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Jill by J.Harris

Updated: 07/27/00

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Jill Valentine FAQ

Written by "Super Saiya-Jon" Harris (super_saiya_jon@hotmail.com)

Legal Stuff

Copyright Jon Harris 2000
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is copyright Marvel(tm) and Capcom(tm)
Jill is copyright Capcom
All other characters are copyright Capcom and Marvel
The names of the moves are just made up, I did not take them from anyone 
else's FAQs on purpose. All other likenesses are purely coincidental. 
Feel free to print and distribute this FAQ, but for no money. No copying 
this FAQ for use on your own website or magazine. If you want to, please 
ask first. Note: NO USELESS EMAILS. Meaning that I don't want to hear if 
you don't think something works or that I misspelled anything. All these 
moves I've done myself and if you cant do them that means your not fast 
enough. So quit complaining. Plus I do these on an arcade machine and 
not in practice mode, so I don't have exact hits or damages. 

FAQ history
1.0	Finished the move section and basic combos
1.1	Finished all sections except strategies
1.2	Added new combos, and finished strategies
1.3	Added new Ultimate Punishment combos and more strategies
1.4   Added lots of cool new combos
1.5	Added new combos
1.6   Added some new strategies and combos

Coming Soon in next Update:
MORE CRAZY COMBOS! There will always be a time when I will figure out 
new combos so check back periodically. Im tired of reading of all these 
lame-ass combos that people put in their FAQs and magazines. Read this 
FAQ if you want to impress people. And learn from me who actually makes 
up his own combos and doesn't just take em from other peoples guides. I 
give out credit where credit is due. If you have any cool combos, ill 
put em in here and give you credit. Hopefully everyone will read this as 
THE Combo FAQ for Jill. 

Skillionaire Challenge
If any of you are in the Saginaw, Michigan area, stop by Aladdin's 
Castle in the Fashion Square Mall. There we have a thing going where 
anyone can come in and challenge one of our veterans at Tekken Tag or 
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to earn tokens and prizes. If you want more details 
come and ask the store employees. This will hopefully be bigger in the 
future with bigger tournaments and more stuff to win. 


This FAQ is written on Jill. She has good speed, damaging combos, and 
high priority in most of her moves. I'm not going to explain every 
little detail, I assume that you've popped in some tokens and played the 
game at least once. Nor am I going to explain things like cross-ups, 
super canceling, how to do an air rave, or the like. What I will explain 
though is how to kick the sh*t out of your opponent. I hope this is 
useful to any Jill rookies or veterans. Feel free to email me for any 
questions or comments. But see above in the copyright section in bold 
letters regarding emails.

Key Conversions

f - forward
d - down
b - back 
u - up
df - down-forward
db - down-back
ub - up-back 
uf - up-forward
LK - light kick (short)
*MK - medium kick (forward)
FK - fierce kick (roundhouse)
LP - light punch (jab)
*MP - medium punch (strong)
FP - fierce punch
PP - two punches
KK - two kicks 
QCF - quarter-circle forward
QCB - quarter-circle back
HCF - half-circle forward
HCB - half-circle back

*- If you haven't noticed, there is no strong and forward buttons 
anymore. Strong and Forward are only usable in combos now. For instance, 
pressing LP, LK, LP, LK will actually do jab, short, strong forward. 
This makes combos and mostly air raves much easier to do now. 

Jill's Outfits

LP - Blue
FP - Dirty Orange and Yellow
Assist 1 - Grey and Brown
LK – Pink and Dark Pink
FK - Blue and Green
Assist 2 - Grey 

Jill's Moves

Rush Attack 
QCF + LP or *FP

*- You can do the motion then hold down FP to charge it up. The longer 
you hold it, the more hits and damage it will do. But doing a LP Rush 
Attack while holding the FP one will cancel the charging of the FP. 

This move is great. High priority and the ability to charge it up makes 
it important in your offense. This will be your finisher in most of your 
combos and air raves. Oh and did i mention unbelievable recovery time? 
Yes that's true, even if the opponent blocks it, you still have time to 
block just about everything they throw out, including sweeps. But you 
have to be fast. 

Summon Zombie
QCB + *LK or **FK

*- This makes a zombie walk out and it grabs the opponent. It can be 
knocked down and will grab the opponents ankles if it hits. 

**- This makes a flaming zombie walk out and explode once it hits the 

This move is ok. It has its uses. For the LK version its great for 
holding the enemy so you can rush up and combo him or even blast him 
with a delayed hyper or triple hyper. HA! Another good trick is as the 
zombie is walking, hit it with a jab or something and it will fall over, 
but but will still grab the opponent if they get too close. An even more 
devious tactic is if the opponent super jumps to attack you, summon a 
zombie and knock it down. If the opponent jumps toward you, as soon as 
he lands he will get caught. HA! The FK version is not as great but good 
to put pressure on a turtling opponent. Summon a zombie, then jump and 
attack to make him block, and force him to have to get caught by the 
zombie. He's gonna get hit either way. HA! Minuses is that it can be hit 
and killed by any projectile move and some normal attacks, and has slow 
startup. It takes a while for it to come out onto the screen. 

Summon Crow

I dont use this move much. It looks a lot like Strider's swooping bird 
except for the crow flies lower and will hit a standing opponent. Its 
not real useful as an anti-air move. Use it when an opponent is floating 
in air shooting projectiles. Its also good if you fill up the screen 
with summoned zombies, crows and be attacking all the while.. 

Summon Dog

This summons a dog which will run quite quickly and will bite the enemy 
as it runs by. If you summon a zombie, then summon a dog, the dog will 
run over the zombie and it will be knocked down. Im not sure if the 
zombie stays as long as normal though. Only really good as a surprise 
move. Although its quicker than Strider's dog, it doesnt do any more 

Gun Counter
QCB + LP or FP

If you anticipate a move use this. It even counters low attacks. What 
happens is she whips out her magnum and begins to blast the utter crap 
out of the opponent. Mash the buttons for more hits. I think the most 
you can get is 10. Good damage for a counter. Use this especially if the 
opponent jumps in and attacks a lot. Doesn't counter projectiles or 
hyper projectiles. But you can counter rush supers like Wolverine's 
Weapon X, Captain Commando's Captain Storm and many others. Thanks to 
Raul Torrez for this info. 

Grenade Launcher
f, d, df + LP or FP

This is her anti-air move. She pulls out her handy-dandy grenade 
launcher (from who knows where) and shoots up at a 45-50 degree arc. 
Holding down the button icreases the range of it. Use on people who jump 
too much. 

QCF + assist 1 or 2

Every Character has this move. If it hits, the current opponent is 
knocked out of the screen and the second teammate jumps in. Useful if 
you need to get a damaged opponent into the battle or get a pesky one 
out of there to give yourself some time to get your bearings. This is 
very useful if you pound on one opponent and they bring in their second. 
Snap the second one out and chip or combo that damaged one out of the 

Hyper Moves:

Hyper Rush Attack 

This is just as good as the Rush Attack and better. Fast, damaging, and 
high priority. Downside is the short range. Unless the person is close, 
you wont hit with it. Bonus is it easily linkable into combos 

Hyper Rocket Launcher

Jill pulls out a huge missle launcher and blasts away. When done close, 
the pulling out of the Rocket Launcher will knock the opponent to the 
far end of the screen where they will be hit by all the rockets.  Decent 
damage. Good chipping damage as well. Jill falls over after the last 
shot goes off, lol. This is better to use in a Delayed hyper attack 
cause it will knock the opponent up, and keep him in place. All in all, 
a decent hyper. 


Yes that is correct, Jill can summon the all-powerful Tyrant. Cept for 
its near impossible to get to hit. A big cylinder of light comes from 
the ground. They have to be on the ground and in the middle of the beam 
for the super to work. Tyrant comes up and slashes the enemy 3 times for 
good damage. Also if you do Jill's Hyper Launch after it, she will knock 
Tyrant into them for one more hit. This would be a good super if it 
actually worked most of the time. Its much easier to hit if you connect 
with a ground rush hyper and delay into it. Examples are Spider man's 
crawler assault, Hyato's Super Plasma Rush, Sabertooth's Weapon X, etc. 

Jill's Assists

Heal type - Green herb for healing
            Hyper Launcher for team attack

Dash type - Rush attack 
            Hyper Rush for team attack

Projectile type - Grenade Launcher
                  Hyper Launcher for team attack


Yes! You've finally made it to the combo section! While it is possible 
to make up lots and lots of combos, these are the ones i use. They get 
the job done just as good as any others, and some are actually quite 
simple to do. This is the Most Damaging Combo Section for Jill on the 

Beginner Combos

Crouching LK, Crouching LK, Crouching FK
-basic three hit, ends with a slide

Standing LP, LP, Crouching FP
-Three hit punches, setup for air rave
Jump in LK, Standing LP, Crouching LK, LP Rush Attack
-5 hit Rush, Knocks enemy down and away

Standing LP, Standing LP, Standing FP, Crouching FK
-4 hit, will catch the enemy if he's not blocking low

Veteran Combos

Crouching LK, Crouching LK, Crouching FK, LP Rush attack
-5 hit rush, Must do the Rush Attack immediately after the sweep hits. 
Can be rolled out of.

Standing LP, Crouching LK, Standing LP, Crouching FK
-4 hit, opponent will get hit if he's not blocking low

Crouching LK, Crouching FP, FP Grenade Launcher 
-3 hit blast, use if you are having trouble with air raves

Standing LP, Crouching FP, Super Jump, LP, LP, FP
-5 hit Air Rave, a basic air rave

Cross-up LK, Standing LP, Crouching LK, Hyper Rush Attack 
-10+ hits, Hyper link combo, the cross-up sucks em in

Team: Jill, Spider Man
Assist Attack Spider Man (where he does hits Web Swing), Jill Hyper 
Rocket Launcher
-usually 9 hits, Spider Man acts like the initial pulling out of the 
Rocket Launcher so that all the missiles will connect.

Master Combos

Dash-in LP, Standing LP, Crouching FP, Super Jump, LP, LK, LP, LK, FP
8-hit air rave, great to use if you get em held in place with a zombie

Summon FP Zombie, Projectile Special Partner, Summon Crow, Summon Dog, 
FP Rush

Not an actual combo, just a method to put a ton of pressure on the 
opponent. Quite annoying if you repeat this =)

Jump-in LK, LK, Standing WP, Crouching WP, Crouching FP, FP Grenade 
Launcher, Hyper Grenade Launcher
-14+ hits

An interesting combo, stylish, and damaging, the Grenade must hit the 
enemy low for it to work, or else the enemy has time to block the Hyper 
Grenade Launcher

Crouching LK, Crouching LK, Crouching FK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel first 
hit into Hyper Rocket Launcher


Crouching LK, Crouching LK, Crouching FK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel first 
hit into Hyper Rush Attack
-10+ hits

The first one is really tough, the Rush attack will hit one time, and 
will immedietly cancel into the Hyper Rocket Launcher if done correctly, 
super stylish and damaging. The second one is much easier to do in my 
opinion, plus the first might not hit on smaller opponents. The can be 
rolled out of after the Crouching FK. 
Thanks: Raul Torrez for telling me that you can connect the Hyper 
Launcher after the Rush Attack.

Jump-in LK, LP, Standing LP, Crouching LK, Crouching FP, Super Jump LP, 
LK, LP, LK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel into Hyper Rush Attack
-19+ hits

 Hits depend on how fast you cancel into the Hyper. Use this as your 
main combo for punishing all who underestimate Jill. It will quickly 
drain opponents health. I did it on Akuma and Wolvie and it drained more 
than half the life bar. 

Jump-in LK, LP, Crouching LK, Crouching LK, Crouching FK, (Before 
opponent hits the ground) Crouching LK, Crouching FP, Super Jump LP, LK, 
LP, LK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel into Hyper Rush Attack
-22+ hits 

All I can say is ouch. I used this on a guy and he just gave up. This 
will drain off lots and lots of health. This will be your bread and 
butter combo but the opponent can roll out of the on-the-ground 

Alternate off-the-ground launcher
Crouching FK sweep, OTG Crouching LK, Standing LP, Crouching FP, Super 
Jump, Air Combo.

This is a little harder to do. You must be ready for it or your most 
likely going to hit LP either crouching or too many times. Only really 
works if the Crouching FK hits deep. 

(Summon LK Zombie) Dash Jump Crossover FK, Standing LK, LK, FK, (Zombie 
will grab and bit the opponent), dash in Crouching LK, LK, FK, LP Rush 
Attack, Cancel into Hyper Rush Attack. 
-19 hits

The Zombie works wonders extending the combo. This combo can be rolled 
out of after the crouching FK tho. If you are facing an opponent that 
knows how to roll, substitute the Crouching LK, LK, FK with Crouching 
LP, LP, FP, Super Jump LP, LK. LP, LK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel into Hyper 
Rush Attack instead. Both work great. 
(Opponent in corner) (Charge up the FP Rush Attack for 10 seconds) Jump-
in LK, LK, Standing LP, Standing LP, Crouching FP, Super Jump LP, LK, 
Release Charged FP Rush Attack, Cancel end into Hyper Rush Attack
-26+ hits

 This hurts bad too. You can charge the FP Rush Attack even longer, but 
when you do this, you'll notice that the opponent will begin to "slide" 
up the screen. If Jill does it too much the opponent will go over her 
head and you'll miss the Hyper. I haven't found out the ideal charging 
time yet. 

Double Air Combo
(Opponent in corner) Activate FK Zombie, Wait for zombie to get to about 
three fourths of the screen away or half depending on the opponents 
size, then dash in crouching LK, LK, FP, Super Jump, LP, LK, LP, LP Rush 
Attack, Cancel Into Hyper Rush Attack, (Opponent should fall and hit the 
zombie if timed right) Crouching FP, Super Jump LP, LK, LP, LK, LP Rush 
Attack, Cancel into Hyper Rush Attack
-34 hits

Really damaging, over half the health bar. This is super stylish to pull 
off and really not that hard to in the heat of battle. If you can keep 
the opponent in the corner and catch him off guard. Its definatly 

This next combo I saw on a movie from Mike Z off of Fighters.net
I am simply telling how to do it. I did not make this combo up but it 
sure does kick ass. 

(Opponent in Corner)(Charge FP Rush Attack for 40 seconds?? I dunno, 
cause it's a lot of hits)(Stand in the middle of the screen)(Summon 
Flaming Zombie) Jump-in LK, LK, Standing LK, LK, FK, (Zombie should hit 
at this point) Jumping LK, Release FP Rush Attack, at the end Hyper Rush 
On the movie- 60 hits 
Damage- im guessing close to 75%


Team Attacks #1
Team: Jill and Strider
Hits- 18+
Damage- 35%+ (depends who its done on)
Jump in with Strider, LK, LK, Standing LP, LK, FP, Tag in Jill after the 
FP(must be done really fast), (Jill lands and opponent is thrown up a 
little bit then..) With Jill- Crouching LP, Crouching FP, Super Jump, 
LP, LK, LP, LK, Hyper Rush Attack

A very brutal combo, and quite damaging. It is easier to hit with if 
either Jill or the opponent is thrown in the corner.

Team Attack #2
Team: Jill, (anyone with a verticle super, I suggest Jin), Omega Red
Hits- 20+
Jump in with Jill, LK, FK, Standing LK, LK, FK, (Call in Omega Red for 
Throw type Assist), Super Jump LP, LK, LP, LK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel 
into Hyper Rush Attack, Cancel into partner #2's (in this case Jin) 
Hyper Tornado Spin

Very stylish. Thanks to Joel for showing how you can use Omega's Throw 
type as a sort of launcher. This combo hurts bad.

Team Attack #3
Team: Jill, Captain Commando, Juggernaut
Hits- 40+
Damage- Death to most
(Jill) Crouching LK, LK, FK, On the ground Crouching LK, FP, Super Jump 
LP, LK, LP, LK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel first hit into Hyper Rush Attack, 
(Captain Commando) Delay Captain Sword, (Juggernaut) Delay Juggernaut 
Headcrush, turn around Juggernaut Headcrush, (Jill) Delayed Hyper Rush 

Wow, instant death to people like Akuma. The two tricky parts are when 
to delay into the headcrush after the captain sword and the second 
headcrush. You need to delay the first headcrush about halfway through 
the captain sword and do the second headcrush when the opponent is 
coming down after being thrown from the first one. Plus its much easier 
to hit the second head crush is if the opponent is hit with it in the 
corner. Also you can NOT mash on the head crushes or it wont work. Hope 
that helps. 

Super Chip
Suggested Team: Jill, Silver Samurai, B.B. Hood 
Hits- 0!
Damage- 40%-50%!!!
Annoyed of people who block too much? Use this to punish them even if 
they block the whole thing. Ha, devious. Here's how to do it. Note: 
actual damage veries on what character you are doing it against and when 
you hyper delay your attacks. 

Charge FP Rush attack 20+ seconds, release, after the last part, cancel 
into Hyper Rush Attack, Delay into Partner #2 Hyper Attack (in this case 
its Hyper Shurikens), Delay into Partner #3 Hyper Attack (Cool Hunting)
Note: this leaves you close to your opponent

Ultimate Punishment!
Suggested Team: Jill, Gambit, and Jin
Hits- 53-59
Damage- Weak characters – 90%-100%
        Medium characters – 90%-75%
        Strong characters – 75%-70%

(Jill)- Jump in LK, LK, on the ground Crouching LP, Crouching LK, 
Crouching FK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel into Hyper Rush Attack, (Gambit)- 
Delayed Hyper Kinetic Cards, (Jin)- Delayed Hyper Blodia Punch!! 

Need to take out a character quick that just got tagged in? Well, with 
this you can either get that done or near done. Damage and hits veries 
with when you tag in your teammates for their hyper attacks and if you 
mash buttons or not. Abuse this to dominate and to annoy, ha =).
-Note: You need to make sure the Hyper Rush Attack hits low so that when 
you tag in for the Hyper Kinetic Cards, it will freeze the opponent in 
the right range for all the hits in the Hyper Blodia Punch. 

Ultimate Punishment 2
Suggested Team: Jill, Ice Man, Cyclops or Iron Man
Hits- 45+
Damage- veries greatly on the opponent and timing

(Jill) Jump in LK, LK, Crouching LP, LP, FP, Super Jump LP, LK LP, LK, 
LP Rush Attack, Cancel into Hyper Rush Attack, (Ice Man) Delayed Arctic 
Attack, (Cyclops or Iron Man) Delayed Mega Optic Blast or Proton Cannon

This one works well if done right. In order for it to hit so that the 
opponent cant air block the Arctic Attack, you need to start Jill's air 
rave as low as possible. Also to hit with the Rush attacks a bit delayed 
works as well. After the Hyper Rush starts I count to 1.5. Then after 
the Ice Storm begins I count to two. The damage on weak characters is 
extreme but they have a greater chance to block it. The reason I don't 
use Magneto for Ice Man's part is that he doesn't shoot the metal as 
wide ranged as Ice Man does at the start. 

Ultimate Team Punishment 1
Suggested Team: Jill, Ice Man, Jin
Hits- 30+
Damage- 70%+ on all

(opponent in corner)(Jill) Jump in LK, LP, Standing LK, LK, Call in Jin 
Alpha Assist(Spinning tornado), Jump up LK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel into 
Hyper Rush Attack, (Ice Man) Delayed Arctic Attack, (Jin) Delayed Super 
Flaming Tornado

This is just plain ouch. The trick to getting Jin in right after the 
standing string is to hit the assist 2 button along with the LK. That 
way Jin jumps in right as it connects to hit the opponent in the air a 
little. He does not launch the opponent, only raises him slightly in the 
air. That is why you cant pull off a full air rave. Plus you have to 
make sure that you kinda delay the hits in Jill's mini-air rave so that 
you can call in Ice Man. When the words "assist ok" flash by one of your 
partner's names, he cant come in till they are gone. 

Ultimate Team Punishment 2
Suggested Team: Hayato, Jill, Captain Commando
Hits- 40+
Damage- Over 60%

(Hayato) Jump in FP, (Plasma Combo) Back+LP, LP, LP, FK, Cancel into FP 
Plasma Slice, Cancel into Hyper Plasma Slice, (Jill) Delay Hyper into 
Tyrant, Dash in On-the-ground Crouching LK, FP, Super Jump, LP, LK, LP, 
LK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel into Hyper Rush Attack, (Captain Commando) 
Delay Cancel into Captain Sword

This combo is fairly straight forward until you get to the on-the-ground 
launcher after the Tyrant. You have to be really really fast to get this 
to work. It seems to be easier if you are near the corner when it 
happens so that Jill falls and gets up closer when the opponent drops 
after the last of Tyrant's hits. After that, its not too difficult. 

Ultimate Team Punishment 3
Suggested Team: Jill, Venom, Sabertooth
Hits- 60+
Damage: 90%+

(opponent near corner, must be a bit outside it)(Jill) Crouching LK, LK, 
FK, LP Rush Attack, Cancel into Hyper Rocket Launcher, (Venom) Delayed 
Venom Web, On-the-ground LK, FK, Cancel FK into Venom Web, (Sabertooth) 
Delayed Berserker X, (Jill) Delayed Tyrant, Dashing On-the-ground 
crouching LK, FP, Super Jump, LP, LK, LP, LK, LP Rush Attack

Oh man, this one is tough. I cant even pull it off flawlessly. The main 
hard parts are the Canceling of the LP Rush attack into the Hyper Rocket 
Launcher (as stated before, its harder on small characters), The OTG LK, 
FK, Cancel into Venom Web (that is hard cause if you cancel the FK too 
fast it wont even hit, if the the FK hits more than 1 time then the 
Venom Web might not hit), and the OTG Dashing LK, FP with Jill (just 
plain tough to get to work in itself) This one takes lot and lots of 
practice to get to work right.


Im not going to give strategies against all the characters or the 
computer. This is for against human opponents. This info may vary. Some 
of you may or may not have seen these types of people, but better to be 

Newbies aka Button Mashers aka Punching Bags aka (you fill in the name)
Picked Characters- varies

These people can get annoying with the constant tagging, partners and 
projectiles. The trick is to block often, super jump, and Hyper combos 
that cover wide areas. If you play smart you will be able to take these 
guys out really, really fast. Most of the time you can sit back and 
counter their projectiles with beam supers a lot. Then super jump in and 
combo them to your hearts delight. These are the guys that I figured out 
most of my chain combos because they have trouble blocking. 

Newcomers aka Wannabees
Picked Characters- usually people from previous games

These people know a couple moves. Either from playing a previous game or 
from street fighter. These people don't abuse partners too much. They 
know how to pull off hyper combos, so don't get cocky. Pull off a long 
string combo and they may loose their will to charge in at you. At this 
point, show em what up and throw out some taunts. Just don't get hit 
with a beam super. These people you can abuse. Jump in with high 
attacks, and then switch to lows. They will soon catch on and begin to 
block low, then you just start nailin' em with overheads. Teach em to 
not mess with you. 

Turtlers aka Wussies aka Keep-aways
Picked Characters- Cable, Dr. Doom, Ice Man, Akuma(sometimes), Cyclops, 

These people get annoying real fast. All they do is stay away from you 
and shoot projectiles all day. Usually this is all they have and cant 
play at close range. This is where your speedy, combo crazy, people tear 
them up. The only problem is getting close to them. When approaching 
them, either super jump in or dash jump while holding back to prevent 
getting hit with any anti-airs. You have to watch out, and block almost 
constantly. These people will also try to jump and repeatedly throw 
fireballs. Run under them and jump up and air rave them. These people 
are pretty good at blocking, but leave themselves open to throws. That 
will teach em. 

Weapon Xers 
Picked Characters: Wolverines and Sabertooth

Ive only seen this a couple of times, but when I have, it wasn't pretty. 
All three of these guys come at you and are in your face the whole time, 
slashing away just waiting for you to drop your guard. But really, 
that's exactly what you want them to think. Perform a three-hit sweep 
combo and do the LP Rush attack, if they don't push you, that usually 
means they think they can hit you after the Rush Attack. WRONG! Jill has 
awesome recovery after that move, so fast that you can whip out a 
Baretta Counter. If you can to the Counter move when you want to, do it. 
Cause you can catch with it a lot since they don't have any projectile 
moves except for Sabertooth, but I don't see many people use it. You 
really need to watch out for the Wolverines DF+FP sweeps into Berzerker 
Barrage. Those really start to hurt and they can cancel them into Hyper 
Berkerker Barrages also. With sabertooth you need to anticipate those 
Berzerker claws and counter attack appropriately. Basically all you need 
to do is make sure your combos connect and punish their mistakes. I 
wouldn't really bother playing keep away because of their speed. Also 
watch out for sabertooth's dash assist cause it's really fast and hurts. 

Psychos aka Combo crazies aka sometimes called "cheap bastards" (whats 
cheap about combos??)
Picked Characters- Jill, the Shotos, Wolverines, Cammy, Psylocke, the 
Captains, etc. 

I consider myself one of these with Jill. While I wont give away all my 
secrets. I will tell you that you have to have solid blocking skills. If 
you don't just about any hit will cost you. One hint is push blocking. 
It will help a little, but they will be right back on you. These people 
play at close range and will try for comboes whenever possible. If you 
can keep them away, then you have a good chance of staying alive. 
Warning: Do NOT get trapped in the corner. This is where the most 
damaging combos can occur. To tell you the truth, I don't really know 
how to stop them except for well placed counters. This takes a lot of 
skill and even more luck. 

Ogres aka Monsters
Picked characters- Juggernaut, Zangief, Hulk, Amingo, Anakaris, 
Colossus, Blackheart, and anyone else "big"

These guys are slow but powerful. They have trouble jumping and walking 
anywhere fast. They are HUGE combo magnets. You can pull off some 
amazing combos on them but just don't get overconfident. Cause if they 
do get a hold on you, its gonna hurt. Basically, do hit and runs and you 
should be able to stay out of their range. They also have huge lag on a 
lot of their moves. 

Assist Crazy
Picked characters- Venom, Jin, Ice man, Capt. America, Tron, Shotos, 
anyone else with long range assists

These people strive to always have two team members out on the screen at 
the same time. This is how I think the game was supposed to be played. 
This is a lot different from button mashing. These are controlled 
strikes. Say for instance you jump in. They might call in an anti air 
assist while doing an assist of their own. That way they are sure to hit 
you. Another is while they jump in, they call in a long range fast 
hitting team projectile to snuff out any of your anti airs. The ways to 
use this veries on the assists. The match can be over in 10 seconds if 
your not careful and I'm not joking either! You need solid blocking 
skills and look for openings in their attacks if you want to be 
successful. But its really hard when one opponent is on constant offense 
and the other can be doing the same or pelting you with projectiles. All 
the while any damage you do to the assist, he will gain back as soon as 
he leaves the screen. The only way that I can see to stop this is if you 
do the same. Call out assists all the time and hope that yours are 
better than his. Playing like this also builds up you super bar 
amazingly fast, so let em loose. Also you can create some devastating 
combos like this. 

Zone Defense
Characters: Ice Man, Cable, Blackheart

After seeing this in action I just had to put it in here. This is one of 
the hardest defenses to get past. I saw it used as Ice Man in the 
battle, Cable with projectile assist, and Blackheart as an anti-air 
assist. With this one its possible to get perfects. With Ice Man and his 
directional Ice Beam, he'd fire that off, and call in whatever assist to 
combat what the opponent was doing. If he was just standing there or 
landing from a far away jump, Cable would come out and shoot while Ice 
Man would fire an Ice beam at him. If the opponent would jump at Ice Man 
then he would summon an Ice Ball and cancel into the Arctic attack to 
push him away. If the opponent would super jump at him then Ice Man 
would shoot out a 45 degree angle Ice Beam while Blackheart would come 
in and shoot his Ice Column assist. Geez, this is like an almost perfect 
defense. So how do you beat it? Well, with Jill you are going to need to 
get close to the opponent right at the start of the match, you cant give 
him room or you wont get close. Assists that are quick and that have 
higher priority than those other projectiles or that will negate them 
out are a must. Having Ice Man on your own team assisting with the Ice 
Beam is nice. Cyclops will also work pretty good with his optic beam 
assist when jumping in cause it will hit Ice Man and the assist at the 
same time to stop them, which is perfect for buying Jill some time to 
get in close and work her combo magic. I hope you don't have to meet up 
with someone that can use this defense good. It can either go fast or be 
long and drawn out, and you do not want to drag this match out. 

Picked characters- could be anybody, you'd be amazed sometimes. 

My motto I give to people: Don't use your head, then your as good as 
dead. You can bet your bottom dollar that after two games they will be 
completely used to your style of play. They can be aggressive and 
defensive when they want to. They also know how to use their partners to 
their full advantage in and out of the main match. They know what moves 
will counter what, and when to use em. The only thing is that you have 
to be able to do the same. They can pull off the long chain combos at 
the drop of a hat and just plain beat your ass. They only tips I can 
give is that you need to play their game. If they are aggressive, you do 
the same. Cause then it will force them to switch styles. Make them do 
that and it will sometimes catch them off guard. Its safe to say that 
90% of people play a certain way with a character. If you can take them 
out of their game you can force them to make mistakes. That is when you 
start to be a master yourself. You need fast reflexes and tons of luck 
to beat a master is you aren't one yourself.


Thanks to Capcom for making a game that has sucked as many tokens out of 
me as Tekken has. 

Thanks to myself dragging my butt to the arcade to get better at this 

Thanks to Raul, Ben, Joel, and Al for giving me a run for my money, and 
to Josh, Lance, Brian, Vinnic, Rikki, and anyone else who are good 
sports and combo fodder for my Jill. 

And lastly thanks to Jill Valentine for giving me someone that I can 
actually use to compete with all the other awesome MvsC2 players out 

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