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Guile by Mysterious M

Version: 1 | Updated: 06/16/00

"Do-a Yo' Best" (My favorite, I call it Guilenglish) - Marvel vs Capcom 2
Guile FAQ


By:  Mysterious M

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Revision History

V.1 - Uh... Whatever you see here



A street fighter STAPLE, Guile's been around since Street Fighter II and has 
always kicked huge amounts of keister.  A favorite among many players, the world 
was disappointed when there was a huge gaping hole left when Guile was not 
included into the Zero/Alpha series (and the hole was only marginally filled by 
Nash).  Thankfully, in SFZ3 Guile was revived and placed back in.  However it 
was hugely disappointing that he was a distinctly average character.  Now Guile 
has been placed into the VS world, and let me immediately tell you that the 
transition has benefited him AMAZINGLY.
First some background, Guile joined the army under the wing of his mentor and 
friend, Nash.  Together they underwent training and served many missions 
together.  Finally, Nash and Guile were presented with a huge break on a 
terrorist named Vega who lead up the mysterious organization known as Shadowloo.  
Infiltrating the base, Nash and Guile (seemingly let themselves) were captured.  
After a few days, the pair learned what they needed to and escaped easily from 
Shadowloo's clutches.  Nash then told Guile to head back to America while he 
stayed behind and followed up on the information which they had collected.  
Guile did as he was told and returned to America, only to find that his partner 
Nash had gone missing.  The U.S. government suspected that Nash had let his 
emotions get too involved with his work and that his hatred for the Shadowloo 
organization would get himself killed.  Guile was then sent back to Asia to find 
Nash...  and he ran into Cable on the way?  To tell you the truth, MvsC2 doesn't 
seem to have a flowing plot, so I guess it doesn't really fit in here.
Guile can easily augment any kind of team easily with his high priority, high 
power, high speed moves.  Coupled with the fact that all his specials and supers 
are useful and you have a serious threat to your opponents.  

+  Guile is strong, quick and has high priority
+  Guile has fast specials which are both projectiles
+  He's a combo maniac
+  He plays well at any distance
+  He still retains his Street Fighter feel while staying up to par with 
everyone else
+  High defense

-  Slow launcher
-  Charge character (I don't actually find this a problem, but some do)
-  A couple of laggy moves
-  A really weird voice (but its grown on me, Guilenglish!)



1.1 - Abbreviations
1.2 - Movelist
1.3 - Special Movelist
1.4 - Super Movelist
1.5 - Assists
1.6 - Strategies
1.7 - Facing Guile
1.8 - Combos
1.9 - Cool Animations
2.0 - Thanks
2.1 - Legal Stuff


1.1 - Abbreviations

LP = Low punch
MP = Medium punch  (Press LP twice)
HP = High punch
LK = Low kick
MK = Medium kick  (Press LK twice)
HK = High kick


1.2 - Movelist


Standing:  A quick boxing jab forward.  High speed but low damage, should mainly 
be used as a combo and little else.

Crouching:  A lower version of a quick boxing jab.  Same applications as 
standing although the speed seems to be marginally slower (not enough to really 
affect it).

Jumping:  A quick, short-range jab diagonally downward at a 45 degree angle.  As 
a jump-in, it actually fairs quite decently in terms of priority so don't be 
afraid to begin in-air-combos with it.  The range is short however, so be sure 
to hit the button when your sprite is close to the opponent's.

MP  (Combo only, press LP twice)

Standing:  A strange looking forward uppercut.  You usually can't get any 
farther than this when using a ground based magic series combo into a launcher 
as it knocks the opponent far enough away that a MK and a launcher won't 

Crouching:  A longer lasting version of his crouching LP but with slightly more 
lag.  In the day of Street Fighter II, this could be used in all sorts of ways 
to avoid jump-ins, but since its combo only in MvsC2 there isn't much to say.

Jumping:  A quick chop from the top of Guile's head to his mid-section.  Combo 
only so not much to be said.


Standing:  A full fledged fist forward (say that 10 times fast!).  The reach is 
quite good, but the recovery is pretty horrible.  The damage delivered is more 
than adequate, but in all I would stick with his backfist.  
Forward + HP:  Guile pivots on one foot and extends his fisted hand as far out 
in front of him as possible.  Everyone knows it, everyone's used it, Guile's 
backfist was, and remains one of the most useful normal moves in any Street 
Fighter game.  The startup is minimal (a paltry half second) and ditto for the 
recovery.  The range is at least 1/5th of a screen and it has AMAZING priority.  
Right here is Guile's best poke so use it often.  The damage is also quite high.  
Use it at close range when you predict a fireball and snuff it before it gets 
thrown.  If you cancel a fireball with your own sonic boom, use the backfist for 
guaranteed damage.  Finally, chuck sonic booms and follow with backfists to 
pressure your opponent.  A very versatile move, but beware as it does not hit 
characters who are crouching (except the larger ones).

Crouching:  Guile thrusts his fist up into the air sweeping from his knees to 
above his head in an uppercut pattern.  As a launcher, you really have no choice 
but to use this move, but compared to other launchers its rather average.  The 
damage is quite high, but the priority isn't as strong as his other moves.  
There is also somewhat of a startup lag.  Be sure that if you use it as an anti-
air move, time the move so that you hit the opponent when his arm is fully 
extended for maximum priority.

Jumping:  A chop from the top of Guile's head to his midsection.  As far as air-
to-air moves go, this one's hard to beat.  Use this to win many air encounters 
as its priority is very high.  You can also use it successfully as a jump-in but 
be sure to stick it out a little earlier than you would for most other attacks, 
there is somewhat of a startup lag (as Guile chops).  The power on this is 
amazingly high for a single hitting normal move.


Standing:  Your infamous "shoto kick" Guile simply twists his hips and aims for 
the opponent's legs.  Not much use outside of combos although the reach is 
decent enough to play it in short range poking games.
Forward + LK:  Guile hops forward with his knee protruding outward.  Not really 
useful at all seeing as Guile's feet are close enough to the ground that they 
get hit by low moves, and it also has HORRID recovery time.

Crouching:  Guile pivots on one foot very quickly and extends his other leg way 
out.  For a LK, this move has a LOT of reach and can be used easily in poking 
games.  Its high speed also means that you can begin many counter combos with it 
from mid-range no less.

Jumping:  Guile extends his knee outward at a 45 degree angle downward.  I 
wouldn't ever use this as a jump-in because the range on it is ludicrously 
short.  Just combo it.

MK  (Combo only, press LK twice)

Standing:  Guile does a rolling sobat in place.  Combo only.

Crouching:  A longer version of his crouching LK.  Combo only.

Jumping:  Guile performs an air kick which very much resembles his rolling 
sobat.  This is the best kick to buffer into his Crossfire Assault.


Standing:  Guile does a roundhouse kick to the opponent's head.  Decent speed 
and recovery and marginal use as an anti-air (but there's so many other 
choices).  The power is less than his standing HP, but is subsequently a tad 
faster.  This move can be crouched.
Forward + HK:  
Far range:  Guile does a rolling sobat forward.  Since this move is an overhead, 
you should be using it a lot in your mind games.  The fact that the move covers 
distance while attacking coupled with the fact that Guile leaves the ground 
means that you can also use this move to hop sweeps and counter with ease.  Also 
use it as a rather safe way of getting close.
Close range:  Guile spins upside down performing his infamous "Defy the law of 
gravity" kick forward.  This move has HUGE range and can be used to push your 
opponent a healthy distance away whether they block it or not.  At close range 
this is your all purpose counter to any crouching move (sans launchers) as 
Guile's lower torso completely leaves the ground!  Another anticipation move.
Backward + HK:   Guile does a rolling sobat backward.  Not many uses as an 
overhead, but this is one of the safest way for Guile to retreat to midrange.  
The move comes out quickly, and again, he leaves the ground, so you can use it 
to get out of tight spots where your opponent is playing high low (just predict 
low and do this move retreating).

Crouching:  Guile does his infamous (wow, Guile has a lot of infamous moves 
doesn't he?) double roundhouse kick.  First of all, the second revolution has 
slightly more range than the first (I've tagged opponent's many times who don't 
know this) and the move hits TWICE (it OTGs now).  The power is also quite hefty 
and warrants extended (but not abused) uses of it.  Don't whiff from far away 
though, if your opponent is ever free as you perform this you are at their mercy 
for a good 2 seconds.

Jumping:  Guile does what looks to be his crouching MK but in mid-air.  As a 
jump-in it works well do to high priority and long range.  If I had one 
complaint its that Guile's leg is angled horizontally parallel with the ground 
meaning there's no downward arc.  If you use this as a jump-in, use it later 
than you would most jump-ins to ensure a hit.

In most cases I don't include throws, but Guile actually has some useful ones.

Motion:  Forward or Backward + 2 punches

Guile, uh, suplexes the opponent.  This throw has big damage but the best part 
is that when you perform it in the corner, you can COMBO off of it.

Overhand toss
Motion:  Forward or Backward + 2 Kicks
Guile judo throws the opponent but they end up flying far away.  Best used when 
you want to keep your opponent at a distance.

Motion:  Forward or Backward + 2 Punches (air)

Guile grabs the opponent and falls straight down breaking their back on his 
knee.  The damage is again quite high but the main reason I mention this throw 
is that it is VERY EASY to OTG afterward.


1.3 - Special Movelist
Many people complain about the fact that Guile only truly has 2 special moves.  
In my opinion, this is all he needs.

Sonic Boom
Motion:  Charge back for 2 seconds, forward + punch

The money shot, Guile whips his arms together so quickly that it creates a 
spinning sonic boom (meaning he broke the sound barrier!?).  The 'boom travels 
forward until it meets another projectile or moves off the screen.  LP makes the 
'boom travel slowly while HP makes it travel quickly.
This is Guile's most important special move and, when used correctly, is your 
best friend.  First of all, the damage done actually below average.  What does 
this mean?  It means you have to make up for its pidly damage by hitting with it 
a lot more.  The sonic boom comes out INSTANTLY which means you can counter 
basically anything (this includes missed LP, LK or high recovery special moves) 
without much sweat.  Always be ready with a sonic boom by constantly charging 
back so that you can rip one out if you need to.  Second, Guile recovers from 
the sonic boom almost instantly (not quite as fast as Nash).  You generally 
don't have to be worried about whiffing the move from any range and you can use 
Guile's fast recovery to fool opponents.  A well used tactic is to throw a slow 
sonic boom, have the opponent jump it and then launch him or her into an air 
combo when they don't expect it.  His fast recovery also means that you can 
follow the sonic boom with a myriad of things.  Sonic boom and then dash-in or 
jump-in to put pressure on your opponent (this works well with Guile's 
devastating High Low game).  Follow close range sonic booms with backfists to 
add insult to injury (your safe no matter how you slice it, see "HP" in the 
movelist).  Sonic booms which hit stun your opponents long enough to dash-in 
with a big combo.  The possibilities just keep on going!
Basically, you should generally use sonic booms whenever you plan to dash or 
jump in as a cover move.  You can often keep an opponent pinned from doing much 
of anything with well timed 'booms and as soon as this happens, it means you 
have control of the game.
Thirdly, Guile's has a very annoying mind game involving varying speeds of sonic 
booms.  Use a few fast 'booms at long range to annoy the opponent and then throw 
out a slow one.  Many times an opponent will THINK they've anticipated your next 
boom and jump RIGHT INTO the slower one.  You should also use slow 'booms at 
closer ranges to keep your opponent blocking (and thus not attacking) and to 
keep them from jumping to close distance (if you don't want them to).  Remember, 
the key is timing and control.

Flash Kick
Motion:  Charge down for 2 seconds, up + kick  (ground or air)

Guile jumps into the air with one foot forward.  About midway through his jump a 
huge flash appears and a projectile emerges from it moving up at a 45 degree 
angle.  LK makes Guile do only a small jump while HK makes him go almost an 
entire screen upwards.
As far as anti-airs go this is one of the best.  While the initiation time is 
instant, the recovery time is at least as bad as a dragon punch.  The trick is 
this, don't hit a jump-in with the actual flash, but rather the projectile that 
emerges from it.  As everyone knows, projectiles have supreme priority over 
anything (except supers) and so you can expect to counter almost anything with 
it.  This does take a bit of timing though.  Really this is its only use on the 
ground.  On a special note, the air version does not require any kind of 
charging whatsoever and thus is his main air combo ender.  Try to cancel into it 
at the end of the air combo as EARLY as possible to try to ensure that both hits 
(the flash and the projectile) will both make it in.  I wouldn't use this as an 
air-to-air move because it barely ever hits.


1.4 - Super Moves

Sonic Hurricane
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward + 2 punches

Guile motions his arms together as if he was going to do a normal sonic boom but 
then becomes completely surrounded by a huge mass of swirling blue energy.  
Everyone believes this is THE super to use with Guile, and I admittedly have to 
First, the startup time is instant (just like a normal sonic boom) so you can 
use it as a counter for almost anything.  The swirl of energy surrounds a good 
quarter to a half screen both infront and behind Guile (meaning he has a good 
3/4 screen reach) and the priority is quite difficult to beat.  The super also 
has the very nasty property of "sucking" opponent in.  Even if the opponent 
blocks the move, they still become pulled to the middle o the spinning hurricane 
which means they have no choice but to block the rest (the block damage is 

Summersault Strike
Motion:  Down, down-back, back + 2 kicks

Guile performs 3 flash kicks in a row each hitting about 3 times.  
Like his Sonic Hurricane, this super has INSTANT startup meaning you can counter 
just about anything with it.  Its anti-air properties are very high (as opposed 
to the normal Flash Kick, try to let loose with the super as late as possible 
thus ensuring the most hits) so don't be afraid to mock jumpers with it.  It 
should also be mentioned that this super combos like a... something... that 
combos... really well.  Um, okay.  Be careful not to whiff it though, the last 
Flash Kick as about the same recovery as the normal HK Flash Kick (i.e. you can 
get nailed).  

Crossfire Assault 
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward + 2 kicks  (ground and air)

Guile hesitates for a moment in mid-air and then dashes forward.  If he connects 
with the opponent then he proceeds into an auto-combo ending with a mid-air 
Flash Kick.  Let me tell you right now that this super is really a combo only 
super.  There's not much you can do outside of a combo simply because of its 
startup delay.  There are some instances where you can counter flyers with it 
(Magneto, Ironman, etc) but I wouldn't count on it.  Again, the best way is to 
buffer it off of a MK in a combo.


1.5 - Assists

Assists are Marvel vs Capcom 2's new feature.  An assist temporarily brings in 
one of your partners to perform one of their moves.  I haven't used them 
extensively so I'm not sure as to how useful the assists are...

Alpha:  HK Flash Kick
Beta:  HP Sonic Boom
Gamma:  HP Sonic Boom

The assist that you choose also determines which super that Guile will use with 
his double / triple teams.

Alpha:  Summersault Strike
Beta:  Sonic Hurricane
Gamma:  Sonic Hurricane


1.6 - Strategies

General Strategy
One of the most dangerous aspects about Guile (a trait he has retained from all 
the past games he's been a part of) is the fact that he plays a really mean 
mixed game.  Be it offense, defense or anywhere in between, Guile has the 
ability to dish out some serious punishment to your opponents.  This being said, 
you can't just go thinking your invincible.  Like any character, Guile takes a 
bit of knowledge about how and when to utilize all his moves to their full 

Guile's defense is best attributed to the fact that he has a very quick 
projectile and an awesome anti-air attack.  First, should you ever feel you need 
to retreat to a defensive position, Guile is one of the characters where a 
simple back dash does the job rather safetly.  It travels both far and quickly 
which makes it an all purpose getaway.  Alternately, jumping and super jumping 
are also quite safe.  However, should you find the situation necessary, it is 
sometimes wise to utilize his backwards Rolling Sobat so as to completely avoid 
low sweeps and perhaps even tag a counter (depending on your proximity).  When 
in the defensive position, concentrate on prediction.  If your opponent dashes 
in, use a sonic boom to stop them in their tracks.  Upon predicting a jump-in, 
an early Flash Kick does the trick quite nicely.  If you're a little braver, 
substitute the Flash Kick for an early launcher and follow up with an air combo.  
I should note however that Guile's launcher is not really one of the best 
because the time of maximum priority is somewhat iffy.  Mix in a Summersault 
Strike every now and then just to teach the opponent that jumping in on you is a 
very bad idea.  Another interesting thing to note is that Guile's infamous 
Backbreaker air throw has more range than most air throws.  A common tactic I've 
seen (however not really implemented) are players who actually jump towards the 
jump-in and then throwing!  From what I can tell, they implement the throw from 
UNDER the opponent.  Very strange, but very cool.  In any case, the simplest 
defense is to whip out a mixture of different speed Sonic Booms, waiting for a 
jump, and then nailing the opponent with a Summersault, Summersault Strike, or 
anything else.

One thing to remember with Guile at midrange is that his crouching kicks have 
really ludicrous range.  Exploit this.  Upon countering an opponent's missed 
move, its not uncommon to tag them with a crouching LK cancelled into a super.  
Very easy and at the same time, very nasty.  Use your advancing and retreating 
Rolling Sobats for relatively safe movement back and forth while protecting 
yourself from sweeps.  Just remember to mix up your game so that your opponent 
doesn't expect them.  Another infamous move is the crouching HK into Summersault 
Strike.  Often times opponents are fooled when Guile kicks a little farther on 
his second revolution than his first.  The madly annoying thing about this is 
that Guile's double sweep cancels very nicely into his Summersault Strike.  
Another abusive tactic?  Definitely.  
Guile is also gifted with a wide variety of pokes.  Naturally there's your 
advancing and retreating Rolling Sobats, but you can't really abuse this move 
well.  This is where the infamous Guile/Nash Backfist comes in.  You can whip 
these babies out like a rabbit whips out... er, babies.  I often throw slow 
sonic booms at mid range and then follow up with backfists, a common tactic with 
all Guile players actually.  The backfist is generally used to augment almost 
all offensive moves do to its perfect startup speed and relative long reach.  
The only thing you have to watch for are those who crouch often, in which case 
there may be a painful counter heading your way.  Oh, and have I mentioned that 
the Sonic Hurricane is VERY useful at this range?  You can utilize its quick 
startup time to punish anything an opponent has whiffed and at the same time 
suck them into an offensive position.  

Guile's most dangerous position, it isn't hard to completely obliterate an 
opponent at close range simply because Guile is so strong and quick.  First, 
before ever jumping in, always remember to cover yourself with a Sonic Boom.  
This means that the opponent must block, which means they can't counter you.  
Alternately, they can get hit which simply means you have something to buffer 
into a combo.  Jumping in with Guile isn't really a problem if you do this 
often, although standing alone he doesn't really have the best jump-in attacks.  
Most often I use the HK or LP as jump-ins, although the HP has the potential to 
be MUCH better (I just can't be bothered to figure out the timing everytime I 
jump-in).  The priority and damage are quite high, but I just like the reach of 
the HK more (safer in my opinion).  Anyway, once you've landed (or if you never 
jumped-in in the first place) there's a myriad of things to do on the ground.  
Naturally the first instinct is to combo, and I tend to combo a little more with 
Guile's crouching moves because they come out just that much faster.  If your 
opponent is a good blocker, try mixing up your high low game a bit (Guile's is 
pretty good).  You can use your Rolling Sobat or forward + HK in order to dodge 
low moves (hopefully you've anticipated them).  If the chance avails itself, 
throw if possible (he's got some NASTY throw combinations).  Generally once 
you've gotten off about 3 attacks, you can use the crouching HK to give the 
opponent a double block and thus push you back to about mid-range again.  
Alternately you can, of course, use your retreating Rolling Sobat.  I would 
advise against using the Summersault Strike at close range because if it gets 
blocked there's a huge window of opportunity for countering.  As for the Sonic 
Hurricane, I've got no beefs with that...  Often times a jump-in, 3 hit blocked 
combo, crouching HK and then an instant cancel into a Sonic Hurricane works 
wonders... You'd be surprised how many opponents are just WAITING to counter a 
crouching HK.

Misc. Strategies

The Sonic Boom, Flash Kick routine
As Guile players (or most others) know, Guile is graced with an indecently weak 
projectile attack.  I've often come across many players who complain and bitch 
about the fact that Guile's projectile is so small and weak.  Well, the idea of 
the Sonic Boom isn't to hit once in a while, but instead to be hitting it 
CONSTANTLY.  The Sonic Boom is the single most annoying projectile in the game 
(yes, more so than beams) simply because of the rate to which it can be whipped 
off.  Throwing Sonic Booms should be a staple strategy in any Guile player's 
game simply because they inhibit the opponent's movement.  As I have mentioned 
earlier, its good to whip out a Sonic Boom before starting any sort of offensive 
strike.  It acts as cover which is indescribably useful.  You can use them to 
guard against jump-ins (from mid distance) or to promote a jump-in (thus setting 
you up for a Summersault Strike).  Its all about reading your opponent...  
Remember, constantly be charging them, and whip them off whenever you really 
feel like it, the recovery time is quick enough to avoid most retaliations.

General Charge Strategy
Generally with charge characters, the aim of the game is to constantly be 
holding the direction "down-back" on the joystick.  The idea is to constantly 
have a special move ready.  Charge moves have the property of executing 
amazingly quickly, however being slow to charge.  Thus, upon performing 
ANYTHING, be sure to immediately begin charging.  After jumps, charge.  After 
Sonic Booms, charge.  After getting knocked down, charge.  Always charge down-
back, this way you are ready for any situation.

Character Specific 

Ryu / Ken / Gouki
Naturally, the fighters you will encounter the most often.  Luckily, Capcom has 
powered up Guile enough (actually, more than adequetly) to deal with any shoto.  
First of all, Guile deals much more damage per damage taken than any of the 
three above.  Second of all, Guile's jump is fast enough to make it over a 
fireball and still be able to block, which eliminates the shotos' cheap fireball 
-> Dragon Punch pattern.  Thirdly, the Sonic Hurricane was just MADE for dealing 
with fireballs.  The Shotos have a moderate recovery time for throwing fireballs 
(which is usually shielded by the fact that the projectile takes time to jump).  
However, with Guile you can perform an instant Sonic Hurricane which cancels the 
projectile and NAILS the opponent at the same time.  Such sweet stuff.  The only 
thing you really have to watch for is keeping the close range Sonic Booms to a 
minimum, Shotos have a nasty habit of Hurricane Kicking over them and slapping 
you in the face.

Cable can present a moderate challenge to the inexperienced player.  Naturally, 
most Cable players play him at far or mid-range (where he is most effective).  
Dealing with his beams can be a problem.  The idea is that you want to jump it 
as soon as Cable starts firing it.  This gives you the maximum time in the air 
to land behind him and nail him with SOMETHING.  Alternately if you manage to 
predict the beam dead accurately then by all means, use a Sonic Hurricane.  
You'll lose about 6 hits of it, but 'cause some painful damage in return.  Up 
close, Cable is at Guile's mercy simply because Guile has supreme priority and 
speed.  Try to keep Cable close, he's a weak fighter (but a great chipper).

Admittedly this is probably not a fight you will often come across, but Jin can 
pose real problems for Guile due to the extreme punishment of his moves.  First 
of all, note that when properly timed, Jin's crouching HK goes right under a 
Sonic Boom.  This is bad, very bad because it limits your most useful move while 
at the same time giving Jin what he needs, the infamous crouching HK -> Saotome 
Dynamite combo which just rapes your lifebar.  This being said, completely nix 
the idea of using Sonic Booms at close or mid-range, you'll lose very often.  
What you CAN do is counter his Tornado Kick (the one where he drills down at you 
from mid-air while engulfed in fire).  Since his Tornado Kick is rather slow, 
use your instant startup Summersault Strike super to your advantage.  The best 
place to play against Jin is at mid-range, because it is here that Guile has the 
most advantage.  Watch the backfists, Jin's fiery palms go through them rather 
effortlessly.  Generally, block low often and counter with your quick acting 
moves into big combos.

Jill takes damage like a wussy, but she can deal it out pretty quickly.  In 
generally, use sonic booms to get rid of the zombies, although it's much wiser 
to get a hit off her before she actually gets it out.  The Sonic Hurricane does 
this nicely.  You can also pretty much jump at Jill without much retaliation.  
Her launcher has pretty low priority (compared to Guile's godly HP) and her 
Grenade launcher special move is really quite slow and pathetic.  Watch out for 
her big combos, if you can block those, then nail her with instant special 

Fodder.  Pure and simple, Spiderman does such low damage that Guile's high 
defense makes damage from the wall crawler barely noticeable.  Couple this with 
the fact that you can deal heaps of damage to him with a single combo, and 
you'll find yourself stepping on this spider.  In general, block his combos 
(they're so obvious you can see them coming a mile away) and counter after his 
high lag moves (launcher, Crawler Assault, etc.).  You don't really want to get 
hit by the Maximum Spider since it does pretty good damage, but if you can block 
his combos then he really can't use it (its been slowed outside of combos making 
it worse than before).  When on the offense, just take Spidey's smaller size 
into account and you'll be fine in facing him.  Remember to combo a little 
faster (although any combo you do on him does big damage anyway).


1.7 - Facing Guile
Probably the most requested section I have ever encountered, everyone and I mean 
everyone has trouble fighting Guile.  With a sickening array of damaging moves 
and very few weaknesses, Guile can make for the ultimate opponent.  Although I 
must say that I too have great amounts of difficult fighting Guile, I can try to 
aid you other Guile players with what little I do know...

- If possible, fight Guile in the air, he's much weaker while airborne with only 
1 really good air move (HP).
- If possible, find a character who can counter Sonic Booms well.  Whether it be 
one who has a slide move (to go under), quick beams (Iron Man) or something 
- Pick a smaller character, and if not that, then a more abstract character.  
Guile fairs well against normals (shotos, Cyclops, Cable) but surprise has 
always been the name of the game when defeating opponents.  Most of the time 
moves from characters like Amingo, Anakaris or Tron are never expected.
- Switch often.  Guile takes damage like a steel wall, so you may actually have 
to keep the plot going for a while to get rid of him.  Widdle that red bar as 
low as you can safely, then switch to someone fresh.
- Crouching attacks can be a no-no against a good Guile player.  He has a myriad 
of ways of countering crouching attacks which can be a pain in the butt.
- Block low often.  Other than jump-ins, consistently block low because Guile is 
devoid of overheads.

- Make your jump-in's predictable.  Again, Guile has too many ways of dealing 
with them.
- Get corner trapped.  Guile has some really nasty combos where the wall is his 
best friend.
- Use characters like Hulk, Anakaris, etc.  This is just from experience, but 
I've noticed that the larger characters get EATEN.
- Ever stop watching your life bar.  Against Guile it tends to go down rather 
- Get caught in his Sonic boom -> Flash Kick pattern.  It's just not good, if 
need be, Super jump to give you time to gather yourself.


1.8 - Combos
Guile is a combo freak!  Although you wouldn't really think so, Guile has combos 
which have low hit counts but very HIGH damage.  

Dash-in LP -> LK -> MP -> crouching HP -> jump LP -> LK -> MP -> MK -> HP
- Your basic aerial rave combo, with some timing you can easily replace the HP 
with a Crossfire Assault super.

LP -> LK -> MP -> crouching HK -> Summersault Strike
- One of my staples, it doesn't work so well against opponents who know how to 

(Corner) Suplex -> Backfist -> Summersault Strike
- Beautiful combo, although the beginning can be tech-hitted.

Crouching LK -> crouching HP -> jump LP -> MP -> Backbreaker -> OTG Crouching LK 
-> crouching HP -> repeat
- Admittedly an infinite, I don't really use this combo.  I guess it's no that 
cheap seeing as you can roll out of it...

(Corner) Crouching HK -> Summersault Strike -> Jump LP -> LK -> Crossfire 
- Actually its not as useful as you might think.

(Corner) Jump-in HP -> land LP -> crouching MP -> crouching HK -> Summersault 
Strike -> LP -> crouching HP -> jump LP -> LK -> MP -> MK -> Crossfire Assault
- One word sums it up.  Respect.


1.9 - Cool animations

Opening animation:  Guile stands facing the screen, then turns to face his 
opponent, he rotates his shoulder while saying "Do, your best".

Standing animation:  Basic boxing pose.

Blocking animation:  Guile blocks with his BACK!

Taunt:  Guile rotates his shoulder saying while emphatically letting out a 

Ending animations:
1.) Guile faces the screen, poses and says "Too easy".
2.) Guile lifts up his arm and shows of his bicep.
3.) Guile turns around, poses his two fingers like a gun and says "Too easy"


2.0 - Thanks

CjayC - For letting me put up the FAQs that give my website and ICQ directory a 
rigorous workout (thanks for all u guys who contact me!)

Morrigan - For giving me enough time to play on your machine to actually become 
pretty good at it.  As well for the competition.

Red Sheep - MWAHAHAHA, I've finally found a character who can consistently take 
out the HULK!

2.1 - Legal stuff

Feel free to distribute this FAQ so long as MY NAME IS ATTACHED TO IT!  Yes, we 
do have a copyright thing here in Canada...  No we do not eat blubber... = )

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