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Charlie by PutZ

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/26/00

Marvel vs Capcom 2: Charlie FAQ v1.1

FAQ Version History:

1.0	– June 23, 2000 – Share the Wealth
1.1   June 26, 2000   Revisions and Additions

Created by Kevin "PutZ" Smith  (Tadaos@erols.com)

Table of Contents:

1.	Introduction
2.	Legend
3.	Basic Charlie Stuff (Character Analysis)
4.	Special Moves and Supers
5.	Assist Types
6.	The Art Of Throwing
7.	The Art of Push-blocking (advanced guard)
8.	The Art of Rolling
9.	Air and Ground Combos
10.	Charlie Strategies
a)	Keep Away
b)	Up Close and Personal
c)	Keeping Opponents in the Corner
d)	Using Helpers to Cause Some Punishment
11.	Closing and Copyright Stuff

1.  Introduction:

First of all let me introduce myself.  I'm 18 years old I've been 
playing fighting games ever since I can remember.  Everything from 
Street Fighter 2, to the Mortal Kombat series, to Soul Calibur (This 
includes X-Men, Children of the Atom, X-men vs Streetfighter, Marvel 
Superheroes vs Streetfighter, Marvel vs Capcom, and now Marvel vs 
Capcom 2: Age of new heroes) so don't think this FAQ is being written 
by some newbie who doesn't know what he's talking about.  This FAQ is 
not going to cover character color guides or stuff like "what jab punch 
does" because I really don't believe that color really matters (unless 
of course you're vaginal pink Captain Commando, hehe) and you already 
should know what jab punch does (because it tends to be universal for 
95% of the characters) So if you're looking for a beginners guide, you 
came to the wrong place I'm afraid.  For the rest of you, let's get 
down to business.


2.	Legend

LP = Jab (light) Punch
FP = Fierce Punch
LK = Short (light) Kick
FK = Fierce Kick
A1 = Assist One
A2 = Assist Two
P = Any Punch Button
K = Any Kick Button
PP = Both Punch Buttons
KK = Both Kick Buttons
F = Forward
DF = Down Forward
B = Back
DB = Down Back
D = Down
U = Up
DD = Dash
J = Jump
SJ = Super Jump (Down, Up Quickly or KK) always assume that a super 
jump follows a launcher in my combo section
DP = Dragon Punch Motion (F, D, DF)
OTG =  Off The Ground
QCF = Quarter Circle Forward
QCB = Quarter Circle Back
Charge * = Charge joystick in the direction, Ex: Charge D = Charge Down

3.	Basic Charlie Stuff (character analysis)

Ground Combo Magic: Stronger
Jumping Combo Magic: Stronger
Superjump/Launcher Magic: ZigZag

Charlie has changed since he first appeared in X-Men vs Streetfighter.  
No more comboing his sonic boom super off of a fierce punch anymore = 
[.  Charlie is similar to Guile but he is a little bit faster and his 
jumping in attacks have more priority than Guile's.  However being 
faster than Guile his ability to combo supers is a little less than 
Guile's.  His Flashkick super does better damage than Guile's but if 
you're too far away after the first 3 hits it'll miss.  His dashing 
super can also be combo'd off of a standing fierce, however it doesn't 
do THAT much damage, however it's still worth the super.  Charlie is 
what is known as a "charge" character.  His special moves require 
charging the joystick in a particular direction first, so as a rule you 
should always be charging up something in case you need it.  The 
universal charge position is a DB on the joystick.  It allows you to 
block low and charge down and back simultaneously.  Charlie is not that 
great of an air character, his strength lies on the ground, unlike 
Guile, Charlie does not have a super that he can combo into an aerial 
rave, although his basic launcher combo does good damage, his launcher 
doesn't have big priority, so stick to the ground.  I'll go into more 
detail later on.

4.	Special Moves and Supers

Sonic Boom

Charge B for 2 seconds on joystick, F and any punch button.  Jab sonic 
boom travels slowly across the screen giving a lead against any 
oncoming attacks.  It acts as a shield that allows Charlie to get close 
to his opponents.  The fierce version travels faster however it doesn't 
let you get close, if you're gonna use this move use the jab version.

Flash Kick

Charge D for 2 seconds, U and any kick button.  Jab version hits one 
time and will knock opponent away from you.  Good for stopping jumping 
in attacks.  Fierce version hit's twice, once on the ground then a wave 
hits your opponent at the end, also good for stopping jump ins, however 
it'll leave you wide open if blocked.  Try to use the jab version as 
much as you can unless he is way high in the air.

Slash Kick (air only)

U, UF, F and any kick, Charlie will do a little somersault kick that 
propels him forward and down.  I really don't use this move much 
however it can be used as a surprise attack if you don't over use it.  
I find it just a pain to do and you can't combo anything off of it so I 
don't bother to use it.


Sonic Boom Super

QCF and PP  Charlie will throw out a barrage of jab sonic booms.  They 
slowly move across the screen so don't expect this to catch anyone who 
is far away, however since it travels slowly you can follow it up by 
dashing to see if you can score a hit so the rest of the super 
connects.  Does a decent amount of damage.  Can be combo'd off a sweep 
but for only a few hits.

Flash Kick Super (Somersault Justice)

QCB and KK  Charlie does 2 small flash kicks and finishes with a big 
flash kick (similar to Guile's flashkick super)  This does more damage 
than Guile's version, however it comes out a tad bit slower but it 
still fast enough to catch off of a medium kick (which means you have 
to hit with a light kick first) don't try and combo this off a standing 
fierce because it'll only hit a couple times and then your opponent can 

Dashing Super (Crossfire Blitz)

QCF and KK  Charlie dashes forward and if it connects will perform and 
auto combo.  This super is not as damaging as his others, but it can be 
connected off of a standing fierce punch, and if it misses it has 
virtually no recovery time so you should be ok even if block.

5.	Assist Types

Alpha – Charlie throws a jab sonic boom.  Can be good for a leading 
projectile to get close to your opponent.

Beta -  Charlie does a fierce flash kick.  Can be used for stopping 
jump ins as well as crossing up an opponent if you jump over them first 
(and hit the assist button as you're above them, you will land on the 
other side of him as your helper attacks)

Gamma – Balanced.  If opponent is in the air at the time of the assist, 
Charlie will Flashkick.  If opponent is on the ground, Charlie will 
throw a sonic boom.

6.	The Art of Throwing

Ok so a lot of people consider throwing cheap, but after you've been 
playing for a long time you realize that they're part of the game, so 
mine as well make good use for them.  Now I'm not saying that you need 
to throw all the time, but they help get you out of jams as well as can 
win you "down the wire" games.  Ok so when you use it in the latter 
situation people will call you a cheeser but draining people with 
supers is just as cheesy but no one says much about that.  Anyways back 
to the subject at hand, throwing is the ideal thing for taking out 
people who are constantly dashing in at you with jab attacks.  You can 
always pushblock but that doesn't really prevent them from continuing 
to harass you.  So you have to time your throws accordingly.  You have 
to take note on which of his attacks has the biggest recovery time, and 
after you see that attack hit forward and fierce punch or kick.  More 
often than not you'll happily grab your opponent and throw him across 
the screen.  After a few of these your opponent will stop dashing in I 
guarantee, and if he keeps dashing in, keep throwing him, nuff said.  
Throws can be a big part of Charlie's game, especially when it comes to 
corners.  Fortunetly throws go both ways, so if you've trapped your 
opponent in a corner, you can dash in with jab attacks and if he blocks 
a couple of times, dash in, wait a split second, then hit F and FK, 
Charlie will grab your opponent, knee him several times in the stomach, 
then kick him off into the air.  Now, after the throw completes you can 
hit with a standing FK and then cancel into his sonic boom super or his 
flashkick super (I recommend the latter).  Another throw trick is his 
air throw (similar to Guile's) he grabs them in mid and then does a 
backbreaker, from there you can do an OTG combo by hitting D+LK then 
canceling into his flashkick super.  This does some good damage but be 
weary that they can tech hit the throw, or roll when they hit the 
ground.  Also instead of canceling the crouching LK into a super, you 
can use his launcher and then air combo him but don't finish the combo, 
wait a split second then use his FK air throw again, D+LK and then 
launch him again, rinse and repeat until he learns how to roll (this 
combo also works for Guile too, expect use Guile's crouching FK).

7.	The Art of Push-Blocking

If you're a Marvel vs Capcom vet then you know the importance of push-
blocking (Wolverine and Strider, need I say more?)  In order to push 
block, as you're being attacked you hit PP and it will knock your 
opponent back, it's good for countering people who are using highly 
fast and offensive characters (Wolverine, Cammy, Storm, Jill, Strider, 
Psylocke, Marrow, etc.)  So if they're repeatedly trying to attack you, 
push block them as much as you can to keep them away, also you can push 
block and then throw or cancel into a super and it will catch them 
while they're still in there attack animation.  Push blocking certain 
supers will keep you from getting pushed back so can run in for a combo 
when the super is done.  However there are certain times NOT to push 
block.  Do NOT push block supers if you're in a corner.  Best example I 
can think of is people push blocking Guile's Sonic Hurricane and then 
it catches them cause the blocking animation stops for a split second.  
Also avoid push blocking Gambit's Royal Flush, or you might end up 
eating some cards.

8.	The Art of Rolling

Again the Marvel vs Capcom vets know how important rolling is.  When 
I'm at the arcade waitin my turn for a game I see people playing who 
are constantly nailed by OTG combos, and I sit there in agony cause you 
can roll out of almost anything.  I've even yelled out many times "ROLL 
MAN ROLL!!!" but they're too busy getting their ass kicked.  Ok so a 
brief thing about rolling in MvC 2, first of all unlike it's 
predecessor, you can't control how far you roll anymore (which is kinda 
beat cause strategic rolling was a big part of MvC) so whether you use 
the LP or FP version you roll the entire length of the screen.  Oh yeah 
for those of you who don't know how to roll, it's QCF and any punch, AS 
you're getting hit, if you do it after you get hit it's too late, you 
won't roll.  So you gotta be quick and paying attention to what's 
happening to your character.  The key to knowing when to roll is 
knowing your opponents combo magic.  If you know you're opponent likes 
to use OTG combos then you'll be ready to look for sweeps coming a mile 
away.  Also, rolling off of your opponents helper attacks will save you 
a lot of life.  Helpers that knock you down (Like Psylocke, my fav 
helper hehe) they can knock you back up into air combos if you don't 
roll.  Just remember that helpers come out fast so if you see yourself 
get hit ROLL ROLL ROLL!  In fact roll off of everything you possibly 
can.  Be careful though, a lot of players around me like to wait for 
you to roll and then dash back, attack and catch you blocking the wrong 

9.	Air and Ground Combos

Charlie isn't a dial up machine, he has relatively easy combos.  Most 
of his land combos are 2-3 hits, same with his air combos (with the 
exception of super jump combos)  His ground combo magic is stronger, 
which means you use weak, medium, then fierce of either punch or kick 
(LP, LP, FP or LK, LK, FK)

Ground Combos

Dash in with LK, FP follow up with a sonic boom.  Only does 2 hits, but 
the sonic boom sets you up to dash in again or try for a jumping 

Dash in with LP, LP, FP, sonic boom.  Same as above just adds another 

Dash in with LK, FP, cancel into Dashing Super.

Dash in with D+LK, D+LK, cancel into Flashkick Super.

Dash in with D+LK, D+LK, D+FK.  Will sweep opponent, wait a split sec 
and follow up with a sonic boom to set yourself up for another 

Dash in with D+LK, LK, Flashkick.  Fancy but if you're too far the 
Flashkick will leave you open.

Dash in with LK or D+LK, D+FP (launcher) LP, LK, LP, LK, FK.

(in corner) K Throw, FK cancel into sonic boom super or flashkick super

This next combo was contributed by GANYMEDE (susanatdcintern@webtv.net) and 
requires a helper with a multiple hit assist that will keep your 
opponent on the ground (ex Spiral, Silver Samurai, Sentinel, Iron Man 
(when close), etc) For this combo I'll use Spiral.  When your opponent 
is in the corner, jump in with LP, LP, FP+A1/A2 (depending on which 
helper is Spiral, remember it is important to hit FP and A1/A2 at the 
same time or your helper won't connect) then cancel into Sonic Boom 
Super, follow the last hit in, hit LK, LK, FK and cancel into his 
Flashkick Super or Dashing Super.  Good timing will get you 40+ hits.

Air Combos

Standard J Magic: LK, LK, FK

SJ Magic:  LP, LK, LP, LK, FP/FK or Slash Kick

Air throw, D+LK, cancel into Flashkick Super

Air throw, D+LK, D+FP,(launcher) LP, LK, LP, LK (wait) Air Throw, D+Lk, 
D+FP (launcher)…

10.	Charlie Strategies

A)	Keep Away

Although he isn't a great keep away character (like Capt Commando, 
Cable, or Sentinel) he can be used for keep away.  The key is jab sonic 
booms, always have on on the screen at all times and force your 
opponent to chase after you.  Dash in and out a lot and be ready to 
strike with a combo.  If you really want to play keep away have both 
Charlie AND Guile on your team, both with projectile assists (the only 
thing more annoying than having one slow sonic boom on the screen, is 
having 2, hehe) and constantly throw up sonic booms, guaranteed to 
frustrate your opponent.

B)	Up Close and Personal

Charlie can fight up front as good as anyone, just remember to probe 
your opponent with dashing LK's, keep harassing him until you see an 
oppening, and when that LK connects finish it up with a combo 
preferably with a super attached.  His standing FP is a fairly quick so 
can tag bigger characters who are dashing at you.  You can also use 
your jab flash kick to get you out of jams.  Also your flashkick super 
comes out pretty quick so use that if he wants to constantly attack 

C)	Keeping Opponents in the Corner

Charlie can abuse the corner better than most characters.  Ideally what 
you want to do is get your opponent to constantly block so you can 
freeze him in order to throw him and cancel into a super.  However if 
you're being push blocked you might try a different approach.  Try 
jumping in with a FK (it'll most likely be blocked, if not follow up 
with a combo) then do a crouching FK (his sweep) if it is blocked, 
immediately throw out a jab sonic boom, then sweep again, if he 
continues to block, continue the same pattern until he tries to move or 
push blocks you.  If you can do this 2 or 3 times in a row you've 
officially frozen your opponent, throw a jab sonic boom then walk up 
and throw him.  I've used this since X-Men vs Streetfighter and it 
STILL works, 4 games later = ]

D)	Using Helpers to Cause Punishment

Because Charlie is a fairly quick character you can use a variety of 
helpers to aid you.  I like using Psylocke as my preferred helper 
(anti-air of course) and use OTG combos cause not many people roll, and 
if they start to roll just use a flashkick super before he hits the 
ground.  Capt Commando is also nice (anti-air) cause his captain 
corridor will knock your opponent away as well as cancel their helper 
if they call them out.  Gambit also is nice to have (projectile) 
because we all know the insane combos that can be pulled off of his 
kinetic cards.  Guile as I said before for the Double Sonic Boom 
strategy.  Ken is nice to have to (anti-air) because you can sweep your 
opponent, call out Ken (who will OTG) and cancel into his flashkick or 
sonic boom super.  Iceman, Cyclops, Ironman or Cable (if you need a 
beam with priority).  These I've found are the best for helping 

11.	Closing and Copyright Stuff

Well this is pretty much what I know of playing Charlie, as I learn 
more I'll be happy to update this when I can however I didn't leave 
much room for additions, but I'm sure I'll find something new to put in 
= ]  Anyway I hope this has helped you, write me at Tadaos@erols.com and 
tell me what you think, if you have anything that I've missed I'll be 
happy to add it and give you credit.  Also if you liked this FAQ let me 
know and I'll write some more = ]  Thanks again.


Special thanks to Shu, Chong, Joe, Ryan, FYE Rob, Tall Black Guy from 
Arby's, Dude from McDonalds, Phil, Rob, and anyone else who plays with 
me on a regular basis.

GANYMEDE (susanatdcintern@webtv.net) for his contributions

All this crap is Copyright 2000 Kevin "PutZ" Smith so don't go stealing 
my material.  I don't mind if this document is copied or redistributed 
as long as my name remains on it as the creator and you let me know 
it's been put somewhere.  Marvel vs Capcom 2: The New Age of Heroes is 
Copyright 2000 Capcom as well as all the characters I've mentioned 
above.  Marvel characters are Copyright Marvel Comics.  No animals were 
hurt in the making of this FAQ, all characters are fictional, any 
relation to real persons is strictly coincidental.

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