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Revengeance S Rank FAQ by Vesperas

Version: 3 | Updated: 04/04/2013


Hello, and welcome to my Metal Gear Rising S rank FAQ. This FAQ is for the
hardest setting ONLY. Thus this is to get the Becoming a Lightnin- er... the
Stormbringer Trophy.

I'm making this guide because there isn't a complete guide on GameFAQs.com, 
and many people have been asking questions. S ranking may seem impossible at
first, hell, even me on the previous 4 difficulties I only got strait C's 
because I didn't understand how the game worked.

I dedicate this FAQ to my best internet buddy akaSPANKY/AC Eos, he put down
the game because he thought it was BS, but I'm here to tell him it's not, 
anyone can do it. Though he may need a bit more help, he beat the game without
getting the 10 parry in a row trophy!

Good luck for him, and others, there is NOT A SINGLE PART you ever need to 
parry ten times in a row! So hopefully spanks and others can do this task
and get a gold trophy (or gamerpoints if you choose to play it with an 

Now to the beef of the guide, MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU 
TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN! I can't stress this enough, screwing up, say, on
the 5th mission (R04) at the end, WILL FORCE YOU DO HAVE TO DO THE ENTIRE


Version History: 

1. Original

2. Proof Read

3. Added S rank Reqs.


Table of Contents

Copy and paste the section you wish to see, then use Control+F or however you
like to do that magic fine thing. Though, you still should read the first
sections before the actual walkthrough, then just power mouse wheel down. Or
page down if you are using a Mac Mouse.

Also replace the double dash (--) with a tilde (~)

--S rank requirement
--Breaking the system
--Overall Strats and your own skill assessment
--First Mission (R00)
--Second Mission (R01)
--Third Mission (R02)
--Fourth Mission (R03)
--Fifth Mission (R04)
--Sixth Mission (R05)
--Seventh Mission (R06)
--Final Mission (R07)



+This guide is meant for the mature audience the mature rating game was made

+This guide is USED FOR the hardest difficulty ONLY. I can't even spell it,
it's the one after VERY HARD.

+On said hardest difficulty, perfect parries (through all parries are in a
sense perfect, this will be the more prefect-er parry which does the auto
counter attack) deal a **** ton of damage. In fact, many people say it makes
the game easier than Very Hard.

Well you suck at this game, no offense, but even if you don't, lets pretend 
you do. In that, there is literally ONLY two fights you need to perfect 
parry USING MY FAQ. That's why I write, to help you, help me, to help us all.

The good news? One is on an unranked fight (first fight), and the second is
during the Sam bro down, which has no checkpoints. That means read the next
+PLUS+, as there are no negs... in fact, my guide is 100% NEG FREE.

Remember that I'm writing this quide assuming you want to be just as cheap
are I suggest you being. Don't try to challenge yourself and read a guide
at the same time... that would defeat the purpose. 

+My skill level isn't as bad as I want you to believe. I can't just say "Get 
hit less, hit them more". This is why I need to say there are TWO fighting 
styles in this game: Legit and Cheese. 

--Legit: Fighting using parries and normal tactics. Of course you can try, but
lets be real, if you could, you wouldn't read this guide. In this FAQ, you'll
ONLY need to legit fight (IE go toe to toe) in 3.25 fights. The good news?
1 is Mistral, with many checkpoints.
2 is Mistral and Monsoon, in which you'll be taking damage.
3 is Sam, which can take 1 minutes, so a mistake ain't all that bad.
.25 is Monsoon, which you really will hate, but 1/4 is good odds, right?

--Cheese: Wigs.
Hi, my name is fake hair, lets break the game together, k?

While using the second Wig, you don't even have to try and stand your ground.
In fact, the ONLY enemies that should give you trouble outside of "boss" 
fights are those <i>stormbringing</i> monkeys, and anything with a machine
gun. And those machine guns? Yea, those are mostly by accident. Tell your
self that. I do, and I love life.

Actually, Rocket launchers are lame too, but thankFUlly you can actually 
dodge them, or cut them. 

But yea, get hit less, and hit them more. Seriously, it'll come naturally. If
I did this all in two days, well one and a half days, it shouldn't take the
average man more than a week of casual play. No bragging, once you get it 
down, it's not that bad. You can do it. Your welcome for the confidence boost.

+Last but least, I did this guide mosting from memory, which means I'm using
made up names. I pretty sure they will all fly, we all know what the 
monkey enemy is called.


~S rank requirement

The second step to getting S ranks is knowing how to (the first step is
reading this guide). So what is an S rank? Well some time around the time 
Devil May Cry (aka the father of all 3d action games) came out, the Jappy 
folk changed the US standard of S (satisfactory) to Special or Superior.

S ranks in this game are steep, as in not like DMC, as in you need to worry
about too many freaking things. In most places, you need 5,000 points to 
get an S. Obviously you get 1,000 per category. Boss fights are usually
scaled to 10,000, with 4,000 for the kill... These things are as follows...

1. Time: You should always get time. In fact, outside of a few boss fights
where you WILL cheese with blade time (wasting away time, but 
100 combos are pretty worth it.), you'll be good. The lame part is this
game uses the SAME time rubric for all difficulties, so isn't like DMC's
mission 16 where I can slam an S rank in 18 minutes.

Skip cutscenes too, I have NO clue if they count, but why chance it?

2. Battle Points: Besides boss fights, you shouldn't have a hard time
getting enough BP points.

These are reward for cutting things into parts (things = enemies, not
watermelons), getting high combos, picking up extra sub weapons, and
doing other things, like cutting rocks during boss fights.

If you try for no damage, and use my blade mode cheese strat, you 
shouldn't have a bit of trouble.

3. Combos: As above, you can totally pad this stat using wigs. Blade
mode forever lets you get as many as you need. 

4. Blue Spine Number: Ripping that juicy center of cyborgs is a stat. The
good news is you rarely need to rip them all out, but it's not a bad idea
to do any ways. When a battle starts with a few big enemies (monkeys or 
grads), it's best to always do this any ways.

A tip, and something you REALLY need to get down, is to not totally 
destroy the enemy before you, well, destroy it via Jack the Ripper
mode. To avoid this, sometimes, you can use that purple sai to instantly
get zandatsu on things like the monkey. 

5. Kills: Easiest thing to get. All besides the second last ranked battle
(kill stealing bastard) you can get this with ease. I also suggest turning
on captions to hear a guard say things like "You FUck" "I'll still kick
your ass" or "I got another". This tells you that he is limping around
and will disappear. But you aren't going to do that... because you are
going to get a free spine, right? 

Bonus 1. No Damage: If you don't get everything perfect, you can 
always get a no damage. In fact, unless I mention otherwise, DO NOT

Why am I even say that? The only fights you *should* take damage in

--The Double Grad fight in R02
--The second fight in 04
--The AI double fight, also in 04

In fact, I never did these fights without taking damage. I don't
care because I'm sitting on top of stacked S ranks, how bout you?
Right, you read my guide, which means YOU WILL TOO.

Bonus 2. No Kills: Don't even THINK about not killing every single
enemy you encounter. It's hardly a bonus because it will wreck 
your kills and zandastu bonus. 

Here are some quick tips. READ THEM to prevent soreness. I'm not sore, 
because I followed my own advice. Trust me, it's good.

+You need only need to S rank a mission at a time. This means it doesn't 
have to be in one solid play through.

+Contrary to the above statement, you need to S rank the final mission
last for it to count. That means, lets say, you fudged up the first 
mission, you would have to go back and S rank it before going to the
final mission for it to count. It's just the way the trophies are set
up (bad)... just like how you need to beat, say mission 07 to count
the "stealth trophy".

I give credit to this to MGRRevengeance and Lumusidereus from the 
GameFAQs.com message boards. Not a member? Sign up, it's pretty much the 
best VG site in the ****ing world. No, they aren't paying me to say that, 
just like I'm not paying them as they never gave me their real names... :(

+For S ranking a single mission, you need to S rank ALL THE BATTLES in that
mission IN ONE try. What does that mean? Say you miss a ranked fight, before
the boss, then kill the boss. You now need to play that ENTIRE mission again
complete with ALL S ranks, AGAIN!? This is why my guide is super important,
the less stress you get, the better chance you don't die from high blood
pressure... and considering you read my guide, it means you are a value to 
this world, so don't die, stay very much alive.

+Non ranked battles obviously do not count, so you can dick around as much
as you want. See that civie? F him, let him die, it don't effect your rank.
However, you won't get the No damage bonus at the end of the level, which
is about 10,000... but seriously, if you are that hard up for $ just play
the sewer level a few times (read @ prep section)

+Last but not least, read the "Breaking the system part" about how you can
abuse or destroy your chances using this games bad checkpoint system.



Short Version: Get everything Max.

Long Version:

+Absolutely have a Max "Sam Sword", you know, the red sword? For other 
primaries you may use the Stun Sword (for easy combos if you choose not 
to use the wig B), the Armor Breaker-- that's only if you don't have the 
Fox Blade.

Please, don't be like akaspanky and refuse to use it, or call it a scrub 
weapon. EVERYONE USES IT. Get with the times.

+So secondary weapons, max everything. EVERYTHING. Just in-case. The pincers 
are the only MUST, then Sai. The polearm I used in one battle, but just 
in-case... wait no, it's a combo weapon, so leveling it up would be 
pointless... your choice. Do the pincers and sai. Polearm, up to you.

+You will need ALL THREE WIGs. Use my recently made trophy guide on this
website to find all the left arms, or you know, just play the game?

The only one that is hard to get is the 3rd fight in R04, you need to break
two panels without getting seen to make the show up.

+Have a FUll inventory of items, why not, can't hurt?

+Get the Blue and Red armor. You can get both by doing 10 VR missions.  Red
armor boosts strength, and even though it lowers defense, you shouldn't be 
getting hit.

The blue armor should only be needed in the second fight of R04, and that's
if you suck at hitting grad missiles, which I do. Not gunna lie.

+Max the rest of your stats, why not? Can't hurt. Even though you'll be 
restarting 99% of the time if you get hit, and you'll have the second wig on
for 99% of the time, why not just be sure for the other 1%?

I've won $500 on the first lottery ticket I bought, and a firm believer in
Murphy's Law, so just be safe.

+What else is there... Nothing really. 

If you want to grind points, Go to R02, the sewer mission. After you kill
the first monkey, you'll jump down a hole. Once down that hole, chase the
ball gekko, once you hit it, use ripper mode. Then ripper mode everything
else. 5,000+ with an easy A. Then head all the way back and try to kill the
double ball gekko with one attack for an even bigger bonus. 

Then hit customize on the codec screen, then just hit circle. This will 
restart you right before you jump down... to do it again. Yay...

If only you could break this system to make S ranks easier... oh right,
next section.


~Breaking the system

This section is all about how you are going to play the game using the
start button.

You can restart ANY battle at ANY time and it will start you off fresh. So,
lets say to get a rocket to the nads, no sweat, just restart. However there
are times this doesn't work.

If you die, you will always "save" against your will. For this reason you 
should always have that delicious nano paste on. This way it won't just save
and you can restart.

This next part is VERY important. Always have a backup save. Not just for
just-in-case, but you'll get checkpoints in boss battles. To make a back
up save, you need to hit triangle on that file.

See lets say you just S rank a part, you see the checkpoint triangle (always
look for this before you go to the title to copy the file), then you do the
next part bad... say you fall the FUck of a building, like in R04, guess what?
The game just save that, and you may be screwed over... in this case, you
were smart, you listened to me and backed-up that file... now who's 
laughing? Not the game, you are! But to be fair, I don't think the game 

Again, EVERYTIME you get a new checkpoint, ALWAYS ALWAYS go to the title and

With that being said, you finish a battle, you see a yellow triangle that
dances in the middle of the screen, you go to title AFTER IT STOPS DANCING, 
then you copy it. Remember, DO NOT GET HIT BEFORE YOU DO SO, but don't 
worry, you can use the pause button to help you out.

One last thing, try not to use the customize button at all. If you get hit
and use it, it will save the damage. If you need to select a weapon, use the
customize option under "story".


~Overall Strats and your own skill assessment

This is sort of an extension of the legit vs cheese strats I mentioned before.
You read that stuff before, right? If not, scroll back up.

I made a flow chart on how to see what you need to do at this point.

Can you do it Legit? -----> Yes -----> Close the window and do it already
                       \___> No -----> Keep reading

It's almost like the game wants you use everything you have, not only because
it gives it to you, but some parts like the second fight in R04 begs you to
use the First Wig.

About skill, as in what you need to be doing, most of the time.

+Keep track of enemies, even if they are off screen. May be hard, but then
again, aren't you trying to claim S ranks? Yea, so get this down. 

Why is this the first thing I'm saying? You'll be killing things ultra fast,
and in so, probably eating all their myo. After you squeeze that blue juice,
9 times out of 8 you'll be getting attacked by something else. 

You don't want to lose your S rank, and some enemies have a long enough 
reach where you just can't ninja run or ninja run jump away without being
hit so ALWAYS ALWAYS be prepared to block after a zandastu.

You may ask how? Be award of the enemies and where they are before you go
all slow mo, once you drop back down, take note of the where those enemies
would be. Then parry in that way EVEN before they attack or you see them. If
you don't hit a parry, then run away and calm yourself for your next strike.

+ALWAYS ninja run when moving, ESPECIALLY when enemies have machine guns. 
Remember, 1% damage equals 100% failed S rank no damage.

+Forget your heavy sword attacks. This will not only delay your already bad
parrying skills, but it's also better to use sub weapons, mainly the Sai
for a nice free kill.

+In every fight, just to be safe, ALWAYS leave the enemy with the most health
for last. This is so you can combo. Sai/Em Nades can boost it... or you can 
just rapid fire cut in blade mode... since you have that lovely wig. Likewise
it's best to kill the enemies that don't need to be weakened first, so you 
can level the playing field and grab spines... plus weak enemies usually have
machine guns.

+An alternate strat is to just use the either the stun blade and any or no
wig, or to use the Inf item wig (first wig A) with Em nades and something weak
to boost combos. I thought about giving these items a try, but I didn't, 
but you can to say "Hey, Screw this Vespy Mother F-er, I don't need his Faq!"

Do that, don't use this guide, do it without my help, I dare you. Good Luck.
You can? Why are you here? I suppose you know how to use my favorite move 
that everyone forgets about.

+I call it the stinger. I have NO clue what the name of it is, I bought it
for a few hundred BP. The "toward toward triangle/heavy" move. You will need
this move to shorten the distance... A lot of people prefer to use that other
move, the "toward toward square light attack", I never have it equipped, gets
in the way of that slick ninja dodge...

Most bosses take a good chunk of damage from it, but the better part is most
enemies will turn a nice fine blue flavor, ripe for the ripping (pun), the
spine that is.

Though, you need to be good at hitting the toward toward, as if you have the
pincers equipped, you'll stand still like an idiot. Less with the Sia, 
because that will bring you right to them.

+Speaking of the Sai, it will make a joke of a monkey (with Ripper mode on), 
and many of the other enemies. It will also make short work out of any flying
sure that bad boy is glowing purple so it has FUll stun power.

+With locking on, it seems the game will favor the CLOSER enemy rather than
the one right in front of you flying around about to hit you in the face with
a stormbringing rocket.

+The good news and last overall tip for tem good ol Sighes, if that once you
latch to a baddies (lol I said baddie) is that you get some brief 
 invincibility towards that target... so lets say to bang into a Slider, you
can rip its spine out and get even more free time. Free time is good, ask
any overpaid worker in an office... 

+The pincers shouldn't only really be used in boss fights, in fact, if you 
are follow my guide tooth and nail, you'll only be using it during the two
fights that include monsoon and the Metal Gear fight at the end. 3 fights?
That's it? Trust me, it WILL HELP.

+Although you have missiles, you'll only need them 3 times using my guide. If
you find better uses, mail my ass and I'll give you a spot in this grand FAQ.
Again, since the number is so few, The second fight in RO4, the sundower
fight, and the 1st fight in the final mission.

+Do NOT EVER STEALTH kill peeps. This should kind of be in another section,
but I don't care, I told you to read all of them before. This can and will
eliminate extra points, especially if you kill them all and lose the entire
battle section. Again trust me, it can happen, I've been known to just
kill everyone in an area totally by accident. Yup, happened to me in that
part before the farris wheel.

+Learn how to dodge. There is no dodge button, but there are dodge buttons.
square and eks or as the game calls it the "offensive defensive". Why is this
move important? Not only can it dodge but it will do damage to keep that 
combo going... but what do you care, you aren't fighting legit, cheater... 
haha just kidding. But seriously, if you see a YELLOW attack, USE THIS MOVE!

+I guess this tip should be with the first, but learn your attacks. This 
game does it backwards... usually RED attacks are unblockable in most games,
however in this game, the red attacks are the blockable ones (parry, block
whatever) and the yellow ones aren't. 

It takes practice, and more or less experience. The best part is, if you do it
too quick, you might be lucky and do it again to get that sweet spot to get
even more attacks in... more on this in the enemy section and on.

+You can parry many times in the row, just mash SQUARE PLUS THE STICK. If 
something hits you, say 5 million times, you need to hit both the stick and
the face button AT LEAST 5 million times. Got that? I do. My friend doesn't.

+The best way to slice (hey that was my nickname in prison!) a target, as in
a single zandastu square is to line up with the left stick and hit square.
Naturally if you are fighting, say a gekko, a tall thing, you should use
the triangle button.

The real purpose of this lil part is to tell you the best way to attack
many squares, as seen in sundowner or the final battle... many people
follow through the strike. Well this isn't golf. The best way is to line
up your strike the best you can, then just let go. The stick on your 
controller may go a tad bit off track, but the majority of the time it
will hit your mark, or rather your marks.

+Luck plays a part, so don't give up. I do believe in you! I really do, I
promise I do. Ok, I don't, I hope you get lucky! 

That last statement had some truth to it. There are times you just can't
get that S because of dumb luck. I'm mostly talking about machine gun



This section is called me all purpose lets be lazy section. It was so lazy I
didn't even place sarcasm quotes around the all purpose part, one may argue
that it takes more time to type that and what I'm about to say... nope, I
hardly had to hit the shift key.

Any ways, there are a lot of battles in this game where you are fighting 
enemies, I'm not even joking, it's somewhere next to all but two.

This section will debunk enemies, because serious, every time a monkey shows
up, I'm not going to say "blah blah blah cheap out of camera drop kick blah
blah blah parry drop kick blah blah blah dodge the throw."

--Basic Fricken Cyborg
This is any bipedal cyborg enemy, equipped with a machete. These are every
where. Don't EVER fight these guys toe to toe. No, It's not that I don't 
believe in you like I may of suggested before, it's just that even if you
weren't using the wigs (and no, I wasn't calling you cheesey, why would you
think that? Oh, and is that how you spell cheesey, with an E between the
S and the Y? No matter, you have no time to think, you already just killed three
of these enemies, right? I hope, if not, do so, NOW!)

Anyways, when you see these guys ALWAYS ninja run towards then and give them
a quick side slash to the gut, and grab the spine. Usually when they are
around, the zandasut rank is pretty high.

I say ninja run because most of them have machine guns. If they are many
with machine guns you can do two things

1. Slide and then cut while sliding, it's more fluidless than just stopping
in front of them.

2. Ninja run at them while in ripper mode. It literally has the same 
effect as using the fox blade. Do this if there are more than you need
to be screwing with. If you use this method, they'll never hit you with 
a machine gun bullet as you'll be running.

--Long Sword Cyborg
These are the guys that have that FUnky armor which takes a few hits to knock
off. These enemies are good, most of the time. Why? They are combo fountains.

When you are using the second wig, you can get ALL the combo points you need
from these guys, just make sure you save them for last.

Now, legit, you can go into a parrying war between these guys, which I'm
going to lie, is the highlight of this game, but we are trying to get S 
ranks, not to have FUn, right? I don't bother, you usually have your 
perfect parries blocked, and if there are more than one you can be put into
a stun lock... which isn't hard to parry, but it wastes time.

If they aren't last, and the hardest enemy on the screen, your best bet is
just waste them fast.

Always have Ripper mode on, don't try to ninja run and flail all over the 
place, they can block better than you. The two things I found work the very
bestest is either a Sai attack or the Stinger (toward toward triangle). Doing
the Stinger will usually make their body all blue, ripe for the zandatsuing.
FUnny, it's like taking them to court... get it, suing?

One thing to remember, if you use them to pad your combo by blade mode-ing the F
out of them, don't worry about the spine, chances are, you'll break it any

--Hammer Bro
Sorry for the obvious Mario ref, but you know who they are. These are like
the above enemy, but even better since they will die just as quick from the

Even better, you can combo them EVEN MORE! But chances are you don't need 
that many combos... but it can't hurt, right? Unless you spend way too much

I would never try to block them if you have a wig on. Learn to use the 

--Any Cyborg that has a stormbringing rocket launcher!
Instead of machine guns, some guys have RL/RPG's. These guys are
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS your first targets. Don't trust me? Well why not
stick your head up a bull's ass? That's right, listen to me, the

The thing that is annoying about them, is you can't ninja cut them,
you either have to blade mode cut them, or jump side to side to 
avoid them. Or Sai them bad boys.

If they are the weaker ones, either ninja run with ripper mode (I don't even
know why I keep saying that, you should know this already... I guess I'm just
over protective of my bitc... I mean readers. I love my readers. But for 
real, I'm going to assume you know how to click tem ripper mode sticks), if 
they are the stronger ones, I higher suggest using either a slide, a sai
attack, or even RP nade. I'm not even joking, it's like their only use.

--Riot Shield Cyborg
They fight just like any other cyborg when they lose their shield, so your
first bet is the get rid of the shield. There are 3 ways to deal with them.

1. My preferred way is to perfect parry, it will break the shield in one
go. They have a very easy to counter jump attack. Though it's risky if you
don't know how to parry well, since you can't just mash the parry command,
you need to stay calm.

2. Just hack and slash with ripper mode, you'll most likely get deflected
a few times, but it shouldn't take that long.

3. Fully charged pincer attack will EAT THEM IN ONE HIT, just make sure
they are far away and hopefully the last enemy on the screen.

--Snow White Gekko
Listen, I forget how to spell the name, and I'm totally against spell check,
sue me. I dare you. I have a 100% success rate, if you don't count that plea.

Ok, any ways, I doubt you came to this guide to read up on S rank strats for
these... Metal balls. But like the good guy I am, I tell you how to murk them.

Ninja run and attack. There, easy. This way, you don't have to worry about
them grabbing you. I actually wouldn't use ripper mode if you need combo points,
but if they are with strong enemies, I would get the combos on them, then
ripper mode these guys to just make the battle end faster.

One thing I would suggest if to not even bother to shake them off, but in
stead just restart. Why? You'll break your controller... I learned this the
hard way when I got my plat in RE6.

Ironically, the polearm is a good weapon to not only get combos on them,
put the keep them at bay, but again, if you need them at bay THAT bad
ripper + ninja run.

--Michael Irving
Yea yea, he was good, but he got passed out by a Tight End, GOOO 
WHITEY, I mean Witten!

Oh dang, crap, forget that. Irving are the normal Gekko's, not a drug using,
sex crazed guy who slit a rookies neck because he got his hair cut first...

If you played Metal Gear Solid 4, you know what these guys are... and just
like playing that game on extreme, they will kill you in a single hit in 
this game too. The good news? Besides the final mission, every time you see
these guys, they are basically free kills, and either a free zandatsu or a 
free combo machine.

Their feet glow when they attack... if you EVER get hit by them, I would
serious re-think trying for the S rank. Yes, I know I believe in you, but 
lets be for real... I'm not an idiot :D

Any ways, upon seeing these guys, I NEVER use ripper mode right off the bat,
in stead I use the stinger move (toward toward triangle), half through the
travel, THEN I ripper mode it. Why? Besides looking twenty times MORE
dramatic, you can actually see where the other enemies are in the brief
slow mo... yea, minor, but again, it's flashy.

Once you jab your stick in its legs, it should turn all blue, maybe even
do that orange spark think. Either way, manually jump then grab dat spine.

If it doesn't spark, it should give you that triangle & circle exacution
prompt. If it does, do it. Keep in mind where the other gekko is... well if
you did your slow mo ripper while doing that good ol stinger, you should.

These are those flying things. They can have people on them, it doesn't matter,
either way you are going to do either of three things:

Ninja dash underneath them, jump, then blade mode. Now unlike other enemies,
these guys are very fragile, which means if you mess up your first strike,
there is a good chance you'll break the blue goodies. So what you'll need to 
do is that fancy aiming thing. Aim first with the left stick, then JUST LET
GO OF THE STICK, don't follow through, bam, kill and zanny.

The other thing is to use the Sai. You shouldn't need more info, but
remember that you won't always auto target the Slider first... if you
get a foot soldier instead, you can get pegged by a machine gun bullet.

Or, the best bet, well safest bet, is to just ripper mode ninja run. usually
you can hit a wing and kill it instantly. They are usually never alone, so you 
can get the zandastu or combo points else where.

They also shoot, so always ninja run when they are around, and ALWAYS target
them first, the only thing that takes a front seat to them are enemies with
rocket launchers, which normally aren't together.

Use the very same strat as for the normal sized gekko. They move a bit fast,
but they still telegraph their attacks with the same glowing feet kick.

You should never get hit by their EMP, because you are going to be killing
them ultra quick.

Also, you know how they get all red mad when you kill one of their best
buds? Well I call it free attacks. Use it in the battle field.

--Flamethrower Misqutoes
There is one ranked battle with these guys, so go there, I promise I'll
have a VERY detail thingy on them.

PS you can't parry fire. I never tried, but Boris told me.

One grad is the same a gekko or a raptor, I like to start off with a ripper
mode stinger move (toward toward triangle), this will usually but them in
an instant execution state.

I prefer to do this because I found that if I just smash the attack button
while in ripper mode, I sometimes do it too much and they just freaking
explode everywhere.

When dealing with two, especially the boss version, I would try using a
Sai. Much more under everytime you see in the walkthrough. 

IF you are in ripper mode, one Sai, then two air slashes if ALL you 
need. You must make sure TWO slashes. After two, wait a second or two
and it will drop down for an execution.

These are the fenrir stock models, you know, wolf? There aren't many of
them in the game, but they are similar to how I take on things likes
like gekko. In which I usually start out with a stinger.

Chances are, you'll usually have many more than just one to fight, so
you'll need to always be prepare to instantly start your parry as soon
as you are done ripping out the spine.

Actually, these may be the only regular enemies you might be forced to 
fight legit. Good news, is they have no unblockable moves to speak of, or
that I even know about.

I usually always use the last wolf as a blade mode combo punching bag.

--Heli Chopper
The hammerhead choppers are actually one of the easier enemies in the game,
if you use the Sai and ripper mode, you'll kill them so freaking fast.

Good news is that the combo rating for most of the encounter are actually
pretty low.

I have yet to need to zandastu/combo up a single one in all my S ranked

--Evil Evil Monkeys
Usually they come in trios, and that sucks. If there is a monkey, kill
it asap. Always ripper mode kill them fast, then always execution them, this
gives you some breathing time, and can lead to you instantly attacking the
next one since you'll have that slow mo time to adjust yourself.

This also may or may not give you more time for your Sai to recharge. This is
an important weapon when fighting these things.

I would also suggest boxing yourself in a corner spamming EM nades as well, 
you can next be too safe.

Their drop kick comes out of no where, ALWAYS be aware of what direction they
are at, because they can go pretty much to any elevation.

Do not stinger them, it can literally go right into throw. And speaking of
throw, either be good with the dodge, jump and do an air combo, or Sai the

The thing you need to accept is that they are random enemies... hell, there
are times they will just appear above you (like in the elevator part of R04)
and deal damage just from landing on you.

Also if they grab you, and you are low on nanopaste, and didn't make a back
up save, restart AS SOON AS THEY grab you as you can die so very fast, either
by the long grab move, or being quickly attacked by another monkey.

If you want to practice with them, there is a nice spot in the sewers with
three of them, it's unranked and before Boris tells you to go back for an
optional fight. If you are like me, you'll be doing this fight a lot, not by

If you Sai them in ripper mode, you'll instantly be able to execute them.
Keep this in mind.


~First Mission (R00)

Hopefully you didn't need to come to this guide for this mission, as it's 
pretty damn easy, but maybe you just want some tips?

The very first fight is the hardest part of the mission. Thankfully it is

Now, I'm sure you know by now that you don't get any upgrades you may of ended
the game with, but that's ok, all you need to do in this fight is perfect 
parry the cyborgs as best you can so you can go toe to toe with the gekko.

It will probably take you a try or two, but the good news it's not ranked. If
you want to land a perfect parry on the gekko, you'll need to have him up 
against a wall so the bastard doesn't jump away.

Once you kill them, checkpoint, ninja run to the gate and slash it, skipping
the rocket launcher guys and dual doggies.

***1st Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 3:00
Battle Points - ---
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - ---
Kills --------- ---

You'll be fighting ray. You'll be aiming for a No Damage for the S rank in 
this part. The target time is like 3 minutes, and I never got below 4, and
I think I went pretty quick. I assume this is because the game uses the same
ranking system used for Normal.

Once the fight begins, parry the head for some free cuts. Then make sure to
parry it two more times as it will let you cut the arm turrets off. This will
help in case you don't always ninja run, which by the way, you should be
doing, ALWAYS.

His foot stomps can be parried to, but I prefer just to ninja run and attack
the opposite leg.

When fighting him, again, always ninja run, just remember once you are about
to get under him, be prepare to parry his head. That's the only thing you 
really need to worry about.

Even when you are under him, I still ninja run while attack because he still
shoots. Also, if you are ninja running, you'll always be ready to chase him

Always stay close, you should rarely see missile or his tail attack. 

All you need is no damage, so remember that if you have just a single hit on
you, you need to restart.

Always keep a back up save, as you'll have no nano paste, so one mistake 
will mean you'll have to replay the first part of the mission again.

Once he is dead, chase after sunflower... 

***2nd Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 3:00
Battle Points - ---
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - ---
Kills --------- 1

Ray round two. This one is even easier, you can even take damage, but you
still shouldn't. Builds character. The time is 3 minutes again, I think,
shouldn't take you longer than that any ways, he takes a lot of damage.

Once the fight starts, twap him a few times, then be prepared to jump. After
that he should attack with his face, easy to parry. First time you'll get 
his face, second time you'll get his turret (even if you killed it in the
first fight), and the third on will just let you get free hits on him.

This is what you want, chances are he'll be next to dead after this, not that
hard, right?

For his arm missiles, just run away. Get in a couple free jump and slashes
then book.

For his other missiles, watch out for the red circles, then cut them. If you
cut them as they fall, you shouldn't have to worry about them hitting you.

Once you need to jump the missiles, you'll get a checkpoint. If isn't needed
to back up your save yet, as you'll get another checkpoint once you hit
the church. I'd back up the save then. 


~Second Mission (R01)

Before you run up the steps, make sure you have your preferred weapons on.

***1st Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- :20
Battle Points - 800
Zandatsu ------ 3
Longest Combo - 15
Kills --------- 3

3 cyborg and 1 monkey is the next fight. What I did was kill the cyborgs first,
try your best to get a multi zandastu.

The combo point is low, so don't worry if you don't finish fast or with all
the spines you need (I believe you need three), the best thing to do just
finish the fight without getting hit.

Hopefully you kill the 3 guys before the monkey shows up, but if you can't
or want a little help, use the first wig and spam EM nades. You'll have all
the guys twitching, and have a chance to "shock the monkey" as well.

I'd actually suggest against this, as this is your first fight, and in some,
you'll have to fight 3 monkeys on top of OTHER enemies.

Do your best, it's a 30 second fight at the most. Easy S if you don't get

After that, move along. The guy you sneak up on and the civilian part ARE not
ranked, so have FUn, I'd save him any ways, it's not to hard. Move along

***2nd Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 20
Kills --------- 5

This next fight you'll a gekko and get your first taste of armored cyborgs, 2
of them along with 2 weak ones. Fight them using the the enemy section I have
above. Or what you really should do, is get used to fighting these guys. 
Not the Gekko, kill him right off the bat and grab his spine.

For the S rank in the zandatus area, you'll need to rip every single one out,
but the good news, if you just get one, you'll get 500 bones, which you can
easily make up for with a no damage.

Move along till someone tries to cut you with a chainsaw...

***3rd ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 3:00
Battle Points - 600
Zandatsu ------ 4
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 5

I meant something... yea, no lies... Come on, I played the game before, it
was an honest mistake!

Before I even get into how to deal with him through out the fight, this is
the part you can really see how disgusting the perfect parry is. You can even
make him skip summoning all of his people by doing a large chunk of damage
to him at around 70%. The good news is that you should avoid actually doing
that since you need them for kills and juicy spines.

The battle needs to be finished in under around three minutes, and you need
to rip out all there spines for a perfect rating. 

So when the first three guys spawn, you can just waste them, try to get a
spine, but if you get hit a lot and keep restarting, either just ripper
rape them or use an Em nade right from the beginning.

The gekko is just as easy, he'll be dead in no time if you stinger it right
when it comes down. Make sure you nab the spine off him.

The next thing is to get the combo, you need like 30 hits, so the best way
to do this is after you stinger his ass, I like do it as soon as he jumps
back down. He'll go flying, which is hilarious, dumb mutt. Once he bounces
off a wall, he'll be down, blade mode cheese him, you'll most likely get 
him to the next phase of the fight, you'll even be able to hit him as tries
to scamper away like a coward.

Now, I suppose to need to fight him legit for a one - three attacks per
phase. The good news is, you can always stinger him when he's open, say like
when he just jumps down. What's better is it will usually knock him down, and
it travels quick, perfect since he jumps away.

Now if you have to go toe to toe with him, my best advice is to just mash the
parry buttons, since he can be off screen, or do those annoying quick
knife toss. Just don't milk the blade mode too too much as you'll go over
your time... but if you got a the zandastsu, and say have been having trouble
being consistant, you'll get an S if you do want to play it safe.

Oh, and if you really want to be a dick, you can click in the left stick 
during blade mode to walk (no bull, I played the game 20 hours before I
found this out), you can do this as he's running away to attack him non

Ok, that's enough tips, it really shouldn't be that hard, especially if you
want to tackle the rest of the game, so yea, get your shit together. Oh, and
there is a part where you need to fight like four of those dog pricks, so
good luck.

So move to the bridge area, these guys you find here ARE NOT RANKED, it's
still a good idea to kill them, why? I think you need to... any ways run
across the bridge, blah blah blah, you did this crap before...

***4th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:00
Battle Points - 150
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - 20
Kills --------- 1

VS the hammercopter.

Run to the middle, click your ripper rape sticks, close your eyes, jump, use
the Sai, open your eyes, mash pointy sword button, thank your friendly 
neighborhood FAQ writer.

Remember, you only need 4000 points, you seriously can't have trouble with

So move on till you hit a gate, you know, the one you probably had to manually
override, because you suck at cutting off arms? But for real, this time you
are going to cut it off.

I put it together that you need to actually need to cut off that arm to make
the next part easier, as in after that gate. It came to me when I was watching
my friend play, he obviously missed the arm, and had to fight extra guys...

I wondered why he had more enemies than me, even though he was on hard... the
id chip... duh! The guys that show up are rocket launcher guys, so, yea, I
hate those, which means YOU hate them too.

Either way, back your save file up for this, because this isn't a Ranked
fight, and I'm pretty sure it checkpoints you right after you decide the
fate of the left arm. If not, be safe, I did it without an expertly written
FAQ... ok, that's a lie, I'm not an expert :D

Get the arm, now back that save up, wait, why am I still telling you to do
that? no clue, but just do it.

Now head back to the where you made that heel-low your bitch.

***5th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- :45
Battle Points - 800
Zandatsu ------ 4
Longest Combo - 20
Kills --------- 4

This fight is a few cyborgs and few sliders. They all have machine guns, so
you'll need to always be ninja running.

Use the Sai, latch to the first slider, make sure to eat that spine (through
your FISTS!), once you do that, ripper mode ninja prance all over the place.

This will negate the machine guns. If you don't take damage, finish under a
minute, rip one spine, and get a 10 hit combo, you should get the S.

If you don't, combo the last enemy more. I wouldn't suggest ripping out any
more than one spine, you'll get shot.

The thing that sucks that if you need to restart this fight, you'll need to
run all the way back from the gate area.

Now head back do that gate and press that button. Press it hard.

***6th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:15
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 20
Kills --------- 5

This fight will probably make you mad. It starts off with three dudes running
out of a door. Chances are, the heavy will get in the way of you slicing the
little guys, especially liking to cheap shot your ass after you just spinal
tap his friend.

What I did for this fight was run away from all of them for a little bit,
the armored guy should follow you as his friends shoot at you. Once you get
some distance, run back to a shooter, I usually do a fancy slide/spine rip.

The next guy, if you are lucky, just run right up to him, slice, then blade
mode rip.

Now two more guys should come out, I would just ninja run ripper them apart.

Big guy is last, combo him up.

That should work. If you can kill the big guy first without getting hit, I
would suggest just ripping spines out like crazy.

Now move on, you'll see two guys, you can stealth kill these guys, but once
you get on top of the house that is next to the farris wheel, you should get
a checkpoint if I remember correct. Get caught by these guys to start...

***7th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:15
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 4
Longest Combo - 20
Kills --------- 4

Now make sure you have your Sai equipped, if you don't head to the main menu,
go to story, then customize, this next battle can be VERY easy if you go
ultra quick.

Jump down, stinger the Gekko, eat his spine.

Then ninja run to the two cyborbs with ripper mode on. You need to kill them
quick, it may take a couple of tries because the camera will likely go crazy.

Now why did I say go quick? Oh right, a friggen grad shows up! If you go slow,
he might spawn with a pair of super homing missiles. So Sai him, then try to
make him blue so you can steal his spine.

If you do this quick, you should get a S.

Now head to the door, you may kill the hammer guy and his pals, it's unranked,
but once you get to the door, Boris will tell you about back up.

***8th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:00
Battle Points - 300
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - 20
Kills --------- 2

Two copters, use the same strat as when you fought the first one. You may
get hit by the second one, but that's ok, a restart in a 15 second battle
isn't going to hurt.

Easy S.

Now move ahead to the area with the gate, cut it down and...

***9th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:00
Battle Points - 300
Zandatsu ------ 2
Longest Combo - 20
Kills --------- 13

This fight is really easy. Try to rip at least one spine, then I would 
actually not use ripper mode after you kill the second guy. It will make 
your combos against those little balls better.

Just run around slashing in ninja mode to avoid them grabbing you.

Now the rest of the mission is open to you to mess around, the next ranked
fight is the boss...

***10th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 4:30
Battle Points - 2500
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 25

This fight is actually pretty easy. 

Once you begin, stinger her, then cut her pole, then cut her as much as you
can before she flips away. Stinger her again when she's on the ground, and
you can choose to blade mode her somemore.

Now you need a 30 hitter for a good grade, if by some chance you don't get
that by now, ninja slash tripods whiles she's up tossing more at you... wait,
you should be doing that any ways, because you need 20+ something kills, I 
had like 36, so it shouldn't be hard.

It really shouldn't be too hard to do this part un damaged. Want to know the
best part? After you jump on the pipe, as soon as you see the checkpoint,
go to the title and back your file up.

The pipe part is just as easy, though I would parry the tossed balls she
throws, and not just run for them. Keep getting her health down, and if you
are having trouble and are close to around 40% of her health, don't be afraid
to blade mode cheese.

Checkpoint once you get to the 3rd part, do the same stuff. Just remember
to watch out for the barrels.

I know I'm not giving you any tips for going toe to toe with her, it's for
a reason... I kind of killed her on my first try... yea, I know, sorry for
that, but she dies so quick, and you have two checkpoints.

Time, combos, kills, and BP really shouldn't be an issue... which you might
be thinking, why can't I take damage? The truth is, you can but I wouldn't
try it. But if you do...

A little pro tip, you can counter parry her for massive damage, some 
people even tell me you could skip the second phase, I'm not positive on
that, but it might make you go too fast... which means less kills.

But if you make it to the 3rd part, a counter will kill her right out, and
since you can back up that checkpoint too, you can bank on that to end the
fight, that's if you are having trouble going toe to toe with her.

Yay, two missions down!


~Third Mission (R02)

Ok, now it's time to tackle the sewer mission.

***1st Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- :50
Battle Points - 200
Zandatsu ------ 1
Longest Combo - 25
Kills --------- 1
The first fight is rather easy. I involves a monkey and 2 sliders. Lucky for
you that the Sliders will take there time showing up, so I would Sai the 
monkey, combo pad with blade mode, then rip the slider's spine out.

The reqs are easy to hit, and if you don't, it's only the first battle.

Fall down the hole for your next...

***2nd Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- :30 
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 8

They added two jag-offs with RPG's to this fight, so you can't just ninja
flail your arms for that easy S.

The other bad part is they kept the reqs for normal, so zandating any
of the cyborgs doesn't count for squat, and there is a strict time limit.

Now this is a good practice part of the game, so if you develop a good way
to kill these two guys quick, you should really be doing it for the whole
game. I wouldn't use the Sai, as it can latch on to a tripod, so stick with
stingers, a slide, or even just a combo.

Be warned, Rocket Launchers have armor that rivals Grad plate armor, so just
ninja running can leave you open.

Now to close the distance, I would do little jumps to the side. The rockets
have a slight homing ability, but it should be too bad.

Once you kill them, ninja run to kill the rest of the tiny geckies. Look at
your radar to find them all quickly.

Your next fight is close by...

***3rd Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:30
Battle Points - 800
Zandatsu ------ 3
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 3

This fight is against 3 raptors, they are just like gekkos, in which you
really have to just look for when there legs turn orange.

Just try to ripper mode destroy them, get as many spines as you can, then
combo the last one. You need about 30, but even if you don't, don't worry, 
you'll most likely get the S because of the no damage, and if not, it's an
easy short fight, so a retry really won't screw your moral that much.

The next ranked fight sucks, and here's why, you need to run back to the back
up point Boris tells you about AFTER you kill the next 3 monkeys. 

If you stealth kill all of them, you'll miss the chance, but I would just
rush in. This part is good practice for them... either way...

***4th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:30
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 3
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 5

I hate this fight, because if you mess it up, which you probably will, you 
need to kill those 3 monkeys again (which are unranked). The good news is,
this is probably the hardest battle in the mission to S rank.

It goes without saying, you need to spine rip three for a prefect grade
in this part, which I wouldn't, I'd just do the first and last water-bot.

Oh right, this battle will have 4 of them, and a few dwarf gekkos. Now here
is what I did...

I immediately stinger the first one, it should turn blue, rip the spine. Now
AS SOON AS YOU HIT THE GROUND, another one with most likely be charging you
from the back. So make sure you are parrying behind yourself. After that's
done, the 3rd with be coming from the same direction as the first.

One tip, try to go quick to this area after the monkey, if it spawns as you
are in the middle, rather than before you reach it, you can get an extra 
second to fool around.

After they are dead, ninja run the baby gekko.

One thig to notice, if they shoot fire, you'll probably get hit as you should
be trying to kill them super fast... but if you go fast, you should only
see their charge move.

Also realize I was joking when I said they spawn fast from behind you, but
you should be able to parry them, you are a ninja with senses... and a radar.

If you are having trouble, just spine rip 3, then combo pad the last. You
should be able to get 5000 points for the S rank with taking damage.

***5th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:00 
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 5

The next two fights happen in the same area. The first one, if I remember
correctly starts of with three monkeys, and then two raptors will jump 
through the glass.

Now they want you to get all the spines here, I wouldn't try for all of
them, in fact, all you need is one, and no damage to get the S rank if
you can combo high enough. I had like 60 hits because I used the last raptor
as a punching bag, it's really easy if you cut their legs off.

I'm not entirely sure that if you stealth kill the first monkey it will 
count towards your kills, I didn't, I just jumped down, and actually went
toe to toe with them, but if you have trouble, this is a spot I was suggest
using the Sai or even EM nades.

If you choose the EM nades, it might take a few tries to get them all stunned
as some can drop kick through the explosion.

What you can do, is throw one down, hoping to hit two, Sai the third, then
move on to the others, be warned, they don't stay shocked for long.

I'm sorry, I just have to say "Shock the Monkey" again.

And Alt strat would be to use ripper mode with a purple Sai for each monkey. 
This is a 100% execution, the only trouble is getting out of the spine rip
without getting cheap shotted.

***6th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 6
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 6

This starts right after the cutscene. I do have to say it is completely BS,
has you don't have enough enemies to kill if you play on this difficulty, but 
that's ok, because you were not going to get hit any ways, right?

All of them have rocket launchers, and you need to be quick for this next
part, right when you get control, I would just ninja run attack with ripper
mode to kill the first one, and even the second one. The second one will
always get a rocket out, so if you slide to avoid it, you may as well grab
his spine while you are on your back.

Right as you kill him, the raptors should come out, don't worry about them,
because a 3rd RL guy will come through the door. If you rush to that door
super fast, he shouldn't even be able to lift his gun, I'd rip his spine 

The two raptors are all that is left. Punching bag the final one to make
sure you have the right number of combo points.

***7th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:00
Battle Points - ---
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - ---
Kills --------- ---

This is when you control the tripod. I would make sure you have a back up
save as one kick from a guard will make you explode (though they take like
3 hits from a freaking sword...)  

Any ways, you just have to get to the end of the section under 30 seconds or 
a minutes, not sure which, I did the part in around 20 seconds.

So here is the fastest way, always run, around the first corner where the
other tripod is chilling on the box, jump up to him, then jump out and double
back to the pipe.

From this pipe, you can take a short cut to the catwalk, the open vent should
be close, just look at your map.

You literally should only encounter 1 guard this way, and you can ninja jump
to the side of him and not worry about anything, he'll try to kick you, but
you'll be laughing all the way to the console.

***8th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:30
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - 40
Kills --------- 1

This fight is not only hard to no damage, but it is hard to just beat. I
highly suggest making a back up save for this fight.

Incase you haven't play Very Hard before Rev, there are two Grads. The Red
one you can't just explode quick, because he has the extra defense of a 
boss-grade life bar. However, the green one can be.

Let me say three quick things before I give you tips on how to get an S: The
first part counts as part of the fight, so don't take your time. And there
is also no checkpoint between when it switches modes, which means everytime
you die you'll need to do this crap again. And lastly, you can get damaged,
and since you can, I'll list what you need to do:

Win in under 2 and a half minutes, get 1000 BP, and land a 40 hit combo. Note
that you can zandasou the non boss grad, but it won't add any points because
the game is using the normal setting for the grade, as in, just a single none
spine bearing boss Grad.

BP should be easy, if you are afraid, you can slash a chest that has a 5000
peice in it. This is to the left of where you start behind the truck, and
should only take about 5 extra seconds.

Now to start the fight, don't run strait, but try to get to a side wall out
side the hall he is camping. I hate campers... any ways, Clip the corner with
your sword and it should back up. Then get in there.

Once in there, attack WITHOUT using ninja run, as you'll just bounce off. 
Block his attacks, they aren't that hard to see coming, and if you beat the
game before, you should know how.

Now comes the FUn part. There are many ways to do this part, but using my 
way will you hit, and even killed quick, which means you need to be quick.

I started the fight with a stinger to the boss Grad, then a quick EM nade.

Once he is shocking, Sai the second one and kill him SUPER fast. If you
want, you can zandats him, up to you. Once he's down, Sai the next one, 
attack, then Sai again when his fat ass gets up. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A
40 HIT COMBO! If you don't, make sure to farm hits while you blade mode
him. Use an EM nade and Sai back an forth to keep this pussy stunned.

If that part still doesn't work, you can Sai the first one, the try to 
stinger the non boss grad. Just remember, this fight will come down to
luck as there is so much crap flying around on screen at pretty much at all

Also, just because you stun the boss grad, doesn't mean the game won't auto
target you towards him, so if you want to aim for the second one, you need
to manually ninja run AROUND AND AWAY from him. The good news is, once you
kill the non boss grad, the fight is over.

Good luck.


~Fourth Mission (R03)

This is what I call the make or break mission. Chances are, you were worring
about this mission the entire time, thanks to the boss fight, which you are
going to cheese, thanks to me. Any ways, the majority of the mission is easy,
and since you got this far, I'm going to ease up on the in depth strategies
since enemies start repeating. 

***1st Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:00
Battle Points - 2000
Zandatsu ------ 12
Longest Combo - 35
Kills --------- 12

Right from the beginning you'll be attack by pigborgs, or cyporks, lol I
can't think of which one I hate more... When I first played this mission, I
swear I cut each one in hundred pieces... ok, enough with the anti cop stuff.

The fight is very easy, I would would get only first and last spine. The first
is because if you get hit on the first one, you can just restart.

Now just run around flailing ninja run attacks. 

STAY CLOSE TO THE CHECKPOINT GATE! After you dice the first enemies two
smucks with RPG's will jump the fence. kill them, spine rip the second one.

Now you'll get a checkpoint after these guys, pause the game as soon as you
see it and make a back up save. Now finish the second half, it has just
a couple more cyborgs which shouldn't be hard to kill, especially if you
made it this far.

Now try to get up top, I find the next battle easier from the top.

***2nd Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:00
Battle Points - 500
Zandatsu ------ 2
Longest Combo - 35
Kills --------- 2

This is a dual Grad fight, but good news is they are the baby green grads, so
you can destroy them very quick. 

You know the drill, use that good ol Sai and Ripper mode, definitely for the
very first grad.

Depending on if you grabbed it's spine, you may want to combo farm a bit on 
the second one.

Unlike that last fight with two Grads, you probably don't want to take any
damage on this fight.

Now after they are dead, a couple cyborgs with come into the area. You need
to kill these to make the next fight available via Boris codec call... head
back the the beginning of the mission.

***3rd Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:30
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 4
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 4

Keep in mind that if you mess up here, you need to do the last part again,
just like the 3x monkeys in the previous mission.

Luckily this isn't that hard, it's just 4 beef cyborgs. It's easy, but there
are still two way to do this.

My special way: I blade mode cheesed the very first cyborg that drops down,
since they all come one by one, you can get a lot of combos on him. If you
get to about 25, then you can just Sai Rape all the other... or even use
the Fox Blade.

The other way would just take them out one by one via Ripper mode and eat
their spines, just be prepare to block the instant you get back to the

A lil tip, they can really stun block you good, so if this happens, use the
dodge move.

Now go into the building, don't forget to cut the asain chick in the lobby
for a better look. The next room after this is the...

***4th Rank Fight***

Time ---------- 1:30
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 2
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 8

This fight is just Big and Little Gekkos. Stinger poke them as soon as they
jump through the window. and make sure to grab both spines. Then just mop
up the little guys with non ripper mode ninja runs to insure you get the
S rank.

Though, this one is kind of easy, I doubt you needed any help.

***5th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 4
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 4

The next fight is right before the elevator. It may seem annoying, but it's
actually rather easy if you follow these rules...

Completely ignore the guys with the shields, and head to the trio of rocket
launcher guys. Tackle each of them by sliding with blade mode cuts to the
brain stem. 

The reason sliding is good is because it can dodge them, but also keep you
moving while you can cut other missiles, or rockets.

Once they are dealt with, it's time for the 2 shield guys. Either run away
and use a FUlly charged pincer attack, or perfect parry them.

After that, go up the elevator, the next part, when you jump of the crane is
unranked, so have a ball.

***6th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 35
Kills --------- 5

The next ranked battle is missable, but you should of found it on your own,
especially if you actually did look around on your first playthrough. 

Once you jump of the previous building with the unranked fight on it, go

Open the chest and you'll get locked in. This fight only has weak cyborgs
and sliders.

Again, just like any fight that has a ton of machine gun using enemies, I
prefer to rip the first spine, and then the last. 

Inbetween, all you need to do is ninja run. Now the combo point is actually
missable if you use ripper mode, so I suggest that when you make a slider
fly down, or gib a cyborg is to run around in circles while still spamming
ninja run attacks.

This will generate a few extra hits.

Now head back around a get up those steps.

***7th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2;00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 4
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 4

This next fight is the intro of the Hammer guys, but you'll find that they
are easy as crap. The true challenge of this mission is to kill the sliders.

Once the battle starts, I would head to the right. Zandate the first slider,
then quickly do the same thing to the other one.

You may get hit, and if you do, just restart as once you get these two out
of the way, the rest of the fight is easy.

Now, the big guys can easily be killed using ripper mode with a stinger
move or with a fully charge purple Sai attack.

There are three of them, just make sure on the last on, you blade mode
combo him up to 50 before optionally ripping out his spine.

Proceed up the stairs AND DO NOT NINJA KILL THESE NEXT GUYS! it took me to
watch a friend play to realize that this is a battle... I was watching and I
said... how the FUdge did you fight a helicopter on the roof?

***8th ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:00
Battle Points - 400
Zandatsu ------ 1
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 2

This battle is just two cyborgs, and one hammerhead. The first cyborg you can
just strait up kill before he can draw his weapon, JUST MAKE SURE YOU HEAR
buddy of mine has a ring tone with that noise... I'm jealous. If anyone knows
how I can get one with a Virgin Mobile flip phone, that would be t!ts.

After the first is dead, Sai the Heli when he appears, so you can single
out the other guy and combo is torso.

Now the entire civilian part and most of the dark tunnel are UNRANKED. I
would however kill everything in the tunnel any ways, and make a back up
once you get the checkpoint before you get to the platform...

***9th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 1
Longest Combo - 40
Kills --------- 6

Two monkeys and a few tripods at the end of the dark tunnel are all that
count as a battle.

Just make sure you surprise attack the first monkey with a stinger, then
Sai the second one for an easy S.

Keep moving on.

***10th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:30
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 4
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 4

This fight has the Grad on top of the bridge, and a few cyborgs on the ground.

Ninja run ASAP to the under side of that big ol bridge. There are two cyborgs
that can be spine ripped easy, but the armor guy will make that tough.

Take him out first, if the little guys get in the way, let them have it.

After you take them out, hopefully you can get a zandagger off, take the bridge
down for the Grad. Make sure to grab his spine, it could help.

***11th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:30
Battle Points - 800
Zandatsu ------ 1
Longest Combo - 40
Kills --------- 1

This battle can get crazy, the good news is that it can be done WHILE 
taking damage. There is a catch tho, you need to cut the legs of the ONLY
cyborg in the area.

You only need to rip one spine out, so I would do that on a Monkey. Since
the area is SOOOO big, it's not hard to run around buying time for the Sai
to recharge, each time, kill a monkey.

The last enemies are dogs, make sure you use one like a punching bag before
ending the fight.

Now move forward, that annoying Sam speech will come on, after it's over...

***12th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 35
Kills --------- 5

There's like 5 enemies, that all can be slice in half and spine ripped with
out the use of any broken weapons. Just do what you've been doing so far
and just destroy them as you please.

***13th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 3:30
Battle Points - 100
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - 4
Kills --------- 5

This part is annoying. MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR FILE. Why? This is that
annoying "we are a killing robot and we are about to be on our period so
lets walk really slow" part.

Now to get an S, you need to creep up behind all of them, and Ripper mode
kill them. If you destroy the first one with a 5 hit combo, switch to
your Fox Blade if you have it.

Any ways, two tips, if JUST ONE sees you, it's go to cation yellow, it isn't
over yet, but try to make your way to a corner of a bus, then surprise attack
him as he comes around.

Next, don't restart if you screw up, go to the main menu and copy your back
up. Why? Chances are you'll stumble upon a checkpoint after the first guy, 
the thing is, if you kill the first guy, he'll still come back to life, so
you'll have to waste time going backwards.

Thankfully their sight is terrible in this part, but once you kill the last
guy, you'll get ranked.

The next part, where Sam taunts you some more, is unranked, so you can take

***14 Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 8:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 1

Monsoon! Yay, the part you couldn't wait for! Good thing you have me, because
you are going to cheese the living crap out of this fight.

First things first, if you don't have these items equipped right from the
beginning, go to the main menu to change them: Wig A (though not really 
needed if you have 5 Em Grenades), Pincer Blades, and EM nades.

And before I go on, he has phases that I'm sure you know of. Once you pass
the damage threshold for his next phase, he'll take less damage.

The first phase last till 70%. What you want to do ASAP is to whack him with
a fully charged pincer attack. Basically hold in triangle before the fight
even starts. This should bring him to the mid 80's range in health.

The next part comes down to luck and skill. You can either wait till you block
a move that leaves him open, like his donkey kick, or killer bee kick to 
whack him with another fully charged pincer, OR use your sword.

Why did I say luck? Because he may do his smoke bomb, and do that smoke bomb
BS crap, and I don't like crap, especially BS crap. It can also do damage to

Whenever he did this smoke bomb stuff, I restarted. it will take a few tries
to get this down, again, he may throw it ultra quick, or not at all.

At 70% he'll jump away and start throwing stuff at you. I usually cut the 1
then 2 things he'll toss at you then quickly grab the items.

Once you do that, he'll be dazed. So smack his face. Try no to miss, so I 
would suggest using the square button for a horizontal strike. Once his head
should fly away, run up to it and charge a pincer attack. This is tricky
to time, but you'll want to chomp as he's fully together, not before and 
definitely after he attacks you.

If this his is successful, you'll take him to about 50% and start throwing
more crap at you. Now if you are going for no damage, don't cut these, if you
are trying with damage, you'll need to cut these for the extra BP. Me? I ran.

Start at the side he's on, slightly to the outside of the pillar. Once you
see that blue kangi symbol, start running, but arc around the opposite
pillar, so you can dodge the remaining items.

He'll jump back down. Guess what? EM grenade him, then do the same Pincer
blade attack you did before. He should be at 40% now.

Now comes his wheel. You'll want to parry it twice, instead of running from
it. After all you need to beat him in under 8 minutes for the time Req.

The wheel is actually easy to parry, one you parry it twice, cut the crap
out of it if you want.

He'll just back down. I between the time you lasted used your pincer blades
and now, try to equip the Sai.

He's going to flick his Sai at you from a distance. Either perfect parry the
first hit, or block the entire thing. Then Sai him, I never got dragged 
towards him though.

If that doesn't work, you can just parry all the attacks, and then once his 
feet come running toward you, launch another Sai attack or an EM grenade to
stun him, Break his face, then switch to the pincer blades. YOu know what
I'm getting at.

He should go down to like 20% or something like that, to toss more trash
at you. Do the same thing as above.

He'll return, EM grenade, then Pincer again. He'll be at 10%


Some times if and when you get him to 10%, he might not just jump away, and
HE CAN attack you with one last combo. BE PREPARED TO PARRY THIS COMBO.

You don't want to screw up here. TRUST ME.

Now, you'll see a checkpoint, go to the title and back up the save file. If
you think you took a lil too long, or aren't going for the no damage, you'll
need a 30 hit combo on him. Just keep trying if you mess up, also remember 
you can equip the machete for faster attacks, as it seems random as to when
it stops (I think it may stop wrong after you gut him into a certain amount
of chunks.)

Congrats, you beat him. Remember, even if you get hit by say, the wheel, I
would still try to practice on his 40% Sai/floating torso phase, as it's 
probably one of the toughest parts of the game if you are using my FAQ.

As a reminder: 30 Hits, Under 8 Minutes, 1000BP.

If you don't care about not damage, you can do this fight pretty easy. Just
remember to Em Nade/pincer to save time, as well as parry the garbage wheel.

For the 30 hit, you can either get it at the end (copy your file before you
finish him off, and even switching to the Machete can help.)

For BP, I ended up with 1600+, all I did was cut the first 4 sets of tanks
and heli's he throws. Pick up the items and MAKE SURE YOU cut the last 
vehicle as many times as you can to boost BP with both hits AND cut.


~Fifth Mission (R04)

Remember how I said the last mission was the make or break mission? I kind of
lied, this was is just as bad, well you'll see.

***1st Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:00
Battle Points - 1800
Zandatsu ------ 6
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 8

Starting this by slashing the sexy girl behind the counter. So what if she
has robot parts, that just means she won't be bleeding once a month, and that
she knows her place, zing...

Any ways, the first wave are cyborgs, try to rip all their spines out because
quicker dogs come out, like four of them. I would suggest learning how to 
parry for this fight.

I usually leave the last dog for a punching bag. A friend of mine still says
it's better to slide then use that follow up move in ripper mode. I never
really used that before, but you can try it out.

Now take a deep breath, because this next part is VERY BORING.

***2nd Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 8:00
Battle Points - 2000
Zandatsu ------ 2
Longest Combo - 80 (I still think it's 100, been told it was 80)
Kills --------- 16

You are going to take damage in this fight, why? Go ahead, if you want to
toss emp nades and keep switching back and fourth between that and a Fima for
about a half hour, be my guest.

Speaking of which, you need 4,500 points for the S rank, so you'll need to do
4 things perfect, the good news is you can get 500 points for a half hour 
finish. So lets assume you will take a half hour... just make sure if you
plan on making time like that, you do it your first try, I can't imagine...

Wait, actually I can imagining that happening... IT FRIGGEN DID... MANY
TIMES! Lucky for you I'm here. I wish was here for me back then, it would
of been FUn, and not frustrating.

Ok, so you'll need 2,000 BP for this fight. There is at half of that in pick
ups in glass. It's best to grab them when there is one guy left.

You'll need 2 zandingos as well, which is extremely easy... in fact, you'll
probably want to do it any ways since, you know, it gives you back health,
and you'll be getting hurt like crazy.

Kills are easy, you shouldn't have trouble getting 16. The last is combos. 
You need 100 hits. Now, some people suggest getting it on the Grad (Grad!?
where the hell is the grad? Calm yourself spanky, read the next NEXT part.)
No, we are going to SHOCK THE MONKEYS... God I love that song. One day it
was on during work, and I totally jammed out to it, all the new kids were
like "WTF". Lets recap.


Now comes your prep. This is the only battle where I want you to wear the 
Blue Custom Armor. This actually reduces your health at the cost of power.
Well since you have a dying problem, this is ok. I'm pretty sure it doesn't
effect the turret.

Next thing, make sure you have the bandanna on. I mean Wig A (the one that lets
you spam sub weapons, the same one you should of had on during the monsoon

Now comes the FUn part. If you are using this guide for the "easiest" and
"cheesiest" way, it's boring. And incase you didn't know before, this is
that happy turret battle. And when I say happy, I don't mean the emotion.

Ok first things first, during this fight, Dr Nazi will contact you saying to
bounce to the elevator, don't and eventually a Grad will show up during all
this. You need to kill the Grad.

Also, to make this fool proof, you need to try to make it to the Grad with
out grabbing that nanopaste, and be at 5 in stock. If not, it's ok, it's 
just easier, obviously.

Once the battle starts, shoot things, aim for the cyborgs on the pillars,
then sliders. If you get a 100 hitter, that's great, I did once. Keep an
eye on the radar and you should see orange dots going left, or west. These
are shield enemies walking up steps.

Kill them, grab sines, etc.

Next wave of enemies is a little more annoying. They are RL guys and machine
gun guys mixed in. Here's a tip: UNLESS ALL THE RPG GUYS ARE DEAD, GET THE
FUdge OF THAT GOD DAMN TURRET. Some people claim you can just stay on it, but
you aren't some person...

So how do we deal with these? You back up, toss TWO RP nades on the platform
where a turret is, then walk up to the edge, then pop 3-4 homing missiles
into which ever guy you think has a rocket launcher.

Now keep this boring crap up until Monkeys show up. ONCE THEY DO, run back
into that hallway fast, then equip EM grenades. KEEP THROWING them, throw
them like crazy, and hope to god you stun both of them. Once you stun them,
run up to them with your polearm and twap them a couple times, and then
re throw the EM Nade. Do this until you reach 100 hits. By some strange 
reason you don't get 100 hits, you can toss the EM nade for an extra hit when
the monkey turns blue.

Now mop up the rest of the enemies using the RP method.

OK grad time. Keep shooting him with the Turret, do your best with shooting
down his double missiles. Now once you run out of paste, if you do, run back
and grab the spare one (if you already grabbed it, leave the turret when you
are at one.)

Now once you are low, run back in the hall, toss a couple RP nades places.
Stand in the smoke, then toss an EM grenade at the Grad. Once he gets stunned
you need to hit him with a homing missiles, then switch to an EM, and

Hopefully you did everything I said, and you can do this with ease, so I'm
not even gunna say good luck or anything silly like that.

Don't forget to change your wig and outfit AFTER YOU SEE A CHECKPOINT.

***3rd Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 3:00
Battle Points - 2000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 5

After you go up the elevator, you'll be in another optional stealth part.
And by optional, I mean you aren't going to to be using stealth at all. There
are 3 monkeys and a long sword armored cyborg. After you get caught, many 
raptors with spawn, and when I say many, I'm pretty sure they keep coming.

Any ways, remember the dark subway platform when I told you the best way is
to sneak up to the monkey, then surprise kill him the second he sees you?
Yeah, do that again, the next monkey will be Sai'd.

Now you have to worry about one more monkey, an armored, guy, and most likely
a raptor together. Do your best. Keep in mind your combo. Because once you
kill these guys, and the panels are gone, a hammer brother with appear
next to the elevator. You can get the required 50 hit combo on him, and if
you took no damage, you should get an S.

I would NOT recommend using EM grenades to be cheap for this part, or the 
rest of the mission. This is because of the AI clone fight later on.

If you have trouble dealing with the monkeys, try running away after you
make your strike. This will let your Sai recharge, then strike once you see
a monkey coming around the mountain when he c... I mean the corner.

I would try for one Zandagger, then do a no damage. Again, especially when
I get to the elevator section later on, you should be going to no damage. 
Then why do I keep telling you? Just in case, I love you buddy. I want to
see you do good. I really do. 

Ok, unless your a chick, stop getting all buttered up and moved on.

***4th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:00
Battle Points - 500
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 7

Very easy part, and a very well needed relief. Now there is a story behind
my spark in curiosity. My friend actually S ranked this part on his
second hard play through, and he's not even good, yet I did in the 4 prior
runs less than an A... and I'm the god damn bee's knees...

So I did research, and you can get the S rank if you beat the battle under
2 minutes. That's 5000 points. Even better, if you want to take 30 seconds
more (that's 25% longer) you'll get 4000 points, so if you want to be safe,
make sure you are in ripper mode and flail your arms into weaker enemies.

Pick up the cardboard box and whatever is in that red box on the steps.
Again, you need to make an extra 1000 points. Easy.

Important that you that you have a back up save because this part has a 
few checkpoints.

There is also a grad you have to fight, and I'm coming to pretend that
you didn't just ask me for help on that fight.

***5th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:30
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 60
Kills --------- 6

Probably the hardest part of the mission to go all no damage. The reason is
the amount of RPG soldiers... oh AND FLAKKING MONKEYS! This is a 
Japan garden area.

Ok, you goal is to rid the place of RPG guys ASAP. I would say your best
bet is to get to the first guy by ninja running up the stone wall. Kill him
ASAP, and since this is the start of the mission, I like to rip is spine out.

After that, quickly make your way to the next RPG guy right next to him. Use
any method you want, either be dodgy or use a Sai. Rip his spine out next.

Now, the hard part comes, MORE RL guys. They are on the corners of the bridge
but you knew that because you got hit by one... didn't you? It's ok, I did

I wouldn't worry about spines right now. Just kill them, ninja run slashing
the non RL guys, and sliding and such for the others.

The only good thing about this area is that it's open, which means when
the monkeys spawn, you can easily run till your magic Sai recharges. 

You know the drill, just execute them after you do that, yadda yadda.

Look, I know this isn't fool proof, but it's ok, you made it this far and I
have faith in you... real faith, not that fake junk hippies try to sell you
all the time.

The next area, IE the rest of the Japanese Garden is UNRANKED. The part after
that, the bottom of the elevator, is also unranked. Once you get on the 
elevator, BAM time for...

***6th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:30
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 60
Kills --------- 5

Easy elevator fight, nothing here will surprise you too much. Just make sure 
to always not get hit, and grab spines when you want.

Also, if by some reason you throw your inf item spam wig on, EM Nades work
great in this area since it's so small.

Do your best, and remember you can cheap shot guards.

***7th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:50
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 60
Kills --------- 6

More of this, two shield guys start this waves. You may need to perfect parry
them, if not, it's ok, it's still rather easy.

Nothing more I can really say, you did this before.

***8th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- :20
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 2
Longest Combo - 30
Kills --------- 10

This is the part where the Metal Balls try to stop the elevator. Supposely
you can beat this part in 20 seconds to get an instant S... try it, I don't

Me, personally, I just killed as much as I felt like, it's pretty easy to
get a no damage.

***9th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 6

This next part sucks because you can randomly be jumped on by a monkey and
you can't really do crap.

The first thing you want to do is ripper mode and hold square for that
quick draw release move.

Let it rip to kill two of the sliders. After I did that, I stingered the
hammer bro, ripped his spine, then tried to ripped the last slider's spine
so you may possibly avoid the random monkey stomp.

Either way, once they get down, you know how to deal them by now. It's only
like the 3rd time you are fighting them in the mission.

***10th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 5:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 15

The AI fight. You are going to get damaged here. You know why? I'm pretty 
sure that if you can do this fight without taking a hit, you would of did it

So any ways, lets go over what you need to do.  

Beat it in under 5 minutes, which is easy, I wasn't trying to go fast and I
did it under 3. That's two whole minutes you get, if you think you aren't
as fast as me.

You need 1000 BP, I'm pretty sure mine was way over that.

15 Kills, just remember to kill 13 gekko. Basically as long as you don't
perfect parry her to kill her uber quick you should be good with this.

For the 50 combo, he's what I did, I broke her staff, then slash at her 
body with all the arms on it. Once I got to about 25ish, I went on a ninja
run slashing spree. MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF RIPPER MODE. 

You should be able to get the 50 banger before she jumps back down from 
throwing balls at you (that bitch!)

Once she's dead, Monsoon is a matter of just not using all your nano
pastes against him. 

You should have no problem doing this part.

Now go forward to that little speach from suntowner. After you are done with
his speach you need to travel back to the AI clone room...

***11th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:30
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 4
Longest Combo - 40
Kills --------- 5

2 Sliders and 2 Raptors. Kill the sliders, Spine rip the second one, then 
have FUn with the two raptors, it shouldn't be that bad.

In fact, you have over a minute to do this fight, so feel free to use a raptor
as a punching bag using blade mode to mill combo points.

Ok, now the only fight left is the boss.

***12 Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 5:000
Battle Points - 400
Zandatsu ------ 2
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 3

Sundowner fight. I have a fool proof way of doing this fight.

Before you even start this fight, you need to either have the fox blade, or
the armor breaker to follow my way. And at least one rocket/missile.

Start the fight by parrying his shield dash. If he doesn't do it, restart.
This will allow you do cut a free set of panels off him. Now you are going
to try your best to cut the other two sets off.

Right after the first cut, make way to the helicopter. You can ninja run
to block the machine gun bullets, but you can't do it to the missiles so
make sure you are running at an angle towards him. Always ALWAYS after do
any type of cut to him, check the airs for a copter.

Now, if you see him put up his shield, and you need to enter blade mode,
try your best to cut it. How? Aim, obviously in the middle of the 


I don't care how you do the first part, but if you cut every part
off him, a checkpoint will happen. If you are bad at cutting, I would
try to just stay far away. Not only does this let you see the skies, but
it will trigger him to do either the shield bash or his is other charge.
50/50 is more than a soda, it's good odds, right?

Ok, now since you have the checkpoint, every time you restart it, he 
should be at around 65%. This is ok, because he should die ultra quick.

If you see him glow yellow, USE THE DODGE! Now, get him to about 
12.1 to 12.7%. It's pretty easy in ripper mode. I'm not sure if you 
could go to 10.1%, but everytime I tried to do the next part, he 
magically went to a 12% magic number I listed above.

Any ways, the thing about this boss fight is that you need...
Under 5 minutes, which is easy. 400 BP, which is easy. But the 50 
combo, 3 kills, and 2 Zannies make it harder.

So my strat ELIMINATES THE COMBOS if you don't take damage. And here
is how you do it.

Once he is at 12ish% you need to run around to the sides of the heli

He'll jump to one of those yellow pillars. AT THIS TIME CHANGE YOUR

Either a Fox Blade
Armored Breaker
Or some how the Wig C, the only time I ever thought about using it.

SKILL. (Note I did this 3 times in a row, cause I have a 1.5% skill

DAMN SPINE ULTRA QUICK. K? Thank you for understanding. It's not
easy, but A LOT easier if they drop down close together.

Once you do this, run the fuck away before you get hit with his
yellow pole swing move. Are you all the way across the way? Good,
now use a rocket/missile to do the last bit of damage to you.

This is to allow you to avoid parrying his pole attack.


Vital you back up the save, the slide fight is annoying. The best
thing to do is the stay in the top left corner and just short 
missiles. You didn't know you could shoot missiles, did you?

Just press an attack button. Once you get to the top, don't be
fancy, just do one slash to break open the ceiling, then end
the fight.

Now some of you might need extra help, which is good since I
have a good buddy of mine (*unconfirmed). Real Name Hasker
Brouwer. That's a pretty sexy name, hell if I was a chick, he
wouldn't even have to buy me a drink first... I'd roofie myself.

Any ways, he's on the GameFAQs.com message board, goes by
Raeng, and gave me some very good tips.

"Few more pointers, though these are bit situational:
* during Sundowners unblockable pincer move, while he's charging it, just jump
over him. This allows you to get behind him and start, with the machette, a 
50 hit combo (other weapons fall short, will get around 40 hit combo)
* the Hammerhead can actually kill Sundowner for you with it's weapons, 
just a fun fact."

"Just found a easier way to S-rank Sundowner I believe, it's cheesy but 
it's 100% safe and a lot more reliable. It can't really go wrong. Just do 
his first stage normally. Kill the chopper and chop of his 'limbs'. Enter 
the second phase. Make sure you have the Sai ready and purple. Wait for 
him to do his 'imma charging my pincer' and jump over him. Once behind him 
use the Purple Sai to stun him, run over to him and Blue Sai him (should 
result in a air-kick ) which knocks him on the ground. Run towards him and 
use Ripper + Blade Mode + Machette on him while he's trying to get up. He 
won't be able to escape out of it. You'll get around a 55 hit before he dies 
(that's on Very Hard). If you've done it right you'll have exactly 8.000 
points + 2000 from no damage. Only downside is that you might have to retry 
the flying-part a few times to rack up kills and BP as you'll be lacking 
those. But that's easy. Just spam the rockets and slash Sundowner to pieces 
for some more extra BP."

"You can also no kill the C.Cyborgs (cut of their legs with the armor breaker) 
for the No Kill bonus (Sundowner does not count as a humanoid kill). That's 
an easy 2000 BP bonus for those not good enough to get the no-hit."

Good job!, You pretty much S ranked the game by now, the rest is all easy.

~Sixth Mission (R05)

Watch the codec scene... and you will be seeing it a lot if you need to 

***1st Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:30
Battle Points - 800
Zandatsu ------ 4
Longest Combo - 35
Kills --------- 4

This can be a little annoying. It's two armored guys, and two non armored
guys. The lame part is the non armored guys have machine guns, and are
camping on the top of the truck.

You have two choices, you can flick and EM Nade at the truck, then jump up
(I'm not sure if the EM Nade works, I used the next strat), and Zanny them

Or you can just slash the truck, wait for them to fall down, then slide/spine
rip them.

Either way you choose to do it, it's best to start the fight running the hell
away from the two cyborgs on the ground.

Then next set of Gekko ARE UNRANKED.

***2nd Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 1:40
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 5

The only hard part of the mission. You'll have a hammer guy in the middle,
then RPG guys everywhere else.

After you kill the Hammer guy, most of the enemies will jump down. Well I
like keeping him alive so I can pad my combos off his torso.

So I throw two RP nades at the middle, and just stay there with my homing
missiles out. I never hit a RL guy... so I threw another. By the time that
one finished, I had one guy jump down.

This is better than having them all down at once as rockets are easier to 
slide under when they are shot from above.

Look at the bright side, this is really the last time you have to mess with
RL guys. Good luck making sense out of the crap I just sent you.

Now move on.

***3rd Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ 2
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 2

The short street with the little Gekkos does not count as a fight, but the
long stairs area does.

Now you need to obviously get caught, do it with way. Equip the cardboard
box to avoid getting seen by the first slider, then take out a homing
missile launcher and shoot the next one to speed things up.

Once you are caught, Zandatus the two raptors then ninja run slash the other
ball gekko. You get more than enough time, but you should still be looking
at the radar for red dots to hurry you up.

***4th Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:00
Battle Points - 800
Zandatsu ------ 2
Longest Combo - 200
Kills --------- 3

Everything else in this level means nothing. The last fight is that secret
one that has the Vr mission and ton of watermelons on the floor. That bad news
is that if you screw up, you need to do the previous part over again (with
the 3 monkeys and the grad.)

So this secret mission you have to fight... 3 monkeys! Yay. Good news, it's 
that last time you ever have to screw around with them.

Use your best cheese to win this fight. You should have something down by 
now, best bet is to use executions to buy yourself some breathing room.

The good thing about the area is that it is small, so an EM grenade will
usually work, the problem is getting one off...

The other thing to mention is they just kind of randomly appear... they
aren't just there, so you can't just cheese the first one.


~Seventh Mission (R06)

***1st Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 3:00
Battle Points - 1000
Zandatsu ------ ---
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 1

First lets go over the reqs. 

Time = 3 minutes = easy

BP = 1000, hard to do. You'll need to grab at least 1 nano paste in the open
field to do this. Some people say two to be safe, up to you.

Combo = 50, you can do it with a 40+ combo using my way, at the end of the
fight, PURPOSELY miss his hand to rack up points.

Ok, now going with that crap up above, you aren't going to get hit, k? This
fight should be over quick otherwise.

Here's the strat you are going to use. BEFORE HE GETS TO ABOUT 70% MAKE SURE

This is the secret of the battle, you can literally skip the second phase
of the battle, where is has no sword.

Sorry if this section is too short, but this part really comes down to skill.
Make sure to be parrying for the 4th hit of his combo.


~Final Mission (R07)

Yay, the last mission, and you are almost on your way. Breath deep, there is
only one hard part in this mission, and it's surprising not the final boss.

***1st Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 2:00
Battle Points - 800
Zandatsu ------ 5
Longest Combo - 50
Kills --------- 4

This is the opening gate area. Take out the slider with a homing missile,
than run-up gank the cyborg of his spine before he draws his gun (the one
leaning on the concrete block). Rest is easy, you know what to do.

The next ranked fight is the Metal Gear Boss, so Fox Blade everything else.

Make sure you have yor pincer blades equipped for the next fight.

***2nd Lasted Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 8:00
Battle Points - 800
Zandatsu ------ 2
Longest Combo - 80
Kills --------- 4

Before I start this, you are going for under 8 minutes, which is easy. Your
BP is 2,000, which means you should cut the crap out of his knee caps. YOU
NEED ONE ZANDASTU, and 80 hitter, and No extra kills. 

First part is easy. Dodge his attacks, but when he does his double downward
strike, you should be able to take off a large chunk of health with a pincer
attack, same as when he first puts his foot down.

Really, the first part is easy. Cut his leg.


This is what starts the hard part. Right when you get control, start up a LV3
pincer charge attack (triangle, then triangle, but hold down triangle on the
second press.)

You'll do a lot of damage to him, then blade mode strike him, you can go way
over the 80 hits you need for the S rank, I usually went to around 95 then
would crack him with the pincers again to bring his health down to 10%.

NOW HERE IS THE HARD PART. I would say go for the regular requirements, but
the hard part is that he kills his own guys.

This part takes a little bit of luck... but remember you need one spine.
So after his sixth laser (strait on, strait on, then a sweep, then he repeats)
it should cook a Gekko, just rip out the spine with a jump attack. 

Once you do that, you only need to hit his leg once for the Leg Cutting
part. Cut it into many parts. For when you have his arm, just cut him once,
it takes too long for you to stack a ton of hits.

***Final Ranked Fight***

Time ---------- 5:00
Battle Points - 800
Zandatsu ------ 1
Longest Combo - 100
Kills --------- 1


Time = 5 Minutes, that's a tough, just aim for 8 minutes
BP = 800, I don't remember mine, but if you fail this this, during the last
part, make sure you cut a rock.
Combo = 100, easy, you'll see how.

First part of this fight is easy. You just need to do like 2% damage to him,
so starting off with a ripper mode stinger should put you close. Easy.


Second stage is annoying, you can't block him. Lucky for you is you don't
even have to do a single point of damage to him. Just dodge for about
two and a half minutes. By dodge I mean using hte square and eks button, then
running to the other side of the screen.

After the time runs out, he'll do a shockwave move you can't block, but it
does do damage to you.


You have two ways to do this part, way one is if you want to cut rocks, and
way two is if you want to avoid cutting rocks.

Keep in mind that if he does the rock throw move, and you don't need to cut
them, you can run away from them just like the monsoon fight.

Ok, he is how I did it:

Start the fight by running right up to him and blade mode slash him like
crazy. Make sure that you stop at the last second so you can dodge the fire
at the last second. If you mess up, no biggie, you restart right here.

Either way you want, get him to about 161-165% health. He'll most likely do
his QTE charge... basically he'll do his charge attack, but his hand will
be on fire and raised a bit higher up. If you do the quick time event, he'll
lose a large chunk of health, this fight is basically over...

There is a good chance he'll be at the part of the fight where he tries to
regen health. This is good. Go behind him, slash the square, now blade mode
slash him like crazy... HE CAN'T DO CRAP.

This is where you'll be getting your 100+ combo, in fact, the only thing he
ever did VS me after this point was just recover more health!

Now a little tip, to save time, make sure you un blade mode then ripper mode
a few slashes for extra damage. This is best done right after you hit his
weak spot in the back, as he'll be stunned any ways, and doesn't need to be
hit 50 times a second to flinch.

At low health, he'll throw another rock at you (I say rock, I know it's a
metal gear part, my friend yells at me a lot for that.)

Dodge the rock, do the quick time events, YAY ALL S RANKS!

Just make sure that this was the last mission you S ranked and the trophy 
will pop up before the credits.


If you have a question, feel free to mail me on iwbdk@hotmail.com 
PSN: Vesperas

Thanks to CjayC for a great site.
Thanks to a few people on the boards (Cited in FAQ).

No one can use this FAQ with out my permission. GameFAQs is 
the only site allowed using this FAQ without my permission. 
If you would like to  "use" it, you may ask. 

This document is...

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