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Omega Red by Acelyte

Version: 1 | Updated: 11/26/00

Marvel vs. Capcom 2-New Age of Heroes (Arcade Version)
Omega Red FAQ (First Version)
This document Copyright 2000 Acelyte
Any questions, suggestions, or submissions?  E-mail them to: 
If I put your submission up, I'll also give you credit, of course.


1. Legal Copyright Protection
2. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Vocabulary
3. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Features and Controls
   A. Joystick Directions and Buttons
   B. Gameplay Details
   C. Abbreviations of the Joystick Motions and Button Combinations
   D. Game Features
4. Intro to Omega Red
5. Normal Attacks
6. Special Attacks
7. Hyper Combos
8. Assists
9. Strategy
   A. General Strategy
   B. Highly-Prioritized Attacks
   C. Specific Strategy (under construction)
11.Omega Red vs. Abyss
12.Poses and Colors
13.Past Revisions (under construction)
14.Future Revisions

                        1. Legal Copyright Protection

This document cannot be reproduced in any way without my permission, 
unless for private use.  It cannot be sold.  If I do give you 
permission, you MUST give credit.  It definitely CANNOT be altered in 
any way.  It's as simple as that...

                   2. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Vocabulary

From A-Z...uhh...make that A-X:
* air combo: A combo in the air involving a launcher and follow-up 
attacks in the air and a strong attack to finish the combo.
* air-to-air: Any attack primarily suited for aerial confrontations.
* anti-air: Any attack that is made from ground-to-air.  They are 
mainly used to counter jump-ins.
* attack (power): The amount of damage a character can inflict.
* beam: Any attack that travels to the other side instantly.  Plus, 
beams can penetrate armor (see "super armor" and "hyper armor").  
However, the greater the distance the beam hits, the weaker the damage.
* beamer: A character who has a beam.  If played intelligently, he will 
have an advantage over pixies.
Some ppl generally play keep-away with beamers.  Because of this, 
beamers have a reputation of being "cheap", "cheesy", "scrubby", and 
"unskillful".  It is only annoying imo (in my opinion), nothing else.
* block (chip/tick) damage: Although blocking an attack minimizes 
damage, some attacks still do a little bit of damage if blocked.  
Iceman is immune to most methods of block damage.
* defense (resistance to damage): The ability of a character to 
minimize the damage that is inflicted upon him/her.
* hyper armor: Mega Zangief (Zangief's transformation super), Hyper-
Armored Colossus (Hyper Armor super), Hyper-Armored Silver Samurai (Ice 
Mode super 3x), Sonson (big ape super), and Servbot (King Servbot 
super) have this capability.  As a result, they have better defense 
than super-armored characters, and they can sustain ANY kind of attack 
without flinching; they will just freeze for a split second.  Also, 
they cannot be grabbed, thrown, or launched in any way.
* hyper combo: Any exceptionally damaging special attack or power-up 
that uses 1 or 3 levels on the supermeter (see "supermeter").
* keep-away: the use of mainly projectiles and/or beams to keep the 
opponent away.
* knockdown: Any normal attack that knocks the opponent down to the 
* launcher: An attack that shoots the opponent up into the air.  This 
is mainly used to start air combos.  The universal launcher is df + Hp 
(see chapter 3, section A and C).
* normal attack: Any standing, crouching, or jumping Lp, Mp, Hp, Lk, 
Mk, or Hk.
* OTG (Off the Ground): If the enemy is falling down from a knock-down 
attack, you can sometimes attack him again off the ground if he does 
not use the Pursuit Attack-Evade (This will be explained later.).
* pixie: A fast character who has attacks with little start-up and 
little lag time and can sometimes perform air combos with many hits.  
However, pixies mainly have bad defense, bad attack, and bad reach.
* powerhouse: A character that has good attack, defense, and reach.  
However, he is generally slow, and his attacks mainly have a lot of 
start-up and lag time.
* projectile: Anything fired that travels from one side of the screen 
to the other.
* reach: How far a character's attacks can span.
* recoverable life (Red Life): Vital energy you can gain back (shown in 
red) either by switching out your character to the sidelines to rest (a 
star-like figure will appear in the vital energy bar when someone is 
recovering his/her red life in the sidelines), or by draining the 
opponent's life (only certain characters have the capability of 
* recovery/lag time: The time that needs to elapse after a character 
has performed his/her attacks to be able to block any counterattacks.
* special move: Any attack that involves combining joystick motions 
with 1 or 2 buttons that does not use any levels on the supermeter (see 
* speed: How fast a character can attack and move.  Some characters 
have the capability to "run" when advancing or retreating.
* start-up time: The time that needs to elapse between performing the 
command and character attacking.
* super armor: Juggernaut, Zangief (when doing the Spinning Pile 
Driver, Running Bear Grab, or Final Atomic Buster), Hulk, Sentinel, 
Silver Samurai (Ice Mode super), and Jin (desperation mode) have this 
capability.  As a result, they have good defense and they can sustain 
one hit (there are exceptions) without being stunned.  If it is a 
combo, then they will be stunned.
* supermeter: the gauge on the bottom of the screen with a level status 
shown to let you know which and how many supers you can use.  The MAX 
level is 5.
* taunt: Press the start button to make your character taunt.  Beware, 
he/she will open to attacks.  Most taunts do not do anything.  However, 
Jin's taunt can attack enemies when he sets himself on fire, and Dan's 
taunt recovers his red life.  Unless I'm using at least one of those 2 
characters, I never use taunts, and neither should you.
* telegraph: to predict an attack before it is made.  Since some 
special moves and supers have start-up time, making the character pose 
in a certain way, you can watch out for these poses to counter these 
* throw: attack that must be used close-up.  Regular throws are 
unblockable, but can be tech-hit (see chapter 3, section D--Breakaway) 
out of.  Command throws (type of special attack) are usually blockable, 
but cannot be tech-hit out of.
* whiff: to use an attack with a lot of lag in desperation or 
frustration.  You obviously don't want to do this, but it would be 
helpful to your gameplay if you learned how to pressure your opponent 
into doing this.
* XX (canceling): While most attacks are being used, you can perform 
another attack to link to the previous one.  This is important to 
comboing into normal attacks, then into special attacks, then into 
supers, or anything similar.

               3. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Features and Controls

Before learning a character, you must learn the features and controls 
of the game itself, especially in this game.

                    A. Joystick Directions and Buttons

(when you're facing right)

       (Up-Back)    ^    (Up-Forward)   (Jab)    (Fierce)
             UB     ^     UF             Lp         Hp          A1
                    ^                    O           O           O
                    ^              (Light Punch)(Heavy Punch)(Assist 1)
(Back) B<<<<<<<<<Neutral>>>>>>>>>F (Forward)
                    v              (Light Kick) (Heavy Kick) (Assist 2)
                    v                     O           O           O
             DB     v     DF              Lk         Hk          A2
     (Down-Back)    v    (Down-Forward) (Short)  (Roundhouse)

Of course, the joystick motions are flipped when you're facing left.


                          B. Gameplay Details

* Move the joystick in DB position to block low attacks.  You will be 
open to high attacks in this position.
* Move the joystick in B position to block high attacks.  You will be 
open to low attacks in this position.
* Move the joystick in UB position to jump and block high attacks.  You 
will be open to low attacks in this position.
*** Due to the new button setup, in order to get the Mp/Mk (Medium 
Punch/Medium Kick or Strong/Forward), you must first press the Lp or Lk 
button, then link it with another Lp to get the Mp, or the Lk to get 
the Mk.  You do not have to hit Lp and Lp again to get Mp; you can just 
hit Lk and then hit the Lp to get Mp.  The same thing applies to 
getting the Mk; Lk, Mk or Lp, Mk.  However, if you want a Lp/Lk and 
another Lp/Lk, you must pause for a moment for the previous Lp/Lk to 
finish, then do the other Lp/Lk.  You cannot link medium hits together; 
attempting to do so will result in a light hit (Mp/Mk, Lp/Lk).
* You cannot be attacking and/or calling assists and/or push-blocking 
(this will be explained later), and blocking at the same time.
* You cannot block low-hitting attacks while in the air.
*** Use the A1 button to call out your first character in the sidelines 
to support you.  Use the A2 button to call out your other character in 
the sidelines to support you.  His/Her assist, variable counter (this 
will be explained later), and variable combination (this will also be 
explained later) depends on which of the 3 available assist types you 
pick.  There is no limit for how often you call out your "helpers."  
When you are assisting, the main character will do his/her assisting 
call if on the ground (if done in the air, there is no animation), 
leaving him/her vulnerable to attack.  If he/she is attacked before the 
helper comes out, the helper will either never come out, or he/she will 
taunt and leave the battlefield without assisting.  Although your 
helpers can assist you an infinite amount of times, they can also be 
hurt, or even worse, killed by the main enemy character, by one of his 
helpers, or all 3 enemy characters in a THC or DHC.  Therefore, you 
must learn to use your assists at the right time and wisely.
* You can only block one attack while you are in the air.  If you come 
out of blocking position and another attack is made before you touch 
the ground, you will be hit.  Hence the name, "Guard Crush."


   C. Abbreviations of the Joystick Motions and Button Combinations

QCF = Quarter Circle Forward = d, df, f
QCB = Quarter Circle Back = d, db, b
DP = Dragon Punch = f, d, df
RDP = Reverse Dragon Punch = b, d, db
HCF = Half Circle Forward = b, db, d, df, f
HCB = Half Circle Back = f, df, d, db, b
Charge _____ = For some attacks, you must hold the joystick in one 
direction for about 1 full second, then move it to another direction 
and press a button.
360 = Rotate the joystick a full circle starting from F position and 
back to the same position.  Rotate clockwise when facing right, 
counter-clockwise when facing left.

P = any punch
K = any kick
2P(s) (PP) = Lp/Mp and Hp at the same time
2K(s) (KK) = Lk/Mk and Hk at the same time
Note: "+" is used to add a button command to a joystick motion, such as 
QCF + P.
Note: You can do anything beforehand before performing a special move, 
such as holding db, then connecting it with the motions of QCF (d, df, 
f) + P.  Get in the habit to doing this; holding db enables you to 
block low attacks on the ground, then you can do QCF + P (if your 
character has a special attack involving this command) to 


                            D. Game Features

* f, f or 2Ps = dash (forward).  This can help you start combos and 
your offensive strategy.  Some characters have the capability to dash 
in the air, thus the name "air dash."
* b, b or b + 2Ps = dash backward (backstep).  This can be used to 
evade a jumping-in attack from your enemy, therefore helping your 
defensive game.
* d, u = super jump straight up.  This is very useful as a breather or 
to evade a beam attack, beam super, or any attack that you cannot evade 
by regular jumping.  To super-jump forward, use df, f, uf.  To super-
jump backwards, use db, b, ub.
* Breakaway (Tech-hit)= f + Hp when being grabbed.  It will get you out 
of regular throws.  Keep this in mind if you're facing an opponent who 
is inclined to throw in a combo or if he is using a combo in which you 
* Variable Attack = Lp and Lk/Hp and Hk.  Lp and Lk switches the 
current character out to rest his/her red life, while the first 
character in the sidelines switches into the battlefield from his/her 
upper side of the screen and makes a blockable attack that crosses the 
battlefield.  Hp and Hk does the same, except that it switches in your 
second character in the sidelines.
Let me explain the path of the Variable Attack:

X = area that is covered by the Variable Attack

(when facing right)

             The Battlefield
      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ <--- the air above
      |                            |
Start |XXXXXXXX                    |
      |   XXXXXXXXXXX              |
      |      XXXXXXXXXXXXXX        | <--- "boundaries/walls"
      |          XXXXXXXXXXXXXX    |
      |                  XXXXXXXXX | End
...___|____________________________|___... <--- continues to the corner

^                                        ^

As you can see, it covers a lot of the battlefield.
Note: Keep in mind that all characters except Servbot take up more than 
one X worth of room, so if the enemy is occupying even one of those Xs, 
the Variable Attack is within range.

Even better, if it hits, the enemy will be popped up into the air, 
allowing you to make almost any attack!  FOR ANYONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE A 
BEAM, HERE'S YOUR ALTERNATE ATTACK!  However, after this, the character 
switched in will taunt, so be certain that this will hit or when the 
switched-in character is out of danger, such as when the enemy super 
jumps or whiffs an attack with a lot of lag, otherwise, you're in big 
* Snapback = QCF + A1/A2 (takes 1 super).  The screen will freeze and 
your character will be summoning yellow energy as if he/she is powering 
up for a strong attack.  If this hits, it will knock your opponent off 
the screen, unconscious.  And even better, you get to choose which 
enemy character will replace him/her; use A1 to force out the first 
character in his sidelines and A2 for the second character.  This is 
useful for kicking that annoying character out of the battle 
momentarily or forcing in a weak character (with lots of red life, very 
low health, a type of character who is at a disadvantage compared to 
your character, or just someone your opponent is not as good with as 
the other two).  Even though it's blockable, you can combo into it.
* THC = Team Hyper Combo/Variable Combination = A1 and A2 (at least 1 
level on the supermeter is needed).  All 3 characters perform their 
designated supers at once if you have 3 levels or more on your 
supermeter.  If you have 2 levels, your main character and first 
character in the sidelines will perform their designated supers.  If 
you only have 1 level, your main character will perform his/her 
designated super.  Your character's designated super is their Variable 
Combination; most characters' Variable Combinations depend on which 
assists are picked for them.  If you are at level 0, the THC will not 
initiate, and will most likely result in calling out your assists.
* DHC = Delayed Hyper Combo = super of main character, then switch to a 
super of first character in sidelines while main character is still 
attacking (2 or more levels on supermeter are needed at this point), 
then switch to a super of last character while previous character is 
attacking (3 or more levels are needed at this point).  This is more 
damaging than the THC, and the switching of supers also switches out 
the characters, letting them rest to regain their red life.  Even 
better, you can choose the super your character will do, unlike the 
THC.  What I do not like about this is that you could finish the DHC, 
ending up with a character that is dying if you do not have enough 
super levels to make another switch, or when the weak character is the 
last one who has completed the DHC.  You can let your character do the 
super as long as you want to for more damage, but make sure to switch 
supers when the enemy is at a perfect place in the battlefield (so the 
next super with connect perfectly) AND while the super-in-progress 
screen is in the background (really cool picture of space).
* Advancing Guard (push-block) = 2Ps when blocking an attack from the 
main enemy character.  Using this will distance yourself from the 
opponent, stopping their offensive strategy.  This is one of the best 
tactics in playing keep-away; when the main enemy character tries to 
get you with a one-hit attack, push-block to safety.  If it is a multi-
hit attack, you will most likely be hit since you cannot block for half 
a second after doing this.
* Pursuit Attack-Evade (rolling) = b, db, d + P after being knocked 
down but before touching the ground.  This will make the knocked down 
character roll forward, avoiding most OTGs.  This will not work if you 
were OTG'd and did not ever touch the ground.
* Variable Counter = b, db, d + A1 while blocking an attack to switch 
the main character with the first character on sidelines or A2 to 
switch with second.  This takes 1 super level.  When this is used, the 
screen freezes and the character switched in will perform his/her 
designated assist.  Useful for stopping offensive strategies.  Also, if 
you are facing a beam that is about to chip you to death, use this when 
you are almost down to only a few health points so that the character 
switching in will only take minimal damage.

                         4. Intro to Omega Red

      Omega Red is the BEST character in the game imo!  Here's why:

+ Normal attacks have great range!
+ He can regain red life while fighting by using Energy Drain!
+ He has the UNIQUE ability to drain the enemy's supermeter by using 
Death Factor! :)
+ I repeat, he has the UNIQUE ability to drain the enemy's supermeter 
by using Death Factor! :)
+ Versatile special attacks!
+ He can air dash!
+ db/d/df + Hk are multi-purpose attacks!
+ Good speed on his attacks, especially with Omega Strikes!
+ Good defense; he takes about 90% damage from attacks!
+ He can duck some projectiles!
+ Almost NO start-up time on his specials, making it nearly impossible 
to telegraph them!
+ Some of his heavy attacks hit multiple times, and usually register as 
a combo (3 hits minimum to register), therefore penetrating super 

Of course, every character has disadvantages; here's his:

- Some of his attacks have slightly undesirable lag...
- He deals the same damage as some pixies do...
- The Omega Destroyer does minimal damage from a distance, and the 
Carbonadium Smasher is one of the least desirable types of supers in 
the game...
- His awkward launcher weakens his air-comboability...
- He only has 2 special attacks...
- The new button setup weakens his gameplay...

According to the above comparison, the good outnumbers the bad 2:1; 
excellent imo.

                           5. Normal Attacks

Standing Attacks:
* Lp-Omega Red makes a poke with his hand that is farther from the 
camera (from where you're looking).  Average range for a jab, so it's 
nothing really special (you're gonna get this a lot from me in this 
* Mp-Omega Red takes a step forward with his foot that is nearer to the 
camera and makes an uppercut.  This is his primary launcher.  However, 
his launcher sends the opponent flying at an angle instead of straight 
up, weakening his air-comboability... >:(
* Hp-Omega Red whips downward at his opponent with one with his coils 
coming from his hand that is farther from the camera.  It has great 
range for a fierce attack and has almost NO start-up time; however, the 
lag is another story, so if this is jumped over or missed, you're in 
* Lk-Omega Red gives the opponent a kick.  Nothing special.
* Mk-Omega Red spin-kicks, striking with his heel.  Aside from its 
style and its similar range to the Mp, it's nothing special.
* Hk-Omega Red plants his coils into the ground as a support, then 
kicks the opponent with both feet, with his front side facing the 
camera.  It has slightly less range than the Hp.  What's good about 
this is that he leaves the ground as he kicks, avoiding sweeps.  This 
has slightly more start-up time than his Hp, but less lag.

Crouching Attacks:
* Lp-Omega Red uses the crouching version of the Lp.  This is one of 
the only few attacks that hit low.
* Mp-Omega Red shoots a coil from his hand that is nearer to the camera 
up at a 45-degree angle.  The coil will reach up to about 2 times the 
height of Omega Red's crouching stance.  Almost no start-up time, but 
bad lag.  This can be used to counter jump-ins, although you would have 
to hold the joystick down and hit the Lp twice, taking up time...
* Hp-Omega Red holds out his hand that is nearer to the camera, 
spinning the coil in it like a nunchuck.  The range is better than the 
regular (I don't like to say "standing") Hp and does not have the Hk's 
start-up time, but worse lag.  It hits an opponent on the ground up to 
3 times.  Even better, it acts like a mini-launcher if an airborne 
opponent is hit!  Unfortunately, you cannot make the follow-up jump for 
an air combo using this and it can be blocked high or low. >:(  
Nevertheless, one way you can counter a jump-in attack is to backdash, 
then use this to try and pop the opponent up, and finally follow-up 
with an Hp coil or an Hk Omega Strike.
* Lk-Omega Red makes a kick to the opponent.  This is one of the few 
attacks that hit low.
* Mk-Just read that last one.
* Hk-Omega Red shoots a coil underground and it reappears at one of the 
three spots you can choose to aim it; a rather quick move too!  Plus, 
it neutralizes projectiles!  db + Hk makes the coil reappear in front 
of him; you can use this to counter jump-ins or to shield yourself from 
dashing offensives.  d + Hk makes the coil strike a length of about a 
half-screen away from Omega Red; use this to attempt an attack on an 
opponent who's jumping forward from the other side of the screen or 
jumping back to get away from Omega Red.  df + Hk is the farthest, 
stretching almost all the way to the other side of the screen; use this  
to stop fireballers and beamers or when the opponent is in his/her 
assist-calling pose!  Although it has almost NO start-up time, its lag 
is horrible; don't miss.  And even worse, it can be blocked high OR 
low! >:(

Jumping Attacks:
* Lp-Omega Red spins the coil in his hand that is farther away from the 
camera.  Nothing special.
* Mp-Omega Red uppercuts his opponent.
* Hp-Omega Red flails his coils in front of him to form a barrier (or 
anything close enough to it).  This is usually the most-prioritized 
jump-in and air-to-air attack!  Plus, it hits 6 times maximum!
* Lk-Omega Red gives the opponent a straight kick.  Nothing special; 
don't you just get sick and tired of hearing this???
* Mk-Read that last one, plz...again...
* Hk-Omega Red gives the opponent a straight kick with more horizontal 
range than his jumping Hp!  Use this for a jump-in if you expect to be 
trading hits with your opponent because if you use the Hp, chances are 
you will only get one hit in (it's supposed to 6 times for the full 
damage).  However, this has slightly more start-up time than his 
jumping Hp.

* f + Hp on the ground = Omega Red grabs the opponent with both hands, 
and slams them into the ground, bouncing them to the other side of the 
screen. ^_^ You can tack in an extra df + Hk for an attempt at more 
damage, but it can be blocked though; just use the extra hit about 50% 
of the time to screw your opponents up, making them think if you would 
go for that extra hit or not.  You can always try to piss them off this 
* f + Hk = Omega Red throws the opponent backwards over his head.  
Other than that, there's no difference between both throws.
* f + Hp in the air = Omega Red grabs the opponent with both hands, 
drags him/her to the ground, and slams, bouncing him/her to the other 
side of the screen again.  This throw has the same uses as the ground 

                           6. Special Attacks

* Carbonadium Coil = QCF + P/2Ps (K/2Ks can be done when in the air).  
Omega Red's signature attack!  Omega Red shoots out a coil from his 
palm to attempt to ensnare the enemy.  For safety, you can retract the 
coil by pressing the same button you used to throw out the coil if it 
did not hit the enemy, ground, walls, enemy's helper, projectile (it 
would be neutralized), or before it reached its full range.  Compared 
to the other special, this is the more damaging one because it can lead 
to the Energy Drain, Death Factor, coil throw, or double coil throw.  
It has almost no start-up time.  However, the lag can range from 
moderate to horrific, depending on how well you retract the coils (You 
will get in the habit of doing this, won't you?) by hitting the same 
button.  To avoid having to retract the coil every time, try to hit the 
enemy or have it blocked instead of missing.  Of course, once your 
opponent is ensnared, he/she cannot be ensnared permanently.  Hyper-
armored opponents obviously cannot be ensnared.  There are 6 
(technically 5) variations of this move:

The following variations can be done on the ground or in the air:

   * Lp/Mp variation = The coil is shot straight forward.  Use this as 
part of your offensive strategy and in ground combos, but don't abuse 
it, especially from a distance.  If this is done in the air while Omega 
Red is falling, he will slowly drop towards the ground as he shoots out 
the coil, which will also slowly sink with him; remember this if you're 
planning to momentarily keep the enemy on the ground.
   * Hp variation = The coil is shot forward and slightly upwards into 
the air at a 30 degree angle.  Use this an anti-air or to counter jump-
   * 2P variation = The coil is shot straight up into the air.  Use 
this as a vertical anti-air to counter super-jump-ins or when your 
opponent is trying to stay in the air right above you.

The following variations can only be done in the air:

   * Lk/Mk variation = The same variation as the Lp/Mp.
   * Hk variation = The coil is shot forwards and slightly downwards 
toward the ground at a 30 degree angle.  This is the most useful coil 
variation imo because you can jump up or forwards over a fireball or 
beam and throw it out to ensnare your enemy.
   * 2K variation = The coil is shot straight down towards the ground.  
Use this when you are right above the opponent who you expect a 
counter-jump attack from.

The coil, when hit, can lead to the following attacks:

   * Energy Drain = P.  This drains up to about 1/15 of your opponent's 
lifebar, adding it to your red lifebar.  If you do not have red life, 
you cannot recover any more of your life.
   * Death Factor = K.  This drains up to about 1/4 of your opponent's 
supermeter, adding it to your supermeter.
   * Coil Throw = any direction + P.  This throws the opponent in the 
corresponding direction.
   * Double Coil Throw = db/d/df + P, any other direction + P.  This 
throws the opponent twice; once towards the ground, and once in any 
other direction.
Note: The Energy Drain and Death Factor can be switched while an 
opponent is ensnared.

The following can be done when the opponent is ensnared:

   * Coil Throw
   * Energy Drain
   * Death Factor
   * Energy Drain/Death Factor + Coil Throw
   * Double Coil Throw

The following CANNOT be done:

   * Energy Drain/Death Factor + Double Coil Throw

* Omega Strike = QCF + K/2Ks (can only be done on the ground).  Omega 
Red plants his coils into the ground, and then launches himself, 
attacking with both feet.  This has even better start-up time than the 
Carbonadium Coil.  Also, however, the lag is determined by how well you 
retract it or cancel it.  Retracting it involves b + K, which will make 
Omega Red slide back very quickly to his original spot, while canceling 
it involves d + K, which will make Omega Red land on the ground, 
enabling him to block, even when he is still airborne.  There are 3 
variations of this move:

   * Lk/Mk variation = Omega Red launches himself straight forward.  
Use this in your combos; don't abuse it.  If you whiff this from a 
distance, retract it.  If you whiff this close-up, don't retract it, so 
that you'll be carried to safety; if the opponent tries any kind of 
beam attack, cancel it and block.
   * Hk variation = Omega Red launches himself forward into the air at 
a 30 degree angle.  Use this as an anti-air, to counter jump-ins, to 
get yourself out of a corner, to evade beams, or to set an aerial 
   * 2K variation = Omega Red launches himself straight up into the 
air.  Use this as a vertical anti-air, to counter super-jump-ins, or to 
evade screen-filling supers.

                              7. Hyper Combos

* Omega Destroyer = QCB + 2Ps (takes 1 super level and can only be done 
on the ground).  Omega Red's pose before this is facing the camera.  He 
whips out his coils horizontally in both directions in an instant and 
then fills the whole bottom part of the screen with both his coils, 
whipping up and down (covering even the area above him), while yelling 
"OMEGA DESTROYER!"  The coils can neutralize projectiles.  The opponent 
must be nearby for this to do decent damage.  You don't want to use 
this when your opponent is in the air nearby because he/she could knock 
you out of it, wasting 1 super level.  If this is blocked, the opponent 
will be pushed away, ensuring your safety.  Usually awful block damage; 
however, if the opponent is really up-close, the super creates a vacuum 
effect for amazing block damage.  If they attempt to push-block out of 
the vacuum effect, the coils will most likely give them a whipping; 
unfortunately, when the super and vacuum effect stops, you'll be open 
to counterattacks because the enemy wasn't pushed away.  Little start-
up and lag time.

* Carbonadium Smasher = QCB + 2Ps (takes 1 super level and can only be 
done in the air).  Omega Red's start-up pose before this is when he 
stops in midair with his air-dash pose.  Then he air-dashes forward, 
yelling "CARBONADIUM SMASHER!"  This has bad start-up time, but if it 
is blocked, Omega Red will push himself away to safety.  Even better, 
if it misses, Omega Red falls down, able to block any counterattacks.  
If he catches the enemy not blocking, he gives him/her an automatic 
beatdown ending with a coil throw directly downwards.  This does more 
damage than the Omega Destroyer, but it is much harder to combo into.

                               8. Assists

Assist Type    |Variable Assist |Variable Counter |Variable Combination
Alpha: Throw   |Lp/Mp coil with |Hp               |Omega Destroyer
               |throw in the UF |                 |
               |direction       |                 |
Beta: Anti-Air |Hk Omega Strike |Hk Omega Strike  |Omega Destroyer
Gamma: Ground  |db + Hk         |d + Hp           |Omega Destroyer

* Alpha: Pick this if you want a setup for an air combo.  Of course, 
getting this to connect is the hard part.  One of the better assists 
* Beta: Pick this if you want to momentarily keep the enemy on the 
ground.  When Omega Red finishes this, he will be in the enemy's 
territory, so make sure you cover him.
* Gamma: One of the better assists imo.  Since he does this from where 
you're located, it can be used to shield you from almost any attack.  
Plus, it can stun the enemy for setups into practically anything!  Make 
sure you cover him if you're using this for offense.

                              9. Strategy

                          A. General Strategy

      Omega Red is an all-purpose character.  He can play up-close with 
his attacks that have great range as well as keep-away with his coils.

Tips when facing pixies:
* keep-away
* play up-close with his long-range normal attacks
* mainly stay in blocking position, especially against pixies who can 
run really fast

Tips when facing beamers:
* abuse his df + Hk for a little bit (After that, they'll realize that 
they need to change their keep-away strategy, don't they?)
* use your Hk coil when jumping a beam or fireball
* play more defensively and learn to telegraph the beams

Tips when facing powerhouses:
* capitalize on the lag in their moves; when far away, use your special 
* abuse his jumping and crouching Hp to pierce through their super 
* keep-away, especially against hyper-armored characters

Tips when facing Shotokans (including Guile and Charlie):
* capitalize on the lag of their projectiles by ensnaring the enemy 
with your Hk coil
* capitalize on the lag of their anti-air attacks by comboing them
* keep-away


                      B. Highly-Prioritized Attacks:

 #|*Ground     |*Anti-Air      |*Super Anti-Air|*Jump-In  |*Air-to-Air
 1|crouching Hp|Hk Omega Strike|2P coil        |jumping Hp|jumping Hp
 2|Hp          |Hp coil        |2K Omega Strike|jumping Hk|air-Lp coil
 3|Hk          |either launcher|crouching Mp   |jumping Lk|jumping Hk


                           C. Specific Strategy

(under construction)

                               10. Combos

Preferably start your combos with either a jumping Hp or Hk (preferably 
Hp).  It would also help if you use assists to cover you.  Air combos 
will not work if you launched the enemy with the tip of Omega Red's 
launcher since he is slightly too far away, so stay away from them.

Regular Combo:
1. crouching Lk, crouching Mk, Hp XX Lp Carbonadium Coil

Snapback Combo:
2. crouching Lk, crouching Mk XX Snapback

Super Combo:
3. Lk, Mk, Hp XX Omega Destroyer

From what I've heard on the message boards, there is a way to combo 
into his Carbonadium Smasher in the corner, but I forgot the combo 

                        11. Omega Red vs. Abyss

The last stage is where you can rack up a LOT of points against Abyss, 
especially with Omega Red fighting him.

* First Form: Keep hitting him with the d + Hp. since multi-hits tend 
to slow him down (as if he couldn't get any slower).  If he goes for 
the dashing attack, use the Lk Omega Strike to carry yourself to the 
other side or super-jump; while he's still dashing, hit him with the df 
+ Hk and an assist if you're far away.  If you super-jumped backwards 
towards Abyss (his dash goes all the way to the other side of the 
screen, so Omega Red would be jumping closer to him since he dashed 
under Omega Red to the other side), hit him with a jumping Hp and 
repeat it.  If he goes for the beam super, super-jump forwards or 
straight up, air dash when you're high to move over him, and while you 
are landing, give him a jumping Hp.  Then while he's shooting the beam 
the wrong way, keep hitting him with the jumping Hp so you don't get 
hurt from hitting the beam using the other attacks; you can also use 
your assists at this time.  You would be very surprised at how this 
strategy can raise your combo hits.
* Second Form: Maintain an almost full-distance away and do the df + Hk 
repeatedly (Omega Red's df + Hk sometimes cannot reach Abyss when he is 
at a completely full distance away).  When you see him going for his 
beam special, crouch-block, because sometimes he can duck one of his 
thinner beams.  If you're quick enough, super-jump forwards, then air-
dash to the other side, giving him a jumping Hp as you land and hitting 
his back with the crouching Lk, crouching Mk.  Just watch out for his 
super.  If he sends out the bubbles, super-jump straight up or 
backwards and send the coils down to pop them.  If you did not get rid 
of all of them, use the db + Hk or the jumping Hp or Hk or crouching Hp 
to protect yourself.
* Third Form: Immediately go behind him and when the match starts, use 
the Lp or Lk and not the THC or DHC; he might disappear into the lava 
first, making your THC miss and having him counterattack on all 3 of 
your characters (You can keep all of them alive against a joke like 
Abyss, can't you?) or just 1 of them in a DHC.  If he disappears, stay 
in crouch-blocking stance at all times.  When he reappears, get right 
below him (the Omega Destroyer does the most damage to him when both 
coils are whipping him), and unleash the THC or DHC.  When he reappears 
again, finish him off with another one.  If that doesn't work because 
it did not kill him or if your THC is really bad, just block at all 
times and when he appears, hit him with the jumping Hp for damage and 
to charge your supermeter.  Once you have at least 1 level, use your 
Omega Destroyer whenever you're under him.

                          12. Poses and Colors

These are the only poses you need to know that will help your gameplay:
* Taunt: Omega Red breaks from his humpback stance by standing up and 
yelling.  Not very useful info, I know, but if your opponent's Omega 
Red underestimates your Omega Red's versatility, punish him.
* Assist Call: Same as his taunt, but instead of yelling, he says, 
"Let's go!"  The value of this info is pretty obvious...that is if 
you're also fighting Omega Red, so treat it as a taunt, except that you 
might want to punish his helpers as well.
* Snapback Attack: Hp.  This is useful info because you can combine 
your knowledge of the Hp's attributes (range, start-up time, etc.).

This FAQ is long enough without showing the list of colors, so I'll 
just sum it up; the color variations of your character depends on which 
button you pressed to select him/her.  The best color for Omega Red imo 
is Lp, but if the your opponent already has that color, then you've got 
the bad colors left.

                           13. Past Revisions

(under construction)

                          14. Future Revisions

* chapter 9, section C
* chapter 13
* updating chapter 15
* correction of any grammatical or spelling mistakes
* anything else

                               15. Credits

Thanks to:

ANickerson for the vacuum effect of the Omega Destroyer, descriptions 
of the normals, throws, specials, and supers, parts of the strategies 
(including some against Abyss), and assist chart.

CJayC for making this great website and posting my FAQ up.

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