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by EgHeadFool

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Guide and Walkthrough by EgHeadFool

Version: 2.7 | Updated: 11/30/2010
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2010 | Highest Rated Guide

3D Dot Game Heroes FAQ/Walkthrough by EgHeadFool aka Hapkido

eghead (at) gmail (dot) com


I originally wrote this guide based on the Japanese version of the game. All ambiguous names and items were Romanized or translated by me. I believe I have fixed all the translations with the English release, but it should still be easy to follow and understand even if some names are off. I still appreciate any corrections you happen to notice. This applies not only to translations but also to accuracy of information, typos, or any other mistakes. Please email me at the address listed above if you have any input!

The main walkthrough is written with the goal of obtaining a 100% clear game. If you follow it, you should be able to achieve this. In addition, I've included sections covering the world map and all other specific topics of interest. The organized tables, details, and clickable links to specific sections should make finding any piece of information easy and intuitive. I hope you find the guide useful!

Search Tip

If you'd like to use your browser's search function to find something across the entire guide, please scroll to the very bottom of the page and select one of the options where it says "View as a single printable page." Otherwise you'll only be able to search on the current page of the formatted FAQ.

Version History

  • 0.1 (April 5 2010) - Main walkthrough complete through Forest Temple.
  • 0.2 (April 7 2010) - Main walkthrough complete through Desert Temple, started a map and special signboard section.
  • 0.3 (April 8, 2010) - Main walkthrough complete through Aqua Temple, filled in the world map and signboard details.
  • 0.4 (April 12, 2010) - Main walkthrough complete up until the Dark Tower. Some English translations modified.
  • 0.5 (April 14, 2010) - Main walkthrough complete. Spelunker mode section added. Minigames section in progress.
  • 0.6 (April 16, 2010) - Completed the minigame section as well as the trophies section.
  • 0.7 (April 19, 2010) - Completed the swords section and briefly outlined key items and event checklist sections.
  • 0.75 (April 20, 2010) - Completed the shields and small blocks section, and corrected some typos.
  • 0.8 (April 21, 2010) - Completed the Life Shards, magic ups, and world map area details sections.
  • 0.9 (April 26, 2010) - Completed the event items, event checklist, and bestiary sections. Initial guide finished!
  • 1.0 (May 3, 2010) - Read through the guide and proofread, tweaked, and added a bit.
  • 1.1 (May 12, 2010) - Naming overhaul commenced. Place names, major item names, character names, and enemy names should be correct. Corrected the first few trophies and a few swords and Key Items. New Game+ info added. More to come.
  • 1.2 (May 13, 2010) - Corrected the naming for many more swords, key items, and trophies. Fixed a few assorted minor mistakes.
  • 1.3 (May 14, 2010) - Finished correcting the names for swords and key items. Trophies should also be pretty much done. Fixed several mistakes and added extra information. I also finished following my own guide, confirming that it will result in a 100% file!
  • 1.4 (May 17, 2010) - Updated information about booking Onyx, the Moon Sword, Spelunker mode, and various small mistakes/improvements.
  • 1.5 (May 18, 2010) - Added strategy and videos for Dash Circuit as well as strategy and a video for a quick Small Block farming level of Block Defense Plus. Other minor corrections.
  • 1.6 (May 21, 2010) - Added strategies for 4 more Block Defense Plus levels; fixed/added minor things.
  • 1.7 (May 24, 2010) - Added a video for Block Defense Plus. Added a Miscellanea section which includes shops, bottles, and info about the Anchor Rod. Fixed a few minor mistakes/typos.
  • 1.8 (May 25, 2010) - Added another level of Block Defense Plus. Up to 6 now!
  • 1.9 (May 26, 2010) - Added a 7th level of Block Defense Plus, minor typo fixes.
  • 2.0 (May 27, 2010) - Added an 8th level of Block Defense Plus, minor adjustments.
  • 2.1 (May 28, 2010) - Added a 9th level of Block Defense Plus. Only one left (strategies welcome)!
  • 2.2 (June 3, 2010) - Finished Block Defense Plus.
  • 2.3 (June 10, 2010) - Added a Block Defense Plus glitch as well as an awesome world map diagram someone sent me. Temple maps coming soon!
  • 2.4 (June 11, 2010) - Added temple maps with abbreviated strategies under "Supplementary Temple Maps." I think the guide is just about done!
  • 2.5 (July 9, 2010) - Fixed a few typos and included some Youtube videos sent to me for Block Defense Plus.
  • 2.6 (September 24, 2010) - Added changes due to the new 1.01 patch! Also fixed an incorrect sword stat.
  • 2.7 (November 30, 2010) - Fixed and updated several minor things within the last few weeks, so I'm giving it a new version number.


The controls for this game are fairly straightforward:

  • X is the "action" button. It is used to open doors, talk, swing the sword, etc.
  • Square is the "dash" button that you use to dash once you obtain Dash Boots (or Miracle Boots).
  • Triangle is the "menu" button, which opens up the item menu. Using R1 and L1 you can switch to the status screen and the sword screen.
  • L1 is the "map" button, and bring up the world map. In temples it will instead bring up the temple map.
  • The Start button pauses the game. From the pause menu you can save, load, take snapshots, view your bestiary, and tweak settings such as camera style and text speed.
  • Circle is the "item" button, which uses a secondary item. You can press L2 and R2 to cycle through secondary items without selecting them from the item menu.
  • R1 is the "guard" button, which makes you use the shield.


It doesn't always take the form of a sword, but this is your weapon. There are 24 different swords in the game, each with its own attributes. Depending on the sword, you can upgrade it in seven stats: strength, length, width, spin, beam, pierce, and special. Pierce makes your sword go through obstacles and walls, beam makes your sword fire projectiles, and special varies by sword (for those that have it to begin with). Spin makes it so that you can rotate your sword after striking, effectively sweeping it in an arc. Note that all upgrades you apply to a sword require you to be at full health to take effect. Different swords will be better in different situations, but in general you will probably be sticking mainly to a single sword for large portions of the game at a time. For in-depth information, see the Swords section.


You know, that thing you use to block. There are a few shields in the game, each better than the last and each replacing the last once you obtain it. You cannot upgrade stats on a shield. For more information, see the Shields section.


The basic unit of currency in Dotnia. It drops in the form of coins, of which there are three varieties. Bronze coins are worth 1 gol, silver coins are worth 10 gol, and gold coins are worth 100 gold. The maximum you can hold is 9999, and there is no way to upgrade your wallet.


There are two varieties of apple: red and green. Red apples will recover one point of health each, whereas green apples recover one vial of magic each.

Magic Containers

Magic containers will restore one vial of magic.


Potions will restore different amounts and combinations of health and magic. They require empty bottles to store in. There are a total of 4 empty bottles in the game. See the Empty Bottles section for details.

Small Blocks

Small Blocks are traded to King Block in area E2 for swords. See the Small Blocks section for details.

Colored Keys

This game has 3 special types of colored locks (red, blue, and green) in temples and a few other places. The only way to open them is by buying a key of the corresponding color for 1000 gol at Jim's Shack (or by finding one in one of the later temples). Unless, that is, you have the Super Key, which opens them all and eliminates the need. For information about the Super Key, see the Special Signboards section.

Key Items

Key items are items that you receive from various sidequests and events. They aren't usable in any way, but they do show up in your Key Items list which is on one of the menus when you press the menu button. They don't do anything practical in it of themselves, but some events do lead to rewards such as swords or upgrades. And before you decide to ignore useless events, consider that one of the game's most powerful swords requires you to have 100% event completion to obtain. See the Key Items section for details.

Store Items

There are a few items that are sold frequently and are occasionally worth purchasing. There are candles and lamps, which illuminate dark rooms. Then there are sleeping bags and magical bags. These will restore all your health or magic and create a restore point on the world map. This can be useful in certain cases, especially in Spelunker mode, although they become completely unnecessary once you purchase the Tent. The Tent restores both health and magic fully, and can be used an infinite number of times on the world map. For those annoying unexpected deaths, you can bring along Wonderdust, which will revive you when you die. Finally there are Wind Wings. These teleport you to a location of your choice and are extremely useful.

Playable Characters

When you start a new game and every time you load up a save, you can pick which character you want to play as. This is not just for aesthetics. The first difference to note is between genders. Male characters get an automatic +1 strength boost on all swords, and female characters get an automatic reduction in spell casting cost by 1 magic vial. In addition to this, the characters vary in terms of their skill at magic and their stamina. High stamina characters will have extra health whereas high magic characters will have extra magic vials. Choose a character suited to your play style. In general, being stronger and having more health is more important, unless you are going to heavily use magic for a specific situation.


Lots of people don't seem to realize that in this game there are ledges you can hop down. The easiest example is the cliff just south of Dotnia Castle. There are two different spots here where you can hop down below by jumping off the ledge. These spots are marked by different texturing and/or roughness. Learn to spot them, because they are required for lots of optional things as well as to reach at least one of the game's temples.

Crowned Enemies

Some enemies will have a crown over their head at random. These enemies are faster than their normal counterparts, and often times much more dangerous. Be careful around them, and if too many spawn in an area try exiting it and coming back, as they re-spawn at random.


In 3D Dot Game Heroes, any sword that has the "spin" attribute can be rotated after pressing the "action" button to attack. This means that once the sword is already out in front of you, you can sweep it in an arc and hit things all around you. If you are a Zelda fan, most likely you'll instinctively walk right up to an enemy and then attack it. However, you'll quickly learn that in this game that is not the safest way to attack. It is much more effective to position yourself diagonally opposite the enemy, where it cannot easily hit you, and then extend your sword and rotate it in the direction of the enemy, hitting it with the sweep. This is also extremely effective for hitting multiple enemies at once.

Sword Upgrading Tips

Since most swords don't give you enough upgrade points to max them out, you often have to prioritize what matters. In general, the most important attribute is pierce. If your sword has the ability to add pierce, it should be the first thing you do, due to how useful it is for your sword to be able to pass through obstacles and walls. Next would be spin, although most swords that can spin come with the ability from the start. Next you probably want to focus on strength and length. Width is not as important on a sword that can spin, and beam is practically useless. Actually, beam can work against you when you're trying to selectively attack enemies. Swords with a "special" feature are generally worth upgrading in that category first, most notably the Wing Sword which increases your speed. Make sure to max out a special ability like that before anything else on that particular sword, as those swords will be outclassed as actual weapons by other swords anyways.


Dashing seems like a faster way to get around at first, but every time you hit a wall it causes you to crash and stall for a moment, which is annoying. This is greatly reduced if your sword has pierce, because then it will not hit the wall left and right. In Spelunker mode the time penalty for hitting a wall is even worse, but it does make you invincible for a few frames in that mode. You also accelerate every time you turn, which is what makes the Dash Circuit so difficult.

The Past

After the intro, you are immediately thrust into a flashback/dream. You control the hero of legend. Your goal is to place your sword for safekeeping now that evil is gone. You start in front of Dotnia Castle. Head east one screen and then north across the small bridge. Don't worry about enemies or money. You don't keep any of the coins you collect here and you can't take damage. Continue north into the Sacred Forest and follow the path around and north again. A cutscene ensues.

Getting the Ancient Sword

Answer "Yes" to the king to receive the Sword and Shield. Exit the throne room and take either staircase downstairs to the first floor and exit the castle. Retrace your steps to the Sacred Forest. Now you have health to worry about, so be sure to take care of any Killer Rabbits and Evil Trees in your way. When you reach the top, you will have to fight two Guardians. They stomp around in a roughly circular motion and should be fairly easy to avoid. After 2 hits they will start making bigger leaps, so look at their shadow and follow them to their landing spot to deliver the final blow. 3 hits to each is enough. Once the Guardians are gone, continue north and retrieve the Ancient Sword from the pedestal, which will automatically equip. The fairy Lee will also join you. Return to the castle and talk to the king again. Answer "Yes" and then exit the castle. Go west to Raejack Village.

Raejack Village

Technically you can head straight to the first temple already, but there are several useful things to do first. To begin with, it should be noted that this is where you do all your weapon upgrading. The blacksmith is the house with the anvil sign in front of it, and as long as you have the cash you can go right ahead and start upgrading. You don't need to do any of that just yet, but if you want some general advice you can read my brief Sword Upgrading Tips. These are the things I recommend doing right now:

North Raejack Village

West Raejack Village
  • Enter house 1 at the north end of the village and talk to the man inside, Dic. Answer "Yes" and he will give you the Dash Boots. You can now dash with the Square button.
  • In house 2 you'll find a bit of cash in treasure chests. Talk to the old man and he'll ask you to kill 10 monsters. Accept and come back after killing 10 Crystal Slimes (at any time from now on), and he'll reward you with a Life Shard.
  • Event: In house 3 there is a young man trying to decide who to marry. Talk to him and help him decide (it doesn't matter who you pick). This is a time-sensitive event. It disappears after clearing the Desert Temple.
  • Event: Talk to the Blue Slime in front of house 2 and he'll tell you his dream of becoming human.
  • Open the treasure chest in house 4 to collect an Empty Bottle.
  • The shop next to the blacksmith sells an Iron Shield for 100 gol. If you don't have enough, come back later and buy it. It allows you to block basic projectiles like Gobles' arrows.
  • Event: Talk to the man at the inn and he'll tell you he wants to make a 3D mech game. This is the first step of a game-long event and disappears once you complete the Grass Temple.

There is also a cave at the southeast end of the village with a wishing well. For 20 gol you will receive a random benefit, which can range from 1 gol to various items. There are a few wishing wells throughout the world map, and most of them have one unique item that you can obtain at random. This particular wishing well has a chance of giving you a Life Shard. However, it could take thousands of gol before you get it, so now is definitely not the time.

Once you're ready, exit the village to the west. As soon as you do, head north and open the treasure chest for a Small Block. Then head west and enter the Grass Temple (you can't miss it, but temples are marked on your map if you press the map button). If you didn't talk to the king, guards will be blocking the entrance.

Grass Temple

Note: For a map of this or any other temple, check out Neslib's work in the Supplementary Temple Maps section.

In the starting room, step on the red switch to open the door. Head north and then east and retrieve the Key from the chest. Be sure to kill the enemies in your way. Then head west twice and use your key to open the locked door. Head west again. Lee will mention that some of the blocks are different. If you look at the middle two on the bottom, the pattern on them is different. It looks like a D-pad instead of like a Lego block. In this game, that denotes that the block can be pushed. Push the rightmost movable block up two spaces and claim another Key from the chest.

Head east and north. The doors will close until you kill all the enemies in the room. Claim the Temple Map from the treasure chest in the center of the room before exiting west. Use your key and head north. The blocks in the center of the room will shoot at you. Even with an Iron Shield, they are unblockable, so just avoid getting hit and go east. In the next room, walk up to the two red wall switches and depress them with your body. Push the movable block in the northwest corner to claim the Boomerang from the chest that appears. Head north and use the Boomerang to hit the wall switch. Take the Key and the 10 gol from the other chest. The Boomerang is useful not only for hitting switches but also because hitting enemies with it will stun them momentarily, after which you can attack and re-stun them.

Now you have to backtrack to the room near the start of the level where you got your first key (northeast of the temple entrance). You can now use the boomerang to hit the switch on the east wall and open the door. Go through, and then head east again. Kill all the enemies for another Key. Go west twice (using a key). Carefully avoid the projectiles and go north again. Pressing all 4 switches will earn you the Boss Key. There is a locked door to the north, beyond which there is a Life Shard but it requires a Red Key, which isn't obtainable at this time, so ignore it for now and return south and then east.

Now go north and then east, using your last Key. There are 3 movable blocks here. Push the left and right ones up, and then push the middle one sideways and head north. The stone in the northeast corner will give deliver a cryptic message, but it translates to "kill all enemies in the room and you'll earn a Small Block." Hit the 3 wall switches to open the door and proceed west. Continue north, and kill all enemies to open the door and go west. Hit the floor switch in the northeast corner to activate a portal to the temple entrance.

If you're hurt, break the pots to try to get some health. If that isn't enough, you might consider warping to the start and exiting the temple to refill, although the boss battle isn't terribly difficult. When you're ready, use the Boss Key to open the boss door.

Boss Battle: Eelagon

The first thing to note is that with your current shield, you cannot block his projectiles. Dodge them whenever he shoots. Wait for Eelagon to enter the room and then run up to his tail. His last segment should be glowing, meaning you can destroy it. It should only take one hit. Every time you destroy a segment, he gets faster, so be careful not to run into him. Also, any time you hit a non-glowing segment, Eelagon will let loose a barrage of projectiles in all directions, so be careful. You will have to wait a few seconds after destroying a segment before the next one begins to glow, so simply avoid him during that period. Also note that each segment you destroy will yield an apple, so it's hard to die.

As Eelagon gets faster, he becomes harder to dodge. Your shield will protect you from Eelagon himself, just not his projectiles. Once all of his segments are gone, you will need to strike his head several times to finish him off. You no longer need to wait for him to glow, so hack away.

When he's finished, collect the coins and the Life Up and head north. A cutscene ensues, in which you meet the first sage, Indy, and receive the Yellow Orb. Indy will also give you the magic spell Parallax, and a few vials of magic to start you off. Then head south, warp to the temple entrance, and exit.

After the Grass Temple

After a small inspirational speech, you are once again on the main field. As before, we could head straight to the next temple, but there are various useful and optional things available. Also, some things from now on require a fair amount of money, so at this point it is worth mentioning a decent early-game grinding spot. If you head east from the castle, you will soon reach a long bridge. If you cross it to the right and change screens and come back, you can get the Octons to respawn every time. Wait for them to spawn close to the bridge and then swing at them. It helps immensely if you've upgraded your sword's strength and length somewhat. The Octons drop silver coins and occasionally gold ones as well. Also, I recommend sticking with the Ancient Sword until after the Desert Temple (although you probably have no other swords yet).

New and/or Recommended Sidequests
  • The man in the shop next to the blacksmith will let you play Dash Circuit (Block Circuit). Beat it in under 25 seconds for 100 gol, and under 20 seconds for a Small Block. This is the first of two Dash Circuit minigames. See the Dash Circuit section for details.
  • Buy the Bow from the same shop for 30 gol.
  • Buy the Iron Shield if you haven't already.
  • Love Letter event sequence (must be done in order):
    • Talk to the left guard in front of the castle and he'll give you the Red Letter.
    • Talk to the woman near the potion shop in Raejack and she'll give you the Blue Letter.
    • Talk to the guy near Dic's house where you got the Dash Boots to get the Yellow Letter.
    • Talk to the girl in Raejack who should be somewhere between the potion shop and the inn for the Green Letter.
    • Finally, talk to the castle guard again and he'll reward you with a Life Shard.
  • Talk to the right guard this time, and answer No->Yes->No->No for a small event.

On the Way to the Forest Temple

Head west from the Grass Temple. If you immediately go north, you will come to a staircase leading to some woods. Instead of following them, go west and you'll see a cave. The old lady inside is willing to upgrade your quiver for 200 gol. She can actually do this 3 times, increasing your arrow limit to 30, 60 and finally 99. You'll never need to have 99 arrows with you, but you should definitely upgrade it at least to 30 and maybe consider 60. You can always come back another time if you don't have the gol or don't feel like spending it just yet.

Backtrack a little and go west at your first chance. You will come to some stairs, which you should follow and then head west from there. Keep following the path west in area A3 and you'll see a cave to the north called From Cave. This is where the long event unfolds that started when you talked to the man at the Raejack inn who wanted to make a 3D mech game. He will now be in the cave if you talked to him (the top-left man), otherwise the event is gone for good. Talk to him again to continue the event. You must do this before clearing the Desert Temple. After that, you must talk to him after every subsequent temple to complete the event. If you do it right, you'll notice more and more people in the cave every time you visit.

There are 4 Demon's Souls parody events in the cave that you can do right now:

  • Walk next to the left-most standing man and a message will pop up saying "I'm in trouble! Please recommend this message!" Say yes.
  • Walk around in front of the man by the pit and a message will pop saying "It's safe here."
  • Walk in front of the woman in the center and you'll find Sticky White Stuff.
  • Examine the corpse on the left and receive the Hero's Soul.

Exit the cave and head west then north. You'll come to Wardna's House. Inside, the first man on your left is obsessed with signboards. He calls himself a "Sign Master." If you answer yes to his questions, he'll ask you to find all of the signboards he's put up around the world map. There are 10 in total. If you find 5 of them he'll give you a Life Shard and if you find all 10 he'll give you a Magic Up. More importantly, it allows you to get the Super Key, which will open all the colored doors found throughout the game (red, blue and green), instead of having to buy colored keys. You can't reach most of the signs until beating the Desert Temple, but for a list of them see the Special Signboards section.

The Forest of no Return

Head northeast from Wardna's House and you'll come to the Forest of no Return. Sound familiar? Anyway, this is your first chance to test out Parallax. If you got curious and tried to use it, you probably noticed the game wouldn't let you. In fact it can only be used where there is a surface such as the big slate on the first screen of the Forest of no Return. Using the spell will reveal the writing on the slate. What it shows you is the path to the Forest Temple. If you stray from the path, you end up back at the start of the forest. The full path is Up, Right, Up, Left, Left, Down, Left, Up, Up.

However, there are two items of interest in that you can get by straying from the path. Go Up, Right, Up, Left, and Left. Now instead of going Down, go Up. A treasure chest in the northwest corner of the area contains a Small Block. From here, head down 3 times. A chest at the south end contains a Magic Up. Now resume the intended route by heading Up, Left, and Up. You'll see an old man hanging out by some bushes. If you talk to him you'll find out he's Indigo, the second sage. He fled from the monster-infested temple. Talk to him if you wish and then go north and enter the Forest Temple.

Forest Temple

Note: For a map of this or any other temple, check out Neslib's work in the Supplementary Temple Maps section.

After watching Lee's big failure to impress you in her knowledge of switches, head east and use Parallax. It will reveal which switches to depress. Go back to the first room and push the statues over the required switches. The two switches you can ignore are the top-left and middle-right ones. Proceed north and you'll encounter the first dark room in the game. If you have a candle or a lamp with you, use that to provide some light. You're likely to have found one in a pot or plant by now. Otherwise don't worry, the room just contains a couple of harmless Red Slimes. In general, even if a temple room is dark, you can look at your map and see the layout of the room. Pits you can fall into will show up on that. If you find yourself constantly without candles you can always buy some at a shop, but in general you can find them within temples.

Anyways, traverse the room and head north into the next one. Note the cracked wall to the west. That means the wall can be bombed (Zelda fans are going "duh"), but you don't have bombs yet. Also note the two contraptions on the north wall. They are traps that will shoot arrows at you when you pass in front of them. Be sure to look for them from now on to avoid taking unnecessary damage. You can walk by with your Iron Shield out and block the arrows as you pass, but it's really not necessary in this case.

Head east and walk into the middle of the room. Note the other new trap introduced here. Watch out for similar spike traps in future rooms and dungeons. Note that if you don't move at all upon entering a room, you are not technically "in" it yet, and thus traps won't activate and enemies can't hurt you. If the enemy positions are annoying, you can leave the room and come back and see if they respawn in a more favorable location. Either way, head east.

This next room is dark and pretty annoying if you don't have anything to illuminate it with. The door shuts behind you and you must kill all enemies in the room to open it. You can check your map for the block arrangement in the room in case you need to navigate it blind. Your sword will also illuminate your surroundings slightly, so that helps. When all the enemies are dead, a chest appears in the southeast corner of the room. Take the Key from it and exit back to the west, then use the key to open the door to the north and go through.

Open the door to the west by hitting the wall switch with your Boomerang. Watch out for the arrow traps. Head west and then north, watching out for traps again (you might find your shield useful). Kill all the enemies in the room to earn a chest containing 100 gol. Exit south and then west. The four tiles in this room are of the same material as the big slabs from before, and using Parallax will reveal which switches to depress. Push the two east statues onto the two west switches to open the door and head south.

This is another dark room. Use a candle and notice the three movable blocks at the top. Ignore the west one (which is one square above the other two) and push the middle one down and then the east one right. Claim the Temple Map from the chest in the center of the room. If you don't have a candle, ignore this room for now until you find a candle (or not, since you don't really need a map if you're following a FAQ). In any case, head west, then kill all the enemies to open the doors (while watching out for traps) and head south.

Statue Puzzle

To reach the chest, push the southeast block left, then the statue in front of you up. Then push the statue southeast of the treasure chest up and finally move the statue blocking the chest to the left. See the screenshot for reference. Nab the Key and then head north, kill the enemies again and then go west. This room probably has a candle in one of the pots, in case you need to go back to get the map or if you're just annoyed at so many dark rooms. Anyhow, you need to depress the two switches here with movable blocks. Push the southeast block left twice, then push the southwest block left onto the bottom switch from the right. Repeat a similar process at the top. Push the very top northwest block in two squares, then push the other one out and onto the switch. When both are done, a chest appears. Take the 10 gol from it and go north.

Another dark room. Joy. This one has a few Red Slimes and two blocks in the center firing projectiles. Make for the west door and use your key to enter it. Another switch puzzle. Use Parallax to reveal the pattern. From left to right, push the statues Up, Down, Up, Down to unlock the door and head south. Open the chest in the center to at long last obtain Bombs. Head north twice and activate the portal. You might also want to break the pots to restore some health, magic, or if you're lucky get a candle or two. At this point you can always warp out of the temple for supplies if you wish.

Boss Key Puzzle

Backtrack south and then east, and dodge the projectiles as you head east one more time. Bomb the north wall and head through, and take the last Key from the chest within. Then backtrack south, west, west, south, and use your key to open the south door. Hit the switch in the northeast corner to make a chest appear in the northwest corner, and then open that for the Boss Key. Check the picture if you're having trouble moving the statues proposal.

If you look at the map you'll notice 3 rooms on the east side of the temple that we haven't visited. They are optional. The first one requires you to bomb the north wall of the room below, and contains a Small Block and 3 bombs. North of that there are two more rooms, but reaching them requires a Red Key, which is still not obtainable at this point in the game. The first of the two has a chest containing 100 gol (if you hit the wall switch with the Boomerang), and the final one, which requires another bomb to access, contains a Magic Up.

In any case, head north three times and enter the boss room.

Boss Battle: Queen Bee

The Queen Bee has two primary forms of attacking. The first is a fireball attack in which she shoots 3 sets of 4 fireballs. These should be avoided by running around the edges of the room until she stops firing. The Iron Shield does protect against them as well, but running is safer as you avoid the risk of getting clipped from the side or of blocking in the wrong direction. The second way she will attack is by sending out one of her small drone bees at you. You can block them with your shield as well, but the best thing is just to kill them. They only take one sword strike and often drop apples. You can try to dodge them by they're a bit tricky to avoid.

To win this battle, simply avoid the Queen Bee's attacks and hack at her in between them. She provides ample opportunity. Avoid the center of the room, as she will return there frequently. Try to maintain a safe distance at all times. If you kill all eight of her drones, she will promptly summon a new set of them, so don't make that a priority. The more she is hurt, the more drones she will send out, and with more frequency as well. Try to take them out quickly as you don't want to be caught running away from fireballs and drones at the same time. If it does happen, however, blocking is safer than running. Patience is the key in this battle. As long as you don't get impatient and try to sneak in attacks when you shouldn't, things should go smoothly.

It was pointed out to me that if you manage to land a direct hit on the Queen Bee with a bomb, she will lie on her back, vulnerable, for several seconds. Her drones will also disappear. If you can pull this off, you can probably get 3-5 free hits. It's a little tricky to time it properly though, and don't let your guard down. Note that bombs can be pushed around once they've been placed, if that helps.

Once the boss is down, nab the coins and the Life Up and head to the back chamber. You'll receive the Green Orb. Nab the Wind Wing in the chest in the corner and then head out of the temple.

After the Forest Temple

The first thing you should do is talk to Indigo, who will give you the magic spell Reflect. This spell is going to get a whole lot of use in this game. It basically makes your body bounce back magic projectiles, such as the ones from those annoying shooting blocks and from Magi (who make their debut in the next temple).

New and/or Recommended Sidequests
  • You can now talk to the old lady at Wardna's House and play Block Defense (Road to Dotnia). Winning earns you 100 gol, and a perfect clear earns you a Small Block. This is the first of 5 Block Defense minigames. See the Block Defense section for details.
  • Bomb the cracked wall just southeast of From Cave and open the chest inside for an easy Life Shard.
  • If you talk to a man in Wardna's house, he tells you there's a bat maker in Raejack. You can find this man by the square in the center of town. He'll tell you that if you bring him materials, he'll make you a bat. Then return to the man in Wardna's House and he'll tell you there's some good wood in the Forest of no Return. Afterwards, go to the Forest of no Return and head 2 screens down from the sage Indigo. There's a large tree in the center of the screen, and if you walk around to the bottom of it a message pops up (but only if you were directed to the forest by the man). Say "Yes" and you'll find the Holy Wood. Talk to the bat maker again in Raejack and he'll give you a new sword, the Wood Bat.

The path to Ortego Village

For more stuff to open up, we first have to travel to a new area. Head east from the castle and cross the bridge across the river. Follow the path around to the east (a chest containing a Sleeping Bag is along the way), until you reach sand. We want to go east here, but first make a quick detour north. You will soon see a chest near the water, behind a formation of 4 rocks on the grass. Open it for a free Magic Up. Then backtrack to the sandy area and head east into area F3.

When you enter the desert, you can explore the two staircases to the north to find 100 gol and a Small Block. Then head all the way east and around the path, following it north and then west until you reach grass again. Go north until the music changes for area F2 and then blow up the rocks blocking your path east with a bomb and continue. Follow the path east into G2, detouring for the staircase to the north if you want the Small Block in the chest, until you come to a sign saying Nuntra Desert is to the south. Go down the steps right next to it and traverse the small maze until you can head south into area G3.

You are now at Ortego Village. As usual, there are a number of available things before rushing straight to the next temple:

  • Talk to the old lady near the entrance and she'll ask you to bring dancers from Raejack. Return to Raejack and talk to the two girls, Mina and Mary, who are standing north of the town square. They'll head over to Ortego. Note that if it's your first time talking to them, you need to go in a house and come back and talk to them a second time for the event to trigger. Afterwards, return to Ortego and talk to the lady near the weapon shop for a Life Shard.
  • Open the chest in the northwest house for a Life Shard (approach the chest from the left).
  • Buy another Empty Bottle from the salesman in the northeast corner of the village for 100 gol.
  • Talk to the three people lined up below the northeast salesman for a little event. This is time-sensitive. It must be done before clearing the Desert Temple.
  • The man in the house right above the entrance will ask you for 100 gol. Stay at an inn (there isn't one directly in this village) and then talk to him again, and he'll ask for another 100. Repeat the process 2 more times and he'll give you a Life Shard.
  • Talk to the girl in the southeast house and accept for an interesting event...
  • The girl in the potion shop will let you play Blockout. Beat all 5 levels for a Life Shard, and get a no-miss clear to earn a sword, the Luck Mallet. The game is significantly easier with a maxed out Wing Sword. See the Blockout section for details.
  • The man in the central house will give you a Water Jar. Talk to the woman near the cat at the very south end of Colneria Village (which is just south of the castle) to receive Water. Return to the man in the house for a Life Shard.
  • There is a Small Block in a chest just northwest of the village (go around it clockwise).

If you want to do these sidequests without backtracking, buy some Wind Wings from the shop and just warp. They are cheapest at the Ortego shop out of everywhere in the game.

To the Desert Temple

When you're ready, head to the southeast area below the town and enter the desert. The quicksand here seems tricky at first, but there is a simple method to always go the right way, which is to enter it from between two markers. On the first screen it is two cacti, sometimes it's rocks, but there's always a landmark telling you which way to go. Head south past the quicksand, down the stairs and then east, where you'll find Candata Inn. This is the only inn in the area. Simply refuse to pay the outrageous fees three times in a row and you'll be able to stay there for 5 gol a night. There is also a short sub-event here:

  1. Talk to the old lady on the upper left.
  2. Talk to the guy in the upper left corner.
  3. Talk to the girl next to the counter.
  4. Talk to the old man.
  5. Talk to the boy by the bookshelf.
  6. Talk to the old lady again to get 100 gol.

Also talk to the kid in the corner before or after and he'll tell you he wants to eat fresh fish, which is relevant for a later side mission. When you're done, exit and head south. Travel between cacti until you reach the southwest end of the area, and go south again. Continue until you reach more quicksand. You should be in area G5 by now. Enter the middle of the three center strips of it, and walk straight through the reddish patch onto the next strip. Then head east along the bottom of the area. If you continue all the way east, you'll find a bombable wall leading to a fairy fountain. Use it to heal if you wish, then backtrack a few paces and head up the stairs.

When you reach the quicksand on the plateau, take the west strip to reach the chest with another free Magic Up. After grabbing it you'll have to drop down from the ledge and retrace your steps. Take the east strip of quicksand this time to cross, and then follow the path all the way to the Desert Temple. You'll have to bomb the two rocks in your way just before reaching it. Enter the Temple.

Desert Temple

Note: For a map of this or any other temple, check out Neslib's work in the Supplementary Temple Maps section.

Start by bombing the north wall of the first room. The next room contains Mummy Men (good for recovering health) and the game's first pits. If you fall in, you'll lose health, so be careful. They show up on your temple map too. Go west and then bomb the north wall. In the next room you'll find an old man who will upgrade your Bomb Sack for 200 gol. Afterwards, return south and step on the cracked tile in the center of the room to drop down to floor B2.

Kill all the enemies and then head west to encounter your first Magi. Stop moving when they disappear, or you run the risk of walking right into them. As soon as they reappear they fire magic projectiles, so use Reflect to make them eat their own shots. You might want to select it from the menu instead of switching items with the trigger buttons to give you time. Their projectiles go through blocks, and they always drop green apples (they are often placed in rooms to help you replenish magic). Kill them both and then move the movable blocks out of the way to press the two red switches in the north and south of the room (at the top, be sure to push the left and right blocks up and the middle block sideways). Push another movable block to reach the chest that appears and take the Key.

Head east, north, and east again, watching for the arrow traps. In the quicksand room, take the bottom of the two east-moving strips of quicksand to cross. Head down to the chest from the east side of the room if you want the 100 gol within. Then use your key to head east. You can ignore the Golems in the next room and go straight upstairs. Kill all the enemies here to open the door and head west, where you'll find the Temple Map. Watch out for the Magi. Use your Boomerang to hit the west wall switch and proceed north.

Take the east of the two north-facing strips of quicksand to end up in the southeast corner, then head north again from the east edge to reach the bombable wall at the top of the room. Inside you'll find a Small Block. Then return south and head west to the next room. The annoying projectiles fired by the blocks still can't be stopped, but you can use Reflect to avoid damage if you wish. Head north. This room has 4 cracked tiles, but only one of them leads to the floor below (the rest will damage you). There is also a room to the left containing a Life Shard, but it requires a Blue Key which is still not possible to get at this moment in time, so ignore it for now. At any rate, step on the leftmost cracked tile to avoid damage and fall down.

Ignore the enemies unless you need health and go east. Kill the scorpions and go east again. As the slab hints, the treasure chest here can only be reached by falling from above, so ignore it and go south. Push the movable block at the bottom of the room and head up the stairs.

Desert Statue Puzzle

Be careful not to fall in the quicksand and go east. You need to kill all enemies here to open the door, plus there are arrow traps, so be careful. Use the Boomerang for stunning if the Golems are overwhelming you. Afterwards, head south. Here there is another pointless statue puzzle involving Parallax. Take care of the Magi first. You need to press three switches. On the top, press the second from the left. On the bottom, press the very right switch and the 4th from the right. There are 4 statues but the leftmost one won't move. See image for reference. Head south once the door opens.

Step on the cracked tile in this next room and drop to B2 again. Hit the wall switch with the Boomerang and head north. Kill the Golems from a distance and then step on the 3rd tile from the right to safely cross the quicksand. Then use the 4th from the left to reach the door and go north. When you kill all the enemies in the room, you'll get the Hooksh... I mean Wire Rod. It allows you to grapple wooden poles. Head south twice (for the quicksand, take the 3rd from left and then far right), and then use the Wire Rod to grapple the pole on the left. Head west.

Test out your Wire Rod some more in this room to get an easy 100 gol, then head upstairs. This room has yet another 100 gol in a treasure chest. I'll leave the quicksand to you this time; it's not so complicated. Head west and now you're back at the start of the temple. Head north, where you can now access the chest on the west side of the room which contains a Key. Go north, west, and then west again to use your new-found key. Parallax will reveal that statues belong on the two northwest and two southeast switches in an upcoming puzzle.

Head south. To cross to the bottom of the room safely, take the central strip of quicksand facing south the first time, and the easternmost strip the second time. Head south to reach the puzzle whose solution we just learned. Ignore the two middle statues, as they don't move, and position the rest of them on the northwest and southeast switches. Watch out for the arrow traps! Then claim the Boss Key from the chest.

To proceed, we need to do some backtracking. Head north. Take the central north-facing strip of quicksand and then the eastern strip to traverse it safely. Then go north, east, north, and fall down through the leftmost tile again. This time, head north. Kill the Magi then use your Boomerang on the wall switch to earn 100 gol. Then grapple across the room and head east. The switch in the corner makes a chest appear containing 10 bombs. Go up the stairs.

At this point, one could easily go straight to the boss, but there is still an item to be had in this temple, and you need it if you plan on obtaining the Bestiary. If this doesn't interest you, skip down to the boss battle. Otherwise, after activating the warp, bomb the east wall and head through. Kill the Magi and then use the southwest and southeast movable blocks to depress the switches (the other ones move one square and then refuse to budge). Head south. Drop through the tile second from the left to land next to a treasure chest. Open it to obtain the Small Ring.

Now you have to backtrack to the boss room. The lazy man's way is to save and then load, and use the teleporter to get there instantly. Otherwise go west, west, north, east, and up the stairs.

Boss Battle: Giga Golem

This boss is a cinch when played correctly. Giga Golem has 3 main attacks:

  • He will shoot laser beams from his head and quickly sweep them in a straight line in front of him.
  • He will shoot laser beams from his head and slowly sweep them in a counter-clockwise motion.
  • He will try to crush you under his fists, which cause a shock wave that does damage.

These attacks can all be avoided by running in a counter-clockwise circle around him. Simply wait for him to attack, and once you're out of range of the attack hack away at him. After several hits, he will lose his lower half and get faster. This is when he gets fist-happy. You might need to maintain a bit more distance from him to avoid all the shock waves, but continue the same general pattern of running counter-clockwise and striking him when he's busy shooting lasers. Note that his vulnerable spots at this point are his arms. Each arm will be destroyed after a few hits.

Once he's lost his arms, Giga Golem will start hopping around and go laser-crazy. He adds one new attack in this phase, which is to leap high in the air and create a big shock wave as he lands (only his high jumps cause shock waves). When he does this, run as far away as possible, as the range of this attack is significant. Other than that, follow the same pattern for avoiding his lasers and he'll go down in a few more hits.

When he finally goes down, take the gol and the Life Up and head into the orb room to get yourself the Orange Orb and also another Wind Wing from the chest in the corner. Then exit the temple.

After the Desert Temple

Now that you have the Wire Rod, a whole lot of areas on the world map open up. The first thing you should do, however, is return to Candata Inn and talk to the lady by the beds, who happens to be Octane, the 3rd sage. She'll give you the magic spell Normal Map.

The Holy Sword and the Anchor Rod

These are two new optional quests that I'm setting aside because of their particular usefulness. If you head south from Ortego on the west side, you'll soon see a bombable wall near a staircase. Now that you have the Wire Rod, you can explore it. Avoid the traps and enemies within, and you'll find the Holy Sword at the end. This sword is vastly superior to anything else available at this point, so use it from now on.

Invisible Warp

Once you have that, another thing that will be extremely useful is the Anchor Rod. It's basically an upgraded Wire Rod with added range. To get it, cross the river east of the castle and head north. You will eventually come to some stairs with a sign saying the Sukaboko Highlands are up ahead. Use your Wire Rod to cross the gap and then head north and west, using the Wire Rod once more. You will come to a screen with Centauses and falling rocks. Notice the grooves in the cliff to the north. If you step in the second groove from the right, you will activate an invisible warp! Head east and up a set of stairs to obtain the Anchor Rod. From the location of the chest, head east and south to reach the return warp. Read the sign to your right after warping before hopping down the cliff, as it is one of the special signs. In fact, you can now access all of them. If you care to venture into a few new areas on your own, you can check out the Special Signboards section to get them all and earn yourself a life upgrade, a magic upgrade, and the Super Key. With the Super Key you can open all colored doors without worrying about having specific colored keys for them. But you can also buy colored keys now, by visiting Jim's Shack on the eastern side of the Highlands. They cost 1000 gol each.

With the Anchor Rod you can explore around 95% of the world map. This means there are plenty of life upgrades and such to be found in caves and chests. If you want to go looking for them, refer to the World Map section. While I often point out items on the way to the next objective, the main walkthrough itself will by no means cover everything on the field.

One last notable area of interest, however, is King Block's cave, located east of the castle in area E2. To reach it you have to grapple across the river from east to west. King Block will trade you several different swords for Small Blocks. See the Swords section for details.

New Sidequests

Alright, on to the sidequests to do after the Desert Temple!

  • Talk to the man in front of the central house in Ortego to receive the Ultima Book. Note that this event requires the water fetch quest to be completed. This is a time-sensitive event. It disappears upon clearing the Aqua Temple.
  • At Candata Inn, the woman on the right will let you play the second level of Block Defense (Cactus Desert). Winning earns you 200 gol, and a perfect clear also gets you a Small Block.
  • If you got the Small Ring in the Desert Temple, give it to the redheaded girl up by the northwest house and she'll give you the Bestiary. You can equip this and hit monsters repeatedly with it to book them in it. See the Bestiary section for details.
  • Visit From Cave and talk to the mech game man again. You must do this before clearing the Aqua Temple.

Afterwards, you'll want to head to Colneria Village, which is just south of the castle if you haven't been there yet. There are a couple of things to do here before moving on to the next temple.

  • Talk to the girl near the north entrance to the town. She'll tell you she wants you to bring her a spa (yeah it's an odd request). Talking to her is required to trigger a later event.
  • Head south from the village, loop around the tree cluster and grapple to the wooden pole to the south to access a house. There is an Empty Bottle within. To get to it, push the statue to the right (only one can be pushed right) and then push the one behind it up. Then you can follow the long path around to the chest.
  • If you keep going east from Colneria, you'll come to a beach. If you follow this all the way east, you'll come to a salesman offering two things of interest:
    • The Claymore, a sword, for 1000 gol.
    • The Silver Ring for 2000 gol. The Silver Ring reduces all damage you take by 25%, so it may be quite worthwhile.
  • Incidentally, a chest next to the salesman from above contains a Life Shard.