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Trophy Guide by Vesperas

Version: 1 | Updated: 04/02/2013


Hello, and welcome to my Metal Gear Rising Trophy guide.

Nothing fancy, just a trophy guide. Even though it is straight forward, I
still need to put in a disclaimer:


I had to make this clear, as a troll board user discredited my S rank guide 
for using things like Wigs and such, I don't blame him, he's probably mad that
he had to try harder than all my readers (your my reader).

Any ways, more seriously, this guide is for peeps who do not care about 
anything besides a trophy. Want to challenge yourself, and not cheese how
I'm about to tell you how to? Don't use the guide. 

If you need tips, stay.

Remember the platinum trophy unlocks after you get all the others, which I
doubt you didn't know. For the Xbox, I have no clue how they work.

And last, all but 6 trophies (S Ranking Rev, and the 5 silver hidden take
no damage on hard or above boss battle trophies) can be done on any setting.
So if you find one too hard, don't forget you can always drop down to easy,
with all your upgrades. 

And last, I swear, the last thing I say, if you are a Plat or Bust type 
player, make sure you Aim for all the Gold Trophies first, and even more
so, VR mission 18. If you can basically get those, you'll be enjoying a 
platinum soon.


Table of Contents.

Copy and paste the trophy name into the Search (F + control). Or just scroll
down, you'll notice that the guide is set up in a different order, the table
of contents is ABC order.

I had to mention that, I didn't want you think there was a black hole or some
thing in the FAQ, that would just be crazy. Worm Hole? Same crap.

A Big Fan of Lefties  
A Lover, Not a Fighter 
A Walk in the Dark 
Amateur Radio Operator  
Analysis Complete  
Anti-Cyborg Sentiment 
Assassin Behind Closed Doors  
Assault with a Deadly Weapon  
Becoming a Lightning God (changed to Stormbringer)
Chosen by History  
Data Mining  
Datsu Right  
Demilitarized Zone  
Dwarf Raiden  
Extinction Level Event 
File R-00: Status - Closed 
File R-01: Status - Closed 
File R-02: Status - Closed  
File R-03: Status - Closed  
File R-04: Status - Closed  
File R-05: Status - Closed  
File R-06: Status - Closed 
File R-07: Status - Closed  
Genius Destroyer 
Great Escape 
Humanitarian Assistance 
Ich Liebe Kapitalismus!  
Jumping the Shark 
Looking Out for the Little Guys 
Love at First Sight 
Menace to Society  
No Flash Photography!  
Pond Scum 
Prodigal Murderer  
Rip 'Em Apart! 
Slider Strike 
Steel Tail 
Surprise Attack!  
Tearing Away the Disguise 
The Bigger They Are... 
The Politics of Silencing Foes  
Truly Human  
Virtually a God  (Changed to Virtually Flawless)
VR Master  
What Doesn't Kill You... 
Wolf Hunter 
You Don't Run from Chance 


--Mission Completion Trophies

I'm going to guess that not a single person came into this guide to look at
these, just scroll down, it's literally nessecary filler for a full trophy FAQ.
Well maybe except the final one listed, but I just cop out and link you to
another guide some awesome guy wrote. (Perfectly legal, I have written 

File R-00: Status - Closed ------------------------------------------- Bronze 

Beat the very first mission to unlock this. It is the mission with Ray if 
you actually forget.

File R-01: Status - Closed ------------------------------------------- Bronze

Beat the second mission to unlock this. It is the mission with the Dog boss,
the Farris Wheel, and that chick who goes all daddy long legs torture on 
those poor innocent dwarf gekkos.
File R-02: Status - Closed ------------------------------------------- Bronze 

Beat the third mission to unlock this. It is the sewer mission.

File R-03: Status - Closed ------------------------------------------- Bronze 

Beat the fourth mission to unlock this. This is the mission where you first
get to Denver, Sam screws with your head, and you kill the guy who likes to
throw garbage at you.

File R-04: Status ---------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

Beat the fifth mission to unlock this. This I refer to as the office mission,
where you kill that fat bald guy.

File R-05: Status - Closed ------------------------------------------- Bronze 

Beat the sixth mission to unlock this. This is the escape from LA mission. 
Wait, that was Snake... I mean the escape from Denver Mission. 

File R-06: Status - Closed ------------------------------------------- Bronze 

Beat the seventh mission to unlock this, this is just the boss fight VS the
mexican guy.

File R-07: Status - Closed ------------------------------------------- Bronze 

Beat the game to get this trophy. 

Becoming a Lightning God --------------------------------------------- Gold 

*This trophy name was changed to "Stormbringer" as not to offend christians
and catholics. You may ask yourself, why would a heavy religious person
even be playing this game? Well if I learned anything from "Clerks 2", is
that robots and transformers are not blasphemy.

Quick help: You need to S rank EVERY battle to get the an S for the final
grade to be an S on the Score sheet.

The final mission needs to be S ranked lasted.

There is no limit to what you can use: If you can buy it, you can use it.

Long help:


Copy and paste that link into your browser, or click on it if it is 
possible. It's my S rank guide. It should offer enough tips to help you on
your way. 

Be SURE to read everything in the sections before the 1st mission 
starts, I've been answering emails like crazy by just saying what I just


--Mission Objective Trophies

These are obtained by going through a mission a certian manner. They are all
different, but chances are you can do most of them by just looking at the
discription. That's because you have what it takes. I hope.

No Flash Photography! ------------------------------------------------ Bronze 

The FUnny thing about this trophy, is on my first time through (didn't look
at any trophy list) I was going to kill the last camera, but figured it was
pointless as it knocked me down. And made me pissed.

Any ways, this trophy pops up after you kill all the cameras at the end of the
second level. It is the part right after seeing Mistrall and breaking in the
facility through a fan.

Simply kill all the gun cameras. Most can eaisly be killed with jump attacks,
but if you have trouble, a missile will also (over)kill one.

Dwarf Raiden --------------------------------------------------------- Bronze

During the sewer mission when you control the tripod, all you need to do is
knock out all the soldiers. Shouldn't be hard, if you get seen for some odd
reason, use the Vent to get away, or jump up high and hide.

I shouldn't really need to tell you how, or where, basically look at your
map, either it is a guard you need to knock out, or another gekko which
you will directly need for the next trophy.

Love at First Sight -------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

During the sewer mission in the same spot mentioned above, you need to "talk"
to all the other dwarf gekko.

First you need to find them. There is only five. 4 are close to the ground
level, and shouldn't be a problem. The other one is VERY high up and will
take some spot on jumping and slow walking to get to.

Just look up to the cranes, shouldn't take you long.

Now, once you get close to one, you need to do two things.

1. Hold Triangle to clap.
2. Hold a top button (I forget which one, L1/L2/R1/R2) to jump back and

A Walk in the Dark ---------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

After you fall down the long elevator shaft in the 4th mission, you know, the
part where you go through that dark ass underground subway?

All you need to do is make it to the end without clicking on the AR mode. Use
your map to help.

Don't be discouraged if you get seen as it actually give you a little bit of

You need to actually make it into the light passed the door. DO NOT CLICK ON
AR until the trophy pops up.

Menace to Society ----------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

In the 5th mission when you get to the Japanese garden. Win the first battle.
After that, make your way up to the giant building you had to go through. 

You need to get on top of that giant padoga. You can get all the first roof
by simply using the boxes in the corner after cutting through the original

Now from the first roof, you need to jump on the quartet of lanterns that
hang from above. They are red and yellow, and actually have little stars of
david on them. Hike your way up doing this about 3 more times.

Take it slow, and remember that the string actually can stop a jump.

Once on the tippy top, cut the metal rod in the middle of the roof.

Great Escape ---------------------------------------------------------- Bronze

You need to beat the 6th mission in under 7 minutes. This isn't hard.

If you are having trouble, you can always come back to this one during an 
easy run with all your upgrades. As long as you don't waste time ripping out
spines or grabbing items, you can do this really fast.

Surprise Attack! ------------------------------------------------------ Bronze

This trophy unlocks if you play the final mission without getting seen. Easier
said than done, and even easier on easy. I wouldn't suggest doing this on 
very hard or Rev difficulties, as sliders get added to the mix.

Another tip, make sure you have cardboard box, a missile, an RP grenade, and
the desperato armor. The armor actually increases stealth a bit, enough to
make the part after the gate and the hanger a breeze.

You start with three guards in front of you. Make the first two go into 
caution. They will follow you a bit. Stay in range to where they follow
you, but far enough to where they can't make out it's you. Keep this up
till they are far away from there post. Ninja shank both of them while
they walk back.

The last guy can be safely rocketed or stinger missiled.

Checkpoint, not from now till the end of the mission, you can't be seen
so restart manually if you do. You'll return here.

Cut the fence and quickly run to the left perimeter. Jumping up crates,
you'll circle around to the front of the hanger on the second floor.

My vague instructions aren't too bad, not a long treck back if you fail

While in the hanger, hug the left again. When you get to the area of the
hammer guys, either kill them, or wait till they turn around to break the
gate. Slash it in the middle to avoid gun camera, and use the 
"Back Forward Square" move break the fence stylishly.

The next part is tricky. Toss a few RP nade or two from behind the tank to
set up some clouds, then box it to the end. Try to hit next to the
double hammer guys, just not actually at them.

Make sure to finish the mission to get credit for this trophy, it 
doesn't pop up right when you get to Metal Gear E.


--Battle Trophies

These are trophies that require you to do nifty things during combat. It does
not have to be in one battle, and will add up during playthroughs.


Rip 'Em Apart! ------------------------------------------------------- Bronze

You need to kill 100 enemies by cutting them. I imagine this means you need
to cut them into peices... and I imagine you'll get this trophy before you
finish the game a first time.

Datsu Right ---------------------------------------------------------- Bronze

Squish 50 spines in your hands to get this. If you are like me, and turn this
into a drinking game... each time you Zandatsu, you take a drink, you'll be
drunk and getting this award before you get out of the sewers.
You Don't Run from Chance -------------------------------------------- Bronze 

You need to do 50 executions to unlock this. Those are the Triangle and 
Cirlce little prompts. Think God of War...

Anyways, some enemies can be perfect parried into a daze (long sword cyborg),
Sai'd (Mastiffs with ripper mode on), or even random parries like when a bull
gekko charges. (You'll see this a lot in VR 18, but it doesn't count there.)

Assassin Behind Closed Doors ----------------------------------------- Bronze

You need 30 ninja shanks/stealth kills for this. This is when an enemy is
obviously not aware of you.

You get a free one in the second mission, so you can either play that 
mission 30 times, or try to sneak. Remember you'll lose the chance to rank
in some battles if you ninja kill every enemy.
Assault with a Deadly Weapon ----------------------------------------- Bronze

Aim for this any time there are a bunch of slicable enemies, like the basic
cyborg, or tripods. This way you don't have to worry about them turning blue.

You can also use the Fox Blade (DLC), Armor Breaker, or Wig C to help get

This may seem hard to get, but I once had 2 TRIPLE ZANDATSU'S in a row
before, and I was terrible at cutting before I found out about the hold and
let go strat.

What Doesn't Kill You... --------------------------------------------- Bronze 

You need to parry 10 attacks in a row without getting hit, in under a 
minute. This one takes all skill.

Best places are the Monsoon Fight, Sam Fight, or any place on Very Hard and
up with many longsword cyborgs.

A Lover, Not a Fighter ----------------------------------------------- Bronze

You need to end 10 battles with the no kill bonus. Please note that if there
isn't a killable enemy, you can't get this.

Any killable enemy is a biped cyborg (gekko/raptor/mastiff are AI). So that
means any reg cyborg, cyborg with a machine gun/RPG/shield, the armored ones
with a long sword, or the heavies with hammers can't be killed.

To not kill one, you'll need to break a limb off THAT IS NOT A HEAD. An Arm,
a leg, an arm and a leg, or even make him a quad amputee. I prefer to go for
the legs after a weak attack, farther away from the head.

Once they are limping, hoping, crawling, or crying about their missing arm,
run away and they will disappear. Do this ten times, and make sure you do
it during actual ranked fight.

Or just use the Wooden Sword.


--Enemy Destruction Trophies

Want to know something FUnny? I don't even have a platinum in this game yet.
I'm missing one in this section. Most of these will unlock on your first play
through, others, won't.

ALL OF THESE MUST BE DONE IN STORY MODE! Also, I heard that if you kill the
enemy, then restart, the game still keeps track*.

*I GukoEX, a GameFAQs board user.

I quote him because I'm too lazy to see... I'm in no hurry to get rid of 
this game, I actually like it.

Anti-Cyborg Sentiment ----------------------------------------------- Bronze

You need to kill 100 of the regular cyborgs. You should get this on your 
first play through if you don't immediatily go for the 10 no kill trophy.

They are found in literally every mission.

The Bigger They Are... ---------------------------------------------- Bronze 

You need to kill 100 of the slightly armored longsword cyborgs. You know, 
the ones that can actually parry back? These guys start showing up in the
Denver "lets murder the cops" mission. Even more and earlier on very hard
and up.

Chances are you'll get this on your 4th or 5th playthrough. 3rd if you do
Hard --> Very Hard --> Rev

Demilitarized Zone -------------------------------------------------- Bronze

You need to kill 100 of the Hammer cyborgs. I actually do not have this
trophy, in fact it is the last one I need to get.*

If you wanted it faster, I would suggest playing the final mission over
and over again. There is at least 5 you can kill. 

The problem with these guys are, is that there is so many to kill but
not a lot in the game. They start showing up in the first Denver mission.

*At the time of writing this guide.

Herpetophobia ------------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

Ever noticed that they spell Gekko wrong? It's a "ck"... any ways, you
need to kill 10 of these, which is possible in one playthrough if you can
kill a couple during the Metal Gear Fight, and never skip over them.

Either way, you should get this in your second playthrough.

Looking Out for the Little Guys ------------------------------------- Bronze 

You need to kill 30 of the tripod gekkos, and one thing I don't understand 
is how they want you to kill 100's of the armored cyborgs, yet these are
way too common.

If you are worried about getting this ASAP, you can farm during the Mistral
fight. You'll get this during your first play through.

Extinction Level Event ---------------------------------------------- Bronze

You need to kill 10 Raptors. You'll most likely get this by the office
building level in your first play through.

Wolf Hunter --------------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

You need to kill 10 Fenrirs. I don't think the original LQ-81 counts, but
you should get this during your second playthrough during mission R04 or

Silverback ---------------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

You need to kill 10 Mastiffs. Chances are, you'll get this during your 
first playthrough as you go through the underground dark subway.

Pond Scum ----------------------------------------------------------- Bronze

You need to kill 5 Vodomjerka's. These are those flamethrower guys who
skim on water. You can get this in the sewer level, there is a part where
they keep coming.

Slider Strike ------------------------------------------------------- Bronze

Ten sliders are needed for this trophy. You'll get this on your first or
second run through as these flying bastards can usually be skipped in 
opional battles. You won't have trouble though.

Jumping the Shark --------------------------------------------------- Bronze

These are the helicopters called hammerheads. You need to kill 10. The 
second mission has 3 if you do the back up mission. There is one more in
the first Denver mission.

You can either go through the game another 2 times, or boost them during the
Sundowner fight.


--Boss Trophies

All of these need to either be done on hard difficulty or higher. They 
should also come naturally when going for the S ranks. This of course does
not include the cut the ray's tail off.

I'm not going to copy and paste want I said before in my other S rank guide,


Refer to that for more detailed tips if you choose to do it on the hardest

Steel Tail ----------------------------------------------------------- Bronze

You need to cut of Metal Gear Ray's tail in the first mission. This isn't
monster hunter though, so dashing under his legs and doubling to his tail 
won't actually work. You need to parry the tail.

What you need to do is stand mid range from him, he'll either shoot missiles,
or swipe his tail. It's annoying to wait for it, and tricky to parry off
the bat. Three pointers:

1. Play on easy so you can hang around awhile.
2. He ALWAYS does it twice in a row.
3. Parry towards MGRay, not in the direction of the tail.

Prodigal Murderer ---------------------------------------------------- Silver 

Defeat Mistral without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

She is rather easy to defeat flawless, even on Rev since you have two check
points you can abuse. Make sure you make a back up save during them.

Genius Destroyer ----------------------------------------------------- Silver

Defeat Monsoon without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

I highly suggest doing this during your Rev run, he pretty much takes the
same amount of hits in Hard/VH/Rev. I also highly suggest you read that guide
I spammed twice already since it will tell you about the bloodlust pincer
cheese method.

Truly Human ---------------------------------------------------------- Silver 

Defeat Sundowner without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

There are checkpoints for when you cut off his shields, and when you are
about to fly on the slider.

Make sure you attack the chopper Asap to avoid damage, and then try your
best to either kill him quick or take off his shields. He actually dies
pretty quick if you choose to use ripper mode and the muramasa blade.

As above, check the FAQ I listed above for more tips.

Chosen by History ---------------------------------------------------- Silver 

Defeat Samuel without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

Easiest of the boss fights. You can deal more than half his health in one
attack if you use the Muramasa, Red Armor, Ripper mode, and a Pefect Parry.

Naturally, the game has to be on Rev mode for the massive counter damage.

The Politics of Silencing Foes --------------------------------------- Silver 

Defeat Sen. Armstrong without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

I found the final boss easier on Rev, than on my first playthrough because
of the sword not being at level 1.

Remember that you have two checkpoints, so back up your data. Also, the first
two parts count (for the second part, just dodge him for some time.).

For the 3rd part, you can dodge the debris he tosses by just running away, 
and use blade mode with the Wig B to make him a slow slow joke.


--Collection Trophies

As the name implies, these are things you need to track down or obtain one
way or another. 

A Big Fan of Lefties ------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

Some enemies have special left arms. The game actually tries to make you
grab the first one to open the door. If you use AR mode all the time, you
could only miss one arm if you aren't carefully.

The person with the collectable arm well be vary noticable, it will glow in
AR mode. You need to cut the shoulder/humorous area for a clean cut. Use this

Hold your sword to strike vertical through that arm area I mention above,
then just let the stick go for a nice clean slash. If you screw up, make 
sure you restart.

Getting all the ID chips will unlock the Armor Breaker sword, as well as
a Wig for each 10 you grab. There are 30, and no the names do not matter.

However, if you are missing any, go to the collection area on the main
menu to see which ones you are missing.


Arm 1
This is the one you need to open the door with. Impossible to miss as Doc 
will do a whole cutscene for it.

Arm 2
After the door you need to open, there should be an arm in the fountain area.

Arm 3
After the farris wheel area, there will be 3 guys packed together in a room
before you leave. One has an arm.

Arm 4
In the room with a shit ton of cameras, someone has an arm.


Arm 5
After the brain cutscene, one of these guys has the chip.

Arm 6
One of the guards that was in the dwarf gekko sneaking section. 

Arm 7
After the Grad fight, one of the troops as it in the next hallway.


Arm 8
During the first set of enemies has this arm.

Arm 9
After you kill the two Grads, unranked troops will come. One as it.

Arm 10
One of the guys in front of the elevator has this chip. It is the part with
shield enemies.

Arm 11
One of the guys with a slider jet pack has this arm, after you jump to the new
building with the crane.

Arm 12
On of the guys on the building with the hostage has this.

Arm 13
After leaving the dark subway, the battle has a guy with an ID chip.

Arm 14
Directly after the fight with the Grad on the bridge, there is a guy with
this arm.

Arm 15
After the battle that is after the Grad on the the bridge, otherwise known as
the stairs area, the guy with the rocket launcher should have a green glowing
arm, ripe for the picking.


Arm 16
First fight in the chapter has a lefty.

Arm 17
When you are waiting for the elevator to be done getting hacked, one of the
shield guys has this.

Arm 18
On easy-hard, if you take out 2 of the 3 panels without getting seen, a 
hammer guy will appear. 

On VH/Rev, the hammer guy will always be at the end, but I can't confirm if
he has the arm as I collected it before tried this on these difficulties.

Arm 19
In that panel area, one of the guys has this in the area.

Arm 20
A guy has this during the Japanese garden's first fight.

Arm 21
Found in the second area in the Japanese garden.

Arm 22
A guy has this before you get on the elevator.

Arm 23
The hammer guy on the elevator you need to jump to from the broken one ass 
this item.


Arm 24
The first battle in the mission has a let arm you need to snatch.

Arm 25
In the second ranked battle, the hammer guy has it.

Arm 26
The area where the hostage is, is the next arm chip.


Arm 27
One of the guys that guard the gate has this ID chip.

Arm 28
The hammer guy in the area after the first gate has this.

Arm 29
A hammer guy in the hanger has this.

Arm 30
The final area with enemies, look for the RPG guy on the ledge. He has it.

Peekaboo ------------------------------------------------------------- Bronze

You need to track down all five Men In Boxes for this trophy. Actually found
them all on my second time through the game, they aren't that hard to find.

Getting them all will unlock the wooden sword.

As above, you can look through the collecton section to see which ones you
need to track down.

MiB 1: R-01
Before leaving the camera room to the outside, jump in the middle of that last
catwalk. It should have a secret path to a box.

MiB 2: R-02
In the middle room in the area being circle by the water slider flamethrower

MiB 3: R-03
Off the beaten path after the two gekko and before the shield guys guarding the

MiB 4: R-04
At the end of the long elevator ride, you should see a small opening on top 
of boxes. Ninja run through it to find this bastard.

MiB 5: R-07 
Before you head to the Metal Gear E fight, he is in an area with crates. He
is literally the last thing you can "collect" before the end of the game.

Data Mining ---------------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

These are the little storage devices you need to grab. They do appear slightly
in AR mode, but they are usually too hidden and too small for that to matter.

Grabbing 10 of them unlocks the machete, and grabbing all 20 will unlock the
stun blade.

Just like the Arms and Men in boxes, you can check the collection area to
see which ones you are missing.


Data 1
After the Ray fight, while chasing Sundowner, you need to slice the sewer gate
halfway during the chase. This is right infront of you, low to the ground

Make sure to ninja run auto slide to get down there.

Data 2
At the end of the train, when you can see Sam and company, look down before
dropping down. To the right is the Data. Make sure to fall at an angle, as
going too fast will make you go too far and fall into a cutscene.


Data 3
After the very first fight, it is on top of the chandelier in the first room
you enter.

Data 4
This is found after the first Gekko fight. Just don't leave the area before
you grab it.

Data 5
After the Wolf fight, if you go the opposite direction you came from, you'll
see a slice-able door. It is in there.

Data 6
In the area with all the cameras, before you leave make sure to check the upper
catwalks an a box in a corner.


Data 7
The area after you get your first box with the many monkeys, it is in a chest
on some pipes you need to careFUlly jump to.

Data 8
In the vent playing as the tripod.

Data 9
On the back set of boxes playing as the tripod.


Data 10
This is on top of the glass that connects the first area of the mission, to the
foyer. You need to take the upper pathways to get it.

Data 11
This one is tricky. After you jump to the building (directly after the first
hammer guy you fight), you see slider dropping off enemies. The one that flies
by one must be killed to get this.

I found using ripper mode with the long sword on easy mode the easiest way to
kill this slider. Ain't I a dick for suggesting that you use that?

Fox blade/Wig C is an alt. Hell, Mura + ripper + easy mode sure be enough.

Data 12
In the dark subway channel, hug the left and it should be behind a large rock.

Data 13
In the large open area with the stairs, you'll need to jump on a cart on the
bottom left of the area. If you use AR mode you can see it twirling on a sign.

Make sure you not use ninja run for the first jump as it doesn't give you 
enough height.


Data 14
At the start of the mission, you need to make your way to the top of the
stairs. Use AR to see the twirling data. Now jump to the pillar, then the two
TV's, then the pillar with the data.

If you are looking at the entrance doors for the top of the stairs, it should
be on the left.

Data 15
Under a walkway at the end of the Japanese garden inside a chest.

Data 16
When you are on the elevator, instead of jumping ship to the next one, kill as
many enemies as you can, the last one will drop this.

Data 17
Found in the brain room where you first see Sundowner.


Data 18
In the first area in the mission, it is hidden in a trash can.


Data 19
This guy is found on the left roof right when you enter the first gate.

Data 20
Inside the hanger, this is on the blades of the last double huey. 

Analysis Complete ---------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

This trophy is for unlocking all twenty VR missions. They aren't hard to 
find, but they don't give off anything special during AR mode. Hell, most are
in clear sight.

You don't get anything but the trophy directly after collecting all of them,
but you do get items for completely them. (Look at the last section for tips).

To see which ones you are missing, simply go to the VR select screen. There
are twenty of them, not 21 which the VR screen might suggest.


VR 1
Impossible to miss. It is in the first door you need a keypad to open.

VR 2
It is in the area with the second hostage. After you kill everything you
need to kill, there should be a low roof to the left just past where he was. 
You need to circle back to find it.

The VR mission is close to the EM grenade, only on that roof.

VR 3
After the fountain area, but before the drop down to where the farris wheel is,
it is located somewhere in that tall buidling you need to ninja run up. It is
on the bottom floor.

VR 4
At the end of the level, instead of going the right way (up), go the wrong
way (down). Literally right when you leave the camera area to the outside.


VR 5 
Before dropping down the hole, make sure to look at the side path through
doors. The intel should be somewhere in there, as well as a patrolling monkey.

VR 6 
Easily found in the room where you find the cardboard box.

VR 7
In the room after the hallway after the Grad fight, it will be there. Hard to


VR 8
It is behind one of those barrier trucks to the left of the beginning of the

VR 9
In foyer behind the glass. Still need help? It's behind the Japan lady.

VR 10
After jumping to the building from the first crane, it is between two buildings
and over pipes.

VR 11
This is found about halfway through the dark subway channel. Don't leave with
out it. Not hard to find if you double back after getting to the end.

VR 12
Found before you head outside of the subway. Hard to miss.


VR 13
Found in one of the glass cases at the beginning of the mission.

VR 14
This is in a middle room during the panel destroying part of the mission.

VR 15
Same as the last, but it is in a more distant room in the panel destroying
part of the mission.

VR 16
This is found hidden in some boxes at the end of that long elevator. Yes, you
need to slash them.

VR 17
After you are out of the brain room where you first see Sundowner, it will
behind a circuit box under a ledge.


VR 18
This is hidden in the final part of the mission. It is the door that leads to
the triple monkey ambush and the watermelon.


VR 19
Found at the start of the mission. You need to jump up the rocks behind where
you start.

VR 20
Found inside the hanger.

Tearing Away the Disguise ------------------------------------------- Bronze 

The trophy name is a referance to MGS4, in ACT 3 you were being followed by
one of these guys in a trench coat and a fedora. In this game, you need to
track down 5 naked humanoid gekko, basically two tripods that are put

Although there is no way to tell which one you missed, you need to get
them all in a single playthrough any ways.

They give nothing but a ton of BP if you kill them in a single strike.

HG 1: R-02
After the second ranked fight with all the gekko, run back to where you dropped
out, it should of spawned back there.

HG 2: R-03
At the end of the dark subway channel. It is in the right corner. DO NOT 

HG 3: R-04
Before you fight Sundowner, you need to look to the left and missile snipe
hit on a catwalk you literally can't walk to.

HG 4: R-05
In the area where you need to go down the stairs, you need to do it without
getting seen. Make sure you hide in your box while the slider go past and 
watch the radar for the gekko.

If you play on easy, you can missile snipe him from far away.

HG 5: R-07
At the start of the mission, you need to go across the road, and you should
find him between two large rocks.

Humanitarian Assistance ---------------------------------------------- Bronze 

There are four hostages in the game, you get this trophy for saving all of
them. They are all easy to find. All but the first one should be taken out
after throwing an EM grenade at the closest enemies, then taking out non
EMP'd enemies using ripper mode.

Easier on easy. I do not know if you need them all in one playthrough, so
be safe and do it during one.

Ich Liebe Kapitalismus! ---------------------------------------------- Bronze 

You get this after bascially buying everything. The only thing that doesn't
need to be bought is boosts for the swords, but you need all the swords.

This means turning everything else in the customize screen to complete.

You make everything ready to buy you need:

+To find all the Left Arms
+Find all the Data
+Kill all the Men in Boxes
+Find, then 1st place ALL VR missions
+Beat the game on Hard, and the first mission of Very Hard.

This will take you awhile, so enjoy the game while you can.

Amateur Radio ---------------------------------------------------------- Gold

This trophy will pop up after you listen to a bunch of codecs. You are going
to be calling everyone at every possible time until they start repeating 
stuff. It is very boring.

+Call at the start of each chapter 
+After each cutscene
+Before and after each hostage
+During each phase of a boss
+Getting a checkpoint.

I got lucky and unlocked mine during the final boss on the second last
thing Sunny said, So I know you don't have to listen to everything. I also
was fast fowarding a lot, so I know you can get away with that. 


--VR Section

Most likely the most hated part of the game is the VR missions. They are very
brutal. To play them, you'll first need to unlock them. Beating 6 gives you
blue armor, 10 gives you red armor, all 20 gives you yellow, and 1st 
placing all of them gives you the long blade.

that means you'll be at 100% health, 100% fuel, and "-" (dashes) for weapon
stats. Oh, and you only get the HF blade too.

Also, getting first place in some of them literally takes perfect timing...
For about doing these, I would get a goal... Do you just want the red
armor? Then do easy ones. If you want to do them all, you may as well be
1st placing them all. Why? VR 18 is widely regaurded as the hardest thing
to do in this game. It is legit fighting for next to 5 minutes, and you
pretty much need to perfect parry.

With that being said, I would start at VR 18, if you can't do it, no 
point trying to do the rest (over 10), but if you can do it, you'll most
likely get the 1st, then I would challenge the rest.


I'm doing this part quick as most will rely on skill. I can't really hold
your hand for this. Most of these can boil down to luck. My biggest 
advice is to try and never give up. 

VR Master ---------------------------------------------------------- Bronze 

For this trophy you simply have to beat all the missions. Again, as I 
said up there before... if you can beat them all, you may as well go for
all 1st.

Virtually a God ----------------------------------------------------- Gold 

*This trophy title was changed to Virtually Flawless because KP/P* want 
to be PC and not have bad PR.

Most likely the hardest trophy in the game, I highly suggest starting at
18, then doing 17, then 19, then work backwards. You'll get literally a
few more tricky ones, but nothing as bad or dangerous as those 3. See,
1st isn't that hard to get in those 3, it's staying alive which is hard.

Also, ONE giant tip, you can use the first mission, or the 15 second find the
exit mission to start off with an equip. For instants, the first mission I 
suggest using the pincer blades, so if you don't have them equipped, you 
should beat a fast mission with them on, then the game will save them as your

VR 1
Eliminate All Enemies: 40 seconds.

This mission is both easy and hard. It's hella easy to win, but you only get
40 seconds to make your magic work.

There are two waves of enemies. The first is just 3 easy to slice cyborgs. You
should be sliding then use one cut to kill all 3. If you don't kill them in 
literally 3 seconds, restart.

Now I usually triple charge up my pincer blades. This should instantly put the
Gekko that spawns in an execution state. HopeFUlly you have FUll FUel cells so 
you can kill him quick.

THe next is a matter of killing the rest of the enemies, 4 cyborgs fast. I would
try the blade mode slide to kill two, then recharge, then try for another

This is luck based, sometimes your pincer can kill enemies with the Gekko, and
sometimes you won't even get the pincer off. Keep trying, as it is only 40 

VR 2
Eliminate All Enemies Via Ninja Kill: 40 Seconds.

Pretty easy if you know the trick. The trick is the mash the hell out of L1
once you stab a guy, it will cancel the blade mode wait time.

Now kill the guy right infront of you.

Once he's dead, wait till the guy on the bottom floor walks slightly past
the corner, then kill the guy on top of the box. Now wait slightly a second
because now you need to wait till the guy on the box across the room is all
the way to the right.

Once he is all the way to the right, jump ninja kill the guy on the ground.
After he's dead move to the guy on the top, then use AR to kill the guy on the
bottom behind that big stack of boxes.

VR 3
Arrive at the Specified Waypoint: 15 Seconds.

Stay right, not even hard, at all. 

Use this mission when ever you want to change your starting equipped
secondary weapon.

VR 4
Eliminate All Enemies Via Zandatsu: 1 Minute.

This mission you need to spine rip three enemies, and I'm not going to lie, I
got this on my first try, so I'm not sure I really can prove this strat I'm
going to say, but here goes.

First enemy is a standard cyborg, just kill him fast, not hard. Then an
armored cyborg comes out. Kill him the best you can.

If you are having trouble with him, use a secondary weapon to knock him off
balance, a Sai will allow you many free hits.

The last is a Gekko, just make sure he does his ram to you, parry it for an
instant execution. If he doesn't, try the fight again, you'll get it soon.

VR 5
Eliminate All Enemies Using the Supplied Sub-Weapon: 90 Seconds.

This one is more or less skill based. You need to peg little ball gekko with

Few tips, besides learning how to aim (not poking FUn, you think I even used
grenades before this mission?)

+Put two grenades at the base of a pillar to hopeFUlly destroy all four. Check
your kill count on the side, and it says 3 or 7, restart.

+For when there is a gekko on top, you can usually just hit him once to kill
all the ones below, again this takes skill and luck.

+For the congo line, make sure you have at least 3 nades before that wave 
starts, and keep launching nades before they even spawn.

This is the last mission I did, and it took me many tries.

VR 6
Arrive at the Specified Waypoint without Being Detected: 15 Seconds.

You need to bait the guy to the right, closest to the exit, then run around
the entire area. Look at the map.
 / [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]<---Exit
|  [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
|  [][]======[][][]======[][]
|  [][]======[][][]======[][]
|  [][]======[][][]======[][]
|  [][][][][][][][][][][][][]
|  [][][][][][][][][][][][][]
|  [][]======[][][]======[]!] -|
|  [][]======[][][]======[][]  |
|  [][]======[][][]======[][]  |
|  [][][][][][][][][][][][][]  |
 \ [][][][][]Start][][][][][] /
Go to the !, this is when the guard will see you then start walking, then just
follow the arrows.

VR 7
Eliminate All Enemies: 4 Minutes.

I had a harder time with this mission due to the time than I did with VR 18, 
nuts right?

Anyways, you need to go quick, the first wave is just 5 guys with rocket
launchers. Make sure you slide and cut at least three of them. Don't be afraid
to grab a spine, as it will let you slide and kill the other two.


A flamethrower guy and 4 more easy to slice cyborgs will pop up. You want to
stay away from the Flamethrower guy and Perfect Parry him. This will allow you
instantly zandastu him. Now, if you don't get that off, you should hurry the
hell up and try to kill him with the pincers or Sai.

You use the other enemies as well to perfect parry and hit him. Either way, I
suggest that you don't drag this out. After they are all dead triple charge your
pincer blades.

You'll need to start off the next fight with that triple attack, if you hit all
three armored cyborgs, you can keep pounding them with regular pincer attacks.

IF you get them all dead by two minuts, you are in good shape.

The next wave has two gekko and a few little ones. Make sure you try to bait the
bigger ones to charge you so you can instantly parry/execute them.

If you did the first three waves in 2 minutes, and kill at least one gekko right
off the bat with a parry/execute, you can just take it easy and pincer kill the
gekko and his friends, but if not, hope to get lucky with another charge.

Also, if you see one rearing its legs, don't just stand still as you'll get 
grabbed, and you can't execute with less than FUll FUel cells.

VR 8
Eliminate All Enemies Via Ninja Kill: 50 Seconds.

Two tips before you look at my map.

1: Ninja dash at ALL times WHILE tapping the Circle button like crazy. This will
get you the fastest kill and void the chance you'll touch the enemy.

2: After you stealth shank a guy, rapidly tap L1 like crazy to cancel the blade
mode prompt, THEN HOLD IN R1 to quickly move on.

I'm not going to tell you where to go, I'll show you.

Ok, P's are pillers. Just follow the arrows, you'll see the guys on the way. 
JUST MAKE SURE you wait before you kill the second guy, other than him make sure
you never stop running.

When you get to the second piller, make sure you kill the guy that is there.
Also when you get to the 3rd piller, hug the wall to the left so the guy doesn't
see you.

And for the whole thing, make sure you hug the inside wall to save time, you
literally can't afford to waste time.

==                                                == Start
==         /------------------------------------  ==
==       1|                                       ==
==      P |    ________________________           ==
==        |   /                        \          ==
==        |  |  ====================    \         ==
==        |  |  ====================     |        ==
==        |  |  ====================     |        ==
==        |  |  ====================     |        ==
==        |  |  ====================     |        ==
==        |  |  ====================     6        ==
==        |  |  ====================              ==
==        |   \                      5            ==
==        |    \________________________          ==
==      2 |                             \  P      ==
==        |                              \        ==
==        |                               \       ==
==        |     ====================       \      ==
==        |     ====================        \     ==
==        |     ====================         |    ==
==        |     ====================         |    ==
==        |     ====================         |    ==
==        |     ====================         |    ==
==        |     ====================         |    ==
==         \                                 |    ==
==          \                                |    ==
==           \                             P /    ==
==       3    \_____________________________/     ==
==                                            4   ==
That should help.

VR 9
Arrive at the Specified Waypoint: 20 Seconds.

First off, you need to cheat and equip the Sai before starting the mission.

Sai latch to the Tripod on the wall, fall down and run diagonally to the right.
Not only should this dodge the rocket launcher guys, but it will lead you to
a fake wall. It has two tripods above it.

Once in it, Rocket launcher guys come, do your best to dodge them, slash another
fake wall and BAM! exit.

It'll take a few tries as the rockets can screw you up. You can afford one hit
if you are quick.

VR 10
Eliminate All Enemies Via Zandatsu: 80 Seconds.

All the enemies can be kill with one slash... just make sure when the final
wave spawns, let them shoot a rocket first, then grab their spine. If you fall
down, just restart.

VR 11
Arrive at the Specified Waypoint without Being Detected: 25 Seconds.

Another mission you need to cheat in.

Start by hugging the wall, wait till the guard comes out slightly, then jump
over the camera laser and slide into the hole. The guard is blind on the side
so literally jump as soon as he is a foot from the corner.

Once you slide though, jump up the ledges. Use AR mode to spot the platforms, 
you may need to restart, but remember where the first one is.

Once you just on the first platform, you can ninja run to the next ledge. There
is an Grenade there, but don't use it, as it will cost you the time you need to
finish the mission.

Instead, hug the left wall and jump over the right camera's lasers, it takes 
practice, but low jumps will work.

VR 12
Eliminate All Enemies Using the Supplied Sub-Weapon: 150 Seconds.

You need to kill the enemies with the FIMA, so here's what you do. Start the
mission and GRAB 5 of them, on the last one, just stay put, as it will respawn
under your feet (keep in mind you need to run and grab more as you'll run out
since you shoot faster than they respawn.)

Always shoot the sliders first, as the people they carry will drop down as you
kill the gekko.

The final wave is more or less luck to if you can get two or even THREE gekko
getting hit at a time. If you get more than one in a dead lock for a volley
twice, you will get first.

VR 13
Eliminate All Enemies: 210 Seconds.

This is an annoying mission with a ton of sliders. 

It isn't that hard if you use the Sai, but my friend found something that saves
time, at the first wave, you the pincers in mid air, and a bunch with 
literally kamakazi into you. You'll kill so many so quick that you can take
your time with the next wave and even zandastu a few if you actually get hit.

VR 14
Eliminate All Enemies Via Ninja Kill: 70 Seconds.

I'm not drawing a map for this one, and it will take some practice. You should
already know that you must mash Circle before getting close to an enemy to 
insure you don't bump into him, and that you should mash L1 after the shank so
you cancel the blade mode time.

From the start of the mission, drop down. Go around the pillar to the left and
kill the flamerthrower slider.

  |  =====
  |  ===== 
  |  =====
       Drop point.

Make sure you kill the first enemy there, or you'll screw the funk of the rest
of the enemies.

Once you kill him, instantly go and kill the other slider.

Once you do that, use the block to jump back up. You'll see two Gekko, now if
you make your way towards them, kill the closer one. Then kill the one that
jumps down, this should be with a jumping ninja kill.

Once you kill him, don't go up the close stairs, yet pass them up and go up
the other set that leads to the cyborg that doesn't walk. If you did everything
super fast like you were suppose to, you can hug the wall and he won't see you.

After him, you should see a clear path to the last cyborg who has his back 
turned to you.

VR 15
Arrive at the Specified Waypoint: 30 Seconds.

You are going to cheese this one. Have to Sai on for the beginning of the
mission. Latch to the guy right to the right of you skipping a large section
of the mission.

From there on, use ninja jumps and lil jumps to get to the next section. 

A GRAD and four RPG guys will be in the way, once you jump to the platform
slide to avoid whatever the GRAD is about to throw at you. Then jump past him
to the right.

Now it's a matter of luck to not get hit by the rockets. Remember, you can 
afford to get hit once, or even attack one to interupt a rocket.

VR 16
Eliminate All Enemies: 150 Seconds.

Use the gun, kill things. Not much more I can say, this mission is 98% skill.

VR 17
Eliminate All Enemies Using the Supplied Sub-Weapons: 210 Seconds.

Although there are grenades in this mission, you'll be sticking to the homing

Unlike the previous homing missile mission, they will respawn faster than you
can waste them, though only the first part should you stand on them.

Once the misson start, stand on the homing missile and kill the soldiers in
aim mode. They take two, but you should get them both at a time.

Then move up to the left one kind of in the middle.  A few more soldiers will
spawn, shoot them dead. Don't worry about machine guns, kill the ones running
at you first.

As soon as you see the last one spark orange, you need to high tail to the
barrier. Before it disappears, 4 tripods will spawn, shoot a middle one fast
to kill all 4.

Now you shouldn't of taken a lot of damage, and this next area, I expect you
not to take any either, it is important for the final part of the mission.

Walk to the dotted line with your launcher aimed. Now as soon as you hear that
eerie spawn noise, pump a missile out, hitting the first guy who drops, then 
while you are drop reloading, start on moving the crosshairs to the next guy.

Just to be sure, you are shooting at the guys with rocket launchers on the
blocks. If you were fast enough, they shouldn't get a rocket off. Now either
they landed back while still up top, or they fell off, either way, don't worry
about them, and focus on the two other guys.

Speaking of other guys, if you knocked the two RPG guys away fast, you should
have to quickly ninja run out of the way because these guys can hurt.

Kill them by running away, or using "quick shot" by tapping L2 twice, really

Once they are dead, finish off the cyborgs. If they are up top, wait till they
aim, and run close to the block, they should hit that block, then kill them.

If they are down, just circle them till they shoot, then kill. Don't even try to
quick draw them, you'll get your rocket off first, but they will still hit you.

Mop up the tripods and prepare for the hard part.

The next part as two tripods, 1 gekko, and two raptors. Once you get in the
room, I like to take out the two lil gekko, as they tend to scatter and grab
you when you least expect it.

Your goal here is to run away attacking. Using the quick shot is a double edged
sword as it's faster, but sometimes misses. What I like to do, is wait till
one jumps, if you are moving, it shouldn't hit you, then I unload. I never 
unload without a FUll stock of missiles, because trust me, if you get more than
one in a barrage, you'll want to bang out five.

Once there is just one enemies left, probably a raptor, just stand on a homing
missile like you did in the beginning, and hopeFUlly you get the time.

VR 18
Eliminate All Enemies: 10 Minutes.

Ok, the hard mission. Keep in mind that this is set to the hardest diffculty,
which mean most things will kill you in one hit. Also, the enemies are SUPER
aggressive. Tripods are in all but the last fight, and they will grab the
crap out of you.

Ok, any ways, here's a break down.

First part of the mission is a Gekko and 6 babies. At the start, just run a lil
to the left, he should charge. Keep moving then parry him for an instant 
execution. If you don't get him to charge, just restart, or practice parrying.

Now mop up the tripods. Fastest way if probably using the polearm, but I just
ninja run slash because I'm too lazy to switch weapons.

Second part, more tripods, and TWO monkeys! This part is all skill, you are 
going to need to perfect parry them both (or if you are lucky, you can do that
ol two birds with one stone trick).

When they jump off a wall, follow their fast moving shadow for an easy perfect
parry, or if they chase you WITHOUT glowing arms, they will usually do an easy
to perfect parry dropkick.

Listen, if you are going to beat this mission, you are going to need to be able
to get this down. Trust me, it'll be second nature, and a tip, don't mash the
parry commands, just once.

This part does take a lil luck, as with the camera, sometimes it will switch
views right when you need to parry. Also, you can get killed the second they

Remember, a perfect parry is an instant execution.

Mop up the tripods.

Third part: There are two ways to do this. I ALWAYS try to go for this way:

Let the Fenrir try to kill/injure a hammer guy. If it does it's knife throw
attack, it usually will. If one of them are gone, this fight is easy. But this
is luck.

Now lets pretend you can't get him to do this, you are going to need to 
perfect parry him and kill him fast. You don't want this thing around doing that
rail gun crap. So perfect parry him when he jumps off a wall or anytime it 
jumps to you. It's actually pretty easy, especially if you have the parrying
from the previous fight down.

Once he is out of the way, you'll need to mop up the tripods. Again, people
may suggest to use the pole arm, but the regular sword is still ok. Just make
sure when you are ninja running, that you don't hit a cyborg as you'll clang
off him. Now, every time I tried the mission, you should have all the lil
guys dead by about 3:30 - 4 minutes, if so, you are in good shape.

Now as to take out TWO hammer guys, you should just use the Sai, either stun one
by not jumping into him, then luring one away, or Sai one normally, then combo
him a bit in the air, then when you hit the ground, prepare to offensive-
defensive dodge away.

They can take a while, just make sure to only go in with a purple Sai. If you
are at about 7 minutes once the last wave starts, you'll be in good shape.

The final part is a GRAD, just Sai him once, then attack. By the time he gets
back up you can Sai him again. Easy.

This mission will take some time, but the hard part is getting the wolf gone
before he starts spewing lasers. The monkeys will be annoying at first, but you
be able to get this down soon to where you'll only die by cheap shots you 
didn't see. 

VR 19
Eliminate All Enemies with Zandatsu: 10 Minutes.

Another mission, as with the last, easy to get time limit. Make sure you have
the pincer blades equipped first thing, before the mission begins.

Spam triangle, by the third attack, you can rip his spine. Now before moving on,
I like to slash the pillars and take at least a few packs of FUel. 

The next part has two longsword cyborgs, two hammer guys, and another Fenrir 
that will jump down after you kill two.

Start by triple charging the pincers to get some attacks off, then start 
running away. Still using the pincers, you'll need safely attack the long
sword guys, remembering to rip the spine before they explode.

Once you kill these guys, the wolf should jump down, now if you are on the 
other side of the block you start on, that's good, because the hammer guys will
be there and you'll be able to safely kill the wolf. Equip the Sai, latch on
to the wolf, then mash square with the sword, this will get him to an execution

When he is dead, Sai kill the hammer guys in the methods I mention in VR18.

The next part is just 4 wolves. Use the Sai and the sword. I choose not to use
the pincers as there are too many. Make sure when you attack one, most likely
in a corner, that you turn the camera too the wall, you'll have a smaller chance
of the others attacking you.

That's all, and the good news is the enemies don't kill you in one hit so 
you won't really be dying that much, the problem is actually you killing them
too quick.

VR 20
Arrive at the Specified Waypoint without Being Detected: 20 Seconds.

You'll need to cheat on this one, which isn't a surprise. Take a left up
the steps, at the flat area, ninja run jump up the platform, from here use
your AR mode. You may need to restart if you took too long, but important
that you see the platforms.

Now once you jump over them, head to the exit. Wait till the guy turns around
and jump over the camera laser, easy.


If you have a question, feel free to mail me on iwbdk@hotmail.com 
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