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Tron Bonne by Darkgohan45

Updated: 08/12/00

Marvel VS. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
Tron Bonne FAQ

Legal Infomation
If any of you people want to use part of this FAQ then e-mail me first 
for permission. Darkgohan45@hotmail.com

Copyrighted 2000 Darkgohan45 (Kevin)


8.14.00- Finished the FAQ. I'll add more when I can.

Table of Contents
I.    History
II.   Legend
III.  Basic Attacks
IV.   Moves
V.    Super/Hyper Combos
VI.   Assists
VII.  Combos
VIII. Abyss
IV.   Teams
V.    Credits

I. Tron Bonne's History

Tron Bonne appeared and a game called Megaman Legends, in Japan, they 
call him Rockman. He is one famous guy. He has been around for a long 
time, I don't know how long... Well in Megaman Legends/Rockman Dash she 
was a pirate. Yeah a bad girl. Well, she had a signature, a skull made 
out of mechinary. Her rival is Megaman Volnutt(a different one then the 
megaman in mvc2 and 1). The upcoming game Megaman Legends 2 will be a 
sequel to it. She has a secret crush on Megaman, play the game and know 
why! She is a very good person to play with.  She also has her own game: 
Misadventure of Tron Bonne!. Play it. You'll get to use the machines she 
uses in the game too! 

II. Legend

Most of the game isn't changed. Still have six buttons, but they made a 
new addition. Remember the MvC game and the X-men versus Streetfighter, 
it had helpers? Well, in MvC2 they have two buttons for that. The old HP 
and HK. That means there is no MP. Let me tell you what I mean:

   O <--Joystick  Jab(LP)   Fierce(HP)     Assist 1
                  Short(LK) Roundhouse(HP) Assist 2

To use a mp and mk you'll have to press the lp or lk twice.

Combo Legend

UF-Up Forward
DF-Down Forward
DB-Down Back
UB-Up back

SJ- Super Jump
DJ-Double Jump
TJ-Triple Jump
/\-Jump after a move
\/-Land after a move
AD-Air Dash
HQF-Half Quarter Forward
HQB-Half Quarter Backwards
HCF-Half Circle Forward
HCB-Half Circle Backwards
DPF-Dragon Punch Forward
DPB-Dragon Punch Backwards

Dashing- To dash, you must hit the direction you want to go twice. Ex.: 
-> -> (F,F)to go Forward. <-<-(B,B) to go back.

Blocking/Advanced Guarding/Air Blocking- To block, press back and it 
take not as much damage from a hit. It'll barely damage you until a 
hyper combo comes up, it will take less damage then a hyper combo 
without blocking. Air Blocking is jumping in the air and press the back 
button. Use this often because you will witness someone who will do a 
air combo and you'll get bored since when you go back down to the ground 
he can dash and redo the air combo as it is like an infinite. Advanced 
guarding is blocking and pressing the 2 punch buttons simultaneously.

Assist Super(Team Super)- Pressing both Assist Buttons will bring out 
your three and will do a hyper combo together! There is a problem, if 
you have two hyper bars then it'll bring out two characters and if you 
have three it'll bring out three.
Rolling- Rolling is B, DB, D+ any punch or kick. Use this to avoid most 

Switching Characters- Press the LP and LK to switch the one under your 
base character and HP and HK to switch the third one. 

OTG- Off the Ground
XX-Cancel into hyper combo/Cancel

Snapback- D, DF, F+ Assist button. This will "snapback"  your opponent.

Delayed Hyper Combo (DHC)- Pretend you have Ryu-Cable, do the shinkuu 
hadouken and cancel it into a Time Flip.

III. Basic Attacks

She has some of the coolest attacks. ! Wow, a poking attacks, fire 
attack to even using her serverbots!

S. Jab- Poke the opponent with a Mech Arm.
C. Jab- Crouching Poking Mech Arm
J. Jab- A Thrust Downward will hit the person hard

S. Short- Shovel Hit
C. Short- Chainsaw Attack
J. Short- Jumping Double Chainsaw Attack

S. Strong(MP)- Thrusting Arm
C. Strong(MP)- Satellite Hit
J. Strong(MP)- Energy Bar

S. Forward(MK)- FlameThrower
C. Forward(MK)- Stringed Spiked Ball
J. Forward(MK)- Shovel Hit

S. Fierce- Spinning Lariat
C. Fierce- Anti Air Fire Wall
J. Fierce- Anti Air Lariat

S. RH- Rock Throw
C. RH- Leg Spin
J. RH- Piledriver

Snapback: Standing Fierce. 
Spinning Punch: stand fierce. Hits once, then hits again. Most people 
forget that it hits twice. Use that to your advantage.
Throw: F+P.
Air Dash: F, F in the air.
Rock Throw: Standing R.house. 
Knockdown: C. Roundhouse. 
Launcher: Crouching Fierce/ DF + Fierce.

IV. Moves

Bonne Strike- D, DF, F + Any Kick This move is a great cheap attack. 
Haha. You can repeat this move like this a girl doing an infinite! 

Beacon Bomb- D, DF, F + Any Punch (Best done when the oppenent is in the 
air) This will hold the oppenent for a short time

Kobun Launch- DPF (F, D, DF) + P This will launch Kobun into the air and 
he will fall down hitting the oppenent.

VI. Supers/Hyper Combos

Lunch Rush-
Meals Ready! Lunch rush is when all the servebots come rushing. There is 
a minor problem that she shoots out the gun with those dots. If it 
connects with the gun then the hyper combo is ready to run. She shouts 
out the saying : Gohan desu yo. That means Dinner is ready. Do this 
attack mostly when the oppenent is already in the air or use the beacon 
bomb. best used as tron's best finisher.

Master Kobun/King Kobun-
You know that little weeny guy that follows you around? Well he turns 
into sentinal size and hits your buddy a wham bamm bigalow. Press HP 

VII. Assists

Throw/Alpha- Throws the Oppenent

Anti-Air/Beta- Flamethrower

Projectile/Gamma- Satellite Hit

Recommended- Throw Type


Combos- Combos are attacks made up and fast finger moving.

Infinites- Infinites are combos that are endless until the person is 

Easy Infinite- QCF LP, DP LP, QCF LP, DP LP

Medium Infinite- [oppenent in corner] (Have psylocke's anti air) C. WK, 
S. mp, *Psylocke's Anti-Air assist* C. fp, launcher, Super Jump, lp, lk, 
lp, lk, F+ HP (throw), land, c. fp, SJ Straight up, lp, lk, lp, lk, 
Throw, qcf+ P.

Super Combo- opponent in corner. jumping wk(2hits),fk,land,standing wp, 
wp(2hits),hcf+fk,and as it ends, cancel into the qcf+2p(after the super 
ends, be sure to taunt)

Easy Combo- J. Short, S. Jab, Bonne Strike

Medium Combo- J. Short, S. Jab, Launcher + Super Jump, Jab, Fierce, Jab, 
Short, Bonne Strike


Having trouble beating Abyss the Boss? Well here is the strategy. I'm 
recommending you to pick T. Bonne's Throw Type. I don't really care but 
pick hayato or strider.

First Form:
To beat the first form use the easy combo a lot. If you have a maxed out 
hyper bar press the two assist buttons at once. Get used to his hand 
movements. Be careful when he puts his body back, that means a huge 
charger to your buddy. Bonne Strike Often!

Second Form:
Easiest of all, when he puts his hand out (something that looks like a 
gun) get really to do a launcher! If you get caught in those bubbles 
your toast, press any punch button really fast. He's too slow so bonne 
strike him 2 or 3 times and do an assist or something. He'll do a short 
pattern, get used to his pattern.

Third Form:
Once again, Bonne Strike him to death. When the mist is going fast, 
block. I mean it. When you need bars for hypers hit the orb. Be careful 
about using the lunch rush, it will barely work. Kobun is best used. 
Just remember, BONNE STRIKE!

This will not %100 give you that top ranking though. I'll give you more 
advice when I update.


Characters good with T. Bonne. 

Jill- Live recovery!
She is a Crew of S.T.A.R.S.! Why wouldn't you pick her.

Hayato-Plasma Combo
Plasmas! It'll hit anyone. It's very good advice to master him!

Strider- Two good hypers!
His Legion and ourboros are suber, it'll work on bosses and big people.

Remember : Nobody likes a cheater!


I would like to thank Shoryuken people for their help with the combos 
and infinites.

GameFAQs and AnimeFAQs for accepting this FAQ.

Myself since I wrote it.

DJellybean21 for reviewing the walkthrough.

And to everyone else I missed.

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