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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Mwulf

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Guide and Walkthrough by Mwulf

Version: 2.02 | Updated: 02/14/2017

Walkthrough (Part One) (Continued)

The Haunted Manor

The Village

Head for the libarary. Go upstairs and talk to Popola to tell her what happened in the Forest of Myth. Then go home: head upstairs and speak to Yonah. She'll ask you to go help a friend of hers in the manor on the road to Seafront. Head to the market district and go out the southern gate.

The Southern Plains

It's just a quick jaunt to the Haunted manor. Keep in mind, once you enter the Haunted Manor, you will be UNABLE to complete any sidequests (other than the Fisherman's Gambit series of quests) unless you finish them RIGHT NOW. When you're satisfied with your progress, speak to the butler, Sebastian, outside the manor to go inside.

The Haunted Manor

Creepy, huh? Once you're inside the manor, follow the Sebastian to the dining room, He will leave you alone, and ask you to wait. Forget that! It's time to explore. Head to the other end of the dining room and exit through the door near the fireplace. You'll find yourself in a hallway with several paintings. The only room you can go inside is a small kitchen--two of the doors on the far side of the hall are locked, and when you examine the door leading to the manor's courtyard, Weiss will advise that you return to the dining room. Do so.

When you enter the dining room, Kaine will have disappeard. Leave again, back to the room with all the paintings. Go back to the door to the courtyard, and leave through it. One helluva creey courtyard, ain't it? Anyway, go through the door at the opposite end of the courtyard and keep moving through the hall until you reach a bathroom. Examine the sink to find the Moon Key.

Go back to the hall outside the dining room, and use the Moon Key to unlock a locked door. Go through the hall, but watch out for the spider at the end of it. Once you've dealt with the spider, open the door to view a scene with Emil, the piano-player. Speak to him again to obtain the Manor Map and the Star Key. Go back the way you came, and use the Star Key to unlock the far door.

Explore all of the rooms in this wing of the manor. In one, you'll find a spare butler. In another, you'll find the Light Key on a desk. Use the Light Key to get into the room and the end of the wing and speak to Sebastian to trigger a scene. You'll then obtain the Darkness Key, and Emil will join you. Go back to the hallway outside the dining room and use the Darkness Key to go through the last locked door.

Kill all of the shades in the narrow halway and break open the crate at the end to obtain the one-handed sword, Blade of Treachery. Save at the mailbox. You can enter the northern room if you like, to fight a bunch of shades, but you don't need to. Enter the library when you're ready to fight the manor's boss.


This battle is fairly straightforward: just do as much damage as you can. The only tricky bit is when the boss surrounds itself with pages, that also attack... these pages are as weak as paper, so burn them with magic. Eventually, it will erect a barrier around itself and you won't be able to do any damage. Soon after, a scene will trigger, and Kaine will return to help you fight the boss. Use magic to wear down the barrier, and go in for melee once it breaks. Eventually, a damage circle will appear. Break it, and the boss will be defeated. You will then obtain the final sealed verse, Dark Whirlwind and be transported to the outside of the Manor.

The Southern Plains

Weiss has some great dialog in the game, and after the scene with Kaine and Emil, he delivers some of his absolute best lines, so be careful not to miss them. You've already passed the point of no return, so muster all your courage and trek back to the Village.

The Village, Again

The Village

After speaking with Yonah, leave your house and go to the library to speak to Popola. She will send you down to collect some vapor moss from the wall near the south gate. Head into the market district, and to the south gate. Examine the ground near the water wheels to find some vapor moss. You'll then see Emil stumble into the Village. Speak to him, and you'll be transported to the library.

Speak to Popola and then run outside the library: perpare yourself one one insanely epic battle. Run toward the market district, and talk to Devola just before you go inside. Run further in and help the villagers fend off the shades. When all of the shades are dead, they'll be able to shut the gate... and the big mother of all bosses will appear.


Just listen to that music! Brilliant. Try to ignore the smaller shades, if you can, and focus on the big boss. It will slam its arms onto the ground, letting loose shockwaves. Jump over the shockwaves and attack the arms directly. When dish out enough hurt, a damage circle will appear over the arm. Break it to trigger a scene.

Follow the big boss. Run up the wall near the fountain and continue to attack the big boss' arm. Eventually, you'll trigger another damage circle to appear. Break it, and the boss will jump away from you, toward the north gate. Jump down from the wall and follow after it.

About the only thing you can do now is to hack away at the boss' heels, so hack away. When you've beaten down the HP bar sufficiently, you guessed it, a damage circle will appear. Break it to trigger a cut- scene. Now, the big boss is heading for the library! Again, run after it and chop and hack and slice away at its feet. As the big boss scales the hill, you'll have to climb up, too, to keep dishing out the damage. Eventually, a damage circle will appear over the boss' head. Destroy it to trigger a scene. Immediately after, a second damage circle will appear over its head: break it for another scene. Then head inside the library.

The Library

Kill all of the shades to trigger a short scene.


The big boss is back! Well, partially. He's covered in damage circles, but none of them have timers. Break all of the circles, and the shade will collapse on the floor. A final damage circle, timed this time, will appear over its head. Break it to trigger a scene.


Time to fight Grimoir Noir... only you no longer have access to any of your magic spells! Noir will spawn a bunch of shades for you to deal with, so cut them all up with your sword. When all of the shades are dealt with, it will be time to turn your attention to the black book itself.

When you do enough damage to Grimoire Noir, a damage circle will appear around it. Break the circle, and you will regain one of the sealed verses, and, by extension, one of your magic powers. Continue attacking the book and breaking the damage circles until you have obtained all of you powers.

Once you've regained all of your magical owers, Grimoire Noir will regenerate a portion of its HP and begin protecting itself with a shield that renders it nearly immune to both melee and magic. While shielded, Noir will also attack you with a rather annoying charge attack. Avoid it. When the shield falls, attack. And repeat. When you've dealt enough damage, a damage circle will appear around the book. Break it to trigger a scene.

After the scene, you will be given a choice. No matter how many times you choose the second option, however, you will be prompted to make the same choice again. So, when you're finally ready to give up, select the first choice. View the scenes the follow. You will be prompted to save your game. You have now completed the first half of Nier. Quite the ride, wasn't it?

Walkthrough (Part Two)

The second part of the game picks up five years after the big boss battle. When you beat the game, the new game plus will begin here in the second part of the game, just after you return to the library to free Kaine.

The Haunted Manor, Revisited

The Village

Once you're done watching the spiffy little action cut-scene, you'll have to kill all of the shades. Feel free to play around with your new weapons, but these armored shades are best taken out with either two-handed swords or magic.

When you've killed all of the shades, speak to the kneeling woman. After the scene, go to the library and speak to Popola. She'll give you a letter from Emil, so it's time to head to the southern gate and make for the haunted manor.

The Southern Plains

Fight your way through the southern plains to the haunted manor. You'll notice that there are a whole lot more shades around, and a whole lot less animals. Welcome to a dying world, my friend. Speak to the butler, Sebastian, at the entrance to the manor. He'll transport you inside to speak with Emil.

The Haunted Manor

Emil will tell you about a secret room in the mansion. Head to the courtyard with all of the creepy statues. Examine the fountain to open up the secret entrance. Make sure you're well-stocked and well-prepared for a fight. When you're ready, go down the stairs to enter the Underground Facility.

The Underground Facility

Underground Facility: Basement Level 1

Examine the corner of the room, to the immediate left of the first door to obtain the AA Keycard. Use it to get through the locked door. In the next hall, examine the corner of the furthest room on the right side to obtain the KA Keycard. Then, examine the object to the left of the locked door to find the Underground Facility map. Use the KA Keycard on the locked door.

Fight your way through the maze of boxes in the next room. You'll find the next keycard--the SA Keycard--in the northwest corner of the room. At the north end of the room you'll see a hidden hallway. Use it to access the eastern corner. Examine the object in the center of the room to obtain the two-handed sword, Fang of the Twins.

Kill all of the shades in the next room, and then head down the stairs. Before you move on to the second basement level, you'll obtain a research document. You'll find more of them, and you'd be well-served to read them all.

Underground Facility: Basement Level 2

Head to the northeast corner of the room to find the TA Keycard. Go through the locked door, and you'll find yourself inside a very large maze. You'll find the NA Keycard along the western wall, near the door where you entered the maze. Once you've got the keycard, just focus on heading east to the next room.

Break open the crates in the southwest corner to clear the entrance to the last room. Pick up the HA Keycard in the very southwest, and then head through the locked door. When you're in the last area, pick up the MA Keycard from the smallest room, in the center of the area. Use it to unlock the room in the southwest. Kill the single shade inside the room, and then pick up the YA Keycard. When you leave, a giant shade will spawn. Kill it, then use the YA Keycard to open up the locked room in the northeast corner. Proced down the stairs to the third and final basement level, obtaining another document as you go.

Underground Facility: Basement Level 3

Enter the third room on the right and go through the hidden passage back to the second room. Kill the shades and pick up the RA Keycard. Use the RA Keycard on the eastern door and keep plodding forward.

Head into the octagonal room and examine the locked door at the other end. A horde of shades will appear: kill them all. After you've dealt with all of the shades, a giant shade will appear. Kill him, then examine the object to the left of the exit to obtain the third research document and the WA Keycard. Use the keycard to get passed the next door. Save at the mailbox, and prepare yourself for the first boss fight of the second part of Nier.

Run across the bridge and then view the scene. When it's over, speak to Emil--then begins the boss battle!


This battle isn't too hard. The most important thing to do here is to watch out for the boss' projectile attacks, which are pretty easy to avoid. When it climbs up the wall, pepper it with dark blasts. You can only damage this thing with magic attacks, so don't even bother trying to get in close with melee. When you deal enough damage (I'd recommend use dark lances) to the boss, it'll fall down onto the floor. Keep attacking it with magic. Eventually, it will roll over onto its back and start flopping around: a damage circle will appear. You won't be able to get in very close, so use ranged, area-of-effect magic to break it. As per usual, Dark Hand magic attacks tend to work best. When the circle is broken, a scene will play. When it is over, approach the shadowy mass to save Emil.

The Village

After speaking with Emil, you will be transported back to the library in the Village. After the scene with Emil and Kaine, you'll be tasked to kill that one, super-nasty, un-killable boss.


This guy is a piece of cake. Perhaps the game was attempting to demonstrate just how much more powerful your character is in the second part of the game than in the first? No matter. It plays out exactly the same way it did the first time you fought: break all of the untimed damage circles. The boss will collapse on the floor and a timed damage circle will appear over its head. Break that circle to kill the boss, not just for now, not just for the next thousand years--but forever. (Major props for anyone who gets that reference).

After the boss battle, watch the scene with Kaine. How very touching. Then, there's a bit of dialog with Devola and Popla, which ends with you going to sleep. When you wake up the following day, go to the fountain in the middle of the village to speak with Devola. Then go back to the library to talk to Devola again. She'll tell you to go and investigate the Lost Shrine, as well as grant you access to the shipping network, which will allow you to instantly travel from one part of the world to the next.

The Lost Shrine, Revisited

The Village

To get to the boat landing, you'll need to go up the stairs near the fountain in the market district, then pass over the wall to the landing by the river. Speak to the man by the boat to open up the travel menu, and then select your destination.

The Lost Shrine: Rear Path

You don't have to worry about any shades here. Just follow the path up the hill into the caverns, and then cross the bridge to the base of the lost shrine. Did you see any of this stuff down here from above the first time you visited the Lost Shrine, so very long ago? Yeah, me neither. Moving on.... Climb up the ladders and wooden platforms along the outside of the temple. Near the base of the second ladder, you'll see a wooden crate. Break it open to obtain the spear, The Devil Queen.

When you get to the end of the path, you'll see your entrance back to the Lost Temple: a cave. Once you enter the Temple, you may have some trouble finding your way back out. Look for a large block: this tunnel that you're going through right now is not level with the floor, so you'll need to jump onto it from a block when you're inside.

The Lost Shrine

From here on out, everything you see should be very, very familiar. Make your way to the top of the Temple, exactly the same way you did the last time you were here. There are only two differences: you will encounter a handful of those new nasties, the armored shades... and as you procede through the smaller rooms along the outer edge of the temple, you will be faced with a number of very small, very simple block puzzles.

You shouldn't have any trouble with any of the puzzles--they are, as I've said, extraordinarily simple--but I will remind you of one small fact that, should you forget it, can make these puzzles seem quite daunting: you can jump over the blocks. Just remember that, and you'll be perfectly fine.

Once you've climbed to the top of the temple, and made your way through the ruins to the door to the final chamber, you'll be ambushed by a mob of helpless puppies. Murder them all as quickly as you can: then save at the mailbox and enter the final chamber to meet an old friend.


For the first part of the battle, you'll want to stay in the light. Odds are almost all of the smaller shades will be incinerated before they can get close to you. Attack the boss with magic from a distance. A damage circle will appear: break it to trigger the second stage of the fight.

For the second stage, your primary concern should be to avoid all of the boss' ranged attacks, while attacking him with your own magic with as much frequency as you are able. Knock him down and break the damage circle to trigger a short scene, and the last portion of the boss fight. A damage circle will appear over the boss' head, but it is not timed. Destroy the circle to kill this boss, and to fight another one.


The first bit of the battle can be very difficult, as she's very, very fast. Your primary concern should be avoiding all of the ranged attacks so that you can move in close. When you're close, use your heaviest hitting magic spells--typically your Dark Hand magic attack. Once you've dealt enough damage to this boss, she'll fall from the wall.

Melee attacks, once more, are useless on this boss, so concentrate on hurting her with magic. When the battle is over, approach the end of the room, near where you found Yonah the last time you were here, and examine the floor to obtain a mysterious stone fragment. You'll then warp back to the Library in the Village.

The Village

After speaking with Popola, you'll be given free reign to go wherever you want. At the moment, you have two obvious clues to work with: you can head to either the Junk Heap or the Forest of Myth. From now on, I will omit travel details from this guide and focus solely on the various locations you must arrive at to advance the story. You may visit these locations in the same order they appear in this FAQ, or not--it doesn't matter. You should be very familiar with the layout of the game world now, so getting from place to place should not pose any challenge for you at all.

The Junk Heap, Revisited

The Junk Heap

Head into the forge and speak with Gideon. After listening to his story, speak to him a second time. He will give you a two-handed sword, but it's in pretty bad shape, so you won't be able to use it. He'll tell you to fetch him a single piece of memory alloy from the Junk Heap in order to reforge the weapon. Memory alloy can only be found by killing the strongest robots in the second basement level, so Gideon will also give you a key that will enable you to take the elevator down to basement level two.

So head into the Junk Heap and take the first elevator down to B2. Destroy all of the enemies in the first room, and then take a bomb from one of the destroyed turrets and use it to destroy the debris blocking the entrance to the northern corridor. If you want to farm items, go ahead and explore the first two halls, killing all of the robots that appear there. The memory alloy will only drop from the giant robots, which only appear in certain areas. You'll want to head to the third hallway, which is blocked by debris. There aren't any bombs to use, so you'll have to take the long way around.

At the end of the northern hallway is a zig-zag shaped room filled with steam vents, crates and robots. Make your way through the room carefully, killing everything as you go. If you happen to fall down a vent, you'll end up back at the begining of the room, so watch your step.

When you've navigated your way through the steam room, you'll find yourself in the third hallway. Head west into the large room at the end of the hall. A large number of robots will attack you. Kill them all, and a giant robot will rise up out of the floor. This is the fellow you're gonna have to kill for that memory alloy. He goes down pretty easy, just remember to keep an eye out for those area-of-effect attacks he has with his feet.

Once you've got the memory alloy, go back to the elevator. You can pass through the third hallway now, as turrets will spawn in it that, once beaten, allow you to toss bombs at the debris. Go to the elevator, and take it up to the first floor. Leave the Junk Heap and speak to Gideon. He'll tell you that it's going to take him a bit longer to fix up the sword than he thought. He'll send you a letter when he's done.

Now, you've got some time to kill. You can either go back to the Village and speak to Popola (which will open up the Facade storyline) or head to the Forest of Myth. Whatever you decide to do, when you get Gideon's letter, head back to the Junk Heap.

The Junk Heap

Speak to Gideon to recieve the fully-restored two-handed sword, Iron Will. Gideon will then ask you to go back into the Junk H:eap and kill a certain shade. Same as before, you'll want to take the first elevator in the Junk Heap down to level B2.

After clearing out the first room, you'll want to skip the northern hallway and go forward. Examine the mine cart to start another rail-shooting sequence. Remember: you can speed up the cart by moving forward, and can slow it down by moving backward. When you get to the end of the track, go through the hall on the right side of the room to enter the second area.

A giant robot will spawn in the middle of the first room. Kill it, same as last time. Same as every time, actually. When the big guy's dead, kill all of the normal-sized robots that appear, and then procede forward. If you feel like farming items, you can explore the southern reaches of the area. To get to the shade, however, you'll need to turn right and head to the exit in the northwest corner of the map.

Turn right to go up the spiral staircase. You can ignore all of the robots in this room: they're too slow to be able to do any damage to you so long as you keep moving; and if you kill them, odds are they'll fall into the chasm so you won't be able to collect any items, either.

Anyway, when you get to the top of the stairs, go through the hall to get to the elevator. Take it up to the first floor. Save at the mailbox, and then jump down the hole in the floor to initiate the boss fight.


This guy looks a lot like the other giant robots you've fought, and for the most part, goes down just as easily. Keep up your attack and eventually you'll trigger a scene where the boss powers up. It will fly up to the ceiling and start tossing debris at you. Youl'll need to avoid being hit by the debris, so keep an eye out for expanding shadows.

When the boss starts flying around, watch out for both his ranged attacks and his charging attacks. You'll have to damage him while he's zooming about the area, so use your Dark Blast and Dark Lance magic attacks to knock him out. Deal enough damage, and you'll destroy the boss' wings. He will collapse on the floor in the center of the platform, and the shade commanding him will leap off onto the floor.

Attack the shade. He's very weak. He will split into multiple shades, that are also very weak. Kill all of the shades and it will reform. Kill the final shade, and break the damage circle that appears over him to kill him and defeat the boss robot. After the scene, walk up to Gideon and speak to him. You will then be transported to just outside of the brothers' shop and obtain the Law of Robotics key.

Facade, Revisited

The Village

When you return to the village and speak to Popola, she'll tell you that she happened to see some mail in your mailbox. Go home and examine your mailbox. You'll find a letter from the king of Facade, inviting you to his wedding. Time to head for the city in the sands.


Go to the opposite end of the city and enter the king's mansion. Head on upstairs and speak to the king. Time will advance automatically after your conversation. Move forward through the hall to speak to Kaine, then go upstairs to speak to Emil. Go outside and speak with the king. After a brief dialog, time will advance again to the day of the wedding.

Speak to the royal advisor to trigger the wedding scene.


Kill all of the wolves, then focus your attacks on the shade. This guy is pretty resilient to magic, so you'll want to get in close and use meless attacks on him. Once the shade wolf is down to about half its full HP, it will flee the area. Watch the scene that follows.

When you're ready for a real boss fight, go back inside the palace and head upstairs and outside to speak to the king of Facade. You will obtain the one-handed sword, Overlord. Watch the scene and you'll be transported to the wolf's den in the desert.

The Wolves' Den

As soon as you enter the area, the boss will leap up onto a high ledge beyond your reach, and your group will be assualted by a veritable army of wolves. Kill them all, and make sure the king isn't killed. When all of the normal wolves lie dead, the boss will leap back down to attack.


Same as last time, magic attacks don't work too well so you'll need to get in close and slice up this boss with sword or spear. When you've damaged most of the shade's HP, a damage circle will appear. Break it to kill the boss and trigger a scene.

The Desert

View the scene at the cemetary. You will then obtain the Loyal Cerberus key. Time to move on to the next one.

Forest of Myth, Revisited

Forest of Myth

Speak to the mayor and he'll mention something odd about the Divine Tree. Head to the rear of the village and examine the base of the Divine Tree to start another text-adventure-esque dream sequence.

The tree will tell you several stories, and then ask you a series of questions based on those stories. The answers to those questions are details from those stories and are random.

"What was the color of lost envy?"The color of the girl's eyes from the first memory story.
"I implore you: How many were lost by the warrior who fought the red-eyed beasts?"Her daughter, and the number of her companions, from the second memory story.

You may choose whichever answer you like for the third question, as they are all the same. You will then end the dream and obtain the Memory Tree Key.

The Aerie, Revisited

The Village

Speak to Popola in the library and she'll ask you to visit the Aerie again, because someone there claims to have the knowledge that you seek. When you're ready, make for the Aerie.

The Aerie

Head into the village and make for the Mayor's house. Examine the door to speak with him: unfortunately, he isn't very helpful. Go to the second platform and speak to the guard at the northern end. After your conversation, you'll be ambushed by shades. Kill all of the shades that you see and make your way toward the village exit.

When you reach the bridge to the first platform, a scene will trigger. Kill all of the shades, then run back to the second platform to defend the villagers. Murder the giant shade to trigger the next scene and boss battle.


Focus on avoiding the boss' ranged attacks. When the big eye gets close to the edge of the platform, it will unleash a massive barrage of magical firepower. This is your chance to attack. Get in close, and hack up the iris--or "core" of the shade--with your strongest melee weapon.

After you dish out enough damage, the boss will pull back and attack you with what I can only describe as a tail. Use magic--either dark lance attacks or dark blast attacks--on the iris again. A damage circle will appear: break it to trigger a scene and move on to the next stage of battle.

You can't damage the boss now, so don't try. Focus solely on avoiding the giant eye laser while Weiss, Emil and Nier talk to each other. Emil will hold off the shade's attacks, while you circle around behind it to attack the core. Head to the uppermost bridge in the Aerie--the one that leads to the mayor's house. Bombard the boss' core with dark blast attacks. That way, you'll be able to negate most of its ranged defenses while still dealing out a considerable amoung of damage. When you deal enough damage, the boss will retreat. Follow it back down to the first platform.

Again, target the iris--or core--of the shade. A final damage circle will appear. Break it to kill the boss and trigger a scene. At the end of it all, you will obtain another stone fragment: the Sacrifice key.

The Shadowlord's Castle

The Village

Once you've gathered all of the stone fragments, go back to the Village and speak with Popola in the library. After speaking with the two of them, cross over the market district wall and take the boat to the Lost Shrine.

The Lost Shrine

Kill the shades along the bridge and scale the cliffside. You'll need to climb up through the temple, all the way to the upper chamber where you rescued Yonah so very long ago. You should know the wayby heart, having been here several times already. The only difference between now and then is that now you'll be faced with stronger shades. But they're not that much stronger, so it's pretty much a walk in the park. Once you get to the outside door, save at the mailbox. This is the very last save point in the game.

Procede inside and examine the altar at the other end of the room. This is the point of no return: if there are any sidequests you have not yet completed, any weapons you have not obtained or any items you have not found, now is your very last chance. When you're ready to go, head on in to the Shadowlord's castle.

The Shadowlord's Castle

Move forward through the hall and open the door to find yourself in a bright courtyard. Break open the crates to the left of the north door to obtain the two-handed sword, Phoenix Sword. Speak to the two birds sitting on the small fountain and answer their questions correctly.

Answer 1: "Because of a black disease."
Answer 2: "By separating body from soul."
Answer 3: "They are placed in their corresponding shells."

Once you've answered all three questions correctly, you'll be able to go through the door at the end of the courtyard.


Attack of the twins, eh? This fight is pretty easy. Close in and attack with melee weapons until you bring their combined HP down by about a quarter. This will trigger a brief scene. Keep on attacking with your sword until another scene triggers. The twins will then leave the area, ending the battle. For your efforts, you will obtain the Shadowlord's Castle Map.

Continue north through the halls and move on to the next area. You'll come to a ballroom. Fight off all of the shades and then view the scene with Kaine. After the scene, fight your way through the shades to Kaine and examine her. Another scene will trigger where the remaining shades are absorbed into each other, becoming a single, massive entity.


Though he looks fairly impressive, the shade boar is just as easy to kill as a regular boar. Just keep circling round behind him and pelting him with magic, and you'll kill this boss in no time at all. Piece of cake, right? Well, not quite. As soon as you kill this boar, another one shows up.


An armored shade boar! And it turns out he's just as easy as the normal shade boar--imagine that! Well, this guy comes with a bit of a catch: he's immortal. No matter how many times you kill him, he'll keep reviving himself. Well, not like you have much of a choice. Kill the boss. Kill the boss again. And again. And keep doing so until Kaine busts open the door.

Since you can't kill this shade, you'll have to run for it. Equip a spear and start fleeing. Run up the spiral staircase, using your spear's special attack (the triangle of Y button) to pierce through obstacles without slowing down. Reach the top of the stairs and approach Kaine and Emil at the far door.


Can't catch a break, can you? Same as before, keep killing the boar. Kill it over and over again till the cavalry arrives. After the scene, keep killing the boar. The cavalry really isn't much help, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? Eventually the north door will open: run through to trigger another scene.

After the scene, head through the northern door and keep on marching north. Exit through the golden door to trigger a scene. You'll then obtain the Project Gestalt documents, and meet the twins again.


Same as before, you'll want to get in close and use melee weapons. Once the first twin is down, watch the scene and prepare to fight the other. The second twin is nearly so easy as the first. Use melee attacks to negate her barrage of magic, and get in close. Obliterate her HP bar to trigger rather long series of scenes.

When you're finally back in control, keep heading north, anihilating the horde of shades that attack you as you move. Head out the golden door at the end of the hall enter the last area and to trigger yet another scene.


Grimoire Noir is so easy, he hardly counts as a boss. But after all that build-up in the first part of the game, I guess it's important to finally land the killing blow. Rush him with melee attacks. Break the damage circle when it appears. Once he's dead, it's time to face your final nemesis.


The Shadowlord is one weak puppy. For now, at least. Use the full arsenal of power at your disposal to anihilate him. I found melee attacks to be especially effective. Bring his HP down and a damge circle will appear: break it to trigger a scene.

After the scene, it's back to the battle. When the Shadowloard floats about in the air, you can try to damage him with dark blasts, but you should focus most of your energy on avoiding his attacks. When he gets in close, rush him with melee attacks. He should go down pretty easily, triggering another series of scenes.


This battle can be a bit frusterating if you're not prepared, but it is the very last battle in the game. The shadowlord is very weak, but can still muster a rather impressive defense. Basically, you've got to destroy the shadowlord's untimed damaged circle... but getting in close enough to do so is a problem, as he unleashes the fiercest magic barrage you've yet seen. Your best bet is to try and jump your way through it. Get in close, and break the damage circle.

Once you break the circle, you'll be blown clear back to the other side of the hall. Make your way back to the Shadowlord and break the damage circle again. You'll be blown back again. For a third and final time, make your way to the Shadowlord and break the damage circle. A scene will trigger and you will finally defeat your nemesis.

After the battle, examine Yonah. You'll then be presented with a short scene, and prompted to answer a single question. The answer is obvious (it's your name). After inputting the answer, simply sit back and watch the ending.

Endings and New Game+

After beating the game for the first time, you will view Ending A and, after watching all of the credits, you will be given the choice to save your cleared data. When you load up the cleared data, you will be able to replay the game from the second half on, with additional narrative content.

The second time you beat the game, you will see Ending B. When you beat the game a third time, you will be given a choice that will determine whether or not you view Ending C or Ending D. When you view Ending D, all of your game data will be deleted, so do not view Ending D until you have also seen Ending C.

Sidequests (Part One)

The story in Nier is broken into two parts: sidequests from the first part of the game are not available in the second part of the game. When you first visit the Haunted Manor, you are beginning the very end of the first part of the game, so if there are any side quests you do not want to miss out on in the first half of the game, complete them before visiting the Haunted Manor.

The only exception is the Fisherman's Gambit series of quests, which can be started and finished in either part of the game.

Also: unless otherwise noted, quest rewards will ALWAYS be money. There are only a handful of exceptions--the quest to kill the wild boar in the first part of the game, and the few quests that reward you with weapons.

Village Sidequests

  • "A Dog Astray"
An old man near the shopping district's southern
entrance needs help finding his dog. The animal likes
to roam the Northern Plains.
You'll find the dog near the water, right next to
the entrance to the Junk Heap in the Northern Plains.
Once you've found the dog, go back to where you spoke
to the old man, and speak with the man with a quest icon.
  • "A Return to Shopping"
The florist needs three bounty fertilizers for her seeds.
They're apparently available for sale at Seafront.
As simple as it sounds: run to Seafront, buy the
fertilizer, and then run back to the village. It's a lot
less hassle if you can remember to buy the fertilizer
while you're taking care of the, "Shopping List," quest.
  • "Boar Hunt!"
An old man sitting next to the item shop in the
shopping district says that a wild boar has been
injuring people in the northern plains. It's time to
end its rampage.
The Wild Boar is located near the cliff in the
western half of the Northern Plains. It has a lot of HP,
and a rather nasty charging attack that'll keep knocking
you down if you let it. Your best strategy is to circle
around it, and pommel it with Dark Hand magic attacks
This quest will reward you with a Boar's Tusk. Once
you've finished the quest, each time you visit a
wilderness area, there will be a Wild Boar that you can
ride to more quickly traverse the terrain.
  • "Book Smarts"
A woman in the village library needs help organizing
some books. Take the book and put it in the second
bookshelf from the left on the east side of the floor.
An easy quest. You'll be given a few books and told where
to put them. The precise locations will be written
down in your journal, but you don't need to worry--it's
impossible to put a book in the wrong spot.
  • "Fragile Delivery"
A guard at the northern gate has asked you to deliver
a parcel to the gold house at the highest point of the
Aerie. The parcel is fragile, so take extra care when
carrying it.
This quest can be a bit annoying, but if you mess up and
the package breaks, you can go back to the guard that
gave you the quest and retry it as many times as you like.
I'd recommend taking a Boar across the Northern plains,
so you don't run the risk of Shades knocking you down.
It's also wise to tackle this quest AFTER you've gone
to the Aerie already, that way you won't have to worry
about getting into a fight once you're inside the town.
  • "Fragile Delivery 2"
An old man near the fountain in the shopping district
has asked you to deliver a parcel to the tavern in
Seafront. The parcel is fragile, so take extra care
when carrying it.
The same as the first, "Fragile Delivery," quest.
The road to Seafront is a short one, so as long
as you stay focused this should be easy.
  • "Fragile Delivery 3"
The guard at the eastern gate has asked you to deliver
a parcel to Facade's weapon shop. The parcel is fragile,
so take extra care when carrying it.
This is the hardest of the Fragile Delivery quests, as
you've got two areas to cross, and typically have to fend
off hordes of wolves, scorpions and shades. You'll need to
be very careful: stick to the edges of cliffs and make
your way to the Facade gate. Keep your eyes open and use
Dark Blast magic attacks to keep the wolves from getting
to close. Even if you're careful, odds are you'll need
to retry this quest a few times before you get it.
  • "Herbal Remedies"
Popola has sent you on an herb-gathering mission.
Search the northern plains for two medicinal herbs
and bring them back to her.
This is a very simple task. You can gather medicinal
herbs inside the village, or out in the field. If you
like, you can even purchase some in the Village.
  • "Old-Fashioned Home Cooking"
A woman in green near the fountain in the shopping
district has asked you to collect ten pieces of mutton.
Kill sheep. Harvest mutton. It couldn't possibly be
any easier.
  • "On the Wings of Eagles"
The tavern keeper needs more ingredients for her
medicine. This time she needs an eagle egg, found in
high places where the wind blows.
You'll find your egg in the Aerie, near the Mayor's
  • "Shopping List"
The florist in the shopping district has asked you to
travel to Seafront and buy three tulip bulbs.
A nice and easy task: run to Seafront, buy what you
need and head back. Be careful on the road to Seafront:
if you encounter a giant Shade, don't try to fight it,
just run. Odds are it's much stronger than you at this
point in the game. While you're in Seafront, you may
also want to pick up 3 Bounty Fertilizers, because as
soon as you complete this quest, you'll receive another
shopping quest, "A Return to Shopping," asking you
to run all the way to Seafront again.
  • "The Ballad of the Twins"
Have Devola and Popola sing a song for you. Discuss
the matter with both of them.
First go to the library and speak to Popola. She'll
send you to the Seafront Tavern. Go there, and get a
list of items to collect. You can find lizards near the
cliffs (going down to the river, and down to the
entrance water, and you can find mice in the first area
of the Junk Heap. Once you've got what you need, go back
to the Seafront Tavern and speak to the tavern keeper.
Then go speak to Popola one last time, and you'll be
transported to the Village Tavern. Wait a bit, and you'll
hear their duet. Speak to Devola whenever you're ready
to leave the tavern and complete the quest.
  • "The Gatekeeper's Errand"
A guard at the northern gate asked you to deliver a
message to the blacksmith's wife.
Go to the blacksmith's shop near the south gate and
speak to the woman with a quest icon. Listen to her
short rant, and you're done.
  • "The Lost Eggs"
The tool shopkeeper says the village chickens are
laying eggs in hidden spots of their own choosing.
Find an egg and bring it to the client.
This quest sounds a lot more difficult than it is.
Speak to the boy with a quest icon near the tool shop.
Then, go to the field and speak to the man near all
the pigs. Finally, head toward the fountain. Search
the shadows for harvest points. The item you're looking
for is called, "Chicken Egg." Once you've found an
egg, you'll need to head back to the Tool Shop to
report your findings.
  • "The Runaway Son"
A man across the way from the weapon shop near the
southern gate needs help finding his runaway son. The
young man apparently wears an unusual-looking hat.
You'll find the runaway in Seafront, just past the
post office. Speak to him, and he'll send you on a quest
to collect some mutton and goat meat. Grab the items, then
go speak to the Seafront tavern keeper. Then, run all the
way back to the Village and speak to the man who gave you
the quest. No, it's not over yet! Now, head back to
Seafront. Once you enter the town, turn around and speak
to the man near the exit with a quest icon. He'll tell you
the runaway went to Facade. Now you get to go all the way
to Facade. You'll find a few Masked People talking about
the Runaway, marked with quest icons. Once you speak to
them, you'll be able to examine the door to the Runaway's
home. Naturally, the runaway will run away again. Follow
him out into the desert. I'm not sure if it's possible to
lose him, but you should probably stay close to him just
the same. Near the opposite end of the desert, you'll be
attacked by wolves. Once you've killed all the wolves,
speak to the runaway again. Now, you can finally go back
to the Village and speak with the father to collect your
  • "The Tavern Keeper's Grandmother"
The tavern keeper needs three medicinal herbs, three
berries, and three royal ferns in order to make medicine.
All three of these items are pretty common out in the
Wilderness. Just keep an eye out for harvest spots and
you should fill up your quota in no time.
  • "Yonah's Gift"
Yonah asked you for a melon.
Yonah wants several items, so you may as well buy them
all at once. She'll need a melon, a watermelon and a
pumpkin for this quest. You can buy melons from the grocer
in Seafront, pumpkins from the grocer in the Village,
and watermelons from the grocer in Facade. Once you have
what you need, go back to your home in the Village and
speak to Yonah.
  • "Yonah's Home Cooking"
Yonah needs venison and wheat for her cooking.
Harvest venison from the deer along the road to Seafront.
You can purchase wheat from the materials shop in the
Village shopping district.

Seafront Sidequests

  • "A Signature Dish"
You've been asked to gather ingredients for the Seafront
tavern keeper's signature dish. Collect ten medicinal herbs,
ten bags of wheat , and ten sardines.
You'll have to either buy or grow the wheat. You can fish
for the sardines, or buy them from the fishmonger if
you've completed the quest, "The Fisherman's Gambit."
  • "The Belated Letter"
A man near the fountain in Seafront's plaza has given
you a love letter he wants delivered to his lover in
The Aerie. The recipient lives near the village's chief.
Run to the Aerie and head toward the Mayor's house.
You'll need to go to the door of one of the nearby houses
and examine it. When you leave the Aerie, you will be
attacked by a large shade. Fight it however you want:
the easiest strategy is to get behind it and pummel it
with Dark Hand magic attacks.
  • "Bon Appetit!"
The Seafront tavern keeper needs inspiration for new
meals. Head to the library and see what you can find.
Examine the shelves on the bottom floor of the library.
Once you find the cookbook, go back to Seafront and speak
to the Tavern keeper. You'll need to gather five sharks,
five bags of rice, and five mushrooms.
  • "Bon Appetit! 2"
The tavern keeper in Seafront needs ingredients for a new recipe. Collect ten giant catfish and ten bags of rice.
The Tavern keeper wants to concoct a new dish. Purchase
10 bags of rice and catch 10 catfish to give him.
  • "Closure"
You received word from the Seafront postman. Apparently
he has something to tell you.
Go to Seafront and speak to the postman. That's it.
Quest done.
  • "The Fisherman's Gambit"
The old fisherman will teach you some techniques if
you can catch ten sardines.
Fish from either beach at Seafront. Use lugworms as
bait. If you have any trouble, consult the fishing
section of this FAQ.
  • "The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 2"
The old fisherman will teach you some techniques if
you can catch seven blowfish.
Fish from dock right next to the old fisherman. Use
lugworms as bait. If you have any trouble, consult the
fishing section of this FAQ.
  • "The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 3"
The old fisherman will teach you some techniques if
you can catch seven rainbow trout.
Fish from the dock with the little boat near it in the
Northern Plains. Use a Lure as bait. If you have any
trouble, consult the fishing section of this FAQ.
  • "The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 4"
The old fisherman will teach you some techniques if
you can catch five bream.
Fish from dock right next to the old fisherman. Use
a Lure as bait. If you have any trouble, consult the
fishing section of this FAQ.
  • "The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 5"
The old fisherman will teach you some techniques if
you can catch five black bass.
Fish from the riverbank in the Village, using a Lure as
bait. If you have any trouble, consult the fishing
section of this FAQ.
  • "The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath"
The lady wants to leave town, and the postman has asked
you to convince her otherwise. Go pay her a visit.
Speak with the old woman in the lighthouse. Then, go
speak to the postman again. Exit the post office, then
turn around and go right back inside. You'll now be able
to access the post office's back room. Solve the simple
box puzzle, and pick up the bundle of letters on the table.
You may read them if you like. Speak to the postman one
last time, and then go back to the lighthouse to speak to
the old woman. Either tell her the truth, or lie to her.
  • "The Pride of a Lover"
A man in the open area near the lighthouse wants you to
procure flourite so he can make a fashion accessory for
his lover. You can find it in Facade's strange-things
Speak to the man standing at the edge of the cliff on the
path up to the lighthouse. Speak to him a second time, and
then leave the area. Return to Seafront and speak to him
a third time. He will ask you to bring him an item from
Go to Facade and speak to the strange-things shopkeeper.
He'll send you to the Barren Temple. Take the left stairs
down and you'll see an item on the ground. Examine it and
bring it back to the client in Seafront.
  • "The New Merchant in Town"
A man aboard a ship docked in Seafront needs to build
his inventory so he can begin trading. Collect ten bundles
of wool, five lumps of natural rubber, and ten goat hides.
Wool is easy enough to find--simply harvest it from sheep.
Rubber can be bought from the materials store in Seafront,
but goat hides can be a bit annoying, as they're rare
drops from goats. Your best bet is to head out the
Village's east gate, along the road you took to the
Lost Shrine, and kill the goats there. Run back and forth
between that road and the path to the Lost Shrine so the
goats can respawn. Continue doing so until you have enough
goat hides. It may take you several trips.
  • "The Postman's Request"
The Seafront postman wants you to bring a letter to the
old lady.
You'll find the old woman inside the light house. Deliver
the letter to her, and you're done.