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Tron Bonne by Artemis

Version: 2 | Updated: 02/28/01

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
Tron Bonne
Version 2 
By: Steven, Alias, Artemis (please call me Artemis)
Legal Stuff

All right I made this so don't go saying that you made it mmmkay!?

All characters belong to their respected games and therefore the 
companies that make those games.

No part of this document may be posted ANYWHERE! Without my permission  
( I will most likely give it to ya just ask for cryin out loud!!! )

=-----Table Of contents-----------------------------------------------=

I.	Introduction
II.	Legend
III.	Universal Moves
IV.	Character Specifics/ Ratings
A.	Character Specials
B.	Assists
C.	Silly Stuff
V.	Special Moves
VI.	Super moves
VII.	Combo's
VIII.	General Strategy
IX.	Good Partners for Tron
X.	History & Credits

I.	Introduction

Tron Bonne was first seen in the Capcom ( DUH!! ) Game called Megaman 
Legends ( I think Rockman Dash In Japan ) She is a female "pirate" who 
enjoys reeking havoc among people to get money.. She seems to have a 
secret crush on Megaman on Megaman Legends.. but she never tells him.. 

She made her next appearance in her very own game, The Misadventures of 
Tron Bonne! ( Which I played and I had a blast with it ) Where her 
brother Teisel Bonne Had a debt with these "Bad guys" who didn't like 
the idea of Him taking there money.. So she goes around robbing banks, 
digging for treasure, and Stealing farm animals that would be sold.. 
(silly huh!?) Along the way her homemade Servbot's helped her in any 
way they could, but if they got in her way they would be sent to the 
torture room...( he he ) to be punished for their mistakes.....

Her most recent appearance is in the new kick ass fighting game none 
other than Marvel Vs. Capcom 2! And in it she's kicking butt and taking 
names!!! Seriously though she is nasty and has no mercy if you haven't 
played with her so...... Even if you don't like her just have fun!! 
That's what she's there for!

II. Legend

I use my buttons differently than everybody else so I'll explain them 

S- Standing
C- Crouching
J- Jumping
Sj- Super jumping
Note these things wil;l be used in conjunction with all the p's and 
k's; Example, S.Lp, would be a standing light punch

Jp - Jab punch
Mp - Strong Punch
Hp - Fierce Punch

Lk - Short Kick
Mk – Forward Kick
Hk – Roundhouse Kick

A1 – Assist 1
A2 – Assist 2

T – Toward the opponent
B – Away from the opponent
D – Down/Crouching
U – Up/ Jump
Dt – Down Forward
Db - Down Back
Ut – Up forward
Ub – Up back

Sj- Super Jump

XX- Cancel into a move. Example; While Tron is doing her Standing 
Strong attack before she is done you can do a special or super move 
I'll use it the following way. Example; S. Lp, S. Mp, XX into Bonne 
Strike, or Lunch Rush.

+ - Pressing that button in conjunction with another button or 
direction.  Example; Storm's Lighting Attack is Hp + Lk

, - Going from one direction to another in one fluid motion.  Example; 
a Fireball is D, Dt, T,

III. Universal moves 

I'm not going to go over Minor thing's such as jumping and super 
jumping but I think I'll go ahead and do a few of them.

Dash- Press Toward twice in quick succession, or press both punch's but 
I prefer to press toward twice. This is very important to anyone's 
game, unfortunately  Tron's dash is not very good....

Roll- Do a Clockwise rotation of the joystick and press any button.
Rolling is EXTREMLY important to anyone's game. Unless you're playing a 
complete idiot they will always try to do something to you while you're 
lying on the ground. Learn how to do it.. It's important..

Assist- Press the Button To the right of the Hp and Hk.. Pressing the 
bottom one will call out the person on the bottom of your fighting 
list.  Pressing the top one will call the person right under your 
active fighter.

Push Block- Press both punch button's while you are blocking attacks.  
I don't use this to much unless I'm being bombarded by someone in the 
corner. Note- If you push block in the air while a normal jump make 
sure it is not a long hitting super for you will be guard broken after 
about 1.5 seconds.

Snapback- D, Dt, T, and the assist button of choice.  This is a very 
under rated move.. If connected it will switch out the active person 
with the inactive person you chose with the assist button.. I only use 
this when I know that it is definitely going to hit or when they 
stupidly change out right in front of you. Just pop that person right 
back out to get rid of all that red they had without any healing!! 

Hyper Counter- D, Dt, T and the assist button of choice.  This is a 
great move which I am beginning to appreciate a lot more. When you are 
blocking input the command and then the person you chose with the 
assist button will switch out with your active person. Doing there 
assist attack in the process.

Delayed Hyper Combos ( DHC )- This is probably the coolest of the new 
features. When you are doing a Hyper combo during that hyper combo you 
then input the next person's hyper and watch the pretty colors Fly! 
Example; Have Ryu Do his Shinku Hadoken Then (have Akuma the next 
person to come out) input Akumas Shinku Gou Hado.

Team Hyper Combo's
By pressing both assist buttons you can do a super involving everyone 
in your team. The super they do is dependent on the assist you chose 
when you start the battle.

IV.  Character Specifics/ Ratings.

These are in my opinions don't email me Complaining on how "wrong I 

Power- Tron's is unbelievably powerful. Her attacks are extremely 
powerful, Her Medium attacks are most of the time multiple hit auto 
combos which do major damage.
Rating- 8.5

Vitality- Tron Is not the greatest in taking multiple hit's without 
damage but she's about average.
Rating- 7.0

Speed- Tron is not very fast in all, but almost all of her moves are 
really fast and come out fast as well. If it weren't for that she's be 
as slow as Hulk ( almost )
Rating- 6.0

Offense- This is where Tron shines. She should almost always be 
offensive. She has such much priority it's not funny!! Don't worry 
about jumping and blocking unless your going against someone who has a 
very good Anti-air Attack.
Rating- 8.0

Defense- Tron isn't as bad as you think she would be for being so big. 
But her lack of a reliable projectile, or anti-air really but a hurting 
on her.
Rating- 6.0

Overall- Tron is actually a very good player with nothing below 
average.. So keep that in mind if you ever want to use her. She needs 
some work on her speed and defense but that can be over looked.



Standing- She thrusts her gustaff's arm forward, that's pretty much it. 
Good for poking and such, it's range is decent, and no lag.
Rating- 7.5

Jumping- She Thrusts the gustaff's arm downward at a 45' Angle.  This 
used to be my jump in of choice but not anymore it has sucommed to the 
mighty Jumping short kick!

Crouching- The same as her standing except it's down a little more. In 
my opinion you should just use the standing.
Rating- 6.5


Just to let you know in order to get a medium attack you have to press 
the jab button twice ( the first one has to connect with the person or 
they have to at least block it ) to get it to come out

Standing- Her arm turns into a little drill and she thrusts it forward 
for a maximum of 4 hits. Excellent move, mainly because you can cancel 
it into a Bonne Strike or Lunch rush..
Rating- 8.5

Jumping- Her arm ( the gustaff's not hers DUH! ) turns into a globe of 
electricity and she thrusts it forward. It has excellent range and very 
little lag Mainly used as a combo filler.

Crouching- She puts on some shades and her gustaff's changes into a 
satellite thingie and shoots 3 circular beams that do minor damage. Not 
very useful mainly cause it does little damage has bad lag and the 
beams don't go that far. And it doesn't maximize the potential of the 
following bonne strike!


Standing- Ok I know in my last FAQ I was dogging this move a lot.  Now 
I know that it is actually a semi-good move! She wings the Gustaff's 
arm's in a cricular motion (think Zangief's Lariat).  It hit's twice 
and it seems that many people don't know that.  If you miss you better 
cancel into a beacon bomb (thanks Khaotika) or a Bonne Strike.  If you 
don't better say hello to a nasty combo or super.
Rating- 5.5

Crouching- Her launcher, and might I add it's a good one too! She 
throws her arm down and a Explosion erupts where she hit the ground Has 
great (vertical) range. This is, in my opinion, her most reliable anti-
air attack. And if you hit Super jump and Aerial Rave!

Jumping- The same as her standing but is a little better cause it has 
good priority. Keep in mind if you do this move in the air you're stuck 
in it till you land. You can cancel into a Bonne Strike F.Y.I
Rating- 5.5



Standing- Her Gustaff's arm turn into a shovel thingie and dig's right 
under there feet. This is pretty good move, you can make it hit twice 
but it knocks them on the floor resulting in no combo! This is one way 
to connect into King Kobun (use it if you are being to predictable with 
her Crouching roundhouse)
Rating- 6.0

Jumping- The bottom of her Gustaff turns into a saw that can hit to a 
maximum of 3 times. Now my first choice as jump in do to how far it 
goes and it's massive damage for a short kick (15 damge to a normal 
defense character for all 3 hits!)
Rating- 9.0

Crouching- The bottom of her Gustaff turns into a saw that can hit to a 
maximum of 3 times. This is good to start Aerial raves, Have it hit 
twice before initiating her launcher.
Rating- 8.0


Standing- A hole appears in the middle of the gustaff's an spits out a 
flame that is ponited up at about a 30' angle, and can hit for up to 3 
times. Good move, mainly because you can cancel it into a Bonne Strike 
or Lunch rush. I prefer Standing strong punch though.
Rating- 7.5

Jumping- Her shovel dig, except it only hit's once in the air, mainly 
used as a combo filler.
Rating- 6.5

Crouching- The Gustaff's arms turn into spinny things that pops them 
into the air a little, the main use with this is to cancel into her 
lunch rush ( as a matter of fact the only way to do it the Servebot ) I 
prefer standing Strong.


Standing- She thrusts her arm down to the ground and picks up a rock ( 
that can hit the person if up close assuring the next hit )  and then 
chunks it at them. Pretty good, don't rely on it cause they will soon 
find a way around this lame strategy. Use responsibly, And you can have 
Tron hold it above her head to mess with the person's mind.
Rating- 7.0

Jumping- The bottom of the Gustaff puts out a little ( actually BIG ) 
metallic poke. ( it looks like the end of a screwdriver ) My second 
choice as jump in  choice of a jump in. HAS WONDERDUL!!!!!! Priority. I 
usually do Jumping shoprt (2 or three hits) and then jumping roundhouse 
for a good way to start combos. 

Crouching- Tron's sweep, Her Gustaff's legs turn into metal spokes that 
spin around knocking the person down if you hit them. Really good cause 
you can move while you're in the sweep motion ( like Zangeif's Lariat ) 
You can cancel it into a King Kobun or Bonne Strike ( careful with the 
King Kobun they can easily roll out of it but you're safe with the 
Bonne Strike so don't worry you're ok even if they roll )
Rating- 8.0

=----Character Specials------------------------------------------------

Throw- When close to the opponent T + Hp

She grabs the person with both arms and throws them across the screen, 
If you throw them in the corner you can OTG (hit them on the ground) 
and either Aerial Rave or lunch rush. You can OTG somebody in the 
middle of the screen too but they have to be moderately big and your 
dash must be timed perfectly. Don't let anyone tell you throws are 
cheap they are there so you can actually do something to people who run 
away from you and block everything, and constantly ice beaming! Only 
bad thing is that it has very little priority. Example; Let's say we 
had Chun-Li and Tron Bonne And they were right next to each other and 
they both initiated the throw command at the same time Chun-Li would 
ABSOLUTELY get her throw off first.

Air Dash- Tap T, twice in the air or Lp + Hp in the air

Tron turns on her jet boosters and she hovers across the screen 
Incredibly slow! Only reason you would want to use this is to get over 
Shinku Hadokens and such, but why not just use Bonne Strike!!! It's 
faster and might possibly fast enough to punish them!  Only good thing 
is if you super jump you can do it multiple times
Rating- 4.0


Alpha- Throw Type
Tag team Super type- Lunch Rush

This is a very good assist type, I alternate between this and 
Projectile type. Tron jumps out ( Where you were standing when you 
pressed the button ) and attempts to throw the person. The good thing 
about this is that you can catch them in the air when they are falling 
if you have someone fast enough, Then you can Aerial Rave! And if they 
aren't that fast you can still OTG but that means that they can roll 
out of it where they couldn't if you catch them ;_;. Probably the best 
thing about this assist is that when you press both assists she uses 
her lunch rush, even if it misses they (servbot's ) still run across 
the screen.

Beta- Anti-Air type
Tag Team Super- King Kobun

Tron pops put on the screen and does her standing Mk attack It only 
does one hit even though the normal does three.  It could be a fairly 
good anti-air but don't rely on it cause it has many flaws, use Gamma 
or Alpha.
Rating- 4.0

Gamma- Projectile type
Tag Team Super- King Kobun

Tron pops out and does her Crouching Mp attack, Despite what I said 
about the normal attack being weak this is ANYTIHNG except weak!
Whenever you use this assist you should jump over the person first 
resulting in a possible crossover. And if you're good with Aerial Raves 
this could possibly instant death if the damage is set to it's highest.
I use psylocke and do her Triple jump Air Combo starting with that and 
if the damage in that arcade is set to the highest then it means DEATH 
GYA HA HA HA! I stopped using this one though cause it does WAY to much
Rating- 8.5

=-----Silly Stuff-----------------------------------------------------=

I've finally gotten the game at my house so I'll get the colors on here 

Opening Animation- She starts off by Shouting something in Japanese but 
it means " the treasure is mine! "

Taunt- This is a very insulting Taunt, Tron stands in her Gustaff and 
laughs. While Servbot jumps up and down.

Ending animation1- She stands in her Gustaff saying Katta Wa! Meaning 
"I won!"

Ending Animation2- She walks to the middle of the screen and her 
Serevbot says "Gohan desu Yo" which means "Dinner's Ready!" Then about
12 Servebot's Run towards the Lunch Area knocking over Tron in the 
process! Very Cute.

Time over ( won )- She stands in her Gustaff saying Katta Wa! Meaning 
"I won!"

Time over (lost) – Her Gustaff blows up and a char covered tron falls 
to the ground and coughs.  All of her belongings inside the gustaff are 
all over the floor, Including her teddy bear!

Wanna do something Really insulting? Pick Tron Bonne, Servebot and 
Felicia. Make sure that Servebot's assist type is projectile. Do her 
*J.Lp, J.Mp, S.Jp, S.Mp, XX into Bonne Strike ( Any Kick, Hk For more 
hits ) XX Into Lunch Rush. ( must be in corner )  Combo and while you 
see all of tron's Serevbot's Running Do Serevbot's Lunch Rush! ( about 
79 servbot's will trample over the person ) Then when that does about 
75 hits Do Felicia's "Help Me" Super ( mash buttons REALLY FAST to rack 
up hit's on Felicia's super ) After that if they aren't dead ( Must of 
the time they will be ) have Felicia dash under the person and OTG! ( 
hit them off the ground! )

V.	Special Moves

Beacon Bomb- D, Dt, T any punch

Tron Pulls out her trusty gun and fires it. Using the jab button makes 
it fire straight Using Fierce makes her aim it upwards at an 45' Angle. 
(Dots fly across the screen and when you see a burst from her gun is 
when the move actually shoots) When it connects two servebot's run up 
and grab the person and hold them with all their might ( which isn't 
the that much ) where then you can do many things, such as; Lunch Rush, 
King Kobun, Aerial Rave, or if you really wanna insult them Taunt. 
After they are done they hold Refractor's in their hand, These do 
nothing for Tron. I'm using this move a lot more often because it stays 
in there for so long they think they have blocken it and then they walk 
forward only to find out they haven't!  Also a good way to cover your 
Lp Rating- 7.0
Hp Rating- 5.5

Bonne Strike- D, Dt, T Any kick

This is by far Tron's most useful attack, her arm turns into a drill 
and she dash forward ( FAST! ) and let's them eat it! The kick 
determines how many hits it does. Lk is fast, has little lag, travels 
about half way across the screen, and without button mashing does about 
4-5 hits. The Hk one is also fast, has little lag (but more than the 
first one though), Travels all the way across the screen, and without 
button mashing does about 8-9 hits. This move is awesome! use it 
everywhere but DON'T ABUSE IT!. If you are in the corner you can cancel 
into Lunch rush after they start flying away from the hits, for mega 
damage!  Make sure to mash button's while she does this ( Don't look 
like you're a Newbie doing it though )
Lk Rating-8.0
Hk Rating-9.0

Kobun Launch- T, D, Dt Any Punch

This move is very under rated. Tron raises her Gustaff's arm in the air 
and shoot's a Serevbot out of it, Lp shoots it half way across the 
screen and fairly low to the ground. Whereas the Hp version shoots it ¾ 
the way across the screen at a high angle. This move is great anti-air 
but most people don't use it ( I don't either ) with the right 
assistants this move can be a turtlers dream. Sorry everyone I was 
wrong about Tron being able to shoot two at a time ( I must have dreamt 
that weird ).  Still a great move though it's great for locking people 
into an assist or your chip damage.
Lp Rating- 7.5
Hp Rating- 7.0

VI. Super moves

Lunch Rush- D, Dt, T,  Lp + Hp

Tron Pulls out her gun and shoots it really fast, If it connects 39 of 
her 40 servebot's stampede across the screen resulting in major damage!

I can't tell you how useful this move is!  It does loads of damage and 
can be DHC'd into many things ( not that many actually Mainly beams )
Use this move as much as you want but never throw it out by itself.
Always at least do; S. Jp, S. Mp, XX into lunch Rush. Then they have to 
say good-bye to 1/3 of their life! But if you happen to miss ( because 
they are out of range ) Prepare to eat something.. Because she sits 
there for a WHILE! Despite it's appearance it does not travel all the 
way across the screen it only travels about 1/4 across the screen so 
keep that in mind!
Rating- 9.0

King Kobun- D, Db, B,  Lk + Hk

Tron goes into her assist stance and says " SERVBOT! " then her servbot 
pops up in front of her, grows to a massive proportion and beats them 
down with his squeaky Mallet! This move is like Hyper Megaman, when 
Servebot is running infront of Tron and the opponent stupidly tries to 
hit you out of it, The Servebot will knock them into the whole Super.
This move can be a decent anti-air to people who always jump in with an 
attack. The most reliable way to combo into this is to sweep them with 
C. Hk, XX King Kobun. But beware they can roll and if they do you have
two options; DHC into the next person to catch them off guard when they 
try to attack you ( You'd be amazed at how much this works ) Or be 
punished. So what's your choice? Hhmmm?
Rating- 8.0

VI.	Combo's

Due to the open combo system I'm not going to list every single combo 
in the game. Instead I'm going to list some of the more reliable 
combo's that I use. Instead of using jumping Lp's you may change them 
to Lk's and such to add more Hits.


Easy ground Combo's (without Supers)

J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Jp, S.Mp, S.Fp
J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Jp, S.Mp, XX Into Bonne Strike ( Any Kick )
J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Jp, C.Hk, XX Into Bonne Strike ( Usually Lk otherwise 
They fall out of it and someone fast might Hurt Her )

Easy-Moderately Hard Ground Combo's With supers

J.Lk, J.Hk, dash-in, S.Lp, S.Mp, XX Lunch Rush.
J.Lk, J.Hk, dash-in, C.Lk, C.Hk, XX King Kobun.
J.Lk, J.Hk, dash-in, S.Lp, S.Fp, XX Lunch Rush.*
J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Lk(2hits), XX King Kobun.

*Have to dash on this one. in the other ones they aren't absoluetly 
necessary. This is my strongest way to connect Lunch Rush when not in 
the corner.

Corner Combos (with and without supers)

J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Lp, S.Mp, Hk Bonne Strike, after nine hits (without 
mashing), XX Lunch Rush
J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Jp, S.Mp, Lk bonne strike    after 4 hits (without 
mashing) XX King Kobun.*
J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Lk, C.Hk, XX Lunch Rush or King Kobun
Fp Throw, XX Lunch Rush, King Kobun

*you have to be semi-close to the corner (but not completely on the 
corner understand?)

Aerial Raves

J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Lp, C.Hp, Sj, Jp, Mp, Mk, Hk.
J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Lp, C.Hp, Sj, Jp, Mp, Mk, Bonne Strike ( Any kick ) 
*J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Lp, C.Hp, Sj, Jp, Lk(1hit), Mp, Mk, Hk/Hp, either 
strength Bonne Strike

In the corner Aerial Raves
**J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Lp, C.Hp, Sj, Jp, Lk, Mp, Air throw, (wait a while) 
Lunch Rush

** My strongest way to connect a lunch rush you will land first on the 
throw and you may need to wait a little while before you cancel into a 
lunch rush

*- Only works only Large people

Possible combos (meaning I've done them but can VERY RARELY DO THEM 

In the corner-
King Kobun, Bonne srike, (when they are flying away from the boone 
strike) XX Lunch Rush

Tron's infinite is actually quite easy! But the problem though is tht 
they have to be kinda big (not too big though) in order for it to work, 
they also have to be kinda stupid for you to hit them with the first 

Beacon Bomb (D, Dt, T+Lp) Kobun Launch (T, D, Dt+Lp), Beacon Bomb, 
Kobun Launch, Etc.

J.Lk, J.Hk, S.Lp, C.Hp, Sj, Jp, Lk, Mp, Air Throw, (you will land 
first) C.hp, Sj, Reapeat (may need to add or subtract some more hits 
depending on how fast they fall)

VII.	General Strategy

- Tron is one of the more powerful people in the game which, of course, 
is a great thing. Don't let up on people. Many times if your in the 
zone you'll win without switching Tron!

- Tron is very unpredictable, So keep her this way! That is probably 
her greatest asset. When I first started using her all I did was jump, 
in Jab, Strong, Standing Jab, Strong, Lunch Rush.  Which was great and 
all, but got very predictable, not until Recently did I start using her 
to her full potential and might I add she Rocks!

- Do not Underestimate her Kobun Launch, after all it is her only Anti-

- Don't stay to far away from the opponent and if you do throw 
kobun's/rocks. Or run them over with Bonne Strike. She plays so much 
better close to her enemy.

-Use Lunch Rush Often, but make sure it will hit by at least doing; 
S.Jp, S.Mp, XX Lunch Rush.

- End almost any attack you can land on the opponent with a Bonne 
Strike! That is extremly important, Make sure to mash buttons on the 
Bonne Strike as well! ( Make sure you don't look retarded while doing 

IX.   Good partner's for Tron

Venom- I personally HATE Venom, but his Venom Fang assist is so deadly! 
That's all I recommend about him is his assist. Seriously though he has 
no lag on that move!

Psylocke- Now here's a girl that can really mess up a person's game!  
Her mean triple-jump air combo is so nasty! Not to mention that her 
anti-air assist is a mean way to start Aerial raves!

Strider- His speed will make up for Tron's slowness. Use his air 
combo's to inflict the most damage. That's all Strider is there for, is 
Air Combo's!

Jill- "She's a member of S.T.A.R.S.!" ( stupid joke I know ) her 
healing assist is great for anyone. But most importantly is her dash 
assist. It goes almost all the way across the screen and reeks havoc on 
connection! Out in the game She can get kinda boring, all she can do is 
aerial rave ending in her Hyper Elbow super.

Servbot- Don't laugh he is actually a bisnatch when combined with Tron.   
If you are using him with Tron Bonne make sure you pick his Projectile 

Storm- She is a spaz comboer and a good keep-away if that is your 
thang..not mine by any means...

Magneto- Another Spaz comboer, he is my best character overall, and has 
wicked fast dashes......such a great character... ;_;

X.   History & Credits.
V1.0. I Just finished Typing up this thing! I'm proud it only took me 2 
days! 10-29-00

V1.1. Added Insulting Combo ( in silly stuff section ) and added info 
on Lunch Rush 11-2-00

V1.2. Fixed a lot of errors. And added good partners for Tron Section. 

V2- Most likely my last update added a little information here and 
their and fixed a few of my mistakes on her kobun Launch (you can't 
fire two at a time).  Also added her infinite some new combo's and the 
"possible combo's" section.  

Thanks to Sailor Bacon. I used his format of the FAQ! Don't worry all 
the information Is mine but I looked at yours to see if It looked ok.

Also thanks to Khaotika for the info on being able to cancel S.Fp, into 
a beacon bomb

Copyright Artemis 2000; Please feel free to e-mail me at artemis25 @ 

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