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Thanos by Khaotika

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/06/00

Khaotika's MvC2 THANOS FAQ

Version 1.0

Newest version: 8/6/00
submitted 8/6/00

*Note- this FAQ was completely written and researched by Khaotika! (Jon) 
<khaotika@earthlink.net> It shall not be copied, reproduced, or borrowed 
without my permission. Feel free to print this and share it, but do not 
do so without my name somewhere in the document. If you wish to quote 
something from this, please give me an email beforehand. If you do not 
comply with these guidelines, I will send a thousand rabid raccoons 
after your mangled corpse. ^_^

This FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
Also at www.khaotika.com/mvc2.html
... If you want to use this for your site___email me first__, please.






8-6-00: Totally new.



The basics for this game have remained unchanged since the start of the 
vs. series, only you now have 4 basic buttons and 2 assist buttons. You 
can select the character's assist at the select screen.

To get a strong, you have to press jab, then jab to get a strong. For a 
forward, press short, then short. This only works in combos, however.. 
And you can cross these up as well, like jab to forward, or short to 
strong. The assist buttons call out your other two characters for an 
assisted attack. 

This is the layout:

Joystick------  Jab     Fierce    Assist 1

                Short    Forward   Assist 2

And the key to the moves and combos:

Superjump; SJ; SJump - quickly press down, then up

U- Up
UF- Up-Forward
F- Forward
DF- Down-Forward
D- Down
DB- Down-Back
B- Back
UB- Up-Back

D, DF, F - lists like these tell you to roll from down to forward in one 
motion, then apply the button presses.

DASH - F, F or B, B or 2 punches simultaneously. Character moves faster 
than normal speed. Use it to advance or retreat.

BLOCK - Press joystick/pad away from opponent while they attack. Can 
also be done in midair.

ADVANCING GUARD - While blocking, press 2 punches simultaneously, to 
push back an attacking opponent.

ROLL - B, DB, D + Any punch or kick. - When knocked down, use this to 
prevent follow up attacks.

SAFE FALL/BREAK AWAY - Press joystick/pad in any direction except up + 
Fierce or R.house - You can fall or get away safely from a hold, throw, 
or being knocked out of the air.

VARIABLE COUNTER - D, DB, D + Assist button - While blocking, do this, 
and one of your partners will come out, counter-attacking, and switch 
characters. This uses one level of super meter.

VARIABLE ATTACK - Press jab and short or fierce and r.house to switch 
characters. Characters that have damage will recover the red portion of 
their life while resting.

XX- cancel (XX into is cancel into)

OTG- on the ground. Means that you can do a combo/move/super while your 
enemy is on the ground.

ASSIST- One of two buttons that will call in your other partners for a 
special quick attack.

SNAPBACK- D, DF, F + Assist button. Tired of your main opponent? Then 
force him out by doing a snapback. Assist 1 will bring in the 2nd 
character, while assist 2 will bring in the 3rd.

DELAYED HYPER COMBOS- This is also the first game where you can cancel 
supers into other supers. For instance, you use Venom Web, then cancel 
before Venom's finished into Tron's Lunch Rush. Both supers will 
connect, and Venom will switch out to Tron. You can also use 3 
supers/characters for this. Experiment with different teams to find a 
Delayed Hyper Combo that suits your characters.

DOUBLE/TRIPLE TEAM- Press both Assist buttons to activate all your 
characters supers. The super the character uses depends on which assist 
you picked. This move uses 2 or 3 bars of the super meter, depending on 
how many characters you still have, or how much super bar has been 

The rest is pretty self-explanatory, and if you really don't know how to 
play one of these games by now, then this probably isn't the place to 
start with.... :P



- For reasons concerning overpopulation of the universe, Mistress Death 
resurrected Thanos of Titan, and gave him power to do one simple thing: 
Kill half of the sentinent population of the universe. His task a bit 
overwhelming for even his power, Thanos sought answers from Death's 
Infinity Well, where he learned of 6 magical gems called the Infinity 
Gems. After using his intellect, strength, and cunning, Thanos murdered 
or imprisoned the Gem's holders. He combined the 6 gems: The Soul, 
Power, Reality, The Mind, Space, and Time, into a gauntlet he called The 
Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos had complete mastery over all. 

With a mere thought, Thanos wiped out half of the universe. He caused 
chaos to run rampant, by creating a psychic wave that destroyed planets, 
stars, and left the Earth with a lot of changes, including changing the 
continents, killing millions more, and ushering in a new ice age.

Thanos was still being scorned by Death, so he created Terraxia, a woman 
created in his own image, to be his partner, whereas Death wouldn't. 
Then followed the plight of the heroes of Earth versus Thanos. Mephisto 
convined Thanos to use a small fraction of the Gauntlet's power against 
them, but it proved enough. Wolverine's bones were turned into rubber; 
Cyclops had his air supply cut off; Terraxia beheaded Iron Man and 
crushed Spider-man with a large rock; he turned Thor to glass; even 
Dr.Doom, who sought the Gauntlet for himself was laid to waste. Captain 
America stood alone against the madman, who backhanded Cap, killing him. 
Thanos knew that he came close to defeat, so he willed himself back to 
full power.

After several long struggles and some swapping of the Gauntlet in other 
hands, Thanos decided to fake his death, by exploding via a bomb on his 
belt. Adam Warlock, now the Gauntlet's protector, visited an unnamed 
planet, where Thanos now lives out his days as a farmer, alone.

****-To read more about this story and more about Thanos, pick up the 
Infinity Gauntlet, recently re-published by Marvel Comics in graphic 
novel format.-****


- For the DC version, hold short and press start. Thanos turns his back 
to the player, raising his gauntlet-covered fist in triumph, declaring 
"Thanos reigns!!"

- For the arcade version, press start...Duh.


Open animation 1: He stands like his Gauntlet Super poses and says 

Win 1: Like his open animation, Thanos poses, and Terraxia appears, 
holding on to her love and master. Thanos yells "Thanos Reigns!!"

Win 2: Like Win 1, but Thanos says "It's not over!"

Win 3: Like Win 1, but Thanos says "Destiny awaits!"

Win 4: Like his taunt, but Terraxia appears, holding on to her love and 
master. Thanos says "It's not over!"

Timeover Loss:

Loss: Thanos reels backward, still grinning, letting out a bizarre 
"YEEAAHH!!" (I'm sure the voice actor was going for anguish, but it 
sounds like eccstacy..)


Walking animation: Adding to his disturbing appearance, Thanos' head 
doesn't seem to move at all when he walks forwards or backwards. The 
only difference between the two is a few small redrawn areas of his 


(Jab) Blue and orange costume; purple skin. (basic color)

(short) Dark blue and yellow-orange costume; purple skin.

(fierce) Light cornflower blue and lite dull orange costume; purple 

(r.house) Dark blue and red-orange costume; purple skin.

(assist 1) Blue-violet and orange costume; purple skin.

(assist 2) Dark purple and dark red-orange costume; purple skin.



- Thanos' basic attacks all involve punches and kicks, supported by some 
short bursts of power. Some of his attacks have short range, while 
others have insane reach.

stand Jab - Lunging strike. Swings from head to feet. Good priority.

crouch Jab - Crouching body punch. Good priority.

jumping Jab - Jumping light punch. Poor priority. Best used in air 
combos or combo starters on very large opponents.

stand Strong - Double punch strike. Swings from head to feet. Hits 
twice, unless interrupted.  Good priority.

crouch Strong - Two-fisted body launch. Good priority. Sets up his 
launchers. (except DF + FP)

jumping Strong - same animation as jab. Fair priority. Best used in air 

stand Fierce - Giant power sphere swing. Thanos backhands, forming a 
giant sphere of power at the end of his fist. Great priority. Good 
keepaway and anti-air. Almost impossible to use in a ground combo, 

crouch Fierce - ALONE - Giant uppercut. Good priority. Serves as mini-
launcher. - COMBOED - Two-fisted body launch. Good priority.

jumping Fierce - Jumping two-fisted ring wave blast. Great priority, as 
well as anti-air. Watch out for attacks from underneath.

stand Short - Lunging knee to gut. Fair priority.

crouch Short - Crouching heel kick. Good priority, but bad range.

jumping Short - Jumping diagonal neck kick. Fair priority.

stand Forward - same as short. Good priority.

crouch Forward - same as short. Knockdown. Good priority, but bad range. 
Set up OTG combos and supers with this.

jumping Forward - Straight back kick. Fair priority.

stand R.house - 360% body kick. Good priority, bad recovery if blocked. 
Use this to set up supers on the ground.

crouch R.house - Back handstand kick. Great priority. Good as combo 
ender or for keep away.

jumping R.house - same as short, but has more power. Good priority.

Alpha/Capture Type: Bubble Trap (slow) - Thanos appears, firing off a 
bubble from his gauntlet. If it hits, the opponent is trapped in a large 
bubble for a second, before it pops. If it's blocked, it does minimal 
chip damage. This is useful for setting up big damage combos or supers. 
Thanos disappears quickly after the bubble is released, but he's still a 
big target in case the enemy jumps over it. Also, the bubble is tiny, so 
you may have to force your opponent into it.

Beta/Dash Type: Titan Crush - Thanos appears, charging fist first at the 
enemy. This is best used as a keepaway move, or when you want to 
retreat. It is comboable, but it's also easily blocked. Again, Thanos 
remains a big target if this misses or is blocked.

Gamma/Launcher Type: crouching fierce animation - Basically a launcher 
assist. Has some usefulness as anti-air or as setup for certain combos 
and supers, but otherwise is useless. One of the better reasons to pick 
this is solely for his Space super in Double/Triple teams.


-Thanos' team supers depend on which assist you picked-

A: Gauntlet POWER - Thanos appears, and rams his fist toward the enemy, 
while creating a gigantic sphere of power that almost consumes the 
enemy. This super has great recovery, and you can possibly follow-up 
with certain attacks afterward.

B: Gauntlet REALITY - Thanos creates two pillars of rock, which slowly 
slide together, trapping whatever's between them for good damage. This 
super is good for keeping the enemy in place, or for block damage. It 
can be rolled out of/blocked easily, especially if you activate it in 
situations where the enemy can easily get behind you.

G: Gauntlet SPACE - Thanos summons a vaccum, which tears away the 
surface below your opponent into many pieces of rock, then forms another 
vaccum, and dumps all the rock back on top of the enemy. Probably the 
best of the Assist Supers, but that means that you're left without a 
good assist to help in the match. Still, this super holds the enemy in 
place for whatever your teammates supers happen to be.


Titan Crush: D, DF, F + P - Thanos charges at the opponent, fist first, 
in a dashing crush move. Jab is a half-screen distance, while fierce is 
an almost full-screen distance. This move is best used as a combo ender, 
but can also be used as anti-air, or as a keepaway tactic. He can also 
do this move in mid-air. He has horrible recovery if he misses or if the 
move is blocked, so don't throw this out at random.

Bubble Trap: D, DF, F + K - Thanos forms a small bubble at the end of 
his fist, then launches it at the opponent. If it connects, it contains 
the enemy within for about 1 second. If they block, they will get 
minimal block damage. Short produces a slow travelling bubble, while 
roundhouse produces a fast travelling bubble. This move is great for 
stopping advancing enemies or for starting combos and supers. Again, 
Thanos is a big target if they jump over this, so use it wisely. Also, 
beams will beat this move, and other fireballs will cancel it out.


Throws: F + Fierce Punch - Thanos' folds his arms together, and uses a 
bolt of electricity from the crown of his helmet to throw the opponent 
around. Can be used to OTG in the corner.

        F + Roundhouse Kick - Thanos grabs the enemy by the collar, as a 
rock formation slowly forms at his feet. The formation becomes a giant 
fist, which knocks the enemy out of Thanos' hand, and away.

B + Roundhouse - Standing neck kick. This has many uses, but is most 
useful as Thanos' 3rd launcher, when used after crouching strong or 
standing fierce (not in corner)

D + Roundhouse - (air only) Thanos does a small dive, knees first, 
surrounded by a small barrier. This is useful for keepaway, or in 

Launchers: D + Fierce Punch, B + Roundhouse Kick (in certain 
situations), DF + FP

Snapback: Standing roundhouse animation. Best used at the end of a 


Gauntlet POWER: D, DF, F + 2P - Thanos rams his fist toward the enemy, 
while creating a gigantic sphere of power that almost consumes the 
enemy. Keep in mind that this super travels upward at some point, so it 
can be useful against jump-in attacks. This super has great recovery, 
and you can possibly follow-up with certain attacks afterward. Overall, 
his best super, considering it doesn't leave him open to attacks. 

Gauntlet REALITY: D, DB, B + 2P - Thanos creates two pillars of rock, 
which slowly slide together, trapping whatever's between them for good 
damage. This super is good for keeping the enemy in place, or for block 
damage. It can be rolled out of/blocked easily, especially if you 
activate it in situations where the enemy can easily get behind you. 
It's best to try and combo this super, and not to rely on it in a pinch. 
Has horrible recovery if blocked, or if the enemy somehow gets out of 

Gauntlet SPACE: D, DF, F + 2K - Thanos summons a vaccum, which tears 
away the surface below your opponent into many pieces of rock, then 
forms another vaccum, and dumps all the rock back on top of the enemy. 
This is a great defensive super, and can be used as anti-air or to 
protect Thanos from dash in attacks. It hits the enemy twice with it's 
vaccums, but sometimes they can escape them by rolling at the right 
moment. Usually, they will get hit/receive block damage from one of the 
vaccums. Remember that the second vaccum will always appear where the 
opponent was last standing. Again, Thanos has horrible recovery from 
this super if the enemy manages to avoid it.

Gauntlet SOUL: D, DB, B + 2K - Thanos raises his fist into the air, and 
a stream of green energy appears. If it connects, it grabs the opponent 
into the air, and sucks some of the life from them and gives it to 
Thanos. If it misses, the recovery is better than Space or Reality, but 
Thanos can still be in trouble. Use this super as a counter for jump-
ins, in a combo, or after the enemy is recovering from a special or 
super that has lag time. This super will only recover the red portion of 
Thanos' life bar, so it will not heal you if the bar is all yellow.


STRATEGY: In the his previous game, Marvel Super Heroes, Thanos was the 
boss character. Of course, he was toned down for Marvel vs. Capcom 2. 
It's hard to describe how Thanos plays. He's definitely a master 
character, though.

First off, his other two supers, Mind and Time, were removed from this 
game. Why? Because Mind would have given him access to a recharging 
super meter, and Time would have reversed his enemy's controls.. (I can 
see why they got rid of Time, but Mind?? Thanos needed that!) Thanos is 
a big target, so he must be played wisely. He has power and stamina, but 
somewhat lacks in the speed department. He has a fair amount of combos 
and a decent keepaway game, but you'll mostly be relying on his supers.

Use his Bubble trap to set up high damage moves. His Titan Crush is both 
an asset and a liability. Don't overuse either of these moves; use them 
in smart situations, not randomly. Thanos' combo game requires that he 
move in closer to win. Sometimes it's best not to use his combos against 
certain characters, and just rely on a game of keepaway, or to attack 
and retreat. Pixie characters will have a field day with a Thanos that 
randomly throws out anything, so play him carefully.

Thanos is a super monger, meaning that you will probably have to build 
super meter to win, more often than you would other characters. His 
supers are well worth the effort. Use his Power super in situations 
where the enemy has little time to recover, such as ground combos, or 
close anti-air. You can also use this after a knockdown, but beware if 
they try to roll. Space is also a great super to use in mid combo, and 
is probably his best super if you want to do a Delayed Hyper combo.. 
with the exception of some auto combo supers like Venom Web.

Reality is best used in a ground combo that knocks the enemy away. If 
you pull it out of nowhere, expect to be punished for it. There are 
times, when the enemy will be hit a few times, but won't be smashed in 
between the pillars for all the hits. If you can afford it, take the 
inevitable retaliation afterward. Thanos _does_ have one of the best 
stamina meters of all the chracters. Probably the most useful of his 
supers is Soul. You can use it a lot of different situations to help 
recover his life. It can be comboed off of almost anything Thanos has, 
even his supers. Just don't use it randomly.

Overall, if you decide to play Thanos, be prepared to choose teammates 
who can back him up with their assists, or can help build supers 
quickly. It also helps if they are better at things that Thanos isn't, 
like keepaway or close up games. Don't pick another super eater as his 
teammate, like Silver Samurai or Spiral. Try to find the most balanced 
team for Thanos, and you'll come out on top.


-Jin: Jin's Beta or Alpha assist, his specials, his attack range and 
power, are all excellent reasons to choose him as a partner. Thanos can 
use his supers off of his assists, and vice versa. They both complement 
each other very well in double/triple teams, and in Delayed Hyper 
Combos. Great choice for a teammate.

-Jill: Jill's keepaway game is second to none. She can take care of all 
the characters Thanos has trouble with. Plus, her assists help Thanos 
tremendously, and so do her specials. She's also great with 
double/triple teams situations, and in Delayed Hypers as well. A very 
good choice.

-Gambit: While Gambit's assists probably won't help Thanos too much, he 
has a solid combo game, is quite fast and powerful, and has great 
priority to his attacks. Use his Royal Flush to set up Thanos' supers.
Another good choice.

-Venom: A solid teammate, as well as a speedy powerhouse. Venom's reach 
is probably one of the best in the game, and his combos will take out 
anyone rather quickly. His alpha assist helps cover Thanos' mistakes, 
and his DHC's, whether using Venom Web before or after a Power Super, or 
his Death Bite after a Space super, will prove quite useful.

-Dr. Doom: Doom is another big target, but he's great in providing cover 
or as a keepaway assister. Use his alpha assist to protect Thanos' 
mistakes. You can also use his specials to quickly build super meter, 
and his Photon Array combos well with any of Thanos' supers. Another 
good choice.

-Cammy: In case you need a pixie to fight a pixie, Cammy's not a bad 
choice. Use her alpha assist to give Thanos some anti-air coverage. 
She's very fast, but she takes damage badly, so be careful. Also, her 
DHC ability with Thanos lacks. Still, she does have her uses here.

-Marrow: Another pixie, but she seems to go well with Thanos. Any of her 
assists, especially her gamma assist does well in covering Thanos. 
Although she has poor stamina, she's a lightning fast character, and can 
be deadly if used correctly. Her DHC ability with Thanos excells as 

-Sabretooth: Power and speed make Sabretooth a great teammate. His beta 
and alpha assists help Thanos' set up whatever punishment you see fit. 
Plus, his range is better than Thanos, and his Birdie super helps 
tremendously. A good solid teammate to have, in my book.


-Although Thanos seems to rely on his supers for his combo game, you 
don't necessarily have to use them that frequently. He does have other 
ways to destroy his opponents. ^_^
-You can start most of these combos (ground only) with the Bubble Trap 
for a little extra damage.

*****-Normal combos-*****

1. stand fierce, b + rhouse, sjump, jab, strong, fierce. (not in corner. 
Will not work on super armored characters)

2. df + fierce, sjump, jab, strong, fierce.

3. c. jab, c. strong, c. fierce, sjump, jab, short, strong, forward, -- 
end with fierce or r.house (in the corner you can do both)

4. df + fierce, sjump, jab, short, r.house.

5. c. jab, c. strong, c. fierce, sjump, jab, short, r.house.

6. j.in short, forward, dash c. jab, c. strong, b + r.house, sjump, jab, 
strong, fierce. (in corner, you can add r.house after fierce)

7. j.in short, forward, c. jab, c. strong, c. fierce, sjump, jab, short, 
strong, forward, -- end with fierce or r.house (in the corner you can do 

8. stand jab, stand strong, d + rhouse or standing fierce.

9. crouch short, c. forward, stand jab, stand r.house.

10. j.in short, strong, dash stand jab, s.strong, s.fierce.

11. d + fierce, b + r.house, sjump, jab, strong, fierce. (add r.house in 

12. j.in short, forward, d + fierce, b + r.house, sjump, jab, strong, 
fierce. (add r.house in corner)

*****-Titan Crush combos-*****

13. c. short, c. forward, Titan Crush.

14. jump in r.house, stand r.house, Titan Crush.

15. jump in r.house, air Titan Crush.

16. jump in d + r.house, air Titan Crush.

17. stand jab, stand strong, Titan Crush.

18. c. jab, c. strong, c. fierce, sjump, jab, short, strong, forward, 
Titan Crush (won't work on some characters)

19. df + fierce, sjump, jab, short, Titan Crush.

20. c. jab, c. strong, c. fierce, sjump, jab, short, Titan Crush.

*****-Super combos-*****

21. c. short, c. forward, XX Power.

22. c. short, c. forward, XX Power, dash D + FP, sjump, jab, strong, 

23. c. short, c. forward, Titan Crush, XX Power.

24. c. short, c. forward, Titan Crush, XX Power, XX Soul.

25. c. short, c. forward, XX Power, XX Power, XX Soul.

26. fierce throw into corner, XX Power, stand r.house, XX Soul.

27. fierce throw into corner, XX Space.

28. c. short, c. forward, Titan Crush, XX Space or XX Reality.

29. c. short, c. r.house, XX Reality.

30. c. short, c. forward, XX Power, XX Space or XX Reality.

31. stand jab, stand strong, XX Power, XX Soul.

32. c. fierce, XX Space.

33. c. short, c. forward, XX Power, Bubble Trap, c. jab, c. strong, c. 
fierce, sjump, jab, short, strong, forward, fierce. (Very tricky, 
because the BTrap's timing MUST be exact.)

34. fierce throw in corner, XX Power, dash D + fierce, sjump, jab, 
strong, fierce, r.house.

35. j.in short, forward, dash stand jab, stand r.house, XX Reality.

36. get opp. in corner, j.in r.house, dash stand short, forward, XX 

37. stand short, s. forward, XX Power or XX Space.

*****-Gauntlet SOUL combos (stand alone)-*****

- Almost anything works with Soul - except Bubble Trap by itself, air 
combos, stand jab or short by themselves, or knockdowns.

38. DF + Fierce, XX Soul.

39. c. fierce, XX Soul.

40. c. jab, c. strong, c. fierce, XX Soul.

41. s. jab, s. strong, XX Soul.

42. j.in r.house, s. r.house, XX Soul.

43. stand fierce, XX Soul.

44. j.in short, forward, stand jab, s. forward, s. r.house, XX Soul.

45. s. fierce, b + r.house, XX Soul.

46. c. jab, c. strong, s. fierce, XX Soul.

47. fierce throw into corner, Titan Crush, XX Soul.

48. s. jab, s. strong, c. r.house, XX Soul.

49. crouch short, c. forward, stand jab, stand r.house, XX Soul.

50. j.in short, strong, dash stand jab, s.strong, s.fierce, XX Soul.

51. j.in short, forward, dash stand jab, s. rhouse, XX Soul.

52. fierce throw into corner, c. r.house, XX Soul.

53. c. short, c. rhouse, XX Soul.

*****-Snapback Combos-*****

54. s. jab, s. strong, Snapback.

55. s. jab, s. forward, Snapback.

56. s. rhouse, Snapback.

57. s. short, s. strong, Snapback.

58. s. short, s. forward, Snapback.

59. s. short, s. forward, s. r.house, Snapback.

60. j. in short, forward, repeat any 54-59.


1st part- Thanos remains a big target in this fight, so be cautious. 
Push-block his charges and super-jump when he does his beam super. Use 
small combos, and be prepared to block. His Bubble Trap actually does 
some decent chipping, but be careful of the recovery. Thanos can 
sometimes jump safely over Abyss' head using his short kick, but it may 
not work half the time.

2nd part- The hardest part for Thanos. Use small attacks whenever 
possible, and superjump out of the way. Use jabs to pop the bubbles, and 
don't remain too close to the boss for long. If you've built up supers, 
USE THEM. Also, it helps if you have an assist that can attack from a 
distance. Bubble Traps occasionally work to chip him away, but sometimes 
Abyss will cancel them out. Overall, BE CAREFUL.

3rd part- A giant combo magnet, as far as Thanos is concerned. Block his 
advances and the lava waves, and strike with a damaging air combo or 
super when appropriate. You shouldn't have too much trouble with this 

---What's next??----- 

If you think I'm writing a FAQ against all 56 characters, think again.. 

Next version:  More partners for Thanos/various other things I may have 

---Fine Print and stuffs----
This FAQ created an copyrighted by Khaotika! (Jon Wilkie) 8/6/00

All Capcom and Marvel characters are copyrighted and trademarked by 
their respective companies... 

Thanks to Kao Megura's FAQ for the move names. 

Thanks to Game FAQs.com for the wonderful hacked VMU save, and for 
hosting this FAQ...

Thanks to everyone at Fighters.net.. 


Look for my other MvC2 FAQS! : Roll, Ruby Heart, Tron, Venom, Kobun, 


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