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Dr. Doom by dragonkahn

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 09/12/01

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Doctor Doom FAQ v2.1
Written & compiled by John "dragonkahn" Le
Created on November 6, 2000
Last Updated on September 12, 2001
Email: dragonkahn@yahoo.com

  Table of Contents

	1. Profile
	2. Overview
	3. Notable Normal Moves
	4. Special Moves
	5. Hyper Combos
	6. Assist Types
	7. Strategy
	8. Combos
	9. Partner Recommendations
	10. Miscellaneous
	11. Props and Credits

  1. Profile

Real Name: Victor Von Doom
Height: 6' 2"
Weight:	225 lbs.
Place of Birth: Gypsy camp outside of Haasenstadt, Latveria
Occupation: Monarch; King of Latveria

First Appearance: Fantastic Four, Vol. 1 #5

Superhuman Powers: While in his armor, Dr. Doom can lift (press)
	approximately 2 tons. He is one of the smartest men in the world and
	has an almost endless variety of weapons and equipment at his disposal.
	At the very least, Doom's armor contains a force field and concussion
	beams -- though more weapons may also be included. Dr. Doom also has
	the ability to switch minds with another person and he possesses a
	small amount of mystical knowledge as well.

History: Victor Von Doom was raised by gypsies in a small European county
	called Latveria. He lost both of his parents at a very young age.
	Swearing revenge, Victor began to increase both his scientific and
	mystical knowledge with such determination that he was given a full
	scholarship to Empire State University. It was at ESU that Victor met
	Reed Richards and Ben Grimm (current members of Fantastic Four), and
	where he started his extradimensional research. Doom's vanity prevented
	him from adjusting the schematics to one of his experiments, and the
	end result was an explosion that scarred Victor for life. Expelled from
	school, Victor began to travel the world, eventually stumbling upon a
	village of Tibetan monks who trained him and crafted him a suit of body
	armor, complete with face plate. He soon returned to Latveria,
	overthrew the government and crowned himself King. Ruling with an iron
	fist, Doom began to turn the resources of his small nation to his plans
	of world conquest.

  2. Overview

Doom is one of the more powerful characters in the game. By many, he is
considered a part of the top tier list of characters. This list includes the
likes of Cable, Storm, Sentinel, and such. Although, he is not the cream of the
crop IMO. He does possess obvious weaknesses that the other top-tiers don't
have, such as being rushdown-prone, even if Doom does have an AAA alongside
him. But it's his ability to safely keep-away is what gives Doom his name. He's
also one of the more cooler-looking villains, carrying that "I can kick your
ass" look. Don't you agree?


Keep-away - Doom is one of the best keep-away characters in the game. He has a
	projectile that covers a lot of area, flight mode, and air dash, making
	it an uphill battle to get near him. He can cover more area than Cable
	and Sentinel, and with the proper assist, Doom can beat these two
	powerhouses with ease that so few can do.

Trap - Doom is the centerpiece for a number of teams when teamed up with
	certain characters like Strider or Blackheart. His Molecular Shield
	assist can be used in traps and his Photon Shot and Fierce Beam Gun can
	hold your opponent on the ground. *Go to Partner Recommendations for

Anti-Air Assist - While Doom is on the top tier list of characters, his assist
	is also on the top tier list of assists. Many people love his AAA
	(dubbed The Rocks). This is probably the sole reason why people start
	to pick up and play with Doom. That's certainly how I started out a
	year ago. It's the Swiss army knife of assists. It will stop dash-ins
	and jump-ins (to a certain degree), set up traps, act as a shield, help
	you dash in, hold your opponent in place, chip turtlers, mini-launch
	opponents for an air combo, and much more. Highly abusable by many.

Damage - Doom can inflict heavy damage with his specials and hypers while
	receiving little himself. A single Photon Array combo will take off
	half a lifebar. Doom himself, on the other hand, can take more hits
	than a typical character can. The difference is fairly miniscule
	though. But Doom magnifies this by trying not to take damage at all by
	playing tough keep-away. Almost all of his specials and hypers cause a
	lot of chip damage, especially his Photon Array at close range.


Speed - Doom is slow as hell. It takes him quite a while to get from point A to
	point B, on the ground or in the air. Doom is very prone to Rushdown
	players like Mag and Storm. Even with a high-priority AAA, Doom still
	can't really hold off these two speed demons. Throwing Photon Shots
	doesn't help his cause either. His superjump doesn't give Doom much
	horizontal distance. This makes open to attack by wavedashers. And his
	flight mode is the slowest among the flyers in the game. Once your
	opponent gets Doom in the corner, he's pretty much a sitting duck.

Size & Weight - Doom is a big target. Anything you throw at him will most
	likely hit Doom, even when he's crouching. His size is prefect for
	combos since any attack will most likely hit him. His weight, too, is
	good for combos because he falls down at the right speed.

Lag & Recovery - Most of Doom's specials and hypers either have lag or recovery
	time. Either you can see it coming a mile away or you can block it and
	then punish Doom. This really inhibits Doom's close-up game. Never ever
	pull out any special or super at close range, with the exception of the
	Air Photon Shot. You will be punished.

  3. Notable Normal Moves

jumping Fierce
Rating: ****-
Pressing Fierce while in the air will cause Doom to pull out a gun and shoot
out a beam that travels slowly across the screen. I call this the "Beam Gun".
This is mainly used to keep your opponent grounded and prevent him from jumping
or dashing in on you by using this move consecutive times. To do this, jump
backwards. Right when you get off the ground, hit Fierce. This will cause the
beam to travel the entire length of the screen. Once you land, repeat the
process over again. If you press it a little late during the jump, it won't
travel the whole distance, which will allow the opponent to jump-in. As long as
the beam travels the entire length of he screen, he can't dash-in or jump-in.
But be careful of characters that are an exception to this rule; quick dashers
like Magneto and Cammy can dash in beneath the beam and launch you. This move
is also a Guard Break. *See Strategy section for his Guard Break.

crouching Fierce
Rating: ****-
This is Doom's main launcher. It's also Doom's main defense, besides Sphere
Flame, against an opponent that is directly above Doom's head. It has a little
bit of startup and recovery time. But, it covers both sides of Doom and has
amazing ground-to-air priority, making jump-ins and crossovers against Doom
useless. If your opponent blocks this move, cancel into Plasma Beam, since it
has a lot of recovery time and the Plasma Beam will give Doom more room to
recover. This move is why wavedashing Dooms are so deadly. You try to superjump
on them, they quickly dash to the other side and pull off a launcher. You'll
probably eat it since you don't have the reaction time to block it correctly,
that is unless you actually telegraphed it.

jumping Jab
Rating: **---
Nothing special about this move. I'm only mentioning this move because it's
Doom's main way of Guard Breaking. *See Strategy section for his Guard Break.

DF + Roundhouse
Rating: **---
Doom's kick launcher. It's faster and more safer to pull out than his Fierce
launcher, but not as useful. This is used to combo off of Doom's Guard Break.
*See Strategy section for his Guard Break.

jumping Roundhouse
Rating: ****-
Doom flies across the screen with a jet blast on his back, flying feet first. I
call it the Dive Kick. I don't really use this as an attack. Instead, I use it
as a way for Doom to get around in the air and to fake out my opponents. It
travels just as fast as his Air Dash, but is a little riskier. His air
Roundhouse plays a major part of Doom's mind game. You can fake out your
opponent by cancelling out the Dive Kick into Photon Shot, Air Dash, or Flight
Cancel. Not only that, but if you cancelled it into an Air Dash or Flight
Cancel, you can call out your assist. This is the main concept of the
Doom/CapCom trap. *Go to Partner Recommendations for the trap.

D + Roundhouse (in air)
Rating: **---
Same as Roundhouse Rocket Dive. He just flies at a steeper angle. Not as useful
as the regular Dive Kick. 

  4. Special Moves

Plasma Beam: D, DF, F + any punch
Rating: ***--
Has a very quick startup and knocks your opponent across the screen. But has a
little bit of recovery and isn't really a true beam, does only one hit. Pull
this out if your opponent is far away.

Air Plasma Beam: D, DF, F + any punch (in air)
Rating: *----
A Plasma Beam that aims 45 degrees downwards. Doom falls a lot slower while
doing this move, prolonging his time in the air. But, pretty much a worthless

Photon Shot: F, DF, D, DB, B + any punch
Rating: ****-
Has slow startup and travels slowly across the screen. But it covers both sides
of Doom and spreads nearly all over the screen, except above Doom's head.
Nearly impossible to escape unless telegraphed, good chip damage, pushes
jumpers away if blocked. Pull this out if your opponent is far away.

Air Photon Shot: F, DF, D, DB, B + any punch (in air)
Rating: *****
A more focused Photon Shot aimed downwards. This is Doom's main keep-away
weapon. Use and abuse this as much as possible.

Molecular Shield: F, DF, D, DB, B + any kick
Rating: ***--
Has almost no startup time and does a lot of chip damage, but has a lot of
recovery time. When playing against dashers, sweep them and cancel into this

Flight: D, DB, B + both punches
Rating: ***--
Not really useful since Doom has the slowest flight among all flyers in the
game. It's mainly used for Flight Cancelling purposes. Learn to cancel out of
the Dive Kick with Flight. Use this if your opponent doesn't have good
anti-air. If your opponent is in flight mode, have Doom fly too. Bring Doom to
the same height as your opponent. Then pull out Fierce Beam Gun. Does about 5
hits max and good damage. Doom cannot block while in flight mode.

Air Dash: any direction + both punches (in air)
Rating: *****
Doom's main transportation in the air. Use this to escape from some supers or
to get near your opponent. Can also be used in an air combo when you want to
position yourself so that you can get more hits with Photon Array or when you
want to throw in the corner. If playing keep away, air dash straight up and
rain Photon Shots while falling down. This move, also, is used to cancel out of
the Dive Kick.

  5. Hyper Combos

Electric Cage: D, DF, F + both punches
Rating: ***--
Looks cool and does good chip damage. It goes across the screen very slowly and
has long recovery time. Good for punishing a blocked long-range super, but it's
hard to judge if it's gonna hit because of its speed.

Photon Array: F, DF, D, DB, B + both punches
Rating: **---
Does a lot of chip damage if done at close range and is nearly inescapable. But
has long recovery time and can't be comboed with. Don't even bother doing this
move, the air version is way better. This should only be used to safely tag in

Air Photon Array: F, DF, D, DB, B + both punches (in air)
Rating: *****
A more focused Photon Array. Does a lot of chip damage. Always waste your
supers and finish your air combos with this move. Practice timing of your air
combos so that you get at least 15 hits with this move.

Sphere Flame: D, DF, F + both kicks
Rating: *----
Doom's vertical super. Has fast startup and good horizontal range for a
vertical super. But has horrible recovery and is too risky to pull out. Doom's
pretty much dead if it's blocked. I find no use for this super, since Doom
leaves himself so open to attack, unless it'll connect as a DHC.

  6. Assist Types

Doom has the best assists overall in the game. All three assists are quite
useful compared to the assists of all the other characters'. The only
characters that come close are Cammy, Storm, and Jin. Even his worst assist,
Projectile, is as good as Magneto's (a top-tier character) best assist,

Expansion: Photon Shot
Rating: ****-
Good against jumpers and flyers and regain air control. Decent assist but his
Anti-Air is way better.

Anti-Air: Molecular Shield
Rating: *****
As I said before, this assist will do a lot things for you. IMO, it's the best
assist in the whole game. You get free damage on superjumpers. When they jump
in on you, call out Doom AAA and dash beneath to the other side. Always pick
and abuse this assist.

Projectile: Plasma Beam
Rating: **---
The worst of Doom's assists. Don't bother picking this one.

  7. Strategy

When fighting against Pixies or Rushdown Characters (i.e. Wolverine, Cammy,
Magneto), play a act/react game. Keep jumping up and down, while busting out
Fierce Beam Gun. As long as the beam travels the entire length of he screen, he
can't dash-in. If he super jumps, throw a ground Photon Shot. If he does manage
to dodge your Photon Shot and jump-in on you, throw a crouching Fierce launcher
or wavedash back or beneath. Mix it up so you keep him guessing. His Fierce
Launcher has amazing priority over jump-in attacks. If he dashes in, block and
then pushblock to give yourself breathing room. You can also try to do the
"Tiger Knee" Air Photon Array (F, DF, D, DB, B, UB + both punches) against
dash-ins, If he does not block by the time the super is in freeze mode (the
frame where the action stops and Doom's mug is in the background), he'll eat
the super. Although, don't rely on it too much. If he does block it, then DHC
into a safe super (Always have an extra super handy!), otherwise you're dead.
And try to stay out of corners! Doom doesn't belong there! And remember, don't
play a action game. Magneto and such will find their way around (quickly, I
might add) and punish you. You must react, grasshoppa. And always be aware if
your opponent has Storm second in line. He can DHC into Hailstorm real quickly
if you become careless with the Photon Shots.

When fighting against beamers, try not to stay on the ground. You do not want
to be in their beams' line of sight (horizontally straight). Super jump, air
dash as high up a possible, and throw out Photon Shots. They may telegraph your
superjump. If they do, don't throw anything out. Wait til you both start
falling, then airdash up and throw Photon Shots. Just remember that you cannot
block while airdashing. So time it right! If he does superjump alone and you're
on the ground, quickly wavedash over and position yourself right beneath him.
They're are many things you can do when he beings to fall to the ground. You
can (1) superjump and throw him with roundhouse, (2) wait til he hits the
ground and then throw him, or (3) dash beneath towards his backside and throw a
Fierce Launcher. I prefer the third one, but you mix them up so your opponent
doesn't predict you. Doc Doom will most likely chip more damage than the
beamers, so go ahead and play a chipping game. If you see a beam super coming,
super jump and air dash across the screen (fly, if necessary), and land behind
him to combo his ass. And punish blocked beam supers with Electric Cage, or a
dashed-in combo if you're within point blank range.

When fighting against giants, stay away from them. There is no way they'll get
near you if you play a good keep away game. Keep super jumping and throwing out
Photon Shots. If you see an opening, dash-in and combo his ass. Make sure you
finish off your combos with Air Photon Array since their huge size will eat
almost every single shot. Fighting against Sentinel may be Doom's toughest
challenge. Sentinel will have a 70/30 edge on Doom. It definitely helps if you
have a high-hitting AAA such as Capcom or Cammy AAA, otherwise, you'll be
fighting an uphill battle. I always have trouble against Flying Sent, so I have
no clear-cut strategies against him, except to always try to stay above him.

Doom's Guard Break

Doom has two Guard Breaks:

For the first one, your opponent must appear in the corner. When his next
character pops out, hit him with a jumping Jab (guard break) at the peak of
your jump (you must jump even before he comes onto the screen). Once he blocks
it, land and hit DF + Roundhouse (his kick launcher) and bust out your air

For the second one, again, your opponent must appear in the corner. You must be
in Flight Mode even before his next character pops out. Fly as low as possible
and throw a Fierce Beam Gun (guard break). He'll block it when he comes
onscreen. Then, throw out Photon Array and he'll eat it. The Photon Array is
not meant to cancel out the Fierce. You must wait til the whole Fierce Beam
finishes, pause a little, and then throw out Photon Array.

  8. Combos

() = action done while standing, crouching, jumping, or superjumping (this is
     specified before the parentheses)
xx = special/hyper cancel

- jump-in (Short, Forward), standing Roundhouse xx Electric Cage
- crouch (Short, Forward, Fierce), superjump (Jab, Short, Strong, Forward,
  Airdash up-forward xx Photon Array)
- crouch (Short, Forward, Fierce), superjump (Jab, Short, Strong, Forward,
  Roundhouse xx airdash forward xx Photon Array)
- (in the corner) crouch (Short, Forward, Fierce), superjump (Jab, Short,
  Strong, Forward, airdash down-forward, Fierce Throw, wait until opponent
  falls right beneath you, Photon Array)
- DOOM INFINITE: (in the corner) crouch (Short, Forward, Fierce), superjump
  (Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Roundhouse xx Flight Cancel, Short, Roundhouse
  xx Flight Cancel, Short, Jab, Roundhouse xx Flight Cancel, and so on and so
  forth.) Alternate cycles between Short-Roundhouse and Short-Jab-Roundhouse.
- crouch (Short, Forward, Fierce), superjump (Jab, Short, Strong, Forward xx
  airdash forward, Short, Strong, Forward xx Flight Mode, FierceTthrow, wait
  until opponent falls right beneath you, Photon Array) *Credits to DontHateMe*

Email me if you got a good combo worth posting (dragonkahn@yahoo.com).

  9. Partner Recommendations

Strider Hiryu - Strider and Doom make up for one of the most notorious traps in
	the game. These two are synonomous for being THE Dynamic Duo of the
	game. Start off by dashing in c.lk + call Doom AAA, c.lk, Fierce,
	Roundhouse xx Throw Bird xx activate Ouroboros. dash-in and keep
	throwing out lp, lk, lp. Dash in between cycles. If he pushblocks,
	teleport. Right when the Orb meter is down to like 1/5 or 1/6 of a
	meter, call Doom and teleport to the other side, Fierce, Roundhouse
	before you land, c.lk, c.lk, Fierce, Roundhouse xx throw Bird or Tiger
	xx Ouroboros. Repeat the process. Of course, you will not be following
	this set sequence the whole time. There will be factors that come into
	play, such as pushblocking and screen positioning, that will force you
	to adjust and try to maintain the trap accordingly. Many mistakes I've
	seen done by inexperienced Strider/Doom players is that they ALWAYS
	call out Doom whenever Strider's Orbs are on. That is a mistake that is
	done so many times. Doom needs to be called out so that Strider can
	deactivate and then reactivate orbs by the time Doom leaves. I believe
	that you don't always hafta teleport to the other side after calling
	Doom. It's all depending on where you position yourself on the screen.
	Sometimes, it's better to call Doom and then not teleport. The trick is
	to give the Orbs, upon deactivation, little distance to walk out of the
	screen. The faster the Orbs gets out of the screen, the faster you can
	reactivate the orbs. So no, you don't necessarily hafta teleport if you
	position correctly relative to the screen. If you have questions
	regarding the Strider/Doom trap, email me at dragonkahn@yahoo.com

Blackheart - Doc Doom and Blackheart are perfect partners for traps since you
	can have either Doom or Blackheart as the trap assist for the other
	one. If Doom is out, keep busting out Fierce Beam Gun while jumping up
	and down. If your opponent super jumps, call out Blackheart's Anti-Air
	assist. Another Doom trap is to call out Blackheart's assist and super
	jump. Throw out Photon Shots while falling down. If Blackheart is out,
	call out Doom's Anti-Air assist while superjumping and throwing out
	Roundhouse demons.

Captain Commando - Doom can trap at point with CapCom as an assist. The whole
	premise of this trap is keep Doom in the air the whole time while using
	CapCom to prevent your opponent from superjumping. This is what you do:
	superjump, Photon Shot, Dive Kick, cancel into Airdash going up-back,
	while you are airdashing, call out CapCom AAA, cancel into Flight,
	Photon Shot, Photon Shot, Dive Kick, and so on and so forth. With
	practice, you won't get hit by your opponent's CapCom AAA, which is the
	trap's main problem. My homeboy Jonathon a.k.a Shogun got this trap
	down pat. Even when I'm playing my Cable/CapCom against his
	Doom/CapCom, he still manages stay above my Cable and not get hit by
	CapCom AAA. So I'm telling you right now that it's possible to
	completely avoid getting hit by CapCom AAA, for those that are in doubt
	of this trap. 

Spiral - Not a trap team and not as effective as Spiral/Sent, but they're still
	decent. Basically, just load up swords and throw them to gain ground
	control. If your opponent tries to superjump in, call out Doom, and
	wavedash back. He'll land into Doom's Rocks. Cover Doom by throwing
	swords. Repeat.

Sentinel - In a nutshell, Sentinel is flying around while trying to keep you
	grounded with Fierce, Roundhouse, and Doom AAA. The corner is where you
	want to keep your opponent at. Stomp him a few times while calling out
	Doom AAA. Once Doom leaves, stomp him a few more times and cancel out
	of Flight and repeat. This is a loose strategy so don't follow this
	exactly; you'll want to mix some stuff up. If your opponent tries to
	superjump in, just call out Doom, wavedash back, Fierce Beam xx Drone
	Swarm. Drone Super + Doom AAA chips a lot. So try pulling out a couple
	of those. 

Cable - A scrub's keep away team, I like to call it. There are many variations
	to do it, and you must adjust accordingly to your opponent's actions.
	What I do is normal jump + call Doom AAA, HK grenade, land, Doom AAA
	hits, standing Fierce (one bullet only), cancel into Electric Grab move
	or LK Grenade. It's mainly to chip and let Cable build up battery for

Iron Man - Similar to the Cable/Doom team concept, except it involves Smart
	Bombs and Flight Cancelling. Doom can set up for Iron Man's infinite by
	doing this: c.lk + call Doom AAA, c.lk, opponent falls down, Doom's
	Rocks will hit him and OTG him, the moment he pops up, normal jump
	up-forward, lk, lp, lk, Up + Fierce, land, and begin the infinite from

  10. Miscellaneous

- My favorite teams: Spiral/Strider/Doom and Spiral/Storm/Cammy
- My Money Teams: Spiral/Cable/Sentinel and Storm/Cable/Captain Commando
- Team in experimental stage: Magneto/Cable/Cammy
- My favorite character: Cammy
- My favorite Top-Tier character: Spiral
- The Unsung Hero/Heroine: Sonson
- No respect for: BH/Capcom teams (geez, show some more skill, doods)
- Mad props to: Magneto, Iron Man, and Strider/Doom players (Rock on.)
- Arcades I go to: Burbank All-Amusement, SHGL
- What I want: all-black Strider outfit, all-white Spiral outfit OH BOY!!! =O

  11. Props and Credits

Props to...
- Gen2000, stuc2k, striderhiryu827, sinawe358
- Soo a.k.a. SooMighty for teaching me the Art of Mag Rushdown. Thank you,
  Sensei -_-
- and to all the puny, little scrubs that I have crushed to get to where I am

Credits to...
- DontHateMe
- Marvel Enterprises for the Doctor Doom profile


What ya think of my FAQ? Email me at dragonkahn@yahoo.com
I would luv to hear from ya

© 2000-2001 John "dragonkahn" Le
Long Live the Dragon

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