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Charlie by Jack Of Clubs

Updated: 12/03/00

__      ________            ________     __    __
|  \    |  __    \          / ____   |   |  |  |  |
|   \   |  | |    \        / /    |  |   |  |  |  |
|    \  |  | |  |\ \      | |     |  |___|  |  |  |
|  |\ \ |  | |  L_\ \     \ \     |   ___   |  |  |
|  | \ \|  | |   _   \     \ \    |  |   |  |  |  |
|  |  \    | |  |  \  \     | |   |  |   |  |  |__|
|  |   \   | |  |   \  \____/ /   |  |   |  |   __
|__|    \__| |__|    \_______/    |__|   |__|  |__|

The Charlie/Nash MvC2 FAQ/Strategy Guide

For Advanced Players

Written by The Jack Of Clubs

0. A Word From JoC
1. Charlie's Background
2. Basic Attacks/Additional Attacks
3. Command(Special) Moves
      -Sonic Boom
      -Somersault Shell
      -Moonsault Slash
4. Hyper Combos(Supers)
      -Sonic Break
      -Somersault Justice
      -Crossfire Blitz
5. Charlie's Assists
6. Combos
      I. Combos
      II. Combo Tree
7. Strategies
      I. Players' Strategies
      II. My Strategies
8. What's next?
9. Credits

SECTION 0-A Word From The Jack Of Clubs

      This is my attempt at a Charlie/Nash FAQ and strategy guide for Marvel 
Vs. Capcom 2.  Charlie is absolutely my BEST character in this game.  I've 
been playing with him since X-Men vs. Street Fighter (versus series, anyway) 
and I'm under the impression that I know what I'm talking about.  This guide 
is meant for experienced players who already understand the game engine, 
combo system, etc.  If you are a new or inexperienced player, there are 
several good gemeralized FAQs available at GameFAQs.  For everybody else, I 
will cover the pros and cons of Charlie's techniques and provide strategies 
that work in actual play.

      So, go to it!

SECTION 1-Charlie's Background

      "Charlie's history is among the most variable of any Street Fighter. 
What is known for sure is that Charlie and Guile are comrades in arms, both 
working for the US Special forces in the same fighting style. After the 
Alpha series, Charlie would appear to be dead, thus fueling Guile's quest to 
destroy M. Bison and Shadaloo once and for all in the Street Fighter II 
series. What is open to speculation is how, when, and even if Charlie really 
met his end.

      "It's known that Guile and Charlie were both captured by M. Bison 
while on a secret operation in Thailand. Both initially escaped. The events 
that follow are totally dependent on what endings from what particular games 
you witness. Conflicting endings even exist within Street Fighter Alpha 3, 
where Guile and Charlie are together in a game
for the first time. Such is the variable nature of the Street Fighter 

(Preceding text taken verbatim from Videogames.com's Complete Guide to 
Street Fighter)

SECTION 2-Basic Attacks/Additional Attacks

This is the key I'm going to use in move descriptions and combos.
(Note: I refer to this game as if it were played with 6 buttons, so I will 
say JP, SP instead of JP, JP when Jab is hit twice, and so on.)

JP=Jab Punch
SP=Strong Punch
FP=Fierce Punch
SK=Short Kick
FK=Forward Kick
RK=Roundhouse Kick
QCF=Quarter Circle Forward
QCB=Quarter Circle Backward
/\=Super Jump
\/=Land(during a combo)

Special Attacks:

Charlie's air combo enders are FP, RK, and Moonsault Slash.

C.FP- Charlie's Aerial Rave launcher.  Has lousy horizontal range.

C.RK- Charlie's sweep.

F+FP- Charlie's Spinning Backfist.  Has good range over his normal S.FP, and 
you can combo it.

B+RK- Charlie's 'Jumping Sobat.'  This hits overhead.  Useful against 
low-blocking opponents.  Unfortunately, nothing comboes out of this.

F+RK- Charlie will do a quick lead-leg roundhouse.  This does the same 
damage as his normal RK.  Pro: It's quick.  Con: Nothing comboes out of it.


F+FP: Charlie executes a suplex.

F+RK: Charlie knees the opponent four times and launches him up a litle.

F+FP(air): Charlie does a backbreaker over his knee.  The opponent lands 
right in front of him.
SECTION 3-Command(Special) Moves

Sonic Boom: Charge B or D/B, F+P

      Charlie yells, "Sonic Boom!" and swings his arm, sending a spinning 
projectile across the screen.  Use Jab for a slow Sonic Boom, or Fierce for 
a fast Sonic Boom.

Pros: Setup for combos.  Can be used as a one-hit shield when rushing in.  
You can hit an opponent with this if they dash- or jump-in.  Its slow speed 
is actually an asset because it stays out longer than many projectiles.  
It's a fairly strong projectile with good priority.
Cons: Slower startup/recovery.  Only does ONE hit.  NEVER start a projectile 
war using Charlie; he'll lose.  Don't overuse against beamers or you'll get 

Somersault Shell(Flash Kick): Charge D or D/B, U+K

      Charlie yells, "Somersault!" and does a backflip with his feet 
extended.  This attack also sends a projectile upward at an angle.  Use 
Short for a short(1-2 hits) kick with less height, Roundhouse for a 
longer(1-3 hits) kick with more height.

Pros: Great anti-air move.  It fires a projectile into the air; always a 
plus.  Good counter move, esp. against jumpers.  The Short version is fairly 
quick.  Has good range(vertical/horizontal).  Easily comboed out of a low 
Cons: The Roundhouse version has BAD recovery.  This move is easily 
punishable.  DON'T pull this out of nowhere.

Moonsault Slash: U, U/F, F+K (done in air)

	Charlie's only aerial special.  Charlie brings up one of his legs and 
swings it downward in an overhead arc.

Pros: Good Air Combo finisher.  Good surprise tactic.  Good priority.  Great 
recovery.  A very unusual move.
Cons: DON'T oveuse this move.  It gets predictable.

SECTION 4-Hyper Combos(Supers)

(Note: All of Charlie's Hyper combos are ground only.)

Sonic Blade: QCF+PP

      Charlie fires off 9 Sonic booms in sets of three.  By rapidly jamming 
on the punch buttons, you can make Charlie throw up to six extra, for a 
total of 15.  They move very slowly across the screen.

Pros: When mashed to its full extent, this is Charlie's most powerful HC.  
Great for pushing a blocking opponent away.  Works well with some assists.  
If one of your other characters whiffs a HC, Hyper Cancel into Sonic Blade 
to push your opponent out of range.  Brcause of its low speed, you can dash 
in after it's finished and combo.
Cons: This super is SLOW.  Molassses comes to mind.  It ONLY combos off of a 
C.RK, and even then it doesn't hit fully.  You can chip with it, but don't 
expect it to do much.  Since it's so slow, never just throw this out.  Have 
a VERY good reason to use this HC.

Somersault Justice: QCB+KK

      Charlie does two small Somersault Shells followed by a large one.

Pros: Works as an anti air-super.  Comes out very fast(Juggernaut 
Headcrush-fast).  Combos off of pretty much everything.  Fairly good to DHC 
out of.  Excellent punishing move.
Cons: Recovery is bad if blocked.  Like the Somersault Shell, DON'T pull out 
of nowhere.  Don't use to chip unless opponent has very little life.  If 
you're too far away after this executes, the opponent can recover after the 
first somersault, so be VERY careful.

Crossfire Blitz: QCF+KK

      Charlie charges forward, covering approximately 2/3(?) of the screen.  
If the charge is unblocked, he proceeds to automatically combo his opponent 
for 10 hits.

Pros: Comboes out of a Standing FP/RK, and you can combo it off of an OTG 
C.RK(see strategy section).  A very cool punishing super.  Almost NO 
recovery lag if blocked.  If you whiff another character's super, DHC into 
this to prevent getting punished.  Almost ANYTHING will DHC well out of 
this, since it holds the opponent in place.  Awesome priority overtakes a 
lot of other HCs.  Not awesomely damaging, but you always get max damage out 
of it.
Cons: SLOW startup, easy to see coming when done by itself.

SECTION 5-Charlie's Assists

	Assist: Jab Sonic Boom
	THC: Sonic Blade
	Assist: Roundhouse Somersault Shell
	THC: Somersault Justice
	Assist: Sonic Boom if opponent is on the ground, Somersault Shell if he is 
in the air
	THC: Sonic Blade if opponent is on ground, Somersault Justice if he is in 
the air

SECTION 6-Combos

Best combo starters: Jump-in RK, dash-in C.SK, jump-in FP

Moves listed in parentheses are optional.

1. Dash-in, C.SK > C.FK xx Somersault Shell
This is my most used/abused combo.  Quick and effective.  Be careful with 
it, though; if you are too far out of range after the FK, the Somersault 
Shell will only hit once, and you'll get nailed once they recover.

2. J. FK\/ C.SK > C.FK xx Somersault Shell
A jump-in variation of #1.  Take the same precautions.

3. Dash-in, C.SK > C.FK (> C.RK) xx Somersault Justice
This is like #1, but it ends with a super.  I don't usually use the C.RK in 
this combo; it doesn't help much, and the enemy can roll out of it before 
the super hits.  Also, like in #1, if you're out of range after the C.FK, 
the opponent can recover.

4. Dash-in, C.SK > C.FP /\ JP > SK > SP > FK > Short Moonsault Slash
Your basic Aerial Rave.  For what it's worth, it does some good damage.  You 
could also start it with a jump-in.

5. Dash-in, C.SK > C.FP /\ JP > SK > SP > (slight pause) F+FP(air throw)\/ 
C.SK > C.FP /\ JP > SK > SP > (slight pause) F+FP(air throw)\/ C.SK...
Charlie's air throw combo, which I explain better in the Strategy section.  
You can keep looping this as long as your opponent doesn't roll or tech hit.

6. Dash-in, C.SK > C.FK > S.RK xx Crossfire Blitz
A 13-hit combo that does about 1/3 of a lifebar damage on a standard target. 
  Make sure you cancel into the Crossfire Blitz very quickly.  Nice and 

SECTION 7-Strategies

I. Players' Strategies

      A lot of the guys on the MvC2 message board at www.gamefaqs.com were 
cool enough to help me out with this section by giving me their individual 
strategies, so I'll start with those.  Thanks, everybody!

      "When I play Charlie, I try to dominate with Ground Combos into his 
supers (Flash kick super...Crossfire Blitz super) and basically try to keep 
the opponent on the ground with me.  His u,uf,f+k move is great for knocking 
characters out of the air. Like Guile, he has some pretty nice normal 
kicks...so I combo his supers out of them if anything. A simple, damaging 
one I do is, s.lk s.mk s.hk(hits twice)xx Crossfire Blitz. That's my general 
strategy. His Sonic Boom super is kinda slow so I only use it for chipping a 
weak character(remember to mash).  He works good with Hayato too cause you 
can DHC Black Hayato from that Crossfire Blitz combo I listed for LOADS of 
easy damage. Works good with Rogue too...."

      "Yeah, I like Charlie too,his corner game is very good. His Air Blade 
move (u,uf,f,k) can be use as sort of a ''quick drop'' move. His Sonic Blade 
(Sonic Boom super) can be used offensive wise, but I don't recommend just 
throwing it out though, only use if the character is coming down from a 
super jump, it does nice chip, also, you can use the Sonic Blade as a nice 
move to switch out on. If you missed another characters Hyper Combo, DHCing 
into the Sonic Blade is also safe to do then. His Crossfire Blitz should 
only be used as a counter type move, because of its aweseome speed. It 
doesn't do as much damage, but in the corner, you can add to it with some 
OTG hits to increase the damage from the super. His Summersault Justice 
though, comes out super quick, and can be used to counter some block 
LP/LK-HP/HK attacks because of its super start up."

      "Well, first Charlie is better than Guile, that overhead flash kick 
thing is confusing to people. His Sonic Boom Super Move is good if you are 
cornered, I throw this out and remember to mash! Jab Sonic Booms for an 
assist or as a normal move is great to confuse and add pressure. He seems 
faster than Guile in a air combo and he dominates the corner game. If I dont 
have an anti-air assist with me like in my team now I use that assist or his 
Projectile assist for pressure. This sounds stupid, but dashing in crouching 
jab is good for me to set up combos. His sonic boom move is good prioroty 
for a special move."

      "Here is a combo that I've done before/2 variations cammy is on aaa. 
clk,clk,chk,right after they trip call cammy xx sonicblade super. Thats an 
easy way to connect it. And if they are in the corner. clk,clk,chk,right 
after they trip call cammy xx sonicblade super walk forward 
lp,lp,hp,crossfireblitz otg clk,chk. Or instead of using the cfb launch them 
and you know the rest. The moonkick is by far his best move since it has no 
lag after being blocked, lucky thing a lot of my opponents don't know this. 
And if you time it like a quick ahvb when you jump back you can catch them 
off gaurd if you are close. I always have a good beamer and an AAA on 
charlies team. With him on alpha assist."

      "Ok..... Charlie does best on the ground and in the corners. When I'm 
being cornered, I do a c.lk,c.lk,flash kick little combo, it knocks them 
back good. When cornering, try to combo.If that dosen't work, Do his hp 
throw and the opponent will fly into the air, correct? As they are coming 
down jump and grab them with your air throw and you can still otg with c.lk, 
c.lk, short flash kick or That somersault thingy of his."

      "air combo to a throw, otg, do it again, otg into a super..."

      "Dunno if anyone has posted anything like this, but here goes.
Charlie/B-Doom(wow another use for his assist? amazing) It's best to use a 
battery for this team(Magneto or Storm would work best IMO). With max 
meters, try to corner opponent, then get them to block a inverted air flash 
kick thingy(u, uf, f + k in air). Proceed to do a fairly slow ground combo, 
while calling Doom at the beginning. Let Doom chip them and throw a Sonic 
Blade super(d, df, f + pp) from a good distance. Try to time it so that the 
Sonic Booms start hitting when Doom is ending, so you can jump in again and 
repeat. Does pretty good block damage. (Note: I'm kinda polishing this... 
can't give exact timing and distance measures)"

II. My Strategies

1. Up-Close
	This is Charlie's main game, period.  If you want to be effective, you have 
to get in your opponent's personal space. Charlie's moves have good priority 
for regular attacks.  I don't use Charlie's punches a whole lot outside of 
an Aerial Rave; his kicks just seem to work better for me.  When I play I 
like to dash-in low with a Short Kick.  If it hits, I can keep comboing.  If 
it doesn't, I recover right away and try something else.  If your opponent 
blocks your low attacks, hit B+RK to nail him/her in the head with your 
jumping sobat(the spinning back kick that hits overhead; see the moves 
section).  If you keep charging a Sonic Boom during a ground combo, you can 
throw it and rush in while your opponent's stunned.  Also, since you have to 
charge down for the Somersault Shell, you can dash-in low and let it charge 
while you're attacking, then let it loose.  Charlie's Jumping Roundhouse has 
the best priority and reach of his jump-ins.  Occasionally I'll use a Fierce 
instead, but only if I'm jumping in real deep.  Charlie's F+RK attack has 
better speed and reach than his normal RK, but that's about it, since you 
can't combo after it.  His F+FP also has better range than his normal FP, 
AND you can combo off of it.  Try dashing in with F+FP for an atack with 
good reach.  Also, try dashing in with B+RK to catch ducking opponents 
off-guard, especially if you usually dash in low.  Use Sonic Booms and 
assists to give you a chance to get close.  Also, an assist that knocks down 
the opponent is a big help, since you can OTG after it.  Take Iron Man's 
Beta(Repulsor Blast) assist, for example:
	Iron Man assist(B), OTG C.RK xx Crossfire Blitz
	Iron Man assist(B), OTG C.SK > C.FP /\ Aerial Rave
	If you get the chance to OTG an opponent, DO IT!  Easy damage!  Of course, 
don't forget that most players know how to roll after a knockdown.  They 
WILL catch on, eventually.
Use Sonic Booms, assists and rush-ins to pressure your opponent into a 
corner(beware of his assists!).  Charlie is GREAT in the corner.  It makes 
his air throw combo easier to do.  If you've got someone cornered, use your 
F+RK throw(the knee bash). As your opponent comes back down from the throw, 
you can launch, combo, Hyper Combo(Somersault Justice works well here), or 
any workable combination of those.  Example:
	(in corner) F+RK throw, S.SK > S.FK xx Somersault Justice
	(in corner) F+RK throw, S.SK > C.FP /\ Aerial Rave
You CAN use his FP throw, but the RK throw usually works better for me.
	Okay, so what about this illustrious air throw combo?
	C.SK > C.FP /\ JP > SK > SP > (slight pause) F+FP(air throw)\/... repeat.
This sets up just like a normal Aerial Rave.  The tricky part is when you're 
in the air.  Normally with an Aerial rave, for the most hits, you would do 
the Hunter-style magic series, i.e. JP > SK > SP > FK > (AC ender), as fast 
as you can.  You have to change a little for the air throw combo...
Think of the fastest speed you would normally do an Aerial Rave with 
Charlie.  Now slow it down just a little.  This is about the ideal speed you 
want.  What about the pause?  Imagine that during that pause, you'd normally 
insert a FK.  That's how long you want the pause to be; you're basically 
stalling the combo as if a FK were in there. After the pause your opponent 
should be just a little bit lower than you onscreen.  I usually hold forward 
during the whle air combo, so that after the split-second pause the throw 
goes off nicely.  After you both hit the ground, all you have to do is C.SK 
 > C.FP to launch and start over again.
	Occasionally you'll hit funny with the launcher or part of the combo and 
you'll end up on the other side of your opponent, so be careful.  Doing this 
combo in the corner helps to eliminate that problem since you're in the 
	Charlie is faster that a surprising number of characters, and he's got 
great priority for a fighter his size, so use this to your advantage, 
especially at the beginning and end of a match.

2. Keep-away
	Are you nuts?
	No.  No.  Don't even try it.  You must be a lunatic.
	Well, I'd better give you some pointers here anyway...
	Number one, don't play keep-away with Charlie.
	The Sonic Boom is Charlie's only distance move, although Somersault Shell 
can shoot down some opponents(i.e pesky Storm players).  Sonic Blade is his 
only distance HC, and it's too slow to be real effective by itself.  With 
the right assists you can keep your opponent pinned down and hit him/her 
with this, or at least chip the heck out of them, as long as your super 
holds out.  Charlie's a pretty fast character, and very agile, so if you're 
trying to avoid getting hit, jump, dash, and evade in general, using your 
assists to protect you.
DO NOT start fireball wars with characters like Cable, Iron Man, etc. who 
have multi-hit, high-priority projectiles, although sometimes Sonic Blade 
can be used as a shield against these types.  You can use Sonic Booms to 
cancel out projectiles like Ryu's, or even captain Commando's.  Also, 
Somersault Shell/Somersault Justice will shield you from some projectiles 
and advance you(good against pesky Spiral "Wall of Swords" players).

3. Assists
	I highly recommend Charlie's Anti-Air assist over the other two.  It's good 
to break through to players who use a lot of projectiles or who spend a lot 
of time in the air(did someone say Doctor Doooooooooom?).  If you already 
have a good anti-air assist(AAA), then you may want to go with Charlie's 
Projectile type.  Having a slow Sonic Boom onscreen is always a plus.
	Charlie works well if he is backed by a character with a good AAA, 
preferably one that knocks down the opponent or sets him/her up to be 
comboed.  Also, Projectile/Expansion/Dash type assists help to clear the way 
for Charlie to get close.

SECTION 8-What's Next?

	I'm gonna keep updating this with strategies, combos, etc. as they come.  
Also, characters that Charlie has the advantage over, and who can crush him 
easily.  I'll probably do a team FAQ, since there aren't many for MvC2... 
hey, why not?  So stay tuned.

SECTION 9-Credits

www.gamefaqs.com for hosting FAQs to help idiots liek me learn the ways of 
the game

CJayC for running GameFAQs

All the guys from the GameFAQs MvC2 Message Board who helped me out by 
giving me strategies:

Bucky, Bowen, Sean, and all the other guys who beat the tar out of me in the 
FIRST MvC, giving me incentive to get good at this one

The good players I play regularly: Roger, Goatee Guy, Mayor McCheese, the 
guy who thinks glitching Juggernaut is cheap although he always did it 
anyway, Tim from Tilt, Bucky(again), Green Shirt, Short Guy who hangs around 
with Goatee Guy, Pickles, and anyone else I forgot

The Good Lord for giving Capcom the inspiration to make time-wasting games 
like this one

My car for getting me to the arcade to play this game

Dragon Gym, which keeps me from becoming pear-shaped while I play this game

This FAQ is copyright 2000 Josh Yarnall(alias Jack Of Clubs).  If you're 
gonna use any info from this FAQ, e-mail me first and tell me, and give me 
credit.  If you didn't get this from www.gamefaqs.com or 
www.angelfire.com/zine/InsanityFair I've clearly been ripped off.
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and all mentioned characters are copyright their 
respective companies, who allow us to humbly write stuff like this without 
asking them first.  Wow, we're bad!

What, you're still here?  Get out there and play!  Take down a Magneto 
player for me.

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