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Map-Making Guide by tgfcoder

Version: 1.16 | Updated: 01/03/04

Wolfenstein 3D for the Dos/Windows Platform
Last revision: v. 1.16     3rd Jan 04
Copyright 2003 Jordan Trudgett [jordan_trudgett@hotmail.com]
FAQ on how to make your very own Maps in Wolfenstein 3D, and even
your own episodes!

Lines: 626

   __          __   _  __               _       _         ____  _____  
   \ \        / /  | |/ _|             | |     (_)       |___ \|  __ \ 
    \ \  /\  / /__ | | |_ ___ _ __  ___| |_ ___ _ _ __     __) | |  | |
     \ \/  \/ / _ \| |  _/ _ \ '_ \/ __| __/ _ \ | '_ \   |__ <| |  | |
      \  /\  / (_) | | ||  __/ | | \__ \ ||  __/ | | | |  ___) | |__| |
       \/  \/ \___/|_|_| \___|_| |_|___/\__\___|_|_| |_| |____/|_____/   

        __  __    __    ____    __  __    __    _  _  ____  _  _  ___ 
       (  \/  )  /__\  (  _ \  (  \/  )  /__\  ( )/ )(_  _)( \( )/ __)
        )    (  /(__)\  )___/   )    (  /(__)\  )  (  _)(_  )  (( (_-.
       (_/\/\_)(__)(__)(__)    (_/\/\_)(__)(__)(_)\_)(____)(_)\_)\___/
                        ___  __  __  ____  ____  ____ 
                       / __)(  )(  )(_  _)(  _ \( ___)
                      ( (_-. )(__)(  _)(_  )(_) ))__) 

                                Version 1.15

Copyright 2003-2004 Jordan Trudgett                                             

v. 1.16 3rd Jan. 04     Eighth revision   Bytes: 21856  KB: 21

v. 1.15 1st Jan. 04     Seventh revision  Bytes: 21699  KB: 21

v. 1.14 1st Jan. 04     Sixth revision    Bytes: 21260  KB: 21

v. 1.04 31st Dec. 03    Fifth revision    Bytes: 19969  KB: 19

v. 1.03 31st Dec. 03    Fourth revision

v. 1.02 31st Dec. 03    Third revision

v. 1.01 30th Dec. 03    Second revision

v. 1.00 30th Dec. 03    First revision

from v. 1.15-v. 1.16
  - Minor changes
from v. 1.14-v. 1.15
  - Minor changes.
from v. 1.04-v. 1.14
  - Major mistakes fixed.
  - added 'Exceptions' section to FAQ
from v. 1.03-v. 1.04
  - Changed legal info
  - Added Bytes and KB under 'History'
from v. 1.02-v. 1.03
  - Way better Title
  - Much better Table o' Contents Header
  - 'The End' in calligraphy ASCII-art
from v. 1.01-v. 1.02
  - Better 'Table of Contents' header
  - Corrected some things and added some more little touches
from v. 1.00-v. 1.01
  - Changed title
  - Included Changes section
  - Added to Frequently Asked Questions
  - Fixed minor errors
  - Spaced out Chapter Headers more

Thanks to:
Id for Wolf3d, the best Dos Game (next to Tyrian 2000!)
Gamefaqs, for all they've done
MapEdit's creators, for the BEST Wolfenstein 3-D map editor on the planet

           ____   __    ____  __    ____    _____  ____ 
          (_  _) /__\  (  _ \(  )  ( ___)  (  _  )( ___)
            )(  /(__)\  ) _ < )(__  )__)    )(_)(  )__) 
           (__)(__)(__)(____/(____)(____)  (_____)(__)  
            ___  _____  _  _  ____  ____  _  _  ____  ___ 
           / __)(  _  )( \( )(_  _)( ___)( \( )(_  _)/ __)
          ( (__  )(_)(  )  (   )(   )__)  )  (   )(  \__ \
           \___)(_____)(_)\_) (__) (____)(_)\_) (__) (___/

I.    Foreword
II.   Background Information
III.  Requirements
IIV.  Before we Begin
V.    Putting in Objects
VI.   Locked Doors
VII.  Enemies
VIII. Secrets
IX.   Good tips
X.    Map tile editing
XI.   End of Level
XII.  Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting
XIII. Exceptions
XIV. The End  

 >>> I. Foreword

I will most likely refer to Wolfenstein 3-D, designed by Id software, as 
Wolf3D, W3D or Wolfenstein. 

Wolf3D is a great classic game, which has created hours of enjoyment for 
myself. This game is said to be the grandfather of FPS (first-person 
shooters). Made in '92, it was the first of it's kind.

Send me your maps!! Send me your GAMEMAPS.WL6 and MAPHEAD.WL6 files
and I'll tell you how good they are! (And, I'll test them!)

a. Legal information

This FAQ and everything included in it is copyrighted and any part of it
may not be reproduced in any way, shape or form (written, printed,
electronically stored, or any other medium not specifically mentioned)
without my <jordan_trudgett@hotmail.com> advance written permission.
This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
If you do have my advance written permission
<jordan_trudgett@hotmail.com> and you do place my FAQ on your website,
you must NOT do these three things;
   a. Change any letter, number or character of this text file;
   b. Alter the file's name; and
   c. Give insufficient credit (Full name, day, month and year are
      sufficient) to myself, <jordan_trudgett@hotmail.com>

Any breach of these rules, with myself or anyone else not being aware of
it or being aware of it is a violation of copyright.

I am not in any way related to iD Software or any designers, distibutors, 
programmers, publishers or in-general, 'creators' of this game. Any 
miscellaneous object, program (including games), music, or any other 
related indicia are copyright to their rightful owners.

 >>> II. Background information

In W3D, you basically go around in 6 episodes, killing Nazis, staying 
alive, and collecting treasure. Every level is a 'floor', in which you 
must find the exit, (or elevator) to continue to the next floor.

Episodes are made up of 9 normal floors, and one secret floor. This secret 
floor is only accessible through a secret elevator, which is found in 
different levels throughout the game. You can't change which level the 
secret level returns to after it is completed- unless of course you change 
the source code.

eg. The first secret elevator is in Floor 1-1, (Episode 1, level 1) and it 
takes you to floor 1-10. This is a secret level filled with tricks and 
traps, purple coloured walls and Blue coloured officers. Anyway, when you 
finish this level, it takes you back to Floor 1-1 (like it should). But 
when you change where the secret elevator goes (eg. if you put it in Floor 
1-3) it won't return you to that level- it will return you to Floor 1-1.

Wolfenstein features 4 weapons; 

a. the Knife (which you will rarely use), 
b. the Pistol (Useful at start of game),
c. the Machine Gun (More useful) and
d. the Chain Gun (Most useful, but also wasteful).

There are other names for these weapons, but these are basically what they 
look like, anyway.

The Pistol, Machine Gun and Chain Gun use the same ammunition but the 
Pistol fires one bullet at a time slowly, the Machine Gun fires one bullet 
at a time at a medium speed, and the Chain Gun fires two bullets at once 
at a constant rate.

The Chain Gun uses up 99 bullets (maximum ammo) very quickly.

 >>> III. Requirements

You will need a map editor, I used MapEdit- it doesn't matter what 
version, but it is THE best Wolf3D map editor. As easy as a walk in the 
park. IF, you know what you're doing.

If you don't have MapEdit, get it. This FAQ mostly revolves around MapEdit 
so it won't be terribly useful without it.

Map editing for the shareware version just isn't worth it so find yourself 
a copy of the full version of Wolf3D (or if you can, buy it).

 >>> IV. Before we Begin

Before you leap into the editor, I reccomend finish the first and second 
episode of W3D. If you don't want to that's fine/ if you've already 
done that, let's continue.

Ok. Make a directory called "Custom Wolf" or "Wolf Resurrection" or 
something like that on your hard drive C:\ or whatever it may be. 
I'll tell you why in a minute. Now, copy every file from your 
WOLF3D directory and paste it in the new directory. 

Now, if you haven't already, unzip the MapEdit file (that of course you 
downloaded) and overwrite anything that it asks you (Don't worry, nothing
bad can happen, this is your backup directory)

This "Custom Wolf" directory is going to be your very own set of levels.
You can have 1 episode, or 2, or 6, or even 3 and a half! It's really your 
choice. Now, open MAPEDIT.EXE.

Look down the bottom. It should say Episode 1, Level 1. Or something like 
that anyway.

I know it all looks really weird at the moment but I'll explain it to you.

To the right, we have the MAP/OBJECT window. There are four buttons.
From the left, he have MAP, OBJECT, UP and DOWN.

Click on Map to show map tiles.. same for Object.
Up and down, well they just change the page. (There is about 4 pages
of each)

Click on Map and keep clicking Down (down a page) till you get to a screen 
that shows a tile, Floor 6D. Click on it with the left mouse button. This 
floor tile is now selected. Without floor, you cannot move.

Press "c" on your keyboard. The level now disappears and in it's place is 
a vast open area of Floor 6D.

Now, click on Map again to get to the top of the list. Click on a tile, 
preferably Grey Stone 1 or something, and place it somewhere. Place 
another one next to it. Make a room! Experimenting is the key. Now once 
you've made a nicely shaped room, click on Object. Keep clicking down 
until you get to a page that has lost of green arrows at the top/ starting 
points. Click on the one that points in the direction that you want the 
character to face at the start of the level. Now, place the starting point 

To do doors, click on Map, then scroll down until you get to Unlocked 
Door. There are two of them, choose the one that faces the way that is 
aligned with the walls next to it. Don't make it orthogonal to the walls 
next to it. Now press 'w' and type in something you'll remember like your 
name. It never shows up, so don't worry.

Now your level is saved. Press "q" to quit, and if it asks you to save, 
save it again, but it doesn't really matter. Now, run WOLF3D and start a 
new game. Go to the first episode. You should see your map.

Get a feel for the ratio of blocks to virtual size in the game. This 
should let you to know how big you need to draw your rooms; as compared
to how big the rooms look in the games.

 >>> V. Putting in objects

Never forget to put in decorative objects such as lights, barrels and 
puddles of water. It makes it a whole lot more realistic, and it all 
adds up to make you feel proud that you made such a cool level.

Some objects can be walked past (lights, puddles, vines) but most can't 
(barrels, columns, tables, vases, etc).

Don't over-decorate your level by putting an object on every tile you can 
fit it, but then again, don't leave rooms bare; at least put in a light 
and a vase, or something.

Guns are not to be overused. Never should you put more than 1 new gun in a 
room- a big room of 50 chainguns is no fun; I've tried it.
Also, don't just put a Machine Gun right in the middle of the room,
put it somewhere tricky, somewhere where they'll miss it and maybe come
back or see it in the corner of their eye when they turn, or something
like that; All I'm trying to say is that don't make it WAY too obvious
or the levels won't seem that fun- you know exactly what the player has
and it's always the same game.

Never the "Ooh, I never found the Machine Gun before!" :)

Don't give the player a massive wad of health (unless of course it is a 
really hard level; aka a Boss level), so that the player doesn't 
have to try. A sophisticated, complicated and challenging map is the way 
to go. Let the player feel like he/she 'must' finish the level for 
his/her own life- or just make them feel they're killing all these guys
for some particular reason.

Note: To delete an object, choose '--No Object--' and click on the 

 >>> VI. Locked doors

There are two types of keys.. Silver and Gold. There are two types of 
locked doors also; which colours, you can guess. There's no point putting 
in a silver key but no silver door, or vice versa- a gold door but no 
gold key. It's a waste of time, really. They go together like a CD and a 
CD-rom drive, you just can't have one without the other.

NB. If an enemy behind a locked door hears you (not deaf) he will open 
the locked door without hesitation! What you should do is make the room 
on the other side of the locked door be floored differently (the whole 
room) to 6E or 6C or anything that you haven't used before.

NB. Every room with bad guys in it should have a different floor 
(covering the whole room, to the doors; but not _on_ the doors)
or else if you had an entire level with all the rooms floored with 6C,
(I did!) then if you shoot in the first room, all of the enemies in
the level heard me and came to kill me.

 >>> VII. Enemies

Enemies, aka Actors, are what really make a level. Tricky SS Troopers 
hiding in corners.. Dogs running around in their cages. Mix realism
and surprises. Be creative! (Nobody likes a level where it's just
a maze with no point and there's bad guys along the way! Or, the same
a massive room with ammo littering the floor with 3 Hitlers!)

Without enemies, you really don't have to good a level.
(Of course, as per usual; there are exceptions.)

In the editor, they list enemies under Objects near the end.
What the jargon means is:

(Correction since v. 1.04)
Guard 1 S/N
 means an enemy named Guard (Orange guys with pistols) who is on all difficulty levels (1)
 who is stationary and facing UP (n).

Officer 3 M/E
 means an enemy namedd Officer (Blue, machinge gun) who is on difficulty 3 and above,
 who is moving and initially faces east.

Got it?

NB. You'll see (Enemy) 1, (Enemy) 3, and (Enemy) 4- (Enemy) 1 will be seen always, (Enemy) 3
    on difficulty 3 and higher, and (Enemy) 4 will only be seen on "I am a death incarnate". 
    Makes it easier to do harder levels.

 NB. You must set a path that they patrol with turning points
     under Objects.

 eg.    G       V
        >      7
        ^       <

G= Guard, Moving, E(ast)
V= down turning point
<= left turning point
^= northwards turning point
>= right turning point
7= Up-right turning point

(Using this method, the guard will walk around in circles)

Remember.. Bosses must not be used more than twice in a level. This really 
makes the level _bad_. (Exceptions)

 >>> VIII. Secrets

To make a secret passage, first get a wall.. say this is your room.

   #        ##
   #         #        # = Some wall/doesn't matter
   ##       ##        ! = Some wall with picture or something slightly
    ##    ###                            obvious
     #  ###           * = Treasure           
      #    **#
      # ## **#

Note: Secret walls move back 2 tiles. (Usually. Just to make sure, put a wall to stop it
where you want it to stop)

Now, the actual map tile isn't what makes the wall pushable, it's the
object that goes on it. Go to Object and find Secret Wall. (It's a grey 
square) Click on it then click on your to-be secret wall.

Tadaa! You have made a secret wall. Easy.

 >>> IX. Good tips

- Avoid 1 tile wide corridors/mazes. Annoying! (Exceptions..)

- Having 20 enemies in a room but none in any other is bad. Equalise them.

- Have some plot to the level, it makes it more interesting- and the map
  plan comes naturally to you; eg. here is where they executed the 
  prisoners.. etc.

- I reccommend assigning the right mouse button to Map 6D and --No 
  Object--. This way you can delete stuff with the right mouse button.
  (To assign, just click on something on the list with the right mouse 

- Don't give too much ammo or health, but then again don't avoid it.

- Don't give them all the weapons on the first level.

- Do give them quite obvious secrets and Do give them treasure.

- Don't make a hard bit tooooooo hard.. Just because you can finish it
  doesn't mean others can.

- By all means, make a theme-based level.

- Space enemies throughout the level equally.

- Test your level a couple of times through development, once at 
  completion, and once after every new add-on that may affect gameplay
  (eg. More health/enemies not more lighting)

- Get others to play your episodes. After all, it is harder for them;
  they don't know the layout of the levels!

- Once you can create a level quite well, submit it! (optional, of course)

- Enjoy your levels.

- Oh, oh and make optional places that makes the player think
  "Will I go back and get the treasure? I'm not sure what's there, but
   I'm so close to the end!"

 >>> X. Map tile editing

Golden rule no.1: When deleting walls etc, always delete it with a floor 
tile (the one you use in that room) NOT '--Invalid--'.

Give your level some depth. Put posters around. Make sure your level has 
at least two different tile types. Grey Stone 1&2 are basically the same, 
they are just slightly different patterns, for some pseudo-randomism.

 >>> XI. End of level

Try always to make the exit East/West so it's easier.

Do it like this:

#########"     # = Wall
#       | "    | = Elevator Door
#       #"     " = Elevator

You see, when you look at the 'Elevator' Wall Block from N/S it is rails.
From the E/W sides it is a switch. Experiment and find out.

If you really want to do one N/S or have no alternative,
do it like this:

# | "     # = Wall
# #"      | = Elevator Door
#  #      " = Elevator
#   #
#   #

If you are curious about the 'Elevator Rails' block, it is just Elevator 
rails from all angles.

If you plan to do what they did at the end of Ep. 1 (Where the camera 
turns around and he goes 'Yeah!', this is how it's done:

#     #
#     #  # = Wall
#     #  x = End-Of-Level (object)
#xxxxx#  = = Landscape
#     #  - = Door (Not relevant)
#  Y  #  Y = You (facing North)

As soon as you pass an x, the End Game Sequence will occur.

 >>> XII. Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

Q. When I play the level, I start what looks to be 'inside' a wall. I 
   cannot move at all.

A. Place a starting point.

Q. After about 30 seconds of play, Wolf3D freezes.

A. I've got this problem myself.. I'm not sure. 

Q. When I press 'c', the map goes all grey, not blank!

A. Assign the left mouse button to a Floor Tile- it is assigned to
   Grey Stone 1.

Q. When I run my level, it crashes saying something I don't understand.

A. Make sure you don't have more than 399 objects, and no more than 64 
   doors (locked or not)

Q. I can see my level properly, the way it was supposed to be, but I 
   cannot move and when I try, I gut the 'bumping into walls' sound.

A. You have forgotten to put in floors. Select a floor (Preferably 6D)
   and place it on all the floor that you can walk on.

Q. I heard you can do invisible forcefields. Is this true?

A. In theory, you can put the map tile "###Invalid###" somewhere to make 
   it inaccessible, but I have not tried this... but I see no reason for 
   it not to work. On closer inspection, the ###Invalid### tile creates 
   all sorts of weird bugs, so I would probably use a barrel instead.

 >> XIII. Exceptions

1. Maze levels do not have to contain enemies; yet they should at least have one- the player
   is very disappointed at 0% kills.

2. Bosses more than once in a level are usually, as I said, _bad_, 
   yet on very rare occasions (After ep. 4/5) you can use them in Mazes as 
   a "You are unlucky. You have found HITLER!" :)

3. One tile corridors are annoying, but then again, mazes usually 
   use them for saving space.

 >>> XIV. The End

Thank you for reading my Wolf3D Map Making FAQ.
If you need any help, or would like to send me a suggestion, or if you see
(a) mistake(s), or if you have any comments, send them to:

By all means, send me your maps! 
    All you have to do is send me an email with an attachment of a copy of 
    your GAMEMAPS.WL6 and your MAPHEAD.WL6 files
    to me!! (Or if you have the shareware version GAMEMAPS.WL1, 
    Thank you again.

  ****           *   **                 
 *  *************  **  *                
*     *********    **                  
*     *  *         **                  
 **  *  **         **                  
    *  ***         **  ***      ***    
   **   **         ** * ***    * ***   
   **   **         ***   ***  *   ***  
   **   **         **     ** **    *** 
   **   **         **     ** ********  
    **  **    *    **     ** *******   
     ** *      *   **     ** **     *   
      ***     *    **     ** ****    * 
       *******     **     **  *******  
         ***        **    **   *****   
     ***** **                     ***    
  ******  **** *                 *  **   
 **   *  * ****                     **   
*    *  *   **   *                  **   
    *  *        *                   **   
   ** **         ***  ****      *** **  * 
   ** **          **** **** *  ********* 
   ** ******       **   ****  **   ****  
   ** *****        **    **   **    **   
   ** **           **    **   **    **   
   *  **           **    **   **    **   
      *       *    **    **   **    **   
  ****         *   **    **   **    **   
 *  ***********    ***   ***   *****     
*     ******        ***   ***   ***      


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