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by EgHeadFool

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Guide and Walkthrough by EgHeadFool

Version: 2.7 | Updated: 11/30/2010
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2010 | Highest Rated Guide

Spelunker Mode

Spelunker mode is a mode where you play through the story as Spelunker, the protagonist of an old game by the same name. Completing this mode gives you a trophy.

How to Unlock

There are two ways to play Spelunker mode. The first way is to simply name your character "Spelunker" when starting a new game. This will automatically set the game to Spelunker mode. The second way is to rescue Spelunker on the world map. He will only appear on From mode. Spelunker is located in area A1, on the west side. He is trapped on a ledge blocked by two stumps which you must burn away with the Flame Wand. You also need the Anchor Rod to reach this location. Once you rescue him, you will be able to select Spelunker mode as a difficulty level when starting a new game.


Spelunker mode has a few special "features" compared with the other two difficulty levels:

  • You will die in one hit from anything. It doesn't matter how much health you collect or whether or not you have the Silver/Gold Ring. You get hit, you die.
  • Every time you dash into a wall or jump from a ledge, there will be a short death animation, music and all. However, you do not actually die. Furthermore, you get some invincibility frames when you recover, which can be exploited.
  • You must play as Spelunker. You can't change your name or use a custom character design.
  • Spelunker does not get a gender benefit. In other words, he doesn't get +1 sword strength for being male, nor does he get reduced spell casting cost.
  • The main theme music on the field will be replaced with a remix of Spelunker's theme.

Other than that, it's the same old game.

Strategy and Tips

Due to the nature of this mode, there are a few specific things to keep in mind should you try to tackle this mode:

  • Don't bother going after Life Shards, the Silver Ring, or the Gold Ring. They won't do anything.
  • The Freeze spell is your friend. When you're in temples and they start putting really frustrating enemy combinations, just freeze them. This goes especially for Silver and Black Knights.
  • As a corollary to the tip above, seek out those Magic Ups. The more magic you have, the more freezing you can do.
  • Buy the Tent at Fina's Inn early on and use it frequently, to avoid dying and starting far away while traversing the world map.
  • Be especially careful in dungeons. Before you walk into a room, make sure you do the following things:
    • Check for traps. You don't want to accidentally walk into an arrow.
    • Evaluate the monster layout as you enter a room. If it's unfavorable, leave the room and come back, hoping that they will respawn in a nicer way. Also note that if you don't move after entering a room, you cannot be hit (but you also can't swing your sword).
    • Check for crowned enemies, and if you think they'll be a problem, target them early or just leave the room and come back.
    • If you fall into a room or enter a room where the doors lock, quickly evaluate the situation and freeze the room in necessary.
  • Use a camera angle where you can see where you're going to avoid surprises.
Cheap Trick: Easy Boss Battles

In Spelunker mode, if you dash into a wall, the game will jokingly pretend you're dead. The thing is, when you regain control of Spelunker, he will still be flashing for a couple of seconds. During this time, you are invincible. This can be easily exploited on boss battles. Simply stand near a wall, and when the boss attacks, ram into it. Then use your invincibility frames to approach the boss and score some hits. Afterwards, return to the wall and repeat the process. This works on every single boss in the game, except for the second battle against Fuelle. The reason for that is that ramming the wall will put out the torch and force you to recast Lighting.

As for equipment recommendations, I recommend you stick to the sword progression from a normal game. Use the Ancient Sword until you can get the Holy Sword, and then use that until you can get the Hero Sword. Also be sure to upgrade your shield as the game permits. The cave with the Hero Shield can be annoying on Spelunker mode, but it pays off against the Succubus and Onyx.


These are in the order that they appear on the trophy list.

PlatinumCongratulations!Congratulations! Thank you for playing this far!Obtain all other trophies.
BronzeSlice and Diced!Defeated a foe with a sword.Kill any monster with any sword.
BronzeBullseye!Defeated a foe with a bow.Deliver the final blow to any monster with the bow and arrow.
BronzeDemolitionist!Defeat a foe with a bomb.Deliver the final blow to any monster with a bomb.
BronzeGetting the Hang of it?Play the game for five hours.Self-explanatory.
BronzeDefender!Guarded an attack.Use your shield to block an attack.
BronzeA Formidable Foe Has Fallen!Defeated a Guardian.Kill the Guardians protecting the Ancient Sword at the start of the game.
BronzeBested Eelagon!Defeated Eelagon without taking damage.Self-explanatory. Eelagon is the boss of the Grass Temple.
BronzeBested Queen Bee!Defeated Queen Bee without taking damage.Self-explanatory. Queen Bee is the boss of the Forest Temple.
BronzeBested Giga Golem!Defeated Giga Golem without taking damage.Self-explanatory. Giga Golem is the boss of the Desert Temple.
BronzeBested Kraken!Defeated Kraken without taking damage.Self-explanatory. Kraken is the boss of the Aqua Temple.
BronzeBested Dragon!Defeated Dragon without taking damage.Self-explanatory. Dragon is the boss of the Flame Temple.
BronzeBested Dark Knight!Defeated Dark Knight without taking damage.Self-explanatory. Dark Knight is the boss of the Wind Temple.
BronzeBested Fuelle!Defeated Fuelle without taking damage.Self-explanatory. Fuelle is the first boss of the Dark Tower.
BronzeBested Onyx!Defeated Onyx without taking damage.Self-explanatory. Onyx is the second boss of the Dark Tower.
BronzeFound Sue!You found Sue.Rescue Sue after the Flame Temple. See The Fairy Sue for details.
BronzeFound Ai!You found Ai.Find Ai before obtaining the Light Orb. See The Fairy Ai for details. Note that you cannot rescue Ai until after the Wind Temple, but even if you find her without being able to rescue her, you get the trophy. So technically this can be done as soon as you have the Wire Rod.
BronzeIt's Magic!Used a Shader Magic.Use any magic spell.
BronzeLife is Precious!Maxed out the LIFE bar.See Life Shards for reference. Note that there is one "spare" piece, meaning that if you collect every single one, you will have 1/4 of a container left over at the end. You only need to max out your number of containers; you do not actually need to collect the last piece. You also need to pick up all Life Ups from dungeon bosses.
BronzeMaster Magician!Maxed out the MAGIC bar.See Magic Ups for reference. Note that your magic capacity also increases with every spell you obtain, so you must get them all.
BronzeRescued the Princess!The princess was restored to her true form.Save Sue and Ai. See The Fairy Sue and The Fairy Ai for details.
BronzeHave a Nice Night?Spent the night in Raejack with the princess.Return the princess to her true form and then stay at the Raejack inn before getting the Light Orb. See the above trophy details for more information.
BronzeThe Adventure Continues...Cleared the game without restoring the princess.Don't Rescue Sue and Ai
BronzeAnd Everyone Lived Happily Ever After!Cleared the game with the princess restored.See "The Princess Appeared!!" above.
BronzeBooked a Monster!Booked a monster in the Bestiary.The Bestiary is obtained by giving the Small Ring found in the Desert Temple to the girl walking around in northwest Ortego.
BronzeBooked Eelagon!Booked Eelagon in the Bestiary.See the Bestiary section for details.
BronzeBooked Queen Bee!Booked Queen Bee in the Bestiary.See the Bestiary section for details.
BronzeBooked Giga Golem!Booked Giga Golem in the Bestiary.See the Bestiary section for details.
BronzeBooked Kraken!Booked Kraken in the Bestiary.See the Bestiary section for details.
BronzeBooked Dragon!Booked Dragon in the Bestiary.See the Bestiary section for details.
BronzeBooked Dark Knight!Booked Dark Knight in the Bestiary.See the Bestiary section for details.
BronzeBooked Fuelle!Booked Fuelle in the Bestiary.See the Bestiary section for details.
SilverBooked Onyx!Booked Onyx in the Bestiary.See the Bestiary section for details.
GoldBestiary Complete!Booked all monsters in the Bestiary.Book every monster in the Bestiary. See the Bestiary section for details.
BronzeObtained the Ancient Sword!Acquired the Ancient Sword.See Getting the Ancient Sword.
BronzeObtained the Holy Sword!Acquired the Holy Sword.See The Holy Sword and the Anchor Rod.
SilverWow! You Obtained the Hero Sword!Acquired the Hero Sword.See "Getting the Hero Sword" under The Path to the Wind Temple.
BronzeKing Block's Seal of Approval!Acquired a sword from King Block.Visit King Block in the cave in area E2 and exchange Small Blocks for one of his swords. Requires the Wire Rod.
GoldAll Swords Obtained!Acquired all the swords.See the Swords section.
BronzeForged a Sword!Made your sword stronger at the blacksmith.Upgrade any sword in any category at the Raejack blacksmith.
BronzeThat's a Big Fat Sword!Maxed out the Giga Sword.For details on the sword, see the Swords section. Each category takes at least 9999 gol to max out, so you'll be spending around 100,000 gol on this.
BronzeYou're a Survivor!Survived Spelunker mode for 10 hours.See the Spelunker Mode section for details.
BronzeTriple 7s!Collected 777G.Self-explanatory. Note that it's 777, not 7777.
BronzeYou Made a Friend!Made a character model.Create and save a custom character in the character editor.
SilverAround the World!Visited all maps.For this trophy you have to go to every area of the world map and enter every cave and house in the game. You also have to enter the boss room of every temple and the secret tomb in the graveyard in area A5. See the World Map section for reference.
BronzeSouvenir Photoshoot!Took a snapshot.Use the snapshot feature from the pause menu.
SilverFlawless Hero!Cleared the game without dying.Never use the "continue" feature. If you die, always load your last save (without overwriting it after dying). Obviously it helps to save often! You can get revived by Wonderdust and still get this trophy.
SilverAnd the World was Saved!Cleared the game in FROM mode.From mode unlocks after beating a normal game.
GoldSpelunker Extraordinaire!Cleared Spelunker mode.See the Spelunker Mode section for details.
BronzeObtained the Hero Shield!Acquired the Hero Shield.See "The Hero Shield" under To the Dark Tower.
BronzeSpelunker's Savior!Cleared the Spelunker event.In From mode, find Spelunker in area A1 and use the Flame Wand to burn the stump blocking his path. See the Spelunker Mode section for details.

Special Signboards

If you talk to the sign master in Wardna's House, he'll ask you to explore the world and find his signs. There are 10 in total. Finding 5 will earn you a Life Up and 10 gets you a Magic Up (talk to him to receive these rewards). Additionally, finding all 10 lets you get the Super Key (see below). All the special signboards are signed by him so you can easily tell if you've found one. Or you can just refer to my screenshots. Also see the World Map for reference. Their locations are:

In the western portion of area A1. Requires the Anchor Rod to reach. To get to the northwest section, enter the area from the northern part of B1. Then you have to drop a bomb and push it into the quicksand and have it blow up the two rocks preventing you from hopping down the northwest ledge after grappling to it. You have to break the rock in front of the sign by striking it 256 times with the sword before reading the sign (its message changes after doing so).

Northwest Highlands

In the southeast corner of area A5. Enter the wastelands as if going to the Wind Temple (southeast of Fina's Inn), and then after grappling west across the cliffs head straight south and then west and follow the path. Requires the Wire Rod.

South Wastelands

In the southern portion of area C5. Head west from Colneria and then south to the warp area. Take the initial warp and then climb up onto the plateau. Follow it around and hop off its southern edge to reach the sign. Wire Rod required.

Warp Zone

On the west side of area E5. Head east from Colneria to the beach and then go south and grapple around the cape to reach it.

Southern Beach

Next to the return warp after getting the Anchor Rod in area E1. For details see The Holy Sword and the Anchor Rod. Requires the Wire Rod.

Invisible Warp Area

Head into area G5 by taking the eastern entrance, which is straight south from Candata Inn. You'll find it next to a bombable cave entrance.

Southeast Desert

This is just north of the "cliff maze" of sorts above Ortego in area G2, in front of a bombable cave. If you don't have the Flame Wand you can still reach it by rounding the rocky plateau from the west.

North of the Desert

This one is in plain sight right after grappling north to enter the Highlands in area E2. Requires the Wire Rod.

Entrance to the Highlands

Up on a little raised area just east of the castle in area D3.

Next to the Castle

Follow cave 6 at the volcano in area G1. See the Volcano Path section for pictures and details.

At the Volcano

Once you examine all 10, visit the sign master and he'll tell you he put up a special sign with your name on it. Go to the central square of Raejack Village to find your sign, and examine it to get the Super Key.

Super Key Sign


-Aiyu for drawing up the maps.

-Neslib for his awesome temple maps and graphic world map.

-ShadowYoshi7, TheDefenestratr and hardcore rpg gamer for Block Defense Plus strategies.

-tobley for finding a really cool glitch for Block Defense Plus.

-Eddafred for compiling a list of shops and lots of constructive input.

-macserv for pointing out the use of bombs on Queen Bee.

-kyrzon_ps360 for pointing out something concerning dashing.

-Zarokima for pointing out a technicality concerning the Ai trophy.

-Barren F. for making the connection between Bestiary damage and sword strength, and a couple small things.

-silentcricket for a bit of boss strategy.

-lod7 for a snippet of info about Spelunker.

-Tom for a Wyrm Sword tip.

The following two Japanese sites helped me immensely:




My email is listed at the very top of the guide. Feel free to send me comments, questions or suggestions.


This guide and all its contents belong to Erik Gonzalez-Hirshfeld, copyright 2010. Plagiarism is illegal and I take it seriously. GameFAQs is the only place with permission to host it, so if you see it anywhere else please let me know.