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Strider by Strider_HiryuX

Updated: 09/26/00

version 1.0

Legal stuff...ok, basically everything belongs to their respective
company.  I don't really care what you do to my FAQ so long as you don't
change it and ask me first.  Other than that, it's just a free document
and not meant to be sold or offend anyone or anything bad...So...enjoy


1.  Intro and Analysis
2.  Legend
3.  Normal attacks
4.  Speical attacks
5.  Supers
6.  Combos/Assists
7.  Strategies
8.  Specific strats
9.  Thanks and whatever else.


1.  Intro...
                 Strider Hiwho?  That's what I was saying when I saw him
in Marvel one, his big debut.  He's been around alot longer than that,
but I think Marvel 1 sent him on a rocket ride to fame.  Before Marvel 1
though, there was a game for the NES called Strider.  I had never played
it until I after Marvel 1 came out and I decided to check out Strider's
backround.  Anyway, the first game was like an action/RPG.  You would
run around and slice things up, trying to rescue a professor or
something.  His next game was Strider for the Genesis(and Arcade I
heard, but I've never seen it).  This was more of an action side
scroller.  I personally thought it was better than the NES version,
aside from the fact that Strider looked like a white honky from Georgia.
Anyway, this is where alot of his moves from MvC1 surfaced from...like
his cool jump, Ghram, wall cling...etc.  They DID make a sequal to it,
but it was really bad.  There is also Strider 2, for the PSX, which is
really good, I suggest giving it a try.  Well anyway, MvC1 is when he
got famous.  In my opinion, he owned in that game.  He was lightning
fast, amazing combo abilities, one of the best supers in the game,
priority and range, and the list goes on.  Then came MvC2, in which he
is STILL amazing in...Anyway, Strider has a pretty strong following, and
is well known by any fighting game fan.  Hopefully, you'll get a better
understanding on how to use Stridey.  ^_^

         Well, from what I know, a Strider is a class of
ninja...Government super ninjas to be exact.  Strider was one of the
best Striders ever known.  His clan, the Ouroboros, provides all of his
mechanical gizmos and what not.  His main weapon, is a special 2 handled
sword called a Cypher.  As far as what he's doing in MvC 2, that's
beyond me.  I think he was just out for a peacful flight on the Strider
Glider and he bumped into Ruby's flying ship and it happened from
there...Should have taken the time for  a storyline Capcom...for shame.
As far as his OTHER story lines, I think that the Ouroboros exiled him
after he endangered a mission by trying to rescue his friend, Kain.  Any
other stuff you know I'd love to hear.

Why play Stridey...?
                             Do you like those lightning fast
characters?  Insane 70+ double jump air combos?  Having one of the
coolest characters ever conjured up in your control?  People that can
hold their own easily without assist reliance?  A nifty, knockdown, heat
seeking assist?  If you answered yes to any of these, give Stridey a
try.  He's super fast, one of the best combo characters in the game,
style just flows from him, and he can easily take on anyone 1v1 and come
out on top, especally when they don't use assists every other second,
and his Variety assist type is quite useful for pressure, combos, and
bait.  Not to mention, he is one of the best anti Cable characters in
the game(behind Spiral).  Granted, he is massively toned down from his
previous vs game, BUT he is overall better(IMO).  No more 7 hit ground
combos, Ouroboros time is cut nearly in half, and lacks the complete
invinciblility you had in MvC1, and no hyper combos while it's on...BUT
he now has faster recovery on all his moves(save his Leigon), can hit
out of a teleport(best new upgrade) easier double jump combos, and not
to mention 2 really cool new colours...^_^


Strength:  Strider is pretty weak, which doesn't make much sense seeming
how he has a sword...but whatever, that's how Capcom wanted it I guess.
He can do damage VERY easily, especally when it comes to air combos, but
just standard attacking is fairly weak.  Doesn't matter though, since
you're not trying to be Juggernaut.  The damage adds up when you pull
out the 22 hit double jump combos.
Rating:  6

Speed:  Hiryu is very very fast.  His attacks are quick, his footspeed
is quick, and thanks to his special moves, he can cover anywhere on the
screen almost instantly.  His dash is quick and perfect for starting
ground.  He is at least one of the top 5 fastest characters in the game.
Use his speed to your advantage by constantly staying offensive.
Rating:  9.5

Offense:  Here is where Strider shines.  With his speed, constant
teleporting, rolling sweep, Ouroboros, etc, Hiryu is one of the most
offensive characters in the game.  He easily can and SHOULD stay
offensive for 95% of the match.  Never give the person a chance to rest.
Keep on top of them by any means nessicary.  Make good use of all of his
moves.  His teleport and Ouroboros are GREAT pressure moves and can keep
you on supreme offense if used correctly.
Rating: 10

Defense:  Well, Strider can't take hits for poop.  Simple.  He gets hit
harder than 95% of the people in the game, right behind Bone Wolvie,
Akuma, Servbot, Spidey and the other wussies.  BUT, you shouldn't be put
in a defensive situation in the first place...Now, that being said,
Strider's damage taking skills are about a 2, but his defensive skills
are really good.  He can keep away with Tigers, Birds, Bombs, Wall
Clings, Teleports, whatever he needs to.  The same teleport offense
strategy can be reversed and just as effective.  Teleport away and
double jump to walls.  His FK air Ame no Murakamu is a nice way to get
from one side of the screen to the other, especally with an assist
covering you.  Just stay on offense and you should be fine, but if it
comes to running and turtling, Strider has that down too.
Rating: 7.5

Supers:  Well, Strider Ouroboros super is easily one of the best in the
game.  I mean come on!  It adds a solid 30 extra hits to your combos,
does much more damage, automatically puts you on offense(usually), and
is just great.  No downside to it.  His other supers...well, they kinda
suck.  His Ragnarok works really good off of most projectile
assists(Storm comes to mind), and his Leigon is good for chipping and
DHCing out into whoever else.  But the fact of how good his Ouroboros is
makes his supers all worth it.  It should be the one you use the most.
Rating:  8

Overall:  Well, insane speed and combos, versatile moves, one of the
best supers in the game, and a cool style makes Strider a top notch
character in the game.  At the very least he's a top 5 tier, if not top
3.  I personally rate him second(right behind Storm or Spiral).  I never
see Strider players anymore, but I guess it's just as well, since we
don't want everyone using one of the top characters in the game. ^_^
Rating: 9.5


2.  Legend...


            ||||                                         (lp)
(fp)                         (a1)
            ||||                                          (lk)
(fk)                         (a2)

a1=assist 1
a2=assist 2

qcf=quarter circle forward
dp=dragon punch motion (F, D, D/F)
bdp=backwards dragon punch(b, d, b/d)
hcb=half circle backward
qcb=quarter circle backwards

p=any punch
k=any kick
pp=both punches
kk=both kicks
thc=Triple Hyper Combo
dhc=Delayed Hyper Combo

ji.-jump in
dj.=double jump


Normal attacks...

          Jumping:  A little air poke forward.  Nothing special,
probably'll only see it in air combos.

          Standing:  A little ground poke forward.  Pretty quick, high
priority for a jab, piddley damage, ya know.  Combo starter basically.

          Crouching:  A little crouching poke forward.  Ditto as the
standing jab, except probably used more often.

          Jumping:  A slash diagonally across the air.  Amazing
priority, quick, wonderful air-air combat, great jump in, good damage,
and overall a great normal move...abuse this.

          Standing:  Swings backwards and diagonally across the
opponents chest.  Not too much use.  You technically could poke with it,
but nah...ends ground combos ineffectively...and lags at the end.

          Crouching:  Rises upwards with a slash.  This is his launcher.
Combos great, nice anti air priority, and pretty good range.  Use in
combos alot, and against jump in's usually.  The sooner you start it,
the better the results...er as long as it hits them.

          Jumping:  Stridey sticks out his foot and pops you in the
head.  Decent jump in combo starter, but basically used in air combos.
Switch up your jump in's with this once in a while.

          Standing:  Stridey sticks out his foot and pops you in the
shin.  Not much use...only in ground combos will you see this one.

          Crouching:  A crouching ground poke with his foot.  Great
combo starter, fast, nice range, decent priority and a nice poker
attack...you should use this to start most of your ground combos.  Not
to mention the standard otg ones too.

         Jumping:  Hiryu spins around and slices.  Although looking much
better than his jumping fierce, it's not nearly as useful.  Better
range, but the priorty is worse and you can't get a throw out of it.
Probably in jump in combos and as a finsher is how you'd use it.

         Standing:  Hiryu spins around and slices.  Ends a ground combo
just like his fp, but not much diference...better range, but I think
that's it...so use this for poking if you aren't going to use his c.
lk...bad recovery.

          Crouching:  Strider brings around his sword and sweeps you.
Quick, decent range and priority, can otg afterwards, and is probably
the most ideal way to end a ground combo.  A useful poke too, but
nothing compared to Ruby's sweep.

          DF+K:  Strider does a sommersault and slides about 1/2 way
across the screen.  It hits low but you can't cancel out of it.  It's
good for suprising and REALLY good for people that like to jump in and
cross up, cause it counter crosses up them and you usually will
sucessfully land a hit.  This one is more on key with Ruby's, but like I
said, no canceling and there is more lag at the end.


4.  Special attacks...

          (qcf+p...lp is a short dash, fp is about half the screen)
          Ame no Murakumo:  Strider does a version of his S. FP, except
he dashes towards you first.  This move isn't terribly useful now since
it doesn't combo out of a s. fp, or s. fk, but it can OTG...so that's
mainly where I use it.  It's also pretty fast, so you can nail people as
a counter with this, but often times an air combo works just as good.

          (in air, qcf+p)
          Air Ame no Murakumo:  Strider dashes at you in the air.  This
is great for ending air combos and traveling.  It's pretty quick, so you
shouldn't have any problem with it from combos.  The lp version goes
straight up at a 85% degree angle, and gives serveral hits in the air,
but of course, if you miss...ouch.  The fp version goes across the
screen at a very slight uprise...maybe like 10degrees.  The same with
the fk, except it's aiming down.  This is nifty to cross up people with,
so you can call someone like Ryu or Sprial with their projectile  as you
jump, then do the motion and you'll jet to the other side and they'll
often time get crossed up.  And last is his lk, which jets him straight
down.  Not much use I've found for this yet.

          (dp+p or k...punch is chest level, kick is shin level)(can be
done in air)
          Ghram:  Strider swings his sword and it reaches all the way
across the screen.  This move is good for poking...that's about it.  It
can be done in the air and finish air combos too.  Other than that
though, I don't use much...just to see if they're awake...but if you get
predictable with it, the recovery is bad enough for you to eat

          (qcf+lk for a tiger, and qcf+fk for an eagle)
          Formation A:  Strider points and a tiger or eagle dashs across
the screen and hits.  This great for annoyance, chipping, keep away and
building your bar up.  Since MvC1, this move is MUCH MUCH more useful.
It's fast, there are two types, and it can keep away suprisingly well.
Can combo if YOU are in the corner...but main for chipping and keep
away...check out the strat section for more.

          (charge b, f+P...repeat motion to fire)(can be done in air)
          Formation B:  Strider summons a little orb to spin around him.
This is kind of a good move, but since it takes so long to actually
do...it loses alot of usfulness.  The actual shot is about the size of
Ryu's fireball, but it's ALOT faster.  It's a GREAT coutner, but you are
quite vulnerable if it misses.  What I like to do is to keep one on as
often as I can, and just see if I can use it.  I by no means base any
type of game around it, but it's a quick useful counter if you have it
on.  You can end combos with it too.

          (charge b, f+K...lk is right in front of you, fk is other side
of the screen)
          Formation C:  Strider summons an Eagle to slowly drop a bomb
on you.  This move...lags.  It's usful in the fact that it's defense,
not presure...If you ever try to presure someone with this you'll
definately be eating super pie...so what I do is call it out against
combo happy people like Spidey or Psylocke and let it trade hits...This
does a lot of damage, more than a lk or a launch from another
pixie...make sure you cancel into a super of some sort if you use the fk
version...Don't rely on or get predictable with this move...just use it
very sparingly.

         (hcb+k...lk is the side you're on, fk is the opposite side)
         Vagula:  Strider splits into 5 images then reforms into 1 and
hits you.  This is a pretty good move actually.  Great suprise move and
for predictable beams.  You can OTG afterwards too, so it's a potential
starter combo.  Best time to use this is against Cable HP mashing or
Icebeams or whatever.  If you hate Cable, you'll love this move.  It's
got alot of priority while he reforms so you don't have to worry about
being hit out of it, just getting punished if it's blocked.  The lag
kinda bites so...make sure you hit, or cover yourself or something...

          (bdp+any button.  Lp=top left, lk=bottom left, fp=top right,
fk=bottom left)
          Teleport: Strider disappears, then reappears somewhere on the
screen, depending on what button you push.  This is really
useful...anyone with a teleport is at an immdiate advantage...and
Strider's teleport is a very good one.  It's fast, can get him out of
traps and into combos, puts him pretty much anywhere on the screen, you
can even combo into it.  It's probably Strider's biggest change because
it alters his game play alot because now you can hit coming out of
it...so now it's best used for staying offensive, but like I said, you
can use it for defense and turtling and just to move to the other side
of the screen.  Basically, use it when they are on the other side of the
screen and you need to be there...I'll go over more ways to use it in
the Strategy section.

          (qcb+p...when on the wall, p to attack, k to shoot off, foward
to jump down(laggy), up to climb, down to slide down, and tap back
forward really quick to switch sides.)
         Wall Cling:  Strider hopes backwards and grabs the wall with a
hook.  While doing this, he can hit, move around, switch sides, pretty
much whatever he wants.  This is a really good runaway tactic especally
against people with no Projectile, or someone like Akuma who couldn't
really hit you...I use this once in a while to switch sides, or I use it
to let time run out if I have to.  The main time I use this though is
when I mess up a teleport though(lol).  But still, it's often times not
bad, since you can hope down, around, whatever.  If the person is close
I usually kick off, but if they're far away, I usually switch sides,
then jump down(without attacking).  Don't leave it out of your arsenal,
but don't just use it in the heat of battle, or against Cable...


5.  Supers...

          (qcf+PP...p shoots out rings)
          Ouroboros:  Strider summons two orbs to twirl around him.
This is a cool super...What it basically does is put you on 100%
offense, protect you, give you extra hits and damage, and let you wail
away.  The start up time reeks though actually, so what I like to do is
throw out a Formation A, then cancel into this, then dash in, or
teleport to go offense.  Usually works too.  People love to block low
for this, so teleport above them and come down with a fp to combo them.
Once they get the hang of this strat, assist, then teleport low and
behind then and attack low, if they get wise to this, switch to the
first one or dash in.  You can always double jump out of a teleport to
mess their timing up.  Tons of crossup/mindgame oppertunities with this
baby on.  Keep it on as often as you can because there is no downside to
it if you start it up right...

          (qcf+KK...hold up to make the eagles go higher)
          Leigon:  Strider points and sends out a whole lotta Tigers and
Eagles.  This move was toned down to almost unusable.  Any character in
the game can now super jump OVER it, land on the other side and nail
Strider.  So I only reccomend it for chipping and canceling into a
DHC...A nice safeway to switch, because if you cancel it from a bird and
it gaurentees some chip damage.  Another note is the chipdamage is
waaaay toned down from MvC1...I guess Capcom didn't like this move...

          Ragnarok:  Hiryu dashes forward and tries to grab you...if it
hits you're taken up into the air and slashed about for about 16 hits.
This move isn't too useful either, because it's slow in starting up.  It
combos quite well out of assists though...Other than that, limited uses.
Pretty decent recovery so you shouldn't have to worry about eating a
super or anything like that.


6.  Combos/Assists...Well here's where most people probably skipped
to...lol, so enjoy.

Assist Chart

|          Ground                         Ame No Murakumo(Jab)
Ame No Murakumo(Jab)
|          Variety                          Vagula(Seeking)
|          Projectile                       Formation A(Eagle)
Formation A(Eagle)
|                                      Any assists gets you a Leigon in
a Triple Hyper Combo

          Jumping series:  Magic
          Ground series:  Magic
          Super Jump series:  Magic
          Launcher: C. FP

As you can tell by that(or not), strider is a combo Machine...you can
mix it up pretty much however you want.  Note that doing this with the
Ouroboros on does more damage and hits, so I'm not going to post
seperate Ouroboros combos unless it's special...

s. lp, s. lk, s. lp, s. lk, s. fp or s. fk

c. lk, c. lk, c. fk xx ame no murakumo(lp)

c. lk, c. lp, c.lk, c. fp, sj lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, fk.

c. lk, c. lk, c. fp, sj lp, lk, lp, lk xx ame no
murakumo(jab)/ghram/Formation B

Vagula or (jump in fp, c. lk, c. fk,) otg, c. lk, c. fp sj lp, lk, lp,
lk, double jump, dj lp, lk, lp, lk xx ame no
murakumo(jab)/ghram/Formation B

Jump in lk, lp, lk, dash in s. lp, lk, lp, lk, c. fp, sj lp, lk, lp,
lk...lk...double jump, sj lp, lk, lp, lk, lp xx ame no
murakumo(jab)/ghram/Formation B

tiger xx Ragnarok/Leigon

 You in corner, c. lk, c. lk, c. fk xx otg tiger xx Ragnarok

Tiger, teleport into top corner, lp, lk, lp land, c, fp sj lp, lk, lp,
lk air ame or whatever.

Sentinel infinte:
Jump in FP, FK, jump back up right away with lk, jumping, lk, jumping
fp, jumping fk, land, jumping, lk, jumping, lk, jumping fp, jumping fk,
etc.  Not that hard.  Delay it a little, and make the lk, lk, fp as you
go up and the fk as you go down.
DHC/THC combos


Jump in FP, lp, lk, lp+Storm Projectile assist, lk xx Ragnarok xx
Icestorm, dash in, lk, s. fk sj lp, lk, lp, lk airdash up/forwards, lp,
lk, lp, lk xx lightning attack xx lightning Storm xx power, Soul

Jump in fp+Spiral Ground, lp, lk, xx Ouroboros, wail away on them until
you have about 1/4 of your timer left, then do a THC.  Over 100 hits and
instant death to anyone in the game...and even if they don't die, you
can OTG afterwards and they can't roll...Ouch.  ^_^

Jin, c. lp, c. lp xx Bloodia! xx Ragnarok xx Magnetic Tempest, c. fp, sj
lp, lk, lp, lk xx hypergrav xx Magnetic tempest xx Saotome Cylone

Shuma and Strider
Jump in lk, lk, s. lk, lk xx Chaos Dimension manual sj lp, lk, lp, lk
grab, land otg lk xx Hyper Mystic Smash xx Ragnarok.

And there's alot more.  I'm actually really good and finding DHC's so if
you want/need any with your current team, email me and I'll see what I
can do.


7.  Strategies...

Strider has alot of indept gameplay to learn if you want to master
him...Basically stay offensive, but I'll go though basic and some more
advanced ones...

Basic Strat 1:  How to STAY OFFENSIVE!  Strider has the nifty ability to
be wherever he wants almost instantly...whether it's by means of
teleport, wall cling, slide, vagula, double jumping or anything else,
Strider is there...literally.  So, of course use this to your advantage
and stay on top of people!  I mean, what's the point of being one of the
most offensive people in the game if you're gonna sit back and throw out
kitties all day?  Not much of one...so attack about 95% of your playing
time.  Dash in and try to combo, and if it hits, go into an air combo,
if not, cancel into a tiger or ame, then into an Ouroboros and teleport
behind them.  Call assists and use an FK air ame and switch sides for
some cross up, or just teleport and assist.  It crosses up really well.
So, remember...what we do when we play as Strider?  STAY OFFENSIVE!

Basic Strat 2:  How to keep away and run.  Well, Strider has this
covered quite well.  I remember I was playing some guy who said "Man
Strider can't defend for crap."  And I said well I bet you I could keep
away from you until time ran out, and he said yeah right, so I did.  And
I won by running...here's a few things you can do.  First of all, jump
around alot.  Same goes for everyone, but Hiryu's double jump makes it
easier to stay in the air longer.  Number 2, teleport high alot, and
then double jump against a wall coming out of it, then bounce off the
wall after that.  Great way to waste time.  Number 3, Wall cling.  Jump
on the wall, climb up to the corner and wait about 5 or so seconds, jump
to the other wall, jump kick off, and repeat step 2.  And 4, throw out
Formation A's.  Tiger's are quick with very little recovery lag...and
Eagles can stop jump in's from far away, so try something like Tiger,
Tiger, Tiger, Birdie, Birdie, Tiger, they should get wise and superjump
by now, but if not, toss a few more out until they do, and when they do
superjump, low teleport in the opposite corner and repeat.  Mix all
these steps up and it's easy to piss people off.  Try something
like...Tiger, tiger, bird, bird, teleport up high, jump off the wall,
jump again, land, tiger, wall cling, switch sides, kick off, teleport
high, bird, tiger, tiger, etc.  Make up your own random crap you do.
It's fun and usually effective, and not to mention VERY annoying.  And,
just to prove you're 100% untouchable Turn on Ouroboros and run away.
Lol a pretty big waste, unless you're proving that if you don't want
someone near you, they can't be there....^_^

Basic Strat 3:  Traps and the Ouroboros.  The Ouroboros is probably the
best super for setting up traps, mainly because they can't do much while
it's on but hold back or eat a 30+ hit combo.  So what you can do, is
assist with something that chips or holds their place(IE Doom's Anti
Air, or Spiral's ground/projectile, etc)and have the Ouroboros chip and
the assist chip, and they can't push block it either.  Another thing to
do with the Ouroboros is a THC.  You can't do super moves while it's on,
but you can do a triple super, which always does a solid 50-100% of
their bar.  Another thing you can do is switch out, and it'll combo...IE
wait until there's about 1/8 of your bar left and switch out xx favorite
combo/super.  When the super is on, you'll want to hit low and high as
often as you can.  Low with a c. lk, and jump in with a c. lk.  Teleport
randomly below or above them but on their side for the best result.  The
thing about this is that it puts you on 100% offense...there isn't
anything they can really do to hit you(except like a Air Hyper Viper
Beam), so go on attack no matter what.  Even recklessly...because at the
very most you'll trade hits and the rings that shoot out will hit them.
If you can play drums, try to keep a 32nd beat with lp and combo with
the kicks and you can get about 40+ hits on it at least.  To turn his
orbs on, cancel out of a tiger so they have to block it, then dash in or
teleport and commence flailing.  (Sorry if that sounded redundant and
boring, but I was emphasizing...^_^).  Now more to the traps.  What you
can do with the Ouroboros on is call some nice chipping assists like
Doom's anti air, or an Icebeam and mash away on the buttons while
Assists as often as you can.  Doom and Strider's Trap can take up to 25%
of your bar in chippage.  ANother thing is to pick people with highly
chipping supers and do a THC while they're blocking...Like pick Bulleta
and Cyclops...dash in and let them block it, then pull out a THC and
boom, 40% or so of their bar is gone in chippage.  ^_^  Storm's Variety
and Blackheart's Anti Air assist work well in keeping them grounded long
enough to jump back in and repeat a combo.  Try something like:
Jump in FP, dash in lp, lk, lp+assist, lk, fp, fk, jump in lk, lp, lk,
dash in c. lk+assist, c. lk, c. fk xx jab ame, and repeat.  Good for
pressure, but they can always push block or Anti Air Assist you out of
it...but don't do it over and over...just do it every once in a while.

Advanced Strats:  Teleport/Vagula/Wall Cling/Slide/evasive/mindgame:
Ok, teleporting first.  He has a quick teleport and can attack coming
out of it, making it a perfect combo starter, and retreating move.  I
usually mainly to go offensive or get the person off of me.  Defense
wise you generally teleport as far away from the enemy as you can and
then double jump to walls and then around some more.  If they like
superjump cross up(I've seen this mostly used with Tron Bonne) you wanna
teleport the opposite low corner and they throw out some Formation A's.
His Vagula is for hitting people, knocking them out of Super, patterns,
what have you.  It has ALOT of priority so you should use it mainly for
that purpose.  You have otg chances after it.  Wall Clinging is a great
hide/run tactic...mainly I use it to kill 10 or less seconds in the
clock.  Stay on one wall for about 5 seconds, then jump to the other and
I usally suggest kicking off, rather than pressing forward, because you
can't block until you land that way.  Kicking gets you down fast, does
damage, and is just usually a better choice.  The leap to the wall is
really quick, so whenever you wanna run, ALWAYS use this move.  His
slide is basically like his Evasive Teleport, except against normal
jumps.  I toss it out once in a while to check if they're awake because
it has great speed, reach, prioroty, and hits low, so it catches alot of
people off guard who don't block low...which is good because you can get
them fearing this(which I have before...anywhere from half screen or
closer they get sweeped) then it's really easy to hit high with
Teleports and jump in.  Most of the stuff that I said applies for
evasive, but mind game is more with the low teleport and sweep.  The
Slide is a really good presure move, but I really suggest using it
simultaneously with an assist, so you're covered.  Teleport low with
assists too for cross ups.  Spiral's Projectile comes readily to mind.
What you do is assist then teleport low and behind them and let go of
the controller and 3 things happen.  1) They run away, 2)they get
crossed up and the assist hits them and you continue with a combo, 3) or
they try to hit Strider except the swords cover you and you can
retailiate and go on with a combo.  Of course Cable will probably juse
AHVB like he always does, but that's the gist.


8.  Specific Strats...

                                 Well, I don't know if I can do specific
strats for everyone, but here's the people you'll face the most...

Cable:  Right at the top of the list...if you show me an arcade that
doesn't have an abusive Cable player there, I'm moving in next door to
you...^_^  Anyway, Much like Spiral, Strider owns Cable.  If they become
predictable with HVBs or FP's, teleport above them and let them have it.
His keep away skills don't work as well as someone with a teleport, so
you don't have to worry...and most people who play keep away characters
can't fight upclose very well.  So...keep the pressure on him.  If he
has an abusive assist(Capcom Anti air, Iceman, etc) then it makes things
worse.  What I do against Capcom is jump in blocking, then double jump
straight up and come down on both or them+assist, and try to
combo...Against Iceman, just teleport above in the corner and come down
on him...His gun is more of a scrubby way to play him, but what I do is
slide under his gun...If he sends out an assist like Cyclops that
misses, I highly reccomend NOT NOT NOT trying to hit him.  I suggest a
teleport behind him.  Baiting can be a way to play Cable, where they
throw out assists then cover him so you eat a AHVB when you try to hit
him...Another thing, try not to get cornered with that.  If they corner
you, superjump around alot.  If they are really good at trapping, try a
superjump above him and a Air Ame with lk.  It'll send you down on top
of him(hope it doesn't hit him though...)  Try to stay close is the main
thing to do against him though.  Also, I highly reccomend NOT NOT NOT
using assists against him as he can easily jump and hyper viper beam
over and over until your assist character is dead, and all you can do is
block and take chippage.

Iceman:  Yeah, he's overused too, but simple to beat.  Icebeam from
him=Teleport from you, and you'll almost ALWAYS come out on top.  Most
Iceman players that I've seen enjoy jumping in with a lk, and trying to
end up in an ac with an Artic Attack at the end...so stay on top of him
in the air as much as possible.  If you see an artic attack coming out,
teleport behind him, wait til he's done shooting, THEN hit him for a
combo, or turn on your Ouroboros or something.  He shouldn't be too
tough as a fighting character, so just stick to him.   Use anti air
assists only...anything projectile or beam will get swatted and your
teammate will take the Icebeam damage.

Akuma:  Oh yay, my fave...(sarcasm).  I hate him so much.  He's easily
the most abused character in the game, wether it's a c. lk, c. lk xx
hurricane kick xx Tenma Gou Hadou or if it's an air combo ending in a
glitched Hurricane Kick with a super...It gets old though.  Not to
mention that his Expansion assist is one of the best in the game...or
cheesey I should say.  Amazing priority...jump in against it though,
because hurricane kicks don't have anti air properties(except Ken's).
Anyway, watch for his Messatsu Gou Shouryuu because it's really fast and
takes you apart fast...but if it's blocked...>=D  How I suggest you play
this one is constant assisting, and simple combos because they do more
damage then the flashy double jump combos.  Akuma takes damage REALLY
poorly so it shouldn't be too long before he's dead.  He can be tricky
to get on defense though, but once he is, he's like a baby in a
rocker...A nice anti air assist works wonders if they're over
agressive...Try Jin's.  ^_^

Doom:  Again, always used...But he is probably one fo the hardest people
to actually get to, with his air projectiles and flight, his jumping FP,
Photon Shot, molecular shield, etc...If they do a Molec shield, teleport
behind and come down a slashin.  His Photon shot is tricky to avoid, if
it's on the ground.  But most people use it in the air, and in that
case, stand/dash/slide/teleport underneath him and let him Shoot until
his heart's content, then as he starts falling, jump on the other side
into a manual AC.  His super chips alot to, but try to stay as offensive
as possible so he doesn't get a chance to use it.  In the air, just try
to aviod it with a low teleport.  Most important thing here is to stay
on top of him with assists.  If people abuse his Anti air assist for
traps and stuff, it's easy to aviod with a teleport...it works wonders
against everyone. ^_^  Variety assists and anti air usually take care of
His air game(especally storms and Blackhearts).

Spider Man:  He's all over too, but I think you have more priority than
him if you're brave enough to stick your c. lk out first.  This fight is
where I use my bomb the most.  I love trading hits with Spidey with
this(and I do quite often) because most don't realize that that bomb
takes out almost 1/5 of your bar.  Watch out for his s. fk as anti air,
it works really well, but there really isn't a secret to
Spiderman...Push block as much as you can, and block low ALOT.  If you
actually do get caught up in his dreaded eternal combo of doom, um...I
usually block high, but I still get hit low sometimes...it's pretty
cheesey.  Best thing to try and do is block high and hold down back as
he lands...usually keeps you safe.  Roll often too, because he likes
that sweep xx Crawler Assult crap.  A nice Anti Air Attack(AAA) works
well against his constant dashing in.

Guile:  Yeah, he's back, and overpowered like hell in my opinion.  He
can combo his Sonic Hurricae out of anything, that sucks you in, covers
3/4 the screen, comes out instantly, and sets up for wicked DHCs.  Most
Guile players that I've seen like to do his sweep xx Sonic hurricane, so
roll alot.  If you block the sweep, push block then tiger xx Ouroboros
strat and go offensive.  Watch for his Flash Kick, cause it has alot of
priority and takes you out of alot of jump in's.  I usually double jump
in against Guile to mess his timing up.  I bombard him with assists
(Projectile if I have them) and don't let up on him for anything.  Try
not to get nailed by a launcher, because he can end it with a super or
flash kick and they both do alot more damage than they should.  Guile
shouldn't be too tough with good rolling skills and push block timing...

Ryu:  Good ole Ryu.  Predictable and popular as ever...Ryu has some more
speed added too him this time, with a few new damaging combos.  If they
play old school Ryu, it's an easy win.  Vagula the predictable
fireballs, teleport away from the hurricane kicks, and block and counter
the ole Shouryuu ken's.  Simple.  If they play new school crazy air
combo Ryu, watch for c. lk, c. lk xx hurricane kick xx Shinkuu Hadouken,
or a c. lk . launch into air Shinkuu Hadouken.  You're faster though,
and have more priority, so it shouldn't that hard to stay on top of him.
A nice beam/projectile assist helps keep the presure on.

Psylocke:  Oh yeah, she's the new hottie in town...Most people use her
for her insanely priortized c. lk, leading to her aircombo ending with a
super.  Her Psyblades her amazing priority so watch for those.  This
would be good fight to use the bomb on too...Her C. lk will almost
always nail you if you try to trade hits, so rely on jump ins and
teleports more than your ground game.  Toss out alot of Formation A's
for some keep away(eww, I know), and use Ouroboros whenever you can.
She takes damage a little better than you, but you'll ice her if she
doesn't watch it.  A nice AAA would be a good choice.  Her assist is
what gives people problems.  It's practically instant, knocks you down,
and the priority is almost unmatched.  I don't want to say it, but I
think the best way to handle it is Cable.  No, scratch that.  If they go
for crossing up with it(which most people will), do his slide trip.
Either you'll switch sides and the Psyblade will wiff, or you'll hit
them as they do it and Psylocke usually won't do anything.  If they use
it as actually anti air, double jump in and go from there.  Usually a
teleport works...

Sentinel:  Oh man I hate hate hate this loser.  He takes 0 skill, 0
damage, and he can hit you anywhere on the screen almost instantly then
cancel into a super and do it over and over again.  I use no rules on
this loser, I use Strider's infinite on him, I chip him, I do whatever I
have to to kill him.  Most of the time, they'll chip you to death with
FP's, Rocket Punches, and That little Bomb Squad move.  Double jump to
avoid the Drone move, Slide under the FPs, and the rocket punches...er
they are hard to get around.  Superjump alot and come down and start the
infinte.  LOL.  He deserves it, so don't feel bad.  Not like you're
cheesing Kobun or anything.  ^_^  A nice beam/projectile works well for
pressuring and getting out that infinte.

Cyclops:  I see him alot.  He's back like he was from XvSF...His MOB
chips ALOT now, and you can do it in the air for even more fun.  His
Gene Splice is now insanely prioritizing and ends in a Super Optic
Blast.  Most people will chip with him...or at least become predictable
with his MOB...He's got some good ground games, but his air to air
fighting is crap at best.  Try to take him in the air...by jumping in
alot.  Most people can't handle pressure with him because they use him
keep away or beaming, which I don't really think is how he was mean to
play.  Once in a while you'll see some nice offensive people with him,
and in that case push block and counter accordingly.  His uppercut
leaves him way open, and he practically signs his own death warrent if
he shoots Crouching Optic Blasts at you when you jump in...But the main
people use him is for his assist...which is bad bad news for Strider.
It has more Priority than alot of your moves and can lead to an air
combo(usually in conjuntion with Magneto...so you know you'll lose alot
of life).  Anyway, I don't really have a strat against this because it
has too much priority to take him out of it, and they'll almost ALWAYS
cover him afterwards, so just be really careful.  This is where I'd
suggest Cable.  Plus, his Projectile can keep the pressure on when
you're directly fighting him.


9.  Thanks and whatever else...

          Extra Stuff:


                                (lp)                         (fp)

                                (lk)                          (fk)

lp=light blue with a red scarf
lk=a light tannish colour with a red scarf
fp=an ugly green army-ish colour with an orange scarf
fk=an even uglier maroonish colour, with an ornage scarf
a1=a really cool black and red version.  Black colour with a white scarf
a2=a cool solid red look with all red except a white scarf.

Entrance 1:  Stridey rides in on his Tiger, then teleports to his corner
and get ready to fight.
Entrance 2:  Stridey rides in on his Glider this time, and jump off in
his corner ready to fight.
Entrance 3:  Stridey is already there this time, and there's an orb in
front of him that he slashes and gets ready.
Win pose 1:  Hiryu hops up on the ceiling and staying there upside down
as a bird passes by.
Win pose 2:  A Tiger leaps out and poses for the camera with Stridey.
Win Pose 3:  He turns his back away and closes his eyes, like his taunt.
Win Pose 4:  Slashs the air and points his sword down and says something
like I don't need this toy [his sword] to beat you.
Taunt:  Turns away and says his win pose 4.
Time over:  Win he does his 3 pose, lose he breaks up into a buncha
arrows and shoots off the screen.  Same thing happens when he dies.

          Well, I'm not sure if I have anyone to thank.  Not Crapcom,
after what they did to my Chunny, I'm never forgiving them. I supose I'd
like to thank some of my chums at the MvC2 message boards for mind
stimulating conversation, and my friends for letting me trash them, and
my arcade chums for taking it like a man.   Lastly, Massystems for my
awesome stick(www.massystems.com)...it's tops and I'd suggest buying one
if you've got some extra cash.

Lol, anything you wanna add or whatever, email me at
Strider_HiryuX@hotmail.com and I'll give you credit.

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