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Game Script by Minty Fresh Death

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/21/2011

Mortal Kombat Game Script Guide Version 1.00
Completed on 21st May 2011

Written by Minty Fresh Death

(1)             TABLE OF CONTENTS

(1)	Table of Contents
(2)	Introduction
(2A)	Version Updates
(2B)	Preface and Legalities
(3)	The Game Script
(3A)	Navigation
(3B)	General Information
(3C)	Intro
(3D)	Chapter 1: Johnny Cage
(3E)	Chapter 2: Sonya Blade
(3F)	Chapter 3: Scorpion
(3G)	Chapter 4: Cyrax
(3H)	Chapter 5: Liu Kang
(3I)	Chapter 6: Jax
(3J)	Chapter 7: Smoke
(3K)	Chapter 8: Sub-Zero
(3L)	Chapter 9: Kitana
(3M)	Chapter 10: Jade
(3N)	Chapter 11: Kung Lao
(3O)	Chapter 12: Stryker
(3P)	Chapter 13: Kabal
(3Q)	Chapter 14: Cyber Sub-Zero
(3R)	Chapter 15: Nightwolf
(3S)	Chapter 16: Raiden
(4)     Frequently Asked Questions
(5)     The Final Word (Thanks Section)

(2)               INTRODUCTION


1.00 - The very first version. Updates to come. Maybe. :D


Yo there. After feeling bored one Tuesday night (which seems to 
be the story of all the FAQs I've ever written) I decided to
write up a guide to the game script for the latest game in Netherrealm 
Studio's Mortal Kombat series, titled... Mortal Kombat. My reasoning 
for this is born out of an appreciation for the effort the game 
designers went to in order to produce quite possibly the greatest 
story for a fighting game ever written. So far. :)

This version of the Mortal Kombat Game Script (Version 1.00) 
is exclusive to GameFAQs.
You are NOT allowed to post any version of this guide on any 
other websites WITHOUT my given permission. My e-mail is under 
"The Final Word" section if you wish to contact me. You also may 
NOT copy any of the things you see in any version of this guide 
and stick it into your own. You are also not allowed to plaguerise 
any versions of this guide (don't steal the information and type 
it up in your own way) and you are NOT allowed to use it in any 
way to gain profit.

This guide is not property of Warner Bros or Netherrealm Studios and 
is not written or supported by them.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2011 by Dan Gallagher, AKA Minty Fresh Death.

(3)              THE GAME SCRIPT


As you may have already seen in the contents page, all of the chapters
contained in this script are numbered. If you want to zip to a chapter,
highlight the number/letter combination of your chapter from the
contents page, right click your mouse and select the "Copy" option, click
the "Edit" tab at the top of your browser and select "Find". Once you
have the small window up, right click and select "Paste", then finally
select "Find Next" to go to your desired location.
Alternatively, you may have a "Find" option as a magnifying glass icon
in the top left of your browser. Copy your text, then select the tab next
to the icon, then "Find on this page" and paste it into the window and
click "Next". Simple enough, really.


Thanks to this game having a linear story path, everything written is
presented in chronological order. However, whenever the story switches 
into an in-game battle, it is denoted by the phrase "They fight." 
This is followed up with a brief paragraph of who overpowers who and 
defeats them. Any specific descriptions of a brawl (ie "Scorpion 
grabs Sub-Zero") should be considered part of a cutscene rather than 
an in-game fight.

Being from the UK, I check my spelling from the Oxford Dictionary, so
any spellings you see here which may seem incorrect are most likely
consistent with English rather than American (ie "colour" instead of
"color".) Of course, if I have spelled something wrong here in English,
feel free to e-mail me to point it out. But don't bother if I've
spelt a word that normally begins with "c" with a "k", for obvious
reasons. :)

For those who've played the game with subtitles on, you may notice some
differences in this script compared with the subtitles you read in-game,
which outside of the UK / US spelling differences mostly occurs in
dealing with punctuation. This was deliberate in my part, in order to 
more accurately convey what is being spoken and shown. This is strictly
my opinion, which you are welcome to agree or disagree with. If you really
wanna talk with me about it, shoot me an e-mail.

When speaking, characters are denoted by their names given in-game either
by the chapter they star in or by the announcer, (ie Sonya, not Sonya 
Blade.) In description, their name may switch. For easy reference, here 
is a brief (but not exclusive) list of character's real names and / or 
aliases (nicknames not included for the sake of my sanity).

Scorpion - Hanzo Hasashi
Sub-Zero (The Elder) - Bi-Han
Sub-Zero (The Younger) - Kuai Liang
Johnny Cage - John Carlton
Smoke - Tomas Vrbada
Jax - Jackson Briggs
Raiden - Haokah (The spirit of thunder and lightning in Lakota mythology)


Across a black screen, the following words are displayed.


As those words fade out, the camera fades in to the Edenian Wasteland. 
More words appear on the screen.

They fade out. Vultures are flying overhead the rocky landscape as the 
title screen appears.


As the title fades away, a vulture pops up in front of the camera, it's 
beak bloodied from feasting on an unseen carcass. The camera pans around 
the wasteland. Kung Lao's dead body is shown crushed underneath a 
skeletal hand presumably summoned by Shinnok (or more specifcally, his 
clone). Kitana's bloodied hand lies next to him.

Scorpion's kunai is buried point deep in the ground - he himself has been 
impaled upon Sub-Zero's ice blade. Behind him, Hotaru's body is slack in 
a seated position, and many other kombatants lie dead, one with a sword 
impaled in them, another (Li Mei) upright and impaled on a naginata. 

Baraka is propped up against a rock in two pieces; Kung Lao's hat has split 
him in half across his face and chest. In the background, one of his arms 
(or more specifically, the blade in it) is impaled in the back of Sub-Zero. 

Johnny Cage's glasses have broken and fallen from his face, and Cage's head
is missing from the rest of his body. The vulture is shown again, feasting 
on the intestines of Sonya Blade, who has been sliced in two across her 
abdomen. Another vulture flies in and pushes the first off the carcass. 

The first vulture flies off and the camera pans to follow it's flight across
towards the Armageddon pyramid. Reptile, a bloodied skeleton and an 
unidentified ninja lie dead before it, as well as an impaled Jax in the
background, and the camera pans up the pyramid to follow more bodies. 

Bo Rai Cho and Cyrax, Nightwolf and Sheeva (with one of Nightwolf's 
arrows in her side), Kabal (with a vulture feeding on his corpse), Sektor, 
Kenshi and Mileena. As the camera moves up to Quan Chi's dead body, the 
sounds of a struggle can be heard. These sounds continue as the camera 
pans up to the bodies of the zombified Liu Kang and Shang Tsung, reaching 
the top of the pyramid.

The fire that was once Blaze still burns across the pyramid top. The 
camera cuts to Raiden falling on the floor, his hat falling off his head as 
he does so. His red eyes struggle to focus and he tries to sit up to face his
tormentor, Shao Kahn.

SHAO KAHN: Where are the Elder Gods, Raiden?

Kahn laughs as he stalks toward his long time enemy and picks him up.

SHAO KAHN: Their pathetic Mortal Kombat shackles me no longer.

He methodically pounds Raiden across the face several times and throws him 
across the pyramid top. In mid-flight, an amulet on Raiden's chest falls off 
and shatters into several pieces. Raiden crashes onto the floor a moment 
later. Kahn draws his hammer, which pulses with magical energy.

SHAO KAHN: They masquerade as dragons, but are mere toothless worms.

As Raiden rolls over, Kahn slams his boot into Raiden's chest.

SHAO KAHN: My venom spreads. It is the end of all things.

His hammer now glows with a flaming essence. Kahn himself glows the same 
essence, and it is clear he has absorbed the godlike power of Blaze.

SHAO KAHN: Armageddon.


SHAO KAHN: It is done.

Kahn picks Raiden up once more.

SHAO KAHN: Your time has passed.

He throws Raiden aside again. Raiden once more struggles to pull himself up.

SHAO KAHN: Ages wasted in foolish resistance.

Raiden spots the broken amulet.

SHAO KAHN: Now is the dawn of my rule.

Raiden scoops up most of what remains of the amulet in his hand. He begins 
an ancient chant as Kahn walks to his side, laughing. The amulet glows 
with Raiden's signature blue lightning as the chant continues.

SHAO KAHN: Yes. Pray to the worms, Raiden. As your world ends...

As Kahn raises his hammer to smash Raiden into the ground, Raiden finishes 
the prayer with the following words.

RAIDEN: He must win!

Raiden's eyes suddenly flash from red to blue and lightning sparkles from 
them. Just as Kahn's hammer smashes into his skull, a blue portal of 
lightning appears before the screen. Images of Raiden's past flash into 

Raiden fighting Taven. 
Raiden speaking with the alliance of Quan Chi, Shao Kahn, Onaga and Shang 
Tsung made just before Armageddon.
Raiden reanimating Liu Kang's body. 
Raiden fighting with the Deadly Alliance against Onaga. 
Raiden fighting the Deadly Alliance. 
Raiden telling Earthrealm's warriors (Jax, Kung Lao, Frost, Johnny Cage, 
Sub-Zero and Sonya Blade) of the Deadly Alliance. 
Sub-Zero bowing before Raiden. 
Jax and Sonya opening a portal to Outworld with Raiden watching. 
Raiden holding Liu Kang's body. 
Raiden forcing up a lightning shield against energy blasts from Shinnok. 
Liu Kang in a fighting stance before a beaten Shao Kahn in front of an 
Outworld portal. 
Tarkatan warriors and gigantic monsters laying waste to a pile-up of cars
in Earthrealm (and the people in them). 
Motaro impaling Johnny Cage on a spear. 
Raiden and Nightwolf standing before a black portal in the middle of a 
Raiden watching Jax receiving his cybernetic implants. 
Liu Kang punching a hole through Shao Kahn's chest. 
Kano in shackles. 
Baraka commanding Tarkatan forces to attack the Wu Shi Academy. 
Liu Kang in a fighting stance before a beaten Shang Tsung. 
Kung Lao discarding a disguise and running toward Baraka. 
Reptile lunging toward Johnny Cage.

The portal then pans out into the eyes of Raiden. He gasps and clutches his 
head. It's apparent that this is the Raiden of the past - of the time of 
first Mortal Kombat tournament, to be precise. Liu Kang walks up to him.

LIU KANG: Lord Raiden! What is wrong?

RAIDEN: Strange visions...

A crackling of magic eminates from Raiden's amulet. He holds it in his hand. 
It has cracked in several places.

LIU KANG: Your amulet!

RAIDEN: It is nothing, Liu Kang. The tournament begins.

They both turn to witness a procession of monks walking towards them. It 
becomes apparent they are on Shang Tsung's magical island. Johnny Cage 
watches alongside Sonya Blade to the left of them. Sub-Zero (Bi-Han, the 
older brother) is slightly behind them with Cyrax and Sektor (both currently 
human) flanking him.

The camera cuts to behind the grandmasters throne. The elderly Shang-Tsung 
walks out, flanked by Kitana and Jade. Baraka enters as well to the left of 
them. Nightwolf (on Raiden's left) watches cautiously, while Quan Chi and 
Scorpion (to the left of Johnny Cage and Sonya) watch them impassively. The 
monks finish their walk and sit down before Shang Tsung.

SHANG TSUNG: Kombatants. I am Shang Tsung! In the coming days each of you 
will fight. Some are here of their own volition, others were brought here by 

As Tsung continues talking, Johnny Cage looks to his right at Sonya.

JOHNNY CAGE: Hey, beautiful. Johnny Cage.

SONYA: Good for you.

JOHNNY CAGE: What? "Massive Strike", "Citizen Cage", "Ninja Mime"? None of 
those ring a bell?

Sonya looks over to see another kombatant walking out into the arena.

SONYA: Kano...

JOHNNY CAGE: "Kano"? Wasn't in that one...

SHANG TSUNG: You participate in the most important Mortal Kombat in history! 
This tournament, the tenth after nine Outworld victories, will determine 
Earthrealm's fate. If you defeat all of your opponents, you will face one 
final challenge... me.

JOHNNY CAGE: Huh! That old geezer's the final challenge? They might as well 
give me the belt right now. They do have belts, right?

Someone coughs behind Cage. He turns round to see Shang Tsung standing 
beside him.

JOHNNY CAGE: What? How did you--

SHANG TSUNG: Appearances can be deceiving.

He levitates back toward his throne.


SHANG TSUNG: Our first kombatant will be Mr. Cage!

Johnny laughs defiantly and strides forward.

JOHNNY CAGE: That's right! That's right! Who's it gonna be?


Cage looks toward a rooftop of the arena. Reptile materialises on the rooftop
(having been observing while invisible) and jumps to the arena floor to the 
monks applause.

JOHNNY CAGE: Nice stunt! Who's your agent?


JOHNNY CAGE: All right, it's showtime!

They fight. Cage gets his chance to show off his considerable martial skills 
against the Zaterrean assassin. After a fierce exchange, Cage shows he can 
back up his trash talking by managing to defeat Reptile.

JOHNNY CAGE: He got Caged! That's it, ha haa! Oh yeah! I'm so pretty!

Liu Kang and Raiden watch Johnny's gloating with equal amounts of disgust. 
Cage then stalks up to several of the observing kombatants.

JOHNNY CAGE: And I'm takin' you down, I'm takin' you down, I'm takin' you 
out, I'm takin' you out, and I'm taking you out...

He's now in front of Sonya.

JOHNNY CAGE: ...for dinner!

Johnny snickers as Sonya reacts with disdain.

SHANG TSUNG: Your second challenge, Mr. Cage. Baraka!

The Tarkatan warrior roars out loud and jumps to the arena floor to the 
monks applause.

JOHNNY CAGE: Hmmm, ok... Nice makeup, but is it really necessary?

Baraka unsheathes his arm-blades.


BARAKA: They will taste your flesh!

They fight. Even though he's just fought an intense battle with Reptile, 
Cage shows he still has the stamina to take on Baraka. After another hard 
fought exchange, Cage manages to emerge victorious and still has the energy 
to keep talking.

JOHNNY CAGE: Man, I love those blades! My producer has got to meet you! We're
doing "Tommy Scissorfists", and--

SHANG TSUNG: Congratulations, Mr. Cage. Now, FINISH HIM!

JOHNNY CAGE: Finish him? Yeah, right!

SHANG TSUNG: Kill him!

Johnny looks to the crowd. Sub-Zero and Cyrax look on in anticipation, as do 
Quan Chi and Scorpion. Cage begins to realise the gravity of his situation.

JOHNNY CAGE: Woah! Woah, woah, wait a second! I'm not gonna kill anyone!

Liu Kang throws a confused look at Raiden, who takes in the scene impassively.

SHANG TSUNG: Very well.

He stands up from his chair.

SHANG TSUNG: The tournament will resume at dawn!

He turns around and departs. The monks all rise and start to do the same.

JOHNNY CAGE: What, that's it? Really?

No one answers him. Johnny turns around and rubs his hands in anticipation.

JOHNNY CAGE: Now where'd that hottie go?

As he leaves, Johnny finds Raiden and Liu Kang walking up to him.

RAIDEN: You fought well.

JOHNNY CAGE: Thanks. Nice hat.

LIU KANG: You should be more respectful of Lord Raiden. He is the protector 
of Earthrealm, the God of Thunder, the--

JOHNNY CAGE: Look, I don't know what kind of role-playing you guys are into, 
but count me out.

He turns to leave but Kang steps in his path.

LIU KANG: This tournament is more than a chance for personal glory. We are 
fighting for the very survival of Earthrealm.

JOHNNY CAGE: What are you talking about?

RAIDEN: Your last opponent was Tarkatan. He was born with those blades.

JOHNNY CAGE: (Sarcastically) Yeah, those things are real.

Two guards pick up Baraka's unconscious form and carry him off.

RAIDEN: He represents Outworld. Had you lost, the emperor Shao Kahn would 
have come one step closer to physically absorbing our world into his.

JOHNNY CAGE: Outworld, yeah right, right...

RAIDEN: The Elder Gods created the Mortal Kombat tournament to give 
Earthrealm a chance to defend itself. But if we lose this time, Shao Kahn 
will conquer all.

JOHNNY CAGE: Dun Dun Dunnn!

He dramatically throws his arms up in the air.

JOHNNY CAGE: Look guys, I'm an actor. I save the world for the cameras. If 
this emperor is really a threat, call the military. Me, I've got a date with 
a blonde. Ciao!

He slaps Raiden on the arm and leaves.

LIU KANG: What do you see in him?

RAIDEN: He is a hero, Liu Kang, though he may not yet know it.

On a bridge overbearing a deep pit, Sonya Blade is trying to use her radio to
talk to the Special Forces Command.

COMMAND: Triangulating your signal for evac, but...

The radio becomes briefly distorted.

COMMAND: ...there is no island.

SONYA: I'm standing on it! Just lock onto my wrist comm!

Johnny walks onto the bridge and smiles.

COMMAND: Understood. What is your current status?

SONYA: They have Jax. And if I don't fight in this crazy tournament, they'll 
kill him. I'm gonna try to--

JOHNNY CAGE: Need help? I specialise in rescuing damsels in distress.

SONYA: You again. Listen, I've got serious problems here. I'm in no mood to 
be hit on by some movie star.

JOHNNY CAGE: C'mon. A girl like you shouldn't be wandering around this freak 
show alone.

Sonya sighs and tries to walk off. Johnny grabs her by the arm.

JOHNNY CAGE: Look, baby, I can't let you run loose without an escort.

Sonya punches him in the stomach, then across the face, knocking him down. 
She assumes a fighting stance.

SONYA: I don't need an escort, and I'm sure as hell not your baby!

They fight. Although reluctant to do so, Johnny Cage shows that he's not 
afraid of fighting a woman if he has to. After a brief scuffle, Cage manages 
to get the upper hand and he knocks Sonya to the ground.

JOHNNY CAGE: Ha haaa! Not bad for a... girl...

Johnny seems to regret getting caught up in the moment and extends his hand 
to her.

JOHNNY CAGE: Look, sorry about that.

Sonya slaps his hand away.

SONYA: I don't need your help.

JOHNNY CAGE: Fine. Have it your way. I'll just leave you to your... problems.

Cage fails to notice the burly Australian sneaking up behind him.

KANO: Good idea!

Kano grabs Cage from behind and throws him off the bridge.

KANO: Now that he's softened you up, it's my turn!

The camera begins to pan down the bridge.

SONYA: Not man enough for a fair fight?

KANO: I don't do "fair".

Off camera, Kano blasts her with his eye beam. 

KANO: No need to get up, love.

The camera pans furthur down the bridge to see Johnny has grabbed one of the
protruding spikes to save himself from impalement. Sonya's screams echo 
above him as he looks down at the victims that fell before him.

KANO: So tell me...how are things at Command?

SONYA: Bastard!

Sonya continues to scream as Kano blasts her again and again. Cage attempts 
to climb up the rock surface, but cannot get a good grip without slipping.

KANO: Guillible bitch. Just had to point you in the wrong direction. 
Couldn'ta done it without ya!

SONYA: S.F. is on the way. You won't get far.

KANO: Oh, I got a knack for survival. You, on the other hand, are gonna die 

Cage suddenly somersaults back onto the bridge.

JOHNNY CAGE: Step away from the lady!

He stalks toward Kano, dusting himself off.

JOHNNY CAGE: Fans think my moves are all wire work and special effects. 
Truth is... I AM the special effects.

They fight. While Johnny has his work cut out for him fighting a brutal thug
like Kano, he manages to keep the fight at a level pace and, using a few 
tricks up his sleeve, leaves Kano on the floor unconscious.

JOHNNY CAGE: Throw that on your... barby... Shrimp...

He walks toward Sonya.

SONYA: Thanks.

JOHNNY CAGE: No problem. Who is that guy anyway?

He offers her his hand, but remembering what happened last time, he draws it
back. Sonya then extends her hand to him, allowing him to help her to his 

SONYA: His name's Kano. He was an informant in our Black Dragon investigation.
Big-time arms dealers. Turns out he was their leader and giving us the 
runaround. Lot of our guys got killed because of him.

JOHNNY CAGE: So that's not a costume? You're actual military?

SONYA: Special Forces.

JOHNNY CAGE: Get out! So you know about this "threat to the world" stuff, 
right? Raiden called in the cavalry.

SONYA: Raiden? No idea who you're talking about.

As they turn around, they see no sign of Kano.

SONYA: Damn.

JOHNNY CAGE: He can't be far.

SONYA: He'll have to wait.

She holds out her hand.

SONYA: I appreciate your help, Cage.

Johnny shakes it.


SONYA: But right now I've got things to take care of. My C.O. is locked up 
on this island somewhere. I have to find him.

She walks off. Cage looks at her with admiration.


Sonya has found her way into an underground location on the island. She 
creeps around cautiously.

SONYA: Jax! Jax, are you in here?

She has walked into what appears to be a prison or a lair. Rotting bodies 
stripped off their flesh hang off rusty meathooks. One of the the iron 
barred cells Sonya comes across contains Jackson Briggs. He looks like he's 
been severely beaten during his incarceration.

SONYA: Oh my God. What did they do to you?

JAX: Run, girl, run...

Behind her, Shang Tsung walks into the prison with two masked guards flanking

SHANG TSUNG: Miss Blade! You do not disappoint. I have been expecting you.

SONYA: Let him go! We're not part of your tournament!

SHANG TSUNG: On the contrary, you are very much a kontestant. You will face 
Sub-Zero, of the Lin Kuei clan of assassins.

Ice begins to materialise in the prison, taking the form of a man. The ice 
shatters to present Sub-Zero. He assumes a fighting stance and Sonya walks 
toward him.

SUB-ZERO: Now you will feel death's cold embrace.

They fight. Even against his powers of ice, Sonya manages to fend off the 
merciless assassin and beat him unconscious. She then addresses Shang Tsung.

SONYA: Done! We're leaving!

Raiden appears in a flash of lightning as Shang Tsung moves forward.

SONYA: Stand in my way and I'll kick your a--

SHANG TSUNG: A challenge?

Raiden suddenly gasps. In his mind he flashes back to a picture of Liu Kang 
defeating Shang Tsung with a flying kick. He promptly gets between the two 
of them.

RAIDEN: No. You will not be the one to challenge Shang Tsung.

Sonya misinterprets this as Raiden trying to protect the sorcerer.

SONYA: You want some too? Fine by me!

They fight. Showing her tenacity and taking advantage of Raiden's reluctance 
to fight, Sonya aggressively takes it to the God of Thunder and knocks him

SONYA: Enough of this!

She grabs Raiden by the shirt and prepares to punch him again.

RAIDEN: Shield your eyes.

SONYA: What?

RAIDEN: Shield your eyes.

His eyes start crackling with electricity. A blinding flash envelopes the 
surrounding area. Sonya manages to get one arm in front of her face. Shang 
Tsung and the guards aren't so lucky. With them blinded, Sonya destroys the 
bars on Jax's cell with her wave energy blast. She supports Jax as best as 
she can.

SONYA: Jax, come on! We're outta here!

JAX: 'Bout time...

As Raiden picks himself up, the masked guards take off after Sonya and Jax. 
Shang Tsung looks over at Raiden.

SHANG TSUNG: You aided their escape.

RAIDEN: You allowed them to escape.

SHANG TSUNG: They will not get far.

Tsung walks off. The scene cuts to a forest. Sonya is struggling to keep Jax 

SONYA: Come on Jax! Move it! That's an order!

JAX: Oh... so you're in charge now?

She speaks into her wrist communicator.

SONYA: Special Forces Command, this is Sonya Blade! Where's that evac?

COMMAND: Blade, they are en-route... coming to you shortly...

SONYA: Affirmative! Almost home, soldier.

The two women seen at Shang Tsung's side the day previous approach them from
the forest.

KITANA: By order of Shang Tsung, no one leaves this island.

SONYA: I don't have time for this. Outta my way!

They fight. Even though Sonya has the numbers stacked against her, she 
manages to defeat both Kitana and Jade and leave them on the floor 

SONYA: Sure don't need anymore surprises like them.

She walks over to Jax.

SONYA: How are you holding up?

JAX: I'm fine.

SONYA: Liar. After I get you to base, I'm coming back. Kano's still here 

JAX: Your obsession with him is gonna get you killed.

SONYA: I trusted him.

JAX: Yeah, we all did.

SONYA: But I was the one he used.

She looks up at the sound of a helicopter.

SONYA: I think our ride's here.

She begins waving to the approaching copter. As she does so, a gigantic 
fireball shoots up from nowhere and blasts it into pieces. Sonya can only 
watch as the chopper crashes in the distance in flames.


She turns to see a laughing Shang Tsung alongside Kano. Tsung's hand is 
still glowing with fire.

SONYA: Damn you!

SHANG TSUNG: You have a challenger - Kano.

Angrily, Sonya assumes her fighting stance. 

KANO: Pretty Boy ain't gonna save ya this time.

They fight. With plently of anger in her this time, Sonya shows that she 
doesn't need saving and beats Kano to the floor.

SONYA: You're comin' with me.

As she moves in to arrest Kano, Tsung stops her by blasting a fireball into 
her path.

SHANG TSUNG: Kano is not your prisoner.

SONYA: At least help Jax. He needs a medic!

The sorcerer only laughs at her as he walks off, followed by Kano, Kitana 
and Jade.

SONYA: Bastard.

JOHNNY CAGE: There she is!

Sonya turns around to see Cage walking toward her, followed by Raiden and 
Liu Kang.

JOHNNY CAGE: Sonya! You all right? Hey, looks like you found 'im.

He throws a salute at Jax.

JOHNNY CAGE: S'up, Sarge?

SONYA: He's a ma--

She stops as she looks at Raiden walking toward her commanding officer.

SONYA: Hey, what are you doing?

Raiden charges up lightning in his palms.

JOHNNY CAGE: It's ok. He's cool.

As the electricity nears Jax, he starts to glow with blue energy. Sonya 
attempts to intervene but Johnny grabs her arm.

JAX: What the?


JOHNNY CAGE: Seriously. He's cool.

The process takes a few moments, and after Raiden has finished, Jax has been 
completely healed of his injuries. He examines his arms and seems quite 
astounded at the difference.

JAX: That's amazing!

JOHNNY CAGE: Told ya! Turns out he's a god!

As Jax rises to his feet, Sonya is also quite astounded as Raiden approaches 

SONYA: Thank you... Raiden.

RAIDEN: Gratitude is unnecessary. I have foreseen events, like memories of 
my future. They lead me to believe that you are all connected to Earthrealm's

LIU KANG: What have you foreseen?

RAIDEN: In my visions, Shao Kahn becomes invincible. He destroys all life in 
Earthrealm. We will all die. I believe these flashes are a guide to defeating
Shao Kahn. But disrupting the flow of time can have serious consequences.

JOHNNY CAGE: I'm not worried. I bet you could win this thing no problem.

RAIDEN: Unless directly challenged, I cannot participate.

JOHNNY CAGE: What should we do besides standing around looking pretty?

RAIDEN: For now, the tournament must run its course.

SONYA: All right then. We're with you, Raiden.


Back at the island's arena, Shang Tsung, his bodyguards and the monks have 
taken their places once again. Notably, Quan Chi now stands by the 
Grandmaster's throne. The kombatants present at the last fight are back 
again, waiting for the next match. One masked guard catches the eye of 
Raiden. He gasps and receives another vision; this one reveals Kung Lao 
running at Baraka. Raiden realises the true identity of the guard at once 
and leaves his place.

SHANG TSUNG: Kombatants! The next match will now begin!

In a burst of hellfire, Scorpion teleports onto the arena floor. Johnny Cage 
gasps in awe, and even Liu Kang looks impressed.

SHANG TSUNG: Scorpion! Specter of the Netherrealm! Resurrected by the 
sorcerer Quan Chi! Who among you is worthy of this challenge?

SCORPION: Where is the Lin Kuei Sub-Zero? He killed my family and clan. I 
will have his head!

Raiden approaches the masked guard.

RAIDEN: I know it is you, Kung Lao. The Shaolin monks chose Liu Kang to 
represent your order in this tournament.

KUNG LAO: I am Liu Kang's equal!

RAIDEN: That remains to be seen.

KUNG LAO: Watch and see.

He promptly walks onto the arena floor, discarding his disguise as he does 

KUNG LAO: I accept the challenge!

LIU KANG: Kung Lao?

Shang Tsung looks quite disturbed at this new turn of events. Kung Lao faces 

KUNG LAO: Nevermind the Lin Kuei. Now you face a Shaolin.

He accentuates his point by running two fingers across his razor-sharp hat 
and assuming a fighting stance.

SCORPION: You will regret your impulsiveness.

They fight. Although an expert fighter in the Shaolin arts, the powers of 
the Netherrealm prove too much to cope with for Kung Lao. Scorpion soon beats
him into an unconscious form on the ground.

SCORPION: You are not yet a warrior.

LIU KANG: Kung Lao!

Liu Kang rushes to the aid of his Shaolin brother. Raiden walks over and 
begins to admonish Kung Lao.

RAIDEN: Listen when your elders speak! You could not win this fight.

He assists Liu Kang in helping Kung Lao to his feet. Scorpion watches the 
exchange without emotion, then turns to face Shang Tsung.

SCORPION: I have defeated the challenger, Shang Tsung. I demand Sub-Zero!

Raiden gets another vision at that moment; first of Scorpion holding 
Sub-Zero's removed head along with his spinal cord, then the head morphs 
into the visage of the wraith Noob Saibot.

SHANG TSUNG: You will demand nothing! Nightwolf!

The native American walks over to Scorpion and addresses him.

NIGHTWOLF: Your aggression is misplaced.

SCORPION: What do you know of my pa--

NIGHTWOLF: You are not the only one whose people have been victimised. But I 
have found new purpose in serving the Spirits. I do not cling to the past.

SCORPION: You no longer seek retribution? You dishonour your kind. I will 
honour the memory of my fallen.

They fight. Nightwolf's powers prove more of a match for Scorpion that Kung 
Lao did, but even he cannot withstand the fury of the vengeful ninja. 
Scorpion once again emerges victorious and leaves Nightwolf unconscious on 
the ground.

SCORPION: The spirits have forsaken you, Shaman.

SHANG TSUNG: An impressive start!

Scorpion clenches a fist at Shang Tsung that bursts into flame.

SCORPION: You waste my time, sorcerer!

Quan Chi holds up his hand.

QUAN CHI: Restraint, Scorpion.

Although not pleased about it, Scorpion acknowledges the order and his hand 
returns to normal.

SHANG TSUNG: You will fight Sub-Zero soon enough.

He stands up and takes his leave, with Quan Chi following. As Scorpion lowers 
his head and ponders recent events, Raiden attracts his attention.

RAIDEN: Scorpion, I understand your desire for revenge. But Nightwolf is 
right. There are other ways in which you may find peace.

SCORPION: Sub-Zero deserves death.

RAIDEN: Defeat Sub-Zero if you must, but do not kill him. I fear his death 
will give rise to a more treacherous foe.

SCORPION: I will have my revenge!

RAIDEN: Spare Sub-Zero's life and I will request that the Elder Gods return 
the Shirai Ryu to the realm of mortals.

Scorpion takes a few moments to contemplate this new turn of events. He 
eventually looks Raiden in the eyes and nods his consent. Raiden nods back 
and walks off with Liu Kang and Kung Lao, leaving the spectre alone.

Some time later, the door to Shang Tsung's throne room is opened and Scorpion
walks in. Several kombatants are milling around discussing things with one 
another. Two of those kombatants are Cyrax and Sektor of the Lin Kuei.

CYRAX: I understand there are benefits to the Grand Master's plan, but his 
plan goes against Lin Kuei principles.

SEKTOR: We are Lin Kuei, Cyrax. We will obey the Grand Master's commands.

CYRAX: It means giving up our free will... our souls. It will turn us into--

Sektor stops him as Scorpion approaches them.

SEKTOR: Scorpion.

CYRAX: Your inferior clan is dead. Soon you will join them.

SCORPION: My clan may walk the Earth once more.

Cyrax pushes him back in response. Shang Tsung immediately spots this.

SHANG TSUNG: A challenge! Scorpion versus Cyrax and Sektor!

CYRAX: Your obesssion with Sub-Zero ends here.

They fight. Both Cyrax and Sektor are formidable warriors with plenty of 
weapons and technology to fight with, but Scorpion's unnatural strength and
powers still give him the edge in kombat. Both members of the Lin Kuei are 
soon knocked unconscious.

SCORPION: I will have my revenge, but I will not kill Sub-Zero.

As Raiden nods his approval, a new voice attracts everyone's attention.

SUB-ZERO: Will not? Or cannot?

Sub-Zero walks into the room.


The two enemies walk up to one another.

SCORPION: The Shirai Ryu are dead. You will suffer as they did.

SUB-ZERO: To hell with your clan!

SCORPION: No, to Hell with YOU!

He grabs Sub-Zero and they both disappear in a flash of hellfire. They 
reappear in a place filled with fire, burning bodies and malicious 

SUB-ZERO: The Netherrealm.

SCORPION: This is where I was reborn. This is where you will pay!

They fight. The battle is truly an epic one, with both kombatants equally 
matched in strength and fighting skill. In the end, Scorpion's fury gets the
better of Sub-Zero and he is beaten into submission.

SCORPION: I have avenged my family and clan.

Quan Chi teleports into the realm.

QUAN CHI: This is your retribution? Scorpion, kill him.

SCORPION: I... I will not. He has been beaten.

QUAN CHI: Have you forgotten?

Quan Chi magically creates a visage of the homeland of the Shirai Ryu.

SCORPION: What is this?

The entire village is in flames. Shirai Ryu clansmen are cut down by a hail 
of arrows.


Another is decapitated by a Lin Kuei assassin. Yet more are run through by 
katanas from horseback riders and by arrows from archer marksmen. Among the 
horseriders is Sub-Zero.

QUAN CHI: Your clan. Your family.

Another vision is magically created by the sorcerer. It shows Scorpion's 
wife and infant son huddled in a corner of their home. The door opens to 
reveal Sub-Zero, katana in hand. He unsheathes it, and unmoved by the wife's 
tears, brings the blade down. All that is seen is a blood splattering the 
walls, along with the petals of a rose worn in his wife's hair. The 
implications are all too obvious.


The vision fades. Sub-Zero, badly wounded as he is, is on his feet and 
holding a hand up in mercy.

SUB-ZERO: That is not me!

Scorpion rips his mask off his head. All that is present is a skull enwrapped
in flames. The scene immediately cuts to black.

Back in the throne room of Shang Tsung, Scorpion reappears. Shang Tsung 
smiles in anticipation. Wordlessly, Scorpion holds up a scorched skull with 
the spinal cord attached.


His head hung in either sorrow or despair, Scorpion lets the skull shatter on
the ground. With a loud scream, he bursts into flame and disappears. As the 
kombatants leave, Raiden looks over the skull alongside Cyrax.

RAIDEN: Despite my efforts, my vision has come to pass. An unfortunate end. 
He once defended Earthrealm from the Netherrealm armies of Shinnok and Quan 

CYRAX: Scorpion will pay for this!

RAIDEN: Sub-Zero's fate is his own doing.

CYRAX: His own doing?!

RAIDEN: The Lin Kuei have a history of making ruinous choices.

Cyrax glares at Raiden and begins to storm off, but Raiden's next words stop 
him short.

RAIDEN: Such as the Cyber Initiative.

Cyrax turns back around to face him.

CYRAX: I am among those speaking out against the Grand Master's plan. 
Surgically transform the Lin Kuei into glorified robots? It kills our 
intuition, our instincts.

RAIDEN: Did you speak out against the Lin Kuei's participation in this 

CYRAX: We were invited by Shang Tsung.

RAIDEN: He pays you to kill Earthrealm warriors. Betraying your own realm? 
I expect better, even from an assassin.

CYRAX: My loyalty is to the Grand Master.

He tries to walk off again, but Raiden stops him once more.

RAIDEN: Victory for Shang Tsung means the end of Earthrealm. And the Lin Kuei.

Cyrax pauses for a moment, but still walks off. Baraka, who has watched the 
whole exchange, snarls ominously and also leaves.


The scene changes to The Pit. Cyrax is walking along it when a growl attracts 
his attention. He turns around to see Baraka alonside with a tall woman with 
four arms.

CYRAX: What are you doing? I'm not here to fight you. I'm assigned to kill 
Johnny Cage.

SHEEVA: Shang Tsung no longer has need of you.

She holds two of her arms up to stop Baraka from intervening.

CYRAX: What do you mean?

SHEEVA: He is terminating your agreement. And you!

They fight. Although unprepared to take on a member of the Shokan race, Cyrax
and his weapons prove to be up to the challenge. After a heated fight, he 
manages to defeat Sheeva.

CYRAX: I need to have a talk with your master.

Baraka roars and charges forward, blades unsheathed.

BARAKA: This fight is not over.

CYRAX: You mean to finish me? You couldn't even stop the actor!

They fight. Baraka's fury, as ferocious as his blades, is still not enough to
defeat Cyrax's tricks and skill. The Tarkatan nomad is soon lying on the 
floor next to Sheeva.

CYRAX: Now this fight is over. Shang Tsung has turned on me. I need to find 
out why.

Back in the arena, Shang Tsung is talking with Sektor. Cyrax looks over to 
Raiden, who greets him with a nod. Cyrax then walks over to Sektor and Tsung.

CYRAX: Sektor, we need to talk. Our host tried to have me killed.

SHANG TSUNG: You were speaking with the Thunder God. Your indescretion has 
jepordised my plan.

SEKTOR: Cyrax is Lin Kuei. He will complete his task.

SHANG TSUNG: We shall see. The next match will be Cyrax versus Johnny Cage.

JOHNNY CAGE: What, me? All right then.

Johnny steps up to the arena floor.

JOHNNY CAGE: Not everyone gets to rumble with a celebrity. Ready for your 
beatdown, Sunshine? Here it comes!

They fight. The battle is an intense display of martial arts and dirty 
tricks, but in the end Cyrax manages to emerge victorious.

CYRAX: That should shut you up.

Cyrax stalks over to Cage and lifts him up by the neck, preparing to land a 
final blow.

SHANG TSUNG: Finish him!

Cyrax looks over to Tsung, then to Raiden, who shakes his head. He makes his

CYRAX: I won't kill him!

He lets Cage down and walks off. Shang Tsung glowers in fury, but Raiden nods
his approval. Sektor watches his comrade leave with disdain on his face. The 
scene cuts to the two of them talking in the jungle.

SEKTOR: You were commanded to kill Johnny Cage. You disobeyed.

CYRAX: I eliminated him from the tournament. He didn't need to die.

SEKTOR: You have broken your oath.

CYRAX: I used my judgment!

SEKTOR: The Cyber Initiative will eliminate insubordination.

CYRAX: We're not machines, Sektor. I chose to serve the Lin Kuei. But I will 
not surrender my free will!

They fight. The fight between the two technologically advanced assassins is 
brutal and deadly, but in the end it is Cyrax who defeats Sektor.

CYRAX: Tell the Grand Master I am finished.

SEKTOR: No one leaves the Lin Kuei--

Cyrax responds by kicking Sektor in the face, knocking him unconscious. He 
then walks off.


Back in Shang Tsung's throne room, several masked guards are escorting a new 
warrior, covered in a mask of cloth and red clothing.

SHANG TSUNG: Kombatants! I present this latest creation of Shao Kahn. He is 
many warriors, their souls fused into one being. Behold... Ermac!

Ermac assumes a fighting kata. He glows with green energy, makes a magic 
light crackle before him and the air around him into ripples. Johnny Cage is
once again impressed. Kano snickers under his breath.

RAIDEN: Be wary, Liu Kang. He is unlike anything you have fought before.

Liu Kang steps up to face Ermac.

SHANG TSUNG: Liu Kang! You are the sole Earthrealm warrior to progress to 
this final stage of the tournament!

LIU KANG: I am ready.

ERMAC: We are many. You are one. We will destroy you.

They fight. Ermac's telekenetic powers and control over magic would be an 
even match for several kombatants, but Liu Kang is no oridinary warrior. 
After an intense battle, his fighting skill overcomes the mystical warrior.

LIU KANG: Earthrealm will not fall into your master's hands.

With the fight over, the kombatants take their leave. Kitana walks over to 
Shang Tsung, who is seething with rage.

KITANA: He is a greater threat than anticipated. I will insure he does not
reach the final challenge.

Shang Tsung nods his approval and Kitana departs after Kang. Later in the 
forest, Liu Kang is practicing a kata with Raiden watching.

RAIDEN: Remember Bo' Rai Cho's teachings. For my vision to be realised, you 
must not let emotion overpower you.

LIU KANG: Your visions. What causes them?

RAIDEN: My future self sent them to me. Perhaps to ensure some outcome.

LIU KANG: Or to prevent one.

Raiden gasps again. Another vision appears in his mind, this time of future 

FUTURE RAIDEN: He must win!

The vision disappears.

RAIDEN: "He must win". Those are my last words before I die. I believe it is 
you who must win.

He takes off his amulet.

RAIDEN: This amulet was forged by the Elder Gods. It cracked here in the 
present after my first vision. If we choose wisely, the future will be 
secured and the cracks healed.

LIU KANG: I trust you will make the right decisions.

RAIDEN: We must trust in the Elder Gods, Liu Kang.

Raiden teleports away in a flash of lightning. Liu Kang prepares to resume 
his kata, only to find Kitana walking toward him. She attacks immediately, 
but he blocks all of her attacks and kicks her away. She tries again, fails 
to land a good hit and he kicks her away again. Getting angry, Kitana tries 
another attack, but Liu Kang grabs both her arms before she can connect. He 
seems rather intrigued by her efforts.

LIU KANG: You're good! Show me more.

She pushes him back.

KITANA: Do not underestimate me, Shaolin.

They fight. Even with ten thousand years of experience behind her, Kitana is
pretty much outclassed by the Shaolin warrior. She is soon down on the floor.

LIU KANG: I am impressed.

KITANA: Do it.

LIU KANG: Do what?

KITANA: Kill me.

Kitana is now sitting up. Liu Kang kneels next to her.

LIU KANG: Why would I do that?

KITANA: I came to kill you. I have failed my father. My emperor.

LIU KANG: Shao Kahn is your father?!

KITANA: I have disgraced him. You must kill me.

LIU KANG: I will not.

She looks up at him in confusion.

LIU KANG: This encounter never took place. You have disgraced no one.

He stands up and begins to walk away, but turns around one last time.

LIU KANG: I hope we meet again. Under... different circumstances.

He walks off, leaving Kitana to ponder what took place.

The scene cuts to the courtyard exterior. It is now night, and Liu Kang 
walks in, flanked by Kung Lao and Raiden. Earthrealm's remaining warriors, 
along with Shang Tsung and Kitana, are all waiting in anticipation.

SHANG TSUNG: Kombatants! Only one Earthrealm warrior remains.

Raiden nods and Kung Lao places his hand on Kang's shoulder. They nod to one

SHANG TSUNG: The Shaolin Liu Kang. Is he ready to bear such a heavy burden? 
Earthrealm's fate is in his hands. Your opponent will be... Scorpion!

The hellspawn ninja appears in a flash of fire. Liu Kang assumes a fighting 

LIU KANG: I do not fear you, demon.

SHANG TSUNG: Fighting with Scorpion... the sorcerer Quan Chi!

Quan Chi teleports through a portal, laughing as he does so.

SCORPION: You have already lost.

They fight. The odds are truly stacked against Liu Kang, but he rises to the
occassion and surpasses both Netherrealm denziens with his strength, speed 
and fighting prowess. After a intense battle of endurance, Kang prevails.

LIU KANG: As I said, I do not fear you. I pity you.

Shang Tsung's eyes narrow with displeasure. Liu Kang walks up to Raiden.

RAIDEN: You have done well. But the tournament is not yet over.


JOHNNY CAGE: (To Sonya) What's a "Goro"?

She shrugs in answer.

SHANG TSUNG: Liu Kang... it has been years since an Earthrealm warrior has 
progressed this far. But the reigning champion is far beyond your ability. 
To the Lair with you!

Tsung opens a portal under Kang's feet. He falls right through it and lands 
hard on the floor of the Lair. It is in fact the prison Sonya fought through,
and notably there is a large throne that has no one in it. Kang rises to his 
feet and looks around, spotting no one until a voice sounds out behind him.

GORO: I did not expect to fight in this tournament.

Kang wheels around. He comes face to face with an eight foot tall, four armed 

GORO: But eventually even the Shaolin produce a warrior worthy of a Shokan.

He stalks forward to face Liu Kang.

LIU KANG: I know who you are! I am ready for you!

GORO: I will give you a warriors death.

They fight. The battle is the most intense of Liu Kang's life. Goro's 
strength is unparalled and his endurance legendary. It takes all of Kang's 
skill, speed and stamina to keep in the fight, but amazingly he manages to 
take it to the Mortal Kombat champion. After what seems like an age, Goro 
finally goes down to the Shaolin warrior.

LIU KANG: It seems the Shaolin trained a warrior greater than a Shokan. 

Sensing Goro is out cold, Liu Kang clasps his hands in a prayer of thanks. A 
portal opens up behind him. He looks to it with grim determination. 

In Shang Tsung's throne room, Raiden and the others await the arrival of the
victor. Shang Tsung sneers unhappily when he sees it is Liu Kang. He steps 
from his throne to the floor as Raiden takes in a deep breath in anticipation.

LIU KANG: Shang Tsung! Only one fight remains! Face me... in Mortal Kombat!

SHANG TSUNG: So be it.

They fight. The evil sorcerer brings all of his dark magic to bear, from his 
fireballs to the ability to morph into any fighter he chooses. But Liu Kang 
fights past all of it, delivering a vicious beatdown to the treacherous 
servant of Shao Kahn. Finally, Kang knocks Tsung to the floor, leaving him 

LIU KANG: Say it.

SHANG TSUNG: I concede.

The Earthrealm warriors all cheer in unison.

KUNG LAO: Well done, my friend.

RAIDEN: He has saved Earthrealm.

A large beam of light, eminating from a portal, descends into the throne 
room. The Earthrealm warriors all surround Liu Kang, offering him 

SONYA: That was awesome, Liu Kang!

NIGHTWOLF: Congratulations.

JAX: Way to go, kid!


Shang Tsung and his minions all take their leave through a portal back to 
Outworld. The last to depart is Kitana, who casts a longing look at Liu 
Kang. He smiles at her as she exits through the portal. Kang then turns to 
face Raiden, who bows his head in congratulations. Liu Kang does the same. As
Kung Lao puts a hand on his shoulder and Kang nods back, Raiden takes another
look at his amulet expectantly... only to find more cracks appear among it. 
He ponders the meaning of this with a look of worry.

Back in Outworld, Shang Tsung is on his knees before Shao Kahn. Baraka, 
Reptile and Kitana stand over the sorcerer expectantly.

SHAO KAHN: You failed me! Five hundred years I have waited! Now I must wait 
five hundred more!

SHANG TSUNG: My lord! All is not lost!

Kahn turns around and begins speaking to himself.

SHAO KAHN: Curse the Elder Gods and their tournament!


SHAO KAHN: I should have taken Earthrealm by force! But I am bound by their 

He sits on his throne.

SHAO KAHN: Rules that cannot be broken.

SHANG TSUNG: My lord--

SHAO KAHN: Kill him!

Baraka and Reptile restrain Tsung as Kitana prepares her bladed fans.

SHANG TSUNG: But what if the rules were changed?

Kahn holds up his hand.

SHAO KAHN: Kitana!

She pauses.

SHAO KAHN: Continue...

At the Wu Shi Academy in Earthrealm, Liu Kang walks through a congregation 
of monks and his new friends from the tournament (minus Nightwolf, who's 
presumably returned to his homeland) towards Raiden. He clasps his hands in 
respect and bows his head. Raiden then presents him with a golden medal with 
a dragon at it's forefront, signifying Kang's new status as Champion of 
Mortal Kombat. He hangs the medal around Kang's neck as the crowd applauds.


Time passes to night. Still at the Wu Shi Academy, Jax is smoking a cigar 
while contemplating recent events with Raiden.

RAIDEN: I do not understand why my amulet is furthur damaged. "He must win". 
If not Liu Kang, then who?

JAX: Ya got me. Not sure anybody coulda done what he did. Made Shang Tsung 
look like a chump.

While they're talking, a much younger looking Shang Tsung walks up to them 
seemingly unnoticed.

RAIDEN: (Not looking at Tsung) Here to congratulate us on our victory, 

Jax turns round and throws away his cigar.

JAX: What? Shang Tsung?!

RAIDEN: You have been revitalised, I see. I didn't realise your master was in
the habit of rewarding failure.

SHANG TSUNG: The emperor has an offer, Raiden. A new tournament.

RAIDEN: Heh. I see no reason to participate in any plan of yours.

SHANG TSUNG: The emperor proposes a single tournament, to replace the current
system of ten. It will be held in Outworld. If Earthrealm does not win, 
Outworld will absorb it. But if Earthrealm wins, Shao Kahn will abandon his 
claim to it forever.

RAIDEN: Give your emperor my regards.

Tsung smiles and generates a large portal across the courtyard. Out of it 
emerge hundreds of Tarkatan warriors. Furiously, Raiden begins fighting with 
Tsung while Jax jumps into the rampaging army. He clotheslines one Tarkatan 
down, headbutts another, punches and knees yet another, throws him down and 
finishes him with a head stomp. A fourth Tarkatan sucker punches him, a fifth
hits him and the fourth then kicks him in the face, sending him sprawling. 
As he lies on the ground, the Tarkatan brings his boot down hard on his face,
knocking him unconscious.

Jax starts hearing Raiden's voice as he comes to, and spots Johnny Cage 
kneeling over him. The Academy has been devastated by the Tarkatans, but Liu 
Kang and Kung Lao as well as Cage are uninjured.

RAIDEN: He gained a momentary advantage during our kombat and escaped. I now 
realise what we must do.

JAX: Uggh... Anybody get the number o' that--? Wait. Where's Sonya?

RAIDEN: Shang Tsung has taken her.

JAX: We've gotta find her!

KUNG LAO: We must follow them!

RAIDEN: Shang Tsung has made it clear that Earthrealm will be under constant 
threat unless I agree to a new tournament. 

Raiden then receives another vision; one of Liu Kang punching a hole through 
Shao Kahn's chest.

JAX: Another vision?

RAIDEN: Yes. I saw Liu Kang win the proposed tournament. I believe we must 
attend. But my earlier vision, of your victory over Shang Tsung, was not the 
solution I sought. Therefore this premonition must show an event I need to 
change. Perhaps "He must win" refers to another.

Liu Kang looks a bit downcast at this.

RAIDEN: Hear me, Elder Gods! I accept the terms proposed by Shao Kahn!

A light from the heavens briefly absorbs Raiden, which is presumably their 
acknowledgement of this.

RAIDEN: We go to Outworld.

In Outworld, Goro brings what appears to be an amulet with a ying-yang symbol
in the center to Shao Kahn. Kahn studies it, then returns it to the Shokan. 
Raiden enters the scene with Jax and Johnny Cage flanking him.

JAX: I assume that's the Big Man himself.

JOHNNY CAGE: The wrestler guy with the cow skull on his head? And why aren't
the Kung Fu Twins here helping us?

RAIDEN: I sent Liu Kang and Kung Lao to free their Shaolin masters. I 
expected Sonya Blade to be here with Shang Tsung.

JAX: She'd better not have a scratch on her.

Jax stalks toward the throne.

RAIDEN: Wait! This is a tournament!

SHANG TSUNG: Ah! the Earthrealm delegation has arrived. And we have a 
volunteer for First Kombat!

JAX: What?

SHAO KAHN: The tournament will begin!

The Tarkatan crowd in attendance roars in approval.

SHANG TSUNG: Jackson Briggs! You will face... Baraka!

The Tarkatans cheer louder as Baraka unsheathes his blades.

JAX: Damn, you ugly.

BARAKA: My blades will find your heart!

They fight. The match is a brutal, bloody affair, but Jax's strength and 
power sees him eventually triumph against the Outworld nomad.

JAX: You shouldn't be runnin' with those.

While Baraka tries to pick himself up, Jax approaches Shang Tsung.

JAX: Where's Sonya?

SHANG TSUNG: Tell me, Major Briggs; Do you and she do anything other than
rescue one another?

Jax growls as the Tarkatans behind him laugh.

SHANG TSUNG: Your next opponent will be--

Reptile appears behind Tsung and starts whispering in his ear.

SHANG TSUNG: What is it?

Reptile continues whispering.

SHANG TSUNG: Excellent. It seems I have a pressing matter to attend to. With
the emperor's permission, we will reconvene later.

Shao Kahn approves with a wave of his hand. As he rises from his throne, Jade
and Kitana look knowingly at one another and walk off.

JAX: What was that all about? I think we should follow 'im.

Raiden receives another vision; this one of Sonya in shackles.

JAX: You ok?

RAIDEN: Sonya Blade... she is to be executed. My powers are compromised here
in Outworld, but I will be able to transport us near enough to her.

They all depart the throne room. The scene cuts away to Shao Kahn's armoury.
Apparently Raiden was unable to teleport them where he wanted to go.

JOHNNY CAGE: Maybe you could try for even nearer next time? Where are we?

RAIDEN: I will inform you the instant I know.

Jax tries fiddling with his wrist-comm.

JAX: Wish this damn tracking device worked in here.

JOHNNY CAGE: This is just like my movie "Time Smashers". We were goin' 
around in ti--

JAX: Give it a rest, will ya? Makin' my ears hurt.

JOHNNY CAGE: So what's the deal with you and Sonya, anyway? She's smokin' 

JAX: It's not like that. I'm her C.O.

JOHNNY CAGE: Honey like that, under my command? Oh I'd be so--

JAX: You'll wanna stop talking now.

JOHNNY CAGE: ...But if it's not like that, then you won't mind if I--

JAX: That's it! Time somebody shut you the hell up!

They fight. Jax shows next to no restraint while beating the crap out of 
Johnny. After a while he has the movie star beaten and on the floor.

JAX: How you like that, Mr. A-List?

RAIDEN: Enough! Jackson Briggs, you will restrain yourself.

JAX: Yeah well, I--

Raiden stops him with a raise of his hand.

RAIDEN: Someone approaches.

JAX: Good. Maybe somebody else needs their ass whooped.

He walks up to the newcomer, Jade.

JAX: You lookin' for somethin'?

JADE: The Armoury is restricted. You will leave now.

JAX: Gonna have to ask nicer than that.

They fight. Jax shows that he's an equal-opportunist when it comes to 
fighting and doesn't hold back on the Edenian woman. Eventually Jade is put
down for the count as well.

JAX: Wrong place, wrong time, lady.

Johnny approaches Jax, rubbing the back of his bruised head.

JOHNNY CAGE: Feel better?

JAX: Uh, listen, Cage, I--

JOHNNY CAGE: Don't worry about it. Guess we know where we are now, thanks to

RAIDEN: Yes. And where we must go.

JAX: Let's do it.

They take off, leaving Johnny alone.


JAX: C'mon, Cage.

The scene then cuts to several octagon dice with unknown symbols rolling on 
the floor. Several guards of an unidentified Outworld species are playing a 
game in the Dead Pool area. Sonya is tied up nearby and being guarded by 

SONYA: What is it with you Shokan and underground cesspools?

SHEEVA: If you had not dishonoured yourself by attempting escape, we would 
not be here in this sewer.

Jax, Raiden and Cage show up at the other end of the pool.


Everyone turns around and notices them.

SHEEVA: Guards! Stop them!

JAX: So much for the surprise attack...

The door behind them slams shut. Jax charges forward, ducks some swipes from
a guard with a two edged mace, grabs the weapon and clobbers him with it. 
The guard falls into the pool and is dissolved into nothing but blood within
seconds. Jax throws down the mace and leaps over the remaining guards. Cage 
and Raiden charge from behind and engage them while Jax faces down Sheeva.

SHEEVA: She is the emperor's property, human.

JAX: She's nobody's property.

They fight. Like all Shokan, Sheeva is powerful and possesses magical 
abilities, but Jax is not about to let that stop him. Through sheer brute 
force he manages to overpower Sheeva and leave her unconscious.

JAX: I guess extra arms don't make a difference.

He walks over to Sonya.

SONYA: You sure have a way with women.

JAX: You know me. I'm a class act.

He picks her off the hook she's on and cuts her restraints with a knife.

SONYA: Thanks. What took you so long?

Cage and Raiden walk up to them.

JOHNNY CAGE: He was busy hitting me in the face.
Jax and Sonya exchange smiles at this. Something then perks up on her wrist

SONYA: That's weird. I've got two sets of readings, heavy tech signals, 
both of 'em.

RAIDEN: Technology... Then they cannot be of Outworld. We need to confront 
the source of each signal. We might discover the one whose victory I must 

JOHNNY CAGE: Wait. What about us? What are we? Chopped liver?

Raiden stares at Cage for a moment.


RAIDEN: Perhaps you are right, Johnny Cage. You will stay close to me.


RAIDEN: Close as a shadow, and twice as silent.

JAX: Sonya, you're with me. Keepin' my eye on you. Raiden, looks like you'll
wanna teleport yourself about thirty klicks that way.


The scene fades from Sonya's wrist-comm into a barren wasteland. Two ninjas
- one in grey, the other in blue, stand among many slain warriors.

SMOKE: We should stay together, Tundra. Assuming your brother's identity will
certainly draw attention. Not all of it welcome.

SUB-ZERO: You are right, Smoke. But assuming Bi-Han's identity is the best 
way to honour him.

SMOKE: Let us proceed then, Sub-Zero.

SUB-ZERO: We should separate. Our fellow Lin Kuei will not be far behind once
our absence is discovered.

SMOKE: If only they had been more forthcoming with the details of your 
brother's demise. We will find Shang Tsung. He will tell us all he knows.

SUB-ZERO: If he killed Bi-Han, he will die.

He turns face to his friend.

SUB-ZERO: Be stealthful as the night...

They both place a hand over their hearts.

SMOKE: ...and deadly as the dawn.

Sub-Zero walks off. As Smoke watches him leave, he turns around at the sound
of a new voice.

KITANA: The emperor was wise to send me here. The Lin Kuei do walk uninvitied
in his realm.

SMOKE: Wise though your emperor might be, he was foolish to send his 
housemaid to interfere with Lin Kuei business.

KITANA: I am Kitana, Princess of Outworld! And I deal harshly with 
sharp-tongued intruders!

They fight. Unprepared for Smoke's control over his namesake, Kitana finds
herself at a disadvantage and is overwhelmed by his attacks. The melee ends
with her unconscious.

SMOKE: Where there is Smoke, there is fire.

He checks over Kitana, who is out cold.

SMOKE: Sleep well, princess.

Smoke walks off into the Living Forest, where he spots Kano and Shang Tsung
testing out a pair of RPG launchers.

KANO: With a whole army totin' these, no one in Outworld or Earthrealm could
stand up to you.

He shoots off an RPG into the distance while Tsung examines another launcher.

SHANG TSUNG: Well done. You may tell your fellow Black Dragon that I am very
interested in your merchandise.

As Kano shoots off another RPG, Smoke walks into the clearing.

SMOKE: Shang Tsung!

Both Tsung and Kano look rather bothered at the intrusion.

KANO: I'll take care of him. No charge.

He puts down the rocket launcher and walks toward Smoke.

KANO: One dead Lin Kuei in a tick.

They fight. As brutal a fighter as Kano is, Smoke manages to take advantage 
of his lack of discipline to take the fight to him. He soon leaves the 
leader of the Black Dragon down for the count.

SMOKE: Stay down. I would have words with your associate.

Shang Tsung now walks into Smoke's path.

SMOKE: Tell me what you know of Sub-Zero's death.

Reptile suddenly appears next to Tsung and snarls, ready for combat. Tsung 
stops him from advancing and then morphs into Bi-Han.

SMOKE: What?

When Tsung speaks, his voice is of the elder Sub-Zero.

SHANG TSUNG: Despite his failure at my tournament, I'll wager he was more 
powerful than you, Lin Kuei.

SMOKE: Assuming his form will not give you his skill, shapeshifter.

SHANG TSUNG: Let us see if smoke can freeze.

They fight. Tasked with facing both Reptile and Sub-Zero at once, Smoke ends
up in one of the most difficult fights of his life. Nonetheless, he uses all
of his skill and tricks and manages to defeat both kombatants. The fight 
over, Shang Tsung morphs back into his regular form.

SMOKE: Now answer me! What do you know of Sub-Zero?

Smoke gets punched in the face by an invisible attacker.

SMOKE: What?

SEKTOR: Smoke!

As Smoke looks around, he gets hit in the stomach. He's struck twice more and
staggers back. Smiling at the distraction, Shang Tsung conjures up his magic 
and teleports himself, Reptile and the cache of weapons away (Kano has also 
slipped away in the melee). Meanwhile, Sektor disables his camouflage and 
stands in front of Smoke - but not as a human. He is now completely 
encased in a metal exoskeleton - in other words, he's a cyborg.

SEKTOR: You have disobeyed the directive to remain at the Lin Kuei temple.

SMOKE: Sektor?!

SEKTOR: You will return with us to begin your transformation.

SMOKE: You actually did it... You're a cyborg!

SEKTOR: We are the Lin Kuei. More stealthful than the night... more deadly 
than the dawn!

They fight. The battle is intense and fierce, as Sektor has a clear advantage
with his technology and upgrades, forcing Smoke to use every trick at his 
disposal to keep in the fight. Through sheer determination, Smoke manages to 
defeat the machine.

SMOKE: I will never submit!

As he turns to leave the area, several more cyborgs teleport into the fray 
and surround Smoke. They restrain him using some sort of pulse charge 
emitting from their arms. Just then, Raiden teleports into the area with 
Johnny Cage.

RAIDEN: There is great energy nearby.

JOHNNY CAGE: Um... Rai-dude...

He points over to where Smoke and the cyborgs are. Raiden receives another 
vision; this time of Smoke turning into a cyborg.

RAIDEN: They must not take him.

He charges up a lightning strike and fires it at the cyborgs. The lightning 
shocks all of the cyborgs at once, stopping them from restraining Smoke. 
Sektor gets back to his feet and, noting the disadvantage he's now at, 
activates his stealth camouflage and disappears. The remaining cyborgs, all 
shorted out by the electricity, collapse on the ground, leaving only Smoke 
standing. As he sees Johnny Cage and Raiden approach him, Smoke crosses 
himself and kneels in front of Raiden.

SMOKE: Thank you, Lord Raiden. I am called Smoke.

He stands up.

SMOKE: Why are you here in Outworld?

RAIDEN: To participate in a tournament to save Earthrealm. Join us, Smoke.

SMOKE: Forgive me, but if Sektor was searching for me, he is hunting Sub-Zero
as well.

JOHNNY CAGE: Sub-Zero? Call me crazy with a K... but didn't we see him die?

SMOKE: The Grand Master intends to turn every Lin Kuei into a cyborg. My 
friend is in danger.

RAIDEN: The tournament. I have a feeling your friend will be there.

SMOKE: Then let us go. Sub-Zero's soul depends on it.


The scene cuts away to the Soul Chamber. Sub-Zero is busy practicing his 
freezing powers - on an unseen victim (although, at least on the PS3
edition of this game, the victim is Kratos).

SUB-ZERO: A pity you could not have cooperated.

As he finishes, a cyborg in yellow deactivates his stealth camoflauge and 
approaches him.

CYRAX: You are ordered to return to the Lin Kuei temple for assimilation.

SUB-ZERO: Cyrax!

CYRAX: I am Lin Kuei Unit L-K-4-D-4. You will come with me.

SUB-ZERO: I am sorry for what they did to you, but I will not comply.

They fight. Although unprepared for an attack from a cyborg, Sub-Zero's 
control over ice and his fighting skill allow him to take it to Cyrax. After
a brutal fight, Sub-Zero emerges victorious.

SUB-ZERO: I will face the Lin Kuei when my task is done, not before.

Defeated, Cyrax teleports away, just as Jax and Sonya enter the chamber.

SONYA: The readings were getting stronger and now they're gone. I--

They both pause as they spot the ninja.

SONYA: Sub-Zero?! But... you're dead!

SUB-ZERO: I am not the Sub-Zero you speak of. He was my brother.

SONYA: Your... brother?

SUB-ZERO: I'm only here to learn Sub-Zero's fate.

Sonya and Jax look at each other for a moment, and then Jax nods his 

SONYA: He was killed by someone named Scorpion.

SUB-ZERO: Where would I find him?

SONYA: Try the Coliseum. That's where--

Before she can continue, a strong vibration eminates from the Soul Chamber 
itself. A wave of souls float out and around the area.

ERMAC: You have disturbed our regeneration process.

The red garbed ninja appears in front of them.

JAX: Ermac!

He strides over to Ermac and grabs him by the throat.

JAX: Gotcha!

He tries to throw a punch, but Ermac stops it by raising his glowing 
telekenetic hand. He then uses the other glowing hand to telekenetically 
remove Jax's choke-hold. Jax is unable to stop his arms from being moved 
out to his side. Jax's arms then start vibrating with green energy and he 
begins screaming in terror. Ermac then brutally explodes Jax's arms into 
bloody pieces via his telekenesis and shoves him to the ground.


Acting quickly, Sonya cauterizes the bloody stumps that are Jax's arms with
her wave energy blasts.

SONYA: Stay with me, Jax!

With Jax writhing on the ground and Sonya tending over him, Ermac faces down

ERMAC: We will break you as well.

SUB-ZERO: Not if I break you first.

They fight. Ermac's telekenesis finds an equal match in Sub-Zero's freezing 
process, resulting in a brutal display of magic and sorcery. But in the end, 
Sub-Zero prevails against Shao Kahn's enforcer.

SUB-ZERO: I remain whole, for now.

By now, Jax has fallen unconscious from the blood loss and pain.

SONYA: Sonya Blade to Command. Sonya Blade to Command. Do you read? Sonya 
Blade to Command. Do you read?

SUB-ZERO: You have stopped the bleeding.

SONYA: Yeah, but he needs a medic as soon as possible.

SUB-ZERO: I must go to the Coliseum.

SONYA: But I need your help to get him t--

SUB-ZERO: There is a portal to the south. You can use it to transport 
yourselves back to Earthrealm.

He walks off, leaving Sonya by herself.

SONYA: Motherf... That portal better be close...

She picks up Jax's motionless form and carries him off.

The scene cuts to the Coliseum. Kitana is fighting a Shaolin monk, with Shao
Kahn and all of his subordinates watching. Sub-Zero arrives just in time to 
see Kitana knock the monk to the ground. She readies her bladed fan for the 
killing blow, but hesistates.

MONK: I have failed. I deserve death.

Her earlier words to Liu Kang echo in her mind.

KITANA: I have failed my father. You must kill me.

Back in real time, Shao Kahn calls out to his daughter.

SHAO KAHN: Kill him!

She looks over to her father. He growls impatiently and blasts the monk with
a burst of green magic.

SHAO KAHN: Kitana! You will join me.

She takes her place at Kahn's side as a Tarkatan carries away the monk's 
charred body. Sub-Zero walks up to the throne.

SUB-ZERO: Shao Kahn! I challenge Scorpion, the murderer of my brother! You 
will bring him before me!

SHANG TSUNG: No one makes demands of the emperor! Reptile!

The Zaterrean assassin faces Sub-Zero and assumes a fighting stance. He 
growls expectantly.

They fight. Even with his reptillian speed and special abilities, Reptile is
no match for the skill and powers of Sub-Zero. The Lin Kuei soon has the 
Outworld servant defeated on the floor.

SUB-ZERO: I would kill you, but that is not my purpose here.

Reptile rolls away as Sub-Zero turns to face Shao Kahn again.

SUB-ZERO: Your followers hold you in high esteem, warlord. They fight and 
die for your amusement. My brother participated in this folly. I do so only 
to face his killer!

SHAO KAHN: And you shall.

Quan Chi clenches a fist that glows with green energy. A moment later, 
Scorpion appears in a flash of hellfire.

SCORPION: What is this? You are not Sub-Zero.

SUB-ZERO: I am his family and clan. I fight for his honour.

SCORPION: He had no honour! And you will die as he did!

They fight. The battle is even more visceral and bloody than when the elder
Sub-Zero fought Scorpion. Unprepared for the increased power of the younger's
ice attacks, the hellspawn specter finds himself at the disadvantage and 
Sub-Zero mericilessly presses the attack. After a hard fought battle, 
Sub-Zero finally knocks Scorpion to the floor.

SUB-ZERO: For my brother!

As Sub-Zero prepares to finish Scorpion, several Lin Kuei cyborgs teleport 
into the Coliseum and surround him.

SUB-ZERO: No! You--

The cyborgs restrain him with their pulse charges. Scorpion takes the 
opportunity to teleport away. Cyrax and Sektor teleport in and approach Shao
Kahn's throne.

SHANG TSUNG: Who now interrupts the emperor's tournament?

Raiden, Smoke and Johnny Cage walk into the Coliseum.

SMOKE: Sub-Zero?! No!

Raiden holds him back.

RAIDEN: You cannot save him! Stay here or they will take you as well.

Sektor and Cyrax are now bowing before Shao Kahn.

SEKTOR: We request that we may return him to our temple for judgment.

SHAO KAHN: And what do I gain from granting this bold request?

CYRAX: The Lin Kuei's loyalty and service.

SHAO KAHN: Very well. He is yours.

Cyrax and Sektor bow once more before Kahn.

RAIDEN: The flow of time has been changed. I spared Smoke this fate, only 
to watch this new Sub-Zero fall.

The cyborg ninjas approach the restrained Sub-Zero.

SUB-ZERO: No! I will not be turned!

They all activate their stealth camouflage and leave the area.

SHAO KAHN: Kitana! 

Kitana faces him.

SHAO KAHN: How is it that Earthrealm ninjas brazenly appear before me when 
my daughter, Princess of Outworld, was sent to intercept them?

KITANA: Father, I--

SHAO KAHN: Begone!

Disheartened, she leaves the Coliseum.

SHAO KAHN: (To Shang Tsung) Continue.

RAIDEN: Kitana's faith is a slender reed, bent before the storm. If it can be
uprooted altogether...

He walks off after her.

JOHNNY CAGE: Sure. Let's go ruin someone else's life.

He follows. Smoke, noticably upset by the loss of his friend, joins them a 
few moments later.


Back in the Wastelands, Kitana and Jade are conversing.

KITANA: Is this how you show your loyalty, Jade?

JADE: Kitana, I--

KITANA: You follow me when I clearly wish to be alone, then you upbraid me? 
I will not be scolded like some child!

JADE: You need to be careful. I have never seen your father this angry with 

Kitana dismisses this advice and begins to walk away.

JADE: You are a princess. He expects more from you than this.

KITANA: I know what he expects!

JADE: We will talk later. When you are in more of a mind to listen.

She walks off, leaving Kitana alone. At the sound of a lightning flash, she 
turns around to face Raiden, Johnny Cage and Smoke.

RAIDEN: Princess Kitana. I request an audience.

KITANA: Earthrealmers! You dare approach me?

JOHNNY CAGE: Hey listen, honey, we don't wanna fight.

SMOKE: But we will if we must!

KITANA: You will learn respect!

They fight. Both Johnny Cage and Smoke find out the hard way that this was 
the wrong time to approach Kitana. Caught offguard by her furious assault, 
both of them are soon lying on the ground in front of her.

KITANA: Shao Kahn wants death to follow kombat. I will give it to him.

RAIDEN: Perhaps Liu Kang was wrong about you. Or perhaps he sensed, as I 
do, that there is conflict within you.

Raiden helps Johnny back to his feet.

JOHNNY CAGE: Thanks. Ow. You couldn't've seen that in one o' your hot 

He walks off to help Smoke back up, leaving Raiden and Kitana alone.

RAIDEN: Something whispers to you that circumstances should be different. 
That you should be different. You are much more like Sindel than Shao Ka--

Raiden sees another vision, one of Sindel brainwashed and screaming.

RAIDEN: But... she is dead...

KITANA: My mother is dead, yes. Why do you--

RAIDEN: You need answers, Kitana. I can help you find them, if you will 
trust in me. Go to Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits. Much will be revealed there.

KITANA: The Flesh Pits? But I am forbidden to--

RAIDEN: Yes. You are. And why is that?

KITANA: I... don't know. Tell me--

RAIDEN: You must discover your true path. Alone.

He walks off and teleports away offscreen. The scene then changes to 
Kitana walking through the Living Forest. She looks around and then comes
to a standstill.

KITANA: Show yourself, Jade. I know you're following me. Again.

Jade walks in front of her.

JADE: Following you still. I know where you're going. I am ordered to 
prevent you from going there.

KITANA: And why is that?

JADE: I do not question the emperor's commands. Kitana, please. Turn 

KITANA: I cannot. This path might lead me to the truth. I'm sorry, Jade... 
but I will not allow you to stop me.

They fight. While her friend is an athletic and agile warrior, Kitana's 
fighting skill and determination see her through the battle. Eventually 
Jade is beaten unconscious.

KITANA: I tried to warn you... This is something I have to do.

She walks off and into the Flesh Pits. Looking around, she spots what 
appear to be remains of Tarkatans, their blood spilled and flesh removed.
Several tubes of liquid contain unidentifiable humanoid abominations. One
in particular catches Kitana's eye. The occupant of the tube is naked 
expect for several bandages in strategic places, and aside from the 
grotesque mouth being of a Tarkatan origin, the face, hair and body is 
that of Kitana.

KITANA: What in the name of... 

She backs away and walks over to a table that has another clone on it. 
This one is identical to the one in the tube. Kitana leans in for a 
closer look.

KITANA: She looks like... me!

The clone suddenly opens it's eyes, revealing them to be of the same 
orange glow as a Tarkatan's. Gasping, Kitana backs up.

MILEENA: Sister!

The clone sits up and gets off the table.

MILEENA: So pretty, so fair, so sad and alone... Come. Let us be a 

KITANA: You are not my family. You are a monstrosity!

They fight. Kitana finds out the hard way that the clone is able to use 
magical powers and is not averse to getting violent. Nonetheless, her 
own weapons and fighting skill manages to see her through the fight, 
and eventually the clone is left unconscious on the floor.

KITANA: Farewell, sister!

Before she can finish the clone, Shang Tsung walks into the Flesh Pits.

SHANG TSUNG: That is no way to treat your sibling.

KITANA: Despicable swine! Do you think my father will stand for this... 
these... abominations you have created here?!

SHANG TSUNG: I am merely perfecting you, princess. As difficult as that 
might be.

KITANA: Silence! I will drag you before Shao Kahn by your pointed beard!

They fight. Despite the sorcerer's recent revitalisation, Kitana's fury 
gives her the edge in the fight. She soon has Tsung on the floor, beaten.

KITANA: Get up.

She picks him up by the shirt.

KITANA: You will stand before my father and confess your deeds.

She turns him around, shoves him forward and leaves the Flesh Pits with 
him. In Shao Kahn's throne room, Tsung is kneeling with two Tarkatan 
guards standing over him.

KITANA: I would not disturb you, father, if this matter were not of 
upmost importance. I felt you should know what Shang Tsung has been 
doing as of late. This conjurer has created horrid replicas of me-- 
crossbred with Tarkatan blood! One was alive-- and attacked me!

Shao Kahn stands from his throne and walks toward Shang Tsung. He looks 
toward Kitana, and then to Tsung... and motions with his hand that he

SHAO KAHN: Well done, sorcerer.

Tsung bows his head and smiles before standing.

KITANA: You know... You... approve? How could you? My own father!

SHAO KAHN: I am your emperor! Your father was a weaking Edenian king. I 
annihilated him while merging his realm with Outworld and took his queen 
as my wife. If only I had not allowed Sindel to convince me of your 
worth... But now I have a true daughter!

KITANA: Raiden was right. You have lied to me my entire life.

SHAO KAHN: (To the guards) Escort her to the Tower. I will make an 
example of her.

The guards restrain Kitana and carry her off. Shao Kahn addresses Shang 
Tsung once more.

SHAO KAHN: Return to the Flesh Pits. Bring me my daughter. Mileena.

As the Tarkatan guards escort Kitana off, Jade follows them outside of 
Kahn's view.

JADE: I failed you, Kitana. Now I will make amends.


In the Armoury, Baraka and another Tarkatan are inspecting a crate of 

BARAKA: That is all of them.

Baraka puts his shotgun in the crate. The other Tarkatan, fiddling with a 
shotgun of his own, points the barrel directly in Baraka's face. Angrily, 
Baraka swipes the gun from him.

BARAKA: That is no toy! It belongs to Shang Tsung! We are finished. 
Return to your post.

The Tarkatan walks off. Baraka places the shotgun in the crate and turns 
to spot Jade walking toward him.

JADE: Stand aside. I will see Kitana.

BARAKA: No one enters the Tower.

JADE: You are an excellent guard dog, Baraka. But you must learn to heel.

BARAKA: I do not take orders from you.

They fight. While a vicious fighter, Baraka is unprepared to deal with 
Jade's agility and her reach with her staff and boomerangs. After an 
intense battle, Jade soon has the Tarkatan down on the ground.

JADE: Good boy.

Baraka groans as Jade walks over to him.

BARAKA: Edenians have no loyalty.

JADE: Blind loyalty is not a good thing, as I have learned. You must keep 
your eyes open-- to anticipate the finishing blow.

BARAKA: What are you talki--

Jade interrupts him by stamping on his face, knocking him out.

JADE: You make it too easy. 

She walks off. In the Tower, Kitana is magically bound to a statue with 
Sheeva standing over her as jailer.

SHEEVA: If you had not dishonoured yourself by--


Sheeva turns to face the newcomer.

SHEEVA: My orders are clear. No one is allowed in the Tower.

JADE: As you can see, I am here.

SHEEVA: Here to help the princess escape! You would deny her execution?
The only means of regaining her honour?

JADE: We have very different concepts of honour, Shokan.

They fight. Much like Baraka before her, Sheeva has quite the difficulty 
fighting someone with as much agility and reach as Jade does, even with 
two extra arms to help her. The battle soon ends with Sheeva unconscious.

JADE: Not much of a jailor, are you?

She turns to Kitana.

JADE: Now then, Your Highness, let us see how quickly we can remove 
these bonds.

KITANA: Jade, I...

JADE: I am too.

Before she can continue, she hears a sound from behind the door to the 

BARAKA: Stop her!

MILEENA: Do not let her get away!

KITANA: Go. Find Raiden. Ask for his help.

With no choice, Jade does as Kitana asks. The scene cuts to the Wastelands. 
Jade has just finished running from several unseen assailants.

JADE: That should distance me from any pursuers.

Mileena (now clothed in her purple attire) then teleports in front of her.
Jade turns to face her.

MILEENA: Others pursue. I find.

JADE: By the gods... You are Mileena!

MILEENA: You must return with me! There is to be a celebration for my 
sister! She is going away...

They fight. While Mileena is an adversary just as quick and fierce as Jade, 
she lacks the fighting experience of the Edenian warrior. After an intense 
battle, Jade manages to beat Mileena unconscious.

JADE: I am more of a sister to Kitana than you. I must find Raiden.

RAIDEN: He is here.

Raiden teleports into the wastelands with Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage 
and Smoke. Upon spotting Mileena's body, Smoke immediately jumps to the 
wrong conclusion.

SMOKE: Kitana turns away from Shao Kahn so you attack her rather than join 

Jade holds up a hand in mercy.

JADE: This is not--

Raiden holds back Liu Kang and the others.

RAIDEN: Smoke, stop! That is not Kitana!

SMOKE: You will come no closer!

They fight. Although she doesn't want to battle, Jade has no problem 
defending herself against an unwarranted attack. After a brief melee, 
Smoke is down on the ground.

JADE: I did not wish to do that.

Raiden approaches as Jade as Smoke picks himself up.

JADE: Lord Raiden. I come at the request of--

While they're speaking, Johnny turns to Liu Kang and Kung Lao.

JOHNNY CAGE: "Lord"? I was with Smoke. I thought she was a bad guy-- eh, 
girl. Guess he turned another one. What's Raiden got that I haven't got?

LIU KANG: God-like power?

KUNG LAO: A personality that is not at all like sanding paper?


JADE: ...if we do not save her, she will be executed. Kitana does not have 
much time!

At the mention of Kitana, the guys walk forward to join the conversation.

LIU KANG: Kitana... executed? Where is she?

JADE: Held captive in the Tower of Shao Kahn's fortress.

LIU KANG: I wil--

RAIDEN: I am not pleased with this outcome either, Liu Kang. But there is
no time. We must return to the tournament.

LIU KANG: But you are responsible for her capture! You persuaded her to 
turn against Shao Kahn!

KUNG LAO: Lord Raiden, we can free her as others fight in our stead, and 
join you thereafter.

RAIDEN: Very well.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao nod to each other, and as Kung walks off, Liu only
pauses to give Raiden a brief look of comtempt before joining him.

KUNG LAO: We will meet you at the Coliseum.


Kung Lao and Liu Kang make their way to the Tower. No one is present.

KUNG LAO: I hope your girlfriend is worth Lord Raiden's anger, Liu Kang.

LIU KANG: Notice that I am ignoring you.

They look around the Tower, but still find no one.

KUNG LAO: Hmm... They must have relocated Kitana.

Just then, Sheeva opens the door to the Tower on one side. On the other 
side, a ninja who looks like a dark wraith opens them on the other side.

NOOB: We have indeed. We knew someone would come for her.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao nod to each other. While Kang begins fighting with 
Sheeva, Kung Lao faces down Noob Saibot.

NOOB: May you join her in death!

They fight. The wraith is unlike anything Kung Lao has faced before, with
his ability to conjure both dark magic and shadow clones of himself to
fight with. Nonetheless, Kung Lao's fighting ability and mastery of the 
Shaolin arts sees him through the fight, and eventually he leaves the 
wraith down on the floor.

KUNG LAO: Be thankful I choose not to spill your tainted blood.

As Noob struggles to remain conscious, Kung Lao notices something about 

KUNG LAO: Who are you? There is something familiar...

Behind him, Lao notices Liu Kang is still fighting Sheeva.

KUNG LAO: Do you need help? Four arms against two is hardly a fair fight.

GORO: Liu Kang?!

Kung Lao turns around to see Goro. The Shokan roars and gets into a 
fighting stance.

KUNG LAO: You have had your match against Liu Kang. Now you will face me!

They fight. Goro proves just as much of a challenge to Kung Lao as he was
to Liu Kang, but the Shokan's overconfidence allows Kung Lao an edge that
Liu Kang didn't have. After a fierce battle, the Shaolin monk eventually 
defeats the former champion of Mortal Kombat.

KUNG LAO: Now, if you have any honour left... you will tell us where 
Kitana is!

By now, Liu Kang has defeated Sheeva and is also standing over Goro.

GORO: She has been taken to the Coliseum, where she has no doubt been 

LIU KANG: You lie!

He stomps on Goro's face, knocking him out.

KUNG LAO: She may let live. Let us go.

They leave the Tower. Back at the Coliseum, Ermac punches Johnny Cage 
across the face twice. Johnny tries a kick, but Ermac grabs his leg and 
smashes his elbow onto Johnny's knee, dislocating it. Ermac lays him out 
with a palm strike, leaving him writhing in pain on the ground.

SHANG TSUNG: Ermac wins!

Liu Kang and Kung Lao return. They spot Kitana chained up next to Shao 
Kahn's throne.

KUNG LAO: There's Kitana.

LIU KANG: I must free her!

Raiden notices their appearance and runs after them.

RAIDEN: Not now! Smoke and Johnny Cage have been defeated, and I no 
longer sense Jackson Briggs' or Sonya Blade's presence in Outworld. 
Despite my doubts as to whether you are Earthrealm's saviour, you must 

LIU KANG: But I am not "He Who Must Win".

Liu Kang walks over to where Kitana is, ignoring everyone else. The 
Tarkatans surrounding her put up fighting stances, but Shao Kahn watches 
him pass dismissively.

SHAO KAHN: Raiden! Put forth a worthy champion... if you can.

Kung Lao begins to step forward, but hesitates. He looks to the Thunder 
God, who considers the implication.

RAIDEN: Perhaps you are meant to be the victor.

Smiling, Kung Lao steps forward.

SHAO KAHN: You will face Shang Tsung.

Tsung smiles while clenching his fist.

SHAO KAHN: And Quan Chi.

It is now Quan Chi's turn to smile. Shang Tsung is less than happy with 
this turn of events, but goes along with Quan Chi to face Kung Lao.

QUAN CHI: No Earthrealm boy can stop this Deadly Alliance.

SHANG TSUNG: On that we agree.

They fight. Fighting one sorcerer alone would be a challenge, let alone
both of them at once, but it is a challenge Kung Lao more than steps up 
to. Using all of the fighting skill at his disposal, he puts up an 
amazing battle and, against all the odds, emerges victorious against the
two sorcerers.

KUNG LAO: It is done!

SHANG TSUNG: No, Kung Lao. Not nearly so.

Quan Chi and Shang Tsung pick themselves up and walk back to Shao Kahn's 
throne. The gates to one side of the Coliseum open to reveal a gigantic 
Shokan - or more accurately, a tiger Shokan. As the crowd cheer the 
beast's appearence, he roars out loud and faces Kung Lao.

KINTARO: I will eat your heart!

They fight. The tiger Shokan proves to be the most intense fight of Kung 
Lao's life. It takes everything the Shaolin monk has left in him to 
remain in the battle, but he eventually manages to fight his way through 
Kintaro's defenses and take the melee to him. Finally, the mighty 
Kintaro falls to Kung Lao's onslaught and is left unconscious on the 

Laughing in victory, Kung Lao parades to the booing crowd, bowing in 
mockery and waving his hat at them. He then turns to the Thunder God.

KUNG LAO: You see, Raiden? Earthrealm is fre--

He never finishes the sentence, as Shao Kahn grabs him from behind and
snaps his neck like a twig. The crowd burst into cheers as Kung Lao 
falls dead.

RAIDEN: Kung Lao!

Liu Kang, who's knocked out the Tarkatan guards and is in the process of 
freeing Kitana, watches the whole thing happen.


As Kahn basks in the crowd's cheers, Raiden charges up a lightning blast.

RAIDEN: I will strip the flesh from your bones!

Roaring in fury, Liu Kang tackles Shao Kahn from behind. They wrestle on
the ground, forcing Raiden to cancel his attack. Kahn quickly kicks Kang 
off him and they both pick themselves up, Kahn laughing as he does so.

SHAO KAHN: Witless boy. Do you know who I am?

LIU KANG: The murderer of my friend!

SHAO KAHN: I am Shao Kahn! Konquerer of Worlds! You will taste no victory.

LIU KANG: You will taste your own blood!

They fight. Shao Kahn is every bit the mighty warrior he claims to be, 
with control of both dark magic and superhuman strength at his disposal.
But Liu Kang, fuelled with vengeance at seeing his friend die, takes it 
to the emperor and dishes out an absolutely brutal beating. Finally, after
an epic battle, Kahn is knocked to the floor.

LIU KANG: On your feet!

As Kahn struggles to his feet, barely conscious, Liu Kang raises his fist, 
which lights up with his signature fire.

LIU KANG: For Kung Lao, the Shaolin and Earthrealm!

In slow motion, Kang charges forward and punches Shao Kahn straight in the 
chest, his fist bursting through the other side of Kahn's body. He 
withdraws his fist and Kahn falls to his knees, coughing up blood. With a 
final gurgle, he falls forward, unmoving. The arena is completely silent.

SHANG TSUNG: I cannot believe... Earthrealm has won.

As with Liu Kang's victory before, a light from the heavens shines down on 
him, the Elder Gods noting his victory in the new tournament.

RAIDEN: The Elder Gods have spoken. Earthrealm is free of Shao Kahn 

With a flick of his head, Tsung motions to two Tarkatan guards. They pick 
up Kahn's body and walk off. All of Kahn's minions follow, save Kitana. 
Kitana walks up to Liu Kang's side. They look briefly at each other, but 
say nothing as they both lay eyes on Kung Lao's body and walk over to it.

RAIDEN: But the price of victory was almost too steep to pay. Kung Lao's 
death is my fault. I encouraged him. Our triumph was not meant to be 
achieved in this way. I see now. "He must win" refers to you. But to 
prevent Armageddon, you needed to defeat Shao Kahn, not Shang Tsung.

Raiden takes his amulet off his chest and looks at it once more. More 
cracks adorn it.

RAIDEN: It cannot be! Shao Kahn is dead! Yet the future remains 

Liu Kang looks up in confused anger at Raiden, which goes unnoticed by 
the Thunder God.

Back in Shao Kahn's throne room, all of his lieutenants (Baraka, Goro, 
Mileena, Sheeva, Ermac, Sektor, Cyrax, Shang Tsung and the centaur 
Motaro) are discussing what to do next.

GORO: Shao Kahn is finished.

BARAKA: Mileena is his heir. She should rule.

SHANG TSUNG: Mileena? She exists only because of my sorcery.

SHAO KAHN: And you breathe because I restrain mine.

The lieutenants turn around. Shao Kahn is indeed alive and walking 
toward hem - albeit shakily and with a hand on his former chest wound,
with Quan Chi by his side.


MOTARO: You live!

Everyone except Tsung bows before him.

SHAO KAHN: I am not so easily killed. Quan Chi accelerated my recovery.

SHANG TSUNG: Emperor, I--

SHAO KAHN: Not. One. Word. Because of you, Outworld can no longer merge 
with Earthrealm!

QUAN CHI: There may yet be an alternative, Emperor. Invasion.

SHANG TSUNG: Uh-- Invasion?!

Shao Kahn holds his hand up. Tsung immediately shuts up.

SHAO KAHN: Do you mock me? Sindel's Ward prevents me from setting foot 
in Earthrealm.

QUAN CHI: Have you considered why your wife and empress chose to betray
you in this particular fashion?

SHAO KAHN: Of course. But even after millenia, her motives are a mystery.

QUAN CHI: She realised that the safeguards afforded by the Elder Gods 
through Mortal Kombat are but fiction. She sacrificed herself to give 
Earthrealm protection the Elder Gods could not. So Earthrealm could not
suffer as had Edenia.

SHAO KAHN: Indeed.

The scene cuts to a desert wasteland in Earthrealm. Quan Chi and Noob 
Saibot are standing before a green swirling of magic.

QUAN CHI: I have mastered the spells necessary for her resurrection. Her
ward will be nullified. And with it the barrier that prevents your entry
into Earthrealm.

From the magical swirl, a skeletal hand raises itself from the ground.

QUAN CHI: I will return her to you, of course. 

Another skeletal hand joins it.

QUAN CHI: You will find her much more... cooperative.

SHAO KAHN: This is a very magnanimous offer.

QUAN CHI: I wish only to serve, Emperor.

The rest of the skeleton pulls itself from the sand.

SHAO KAHN: I am weary of sorcerers, Quan Chi. Prove your worth. Bring her
to me.

Quan Chi rolls the skeleton over with his magic and begins reproducing
it's former muscle mass, blood, organs and skin. The skeleton screams out
loud as the process completes itself. Noob readies himself in a combat 
stance as Quan Chi approaches the form. Finally, the newly resurrected 
woman - Queen Sindel - sits upright. Her pupils are glazed over with 
white, and there's not a stitch of clothing on her (although the camera 
doesn't view her from her cleavage down).

QUAN CHI: Sindel.

SINDEL: Quan Chi?

QUAN CHI: Shao Kahn looks forward to your return.

SINDEL: The emperor! Yesss.

Quan Chi motions to Noob, who lets his guard down.

SINDEL: What of Kitana?

QUAN CHI: Kitana now allies herself with Earthrealm.

SINDEL: Then she is no longer my daughter. Take me to Shao Kahn.

QUAN CHI: Yes, Empress.

He stands up.

QUAN CHI: (to Noob) The invasion of Earthrealm can now begin.

The camera cuts to a black screen. A loud cry of "Incoming!" is heard as 
explosions go off. Briefly, the sound cuts to white noise, then as it 
returns to normal, it brings with it the sight of a devastated New York 


The U.S. Army is fighting a losing battle against Tarkatans equipped with 
shotguns and rocket launchers, as well as twenty foot high Outworld 
monstrosities. Kurtis Stryker and his partner Kabal are currently standing 
on a rooftop, watching the Outworld invaders advance.

STRYKER: Fifteen... Sixteen... Seventeen... Eighteen. Kabal, call it in.

KABAL: Base. Eagle Two. We count eighteen. One-eight bogies. Southbound on 

BASE: Roger that.

KABAL: Eagle Two out.

STRYKER: This is not happening.

KABAL: Not what I was thinking when I swore to protect and serve.

STRYKER: What is that?

They look down the building to see Reptile climbing towards them.

KABAL: I'm thinking shoot first, ask questions later.

STRYKER: Fine with me.

They begin shooting at Reptile, but he dodges the shots with ease and 
continues climbing. As he nears the top he leaps over them and lands 
behind them.

STRYKER: Pistols!

They draw their pistols and fire again, but Reptile blocks the attacks by 
spewing forth some acid vapour, which acts as a shield. As the two 
officers reload, Reptile strikes with his tongue, disarming Kabal and 
knocking him over. He then tongues Stryker's gun, disarming him.

STRYKER: Enough of this! It's you and me, Freakshow!

They fight. Although unaccustomed to fighting Outworld warriors, Stryker's 
rigourous training and arsenal of weapons manages to see him through the 
fight. Eventually he leaves Reptile on his back, defeated.

STRYKER: Spitting? Sticking out your tongue? Bet your mama's real proud.

Stryker walks over to Kabal and helps him up.

STRYKER: C'mon. We're going street level. We've been compromised.

KABAL: It ain't safe down there.

STRYKER: Better there than here.

He walks off, leaving Kabal sighing and shaking his head. The scene then 
cuts to the two of them at the ground level of the building they're in. 
Army troopers are falling back, being chased by one of the gigantic 
monsters seen earlier. Kabal notices someone on the bridge across from 

KABAL: Stryker! Check her out!

Stryker looks and the camera follows. They both see a female in a rather 
revealing purple leotard and leggings.

KABAL: Whaddya think? Friend or foe.


KABAL: Dressed like that?

STRYKER: Definitely foe. Cover me.

As army troopers round a corner to fight an unseen foe, Stryker walks out 
to the bridge. As Mileena approaches, he calls out to her.

STRYKER: Hey, what're you doing out here?

She laughs and pulls off her mask, revealing her Tarkatan features.

MILEENA: Looking for a new playmate!

They fight. Restraining himself to using non-lethal force, Stryker 
manages to eventually subdue the feral "daughter" of Shao Kahn.

STRYKER: You're coming with me.

A loud roar causes Stryker to turn his head to the bridge to the left of 
him. A large creature, shaped like a gigantic pterodactyl, flies overhead.
While he's distracted, Mileena manages to pick herself up and charge at 
him, when several lightning bolts shock her into unconsciousness. Raiden 
- who fired the bolts - floats down from the sky and lands next to Stryker.

STRYKER: Who... who are you?

Before Raiden can answer, he grabs his head in pain as he receives another 
vision. This time, we are not shown what it is.

STRYKER: You all right?

As Raiden recovers, a loud roar by the other bridge attracts their 
attention. They see Johnny Cage getting beaten up by a centaur - Motaro.

STRYKER: Johnny Cage fighting a giant monster? What is this, "Time 

Raiden flies over to the bridge and blasts Motaro with lightning before 
he can deliver a fatal blow. He finishes off Motaro by hitting him with 
his torpedo attack. The resultant force sends Motaro through the bridge 
and into the water below.

KABAL: That guy just shot lightning. From his hands. How'd he do that?

STRYKER: No idea.

A loud growling eminates to their right. Before them, they see Kintaro 

STRYKER: Spread out. Give 'im multiple targets.

Kabal moves to Stryker's right, across the bridge. Before he can pull the 
trigger, Kintaro blasts him with his flame breath. Kabal is set ablaze, 
screaming in agony as his skin cooks. Stryker is prevented from rushing 
to his aid lest Kintaro does the same to him.

KINTARO: Humans. Less ugly when they burn.

They fight. Not holding back anything this time, Stryker lets Kintaro 
have the full brunt of his weapons. Even so, it takes everything he has 
and then some to knock the Shokan unconscious.

STRYKER: Never knew I had it in me...

A loud groaning catches Stryker's attention.


He rushes over to his partner, who's clothing and skin are practically 
charcoal and activates his radio.

STRYKER: Base! Eagle Two! 

BASE: Go Eagle Two.

STRYKER: Need Medevac. Current position. Kabal is down. Third-degree 

BASE: Medevac unit routing to you. ETA ten minutes.

Over by the subway, Stryker fails to notice Ermac sneaking up on him. 
Ermac grabs Stryker with his telekenesis and lifts him into the air.

STRYKER: What the?!

BASE: Say again?

STRYKER: Eeeeugh!

BASE: Eagle Two, report! Eagle Two!

Stryker is then telekenetically hurled into the subway. He bounces hard
off the escalator railing and lands facedown on the platform. As he 
struggles to his feet, Ermac floats down to face him.

ERMAC: The emperor will have your soul.

STRYKER: Yeah? Come and get it!

They fight. Ermac's telekenesis and mastery over magic is something 
completely alien to Stryker, but he adapts quickly and fends off the 
assault with his own weaponary. After an intense battle, Stryker 
finally drops Ermac.

STRYKER: I think I'll be keeping my soul.

Stryker's attention is bought to the top of the escalator by another

NIGHTWOLF: I have been searching for you, Kurtis Stryker.

Stryker draws his pistol and trains it on the newcomer.

STRYKER: Well you found me! Who are you?

NIGHTWOLF: I am Nightwolf. Lord Raiden is gathering Earth's defenders.
You are among them.

STRYKER: What the hell are you talking about?!

NIGHTWOLF: Raiden leads Earth's defense against these Outworld invaders.
He is our best hope for survival.

STRYKER: Yeah, well. "Earthrealm Defender" is about ten steps above my
pay grade.

NIGHTWOLF: I see you doubt yourself, even after your victories. Come.

After some consideration, Stryker nods his consent, puts away his gun 
and follows. The scene cuts to the bridge, where only a smoking outline
remains of Kabal's body.


Both he and Nightwolf have run up to the outline.

STRYKER: Where is he? Medevac hasn't been here.

NIGHTWOLF: Perhaps he has gone to find help.

STRYKER: Naw, he was way too banged up. Someone took him.

The scene cuts to black. All that is heard is heavy, strained 
breathing, along with occassional sounds of a person being operated on.
We are suddenly treated to a viewing of various gadgets strewn across 
a bloodied table. Among the gadgets are a scalpel, scisccors, tweezers,
breathing apparatus and a mask. A hand takes each piece of the breathing
apparatus off the table - a hand belonging to Kano. He attaches the 
pieces one by one to an unseen person. Finally, he puts the mask on - 
and the camera shot finally reveals who the person is.


Kabal's skin is scarred heavily from the burns, but it's no longer 
looking like charcoal. He begins to wake up, groaning as he does so. 
It's now apparent that the both of them are in Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits.

KANO: Easy there, mate. You've had a rough one.

KABAL: Kano?

KANO: Heh heh, in the flesh.

KABAL: I was... on fire...

KANO: Burned to a crisp, you were. Good thing I found ya.

Kabal touches the mask on his face.

KABAL: I'm hideous...

KANO: Shang Tsung's magic healed the rest of ya. But your lungs? Yeesh.

KABAL: Take it off.

KANO: Can't. It's permanent.

KABAL: What?

KANO: No mask, no breathing.

KABAL: I'm... a freak!

Kano holds up a pair of hookswords. As Kabal is looking at the rest of
his attire, Kano offers the weapons to him.

KANO: Go on. Give 'em a whirl.

KABAL: I don't use those anymore.

KANO: Yeah, you're all proper police now. The Black Dragon ain't the 
same without ya, mate. You should come back. We're in the money on this

KABAL: You sold those monsters their firepower.

KANO: Guilty as charged.

KABAL: This is YOUR fault!

KANO: What're you on about, eh? 

He drops the hookswords.

KANO: You're here, ain't ya?

KABAL: I should be dead! Now you're gonna be!

They fight. Kabal finds out that not only is he still an able fighter,
but he finds himself fighting with multiple new powers he didn't have 
before, including super speed. He gets the hang of these new powers 
quickly and uses them to completely overpower Kano, knocking him to the

KABAL: Now how do I get outta here?

KANO: Not so keen on being dead now, are ya?

Kabal retrieves his hookswords.

KABAL: How do I get outta here?

KANO: Heh, good luck. No one gets outta Outworld with Shao Kahn's 

KABAL: Outworld? Shao Kahn?

KANO: Shao Kahn's the big boss round here, and soon, Earth's new 

Kabal points the hookswords at Kano's neck.

KABAL: Where is he?

KANO: Don't bother. You can't get near him.

KABAL: No. But I'm guessing you can.

The scene cuts to Shao Kahn's throne room. Mileena, along with several
Lin Kuei cyborgs and Tarkatan minions, drag Motaro's body through a 
portal on a slab.

SHAO KAHN: What is this?

MILEENA: Raiden has killed Motaro.

Kabal enters the room, with Kano in front of him. The latter has one 
of his own knifes being weilded by Kabal and pointing into his back.

KABAL: That's him? On the throne?

KANO: You're a right genius, you are.

SINDEL: It's no great matter. I will go to Earthrealm. To finish 
Motaro's work.

SHAO KAHN: Yes. Shang Tsung.

SHANG TSUNG: Yes, Emperor?

SHAO KAHN: The empress requires something of you.

Kahn blasts Tsung with his magic and sucks out all of the souls within
him, disintergrating him into nothing.

KANO: See there? I'm thinking he's a bit much--

Kabal hits him with the blunt end of the knife, knocking Kano out.

KABAL: I can take him.

Shao Kahn blasts the power of the souls into Sindel. While he's doing 
so, Kabal walks into the room. Noob Saibot and Mileena notice this and
move to intercept him.

MILEENA: No one attacks the emperor!

They fight. While fighting two on one would be a severe handicap for 
most, Kabal's new powers enable him to take the fight to both of Shao 
Kahn's minions. After an intense battle, he puts both Mileena and Noob 
down for the count.

KABAL: And I thought I was a freak.

With Mileena and Noob down, the Tarkatan and Lin Kuei minions all 
surround Kabal.

SHAO KAHN: Quan Chi! Seal the portal!

KABAL: Time to go.

He zips across the room just as the minions all try to grab him, coming 
to a stop at the portal.


After a moments hesistation, he leaps through the portal before Quan 
Chi seals it. He lands back at the bridge he was at previously, and the
portal closes behind him. He rolls over onto his back and sits up.

KABAL: This speed's incredible! Guess it's a side-effect of the 
Outworld magic.

The camera cuts to the point of view of an unseen assailant, clearly 
cybernetic in nature. The newcomer examines Kabal through a database on
it's heads-up display. The search comes up blank.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: You are not authorised for portal use.

KABAL: Yeah? Says who?

We now see the cyborg in question. His robotic suit is colour-coded 
blue, and his hands pulse with ice energy.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Sub-Zero. Unit L-K-5-2-0.

KABAL: Heh, you say that like it means something.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: As you will soon discover.

They fight. As a cyborg, Sub-Zero is more powerful than ever, boasting
an array of ice attacks and cybernetic powers his previous form could 
never muster. However, Kabal's mastery of his new powers proves to be 
an equal match to the cyborg, and with a few clever moves Kabal manages
to disable Sub-Zero and power down his systems.

KABAL: Ha! Not as cool as you thought.

Just then, Sheeva walks onto the bridge.

SHEEVA: Why do you turn on your brother, Lin Kuei?

KABAL: That is not my brother. He's machine. I'm human.

SHEEVA: You do not appear human.

KABAL: Don't let the mask fool ya.

They fight. As powerful as Sheeva is, she is little match for Kabal and
his super speed. After a brief battle, Kabal soon has Sheeva knocked out
on the floor.

KABAL: Starting to feel like the old days - only faster.

Behind Kabal, Smoke and Raiden walk onto the bridge.

SMOKE: Sub-Zero!

He rushes to his friend's side and kneels by him. Raiden faces Kabal.

RAIDEN: You have great power indeed, Kabal.

KABAL: Wait. You're the lightning guy. You helped Stryker. Stryker! Is 

RAIDEN: He is safe. He has joined us in the fight against Shao Kahn. We
would welcome your aid also.

SMOKE: Sub-Zero!

Raiden turns to Smoke.

RAIDEN: That which made him Sub-Zero no longer exists.

SMOKE: He is my friend. What they did to him... it is... hideous.

KABAL: You're right. We gotta help him if we can.

Kabal helps Smoke lift Sub-Zero up for carrying. The scene then cuts to 
black. It stays like like for a moment, and all that can be heard is the 
background noise of diagnostics. Then the word "_INITIALIZING" pops up on 
the screen.

JAX: That's it. Here goes nothing...

Sub-Zero's mainframe begins rebooting, all of which is seen from his 

SMOKE: You are certain this will work?

JAX: Hell no! I've never done this before. It's not like there's a 

The screen is suddenly lit up in red. The word "OVERRIDE" shows up in 
enlarged text. It successfully engages, and Sub-Zero tries connecting to
a wireless uplink. The connection fails and an error pops up, noting his 
command and control module is missing. With that, his slaving protocols 
are disengaged and his autonomous command module is engaged, restoring 
his higher brain function. Smoke looks directly into his eyes at this 

SMOKE: Sub-Zero? (To Jax) Can he hear me?

JAX: He should.

Sub-Zero locks onto Smoke's eye and does a retinal identification.

SMOKE: Sub-Zero?

The scan provides Sub-Zero with information about Smoke, including his 
age, country of origin (both unknown), his allegiance (Lin Kuei) and 
special ability (teleportation).


SMOKE: How do you feel?


The camera cuts to a view of the temple the heroes are currently in. 
Cyber Sub-Zero sits up on the slab he's been placed on. He grunts in 

SMOKE: What is it?

CYBER SUB-ZERO: I remember... The things I have done for Shao Kahn... 

Smoke places a hand on his friends shoulder.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: He cannot be allowed to merge the realms.

Nightwolf turns to Raiden.

NIGHTWOLF: Haokah, how can Sub-Zero best help us?

RAIDEN: I do not know. My attempts to alter future events have had 
negative consequences. Sub-Zero should never have undergone this 
transformation. Enlisting him may only further divert the flow of time.

STRYKER: We need intel, right? Let's send him back to Outworld 

CYBER SUB-ZERO: They will be unaware of my defection. I could deceive 

Raiden considers this in silence. The scene then cuts to Shao Kahn's 
throne room. Sektor and Cyrax are conversing with Noob Saibot, while 
several Tarkatan minions await orders. A portal has been opened and 
Cyber Sub-Zero walks through it.

NOOB: Earthrealm is finished. It will not be missed.

SEKTOR: Very well. You will return.

Noob and Cyrax walk off into the portal, with the minions following.

SEKTOR: You report late. Where is the intruder?

CYBER SUB-ZERO: I killed him in Earthrealm.

SEKTOR: He should have been saved for interrogation.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: He was formidable. I had no choice.

SEKTOR: Follow me. We must lead a new mission.

Sektor walks into the portal and Sub-Zero follows. They emerge in 
the Subway.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: What mission brings us here?

SEKTOR: I have scanned your neural net, 5-2-0. Your neuromodulators
have been recalibrated.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Impossible.

SEKTOR: The experience has been deleted from your system. Remove your
access panel.

As Sektor moves in, Sub-Zero grabs his wrist and palm-strikes him in 
the chest, sending him careening across the platform.

SEKTOR: Your programming has been corrupted.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: My soul was corrupted. Now it is cleansed.

They fight. Sub-Zero would have been a match for Sektor even without 
his cybernetic upgrades; with them, the match is one-sided and ends 
quickly with Sektor's systems being knocked offline.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Artificial enhancements are no substitute for the 
human soul.

Sub-Zero walks over to Sektor's inert form and access his mainframe. 
The camera cuts to his POV as he hacks into the system and discovers 
Sektor's true orders; they are to escort military prisoners from Vogel
University to St Dominic's Cemetary for processing, with uncooperative
prisoners being expendable. Sub-Zero also finds the path being taken 
from the station to the university and the cemetary.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Thank you, Sektor.

The scene cuts to the clock tower of St Dominic's Cemetary. Eight army 
soldiers are currently being kept prisoner, with Kano, Goro and 
Kintaro watching over him. Kano takes the opportunity to blast the 
soldiers with his eye laser, laughing as he does so.

KANO: Oy! Run about, will ya?

Cyber Sub-Zero enters the clock tower.

KANO: Finally! C'mon, we gotta get 'em to the graveyard at Saint 
Dominic's. On yer feet, all of ya!

CYBER SUB-ZERO: For what purpose?

KANO: Don't care, really. So long as I get paid.

KINTARO: He said on your feet!

GORO: C'mon, up.

KINTARO: Get up.

Two ice blasts freeze Goro and Kintaro where they stand.

KANO: Hey! What're--

Sub-Zero freezes him with an ice blast as well and then turns to the

CYBER SUB-ZERO: I will help you.

He takes a hold of the chain shackling the soldiers together and 
freezes it. He punches the frozen chain and it shatters completely, 
freeing the soldiers. Goro and Kintaro begin breaking free of the ice
they are bound in.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Go! All of you! Now!

SOLDIERS: Let's go! C'mon!

The soldiers make their escape just as Goro and Kintaro break free of
the ice.

KINTARO: Your treachery will be punished!

They fight. Facing both Goro and Kintaro at once would be impossible 
odds for any normal human, but Sub-Zero was no ordinary human even 
before he was turned into a cyborg. Nonetheless, the fight is one of 
the most difficult of his life, but eventually he prevails against 
the Shokan warriors.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: All those teeth and claws, yet still overmatched.

Suddenly, the clock tower starts shaking, causing the bells to ring. 
A burst of green light appears near the exit and the soldiers seen 
before are all telekentically tossed back into the room.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Behind me!

The soldiers struggle to their feet and comply as Ermac floats into
the room.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Come no further, fiend of Outworld!

They fight. Not even Shao Kahn's personal enforcer is a match for 
Cyber Sub-Zero, and the red garbed ninja is soon defeated by the 

CYBER SUB-ZERO: You are not so fearsome.

With Ermac down, the soldiers surround and congratulate Sub-Zero.

SOLDIER 1: Thanks. I thought we were done.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: I must go. I need to investigate the graveyard.

SOLDIER 2: We'd go with, but we have to return to our unit.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: That is for the best.

The cyborg leaves immediately.

SOLDIER 1: Good luck, man.

SOLDIER 2: He ain't gonna need luck.

In the cemetary, Noob Saibot is magically drawing two lines across 
the ground, creating a ring around another captured group of 
soldiers. Quan Chi is nearby, chanting a spell in a Netherrealm 
tongue. Cyber Sub-Zero is kneeling by a gravestone, undetected by 
either of them. The soldiers surrounded by the ring begin to glow 
green with the rising energy around them. Sub-Zero speaks into a 

CYBER SUB-ZERO: This is Sub-Zero. I have encountered Quan Chi. He 
seems to be casting a spell.

Back at the temple, Sonya has her wrist-comm on speaker for the 
Forces of Light to listen in. Raiden receives another vision - this 
one of the Soulnado engulfing New York City.

NIGHTWOLF: Raiden, what is it? What did you see?

RAIDEN: One of Shao Kahn's Soulnados, on a scale I thought 
unimaginable. All of Earthrealm's souls imprisoned, absorbed by Shao 
Kahn, multiplying his power!

NIGHTWOLF: That is what Sub-Zero has found?

Raiden looks his amulet. More cracks and a burnt signature adorn it.

RAIDEN: No matter my efforts, the future remains in peril. How could
I have failed Earthrealm?

NIGHTWOLF: Do not lose faith in the spirits, Raiden. They will guide
you. Protect you. Sub-Zero, we will disrupt the Soulnado. I will be 
there momentarily.

The scene cuts back to the cemetary.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Hurry. The spell appears to be nearly complete.

Sub-Zero stands from his hiding place and walks into the clearing.

QUAN CHI: Who is that?

NOOB: The one Kano warned about. He is mine.

Noob walks toward Sub-Zero.

NOOB: You. You are not worthy of the name Sub-Zero.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Who are you to judge?

NOOB: I wore those colours before you.


NOOB: Yes, Kuai Liang. It is I. Quan Chi restored me.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Restored? You and I both. We are flawed copies of 
our former selves.

NOOB: I have no flaws. Quan Chi has perfected me.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: For what end? To serve the Netherrealm and Outworld?

NOOB: It suits my purpose.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: But brother, we--

NOOB: We share blood. We are not brothers.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: Then I will not regret your defeat.

They fight. Bi-Han may have had power granted to him from the 
Netherrealm upon his death, but Kuai Liang's cybernetic upgrades 
prove to be superior in battle. After a fierce battle, Kuai Liang 
manages to defeat his brother and leave him unconscious.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: You are right. We are not brothers.

Quan Chi finishes chanting the spell and the soldiers are absorbed 
in the newly created Soulnado, which reaches into the heavens. 
Nightwolf arrives at that moment and addresses Sub-Zero.


NIGHTWOLF: Go! Your soul is not safe!

Sub-Zero takes the advice and hurries off.

QUAN CHI: Earthrealm's fate is sealed, Nightwolf!

NIGHTWOLF: Not yet! We fight until the end!

They fight. Nightwolf's protection from Quan Chi's magic and his
own mystical powers give him equal footing in the battle with the
Netherrealm sorcerer, and his fighting ability gives him the edge
needed to defeat him. After an intense fight, Nightwolf beats Quan
Chi to the ground.

NIGHTWOLF: Your time is over.

Before Nightwolf can finish Quan Chi, Noob Saibot recovers and rushes
him. Nightwolf blocks and avoids his attacks before striking with a
right cross to Noob's face. Noob fights back, only to get a backfist
blocked and take a left hook to the kidney. Nightwolf goes on the
offensive, but Noob counters a downward punch, twists Nightwolf's 
arm and strikes him in the chest with an open palm. Nightwolf growls
in anger and charges in, lands a solid punch across Noob's face and
kicks him into the Soulnado.

Noob Saibot is sucked up into the Soulnado, infecting it with his 
wraith-like powers. As he is pulled into the heavens, the Soulnado 
turns from glowing green to purple. Quan Chi pulls himself to his 
feet, and realising the battle is lost, immediately opens a portal 
and escapes. Nightwolf generates a mystical shield to protect himself
as the Soulnado gathers itself into a giant portal and explodes 
outward. Nightwolf is thrown from his feet as the shockwave travels
across the cemetary, destroying everything in the immediate radius. 
Nightwolf, however, is unharmed and sits up.

NIGHTWOLF: Pilamaya. ("Thank you" in Lakotan.)

Back at the temple, the Forces of Light are in the midst of a 

SONYA: But how do we know? Raiden could be having visions of 
possible futures, not the future.

JAX: Sonya's right. Was I supposed to have my arms replaced with 
these? Or was it caused by interfering with the timeline?

JOHNNY CAGE: My head hurts just thinking about it.

KITANA: This isn't helpful. We cannot second guess our decisions. 
Raiden, what are your thoughts?

Raiden is unresponsive.

KITANA: Raiden?

He suddenly reacts.

RAIDEN: Yes, that is best.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: What is our next objective?

LIU KANG: Nightwolf!

The Forces of Light turn to see Nightwolf approach them.

NIGHTWOLF: It is done. Earthrealm's souls are safe.

Raiden looks at his amulet. More cracks appear on it.

RAIDEN: No! How is it not enough?!

He slams a palm down on the slab in front of him.

RAIDEN: I must speak with the Elder Gods. Shao Kahn's violation must
be punished.

LIU KANG: But the battle is joined here, in Earthrealm!

RAIDEN: We cannot win without the Elder Gods.

LIU KANG: But Master--

JOHNNY CAGE: Liu Kang, close as a shadow...

RAIDEN: Nightwolf, you will lead until we return.

NIGHTWOLF: As you wish, Haokah.

Raiden takes a hold of Liu Kang and they disappear in a flash of

STRYKER: Well, now what? Standing around here won't do us any good.


He looks around.

CYBER SUB-ZERO: The Lin Kuei! They surround us!

Multiple Lin Kuei cyborgs reveal themselves around the temple.

STRYKER: So much for standing around.


The Forces of Light immediately charge the cyborgs. Nightwolf goes
for Cyrax, but his attack is blocked and Cyrax punches him in the
stomach, and then across the face. As Cyrax moves in, Nightwolf 
recovers and kicks him back. They circle one another.

CYRAX: My speed and skill are beyond you.

They fight. Despite Cyrax's cybernetic enhancements, Nightwolf's
spirit powers keep him both in the fight and able to take it to the
cyborg. Eventually Nightwolf leaves Cyrax disabled on the ground.

NIGHTWOLF: Mere speed and skill will not win this war, Cyrax.

With Cyrax down, Nightwolf looks around the temple and sees Smoke
battling Sektor on the stairwell. Smoke is unable to even land a hit
against the cybernetic assassin. Sektor grabs his hand as Smoke 
throws an ineffectual strike.

SEKTOR: You are weak, Smoke.

Sektor blasts him in the chest with his afterburn strike, sending 
Smoke careening down the stairs.

SEKTOR: Now do you understand? The power of the Grand Master's 

Before Sektor can finish Smoke, Nightwolf throws his tomahawk across 
the temple and hits Sektor in the chest. As the mystical weapon 
dissolves back into Nightwolf's hands, Sektor throws up a fighting 
stance and faces down the shaman.

NIGHTWOLF: You are no match for the power of the Spirits.

They fight. While Sektor has filled his robotic form to the brim 
with weapons and technology, it doesn't give him the advantage 
against Nightwolf's mystical strength. After a fierce exchange, 
Nightwolf manages to leave Sektor down and disabled on the ground.

NIGHTWOLF: Perhaps even you can be saved.

Around the temple, Smoke repeatedly punches a cyborg and kicks it
down. Kitana decapitates another with her bladed fans. Cyber 
Sub-Zero is busy reprogramming another downed opponent with Kabal 
watching. As Nightwolf checks the area, Kitana walks up to him.

NIGHTWOLF: What is it?

Kitana doesn't reply at first, but then she spots what she was 
looking for.

KITANA: Mother...

Sindel walks into the temple, letting off a banshee scream 
multiplied tenfold from her original powers. Sonya and Stryker are 
pushed to the stairwell by the force, Sub-Zero is forced to generate
an ice shield, Jade wards off the attack as best she can with her 
staff, while Johnny Cage only keeps his balance by holding onto one 
of Jax's arms. Only Nightwolf is uneffected by the scream.

SINDEL: Come forward, if you dare. I will finish what the Lin Kuei 
could not.

The Forces of Light quickly come together.

JAX: Let's do this.


Nightwolf charges Sindel with a tomahawk raised, but she parries
the attack and punches him across the face, knocking him down. 
Johnny Cage tries next, but Sindel blocks his attacks, grabs his 
arm, knees him and punches in the face, letting him drop. Kabal 
moves in, but Sindel kicks him down before he can even strike and
stomps her heel straight through his respirator, killing him. She 
lets off a laugh as she does so.

Stryker attacks next, but Sindel dodges his attack, kicks him in 
the knee and caves in his lower jaw with a ferocious punch, killing 
him. Cyber Sub-Zero charges in, but Sindel blocks his attack, 
punches him across the face, rabbit punches him and unleashes a 
brutal uppercut to his face that destroys his mainframe and sends
his body flying away, sparking as it does so. Jax runs to face her, 
but she grabs both of his arms and drives her heel square into his 
throat, spraying blood from his neck and killing him too.

Smoke tries to kick Sindel, but she grabs his leg, knees him in the
groin, then grapples him in a sleeper hold and snaps his neck. Sonya
charges right into a high kick that sends her sprawling. Jade rushes
forward and tries to punch Sindel, but Sindel grabs her hand and
punches her in the face twice. Kitana runs forward with a roundhouse
kick, but Sindel ducks it and grabs Kitana in a choke hold. She kicks
Jade away and throws Kitana aside, before turning to Jade and
finishing her by tearing out her stomach.

As Sindel throws the organ aside, Kitana attacks again. Sindel blocks
her attacks, punches her twice and kicks her down. As Kitana tries to
rise, Sindel grabs her arm, pulls her in and repeatedly punches her in 
face, before dropping her with a flying kick. Kitana rolls over onto 
her stomach, and though unable to stand, gets to her knees.

KITANA: Mother, please!

SINDEL: I am no longer your mother.

KITANA: Mother, this is not your way. Shao Kahn has corrupted you!

SINDEL: Shao Kahn has resurrected me! You have betrayed him. Embraced 
a pathetic cause.

KITANA: Remember Edenia, mother. Remember your rule before Shao Kahn's 

SINDEL: Quiet, child. It is time for you to join your friends.

She generates a purple swirl of magic and begins draining Kitana's 
soul. Nightwolf drags himself toward her.


Sindel turns around, stopping the spell on Kitana, who falls 
unconscious, and faces Nightwolf.

SINDEL: Still alive? No matter. Soon you will reunite with your

They fight. Empowered by Shang Tsung's magic and strength, Sindel 
proves to be the toughest fight of Nightwolf's life. It takes all of 
his fighting ability and protection from the Spirits to even keep in 
the fight, but in the end he gains an advantage and knocks Sindel to 
the floor.

NIGHTWOLF: Now, Sindel. Face the Spirit's judgment.

Sindel rises without effort and laughs in his face. Nightwolf begins 
a chant in his native tongue and a light from the heavens surrounds 
him. He blasts Sindel with lightning from his hands. The camera 
switches to Sonya, who has also survived Sindel's assault. She looks 
up to the ceiling.

SONYA: Raiden... Raiden, where are you?

On another plane of existence entirely, Raiden and Liu Kang stand in
the temple of the Elder Gods.

RAIDEN: Elder Gods, I beseech you. Earthrealm is in danger.

There are six Elder Gods, all of varying genders and appearance, 
towering over Raiden and Liu Kang in spirit form, but they all speak 
at the same time.

ELDER GODS: We are aware of your plight, Raiden.

RAIDEN: Then you must intervene on Earthrealm's behalf.

ELDER GODS: We cannot.

RAIDEN: But Shao Kahn... Liu Kang has bested him twice, yet he 

ELDER GODS: Shao Kahn has not violated the rules of Mortal Kombat.

RAIDEN: What?! He invades Earthrealm as we speak!

ELDER GODS: Invasion is not itself a transgression. It is the merger 
of realms that is proscribed.

RAIDEN: A distinction without a difference! Innocents are dying at 
the hands of Outworld!

ELDER GODS: It is regrettable. But the Mortal Kombat tournaments are
not intended to prevent certain outcomes. They are intended only to
maintain balance among the realms.

RAIDEN: Please, you must--

ELDER GODS: We have spoken.

The Elder Gods' spirit forms disappear, leaving Raiden and Liu Kang 

RAIDEN: The last doors are closing. We are nearly trapped.

The scene fades away to black. Back at the temple, Nightwolf crashes
through the sacrificial alter. The fight has obviously not gone well 
for him. Sindel walks over to him and wraps her elongated hair around 
his midsection, dragging him into the air.

SINDEL: Victory is mine, Shaman.

She generates the purple aura around her hands and starts draining 
Nightwolf's soul.

NIGHTWOLF: Not if I... take it - from - you!

He starts another desperate chant in his native tongue and his hand
starts to glow with blue energy. Sindel laughs as he does so. As his
chant increases in volume, he begins to glow blue as well. A cloud of
mystical energy appears and both kombatants are blazed in blue light.
Raiden teleports in with Liu Kang just in time to witness this.

LIU KANG: By the Elder Gods!

Screaming one final time, Nightwolf releases the spell and the blue
light turns to a blazing white, engulfing both Sindel and himself. Liu
Kang and Raiden are forced to cover their eyes. Sindel screams as she 
is disintergrated by the light, and Nightwolf does the same as he also
dissolves into nothing. The light dissipates, leaving no evidence that 
Sindel or Nightwolf ever existed.

KITANA: Liu Kang...

LIU KANG: Kitana!

Liu Kang rushes to Kitana's side and grabs her hand. She doesn't even
have the strength left to sit up.

KITANA: Liu Kang... You were right. I wish we had met... under... 
different... cirumstances.

LIU KANG: Kitana...

She gasps and then finally breaths her last. As her body goes limp, 
Liu Kang falls to his knees, still grasping Kitana's hand.

LIU KANG: They are dead.

RAIDEN: Liu Kang, I--

LIU KANG: We abandoned them and they're dead.

RAIDEN: My heart, too, is heavy with their sacrifice.

LIU KANG: Their deaths achieved nothing!

Raiden looks once more at his amulet. More cracks adorn it.

LIU KANG: What is next, Raiden? Tell me the future! How do we honor
their "sacrifice"?

RAIDEN: I climbed to heaven, now I must plunge into the depths. I will
go to Quan Chi. Ally our realm with his against the forces of Outworld.

LIU KANG: What?! Grovel before Quan Chi?! What will he demand? What 
price will be paid?

RAIDEN: Would any price be too high to save Earthrealm?

LIU KANG: I had prayed it not true. But you have gone mad, Raiden. 
Your visions. They are nothing. Delusions of an addled mind.

RAIDEN: Liu Kang, please.

A groaning sound catches Liu Kang's attention. Out of all of the Forces
of Light, only Johnny Cage and Sonya have survived, and they are badly 

LIU KANG: Enough. I must help the wounded. Leave on your hopeless 

He gets up and walks towards the fallen heroes. Raiden looks at him as
he passes.

RAIDEN: May the Elder Gods protect you.

He teleports away in a flash of lightning.


Raiden reappears in the Netherrealm. He walks forward, looking around.

RAIDEN: Quan Chi! Quan Chi!

Scorpion appears before him in a flash of hellfire.

RAIDEN: It disappoints me to see you here.

SCORPION: Save your pity.

RAIDEN: I will have an audience with Quan Chi.

SCORPION: You may address me. I will inform him.

RAIDEN: Is this why you chose not to save your family and clan? To 
maintain your place at his feet?

SCORPION: Do not talk of my family, Raiden!

RAIDEN: Fetch your master, Scorpion. I must speak with him.

SCORPION: You speak only with me.

They fight. While Scorpion's is increased by the Netherrealm and 
Raiden himself is at a disadvantage outside of Earthrealm, Raiden 
demonstrates that he didn't become the protector of Earthrealm by 
being a pushover in kombat. He takes the fight to the ninja specter 
and manages to knock him to the floor.

RAIDEN: Now, Scorpion. Fetch your master.

Scorpion teleports away and Quan Chi appears in his place.

QUAN CHI: You seek an audience.

RAIDEN: I seek cooperation. Between Earthrealm and the Netherrealm.

QUAN CHI: Losing the battle, are you?

RAIDEN: We will prevail. But with the Netherrealm fighting at our 

QUAN CHI: You lie poorly, Raiden. Earthrealm's defenses are 
overwhelmed. You have mere hours.

RAIDEN: ...Name your terms.

QUAN CHI: What do you offer?

RAIDEN: I offer... I offer the souls of Earthrealm warriors who die
in this conflict.

Quan Chi bursts out laughing.

RAIDEN: They would agree.

QUAN CHI: You are cavalier with other men's souls.

He turns away and prepares to leave.

RAIDEN: Not just others! I offer my own soul as well. If I die, you
will have it.

Quan Chi stops and turns around.

QUAN CHI: How noble, Raiden. Yet utterly pointless.

He channels his magic and makes the warriors who fell in battle 
reappear before them. All have their eyes glazed over with white and
their bodies a sickly grey in colour, with cracks across their skin 
and clothing.


QUAN CHI: You see, their souls are already mine. Shao Kahn's payment
for Netherrealm's allegiance.

RAIDEN: No! This was not meant to be!

QUAN CHI: Earthrealm has lost, Raiden. Now so shall you. Finish him.

Jax, Stryker and Kabal walk forward.

JAX: As you command, my master.

They fight. With no choice, Raiden has to battle Jax and defeat him.
No sooner does he manage this, when Stryker attacks. After he repels
the former police officer and takes him down, Kabal charges in. Raiden
again is forced into battle, whereupon he defeats Kabal as well.

RAIDEN: May the Elder Gods watch over you.

QUAN CHI: The Elder Gods cannot help them. Their souls are mine. 
Kitana. Nightwolf. Kung Lao.

KITANA: You sealed our fate in this place, Thunder God. You have 
condemned us all.

They fight. Raiden is forced to fend off Kitana's assault, and as 
soon as she goes down, Nightwolf jumps into battle. Raiden takes care 
of him and then faces down Kung Lao. After another reluctant battle, 
Raiden manages to defeat him as well.

RAIDEN: Curse you, Quan Chi.

QUAN CHI: Shao Kahn's victory is nearly complete. Soon he will arrive
in Earthrealm.

RAIDEN: No! The Elder Gods cannot allow it.

QUAN CHI: The Elder Gods are toothless. Your world is near destruction,
yet they do not act.

RAIDEN: They must! Only through Mortal Kombat may Shao Kahn merge the
realms. Lest he face the judgment of the Elder Gods...

Raiden realises what he's just spoken.

RAIDEN: ...Lest he face the judgment of the Elder Gods! He must win!

QUAN CHI: It is you who face judgment, Raiden.

Jade, Smoke and Cyber Sub-Zero walk toward Raiden, preparing to fight.

RAIDEN: Thank you, Quan Chi. I now know what must be done.

He teleports away in a flash of lightning. Quan Chi smirks as he does
so. Raiden reappears on the rooftop Stryker and Kabal were at earlier
in the day. The area is now devastated from Outworld's assault and a 
giant portal has been opened on the rooftop. Shao Kahn's throne has 
already been placed on the rooftop. Liu Kang runs onto the rooftop and
spots Raiden, folding his arms in disgust.

LIU KANG: Back from the Netherrealm empty-handed, I see.

He begins to walk toward the portal.

RAIDEN: Liu Kang! Liu Kang, I now realise what we must do. We must 
allow Shao Kahn to merge the realms!

LIU KANG: That is insane!

RAIDEN: The Elder Gods forbid it without victory in Mortal Kombat. 
When he does, the Elder Gods' fury will fall upon him.

Liu Kang shakes his head in denial.

RAIDEN: Defeating Shao Kahn before the merge is but temporary. He 
will return, bringing Armageddon. I have foreseen it!

LIU KANG: Enough, Raiden!

A sound from the portal catches their attention. Shao Kahn is 
beginning to walk through it.

LIU KANG: He is here.

He moves toward the portal but Raiden grabs his arm.

RAIDEN: No! Do as I say! Have faith in the Elder Gods. 

He releases Liu Kang's arm.

RAIDEN: Have faith in me.

Liu Kang shakes his head and starts for the portal. Again Raiden 
stops him.

RAIDEN: Liu Kang, I cannot let you fight Shao Kahn!

LIU KANG: Then you are my enemy!

They fight. Raiden is forced to defend himself against Kang's 
furious assault. Fueled by desperation, both kombatants fight with 
all of their strength, and it is an even match due to the merger 
weakening Raiden's powers. However, Raiden manages to get an 
advantage and he knocks Liu Kang to the floor.

RAIDEN: Liu Kang, do not interfere!

Liu Kang struggles to his feet. Shao Kahn is still wading through
the portal. Johnny Cage and Sonya arrive at that moment to witness 
Liu Kang get to his feet and rush toward the portal.

RAIDEN: Liu Kang, stop!

Raiden blasts lightning at Liu Kang's feet to stop him. In response,
Liu Kang charges up his fist with his signature fire.

JOHNNY CAGE: Liu Kang! Raiden! No!

Johnny and Sonya run forward.

LIU KANG: Enough of your madness! If you must die, so be it!

Liu Kang charges forward with the intent of running through Raiden
as he did Shao Kahn. In self defense, Raiden generates a shield of 
lightning. As Kang collides with the shield, the resultant backlash 
not only blasts Liu Kang with lightning, but his own fire as well. 
Kang screams as his body is both electrified and scorched at the same 

RAIDEN: By the gods, NO!!

Raiden rushes to Liu Kang's side as he falls over, the electricity 
and fire wearing off. He cradles Kang's head in his hand.

RAIDEN: No. This was not meant to happen.

JOHNNY CAGE: What did you do?!

Liu Kang is having difficulty breathing and he is blinded in his 
left eye, but the look of hatred on his face says everything.

RAIDEN: Liu Kang, forgive me...

LIU KANG: You... have killed us... all...

He gasps for air and dies. Raiden closes his eyes sorrowfully. 
Meanwhile, Shao Kahn has finally stepped through the portal.

SONYA: C'mon! It's up to us!

Sonya and Johnny run forward to face Kahn, but he laughs and blasts
them away with his magic, knocking them both unconscious. Seeing 
Kahn approach, Raiden gets up and bows to him.

SHAO KAHN: Ah, Raiden. You have come to your senses.

RAIDEN: Earthrealm's citizens suffer. Further resistance serves no 

SHAO KAHN: All these ages you have fought me. You denied me my 
rightful claim. Not this time.

He uppercuts Raiden across the rooftop. Raiden lands hard on his 
back, his hat falling from his head. The scene briefly flashes 
forward to Armageddon, where the same happens to Future Raiden, 
before fading back into the present.

SHAO KAHN: The Elder Gods fear me now!

He laughs and picks Raiden up. Again the scene flashes to the 
parallel scene from Armageddon.

SHAO KAHN: Their pathetic Mortal Kombat shackles me no longer!

Kahn methodically pounds Raiden across the face, with the scene 
flashing between the present and Armageddon. In the present, Kahn 
throws Raiden across the rooftop and his amulet falls, shattering 
into pieces. Raiden lands on the very edge of the rooftop and Kahn 
stalks over to him. His hammer magically appears in his hand.

SHAO KAHN: They masquerade as dragons, but are mere toothless worms.

As Raiden rolls over, Kahn slams his boot into his chest. Again the
scene flashes to the same one in Armageddon.

SHAO KAHN: I know you can feel it. It is the end of all things.

In the present, Kahn glows green with the energy of the souls he 
has consumed.

RAIDEN: Elder Gods, where are you? Why do you forsake me?

Shao Kahn picks Raiden up again. The scene flashes to Armageddon 
once more.

SHAO KAHN: Your time has passed.

In the present, he throws Raiden across the rooftop.

SHAO KAHN: Ages wasted in foolish resistance.

Raiden struggles to his knees.

SHAO KAHN: I have won.

RAIDEN: Yes... you have won.

SHAO KAHN: Now, Raiden. Your world ends.

Kahn lifts his hammer up and prepares to deliver the finishing blow. 
Before he can, golden lightning flashes before his feet. More 
flashes strike the rooftop around them, and from a portal from the 
heavens, six golden dragons fly out and around Raiden's body, lifting 
him into the air and revitalising him. With a final flash, Raiden 
stands before Shao Kahn, his wounds healed and his hat back on his 
head. The dragons still surround him and when he speaks, his voice is
of the Elder Gods.

RAIDEN: You violate our will, Shao Kahn. You merge realms without 
victory in Mortal Kombat. Our penalty is clear.

Raiden charges up a golden variation of his lightning and blasts Shao
Kahn with it. It has no effect and Kahn laughs out loud.

SHAO KAHN: An anemic effort from ineffecualt deities. Today, I become 
THE Elder God!

They fight. The battle is truly epic, with neither the repowered 
Raiden or Shao Kahn getting any clear advantage for the majority of 
it. For what seems like an age, the two titans with everything they 
have, but eventually the Thunder God prevails and knocks Kahn to the 
floor. As he struggles to his feet and tries to charge again, Raiden 
blasts him once more with the golden lightning. 

This time, the blast has an effect, and the dragons surround Kahn as 
he is blasted. They begin biting into his body at various places, 
causing him to scream in pain. His body is scorched by their magic 
while Raiden is finally released from their control. As he falls 
forward in exhaustion, the Elder Gods' assault on Shao Kahn cause the
warlord to explode in a flash of golden light that reaches to the 
heavens. The Elder Gods immediately depart in the same light, and as 
the portal dissipates, the dark clouds surrounding the sky clear away,
leaving the sun to shine through.

Raiden remains on his knees, and looks to his amulet one more time. 
Finally, the cracks adorning it are removed, and it remains as it once 

RAIDEN: It is over.

He places the amulet back on his chest as Sonya and Johnny Cage help 
him to his feet.

RAIDEN: But only at the gravest of costs.

They all walk over to Liu Kang's body.

RAIDEN: So many are gone. Their light has sunk into the earth. I am 
responsible for their loss.

SONYA: You did what you had to. To protect Earthrealm. Losses in 
war... are... are inevitable.

RAIDEN: Come. Let us tend the fallen. Then we must help our realm 
rebuild. Our work has only just begun.

He teleports himself, Johnny, Sonya and Liu Kang's body away in a 
flash of lightning. Only Shao Kahn's war helmet remains on the 
rooftop, forgotten by all... except the one who walks through an 
unseen portal and picks it up; Quan Chi. As he examines the trophy,
another being fades into existence before him.

QUAN CHI: Your plan worked to perfection, Lord Shinnok.

SHINNOK: Shao Kahn was blinded by rage. How easily was he convinced
that the Elder Gods would ignore his merging the realms.

QUAN CHI: Yet the Thunder God still lives.

SHINNOK: No matter. Neither Earthrealm nor Outworld can now 
withstand the Netherrealm's onslaught. It is time. Soon I will be 
free. Earthrealm and Outworld will be ours.

Cut to black.


Coming whenever anyone decides to ask me some questions. :D

(5)               THE FINAL WORD

Well, writing this Game Script Guide took a lot longer than I thought it 
would, but that always seems to be the case with my FAQs as well. :)

Feedback is welcome provided you can write in good English. My e-mail 
address, as it has now stood for 10 years now, is 
Unfortunately, my Hotmail account can get quite filled with junk as well,
so PLEASE ensure that any mail you wish to send me has the words "Mortal
Kombat Game Script Guide" clearly printed in the subject
title somewhere, otherwise I might mistake it for spam mail and delete it.

Thanks go out to the following people:

Me (no one reads this bit, so why not) for taking what spare time I have in
my life to constantly update this Game Script Guide. :)

Netherrealm Studios and Warner Interactive for creating this great game.

Youtube user RolandGamingHD for uploading all of the game cutscenes to
Youtube in high quality (and with subtitles) for my viewing.

GameFAQs for allowing me to put this Game Script Guide on their site.

And finally I give thanks to YOU, the adoring fan / Mortal
Kombat fanatic who decided to read all the way through this guide of mine.
You guys are the reason I do and will continue to update this guide until 
no more can possibly be said about one of the greatest fighting games to
ever hit the PS3 / XBox 360.

So then, all that's left to say is "Ciao for now, peeps".

Daniel James Gallagher
AKA Minty Fresh Death

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