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Blackheart by GoukenX

Version: 0.80 | Updated: 08/03/00

===    Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes    ===
=====        ---===Blackheart===---           =====
=====             Version 0.80                =====
===   produced by GoukenX (goukenx@yahoo.com)   ===

=Table of Contents=
I.    Disclaimer
II.   Introduction
III.  Legend
   a.  Joystick Movements
   b.  Buttons
   c.  Misc
IV.   Character Properties
   a.  Walking
   b.  Dashing
   c.  Crouching
   d.  Jumping
   e.  AirDashing
   f.  Blocking
   g.  Colors
V.    Attack List
   a.  Normal
   b.  Throws
   c.  Launching
   d.  Special
   e.  Hyper
VI.   Assist Type
   a.  Assist A
   b.  Assist B
   c.  Assist C
VII.  Combos
   a.  Air Combo
   b.  Ground Combos
   c.  Combos starting with an Inferno
VIII. Infinite Trap
IX.   Credits
X.    Copyrights

     This document is free for distribution, as long as it is
not edited and that I (GoukenX) am contacted via email about
it. Please give proper credit if you use this faq in anything;
I like being condem.... er.. commended for knowledge. ;)

   This is my first faq, so bear with me. First thing's first;
I've almost never used Blackheart in any game outside of 
Marvel vs. Capcom 2, I know nothing of his background (story,
plot, etc), and I'm not sure how I had enough patience to
actually TRY using him at all in the first place. That being
said, this faq is the product of a half an hour of frustration
and a couple of hours of enlightenment.
   My first impression of Blackheart was playing Marvel Super
Heroes vs. Street fighter. I can count the amount of times I
played the original Marvel Super Heroes with my fingers. Thus,
I didn't get much exposure of Blackheart. Also, I've never
really saw him in action, so some of my strategies may not be
very efficient. Though I'm pretty sure about my infinite trap!
I guess that's what updates are for. Again, this is my first
faq, so I'm not sure if I'm descriptive enough or not. Whatever
the case, I hope this is informative. Excuse me if I seem to
be *too* descriptive. (like I'm talking to a baby)

This is a translation of letters I use in the "Moves List" and
"Combos" section.

Joystick movements:
  b  = back (away from opponent)
  d  = down
  f  = forward (toward opponent)
  u  = up
  db = down and back
  df = down and forward
  uf = up and forward
  ub = up and back

  p  = any punch button
  lp = light punch
  hp = hard punch
  pp = both punch buttons
  k  = any kick button
  lk = light kick
  hk = hard kick
  kk = both kick buttons

  ,  = one after the other (button presses, joystick movements, etc)
  +  = at the same time (ie: lp+hp = pp)
  /  = or, this means you can use one *or* the other (ie: lp/hp = p)
  () = special instructions

=Character Properties=
Walking:    (b/f) He walks back and forth, respectively. I hope
            you're not trying to get anywhere with Blackheart by
            walking. He's horribly slow.

Dashing:    (b, b or f, f) His dash is a little strange, he sinks
            into the ground, and moves back or forward rather
            quickly. You can extend his dash by holding the joystick
            back or forward, following the first. Unfortunately, like
            a select few, Blackheart cannot attack while he's dashing.

Crouching:  (d/db/df) He can duck to hit opponents low. Due to his
            size, he can't duck under most projectiles.

Jumping:    (ub/u/uf) If you want to get places, jumping is the way
            to go. Good thing he can airblock!

AirDashing: (b, b or f, f while in the air) Now we're talking. I
            find this the most efficient when trying to get anywhere.

Blocking:   (b/db/ub while opponent is attacking) Blocking lets you
            avoid taking full damage from any attack, except throws.
            You can't block throws... you already knew that right? =)

Colors:     When selecting Blackheart, his colors are determined by
            the button you press.
                lp: his normal black and gray
                hp: black and a really dark color
                assist1: black and bright purple
                lk: black and white
                hk: black and dark blue
                assist2: black and dark purple

=Attack List=
  Standing: not using the joystick (on the ground)
   lp: (decent range) a little punch downward
   mp: (horrible range) this is his launcher. It's slow...
   hp: (good damage, slow startup) throws out a couple
       of demons that comes back toward him if they miss
   lk: (really good range) whips his tail. It reaches out
       pretty far, and is quick. I love this move.
   mk: (decent range) attacks with his hair
   hk: (decent range, really good up-close (combo on itself) every )
       stomps onto the ground and throws demons out. If the demons
       catch the opponent, the opponent is stuck there until
       released after a short amount of time, when he/she's hit,
       or when Blackheart tries a projectile move (normal
       or special)
  Crouching: while pressing down on the joystick (on the ground)
   lp: (short range) short punch
   mp: (decent range) pushes opponent with a little gust of wind
   hp: (slow, but good up-close) digging through the ground,
       Blackheart releases some more demons (go fig). While
       digging, if he hits, the opponent is launched a little.
   lk: (decent range) short tail whip
   mk: (decent range) attacks with hair
   hk: (really slow, you better be anticipating something) summons
       demons that freeze your opponent. 
  Jumping: while you're in the air
   lp: (decent range) little punch
   mp: (good range) a little bolt of lightening
   hp: (recommended for high jumping) sends damaging demons down.
       You can cover a lot of ground with them, meaning good range.
   lk: (short range) little tail whip
   mk: (decent range) attacks with hair
   hk: (also recommended for high jumping) throws demons that
       that stick to the opponent. hp has better range.
  Dashing: N/A
  SnapBack: (requires one level of the superbar) This move
       has some good range. It is equivalent to Blackheart's
       crouching medium punch.
   d, df, f + any assist button: this knocks your current
       opponent's character out of action and forces your
       opponent's partner in. Assuming your opponent has
       all three characters still alive, the assist button
       you press corresponds with the character you force
       in. You use assist 1 to force in the partner whose
       life bar is directly below his/her main character's
       bar, and assist 2 knocks in the opponent whose life
       bar is directly under there. If there is only two
       characters on your opponent's team, using either
       assist buttons will knock in the other character.
       Lastly, if there's only one character on your
       opponent's team, and you do a snapback on him/her,
       you will only knock the character to the end of the

 Throws: are done when the two fighters are very close on the screen
   b/f + hp: (can also be done in the air) Blackheart catches his
             opponent and fills them with spirits, then tosses them
   b/f + hk: (can also be done in the air) Blackheart holds his
             opponent and shoots them to the other side of screen
             with some lightening.

 Launching Attack: ground move that launches the opponent into the
            air. Personally, I think that this is a horrible launcher.
            It takes too long to use. Also, it doesn't easily combo.
            ie: pressing lp, lp would initiate the launcher, but the
            opponent can block it.
   lp after pressing lp/lk/d+lp/d+lk
   df + hp

 Special: I figured out 2 of Blackheart's special moves on my own.
            I checked out CJayC's faq that that's all he had...
            So I usually use his normal moves, since I'm too
            impatient (and somewhat inefficient) with his specials.
  Dark Thunder: (b, db, d, df, f + p) Blackheart shoots out some
            lightening from his hands. The lightening traces the
            ground or shoots at an upward arc depending on the
            button you press. lp traces the ground, while fp shoots
  Inferno: (f, df, d, db, b + p) Blackheart throws a little ball to
            the ground in front of him and raises an icy cylinder
            from the ground, where he throws it. Using lp causes
            Blackheart to throw it up to half the screen in front of
            him, while fp causes him to throw it up to about the
            screen's length.

 Hyper: Blackheart's hyper combos (supers) are pretty good for chipping.
            They are somewhat easy to cancel, and his meter builds up
            pretty quickly, so i use them whenever I can.
  Armageddon: (d, df, f + pp) Blackheart raises his hands calling
            fourth a small meteor shower. It rains about the small
            area of where he's standing. So it's almost pointless if
            the opponent is on the other side of the screen waiting
            for you.
  Judgement Day: (d, db, b + pp) Blackheart shoots out little demons
            from his chest across the screen. This super is more
            effective on taller characters, because his chest is pretty
            far from the ground. Many characters can just duck under
            them. There's some nice chipping damage though.
              (can be done in the air) when done in the air, Blackheart
            shoots out little demons at a 45 degree angle to the
  Heart of Darkness: (d, df, f + kk) Blackheart starts floating up as
            he summons demons to raise from below your opponent's
            feet. It's quite easy to block, so use it when you know
            it'll help your situation.

=Assist Types=
Blackheart can be a decent assist character. I prefer to use him
 defensively. If Blackheart is a helper in your current team, and
 you use a helper counter (b, db, d + the assist button corresponding
 to Blackheart) Blackheart comes in and does his assist move, prior
 to using him.

Assist A: (Dark Thunder/Judgement Day) With this as his assist,
          Blackheart comes in and uses a Dark Thunder (lp version).
          I like this, because it can knock away even Sentinel.
          When you call him in for a double or triple super
          (pressing both assist buttons) he performs his Judgement
          Day. When you are using Blackheart and you press both
          assist buttons, Judgement Day is what he automatically
          does (requires one level bar)

Assist B: (Inferno/Heart of Darkness) When called on for an assist,
          Blackheart jumps onto the screen and throws an Inferno
          where the opponent is. This is quite effective for people
          who jump. In a team super, he uses his Heart of Darkness
          which does decent chipping damage,  but I don't find much
          use for this in a team super.

Assist C: (Launcher/Armageddon) Good for people who know how to use
          launching assists. I've seen and done combos with them,
          but I don't find them too effective, compared to my other
          options. That's just my opinion. When you call him in for
          a team super, he performs an Armageddon, which is pretty
          nice up close.

Blackheart isn't the type of character that does too many combos,
 but many of his moves give some nice damage, as well as fills up
 his super bar faster than most characters in mvc2.

Air Combo: Blackheart has a 4 hit aircombo that starts somewhat fast,
            but ends off slow.
   df + hp, u/uf, lp, lk, lp, lk  

Ground Combos: little chain hits, doing the same damage as a throw
   lp, lk
   lk, lk
   lp, d + lp
   lk, d + lp
   lp, d + lk
   lk, d + lk
   d + lp, lk
   d + lp, d + lp
   d + lp, d + lk
   d + lk, lk
   d + lk, d + lp
   d + lk, d + lk

Combos starting with an Inferno:
  If you don't feel like using a super bar (or don't have one)
   Inferno with lp, (before they land) d + lp, lp (this launches)
     uf, lp, lk, lp, lk

  If you know that you're going to hit them with the Inferno:
   Inferno, cancel with Heart of Darkness

  For fighting tall characters:
   Inferno with lp, cancel with Judgement Day

  Nice chipping, but leaves you vulnerable for a bit:
   (in the corner) Inferno with lp, cancel with Armageddon

*Infinite trap*
My pride and joy combo that I came with myself. It doesn't really
     register as a combo, so I thought I'd give it another name. ;)
-You can also follow it up with any super. I prefer Heart of Darkness. 
-Works on everyone, except Kobun/Serverbot and anyone in super armor
-Opponent can button-mash out of it (computer doesn't seem to try
     to get out of it
-More effective in the corner

  (in really close)lk, hk, (airdash), (land), lk, hk, 
     (airdash), (land), lk, hk... continue


 Capcom: for making this game... but what were you thinking with the
         music?! If you wanted a change, why not just some old
         Megaman/Rockman music? Also, what ab... oh, I'm rambling,

 Sega:   for making the Dreamcast... That's the only way I learned most
         of what I know about Blackheart without watching anyone ;)

 CJayC:  for making a great mvc2 faq. I don't have the patience to
         find out most, if not all, the moves for most, if not all,
         the characters of this insane game. Also, thanks for gamefaqs,
         it's a helpful site.

 Wrasta 4: for little miscellaneous additions.

 TheBreak: for making me realize that knowing some good moves and/or
         good strategies mean almost nothing if you can't pull it
         off when it counts. }=)

 My job: for not minding that I work on this for a small portion of
         the day (half of it, actually).... opps...

 My lil angel: just because I felt like thanking her

 My imagination: for being there. I'd probably be even more boring
         without you. ;)

 You people: for actually reading this far. So remember, if you want
         to use some of this stuff, please give proper credit. =)


This document is Copyright 2000 Long "GoukenX" Nguyen. It may not
be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal and private
use. As said in the disclaimer, feel free to distribute it
as long as it is not edited and that I (GoukenX) am asked, via email,
about it.. Just give me some credit, at least. I just found out how
long it takes to write one of these ;)

Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is a copyright of Capcom
and/or Marvel comics.

Capcom characters mentioned are a copyright of Capcom Co., LTD 

Marvel Characters TM mentioned are a copyright of Marvel Comics.

Footnote: I have even less experience with copyrights

LN (26 June 2000)
(webpage down for the time being)

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