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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by EgHeadFool

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Guide and Walkthrough by EgHeadFool

Version: 2.7 | Updated: 11/30/2010
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2010 | Highest Rated Guide

Main Walkthrough (Continued)

The Path to the Aqua Temple

When you're done, take the west exit from Colneria. Follow the path around and grapple your way south around the islands. Then head east, making for the temple which is marked on your map. If you go south instead of east, you'll reach a big warp area. This is not the way to the temple, but there are a couple of noteworthy things there if you want to explore it. See the World Map section for more info as always.

Follow the eastern path around and you'll soon come to the Aqua Temple (the chest just before it contains 100 gol). Be sure to dodge or kill those pesky Octons as you navigate the narrow path, and then enter the temple.

Aqua Temple

Note: For a map of this or any other temple, check out Neslib's work in the Supplementary Temple Maps section.

After Lee gets abducted, grapple across the water and head north. You'll notice green switches on the floor. These are a new type of switch - they are timed. After pressing one, it only stays pressed a limited amount of time. Your goal is to press them both and make it through the west door before the time runs out. Start with the right switch, then grapple the west pole and hit the left switch. Then run through the door.

The red tentacled enemies here, and their more dangerous yellow cousins, are pretty dangerous. They drain a significant amount of both life and magic (the yellow ones will drain all your magic and leave you on the brink of death) so be extra careful to avoid or kill them. At any rate, head south. Here you need to hit the target on the east wall with an arrow to make a chest appear containing a Key. It might take you a while to get used to the positioning required to hit targets, but you'll eventually get used to it the more targets you shoot. This is why it's a good thing to have at least one arrow upgrade.

Aqua Temple Block Puzzle 1

After taking the key, head north and then use it to open the west door and enter it. To reach the exit of this room you need to push the movable blocks out of your way. It's slightly tricky, so if you prefer to avoid trial and error use the image I've provided for reference. Describing it in words is a little cumbersome. Once you're through, ignore the bombable west wall for now and head north. You can ignore the enemies here and head straight to the staircase and descend. Then head north.

This room contains a new enemy called a Shadow. Shadows mimic your movements and will shoot at you if you face them, so be sure to attack from a diagonal. When they are dead, head north. Here we have another time-sensitive switch puzzle. To solve it, simply step on the west switch and head directly east from it, grappling the pole in the corner (it might be a little hard to see at first). Then quickly exit east. Navigate the dark room and exit south.

This room has arrow traps, so be careful while dealing with the scorpions. Afterward, go south once more. Shoot the target on the east wall with an arrow to open the door and make a chest appear. Take the Key from it and exit west. You've now gone in a loop and are at the staircase you took to come down. Go back up the stairs and exit south. Then bomb the west wall we ignored earlier and go through.

This is another dark room, but there is nothing of interest in it other than the staircase in the northeast corner. Avoid the Magi and descend, and then use your key to head north. Watch out for the enemies and traps and head west. You'll probably want to use your shield to block arrows. In the next room, kill all the enemies to make a chest appear containing a Key. The Death Eye is a new enemy who will paralyze you and fire a projectile if you are in his line of sight, so again, position yourself diagonally across from it to attack. After taking the key, head back east and then north.

Aqua Temple Block Puzzle 2

Take care of the Magi here and then go for the timed switch puzzle. Start with the northwest switch then grapple to the center island and hit the other switch to make a chest appear. Quickly open it to obtain the Temple Map. Then repeat the switch puzzle, this time starting from the center switch and grappling out, and head through the west door. Another movable block puzzle awaits here. Check the image I've provided for reference if it's giving you trouble. After crossing the room, exit north.

Take out the shadows in this room and continue north to the next one. Now you have a choice. The temple can be completed while completely ignoring the east branch of the temple from here. However, you'll miss a Small Block, a Blue Key, and the dungeon's item, the Magic Shield. Without the Magic Shield you can't block magic attack and you also won't be able to obtain the next three shield upgrades. I highly discourage ignoring this, but I'm going to enclose the optional section in a box. Skip below it if you don't want to do it.

Getting the Magic Shield

Grapple your way around the dark room and exit through the east door. Killing all the Magi here will earn you a Blue Key. Head north and use Parallax to discover that the two relevant switches in an upcoming puzzle are the north ones, then head back south and east again. Bomb the north wall and go through. If you grapple behind the staircase in this room, there is an obscured switch that will create a chest with 100 gol. Then go up the stairs. It's dark up there, but all there is to do is advance a couple of paces and open a chest containing a Small Block. Then return downstairs and go south.

As we found out using Parallax, we can ignore the two south switches. Hit the north ones from left to right and exit east. The chest in this room contains the Magic Shield which will automatically equip. It allows you to block magic projectiles, such as the ones from Magi and those shooting blocks. It won't reflect them though, so you still have to use Reflect to take down Magi. At any rate, backtrack west three times to return to the dark room you were in before this side-trip.

Grapple your way to the north door and use your key to enter. Make for the staircase and go upstairs. Push the movable blocks on the left side out of the way to cross the room and exit east. You will definitely want to use Reflect here to kill the Magi as you make your way east and enter another dark room. To the north is the boss, so activate the warp, but then return down and head east. Head east a second time and descend the staircase.

To solve the time puzzle, push the movable block to the north, thereby creating a shorter path to run between switches. Hit the north switch, then run down to the south one and exit through the south door. Ahh, Magi and projectile blocks. They never get old. If you have a Blue Key (such as the one found in this dungeon) or the Super Key, you can open the door to the east and nab the Magic Up within. Just watch out for the horde of enemies. Then return to the previous room and grapple your way to the south door and go through it into yet another dark room.

Navigate through the room and head east. Using Parallax will reveal that the targets you need to shoot are the far left one and the third from the right. Before heading south, go east and claim the Key in the chest. Then go south from the target room. This is another "use Reflect" room. Make your way south and kill the Shadows in the next room. Then head east. This room is dark. If you hit the four time switches near the center of a room, a chest will appear containing 10 arrows. Then bomb the north wall and head through. The chest within holds a Blue Key. Return south, west, and then go south.

Here we have a spike puzzle. Push the two north movable blocks down to block a couple of the spikes so that you can safely run past the remaining ones. Then go east and head up the stairs. Once upstairs, go west and then grapple your way south. Be careful not to grapple west or you'll have to do it all over again as there is no way back from that side. Head into the room to the south and shoot the target on the wall to earn yourself the Boss Key. Then go north, west, and south to reach the first room of the temple and warp to the boss.

Boss Battle: Kraken

This is the first boss that can prove tough at first. There are two things to pay attention to - the Kraken himself and his tentacles. The Kraken's body follows a set pattern. It will surface in one of 4 places in the room and fire 3 ink projectiles at you. These can be blocked or avoided without too much trouble. After firing, he will disappear underwater for a few moments, then surface again and repeat. The Kraken will stay in the same spot until you hit him with your sword, upon which he will disappear immediately and then resurface at a random location (which could end up being the same spot).

In principle, the battle is simple. Just wait for him to surface, avoid his projectiles, and then grapple over to him and slash him. The problem is the tentacles. They have considerable range, and they get more and more plentiful as the battle progresses. Tentacles take 3 hits to destroy, and they have a color-coded progression:

  • At first, tentacles will be red. Red tentacles stand up straight and then slap down onto you when you come in range.
  • After one hit, tentacles will become orange. Orange tentacles will either slap at you multiple times or sweep back and forth at ground level, covering an arc of about 90 degrees.
  • After two hits, tentacles become yellow. Yellow tentacles wait for you to come into range and then sweep in full circles at ground level. These are by far the hardest to avoid, but luckily if you can hit them first they will die.

Killing tentacles does not hurt the boss, and he can spawn an infinite number of them, so only attack them if they are in your way. If a tentacle remains untriggered long enough, it will retract and respawn somewhere else. You can also trick a tentacle into trying to slap you but then running away, in which case after attacking it will retract temporarily.

In general, try to find the least tentacle-ridden grapple path to the Kraken's body so you can score a hit. Having the Anchor Rod makes this somewhat easier, as you can grapple more poles and from further away. If you have full health and especially if you've upgraded your sword's length, you'll probably be able to strike the Kraken in most of his locations from the room entrance. If you can maintain full health, I recommend this, as the entrance is the safest part of the room. The most troublesome spot is when he surfaces in the northeast corner, because that has the highest chance of being out of range of your sword, on top of the fact that it takes the longest to get there and it's very easy to get overwhelmed by tentacles on the small square platform nearby.

As you start dealing damage to the Kraken, the only change in his attacks is the number of tentacles. Do your best to avoid them and keep at it until he dies.

Once the Kraken is down, Lee will come back and give you a Life Up. Then gather up the coins before they disappear and head into the back room to obtain the Blue Orb and another Wind Wing from the chest in the corner. Then exit the temple.

After the Aqua Temple

After clearing the temple, head back to Colneria Village and enter the northeast house. The girl inside, Ohtu, is the fourth sage, but she isn't very good at her job. After talking to her, hit her with your sword and talk to her again. Still nothing. Hit her a few more times and talk to her again. Hit her a final set of times and talk to her one last time and she'll give you the magic spell Freeze. There are quite a few sidequests to do now:

New Sidequests
  • Stay at the inn at Colneria for an event in which you have an odd dream. This is a time-sensitive event. It disappears after clearing the Flame Temple.
  • The girl at the Colneria inn will give you a Ribbon if you talk to her.
  • The old man at the Colneria inn will let you play the second game of Dash Circuit (Monaca Circuit). If you beat it under 80 second you'll get 200 gol, and if you beat it in under 60 seconds you'll get a Small Block. If you beat the first Dash Circuit in under 25 seconds and this circuit in under 80 seconds, you'll get a Life Shard. If you beat the first Dash Circuit in under 20 seconds and this circuit in under 60 seconds, you'll be awarded the Wing Sword. These time requirements have been eased by 5 seconds since the release of the 1.01 patch. See the Dash Circuit section for more details.
  • Talk to the man hanging around in front of the two central houses in Colneria and he'll give you the Rare Fish, which is actually a sword.
  • A new man, Moyomoto, will be standing at the very north end of Colneria. Talk to him and he'll tell you he's searching for his cousin who is a prince. This is the first step in an event sequence. It's time sensitive. It disappears after clearing the Flame Temple.
  • Talk to the mech game man in From Cave once more. You must do this before clearing the Flame Temple. By now you should notice a significant increase in the number of people in the cave. If there is a signboard instead, you messed up the event.
  • If you return to Raejack Village, the Blue Slime at the north end has turned human and you can talk to him. This is relevant for a later event.
  • Walk into the central house in Ortego. If you completed the water fetch quest, an event will occur. Strike the rock in the center of the room 10 times to break it and then talk to the man in the center. This is a time-sensitive event. It disappears after clearing the Flame Temple.

There are actually still several quests to do, but first it's time to visit Jim's Shack. If you haven't been there yet, it's in area F1. Cross the river east of the castle and go north until you reach the Highlands, and then grapple across to the north and go east. Jim's Shack is the solitary house there. This is also where you can buy colored keys for 1000 gol each. It will become a warp spot when using Wind Wings, and is also the start of many more side events. Here are the ones available now:

  • If you got the Magic Shield in the Aqua Temple, talk to the man in the far northeast corner and he'll tell you he can make a good shield if you bring him a Fire Ruby. You can't get the Ruby without talking to him first. This event will be revisited in a bit.
  • Talk to the man near the entrance and he'll give you the Spa Powder. Take it to the woman by the north entrance to Colneria who requested it and she'll give you 100 gol. Note that this event won't occur if you didn't first talk to the woman in Colneria.
  • Talk to the old man on the left and show him your Wood Bat (naturally this won't work if you don't have it). Then go to Colneria and talk to the girl on the left in the house next to the inn to receive the Home Run Bat.
  • Event sequence:
    • Talk to the girl in pink, who's out of firewood.
    • Afterwards, go to Wardna's house and talk to the man next to the beds. He'll give you Firewood.
    • Return to the pink girl at Jim's Shack to receive the Spa Egg.
    • Take the egg to the old man hanging around Raejack's town square to get a Cook Book.
    • Take the Cook Book to the girl in Colneria walking around outside, usually near the stairs to the south, to receive a Fresh Fish.
    • Finally take the fish to the boy in Candata Inn (by the bookcase) for a Magic Up.
  • Event sequence (requires the above event sequence to be completed):
    • Talk to the girl walking outside in Colneria, usually near the southern staircase (the same one who gave you the fresh fish). She will request Ebon Pepper.
    • Afterwards, go to the northeast corner of Ortego, where a second salesman should have appeared next to the first one. Pay him 1000 gol for the Ebon Pepper.
    • Give the pepper to the girl on Colneria to get the Light Gem.
    • Give the gem to the man next to the southeast house in Ortego to receive 100 gol.

Volcano Path

Volcano Caves

Volcano Caves 2

Volcano Caves 3

Volcano Caves 4

The large network of caves in this area has been omitted from the World Map diagram due to their sheer number. See the accompanying pictures here for reference.

When you're satisfied, head north from Jim's Shack into the volcano in search of the Flame Temple. The path will snake around pretty linearly for a while, until you come to a small staircase heading south to a ledge to drop from. Ignore it and head east, climbing as high as you can up the staircases. Eventually you will reach a point at which you can no longer progress without hopping off a ledge down a tall cliff, because your path is blocked by two rocks to the east (they can't be bombed so don't bother trying). Go ahead and hop down.

You will end up next to a cave and another ledge (see picture). If you drop down there is a chest containing a Small Block, but cave 2 will lead you further down the mountain, and you'll have to retrace your steps. To continue, take the cave next to you, cave 1. Upon exiting, head east and go up some more staircases until again there is no way to progress. At this point drop down the wide ledge to the west of the last staircase, and head west, where you will come to a couple of poles. Grapple across and continue north.

After the staircase, drop down the ledge to the west yet again and enter cave 4. Follow the path up the long staircase and then drop down the ledge to the east and enter cave 5. (If you drop down the west ledge instead, you'll reach cave 3 which contains nothing useful at this point and will lead you back to cave 4).

Upon exiting cave 5, drop down the next two ledges and you'll have two cave options. Take cave 7 on the east (cave 6 on the west leads to a special signboard but it's a 1-way path). As you traverse cave 7, a message will pop up near the end and you'll automatically obtain the Awesome Bomb. After exiting the cave, simply follow the path north and you'll come to the Flame Temple.

If you're injured at this point, you can head west instead of into the temple and you'll come to a bombable cave. It contains a fairy fountain which you can use to heal before entering the temple.

The Fire Shield

If you got the Magic Shield in the Aqua Temple and you talked to the man about the Ruby at Jim's Shack, you can obtain the Fire Shield at this point. Note the pinkish rock just west of the temple. Follow the narrow path between the cliff and the lava and approach it. A message will pop up. Answer "Yes" to obtain the Fire Ruby (if the message doesn't appear, you probably forgot to talk to the man at Jim's Shack). After obtaining it, talk to the man in the far northeast corner of Jim's Shack once more and he'll make you the Fire Shield. In addition to everything the Magic Shield does, this shield will also protect you from fire!

Flame Temple

Note: For a map of this or any other temple, check out Neslib's work in the Supplementary Temple Maps section.

Upon entering the temple, Lee will again do something stupid and disappear. The lesson here is to not stand near the rock-spewing geysers that are placed around the temple. They hurt. Anyhow, the first thing you should do is examine the dead soldier on the east side of the first room. Answer "Yes" to the prompts and you'll obtain the Satori Note.

The next thing to do is take care of the wall of fire blocking the north exit. This is done by using the Freeze spell you obtained from the last sage (if you don't have it, go back and read After the Aqua Temple). Note that freezing a room does not stop the geysers from spewing. Afterwards, use your sword to break the now-frozen flame and go north.

Grapple to the east side of the room and blow up the wall with a bomb, then go east. The treasure chest in the room contains 10 bombs. Kill the 3 Sand Golems here to make a chest appear and take the Key from it. Afterward, exit back west. The path to the north is blocked, so instead go west once more.

This room introduces to device around which this entire temple revolves (and which Zelda fans should recognize). Throughout the temple there are blue and red blocks, strategically placed to block your path. However, only one color block is active at a time. When the red blocks are raised, the blue blocks retract into the ground, and vice versa. The switches on the floor in this room toggle the color of the active blocks. If the switch is red, it means red blocks are raised. If you step on it, its color will change to blue, and the red blocks will retract as the blue blocks raise. The switches are universal and found all over the temple, meaning toggling a switch in one room will affect all colored blocks in the entire temple, not just a particular subset of them.

The temple is designed so that you must visit areas in a set order, otherwise blocks will prevent you from advancing. The problem is, if you die or load a save, you start back at the beginning of the temple with the block configuration reset to default. This means every time you die you have to retrace your entire path up to the point you were. For this reason I find this temple to be one of the most tedious. So as trite as this may sound, try not to die, and definitely think twice before deciding to turn off the game mid-temple.

At any rate, as the slab in the corner informs you, the way to cross this room is to alternate flip-switching as you go. Hit the one in the southeast corner, then move on to the middle south switch, then the middle north switch, and finally the northwest switch. Watch out for the Magi - you probably want to kill them to replenish magic either way. Exit west, using your key.

The next room is just about avoiding enemies. The Dark Ropus in here is particularly dangerous. If it touches you it will leave you with half an apple of health and no magic. Avoid it at all costs. Grapple your way to the exit (if you have the Anchor Rod, you can skip the center island with the geysers altogether). Then go north. Boomerang the west wall switch to open the door and go north again. Bomb the west wall to find a man who will upgrade your Bomb Sack again for 200 gol. Then return east and take the staircase up to the second floor.

Kill the enemies in this room to make a chest appear containing another Key. Take it and head back down the stairs (the path to the north is blocked). Watch out for the Magi again (if you hadn't noticed, enemies respawn every time you change floors), and this time take the north exit.

The next room contains another flame wall, so Freeze it and destroy it as before. The room also contains the most annoying enemy in the entire game, the Knight (actually he has a meaner relative, the Black Knight). The Knights cannot be attacked from the front. You either have to avoid/block their charge and hit them from the side before they recover, or hit them from so far away that they haven't noticed you and aren't facing your direction. In some cases the safest way to handle them is to Freeze them, because when frozen they are defenseless die in a single hit. Luckily we have to Freeze this room anyway, so there should be no trouble. Hit the red switch and then use your key to exit east.

Go down the stairs in the next room, to floor B1. The chest in the center of the room contains the Temple Map. There is a door leading east. If you have a Green Key or the Super Key, head through, and then flip the switch to open the south door, in which you will find a Life Shard. Then head back and take the stairs back up to the first floor.

Once back on the first floor, go west and step on the switch again, turning it red once more. Then return east and head upstairs. You can ignore the enemies once you're on the second floor, and just head west and then north. Kill the Magi in this room, and watch out for the arrow traps. The chest contains 100 gol. Flip the floor switch to blue and then head south twice and take the staircase back to the first floor.

We have just looped around a set of rooms without earning any net keys in the process. If you haven't figured it out yet, the entire point of that loop was to flip the switch color. If you ever die or reload during the temple, you'll have to repeat this process. To continue, backtrack south, south, east, east, and then head north. With the red switches inactive, you can cross this room and go east. Take the Key from the chest, then return west and take the stairs down to B1.

Ignore the enemies and go east. Hit the target on the southeast wall with an arrow to open the door and continue east. If you're having trouble hitting the target, the correct place to stand is directly below the wooden grapple pole.

You can ignore the Knight in the next room and go north. Kill all the enemies in the room to open the doors and head north once more. Use your key to open the locked door and go through. The chest on the left here contains 10 arrows. Take them if you wish. Then grapple east and take the stairs up to the first floor.

Once upstairs, head south. You have to move blocks onto the two switches here. The southern blocks second from the left and far right will do the trick. Then head south. You can get a Red Key in this room, but you have to defeat both the enemies, which is annoying given the limited space to deal with the Knight. Freeze him if necessary. When the room is clear, nab the Red Key from the chest. Then proceed south. Watch for the traps and enemies here. Bomb the west wall and exit west.

Step on the blue switch in the next room, turning it red again, and then head west. We have now completed a second circuit whose sole purpose is to flip the colored block configuration. Take the staircase to the basement. Head east, where you can now open the chest to the north for 100 gol. Then go east again. You can now continue east, so do so. Take the staircase up and then head north (you can ignore the enemies). Another flame wall here. Freeze it and break it. Note that the Freeze spell will freeze Magi, but you still cannot kill them while they're frozen. In any case, exit north.

The chest in the center of the room contains a Key. After taking it, we have to do some backtracking. Head south, south, downstairs, west, north, north, north, upstairs. Phew! After all that, head north and then use your key to go west. Then head south and take the stairs down to the basement. If you go north from here, you can use Parallax to reveal a puzzle solution. Then return south and head west.

There is a colored switch in the southwest corner of this room, but ignore it for now and go west again. The blocks at the top of the room DO NOT block your path west. Here we can apply the solution revealed by Parallax. Push the statues onto the left two inner switches and the bottom two outer switches. Open the chest to obtain the Flame Wand. Then exit east and flip the colored switch, and go north. Take the stairs up.

You can put out the flames now if you have the magic, just make sure your sword is long enough to reach through the raised blocks to shatter it. Then head west. Taking out the Magi here will make a chest appear to the north containing a Red Key. The chest to the south contains 100 gol. Use the usual method of pushing the edge blocks down and the center block sideways. Then continue west. You can ignore the enemies here and go upstairs. Freeze the room and break the flame wall once on the second floor. There are some Magi here conveniently in case you need magic. Then go west. Open the chest within to recover Lee and obtain the Boss Key.

Once you have the Boss Key, return east and go south. Nab the Key in the chest, watching out for arrows, then return north and take the staircase down. Backtrack east twice. Now that we have a key, we can complete a final block-flipping loop. But first, Use the key to go east, then go east again where you can open the chest for a Small Block. Then return west twice and go down the staircase.

Head south, and then flip the blue switch to red and go east. Return upstairs, then go north and finally west. Now you can finally go north. Activate the warp and enter the boss room.

Boss Battle: Dragon

Not to intimidate you or anything, but this is probably the hardest boss in the game. Fortunately, he only really has 3 attacks. They are as follows:

  • He will shoot a series of fireballs at you. If you have the Fire Shield you can block them, otherwise you must avoid them. The number of them will increase as he takes damage. Also note that he will often pause after releasing a series of them and then let one more loose, so watch out for that.
  • He will quickly fly over you and immediately slam down, creating a small damaging shockwave around him. Afterwards, he will fly back to the center of the room and create another shockwave as he lands.
  • He will slowly fly over you and hover there, following your movements, until deciding to slam down on top of you. This creates a small shockwave just as the previous attack. Aside from the timing difference, in this variation of the attack he may decide to try to slam you multiple times before returning to the center of the room (with another shockwave slam).

Additionally, if you try to move up alongside the Dragon, he will immediately move to sideswipe you, so don't bother trying to avoid his fireballs like that. As I mentioned above, the Fire Shield will allow you to block the fireballs, so it's a benefit to have it. The safest way to avoid his flying slams is to dash. During the quick slam, dash as soon as he comes near you. During the slow version, walk around until you notice him stop following you, indicating he is about to slam, and then dash. Just make sure that at the time of dashing you have either a sword with pierce or a sword that isn't very long equipped. Otherwise you might not get very far with your dash before crashing into the wall and still get hit by the attack. If you don't want to dash, you can also avoid taking damage by simply walking away. This works pretty well on the quick slam but for the slow version it can be hard to time your running so that you can make it far enough away. However, you can actually block the shockwave. If you'd rather not dash or try to get any hits in, walk out from under him and then face him and block before he slams. If done properly, you will avoid damage. If you're still under him, you may still get hit by his body even if you block the wave, so be careful.

To defeat the Dragon, there is one thing you need to remember: the Boomerang is your friend. Hitting his head with the Boomerang while he is shooting fireballs will stun him out of it, leaving him wide open for you to slash. You can send the Boomerang out at him repeatedly as you approach to make sure he doesn't un-stun. This is especially useful later in the battle when he gets more aggressive with the fireballs. You can also exploit the Boomerang's abilities when he flies at you. After running or dashing away from his stomp, quickly turn around and Boomerang him. The Boomerang's range is greater than that of the shockwave, so you can constantly Boomerang him until it disappears and you've had a chance to approach him for a sword attack. Note that if your sword is long enough, you can skip the Boomerang step and just turn around and hit him from outside of shockwave range. This also works on his return stomp.

When he raises his head up into the air after getting hit, that's a chance to hit him in the chest. Be careful not to get hit by the head once it comes back down though. Keep this up for a while and he'll go down. He'll take quite a lot of attacks to down though, so be warned. After taking a certain amount of damage he'll shoot his fireballs 3 at a time, which can be tricky to dodge. Also note that the fireballs don't fly until they hit the wall; they will often stop short and burst into flames, and running into those can hurt you, so be careful.

Once he finally goes down, take the coins and the Life Up and head into the back room. Take the Red Orb and the usual Wind Wing from the chest, and then exit the temple.

After the Flame Temple

To find the next sage, we must embark on this game's only mandatory fetch-quest:

  1. Return to Jim's Shack and talk to the old man standing next to the beds. He will inform you that the sage got impatient and went to the Grass sage.
  2. Head over to the Grass Temple and warp to the boss room. Go to the back room of the temple and talk to Indy, who will tell you that the sage was headed for the Forest sage.
  3. Head to the Forest of no Return and make your way to the Forest Temple. Talk to Indigo outside. He will inform you that the sage went to the Desert sage. See a pattern yet?
  4. Go to Candata Inn and talk to Octane. Surprise! The sage went off to talk to the Aqua sage.
  5. Have a chat with Ohtu, who will inform you that the sage is somewhere in Raejack.
  6. Go to the Raejack inn to finally find Crimson, the Flame sage. Crimson will give you the magic spell Slow Down.

Now that that's taken care of, there are plenty of other sidequests to complete.

New Sidequests
  • A child at Jim's Shack will let you play another level of Block Defense (Klovis Volcano). Winning gets you 300 gol, and a perfect clear will yield another Small Block.
  • Talk to the man in the northern house in Raejack who couldn't decide who to marry. If you helped him decide earlier, he'll be married and have a kid. This isn't technically a sidequest of its own I suppose.
  • If you have the Fire Shield, talk to the inventor, Dic, in the northeast house of Raejack. Give him the 1000 gol he requests and then talk to him again after staying at an inn. He'll give you the Bolt Shield, which defends against lightning on top of everything else.
  • Visit From Cave and talk to the mech game man once more to keep the event going. This must be done before obtaining the Light Orb.
  • Go to Ortego and revisit the 3 people standing next to each other below the merchant in the northeast corner. Talk to them for a second event. This is a time-sensitive event. It disappears after clearing the Wind Temple.
  • Talk to one of the girls standing around the center of town in Colneria and she'll ask you to be her friend. Accept and she'll give you the Amethyst. This is a time-sensitive event. It disappears after clearing the Wind Temple.
  • Stay at the inn in Colneria to have another dream sequence event. This is a time-sensitive event. It disappears after clearing the Wind Temple.
  • If you talked to the man at the very north of Colneria after clearing the Aqua Temple, there will now be two men there. Talk to them to further the event sequence. This must be done before clearing the Wind Temple.
  • Talk to the girl standing to the right of the two houses in Colneria, to whom you gave the Spa Powder (if you didn't complete that event, this one won't activate). Answer "Yes" to her, and she'll request 3 ingredients from you:
    • Talk to the girl walking around the northeast section of Raejack to obtain the Natural Herb.
    • Pay the man next to the beds at Wardna's House 100 gol to obtain Cypress.
    • Talk to the man closest to the door inside Fina's Inn to receive the Nice Stone. (Fina's Inn is in area B4, just east of the area entrance. Head southwest from the Grass Temple.)
    • Return to the woman in Colneria once you have all 3 ingredients to receive a Life Shard.

The Fairy Sue

This is an optional quest, but it's a "major" one that has the potential of changing the outcome of the game. It requires one colored key of every color (red, blue, green), so if you don't have the Super Key buy them at Jim's Shack beforehand. Go to Ortego and head south toward the Desert Temple in area G5 of the World Map. You need to exit west into area F5 from here. Head north into area F4, and follow the path all the way northwest until you cross into area E4. Then continue to follow the path all the way around the central lake. Along the way you'll find chests containing 100 gol, a Small Block, and a Life Shard. When you come to the stumps blocking your path, burn them away with the Flame Wand. Grapple your way north to the center island (this requires the Anchor Rod) and bomb the wall to enter a cave.

Make your way to the back of the cave, avoiding traps and enemies. A sudden quiz pops up in one of the rooms, asking if the first sage is Indigo. The answer is no. In the room with Magi you have to bomb the left wall to continue. Then you'll find 3 Silver Knights that must be killed to open the final door. The easiest way is to use the Freeze spell and eliminate them quickly. In the last room you'll find Sue. Talk to her and she'll join you.

The Path to the Wind Temple

The first thing to do is visit Fina's Inn in area B4. Head southwest from the Grass Temple and you'll find it just to the east of the area entrance. This is a warp spot, but you can also buy a very useful item here - the Tent - for 2000 gol. It will let you recover all your health and magic almost anywhere on the world map, and create a restore point should you die.

Secret Tomb
Getting the Hero Sword

This is also optional, but highly recommended, as it is an excellent sword. From Fina's Inn, head west into area A4 and then go south. Grapple across the cliff to continue south into area A5. This area is infested with Zombies, and they do a lot of damage, so be careful. Fortunately there is a bombable cave at the northwest of the area with a fairy fountain to heal you even if you don't have the Tent. These Zombies are actually a good way to farm gol too, since they frequently drop gold coins.

Anyhow, head south and you'll come to a graveyard. You need to use the Flame Wand on the stumps in front of the entrance to get in. Make your way to the southeast area of the graveyard. The tombstone that's second from the right and third from the bottom can be pushed to the north (it has pots on either side of it). This will reveal a cave. See the screenshot for reference. If you enter this tomb, the spirit of the hero within will give you the Hero Sword. This is an extremely powerful sword.

Now it's finally time to go to the Wind Temple. Go east from Fina's Inn and then head south. Grapple your way along and head west into area A4, where you'll find a chest containing a Small Block, then go south into area A5. Grapple your way east along the cliffs and into area B5, where you should continue east. Finally make your way north to reach the Wind Temple. A wooden stump blocks your way to the final staircase, so burn it with the Flame Wand and enter the temple.

Wind Temple

Note: For a map of this or any other temple, check out Neslib's work in the Supplementary Temple Maps section.

There is nothing of interest in the first room, so head straight north. You can bomb the west wall here, but all you'll find within the room is a chest containing 10 bombs. Return east and continue north. The next room contains this temple's main new device, which is the wind-blowing statues. These statues will blow visible wind on and off at regular intervals. While the wind is blowing, if you walk into its path you'll be blown away in the direction it is facing. If you routinely ignore Lee and button mash past her advice, you might miss her saying that you should try blocking the wind with your shield. I know I did, and while I felt stupid afterwards, I can say with absolute certainty that this dungeon can be completed without ever blocking the wind. It almost feels too easy that you can just bring up your shield and then advance against the wind (laws of physics, anyone?), but the fact is that you can. Just make sure that your shield is facing toward the wind or it won't do anything.

At any rate, traverse the wind and exit to the west. You must defeat the enemies in the room here to continue. They are a new enemy called Vampires. When you defeat them they turn into Bats, but there's nothing special about them. Head west again, and then head north (you can ignore the Cyclops). Be careful to avoid the wind in the next room if you haven't gotten used to how it works, and go north. Cross the next room and again go north. Take the staircase downstairs to B2 in this room, being careful to avoid the arrow traps on the west wall (just use your shield).

Kill the enemies here, including the annoying Knight, to open the door and head north. The next room is dark, so use a Candle etc. Take the northeast staircase down to floor B3. Head east to nab 100 gol from the top treasure chest. The bottom chest cannot be obtained at this time, so return west and then go west again. Bomb the north wall and head through. Ignore the chest and the Knight and step on the cracked tile to fall down to floor B4.

Use Reflect to protect from the Magi and shooting blocks, and take the Key from the chest. Then grapple across and exit south. Instead of going up the staircase, push the movable block in the northwest section of the room and exit south again. This room contains another spike block puzzle just like a previous temple. If you have the Wing Sword with a maxed out "special" stat, you and just equip it and run across the room safely. Otherwise, as before, use the movable blocks to block the first two spikes, and run past the remaining three. Then exit south.

Kill the Cyclops in this room from a safe distance across the gap, and then take the Key from the chest that appears. Then backtrack north. Cross the spike room the same way as you did before, just using the movable blocks at the bottom of the room this time. Then head north once more and take the stairs up to B3. Then go east and return up to B2. Go south from the dark room and finally take the stairs back up to B1. Return south twice and then use a key to open the west door and enter it.

You can ignore the enemies in this room and just take the staircase down to B2. Do the same in the next room, and take the stairs to B3. There is another dark room here. There is now a choice. There is a section of the temple containing a Bomb Sack upgrade, a Green Key, and some gol which is completely optional. If you'd like to pursue those items, read the following enclosed section. Otherwise, skip below it.

Optional Area

Take the staircase in the northeast corner of the dark room down to floor B4. Head south into another dark room containing Magi. Use a Candle so you can see where you're going, and then hit the floor switch in the northwest corner to unlock the door. Then go east. If you kill all 3 Bats in this room, a chest with a Green Key will appear in the middle of the room. Be careful not to get blown off the edge trying to get it. Then continue east. Go north and take the staircase down to B5. you can ignore the Knights.

Once on B5, kill hit the red floor switch to open the door and head north. Be careful of the enemies here. You may want to Freeze them. The chest in the center contains 100 gol. Bomb the north wall and enter the next room to finally find the man who will upgrade your Bomb Sack for 200 gol. This is the last such upgrade. If you've gotten them all so far, your maximum number of bombs will now be 40. Afterwards, backtrack all the way until you return to the dark room on B3.

Head east, and then use your remaining key to unlock the door and go east once more. Then take the stairs up to B2. Be careful with the Knight here and make your way around the room. Exit east. There is another dark room here. Wasn't it nice in the last temple where we didn't have any of these? Anyhow, you can use a Green Key or the Super Key to go south here, in which case you'll find a chest containing a Magic Up. Just watch out for that mean Black Knight within. Then return north to the dark room and take the east exit.

In this room, take the northeast staircase up to B1. This room contains a timed switch puzzle. You can just push the movable block in the room to the right and leave it permanently on top of the switch there. Then simply hit the other switch and exit south. Use Reflect and then grapple around the room. Take the Key from the southeast chest and then hit the red floor switch to open, but not enter, the door. That permanently opens up a path from the 3rd room of the temple. However, instead of going through the door, return north, and then go north one more time into a dark room.

This room is full of bats and holes. Go north from here, and then west (be careful with the wind). Push movable blocks onto the two blue switches to open the door and continue north. Then take the stairs down to B2 and go west. To open the next door, you have to shoot the target on the west wall with an arrow. To do this safely you must first push the movable block down to block the wind. Make sure the block is as far east as possible or your arrow won't hit the target. Once the door is open, go north.

The enemy combination in this room is abominable. Magi, a Black Knight, and spike traps. While you don't have to kill any of them to proceed, the safest way to avoid damage would be to Freeze the room. Whatever you do, head west into the next room. Avoid the wind and grapple the pole, then head west once more. You can ignore the Knights in here if they aren't assaulting you. Step on the cracked tile second from the left to safely fall down to the next floor. When you land, take the Key from the chest next to you.

The quickest way to continue at this point is to save your game, then load to start at the beginning of the temple. From the first room, we need to backtrack a bit. Go north, north, east, north, north, north. Then go east into a new room. Open the chest in here to finally obtain the Temple Map. Then take the staircase down to B2. The timed switch puzzle here requires precise movement. Start in the southeast corner, then southwest, and finally northwest. A chest will appear at the top of the room. Waste no time in walking over to it and open it quickly to get 100 gol before it disappears. Then use a key to head east.

There are more cracked tiles here. Step on the top-left one to safely fall to B3. Run up and open the chest to get the Boss Key, then step on the second tile from the left to fall to B4. Push the movable block and kill all the enemies in the room to make a chest appear containing a Small Block. Then step on the solitary tile to fall to B5. Hit the switch to open the door, then exit south. The chest in this room contains 100 gol. Take it, then head up the staircase. Hit the red switch to open the door and exit north. Then take the staircases back up to B2. Go west and take the staircase to B1.

Once back on the first floor, head west and then south to the dark room. Bomb the west wall here and enter. Step on the cracked tile to fall down to floor B2. Open the chest to get the Gold Ring! This ring will halve all damage you take. Grapple across and head south into the dark room. Then go east, and use your key to go east once more. Push the movable blocks out of your way and step on the cracked tile in the center of the room to fall down to floor B3.

First, go south. Kill all the enemies to open the door as well as make a chest appear. Open it to get 100 gol, and then return north. Hit the two timed switches from east to west and enter the newly opened door. Then navigate around the room and go north. Open the chest in the center of the room for 100 gol and then step on the cracked tile next to it to fall to B4. Kill the annoying Black Knight to open the door and head north.

Wind Temple Statue Puzzle

Ignore the cracked wall to the west for now and take the staircase down to B5. Bomb the north wall here and go through. Use Parallax to see the puzzle solution. Then head south twice to apply this solution. The room contains two Knights and a Black Knight, so if you have enough magic I recommend freezing them and killing them quickly. To solve the puzzle, push the statues onto the two bottom switches and the two switches second from the top. Open the chest that appears to obtain the Miracle Boots. These boots will let you dash if you never got the Dash Boots, as well as allow you walk on the poison swamp.

Once you have the boots, backtrack north and up the stairs. Bomb the west wall and enter. Go west once more. If you hit the 3 red switches on the west wall, a chest containing another Green Key will appear. You can use the movable block to block the first wind-blowing statue and use the Boomerang on the switches in safety. Then take the staircase up. Go north and open the chest for the final Key in this temple. Then return south, down the stairs, and east.

This time go south. Ignore the Black Knight and take the staircase down. Then use your key to go north. Carefully traverse this windy room and go north once more. Avoid the lone Black Knight here to finally reach the end of the temple. Activate the warp and enter the boss room.

Boss Battle: Dark Knight

This boss is a joke compared to the last couple. The Dark Knight has a few different attacks:

  • He will slash his sword from afar and send a crescent-shaped shockwave at you. The wave expands as it travels, so if you are close to him you can easily sidestep it; otherwise just block it with your shield.
  • He will glide around the room and approach you, and then try to hit you with his sword. This is best blocked.
  • He will point his sword at you and charge, much like the normal Silver/Black Knights. Simply step out of the way and he will be left wide open.
  • At low health, he will hop in the air and then spin in circles with his sword out. If you see this move, try to get far away and block.

If you want to play this battle conservatively, just block or avoid his attacks from afar until he tries to charge at you. Move out of the way when he does and then strike him in the back before he recovers. Rinse and repeat. After a while he may start teleporting around the room before starting his next attack, but this doesn't make the battle any harder.

A much faster way to kill him, however, is to exploit the moment of vulnerability he gets after his sword attack is blocked. Instigate him with your sword and then approach him with your shield up. When you are close to him, he is likely to either try to slash you or teleport. If he teleports, instigate him again and approach him again. If he slashes you, block the slash and then immediately counter with a slash of your own. You can hit him directly from the front this way. After hitting him, put your shield back up and see if he tries to attack again or decides to teleport away. Just repeat this process. If you get used to his patterns, there is a good chance that you'll be able to kill him without him ever pulling off an attack, other than hacking in vain at your shield.

If you have a long sword, there is an even easier way to kill him. This is based around the fact that his is vulnerable to direct strikes during the start-up animation of every one of his attacks. If you have good reach from around the center of the room, you should be able to quickly slash at him without moving, no matter where he teleports. Simply wait for him to start an attack and then hit him. If he tries to do the shockwave, he will still slash his sword, but when you hit him it stops the shockwave from ever launching. The beauty of it is that if you attack too early, it will merely stun him for a moment. So if you are not sure of the timings at first, you can play it safe and attack frequently until you get it down. All it will cost you is a bit of time.

Once the boss is down, take the Life Up and coins, then go into the back room to get the Purple Orb and the customary Wind Wing from the chest. Then exit the temple.