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Hulk by PhatDan81

Version: 1.51 | Updated: 02/10/02


Character FAQ
Character: Hulk
Game: Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
Version 1.51, 2/10/02
Created by PhatDan81 (Daniel Finch)
E-mail: dan@finch.com
Updates: 1.1 added a Combo Tree to my entire FAQ's-a special thanks to 3pwood
             (mayfield_john@hotmail.com) for the concept
         1.2 added more combos, added more information about Hulk in Section I,
             thanks to deshoran@hotmail.com
         1.3 added a new combo (Combo 43), thanks to shoryuken.com as well as
             other combos, revised Section VII
         1.4 added more combos, thanks to DougX88@aol.com (Combos 52 and 55)
   1.5, 1.51 added some more stuff and some more reliable methods on how
             to connect Gamma Crush (thanks to BenjVerLyn@aol.com); also
             corrected a mistake on one of the combos submitted by

I.    Background
II.   Legend
III.  Regular Moves
IV.   Special Moves
V.    Supers
VI.   Combos
VII.  General Strategy
VIII. VS Strategy
IX.   Misc. Stuff
X.    Legal Stuff

Who is the Incredible Hulk?  For those who don't know, the Hulk was once just a
nuclear scientist named Bruce Banner.  He was a very intelligent, hard working
individual.  One day, Bruce was working at a designated testing area for gamma
radiation.  He saw an individual on the site, who was unauthorized to be on the
site.  While guiding the individual away from the area, a nuclear explosion had
occurred and while the individual walked away unharmed, Bruce became bathed in
gamma radiation.

The radiation caused Bruce to mutate into the strongest human being/creature on
the planet, the Incredible Hulk.  Every time Bruce develops even the smallest
amount of rage, he turns into the Incredible Hulk, who often tends to be very
violent and aggressive even towards the innocent.

His skin color was originally gray, in which he had a bad-ass attitude and was
very aggressive.  Any time Bruce developed any type of rage, he would turn into
the Grey Hulk.  His second incarnation was the Savage Green Hulk.  In his
second incarnation, he got even more of a bad attitude and also a lot tougher. 
In his third and current incarnation, he still has green skin and he is always
in this form--he doesn't turn back into Bruce Banner.

Hulk has many different enemies and has even battled Wolverine.  He's helped
out the X-Men as well as The Avengers.  This is Hulk's fourth appearance in a
Capcom fighting game.



U           Up
D           Down
B           Backward
F           Forward
H           Horizontal
V           Vertical
S           Standing
C           Crouching
P           Punch
K           Kick
J           Jump/Jumping
SJ          Super Jump/Jumping
OTG         On The Ground; an attack that is being performed while the
            opponent is lying down
AC          Air Combo
A           Assist
Jab         Light Punch       LP
Strong      Medium Punch      MP
Fierce      Heavy/Hard Punch  HP
Short       Light Kick        LK
Forward     Medium Kick       MK
Roundhouse  Heavy/Hard Kick   HK


LP+LK             Tag in second partner; if second partner's in, tags in
                  first partner
HP+HK             Tag in third partner; if third partner's in, tags in
                  first partner
A1                Calls in first or second partner to attack (depending
                  upon whoever is not currently fighting)
A2                Calls in second or third partner to attack (depending on
                  whoever is not currently fighting)
Snapback          D, DF, F + A (one super level); forces out opponent
                  that is currently fighting
Variable Counter  B, DB, D + A (while blocking, one super level)

A1 + A2           Crossover Combination (one to three super levels)


1.  Standing

Hulk swings his nearer arm out, hitting the opponent(s) with the back of his
fist.  It's pretty much got the same priority as any other standing jab, except
this has better range, is slower and is more powerful.  Use it for starting
ground combos.

2.  Crouching

Hulk pounds his fist on the ground.  It has about the same range as the
standing version and is just as fast on startup.  Use it for starting ground

3.  Jumping

Hulk does a quick head butt.  Its main use is for starting air combos.  It can
be used as a jump-in attack, but he has much better moves for that.


1.  Standing

Hulk extends his farther arm straight out.  It has pretty good range and is
mainly used for ending ground combos and otherwise pointless.

2.  Crouching

Same thing as a standing jab, except it comes out slower, has more range and
does more damage.  It sets him up for a lot of moves.

3.  Jumping

Same as the standing version; the only difference is that he angles his arm
downward slightly.  It's used for ending air combos or for jump-ins.


Hulk's fierce punches do very good damage.  They're also fairly easy to combo
into.  However, they have a bad recovery delay, so if they're blocked, you
could be punished.  They also connect fully on characters with super armor.

1.  Standing
Hulk swings his arm downward and when it connects, it sends the opponent(s)
across the screen.  Its main use is for ending ground combos.  It can also be
used as an anti-air attack or an anti-dash-in attack.  Since he has super
armor, you can use this to hit an opponent near you just after they threw out a
projectile.  You'll get hit, but they'll get hurt a lot more.

2.  Crouching

Hulk raises both arms up, as if he is trying to launch someone or something
into the air.  It hits once or twice.  The first hit hits low and acts as a
mini-launcher, while the second hit launches them to the sky.  You can combo
into any of his supers with this move and a few of his special moves.  To make
it hit once cancel immediately into a special move or super as soon as you see
it connect.  The most reliable way to make it hit once is to do this move after
a C.Jab.  You must be close to the opponent for it to hit twice.  Also, if you
cancel into a special move or super too early, it may not hit twice either.

3.  Jumping

Hulk claps his hands together, looking as if he is trying to squish a bug or
perhaps his opponent.  This is his best air combo finisher and it's also his
best move for aerial confrontations.


Hulk's kicks come out faster than his punches and are much easier to use in


1.  Standing

A conventional short kick, it's mainly used for starting ground combos.

2.  Crouching

Also a conventional low short kick, it hits low and is also used for starting

3.  Jumping

Same as the standing version, this should be used mainly for an air combo
filler or to start a multi-hit jump-in attack.


1.  Standing

Hulk extends his leg out.  It has good range and the same priority as his
standing strong.  It has good range, but very little comboability.

2.  Crouching

Same as the standing version, except it has much better comboability, since it
doesn't knock the opponent(s) across the screen.  It combos into some of his
special moves pretty easily.

3.  Jumping

Hulk swings his nearer leg upward--identical to most other Marvel characters'
J.Forwards.  It's mainly used for air combos, but can also be used as a jump-in
attack after doing a J.Jab or J.Short.


Just like his fierce punches, Hulk's roundhouse attacks are powerful, yet they
have slow startup and recovery delays.  These attacks will also connect fully
against opponents with super armor.

1.  Standing

Hulk does a handstand and extends his legs out diagonally.  When it hits, it
launches the opponent(s), but it launches them too far horizontally for him to
do an air combo or a Gamma Crush afterwards.  He may be able to do air combos
or a Gamma Crush off this in the corner, but I've never tried it.  You can
combo into this off a S.Short but it won't register as a true combo.  It has
poor horizontal range, but excellent vertical range.  Use mainly as an anti-air
attack--be careful about that awful recovery delay it has.  It stuffs just
about any jump-in attack--it will trade hits at least.

2.  Crouching

Same as a C.Forward except he angles his leg upward and is not low-hitting and
it has a little less range.  Unlike most other C.Roundhouses, Hulk's version
does not knock down--it sends the opponent(s) across the screen when it hits. 
You can use it to end ground combos or counter dash-ins but it has an awful
recovery delay and gives your opponent a good amount of time to counter.

3.  Jumping

An inverted version of his standing roundhouse, this is his primary jump-in
attack.  It can be used for finishing air combos, but only if the opponent(s)
is/are below you.  During an air combo in the corner, you can do this after a
SJ.Fierce connects.  This attack will stuff or at least trade hits with


Hulk does a quick leap that covers roughly half the screen; it's also a little
slower than most other dashes.  It's not very good for starting combos due to
it's speed and the amount of distance it covers.


F or B+HP: Hulk grabs the opponent by the head and slams them into the floor
causing the opponent to bounce upward.  It has very poor juggling ability but
if you're quick enough, you can connect a Gamma Quake off this in the corner.

F or B+HP (in air): Hulk holds the opponent above his head and then throws them
to the ground.  If done close enough to the ground, you can OTG afterwards with
a J.Short or J.Roundhouse.


None of his special moves can be executed while in the air.
All of his special moves can be cancelled into a super.


Hulk does his C.Fierce motion and creates a ground wave, pushing the
opponent(s) away.  It does decent damage but is a little difficult to combo
into.  The punch button used determines how far the wave travels; the stronger
the punch button, the farther the wave travels.  If it gets jumped over,
there's a good chance that you're screwed.


This is a command throw, which can be blocked but does pretty good damage. 
Hulk sticks his hand out, and when it connects, Hulk holds the opponent by the
head with his hand then whirls them around a few times and then throws them
across the screen.  It's also a little tricky to combo into.  The only way to
cancel this into a super is by canceling immediately as it's blocked.  If it's
blocked or it misses, Hulk holds his hand out for a second, unable to do
anything.  Never throw this out at random.  The stronger the punch button, the
better the range, the slower the startup and the slower the recovery.


Horizontal: charge B, F + K
Vertical: charge D, U + K

Hulk charges either upward or forward depending on the command entered.
With both versions, the opponent gets knocked upwards.  You can make him do
another Gamma charge by pointing the joystick in the desired direction and then
pressing a kick button. The horizontal version combos off any crouching medium
attack easily.  It can go through fireballs [but not beams] but he will take
damage and it will slow the charge down slightly.  It will lose out to most
dragon punches.  Watch out for its recovery time and do not throw this out at
random.  Use only in combos and for punishing mistakes.



Hulk does a super version of the Gamma Slam.  It covers the entire screen--the
best way to avoid it is by super jumping.  It does very good damage and can be
comboed into.  It has a very minimal recovery to it, but a slight startup for
it.  This is Hulk's best super for inflicting block damage.  You must be
careful about who you throw this out against if you want to use it to chip as
some characters are capable of jumping over the rocks and will be able to nail


Hulk makes a giant leap upwards, grabs a meteor and comes downwards at the
opponent.  You can control where he lands by pressing left, down or right on
the joystick.  The super can be comboed off of a C.Fierce or a Horizontal Gamma
Charge.  The only problem is that if you connect the first part of the super,
the opponent can mash on the buttons to get up quicker than normal, which means
Hulk will whiff the second part of the super and be highly vulnerable to
attack.  However, thanks to BenjVerLyn@aol.com, there are some methods you can
use that will guarantee that Gamma Crush will connect.  See Section VIII learn
about it.


Hulk does a C.Jab motion and a bunch of rocks fall downwards.  This is Hulk's
easiest super to combo into because it starts up very quickly.  With this
super, you can throw this out at random any time you want to, because there's
almost no way for the opponent to counter it.  It also has no recovery delay. 
Although this is Hulk's quickest and most effective super, it does the least
amount of damage and block damage of the three.  Use it mainly as an anti-air
attack and for pressuring your opponent.


On the ground, Hulk has the Weak Start (light attack to medium or heavy
attack). During a regular jump, Hulk has the stronger chain. During a super
jump, Hulk has the full-scale zigzag chain (he can chain a SJ.Fierce into
SJ.Roundhouse in the corner).

Launchers               C.Fierce (1-hit: mini-launcher, 2-hit: standard
                        launcher), S.Roundhouse
Knockdowns              None
Strikes                 S.Strong, S.Forward, S.Fierce, C.Roundhouse
Snapback                S.Fierce
AC Finishers            SJ.Strong, SJ.Fierce, SJ.Roundhouse, Fierce air throw


Special Moves

Gamma Slam (does not register as a combo off any regular attacks, yet it can be
     used to safely chip after you connect a C.Strong, C.Forward or C.Fierce)
Gamma Tornado: S.Jab, C.Strong, C.Forward, C.Fierce (1-Hit)
Gamma Charge (horizontal): S.Jab, C.Jab, C.Short, C.Strong, C.Forward, C.Fierce
Gamma Charge (vertical): C.Fierce (either hit)


Gamma Wave: C.Strong, C.Fierce (1-Hit), H.Gamma Charge
Gamma Crush: C.Fierce (either hit), H.Gamma Charge
Gamma Quake: C.Jab, C.Fierce (either hit), H.Gamma Charge, V.Gamma Charge (in
     corner only after both hits connect)



Assist/Counter: Gamma Slam

Use this as a combo filler. Besides that, this assist isn't very useful besides
for unreliable traps.


Assist/Counter: Horizontal Gamma Charge

Use this like how you would use most other dashing assists.  If it connects,
you can juggle the opponent or connect certain supers afterwards.  It also
works very well as a combo filler.


Assist/Counter: Up-Forward Gamma Charge

This is a mostly defensive assist.  Use this against jump-ins or during
cross-ups (whether you're attempting one or preventing the opponent from
crossing you up).



Gamma Wave

This super works best with beam supers.  If you use it with supers that juggle
the opponent or with vertical supers, it may not even connect at all.  The best
way to set this up is to do C.Short, C.Fierce (1-Hit) and then press both
assist buttons.

Beta & Gamma

This super works with just about any super because Hulk always lands on the
opponent and if you connect the first part, the opponent will get knocked into
the path of your partners' supers.  The best way to set this up is to do,
C.Short, C.Fierce and then press both assist buttons (it won't matter whether
the C.Fierce hits once or twice).


J.Roundhouse: Very good vertical range and priority; stuffs a lot of launchers.
     This is Hulk's primary jump-in attack.
J.Short, J.Forward: This works on almost any character and is quite effective.
     However, you must dash in afterwards when you land to continue the combo.
     J.Strong can be used instead of J.Forward.
J.Jab, J.Forward: Doesn't work on as many characters as the above setup, yet is
     quite effective if you do fully connect it.
J.Short, J.Forward, J.Fierce: This only works on larger characters and is
     obviously his most-damaging jump-in attack.

1.  J.Roundhouse, S.Jab, Gamma Tornado
2.  S.Jab, S.Strong
3.  S.Jab, S.Fierce
4.  S.Short, S.Forward
5.  S.Short, S.Roundhouse
6.  J.Short, J.Forward, S.Roundhouse
7.  J.Roundhouse, C.Jab, C.Strong, jab Gamma Slam
8.  C.Jab, C.Strong, Snapback
9.  C.Jab, C.Strong, H.Gamma Charge, V.Gamma Charge
10. C.Jab, C.Strong, Gamma Tornado
11. C.Short, C.Forward, H.Gamma Charge, V.Gamma Charge
12. C.Short, C.Forward, Gamma Quake
13. C.Short, C.Fierce(1-Hit), Gamma Tornado
14. C.Short, C.Fierce(1-Hit), H.Gamma Charge, V.Gamma Charge
15. C.Short, C.Fierce, V.Gamma Charge, V.Gamma Charge
16. C.Jab, Gamma Quake
17. C.Jab, C.Strong, Gamma Wave
18. C.Short, C.Fierce, Gamma Quake
19. C.Short, C.Fierce(1-Hit), Gamma Wave
20. C.Short, C.Fierce, Gamma Crush
21. C.Short, C.Fierce (1-Hit), H.Gamma Charge, Gamma Quake
22. C.Short, C.Fierce (1-Hit), H.Gamma Charge, Gamma Crush
23. C.Short, C.Fierce (1-Hit), Crossover Combination
24. C.Short, C.Forward, H.Gamma Charge, Gamma Quake
25. C.Short, C.Forward, H.Gamma Charge, Gamma Crush
26. C.Short, C.Forward, H.Gamma Charge, Gamma Wave
27. C.Short, C.Fierce (2-Hit), SJ (Jab, Short, Strong, Roundhouse)
28. C.Short, C.Fierce (2-Hit), SJ (Jab, Short, Forward, Fierce)


29. J.Roundhouse, C.Fierce (2-Hit), SJ (Jab, Short, Forward, Fierce,
    Roundhouse(OTG)), C.Jab, S.Fierce
30. J.Roundhouse, C.Short, C.Forward, Short-V.Gamma Charge, H.Gamma Charge,
    C.Short(OTG), H.Gamma Charge, Gamma Crush
31. Back to Corner: C.Short, C.Forward, Gamma Tornado, C.Short(OTG),
    C.Fierce(2-Hit), SJ.(Jab, Short, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse,
    Roundhouse(OTG)), C.Jab, C.Fierce
32. Back to Corner: C.Short, C.Forward, Gamma Tornado, C.Jab(OTG), C.Roundhouse
33. Back to Corner: C.Short, C.Forward, Gamma Tornado, C.Short(OTG), C.Fierce,
34. Back to Corner: C.Short, C.Forward, Gamma Tornado, S.Short(OTG), S.Fierce
35. J.Roundhouse, S.Jab, S.Fierce, Gamma Quake
36. J.Roundhouse, S.Short, S.Roundhouse, Gamma Quake
37. J.Short, J.Forward, S.Roundhouse, Gamma Crush
38. C.Short, C.Fierce, V.Gamma Charge, V.Gamma Charge, Gamma Quake
39. C.Short, C.Fierce(1-Hit), Gamma Quake, Gamma Quake, C.Fierce(1-Hit), Gamma


40. Tag In, Snapback
41. Tag In, S.Fierce
42. Tag In, H.Gamma Charge, V.Gamma Charge
43. Tag In, C.Fierce, V.Gamma Charge, UF.Gamma Charge
44. Tag In, C.Fierce, SJ.(Jab, Short, Forward, Fierce)
45. Tag In, Gamma Quake
46. Tag In, C.Fierce, Gamma Crush
47. Tag In, H.Gamma Charge, Gamma Wave
48. Tag In, H.Gamma Charge, Gamma Crush
49. Tag In, H.Gamma Charge, Gamma Quake
50. In Corner: C.Fierce, SJ.(Jab, Short, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse(OTG)),
    Jump(Short, Forward, Fierce)
51. In Corner: Tag In, S.Fierce, Gamma Quake
52. In Corner: Tag In, S.Roundhouse, Gamma Quake
53. In Corner: Tag In, Gamma Quake, Gamma Quake, C.Fierce, Gamma Crush


54. S.Jab, Snapback
55. C.Jab, C.Strong, Snapback
56. C.Short, C.Forward, Snapback
57. C.Short, C.Fierce(1-Hit), Snapback


Thanks to 3pwood (mayfield_john@hotmail.com) for this concept.  This is
basically a tree of what attacks combo into other attacks.  This does not list
every possibility but is basically to give you an idea of what attacks to do
according to the attacks you start with.


               |                    |                     |
               |                    |                     |
           S/C.Short              S.Jab                 C.Jab
               |                    |                     |
               |                    |                     |
      -----------------         S.Strong,      -----------------------
     |                 |        S.Fierce,     |           |           |
     |                 |          Gamma       |           |           |
S/C.Roundhouse     C.Forward     Tornado  C.Strong    S.Fierce        |
       |               |                      |           |       C.Fierce
       |               |                      |           |           |
  Gamma Quake          |                      |      Gamma Quake      |
  (in corner)          |                      |      (in corner)      |
                       |                      |                       |
            -----------------------           |                       |
           |                       |          |                       |
           |                       |          |                       |
      Horizontal------------->Gamma Quake     |                       |
     Gamma Charge   |     ---------------------------------           |
           |        |    |             |                   |          |
           |        |    |             |                   |          |
       Vertical     |    |             |               Gamma Wave     |
     Gamma Charge  _|    |             |                              |
                  |      |             |                  ____________|________
                  |  Horizontal      Gamma               |                    
      ____________| Gamma Charge    Tornado              |                    
     |                   |                            (1-Hit)                 
     |                   |                        -----------------------     
     |       -----------------------             |       |        |      |    
     |      |               ------->|<--------   |       |        |      |    
     |      |              |        |         |  |       |      Gamma    |    
     |   Vertical          |   Gamma Quake,   |  |       |     Tornado   |    
     | Gamma Charge        |   Gamma Crush,   |  |       |_____          |    
     |                     |    Gamma Wave    |  |             |         |    
     |_____________________|                  |  |             |         |    
                                             Horizontal        |         |    
                                            Gamma Charge       |         |    
                                                 |             |         |    
                                                 |          Vertical     |    
                                              Vertical    Gamma Charge   |    
                                            Gamma Charge       |         |    
                                                               |         |    
                                                            Vertical     |    
                                                          Gamma Charge   |    
                              Gamma Crush     |
                              Gamma Wave      |
                              Gamma Quake     |
                            |                 |                   |
                            |                 |                   |
                         Vertical          SJ.Jab            Gamma Quake
                       Gamma Charge       SJ.Short           Gamma Crush
                            |            SJ.Forward
                            |           [AC Finisher]
                       Gamma Charge


Hulk's supers are excellent for doing Team Hyper Combos (THC, excuse the pun). 
All three of his supers can be used for fillers.  Gamma Crush and Gamma Quake
are his best THC starters.  Gamma Wave should be used for ending a THC so it
can do as much damage as possible.  If you find any possibilities as far as
THC's go, e-mail me and I'll put it up and give you credit for it as well. 
Some of these are not 100 percent reliable.  This is just to give you an idea
of how to use THC's when using Hulk as one of your characters and does not list
every possibility.  You will have to try these for yourself to see if they work
or not.

1: First partner's super, 2: second partner's super, 3: Third partner's super

A. 1. (Hulk) Gamma Crush, 2. Any beam super, any rushing super, Final Justice,
   Captain Storm, Venom Web, Death Bite, Ultimate Web Throw, Final Atomic
   Buster, Weapon X, Fatal Claw, Kikou-Shou, Blodia Punch, Blodia Vulcan,
   Saotome Cyclone or Shin-Shoryuuken 3. Third partner's super

B. 1. (Hulk) Gamma Quake 2. Any vertical super, any beam super or any
   rushing super 3. Third partner's super

C. 1. Any vertical super, Darkness Illusion (while in air), Ragnarok (while in
   Air), Shinkuu-Tastumaki Senpuu Kyaku, Kikou-Shou, Final Atomic Buster, Ultra
   Final Atomic Buster, Final Justice, Venom Web or Fatal Claw 2. (Hulk) Gamma
   Crush 3. Any beam super, any rushing super, Final Justice, Captain Storm,
   Venom Web, Death Bite, Ultimate Web Throw, Final Atomic Buster, Weapon X,
   Fatal Claw, Kikou-Shou, Blodia Punch, Blodia Vulcan, Saotome Cyclone or

D. 1. First partner's super 2. Any beam super, any rushing super, Shinkuu-
   Tastumaki Senpuu Kyaku, Kikou-Shou, Final Atomic Buster, Ultra Final Atomic
   Buster, Final Justice, Venom Web or Fatal Claw 3. (Hulk) Gamma Wave

E. 1. First partner's super 2. Any vertical super, Shinkuu-Tastumaki Senpuu
   Kyaku, Kikou-Shou, Final Atomic Buster or Final Justice 3. (Hulk) Gamma
   Crush, Gamma Wave, or Gamma Quake


Hulk is pretty easy to learn but does require some skill to play.  Although
he's mostly made for punishing mistakes, you can still play him offensively. 
Don't just stand around all day and expect your opponent to leave himself or
herself open for attack.  While on the offensive, don't throw out an attack
that may leave you open for attack.

When playing offensively, it's best to start your attacks with a jump-in--his
dash is pretty slow and doesn't cover very much distance.  J.Short followed by
J.Forward is a pretty good and simple jump-in attack--the good thing about it
is that it usually leaves you close to your opponent.  The bad thing is that it
loses out to a large number of launchers.  J.Roundhouse is his best jump-in--it
does good damage and is also better for overhead jump-ins--the only real
problem with it is that it tends to push opponents away.  The best feature
about it is that it'll either stuff or at least trade hits with launchers.

While on the ground, mix up your jabs and low attacks.  Use heavy attacks when
you're sure that they will connect.  If such an attack gets blocked, cancel
into a Gamma Slam to avoid possible punishment.  If you use medium attacks, use
low medium attacks, since they won't knock the opponent across the screen and
since they set Hulk up for a large number of moves.

Hulk's special moves are quite effective and easy to combo into-however they
tend to leave you open for attack if thrown out at the wrong time.  Gamma Slam
is used for pressuring your opponent.  It's mainly used just after a heavy
attack gets blocked.  Otherwise, there isn't much use for it.  Gamma Tornado is
used strictly in combos as you will be in big trouble if it's blocked or if it
misses.  It combos off ground jabs, low medium attacks and off of a one-hit
C.Fierce.  If you connect it while Hulk's back is facing the corner, you can
OTG afterwards for extra damage.

Gamma Charge has very good priority.  It's major flaw is that it has an awful
recovery delay.  The horizontal version sets Hulk up for any of his supers.  IF
you connect the vertical version twice in the corner, you can OTG afterwards or
do a Gamma Quake or Gamma Crush.  You can use it to go through fireballs and
nail your opponent-you can also use it to punish mistakes.  It also combos off
any low medium attack or off of a C.Fierce.  Just don't throw one out to see
your opponent block it, as you will eat a nasty combo or super.

All of Hulk's supers are very useful.  Gamma Wave is used in combos and to
finish off a nearly-dead opponent.  It does massive amounts of damage if it
connects.  Be aware that if timed correctly, your opponent will be able to jump
over it and counter-otherwise, you shouldn't have anything to worry about,
since it recovers pretty quickly.

Gamma Crush is strictly used in combos.  If it's blocked or if it misses, your
opponent has a very long time to decide how they wish to punish you.  If you
want to combo this off of a C.Fierce, only let it hit once or else there's a
very good chance that you will have problems.  The best ways to get a Gamma
Crush to fully connect if off of a one-hit C.Fierce or off of a horizontal
Gamma Charge.

Gamma Quake has many different uses.  It will combo off a S/C.Jab, C.Fierce or
a horizontal Gamma Charge.  It will also combo off of a S.Fierce or
S.Roundhouse in the corner.  It comes out very fast and is very hard to counter
since it recovers very quickly.  It's a good anti-air attack also and will
sometimes catch jumping opponents off-guard.

Hulk plays very good defensively.  He has a wide variety of anti-air attacks,
including S.Fierce, S.Roundhouse, C.Fierce, J.Fierce and Gamma Quake.  Nailing
a jumping opponent is not a problem for Hulk.  Deterring dashers is a slight
problem for Hulk.  You can try using S.Fierce, but it takes a long time to come
out, so you'll have to anticipate your opponent attemping to dash in.  S.Jab is
a safer attack against dashing opponents-it sets Hulk up for a few
opportunities and is also safe if it's blocked.  In mid-air, use J.Fierce to
send your opponent back to the ground.  You can also start comboing your
opponent with a J.Jab or J.Short--just try to stay out of throwing range to
avoid any possible throws from your opponent.

Small characters tend to give Hulk some problems.  Try sticking with low
attacks against small characters.  One trick you can do against small
characters (and most other characters for that matter) is push-block as your
opponent is jumping in, then nail them with a S.Fierce as they get pushed away.
 You can also jump up and meet them in the air with a J.Fierce.  When doing
jump-ins on small characters, stick with J.Roundhouse-just make sure that
you'll land as close as possible, since small characters tend to get pushed
away farther than their larger counterparts.


=Akuma (Gouki)=



=B.B. Hood (Buletta)=





=Captain America=

=Captain Commando=







=Dr. Doom=







=Iron Man=









=Omega Red=




=Ruby Heart=






=Silver Samurai=





=Strider Hiryu=


=Tron Bonne=


=War Machine=





1.  Excellent range
2.  Pretty good speed for his size
3.  Highly damaging, yet simple combos
4.  Highly damaging regular, special and super moves
5.  All his supers can be comboed into
6.  Super armor while on the ground
7.  All of his regular moves inflict block damage
8.  Plays defensively well


1.  He's big
2.  It's sometimes difficult to pull off combos with him, especially on small
3.  Although he's quick for his size, he's still pretty slow compared to
4.  No super armor while in the air
5.  Slow start up on many of his moves
6.  Slow recovery on many of his moves
7.  Not one of the better offensive characters
8.  He is mainly designed for punishing mistakes and therefore has a very tough
    time against experts
9.  Poor versatility
10. Poor variety
11. Has a slight learning curve
12. Cannot fight effectively from far away
13. Must be up close to dish out large amounts of damage
14. Has a tough time against keep away characters
15. No knockdown attack


After you KO one of your opponents, call in B-Cyclops or B-Blackheart to force
the next opponent to block.  Afterwards, do a S.Roundhouse after they're no
longer in their block-stun animation and it will connect as long as they do not
touch the ground.  After that, you can do a Gamma Charge, Gamma Crush or Gamma


Here are some ways to get Gamma Crush to connect with the help of assist
attacks.  I received all of these from BenjVerLyn@aol.com.  Since the last
version, the first setup has been changed slightly since the sequence of
attacks I had before were not correct.

"Hulk's Helfire Corner Martini"

Make sure that you pick Iron Man's Beta assist (Repulsor Blast).  This works in
the corner.  The Gamma Crush cannot hit on the way up or it will cause Hulk to
whiff the super completely.  This does not work on Sentinel (will get hit by
the Gamma Crush on the way up) or on Roll and Kobun.

1. Do a dash-jump and do J.Short, J.Forward on the opponent.
2. When you land do C.Short, C.Forward (call Ironman in right as you're
connecting the C.Forward).
3. Right after the C.Forward connects, do a Gamma Crush.
4. If done right, the opponent will get nailed by the Gamma Crush as they're
being juggled around by the Repulsor Blast.

"Hulk's Mid Screen Groundpounder"

Juggernaut will be your partner and you must pick his Alpha (Juggernaut
Earthquake) assist.  If Juggernaut has his glitch activated (if you don't know
what it is, please read Kmegura's MVC2 FAQ or a Juggernaut FAQ), skip Step 1
and it will do more damage.

1. Do J.Short, J.Forward
2. When you land do C.Fierce (you can do C.Short before the C.Fierce if you
skip Step 1).
3. Right as the second hit of C.Fierce connects, call Juggernaut in and then
cancel into Gamma Crush.
4. Juggernaut's assist should nail the opponent right as they hit the ground
and then Hulk will connect the Gamma Crush.

"Mid Screen Groundpounder 2"

Juggernaut will again be your partner but in this setup, you must pick his
Alpha assist also for this setup.  Juggernaut's assist basically leaves the
opponent stunned long enough for the Gamma Crush to fully connect.

1. Jump in with J.Short, J.Forward.
2. Call Juggernaut in.
3. Do C.Short, C.Forward right after you call the assist.
4. Right as C.Forward connects cancel into Gamma Crush and leave the joystick
in the neutral position.

Any comments, questions or suggestions? E-mail me at dan@finch.com.

Kmegura for the names of all of Hulk's moves
Capcom for making such an awesome game
3pwood (mayfield_john@hotmail.com) for the Combo Tree concept
Deshoran@hotmail.com for the info on Hulk
Shoryuken.com for a nice combo (Combo 30)
DougX88@aol.com for those combos (Combos 39 and 53)
BenjVerLyn@aol.com for some ways to connect the Gamma Crush


This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2000-2001 by Daniel Finch.  No part of this FAQ may
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unaltered format or redistributed under a different name in any way whatsoever.
 Any Internet, commercial or public use is prohibited without written
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