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FAQ by Vegetaman

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 04/28/02

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 \      /  \      /  |  | |   |   |   | \   | |     |   |    |  | \   |
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   \  /      \  /    |  | |   |   |   |   \ |   |   |   |    |  |   \ |
    \/        \/     ---- --- |   --- |    \| ---   |   --- --- |    \|

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*****************************Wolfenstein 3D****************************
*****************************By - Vegetaman****************************

Game Name: Wolfenstein 3D
Platform: PC - DOS/Windows
FAQ Creator: Vegetaman
FAQ Type: Mini-FAQ/Guide

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Who is B.J. Blazkowicz?
III. The Enemies
-a. Killer Dogs
-b. Guards
-c. SS
-d. Mutants
-e. Officers
IV. Episode Guide
-a. Episode One: Escape From Wolfenstein
-b. Episode Two: Operation: Eisenfaust
-c. Episode Three: Die, Fuhrer, Die!
-d. Episode Four: A Dark Secret
-e. Episode Five: Trail of the Madman
-f. Episode Six: Confrontation
V. The Bosses
-a. Hans Grosse
-b. Dr. Schabbs
-c. Adolf Hitler
-d. Otto Giftmacher
-e. Gretel Grosse
-f. General Fettgesicht
VI. What did he say?
-a. Guards
-b. SS
-c. Officers
-d. Hans Grosse
-e. Dr. Schabbs
-f. Adolf Hitler
-g. Otto Giftmacher
-h. Gretel Grosse
-i. General Fettgesicht
VII. How not to be found
-a. When will they know of you?
-b. What will they do when they know of you?
VIII. Difficulty Rankings
-1. Can I Play Daddy
-2. Don't Hurt Me
-3. Bring 'em On
-4. I Am Death Incarnate
IX. Weapons/Ammo at your (B.J.'s) disposal
-1. Knife
-2. Pistol
-3. Machine Gun
-4. Chaingun
-5. Ammo Bag
-6. One-Up
X. Treasure
-1. Cross
-2. Chalice
-3. Chest
-4. Crown
XI. Health
-1. Pools of Blood/Giblets
-2. Dog Food
-3. Prison Food
-4. First Aid
-5. One-Up
XII. Cheat Codes

I. Introduction

Hello, my name is Vegetaman, and welcome to my Mini-FAQ/Guide  for 
Wolfenstein 3D on the PC (DOS/Windows). Originally, it was only for 
Bosses and Enemies, but I figured why stop there? So, I added sections 
for health, episodes, weapons, treasure, and cheats. From there, 
finally, I added 'What did he say?' and 'Difficulty Rankings'. You are 
currently reading Version 4.0. As far as I can tell, Version 5.0 will 
be the final update, unless something really needs changed/updated. 
Keep in mind this is NOT a walkthrough, but more of a guide to all of 
the enemies, bosses, and episodes (and your equipment). I hope you 
enjoy the game when you play, and I do not wish to spoil your fun!

<Warning: Enter at your own risk!>

If you wish to use this FAQ on your site, or have any comments or 
suggestions for it, drop me a line at: vegeta_gohan_knight@hotmail.com.

This guide is Copyright: Vegetaman, 2002.
Wolfenstein 3D is Copyright Id Software 1992.

Special Thanks:

Thanks to the Wolfenstein 3D Manual for the Background story of B.J. 
Blazkowicz. [Sections in "" "" are pieces of information taken from the 

Revision History:
Version 1.0 - FAQ started, sections on Enemies and Bosses created.
Version 2.0 - FAQ/Guide added to, made sections for health, episodes, 
weapons, treasure, and cheats. Wrote down ammo listings under weapons.
Version 3.0 - Added ranks to all weapons, enemies, bosses, and episodes
Version 4.0 - More additions, grammar/spelling fixed up mostly, and 
sections fixed up even more. Ready for public viewing.

II. Who is B.J. Blazkowicz?

""William Joseph Blazkowicz was born August 15, 1911, to Polish 
immigrants. Blazkowicz was a top spy for the Allied Forces, receiving 
the Congressional Medal of Honor and other accolades for heroism. 
"B.J.", (as he was called by his friends) married after World War II, 
at age 40, to Julia Marie Peterson. Their son, Arthur Kenneth 
Blazkowicz, became a television talk show personality in Milwaukee. For 
show biz purposes, Arthur changed his last name to Blaze. Arthur later 
married Susan Elizabeth McMichaels. They had one son (which they named 
after Arthur's father), William Joseph Blazkowicz II, or as he signs 
his grade school homework, B. Blaze...""

III. The Enemies

One * denotes a weak enemy
Two ** denotes a moderate foe
Three *** denotes a formidable opponent

-a. Killer Dogs

Rating: *

Bio: These are some of the meanest German Shepards ever to grace the 
face of the earth. All the Nazi's use these mutts for is nuisance 
value, because they are more annoying than damage causing. 

Location: Killer Dogs are always right behind a door, and exist in 
groups. Once they get a lock on you, they will charge at you, while 
darting from side to side like Officers. The only thing dogs can't do, 
is they can't open doors. Use this to your advantage.

To Defeat: The easiest way to defeat one is to stand in a doorway with 
your knife or pistol, and let them come to you. When they get into 
range, pull the trigger, or stab with your knife. A single bullet or 
knife stab can bring these guys down.

-b. Guards 
Rating: *

Bio: Not exactly the smartest people on the planet, guards wear brown 
shirts, and back a measly pistol. While alone they are weak, in groups 
they are a forced to be reckoned with. 

Location: These guys hang out mostly in hallways, where they are on 
constant patrol, or behind doors. Sometimes they will have their back 
to you, and other times, they will look right at you. They have a slow 
reaction time, and pause to take aim with their pistol when they shoot 
at you.

To Defeat: If they have their back turned towards you, line up a shot 
with your pistol, and you can drop them with a single round. If they 
are coming at you, wait until they pause to aim and shoot, and let your 
own barrage of lead fly. A single bullet will bring these flaunting 
fellows down, and they are very easy to sneak up on.

-c. SS 

Rating: ***

Bio: The SS are the elite. Trained well to work for the Third Reich, 
they wear pristine blue uniforms with bulletproof vests on underneath, 
have blonde hair, and tote machine guns. Don't let their big size and 
slow speed make you think any less of them. These guys can take a lot 
of pounding, and still keep on rolling out the lead. A meeting with an 
SS is a sure way to end your life.

Location: The SS select much more efficient places to hold standoffs, 
which is around corners where you are least suspecting them, or behind 
doors. The worst place to find an SS is lurking silently in an 
elevator. Surprise is almost always on their side, and if they have 
their back turned to you - you're one lucky guy!

To Defeat: These guys come out shooting with their machine guns, and 
you can spend a lot of lead on them. Don't even bother using the knife, 
as they will shoot you dead before you have a chance of destroying 
them. Using your machine gun or chaingun, open up with a wave of 
bullets just as they open up on you. Your best hope is that they will 
drop before they inflict any or much damage.

-d. Mutants 

Rating: **

Bio: They are silent killers. They have a pistol mounted in the center 
of their chest, and two cleavers in their hands. You first meet up with 
the Mutants in Episode Two. These lean green fighting machines can take 
a beating much like the SS, and die with a very malicious scream.

Location: Their position is much like that of SS and Officers. They are 
in no way stupid like guards, and they normally strike first. They hide 
in any niche or recess in the wall, and will not hesitate to bring you 
to your deathbed.

To Defeat: You need to set up position by a wall, or behind a door. 
Open the door, or strafe out, and shoot large quantities of lead at 
them. Pull back, and let them launch their own assault before popping 
your head and gun out again. Follow this pattern until they fall in a 
pool of green blood that matches the color of their skin.

-e. Officers 

Rating: **

Bio: Another one of the mysterious silent killers. Officers make no 
noise until they are upon you, or you find them. Rarely will you get a 
chance to sneak up behind one of these fellows. They repeatedly dodge 
to the left and right, making them harder to hit, and you waste mass 
quantities of your precious lead. Use your cunning and wit to 
outmaneuver and outlast these opponents.

Location: Officers are much like Mutants, and take to hiding in the 
walls, and in not-very-open places. They attack like lightning, and 
will shoot you repeatedly. The only thing that will help you survive is 
that they only pack a pistol.

To Defeat: You want to do the Killer Dog or Mutant approach on 
Officers. Wasting your ammo is a sure way to get you killed, or noticed 
by the numerous other guys floating around the floor. Just draw them 
out, and proceed to pick them off. They are unrelenting, and take a few 
shots to take down.

IV. The Episodes

Each Episode in the game Wolfenstein 3D is listed here, and the 
corresponding Boss name. After the name of the Episode, you will see 
the ranking. The rankings work as such:

One* = The episode (excluding Boss) was easy, and simple
Two** = The episode (excluding Boss) was not too hard, nor too easy
Three*** = The episode (excluding Boss) was complex and difficult

-a. Episode One: Escape From Wolfenstein

Rating: *

B.J. Blazkowicz has been captured in Germany in his search for plans 
for Operation Eisenfaust, and taken prisoner in Castle Wolfenstein. One 
day in his cell, he over powers the guard, and takes his knife and 
pistol, with a mere 8 bullets. From here, you must lead him to the 
fierce warrior Hans Grosse, and to freedom!

Boss: Hans Grosse

-b. Episode Two: Operation: Eisenfaust

Rating: **

Still in Germany, you try to accomplish finding out about 'Operation 
Eisenfaust', which has aptly been described as the plan to create the 
ultimate soldier. Mutants with three hands (one of which has been 
grafted to the chest), allowing them to have a pistol on their chest, 
and two cleavers in their two free hands. Your mission here is 
particularly dangerous because your opponents will make no sound other 
than when they unleash the fury of their bullets and cleavers upon you, 
and when you make their body's fall to the floor. Somewhere in Castle 
Hollehammer is where your mission begins, and it's your duty to make it 
to the maniacal Dr. Schabbs, who awaits you with hypodermic needles 
filled with deadly re-animation serum.

Boss: Dr. Schabbs

-c. Episode Three: Die, Fuhrer, Die!
Rating: ***

Finally, B.J. is given the task of a lifetime - bring down Adolf Hitler 
and the Third Reich himself, in one swift move. After unsuccessfully 
searching for Hitler in his bunker, B.J. moves on to the Reichstag, and 
continues his search for the Fuhrer in the mighty fortress, which is 
brimming with guards for the sole purpose of protecting their leader. 
Will B.J. destroy the Fuhrer, and emerge victorious?

Boss: Adolf Hitler

-d. Episode Four: A Dark Secret 
Rating: **

The insane Nazi scientist extraordinaire, Otto Giftmacher (which means 
"Poison Maker") has created a full line of chemical weapons - one of 
the most feared weapons ever created, and used in WWII. With the 
diabolical Otto up to his devilry and dirty tricks, it's up to B.J. to 
find him, and put a stop to him for good. He will be doing all of his 
work for this mission in Castle Erlangen, which sits perched atop a 
hill, and was only recently made known to the allies. They're using the 
element of surprise, and sending B.J. there pronto.

""Armed only with a Walther P38 (so you can use any German ammo you may 
find)"", your objective is to reach Otto's Secret Room, and take the 
madman down before he can do anything to harm the world!

Boss: Otto Giftmacher ""Poison maker""

-e. Episode Five: Trail of the Madman

Rating: **

The insane doctor, Otto Giftmacher, has been defeated. Alas, his 
chemical weapon creations are still at large. You remain in Castle 
Erlangen to uncover the plans in an attempt to stop the mayhem.

You begin this episode having just stepped out of the Castle's 
elevator. It sets you off on the very first level of the dungeon. You 
are looking for the map room that is guarded by Gretel Grosse, which 
will give you vital location information of Nazi Secret Bases, and more 
information about the Chemical Weapons. You've got to find them fast - 
or else the world may be on the verge of destruction - starting with 

Boss: Gretel Grosse

-f. Episode Six: Confrontation

Rating: ***

The threat of Chemical War is high on the horizon, unless you can stop 
the evil General Fettgesicht ("Fatface") in time.

You have already discovered many secrets from Castle Erlangen, after 
destroying the seductive Gretel Grosse, and they have led you here - 
Castle Heidenheim, perched atop a small rise between two massive 
mountains. B.J. must once again venture into the heart of an enemy 
stronghold in an attempt to emerge victorious, and this time - take 
down the madman General Fettgesicht and rid the world of this chemical 
threat from the last of the Nazi's once and for all!

Boss: General Fettgesicht

V. The Bosses

Here is a list of bosses, and their rank. This is how the rank works:

One* = weak
Two** = moderate
Three*** = elite/unstoppable

-a. Hans Grosse
Rating: *

On the final floor of Episode One, you'll face Hans Grosse. Hans wields 
two chainguns, and what he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in 
pure power.

You must utilize all weapons and health at your disposal to defeat 
Hans. The stuff you need to defeat Hans can be found behind a hidden 
push wall on the floor. Utilize this room to its full extent, and hope 
your bullets fly true!

When you find Hans Grosse: You will meet Hans behind the door straight 
ahead of you. When you open the door, he shouts out his greeting, and 
his unyielding chainguns unleash their fury. 

Plan of Attack: When you open the door, pull back, and lead him on. 
Dart behind the sections of wall when he unleashes his chaingun, and 
then pop out for a blast of your own. If you must, lead him to the 
hidden push wall room, so you can stock up on the health and ammo, and 
finish big bad Hans off.

When you defeat Hans Grosse: Hans will fall backwards, and topple over 
when you have filled his body with enough lead to bring him down. Walk 
over his body to pick up the key he was holding, and go to the room 
behind where Hans was originally. Use the key on the door, and rush 
inside. You will see a short cut scene of B.J. running forward towards 
freedom, and then, it will cut to the mission debrief.

-b. Dr Schabbs 
Rating: *

In the final level of Episode Two, you will face Dr. Schabbs. Dr. 
Schabbs actions are inhuman, and he enjoys performing experiments on 
the living - and the dead. 

When you meet Dr. Schabbs: As you approach Schabbs, his laughter will 
fill the room, alerting you that he knows you are there. Dr. Schabbs is 
packing heat in the form of hypodermic needles containing his re-
animation serum. He doesn't want to kill you, he just wants to add you 
to his army of mutant killing machines! Beware of the Mutant guards he 
has with him as well!

Plan of Attack: You should find the two push wall chambers in the room 
just before you reach Dr. Schabbs. As he throws his menacing hypos at 
you, dodge from side to side, and then unleash a hapless chaingun fury 
upon him. Draw him back into the ammunition secret room, and keep 
strafing over the ammunition crates to keep fueling your waves of 
destruction you are unleashing upon the insane doctor.

When you defeat Dr. Schabbs: He will shout out, and his white lab coat 
will show bloody red holes, just as his bloody corpse drops to the 
ground. His reign of terror is over, and all that it leaves you with is 
a Death Cam of his demise, and the mission debrief.

-c. Adolf Hitler

Rating: ***

Now its time to face the fury of the Fuhrer at the end of Episode 
Three. If you thought Hans and Dr. Schabbs were hard to beat, then you 
ain't seen nothing yet!

""This boss is just like the real Hitler - with the ability to deceive, 
and the ability to create an unbeatable war machine. These 
characteristics are personified in the form of the Fake Hitlers and the 

When you enter the level: You'll find a chaingun right there in front 
of you - an early warning of the danger ahead! The Fake Hitlers are a 
clever deception. Through several doors, you'll encounter these dark 
robed wonders with flamethrowers mounted on their chests. Once you 
dispatch them, they fall to the ground as a piece of cloth - nothing 
more, nothing less.

Once you make it past the Fake Hitlers, you'll enter Adolf's room. 
Adolf is expecting company, and is well suited for any assassin. This 
lunatic has gone all out from head to toe in heavy armor; he's a 
walking tank. This MechaHitler has four automatic chainguns that each 
one individually dishes out more firepower than your own chaingun. He's 
slow but it's also difficult to destroy the metal hulk. 

After you destroy the MechaHitler, Adolf's armor falls to the floor and 
you'll face Hitler himself. At this point, you're probably severely 
damaged and out of ammunition. If so, then you're in trouble!

When you meet Adolf Hitler: He'll shout out a slang term at B.J., and 
then step out. The clanging of metal feet on cement is what can be 
heard riveting the small room. He opens up with his four automatic 
chainguns the moment he sees you, and one this outer suit is destroyed, 
Hitler himself emerges from the smoldering mush of metal to face you, 
wielding two chainguns that far exceed the power of your own.

Plan of Attack: Strafe out from behind walls, and shoot as many bullets 
as possible at the psychotic Hitler, and keep doing this until you 
break through his metal hulk. Hopefully you found the secret push wall 
at the beginning of the level. You should proceed to backtrack as fast 
as possible to the secret room, and Hitler will be on your tail every 
step of the way. Pause briefly to unleash your own blast of chaingun 
rounds. If you look into his eyes as he shoots, they flash red, bright 
and evil. Once you lead him back to the secret room, continue to pull 
back into the room, gathering extra ammo and health until finally the 
Fuhrer drops.

When you defeat Adolf Hitler: After you have disrobed the Fake Hitlers, 
destroyed the hulk of MechaHitler, and destroy the flesh and blood 
Hitler himself, he tells his wife goodbye. And with this, his body 
turns to mush, and his body collapses in a pool of blood and flesh. 
Finally, his body plops down on top of his riddled flesh and blood 
pool, and you are given access to the Death Cam, and Mission Debrief.

-d. Otto Giftmacher 

Rating: **

Awaiting your arrival at the end of Episode Four is Otto Giftmacher. 
He's got a new toy to use against you. The Missile Launcher. This hand 
held weapon shoots malevolent rockets of doom at B.J., and dodging them 
is his only chance of survival.

When you meet Otto Giftmacher: He will greet you with slang of 
American's, just as Hitler did before him. Instead of unleashing a 
torrent of bullets, he shoots a single rocket from his hand held 
launcher. It moves quickly, but with a little practice, it shouldn't be 
hard to dodge.

Plan of Attack: The only way to survive Otto is to avoid his rockets. 
Following the same plan as before, use the wall and strafe technique, 
and keep your distance. Avoid small areas at all costs! Once you're 
cornered there is no escape, unless you are lucky enough to down him. 
If you are cornered, expect your life to be brief.

When you defeat Otto Giftmacher: He will fall backwards in a small pool 
of crimson blood. You will be shown the Death Cam view of his demise, 
and also will be debriefed of your mission, and told how you must 
continue your flight within Castle Erlangen.

-e. Gretel Grosse 

Rating: **

Awaiting at the end of Episode Five, is none other than Gretel Grosse. 
Don't let this girl's nice voice, and hot pink outfit blind you. She is 
as ruthless as her brother Hans, if not more so! Be very wary! 

Gretel Grosse packs two chainguns of her own, and has to be packing 
some serious body armor. She can take a bigger beating than her older 
brother! Instead of having multiple barrels, her dual chainguns only 
have one. Even though her rate of fire is not as quick, her bullets hit 
harder, and cause more damage than the chainguns of her brother Hans.

When you meet Gretel Grosse: She greets you with a nice, feminine 
voice... and just when you think she may walk over and hug you, her 
dual chainguns are raised, and hailing bullets all over your body. She 
will unrelentingly pursue you throughout the entire floor, and won't 
stop until your are nothing more than a red splotch on the floor!

Plan of Attack: This girl just keeps coming at you, so you best pull 
back, and fire at her from a distance. Her accuracy seems to be poorer 
than Hans, and that gives you a long shot advantage. She moves quickly 
though, so you have to keep on your toes. You can open the rooms with 
the two push walls, but all they lead to is treasure, and around 40 
rounds of ammunition. If you need a chaingun, then you should go there 
indefinitely. Keep fighting her until she drops under the heat of your 
firepower, and rush up over her body, and take her key. Beware - the 
battle is not yet over.

After you defeat Gretel Grosse: Now is where you need to be careful. 
More than likely, you're pretty shot up. You better be prepared to get 
shot up some more. Scrape together all the ammo and health you can 
find, and go up to the locked door. When you open the door, let the 
chaingun rounds expel from the muzzle, and drop all the SS and Officers 
in the room, until nothing moves, and all is silent. Once they are out 
of the way, rush into the room, and around the corner. You will see a 
large map on the wall. You will run forward, and leap into the air, and 
yell out "YEAH!". This signifies you won, and now you will go to the 
mission debrief.

-f. General Fettgesicht

Rating: ***
The General is here at the end of Episode Six, and he isn't going down 
without a fight, and neither are his henchmen. He will keep on going 
until his entire girth is full of your righteous lead bullets, aimed to 
keep the world from the eve of destruction!

When you enter the level: For the last level, and last episode in the 
game, the guys at Id Software who designed it sure went all out - it's 
like two bosses in one! A push wall revealing a stock of goodies for 
your disposal is on your right as you begin the level. You'll want to 
take down the guards in front of you as fast as possible, and get ready 
for the firefight of your life.

Guards, Officers, and SS will pour through the doors with the sole 
purpose and intent of killing you. Mow them all down with your 
chaingun, and then go through the door you where they came from. You 
can either go left or right. Both ways are pretty much the same, and 
traversing them both could pick you up some extra ammo. When you are 
ready, head to where the two corridors meet up again, and turn to the 
right. When you go up to the door, you better hope you're packing a 
chaingun brimming with ammo, and a full stash of health - or this is 
going to be a really short trip!

When you meet General Fettgesicht: This guy is huge! Seriously, this 
gluttonous General is enormous, and to go with it, he packs a huge 
arsenal. Not only does he wield a missile launcher, but at the same 
time a chaingun! The ultimate combination of weapons. When he spies 
you, a rocket will blare forth, followed by unrelenting chaingun 
fire... all aimed to drive you to the brink of destruction. You can't 
lose now - Europe, and the entire world is counting on you B.J.!

Plan of Attack: Take out all his guards and staffers first. Only then 
will you be unhindered in your attempts to assassinate the General. 
Find the push wall that conceals the small reserve of ammo and health, 
and grab it. Don't stay in there too long, for if you are trapped in 
there by the General, there is no escape! Keep doing the wall strafe 
technique to finally defeat the General, and bring his tyrannical ways 
to a complete halt!

When you defeat General Fettgesicht: The general will make his single 
word repentance, and then his body will topple over to the floor in a 
small puddle of blood. You have done it, and you receive the Death Cam 
view of your victory, and are sent quickly to the debrief of your 
latest and final mission completion. Pat yourself on the back!

VI. What did he say?

The following section lists the German phrases used by each individual 
or boss, and what its English equivalent is.

-a. Guard

German: Achtung!
English: Attention!

-b. SS
German: Schutzstaffel!
English: Elite Guard!
German: Mein leben!
English: My life!

-c. Officer

German: Spion!
English: Spy!
German: Nein, so was!
English: Well, I never!

-d. Hans Grosse

German: Guten tag!
English: Good morning!
German: Mutti!
English: Mommy!

-e. Dr. Schabbs

German: Mein Gott in Himmel!
English: My God in Heaven!

-f. Adolf Hitler

German: Tot hund!
English: Dead dog!
German: Die, Allied schweinhund!
English: Die, Allied pigdog!
German: Scheist!
English: ****
German: Eva, auf wiedersehen!
English: Eva, good-bye!

-g. Otto Giftmacher

German: Eine kleine Amerikaner!
English: A little American!
German: Donner wetter!
English: Good heavens!

-h. Gretel Grosse

German: Kein Durchgang!
English: No Trespassing!
German: Mein busse!
English: My repentance!

-i. General Fettgesicht

German: Erlauben Sie, bitte!
English: Allow me, please!
German: Roseknospe
English: Rosebud

VII. How not to be found

-a. When will they know of you?

Most enemies are alerted to your presence when you do one of the 

1. Open a door
2. Fire your weapon
3. Kill a comrade
4. Make visual contact

-b. What will they do when they know of you?

Different enemies do different things when they learn of your location. 
Some, like the SS, Officers, and Mutants, make no sound whatsoever the 
majority of the time. In contrast, Guards and Killer Dogs will let out 
their signature yell every time, and try and come to get you. This 
makes the latter easier to find, and the former a more formidable 
enemy. Always proceed with caution!

VIII. Difficulty Rankings

There are 4 different levels of difficulty you can set the game to, 
each higher level meaning more bad guys that are harder to take down, 
and stronger bosses. 

-1. Can I Play Daddy

Description: By far the easiest. The bad guys are regular, the guards 
are stupid. This is a great place to start if you are new to the game, 
are a younger person, or are wanting to play through it quickly.

-2. Don't Hurt Me

Description: Also a very basic and easy level. You'll encounter a 
little more force, but the game will still be rather easy to complete, 
and the bosses will not be much stronger.

-3. Bring 'em On

Description: This is for the average player, once he has settled into 
the game, and has a fair grasp of how to play. You'll find a little 
more violence and force when you enter this stage of combat.

-4. I Am Death Incarnate

Description: For the best of the best, and provides the most challenge. 
It is near impossible to take down Hitler, Otto, and the General on 
this stage. If you complete the game on this level, you truly are the 
ruler of Wolfenstein 3D!

IX. Weapons at your (B.J.'s) disposal

All weapons will be ranked with a number of * (stars), with:

One* = cheap
Two** = moderate
Three*** = deadly

-1. Knife

Rating: *

Description: The only thing this is good for, is when you run out of 
ammo. I guess the idea is that it's better than your fists.
Extra Notes: none

-2. Pistol

Rating: *

Description: A little more meaningful than the Knife, but really just 
an ammo burner. It causes little damage, and its slow rate of fire 
makes it worthless against massive groups of foes.
Extra Notes: The Pistol is thought to be a Waltherr P38, but it is 

-3. Machine Gun

Rating: **

Description: It's not overkill, and it's not weak either. This is the 
perfect balance. A small, light gun, allowing for good maneuvering. It 
fires quickly, allowing you to assault larger groups with knowing you 
will come out on top. Not recommended against Bosses though (except Dr. 
Extra Notes: none

-4. Chaingun

Rating: ***

Description: Truly overkill. This is a major ammo burner, but even 
though, it deserves such a high rating. Without the chaingun, you'd 
never be able to conquer most of the bosses (especially on 'I Am Death 
Incarnate' mode). You can sweep the area with a chaingun, and get a 
better effect than the machine gun, but at the expense of more ammo as 
Extra Notes: none

-5. Ammo Bag

Rating: none

Description: This is the bags of ammo that can be taken off of a dead 
enemy's body, or found laying around in the dungeons thanks to careless 
guards. Each one contains 4-8 bullets.
Extra Notes: Extra Ammo

-6. One-Up

Rating: none

Adds: 100% health, 99 bullets, and extra points
Description: Basically a picture of B.J. on a blue disc background.
Extra Notes: Extra Ammo

X. Treasure

The following is a list of all the treasure items you can pick up, and 
their corresponding point values and what they look like.

-1. Cross

Point Value: 100 Points
Description: Looks like a golden cross, with a red jewel in the center, 
and a blue jewel on each of the four corners.

-2. Chalice

Point Value: 500 Points
Description: A chalice with red jewels around its rim.

-3. Chest

Point Value: 1000 Points
Description: A box brimming to the max with coins and what not inside. 
Colors of gold, red, and blue can be seen on this.

-4. Crown

Point Value: 5000 Points 
Description: The hardest to come by, and gives out the most points. 
This is a crown, with red velvet color around it, and gold bands. Very 
expensive looking.

XI. Health

The following is the name of the type of health pick up, and how much 
it adds to your stamina.

-1. Pools of Blood/Giblets

Adds: 3%
Description: Puddles of blood, water, and bone fragments. A warrior 
will do what he can to survive.
Special Rules: Must have below 10% health to pick up.

-2. Dog Food

Adds: 4%
Description: Food for dogs placed in bowls. Not exactly a hearty meal, 
but you have to do what you have to do.
Special Rules: none

-3. Prison Food

Adds: 10%
Description: Resembles something to the extent of a chicken leg and 
something green on a metallic platter.
Special Rules: none

-4. First Aid

Adds: 25%
Description: Resembles First Aid Kid (looks like the Nazi's stole them 
from the Red Cross, and stocked up).
Special Rules: none

-5. One-Up

Adds: 100% health, 99 bullets, and extra points
Description: Basically a picture of B.J. on a blue disc background.
Special Rules: Can only have max of 9 lives (but still can pick up 
extra one-ups).

XII. Cheat Codes

As of current, I only know of the 'EVERYTHING' Cheat.

Press the keys: M, L, and I simultaneously, and release, to do the 
ultimate cheat.

This will give you max ammo, all weapons, max lives, max health, and 
resets your score to 0. 

Even though this is a useful cheat, by doing so, you basically 
eradicate any chance you had of getting a high score.

********************************THE END********************************

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