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IceMan by Silent J

Version: 4.1 | Updated: 12/29/02

 POCKET FAQ, v4.1 [12/29/02]
  _____  ___  ___  _  _   __   _
    |   |    |    | \/ | |  | | \ |
    |   |    |--- |  | | |--| |  \|
  -----  ---  --- `  ` ` `  ` `   `
 By Silent J
 11/16/00 - 0.1 - The first appearance of this FAQ. Includes movelist, and
 some character strategies.
 12/8/02 - 3.9 - Revised FAQ, after another year. Wow, time flies.
 12/9/02 - 4.0 - Fixed some typos, made FAQ as brief as possible.
 12/29/02 - 4.1 - Fixed more typos. Added some stuff.
                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
                            - 1 Copyright
                            - 2 Combos
                            - 3 Strategies 
                            - 4 Iceman as an Assist
                            - 5 Miscellaneous
                            - 6 Thanks
 * I don't care if you want to use something from this FAQ, just so you give
 credit where it is due. All characters are copyright (c) to their respective
 owners. FAQ copyright (c) 2000 - 2003 Silent J.
 * LP=Light Punch
   HP=Heavy Punch
 * Ground Chains:
   S.Rounhouse -- HP Icebeam
   S.Fierce -- LP Icebeam
   C.Short, S.Fierce -- ArcticAttack
   S.Short, S.Forward, S.Roundhouse -- HP Icebeam
 * Air Combos: -----------
   Launcher, J. Jab, J. Forward/Strong -- Arctic Attack
   C.Short, Launcher, J.Jab, J.Forward, J.Strong --Arctic Attack

 * Iceman does best when he "hit and runs". It's like it sounds, hit and run.
 Get in, do your damage, and get out. HP Ice beams are good for knocking down
 air-borne opponents who abuse projectiles (Blackheart/Doom), or for chipping
 health, and punishing assists when airborne. LP Icebeams should only be used
 from a distance, 'else they'll be countered, and you'll be punished. Be sure
 to take advantage of your no chip feature whenever you can.
   When fighting air battles, always use the Shake Off Kick (Hold Down+HK),to
 exchange hits with your enemy. It's the only air attack of Iceman's that has
 any priority. To get close, dash or jump in with a Beat Punch (Hold Down+HP).
 Once inside, combo, jump back, and repeat. Iceman can't stand toe to toe, be-
 cause his priority is crap.
   The Standing Roundhouse has great priority. Use it to stop 1 hit projectiles,
 or to keep some space between you and your opponent.
   Iceman is probably better off as an assist. Try and save him until the end of
 the match or to counter a keep away scrub. Some opponents that might give you
  * Cable: Lure him close to you, then cross up. Just remember not to
    call out assists when he has a super or he'll shoot them to crap.
  * Blackheart/Doom: Get a good AAA that can counter them as assists.
    No one really uses them on point until the end of the match.
    Blackheart can't touch Iceman 1 on 1, so either run or combo. Doom
    is too slow to really combo Iceman without assits to back him up.
    If he still tries, then try to capitalize on the recovery of his
    launcher. It still leaves him wide open like it did in MSH.
    (Thanks to J.Christopher)
  * Spiral: Run like hell when she tries Metamorphasis. Otherwise get
    a good AAA that can interrupt her swords. Ken, Jin, Captain Commando,
    all of those are great.
  * Magneto/Storm: Get some assist that can interrupt them while they try
    to rush you down, and definately try to hit and run. Storm can't chip
    you without a super, and even then it's nothing to worry about. If she
    wants to fly away, just block, wait for her to land, and try to rush
    her down. Try to stay on offense. The only time you will use beams is to
    chip away the last little bit of health that they might have. Get a good
    AAA, and a good horizontal assist.
    Some that might be useful;
      -  Ryu       <> Projectile
      -  Sakura    <> Dash
      -  Juggernaut<> Dash
      -  Captain A.<> Projectile
      -  Akuma     <> Expansion *
      -  Spiderman <> Capture,
      -  Ken       <> AAA (anti-air assist)
      -  Captain C.<> AAA
      -  Jin       <> AAA *
    all are good. Ryu, Spiderman, and Cap. America all have decent projectiles.
    They cover the entire standing area, and are just enough to interrupt a
    launcher, while you dash in. Spiderman, Sakura, also have good assists. If
    they hit, they hold the opponent in place, giving Iceman a free shot at an
    Arctic Attack. The only hard part is getting them to connect.
      Ken's AAA travels almost the full length of the screen (horizontally) and
    he's invicible during the whole assist. The only downfall is that he's left
    wide open afterwards, even if the assist connects. Captain C.'s automatically
    hits top to bottom and can knock characters like Storm, Doom, Blackheart,
    Spiral, Sentinel out of the air. But against a rushdown, it has to be timed
    perfectly or else it's useless.
      The above assists are only decent. Don't count on beating too many top
    tiers with them (or even as Iceman), just use them to expieriment with.
    Akuma, and Jin IMO have two of the best anti-top tier assists in the game.
    Akuma's travels horizontally accross the screen and holds the opponent in
    place even longer than the ones mentioned above. The priority is also better,
    and it is so much easier to connect.
      Jin's AAA beats out everything. He's completely invicible during the entire
    time he's on the screen. He can interrupt anything as long as the assist
    connects. Don't fight without him. Low tiers (see J.Christopher's Tier FAQ)
    should not fight against top tiers without Jin.
  * Sentinel: Take full advantage of Iceman's ability to hit and run. You
    definately need your assits to help take him down. Get close, combo, get out,
    block, repeat. Don't use Icebeams, because he will counter them. Sentinel's
    only weakness is that he's a big slow target. But he still has a pretty good
    advantage over characters like Iceman.

    Above all, don't take the game too seriously. It's just a game designed
    for fun. If some @$$h*le wants to stand there and talk his crap as he beats
    people with all top tiers, let him. Do yourself a favor, and spend your
    money on something more valuable.

  * Choose his projectile type. It chips harder than any other special in the
   game (except maybe 'Samurai), and cuts through things like Doom's anti
   air. The only downfall is the amount of time it stays on the screen,
   due to it's slow start up/recovery. Just be sure you cover it until it
   is off the screen. Overall, a good assist.
   Alternate Colors
   LP - Blue    HP - Blueish Green   Assist 1 - Light Green
   LK - White   HK - Light Purple    Assist 2 - Dark Green
   Iceman doesn't chip?
   Iceman can block certain attacks without taking damage. But surprise,
   surprise, it's not just 'beam' or 'energy' attacks. There's a whole load
   of stuff that he takes no block damage from, including:

   -Akuma (Gouki)] Gou Hadou Ken, Zankuu Hadou Ken, Messatsu
   Gou Hadou,Tenma Gou Zankuu.
   -Anakaris: Ouke no Sabaki, Hitsugi no Mai, all his HCs.
   -Blackheart: Dark Thunder, Inferno, Armageddon, Heart of Darkness.
   -B.B. Hood(Bulleta): Smile & Missile, Happy & Missile,
   Cheer & Fire, Cool Hunting, Apple For You (far range or blocked).
   -Cable: Viper Beam, Hyper Viper.
   -C.Commando: Captain Fire, Captain Corridor, Captain Sword.
   -Charlie (Nash): Sonic Boom, Sonic Break
   -Chun-Li: Reishiki Kikou Ken, Kikou Ken, Kikou Shou.
   -Cyclops: Optic Blast, Optic Sweep, both HCs, also the 'eye blast'
   ending of Rising Uppercut and Rapid Punch.
   -Dan Hibiki: Gadou Ken, Shinkuu Gadou Ken.
   -Dhalsim: Yoga Fire, Yoga Flame, Yoga Blast, Yoga Inferno.
   -Dr. Doom: Plasma Beam, Photon Shot, Photon Array, Electric Chage.
   -Felicia: Sand Splash, Hyper Sand Splash.
   -Gambit: Kinetic Card, Trick Card, both of his HCs.
   -W. Guile: Sonic Boom, Sonic Hurricane
   -Hayato: Engetsu.
   -Hulk: Gamma Slam, all HCs (except the 'hand' hit of the Gamma Quake).
   -Iceman: Ice Beam.
   -Iron Man: Unibeam, Repulsor Blast, Proton Cannon (except for the
   physical hit with the cannon barrel).
   -Jin S.: Saotome Dynamite, Blodia Vulcan.
   -Juggernaut: Earthquake Punch (except for 'hand' hit part).
   -Ken M.: Hadoken.
   -Magneto: E-M Disruptor, Magnetic Blast, both of his HCs.
   -Marrow: Bone-merang, both HCs.
   -M.Bison (Vega): Psycho Shot, Psycho Field, Psycho Explosion.
   -Megaman (Rockman): Hyper Rockman.
   -Morrigan: Soul Fist, Soul Eraser, Silhouette Blade.
   -Psylocke: Psi-Thrust, Kochou Gakure.
   -Roll: Hyper Roll.
   -Ruby Heart: Fant"me, Supremacion, Milles Fant"mes, Pare-tonn?re,
   Tour de Magie.
   -Ryu H.: Hadoken, Shinkuu Hadoken.
   -Sabretooth: Armed Birdie, Hyper Armed Birdie.
   -Sakura K.: Hadou Ken, Shinkuu Hadou Ken (either form).
   -Sentinel: Plasma Storm.
   -Servebot (Kobun): Kobun Fire.
   -ShumaGorath: Mystic Stare.
   -S. Samurai: Raimei Ken, Hyouga Ken, Homura Ken.
   -Sonson: All her HCs.
   -Spider-Man: Web Ball.
   -Storm: Lightning Sphere.
   -Strider H.: Formation B (If Ducked).
   -Thanos: Death Sphere, all his HCs.
   -Venom: Venom Rush, Death Bite. -
   War Machine: Repulsor Blast.
   -Wolverine: Fatal Claw.
   -Zangief: Banishing Flat, Vodka Fire (in Mecha Zangief form).
   Abyss #1: Trident (splash part, not the actual trident), Blue Sparks,
   both HCs (Stomach Blast and Green Rain).
   Abyss #2: All of his attacks except the Green Bubbles.
   Abyss #3: The Ground Flames, Arm Pound Column, Horizontal Flames, and
   his Horizontal Flames SC.

   Character Profile

   Real Name: Robert "Bobby" Drake
   Birthplace: (Fort Washington) Long Island, New York
   Height: 5'8"
   Weight: 145 lbs.
   Eyes: Brown
   Hair: Brown

   History: Bobby Drake discovered his mutant power to create ice
   while he was in his early teens, but kept it a secret from
   everyone except his parents. One night, however, Drake and his
   girlfriend, Judy Harmon, were attacked by a bully named Rocky
   Beasley and his friends. To save Harmon, Drake temporarily
   encased Beasely in ice. When they heard what had happened, the
   local townspeople thought Drake was the real menace. They
   formed a lynch mob who broke into his home and overpowered him.
   The local sheriff took Drake into custody for the boy's own
    Meanwhile, Professor Charles Xavier learned what
   had happened and sent Cyclops, his only X- Man at the time, to
   contact Drake. Cyclops broke into Drake's cell, but when Drake
   refused to go with him, the two began fighting until they were
   caught by the lynch mob. Cyclops and Drake were about to be
   hanged when they broke free. Professor X used his mental powers
   to stop the mob, and afterwards to erase their memories of
   Drake's powers. The grateful Bobby Drake then accepted Xavier's
   invitation to join the X-Men and took the code name Iceman. He
   was the youngest of the original five X-Men.

   More recently, Emma Frost, the White Queen, took mental
   possession of Iceman's body and was able to activate the full
   extent of his powers, turning his body to all ice. Since then,
   under Frost's prodding, Iceman has learned to transform his
   body into its "ice" state on his own.

   Known Powers: Iceman has the ability to freeze, or unfreeze
   at will, without causing harm to himself. He can also create
   objects, structures, etc., out of unusually hard ice, by
   freezing the air around him. (Thanks to Kao Megura)

   (For more info. go to www.marvel.com)
   What's a "Pocket FAQ"?
   It's a small FAQ that you can literally print out and put in your
   pocket and take with you to the arcade (some people do it). It's only
   about 5 or 6 pages, I've tried to make it as brief as possible, and put
   the more relevant information towards the top (also why there's no
   introduction). 'Got the idea from Trung Bui. His actually takes up less
   paper than this one, I've just tried to elaborate a little more on some
   of the strategies. Keep in mind that I'm no Duc Do/James Chen video game
   champion, I'm not claiming to be. I'm just an average guy, that wanted
   to pass some information on to you on how to play Iceman. Hopefully it
   can help you if you're having some trouble.

 (6)  THANKS
  ¤ Trung Bui (trung_bui_2000@hotmail.com) - Gave me the idea
  to make a "pocket FAQ". Also, I learned a few things from his
  ¤ Kao Megura (kmegura@yahoo.com)- For letting me use his section
  on Iceman's No Block Damage. I learned a couple things from
  him as well.
  ¤ CJayC of GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) - For providing a
  place to put this FAQ, and for having such a great site.
  ¤ ReCharred Sigh (peesigh@hotmail.com) - My on-line Capcom
  game chatting buddy. He gave me a few tips on how to play
  Iceman, and the third ground chain I have listed up in my
  combos section. He's also written some good FAQs for Ryu.
  Check 'em out.
  ¤ David Da Rosa aka Beta (beta@nettaxi.com) - I originally
  used his format for this FAQ, before this last update
  (v3.9). Thnx for letting me borrow.
  ¤ Marvel and Capcom - For making this game possible.
  ¤ God - for everything.
  ¤ The People of Gamefaqs - Cyriades, PrincessAeka, Saiki, Busterbeam,
  Twilight Suzuka, Jawsh B, arsenalgearx, fat dave, Hawk45, Akiman,
  Kinnison, Darkstalker, gogo says yo, KenjutsuB0i, Green Bird,
  Sithlord913, Iceman44, KillerSeizureRobot, Ninja Golf, Starman Deluxe,
  Scum, Kikko, CypherUppercut, Tevor the Third, and everyone else at
  gamefaqs who talks with me.
  ¤ My friends/family, you know who you are.

  ¤And YOU - For taking the time to read this FAQ. The only reason I
  write these (and to pass time). Hope you've enjoyed the FAQ.

 if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, feel free to e-mail me
 at: silent_j_@hotmail.com

 FAQ (c) 2000 - 2003 Silent J

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