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Blackheart by EZero

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/11/00

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Character Guide: Blackheart v1.0
Elff_Zero (elff_zero@yahoo.com)
unpublished work copyright Robert Blumel 2000

Table of Contents

I. Intro
-who & why
II. Colors/Assists
III. Basic Attacks
-command attacks
IV. Special Attacks
-snap back
V. Supers
VI. Combos
-the grabbing demon effect
VII. Credits & Thanks

     I.  Intro

Who is Blackheart anyways?
     -Blackheart hails from the marvel world and is the son of
      Mephisto the lord of darkness or something like that.
      which i guess makes him the prince of hell. if somebody has the
      story i'd be glad to hear it.

Why Blackheart?
     -he's unique. 
     -he's strong.
     -he takes less damage than normal.
     -useful supers (not to mention strong if used correctly).
     -his demons give him good reach on his standard attacks.
     -"Inferno!" -nuff said. 

Why not Blackheart?
     -he's a big target. as tall as juggy!
     -he's sloooowww.....
     -lag on some of his moves is can get you killed.
     -lately he's been getting the reputation as cheap...
     -hmmm.... did i mention he's big and slow?


f = forward
b = back
d = down
u = up
d/b = down and back
d/f = down and forward
pp = jp+fp
kk = sk+rk
jp = jab punch
sp = strong punch
fp = fierce punch
sk = short kick
fk = forward kick
rk = roundhouse kick
cr. = crouching
_ = or
/\ = super jump
\/ = land
XX = Hyper cancel
     II. Colors and Assists

Colors:  Blackheart's body is always mostly black with some other
color as shading.

X: Blue               Y: Black                 Z_L: Lt. Purple
A: Lt. Blue           B: Teal                  C_R: Dk. Purple

*Colors courtesy of Rikidozan (rikidozan@hotmail.com)
*this is obviously for the dreamcast setup.

Assist types:  the assist type you choose determines which assist Blackheart
will use when use him as an assist. it also determines his variable counter,
and which super he uses in a Triple Hyper Combo.

Alpha: ground type
     Assist: Dark Thunder lp version.
     Variable Counter: Dark Thunder lp version.
     Hyper Combo: Judgement Day 
       -if this connects at point blank range it has a vacuum effect
        which is very desireable in THC's

Beta: anti-air type
     Assist: Inferno fp version.
       -IMO his best assist although his cheapest.
     Variable Counter: Inferno fp version
     Hyper Combo: Heart of Darkness
       -you need to really pick you partners well to make the most of this.

Gamma: Launcher type
     Assist:  standing mp
       -personally i think Blackhearts launcher is great anti-air,
        he's already 12 feet tall and his launcher hits high anyway.
     Variable Counter: standing mp
     Hyper Combo: Armageddon 
       -if used with other vertical supers this can really hurt!

     III. Basic Attacks


jp - Blackheart does a little poke with his hand right in front of him.
     your basic jab. although it doesn't really lead to much.

sp - Blackhearts launcher. but since it doesn't chain after a standing jp
     or lk it's almost worthless like this. almost.

fp - Demons fly out of Blackhearts chest and fly a little ways then latch
     on to the opponent and suck a little life. when the demons hit they 
     have a tendency to lift you opponent off of his/her feet for a moment.

sk - Blackheart flips his tail out a little ways. as fast as a jab with waay
     more range. use this for pokes.

fk - Blackheart's hair strikes out and knocks your opponent away. useful but
     not as much since you can't just tap sp anymore. (boo... )

rk - Blackhearts best standing attack (or most used/abused) Blackheart kicks
     out with his foot and little demons grab your opponent and hold him.
     I'll explain this holding effect in a bit. it's a bit slow though just
     like all his heavy attacks. please don't whiff with this.


jp - A crouching version of his jab

sp - Blackheart makes like a little whirlwind that knocks you opponent back
     great for getting some breathing room. 

fp - Blackheart strikes the ground and suprise... little demons come out.
     the initial act of hitting the ground knocks your opponent in the air
     slightly. best is used in a corner.

sk - Again with the tail. but lower. still good.

fk - Again with the hair. but lower. still good.

rk - Again with the holding demons. but lower. and they only hit once which
     means it doesn't go through super armor. also they go super slow, but 
     they do travel full screen and Blackheart does recover before they get
     there. I don't like it. but if it works for you use it.


jp - A jumping version of his jab. but it's more useful than his
     ground versions. you'll see why in the air combo section

sp - this used to rock... now since you can't do medium attacks by
     themselves anymore. anyway it's a bolt of lightning from his hand
     going down at a 45 degree angle with huge range. but since you have
     to combo it now... you can't use that range. too bad. maybe next game.
fp - More life-draining demons. these track a bit and they return to you 
     after a short time. so use this to your advantage. throw these demons
     behind someone on purpose and they'll hit on the way back which is 
     really evil. but hey he's the prince of hell.

sk - Did you guess tail attack in the air? yup you guessed it. it hits
     pretty low which makes it good for jumping in.

mk - Did you guess hair attack in the air? good job! this acts as his
     AC finisher. also good for jumping in after a jp or sk.

rk - Blackheart releases more grabbing demons. but these guys can't fly
     and if they miss they kinda go splat on the ground. if you release
     these from the top of the screen they go all the way to the bottom.
     Use this as a "death from above" move.


d/f+fp - Blackheart only has one command attack and that's the alternate
         way to do his launcher. same animation as the standing sp but
         it does more damage and is 50 times more useful. you can use this
         as anti-air or a punishing move.

Chains: (or lack thereof)

Blackheart can only chain 2 attacks on the ground. kinda.

here is a list of ground chains from GoukenX (goukenx@yahoo.com)   

   jp, sk
   sk, fk
   jp, d + sp
   sk, d + sp
   jp, d + fk
   sk, d + fk
   d + jp, sk
   d + jp, d + sp
   d + jp, d + fk
   d + sk, fk
   d + sk, d + sp
   d + sk, d + fk
   also sk, rk <--- very important
   * notice the lack of chains to a standing sp. (his launcher) boo...

     IV. Special attacks

b,d/b,d,d/f,f+p - Dark Thunder (hyper cancellable)

     -Blackheart shoots lightning from his hands in one of two directions.
     jp shoots lightning along the ground while fp shoots it at a 45 degree
     angle upwards. this move can't really be combo'ed (there are exceptions)
     it's a little slow not too bad though. remember that the ball of 
     lightning at his hands also hits. the jp version can hit twice on the
     ground for decent damage. an average move but it has it's uses.

f,d/f,d,d/b,b+p - Inferno  (hyper cancellable)
     -Blackheart unleashes a column of ice (ok seriously ice?? the move is 
      called 'Inferno' for crying out loud!) below the feet of your opponent
      and stretches all the way to the top of the screen. the jp version 
      hits right in front of Blackheart while the fp version hits wherever
      your opponent is standing. very useful. He used to have fire lightning]
      and ice infernos but now theyre just ice go figure. you can otg after
      this if you're close enough. in order to hyper cancel you have to be 
      pretty quick about it. remember use it don't abuse it. 


         Blackhearts throws have great priority. use them.

f_b+fp - Blackheart picks you up sucks your soul and tosses you like a 
         rag-doll to the other side of the screen.

f_b+rk - Blackheart picks you up and blasts you across the screen with
         a lightning bolt.

(air)any direction but up+fp_rk - Blackheart blasts you to the ground with
         lightning. hey it works.

Snap Back:

d,d/f,f+A1_A2 - Same animation as crouching sp.

     V. Supers

d,d/f,f+pp - Armegeddon

     -Blackheart raises his arms to sky and calls down legions of 
      Capt. Crunchberries from the sky (i don't remember where i
      heard it from but it's funny as hell so remember to scream
      "Capt. Crunchberries!!" when you use this.) but seriously this 
      move hurts!! when used right. the ideal place to catch someone 
      right over your head. unfortunately his launcher seems to send 
      them a little too far out now. (boo...) so use this one in the 
      corner if you can. or in DHC's that leave you opponent up in the 
      air. the way this move hits is random so sometimes it hurts more
      sometimes less or sometimes only half hits. it's still super strong.

d,d/b,b+pp - Judgement Day
     -Blackheart unleases a wave of his fp demons from his chest. (too 
      bad they don't stick and suck life. now that would be cool.)
      they travel at weird angles so the closer you are the better.
      in face if youre right up against them you get a vacuum effect
      and it gaurantees that all the demons hit. also good chipping.

(air) d,d/b/b+pp - Judgement Day (air)
      -Completly different from his ground judgement day. Blackheart lets
       loose with the demons again but these are the kick kind. the demons
       fly at a 45 degree angle downward. they all travel pretty close
       together unlike the ground version and this version does more damage.
       you can't combo it in an air combo. I've tried beleive me. it does
       great chipping too. if you could combo this easier it would be my

d,d/f,f+kk - Heart of Darkness

     -A portal to hell opens up underneath the opponent and demons
      fly around and smack the crap out of whoever was standing there
      until finally theres a big explosion and your opponent goes flying.
      it's useful because it starts underneath your opponent wherever they
      are. does pretty good damage and combos nicely. my super of choice.
      you can even otg in the corner afterward but no specials or supers.


     VI. Combos

Blackheart is not a combo crazy fool but he has his fair share.
And they hurt.

The Grabbing Demon Effect:

   Blackhearts roundhouse demons have the effect
   of holding your opponent for a bit but there are limitations. i'm pretty
   sure your opponent can hit the buttons and shake the joystick to escape 
   faster. however the computer never does this. the demons are instantly 
   removed if you use any non-super projectile like:

   any version of fp or rk
   Dark Thunder

   Things you CAN use:
   any super
   any assist *this is really cool.
   any other standard attack *usually his launcher 
   throws *I think.... i'll check

   if your opponent is hit while in the air with the demons then they
   'bounce' a few times before coming to a stop. now while they're
   bouncing the whole projectile rule doesn't apply. so you can hit
   him with an Inferno cancelled into a Heart of Darkness or something
   like that.



   1. sk,rk, Heart of darkness_Judgement Day_Armegeddon(in corner)
   2. d/f+fp /\ jp,sk,sp,fk
   3. d/f+fp XX Armageddon
   4. sk,rk jump u/f judgement day(air)

-intermediate to difficult

   5. d/f+fp,Inferno(fp) XX Heart of Darkness_Armageddon
      (Armegeddon only in corner) 
   6. Inferno(jp), otg cr.jp,sp /\ jp,sk,sp,sk
   7. inferno(jp), otg cr.jp,sp,Inferno(fp) XX Heart of Darkness_Armageddon
      (Armageddon only in corner)
   8. d/f+fp /\ jp,jp,sk,air dash,jp,sk,sp,fk
      *and they said he had no air combos....
      an easier way is
      d/f+fp /\ jp,sk,air dash,jp,sp,fk
      d/f+fp /\ jp,sk(slow)air dash,jp,sk,sp,fk
  9. lk,rk jump,airdash \/, lk,rk....
     *works better on computer opponents because the don't hit the buttons
      to reduce the stun. if you in the corner you don't have to jump you
      can just walk forward and do it. kinda cheap but hey. Prince of Hell
  10. (corner) Heart of Darkness, rk,d/f+fp 
      *it won't let you super jump into an air-combo. darn.
  11. jump-in rk \/ rk dash d/f+fp /\ whatever you feel like.
  12. sk,rk XX snap back
  13. cr.fp XX snap back
  14. (on chars with super armor) d/f+fp, dark thunder XX heart of darkness
      *the d/f+fp won't launch on chars with super armor

*remember that you can call an assist to hit while you opponent is stunned.
 this leads to infinite possibilities. my favorite is
 juggernaut punch,Inferno XX Heart of Darkness

     VII. Credits and Thanks

Tenchi Lozano & the Oasis Pajama Man
 -my sparring partners/punching bags

GoukenX (goukenx@yahoo.com)
 -for his ground chain list and his variation on blackhearts infinite.

Rikidozan (rikidozan@hotmail.com)
 -for color info

CJayC (CJayC@gamefaqs.com)
 -for hosting such a wicked site

Rainbow Mika & Zangeif
 -my heroes (who needs fireballs when you have 360 throws?)

Dan Hibiki
 -my 'other' hero. (who needs usefull attacks when you have taunts!)



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