Basic game-play questions?

  1. So i have a few basic questions i'm interested in knowing if anyone can help out with them.

    1.What counts as a continue in the game? is it selecting try again when dieing, or is it as simple as leaving for whatever reason and selecting continue from the menu? there any way to see the sight radius of the enemies like in all the old MGS game? there a rank penalty for using the wigs when in battle would like to know before i put the BP into buying one. there a way to check your individual chapter results for completed modes example: alerts triggered / special items found etc.?

    5.lastly for achievement results, is it necessary to do whatever one your shooting for in one run, or can you just replay selected chapters that you did poorly on. Completing whatever criteria your looking to meet. Then go to menu and replay the final fight and have it taken into account as part of the whole.

    Thanks in advance for any and all who can help

    User Info: 777kevin777

    777kevin777 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1. If you die and choose retry that counts a continue, if you pause and select restart that does not count as a continue

    2.No, which is a shame.

    3. There are no penalty's for using any of the item that can be unlocked. Which is just as well for revengeance mode.

    4.There is no way to check individual chapter results. You can however get a overall break down after you complete the game, but it does not list stuff like items

    5.You can replay chapters you feel you did poorly in, however you can not redo one chapter skip to the last boss and have update the stats (if that makes sense). You can use it to find items and unlock achievements, the only achievement you have to do in one play through is the Tearing Away the Disguise

    User Info: kerby316

    kerby316 - 6 years ago 1   0

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