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Sentinel by dragonkahn

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/12/01

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Sentinel FAQ v2.0
Written & compiled by dragonkahn
Created on November 9, 2000
Last Updated on September 12, 2001
Email: dragonkahn@yahoo.com

  Table of Contents

	1. Profile
	2. Overview
	3. Notable Normal Moves
	4. Special Moves
	5. Hyper Combos
	6. Assist Types
	7. Strategy
	8. Combos
	9. Partner Recommendations
	10. Miscellaneous
	11. Props and Credits

  1. Profile

Real Name: ???
Height: varies
Weight:	varies
Place of Birth: ???
Occupation: ???

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #14

Superhuman Powers: ???

History: ???

  2. Overview

Sentinel is one of the most overpowered and cheapest characters in the game.
And this has been proven in the tournament scene. He is a part of Duc Do's
winning team of Spiral/Cable/Sent, the best player in the game during its
heyday. He's also in the notorious team of Team Watts, which Alex Valle plays
to near perfection. And now, he's a part of Justin Wong's team of
Storm/Sentinel/Cammy, who is the current MvC2 World Champion. Overtime, many
people have learned and utilized his Flight-Cancelling game. And eventually,
what was once a lopsided losing battle against Cable, suddenly turn more
favorable towards Sentinel. Granted, Sentinel still has a tough time against
Cable, Cable doesn't dominate Sentinel like how it was before.


Keep-away - Sentinel is one of the better keep away characters in the game.
	It's not really like Doom and Cable's "Don't get near me!!!" keep away,
	but more like "If you get close to me, I'll knock your ass back out!!!"
	type of keep away. He has 4 variations of projectiles, the fastest
	flight in the game, Flight-Cancelling, and higly-prioritized basic
	attacks to push your opposition away. Dashing or jumping in on this guy 	is
possible, but he'll find a way push you back out.

Speed and Surprise - For a big guy, Sentinel has a pretty damn fast ground
	both forwards and backwards. His Flight Mode is the fastest among the
	game. He can fly back faster than most characters trying to move
	forward. Sentinel's normal attacks are somewhat slow, but thanks to
	Capcom's cancellation system, they can be cancelled into a fast special
	and then cancelled again into a fast super. His attacks are fast enough
	that you need quick reflexes to block them. Sentinel's rushdown is
	nothing to sneeze at. He may dash in with a low attack, which leads to
	a painful Hyper Sentinel Force combo. Or he may jump up suddenly and
	perform a Stomp Combo on you with quick speed. His rushdown is quick
	enough that you don't know whether to block high or low. You should
	always be on your toes when playing against this guy.

Reach and Priority - Sentinel can hit you with just about anything from across
	the screen, and it'll hurt too. He also has Super Armor, which takes
	him 2 hits to get stunned. So, he just might be able to sneak in an
	attack even when you're hitting him. His jumping Fierce, Short, and
	Roundhouse have mad air-to-air and air-to-ground priority, which makes
	him arguably the King of the Skies.

Damage - Sentinel is the most damaging and most durable character in the game,
	hands down. He takes the least amount of damage, taking only 50% of
	what Akuma takes. He also dishes out a lot of it too. All of his normal
	attacks do chipping damage, even to Iceman. His Rocket Punch is the
	most "useful" damaging special in the game IMO. Juggernaut's Punch is
	also damaging but has a lot of lag at the end, making it too risky to
	pull out. Strider's Parachute Bomb (the most damaging special
	in the game) on the other hand, has no recovery time at the end, but
	has laggy startup time, making it hard to connect.

Lag and Recovery - For a guy that's bigger than Juggernaut and Hulk, Sentinel's
	pretty darn fast, in terms of execution. All of his supers have little
	or no lag whatsoever. If your opponent blocks any of your supers, you
	can be sure that you pretty much safe from counters, even from AHVBs
	(Air Hyper Viper Beams).


Size - Sentinel is the biggest character in the game, covering nearly 1/3 of
	the screen area. Anything you throw at him will most likely hit him,
	even when he's crouching. Sentinel is huge prey to the Doom/Blackheart
	trap. His size is prefect for combos since any attack will most likely
	hit him. Crossovers are the worst nightmares for Sentinel players.

Anti-Air - None of Sentinel's ground moves, whether it be normal, special, or
	hyper, will hit your opponent when he's in the air. As long as he's in
	the air and Sentinel is on the ground, he is perfectly safe from
	Sentinel's attacks. Most players will cover this weakness by pairing
	Sentinel with a high-hitting Anti-Air assist, such as CapCom AAA or
	Cammy AAA.

  3. Notable Normal Moves

standing Fierce
Rating: ****-
This is Sentinel's one-button beam. Does only 2 hits max and has long recovery.
It'll miss most crouching opponents but it can prevent him from jumping up. If
your opponent manages to completely dodge the beam, cancel it out into Drone
Swarm or Flight Mode and fly backwards. Use this move after Hyper Sentinel
Force so you can juggle your opponent for another one. This is Sentinel's
quickest move from far range, so this should be used frequently.

crouching Fierce
Rating: ****-
Same as standing Fierce, except that it hits crouching opponents. Alternate
between standing and crouching to throw your opponent off.

jumping Fierce, Short, Roundhouse
Rating: *****
These three basic air attacks is what makes Sentinel the King of the Skies.
Combinations of these attacks will give Sentinel air-to-ground control. His
Fierce a.k.a. "The Frying Pan" is Sentinel's best air-to-air attack. It has mad
priority and reach, and will knock your airborne opponent back down to the
ground. His Short and Roundhouse attacks a.k.a. "Stomps" is used to pin and
keep your opponent to the ground.

standing Roundhouse
Rating: ***--
This is Sentinel's only launcher, a.k.a. "The Big Boot". It's impossible to
connect with it from a ground combo, but can be connected after Sentinel lands
from an air combo (OTG). It also has a long recovery time, giving your opponent
enough time to block it, dash-in, and combo. It can be used as an unreliable
Anti-Air, though, using it against jump-ins.

crouching Roundhouse
Rating: ****-
This is Sentinel's sweep move. I use this move a lot when I'm rushing down with
Sent. Surprisingly, not that many people use this move. It's a good move to try
to pressure your opponent. What I do is rush in with crouching Roundhouse,
quickly cancel into Flight, and then pull off Short, Roundhouse. If it
connects, then downwards Rocket Punch. If it doesn't, then just Flight Cancel.

  4. Special Moves

Rocket Punch: D, DF, F + any punch
Rating: ****-
This move is Sentinel's Bread and Butter; it does a whole lot of damage, comes
out really fast, and can be done in the air. If it completely misses your
opponent, though, it leaves Sentinel wide open because his hand needs to
retract back to his arm. Recovery time depends on the distance the hand
travels. Also, treat his Rocket Punch as an extension of his body, not a
projectile. If your opponent attacks it with a fireball or whatever, then it'll
hurt Sentinel, even though he's all the way across the screen. The Fierce
version goes horizontally straight while the Jab version goes downward at about
30 degrees. Use Fierce version for long range and Jab version for close range.
And always cancel into Hyper Sentinel Force if it hits or Plasma Storm if you
are close enough and have only one super.

Upward Rocket Punch: F, D, DF, F + any punch
Rating: **---
A Rocket Punch that goes 30 degrees upwards. Not really reliable because it
completely misses grounded opponents, and leaves Sentinel wide open for a
dash-in. Not really good Anti-Air, either. More useful in the air though.

Drone Swarm: D, DF, F + Short
Rating: ****-
Summons 3 drones that goes across the screen. Each drone requires one hit to
stop, so it takes 3 hits (or a beam) to completely stop the swarm. You can
control the height of its flight by pushing down to make it go lower or pushing
up to make it go higher. If you can control it right, it can prevent your
opponent from dashing or jumping in on you. This move is also used as
Sentinel's Guard Break. *See Strategy section for his Guard Break.

Drone Bombs: D, DF, F + Roundhouse
Rating: ****-
Has slow startup and can be seen a mile away. But good for pressuring and
chipping your opponent; can also block out fireballs. But its most useful for
stopping dash-ins and jump-ins. They may get a hit on you but once the Drone
Bombs are out, they hit your opponent even if Sentinel's getting his ass
kicked. You can control where the Bombs drop by holding down Roundhouse to
release them at the other end of the screen. If it's not held down, then they
will be released in the middle of the screen.

Flight: D, DB, B + both kicks
Rating: *****
Perhaps, the most useful move in his arsenal. Flight is to Sentinel like
Air-dashing is to Magneto. He has the fastest flight in the entire game. It's
so fast that he can actually dodge most super jump attacks. Other than
mobility, Flight has another use...Fly-cancelling. Sentinel can pull off laggy
basic ground moves relatively safe. If he sees that the opponent has an
opportunity to retaliate, all Sentinel has to do is quickly cancel into Flight
Mode and fly back or cancel into Flight Mode and immediately cancel out of
Flight Mode. Also, when Sentinel is flying, if he sees something that will
potentially hit out of the air (i.e. opponent DHC into Storm's Hailstorm),
Sentinel is quick enough to quickly cancel out of Flight and he'll be able to
block. Use and abuse this as often as possible. Flight is a major part of his
game as I've mentioned before.

  5. Hyper Combos

Plasma Storm: D, DF, F + both punches
Rating: ****-
A good and damaging way to end ground combos. Mash the buttons for extra hits
and damage. This super has very quick startup and little recovery time. If your
opponent blocks it, you are pretty much safe from counter attacks. Although,
I'd rather waste my supers on Hyper Sentinel Force.

Hyper Sentinel Force: D, DF, F + both kicks
Rating: *****
This is one of the best supers in the game. Has absolutely no lag afterwards
and is a good super to DHC into. If they block it, then you are safe from any
kind of punishment afterwards, even from Cable's AHVB. This super can be linked
one-by-one by using Fierce Beam and/or Rocket Punch in between them.

Hard Drive: D, DF, F + both punches (in air)
Rating: **---
Although, it may seem to be a good super, at first, because you can link it
after an air combo, but look at the damage. No thanks to Capcom's Damage
Reduction system, an air combo finished off with Hard Drive does just a little
bit more damage than the same combo finished off with a Rocket Punch. Don't
with this super.

  6. Assist Types

Projectile: Jab Rocket Punch
Rating: ***--
A decent assist because of it's massive damage, but can be a seen a mile away,
giving your opponent plenty of time to block. Ground type is better.

Launcher: standing Roundhouse
Rating: *----
The worst of Sentinel's assists. Sentinel just comes in and gives the "Big
Boot", which launches your opponent in the air. You can air combo after this,
but is unreliable because it doesn't interrupt or "outprioritize" a lot of
other attacks or assists. Don't bother picking this one.

Ground: Sentinel Force Swarm
Rating: *****
The best of Sentinel's assists. Sentinel summons 3 drones that goes across the
screen. This is good for helping you dash-in or chip turtlers. It also stops
Rushdown characters such as Magneto from triangle jumping in on you. Each drone
requires one hit to stop, so it takes 3 hits (or a beam) to completely stop the
swarm. If they get hit by it, they stay grounded on the floor, so you can combo
after the last drone hits them.

  7. Strategy

Blackheart - coming soon

Cable - When fighting against Cable, try not to stay on the same level as he
is. If he's on the ground, you should be in the air. If he's in the air, you
should be on the ground. You do not want to be in his beam's line of sight
(horizontally straight). Superjump and activate Flight Mode. Try to stay
directly above his head. If he tries to superjump up with you, knock him back
down with Fierce or Roundhouse. Or if you're too far away to hit him, then
quickly deactivate Flight Mode, otherwise you'll eat AHVB. If you do dodge it,
fly behind him and do the Hard Drive super. Pulling out Hyper Sentinel Force
against beamers are OK since it has so little lag afterwards that even a AHVB
can't get him. In turn, punish blocked beam supers with Rocket Punch xx Hyper
Sentinel Force. Not really a good strategy against beamers, but hey, they're a
pain in the @$$ for everyone.

Cyclops - coming soon

Doctor Doom - Sentinel should win this match. Flying Sentinel will give Doom
major problems. Just try to stay at a higher level than Doom and keep him
pinned to the ground with Stomp attacks. Try to telegraph his Air Photon Shots:
superjump, cancel into Flight Mode, fly over and towards Doom, and hit him with
Fierce. Do not try to wavedash under his Photon Shot; Sentinel's too big to
avoid them. If playing against Doom/Blackheart, however, you best have a good
AAA with you (i.e. CapCom or Cyclops AAA). Otherwise, Sentinel will lose badly
to them.

Magneto - Magneto will rape Sentinel, if not equipped with a proper assist. Try
to keep Magneto away from you at all times. If he does get close to you, he
will triangle jump and cross up all over you. You may not know how to block his
rushdown properly, which will result in a free damaging combo for Magneto. To
prevent this from happening, pushblock all attacks he tries on you to give
yourself breathing room. Keep him clear across the screen with combinations of
Fierce Beams, Drone Swarms, and Flight-cancelling. Do not throw random Hyper
Sentinel Forces. Magneto will be be able to superjump out of it, airdash over,
and punish you. Try to fly around. If he airdashes straight towards you, knock
him back down with Fierce. If he superjumps up at you, knock him back down with
Roundhouse. CapCom AAA will definitely help out your cause in the fight against

Sentinel (Mirror Match) - It's all a matter of who gains control of the air.
You will see a whole lot of flying and missed air attacks in Sentinel vs.
Sentinel matches. Try to stay on a higher ground than his Sentinel. If you got
quick fingers and reaction, try to dodge any laggy moves you he tries to throw
out, and then fly over (or under, if more appropriate) and bust out c.lk, c.lk
xx Upwards Rocket Punch. You and your opponent's assists also play a major role
in this battle. Picking the right assist may ultimately lead to either victory
or defeat. Ideal assists you should pick when fighting against other Sentinels
are CapCom, Cammy, and Blackheart AAA. Psylocke and Doom AAA, among many
others, are horrible in Sentinel fights. Two main things to keep in your head:
choose wisely, and stay on a higher ground

Spiral - coming soon

Storm - coming soon

Sentinel's Guard Break
To do Sentinel's guard break, your opponent must appear in the corner. When his
next character pops out, hit him with Sentinel Drone Swarm at the peak of it
flight (you must activate the Swarm even before he comes onto the screen so
that it'll reach to the end of the screen once he pops out). Once he blocks it,
do a standing Roundhouse to launch him and bust out your air combo.

  8. Combos

() = action done while standing, crouching, jumping, or superjumping (this is
     specified before the parentheses)
xx = special/hyper cancel

- fly (Short, Roundhouse xx Rocket Punch)
- crouching Short, stand (Strong xx Rocket Punch xx Plasma Storm)
- crouching Short, stand (Strong xx Rocket Punch xx Hyper Sentinel Force),
  standing Fierce and/or Rocket Punch xx Hyper Sentinel Force. Repeat last two
  moves if desired.
- standing Roundhouse, superjump (Jab, Short, Strong, Forward xx
  Rocket Punch)
- (in the corner) crouching Short, stand (Strong xx Rocket Punch xx Hyper
  Sentinel Force), dash-in Roundhouse, superjump (Jab, Short, Strong, Forward
  xx Flight Mode), fly towards your opponent, Fierce throw, Short, Forward xx
  Upwards Rocket Punch, fly towards your opponent again, Fierce throw, Short,
  Forward xx Upwards Rocket Punch

Email me if you got a good combo worth posting (dragonkahn@yahoo.com).

  9. Partner Recommendations

Cammy - She can utilize Sentinel's Ground assist to its full extent with her
	Cannon Drill. Call out Sentinel's assist and then Air Cannon Drill over
	your opponent to the other side. Then dash-in on your opponent, while
	the Drone Swarm is getting the other side. If it hits, you can combo it
	off, since the opponent stays grounded, and launch him in the air for a
	nasty air KBA combo. Magneto does have somewhat a similar stategy like
	this, but not as effective as Cammy's.

Any character with Teleport - Teleporters can also take full advantage of
	Sentinel's ground assist, too. Right when the Drone Swarm is about to
	hit your opponent, teleport to the other side of your opponent. Now, he
	must block the Swarm by holding the other way. He may get confused or
	may not be fast enough to know which way to block. It helps a lot if
	you do your teleport move behind Sentinel. Since Sentinel's so big, he
	can cover you up while you're doing the teleport. This makes it harder
	for your opponent to know whether you're gonna teleport to the left or
	right side, or not even teleport at all. Good teleporters that can do
	this real well would be Spiral and Strider.

Blackheart - When partnered with Blackheart, you get the Sentinel/Blackheart
	trap. Call out Blackheart's Anti-Air assist and do Fierce Beam xx Drone
	Swarm. Then Fierce Beam xx Drone Swarm. Call out Blackheart again and
	repeat this process until your opponent chips to death or 'til you get
	bored. It doesn't work quite as well on air dashers because they can
	dodge Blackheart's Inferno in the air. There's also a hole where your
	opponent can super jump and get close to Sentinel, but all you need to
	do is dash back and proceed with the trap.

Captain Commando - CapCom's Anti-Air assist provides Sentinel all the anti-air
	he needs. It's one of the best assists in the game, and does a lot of
	damage. Sentinel could just fly and keep calling out CapCom's assist to
	annoy the hell outta the opponent.

  10. Miscellaneous

- My favorite team: Spiral/Strider/Doom and Spiral/Storm/Cammy
- My Money Teams: Spiral/Cable/Sentinel and Storm/Cable/Captain Commando
- Team in experimental stage: Magneto/Cable/Cammy
- My favorite character: Cammy
- My favorite Top-Tier character: Spiral
- The Unsung Hero/Heroine: Sonson
- No respect for: BH/Capcom teams (geez, show some more skill, doods)
- Mad props to: Magneto, Iron Man, and Strider/Doom players (Rock on.)
- Arcades I go to: Burbank All-Amusement, SHGL
- What I want: an all-black outfit for Strider and an all-white outfit for
  Spiral OH BOY!!! =O

  11. Props and Credits

Props to...
- Gen2000, stuc2k, striderhiryu827, sinawe358
- Soo a.k.a. SooMighty for teaching me the Art of Mag Rushdown. Thank you,
  Sensei -_-
- and to all the puny, little scrubs that I have crushed to get to where I am

Credits to...
- Marvel Enterprises for the Sentinel profile


What ya think of my FAQ? Email me at dragonkahn@yahoo.com
I would luv to hear from ya

© 2000-2001 John "dragonkahn" Le
Long Live the Dragon

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