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Dhalsim by CGrey

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 02/28/04

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes - Dhalsim
Version 3.0  02/28/2004
by Charles Grey(iceout0002@aol.com)

-- 01. Legend

UB U UF:1 2= P/PP Assist
B  * F :3 4= K/KK Assist
OTG: 'Off the ground'
> Two in one(cancel)
* can also be done in air

-- 02. Movelist

 Yoga Fire  : QCF+P*[slow/fast]
 Yoga Flame : HCB+P [1 / 3 hit]
 Yoga Blast : HCB+K [1 / 4 hit]
 Teleports  : F,D,DF/B,D,DB + PP/KK*
 Flight     : QCB+KK*(repeat to land)(8-way movement)

 Drill Kick : in air D+K[15'/45'/75' down]
 Yoga Mummy : in air D+2
 Air Dash   : in air any+PP (directional)
 Launcher   : DF+2(no ground combos)

 Body Toss     : B/F+2
 Stomach Throw : B/F+4 / in air B/F+2
 Yoga Noogie   : in close HCB+2 (tap buttons for more damage)

 Yoga Inferno : QCF+PP* (D/U moves) (Team Hyper Combo)
 Yoga Strike  : QCF+KK

 Alpha(Projectile): Yoga Fire [slow]
 Beta (Ground)    : Yoga Flame[1 hit]
 Gamma(Anti-Air)  : Yoga Blast[1 hit]

-- 03. Strategy

He spits a fireball across the screen. Slow version can be followed in with a
combo. Super-cancellahle, but won't combo. (Except for one situation.)
This hits small characters like Servbot/Roll.

He blows fire straight ahead. You can cancel a Yoga Inferno from this.

He blows it diagonally up. You can cancel into the Yoga Inferno if you're
really fast off that last hit.
It's possible to combo HCB+4 but easier with the one-hit.

Dhalsim disappears and reappears somewhere else, depending motion/button combo.
Can be done repeatedly in midair.

Dhalsim can float and move anywhere in the air, in the same manner as his air
dash. Any move he normally can do in air, except air block, can be done here.
This includes jump-in combos.
It ends after a Drill Kick/Yoga Mummy/Teleport/QCB+KK again/9 seconds.

Dashes in the direction indicated (forward if none.)
Can do P/K attacks while dashing.

TAG-IN (1+3/2+4)
When you tag him in, he comes in with his weak drill kick. If it hits, they
are sent flying upward, and it can be followed with a juggle.

Dhalsim glows and does his close 4. If it hits, his opponent is hit out and
can't tag in or assist for about 5 seconds. When they are down to one member,
it's only a normal hit. It easily ground combos.

He blows a giant stream of fire that reaches across 90% of a screen. Hold U/D
to aim. MAX HITS: 23(no extra hits from mashing). It has a 3-frame start-up,
so don't try this on rushing-in players, it won't come out in time.
GLITCH: If air-blocked, they may 'drift' behind you by the time the super ends.

He jumps up at a 45" angle forward into the air. If he connects, he does a
sprialling leg slam doing mad damage. If you cancel it with a Delayed Combo,
they are sent upward in a spin reel with no damage. Not throw escapable.

-- 04. Combos

During an air combo, jump 2/4 causes a "flying screen" which disables any
special/super moves,air dash,super jumps,and opponent's recovery roll
(got that?). After a Drill Kick/Yoga Mummy in an air combo, you won't be
able to attack after an air dash.

   (4) far QCF+1 - dash - far 3,3,4 
#1 (4) QCF+1 miss - dash - close 3,3,4
   (5) Jump in far 3,3 - far 3,3,4
#2 (5) Dash - close D+1,D+1,3,3,4
#3 (6) far QCF+1 - jump far 3,3 - far 3,3,4

#1 Close 4 can knock into the exiting fireball before if leaves the screen.
#2 He can link back to a 1/3 from his close med P.
#3 Works best on large and tall characters like Zangief and Anakaris.

#1 (5) (corner) close 3,4 > D,U - far 3,3,2
#2 (8) close 1,1 > U,1,3,1,3,3,2/4
#3 (11)(corner) close 1,1,U > far 3,3,4,3,3,4 - jump 3,3,4
#4 (14)close 1,1 > U,1,3,1,3,3,1 > UF airdash > close 1,3,1,3,D+2,4
#5 (17)(corner) D+1,D+1,1,D+4 - OTG D+3,1 > U,1,3,1,3,2,4,2,4 - jump,3,3,4
#6 (??)(flight) Hit out of air with 3 - hold UF,3,3,3,3...

#1 Cancel into a super jump as soon as the knee connects.
   Too soon and he'll trip instead.
#2 Hit the buttons quickly to connect all the hits.
#3 Use far jump attacks here. Very hard to do on some characters.
#4 The air dash is very hard to combo, but possible. Cancel into it and into
   next attack right away.
#5 Do the D+3 right after the slide finishes.
#6 Pause for a split-second between hits to avoid medium kick.

#1 (3+)(corner) Tag in/HCB+2 throw - OTG D+4 > QCF+P > QCF+KK
#2 (24+)(corner) HCB+P/K > QCF+PP
#3 (26)(corner) HCB+2 throw - 4 > HCB+3 > QCF+PP
#4 (24)D+4 > OTG QCF+PP (hold D)
#5 (27)(corner) close 3,3,4 > HCB+3 > QCF+PP
#6 (31)Jump in 1,1 - close 1,2 > HCB+4 > QCF+PP (vs. Doom/Sentinel)

#1 Super cancel quickly. Dhalsim should catch them when they're "on fire".
   Dosen't show on combo count but it's unescapable. Only on medium guys.
#2 For best results, cancel off the very last flame hit.
#3 Dosen't work on heavy guys like Juggernaut.
#4 Do the OTG FAST and aim the flame down.
#5 Cancel into the Yoga Blast very quickly.
#6 Yoga Blast only connects on very tall characters.

#1 (2)4 Throw - OTG far D+2
   (4)(corner) 2/4 Throw - OTG D+3,D+1,4
   (4)(corner) HCB+2 throw - jump 3,3,4
   (5)(corner) Jump F+2 throw - OTG midair D+4 - 3,3,4

#1 Dosen't work on heavy guys.

   (8) Tag in - close 1,1 > U,1,3,1,3,2/4
#1 (25+)Ryu/Akuma Expansion Assist - jump UF,3,3 > QCF+PP

#1 Cancel into Inferno before assist finishes or it won't combo.

-- 05. Credits

Kao Megura's MVC2 FAQ
Marty's Playland in Ocean City, MD
Marvel characters (c) MARVEL COMICS

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