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SonSon by G-Boy

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/11/00


The Game: MARVEL VERSUS CAPCOM 2, New Age of Heroes
The Character: SON SON
Ver. 1.0 Ex Turbo Edition Plus Alpha Divide by 2!
Made by G-Boy on 7/11/00
Kobun00 @ yahoo.com (e-mail me for anything, I need friends :^( )
Copyright G-BOY, 2000

V.      SUPERS

I.INTRO                          INTRODUCTION

Not many people know where Son Son comes from, so I'll give 
you the 4-1-1. Son Son is a character based on a Chinese 
Mythology. I know it has something to do with a monkey like 
character with a tail, a flying cloud that the character 
rides on, and the character has a staff, and the character has the 
ability to become a huge MONKEY of some sort! The japanese use this 
mythology for cartoons like Dragon Ball Z (Son Goku) and Monkey Magic.
I'm sure there's more out there.  Son Son debute on 1989 in 
Japan. Go check out Capcom of Japan's art gallery and you'll 
see it. Son Son looks "HORRID" in the pics, but it's all good.
OOh, I almost forgot, YES SON SON IS A GIRL (idiot!). Son Son's
playing style is pretty unique, and that's what makes her
interesting :^>

II.LEGEND                      LEGEND

This is how it goes, i'm sure you know the abbreviations by 
now, but just in case here it is.

U     UP
D     DOWN
B     BACK
J     JUMP

WK    Weak PUNCH(jab)
WK    Weak KICK (short)

Strong (can only be done in a chain)
Forward(can only be done in a chain)

HP    Heavy PUNCH(Fierce)
HK    Heavy KICK (Round house)

FB    Fire Ball motion 
      (it's down, down&forward, then forward, in a fluid motion)

SK    Spin Kick motion 
      (it's down, down&back, then back, in a fluid motion)

HCF   Half Circle Forward motion 
      (it's back, down&back, down, down&forward, then forward)

HCB   Half Circle Back motion    
      (it's forward, down&forward, down, down&back, then back)

DP    Dragon Punch motion 
      (it's forward, then down, then Down&Forward) 

SUPER most supers are done by doing a 
      FB/SK/HCF/HCB with either the two 
      punch buttons or the two kick buttons.

NEW MvsC2 commands

WP + WK       Switches in the second character
HP + HK       Switches in the third  character

ASSIST 1      Calls in the second character, to help assist you 
ASSIST 2      Calls in the third  character, to help assist you

SnapBack      FB(Fire Ball motion!)+ Assist button. This forces 
	      the opponent out of the ring, and forces another 
              one to come in. This takes one super bar to do, 
              and can be comboed. Depending on which assist 
              button you use, you can decide which character 
              you want to force in.

Variable Counter   Back, Down&Back, Down + Assist (while blocking). 
		   This switches you out, and one of your partners 
                   in, who does an attack.

THREESOME     This is performed by pressing Assist 1 + Assist 2,
or            at the same time. If you have three Super Bars, 
TWOSOME       and all of your characters are alive, then all 
              three characters will come out and perform their 
              individual Supers. If you have only two characters 
              then this move will only take two Super Bars, and 
              the two characters will perform their Supers. 
              If you have only one character, then this move
              will take one Super Bar, and the character will 
              do one of their Supers.

SUPER CANCEL  This is done by first doing a Super, then you 
	      can Cancel that into your other character's Super.
              You can't skip the second character's Super and 
              just go into the third, it's has to be in 
              sequence. 1-2-3 (NOT 1-3-2). You don't have 
              to do the third character's Super
              if you don't want to.

LAG TIME      This means "Recovery time". And you have to know
              what that means.

III. BASIC                          BASIC ATTACKS

--------------------------------STANDING PUNCH-------------------------------



	Son Son swifts her stick a little. Little reach.

	Son Son slams her staff (which gets a little larger) 
        on the ground. This move is pretty fast, and does fair 
	This is a very good move. It has tremendous reach. 
        Son Son trusts her stick forward. If you do a dash, 
        then the trust, your reach will be "MAD Crazy". 
        Use this to surprise your opponent.

----------------------------------STANDING KICKS-----------------------------

WK(SHORT):  Son Son trust her stick at the opponent's feet. 
            Looks Like it's has better reach than other 
            standing shorts, but I'm not sure.

	Son Son slams her staff into the ground and spins 
        around it, hitting her opponent with her legs. 
        This move has "Fair" reach, and that's about it. 

---------------------------------CROUCHING PUNCH-----------------------------


WP(JAB):  Son Son lunges her staff forward, it looks like 
          she's trying to hit a pool ball with her staff. 
          It has little reach.

HP(FIERCE): Son Son's staff gets big, and she sweeps her 
            opponent with it. 

down&forward+ HP:  Son Son will do her launcher. She swings her staff up. 
                   Small reach I think.
-----------------------------------CROUCHING KICKS---------------------------
WK(SHORT):	Son Son trys to hit her opponent with her tail. Little reach.

HK(ROUND HOUSE): This is Son Son's other launcher, and I feel that it has 
                 better reach,and better combobility. She does a back kick 

----------------------------------AIR PUNCH----------------------------------


WP:     She trusts her staff downward. Little reach.

HP:     She Spins her stick. This has good priority if your above 
        your opponent.Most other character's fierces will beat 
        her's if your both in the air,and at the same height. 
        Oh and it hits multiple times, about three.

-----------------------------------AIR KICKS---------------------------------

WK:     Son Son will do a little upward kick. Little reach.

HK:     Son Son will do a flip and come down to hit her opponent 
        with both her legs. Good priority, and o.k. speed.

IV. SPECIAL                      SPECIAL MOVES

Well first let me say that Son Son isn't much of a ground character. 
She needs to keep up in the skies. So most of her ground specials 
can be done in the air!

1. Fuusetsuzan (Rapidly push any punch button)

This move is good. She swirls her stick around very fast. It's like 
Chun's Lighting Kick. She can do it in Combos and in the AIR. When 
she does it in the air she slowly comes down. Little lag time afterwards. 
Oh yeah, it also hits multiple times (but i'm sure you knew that?)

2. Shenbu (FB+any punch button.)

This is her spitting Monkeys move!? Son Son will look like she's 
blowing her opponent a kiss, but instead it's deadly little monkeys! 
She spits or blows out three monkeys at once. They start out being 
close together but then they go their seperate ways. One goes at a 
45 degree angle, and one goes straight and the other at a downward
45 degree angle. It has a slow start, but if done far away it can 
be a good cover for you. This move can be done in the AIR more 
than once, but like I said, the start is slow.

3. Seitenrengeki (DP(Dragon Punch)+ any punch)

It's all about this move. She jumps forward and on her way up 
makes her staff spin. If you do this with the WP it will hit 
twice, and you and your opponent will go a little bit off the 
ground (like Ryu's Shoryuken). If you do the move with the HP 
then it will hit three times, and you and your opponent will go 
further off the ground (again like doing Ryu's HP Shoryuken).

This move has Really GOOD priority and you don't have to worry
to much if you miss, because your only vunerable in the air 
(not that the lag time is bad, it's actually very small), 
when you land you can block (unlike Ryu and the others). This move
can also be done in the AIR. Keep in mind if you do this in the air,
there's a longer fall, which means longer vunerability. But it 
wont be much of a problem. The best thing about this move is
that if you do it on the ground and it connects, then you can combo 
that into her Super (more about that later).

4. WaLL Climb (SK(Spin Kick) + any kick)

This move is the master! It will "STICK A FORK" in your opponent's game.
What Son Son does is she runs up the side of the screen
and runs down on the opposite side (sound weird?). She turns around 
and runs up her side of the screen (so your safe from opponent's attack) 
and runs down the other side (this will happen if you don't press any buttons). 
Now the stuff you can do with this, if you press the kick button, 
she will do a really fast, and i mean fast, kick off the wall. Depending 
on how far you are on the ceiling will determine the direction of the kick. 
I notice if your running on the ceiling and you haven't passed up the timer,
the kick will go right (i'm assuming that your on the left side of the screen).
If you do pass up the timer you will go left. So if your opponent is in the 
right corner and you've passed up the timer, then your kick is sure to miss.
Ok, now you can also push any of the punch buttons and Son Son will
drop off the wall/ceiling. You can block on the way down, think about 
it as doing a jump, you can block while jumping. Also if you drop off the 
wall, you can still do moves on the way down, like anything, 
WP,WK, HP,HK, Special moves, air dashes, Supers, everything, it's just 
like jumping. This is how you mess up your opponents (more
about that in the stragety section).

5. Air Dash (FLYING NIMBUS) 

Oh, this move is done by either pressing forward twice in the air, or by 
holding forward and pressing the two punch buttons. This is a good and weird
air dash. She can either go forward (pressing forward twice) or she can go
backwards by (pressing back twice). Anyway, she hops on a cloud being 
paddled by some weird looking guy, and flys straight forward for a fair 
amount of time. She doesn't have to stay on the cloud, she can do 
moves out of it. You can do basic moves and special moves. While riding 
the flying Nimbus cloud, you can call out helpers (as long as you didn't 
Super jump and then do the air dash).

6. Crawl (HCF (Half Circle Forward) + any Kick)

This move is uh....eh...well...I don't know. Son Son crawls low 
to the ground. She can crawl behind her opponents. So I guess you 
could try something with this. But I can't yet. The WK will make 
her travel a little, and HK will make her go a little further.

7. COOK  (HCB (Half Circle Back) + any Punch)

This move is funny! She brings out a water bottle like object 
and sucks her opponent into it. This is "MAD" funny if you do 
it on characters like Juggernaut because he's so big. The bottle 
lands in a big pot water, and she starts to cook him/her up, 
by faning the flames.  The whole thing blows up in Son Son's face
and she's burnt to a crisp.  And oh my goodness, if you miss with this,
your in big trouble, the lag time on this is deadly. If you miss she 
will slap the bottle and look inside to see if anything is in there. 
This move is blockable and I think the priority is alright. I'm not sure
V. SUPERS                       SUPERS!!!

Son Son and her Supers. You gotta love them.

1. Tenchutsukan (FB + 2 punches/and it can be done in the air)

This her best super so far. What she does is, she throws up her staff 
(which can hit you on the way up) and what comes down from the top of 
the screen is a HUGE Staff. This staff hits multiple times, and if 
you get the staff to hit your opponent as she tosses it up, then 
your going to definetly connect with the entire Super. The lag time 
is pretty bad, but definetly manageable if done at the right times. 
She can even do the air dash after the Super hits, or misses. This 
really gets your opponent confuse, cause there on the ground and 
your up in the sky, either flying over them, or flying away from
them to dodge their counter attacks. 

2.  POW (FB + 2 kicks/ No AIR :^<)

Yes, what you read is what you get with this Super. She blows 
out the big letter "POW" and it goes along the ground. It's a 
slow super, and has the worse Lag time I've ever seen. If the 
POW connects, then your opponent will turn into a giant fruit 
either a plum, a strawberry, or a watermelon. SonSon will jump 
on the fruit and begin to chow down, then she'll spit out the seed, 
which is your opponent. The seed lands about a screen away.  
Not a good Super, well not yet.

3. Enoo (SK + 2 punches/ NO AIR)

This Super definetly has potential. What happens here is that 
Son Son grows super large, about the size of Juggernaut. She 
looks totally different.  There's a little timer bar at the 
bottom, to indicate how much time you have left before the Enoo 
super ends.  When in the super Son Son can shoot fire from her mouth 
and do punches, she has MECHA-ZANGIEF ARMOR (which means no hurt 
animation and no blocking). To do the fire spit you hold down the 
kick button, when you let go she stops shooting fire. You can shoot 
the fire at a 45 degree angle, a straight forward fire, or a downward 
degree angle. She can walk forward and backward (really slow) and it 
takes forever for her to turn around. However, you can't just hold down 
the kick forever, when there's like 20% of the time bar left, the computer 
will make her stop (but it ain't over yet, check the Stragety Section for
more).  Son Son while in her "Enoo" mode can do two types of punches. 
One that slams down, and the other that's like an uppercut. To do the 
one that slams down is (WP), to do the uppercut one is (HP). There ok, 
but the fire can go all the way to other side of the screen. It does 
good block damage, no not good, "GREAT" block damage, with the fire.

VI. COMBOS?                          COMBOS

Uh well I don't have any really good combos but here's a shot.

1A:  SonSon can do her Seintenrengeki into her Tenchutsukan.
     (DP+P, FB+2Punches)

2B:  Then you can add more stuff in front of it, like:

3C:  You can also launch your opponent up and then do:
A:(WP,WK,Strong, then when your under the character do, FB+2P).
This is the best combo, it does major damage. And if you do it 
just right, the character will fall straight down, and if they
don't roll you can either OTG them, into another WK,LAUNCHER 
with the HK into WP,WK,Strong, FB+2P) or hit them in the air 
with a B:Seintenrengeki (DP+P). It's hard for me to do part A, 
but it's possible!

I guess that's it. Here are some of the short and more goofier 

A: (HP, then HCB+Punches)

B: (F+HP, DP+P, FB+2Punches)

C: (crouching HP(Fierce), FB+P,FB+ 2Kicks) 

D: (WP,WK,Strong,Forward,HP,HK)



Son Son's game is being up and above (in the air). Her Seintenrengeki 
is super good and can always stop jumping characters in their tracks, 
especially if your able to do it into the Super Staff (Tenchutsukan). 
But it doesn't end there, use Son Son's dash into F+HP 
(long staff straight forward)and then combo that into her Seinten
(i'm not gonna write out the whole thing) into her Super Staff. 
The (F+HP) Staff's reach is perfect. Since Son Son is a small character
most people will be surprise with her long reaching staff.  


This stragety is super confusing for your opponent. This is 
the trick, you run up the wall and do her kick off the wall, 
over and over again. If your opponent blocks the kick, then 
do a WK(short), usually they don't block this, and then you 
launch them up, and do the "3C" combo. I usually call out a helper, 
then quickly run up the wall, for some "MAD CRAZY" confusion.
If they manage to block the Jump Kick, and the WK(short), then run 
up the wall again, do this a few more times, then when you know your 
opponent is ready for you, do a Wall Climb, and push the Punch button 
to drop off the wall, do this a couple of times too, and now your 
opponent thinks he's safe, then quickly do the Climb up the wall into
a kick off the wall, into a WK(Short). Sounds crazy and long? Well it 
sort of is. But it's not as long as it seems, when your actually playing. 
This only gets worse for your opponent when your kick off the wall lands 
behind your opponent! Trust me on this, you will definetly get your 
opponent upset, and DEAD. Just try doing the kick off the wall over and
over again. You'll see how effective it is.


This one is a cross up. If you've played MvsC2 for a good amount of 
time, you notice that your opponent calls out his assist and then 
jumps over you for a good cross up game. What you do with Son Son is, 
jump up and do the Cloud dash (Tap forward twice) and before you go over 
your opponent, call out your helper, I use a projectile helper, then 
by the time your helper comes out you should be over your opponent 
for a good crossover. The reason you would want to do this as a alternative
to jumping sometimes, is because most people don't expect a helper when
your doing a slow moving air dash, and you don't have to go over 
your opponent, you can surprise them with a unexpected attack off the cloud 
(Best with a HP-FIERCE). But jump is also good :^` 


This is the large Monkey Super. This Super is good whether your opponent
blocks it or not. It does insane chip damage. This is how you use it. 
First of all remember when I said that her Fire breath runs out when 
there's still a little time left on the Timer. Well this is to your 
advantage (sort of). Since you have to stop breathing fire, most of 
the time your opponent will see this as a chance to escape or attack! 
But in fact, you still can breathe fire, the computer just doesn't want
you to hold down the Fire button forever, so it puts that break in their. 
But if you let go of the Kick, then at the last second press it again to 
shoot fire you will probably hit your opponent. 

Another way to play the "ENOO" is to just wait a little bit before 
shooting the fire breath, that way when you do hold down the fire 
button it will last until you shrink back to normal. Leaving you 
perfectly safe. Now if your fire breath connects you should probably 
just hold it straigth forward. So they don't roll behind you. But if  
they do roll, a way to stop this is to walk back and do the Slam punch, 
this will stop your opponent from rolling behind you, and getting 
in their free attacks on your backside. Plus most people are inpatient
and will try to attack you, but since you have that Mecha Gief armor on, 
just spit fire at them even if they get a hit in, or a Super. Don't give 
up on any Supers that are hitting you, just hold down the kick button
and hopefully at the end you get a small fire breath in on them
(you can't let your opponent get away Scott FREE!).

Son Son is a good character, just remember that the Seinten. can 
be combo into a Super, and that just finsihes the game. Also make 
sure to get down that "3C" combo.  

VIII. OTHER JUNK                    OTHERS

ADVANTAGES to Son Son is her small size, but long reach!

1.      Small and agile
2.      Takes damage normally, and not drastically like some small 
3.      Good air combo super
4.      Really good Chipping damage super (Enoo)
5.      Good cross up
6.      Easy to combo into super
7.      Her small size, but long reach throws off your opponent
8.      All her best moves have little or no Lag Time
9.      Her Strong hits twice (WOW!!!)


1.      She's small and not all of her moves have good reach
2.      Some of her moves have really bad Lag time
3.      The POW super has "HORRID" lag time if blocked or dodged
4.      The Enoo super can literally get her killed if not done correctly
5.      Her ground game isn't all that great



The penal Code, article (4)(M)cc.  UVPM--73SN, protects, under 
penalty and perjury, all contents of this public works. If any invalid,
illegal, or misrepresentation of this work is done without my distinct
permission, and authorization, the one in question may face harsh legal
consequences.  DON'T COPY MY STUFF PUNK!

?? COMMENTS                        F-Q?

Son Son has six different colors, just like everyone in the game.

WP(Jab)      RED
WK(short)    YELLOW
HP(Fierce)   GREEN

When she taunts she says "Go Go!!" 

Her AlPHA assist is to HEAL She comes out with a plum and you have to grab
it. Too Slow.

Her BETA assist is to spit out her three monkeys(Gosh thoes Monkeys!) 
Too slow, I think.

Her GAMMA assist is her Seintenrengeki (this is the one I use :^>)

Hmm...what else I guess that's it.  SON SON is a sweet character. If  your
a good player and want some variety playing style, this is probably the 
character for you. 
this up. Also I want to give a shout out to BooZilla for the quotes "MAD"
"HORRID" "FORK" etc. And to SHADOW-ME-TWICE for helping me get this on the
net. Later---->

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