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by kethrydrake

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FAQ/Walkthrough by kethrydrake

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/20/10

LEGO Harry Potter


  1. Spell list
    1. Story levels
      1. Year One
        1. The Magic Begins
        2. Out of the Dungeon
        3. A Jinxed Broom
        4. The Restricted Section
        5. The Forbidden Forest
        6. Face of the Enemy
      2. Year Two
        1. Floo Powder
        2. Dobby's Plan
        3. Crabbe and Goyle
        4. Tom Riddle's Diary
        5. Follow the Spiders
        6. The Basilisk
      3. Year Three
        1. News From Azkaban
        2. Hogsmeade
        3. Mischief Managed
        4. The Shrieking Shack
        5. Dementor's Kiss
        6. The Dark Tower
      4. Year Four
        1. The Quidditch World Cup
        2. Dragons
        3. The First Task
        4. Secret of the Egg
        5. The Black Lake
        6. The Dark Lord Returns
        7. Gringott's Levels
        8. Red Bricks
  2. Characters
  3. Gold Bricks
  4. Bonus Spells
  5. Credits


  • WL: WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA (purple) - move/build objects
  • LS: LUMOS SOLUM (grey) - light spell, vs. plants
  • I: IMMOBILUS (blue) - vs. pixies
  • RID: RIDDIKULUS (yellow) - vs. boggles
  • EP: EXPECTO PATRONUS (white) - vs. dementors
  • RED: REDUCTO (orange) - use on shiny metal objects
  • SA (green) - Harry (Invisibility cloak), Hermione (Crookshanks), Ron (Scabbers)


  • G. = Griffindor
  • H. = Hufflepuff
  • R. = Ravenclaw
  • S. = Slytherin

Zap = attack object

Note: In order to successfully complete the game you will need:

  • Hermione (start with)
  • Ravenclaw Boy: found in Quidditch area before Y1L3: A Jinxed Broom)
  • Fang (Y1L5: The Forbidden Forest)
  • Hufflepuff (Justin Finch-Fletchly is unlocked after Polyjuice potion lesson)
  • REDUCTO spell (Year 4 Level 2)
  • Griphook the Goblin (FP Y1L1: The Magic Begins, use REDUCTO)
  • Hagrid (FP Y1L5: The Forbidden forest, use REDUCTO)
  • Dark wizard (Snape is best (Potion's backroom after making aging potion, use Griphook))

There are areas with black objects that can only be used by dark wizards (DW)

To navigate Hogwarts during story levels, follow the ghost or look for the blue arrow above the proper exit.

Y1L1 - The Magic Begins (TW: 69,000)

Story: Harry, Hagrid, Griphook

A1: Use Hagrid to lift Harry up to the stairs. From there, go up the stairs as Harry and get the door handle. Place handle on door and use WL to open the door.

CREST 1: There are 2 tables on the left side with candles on them. Destroy using WL. After destroying use WL to build 2 paintings. Use WL on nearby stools to receive

A2: Use WL to repair wall. At the end of the alley is a potion cauldron. This requires three ingredients. The first one is in the spider web on the left side. The second is on the table on the right side. The third is gained by using WL on ice cream cart. Put ingredients in cauldron to destroy the barrier. Using Hagrid, pull on the chain beside the door to open it.

CREST 2: On the left side of the alley after breaking the wall, there is a glowing circle on the ground. Stand there and wave. The shopkeeper will toss out CREST 2.

CREST 3: On the right side of the alley there is a barrel full of brooms, use WL on it. Use WL to build a sweeper. After destroying the barrier, use the sweeper to clean up the mess to receive CREST 3.

STUDENT IN PERIL: Past the green tables on the right side there is a brown table. Jump on it and Hagrid will lift you up.

A3: You will need a goblin to open the gate to the vault. There is a glowing circle at the end of the row of tellers. Stand there to get Griphook. Use him to open the gate then switch to Hagrid to pull chain. Switch back to Griphook to open safe. Use WL to build painting. Wave using Griphook to enter vault.

CREST 4: There is a locked gate behind the glowing circle. Use RED to open. Then use Hagrid to pull chain.

Mr. Ollivander, Tom the Inkeeper: There are two locked chests behind the gate. Use RED to open.

A4: Use Hagrid to pull chain and then use Griphook to open left door. After leaving the bank, go through door on right side into Ollivander's wand shop.

Griphook the goblin: There is a locked chest on the right side. Use RED to open.


Start in G. dorm and zap the webs in front of door to exit.

GOLD BRICK: Zap canopies off beds to make appear

Ron (Hogwarts): inside chest by bed

In the G. commons, zap the painting twice to get the chest of drawers to move.

G. Boy: Hidden behind couch that student is sleeping on

STUDENT IN PERIL: Zap student sleeping on couch

Go left from entrance and down the stairs to reach Stairwell.

GOLD BRICK: Zap 5 wall hangings to make appear, 3 to right, 2 to left

Go up stairs and use Scabbers to ring bell. Go down stairs and wave at painting. This causes the stairs to move. Go left and exit into Lobby area. Cross the bottom of the lobby and enter the Main Classroom Entrance (MCE) area. Take left exit into Charms Hall. Enter left door into Charms 1.

Wingardium Leviosa Lesson

Charms room 1 - Your goal is to use WL to rescue three students. They are hanging from chandeliers. You need to use weights to lower them. The 1st is on the right side on the lower level. To reach the others, you need to assemble the stairs in the back left corner. To get the 2nd student, zap the painting next to the stairs and use WL to build chain. To reach the 3rd, go the right side of the upper level and build the statue. Then lift weight.

Boy: Use WL on bookcase on the upper level.

GOLD BRICK received

STUDENT IN PERIL: Use WL on apple next to classroom door.

Go through MCE into Lobby. Stack blocks next to door between stairs. This leads into the Great Hall Entrance (GHE).

GOLD BRICK: Zap 6 floating candles

STUDENT IN PERIL: Use WL on books near entrance to MCE.

Use WL on chest on left side of door and on device next to spinning device on right side of door. Build crest to open door to Great Hall.

STUDENT IN PERIL: Hidden inside the Slytherin hanging,

GOLD BRICK: Zap the 4 wall hangings

Y1L2 - Out of the Dungeon (TW 48,000)

Story: Harry, Ron

A1: In this hall you will come to a tunnel on the wall. Use Scabbers to close poison vents. Past the tunnel, zap the shelves to get blocks to build stairs to upper level. Cross the upper level and use WL on the torch to cause the brown object to fall. Use WL on debris to make trident and give trident to merwoman. To enter girl's bathroom, use WL on debris near painting to build lamp. Give lamp to painting and then zap the painting for gender change.

CREST 1: There are 3 fish near the fountain. Use WL to put them in the fountain.

CREST 2: There are 9 vases on stands in this area. Zap them to receive.

Ron (girl disguise): Use Hermione to open bookcase near entrance

CREST 4: Use RED on water valve to turn on fountain. Jump up to get.

Harry (Hogwarts): Use RED on locked desk on far right side.

A2: To defeat the troll, use WL to send debris crashing in to him twice. For the third heart, lift his hammer and smash it in to him.

STUDENT IN PERIL: Hiding inside the stalls. The troll will smash to free.

CREST 3: Use WL on 7 light fixtures. Four are in A1 and three are in here.

Madame Malkin'': Use RED to open locked locker.


Take stairs into Lobby, go through MCE into Charms Hall, and enter right door into Charms 2.


Your goal is to use Lumos to retrieve 5 pieces that make up the design. Piece 1 is on the right side under the plant by the watching students. Piece 2 is by the goblin safe on the left side. The last three pieces require you to build stairs in the back left corner. Piece 3 is by the stairs on the upper level. Piece 4 is in the chest being held by the statue. Piece 5 is on the far right side on the upper level.

Girl: There are 4 bent candles in the room. 2 are on the lower level and 2 are on the upper. Zap them to find token.

GOLD BRICK received.

Go through hall into MCE. Use Lumos to move plant. Use Lumos to move plant from door between stairs.

G. girl: character near painting in front is holding, zap him 2x until he stands near snake pot, use WL on pot to scare him into dropping token

Go into Potions room.

Strength potion

Here you learn how to make a Strength potion. The 1st item is behind the yellow brick door on the front left side. There is a snake wrapped around the column, use WL on it to get 2nd item. Use WL on blocks near tunnel to build tunnel entrance. Use Scabbers to push ball onto lever to get 3rd item. Drink potion and pull nearby chain. Strength: Item 1: behind yellow bricks on front left side

GOLD BRICK received

Exit room and go through MCE into Lobby. Go up the stairs in the lobby to a series of ledges. Go up ledges to reach box. Move box into lion's mouth to open exit to hallway. Go left into Fountain Courtyard (FC).

STUDENT IN PERIL: There is a student being teased on front left side. Zap tormentors to rescue.

Collect ghost studs: smash 4 statues around fountain and build statue.

Exit through plant on front left side to area leading to Herbology and Flying lessons. The Herbology classroom is in the back of the area.

Lumos Solem

Use WL on cart on front left side. Use WL on shovel to dig up chest of parts. Zap pipes on right side to get robot. Turn on sprinkler to get flowers to grow. Zap flowers to get remaining parts. Use WL on parts to build cart on track. Jump on cart to roll it through barrier. Use LS to free Ron.

GOLD BRICK received

Exit and go through the gates into the flying lesson

Flying practice area

Use Harry. Fly around zapping the gargoyles. Zap the flowers to get it to release object.

GOLD BRICK received

Go through FC into hallway. Use LW to exit through far right door. Plants are holding parts for machine. Use WL to build machine. Zap bushes to get ingredients for potion. Make potion. Drink and pull chain. Exit to bridge. Use broom to fly across gap. Exit onto grounds.

STUDENT IN PERIL: Go down the path to Hagrid's hut. On the way there is a student caught in a plant.

Percy Weasley: Use WL to dig up 4 carrots

Fast Dig: On path to Quidditch area there is a stack of grey parts. Use WL to create rain cloud. Water the ground in that area, then pull up plants.

Exit to Quidditch area

STUDENT IN PERIL: On the left side there is a student trapped on a wooden walkway. Use rolled scroll by walkway to create a trampoline.

Katie Bell: Use WL on 5 GRIFFINDOR flags

Padma Patil: Use WL on 4 SLYTHERIN flags

RAVENCLAW Boy: Move 4 stalks of corn into concession stand on right

GOLD BRICK - Ride the bench near the tent entrance up and roll red ball down from top of tent

Y1L3 - A Jinxed Broom (TW 32,000)

Story: Ron, Hermione

A1: Go down stair and use WL on boxes near stairs. Fly broom across gap. Use WL to complete tunnel and send Scabbers through tunnel and to the left across upper level. This knocks parts of stairs down. Use WL to build stairs. Climb stairs and use WL on boxes. Zap broom stands and build bookcase of Hermione to open. Zap painting twice to make S. character drop down. Build staircase and exit.

CREST 1: Use WL on 7 GRIFFINDOR flags

CREST 2: There are two ways to get this. The 1st is to build stairs at 1st staircase. The 2nd is to go to the exit, but instead of exiting, jump around the wooden fence on left and follow path all the way and then jump down.

Harry (Girl disguise): This is hidden under the planks near 7th G. flag. Use Scabbers to get. Fred (quidditch): Use RED on locked chest near tunnel

STUDENT IN PERIL: Use RED on locked grate above tunnel

CREST 3: Use RED on locked grate above tunnel. Use I on pixies holding chest

CREST 4: Just before exit to A2, jump around the wooden fence. Use DW on black item

A2: Use Hermione to open bookcase and use WL to place ledges and build stairs. Zap statue holding torch to open exit.

Marcus Flint: Use DW on black item at top of stairs.


Exit to grounds. Use WL to build bridge. Enter G. Commons.

Y1L4 - The Restricted Section (TW 60,000)

Story: Harry, Ron

A1: Create potion to open door. To sneak past the red books, use Invisibility Cloak (IC) and jump on them when close enough. Zap flowers by right side of exit and build cauldron. Jump on the book held by the statue to reach upper right level. The 1st item is in the flowerboxes. Zap the bookcase on the upper right level to get 2nd item. Zap desk on left side of exit to get parts to build book for 2nd statue. This will cause the statue to knock off books. Use books to reach upper left level. Use WL on fire to melt ice and get 3rd item.

Harry (pajamas):Use RED on metal item under right balcony

CREST 3: use Hermione to open bookcase

CREST 4: Use DW on area behind the bookcase on upper right level

A2: Zap book barrier to get 1st part for 2nd barrier. The other 2 parts are right next to barrier. Get part and open gate. Zap books in front of tunnel entrance. Use Scabbers to push part off upper level. Use WL on part to exit.

CREST 1: Zap 6 flower vases. There are 4 in A1 and 2 in A2.

Filch: Use Griphook to open safe

STUDENT IN PERIL: Use RED on metal object in first area. Use WL to build cuckoo clock.

A3: Use LS on plant. Zap bats on top of mirror.

CREST 2: Zap 3 spider webs

Neville (pajamas): Use DW on black item


Go to Hagrid's Hut on the Grounds.

Y1L5 - The Forbidden Forest (TW 70,000)

Story: Hagrid, Hermione, Ron, Fang

A1: Use WL on grey parts to create rain cloud. Use Fang to climb tree to reach upper dig site. Climb up and go right to dig site.

STUDENT IN PERIL: Trapped in plant near lower left dig site.

Fang: Dig up on right side

CREST 1: Zap 3 yellow flowers

A2: Use LS on plant then zap plant

A3: Go to dig site on island in lake. Use LS on plant and then use Hagrid to pull chain to raise path. Build staircase to upper path. Zap spider webs near exit. Use WL on tree to create path.

CREST 2: There are 6 fish lying on ground. Use LS to put them in water Hagrid: Use RED on chest near stairs to upper path

CREST 3: Use RED on chest on lake bottom

Draco (Hogwarts): Use DW on black ball on upper path

CREST 4: Use DW on 10 black items


Go up stairs and wave at painting. Go up stairs and exit.

Y1L6 - Face of the Enemy (TW 33,000)

Story - Harry, Ron, Hermione

A1: Zap painting to get rubber ducky. Zap ducky and give to dog. Build harp.

A2: Use LS to destroy all plants. Exit to right.

CREST 1: Use LS to free chest. Use RED on chest

A3: Use LS to destroy plants. Place bucket on statue to free broom. Zap giant key and use Harry to follow on broom. Use key to open lock.

STUDENT IN PERIL: Take broom to upper level and use LS to destroy plant

Harry (SLYTHERIN disguise): Use RED on locked chest

CREST 2: Use RED to zap 10 keys

A4: Zap top right black pawn. Ride black knight. Zap top left black pawn. Zap remaining black pawn. Ride black rook. Zap black bishop. Build black queen. Zap her to win game and open door.

Professor Quirrell (Voldemort): Use DW on black item just inside door

CREST 3: Use RED on metal chest,then ride knight

Ron (cardigan): Use DW on black item by exit

CREST 4: Use DW on black item off side of board

A5: Run around to avoid fireballs. Use WL to throw green item at Quirrell. This stuns him. Jump across gap and attack. Repeat until victory.


Madame Malkin's - Harry (Tuxedo): Go up the stairs and open right curtain

Hermione (ballgown): Use WL on clothes on floor

Eeylops Owl Emporium - GOLD BRICK: Zap cage. Use WL to build sweeper and use sweeper to sweep up floor

GOLD BRICK: 12 for sale requires 6,600,000 studs

Y2L1 - Floo Powder (TW 52,000)

Story: Ron, Harry, Hagrid

A1: Exit to right.

CREST 1: Use WL on 6 gnomes. Lift, spin and toss them. For 6th move pumpkin car

CREST 2: Use tractor or pumpkin to plow over 7 carrots, then use WL to launch them

George Weasley: dig up by basketball hoop

A2: Use WL on faucets to move floating pans. Find Ginny hiding behind moving objects, use WL on floo powder

A3: Use WL to clean off mirror. Use Hagrid to pull chain. Zap chest near locked cabinet. Build sword and give to painting. Use key to open lock.

STUDENT IN PERIL: Use RED on locked cabinet

CREST 3: Zap chest by locked cabinet, climb down and use DW

Arthur Weasley: Use DW on black item by exit

A4: Zap jack-in-the-boxes. Build chain and pull using Hagrid. Kill spider. Pull chain near exit using Hagrid.

Harry (sweater): Zap chest near the end of alley

CREST 4: Build stairs using parts in nearby cart and use DW to open gate to reach walkway.


Start in Small Courtyard (SC). Create potion to open right door. Item 1: zap trash can on left side. Item 2: bushes on right side, use WL to build skeleton. Item 3: zap flowerbed by boy sitting on back bench. Pull chain to open door. Exit to FC.

Angelica Johnson: zap 10 torches along outer wall

Go to Herbology.

Mandrake lesson

Get earmuffs from cabinet in back. Plant 3 mandrakes.

GOLD BRICK received

GOLD BRICK: jump on top of earmuff cabinet to reach

Exit to FC.

HUFFLEPUFF Boy: Get earmuffs from cabinet on left side. Use mandrake to break 5 glass jars

Plant mandrake in order to exit to Lobby. Go to MCE. Get earmuffs from cabinet on upper right level. Use mandrake to break glass to upper left level.

Lee Jordan: Zap gold statues on upper right level

Hannah Abbott: Use WL on 8 torches (6 on lower level, 2 on upper)

Ernie Macmillion: Use mandrake to break 6 glass jars

GRIFFINDOR girl - Token is being held by character near painting in front. Zap him twice to get him to stand near snake pot by door to Potions. Use WL on pot to scare him into dropping token

Enter Dark Arts classroom under S. banner.

Immobilus lesson

Zap all pixies.

GOLD BRICK received

Exit through MCE to Lobby. Go to Grounds.

Ginny (Cardigan): use Immobilus on pixies with floating pumpkin and pixie next to standing stones holding rocket. Zap rocket. Use floating pumpkin to get.

Exit to Quidditch area.

Y2L2 - Dobby's Plan (TW 68,000)

Story - Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Madame Pomfrey

A1: Zap chest at bottom of ladder. Use WL to create jump pad. Go right until you reach Dobby. Zap him. Use Hagrid to pull chain. Use I on two pixies and LS on plant to open way to next section. Use WL to build stairs and move rock onto chain.

CREST 1: Zap 4 flags in pots

CREST 2: Use WL on 4 flags on poles

Draco (quidditch): Use DW on black item on far right

A2: Use Hagrid to pull chain on upper left level. Build stairs. Zap middle cabinet to free Dobby. Use I on pixies to free bridge. Zap trash can and then use WL to free Dobby.

STUDENT IN PERIL: Use LS to free chest, then use RED to open

CREST 3: Use WL to open 2 rolled up scrolls (one on each side of the lower level). Wave using Slytherin character

A3: Use WL on skeleton head on 5th bed on right to get item 1. Use RED to open locked cabinet to get earmuffs. Use mandrake to break glass on item on left side of door to get item 2. Raise up 4th bed on left to free axe golem. Use WL to build to break lock. Use WL on purple broom to brush away purple cobweb to get item 3. Complete potion to end.

Dobby: Jump on 2nd bed on the left

Madame Pomfrey: Use DW on item next to Hermione's bookcase

CREST 4: Use Griphook to open safe


Start in FC. Exit through Lobby and GHE to Great Hall.

Expelliarmus lesson

Destroy 5 dummies each with Ron and Harry. Defeat Draco.

GOLD BRICK received

Exit through GHE, Lobby, and Stairwell to Dorm Hall. Use parseltongue to get snake parts. Use WL on parts to open S. entrance. Approach the entrance to S. commons.

Leave area and return to MCE and the Potions class.

Polyjuice potion

There are three bottles sitting on the table on the front right side. Zap them to get item 1. Mix three potions on table in front right side. Item 2 is being held by a pixie behind the yellow brick door on the front left side. There is a moving brown pot on the left side, use WL on it to receive item 3. Drink potion and choose JFF, wave to painting.

Justin Finch-Fletchly is received.

GOLD BRICK received

Go to GHE. To make potion here: item 1 is by the rain cloud, items 2 & 3 are wrapped in the hangings that are hanging off the balcony. Go the right side by the red area. Use WL to clean off the painting and wave at it using JFF.

Harry (blue shirt): is behind the stairs leading up

Go up the stair into the Bath Hall.

Hermione (cat): Use Hermione to open bookcase by entrance, then zap the item that comes out.

Go right and use WL to fix pipe. Enter left door.

Y2L3 - Crabbe and Goyle (TW 25,000)

Story - Harry, Ron, Hermione

A1: You need to make a potion - Item 1 is found using WL on Crabbe and Goyle. For item 2 stand on the toilet lid in the far right stall and use WL on the valve. Jump across the lids. Use WL on the parts. This opens up the closed stall. For item 3, use WL on the broom in the back left corner. This gives you a valve to place on the nearby boiler. Use WL on boiler

Vincent Crabbe: Use RED on metal barrier

CREST 4: Use Hagrid to get plunge and ride plunger to clean up green puddles.

A2: Use LS on plants and use WL on chest. This creates a flute. You need to defeat 4 snakes to shut off the water.

CREST 1: Use WL to return 3 fish in water

A3: You need to replace the eyes back in the snake statue. Go to the right area and use WL on the globe of water. Use WL to put fish in tank by the door. Next use WL to move skull out of tank and use WL to remove the eyes.

STUDENT IN PERIL: Use WL to clean the fireplace, and build a painting. Zap painting, this knocks off the student balancing on the glasses

CREST 2: Use WL on 6 lanterns

CREST 3: Use DW on black item by door

Gregory Goyle: Use DW on black item by fireplace

Ron (SLYTHERIN disguise): Use RED on locked desk on right side


Return to left bathroom.

Y2L4 - Tom Riddle's Diary (TW 61,000)

Story - Ron, Harry

A1: Battle with Myrtle. Use WL to return the debris opening the stall doors. Myrtle is hiding behind the last open door. Attack her. Repeat 3x.

CREST 3: Use RED to open metal chest, then ride plunger to clean up puddles

Moaning Myrtle: Use DW on black item

A2: To get the chained animal to move from the entrance you will need to make a potion. To get item 1, use WL on the bookcase by the entrance. Item 2 is on the upper left level. Jump on the plungers, to create stairs going up. Jump up the ledges to the right to reach a plunger that permanently holds the ledges open. There is a chest on the right side, zap to get item 3. Use LS to release parts for cabinet. Use WL on parts on lower level to get earmuff cabinet. Use mandrake to break glass blocking chain. Pull chain to release parts to create bridge. Zap the pixies to get pieces for second bridge. Pull chain on far right upper level to move animal

CREST 1: Zap the 6 statues

STUDENT IN PERIL: Use Hermione to open bookcase to get key to locked cabinet.

A3: Follow hall until you reach the stairs, the device to make them move is in the back by the 1st radio. For the 2nd stairs zap painting and use WL to build plunger. To get through the turnstiles, use WL to get your partner through and then switch character to get the other one through. You will need to zap the hanging by the sleeping wizard to build a jump platform. Use LS to get plant to release platforms. Use WL to rotate the arches on the far right upper level to create exit.

CREST 2: Zap 3 radios, the third is on the far right beyond the exit.

Vocalist: Use Griphook to open safe by entrance

CREST 4: Use RED on locked chest at far left side

Professor Vector: Use Griphook to open safe on far right side


Follow the spiders to Hagrid's hut.

Y2L5 - Follow the Spiders (TW 100,000)

Story - Ron, Harry, Fang

A1: Use WL tree stump and ride it to reach upper level. Zap bushes next to tree and use WL to create rain cloud. Move rain cloud over tree to create ladder. Use Fang to dig up tree. Use LS and WL to free brooms on pier. Use Harry to fly across water to other pier. Use WL to build ramp up pier. Move right to trigger pixies stealing ladder. Go up ladder and head right. Destroy pixies hanging on tree and use Fang at dig site.

Ron (sweater): Found to the left side after going up second ladder

CREST 1: Zap 10 mushroom stalk things

CREST 3: Use RED on grate in pond, then ride frog through course

Professor Sinestra: Use DW on black item after pond

A2: Use WL on black spiders to lift, spin and throw at boss.

STUDENT IN PERIL: Trapped in spider web on right side

Lucius Malfoy: Use RED on locked chest on right side

CREST 4: Use DW on black item on left side

A3: Just run

CREST 2: There are 5 chests on path, 2 are in the 1st part and 3 are in the 2nd part. You may need to wait till after you get the Crest Detector to find them.


Head to Dark Arts class.

Y2L6 - The Basilisk (TW 64,000)

Story - Ron, Harry, Gilderoy, Ginny

A1: Zap painting on far left. Use Scabbers to crawl through tunnel. Use LS to release plants holding stall doors. Use WL on moving cabinet to get plunger. Ride to 3rd stall to get parts to build sink, and use Harry to open door

STUDENT IN PERIL: found in far left stall covered by plant

A2: Use WL to use plunger to block squid. Use WL to build platform to upper level. Use WL to build skeleton with fishing rod and jump across to get parts for bridge. Cross bridge and use WL to lower snake. Ride snake up to exit.

CREST 1: Use WL to build 4 skeletons

Gilderoy Lockhart: Use LS and DW on 1st black chest by squid

Wizard (green): Use LS and DW 2nd black chest by squid

CREST 3: Use Fang on 4 dig spots

A3: There three piles of rocks in this area behind them are the chests holding the potion ingredients. To break these piles, stand in front of them, eventually the snake will smash his head into them breaking the rocks. Item 1 is on the left side, destroy the snake hiding in the chest to get potion. Item 2 is in a chest covered by a plant, use LS to free chest. Item three requires parseltongue to free. After drinking the potion, pull the chain on the left side. Use WL to connect chains to pipe and pull pipe down. Jump in pipe. Use WL to get sword from hat and use sword on basilisk.

CREST 2: After the basilisk dives under the water there are 3 piles of parts. Use WL to build instruments and play the instruments to get.

CREST 4: Use RED to open locked grate on left side and use WL to build clock

Tom Riddle: use Griphook to open safe on back right side, can be done after snake dives under water

Y3L1 - News from Azkaban (TW 50,000)

Story- Harry, Ron, Lupin

A1: Subdue the monster book. To do so, use WL on crooked painting, this will cause 1 of the wizards to move to a different painting. Zap this painting to get help stunning the book. Use WL a 2nd time on the crooked painting to get the 2nd wizard to move paintings. Zap his new painting to get wood for the fire. Use WL to build of fire to subdue book again. Use WL on the crooked painting a 3rd time to get help from the 3rd wizard.

A2: You will need to create a potion. To get past the steam, zap the cage and use WL on the flower. Zap the bushes by the loudspeaker and use WL to repair to get the people sitting on the suitcases to move. Item 1 is the left suitcase on the far right past the engine. The suitcase next to it holds parts to build a stair to the top of the train. Item 2 is on top of the train next to the engine car. Item three is in the gold cage on the far right. Use WL to build cauldron. Zap black suitcase to get parts to build chain. Pull the chain to connect the last car to the train.

CREST 1: Zap 5 red and yellow suitcases

CREST 2: Use Crookshanks to dig up on top of train

Stan Shurpike: use DW to open locked chest

Ernie Prang: use DW on black item on right

A3: Use WL to give lollypops to students. The 3rd time you will get the key for your cabin. In order to get past the dementors you must use Lupin. Go left and enter the cabin to the left of the ice barrier. The suitcase holds an axe to break the ice. Build a luggage cart and put the luggage on it and push toward the door. Use Scabbers to go through tunnel to get into cabin. The key for the axe is in the suitcase. Use axe to break ice. Use Hermione to get parts to block the moonlight. Use the axe to free the shades for the next window.

CREST 3: Zap 5 SLYTHERIN suitcases

CREST 4: Move suitcases from tunnel entrance and jump on them get.

Trolley Witch: Use DW to open bathroom

STUDENT IN PERIL: Use DW to open bathroom


Go to Dark Arts class

Riddikulus lesson

Use Ron and Hermione to zap the boggles with RID 3 times each.

Station guard: Use WL on 4 torches

Parvati Patil: Zap 4 blue books

GOLD BRICK received

In the MCE use RID on the boggle in the chest next to the chalkboard. This releases the key for the locked door on the right door. This leads into the Garden Courtyard. Use WL on the right flowerpot to get into Divinations.

Oliver Wood: You will need to make the potion to launch a series of quidditch rings and then fly through them to get. Item 1 is in the bushes in the back right corner. Item 2 is in the bushes in the front left corner. Item 3 is in the back left corner.

You will need to build 3 teacups in this room. The first is right out in plain view. The 2nd is in Hermione's bookcase which is behind the stack of cups in the front right. The 3rd is the cabinet behind the stacked cups in the back right area.

GOLD BRICK received

Use WL on the left flowerpot in the Garden Courtyard. This leads into the Fountain Courtyard. Here you can use RID on the boggle to get the key to the entrance to the Clock Tower.

STUDENT IN PERIL: trapped in web by entrance

Score x2: There are 4 clocks in the chest on the lower level. Put them in the right spots to get. The order is (L to R): green, red, blue, yellow

To get to the upper level zap the pixies above the spinning stairs.

GOLD BRICK: zap painting to get gear and use gear to fix machine

Vernon Dursley: use parseltongue on snake, zap snake tail

Head to the Grounds. You can now make polyjuice. Item 1 is held by the pixie by the entrance to the Quidditch pitch. Item 2 is the hair from the student lying on the ground near the cauldron. Item 3 is being held by the plant near where the STUDENT IN PERIL was. Go to Hagrid's garden for Buckbeak's lesson.

Buckbeak's Lesson

You need to locate 3 chicken legs. The first item is under the tree in the back on the left side. Use WL to move the small fir tree in front of the pixie hole. Use Crookshanks (Hermione) to dig under the tree. Use LS to free the chicken leg. The 2nd one is in the bottom of the pit on the right side near the wasp's nest. To reach the lake in the upper level, zap the rock near the line of studs leading up the cliff, then use Crookshanks to dig up the ladder. The 3rd chicken legs is on the island in the middle of the lake. Use WL to enlarge the lily pads to make a bridge.

GOLD BRICK received

Head to Fountain Courtyard. Head to the GHE. You may need to use the potion to change into Hermione. You will need to use Crookshanks to go up the tunnel to open the yellow area after building the statue.

Y3L2 - Hogsmeade (TW 52,000)

Story - Harry, Fred, George, Hermione

A1: Head right past the plants and zapping the pixie to get the platform. Leapfrog the platforms to cross gap and move weight under the bridge. Use the torches to free the platforms. Use RID on boggle box to gain access to what's behind the red curtains. Opening these will reveal 3 items that need to be placed in order to continue (L to R): Flowers, cake, picture. Go up the ladder.

CREST 1: Zap 10 spider webs, 2 of them are in the area where you leapfrog platforms below the path

Crabbe (sweater): use DW on black item

A2: Move purple box onto scale

Goyle (sweater): Use RED to unlock candy machine

A3: Head to the snowman in the back. This will cause a snowball to be thrown at a nearby door. The owner tosses out a torch. Use it to melt the snow pile in front of his door. Use the parts to build a bonfire in front of the snowman.

CREST 2: Zap 3 gold owls and then use the parts to build a snowman and then destroy it

CREST 3: use dig spot on top left and then ride the snowball into the pins

A4: in this area you will need to throw the snowballs back at Draco. If you stand right in front of him, he will miss you with the small snowballs. After he builds his tank you will need to repeat the same process. Make sure that your friends aren't standing in the way and that you are far enough back to catch the giant snowball.

A5: In this area you will need to attach 3 brooms to the giant snowball. The 1st one is right by the snowball. For the 2nd one, move the purple cage onto the sled. This will free up a broom which you ride up to the giant snowball. The 3rd one is right above the patch of fir trees. Launch the fir trees in the back to knock the person riding the broom off. STUDENT IN PERIL: Zap snowman below the ledge with melted snow from broom 2

Draco (sweater): chase wizard in red holding token and use RED to open snake pot

CREST 4: use chain next to where giant snowball ends up


Return to the dorms.

Y3L3 - Mischief Managed (TW 50,000)

Story - Harry, Ron

A1: You need 2 keys. The 1st is being held by plants. For the 2nd zap the cabinet and build a statue holding a chest. The key is in the chest. The next area requires a potion. Item 1 is in the hanging on the left side of the door. For item 2 get the hammer from the pixie and use it on the plant in the chest. Get item 3 from the skeleton in the pit in the middle of the room. The cauldron is in the cabinet behind the boggle chest.

CREST 1: 5 gold statues

George (sweater): use Hermione to open bookcase

CREST 2: use dark wizard after rock falls down

A2: The cauldron is trapped by plants. For Item 1 use RID on boggle box and then use parseltongue on the snake to get the parts to build a ledge below the path. To get item 2 use the shovel to dig up a plant. The item is in the plant. Item 3 is in the open window on the upper level. Destroy the statues surrounding the fountain and repair valve to reach. Use potion to sneak past Filch and open grate.

Fred (sweater): in open window on upper level, behind table

STUDENT IN PERIL: Use RED to open locked shutters

The Grey Lady: Use RED to open locked shutters

CREST 3: use dark wizard on shutters

A3: Open chests near exit to get parts to build violin. Play violin to get key to door.

CREST 4: use SLYTHERIN character in front of painting holding crest


G. Dorms - Fall Rescue: use WL to move flowerpot off of suitcase Go to MCE. From there go the Dark Arts office next to the Dark Arts class.

Expecto Patronum lesson

Use EP 5 times. The 1st 2 chests are out in the open. The 3rd is being held by plants on the right side next to the stairs. For the 4th zap the cabinet to get a movie projector. Play the movie to get the chest. The 5th is being held be a pixie on the left side.

GOLD BRICK received

Go to Hagrid's hut on the grounds.

Y3L4 - The Shrieking Shack (TW 24,000)

Story - Harry, Hermione

A1: Jump in the branch and then attack the yellow knobs on the head

Witch (grey): right side dig up then use dark wizard

CREST 2: left side dig up then use dark wizard

A2: To across the gap after the plant bridge, go the right and move the roots holding the seed in place. Water the seed to create ledges to the top. There are 3 anvils holding down roots blocking the exit. To get the 1st one, jump on the 1st spider web and go left at the top. After the 4th web, go to the lower level to find the 2nd anvil. To raise the water elevator use the purple balls to block the other water spouts. The 3rd anvil is to the left at the top of the water elevator.

CREST 1: 5 yellow flowers

A3: You will need to build a mousetrap to catch Pettigrew. Zap the moving furniture to get the parts. Peter Pettigrew: use dark wizard on black item

A4: Destroy the plant to get parts for stairs. Dig up cauldron. You will need to make a potion. To get item 1, destroy a piece on the rock wall. Item 2 is in the spider web next to the 1st item. For the 3rd item destroy the rocks around the cauldron and grow the seeds under them. Pull the chain and dig at the top of the stairs. Build the mushroom at the back of the upper level.

STUDENT IN PERIL: trapped in web at top of ledge

Hermione (red hooded top): Use RED to open locked chest

CREST 3: Use RED to get earmuffs from metal item above strength chain, dig up on left, use mandrake to break glass

CREST 4: Use DW on 5 black items


Go into infirmary.

Y3L5 - Dementor's Kiss (TW 61,000)

Story - Harry, Hermione

A1: item 1: To get the axe to free Buckbeak, you will need to find 2 chicken legs. To get the 1st, get the earmuffs from the cabinet. Zap the thing in the mandrake pot and plant mandrake. Zap the thing again and it will knock over the barrel of fish. Feed to Buckbeak, this will get parts to build a fire pit. Feed Buckbeak and use axe to cut chains.

CREST 3: Use RED to open cage

A2: To get to the upper lake, fill the pit with water by build a raincloud. Move the frogs and dig where they were. You can then build stairs to the upper lake. You will need to play the gold record on the record player. The player is trapped in a plant by the lake. The record is at the bottom of the lake in a chest. To get chest, rebuild the tree on the island.

STUDENT IN PERIL: destroy wasps and nest on left side

CREST 1: ride frog through path in water filled pit

CREST 2: play 2 black records on player, one is under the frogs, the other is by where the record player falls.

Professor Lupin: Use RED on locked chest by upper lake

A3: Build a bridge across the gap on the left side and release the rock being held there. Defeat the dementors.

Cornelius Fudge: use REDUCTO on metal plants, use parseltongue on snake

After freeing the rock, build stairs to the ledges on the right side. Ride the platform to the upper ledge.

CREST 4: use dark wizard

Macnair: use dark wizard


HUFFLEPUFF prefect: use Immobilus on pixies and build stairs

Go to Buckbeak and ride him.

Y3L6 - The Dark Tower (TW 75,000)

Story - Harry, Hermione

A1: The axe to break the ice is in the chest. To get to the upper level, melt the ice on the fountain and use the water barrel to water soil and zap the pink flower to create a fan. There is a dementor at the top to the right. Move the statue to melt ice and build 2nd statue using parts in chest.

CREST 1: 5 lamps on poles

James Potter (ghost): go through locked door

STUDENT IN PERIL: at bottom of stairs past locked door

A2: This next part requires you to alternate between characters. Use the 1st to move the platform to the left side. Use the 2nd to use the torch to release the platform. Use the 1st to move the platform again. Use the 2nd to build a bridge and use the 1st to build a bridge for the 2nd character.

Lily Potter (ghost): in locked chest

CREST 3: use Griphook to open safe

A3: There are 3 dementors in this area. You need to make a potion. The cauldron is on top of the pillar in the lower right corner. The first item is in the flowerbox on the back left side. The 2nd is in the tree, use the axe hidden in the barrel to get down. For the 3rd, go down the ladder and move the gargoyle into position. Use Hermione to open the bookcase. Three more dementors will appear when you drink the potion. Cross the bridge and go up the stairs.

CREST 2: lift purple gargoyle up, hidden in right corner

Sirius Black: in area by purple gargoyle, use dark wizard

CREST 4: 6 metal gargoyle statues

A4: Use Hermione to distract the dementors then switch to Harry to empty the barrels. Use WL to empty the barrels. The debris will be pulled to the boss. Zap the boss with EP while his face is covered. Zap the statues to melt the ice covering the barrels.

Y4L1 - The Quidditch World Cup (TW 90,000)

Story - Hermione, Ginny, Ron

A1: Find the Weasleys. The 1st one is in the back, hiding under a table being hit by hammers. Drive off the death eaters and move table to rescue. The 2nd one is to the right of the start point being tormented by rockets. Keep zapping him until the rockets stop. The 3rd one is on the far right side use a frying pan to drive off the death eater. To get past the book guarding the lane, create a potion. The 1st item is in the spider web. The 2nd is on the grill to the left of item 1. Dig up the 3rd. Move the cart blocking the way, the 4th Weasley is hiding in the tent.

CREST 1: 8 fires

STUDENT IN PERIL: In locked shed to right of start

Death Eater: use dark wizard on item near W3

CREST 3: use dark wizard on tent near W3

A2: Zap the hanging to create a jump platform to get over the fire. This may take a few tries to get across. Knock the box out from under the keg to put out the fire. There is a brown crate nearby. Open this to get a water barrel to put out the nearby fire to get the wheel for the cart. Move cart. The potion cauldron is by the dig spot. There is an axe in the chest near the hanging, use it to cut down the hanging to reach the trash can hiding item 1. To get the next 2 items, retrieve the missing piece for the keg from the pixie. The 2nd item is under the fire by the keg. The 3rd is next to the locked chest beyond the fire.

Ginny (hooded top): behind boxes next to fire barrier right side

CREST 2: rescue 5 wizards

CREST 4: behind metal boxes, dig up, use RAVENCLAW character

Barty Crouch Jr.: in locked chest beyond fire pit

A3: defeat dark wizards and snakes


Go to Potions class

Aging potion

The missing piece for the water tank is in the locked chest on the right side. Use Crookshanks to free the bird, turn the burn into chicken and feed chicken to fish. The missing pieces of the chemistry equipment are behind the door with the gargoyle on it. Use Hermione to get pieces. Repair equipment and mix potion.

GOLD BRICK received

Go to Great Hall. Go to Hagrid's Hut.

Y4L2 - Dragons (TW 50,000)

Story - Harry, Hagrid, Fang

A1: Move the purple egg through the tunnel into the dragon's cage. To get past the 2nd dragon, you need to play the notes on the xylophone. The order is 1: red, yellow; 2: green, yellow, blue; 3: red, yellow, blue, green. To get to the 3rd dragon, use the water bucket to put out the flames. Move the purple ring in front of the posts to get the dragon to destroy the chains. Build a bridge across the gap.

CREST 1: 9 lamps on posts

CREST 2: hit yellow note on xylophone after dragon sleeps

Durmstrang student: use dark wizard

CREST 3: use RED to free skeleton by 3rd dragon

Cedric (sweater): use Griphook to open safe

CREST 4: open locked crate by exit

A2: Attach the chains to the wall.

Dragon handler: open locked chest near entrance

STUDENT IN PERIL: use Griphook to open safe

A3: Dig up the ladder and pull the chain on the lower path. On the upper path, use Invisibility Cloak to sneak by the dragon. Destroy the plant and lift the object. Dig up chain, lift and destroy.


Open chest by bed to get clock to activate Time Turning

Time turned: Dean Thomas: in suitcase on left side

GOLD BRICK: jump inside chest next to start

Go the Dark Arts office

Reducto lesson

Free 5 students. The 1st is by the door. The 2nd is on the left side. The 3rd is on the left side by the black item. The 4th is behind the desk by the stairs. The 5th is on the right side by the metal wall

GOLD BRICK received

Ron (pajamas): 4 torches

GOLD BRICK: 7 metal pieces

Parvati (ballgown): 3 spider webs

Note: you can now get the characters necessary to complete all free play levels and find all characters, gold bricks, red bricks and crests. Ravenclaw boy

Griphook: FP Y1L1 The Magic Begins

Snape: in Potions back room

There is polyjuice potion in the metal object. You will need to find 3 keys to open the locked grate hiding the stairs. Use Hermione on the bookcase to key 1. To get the 2nd key, use Justin FF to wave at the painting. Move the statue by the painting to get the goblin lock. Use Griphook to get the snake to drop the 3rd key.

Snape: chest on far left ledge

GOLD BRICK: use aging potion or use an adult character on left ledge

Score X10: on right ledge

Hagrid: FP Y1L5: The Forbidden Forest

MCE - Millicent Bulstrode: use dark wizard to open box (Snape works)

GOLD BRICK: behind giant H on upper level

Dark Arts office - Fast Magic: use dark wizard

Dark Arts class - Ginny: behind dark wizard grate

Dark Arts backroom - Use RED on chest in Dark Arts class. Potion item 1: ride up wheel; Item 2: under chest on ledge; Item 3: in 4th boggle chest

STUDENT IN PERIL: ride up wheel, trapped in web

Viktor (tuxedo): 7 lamps on poles

Harry (maze task): 3 hangings on back wall

Regenerate Hearts: 5 boggle chests

Pendulum Row - behind the black grate in the Dark Arts class

Draco Malfoy: 4 pixies

Professor Quirrell: lower level far right

GOLD BRICK: lower level, destroy columns

Transfiguration classroom is found on the upper right level in MCE.

Transfigure 2 dummies per character

GOLD BRICK received

Transfiguration backroom - GOLD BRICK: transfigure 3 dummies into each cage (9 total)

Professor McGonagall: transfigure 3 dummies into each cage (9 total)

Fred Weasley: behind chalkboard

Charms 2 backroom - Use Griphook to open

Professor Flitwick: in boggle box

STUDENT IN PERIL: held by plants on right side

GOLD BRICK: use Lumos Solum to get plants to release

Character token detector: use parseltongue and dark wizard

Charms 1 backroom - use RED on metal to open trapdoor

STUDENT IN PERIL: trapped in web on right side

Extra hearts: use dark wizard on black item on right side

Mad-Eye Moody: repair dragon

GOLD BRICK: use dragon to escape from area

(Note: the dragon is glitched and you may want to wait to do this area after you have completed everything else.)

Divinations class - Hermione (blue top): use dark wizard

Professor Trelawny: use Griphook to open safe

Room to Library - potion item 1: behind middle drapes; Item 2: light torches using torch behind front drapes, hit torch next to painting; Item 3: inside chest under plant

RAVENCLAW girl: build and turn on radio behind grate

Susan Bones: jump on yellow flower, turns into fan

Library - Zap red book on the lower level right side to get a ladder to the upper level

Wizard (red): behind dark wizard area on upper left side

Red Brick Detector: put away books on back wall

Alicia Spinet: use Hermione to open bookcase, ride library cart to pick up 5 pink books

Gold bricks: 3 wizard hats

STUDENT IN PERIL: get earmuffs from cabinet on left side, plant mandrake on right side upper level

Passage to grounds - Doris Crockford: 9 torches (6 in Lobby, 3 in passage)

Madam Pince: 3 relief sculptures

Grounds - Gold bricks: stand up and clean 3 standing stones

Cedric (lake task): use REDUCTO on rocket

Viktor Krum: use dark wizard on black rocket

Hagrid's garden - put cauldron on fire, fill with water and veggies from picnic basket. Dig up clock to use time turning

Amos Diggery: inside boggle box

Ron (brown jacket): 3 mushroom stalks

STUDENT IN PERIL: in picnic basket

Gold bricks: Destroy flowers along back wall, plant seed and water seed. Destroy the mole. Assemble device

Time turned: Petunia Dursley: dig up on far right side

STUDENT IN PERIL: on right side in front of Petunia token

Gilderoy Lockhart (green jacket): use REDUCTO on axe, chop wood

Gold bricks: build scarecrow, build fire pit, move egg onto fire

Quidditch pitch - Dig up clock by entrance

Time turned: Gold bricks: dig up conductor's stand and build

STUDENT IN PERIL: chest by tent

George (quidditch): dig up sun, put corn in concession stand

Stud Magnet: use chisel to free from ice, right side

Y4L3 - The First Task (TW 62,000)

Story - Harry, Hermione

A1: Run to the right. Next to the 3rd rock, there are 2 brown rocks, destroy them and build a little dog to get dragon to destroy barrier. To get cauldron, move platform into place. potion item 1: under plant; Item 2: build skeleton; Item 3: zap snake skeleton underneath strength chain. Pull chain to get platform to cross gap. Use keg to put out fire. Build stair to exit.

Cedric (dragon task): put out fire at start

CREST 1: build stairway

CREST 3: under 3 rocks destroyed by dragon, use DW

Harry (dragon task): use DW

CREST 4: 3 rocks, use DW

A2: just run

Fleur (first task): inside 1st right side

CREST 2: just inside the door where the dragon gets stuck the 2nd time, left side

STUDENT IN PERIL: right side locked cabinet inside where dragon gets stuck the 2nd time


GRYFFENDOR Dorm - Time turned: Seamus Finnigan: REDUCTO chest

RAVENCLAW entrance - zap the boggle chest to get pieces to fix gate, use potion to change into Ravenclaw characater

Penelope Clearwater: grate on left side, build telescope

RAVENCLAW common - Gabrielle Delacroix: open chest on upper level

Hogwarts Crest Detector: build giant bird

RAVENCLAW dorm - Padma (ballgown): left bed

Gold bricks: 5 yellow books (3 in common, 2 in dorm)

STUDENT IN PERIL: zap chain to bind book

HUFFLEPUFF entrance - zap pixie, repair door and open

Neville Longbottom: 3 glass jars

STUDENT IN PERIL: plant mandrake

HUFFLEPUFF common - to get mandrake, use WL on candelabra by the entrance

Gold bricks: use REDUCTO on safe by door, give cake to painting

The Fat Friar: hit painting on left side, zap cake

STUDENT IN PERIL: destroy plant in front of fireplace

HUFFLEPUFF dorm - HUFFLEPUFF girl: open chest by door, build radio

Christmas: zap plant in middle of room, destroy all flowers

SLYTHERIN entrance - Rita Skeeter: REDUCTO manhole covers, use Hagrid to open cover

SLYTHERIN common - SLYTHERIN boy: hit painting by door, suitcase

SLYTHERIN girl: 5 green lamps

SLYTHERIN dorms - STUDENT IN PERIL: behind bookcase

Gold bricks: hit item behind pool

Score x4: by far right bed

Stairwell - STUDENT IN PERIL: top of stairs, trapped in web

Professor Binns: light candle by griffen statue

Gold bricks: hit paintings with quidditch player, follow red ball to top of stairs

Percy (sweater): zap flowerpots outside of room below Dumbledore's office 2x each

Office below Dumbledore's - mouse 1: on top of shelves; Mouse 2: get letter from painting and mail; Mouse 3: turn on TV, get Gold bricks

Dudley Dursley: boot up computer

Score x6: activate fax machine

Mrs. Mason: active device by table on right side

Mr. Mason: hit bobble heads on table

Go to bridge to Grounds. Go to GHE

Witch (white): lest side use dark wizard

Great Hall - STUDENT IN PERIL: trapped in web on left side

Molly Weasley: under rock on left side

Character studs: turkey on end of left table

Colin Creevey: under rock on right side

Gold bricks: 6 pitchers of juice, hop up plates

Go to bathroom hall

Gold bricks: guide ball through maze on upper level Boy's bathroom - Madame Hooch: zap trash can by lockers and clean right wall

Score x8: turn on all showers

STUDENT IN PERIL: inside green stalls

Enter upper bathroom

Y4L4 - Secret of the Egg (TW 12,000)

Story - Harry, Myrtle

A1: Collect 4 items to open stairs leading down. item 1: in lockers find umbrella, give to painting; Item 2: shut off sinks on left side; Item 3: empty trash can by boggle chest and build a cover use WL to close lids; Item 4: next to where they go

Cedric Diggery: in boggle chest

CREST 1: 4 medicine cabinets

CREST 2: 3 torches

'Moaning Myrtle (swimsuit): use dark wizard

STUDENT IN PERIL: use dark wizard

CREST 3: after retrieving item 2, use chain

A2: Use broom to clean off window. Destroy scorpions and build train. Destroy scorpions and give rain cloud to window. Use purple item to turn on water.

Fleur (lake task): inside locked cabinet

CREST 4: use Hermione to open bookcase


Go to Grounds. Use RED to open locked grate on front right side. Lake - Destroy the wooden crates to get parts to build bridge.

STUDENT IN PERIL: build bridge

Ron (tuxedo): end of built bridge

Gold bricks: Use fishing pole near stairs to get frog. Ride frog through course.

Bassist: chase the mole, he starts near the bottom of the stairs

Exit through right gate.

(Note: you may want to turn on your Crest and Character detectors for this section. It is difficult to describe just where to find everything.)