!

Of course, it's not necessary to find all these chests in order to complete the game, but why wait till Bonus Play to max out your health and magic meters or the power of your weapons and magic spells when you can do it the first time through, eh?


RD: Denotes a chest with a red "glow" on the outside, which contains red orbs on the inside, used to increase the power and/or skills of your various weapons and magic abilities. Some chests containing red orbs *do not* have the standard red glow on the outside, but instead are just a plain looking grey chest. These grey chests *with* red orbs are more common in the later half of the game after you've acquired all of the Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers. Some red orb chests also give small amounts of blue/magic or yellow/Rage of the Titans orbs as well.

xRD: Denotes a regular grey chest which contains red orbs. However, if you don't collect all of the Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers at the earliest opportunity, they may still be found in some of these chests.

GE: Denotes a normal grey colored chest which contains a Gorgon Eye. This type has no "glow" to it like the red orb chests, or the green and blue chests with health and magic refills. There are a total of 18 Gorgon Eyes in one new game. Every six you collect permanently increase the health/life meter of Kratos by a small amount. If you miss any Gorgon Eyes they can not only be found in other chests later in the same game, but they'll also appear in chests in a Bonus Play game. So, if you only get 15 on your first playthrough on normal, when you start a Bonus Play game on the same difficulty, the other 3 will continue to spawn in the grey chests till you have all 18. Get it? Good!

PF: Denotes a normal grey colored chest which contains a Phoenix Feather. Like the chests with Gorgon Eyes, these do not glow either. There are a total of 18 Phoenix Feathers in one new game, and like the GE's, every six you collect permanently increase the magic meter of Kratos by a small amount. Again, if you miss any they'll continue to spawn in the grey chests later in that same playthrough and in Bonus Play till you've found all 18.

URN OF X: Denotes a normal grey colored chest which contains one of four different urns available in the main game. Like the GE and PF chests, these do not glow. Each of the four urns can only be found in one specific chest. If you miss one of them during one playthrough you can get it the next time around in Bonus Play at the same location.

GIFT OF X: Denotes a chest which contains one of three "gifts", health/life, magic, and experience. The health and magic gifts give Kratos a small permanent increase to the respective meter, while the gift of experience rewards you with a whole bunch of red orbs. Each of the three is only available in one specific location and they can be found in a subsequent playthrough if you miss them on the previous game.

Green/Blue/Yellow chests: As stated in the intro, these chests, containing orbs that refill your health, magic, and Rage of the Titans meters, are not listed in this guide due to the fact that they are generally all right out in the open and almost in your way (not to mention that there are a hell of a lot of 'em). If I were to list all of these chests as well, the guide would be unnecessarily long.


1. XX > Denotes one chest at this location.

2. XX > 3. XX > 4. XX > When two or more chests are listed in this manner, it doesn't mean I forgot to tell you where the first one (or two) is/are, instead it means said chests can all be found together in the same location, or at least within close proximity of each other.


-> Each section of the guide is broken down into the main areas of the game in which the chests can be found. Subsections are named according to the nearest (usually the previous, sometimes the next) save point in order to help narrow down the specific location of a chest. If you don't know the name of the subsection of your current position, find a save point, save your game, resume, then choose the save option again. The game will list the name of the subsection on the file you just saved.

-> In some instances I used north, south, east or west to describe which way you should go/look to find a chest. North always means up/forward, south always means down/toward the screen, east always means right, and west always means left. Unfortunately, the camera sometimes shifts a bit as you move around, thus going east can sometimes suddenly mean going north. Know what I mean? Eh, don't worry though. This doesn't happen very often, so you shouldn't have any trouble understanding my directions.

Rhodes Bathhouse

1. RD > In the room where the Colossus steps on Kratos, near the ladder and climbable wall, continue left past a blue/green combo chest and head into a small nook in the corner.

2. RD > In the same room, climb the wall, head to the left, climb down and jump off, rather than proceed up and out. The chest is at the end of the short balcony.

Rhodes Palace

3. RD > 4. URN OF GAIA > 5. RD > In the area with all the hallways and gates, push the block onto the second floor button under the gate opened when Kratos stands on the first button and roll right after it. After that, push it down the hall to the right, then all the way straight ahead. Be sure you destroy the bird statue on the block, then jump up on the ledge to get all three chests.

6. RD > Still in the hallway area, head to the section where the platform and lever is (don't get on yet), then go south (from your perspective) to find the chest.

Eastern Ramparts

7. RD > 8. RD > On a platform to the right, between two small broken roofs, in the area where you must balance on some narrow wooden beams. Jump across from the right end of the first section of beams (before proceeding towards the save point) to find both chests.

9. GE > Climb the net on the platform where you destroy the third joint of machinery inside the Colossus to find your first Gorgon Eye.


10. RD > 11. GE > After getting off Pegasus, climb (or jump) down the wall just in front of the green chest, and jump down to the lower platform on the left to find both chests.

The Hand Cavern

12. RD > Near the edge of the cliff past a rope you will need to slide down, just a bit after a green chest near where you fight your first Minotaur.

13. RD > After exiting the cave into the snowy area outside, destroy the platforms and climb to the upper ledge. The chest is to your right just before you slide down the chain.

Fire of Olympus

14. RD > By the save point after the climbable wall a bit beyond the fire pit that Prometheus hangs above.

15. GE > Around the bend after the previously mentioned save point, right by the next climbable wall.

16. RD > On the left inside the tunnel you just entered with the face carved into the entrance.

17. PF > Use R1 to swing across the chasm, head over to the right and slide down the rope back to where you just jumped across from. Before reaching the end of the rope, press R1 again to grab onto the grapple point and get launched back across the chasm and land right in front of the nook in the wall with the chest containing your first Phoenix Feather.

Typhon's Cavernous Prison

18. RD > Right at the save point and next to a green chest when you hear Typhon's voice, just after encountering your first Gorgon(s).

19. RD > 20. RD > 21. RD > 22. PF > After getting Typhon's Bane and killing the enemies that appear, instead of swinging across the chasm, look behind you for a pathway between a couple of torches, leading to a pyre. Grab and throw five enemies into the fire to melt the ice on all four chests.

Fire of Olympus (return)

23. GE > 24. RD > As soon as you exit the tunnel, don't swing across the gap. Instead climb back down the wall to where #15 was, approach the broken bridge, shoot the cover using Typhon's Bane to access a grapple point, and swing across to find these two chests.

25. RD > 26. GE > 27. RD > After taking care of the monsters that spawn by the fire pit, climb the ledge and shoot the post to lower a rope you can climb. Head to the upper ledge near the broken bridge and jump onto the vertical chain. Slide down and enter the small chamber to get the chests.

28. RD > 29. PF > 30. RD > Back up near the broken bridge, look for the climbable surface on the north wall. Hop up, head left, get off and head around the bend to find the chests.


31. PF > 32. RD > After climbing up the cliffside of the temple, head along the ledge to the left to find the two chests nestled together in the wall.

The Cliffs of Lahkesis

33. RD > 34. RD > Down to the far right, in the area where the dogs attack and a bunch of bodies are hanging from chains.

35. GE > After kicking the bridge down and watching the cutscene about the early days of Zeus, head to the right along the short ledge.

  • At this point you should have collected 6 Gorgon Eyes to receive your first Health upgrade.

36. RD > Directly in front of Kratos after climbing out of the previous room with the Cerberus and other little dogs, and just before a save point.

The Garden of Lahkesis

37. RD > After sliding down the wall just beyond the previous save point, it's on the opposite side of the ladder and green chest.

38. GE > 39. RD > In the round chamber with the giant chain hanging above, and where you encounter your first Siren Widow, jump onto the small ledge on the wall where the lower part of the large chain is. Jump onto the chain and run up to the top of it, then jump and grab onto the ceiling, making your way over to the far ledge with the two chests. Don't forget to break the smaller chain on the ceiling barring your path.

Pathway to the Steeds

40. GE > 41. RD > After defeating Theseus, instead of entering the newly opened chamber, stay outside and head to the right and climb (or jump) down the wall to find these two chests.

42. RD > On the left inside the newly unlocked chamber after defeating Theseus.

43. RD > In the same chamber, exit to the right, climb the ladder outside and run forward to the end of the pathway.

44. RD > On top of the uppermost platform on the roof of the same chamber, right by the rope you need to slide across to return to the outer area you first arrived at on the Steeds.

The Steeds of Time

45. RD > On the uppermost platform on the roof of the chamber where you get Cronos' Rage.

46. PF > Upon exiting the chamber after getting Cronos' rage, climb up and head to the far right, then proceed straight ahead to the end of the narrow pathway.

47. GE > On the nose of the first steed on your left when Kratos is facing north and standing in front of the various colored levers, sorta in front of the green switch (not the group of colored levers) and down a few steps.

The Divine Pools

48. RD > Hidden behind a breakable wall in the small room with the waterfalls, after returning from the Steeds. Go straight ahead and destroy the cracked wall.

49. RD > In the same room with the waterfalls, climb to the upper ledge, then jump back and to the right onto another ledge. Follow it to the end for the chest.

50. RD > 51. RD > Upon exiting the room with the waterfalls, head around the small outer ledge till you see the wall with the climbable surface. Hop on and head to the left, jump the gap, get off the wall and head around the bend on the left to find the two chests next to each other.

52. GE > On the same ledge and just around the corner to the left of the previous two chests.

53. PF > Back on the climbable wall, head down to the lower ledge and get on another climbable wall on your right. Go down and left a bit, scale the ceiling and destroy the wall to reveal a hidden section where the chest lies.

  • This should be your 6th Phoenix Feather, granting you a Magic upgrade.

54. RD > On the edge of the ledge to the left of the large door after finishing the wall-climbing sequence.

55. PF > 56. GE > In the chamber with the statue of Lahkesis, jump off to your immediate right or left and walk south, towards the screen, to find these two chests in the small alcove.

57. GE > After acquiring the Amulet of the Fates stand on the floor button that raises the four pillars in the room. Once they're fully raised, head right, climb on the first pillar, jump to the second, and smash the orange and black wall panel on the right to reveal a hidden nook containing this chest.

  • If you haven't missed any, this will be Gorgon Eye #12. Time for another Health upgrade.

58. PF > 59. RD > On the left and right of the statue of Lahkesis, after knocking its head off.

60. RD > On the balcony outside the room where you destroy the head of the statue, head left from the green chest in front of Kratos and slightly down and left again.

61. GE > On the balcony outside the room where you destroy the head of the statue, head right from the green chest in front of Kratos and slightly down and right again.


62. RD > Hidden in the right corner behind a pillar around the left side of the building with the Medusa-face on it, right by where two skeletons attack and just before you open the gate using Euryale's Key.

63. GE > In the corner to your immediate right just after opening the gate with Euryale's Key.

The Ruins of the Forgotten

64. PF > 65. RD > Around the bend in the hallway after pulling the block out near the tilting platform you'll see a crate on the ground and another hanging from above over it. Jump on the crate on the ground and use a blast or two of Cronos' Rage to break the hanging crate and release the chest. Then smash open the crate on the ground to reveal the other chest.

66. RD > Go left where the path splits just a bit after the previous two chests and proceed to the end of the pathway.

67. GE > 68. RD > After swinging across the 3 grapple points, look to the right for a ladder up to a small ledge. Climb it, hop on the rope and shimmy across (watch out for the baddies) to reach the chests.

69. RD > After "rocking" the pillar and toppling it, climb up and check the nook on your immediate left to find the chest hidden here out of sight.

70. GE > 71. RD > After "rocking" the pillar and toppling it, climb up and run forward a bit and you'll see a blue chest on the right. Stop at the edge of the ledge for a moment. Before jumping down into the circular room, use Typhon's Bane and destroy the stuff on the far wall to the right (at about the 1 o'clock position) inside said circular room to reveal a grapple point. Jump forward and latch on to it to land on the ledge with the chests.

72. RD > After climbing along a rope you'll come to a large spinning wheel that you can only cross after slowing time using the nearby Fates statue. Do so and proceed forward to a ledge where you can see a green health chest. Hang from the ledge and shimmy along it to the right till you see a small break in the wall, just over a spinning spiked wheel below. At the break, pull up onto the ledge to find the chest hidden on the right.

River of the Forgotten

73. PF > 74. RD > After toppling the building into the swamp proceed across its roof, climb onto the wall and head across into a tunnel. After (or before, if you wish) talking to the dying soldier and placing him on the conveyor belt to break the spiked wheel, head on past the conveyor into the right corner to find these two chests.

75. GE > After defeating the Cerberus and getting the Golden Fleece, head back through the tunnel the way you came in. On your left you'll notice the large stone wheel has now stopped spinning. Destroy it and enter the small passage to find the chest at the end.

76. PF > 77. URN OF THE GORGONS > 78. GE > After getting the Golden Fleece and before entering Euryale's Temple, return to the conveyor belt with all the gorgon beams flashing on it (in the area after where you fought the Rock Minotaur). Press L1 to deflect the gorgon beams, which will break open one of three separate sections of the wall, revealing a chest hidden in each nook. The middle one contains the chest with the Urn of the Gorgons.

  • If you didn't miss any, this is the 18th and final Gorgon Eye, and with it, the final Health upgrade (except for the one gained from the Gift of Health, which comes later).

The Temple of Euryale

79. RD > In a section of wall already broken open, with a beam of light shining on it, just after exiting the previous large chamber you were briefly trapped in while fighting a horde of enemies, some of which were already petrified.

80. PF > Hidden behind the seal on the wall at the base of the elevator shaft.

  • Feather #12, time for another Magic upgrade.

81. RD > Crank the elevator down just enough to squeeze Kratos out under the gate surrounding it and enter the opening at the base of the elevator platform to find this chest hidden inside.

Euryale's Defeat

82. RD > In the chamber sectioned off into smaller rooms surrounded by water with the pillars you must raise, destroy the wall on the platform of the third pillar (the one with red lights on the ground).

83. RD > 84. RD > In the same watery area as chest #80, head into the passage opposite of the pillar surrounded by yellow lights and climb the ladder. Both chests are towards the front of the screen, directly behind Kratos when he reaches the top of the ladder.

85. RD > 86. PF > Still in the same watery area as the 3 previous chests, after raising all of the pillars, slow time and grapple/swing from one pillar to the next. While on the fifth pillar, instead of jumping off straight ahead toward the exit, jump off to your right to land on the platform with these two chests.

87. PF > 88. RD > After reaching the bottom of the shaft in which the ceiling tries to crush you and a bunch of dogs attack you'll come to a section of the tunnel with no floor and some beams you must balance on to get across. Cross the beams and shimmy along the wall. Upon reaching the other side you'll see a rope hanging from above right nearby. Jump onto it and climb up to find these two hidden on the upper ledge.

Destiny's Atrium

89. GIFT OF EXPERIENCE > 90. RD > After ascending a spiral staircase you'll find yourself back in Destiny's Atrium. Head to your left and return to the swamplands to the spot where the Barbarian King first attacked Kratos to find these chests. The larger chest on the left contains the Gift of Experience, which rewards Kratos with a TON of red orbs!

91. RD > 92. RD > Shortly after leaving Destiny's Atrium you'll come across an area with some waterfalls and a few grapple points. On the second platform after the first grapple, climb the wall to find these two up top.

Courtyard of Atropos

93. RD > After raising a platform and placing a small pillar under it to hold it up, you'll find this chest right around the corner by a ladder.

94. RD > In the room with a small pool of water and two Satyr Champions, pull the block out from the doorway (do not push it forward yet) and jump up on it to reach this chest.

95. PF > In the outer area with the giant face shooting beams from its eyes, climb to the upper balcony, cross the beam in front of the face and head to the left when you see the green chest in front of you.

The Edge of Creation

96. PF > Grapple along the side of the building and stand on the button to make the tree roots extend, then slow time. Run out to the central land mass and drop down to a small ledge between the two trees for this chest.

97. PF > 98. URN OF OLYMPUS > 99. RD > After getting the Spear of Destiny, push the Fates statue into the hallway and park it at the edge of the path by the water. Swim across to the other side and climb out. Slow time and quickly grapple across the gap. See the statue of the man at the corner holding the sword and pointing? Head around that corner and run forward over the pressure plate on the floor. With time slowed down, the pressure plate won't activate the gate, which will allow you to get into the small room with the three chests. The middle one contains the Urn.

The Face of Atlas

100. RD > 101. PF > After landing at Atlas' face and gliding across the platforms you'll come to a chamber with a couple of Satyr Champions and Harpy's waiting to be disposed of. Once done with them, attack the "tendrils" that are holding the block in place (or is it some weird giant piece of flesh?), pull it out and place it against the wall on your left. Climb on the block and jump to the upper ledge to find the chests.

  • Assuming you haven't missed any, this is Phoenix Feather #18, giving Kratos his final magic meter upgrade.

102. xRD > 103. xRD > After defeating the Titan Minotaur, jump to the upper ledge to exit the chamber, and from there glide down to the left (don't land in the lava! or is it blood? whatever...)

Inside the Mighty Titan

104. RD > After riding on a rock across some lava and grappling across the chasm you'll be in a chamber with a stone sticking out of the ground right in front of Kratos, which when destroyed reveals a vent so you can glide, and a small pit below. Jump down into the pit and destroy the left part of the wall when facing forward. If you are standing under the torch facing that wall, turn to your right 90 degrees. That's your target.

105. URN OF PROMETHEUS > 106. RD > After the room with all the bugs and nests where you must scale the walls and ceiling, you'll come to another part, sort of outside, where you must scale along the ceiling again. There's a stalactite hanging from above which will reveal an opening when destroyed. Climb up into this opening to find the chests. The one on the left holds the Urn.

Ascension of Atlas

107. RD > After gliding across a couple platforms and sliding down a chain to Atlas' hand you'll land right by a save point and the chest.

108. RD > In the area where you place one rock on top of another via the help of a ramp, upon reaching the ledge where you see the nearby green chest, jump to the back wall kinda to the left and grab onto the climbable surface. Head to your left to find the chest on a small ledge.

The Great Chasm

109. RD > Immediately after the save point glide over to the first ledge, then glide to the back of the tall ledge on the left. Climb to the top to find the chest.


110. RD > 111. RD > 112. RD > 113. RD > These can all be found in the small side rooms of the large chamber with the spiked floor and rotating gate. The best thing to do is just wait for the open section of gate to be in front of the room with the block and pull it out to stop all the traps. Upon doing so, all the side rooms will be open for you to pillage. Much safer than trying to open the chests before the spiked walls in each room close in on you.

114. RD > On the left side of the hallway where the circular floor pattern is, across from a blue chest, and just beyond the previous spike-trap room.

115. RD > In a nook on the ledge where you land after turning off the flame shooting from the wall and slowing time.

116. RD > Straight ahead and against the far wall after getting out of the trap with the two spiked walls that slowly close in on Kratos while fighting a bunch of enemies.

The Garden of the Gods

117. RD > 118. RD > In the small round room with the statues of the gods, these two chests can be found in the lower left corner, at the 7 and 8 o'clock position from your perspective.

119. RD > 120. RD > After the room with the statues is a hallway in which you must shimmy along the wall. While doing so you will see the two chests in front of Kratos, but behind a gate. Continue along one more section to the right, drop down from the ledge to a floor and proceed forward, up the ladder, then to the left to get to the chests.

Sacrifice to the Fates

121. RD > 122. RD > After taking a swim in what seems like blood, look directly behind Kratos, towards the front of your screen, for these two chests.

123. RD > 124. xRD > 125. RD > 126. RD > In the round glowing room with all the ice, use the phoenix statue in the middle of the room to melt the ice walls blocking the nooks that contain each of these chests.

The West Auditorium

127. RD > 128. xRD > 129. RD > 130. RD > 131. RD > After the round room where you fight some Cerberus's you'll climb a ladder and find a save point. Glide across to the ledge on the right to find the first chest, then head slightly north for the next two. While still up on that ledge, drop down to the floor on the left, landing in the fenced-in area for the last two chests.

Auditorium of Atropos

132. GIFT OF HEALTH > Just a bit past the previous save point you'll find a Fates statue. Push it all the way to the right/forward to a gate and park it at the right end against said gate. This will trigger a cutscene where a man jumps off the ledge outside. Pull the lever on the left and immediately push the statue under the gate to keep it from closing. Run through the mirror on the left in the next room and you'll emerge in front of the gate. Immediately slow time and run back to the nook where the statue originally was. You must get there before you hear the man jump off the ledge again. When done correctly the chest with the Gift of Health will have materialized. Open it to receive a health meter upgrade (your last if you collected all of the Gorgon Eyes).

133. RD > After dealing with the translator you'll come to a spot with a vent on the ground. Glide up to the ledge, pull the lever to open the vent further, and glide up to the ceiling. As you pass by the broken arch take a short right towards the back wall and drop down onto the small ledge to find this chest.

Entrance to the Underground

134. RD > 135. RD > Upon exiting the elevator shaft with the spiked ceiling and all the skeletons, these two chests will be at the front of your screen, right before the stairs.

136. RD > In the lava-filled room, after you shimmy across the rope, climb up on the wall, then the ceiling and proceed around to the opposite side of that section of wall to find it hollowed out. The chest is on the small ledge in here.

137. GIFT OF MAGIC > 138. RD > Upon descending from the ceiling just after getting the previous chest, you'll fight a few enemies, then look around the corner to see some steam rising and a glowing disc on the wall right in front of Kratos. Use Typhon's Bane to shoot the disc and destroy the wall. Glide over to get the red orb chest and the Gift of Magic. If you've already collected all of the Phoenix Feathers, this will be your final magic meter upgrade.

  • Here's a helpful tip: destroy the wall to the right of the Gift of Magic to find a lever to pull which will retract the spikes on the rotating columns just ahead!

139. RD > In the same area as the two previous chests, as you glide over the lava and around the second column, look for a ledge on the right where this chest lies.

The Phoenix Chamber

140. RD > Glide to the lower set of stairs to the left of the platform where the save point is in the Phoenix Chamber to find this chest.

141. RD > 142. RD > Taking the left path out of the main area of the Phoenix Chamber, the next room has a spiked floor. Pull the lever and run up to the wall on the left. Destroy it and run back to the lever, lest you get impaled. Take care of the two enemies, then pull the lever again and slow time. Run to and open one chest, run back, let the spikes pop, pull the lever again, slow time, then run to and open the second chest.

143. RD > 144. RD > 145. RD > After getting past the spiked floor room you'll see the next three chests behind some bars in the hallway. Continue around the hall to the right, jump and grab onto the wall on the right, then jump backwards to the left side of the hall. Hop over the ledge to get the chests.

146. RD > 147. RD > 148. RD > In the room where a phoenix sends a wall of flame at you, two chests can be found behind a gate on the right. Push the statue till it's in front of the lever towards the front of the room in order to deflect the fire so you can open the gate and get to the chests. The other is behind a gate on the left, with a blue chest. This one may require you to have the statue right nearby as you lift the gate, so as not to get hit by the fire.

149. RD > 150. RD > One chest is at the far right end of the upper stairway you ascend after releasing the phoenix, the other is at the far left end.

151. RD > After using the Hail of Boreas to lower the door, head into the hall and take two lefts to find this chest at the end.

152. RD > Blow the horn to free the phoenix, then glide across the pillars to reach a new room. You can see the chest behind a gate, so pull the lever, climb up onto the ceiling, and smash the chain over the gate to open it. Drop down and open the chest.

153. RD > After cranking the lever and raising the pillars outside, you'll be in a small, dark round room. Crank the lever around so the opening of the gate is on the right, at the 3 o'clock position, then enter the nook and open the chest.

154. RD > 155. RD > On the platform with the Phoenix, after defeating the Kraken.


156. RD > 157. RD > 158. xRD > 159. RD > 160. RD > 161. RD > The first three are on the right side of the room and the second three on the left. Grapple up to the central platform and smash the crystal to restore normal time. Jump in the water at the base of the platform and pull the lever down below. You'll see a short blue lever sticking out of the base near the surface. Push (or pull) it to move the large ram platform till it's at about the 6 o'clock position and slow time immediately. Grapple up to the central platform, jump onto the ram platform, head to the end of it and jump off and glide over to reach the ledge in the corner with the chests. After, move the blue lever till the ram platform is at 6 o'clock again and repeat the remaining steps to reach the chests on the other side of the room. This can sometimes be a bit of a pain in the butt, so try not to get too frustrated if it takes a couple attempts.

162. RD > 163. RD > After passing through the smashed face of the statue of Lahkesis, head into the immediate left and right corners for each of these chests.

The Inner Sanctum

164. RD > 165. RD > After defeating the two sisters you'll enter a hallway with a save point on the path. The chests are right under that circular part of the path where the save is. Jump in the water on the right and left to access them.

166. RD > 167. RD > 168. RD > 169. RD > In the room just after the previous save point, climb up the center column and make your way along the ceiling, around the pillar, to the back of the room, and drop off onto the ledge of the upper hall. Whether you went around the left or right of the pillar while on the ceiling, surely you saw one of the ledges where the chests are. Before proceeding into the hallway, jump and glide back to each ledge on the left and right side of the room. Two chests are on each.

The Loom Chamber

170. RD > On the second level platform that surrounds Clotho, immediately to your right after you climb up to this area and the camera pulls out and pans around, there's a hole in the floor that you need to open and trap one of Clotho's arms in by closing the hatch on it. Pull the lever to the right of this hole to open it and jump down inside it to find the chest (and make sure you beat up the arm so it stops moving and doesn't smack Kratos).

Q1. Why aren't the green and blue and yellow chests listed? I need to know where those are!

A1. Because they're all right out in the open and very easy to find. Yeah, there are a few that are kinda hidden, but they're so plentiful it's pretty unlikely you'll need to use each and every one or that you won't be able to find them on your own.

Q2. I found a chest you missed. What should I do?

A2. Knowing how well hidden some of these suckers are I wouldn't be surprised if I missed one or two (though I'm pretty certain I got them all). Should you come across one I missed, email me with its location and what type of chest it is. Once I confirm your information, whenever the next update occurs, I'll add it to the guide and you'll be credited for it.

Q3. Er, I don't understand the location you described for chest #xx. Where the hell is it?

A3. Some locations were tricky to describe without getting too wordy and making things even more difficult to understand, so I tried to keep it simple. As long as you're playing the game while using the guide you really shouldn't have any difficulty finding any of the chests in their respective location.

Q4. When I opened chest #xx, red orbs came out but they weren't added to my total. What's the deal?

A4. You must be playing on the "Titan (Very Hard)" difficulty setting. On Titan Mode red orbs are only worth 75% of their normal value, so not only will you get less, but in some instances, despite seeing red orbs exit from the chest, you may get none. That's right, NONE. This is normal, so don't freak out and think your game is glitched.

Q5. Bah! I missed a chest that had a Gorgon Eye/Phoenix Feather in it. Can I go back for it?

A5. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. You can backtrack to certain areas if you missed a chest and want to return to it, but sometimes the game erects blockades, thus preventing you from going back the way you came. Other times you may have had to jump down from a higher platform to reach a new area and you can't climb back up in order to go back. As I stated in section 3, even if you miss a GE or PF, they will appear in other chests later in the game. It's up to you if you want to backtrack or not (assuming you *can* go back). You may have a limited opportunity to backtrack for an Urn you missed as well, but if not, they *do not* appear in other chests later on. Try not to miss these the first time you're in their respective areas.

Q6. How come you didn't list which of the later grey chests specifically contain GE's or PF's and just put "xRD" instead? I passed by some of the earlier ones and now I need a couple more.

A6. Well, the whole point of using this guide is to make sure you *do* get all of the GE's and PF's as early as possible. If for some reason you didn't get all of them right away, the "xRD" chests will let you know you can expect to get an eye or feather should you need another. Maybe in a future update I'll specify whether a GE or PF is in those xRD chests, but for now the current format should be plenty reliable.

Q7. How come you only list four of the Urns? Where are the other two?

A7. The other two, the Urn of Poseidon and the Urn of the Fates, are not found within the main game. Instead, after completing the game once you will unlock the Challenge of the Titans bonus game. Complete CotT with a rank of Mortal (or better) to unlock the Urn of the Fates, and complete it with a rank of Spartan (or better) to unlock the Urn of Poseidon.

Q8. Do I get anything special for opening all these chests?

A8. Besides the obvious rewards of red orbs, GE's, PF's, Gifts, and Urns? No.


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