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Psylocke by Sinawe

Updated: 09/26/00

Sinawe Presents: Marvel Vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes game faq.

Legal matters: The stuff about marvel vs. capcom 2, such as the 
characters, character names, and other major subjects are the properties 
of CAPCOM.  I guess the Marvel characters are the properties of Marvel 
comics and the characters  from capcom is....i guess capcom's.  So, i 
guess all im saying is, dont sue me, cuz i dont claim ownership to 
anything, except the fact that i created and worked on this faq, and 
that you can't rip it off and claim it as yours...that goes for you 
too!! you know who im talking about!!

Table of Content
1.Psylock the character
2.Psylock the fighter
3.Basic Strategies
5.Hyper Combo Moves
7.Specific Matches
8.Shout out
1.Psylock the character
Man, i know like, NOTHING about psylock's background in the comics.  I 
think she's something about like being a british woman with a spirit of 
a japanese woman.  I think her mutant power is psycho kinetics, but im 
not sure.  I think her psy sword on her fist is part of her mutant 
power.  Man, if anyone knows the details, e mail me please.  I just want 
to know.

2.Psylock the fighter
Okay, here is something i have confident talking about; psylock the 
fighter.  Few things to keep in mind.  She's definitely not a scrub 
friendly character, not by a long shot.  The only way you will win with 
her is to sucessfully combo her supers, or she will not do damage at 
all.  Another thing to keep in mind is that you must make a commitment 
with a certain strategy when you are starting a battle.  A lukewarm 
fight of two or three different strategies will not fully take advantage 
of her true powers.  

+ Psylock just might be the fastest character in the game, if not the 
fastest, then certainly on the top tier in speed.
+ psylock has a great combo ability, perhaps best in the game, not 
damage wise, but connection wise.
+ Pyslock's normal moves have very high priority.
+ Her specials have awsome priority, and if used correctly, fills in her 
flaws very nicely.
+ Her supers are all comboable, while reading this further, that might 
prove to be nothing special.
+ Her air game is terrific.
+One of two characters to posess triple jump
+Her dash in is "the" best in the game in my opinion.

- Psylock takes damage not very well.  You will need to be careful of 
- Psylock's power isn't really impressive, in fact, some times they are 
down right pathetic.
- She isn't really intimitating.  While this might not be a factor in a 
game, it will explain itself later.
- She's got a VERY poor mid range game.
- Her launcher has some major lag.  This is actually very easy to fix 
though.  I will explain later.
- Her supers are something to be desired.

Here are some ratings I have come up with:

3.Basic Strategies
While her pros slightly outweight the cons, she needs to be used very 
smart.  The biggest problem is her lasting power.  She takes way more 
damage than she delivers, so you must take advantage of her speed and 
dash ins and make every attack and combo count.  And while doing so, be 
fast and alert enough to avoid big damages.  She will take care of the 
fast part, which leaves you to be the alert one.  Another thing you must 
keep in mind is NEVER to waste a super bar.  They are few in comings and 
those that do come by, will have to be comboed in to do any types of 
damage.  So NEVER try to chip or throw out a desperation move.  You 
truely need a nerve of steel to play her.  I guess this fits in her 
ninja persona.  Attack as quitely as you can without being noticed and 
avoid being hit at once.

4.Move List
Psy shot - [ qcf + lp ]    (can be used in air)

This is her basic fireball move.  The low punch version travels in about 
45 degrees towards the ground.  This is a very useful move, and a great 
air special that will save her many a times during a battle, not with 
its power, but the fact that it protects her from any jump ins.  This 
can be used as a OTG move, but basically it should be used in the air, 
or during combos, or after a missed launcher.  I will explain this 
later.  But this is definitely a abusable move, (keeping in mind that Im 
assuming you know NOT to abuse any kind of move recklessly) and you 
should try to use this when you are trying to keep someone away.
grade: 8

Psy shot - [ qcf + hp ]    (can be used in air)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Same as the lp version, but this one travels horizontally across the 
screen or the air.  I guess this move is as close to ryu's fireball as 
anything could be, but still and agian, with few differences.  It does 
less damage than most fireball's, perhaps not as bad as chun li's 
fireball, but the distnict advantage this move has over other 
projecitles are that it is almost immidiately avaiable after the first 
one is blocked, or countered.  This move is also abusable (again, keep 
in mind what i said, im assuming you guys are smart enough to know the 
difference between abuse and ABUSE).  This move doens't have the OTG 
possibilites as it really doesn't hit anyone directly on the ground.  
Use it as a pressure move, which it does work VERY well.
grade: 7

Psy blade - [qcf + lk]    (can be used in air)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This move is a great move, i mean really great, and alot of times it is 
often over looked.  She travles across the screen while spinning around 
in a field of psy ?? power.  This move has great priorites, has awsome 
start up time, and almost no lag time, so if used right, it should be 
very hard to counter.  The biggest way this move is used is in combos 
and to connect her supers, but this move can be used as a keep away 
move, or a surprise move.  Another great way to use this move is to get 
close to your oponnent safely.  While dashing can be a great way, its 
just nice to have an option.  This wont cancel out projectiles no matter 
how great the priority is, but it will beat out just about any normal 
moves. (and again, i said most, not all, you should be aware of the 
obvious ones).
grade: 8

Psy blade - [qcf + hk]    (can be used in air)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This move is just like the lk version except that Psylock travels 
vertically.  This can be used in combos or as an anti air move.  Keep in 
mind not to abuse this as much, because it does send her up in the air, 
and what goes up, must come down, and it can mean a world of hurt for 
psylock.  It really doesn't send her that much into the air, but it is 
in the air nonetheless.  
grade: 7

Teleport - [hcb + any button]    after teleport hold direction and punch 
to attack in that direction (can be done in air)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
This move is a teleport move, with four different places to teleport to.  
The start up is not actually bad, but it is very noticable.  She can re 
appear pretty fast too, but if someone is expecting it, it will be 
danger time for Psylock.  Another option you get is to attack after she 
re appears from the teleport in any directions.  So you can appear 
behind opponent, and either attack them, or retreat away from them.  I 
advise you really use this carefully because the lag time after it is 
really bad.  The most useful way to use teleport is to obviously cover a 
large portion of the screen, to escape from a ground based supers (head 
crush, proton canon, lunch rush, ect).  I think people aren't aware of 
the fact that this teleport attack can start a great cross up game with 
a proper assist type.  This is pretty much sefl explanatory, and timing 
is somewhat crucial, but the idea is to call out the assist and teleport 
behind them in proper timing.  I will go into details about this later.  
But first, here are some places she teleports to.

a.[ hcb + lp]: she teleports to top left portion of the screen
b.[ hcb +hp]: she teleports to top right portion of the screen
c.[ hcb + lk ]: she teleports to bottom left portion of the screen, near 
the ground
d.[hcb + hk]: she teleports to bottom right portion of the screen, near 
the ground

So, choose your places intellegently, never to teleport into attacks, as 
is the case during any sort of teleport.  
grade: teleport 8
grade: teleport 6

5.Hyper Combo Moves
1.Psy Thrust Super:  [qcf +pp]    (can be done in air)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This is in some ways her best super.  It chips the most damage, although 
its NOTHNG compare to just about all supesr in the game, I think maybe 
Omega Destroyer might do less chip damage.   It is very comboable in the 
air, and for some reason, its NOT on the ground, comboable that is.  It 
can be directed in 8 ways, but only in two sucessions.  Alot of psylock 
beginners or intermidiates think that they can chip the opponent in the 
first thrust, then retreive with the second thrust.  Let me just say 
that this is not worth doing at all.  First, it chips next to nothing to 
your opponent, and the fact that you still have major lag time after the 
retreaval, that any beam characters with beam supers, or a fast dash 
character can approach you with ease and punish you.  This move should 
be only used in combos, as with all of her supers.  In fact, the only 
time you should be using this is to finish air combos.
grade: 6

2.Maelstrom:  [qcf + kk]  (oh man..its been so long since i used this 
move, im not sure if thats the right command!!)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Perhaps THE worst super in the game, and certainly the worst super 
Psylock has.  Okay, let me explain these harsh litigations.  First of 
all, its not that hard to land, and it combos pretty well.  It has 
decent range, and great priority.  So, why is it bad??  Okay, with very 
little exaggeration i tell you this, but it does like "zero" damage.  I 
mean, countless times i've comboed it off of a simple dash in, s.lp, 
s.lk, xx maelstorm to a helpless opponent with like 2 points of life 
left, only to see them jump right back up to their feet.  I mean, i dont 
know.  It just isn't worth doing the combo into this super.  Trust me on 
this guys.  It looks cool as shit, and it hits very well, but oh man.  
If there is any doubt that Psylock is a weak hitter, this super should 
just about do it.  
grade: 5

3.Butterfly Super (??....she says something like....i dont know)  [qcb + 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
First of all, let me just apologize for the lack of information on the 
name of this super.  I am so bad with those long super names that are in 
japanese, (hyper.....VIPER BEAM!! how simple!!)  that i can never seem 
to remember them.  Okay, let me start out by saying that this is my 
personal favrite and most often used in my Psylock game and combos.  It 
does pretty decent damage upclose, which is one of the reason why you 
should always combo this move, and it has a great corner possibility, 
which really helps Psylock's game by delivering more damage.  With other 
supers, this move should NEVER be used during a desperate situations, 
and should never be used to try to chip your opponent.  I mean, they 
will have small window of retaliation during the super as it eventually 
covers the whole screen, but the fact that from a long range, it does NO 
chipping damage, and the lag is great enough to give your opponent time 
to retaliate.  Just becareful, but you will learn to love this super if 
you are a psylock user.
grade: 6

1. dash in, s.lp, s.lk, s.lp, s.lk, psy blade with lk, lp, lp, psy blade 
with hk. 
    The lk, lp after the first psy blade is done if you're close enough, 
so do it close.

2. dash in, s.lp, s.lk, s.lp, s.lk, c.hp, sj. lp, lk, lp, lk, psy blade 
with hk

3. dash in, s.lp, s.lk, s.lp, s.lk, c.hp, sj. lp, lk, lp, lk, psy blade 
with lk, xx butterfly super

4. dash in, s.lp, s.lk, s.lp, s.lk, c.hp, sj, lp, lk, lp, lk, hold up, 
hk, double jump, lp, lp, psy blade with hk, xx butterfly     super

5. dash in, s.lp, s.lk, s.lp, s.lk, c.hp, sj, lp, lk, lp, lk, hold up, 
hk, double jump, lp, lp, lk, hold up, hk, double jump, lp,     lp, psy 
blade with lk, xx butterfly super

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
*one note at this point. if they block the launcher, always cancel into 
psy shot with lp. Launcher has a bad recovery     time, and psy shot 
will either surprise them or push them back to give you time to recover.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

6. dash in, s.lp, s.lk, s.lp, s.lk, c.hp, sj, lp, lk, lp, lk, hold up, 
double jump, lp, lp, psy blade with lk, lp, lp, hold up, hk,     double 
jump upforward, lp, lp, lk, psy blade with lk, xx butterfly super

7. In corner, dash in, s.lp, s.lk, s.lp, s.lk, psy shot with lp, xx 
butterfly super, OTG with c.lk, c.hp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk,     hold up, 
hk, double jump, lp, lp, psy shot with lp, hold forward, lp, lp, lk, 
hold up, hk, double jump, lp, lp, psy     blade with lk, xx butterfly 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
*last combo note is that most of the double jump, you wont be jumping 
straight up, but rather upforward. The   butterfly super used in all 
combo finisher can be replaced by the thrusting super, except the corner 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

7.Specific Matches
A. Cable:
This is a great match up.  Although for some reason, i haven't played 
alot of cable users with my psylock, but i think i know cable well 
enough to make some statements.  First of all, lets start out by saying 
that, yes, cable will have the upper hand on this match.  You have to be 
extra quick on your decisions, extra prepared to triple jump out of 
AHVB's and very careful in dashing in against him.  DONT even try to 
pressure him with psy shot.  That will simply NOT work.  The best chance 
is stay close and pressure with her ground series into launcher, and if 
missed, cancel out to psy shot with lp.  Try dashing in with c.lk alot 
too, as it has priority over most of cable's crouching moves.  Once you 
hit with that, dont waste time and energy with other series hits, but 
just launch them up for some hurts.  Teleport should be used very 
sparrgingly especially to the places above cable, as they will punish 
you with a quick AHVB.  Teleporting behind them with an assist pressure 
is a great way to get close, and DO NOT attack with her teleport attack, 
unless you are sure you will hit, or you are sure your assist will hold 
them long enough for you to recover.  Your best chance of getting close 
is probably with the triple jump tactic.  Watch for a mistakenly used 
s.hp or viper beam to jump over some punishment.  If they surprise you 
in the air with a quick AHVB, surprise them with a quick double or 
triple jump over the AHVB.   Another good tactic to use is follow your 
missed launcher with psy shot with lp, and follow a blocked psy shot 
with psy blade with lk and pressure attack.  Always be careful of 
cable's assist, as most likely they will have a good anti air assist 
character helping him out.  The best chance of survival is to dash in, 
use psy blade with lk or whatever to get close and don't let him leave 
that place.  
Match up:  6 - 4 in Cable's favor

B. Juggernaut:
This character gives me some trouble.  I mean, it seems like she takes 
EXTRA damage from him.  A keep away game must be played in between her 
hit and run tactics to fraustrate the opponent into jumping hp advances 
or standing hp push back moves.  DO NOT BE FOOLED by those missed 
s.hp's.  Some of them are intentional, because the want you to dash in 
for attack and out comes headcrush.  Try tricking them with a dashing 
block.  And always go for a full series on the ground before launcher.  
If you miss the series, dont even try hitting with the launcher.  I've 
been hit alot of times by a headcrush when i was doing my missed 
launcher, xx psy shot with lp manurver.  Seems like juggy's headcrush 
goes RIGHT through it.  Keep your distance or stay REAL close.  Juggy 
has some great mid ranged attacks that Psylock will not be able to deal 
with.  Stay back and throw those psy shots and either wait for a rushed 
headcrush or fraustrated jumping hp advance.  Teleporting during 
headcrush works too if your motion is fast enough.  Try jumping back, 
pys shot lp in mid air, double jump forward for surprised attack, or 
repeat the retreival jumping psy shot then super jumping out of corner 
and playing a keep away game.  Juggy's not fast enough to avoide psy 
shots and hit you at same time.  Although keep in mind that one false 
move could mean the turn of the battle.  If you miss with a ground 
series, dont lurk around him, but dash the HECK out of there.  Wait for 
him to make a first mistake and take him out.
Match up: 7 - 3 in Juggernaut's favor

C. Spiral
Who would thought that my greatest character, spiral would haunt me like 
this!!!  Anyways, Spiral can be very tricky to take down, just because 
she's so versitile, and for ather various reasons.  First of all, watch 
out for those darn swords.  Any spiral player will try to have the 
swords on as much as possible.  Try not to get lured into a trap game.    
Quick dash in's are always a good way to get into spiral  Speedwise, 
Psylock is much fater than Spiral, so take advantage of that.  One thing 
you must keep in mind also is never to randomly jump in.  You shouldn't 
have problems with single tossed knives as your psy shot can cancel out 
most of them, and it is fast enough to match her in the projectile 
battle.  Use the Psy blade with lk to advance safely.  Psylock is ALOT 
faster than spiral in terms of moves and foot speed, so thats is your 
greatest advantage.  Getting close could make all the difference in the 
When Spiral expands her swords, triple jump and super jump and shoot the 
psy shot with lp to avoid them.  
Match up: 5 - 5 in even match

D. Magneto
A close match and somewhat similar in their strategies.  First thing you 
must watch out for is his missed launcher.  His missed launcher have a 
small but very noticable window of lag time that Psylock is more than 
fast enough to take advantage of.  In turn remember to cancel out 
Psylock's missed launcher into the psy shot with lp.  Give him no chance 
to start long combos.  Try to stay in the air to start your attacks and 
watch out for his very versitile air dash attacks.  Magneto can be very 
fast so take your chance and dont miss out on them.  Also, magneto has a 
sliding dash, so jump over it, then double jump behind him and attack 
away.  Teleport could be used less against magneto as he can get away 
from it easily, and his fast enough to counter them with a painful 
combos.  Watch out for his E.M disrupter as it can beat out psy shot 
with projectile battle.  Although Magneto doesn't really have a proper 
anti air move, watch out for his c.hp and s.hk.  They have insane 
priorites and can hit quickly if you just jump in without thought.  Psy 
shot with hk should do the job when he tries to air dash attack in the 
air when you are on the ground.  It has priority over most of magneto's 
jump ins.  
Match up: 5 - 5 in evn match

E. Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom can mean pain for Psylock if you're not careful.  I say this 
because Dr. Doom can have counters for just about anything Psylock can 
do.  Still, Psylock is a character who can adapt, and that she will 
against dr. doom.  First of all, Dr. Doom can punish Psylock on the 
ground.  He's got a projectile that comes out super fast and beats out 
psy shot, he's got a projectile that covers jump ins, and he's got a 
projectile that stops her dash ins.  No doubt that Dr. Doom players will 
try to keep you away if he's not going for a trap game.  Okay, his beam 
projectile is really fast, but has some lag time, take advantage of that 
and block the beam, shoot out a psy shot with hp and advance with a 
quick dash in magic series.  and keep the pressure on.  Dont forget to 
block during those dash in's because Dr. Doom's got few projectiles that 
can come out very fast.  His photon array can pose some problems.  It 
covers alot of the screen, which can eliminate any jump ins, and it has 
great chipping damage which can mean big problem for poor psylock in the 
long run.  NEVER try a teleport, because it covers most of the screen, 
even behind them.  If you are very fast and efficient with her 
teleports, you can try this.  Time the photon shot so that you teleport 
next to doom when the beams have left Doom's body.  This takes alot of 
patiences and timing, so you can try to super jump and triple jump to 
avoid them.  His molecular shield is mostly for stopping dash ins and it 
will do its job.  Here's what you can do.  wait for the rocks to leave 
doom and jump over them, or jump in while rocks are forming and when 
they are tracking you, double jump over it and punish doom.  The shield 
has some lag time, so that is your best chance to counter Doom.  Once 
you get inside, pressure him.  Most of his projectile doesn't really 
have big push back action, so block, shoot psy shot, dash in, pressure, 
and repeat. Giving him distence is giving him the game.
Match up: 6 - 4 in Psylock's favor

F. Black Heart
Easy to beat.  VERY easy to beat.  Its very simple.  Just watch out for 
his hp and hk moves.  A simple hp / hk trap into super can just about 
finish Psylock.  But blah, that shouldn't be a problem.  Here's what you 
can do.  His special moves have a noticable lag, so use her speed and 
punish those missed or blocked lighting moves and the ice moves and 
such.  He jumps very low compare to how how Psylock can jump.  She's 
also faster than he is to teleport behind him and punish him with some 
assist / teleport cross ups.  Just stay on top of him, and punish him 
with some combos that he will just eat up.  Watch out for his jumping hk 
and hp and dont be trapped into any trap game by staying up in the air.
Match up: 8 - 2 in Psylock's favor.  

8. Shout Outs
This faq's taken me forever, not becuase it was long, but i was too damn 
lazy to finish it on time, so strider2k, his one's for you.  I also had 
to go back to the arcades and play her extensively to check out my 
combos again and strategies, learning some new stuff and finding out 
some old stuff that reminded me why i loved psylock in the first place.  
I swear, I gotta stop using Cammy and Ruby and go back to Psylock...what 
the heck am I thinking with Cammy and Ruby?? oh well....whatever.  
Hm........wasn't this a shoutout?? Anyways, mad props to CjayC for 
posting my stupid faqs, BBkraas for posting my last spiral faq, and 
hopefully this one.  Hm....i wanna make a shoutout to a nameless dude in 
philadelphia who actually gave me a decent game for my Psylock.  Man, 
dude, who ever you are,  you had some crazy stuff with Thanos.  Finally, 
a dude named stuc2k for sending this in for me at the end....peace out 

9. Extras
Um..........man, i have no clue why put this little chapter in the first 
place.....so um......i have nothing to say really..........oh, hey 
psylock's taunt does damage!! I swear it does like 1/10th of a point of 
damage!  Funny stuff though....hehe.  

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