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When I run, the sword slides out of my hand, is this a problem? Tech Support

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Is there any way to have an invincible power of love and/or invincibility? Side Quest 2 4 months ago
Scott's Bass special? Side Quest 2 4 months ago
is it possible to get the dlc anymore? Tech Support 1 1 year ago
How can I download the Online Play + Wallace Pack on GameStop? General 1 2 years ago
"Profile select" for players 2-4 what does it do? Tech Support 5 6 years ago
Guitar as a weapon? in stages other then todd's? Side Quest 6 6 years ago
Trouble with hidden place? General 1 6 years ago
Can you pick your assist post-chau? Build 1 6 years ago
Mr.Chau? General 2 7 years ago
What Does WP Mean? Side Quest 1 8 years ago

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