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Felicia by EZero

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/03/00

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: Felicia v1.2
-Elff Zero   elff_zero@yahoo.com

revision history.

1.0 everything. had formatting errors. errors bad.
1.1 same thing but re-written to fix earlier errors.
1.2 added strategy section, a few new combos 
    new info on some special moves, and the Help Me! super.

This copyright to Robert Blumel. Redistribution and and/or resale of this 
document or it's contents is strictly prohibited. This document may be
obtained freely at www.gamefaqs.com and is for personal use only.
deal with it :)


I. Conventions
II. Basic Attacks
III. Special Attacks
IV. Supers
V. Combos
VI. General Strategy
VI. Credits and Thanks


Felica is from Capcom’s Darkstalker series and has been there since day one.
Her motives for being in each game have changed over time but it usually has
something to do with Becoming a celebrity or helping poor orphaned kitty 
cats or something  like that.

Why Felicia?

+She’s fast. Dang fast. If you have fast fingers and love big combos look
 no further.
+She’s cute. Well duh... you already knew that. 
+Good Hyper Combos.  Her hyper combos are fairly strong and the all 
 combo easily.
+Great OTG game. It’s insane really.

-She’s weak. Physically she’s almost as bad as roll seriously. 
-Takes damage poorly. That’s never good.   
-Her OTG game is so strong that of your opponent is a good roller...

I. Conventions 

u = up
b = back
d = down
f = forward
d/b = down,back
d/f = down, forward
u/b = up,back
u/f = up forward
jp = jab punch
sp = strong punch
fp = fierce punch
sk = short kick
fk = forward kick
rk = roundhouse kick
pp = jp+fp
kk = sk+rk
/\ =  super jump
\/ = land
_ = or
cr. crouching
j. jumping

II. Basic Attacks

ground attacks:

jp - a little flick with the tail -deceptive range a little longer than 
     it looks.
sp - a quick scratch
fp - multi-hitting downwards scratch. upto 3 hits depends on distance.
sk - a 'short' kick.
fk - a slighty stringer kick* if you don't have room to combo off of a 
     fp or rk combo off this. it gives you more time than the strong for
     whatever reason.
rk - Felicia's launcher. poor range.
b+rk - a multi-hitting handstand kick with good range. 2 hits if close.
           exellent for combos into supers.

crouching attacks:

jp - a cute paw to the ground. 
sp - a slighty less cute paw to the ground
fp - a punch attack straight up with no range that lifts the opponent
     just barely off the ground. 
sk - your standard crouching kick. good range for a short. 
fk - same thing just stronger.
rk - same thing but it's a knockdown. excellent speed follow this up 
     with otg tactics
jumping attacks:

jp - a quick scratch
sp - a double hitting scratch. you can let it hit twice by delaying 
     the next button.
fp - a downward angled big slash type thing.
sk - a small kick in the air
fk - a bigger kick in the air.
rk - kinda like the hanstand kick in the air but without the two hit effect.

III. Special attacks

Rolling Buckler: d,d/f,f+p
-the jp version is slow, the fp version is fast
-you can combo any super afterwards
-you can go into any variation of the rolling attack at any time or
 you can let the roll itself hit once then press the button of the
 rolling attack you want.* i recommend you let it hit once
-this hits otg
-the jp roll results in a weaker version of the rising slash.

Neko punch: d,d/f,f+p, jp
-the rolling bucker followed by a quick punch. use this if you don't want
 to end up 15 feet in the air if you wiff. not a heck of whole lot of 
 damage though. 
-you can combo a super but the timing is super fast and not really worth it.

Rising Slash: d,d/f,f+p, fp
-a 3 hitting uppercut. one of her stronger attacks (she doesn't have many)
 great for finishing ground combos and if you finish in the corner you can 
-if you used the jp roll you get only one hit and not as much elevation.

Siding kick: d,d/f,f+p, any kick
-this move acts like a crouching roundhouse except that if you combo it
 off of the buckler it leaves you as close to your opponent as possible,
 which means that your otg possibilities are almost endless

Neko Spike: f,d,d/f+p
-a ball comes out of nowhere and Felicia jumps after it and pops it.
-not much range not much damage not much use. *but it's cute!
-you can work the jp version into ground combos if you want.
-jp version is hyper cancellable

Delta Kick: f,d,d/f+k(air)
-Felicia goes straight up a little bit then comes down at an angle with
 a kick.
-kinda hard to work into ground combos but you can.
-her best ac finisher.
-you can otg after this if you start it on the ground.

Sand Splash: d,d/f,f+k
-the strength of the kick determines the distance of the splash
-3/4 screen range and it's fast!
-hyper cancellable
-its on the ground
-works well in ground combos
-might as well make you breakfast too.


Hell Cat: f,d/f,d,d/b,b+k (throw)
-Felicia swings around you a couple of times doing moderate damage in
 the process.
-not much range but it's fun. and it does decent damage (for Felicia)

b or f+fp
-Felicia hops on your chest and scratches your face into shreds.
-mash the buttons to scratch faster 
-if you choose to mash the buttons you get a heck of whole lot more damage.

b or f+k
-Felicia picks you up flips you around and tosses you across the screen.
-usefull if you want to toss someone in a corner or something like that.

Wall Clutch: jump u/b and then press u/b or b to hold onto a wall.
-if you hold on for a second or so you start to slide down.
-if you hold d/b right away you start to slide right away.
-it's cute and it avoids nasty beam supers from time to time.


alpha: delta kick, hyper sand slash
beta:  sand splash,  hyper sand slash
gamma: neko spike, hyper sand splash

IV. Supers

Dancing Flash: d,d/f,f+pp
-Felicia does a rolling buckler that if it connects goes ino an 11 hit 
 auto combo finishing with a rising slash.
-combos very easily average, damage for a super.
-only works on standing opponents and those who are slightly off of the

Hyper Sand Splash: d,d/f,f+kk
-covers the entire bottom of the screen with sand and carries your
 opponent away.
-great because it covers behind you if you miss.
-does good chipping damage
-if you get hit during the super the sand continues but doesn't hit.
-fast but only average damage.
-hits off the ground but you have to be quick or else only the first
 few hits connect then you opponent can continue blocking.

Please Help Me!: d,d/b,b+kk (ram buttons for more hits & damage)
-a small kitty cat comes flying out of nowhere and if it connects your 
 opponent is brutally assaulted by a whole pack of kitties.
-good damage
-it combos with a little effort.
-the kitty is auto tracking unlike in darkstalkers.
-the recovery time has been toned waaay down since darkstalkers.
-still pretty bad recovery though. so don't whiff.
-did i mention the brutal and not to mention humiliating assault by a whole
 pack of kitties with little bows in their hair? this is my personal fav 
 for reasons soon to be explained.
-recently rediscovered the fact that you can mash buttons for more hits.
 instead of just 31 hits and 53 pts. of damage (on average character) you can
 get 39 hits and 61 pts. of damage

V. Combos

Chains: ground 6, jumping 6, S.jump 6
Finishers: fp, rk, delta kick
Jump-in’s: jp,sk,sp_fk  jp,fp_rk  sk,fp_rk  fp,rk

Beginner Combos:

1.jp,sk,sp,fk,b+rk xx Hyper Sand Splash_Dancing Flash

2. cr.sk, cr.fk, cr.rk, sand splash.
   -if you use the rk sandsplash make sure to pause just a little to get
    both hits or else it just hits once for 1 pt. of damage.

2..jp,sk,rk /\ jp,sk,sp,fk, delta kick (either one)

4. jumping jp,sk,sp \/ dash,jp,sk,rk /\ jp,sk,sp,fk, delta kick (either one)

4a. jumping jp,sk,sp \/ dash,jp,sk,rk /\ jp,sk,sp (2-hits),fk, delta kick(sk) 

*try to learn to dash after landing so you can pull off bigger combos!

Intermediate Combos:

5. jumping jp,sp,delta kick rk version

6. jp,sk,sp,fp,rolling buckler*,rishing slash_neko punch_sliding kick
	*the trick here is to let the buckler hit once then go into the
         attack the timing is easy you'll pick it up quick.
	*also if you finish in the corner with a rising slash you can 
         otg into anything mentioned elsewhere in this FAQ

7. jp,sk,fp(2-3 hits)* rolling buckler,rishing slash_neko punch_sliding kick
 	*I actually prefer letting the fp hit a few times instead
         of a sp or fk.

8. jp,sk,sp,fp,rolling buckler,sliding kick,cr.sk,standing rk,
   /\* jp,sk,sp,fk,delta kick

	*make sure to jump higher than normal to get all the hits to connect.

9. jp,sk,sp,fp,rolling buckler,sliding kick,rolling buckler,
   rishing slash_neko punch

9b. jp,sk,sp,fp,rolling buckler,sliding kick,cr.rk, rolling buckler,
    rishing slash_neko punch

10. jp,sk,sp,fp,b+rk,sand splash
11. jp,sk,sp,fk,fp,b+rk,dancing flash_hyper sand splash_help me*
	*help me only works in the corner.

12. jp,sk,sp,fp,rolling buckler,sliding kick, help me*
	*my personal fave does great damage. with jump in about 50%

12b. optional "holy crap that hurts!" version.
     jump-in fp,rk\/jp,rp,rolling buckler, sliding kick xx Help Me!

13. jp,sk,sp,fp,rolling buckler,sliding kick,crouching rk, dancing flash

14. j.jp, j.fp \/ dash cr.fp rolling buckler, rising slash (fp)
    -cancel the buckler instantly into the rising slash.
Corner Combos:
(obviously your opponent must be in the very corner for these to work)
(oh yeah and some require 3-5 levels of super.)

15. jumping jp,sk,sp \/ dash, jp,sk,sp,fk,fp,rolling buckler,sliding kick
    help me,crouching rk,help me,crouching roundhouse, help me*,sand splash
    help me, sand splash, help me.
	*your opponent is usually dead around this point the rest kinda
        only works in practicemode on the dreamcast or on machines with
        really low damage settings.

16. jumping jp,sk,sp \/ dash, jp,sk,sp,fk,fp,rolling buckler,sliding kick
    help me,crouching rk, help me, crouching roundhouse, dancing flash.

17. jumping jp,sk,sp \/ dash, jp,sk,sp,fk,fp,rolling buckler,sliding kick
    help me,crouching rk, help me, triple team hyper combo*
	*it's important that you don't insert a crouching move here or
         the hyper sand splash doesn't hold long enough for the other 2 
         combos to connect.

ok thats it. there's more but they're mostly variations or just stuff
that kinda sucks. figure it out on your own. that's the fun part.

VI. General strategy

Alpha: delta kick (rk version)
  This is my personal favorite for a few reasons.
  +full screen range. always handy but it takes just a bit to get 
   all the way across the screen
  +great cross up. due to the fact that this hits once, pauses then 
   hits for the rest of the hits makes blocking this while getting attacked
   from both sides rather difficult.
  +it's fairly quick. she gets in quick and her taunt isn't too long
   either. besides her taunt actually goes under some moves. cool.
  +it's a knock down. which means you can otg after you opponent is hit.
   which gives some characters with no knockdowns. or unreliable ones
   a chance at some new combos.
  +she stays on screen for a while which is good if your opponent is getting
   hit or blocking but bad if they happen to be elsewhere at the time.
  -since she takes hits so bad calling in an assist at the wrong time 
   can lead to you losing felecia before she even enters the match for real
  -Felicia will always come in a little ahead of where your current character
   was standing which means a few things.  you have to be close for this 
   assist to be effective. if your opponent anicipates an assist guess who
   gets to be the human err... kitty shield. now if Felicia was from
Beta: sand splash (rk version)
   +fastest of her assists. speed is always good. if you need a quick assist
    to interrupt your opponents offense this would your best bet.
   +range isn't half bad. about 3/4 the screen from slightly behind where
    you were standing. which brings me to my next point.
   +Felicia starts out slightly behind you which means out of harms way.
   +during her sand splash Felicia is once again in a 'ducking' state.
    she passes under higher attacks. then with the low taunt on the way out
    this makes for a 'safe' assist.
   -it doesn't really set anything up too well. so don't expect big combos
    off this one.
   -damage isn't all nifty either. but if you want large amounts of assist
    damage you wouldn't have picked Felicia to start with right?

Gamma: Neko Spike (fp version)   
    +range is better than sand splash beleive it or not. mostly due to
     the fact that she hops out in front of you then proceeds to do the
    +it still has decent speed and hit range but...
    -it doesn't really set anything up.
    -damage isn't too keen. 
    -she hops in front of you (which can be good in certain situations
     but my experience with it has just been that Felicia gets wasted.
     especially with this assist.

Supers: How to use your supers effectively. :)

-Risk Vs. Reward.
   Felicia's most damaging combos involve the otg use of the 'Help Me'
   super. say you manage to land "j.fp,j.rk\/ jp,fp,rolling buckler
   slide xx Help Me" then mash on the buttons for more damage. you can get
   over 100 points of damage on a normal character. as opposed to say a more
   likely combo of jp,sp,fp XX dancing flash. for around 50 points of damage.
   the trick not to attempt the big combos so often that your opponent learns
   quickly to roll or die. but you should be subtle about it.  note: due to 
   the split second of super "wind-up" animation this gives you opponent more
   time to roll. instead of trying the Help Me! super right after a knockdown
   try for air combos or a cr.rk into a dancing flash.

-To OTG or not to OTG...
  here are a few pointers in playing a successful otg game. first off your
  two biggest otg oppurtunities come after the sliding kick and the cr.rk.
  differences?  well for starters the cr.rk is a normal attack which means
  that you can cancel it into specials then supers as opposed to the sliding
  kick which is a special meaning you have to follow with another special or
  cancel into a super. with the cr.rk you get less time for your opponent to
  roll out of the way. meaning a more succesful otg game. however the 
  sliding kick means better otg positioning more damage and much better range
  because it combos off the rolling buckler.

-Rolling on a River.
  Ok so your opponent keeps getting away from all your well crafted otg 
  combos what now. well a few options. for starters STOP TRYING IT IF IT'S
  NOT WORKING! seriously i can't stress it enough. it's called being able to
  adapt during a game and it's the hallmark of great players everywhere. 
  remember Felicia has two supers that combo in off of just about anything
  she has. also don't forget the importance of assists. there are plenty of
  reliable assists that will let you put the big combos on without sweeping
  your opponent. find some you like. me personally i like to use zangief's 
  ground type. (his spinning lariat) or you can try this little trick.
  knock your opponent down just like your going to attempt to otg but let
  roll and start a hyper sand splash while theyre rolling.  whats happens is
  they usually get crossed up by the super or hit right out while they are 
  vunerable coming out of the roll.

-Cat Fu art of the Cat Fist.
  Ok so you want to brawl with Felicia right? step 1: get in really close
  step 2: scratch the hell out your opponent step 3: goto step 1.
  seriously though Felicia is really most effective at point blank range.
  the problem can be getting there in a game that favors keep away.
  solutions?  #1 the super jump. simple effective and Felicia has one.
  but people expect that and have ways to deal with it. Solution #2
  during solution #1 delta kick.. the delta kick preformed at high elevations
  rockets you forward and downward at a suprising speed. cutting off the
  predictable arc of a normal super jump. also use the delta kick to gain 
  more airtime or change the direction of your flight. solution #3. Rolling
  buckler. faster than a dash and it leads to bigger and better things.
  it can however be seen coming. so the best times to use it are after your
  opponent uses a move with some lag or while theyre airborne. because the 
  safest place from airborne attacks is usually right underneath the
  attacker. (take dr. doom for example.) i mean cable can't aim that friggen
  gun of his straight down can he? solution #4. get your self a nice assist
  that lets you gain ground quick. examples include. ken's expansion type,
  blackhearts anti-air, and certain human sheild types likes zangief's throw
  assist. or hulk,juggy,colossus dash type. contingency plan... if all else 
  fails remember that the hyper sand splash can be used as a long range 
  mistake punisher.

-Felicia and Friends.
  Picking good teammates is entirely dependent on your style of play and who
  you plan to be fighting against. general things to keep in mind are:
  make you got the whole screen covered. you need long range,up close,
  anti air, air to air. and some good mistake punishing capabilities.
  make sure your whole team can fight. i'm not a big fan of picking guys
  just so they can help out on the sidelines; only to get slaughtered when 
  someone forces them in. try to pick a team that has good DHC possibilities
  or even THC possibilites. and lastly make sure theyre color coordinated.
  ok so maybe you don't care too much about your team looking the same but
  i like it.

  Q: So who do YOU use mr. FAQ writer guy huh?

  A: Felicia currently resides on team pink. formerly known as the 
     Ass-Bandits. this consists of Felicia (duh..) usually expansion
     type. (rk color) Zangief alternating throw and ground type (fp
     color) and cammy usually anti-air but ground on rare occasion.
     (rk color) 

  Q: So what else are you planning to add to this FAQ eh?

  A: Well maybe some vs. strats and more combos. gotta have combos.
     and who knows maybe a Q & A section...

  Q: Is that supposed to be some kinda joke?

  A: yes. but apparently not a very good one.


VII. Credits and thanks. 
-permanent sparring partner/punching bag/jr. apprentice

Tenchi Lozano & eminem jr.
-a slightly more advanced sparring partner/punching bag/jr. apprentice
-and his crazy little brother who falls into the punching bag category

Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
-for writing a good felicia faq and reminding me of a 
 few things that i forgot.

CjayC for hosting gamefaqs.com (my personal favorite gaming site)

Rainbow Mika & Zangeif
-my heros (*sniff* thank you Capcom)

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