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B.B.Hood/Buletta by G-Boy

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 07/21/00


The Game: MARVEL VERSUS CAPCOM 2, New Age of Heroes
The Character: BuLLeta (B.B.HOOD)
Ver. 3.0 dash turbo championship version times Beta!!
Made by G-Boy on 7/21/00
Kobun00 @ yahoo.com 

If you want me to do a MORRIGAN FAQ, tell me!

Check out other stuff at our web-site.
(Website: http://www.cctrap.com/~gtaiwo)

copyright G-BOY, 2000


V.      SUPERS

I.INTRO                          INTRODUCTION

BUlleta (known in America as B.B.HooD)is from DarkStalkers 2, and she 
looks like Little Red Riding Hood (R.R. HooD). I'll go back and forth between
Bulleta and B.B.Hood. Bulleta is a Darkstalkers Hunter, and loves money. Uh, 
I guess that's it. She looks cute, but is really deadly. Like most cute anime 
characters. ^_^;

II.LEGEND                      LEGEND

This is how it goes, i'm sure you know the abbreviations by 
now, but just in case here it is.

U     UP
D     DOWN
B     BACK
J     JUMP

WK    Weak PUNCH(jab)
WK    Weak KICK (short)

Strong (can only be done in a chain) <Actually this is not true>
Forward(can only be done in a chain) <Actually this is not true>

HP    Heavy PUNCH(Fierce)
HK    Heavy KICK (Round house)

FB    Fire Ball motion 
      (it's down, down&forward, then forward, in a fluid motion)

SK    Spin Kick motion 
      (it's down, down&back, then back, in a fluid motion)

HCF   Half Circle Forward motion 
      (it's back, down&back, down, down&forward, then forward)

HCB   Half Circle Back motion    
      (it's forward, down&forward, down, down&back, then back)

DP    Dragon Punch motion 
      (it's forward, then down, then Down&Forward) 

SUPER most supers are done by doing a 
      FB/SK/HCF/HCB with either the two 
      punch buttons or the two kick buttons.

NEW MvsC2 commands

WP + WK       Switches in the second character
HP + HK       Switches in the third  character

ASSIST 1      Calls in the second character, to help assist you 
ASSIST 2      Calls in the third  character, to help assist you

SnapBack      FB(Fire Ball motion!)+ Assist button. This forces 
	      the opponent out of the ring, and forces another 
              one to come in. This takes one super bar to do, 
              and can be comboed. Depending on which assist 
              button you use, you can decide which character 
              you want to force in.

Variable Counter   Back, Down&Back, Down + Assist (while blocking). 
		   This switches you out, and one of your partners 
                   in, who does an attack.

THREESOME     This is performed by pressing Assist 1 + Assist 2,
or            at the same time. If you have three Super Bars, 
TWOSOME       and all of your characters are alive, then all 
              three characters will come out and perform their 
              individual Supers. If you have only two characters 
              then this move will only take two Super Bars, and 
              the two characters will perform their Supers. 
              If you have only one character, then this move
              will take one Super Bar, and the character will 
              do one of their Supers.

SUPER CANCEL  This is done by first doing a Super, then you 
	      can Cancel that into your other character's Super.
              You can't skip the second character's Super and 
              just go into the third, it's has to be in 
              sequence. 1-2-3 (NOT 1-3-2). You don't have 
              to do the third character's Super
              if you don't want to.

LAG TIME      This means "Recovery time". And you have to know
              what that means. The time it takes for you to gain
              FULL control of your character after doing a move.

III. BASIC                          BASIC ATTACKS

--------------------------------STANDING PUNCH-------------------------------


          She swings her hand out, kind of a back hand slap. The reach is
          little, and the priority very low.

	    BUlleta pulls out her "Uzi" and blasts away at her opponent.
            Priority is pretty good.
       Bulleta spins and hops forward, swinging her basket. This an o.k
       move, not to good priority, the reach isn't spectacular. But you
       can combo the "F+HP" into a SUPER, so that's nice. ~_^;

----------------------------------STANDING KICKS-----------------------------

            Oh my, Bulleta's standing Wk, has such little reach, since
            she's a small character. Pretty much weak priority, and
            like I said, no range what so ever!

	          BUlleta lifts up her dress (a little!) and a land 
                  mine drops to the floor, and she gives it a little
                  kick forward. This is pretty good, because it's not 
                  a part of you, so they can't hit your leg or anything.
                  Plus, it takes a little (like a second) before the 
                  land mine explodes, and that's if it doesn't hit 
                  your opponent right away.  

                  This move is funny, a little mole pops out of the 
                  ground and she gets scared, and knees her opponent 
                  accidently. I don't use this move at all, it has a 
                  low start, and a bad end(Lag time).

---------------------------------CROUCHING PUNCH-----------------------------


           She ducks down and does a little open hand punch.  When you 
           get in close it works good, and a good chain starter.

              She takes out her "Uzi Gun" and shoots rapidly. This is a
              good priority move, but bad lag time whether you hit your 
              opponent or not. (But there's a way around this! Check 
              out the STRATEGY-Section) 


-----------------------------------CROUCHING KICKS---------------------------
                 She does a little kick with her leg, which looks 
                 impossible to do in real life. But anyways, this move 
                 has no reach, little if any priority. But it's a good 
                 combo starter.  
Forward:         Yes, the forward is a launcher, it's way better to do 
                 this move in a combo than to do it by itself: 

                 Okay, Bulleta sticks out both of her legs on the floor
                 and legs sweeps her opponent.  Hardly any reach. 
                 (B.B. must be seeming bad? But she's not)

                 She stands on one hand and shoots her legs open, and out 
                 of her dress, COMES A LAND MINE! This is a good move, 
                 it has good enough reach, and since it's a land mine 
                 attack and not your legs, you don't have to worry about 
                 someone hitting you, it's not like they can hit the 
                 land mine with an attack and expect it to do damage 
                 to you.

                 D&F is the same as Forward in a chain combo, so I
                 guess some characters can do a "Forward" even if it's  
                 not in a chain combo, isn't that something, well, isn't 
                 it? Anyways this is her "cheesy" launcher. She does a 
                 little back kick. This move is simply laughable. The 
                 reach is horrible!!!!! And I don't know how anyone 
                 can get this to work, unless you dodge a Super and land 
                 behind him, I don't see anyone using this. 
                 (Bulleta is NOT BAD!!)  

----------------------------------AIR PUNCH----------------------------------


     She does this little open hand attack again. It has little reach, and 
     little priority. But a good combo starter, i guess!
     Again with the "Uzi?", yep she pulls out her gun and blasts her opponent
     down to the ground. This move has good priority, and little lag time,
     and small reach, but the priority makes up for it.
-----------------------------------AIR KICKS---------------------------------

     This move is nice. She does a kick which has an alright reach. It has
     what I call normal priority.  And good combo-ability (thanks Justin). 
     Nothing too special.  But it works for me.       

     This is a great move. She does a rolling spin "so it looks like 
     she's in a little ball" and then she comes out of it looking like
     she's doing a jump kick, but out of her dress area again, comes 
     a Land Mine. This move is especially good, it's quick, it's fast, 
     hardly any lag time (if any at all). If you hit your opponent with 
     this they go flying away. Excellent priority, and excellent start 
     up time. You'll be using this a lot!
IV. SPECIAL                      SPECIAL MOVES

First Note, Bulleta's game is all about her Special moves.
Her basic moves have no range at all. And hardly any 
combo-ability(thanks Boo). You may now proceed :^)

1. Smile&Missile(Hold back and then move forward+P)

This move is done like the famous "Sonic Boom" motion.  Bulleta
squats down and puts her basket over her head, and out of the basket
comes a missile.  It's a very quick start up move, with little lag
time.  The missile attacks are her best moves. The Missiles go about 1/3 
of a screen length. Let me say it this way, if your in a corner, and 
your opponent is on the other corner, the missile will get to him/her.
If you do the Smile&Missile attacks with the "WP" then the missile 
will go slower and the same distance, if it hits, your opponent he will 
"NOT" fall on the floor! However, if you do the S&M with "HP" the 
missiles will go much faster, and if connects with your opponent, 
then they will fall on the floor (which you can OTG).

2. Smile&Missile(B-charge-F+K)

Bulleta holds her basket by her legs, and out of it comes a missile.
These are ground missiles but they can be block standing up. Chances
are though, that most people will think they have to block it low.
Again, if you use the "WP" it will go slow and move about 1/3 of the 
screen, and if you use "HP" the missiles will go much faster and will 
knock your opponent on the floor (which can be OTG). Remember, that
the missiles is Bulleta's game.

3. Happy&Missile(Hold down and then push up+Punch)

This move is done like the famous "Flash Kick" motion.
This move is very good. What Bulleta does is jump up and and out of her
basket comes out "YOU GUESS IT" a missile! This move can be block lowed 
(sorry no top downs here). If you do the move with the "WP" the angle 
projectory is a little bit smaller. In other words, the missile does 
not go as far, it hits the floor near Bulleta.  If you use the "HP"
it will go almost all the way to the corner of the screen. This move is
okay for "trying" to corner people. I would say this move should just 
be used for dodging people who like to do dashing low shorts (WK), this 
way you can dodge their low short and do a attack back on them from 
the sky. 

4. Cheer&Fire(DP+P)

This is another great move from Bulleta.  Bulleta sticks out a Champagne
bottle and out of it comes flaming fire! If done with the punch buttons
it goes upward, at a slight angle. This move is great for air jumpers, 
and the people who like to do Fierces or Roundhouses all the time in the 
air. This move hits multiple times, I think it hits for 6 if done
with the "WP" and 7 if done with the "HP".  The lag time on 
this move is fair, and thats only if you miss totally with the 
move. Chances are if your opponent blocks, they still wont be able to 
counter attack you back. This move does good chipping damage, and is 
perfect for Bulleta's keep away game. You can also combo this move into
her SUPER.

5. Cheer&Fire-PLUS alpha(DP+K) AIR

Instead of Bulleta shooting the flame upward, she shoots it straight
forward. Again, it does good chipping damage, and has fair lag time. 
However, this move can be done in the air, and it can be done multiple
times. The flame is nice and long, and since she's a small character
most people wont expect the sudden length of attack in the air. 
However, I feel doing the Cheer&Fires too often will make them useless,
you should do it every now and then if your playing keep aways.

6. Shyness&Strike(DP+P)

Eek.... I don't like this move, and can't find a use for it.
I should try harder to find something (sorry!). Anways, what Bulleta 
does is she swings a big basket towards her opponent. This move has bad 
start up, and bad lag-time. The distance is nice, but too slow. It can be
combo into a SUPER, but it's just too slow. Why don't you try to see if
it's a good air stopper? Who knows? E-mail me if you find a really good
use for it. 

7. Dash&Stab (Dash,hold forward+HP)

When you press forward twice, hold the second forward, and press HP.
This move looks quick. But people alway blocks it. And if they do block
it, they will counter-attack you easily. If they don't block it, I think
the lag-time on it is fair. Besides, it knocks your opponent back some.
A.)Dash&Stab II (Dash,hold back+HP)

Yes this move can be done by dashing back. I think this may be able to
stop people who like to dash in and do shorts. I don't know (I don't care),
and I haven't tried this move yet at the local arcade. Tell me if 
you know how to use this move effectively.

8. Double-JUMP (jump, then press up again)

Its a double jump, what else do you want? Well you can do a combo
with the double jump involved, and it's always a good strategy to 
jump at your opponent, call out your helper (while in the air), 
then do a double air jump backwards to fake out your opponent! 
They think your doing a jump in attack, but then you jump back, 
now they think there safe, but suddenly your helper comes out 
for the attack! (It's better to do this with characters like Hiryu,
Psylocke, etc.)

9. Tell me Why (down,down & 2Kicks)

This move is physically impossible. She lies down on the floor, with her
hands on her cheeks, and moves forward. (Where's the monmentumn coming 
from? who cares!) I Think this move is good, in certain cases.  Such as
Juggernaut, if Juggernaut does his HEAD CRUSHER SUPER you can slide right
under it.  Think about other Supers you can just slide under, not beam
supers, because they last too long, and the whole beam can hurt you! 
Think more on the lines of Dr.Doom's blue electric ball super.  

V. SUPERS                       SUPERS!!!

Bulleta has one of the best damaging Supers in the game, next to
Juggernaut's head crusher. 

1. COOL HUNTERS (FB + 2 punches)

This is probably her best super. Bulleta pulls out her "Uzi" again and
her two huge friends come out, and all three of them begin firing away!
This does GREAT damage and hits 52 times if all the gun shots hit you.
If your opponet is blocking low, then all the shots wont hit them.  It's
pretty goofy, there are two rows of bullets, the lower row is Bulleta's 
"Uzi", and the top row is the Army "dude", and the Hunter "guy". The lag
time on this super is pretty bad. So if it's block, expect a 
"Super-counter attack" (but only by characters with quick starting Supers)
and if dodged, expect to get the "BIG FORK"!! 

2.  Beautiful Memory (HCF+2kicks)

A "Laughing Histerical" move! She does a "little" run forward with 
knifes in each of other hands, if this move connects, then she will
swirl her hands in a circle slicing her opponent, while crying! Then
she will begin to cry even more while slaming a stone into her opponent,
finally there's a pool of tears on the floor, she picks up her opponent
and tosses him/her straight down into the pool of tears. If your 
opponent blocks this super then she will flip back.  The lag on it, isn't
bad at all. But still, becareful!!

3. Apple for You (HCB+2kicks)

This move is very interesting. She walks forward, and trips over a rock.
But the game does try to warn her!! When she falls she should hit her 
opponent, and then do a flip up and land on top of them, and begin blasting
down on them with her "Uzi" gun. Then when she's through with that, she'll
flip back and while in the air, she release about six big apples with 
skull-crosses on them, and they explode on her victim. 
The trick about this Super if she misses she will still fall, and she
will still drop out of her basket the six poision apples, most people 
don't see this coming at all. (But the Lag-Time is BAD)

VI. COMBOS?                          COMBOS

Combos, hmmmmm.....I'm not sure if there really is any good combos with
B.B., but here goes nothing.

KICk&: The "K&" combo is probably the combo you should try to do when you 
       have no supers.  It's done by doing a jumping WK, chained into a 
       Forward, then a crouching WK, again chained into a Forward, into a 
       (Jumping WK,Forward,Crouching WK,Crouching Forward,Down&Backward+HK)

OTG&: This combo is suppose to be done in the corner. You do a crouching 
      WP, then a crouching WK, then chain into a STRONG, then do Bulleta's
      Smile&Missile with the HK, and then dash in and OTG your opponent by,
      doing a WK into a Forward, this will launch your opponent up into the
      air, and now you can do an AERIAL RAVE.
      (Cr-WP,Cr-WK,Cr-Forward,Smile&Missiles(HK),Dash, WK, Forward, Air Combo)

A&C: This combo is hard to do for one reason, it's almost impossible to do a
     air combo with Bulleta.  Her range is way to small. But if you dodge a
     Super or something, then your free to try this. And this is how it's 
     done. First you do her launcher, then you do a WP, Wk, then a Forward, 
     then you do her double jump and do a WP, Wk, and finally a Cheer&Fire
     with the Kick buttons (you can only do the Kick button Cheer&Fire in 
     the air). 
     (Launcher, WP,WK,Forward,Double Jump,WP,WK,Cheer&Fire)

Chip&easy: This combo should be done the most, because it does good 
           chipping, and is easy to do, and it can be done in the air 
           or on the ground. This is how it's done. Do a Jumping WK, 
           then combo that into her Cheer&Fire with the Kick buttons. 
           On the ground you may want to use WP instead of Wk, because 
           WP may have Slightly more reach. This a good offensive combo, 
           as well as Defensive.
           (Jumping Wk, Cheer&Fire)--(Standing or Crouching WP, Cheer&Fire)

others:  You can combo the Shyness&Strike into her Cool hunter SUPER, 
         or her Beautiful Memory SUPER. 

         You can also combo her Cheer&Fire into her Cool Hunter SUPER.

   You can (if your fast enough) combo a HP or HK Smile&Missiles, into a 
   Cool Hunter SUPER. You have to catch them in the air, before they hit
   the floor. And keep in mind, the missiles disappear when you do a CooL
   Hunter Super, so you have to wait until the missile actually hits your
   opponent before doing the Super!

I hope these Combos help ya. 



Alright, I'll try to explain this Strat. as best I can. First of all you
should know that this is a Offensive Strategy. Firt you jump at your 
opponent and do a HK, depending on how close you are to your opponent, you 
will do a Crouching WK, then immediately do a Smile&Missile Kick or punch,
it doesn't matter. Then do a Happy&Missiles, then if your close enough
do a Crouching WK or a Crouching Fierce. Now when you do a crouching Fierce
as I said earlier the Lag-time is bad, so what you have to do is cancel the
fierce into a Smile&Missile(any button). Remember always cancel a standing
Fierce or Crouching Fierce into a Smile&Missile or Happy&Missiles.  You 
pretty much just repeat this process over and over. Not exactly now, you
may want to do TWO Smile&Missile, or TWO W-Kicks, pretty much just mix it
up. Just make sure if you do a Fierce that you cancel it into a
Smile&Missile that has little Lag-time. 


This is a defensive Strategy, first you should be far away from your
opponent, and all you really have to do is just do Smile&Missiles,
and call out helpers. If your opponent hits your Helper, then you 
should have already a SMILE&MISSILE out that will hit your opponent. 
Now, if he gets hit, combo that into a Cool Hunter Super, chances are 
that you wont get this to work (Sorry). This is pretty much the Strat, 
Missiles and Helpers, beam helpers and Anti-Air helpers are the best 
for this strategy.

CHIP&FIRE (Defensesive)

This is a good game style that I'm still working with. I got this strategy 
from the Computer!? You call out helpers all day, but you stay fairly close
to your opponent, so you can always attack when they're open, and run away
when you need to. When your on the ground don't push any buttons, just wait
there or dash backwards, then when your opponent comes near do a 
Smile&Missile or Happy&Missile. You pretty much play keep away.  When your
in the air do Cheer&Fires over and over, but beware of a Counter attack.
Every now and then get in close by doing a Jumping WK into a Cheer&Fire, 
then run away and call out helpers. Don't be afraid to Grab your 
opponents, the move is in the game for a reason (SO USE IT!).  
<This strat still needs work, sorry>


Oh, here's another Strategy. You call a helper out that knocks up your
opponent, then do a Smile&Missile with the HK button. This works perfectly.
Your opponent is way up in the air getting hit, and you do a really 
low attack on the ground from afar, and there never ready to block it 
because they don't even know the attack is there.  If your good enough 
you can then combo that into the Cool Hunter SUPER, and KABOOM!! Your 
opponent is dead. 


Another Chip Strategy is to just do a Cool Hunter Super after your Anti-
Air helper has connect with your opponent, the Super wont usually hit
but the chip damage is good enough. If you don't have any helpers, then the
way to do this is to make sure your opponent is in the air when there 
blocking the Super. This way they can't counter attack as easily, or do a 
Super (they have to land on the ground and then do the motion). Some 
characters however can still get you back, like Maganeto, and Cammy, and 
some others!

Bulleta, is a small and tiny character who's little size makes your 
opponent get the urge to crush her to bits.  But use this emotion to 
your advantage, by staying away from your opponent, and at the same time
getting in close to your opponent.  

I must admit, it would seem that the Stay Away Strategy works the best on

VIII. OTHER JUNK                    OTHERS

ADVANTAGES to Bulleta is her long and little lag-time Special Moves 

1.  Bulleta's Cool Hunter Super takes "MAD" Damage         

2.  Bulleta's Cool Hunter Super takes "MAD" Chip Damage    

3.  Bulleta can play keep away very well.    

4.  Bulleta has an array of Missiles attacks, at different angles    

5.  She can combo her Cool Hunter Super 

1.  She is small and just about all of her basic attacks have way too
    little range.

2.  Her Cool Hunter Super has bad lag-time

3.  The other supers aren't really all that great to use

4.  She really doesn't have much to rely on, you better have Helpers
    when playing with B.B. Hood.



The penal Code, article (STICK A FORK)cc.  Playa Patna, protects, under 
penalty and perjury of a Schimitar, all contents of this public works. 
If any invalid, illegal, or misrepresentation of this work is done 
without my distinct permission, and authorization, the one in question 
may face harsh legal consequences. But that's nothing, if you copy this
or post this without my permission, you'll get the "BIG FORK"!!

?? COMMENTS                        F-Q?

B.B. HOOOD/Bulleta has six different colors.

WP(Jab)      RED
WK(short)    BLUE
HP(Fierce)   PURPLE
HK(ROUND H.) White-BLUE (with RED eyes,very Cool!!
ASSIST 1     Green-Blue


In Darkstalkers Bulleta had a move called Sentimental Typhoon, she doesn't
have it MvsC2. I don't know why they took this away from her.

If you hold down with Bulleta for a short while a flower will pop out of
the ground and the butterflies around her will fly to it.

Her ALPHA assist is that she shoots out a Smile&Missile it's a HP 

Her BETA assist is a Cheer&Fire, it's the Kick version,

Her GAMMA assist is her Shyness&Strike, eh...?

Well I got nothing else to say. Go play Snk Versus Capcom. 

I WANNA SAYS THANKS again to Cjayc (he forces us to say "thanks" JUST KIDDIN)
and to "GAMEFAN BOOKS" for having the names of all Bulleta's moves. And to
Shadow-me-TWICE, for something? 
If you want me to do a MORRIGAN FAQ, let me know.


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