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Spiral by Sinawe

Updated: 09/11/00

1. About Sinawe
2. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
3. Content of This FAQ
4. The Character
5. The Fighter
6. Analysis
7. Movelist
   -Dancing Swords
   -Six Hand Grapple
   -Quick Drop
8. Hyper Combos
9. Strategy
10. Combos
11. Specific Character Match
   -Dr. Doom
12. Fun Stuff
13. Tribute Notes
Nothing special. If you have any questions, you can email me at 
taijiooo1aol.com. That's t-a-i-j-i-o-o-o-1, not zero, zero, zero one, 
but letter O's. Please make sure the topic of your e mails are listed 
as, MvC2 comments, or questions, or stuff like that. Thanks for reading 
this faq, and I'm sure you will find many a useful things to help your 
game out.

I'm really not sure how this is supposed to be written, but every faq I 
read contained this section where they explain about who has copyrights 
to whom and all that stuff, so I'll start with that. SPIRAL and and 
other characters that are marvel related are properties of MARVEL COMICS 
and has copyrights on them. Any other characters related to CAPCOM are 
copyrighted by CAPCOM and are properties of CAPCOM. I guess the name 
SINAWE can be My name, and no one should publish anything under the name 
without my consent. 

The material on this faq will hopefully help out those who are 
interested in playing SPIRAL, or anyone who wants to improve their game. 
I will be assuming that most of players reading this faq are aware of 
the basic moves, and gameplay, such as push block, rolling, tech hit, 
hyper combo supers and such. 

I don't know much about comic books, but from what I have gathered and 
after seeing an episode of the X Men animated series, I think I have the 
gist of her background. She was a normal actress / stunt woman on planet 
earth, the name is unbeknownst to me, who was captured by a game show 
producer named MOJO from another dimension. She is then morphed into the 
six armed, teleporting beauty we see today. I think she was also 
involved in some
sort of love relationship with LONGSHOT, a hero and an arch enemy of 

All I can say about spiral is that she might be the best character in 
the game, in terms of versatility, adaptational ability, and balance. 
She's in no terms an easy character to use to the fullest advantage, but 
most of the learning aspect lies in how much experience you have playing 
with her. If you would just get used to some of her moves and 
characteristics that distinguish her from other characters, you will 
have no problem succeeding with her. She's so versatile in the fact that 
she can play multi level games, like keep away, chipping game, combo 
damaging, and zoning. She's balanced because she's not terribly weak in 
the power department, takes damages better than most characters her size 
and stature, and her already decent speed and power can be improved 
within the game, which will be explained later. She has some corky 
characteristics that you have to get used to, such as floating jumper, 
awkward supers, lack of specials and such. But mind you, those are the 
things that make spiral one of the best characters in the game.

Spiral does decent damage with her normal moves and combos. Her specials 
also do decent damage, and some like DANCING SWORD will do great chip 
damage. Her strength can also be improved by the power dance super, 
detailed later on.

Again, spiral is pretty fast on the ground and her dashes are quick and 
useful. The only reason she has the reputation of being slow is because 
of some of her lag times on special moves and the obviously over exposed 
"floating" jumper. On the ground, she can hold her own against most 
pixie characters. This is also improved by the speed dance super, 
detailed later on.

The lack of her specials might give the appearance that she's not really 
an offensive minded character, but the fact that her normal moves have 
high priority, and the dancing sword that can be done in 5 ways just 
about anywhere on the screen makes her VERY VERY offensive minded 
character, not to mention the chipping game and trap potentials she has. 

Sometimes, best defense is a strong offense, and that's what spiral 
gives you. She lacks any specific defensive moves, but the variable way 
the swords can be used poses a good defensive threat to he opponents. 
She also takes decent damage, about 105%.

Exactly not the conventional supers, but very VERY useful nonetheless. 
This is another example of how a player must familiarize themselves with 
SPIRAL if they seek long term success with her.

Great character overall. Just incredible versatility and potential. Can 
just about stop any types of characters.

1.DANCING SWORD <hcb + any punch> can be done in the air.

This move calls out 6 swords that surround SPIRAL and remain their until 
she is hit, or the knives are thrown. This is no doubt her most abusable 
and useful move because it gives her the keep away, chip game, offense 
game, and defense all in one move. Here's how it can be worked after the 
swords are called.

*throw individually <lp anywhere>
Spiral throws the swords individually and can be done anywhere and in 
any pose, such as jumping, crouching and dashing. The swords can be 
knocked out by other projectiles and beam moves, but throwing them 
consecutively will solve that problem. Awesome zoning ability and combo 
ability. Since she has full mobility while throwing the moves, this is 
the way to go during the heat of a battle.
Grade: 8

*throw all at once forward <qcf + lp>
Spiral poses and throws all the swords in shape of a ring across the 
screen for maximum of 6 hits. It can be knocked down my most moves, but 
unless its a beam move, it will only knock down one or two swords, 
leaving the rest of the swords to travel freely across. Not really a 
pressure move because spiral can't move during the start up time. Its a 
good keep away move, a good chipping move and a great way to confuse 
your character. 
Grade: 6

*throw all at once upward <qcf + hp>
Just like the one above, but goes straight up vertically. Not really a 
recommended move because the start up time is as bad as the one 
traveling horizontally. A decent anti air move, but not really worth the 
Grade: 4

*throw all at once expanding <qcf + lk>
Her best variable move. The swords starts to expand from SPIRAL, growing 
in size until it is hit by enemy or it hits any parts of the screen. A 
good pressure move, a great defensive move, and overall, just amazing. 
Do this in middle of the screen or after you jump in and while you are 
above your enemy. keep them busy blocking these swords, and just 
pressure your opponent.
Grade: 9

*throw all at once six way <qcf + hk>
She tosses the sword in six individual places. Not really a useful move 
because the range on each sword is very poor. 
Grade: 4

2.TELEPORT <qcb + lk> can be done in air

This move starts the basis of her teleport system. Doing this alone will 
send SPIRAL directly above her enemy. This is another move that 
separates SPIRAL from rest of the characters, even those with teleports. 
SPIRAL's teleports have almost no start up time, it goes about 9 
different locations. While SPIRAL comes out of the teleport not 
blocking, making predictable teleporting a sure punishment, its fast 
enough and the lag is so insignificant that if you KNOW what you're 
doing, you can keep away from your enemy the whole entire match. Here 
are the list of where you can teleport. The following moves are done 
after the first teleport mentioned above.
Grade: 10

a.hold lk. Spiral appears left of the opponent.

b.hold lk and down. Spiral appears left of the opponent but closer to 

c.hold hk. Spiral appears right of the opponent.

d.hold hk and down. Spiral appears right of the opponent but closer to 

e.hold lp. Spiral appears left and above the opponent in air.

f.hold lp and down. Spiral appears left and above the opponent but 
closer to opponent

g.hold hp. Spiral appears right and above the opponent in air

h.hold hp and down. Spiral appears right and above the opponent but 
closer to opponent.

Commanding teleport is very important to SPIRAL's game, and should be 
almost like a second instinct to any spiral users. So many of so called 
''expert'' spiral users always advocate that you teleport everytime and 
as many times as you can. While that is true, the true experts are 
separated by the timing and the placements of the teleports. A fake 
spiral expert might teleport around to dodge beams and to ''confuse'' 
opponents, a true spiral expert will usually reserve those teleports to 
dodge behind a beam super character, or above a lag experiencing 
characters to quickly cover ground.

3.Six Hand Grapple <dragon punch motion forward with any p> can be done 
in air This is Spiral's manual throw. She raises all of her hands above 
her head and grabs any unexpecting enemies and throws them in any 
directions. The upside is that this move is unblockable. Another good 
thing is that you can control where to throw in any direction. The bad 
part about this move is its HORRIBLE lag time and WIDE OPEN 
vulnerability. I mean, it takes spiral at least 2 to 3 seconds to 
recover from this move. I recommend that this move only be used in 
combos, which will be explained later. Its a decent anti air move, but 
for the risk that it poses, I highly doubt its worth it.
Grade: 6

4.Quick Drop <hcb + any kick>
This really isn't a special move, but more of an extra move, because it 
is not an offensive move, in terms that it deals no actual damage by 
itself. As we all know by this point, Spiral suffers from a floating 
jumper that many characters complain about. (Personally, I like her 
floater). So here's the deal. This move allows her to drop quickly and 
straight down, much faster than if she were to drop without the move. 
Its a good way to shed those unwanted lag time in air, or a way to 
confuse other characters. It can even be used in combo systems.
Grade: 7

1.SWORD STAMPEDE <qcf + pp> 
Its her only standard offensive super. She unleashes three vertical 
columns of swords throwing them one column at a time. This move really 
isn't all that useful for many reasons but the most significant reason 
is the fact that I cannot be comboed outside of an assist combo. Another 
downfall of this move is that, while the first column of swords may hit 
directly, the second may miss. Its accuracy is very inefficient. Another 
dangerous thing about this move is that, even if hit them with ALL of 
the hits, they will still be able to move freely after the super is 
done, making it VERY easy for them to retaliate. I RARELY use this super 
in the heat of the battle, and would not even use it as a chip super, 
because the start up time is slow enough that any players could super 
jump out of the way.
Grade: 6

2.SPEED DANCE <qcb +kk> can be done in air.
This super gives SPIRAL a limited time of extra speed up. Its a great 
move strategically, but once again, it doesn't do damage as its own. 
This is quite a useful super, because it gives SPIRAL possibilities of 
more combos, more hits and just a general quick step. Try to do this 
move in middle of combos, while its actually not a combo because it 
deals no damage. Its good to call swords to assist this move, and will 
be explained in combo section.
Grade: 8

3.POWER DANCE <qcf + kk> can be done in air.
This super gives spiral a limited time of extra power up. Its a decent 
move, but not as useful as the speed dance in my opinion. Again, this 
move gives her some possibilities that she would not have without it. 
Some of SPIRAL's combos are GREATLY helped by this move, in terms of 
damage, adding about 20 points of extra damage in some combos. Use it, 
but don't abuse it.
Grade: 7

4.METAMORPHISIS <hcb +pp> can be done in air.
The coolest looking and one of the most damaging super in the game. You 
activate it by doing the motion mentioned above, then she will begin to 
flash with different colors and shades. Then, she can grab her opponent 
by doing the HP either standing, jumping or even crouching. The grab 
that is done by HP s unblockable, so if you can get next to your enemy 
you will be settled. There is a way to combo this move, and other 
strategies to land this, but the key is to get next to your opponent 
without having to sacrifice safety, because she does take damage during 
this move. More on this move later
Grade: 9

5.HYPER METAMORPHISIS <A1 + A2 with one hyper super level>
This move has a couple differences from the level three metamorphisis. 
First of all, its blockable. So a smart character will push block and 
punish SPIRAL if you're not careful with it. Second, this move is SO 
much easier to combo. I really think its only effective way to land it 
is to combo it, otherwise, this move is very easily blockable, as the 
start up time is somewhat lasting. The chipping damage this move does 
INSANE!! But be careful; if spiral doesn't finish off her opponent, she 
will be eating a lot of punishment. More on this move later.
Grade: 9

The most important thing you must learn to succeed in her offense is to 
use her dancing swords effectively. Of course, one easy way of using the 
sword is against dash characters, or projectile characters. Just throw 
the swords and dash in for pressure. Once in awhile throw them at once 
forward to catch them off guard and do some chip damage while they are 
expecting a single sword throw. Another move you should MASTER is the 
teleport. You should be fully aware of where she can and cannot teleport 
and the ranges of each locations. This should be almost a second nature 
to you. Just remember that she cannot block when coming out of the 
teleport, but the lag is so small, that it really shouldn't pose a 
problem unless your opponent KNOWS where exactly you're teleporting to, 
or you teleport right into a path of a super combo. 

You deal with them as any other character would deal with her. One 
particular big character she can have problem against is JUGGY, as he 
can cancel out the swords thrown at him with his HEADCRUSH and take 
advantage of SPIRAL's short lag time, as he can with anyone else. The 
one thing that always works is a keep away/chipping game. The swords 
still do decent chipping damage against big characters, an since each 
and every sword does some damage, they will add up quickly. Keep them at 
bay by throwing the swords fast one at a time, or if you KNOW it will 
make contact with enemy, throw them all at once forward. Try not to jump 
in and do the expanding sword TOO much, because characters with Super 
Armor or Hyper Armor will cancel them out and may unleash a super on 
SPIRAL. Keeping distance will give SPIRAL time to teleport or move out 
of the way should they become impatient and unleash a super out of 
desperation. Even HEADCRUSH wont catch you when your throwing swords 
when you're a full screen away. Any chance you get, dash in and put 
pressure on them once in awhile. The swords may break through armors if 
you hit them before they realize it, and unleash a combo of your own. 

Spiral seems to have VERY little problem with beam characters such as 
CABLE and ICEMAN. Take advantage of their lag time on the beams and 
teleport above them, where they seem to be most vulnerable. Teleporting 
behind them during a short move may turn them around, so I would advise 
you teleport above them, since most beams cannot reach right above their 
head. Always be prepare to take advantage of their beam supers by 
teleporting behind them. Most of the beam supers comes out slow enough 
that you can have plenty of time to teleport behind them.

If spiral has any trouble against any characters, it might be those 
speedy characters who can get around her swords and get to those 
teleporting places. Not to worry, as they can be eliminated with some 
planned ground game. SPIRAL is quite nimble on her feet so match their 
speed with hers, and take advantage of her easy hyper metamorphisis 
combo. Chances are, they wont survive too many of those. Another general 
tactic is to do an expanding sword toss after jumping in to your 
opponent. It will stop most dashing characters and will give you time to 
dash in for pressure. Make sure to toss the swords individually on 
general occasions against pixies, because they may dodge a single shot 
toss, so time their jump ins, dash back, and unleash those swords.

1.Call swords, dash in, s.hp, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp

2.Dash in, c.lk, c.lk, c.hk, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, hk

3.Call swords, dash in, s.lp, s.lk, s.lp, s.hp, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp, 
s.lp, s.lp

4.Call swords, dash in, c.lk, c.lk, c.hk, sj.lp, lk, lp, expanding 

5.Dash in, c.lk, c.lk, Hyper metamporhisis

6.Dash in, c.lk, c.lk, c.hk, sj.lp, lk, lp, hold up, lk, six hand 
grapple, throw up, six 
hand grapple.

7.Call swords, dash in, c.lk, c.lk, c.hk, sj. slowly, lp, lk, quickly, 
lp, lp, lp, lp, lp, 
land, manual super jump, lp, lk, lp, lk, any combo finishers

8.Speed up, Call swords, dash in, s.lk, s.lk, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp, 
s.lp, s.lp, teleport 
behind, c.lk, c.lk, c.hk, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, lp, lk, any combo finishers

9.Speed up, dash in, s.lk, s.hk, dash in, s.lk, s.hk, dash in, s.lk, 
s.hk, repeat
(thanks to a site where my friend downloaded the movie...might be 
shryken.com not sure)

10.Speed up, dash in, s.lp, s.lk, s.lp, c.lk, c.hk, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, 
lp, hold up, lk, 
six hand grapple, throw up, six hand grapple, throw down, quick drop, 
still in the air, lk, 
lk, land, c.hk, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, hk.

11.Speed up, dash in, c.lk, c.lk, c.hk, level three metamorphisis, 
manual super jump, hp
to grab. 

12.Speed up, call swords, level three metamorphisis, dash in, c.lk, 
c.lk, c.hk, sj.lp, slk,
lp, lp, lp, lp, lp, land, manual super jump, hp to grab.

Since I don't consider playing computer any kind of challenge, or even 
fun, I will skip the part on how to beat characters on CPU, and the ever 
so boring ABYSS. Just in case you wanted to know, teleport back and 
forth on 1st form to get to other side and hit, dancing sword to death 
on 2nd form, and expanding dancing sword on 3rd form. Wow that was easy. 
Now, I will go into detail about some characters that are used popularly 
around the arcades.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1.CABLE: Many people consider cable as the best character in the game, 
or the most over powered, or, in lack of better terms, cheapest 
character. Whatever the truth might be, there is no denying he's used a 
lot, used effectively, and used to win. Personally, I love cable, but I 
think spiral can give cable more trouble than anyone in the game.

The thing you have to be careful about is when to call the dancing 
sword. Viper beam can come out super fast, and there is no way SPIRAL 
can call out the swords in time if CABLE is anticipating a move. What 
you can try to do is keep him busy with an assist character, then super 
jump and call the swords. Coming down may be a risk if cable has done 
his stuff with assist character, so depending on the situation, teleport 
down. Now, if you are afraid that your assist character might eat a 
multiple AHVB, not to worry, there are other ways of calling the sword. 
As we call know, Cable's ''main'' game is based on his beam moves and 
keep aways, so take that to your advantage and call the sword while he 
is busy turtling. Or if you're really desperate to kick butt, just go 
offensive without the sword. By this time, you should all be familiar 
with SPIRAL's combo ability, so, look for a beam lag time, teleport 
above him, and unleash a can of whup ass. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to watch yourself when your jumping in. 
I think this should be eliminated as much as possible, as CABLE can take 
advantage of SPIRAL's slow jump ins. The way to get around CABLE is not 
to jump in, or stay on the ground, but rather, super jump and teleport. 
His lag time on most of his specials are very noticable. I can't stress 
how important it is not to miss those opportunities. Keep in mind that 
he IS a beam character, and his most effective and damaging super is a 
beam super, which you should always be ready to teleport above or 
behind. No matter how versatile the AHVB is, it wont reach above cable's 
head, or behind him. Keep that in mind.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
2.DR. DOOM: Another awesome character. You should have the same 
mentality as you would with facing CABLE, except for few important 
adjustments on your part. Unlike Cable, Dr. Doom isn't very nimble on 
his feet, meaning you can take advantage of your ground speed. While his 
beam attack is strong, most Dr. Doom players will opt for using the 
molecular shield or the photon shot, which has some lag and start up 
time you can use to your advantage. NEVER teleport randomly. Dr. Doom 
can cover a lot of screen with his projectiles and it will be foolish to 
try and teleport all the time around him. 

Calling the sword should be easier on him than it is with Cable. Dr. 
Doom doesn't really have a decent anti air move, and most of his 
projectiles in the air are either slow, or travel towards the ground. 
This should give you plenty of time to call the swords. Try not to get 
cornered by him, as it can set up some traps if he happens to have a 
good assist characters. Stay on the ground and take advantage of his lag 
time by dashing in, or teleporting behind his molecular shield, as its 
lag time is horrendous. watch out for his
Photon super, which is super fast, and can cover a lot of screen, so be 
very careful of where you teleport to. His other supers are VERY slow in 
terms of lag time, which should be the biggest opening for your attack. 
Try to stay on the ground, and if he becomes projectile friendly, which 
means he can be VERY predictable, teleport around him for a punishment 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
3.MAGNETO: The one character that should be very difficult to fight with 
spiral alone. His dash ins are SUPER fast, so be VERY VERY careful about 
blocking. One thing you can take advantage of is lag on launchers, or 
the predictability of his combo game. He is also very vulnerable over 
his head, so exploit them as much as you can. magneto is such an 
offensive force, that you should try to wait for a mistake rather than 
go into his territory and risk the possibilities of your untimely death. 

He's got a very fast beam that can take you out if you are getting 
predictable calling the swords. Super jumping to call the swords may be 
the safest way, or you can have some assist help to call the swords. 
Even after the swords are called, be careful on how you are using them. 
His beam can knock them out senseless and if you're not careful about 
jump in into expanding sword, you might eat some magnetic shockwave. 

If you haven't noticed before, he's got terrible lack time on his hard 
punches and kicks, which me might try to utilize for launchers or easy 
combos, in which case, you should have a big opening for an attack. 
Another thing to keep in mind is his sliding dashing effect. He seems to 
travel uncontrollably if their not careful. When they dash in, jump up a 
little bit, let him get under you, and expand those swords. 

DO NOT teleport while they are randomly throwing out the TEMPEST SUPER, 
especially behind them. You will eat a mouthful of rocks in that way. 
Just super jump in the air and block the few ones that reaches you. No 
chipping damage threat there. Anyone who knows what they are doing with 
MAGNETO will never throw out supers by themselves, so you wont have a 
lot of chance to teleport behind them. Just remember not to be so 
aggressive against him and let him make the mistake, and take advantage 
of those slow launchers and the sliding dash ins.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
4.JUGGERNAUT: This guy can take you out REALLY quick if you're not very, 
and I mean VERY careful. The main part of his threat is obviously his 
HEADCRUSH, which can eat your swords and take you out even harder than 
when his headcrush is not being forced to back off. And be very careful 
about teleporting above his head, as his c.hp has insane priority and 
will eat up SPIRAL coming out of them. 

Calling the swords out will be a no problem. You will have all day and 
the whole entire fight to call out as many swords as you want with him. 
If he is advancing towards you with jump ins, as many a inexperienced 
juggy, or desperate juggy characters might do, just dash under him, or 
teleport. It should give you no real threat. After calling the swords, 
punish them if they are advancing towards you hoping to land those jump 
ins. If they choose to stay on the ground, You can do others.

If they are walking towards you carefully, but still advancing, expand 
the swords in the air. If they are trying to play a turtle game, chip 
them as much as you like, just be careful you're not going wild and over 
looking his headcrush. If they are full screen away, or even a half 
distance away, you should have plenty of time to escape the headcrush if 
you're careful with the swords. His earthquake move has a noticeable lag 
time, which you can utilize and teleport behind them for some painful 

Juggernaut is also very vulnerable after a missed or blocked headcrush, 
and you should fully take advantage of that. The thing to keep in mind 
is don't throw those swords carelessly, as you will DEFINILTEY pay big 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
5.BLACKHEART: The most annoying keep away character in my opinion, and 
another meal for SPIRAL if you can just see these points I will give 
you. First of all, If they are playing Blackheart, chances are, they 
will be playing DOOM and CABLE, or STRIDER with him. Mostly no one will 
start them first, unless they are very confident in their blackheart 
skills, which will be the reason for their demise. Careful about those 
demons. Don't let him get 
too close for those demons to hit. He likes to play keep away, well, you 
can handle that, as he really doesn't have any move to counter the 
swords if you watch out for his other projectiles like the lighting and 
the ice move. You will notice a major lag on his lighting and ice move, 
meaning, well, whatelse?? retaliate. Spiral is like I always say, quite 
fast on her feet. Take advantage of that, and you'll be fine. Be totally 
careful about getting close to him though, cuz if you mindlessly march 
into him, his supers are
deadly way of dying real fast.

If they are playing BLACKHEART, they are possibly waiting for a trap 
game. Most, if not all of his trap games involve him using the ICE 
STREAM assist or move. Well, teleport behind it RIGHT when it hits the 
ground. Anything quicker than that will track you down. Timing is the 
key, but its rather easy to figure out. He also has a little 
vulnerability with the start up time, which you should be aware of.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
6.CYCLOPS: Another character that will give you some problems if you're 
not careful. Don't be mistaken into thinking that he is a beam 
character, while he does have some beam moves you can take advantage of, 
mostly likely they will try to play him like a pixie, and stay on the 
ground, as he is an awesome ground attack character. 

Calling the sword may be quite difficult against him. His beam is very 
VERY quick, and he can direct it into the air, making it somewhat 
difficult to call the swords in the air, but not impossible. The thing 
you can do is stay out of his beam path. He has a very limited pathway 
on his optic blast with hp, so you can work around it. 

Cyclops's most strong offense start from the ground. And his launcher 
has short range, so stay in the air, and expand those swords. Cyclops 
has a bad mid range game. Play a poking game from time to time. Don't be 
rash in marching right into him, because he is a fast character and will 
take advantage of you. Teleporting around his super is another good way, 
but again, anyone who knows cyclops even a bit, will most likely combo 
his supers, so you wont have much chance, and when he tries to chip you 
by doing his bigger super, you can teleport behind that. He's a threat 
because he is a dash character with a beam move, making him very 
versatile. You will have to be careful with advanced cyclops user.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
7.SENTINAL: A big character who has quick moves. He's a hard character 
to escape if you are cornered, so be very careful not to remain in one 
place. His Rocket punch is a deadly weapon, so don't ever let your guard 
down and call out swords out of thin air. You will eat a lot of those 
that way. He's not that strong in the air, well, at least when he's on 
the ground, so that's your best bet to call the swords out.

He's pretty weak over his head, so be prepare to teleport there. Watch 
out for his drone attack, as it can hit you if you' re not careful. The 
thing about SENTINAL is that, he really doesn't have any lag time on 
most of his moves, except the drones. So, wait for him to unleash them 
and pass his head, then teleport to attack. His plasma ball super can be 
teleported behind for some easy hits, but I doubt anyone will pull that 
without comboing it. Don't teleport when he's doing the drone super, as 
it can hit you anywhere. Just let it pass and don't get too anxious. You 
shouldn't really try to chip him, because of his fast rocket punch and 
his beam move. 

I'm not very good at this cuz...um...I don't have dreamcast and I don't 
remember some of them.  
Opening Animation: She turns around once and poses
Taunt: She turns around once and poses
Winning pose: She turns around once and poses
Winning Pose: She stands pondering about something with on hand on her 
chin, the rest on her hips and head
Time out win: She does a bizarre dance spinning her arms and swaying 
side to side, looking very sexy.

First of all, I want to thank CJayC for making this wonderful web site.  
I've found it a lot of fun and have spent a lot of time on it.  I want 
to give a "shoutout" hehe ... to KRASS (jkksweet@hotmail.com) for 
helping me get this FAQ to where it needs to be.  I also wanna say 
whaddup to Gen2000, Holy Knight, Golden Blondia, and Dillinger.  So, 
thanks for reading my FAQ and I hope to see you soon in another one.

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